Rodney Scott's World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day 9781984826947, 9781984826930

In the first cookbook by a Black pitmaster, James Beard Award–winning chef Rodney Scott celebrates an incredible culinar

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English Year 2021

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Table of contents :
Title Page
“You Have to Work for What You Get”
Cars Versus Hogs
Hating the Holidays
The Mountaintop
Charleston Calling
Nick on the Case
Fire and Out
Son to Father
Big City Barbecue
Smoke on the Road
My Style of Cooking
Building the Pit
Building a Burn Barrel
Starting the Fire
Cooking the Hog
A Few Thoughts on Sandwiches
From the Grill
Grilling on a Traditional Grill
Smoked Prime Rib
Rodney’s Spare Ribs
Steak Sandwich with Sautéed Onions
BBQ Bacon Burgers
Pork T-Bones
Honey-Butter Fish
Lemon and Herb Chicken
Smoked Turkey Breast
Holiday Turkey
Rodney’s Wings
Smoked Chicken
From the Stove
Chicken Perloo
Coco’s Pigtail Perloo
Fried Chicken
Fried Catfish
Pork and Grits
Snacks, Salads and Vegetables
Pork Skins, Pork Rinds, Cracklins, and Chicharrones
Paul Yeck’s Smoked Catfish Dip
Loaded Pork Skin “Nachos”
Pimento Cheese
Marinated Tomatoes and Onions
John T. Wedge Salad
Potato Salad
Grilled Vegetable Salad
Coco’s Smoked Chicken Salad
Pork Belly Succotash
Loaded Potatoes
Rodney’s Reluctant Collard Greens
Corn Bread with Honey Butter
Macaroni and Cheese
King Street Corn
BBQ Party Deviled Eggs
Hoppin’ John
Angie Mo’s Cracklin’ Layer Cake
Apple Hand Pies
Banana Pudding
Roscoe’s Blueberry Cornmeal Pound Cake
Pee Dee Old-Fashioned
Punch-n the Carolinas
Red Pickup
Hemingway Golden Gate
The Pantry
Hog Seasoning
A Note on Storage
Rib Rub
Jesus’s Tears
Rodney’s Sauce
The Other Sauce
Rodney’s White Barbecue Sauce
Kathy’s Sweet Sauce
Crispy Bacon Bits

Rodney Scott's World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day
 9781984826947, 9781984826930

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