Yoga Anatomy & Mindfulness A Guide To Practicing Meditation & Yoga For New Students

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Table of contents :
Table of Contents4

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Book 1: 15 Amazing Yoga Ways To A Blissful & Clean Body & Mind - Volume 110

My Favorite Yoga Quote12


A Short Introduction To Hatha Yoga22

Way 1: Some Basic Information About Yoga Poses For Beginners26

Way 2: The Proper Breathing Ritual29

Way 3: The Butterfly Pose34

Way 4: The Cat Pose37

Way 5: The Cobra Pose40

Way 6: The Baby Pose43

Way 7: The Chair Pose45

Way 8: The Corpes Pose49

Way 9: The Forward Bending Pose52

Way 10: The Triangle Pose55

Way 11: The Warrior Pose58

Way 12: The Tree Pose61

Way 13: The Benefits Of Yoga For Business People64

Way 14: Yoga Poses For Busy People68

Way 15: 5 Minute Per Day Yoga Routine72


Helpful Yoga Resources84

More Awesome Yoga Resources88

About The Author90


New Releases98

Book 2: 11 Advanced Yoga Poses You Wish You Knew103


My Favorite Yoga Quote108

The Butterfly Pose110

Yoga Pose 2: Cat/Cow Stretches114

Yoga Pose 3: Downward Facing Dog117

Yoga Pose 4: Child's Pose121

Yoga Pose 5: Forward Fall123

Yoga Pose 6: Warrrior One126

Yoga Pose 7: Pigeon Pose129

Yoga Pose 8: The Tree Pose132

Yoga Pose 9: The Bridge Pose134

Yoga Pose 10: The Cobra Pose137

Yoga Pose 11: The Triangle Pose140

How To Follow Up With The Poses143

Body Mind Connection145


Helpful Yoga Resources152


Quiz Answers157

More Information158

New Releases159

Book 3: Daily Meditation Ritual160


My Favorite Meditation Quote167

What Is Proper And Deep Meditation?168

The Goals Of The Proper Meditation Ritual173

How Do I Get Started With The Daily Meditation Ritual?177

Checklist For A Daily Meditation Ritual180

The Different Types Of Meditation Techniques185

The Daily Breathing Ritual188

Walking Meditation Technique192

The Healing Meditation Technique197

The Zen Meditation Technique202

The Guided Meditation Technique207

The Chakra Meditation Technique212

The Christian Meditation Technique217

The Japan Meditation Technique221

The New Age Meditation Technique225


One More Thing & Final Words240

Meditation Resources & Tips243

Meditation Quiz251

Meditation Quiz Answers253

How To Get Updates254

New Releases258

Book 4: Turbaned Gurus, Sing-Song Matras & Body Contortions - Volume 1263

Favorite Yoga Quote264


Chapter 1: Turbaned Gurus, Sing-Song Mantras and Body Contortions270

Chapter 2: The Origins Of Yoga274

Chapter 3: The Universal Appeal Of Yoga279

Chapter 4: Motivation And Benefits Of Yoga284

Chapter 5: The Three Chief Benefits Of Yoga290

Chapter 6: The Most Common Types Of Yoga296

Chapter 7: Yoga Postures and Achievement302

Chapter 8: How Yoga Benefits The Circulatory System307

Chapter 9: Let's Do The Yoga Poses & Move312

Chapter 10: Tips & Steps To Beat Up A Good Yoga Position317

Chapter 11: Stress Management From The Hindu Perspective323

Chapter 12: The Yoga Meditation Connection327

Chapter 13: 5 Minute Yoga System For Busy People337

Yoga For Busy People347

Yoga Poses For Busy People351

Chapter 14: Conclusion356

Helpful Resources To Continue Your Yoga Path359

More Awesome Resources362

Turban Guru & Sing-Song Mantra Quiz364

Quiz Answer366

Book 5: Zen Is Like You367

Why Meditation Poems?369


Meditation Is Like A374

Meditation Is Like B375

Meditation Is Like C376

Meditation Is Like D377

Meditation Is Like E378

Meditation Is Like F379

Meditation Is Like G380

Meditation Is Like H381

Meditation Is Like I382

Meditation Is Like J383

Meditation Is Like K384

Meditation Is Like L385

Meditation Is Like M386

Meditation Is Like N387

Meditation Is Like O388

Meditation Is Like P389

Meditation Is Like Q390

Meditation Is Like R391

Meditation Is Like S392

Meditation Is Like T393

Meditation Is Like U394

Meditation Is Like V395

Meditation Is Like W396

Meditation Is Like X397

Meditation Is Like Y398

Meditation Is Like Z399


Final Words & Your Own Spiritual Journey Begins Now401

About The Author403

More Information405

New Releases406


Yoga Anatomy & Mindfulness A Guide To Practicing Meditation & Yoga For New Students

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  • Yoga Anatomy & Mindfulness A Guide To Practicing Meditation & Yoga For New Students
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