Mediterranean Diet: Featuring Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes from the Entire Mediterranean Region

30 Easy, Delicious and Healthy Mediterranean Diet RecipesComing to you from all the way from Italy, Greece, Northern Afr

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English Year 2018

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Table of contents :
On the oldest tetraxon megascleres / Theo M.G. van Kempen --
Late Paleozoic pharetronid radiation in the Texas region / Robert M. Finks --
Position of Mesozoic stromatoporoids in the Porifera / Rachel A. Wood --
Polyphyletic origin of the sphinctozoans / Joachim Reitner --
Chemical studies of the burrowing sponge Siphonodictyon coralliphagum / Brian W. Sullivan and D. John Faulkner --
Long chain fatty acids in sponge membranes / Mishelle P. Lawson, Patricia R. Bergquist, and R. Conrad Cambie --
Chemotaxonomy of the Porifera by infrared spectroscopy / Peter Karuso, Mark R. Hagadone, Paul J. Scheuer, and Patricia R. Bergquist --
Seasonal and geographic variability in sponge carotenoids / Welton L. Lee and Sarah W. Klontz --
Taxonomic relationships within the Dendroceratida : a biological and chemotaxonomic appraisal / Patricia R. Bergquist, Peter Karuso, and R. Conrad Cambie --
Multiple low-affinity carbohydrates as the basis of cell-cell recognition in Microciona prolifera / Gradimir N. Misevic and Max M. Burger --
Behavior of reaggregating cell suspensions and the phenomenon of allograft rejection in Callyspongia diffusa and Toxadocia violacea / Ian S. Johnston --
Diversity of immune reactions in the sponge Axinella polypoides / Gysele Van de Vyver and Marco Buscema --
Antibiosis and antifouling in marine sponges : laboratory versus field studies / Gerald J. Bakus, Bruce Schulte, Steven Jhu, Minturn Wright, Gerardo Green, and Patricia Gomez --
Antimicrobial and ichthyotoxic properties of marine sponges from Mexican waters / Gerardo Green, Patricia Gomez, and Gerald J. Bakus --
Chemical defense in sponges from north Brittany / Joelle Huysecom, Gysele Van de Vyver, Jean-Claude Braekman, and Desire Daloze --
Freeze-fracture study of sponge cells / Robert Garrone and Claire Lethias --
Cytoskeleton and motility of Clathrina cerebrum dissociated cells / Bruno Burlando and Elda Gaino --
Cellular morphology of Callyspongia diffusa / L. Courtney Smith and William H. Hildemann --
Storage cells of calcified relict sponges / Jean Vacelet --
The apopylar cell of sponges / Louis De Vos, Nicole Boury-Esnault, and Jean Vacelet --
Reproduction in West Indian commercial sponges : oogenesis, larval development, and behavior / Heather R. Kaye --
Gametogenic cycle in Halichondria okadai / Keiko Tanaka-Ichihara and Yoko Watanabe --
Fertilization and nutrition of the oocyte in the calcified sponge Petrobiona massiliana / Marie-France Gallissian and Jean Vacelet --
Larval metamorphosis of Microciona prolifera : evidence against the reversal of layers / Gradimir N. Misevic, Verena Schlup, and Max M. Burger --
Collagen synthesis in Ephydatia fluviatilis during its development / Hazime Mizoguchi and Yoko Watanabe --
Structure of fiber bundles in the egg of Tetilla japonica and their possible function in development / Yoko Watanabe and Yoshiki Masuda --
Skeletogenesis in Ephydatia fluviatilis grown in the presence of puromycin and hydroxyurea / Sandrino Holvoet and Gysele Van de Vyver --
Effects of 2,2'-bipyridin on skeletogenesis of Ephydatia fluviatilis / Sandrino Holvoet and Gysele Van de Vyver --
Effects of metabolic inhibitors and nutrients on spicule formation in juveniles of Sycon ciliatum and Grantia compressa / W. Clifford Jones and J.J. Roy Pearson --
The dermal membrane of Eunapius fragilis / Frederick W. Harrison, Nancy W. Kaye, and Gordon W. Kaye --
Organization of the choanosome of three Caribbean sclerosponges / Willard D. Hartman and Philippe Willenz --
Ultrastructure of choanosome and sponge classification / Nicole Boury-Esnault, Louis De Vos, Claude Donadey, and Jean Vacelet --
Structure of choanocyte chambers in haplosclerid sponges / Paul-Friedrich Langenbruch and Lidia Scalera-Liaci --
Mechanical function and regulation of the skeletal network in Dysidea / Carolyn K. Teragawa --
Occurrence and ultrastructure of microraphides in Axinella polypoides / Claude Donadey, Jean Paris, and Jean Vacelet --
Recent data on patterns of silicification and the origin of monaxons from tetraxons / Tracy L. Simpson --
Structural characters and their use in sponge taxonomy : when is a sigma not a sigma? / Jane P. Fromont and Patricia R. Bergquist --
Silica content of the New Caledonian fauna of Haplosclerida and Petrosiida and its possible taxonomic significance / Ruth Desqueyrouz-Faundez --
Character stability, systematics, and affinities between Microcionidae (Poecilosclerida) and Axinellida / John N.A. Hooper --
Merlia tenuis n. sp. encrusting shell surfaces of gastropods, Chicoreus, from Japan / Takaharu Hoshino --
Shallow-water reef sponges of eastern Indonesia / Rob W.M. van Soest --
Possible influence of trawl fishery on recent expansion in the range of Suberites tylobtusa in the southeast Atlantic / Maria-Jesus Uriz --
Distribution of the Tetractinomorpha in South Korea / Chung Ja Sim --
Notes on Iberian freshwater sponges / Anna Traveset --
A new insight into the systematics, evolution, and taxonomy of freshwater sponges / Cecilia Volkmer-Ribeiro --
High levels of genetic variation in marine sponges / Antonio M. Sole-Cava and John P. Thorpe --
Divergence between the sympatric species Tethya aurantium and Tethya citrina and speciation in sponges / Michele Sara --
Toward a phylogenetic classification of sponges / Rob W.M. van Soest --
General features of Cuban sponge communities / Pedro M. Alcolado --
The sponge fauna on a fringing coral reef in Venezuela. I, Composition, distribution, and abundance / Belinda Alvarez, M. Cristina Diaz, and Roger A. Laughlin --
The sponge fauna on a fringing coral reef in Venezuela. II, Community structure / M. Cristina Diaz, Belinda Alvarez, and Roger A. Laughlin --
Community structure and ecology of sponges associated with four southern Florida coral reefs / George P. Schmahl --
Distribution and life history of the boring sponge Cliona truitti in the Upper Chesapeake Bay / Shirley A. Pomponi and Donald W. Meritt --
Distribution and ecology of sponges at a subtidal rock ledge in the central Gulf of Maine / Jon D. Witman and Kenneth P. Sebens --
The influence of storms on asexual reproduction, recruitment, and survivorship of sponges / Christopher N. Battershill and Patricia R. Bergquist --
Observations on the dynamics of a Mediterranean sponge community / Maurizio Pansini and Roberto Pronzato --
Sponge culture on vertical ropes in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea / Benoit Verdenal and Jean Vacelet --
Patterns and processes of size change in Caribbean demosponges of branching morphology / Janie L. Wulff --
Overgrowth activity by the encrusting sponge Chondrilla nucula on a coral reef in Puerto Rico / Vance P. Vicente --
Population dynamics of five Demospongiae in Jamaica : variation in time and space / Joseph P. Schubauer, Thomas P. Burns, and Thelma H. Richardson --
Associations between Caribbean sponges and photosynthetic organisms / Klaus Rützler --
Electron microscopic study on the zoochlorellae of some freshwater sponges / Yoshiki Masuda --
Nutritional characteristics of sponges in the diet of the hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata / Anne Meylan --
The balance of autotrophy and heterotrophy in three freshwater sponges with algal symbionts / Thomas M. Frost and Joan E. Elias --
Effect of medium pH on the growth rate of Ephydatia fluviatilis in laboratory culture / John C. Francis, Linda Bart, and Michael A. Poirrier --
Gemmule pneumatic layer development in Louisiana populations of Spongilla lacustris / Michael A. Poirrier and Margaret Winter --
Tolerances of the dormant forms of some estuarine sponges, notably Microciona prolifera / Paul E. Fell --
In situ feeding in two shallow-water hexactinellid sponges / Henry M. Reiswig --
Efficiency and selectivity of microorganism retention by Ephydatia fluviatilis / Gysele Van de Vyver, Bernard Vray, Samia Belaouane, and Dominique Toussaint --
Pollutant levels in Mediterranean commercial sponges / Benoit Verdenal, Catherine Diana, Andre Arnoux, and Jean Vacelet.

Mediterranean Diet: Featuring Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes from the Entire Mediterranean Region

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