Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence: IJCCI 2019 [1st ed.] 9789811536069, 9789811536076

This book gathers outstanding research papers presented at the International Joint Conference on Computational Intellige

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English Pages XIII, 654 [642] Year 2020

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Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
CerebLearn: Biologically Motivated Learning Rule for Artificial Feedforward Neural Networks (Sumaiya Tabassum Nimi, Md. Adnan Arefeen, Muhammad Abdullah Adnan)....Pages 1-17
Conceptual Content in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: An Analysis into Multi-faceted Properties of Neurons (Zahra Sadeghi)....Pages 19-31
Toward Lexicon-Free Bangla Automatic Speech Recognition System (Md. Mehadi Hasan, Md. Ariful Islam, Shafkat Kibria, Muhammad Shahidur Rahman)....Pages 33-43
Automated Tax Return Verification with Blockchain Technology (Safayet Hossain, Showrav Saha, Jannatul Ferdous Akhi, Tanjina Helaly)....Pages 45-55
Voice-Enabled Intelligent IDE in Cloud (Sabila Nawshin, Sarah Ahsin, Mohmmad Ali, Salekul Islam, Swakkhar Shatabda)....Pages 57-69
Recognition and Classification of Fruit Diseases Based on the Decomposition of Color Wavelet and Higher-Order Statistical Texture Features (A. S. M. Shafi, Mohammad Motiur Rahman)....Pages 71-84
Diabetes Mellitus Risk Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network (M. Raihan, Nasif Alvi, Md. Tanvir Islam, Fahmida Farzana, Md. Mahadi Hassan)....Pages 85-97
IoT-Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System with Double-Tier Data Storage Facility (MD Safayet Ahmad, Akhlak Uz Zaman)....Pages 99-109
Bangla Phoneme Recognition: Probabilistic Approach (Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, Md. Farukuzzaman Khan)....Pages 111-123
EEG Motor Signal Analysis-Based Enhanced Motor Activity Recognition Using Optimal De-noising Algorithm (Nuray Jannat, Sabbir Ahmed Sibli, Md. Anisur Rahaman Shuhag, Md. Rashedul Islam)....Pages 125-136
Automatic Missing-Child Recovery System using Eigenfaces (Nuruzzaman Faruqui, Mohammad Abu Yousuf)....Pages 137-150
Prediction of Financial Distress in Bangladesh’s Banking Sector Using Data Mining and Machine-Learning Technique (Mohammed Mahmudur Rahman, Zinnia Sultana, Musrat Jahan, Ramis Fariha)....Pages 151-162
Pedestrian Age and Gender Identification from Far View Images Using Convolutional Neural Network (Fatema Yeasmin Chowdhury, Md. Khaliluzzaman, Khondoker Md Arif Raihan, M. Moazzam Hossen)....Pages 163-177
Handwritten Numeral Superposition to Printed Form Using Convolutional Auto-Encoder and Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network (M. I. R. Shuvo, M. A. H. Akhand, N. Siddique)....Pages 179-190
Chemical Reaction Optimization for Mobile Robot Path Planning (Pranta Protik, Sudipto Das, Md. Rafiqul Islam)....Pages 191-203
An Automated Wireless Irrigation System by Using Moisture Sensor and DTMF Technology (Pallab Kumar Nandi, Romana Rahman Ema, Tajul Islam, Shadman Jahan)....Pages 205-215
Human Age Prediction from Facial Image Using Transfer Learning in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (M. A. H. Akhand, Md. Ijaj Sayim, Shuvendu Roy, N. Siddique)....Pages 217-229
Semantic Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessel via Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Network (SM Mazharul Islam)....Pages 231-241
Drug–Protein Interaction Network Detection and Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease-Related Genes: A Bioinformatics Approach (Md. Rakibul Islam, Bikash Kumar Paul, Kawsar Ahmed, Ashraful Alam, Moniruzzaman Rony)....Pages 243-252
An Approach for Detecting Heart Rate Analyzing QRS Complex in Noise and Saturation Filtered ECG Signal (Sanjana Khan Shammi, Faysal Bin Hasan, Jia Uddin)....Pages 253-261
Identification of Genetic Links of Thyroid Cancer to the Neurodegenerative and Chronic Diseases Progression: Insights from Systems Biology Approach (Md. Ali Hossain, Sheikh Muhammad Saiful Islam, Tania Akter Asa, Muhammad Sajjad Hussain, Md. Rezanur Rahman, Ahmed Moustafa et al.)....Pages 263-274
DNA Motif Discovery Using a Hybrid Algorithm (Sumit Kumar Saha, Md. Rafiqul Islam)....Pages 275-285
Implementation of GSM Cellular Network Using USRP B200 SDR and OpenBTS (Saulin Tuhin, Fahim, Syed Fahim Rahman, Syed Foysal Rahman, Abu Al Mursalin, A. K. M. Muzahidul Islam)....Pages 287-298
Sources and Impact of Uncertainty on Rule-Based Decision-Making Approaches (Md. Zahid Hasan, Shakhawat Hossain, Mohammad Shorif Uddin, Mohammad Shahidul Islam)....Pages 299-308
A Faster Decoding Technique for Huffman Codes Using Adjacent Distance Array (Mir Lutfur Rahman, Pranta Sarker, Ahsan Habib)....Pages 309-316
A Closer Look into Paintings’ Style Using Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning (Protik Nag, Sristy Sangskriti, Marium-E Jannat)....Pages 317-328
How Can a Robot Calculate the Level of Visual Focus of Human’s Attention (Partha Chakraborty, Mohammad Abu Yousuf, Md. Zahidur Rahman, Nuruzzaman Faruqui)....Pages 329-342
A Computer Vision Approach for Jackfruit Disease Recognition (Md. Tarek Habib, Md. Robel Mia, Md. Jueal Mia, Mohammad Shorif Uddin, Farruk Ahmed)....Pages 343-353
A Novel Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Combining Modified Artificial Bee Colony and Firefly Algorithms (Sadman Sakib, Mahzabeen Emu, Syed Mustafizur Rahman Chowdhury, Mohammad Shafiul Alam)....Pages 355-370
Prediction of DNA-Binding Protein from Profile-Based Hidden Markov Model Feature (Rianon Zaman, Khan Raqib Mahmud, Abul Kalam Al Azad, Md. Asifuzzaman Jishan)....Pages 371-383
A Subword Level Language Model for Bangla Language (Aisha Khatun, Anisur Rahman, Hemayet Ahmed Chowdhury, Md. Saiful Islam, Ayesha Tasnim)....Pages 385-396
Sentiment Analysis Based on Users’ Emotional Reactions About Ride-Sharing Services on Facebook and Twitter (Md. Sabab Zulfiker, Nasrin Kabir, Hafsa Moontari Ali, Mohammad Reduanul Haque, Morium Akter, Mohammad Shorif Uddin)....Pages 397-408
An SDN-Enabled IoT Architecture with Fog Computing and Edge Encryption Support (Md. Rashid Al Asif, Nagib Mahfuz, Md. Abdul Momin)....Pages 409-423
Upgrading YouTube Video Search by Generating Tags Through Semantic Analysis of Contextual Data (Jinat Ara, Hanif Bhuiyan)....Pages 425-437
Internet of Things-Based Smart Security Provisioning Using Voice-Controlled Door Locking System (Sumaiya Amin Anamika, Md. Ar Rafi Khan, Md. Mayen Hasan Sefat, Muhammad Golam Kibria)....Pages 439-452
A Novel Hybrid Machine Learning Model to Predict Diabetes Mellitus (Md. Shahriare Satu, Syeda Tanjila Atik, Mohammad Ali Moni)....Pages 453-465
An Optimized Pruning Technique for Handling Uncertainty in Decision-Making Process (Md. Zahid Hasan, Shakhawat Hossain, Mohammad Shorif Uddin, Mohammad Shahidul Islam)....Pages 467-475
Design Exploration of LH-CAM with Updating Mechanism (Omer Mujahid, Zahid Ullah, Abdul Hafeez, Tama Fouzder)....Pages 477-486
Computational Techniques for Structure Preserving Model Reduction of Constrain Dynamical Models (M. Monir Uddin)....Pages 487-496
A Digital Platform Design for Supply Chain of Existing Fish Market in Bangladesh (Ratul Hasan Shaon, Md. Ariful Islam, M. Saddam Hossain Khan, Amit Kumar Das)....Pages 497-513
End-to-End Optical Character Recognition Using Sythetic Dataset Generator for Noisy Conditions (Md. Shopon, Nazmul Alam Diptu, Nabeel Mohammed)....Pages 515-527
Unsupervised Pretraining and Transfer Learning-Based Bangla Sign Language Recognition (Zinnia Khan Nishat, Md. Shopon)....Pages 529-540
Facilitating Hard-to-Defeat Car AI Using Flood-Fill Algorithm (Md. Sabir Hossain, Mohammad Robaitul Islam Bhuiyan, Md. Shariful Islam, Md. Faridul Islam, Md. Al-Hasan)....Pages 541-553
A Novel Method for Ghost Removal in High-Dynamic Range Images (Anil Mahmud, Rakib Ul Haque, Md. Akhtaruzzaman Adnan, H. M. Sultan Al Mahmud)....Pages 555-565
Internet of Things-Based Household Water Quality Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor (S. M. Rahadul Islam, Md. Mayen Hasan Sefat, Md. Ahsan Habib, Muhammad Golam Kibria)....Pages 567-576
Developing a Fuzzy Feature-Based Online Bengali Handwritten Word Recognition System (Nur-A-Alam Shiddiki, Mohammed Moshiul Hoque)....Pages 577-590
Automatic Summarization of Scientific Articles from Biomedical Domain (Md. Kaykobad Reza, Rifat Rubayatul Islam, Sadik Siddique, Md. Mostofa Akbar, M. Sohel Rahman)....Pages 591-602
Bringing a Change in Digital Mobile Banking Through Distributed Technology (Md. Shahin Uddin Talukder, Nabil Islam, Shaila Sharmin, Abdullah Al Omar, Sakib Hasan)....Pages 603-614
Internal Abnormalities’ Detection of Human Body Analyzing Skin Images Using Convolutional Neural Network (Parisa Mehera, M. F. Mridha, Nasima Begum, Md. Mohaiminul Islam)....Pages 615-628
Orchestration-Based Task Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing in Small-Cell Networks (Md. Delowar Hossain, Md. Abu Layek, Tangina Sultana, Md. Alamgir Hossain, Md. Imtiaz Hossain, Waqas ur Rahman et al.)....Pages 629-641
DEB: A Delay and Energy-Based Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (Sumaiya Tasmim, Abrar Hasin Kamal, Mohammad Obaidullah Tusher, Nafees Mansoor)....Pages 643-654

Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence: IJCCI 2019 [1st ed.]
 9789811536069, 9789811536076

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