The Cheese Book

A definitive guide to the cheeses of the worlds from fresh country cheeses to Cheddars and blues, Parmesan, Camembert an

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English Pages [307] Year 1964

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Table of contents :
About This Book
Part One
1. Cheese: The Wine of Foods
2. How Cheese Is Made
3. Keeping the Names Straight
Part Two
4. The Fresh Country Cheeses
5. The Bland and Buttery Cheeses
6. The Swisses
7. Parmesan
8. The Great Cheddars
9. The Cheddar Relatives
10. The Double- and Triple-Crèmes
11. Classic Camembert and Brie
12. Cheeses from the Monasteries
13. The Blue-Veined Cheeses
14. The Goat and Sheep Cheeses
15. The Strong Cheeses
16. The Spiced and Flavored Cheeses
17. What Happened to Cheese in the Process
Part Three
18. The Art of Cheese Tasting
19. Selecting and Buying Cheeses
20. Serving Cheeses: What Goes with What
21. Storing and Restoring Cheeses
Part Four
22. Recipes

The Cheese Book

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