Mediterranean food: The 250 most delicious Mediterranean recipes for a balanced, diverse and healthy lifestyle

Mediterranean food The 250 most delicious Mediterranean recipes What can you look forward to? A selection of different

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Table of contents :
Table of Contents
Mediterranean diet
Ham bread with gorgonzola
White bread with shrimp and dill spread
Ciabatta rolls with avocado
Scrambled eggs with shrimp
Breakfast spaghetti
Fried cheese toast
Crab donuts
Fig yogurt
Simple omelette
Gratinated toast
Fast breakfast rolls
Fried ham eggs
Ciabatta with fried tomatoes
Feta omelette
Vegetable sticks with dip
White bread with onion mayonnaise and olives
Mozzarella and olive baguette
Fried egg in a bed of vegetables
Eggplant spread
Omelette with zucchini
Eggs with truffle oil
Omelette with herbs
Cream cheese with apple
Tomato Mozzarella Toast
Raspberries - granola
Pumpernickel with cherries
Bun with berries
Sweet and savory crispbreads
Shake with raspberries
Fig and almond drink
Nut and fruit porridge
Cream cheese bread with vegetables
Green omelette with paprika
Fruit salad with nuts and spinach
Main courses
Stuffed tomatoes with quinoa
Stuffed eggplant
Fried chicken breast with vegetables and dip
Pork chop with risotto
Italian style mushroom pancakes
Potato and vegetable casserole with sheep cheese
Grilled red pepper wraps
shrimp pan
Shrimp Fish Soup
Bell peppers with cream cheese and quark filling
Zucchini stuffed with peppers
Spicy salad
Fried vegetables
Potato and Olive Salad
Baked zucchini in creamy cheese sauce
Herbs and vegetables pan
Marinated vegetables with fresh goat cheese
Feta tomatoes
Endive salad with potatoes
Herbal Spaghetti
Tomatoes with pasta filling
Fresh salad with mozzarella
Tortelloni with vegetables in cheese sauce
Baked sole
Plaice fillet with herb sauce
Monkfish with lettuce and vegetables
Colorful bean salad with tuna
Tuna Rice Salad
Bean and feta salad
Melon and feta salad with olives
Mushroom and cheese salad
Stuffed Swiss chard with goat cheese
Rice peppers
Warm rice and tuna salad
Fried tuna fillet with vegetables
Linguine with spinach and tuna salad
Seafood risotto
Rice with spicy cod
Beef and sage rolls
Ham Pizza
Ratatouille with turkey
Rack of lamb in rosemary
Baked potatoes with a leg of chicken
Minced meat skewers
Chicken legs with potatoes
Stuffed cucumber with beef
Marinated chicken fillet with mushrooms
stuffed chicken
Wrapped chicken cordon bleu
Turkey rolls with pesto
Veal loin with tuna paste
Lamb skewers with vegetables and dip
Vegetable lamb pan
Lamb skewers with gratinated bread
Steaks with home-baked flatbread
Turkey breast with fried vegetables
Garlic chicken with baked vegetables
Beef mushroom platter
Chicken wings with parmesan breading
Mince Potato Cake
Pork strips
Pasta with Chicken Tomato Sauce
Pasta salad with fried prociutto
Fried eggplant with bacon chicken
roast pork
Cheese schnitzel
Saddle of veal with tuna sauce
Lamb skewers
Minced beef and beer rolls
Grilled Chicken
Marinated shredded meat
Meat and vegetable skewers
Spaghetti with tomato sauce and schnitzel
Filled flatbread with dip
Chicken in vegetables with noodles
Pasta with squid in tomato sauce
Risotto with tomatoes and seafood
Vegetable ragout with squid
Fried squid
Fried gnocchi in tuna sauce
Fried squid with spaghetti
Marinated monkfish
Salmon with potatoes and cucumber sauce
Catfish on a bed of chard
Polenta and sardine casserole
Spaghetti with tuna sauce
Fried tuna on chicory
fish casserole
Rice with vegetable and fish pan
Baked potatoes with salmon
Baked turbot with vegetables
Layered fish pot
Baked pangasius
Shrimp Fish Soup
octopus salad
Monkfish roulade with Parma ham
Shrimp Seafood Stew with Vegetables
Fried zucchini with sardine cream
Fried potatoes with vegetables and salmon
Vegetables with halibut
Fish with lemon and sage
Eggplant rolls
Cauliflower Pizza
Baked gnocchi with parmesan cheese
Spaghetti with steamed zucchini
Vegetable cannelloni
Pasta with sage butter
Stuffed zucchini
Pasta with colorful vegetables and pesto
Vegetables from the pan
Bread topped with vegetables
vegetable salad
Tortellini lamb's lettuce
Pumpkin soup with olives
Vegetable and potato casserole with halloumi cheese
Pasta salad with feta and pine nuts
Watermelon and Olive Salad
Fried noodles with beans
Baked sheep cheese
Vegetable and sheep cheese casserole
Zucchini and feta pan
Colorful couscous salad
Pasta with truffle sauce
Breaded eggplant
Zucchini and tomato pan
Pan-fried potatoes
Chickpea and vegetable salad
fried potatoes
Lentil pulp
filled tomatoes
Tomato and pepper soup
Bell pepper cheese pesto
Tomato and mozzarella rolls
Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil
Strong bean soup
Fish Mediterranean
Spaghetti with anchovies
Bell peppers with schnitzel
Baked potatoes with cottage cheese
Salads with chicken breast fillet
Mediterranean potato soup
Turkey breast sandwich
Leek - cauliflower - soup
Salad with avocado and shrimp
vegetable casserole
Filled wine leaves
filled mushrooms
Feta on toast with olive paste
Sandwich with basil curd
Oven vegetables with potatoes
Salad in Greek
Spicy Cambas
Pasta salad with beans
Mediterranean - Slim - Soup
vegetable salad
Steak with broccoli
Chicken legs with mushrooms
Chicken skewers with tzatziki
Salmon with pea parsnip puree
Vegetable noodle with prawns
Salmon with green asparagus
Stir-fry vegetables with herbs
Cod with crust
Pasta salad
Lamb skewers with bean salad
Beans - peas - soup
Fish with rice and vegetables
Spaghetti with Eggplant Sauce
Mediterranean stew
Pan-fried vegetables hot
Bifteki with feta filling
Light rice-pan
spaghetti bolognese
Zucchini chips
Cheese sandwich
Baked baguettes
Eggplant turrets
Stuffed tomato with feta
Garlic baguette with tomatoes
Chickpea salad with olives
Flatbread with garlic
Baguette with olive pesto
Tsatsiki on the fly
Zucchini rolls with feta
Fried figs with sheep cheese
Ciabatta with fresh goats and figs
Scrambled eggs with mozzarella and tomatoes
Avocado tomatoes marinated in lime
Open sandwich with tuna and tomato
Antipasti with vegetables and bacon
Spicy bruschetta
Bell pepper salad with tomato and mozzarella plate
Marinated mozzarella balls with sun-dried tomatoes
Vegetable sandwich
Melon and yogurt salad
Chicory with mandarins
Egg and lime cream
Vanilla pudding with figs
Brunch muffins with figs
Puff pastry with figs
Ricotta fig cream with amaretto
Marinated strawberries with whipped cream
Lemon sherbet
Tiramisu with cocoa
Pickled pears with vanilla ice cream
Sherbet with raspberries
Panna Cotta with Nutella
Pear bread
Wild berries with ice
Orange salad with mousse
Hazelnut Parfait
Fruit smoothie

Mediterranean food: The 250 most delicious Mediterranean recipes for a balanced, diverse and healthy lifestyle

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