Learners’ Manipuri-English Dictionary

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Learners’ Manipuri-English Dictionary

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Manipuri-English E Dictionary

~C-\ v-01.-t 0\ VG\.~

book Nc:,

Compiled by

H. Sunnangol Sharma MA. , Ph.D.

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© Compiler 2006 First edition 2006

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the compiler.



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Printed at: M Kumar Offset Press


FOREWORD Manipuri is one of the irnpmiant languages of northeastern India belonging to Tibeto-Burman family. This language is spoken by nearly 1.3 million (1991) people. Among them 19.31% are bilinguals. The language is very rich in its structure and vocabulary. As such there are many good modern linguistic descriptions on it. However, lexicographical activities did not receive similar attention of the scholars. In that perspective the present dictionary is an important contribution to Manipuri Lexicography. This dictionary has been compiled by a well-trained linguist Dr. Surmangol Sharma, who is also a native speaker of this language. He was fortunate to have got two years of post-doctoral fellowship at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, Japan. There he could get very good training in lexicography and also had interaction with many famous scholars. This has enhanced the quality of this work. This dictionary has been targeted for students. For development of languages dictionaries also play a major role. To appreciate this fact one can look at the number and variety of dictionaries available for English language. Similar activities need to take place for all languages if they have to develop. In this 1ight I congratulate Dr. Surmangol Sharma for taking this challenging and tedious work and completing within a reasonable time and also getting it published. l hope the educated people of the state and more particularly the Manipuri students will find this dictionary immensely beneficial. This dictionary has many interesting easy-to-use features, like using of roman script assists any Manipuri speaker with some English knowledge to read and understand. Taking into account the needs of the modern world, particularly the demand for using one's own script in schools, etc., 1!Jc compiler has appropriately provided head-entries in Meitei Mayek (Meitei script). This is an mnovation and it directly responds to the present needs of the students and educated class. Also, Manipuri being an agglutinative language each morpheme need to be identified and classified appropriately. This dictionary does this systematically and effectively. This assists greatly in understanding the structure of words . I am sure that the students will find this feature to be highly innovative as well as useful. The value of a work of this type cannot be overestimated at the present time, time will itself mark it. Undoubtedly this dictionary is a weli-descrved contribution to Manipuri Language and Linguistics. I again congratulate Dr. Surmangol Sharma for this excellent work and also hope that he will be able to bring out many more scholarly works in years to come. I wish him all the best.

July 14, 2006.

Dr. K. S. Nagaraja Professor & HOD, Department of Linguistics Deccan College Post-graduate & Research Institute PUN E- 411 006



The tradition of Manipuri lexicography goes back to some fi fly years or so. /\ kind English-Manipuri bilingual dictionary is popularly used as a help for learning English by the Manipuri speaket·s. On the other hand, the lexicographical work on Manipuri-English or Hindi, initially, attracted less audience because of the misconception that this kind of dictionary does not help in learning a second language. However, a bilingual dictionary serves more than a single purpose. The pioneer work of Padmashree N. Khelchandra Singh entitled Manipuri to lvfanipuri and English dictionary, first published in 1964, is a landmark in the history of Manipuri lexicography. The entries in this dictionary are made in Manipuri and definitions are given in both Manipuri and English or in English only in some places. There has been a long gap since the publication of the first Manipuri bilingual dictionary until Dr. Imoba's work entitled 1Vfanipuri to English Dictionary, published in 2004, sci; a ncw trend with an attempt to reflect the agglutinative nature of this language, correct pronunciation of the \\'Ol"ds with phonetic transcription using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), bound nature of the morphemes that is rich in Manipuri. The Learner's lvfanipuri Dictionary is a Manipuri-English bilingual dictionary, targeting the audience as the non-Manipuri speakers. The entries arc presented differently from the above mentioned dictionaries. First, the user may directly access it without learning Manipuri writing system in Bengali script as the entries are made in roman transliteration. Secondly, the users may as well take the opportunity of learning the resurgent Meitei Mayek (Meitei script), which is written just after the transliterated entries of every Headword. The presentation of morpheme segmentation of he Head and Sub-bead entries in Lhe dictionary is also a main high\ ight of the dictionary. There are areas \Vhere the gloss of morphemes arc opaque, so are left with the abbreviation (id.) meaning 'the same'. The present dictionary is based upon the computerized database of Manipuri Lexicon \vhich I prepared during my 2-year post-doctoral fellowship awarded to me by the Japan Society for the Prmnotion of Science (JSPS) from May 2002 to April 2004. 1 would like to record my gratitude to JSPS, Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (lLCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, for being the sponsor and the host institute during my stay in Japan. I thank Prof. Koji Miyazaki, director of ILCAA, for accommodating and a!IO\ving me to use all the facilities in the Institute. It will be a great pleasure for me to convey my gratitude and appreciation to Prof Peri Bhaskararao who \Vas my host professor, for his guidance, co-operation, inspiration, collaboration and for any kind of he! p he extended. I am also very much indebted to convey my thanks to Prof Kazuhiko Machida, Dr. Junichi Oda, Dr. Ilideo Sawada, Dr. Shintaro Arakawa, Dr. Terry Joyce, Dr. Susan E. Oehler for their co-operation and help during my JSPS fellowship. I thank the faculty member of the Department of linguistics, Manipur University, for sharing their knowledge about the structure of Manipuri Lexicon with me, and that ultimately helps to arrive at the present shape of the dictionary. My warmest thanks are due to Khaidem Sanajaoba, a former lecturer in the department of English, Lilong Haoreibi College, Manipur, for spending his valuable time in going through the final draft of the dictionary and making commendable suggestions.

July 2006

1l Surmangol Sharma

EXPLANATORY NOTES SORT ORDER The dict ionary follows the sort order as given below :

a GJ a u:1 i YJ u ~ e mo ei m'~' o GJa ou m!S' ka Llll kha rr: gaIT" gha ~ nga ;m ca R ja z; jha ~ ta 5lS tha ;r; da (jl dha J na c pa :1nl pha E ba < ra ff' Ia 2 wa n sa C"J ha r STRUCTURE OF ENTRIES ·E ntries may contain the parts in the fo llowing order: 1. Headword (transliterated). 2. Meitei Mayek (Meitei Script). 3. Phonemic transcription. 4. Grammatical category. 5. Gloss. 6. Morph. 7. Variant. 8. Sub-head.

1. Headwords are transliterated in roman script*. Derived words are us ually not entered as headwords but under the same base word on which they arc formed , e.g. centhok- 'to run outside' is entered under cen- 'to run' , and similarly many other deri ved words fo rmed on this base . Common adverbs of manner are usually entered under the related base word, e.g. thuna ' quickly' is entered under thu- 'to be quick'. Adjectives are usuall y derived words but are ind ividually entered them as headwords. This may pose convenient for the users, when searching for common adjectives because they are formed by prefi xing a- 'attributive' and suffixing -pa or -ba 'nominali zer' to the verb, e .g. a-p ha-ba 'good '. Some compounds are entered as subheads and some of them as heads depend ing upon their status in Manipuri !ex icon, e.g. ukhii 'a place or point under a tree' is entered unde r u ' tree ' \Vhi le ukhun ' a ho le in the ground to erect a pole or post is entered as a headword . Headwords include some items wh ;ch arc not independent lexical units of the language, viz. prefixes and suffixes, e.g. o- ' attributive', ma- 'noun marker ', -p i 'noun formatter' , - i 'rea lised' . Hyphens are used after t he entries, which arc bound in nature instead of entering such lexical items with -pa or -ha. This arrangement hopes to make the users easily recognize the grammatical distinction of the derived nouns or adjectives from the verbs. 2. Meitei Mayek (Meitei Script) is as well written after the roman transliterated headwords. The dictionary adopts the resurgent Meitei Mayek, wh ich is taught in the schools of Manipur. .However, the order of the letters has been rearranged so as to make them fit into the sort order of this dictionary and the use of lum 'a diacritic for tonal distinction' is avo ided fo r the fact that this feature never remains unchanged in the course of d ifferent morpho logical and syntactical organizations, e.g. lei ll~i/ 'earth, so il ' becomes leimu /l~ i.mu/ ' a kind of black soil used in plastering the wall ', mi / ml/ 'person' + pha /p11 a/ 'arrest' becomes m iphd /m i.pha/ in mip hci mipun /mi.pha ml.pun/ 'act of mass arrest' .

• A Manipuri conso nant when rendered into the roman script transliteration is represented with an inherent vowel.


3. Phonemic transcription. A broad transcription is given rcr each entry. The high tone is marked while the level tone is unmarked, e.g. un f~{l! fun/ 'sn;)\V' .~Tl!! / Lin/ 'skin' . 4. Grammatical category. The entries are assigned to the relevant \VOrd-class. They arc written in abbreviations. 5. Gloss, illustrates the core sense(s) of the headword. Glosses are divided from one another by semicolons or comas. Glosses are numbered wherever necessary. Prominent meanings of headwords are entered before les$ prominent meanings.

6. Morph. This part shows morpheme segmentation of the headword or sub-head ·word provided the corresponding gloss is given in square brackets. In cases where the morphophonemic chan ge is less explicit, the source of the altered form is presented in brackets after the resultant tonn, e.g. sd-m(! om]. angouba mmf'5 Ioff /i.dai.rem/ n. favourite servant or attendant, when referred to the first person, generally not used in day-to-day speech. Lit. 'my favo urite servant or attendant'. Morph: i-dairem 11 pp-servant/attendantj. iduningthou Y.li!!C.rfrn;:r;:P /i.du.nil)thau/ n. younger brother (female ego), when referred to the first person, generally not used in day-to-day speech. Lit: 'my younger brother (female ego)'. Mmph: i-du-ningthou [1 pp-id.-!dng] . in Y.J"(g /in/ n. fishing net.~ khon- /- khon/ v. to trawl (a fishing net). Morph: ~ khon- {~ to trawl].~ cing- /- ci!]/ n. to pull a fishing net out of water. Morph: - cing- (-to pull]. ~ t.ha/~ thaf v. to put a fishing net under the water. Morph. ~ tha- [-to lay].~ son/- s6n/ v. to pull a fishing net out of water. Morph: ~ son]~ to pull]. in- [email protected] lin/ v. to push. Morph: in-ba [to push-lnf]. inkbat- /in.khatf v. to push upward. Mmph: in-khat[to push .. Up]. inkhatlakpa /in.khat.Iak.pa/ adj. growing. Morph: in-khat-lak-pa [to push-Up-Distal-Nom). inkhatlakpa naha lin.khat.Jak.pa nahal n. a youthful, healthy person. Morph:


in-khat-lal,-pa naha [to push-Up-Distal-Nom youth]. inklbtatlakpa matam lin.k11 at.lak.pa matam/ n. the prime, youthful, joyful stage of life. Morph: in-khat-lak-pa matam [to p ush .. Up--Diistai-Nom; time ]. intha-lin.tha/ v. to push down. Morph : in-tha-[to push-Down] . inthu-lin.t11 u/ v. to overthrow or overset. Aforph: in-thu- [to push-to be entangled] . inthok- /in.t 11 ok/ v. to push outward. Morph. in-tho!5°ffC5allP li.bem.bok/ n. great grandmother, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my great grandmother'. Morph: i-bem-bok [lpp-grandmother-to give birth] . Variant: ibenbok. ibemma .Y.JC5°ff~ li.bem.ma/ n. I) a polite term of address to a lady; a term of casual familiarity to a younger woman. Morph: i-bemma [I pp-Iady]. ibo Y.>5a /i. bo/ n. a term of casual familiarity among the same age group or to a younger man, generally used among men. ibok .Y.J5ai!J' li.bok/ n. grandmother, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my grandmother'. Morp h: i-bol> [lpp-to give birth]. iman .Y.J~m /i.man/ n. thatch that has at least been used once. Morph: i-man [thatch-to be old]. iman catpa .Y.JH~ li.ma/ n. mother, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my mother'. Morph: i-ma [lpp-mother]. ima ipa /l.rna 'i.pa/ n. mother and father, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my mother and father'. Morph: i-·mii i-pa (lpp-mother; lpp-fatherj. •rna poktabn li.rna pok.ta.bi/ n. stepmother, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my stepmother'. Morph: i-ma pok-ta-bi [1 pp-mother; to give birth -Negative-Femininej. imai Y.>~.Y.J li.mai/ n. face; countenance, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my face or Morph: i-mai countenance'. [lpp-face/countenance] . imai .Y.J~.Y.J li.mai/ n. the surface of water. Morph: i-ma i [water-face). . imaton .Y.J~5llam li.ma.ton/ n. stepmother whoever married with last in polygyny, when referred to the first person. L it: 'my stepmother'. Morph: i-ma-ton [1 pp-mother-to be the last one]. iman .Y.J~"(g /i.rnan/ n. father-in-law; maternal uncle, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my father-in-law or maternal uncle'. Morph: i-man [lpp-father-in-law/maternal uncle). imannaba Y.>~"{gTI5 li.man.na.ba/ n. friend usu said of the same age group, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my friend'. Morph: i-man-na-ba [lpp-to resemble-Reciprocal-Nom].

Learners' Manipuri- English Dictionary



imabok :Y.>~5ilor li.ma.bok/ n. older aunt (father's older brother's wife; mother's older sister), when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my older aunt'. Morph: i-ma-bok [lpp-mother-to give birth]. imi :Y.>~ li.mi/ n. shadow, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my shadow'. Morph: i-mi [l pp-shadow]. iming :Y.>~IIl li.miiJ/ n. name, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my name'. Morph: i-ming [lpp-name]. iming itha /i.mil) J.thaf n. name and address, when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my name and address'. Morph: i-ming i-tha [lpp-name; lpp-to write down). imu naimu y,)~ ill:i~ li.mu nai .mu/ n. bloodshed or~ carnag~. imu naimu tana/l.mu nai.mu ta.na/ v. to cause bloodshed or carnage. Morph: i-mu nai-mu ta-na- [blood-to be black; pus-to be black; to fall-Reciprocal]. imung :Y.>!flll li.muiJ/ n. 1) a family. 2) the interior of a house. imung manung /i.mUIJ ma.nm]/ n. anyone counted as the member of a family. Morph: imung ma-nung [family; NM-interior]. imung mahi lang- /i.mulJ ma.hi 1:11]/ v. to exist disharmony in a family. Morph: imung rna-hi lang-ba [family; NM-Iiquid; to be less dense]. imoinu :Y.>~il:Y.>,!;! /i.moi.nu/ n. Imoinu or Emoinu: the Meitei ofwealth. imom :Y.>~illf /i.mom/ n. daughter, when referred to the first person (commoniy not used in colloquial speech). Lit: 'my daughter'. Morph: i-mom [lpp-daughter). imom langlen / i.mom lalJ.Ien/ n. daughter, when referred to the first person (commonly not used in colioquial speech). Morph: i-mom lang-len [ 1pp-da ughter; id.-excellen t ] . imou :Y.>~!9 /i.mau/ n. daughter-in-law, niece (son's wife; sister's daughter (male ego); husband's sister's daughter; brother's daughter (female ego); wife's brother's daughter), when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my daughter-in-law or Morph: .i-mou niece'. [1 pp-daughter-in-law/niece]. imounupi /i.mau.nu.pi/ n. see 'imou'. Morph: i-mou-nu-pi llpp-daughter/niece-human-Fem). imphal :Y.>If~~ /im.phalf n. Imphal: capital city of Manipur state, India. iya :Y.>R /i.ya/ n. teeth, when referred to the first person. Lit.· 'my teeth'. Morph: i-ya [lpp-teethj. iya Y.lR !i. yal interj. an exciamation expressing

disgust, contempt, frustration, etc. iya :Y.>R li.y3./ n. son-in-law, nephew (daughter's husband (female ego); brothetr's son (female ego)). Lit: 'my son-in-law or nephew'. Morph: i-ya [1 pp-son-in-law/nephew]. iyai :Y.>R:P li.yai/ n. the middle or centre of a considerably large body of water. Morph: i-yai [water-middle]. iyamba :Y.>RifB !i.yam.ba/ n. older brother (male ego), when referred to the first person. Lit: 'my older brother'. Morph: i-yallllba (lpp-older brother]. iyum :P>~If li.yum/ n. my house. Morph: i-yum (lpp-house]. iyong :Y.>>9'ID' ~£!!1 /i.rak ma.ku/ n. a smallsized owl species. Morph: i-rak maim (thatch-gap; owl]. iran :Y.>9'~ /i.ran/ n. wealth, when possessed by the first person. Lit: 'my wealth'.. Morph: i-ran (lpp-wealth]. iran ithum /i.ran i.thum/ n. a collection of wealth, when possessed by the first person. Lit: 'my wealth'. Morph: i-ran i-thum [lpp-wealth lpp-salt]. iram :Y.>9'~ /i.ram/ n. an area or land; which belonged to the first person or where he was born. Lit: 'my native place; my landed property (estate)'. Morph: i-ram (lpp-lamd]. iram :Y.>9'1f li.ram/ n. drainage. Morph: i-ram (water-path]. ira :Y.>~ li.ra/ n. drops of water. Morph: i-ra (water-root).~ cen- /~ cen/ v. to till one's eyes with tears. Morph: ~ cen- 1- to 1·un). 1ra1 :P~:Y.l li.rai/ n. Friday. . irai khonglai :P~:P n:ilme:P lixai khoiJ.lai/ n. a kind of skin disease characterized with itch. Morph: 1-ra1 khong-lai [water-disease; canal-disease}. iraokhon :Y.>~UJiln:a~ /i.rao.khonl n. loud noise produced by the flowing water. Morph: i-rao-khon [water-to be loud-sound]. irakna- Y.l~ID'TI- li.rak.na/ v. to drown. Morph: i-rak-na- (water-to bind-Reciprocal]. irang :Y.>~IIl li.raiJ/ n. 1) joylful celebration. Morph: 1-rang 2) commotion; agitation. v. [blood-to make a noiseJ . ~ tollt- /~tau/ to engage oneself in a joyful celebration, even

Learners' Manipuri --- English Dictionary




leaving aside his/her duty. Morph: ~ tou- [- to do]. irang phalang /i.ralJ pha.lal)/ n. a state full of unnecessary joyful celebrations. Morph. i-rang pha-lang [blood-to make a noise; Redpf-to make a noise]. ~ hou- /- h~u/ v. to agitate. Morph:- hou- [- to start suddenly]. irat- nftl6- /i.rat/ v. to worship. Morph: i-rat[blood-to worship]. irat thouni /i.rat thau.ni/ n. act of praying and offering sth to a god. M01ph. i-rat thou-ni [blood-to worship; work-to beg] . iratpham /i.rat.pham/ n. a place for worship. Morph: i-riit-pham [blood-to wors hip-place]. iran Y.'i~m /i.ran/ n. fault; wrongdoing, when related to the ftrst person. Lit: 'my fault'. Morph: i- ran [lpp- to be wrong]. iran :;;;gi-cg /i.n1n/ n. home, which belonged to the first person, generall y not used in day-to-day speech. Lit: 'my home'. Morph: i-ran [1 pp~home J. iran- )'5gi-cg_ /i,ran/ v. to cross a river, sea, lake, etc. Morph: i-ran- [water- to cross]. iranpham /i .ran.pham/ n. the place 1vhere a ferry docks. Morph: i-ran-pham [water· to cross-place]. iranhi nfttg7"i' li.ran.hi/ n. a ferry. Morph. i-ran-hi ]water-to cross-boat) . irik nt:r'frrr /i.rik/ n. water drop. Morph: i-rik [water-drop] . iri- n9'f- /i.ri/ v. to store water. Marph. i-ri[water-to store]. iruja- Y.'if;rZ'- /i.ru.ja/ v. to take a bath. Morph: i- r u-ja-Jwater-to wash-Reflexive]. irup- nt;rm- /irup/ v. to take a dip; to go underwater. Morph : i-rup-pa [water-to immerse). irum Y.if;rff !i.rum/ n. shadow, which is of the first perso n. Lit: 'my shadow'. Morph: i-rum ! l pp-shadow]. ~ thup- /- thup/ v. to depend on or to live on the mercy of the first person. Lit: 'to depend on or to live on the mercy of me'. Morph: - thup- 1- to take shelter]. irumda /i.rum.da/ adv. under the influence or domination of the first person. Lit: 'under the influe nce or domination of me'. Morph: i-rum-da Jl pp-shadow-Locative]. iru maithaja- n tr Jtna;z- /i.ru mai.tha.j a/ n. to take a bath. Morph: i-ru mai-tha-ja[water-to wash; face-Down-Reflexive]. irumbi Y.itrffBf /i.rum.bi/ n. a concubine who is related to the first person. Lit: 'my concubine'. Morph. i-rum~bi [1 pp-shadow-Feminine]. 24

iren '559' 0 "@ /i.ren! n. a deeper place o:r point usu said of a river. Morph: i-ren [water-fact of excelling] . irenjana Y.itromzc /i.ren.ja.na/ adv. properly; con·ectly; suitably. Marph: i-ren-ja-na [blood-to spend-Reflexive-Adverb]!. Variant: irenna. irei '559'"' /i.rai/ n. tongue, related to the nrst person. Lit: 'my tongue'. Morph : i-rei [lpp-tongue]. irei '559'"' /i.rai/ n. whirling current (of water). Morph: i-rei [water-to whirl]. ireikai n9'"'uiln /i .rai.kai/ n. locali1ty, which belonged to the first person. Lit: 'my locality'. Morph: i-rei-kai [1pp-land-to break]. ireibak )5tr"'5rrr /i.rai.bak/ n. country: the whole land or territory of a nation or state, related to the first person. Lit: 'my country'. Morph: i-rei-bak [1 pp-land-to be broad] . 11 iroi Y.l9' Y.'i /i.roi/ n. buffalo. iroi- ntr"n- /l.roi/ v. to swim. Morph: i-roi[water-to accompany J. iroinana ntr"ncc /i.roi.na.na/ adv. in the manner of working together. Morph: i-roi-na-na [blood-to accompany-Reciprocal-Adverb]. irong ntr"rn /i .roiJ/ n. the place where a river or stream branches off. Morph: i-rong [water-to branch off]. iron- ntr"m- /i.ron! v. to prepare a hot relish made of vegetables, chili , salt and dry fish, etc. Morph: i-ron- [water-to mix). ironba /l.ron.ba/ n. a hot relish made of vegetables, chili, salt and dry fish, etc. Morph: i-ron-ba [water-to mix-Nom]. 11 iron irang tak- n9' m nftrn 5lrrr- /i.ron i.ralJ tak/ v. to lose all belongings completely which belonged to the first person. Lit: 'to lose all my belongings completely'. Morph: i-ron i-riing tak- [lpp-id. lpp-id.; to be destroy1!d]. irou '559'!9 ll.rau/ n. paddy-field, possessed by the first person. Lit: 'my paddy field'. Morph: i-rou [1 pp-paddy field]. irou ising /i.rau 'i.siiJ/ n. all immovable prope11ies and estate:, possessed by the first person . Lit: 'all my immovable properties and estate'. Morph.· i.. rou i-sing [lpp-paddy field; 1pp-firewood] . irousing Y.itr!9C'?fiTJ /i.rau.siiJ/ n. intel l ect; power of thought, related to the first pers(m. Lit: 'my intellect; my power of thought'. Morph: i-rousing [1 pp-intellect]. ilektrik Y.'ic0 ITP5"69'frrr /i.lek. trikl n. el:~ctricity. iwa Y.'iH /i. wa! n. husband, related to the first

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person. Lit: 'my husband'. Morph: i-wa [lpp-husband]. iwa J'SH /l. wa! n. words; opmwn; suggestion, related to spoken by the first person. Lit: 'my words; my opinion; my suggestion'. Morph: i-wa [1 pp-words/opinion/suggestion ]. iwangma J'SHITJ~ /l.waiJ.ma/ n. the opposite bank of a river, lake, etc. commonly not used in colloquial speech. Morph: i-wangma [water-the other side[. iwan J'SHlf! li. wan! n. a pot commonly used for cooking vegetables, meat, etc. Variant: uyan. is J'SC'? /is/ inter). alas; eh; phew. isang Y.JC'?ITJ li.saiJ/ n. moss. Morph: i-sang [water-to be green]. isa J'S\? /l.sa/ n. body, related to the first person. Lit: 'my body'. - pron. myself. Morph: i-sa [1 pp-body]. isaiphu Y.JMY.lJ li.sai.phuf n. an emthern pot usu for storing water. Morph: i-sai-phu [water-id.-container]. isanou J'S\Je!l> /i.sa.nau/ n. younger brother; wife related to the first person, generally not used in colloquial speech. Lit: 'my younger brother or wife'. Morph: i-sa-nou [1pp-body-to be new]. isabi J'S\?51 /i.sa. bi/ n. husband, older brother related to the first person, generally not used in colloquial speech. Lit: 'my husband or older brother'. Morph: i-sa-bi [1pp-body-Feminine]. ising J'SC'?fiTJ /i.sil)/ n. water. Morph: 1-smg [water-id.]. ising idio /l.silJ 'i.cao/ n. fiood. Morph.· i-sing i-cao [water-id.; water-to be big]. ising khong /l .si!J kholJ/ n. a small canal or channel. Morph: i-sing khong [water-id.; stream]. ~ cat-/~ cat/ v. to urinate. Morph: ~ cat- [~to go].~ cai- /~ cai/v. to sprinkle water. Morph:- dii- [~to sprinkle].- cao- /~ cao/ v. to be affected with fiood. Morph: ~ dio- [~to be big[.~ thum- I~ th{Iml v. to inundate. Morph: ~ thum- [-to inundate]. ising maising /l.sil) mai.sil]/ n. water and the like. Morph: i-sing mai-sing [water-id.; id.-id.]. ~ sok- I~ sok/ v. to fill a container with water from a river, lake, pond, etc. Morph: ~ sok- [~to fill a container]. isingda taba ucek /l.siiJ.da ta.ba u.cek/ n. waterfowl. Morph: i-sing-da ta-ba ucek [water-id. (to inhabit)-Nom bird]. ising kambong J'SC'?fiTJ lHllH3am /l.silJ kam.bolJ/ n. an aquatic plant of a genus (Jussia) of the Onagraceae family that bears edible diseased flower bud.

ising caibi Y.J\Jfrn RY.Jffi' /l.siiJ cai.bi/ n. waterfall. Morph: i-sing cai-bi [water-id.; to sprinkle-NF]. ising pukcatpa Y.J\?frn 511l!!J'R/6:W /l.siiJ puk.cat.pa/ n. diabetes. Morph: 1-smg puk-cat-pa [water.. id.; belly-to go-Nom]. ising pun J'S\Jfrn J]llm /l.siiJ pun/ n. water carrying or storing pot. Morph: i-sing pun [water-id.; pot]. Variant: ising pul. ising yapham )'5\)f[ll >iETf /l.Sil) ya.pham/ n. a suffering of failure to urinate. Morph: i-s in yap ham [water-id.; to collect-place]. isit- Y.JC'?fl-6- /l.sit/ v. to draw water out of a pond, etc. for fishing. Morph: i-sit- [water-to draw out water]. isu Y.lQ /l.su/ n. grandchild, related to the first person. Lit: 'my grandchild'. Morph: i-su [1 pp-grandchHd]. isunglang Y.lQITJ~m /i.sul).lal)/ n. sake, behalf related to the first person. Morph: i-sung-lang [lpp-a piece/portion-to offer]. isunupa Y.lQ,!;!W /l.su.nu.pal n. grandson, related to the first person. Lit: 'my grandson'. Morph: i-su-nu-pa [1 pp-grandchild-human being -Masculine]. Variant: isunipa. isunupi Y.lQ,!;!E /i.su.nu.pi/ n. granddaughter, related to the first person. Lit: 'my granddaughter'. Morph: i-su-nu-pi [lpp-grandchild-human being-Femininej. isen Y.i"C'?0 lf! /l.sen/ n. younger brother-in-law (younger sister's husband, wife's younger brother, younger cross-cousin brother), related to the first person. Lit: 'my younger brother-inlaw'. Morph: i-sen (1pp-younger brother-in-law]. isei Y.JC'?"' /l.sai/ n. song. isei khumba /i.sai khum.ba/ n. a singer who follows the lead singer. Morph: Isei khum-ba [song; to respond-Nom]. ~ngang- /~ lJCil)/ v. to hum a tune. Morph: - ngang- [-to hum}. ~ton-/­ tau/ v. to choose singing as a career or profession. Morph: ~ tou- [-to do]. isei touba /l.sai tau. ba/ n. singer. Morph: isei tou-ba !song; to work-Nom]. isei nongmai li.sai norJ.mai/ n. music. Morph: isei nong-mai [song; day-id.J. ~ pan- /~ pan/ v. to compose a song. Morph:- pan-[~ to compose). ~ phangna- v. to compete in singing. Morph: ~ phang-na- [- to put in parallel-Reciprocal]. ~ sak- /~ sak/ v. to sing. Morph: - sak [- to sing). isei sakpa /i.sai sak.pa/ n. singer.

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Morph.· isei sak-pa [song; to sing-Nom]. isou Y5\J'.9 /i.sau/ n. tantrum. - lang- /~ lalJ/ v. to throw tantrums. Morph.· -lang-[- to give]. istop 1 Y5\JJ6ilm /is.top/ n. a kind of basket with a long handle for scooping out water. istop 2 $\JJ6ilm /is.top/ n. stove: an apparatus using fuel for cooking. istri Y5\JS6W /is. tri/ n. flatiron (for pressing clothes).- tak- /- tak/ v. to press clothes with a flatiron. Morph.· - tak- [-to press].

ispat Y5\JsnlJ6' /is.pat/ n. steel. iswar Y5\J~9' li.swar/ n. god or goddess. ihathaba Y5ftJ;B li.ha.tha.ba/ n. miscarriage: the natural expulsion of an embryo or foetus from the womb. Morph: i-ha-tha-ba [blood-to now-Down-Nom I. ihe Y57" 0 !i.he/ interj. an exclamation of regret, worry, etc.

u-u U 1 ~ /u/ n.

the symbol representing Manipuri rounded, high, back vowel. u 2 ~ lui n. tree; wood. ukal{ /u.kak/ n. a log; a piece of wood. Morph: u-kak [tree/wood-to cut]. ulm /u.ku/ n. bark: the outside covering of the stems. Morph.· uckak [tree/wood-outer covering!. ukok /u.kok! n. an elongated piece of wood. Af01ph: u-kok [tree/wood-bead] . ukon /u .kon/ n. a clu np of trees. Morph : u-lwn [tree/wood-enclosun·j. ukha /u.khaf n. a place or point under a tree. Morph: u-kha [tree/wood-lower level] . u khada /u.kha.da/ adv. under a tree. Morph.· u-kha-da [tree/wood-a point/place below sb/sth-Loeative]. utup /u.tup/ n. a log; a piece of wood. Morph.· u-tup [tree/wood-to cut completely]. uton /u.ton/ n. treetop. Morph: u-ton [tree/wood-the topmost part]. utonda /u.ton.de~/ adv. on the treetop. Morph: u-ton-da [tree/wood-the topmost part-Locative]. utondagi /u.ton .dagi/ adv. from the treetop. Morph. u-ton-dagi [tree/wood'-the topmost part-Ablative]. unou /u.nau/ n. a young tree. .\1orph: u-nou [t ree/wood-to be new/tender] . upum /u.pum/n. rotten tree. M01ph: u-pum [tree/wood-to rot] . upeipham /u.pai.pham/ n. a limber yard. Morph.· u-pei-pham [tree/wood-to pile up-place]. uyung /u .yul]/ n. stake; a post pointed at one end. Morph.· u-yung [tree/wood-to erect]. urak /u.rak/ n. a thicket of trees. tiforph: u-rak [tree/wood"gap]. ural{ warak / u.rak wa.rak/ n. a clump of trees and Morph: u-rak wa-rak bamboos. [tree/wood-gap; bamboo-gap]. urei /u.rai/ n. the rings of a tree. Morph: u-rei [tree/wood-to turn[. usang /u.sal)/ n. a pole (of wood). Mo1ph. u-sang [tree/wood-to be long].


u - ~- /u/ to see. usin- /u.s in/ v. to look into; to analyse sth minutely. Morph: u-sin- [to see-In]. ui ~Y5 lui! n. a species of bamboo. ui- ~Y5- /ui/ v. to doze, especially when sitting up. uisin- /ui.sin/ v. to close eye(s). Morph: ui-sin[to doze-In]. uirum uirum tou- /ui.rum ui.rum tau/ v. to doze. Morph: ui-rum ui-rum tou- [to doze-lightly; to doze-lightly:; to do]. ui- ~Y5- lui! v. to fail to break easily. uin ~Y5'{g /u.inl n. a tree of a genus (Aibizzia) of the mimoseae family, especially noted for using as post. ukai ~urlY5 /u.kai/ n. harrow. ~ tak- /- tak/ v. to draw a harrow over (land). Morph: - tak- [- to rub against sth/sb]. ukabi ~rmBf /u.kibi/ n. a small, blackish, fresh water fish. Anabas testudineus. Morph: u-ka-bi Itree-to climb-NF]. ukil ~ll!Jf::::J /u.kil/ n. lawyer; advocate. uku ~[H'] /u.kul n. culvert. ukhaiman ~rfYJ~'{g /u.khai.man/ n. sawing charge. Morph: u-khai-man [tree/wood-to saw-price]. ukhun ~~'{g /u.khunJ n. I) a hole in the ground usu to erect a pole or post. 2) a hole made in the wood. Morph: u-khun [tree/wood-hole]. ~tan­ /- tan/v. to dig a hole in the ground usu to erect a pole or post. Morph: -- tan- [- to chase]. tou- I~ tau/ v. same as ukhun taanba. Morph.· tou- [-to dig]. ukhun paija ~~'{g snlY->Z' /u.khun pai.ja/ n. a type of chisel with a semicircular, sharp blade. Mmph: u-khun paija (tree/wood-hole; chisel]. ukhokten ~nillll'J6°\g /u.khok.ten/ n. main wooden pillar usu of the verandah. Morph.· u-khok-ten [tree/wood-handle-to be short]. ung- ~[]- /ul)/ v. to be depressed, sullen, dejected.

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ung- ~ill- llli:J! v. to whirl, rotate. ungkhatHnJ.khatf v. to move upward by whirling. Morph: ung-khat- [to whirl-Up]. ungtha/ ul).tha/ v. to move downward by whirling. Morph: ung-tha- [to whirl-Down] . ungthokluiJ.thokJ v. to move outward by whirling. Morph. ung-thok- [to whirl-Out]. ungsinHII).sin/ v. to move inward by whirling. Morph.· ung-sin- [to whirl-In]. ungang ~21ilrn /u.IJal)/ n. a tree of the Meliaceae family. Morph· u-ngang [tree/wood-to be red] . ucan horai ~R{g 73~9':55 /u.can horai/ n. a type of small saw used in making tenon or dovetail joints. Morph: u-can horai [tree/wood-to make; saw] . ucam ~Rlf /u.cam/ n. any ordinary wood which is not good for furniture or any other structure. Morph: u-cam [tree/wood-to be ordinary] . ucan ~R{g /u.can/ n. pine tree. uci ~.Rf /u.ci/ n. rat; mouse. uci dikhon ~Rf RorTS~~ /u.ci cak.hon/ n. transporting sth in small quantities frequently . Morph.· uci cak-hon [rat; cooked rice-to transport] . ~ tou- I~ t;)ul v. to transport sth in small quantities frequently . Morph.· ~ tou- [~to do]. 3 uci khoi ~Rfn Y.i / u.ci khoi/ n. a kind of bee. Morph: uci khoi [rat bee]. ucithi ~.Rf;Lf /u.ci.thi/ n. a variety of small, strongly pungent chili. Morph: uci-thi [rat-faeces] . ucithembi ~Rfili0lfBf /u.ci.them.bi/ n. hawk, a bird of prey. ucin nacinna ~.Rf~ TIRf~TI /u.cin na.cin.na/ adv. of the last minute oppotunity, chance. Morph.· u-cin na-cin-na Iid.-to be tight; id.-to be tight-Adverb] . ucina ~.Rf"d /u.ci.na/ n. an edible fungi of a genus (Auricularia) of the basidiomycetes family . Morph: uci-na [rat-ear). ucinao ~.Rfdm~ /u.ci.nao/ n. a small-sized, dullyellow coloured bird. Lanius species. uciHing /u.ci.lat]/ n. trap for catching rat. Morph : uci-lang [rat-trap). ucup ~.Rf~rn /u.cup/ n. peg. Morph : u-cup [tree/wood-to kiss] . ucek ~R 0 !IJ' /u.cek/n. bird. ucek maca lu.cek ma.ca/ n. a young bird. Morph: ucek ma-ca [bird NM-offspring] . ucek macin ~R 0Dr ~Rf~ /u.cek ma.cin/ n. beak; bill. Morph: ucek ma-cin [bird;

NM-mouth[. ucek matu ~R 0Dr ~~ /u.cek ma.tu/ n. feather. Morph: ucek ma-tu [bird; NM-body hair]. ucek marum ~R 0Dr ~~lf /u.cek ma.rum/ n. egg: laid by a female bird. Morph: ucek rna-rum ]bird; NM-egg]. ucekkhong hou- ~Rourrr:~rn P~B- /u.cek.khoiJ haul v. to cause a cramp usu in the fingers or toes. Mmph: ucek-khong hou- [bird-leg; to start]. ucet ~R0 10 /u.cet/ n. broken piece(s) of wood. Morph: u-cet [tt·ee/wood-broken piece]. ut ~10 /uti n. camel. ut ~10 /ut/ n. ash: the white or grayish powder remaining after sth has been thoroughly burned. - cai- I~ cai/ idm. to cheat, deceive, swindle. Morph.·- cai [~to scatter]. ut- ~10- /ut/ v. to show, display. utthok- lut.thokf v. to demonstrate; to exhibit. Morph: ut-thok [to show-Out). utsin- lut.sin/ v. to exhibit sth in a showy manner. Morph: ut-sin- [to show-In]. utang MSllill /u.tal)/ n. a species of bamboo. utangbi ~.slrnBf /u.tm).bi/ n. any of various epiphytic flowers of a genus (Loranthus) of the loranthaceae family. Mmph: u-tang-bi [tree/wood-to depend on-NF]. uti ~Sllf /u. til n. I) lye. 2) a dish of dal or sometimes rice and vegetables cooked with lye. ~ lok- I~ loki v. to wash clothes by soaking in lye. Morph: ~ lol{- [lye; to soak and wash] . uti thongba lu.ti thol).bal n. see uti (2). Morph: uti tholllg-ba [lye; to cook-Nom]. utin ~Sllf~ /u.tin/ n. a mouse-like, nocturnal, smelly mammal with pointed snout. utup ~~m /u.tup/ n. a log; a piece of wood. Morph: u-tup [tree/wood-to cut completely] . utek watek !A5ll 0 !IJ' rt5ll 0 01' /u.tek wa.tek/ 17. small pieces of wood and bamboo. Morph: u-tck wa-tek [tree/wood-to break; bamboo-to breakj. utong ~Sll~lll /u.tot]/ n. a hollow cylinder, as of wood, bamboo or metal. Morph: u-tong [tree/wood-hollow] . utong marin lu.tol) ma.rinl n. bore: th1~ hollow part inside a tube, pipe or cylinder. Morph: u-tong ma-rin [tree/wood-hollow; NM-hollow line]. utongnga !A5ll"rn21il /u.tol).IJW n. processed d1y fish. Morph: u-tong-nga [tree/wood-hollow-fish]. utongcak ~Sllj)lllR!IJ' /u.tOIJ.Cakl n. rice cooked in a green bamboo pipe. Morph: u-tong-cak

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[tree/wood-hollow-cooked rice]. utonglei ~51Silrne'~' /u.toiJ.lai/ n. a plant of a genus (Thevetia) of the apocynaceae family. Morph: u-tong-lei [tree/wood-hollow-flower]. ut pat ~Jb WJb /ut pat/ n. mischief. - tou- /~tau/ v. to cheat, deceive. Morph:- tou- 1- to doj. utsab ~Jb\R3 /utsab/ n. 1) a ritual feast. 2) rejoicing, festivity. uthambal ~JJt /u.pai/ n. means. upai lakpai /u.pai lak.pai/ n. any possible means. Morph: upai lak-pai [means; id.-duplicated syllable from upai[. upak ~- /u.pak/ n. plank. Morph: u-pak [tree/wood-to be broad) . upan ~Wtg /u.panln. a growing tree. Morph: u-pan [tree/wood--to bear]. Variant: upal. upambi ~WFfBf /u.pam.bi/ n. a growing tree. Morph: u-pam('65lJaffi'- /khat.tok/ v. to disqualify. Jldorph: kha t-tok- [to check the quality by testii!lg-O uq . klhiatn2•·· >'f:t6l!- fkhat.na/ v. to quarrel. Morph. ldw[-na- !to strike repeatedly with hand, etc. -1Fteciprocal]. khatna ceina- /khat.na C8i. n21/ v. to have a big quarrel. Morph: khat-na cen-·!rla- jto stl"ike repeatedly with hand, ikhak-


etc.-Reciprocal; to rebul{e-Recipro /I]aul n. palate: the roof of the mouth. ngou- 21D:s>- /I]aul v. to be white. ngoukhatIIJau.khatJ v. to increase the intensity of whiteness. Morph: ngou-khat- [to be white-Out]. ngouthok- /IJau.thokf v. to become faded. Morph: ngou-thok- [to be

white-Out] . ngouruna /IJau.ru.na/ v. to be whitish. Morph: ngou-ru-na- [to be white-to be clean-Reciprocal]. ngourok ngou-/IJau.rok IJi3U/ v. to be completely white. Morph.· ngou-rok ngou- [to be white-id.; to be white]. ngou- 21D!9- /l)aul v. to stir-fry. ngoukhat/IJau.khat/ v. to start frying. Morph: ngou-khat[to stir-fry-Up]. ngouthok- /IJau.thokf v. to stir-fry sth properly. Morph: ngou-thok- [to stir-fry-Out]. ngousin- IIJ{m.sin/ v. to stir-fry sth for a longer time. Morph: ngou-sin·- [to stirfry-In].

c -c ca R

/cal n. the symbol representing Manipuri palatal, affricate.

-ca -R

/ca/ .uffix. a reflexive verbal derivative. Variant: -ja.

caumba R~ff5 /ca.um.ba/n. the rice feeding ceremony to a baby when (s)he is six or eight months old. Morph: ca-um-ba [rice-to dissolve sth in the mouth-Nom]. caotna- RUJat{(!- /ca.ot.na/ v. to be complicated, not clear-cut. Morph.· ca-ot-na- [id.-to stir-Reciprocal]. caldi Rm1 /ca.ka/ n. tyre; a wheel. cakra RlHIH./ca.kra/ n. a wheel or a sharp circular weapon (of Lord Vishnu). cakri 1 RlHIID /ca.kri/ n. argument; nagging.~ tou/~ tau/v. to nag. Morph: ~ tou- [~ to do] . cakrijii.o /ca.kri.jao/ n. a person who always nags (nagger). Morph: cakri-jao [nagging-to be big]. cakri2 RlHIID /ca.kri/ n. a grinding machine, usu operated by hand.~ tak- /~ tak/ v. to husk rice, grind pulses, etc. in a grinding machine. Morph: ~ tak- [-to grind]. cakhao Rrtma /ca.khomf n. stomach. Morph: ca-khao [rice-bag]. cakhom RRaff /ca.khomf n. a mouthful. Morph: ca-khom [rice-to collect]. cagang RfTLill /ca.gar)l n. (cooked) rice without any other soupy dish. Morph: ca-gang [rice-to be dry]. cagangna- RrflmC- /ca.gaiJ.na/ v. to be sapless. Morph: ca-gang-na[id.-to be d ry-Rcciprocal].


caganna- Rll"NC- /ca.gan.na/ v. to lack in softness. Morph: ca-gan-na- [id.-to be hard--Reciprocal]. caga R~ /ca.ga/ n. burnt rice. Morph: ca-ga [rice-to be burnt]. cagai R~Y-J /ca.gai/ n. piece(s) of broken earthen pot. Morph: ca-gai [rice-to break]. cagungna- R~'tllC- /ca.guiJ.na/ v. to arrange or spread densely. Morph: ca-gung-na- [id.-to be dense-Reci procal] . cagem Rll"0 ff /ca.gem/ n. broken pieces of rice. Morph: ca-gem (rice-to be crunchy]. cagem pomba RIT"0 ff w"ffB /ca.gem pom.ba/ n. a spicy Manipuri dish, consisting of a thick soup of various vegetables, rice, fermented soybean, etc. Morph: ca-gem pom~ba [rice-to be crunchy; to cook-Nom]. cago RIT"a /ca.go/ n. a hoop, loop. cagou RIT"!9 /ca.gaul n. a condition of disengaging oneself. ~ yeng-/~ yel)/ v. to watch what others do. Morph:- yeng- [-to watch]. cagring Rll"mm /ca.griiJ/ n. dry cooked rice. Morph: ca-gring [rice-state of grittiness]. cang Rill /cal]/ n. extremity. ~ phang- /"- phaiJ/ v. to suffer extremely. Morph: - phang- (- to receive]. cang phangna /cal) phalJ.na/ adv. extremely. Morph: cang phang-na [extremity; to receive-Adverb]. cang Rrn /d'JI]/ n. a method of counting in pairs in alternate manner with si, the first pair is counted as cang, the second as si, then go on in this fashion. cang thokpa /cal) thok.pa/ adj. related to the numbers as 2, 6, l 0, 14, and go on

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this series, as of banana, etc. cang- 1 .RID- /cafJ/ v. to require; to spend. cang-2 Rill- /cafJ/ v. to be alive. cangna /calJ.na/ adv. in the manner of being alive. Morph.· cang-na [to be alive-Adverb]. cangsi si/caiJ.si si/ v. to find oneself in an extremely embarrassing situation. Morph: cang-si si- [to be alive-to die; to die]. cang-3 Rill- /car]/ v. to enter; to walk into. cangpham /caiJ.pham/ n. entrance; door; gate. Morph: cang-pham [to enter-place]. cangsin/caiJ.sin/ v. to wove forward; to approach. Morph: cang-sin~ J"to enter-In]. cangakna- R21IJ!IJ'TI~..' /ca.fjak.na/ v. to be thunderstruck or nonplussed. Morph: ca-ngak-na- [id.-to be surprised-Reciprocal]. cangkhon- Rrnna"(g- /cafJ.khonf v. 1) to be handsome, pretty, etc. 2) to be perfect; comprehensive. cangkhonna /caiJ.khon.na/ adv. perfectly; beautifully; comprehensively. Morph: cangkhon-na [to be perfect... -Adverb]. cangja- ROJZ- /cafj.ja/ v. to surrender. Morph: cang-~ja- [to enter-Reflexive] . cangjapham /caiJ.ja.pham/ n. shelter. Mmph: cang-ja-pham [to enter-Reflexive-place]. cangna- RrnTI- /caiJ.na/ v. to maintain a good, casual relationship between individuals, families, etc. cangna thokna- /caiJ .na thok.na/ v. see cangna-. cangna thoknaba /caiJ.na thok.na.ba/ n. a good, casual relationship between individuals, families, etc. Morph: cang-na thok-na-ba [to enter-Reciprocal; to go out-Reciprocal-Nom]. cangnapham /caiJ.na.pham/ n. shelter; refuge. Morph: cang-na-pham [to enter-Reciprocal-place]. cangbi RrnBf /cafj.bi/ n. a species of banana plant. cajik RzfiiJ' /ca.jik/ n. leftover rice. Morph: ca-jik n. [rice-id.). cajik caiiai /ca.jik ca.nai/ stale meal. Morph: ca-jik ca-nai [rice-id.; rice-decomposed thing). cat- Rl6- /cat/ v. to go, move. catkadaba /cat.ka.da.ba/ adj. I) of sb to be ready to go. 2) marketable. Morph: cat-ka-da-ba [to go-Potential-Must-Nom]. catkhat- /cat.khatJ v. 1) to go before others. 2) to move one's position of sitting or standing forward. Morph: cat-khat- [to go-Up]. cattha- /cat.thaf v. I) to continue, proceed. 2) to move one's position of sitting or standing backward. Morph: cat-tha-

[to go-Down]. catthok- /cat.thokf v. 1) to stroll. 2) to move backward. Morph: cat-thok[to go-Out] . cattbok catsin /cat.thok cat.sin/ n. an act of coming and going. Morph: cat-thok cat-sin [to go-Out; to go-In]. cattbok catsin tou- /cat.thok cat.sin tau/ v. to walk or go to and fro. Morph: cat-thok cat-sin tou- [to go-Out; to go~In; to do] . catna thokna /cat.na thok.na/ n. condition of cordial relationship between individuals, families, etc. Morph: cat-na thok-na [to go-Reciprocal; to go out-Reciprocal). catpbam lakpbam /cat.pham lak.pham/ n. places, relat~d to a Morph: cat-pham person's movement. lak-pham [to go-place; to come-place]. catna- RI6TI- /cat.na/ v. to be in vogue. Morph: cat-na- [to go-Reciprocal]. catnadaba /cat.na.da.ba/ adj. of sth being out-of-date, old-fashioned. Morph: cat-na-da-ba[to go-Reciprocal-Negative-Nom]. catnabi RI6TIBf /cat.na. bi/ n. custom; traction ; vogue. · Morph: cat-na-bi fto go-Reciprocai-NF]. catnarol RI6TIB'a:::r /cat.na.rol/ .n. demeanour; conduct. Morph: cat-na-rol [to go-Reciprocal-language]. catliba Rl6cf5 /cat.li.ba/ adj. current (of month, Morph: cat-li-ba [to year, etc.). go-Progressive-Nom]. cadatna- RlfZ 16TI- /ca.dat.na/ v. to starve; to be very hungry. Morph: (!a-dat-na- (id.-to break-Reciprocal]. . cadon [email protected] /ca.don/ n. fine broken pieces of rice. Morph: ca-don [rice-tip]. can- 1 R"(g- /can/ v. 1) to contain. 2) to include. 3) to enroll. canna- /can.na/ v. to be useful, M01ph: can-na[to beneficial. include-Reciprocal]. can- 2 [email protected] /can/ v. 1) to make furniture. 2) to construct a fence, wall, etc. with bricks or stones. cananna- RTI"(gTI- /ca.nan.na/ v. to be congested or overcrowded. Morph: ca-nan-na- [id.-to press-Reci proca I]. canap canap RTIJR REJR /ca.nap ca.nap/ n. condition of being sticky. Morph: ca-nap ca-nap [id.-to be sticky; id.-to be sticky] . ~ lao-/~ lao/ v. to be sticky. Morph: - lao- [- to be in a state of]. canappi RTIJRSlllf /ca.nap.pi/ n. a sticky

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cabou cabou

canam substance or thing. Morph: ca-nap-pi [id.-to stick-NF) . canam RTiff /ca.nam/ n. garlic. Allium sativum. canang Rdm /ca.naiJ/ n. starch, used in laundering for stiffening cloth fabrics, etc. Morph: /cau.ki.dar/ n. watchman. coukri .R:oiJilg>f /cau.kri/ n. a chair. coubor .R:o5ag' /cau.bor/ n. an Indian game played with three dice. coubri R:o5g'f /cau.bri/ n. a breakfast meal for children. crek crek .Rg' 0 !IT' .Rg' 0 ffi' /crek crek/ n. sound of crackling. ~ lao- I~ lao/ v. to produce a crackling sound. Morph: ~ lao- [~ to produce sound].

J - j ja Z /ja/ n the symbol representing Manipuri voiced, · alveolar affricate . .iakham Zn lf /ja.kham/ n. 1) injury. 2) scar. jagat Zfl"~o6 /ja .gat/ n. universe; whole world. jagat sangsar ~ja.gat SCliJ.Sar/ n. the whole universe . jaga z~ /ja.ga/ n. a place, location. jagoi Zfl"a:Y.i /ja .goi/n. dance. ~ sa- /~ sa/ v. to dance. Morph: ~sa- [~ to make]. jagoisabi Zff"a:YJ\?51 /ja.goi.sa.bi/ n. a femal e Morph: jagoi~sa-bi [dance-to dance1 72


jang ZITI /j al)/ n. rust; a rust-like deposition. janggal Zrnfl"::;r /jaiJ.gaU n. jungle, forest. jata zs] /ja.ta/ n. matted hair. jantra Z"tg)Bg' /j an.tra/ n. a machine; instrument. jati i5Df /ja.ti/ n. race (ofhuman beings); caste. jatra 1 iJ6g"l /j a.tra/ n. main pillar of a house; foundation stone.

jatra2 i5Bg"l /ja.tra/ n. a champion, usu said of traditional wrestling.

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tak tak

jatra3 [email protected] /ja.tra/ n. commencement of a journey. ~

tou- /~ tau! v. to start a journey. Morph.· ~ tou- [~ to do]. jatra pungpham /ja.tra pulJ.ph(}m/ n. an auspicious time to start a Morph.· jatra pung-pham journey. [commencement of a journey; hour-place]. ~ hun- /~ hun/ v. to lay the foundation stone of a house, etc. Morph.· ~hun-[~ to throw]. jatrik ZS68'fnr /ja.trik/ n. pilgrim. jadu id'f /ja.du/ n. sorcery; magic. - tou- I~ tau/ v. to practice magic. Morph: ~ tou- [~to do]. jam iff /jam/ n. black plum. jiri jiri zf8'f zf8'f /ji.ri ji.ri/ n. description of moving, going on smoothly or progressively. ~ cat- /~ cat/ v. to move, go smoothly or progressively. Morph: ~cat- [~to go/move]. juk ZUJ' /jukl n. Yuga: any of the four ages or eras of

the world according to Hindu religious writings. !jut! n. condition; feature; state; reason. ~ ca- /~ ca./ v. to be reasonable; appropriate, suitable. Morph: ~ ca- [~to befit]. jubaraja "f'Bfi& /ju.ba .ra.ja/ n. a prince. jubakusum "farn narnRur /ta.rolJ k\JJ) .cak/ n. a plant of a genus (Rumex) of the polygonaceae family, grows in the marshy land, well-known for its medicinal value. tarpan 51l(J'JITCW, /tar. pan/ n. the sacrament of offering drinking water to the manes. tarpan utsob /tar.pan ut.sob/ n. arrangement of a grand feast by the descendants as an offering to their manes during the last fortnight of Langban, the sixth month of Meitei calendar. Morph.· tarpan utsob jthe sacrament of offering ... ; festivalia grand feast]. tarpinthao J6g'~~;tma /tar.pin.thao/ n. 76

turpentine. Morph: tarpin-thiio [turpentine-oil]. tal S6:::::r /tall n. any of various flat, thin unleavened bread oflndia (chapatti, etc.).~ hou- I~ haul v. to cook chappati, etc. Morph: ~ hou- [~ to cook]. tala 5'6~ /ta.lal n. tree, especially used in the verses. tawa S6R /ta.wa! n. a thick, round, flat utensil, used for baking, frying, etc. tas 5'6\J /tas/ inter). an exclamation expressing disapproval, damnation, etc. tasengna 51S\J0 1Tie /ta.sel).na/ adv. really. Morph.· ta-seng-na [id.-to be re~d-Adverb j . taseng tasengna /ta.seiJ ta.set) .na/ adv. as a matter of fact; in reality. Morph: ta-seng ta-seng-na [id.-to be real; id.-to be real-Adverb]. tasengbamak /ta.seiJ.ba.rnak/ adv. in the real sense. Morph: ta-seng-ba-mak [id.-to be real-Nom-Only]. taha taha 5'6~ 5'6~ /ta.ha ta.hal adv. hastily. Morph: ta-ha ta-ha [id.-to be in haste; id.-to be in haste]. tahsil 5'67"\Jf~ /tah.sil/ n. a revenue area. tahsildar /tah.sil.dar/ n. a revenue officer or collector. ta 51 /tal n. a spear; lance. ~ caina- /~dina/ v. to fight with spears. takhok /ta.khokf n. shaft of spear. Morph.· ta-khok [spear-handle]. tajin /ta.j in/ n. spearhead: the pointed head of a spear. Morph: ta-jin [spead-tip). taron /ta.r6n/ n. the art or skill of using a spear. Morph: tii-ron [spear-language]. t~h 51- /tal v. to inhabit, dwell. ta- 2 51- /tal v. to arrive at a stage, as in tang tiL ta- 3 51- /tal v. I) to fall. 2) to reduce, decrease. tatha- /ta.tha/ v. to reduce or decrease gradually (price, water level, volume, size, etc.). Morph: ta-tha- [to redw~e-Down]. tathok/ta.thokf v. to rebate willingly. Morph: tii-thok- [to reduce·-Out]. tasin- /ta.sin/ v. to fall into a pond, river, ditch, gorge, pit, etc. Morph.· ta-sin- [to fali-In]. t~h 51- Ita! v. 1) to turn over and over on itself. 2) to turn in a circular motion. t.akhat- /t&.khat/ v. to tuck so as to make shorter. Morph: ta-khat[to turn over and ... -Up]. tasin- /t£Lsin/ v. to tum over and over or in a circular motion so as to make firmer, harder. Morph.· ta-sin- [to turn over and .. or in a circular motion-In]. ta- 2 51- Ita! v. to listen, hear. tathok- /ta.thokf v. to consider it lightly to what one speaks of. Morph:

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ta-thok- [to listen-Out). tasin- lta.sinl v. to listen to sth carefully. Morph: ta-sin- [to listen-In]. tah ~3'5- /tail v. to sell (ofrice, salt, etc.). Hiithokltai .thokf v. to sell off usu the surplus amount of rice, salt, etc. Morph: tai-thok- [to sell-Out]. tah ~3'5- /tail v. to join; fasten; stitch. taisinltai.sinl v. 1) to stitch together. 2) to blame. Morph: tai-sin- [to stitch-In]. taina- ~Y-iC- /tai.na/ v. to blame, charge with; to be accused of. tainabi- ~Y-iCBf- /tai.na.bi/ v. to play the role as a Morph: tai-na-bi[to mediator. join-Reciprocal-FSO]. taiphet ~3'5E 0 J6 /tai.phetf n. state of being very pale or faded. Morph.· tai-phet [to be pale or faded-considerable degree] . ~ tai- I~ tail v. to be very pale or faded. Morph: ~ tai- [- to be pale or faded]. taibang ~Y-i5ITI /tai.bal)/ n. I) world; universe. 2) real life. taibangpan ltai.b~lJ.panl n. see taibang. Morph: taibang-pan [world ... -to n. human reign). taibang mi ltai.balJ mil being. Morph: taibang mi [world ....-person] . taibungngo ~Y-i~ITI21lla /tai.blllJ.l)O/ n. a term of address to an older respectable man. Morph: tai-bung-ngo [older br other- I pp-older brother (female ego)-expression of respect or of affection]. tairen ~Y-ifr 0 "(1; /tai.ren/ n. toon. Cedrela toona. taisinna- 5»3'5\Jfll;D- /tai.sin.na/ v. to compromise. Morph: tai-sin-na- [to join-In-Reciprocal). tao ~mo /tao/ n. a small, black insect usu found in the dried fish . ~ cang- 1- dllJI v. to be infested with such worms. Morph: ~ cang- [~to entet·j . tao-, ~ma- /tao/ v. to float. taokhat- ltao.khatl v. to become stayed on the surface of a liquid or suspended near the surface. Morph: tao-l{ /tu.bi.ya/ n. a container with or without a lid, used for keeping a sticky tobacco stuff. tum Jllff /turn/ n. a fine, short and sharp fragment of ~wood or bamboo. tum- 1 Jllff- /turn/ v. 1) to dissolve, digest. 2) to be d~stroyed, ruined. tumna /tum .na/ adv. completely; totally. Morph: tum-na [to be destroyed-Adverb]. tumna mang- /tum.na mat)/ v. to be destroyed or ruined completely. Morph: tum-na mang[to be destroyed-Adverb; to be lost]. tum- 2 )off- /turn/ v. to have a sharp end; to be p;inted. tumtrik tum- /tum.trik tum/ v. to have a very sharp end. Morph: tum-trik tum[to have a sharp end-a high degree; to have a sharp end].

tum- 1 Jllff- /turn/ v. to make wet, as of a cloth, dress, ctc. tumthok- /t{tm.thokJ v. to make wet, as of a cloth, dress, etc. completely. Morph: tum-thok- [to make wet. .. -Out]. tum- 2 Jllff- /turn/ v. to sleep. tumthok- /tl1m.thok/ v~ to sleep more than the normal sleeping hours. Morph: tum-thok- [to sleep-Out]. tumning/tl1m.nll)/ v. to be sleepy, drowsy. Morph: tum-ning- [to sleep-Wish]. tumba caba /t{un.ba ca.ba/ n. a person's unavoidable needs of a day. Morph: tum-ba di-ba Ito sleep-Nom; to eat-Nom]. tumboi Hikpoi /t{tm.boi lak.poil n. condition of being influenced with sleepiness. tumboi lakpoi' tou- /tum.boi

lak.poi tau/ v. to be influenced with sleepiness. Morph: tum-b(a)'J J{Bf /tha.roi ca.bi/ n. a kind of stork of a family (Ciconiidae) . Morph : tharoi cii-bi (snail; to eat-NF]. thawai ;:r;rlYJ /t 11 a .wai/ n. soul; spirit. ~ kan- /kan/ v. to save one's life. Morph: - kan- [- to


save] . ~

cao- /- cao/ v. to be fearless, brave. 1- to be large]. thawaijao ftha.wai.jao/ n. a person who takes more interest than others, as in playing or doing sth . Morph: thawai-jao [soul/spirit-to be large]. -ta- /-tal v. to like or love sb/sth wholeheartedly. Morph: - ta- [- to fall] . - thaI- th{t/ v. to die. Morph: - tha- [- to send]. -mang- /- miu]/ v. to die; lose one's life. Morph:- ma ng- [-to lose) . ~ yao- /- yao/ v. to be zealous; be wholeheated in doing sth. Morph: - yao- [- to participate]. - lup- /!up/ v. to have an intense enthusiasm, as in working sth. Morph: - lup- [-to submerge]. -~ sok- /- sokl v. to hurt one's feeling and emotion. Morph:- sok- [-to hurt]. thawai pandaba iliHYJ ~lft"@ifiB /tha.wai pan.da. ba/ adj. non-living; having no life. Morph: thawai pan-da-ba [soul; to have-Negative-Nom] . thawai panba ilinYJ W"@5 /t11 a.wai pan.ba/ n. living; alive; not dead. Morph: thawai pan-ba [sou l; to have-Nom]. thawan ;:r;f:t"@ /tha .wan/ n. name of the fifth month of Meitei calendar. thawanmicak iliR"@HtfRID' /tha.wan.mi.cak/ n. the star. thawanmicak mathi [email protected]' Ht;:r;f /t 11 a .wan.mi.cak ma.thJ.j n. shooting star; falling star; meteor. Morph: thawanmiciik ma-thi [star; NM-faeces]. tha ;1 /thaJ n. I) moon . 2) month. tha macet Jtha ma.cet/ n. crescent. Morph : tha ma-cet [moon; NM-piecej . tha su- ftha su/ v. to reach the final stages of pregnancy. Morph: tha su[month; to complete]. tha ;1 /thaJ n. breast. tha- ;1- fthaJ v. I) to hit, strike sth. 2) to fix in position. 3) to nail. 4) to cut off branches (of tree, etc.). 5) to take a step; set one's feet on the ground. 6) to paint sth. 7) to inject a serum, vaccine, etc. 8) to wind, as of a watch, toy, et·c. 9) to ove1throw one's opponent in a game of wrestling, etc. I 0) to pour or sprinkle a small quantity of water over sth. thadok- ftha.dokl v. to wash the cloth with pure water after soaking in detergent. Morph: tha-dok- [to hit:-Out]. tha- 2 ;1- fthaJ v. I) to grow plant, vegetable, etc. 2) to spread a mat, carpet, etc. on the floor or grOtmd. 3) to place a cutting board or block over which sth is cut. Morph: - cao-


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th~h J;- /thaJ v. 1) to offer sth to a god or evil spirit; feed an animal or bird. 2) to pay a

physician, etc. fee for treatment. 3) to stake a sum of money in a gamble. 4) to submit, file (an application, etc.). 5) to appear oneself in an examination. thadok- /tha.dokl v. to lose one's all money (he brings with) in a gamble. Morph: tha-dok- [to stake a sum of money in a gamble-Out]. tha- 4 J;- /tha/ v. to unload sth. th~h J;- /th§.l v. to send. thajin- /tha.j in/ v. 1) to send sb to a prison. 2) to allow sb to enter a room or building. 3) to submit an application, request, etc. to a concerned authority. Morph: tha-jin- [to send-In!. thada- /thida/ v. 1) to drop sth/sb from a higher place. 2) to overthrow an opponent in a game of wrestling. thadok/thidok/ v. I) to send away sb/sth. 2) to give up. 3) to release a person from the prison, etc. or an animal from the shed, etc. Morph: tha-dok[to send-Out). thadokpi- /tha.dok.pi/ v. to liberate (from slavery, confinement, restraint, etc.). Morph: tha-dok-pi [to send-Out-FSO]. thih J;- /thai v. 1) to set on fire. thadok- /tha.dok/ v. to burn completely. Morph.· tha-dol- /thum.gai/ v. to celebrate sth magnificently usu with a rich and elaborate meal. Morph.· thum-gai- [to inundate-to

break]. thumjaobi i];lFtm"Bf /thum.jao.bi/ n. a sickness caused by the excess consumption of common salt directly. Morph: tlmm-jao-bi [common salt-to be Iarge-N£- /thelJ.gai/ v. to strike against sb/sth violently. Mmph: theng-gai- [to touch-to break}. thenggaina- lthetJ.gai.nal v. to collide; crash. Morph: theng-gai-na- [to

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thenggangthen ggang touch-to brea k-Reciprocal). thenggan g thenggang ;r,ornrN!J ;r,ornrffi:J ftheiJ.gaiJ theiJ .gaiJ/ adv. again and again ; repeatedly. Morph.· theng-gang theng-gang [to touch-to be empty; to touch-to be empty]. thenggu. ;r,orn[" ftheiJ.gu/ n. tortoise. thenggu ;r,orn!!." ftheT) .gu/ n. a kind of mallet, with a cylindrical wooden heavy head and a short handle (both head and handle are in the same line). thengnz- ;r,ornc- fth eiJ.na/ v. I) to meet. 2) touch each other. Morph.· theng-na[to touch-Reciprocal]. thet- J; 0 J.6- fthet/ v. 1) to insert; slip in. 2) to wear a v. flower, etc. in the hair. thetcin- fthet.cin/ 1) to insert or slip in sth properly. 2) to beautify oneself by wearing a flower, etc. in the hair. M orph: thet-cin- [to insert/wear a flower, etc.-In) . then- J;0 @- fthenf v. to display, show. then- J; 0 @- N 'en/ v. 1) to be shallow (in a body of water or container). 2) to lack depth of intellect. thengat- fthen.gat/ v. to become shallow (in a body of water). Morph: then-gat- [to be shallow-Up]. thendrangna·· ;r,ol!Iim /dhyan/ n. m~ditation. ~ tou- /~ tau/ v. to meditate. Morph : - tou- [-to do]. dhrubatara _.!Ifr.B~9" fdhru.ba.ta.ra/ n. polestar.

a group of (mridanga) drummers. dhuiok ~C'ur /ctnuJok/ n. a kind of longish tom

N-n na C /na/ n. the symbol representing Manipuri alveolar nasal. na-. h- /na/ prefix. second person pronominal, added to kinship terms, body-parts, inalienable objects, etc. nak- cur- /nak/ v. to be near; close. nakna /nak.na/ ;dv. nearby; around. Morph: nalt /na.khaf n. junior, when referred to the second person. Lit: 'your junior'. Morph: na-liha

[2pp-junior]. nakhai CR /na.kh{l/ n. mouth, when referred to the second person. Lit: 'your mouth'. Morph: na-kha [2pp-mouthJ. nakhang m:trn /na.khfu:J/ n. bridge of the nose. Morph: na( - /pail v. to grasp, grip. paisin- /pai.sin/ v. to grasp firmly. Morph: pai-sin- [to grasp-In]. paikhomba WY.lnalf5 /pai.Ichom.ba/ n. name of a Manipuri king who reigned during the later part of the seventeenth century. paija WY.>z- /pai.j8/ n. chisel. paija maikol /pai.ja mai.kol/ n. gouge (a kind of chisel). Morph: paija mai-kol!chisel; face-to be curved]. paima srrlY>FF: /pai.rna/ n. one's intellect or mind. pairak ~llLY>8'!If' /pai .rak/ n. immediacy. pairakki lousing /pai.rak.ki Iau.sit]l n. presence of mind. Morph: pairak-ki lousing [immediacy-Genitive; knowledge]. pao mma /pao/ n. message; information; news. ~ cen- I~ cen/ v. to send a message through sb. Morph: ~ cen- [~to send].~ tam- I~ tam/ v. to leak a piece of information to sb. Morph: ~ tam-[~ to dlisclose]. ~ tak- /~ tak/ v. to inform sb about sth. Morph: ~ tak- [~ to pass on a lmowledge of].~ tha- /~thai v. to send a message by telegraph, etc. Morph: ~ tha- [~ to send) . ~ pF.- I~ pi/ v. to inform. Morph: ~pi-[~ to give].


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paokhum Jlflm"~pt /pao.khum/ n. answer, reply, response. Morph.· pao-khum [information-to reply].~ pi-/~ pi/ v. to answer. Morph.· ~pi- [~ to give]. 11 pao ce JlflGJ 0°~ .R0 /pao ce/ n. newspaper. Morph: pao ce [information; paper]. paoj en Jlflm"z-o~ /pao.jen/ n. 1) notice; announcement; message. 2) invitation. Morph.· pao-jen [information-to send]. ~- cen- /~ cen/ v. to circulate a notice or make an announcement. Morph.· ~ cen- [~to send]. paotak Jlflm"~llJ' /pao.tak/ n. advice. Morph.· pao-tak [information-to teach].~ pi-/~ pi/ v. to advise. Morph: ~pi- [~to give]. paothang Jlflm";Lrn /pao.thfn)l n. an indirect information or message. Morph: pao-thang [information-to shift]. paothok- Jlflm11rllJ'- /pao.thokfv. to calumniate. Morph: pao-thok- [information-Out] . paothong- JlflGJilJ;~OJ- /pao.thoiJ/ v. to complain. Morph: pao-thong- [information-to carry]. paothongpham /pao.thoiJ.pham/ n. a person to whom everyone complains. Morph: pao-thong-pham [information-to carry-place]. paoninkhon Jlllmilcfl!niilt!r /pao.nin.khonJ n. hearsay; rumour. Morph: pao-nin-khon [information-to be noisy-sound] . paobuba Jlllmil~B /pao.bu.ba/ n. a messenger. Morph.· pao-bu-ba [information-to carry-Nom]. paomen- JlflGJ110t!r- /pao.men/ v. to ask (someone) for not disclosing a piece of information, etc. Morph.· pao-men- [information-to fill]. paorou JlllGJil9'~ /pao.rau/n. proverb. Morph: pao-rou [information-to take). paohom- Jlllmill"ilff- /pao.h6rn/ v. to complain. Morph: pao-hom [information-to be loose). pak JlllllJ' /pak/ adv. suddenly; at once. pak- W- /pill v. to be broad, wide. paktha/pak.thaf v. 1) to lower one's body usu towards the ground. 2) to become reduced in height. Morph.· pak-tha- [to be broad-Down]. pakthok-/p£tk.thokf v. to widen, broaden. Morph: pak-thok- [to be broad-Out]. pak caoba JlllllJ' RGJilB /pak cao.ba/ n. an area of land, or any other surface. Morph: pak cao-ba [to be broad; to be large-Nom]. pakkhan Wn~ /pak.khanJ n. a kind of shed or any other type of small house with flat roof. Morph.· pak-khan [to be broad-to make a

shade with j. ~ khan- /~ khan/ v. to build such a structure with flat roof. Morph: ~ khan- [~ to make a shade with]. paktaknana JlflllJ'5llliJ'TITI /pak.tak.na.na/ adv. completely; totally. Morph: pak-tak-na-na [to be broad-to grind-Reciprocal-Adverb]. pakhang Jlflrr:m /pa.khaiJ/n. an unmarried young man; bachelor. ~ pha-/~ pha! v. to become youthful: said of a boy. Morph: ~ pha- [~ to complete]. pakhang sari /pa.khaiJ sa.ri/ n. a middle-aged man who is not till married. Morph.· pakhang sari [an unmarried young man; state of being over matured]. pakhangba JlflnOJB /pa.khgiJ.bg/ n. name of an important deity of the Meiteis. pakhangba leiton JlllnrnB c'P5llilt!r /pa.khaiJ.ba lai. ton/ n. a plant of a genus (Euphorbia) of the euphorbiaceae family. pakhat- Jlflrr:~- /pa.khat/ v. to get frightened or terrified. Morph.· pa-khat- [to overflow-Up). pakhong Jlflrr:"rn /pa.kh61)/ n. riddle. Morph: pa-khong [to overflow-source]. pakhon 1 Jllln"t!r /pa.khonJ n. a herb of a genus (Peucedanum) of the umbelliferae family with aromatic leaves. pakhon 2 Jlflrr:"~ /pa.khonJ n. errand. si- /~ s'i/ send sb on an errand. Morph.· ~ si-[~ to send]. Variant: pakhol. pakholloi Jlflrr:":::;rc":P /pa.khol.loi/ n. messenger. pakhol-loi [errand-companion]. pakhra Jlflrr:tr /pa.khrafn. widower. pakhra lukhra /pa.khra lu.khraf n. a widower and a widow. pakhra lukhra wrr:ft ~rr:tr /pa.khra lu.khraf n. a herb of a genus (Chrysopogon) of the grass family. pang Jlllrn /pal)/ n. 1) cross: an upright post with a bar across it. 2) a sheet of paper. ~ ting- /~ til)/ v. to crucify. Morph: ~ ting- [~ to stretch tightly]. pang- Jlllrn- /pal)/ v. 1) to help; support. 2) to donate. pangthok-/paiJ.thokf v. to donate sth generously. Morph.· pang-thok[to donate-Out]. pangbi- /paiJ.bi/ v. to help or support a needy person. Morph: pang-hi- [to help-FSO]. pangsin- /paiJ.sin/ v. to extend one's help to others. Morph: pang-sin- [to help-In]. pang- 1 Jlllrn- /pal)/ v. to have the capability of. pangdaba /paiJ.da.ba/ adj. timid; bashful. Morph.· pang-da-ba [to have the capability

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pang- 2 snlrn- /p[ujl v. to open one's eyes. pang2llll.~em



fF /pa.IJan.dem/ n. shuttle (of weaving). pangaH wbm~ /pa.!Jal/ n. Muslim. pan.gkhaionzrnn:rrr /pa!J.khakf n. the state ofbeing in the same condition, situation, etc. Morph: pang-kha k ]to support/help-to cease]. pangkhokia illrnna!If'~ /pal) .khok.la/ n. a herb of a genus (Colocasia) of the araceae family. panggang WDJIT"ITI /pal).gal)/ n. the dried stem of arum plant, eaten as a vegetable. Morph: pa r~ g({ /pu.ya/ n. 1) old text. 2) scriptures of the Meiteis. puran m9'@ /pu.ran/ n. purana: Hindu epics dealing with creation, the gods, genealogy, etc. purit ~grf~ /pu.rit/ n. a brahmin served as a priest of a particular family. pulis mcf\J /pu.lis/ n. a member of police force. pulei ~c"' /pu.lai/ n. a plant of a genus (Alpinia) of the zingiberaceae family, the innermost tender and soft part of the· stem is eaten as a vegetable. pullap m::::rc:m /pul.lap/ adj. all; each and every. pullapna /pul.lap.na/ adv. completely; entirely. Morph.· pullap-na [all-Adverb]. puwa ~r-t /pu. wa/ n. a kind of thin unleavened bread of India, usu of whole-wheat flour, deepfried in oil. puwari ~f-tgrf /pu.wa.ri/ n. folklore. Morph: pu-wa-ri [grandfather-word-a length of sth]. puhal v::::r /pu.hal/ n. a kind of coral. pe mo /pel n. a kind of big umbrella, used in a specific occasion. pe- mo- /pel v. to be on the verge of crying. pek- morrr- /pek/ v. to collect, as of sand, soil, etc. pekthok- /pek.thokf v. to collect (sth) and take it away. Morph: pek-thok- [to collect-Out]. peksin- /pek.sin/ v. to collect (sth) and heap them at a place. Morph: pek-sin[to collect-In]. peng morn /pel)/ n. intellect. ~ coi- /~ coil v. to be insane. Morph: ~ coi- [~to remain the parts or components apart]. peng- morn- /pel)/ v. to weed out. pengthok/peiJ.thokf v. to weed out a paddy field, etc. properly. Morph: peng-thok- [to weed out-Out]. pengba mornc3 /pel). ba/ n. a species of freshwater 118

fish. pet-! mo~- /pet/ v. to be soft. petthok- /pet.thokf v. to melt. Morph: pet-thok- [to be soft-Out]. peh mo~- /pet/ v. to be fastidious. pet pet mo~ mz.o~ /pet pet/ n. condition of being very soft. Morph: pet pet [to be soft; to be soft].~ lao-/~ lao/ v. to be very soft. Morph: ~ lao- [~to be in a state of]. petruklei moSJSEfurc"' /pe.truk.lai/ n. a plant of a genus (Gomphrena) of the amarantaceae family, with beautiful flowers. pen- m0 @- /pen/ v. to be content, satisfied. penthok- /pen.thok/ v. to make oneself content with what (s)he has. Morph: pen-thok[to be content-Out]. pennaidaba /p€m.nai.da.ba/ adj. insatiable; very greedy. Morph: pen-niii-da-ba [to be content-to be in a state of-Negative-Nom]. pen a mo(! /pe.na/ n. a traditional stringed musical instrument of the Meiteis, played with a bow. pensin [email protected]\[email protected] /pen.sin/ n. pension. Variant: pensan. pebet m0 5°~ /pe. bet/ n. a kind of small bird. pema mo~ /pe.ma/n. a familiar form of address, used for a woman who is younger than the speaker. peruk mog>ur /pe.ruk/ n. Indian penny wort. Hvdrocoty asiatica.

perel m0 8' 0 /pe.re/ n. watering pot (or can). pere2 mog>o /pe.re/ n. soft and fleshy stem of mustard plant. pei m"' /pail n. spleen. pei- m"'- /pail v. to pile, heap. peikhat- /pai.khatl v. to gather sth as a large heap. Morph: pei-khat- [to pile-Up]. pei- m"'- /pail v. to incline, slant. peithok/pai.thokf v. to make sth slant away from. Morph: pei-thok- [to slant-Out). peina /pai .na/ adv. slantingly. Morph: pei-na [to slant-Adverb]. peisin- /pai.sin/ v. to make sth slant towards. Morph: pei-sin- [to slant-In]. peiya m"'>i /pai.ya/ n. slender bamboo slice, used for tying things. peisa m"'C'? /pai.sa/ n. 1) paisa, equal to 1/100 of a rupee. 2) money (in general). po- 1 ma- /p6/ v. to lose to a team or individual in a match, game, etc. po-2 ma- /p6/ v. to carry a child or sth on one's back. poinu maY.Je /poi.nu/ n. name of the ninth month ofMeitei calendar. poila maY.J~ /poi.la/ adj. first. poila tarik /poi.la

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ta.rik/ n. the first day of a month. Morph: poilii tiirik [first; date) . pok morn /phiw.reiJ/ n. condition of piercing or penetrating completely. Morph: phao-reng [to pass through-to penetrate]. leng-/~ lei]/ v. to penetrate or pierce Morph: leng[~ to completely. penetrate/pierce].

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phi jet

phak ~liP fphak/ n. difference; gap. ~cat-/~ cat/ v. to differ, contrast. Morph: ~ cat- [~ to go] . ~ lei- I~ lai/v. to be unfit. Morph: ~lei-[~ to be). phak - ~rrr- fph{dehm. 9' 0~~ /be.hml n. 1) balloon: an airtight bag that rises and floats above the earth. 2) a bag of this sort with an attached car or gondola for carrying sth/sb. lbJd(f))lll 9' 0 ~tg /be.lon/ n. a roller for making chapattis, etc. lb>esa /md.nai/ n. on~'s servant, attendant, / man.thaf v. to become worn and old. Morph: etc. Morph: ma-niii [3pp-servant). man~ii man-tha- [to be old-Down). manthokmasan /ma.nai ma.san/ n. one's servants and /m;:)n.thokf v. to wear or use (a special dress, whatever that serve him/her. Morph: ma-nai any other thing, etc.) anytime, even when not rna-san [3pp-servant; 3pp-cow/ox]. required. Morph: man-thok- [to be old-Out]. manainupa ~d)'5!;!W /m;:).nai.nu.pa/ n. a man- 2 ff;"{g- /m;:)n/ v. l) to prepare leafy vegetable by manservant. Morph: ma-na1-nu-pa nipping and removing the spoiled parts. 2) to [3pp-servant-human being-Masculine]. remove dirt from a quantity of foodgrain, pulse, manainupi ~'d:Y.>gSIIlf /ma.nai.nu.pi/ n. a etc. maidservant. Morph: ma-na1-nu-pi manam ff;"Tilf /m;:).ll;:)m/ n. odour, smell, scent. [3pp-servant-human being-Feminine]. Morph: ma-nam [NM-to smell]. ~ nam- /~ manao ~dma /m;:).nao/ n. one's younger sibling. nam/ v. to smell. Mor}" 1~: ~ nam- [~to smell]. Morph: ma-nao [3pp-younger sibling]]. manam maha /ma .nam m;:).ha/ n. odour manaonupa ~dmal!W /m;:).nao.nu.pa/ n. one's and the like. Morph: ma-nam ma-ha [NM-to younger brother (male ego); husband's younger smell; NM-id.J. brother. Morph: ma-nao-nu-pa [3pp-younger manam ff;"l!lf /ma.nam/ n. 1) one's back. 2) the dull sibling-human being-Masculine]. Variant: edge of the blade of a knife, etc.~ pon- /~ pon/ manaonipii v. to be humpbacked. Morph: ~ pon- [~ to manaonupi ~dm"gSIIlf /m;:).nao.nu.pi/ n. one's curve]. younger sister (female ego); one's younger manam manam ~Tilt ~TilT /ma.nam ma.nam/ brother's wife (male ego). Morph: n. state of happening one after another. Morph: ma-nao-nu-pi (3pp-younger sibling-human ma-nam ma-nam [NM-to press; NM-to being-Feminine] . press]. manak ~diD' /md.nak1 n. a nearby place or point to manamma ~Tilt~ /ma.nam.ma/ n. wife of one's sb/sth. Morph : ma-nak [3pp-a nearby older brother (female ego); older sister of one's place/point]. husband. Morph: ma-namma [3pp-older manakong ~diHlaill /m;:).na.kol)/ n. one's ear(s). brother's wife/husband's older sister]. Morph: ma-nakong (3pp-ear]. mana ~d /ma.na/ n. 1) ear of an animal or person. manat ~dl6 /m;:).nat/ n. one's custom, tradition, etc. 2) handle (of a container, etc.). Morph: ma-na Morph: rna-nat [3pp-custom/tradition]. [3pp-ear]. ~ kan- /~ kan/ v. to pay no attention manaton ~d51la{g /ma.na.ton/ n. one's nose. to. Morph.· ~ kan- [~to be hard]. Morph: ma-naton [3pp-nose]. mana 1~d /m;;,.na/ n. leaf. Morph: ma-na manahi ~dpf /ma.na.hi/ n. a tree of a genus (Terminalia) of the cembretaceae family. [NM-Ieaf]. mana 2 ~d /m;:).na/ n. reward. Morph: ma-na manahidak ~d7'1'ift1D' /ma.na.hi.dak/ n. a plant [NM-leaf]. ~tha-I~ thaf v. to commend on the of a genus (Bryophyllum) of the crassulaceae importance of one's own work. Morph: ~ tha- [~ family, its leaves are used as medicine. Morph: to grow]. mana mathum /m;:).na ma.thum/ n. , ma-na-hidak [NM-leaf-medicine]. mani ~Df /m;:).ni/ n. gem; jewel; diamond. rewards and the like. Morph: ma-na ma-thum maning 1~Dfrn /ma.n'i.l)/ n. 1) rear; bottom. [NM-Ieaf; NM-to be sweet]. 2) west. Morph: ma-ning [NM-rear/bottom]. mana manin ~d ~Df{g /ma.na ma.nin/ n. state of being noisy. Morph: ma-na ma-nin maningda /ma.n'iiJ.da/ adv. at the back. [3pp-ear; NM-to be noisy] . ~ nai- /~ nail v. to Morph: ma-ning-da [NM-rear-Locative] . maning2 ~Dfrn /ma.n'i.l)/ n. one's wish or desire. become known to everyone. Morph: - nai- [~ to be in a state of]. ~ naidana /~ nai.da.na/ Morph: ma-ning [3pp-to wish]. maning makha ~Dfrn ~rt /ma.mlJ md.khaJ n. adv. quietly; stealthily. Morph: ~ nai-da-na [independence; freedom. Morph: ma-ning to be in a state of-Negative-Adverb]. ma-kha [3pp-to wish; 3pp-a point/place mana masing ~d ~\Jfrn /ma.na ma.sil)/ n. underneath].~ tam-/- tam/ v. to gain vegetables and the like, usu of leafy ones.

man- ff;"{g- /man/ v. to be excessive. man-1 ff;"{g- /m;:)n/ v. to be old (of sth). mantha-


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independence. Morph.· ~ tam- [- to learn). tou- I~ tau/v. to do anything what one wishes. Morph.· ~ton-[~ to do]. maningthong ~cfrnrrn /ma.nil).th61)/ n. the door at the back of a house, building, etc.; rear Morph: ma-ning-thong entrance. [NM-rear-door). manin ~cf"tg /ma.ninl n. vapour, steam, etc. Morph: ma-nin [NM-vapour/steam]. ~ ka- /~ ka/v. to give off vapour. Morph.· ~ ka- [~ to climbj. manipur ~cf5)!l9' /ma.ni.pur/ n. Manipur: a north eastern state oflndia. manung ~rm /ma.nul)/ n. inside; inner side. Morph.· ma-tll1 ~ g (NM-inside]. ~ ithang thang- /~ i.thaiJ thai)/ v. to remain the innermost. Morph: ~ i-thang thang- (~ Redpf-to remain next to; to remain next to] .~ kan- /~ kan/ v. to be contumacious, disobedient. Morph: ~ kan- [~ to be hard] . ~ can- /~ can/ v. to include; consist of. Jvforph: ~ can- [~to m a ke) . ~ thang /~ thal)/ v. to remain inside. Morph: ~ thang- [~to remain next to). manungda /ma.nUIJ.da/ adv. inside; within. Morph: ma-nung-da [NM-inside-Locative) . manung mapan /ma.nu!J ma.pan/ n. inside and outside. Morph: ma-nung rna-pan [NM-inside; NM-outside]. manunggi bhap /ma.llUI).gi bhap/ n. the central idea (of a prose, poem, etc.). Jvforph: ma-nung-gi bhap [NM-inside-Genitive; idea]. mane ~TI0 /ma.ne/ n. one's aunt: father's sister; maternal uncle's wife. Jvforph: ma-ne [3pp-father's sister/maternal uncle's wife). manem ~C0 lf /ma.nem/ n. one's mother-in-law. Morph: ma-nem [3pp-mother-in-law] . manembok ~C0 lf~alll' /ma.nem.bok/ n. one's Morph: ma-nem-bok mother-in-law. [3pp-mother-in-law-to give birth). manei manei ~c'P ~c'P /ma.nai ma.nai/ n. 1) condition of being muddy. 2) condition of being disorder. Morph: ma-nei ma-nei [NM-to be muddy; NM-to be muddy]. manjuna- ~"tg~C- /man.ju.na/ v. to be old and worn, usu said of a cloth. Morph: man-ju-na [to be old-to stain-Reciprocal). mantak ~"{gSIID' /man.tak/ n. condition of being slightly worn and old. Morph: man-tal< [to be old-showing slightness]. ~ tou- I~ tau/ v. to be slightly worn and old. Morph: ~ tou- [~ to change into a state).

mantikna- ~"tg5'6furc- /man.tik.na/ v. to bargain for (of price, etc.). Morph: man-tik-na[price-to buy-Reciprocal] . mantra ~"tgSig> /man.tra/ n. mantra; hymn. ~ thi/~ thJ/ v. to chant mantra. Morph: - thi- 1- to chant] .~ son- I~ son/v. see ~ thi-. M01ph: son- [-to rr:utter[. mantri ~"tgSI8'f / man. tri/ n. minister. manthina- ~~tic- /man.thi.na/ v. to bargain for (of price). Morph: man-thi-na- [price-to search-Reciprocal] . mandir ~~tnfB' /man .dir/ n. temple. mandila ~~tnf~ /man.di.la/n. a pair of small cymbals, generally used while singing. mapang ~mrn /ma.pal)/ n. solid. mapan ~SJ!l"{g /ma.panl n. older brother of one's father. Morph: rna-pan [3pp-father's older brother]. Variant: mapal. mapa ~w /rna. pal n. one's father. Morph.· ma-pa [3pp-father]. mapa mama /ma.pa ma.ma/ n. one's parents. Morph: ma-pa ma-ma [3pp-father; 3pp-mother]. mapa maca /ma.pa ma.cat n. both one's father and his son or daughter. Jvlorph. ma-pa ma-ca [3pp-father; 3pp-son/daughter] . mapa maton /ma .pa ma.ton/ n. one's father and younger uncle. Morph: ma-pa rna-ton [3pp-father; 3pp-younger uncle] . mapa mapu /ma.pa ma.pu/ n. one's ancestry, pedigree. Morph: ma-pa ma-pu [3pp-father; 3pp-grandfather]. mapa ~W /ma.pa/ n. one's eyelash. Jvlorph: ma-pa [3pp-eyelash ). mapa 1 ~W /rna.pal n. one's match or rival. Morph: ma-pa [3pp-match/rival]. ~ ca- /~catv. to be equal. !vlorph: ~ ca- [-to be suitable). mapa 2 ~w /ma.pa/ n. the point or place falling in a straight line with sb/sth. Morph: ma-pa [3pp-point/place falling in a straight line .. ]. ~ ca- /~ cal v. to fall/set in a straight line. Morph: - ca- [- to be suitable] . ~ cum- /~ cum/ v. to fall in a straight line. Morph.· - cum- [- to be st raight]. mapada /rna.pa.da/ adv. in front of. Morph: ma-pa-da [3pp-point/place failing in a straight line .. -Locative] . mapao ~wma /ma. p ao/ n. any message or news about someone. Morph: ma-pao [3pp-news/message ]. mapak ~- /ma .pak/ n. 1) width, breadth. 2) a flat piece of sth. Morph: ma-pak [NM-to be wide). mapang ~~ /rna. pat]/ n. 1) one's friend.

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map ham

2) supplement: sth added to make up for a deficiency. Morph : rna-pang [3pp-to help]. mapalllggan ~illrnrr•m /ma.paiJ.gan/ n. one's strength or power. Morph: ma-panggan [3pp-strength/power]. Variant: mapanggal. lkan- I~ kanl v. to be strong, said of sb/sth. Morph: ~ ka n- [~ to be strong]. - son- /- s6n/ v. to be weak, not strong, said of sb/sth. Morph: ~ s on-[~ to be weak] . rnapallll ~~-m /rna. pan/ n. 1) edge; border; brim. 2) bank (of a body of water).- khop- /~ khop/ v. to hem (of the border of cloth, etc.). Morph : ~ !dwp- [~to hem].- naida- /- nai.da/ v. to be boundless, limitless, etc. Morph: ~ nai-da- [~ to be in a state of-Negative] . rnapan 1 ~~-m /ma.pan/ n. one's strength, Morph: rna-pan capability, etc. [3pp-strength/capability]. - tang- /~ tal)/ v. to survive with the help of others. Morph: tang- [~ to depend on] . rnapallll 2 ~~-m /ma.pan/ n. flower. Morph: rna-pan [NM-flower]. Variant: mapal.- sa- I~ sal v. to bloom. Morph:- sa- [~to make].- sat- I~ sat/ v. to bloom. Morph: ~sat-[~ to bear]. rnapan 3 ~~-m /rna. pan/ n. outside. Morph: rna-pan [NM-outside]. - thok- /- thokf v. (euph.) to urinate. Morph: ~ thok- [- to go out]. mapanda /m(}.pan.dd/ adv. outside. Morph: rna-pan-da [NM-outside-Locative]. rnapan thokpharn ~~-m ~IIPEff /ma.pan thok.pham/ n. a place for urinating (urinal). Morph: rna-pan thok-pham [NM-outside; to go out-place]. /ma.pan.thoiJ/ n. rnapanthong ~~-m~rn Morph: superficiality. rna-pan-thong I NM-outside-bridge/connection ]. rnapam ~~ff /ma.pam/ n. the natal home, usu said of a manied woman. · Morph: rna-pam [3pp-natal home]. mapam larndam /ma.pam lam.dam/ n. one's native land. Morph: rna-pam lam-dam [3pp-natal home; land-valley]. rnapam cakkouba ~~ff RuriJII!!'B /ma .pam cak.kau.ba/ n. a grand-feast held on the sixth day after the wedding, usu hosted by the wife's family. Morph: rna-pam cak-kou-ba [3pp-natal home; food/cooked rice-to call-Nom]. rnapam cakcaba ff:~ff RUJ'RB /ma.pam cak.ca.ba/ n. see mapam cakkouba. Morph: rna-pam cak-ca-ba [3pp-natal home; 138

food/cooked rice-to eat-Nom]. rnapari ff:~ /ma.pa.ri/ n. one's son, typically used in literary language. Morph: rna-pari [3pp-son]. mapa sa ~~ \'? /ma .pa sal n. a young healthy male animal, usu said of a horse. Morph: ma-pa sa [3pp-father; animal] . rnapi ~m /ma.pi/ n. one's tears. Morph: rna-pi [3pp-tear[. rnapi ~m /rna. pi/ n. a mature, full-grown animal or bird. rnapu ~~!ll /ma.pu/ n. 1) owner. 2) master. Morph: ma-pu [NM-owner].- pan-/~ pan/ v. to have a owner of. Morph: ~ pan- [~ to rule]. mapu manai /ma.pu ma.nai/ n. both the master and his/her servant. Morph: ma-pu ma-nai [NM-owner; 3pp-servant). rnapung ~5]!l!Il /ma.pul)/ n. whole, completeness. Morph: ma-pung [NM-to be dense). - pha- /~ phaJ v. to complete, be flawless. Morph: ~ pha[~ to complete]. mapung phana /ma.pulJ pha .na/ adv. completely, perfectly. Morph: ma-pung pha-na [NM-to be dense; to complete-Adverb) . rnapun ~~-m /rna. pun/ n. bundle. Morph: rna-pun [NM-to tie). rnapurn ff:~ff /ma.purnl n. the whole of sth; the entire amount. Morph: ma-pum [NM-whole]. rnapuroiba ~~IT.,YJB /ma.pu.roi.ba/ n. one's husband. Morph: ma-pu-roi(R!!' /mai.cau/ n. a scholar or learned person. Morph.· ma1-cou [priesUexorcist/physician-to be large]. maithi- ltY.>ilif- /mai.thJ./ v. to lose in a war, match, competition, etc. Morph.· mai-thi- (face-to be ugly] . maithiba ltY.>ITB /mai.thi.ba/ n. defeat. Morph.· mai-thi-ba [face-to be ugly-Nom]. ~pi-/~ p'i/ v. to defeat. Morph.·- pi-(- to give]. mainm.ll ltY.>C!!' /mai.nau/ n. a disciple. Morph: mai-nou [priest/exorcist/physician-to be newj. maipak- ltY.>W- /mai.pak/ v. to succeed in doing sth. Morph.· mai-pak- [face-to be broad]. maipakpa /mai.pak.pa/ n. success. Morph.· mai-pak-pa (face-to be broad-Nom]. maipuna- lt:mJ!,lC- /mai.pu.na/ v. to take responsibility in carrying out sth. Morph: ma1-pu-na[face-to carry-Reciprocal]. maipunana /mai.pu.na.na/ adv. responsibly; directly. Morph.· ma1-pu-na-na [face-to carry-Reciprocal-Adverb]. maiba ltY.>B /mai.ba/ n. a person who works as a traditional physician, priest, or exorcist. Morph.· mai-ba [physician/priest/exorcist-Masculine]. ~ sa-/- sal v. to work as a traditional physician, priest, or exorcist. Morph.· - sa- [- to make] . maibi ltY.>5f /mai.bi/ n. a woman who works as a traditional priestess, exorcist, or midwife. Morph: mai-bi [priest/exorcist/midwife-Feminine]. - cang/~ cal)/ v. to be at the initial stage (of a woman) when becoming a full time maibi. Morph.· cang- [- to enter]. maibi Hiiphao /mai .bi lai.phao/ n. divine revelation conveyed by a traditional priestess. Morph: mai-bi lai-phao [priest/exorcist/midwife-Feminine; God-to go through]. maibi laimang pham- /mai.bi lai.malJ pham/ v. to convey divine revelation by a traditional priestess. Morph.· ma-bi lai-mang pham[priest/exorcist/midwife-Feminine; God-a place in front of sb/sth; to sit]. 11 maiyok ltY.>R 1IJ' /mai.yok/ n. confrontation. Morph.· mai-yok(R 1IJ'S6 /mai.yok.ta/ conj. against. Morph.· mai-yok(R 1IJ'C- /mai.yok.na/ v. to confront; oppose. Morph.· mai-yok({y.; /yai/ n. 1) precious stone; gem. 2) sth which

is believed to have a healing, curing power. ~ cen- /- cen/ v. 1) to possess a gem. 2) to be fortunate. Morph.· ~ cen- [- to carry) . ~ tha- /thaJ v. to spellbind, enchant. Morph.· - tha- [~to spread/place sth on the ground].~ pu- /- pu/ v. see ~ cen. Morph: ~ pu- (~to carry]. yai- RY-1- /yai/ v. I) to put sth in the sun, over the fire. 2) to bask, as in the sunlight. yaingang RJ52Hill /yai.IJaiJ/ n. turmeric. yaingou R:r.>2ID~ /yai.I]au/ n. a plant of a genus (Curcuma) of the zingiberaceae family. yaithibi R:Y.l;:r;i'Bf /yai .thi .bi/ n. a degraded class of people. yaithong RY-i~m /yai.th61)/ n. door or gate of the death. M orph: yan-thong [gem-door]. yaipal >m::;r /yai.pall n. a plant of a genus (Curcuma) of the zingiberaceae family, its flowers are eaten as a vegetable. yaipha- RnE- /yai.phaf v. to be prosperous. Morph.· yai-pha- [gem-to be good). yaipha nungngai >i:r.>E cm21il:r.> /yai.pha llUIJ.IJai/ n. condition of being well-to-do, wealthy. Morph: yai-pha nungngai [gem-to be good; to be happy] . yaiphabi RY-iEBf /yai.pha.bi/ n. a fortunate woman. Morph: yai-pha-bi [gem-to be good-Feminine] . yaiphou RJ5E!9 /yai.phau/ n. sth that is broiled and dried in the sun. M orph.· yai-phou [to put sth in the sun/over the fire-to put sth in the sun) . yaibi >{y.;Bf /yai.bi/ n. soul. yaibi thawai /yai.bi tha.wai/ n. soul. Morph: yaibi thawai [soul; soul]. yaima RY-!H< /ya i.ma/ n. one's middle son or daughter. Morph.· yai-rna [middle-one] . yaimaba RY.lfH3 /yai .ma.ba/ adj. of medium rate, size, etc. - n. a thing of medium rate, size, etc. Morph: yai-ma-ba [middle-one-Nom]. yairi RY-!H'f /yai.ri/ n. a plant of a genus (Calamus) of the Palmae family with flexible stem. yaisa RY-id /yai.sa/ n. the most important animal

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yathin paya

usu said of the royal horse or elephant. Morph: yai-sa [gem-animal]. yaum R~Jf /ya.um/ n. a mouthful, as of water or any other drink. Morph.· ya-um (tooth-to hold sth in the mouth]. yao Rm" /yao/ n. sheep. yao- Rilla- /y{J.O! v. 1) to include; enlist. 2) to participate. yaosin- /yao.sin/ v. to participate actively. Morph: yao-sin- [to participate-In]. yaodana Rffi"icf RITaY.> /ya.ni ya.roi/ n. yes or no. Morph: ya-ni ya-roi [to agree-Copula; to agree-Non-potential]. yapang >iwm /ya.paiJ/ n. a molar tooth. Morph: ya-pang [tooth-to be blunt]. yam- Rlf- /yam/ v. to be many. yamkhatlak/yam.khat.lak/ v. to increase in number, volume, quantity, etc. Morph: yam-khat-lak(to be many-Up-Distal). yamna /yam.na/ adv. very; much; to a great extent or degree. Morph: yam-na [to be many-Adverb] . yam Rlf /yam/ n. whole-wheat flour. yamdrabada Rlf6IITB6! /yam.dra. ba.da/ adv. at least. Morph: yam-d(i9'Y.> /ya.rai/ n. toothache. Morph: ya-rai Itooth-disease]. yari >itrf /ya.ri/ n. gum. Morph: ya-ri [tooth-a length of sth). yarek- R~ 0UJ'- /ya.rek/ v. to halt a night. yiirekpham /ya.rek.pham/ n. a place where sb usu halts a night. Morph: yarek-pham [to halt a night-place] . yiireksang /ya.rek.saiJ/ n. sleeping place; inn; lodge. Morph: yarek-sang [to halt a night-house). yarou 5{g>Y /ya.rau/ n. animal or beast, typically not used colloquially. yaw a RH /ya. wal n. voice, commonly used in the verses, etc. yahidak ~d'tur /ya.hi.dak/ n. toothpaste; tooth powder. Morph: ya-hidak [tooth-medicine). yahip ~m /ya.hip/ n. position of one's sleep. Morph: ya-hip (id.-to lie down]. yahippham /ya.hip.pham/ n. bedroom, commonly not used colloquially. Morph: ya-hip-pham (id.-to lie down-place[. yahou- >{pY- /ya.hau/ v. to wake up. - n. state of being woken up. Morph: ya-hou [id.-to wake up].- ngan- /-l)anl v. to wake up early. Morph: - ngan- [- to be early]. - theng- /thel)/ v. to wake up late. Morph: - theng- [- to be late] . yu ~ /yu/ n. an alcoholic drink, wine, etc. - ngao/- IJao/ v. to get drunk or intoxicated. Morph: ngao- [- to be mad]. - sung- /- SUI)/ v. to distil an alcoholic drink. Morph: - sung- [- to extract] . yu- > /ram.can.dra/ n. Lord Ram. ras ft\'? /ras/ n. a circular dance associated with

Lord Krishna. rasi ft\Jf /ra.si/ n. a zodiacal sign. rasi phaba /ra.si pha.ba/ adj. characteristic of sb being fortunate. Morph: rasi pha-ba (zodiacal sign; to be good-Nom]. - lei- /- Jail v. to be goodlooking. Morph: -lei-[- to have] . rahu H';; /ra.hu/ n. 1) (myth.) a truncated demon. 2) an enemy or one who causes ruin or evil influence. ritu 91511 /ri.tu/ n. 1) a period of two months. 2)(euph.) menses. ritu kham- /ri.tu kham/ v. to attain menopause. Morph.· ritu kham[menses; to cease]. ritu lak- /ri.tu lak/ v. to menstruate. Morph.· ritu liik- [menses; to come(. risi 91\Jf /ri.si/ n. saint; sage. risip 91\?fm /ri.sip/ n. receipt. rui ll'::P /rui/ n. an oblong cotton cloth. rumal g>~::;r /ru.mal/ n. handkerchief. reti 8" 0 SJf Ire. til n. a file, said of a steel tool. rei g>o::;r /rel/ n. a rail; a railway train or carriage. resam ll' 0 \?ff /re.sam/ n. silk; velvet. ro-ro 8'a-g>a /ro-ro/ n. a sound used to stop a yoke of oxen, etc. rou g>!!> /rou/ n. a species offish, Cyprinus rohita.

L - I Ia C! /la/ n. the symbol representing Manipuri lateral sound. -la 1 -C /la/ suffzx. perfect marker, added to a verb. Variant: -ra. (after a voiced sound) -la2 -C /la/ suffix. prospective marker, added to a verb. Variant: -ra. (after a voiced sound) -la3 -C /la/ suffzx. a directional marker, indicating an action is performed where the speech event takes place by coming from somewhere else. Variant: -ra. (after a voiced sound) lau c~ /la.u/ n. a complete stem of many bunches of bananas. lak cur /lak/ n. luck. - yeng- /- yei]/ v. to take a risk when doing sth for the first time. Morph: yeng- 1- to look at] . lak- cur- /lak/ v. to be caught, usu said of fish with a net. -lak 1 -CUI' /lak/ suffzx. a nominal suffix, indicating multiplication. Variant: -rak. -lak2 -CUI' flak! suffix. a distal directional marker,

indicating an action is done away from the speech event takes place. lakang ctmrn /la.kaiJ/ n. smut; sooty matter. Variant: leikang. lakna- ciD'C- /lak.na/ v. I) to tease; bully. 2) to laugh at, mock. lakli clll'cf /lak.li/ n. a crucial moment. laksmi cur\?~ /lak .smi/ n. Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. lakha crl / la.khaJ n. hoop, usu of iron. -laga -Cir' /la.ga/ suffzx. expression of 'after doing sth or after being in a particular state', added to a verb. Variant: -raga. (after voiced sound) lagao c=ntma /la.gao/ n. a form of gambling played with six dices. lagam cntff /la.gam/ n. bridle; rein. lang ern /laiJ/ n. thread; yam. - nai- /- nail v. to spin (thread, yam, etc.]. Morph: - niii- 1- to make into a particular form/shape) . - Ieng/- lei]/ v. to put a thread/yam through the eye

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-lab a (of a needle); to thread. Morph: ~ !eng- j~ to pierce compleli:eiyj. hang-! ern- /laiJ/ v. to throw. hmgkhat- /lal].khat/ v. to throw sth upward. Morph: lang-kh ~1t- [to th row-Up!. Rangkhai·· /laiJ .khai/ v. to throw over; overturn. Morph: fiang-khai- [to thrnw-to sp!itj . Rangtilla- /la!J .tha/ v. to throw sth/sb from a higher place, into the water, etc. Morph: limmg--iltBa-· [to Hm;w-Down]. iangtllwk/ lal) .thokf v. to throw sth away. Morph: hmg-thol{-[to throw--Out] . Variant: langseR,-. llang-2 em- /121!]/ v. to be bright, shiny. langkftuat/ laiJ.khat/ v. to be glaring. Morph: lang-idaat( ~o

ibe bright-Up j.

Hangklhlafi crnYlYJ / lal].khai/ thread,


etc.). (ilhreadl/y2rn-to split).

one Morph:


hank (of lang-khai

hmgdill{ crnRur /laiJ.cak/ n.

spool. Morph: hmg--cal,; !thread/ya rn-to spin]. langja·- cml"- /l{nJ.ja/ v. to transgress. langja crnt /laiJ.ja/ n. vulture. ~angjilll ern~m /laiJ.jin/ n. clue. Morph: lang-jin (thread/yarn-endpoint]. Rangd2iu crnJt:s:> /ldt].dai/ n. seam. Morph: lang-da:i !thread/yarn-to stitch]. R~m gdRm11 crn~H· /laiJ. dum/ n. ciew: ball of thread Morph: lang-dum or yarn.

l tihlrerH~/yarn-rmm.d]. Hangpher!! ciJJE0 "(g /laiJ.phenf n.

weft; woof Morph: lang-phen !thread/yarn-to carry ya rn across the warp]. langphei ernE'~' /laiJ.phai/ n. a place other than one's homeland. Morph: la ng(rn /lai.t61]/ n. a mound of soil. Morph: Engiish Dictionary




lei-tong [soil-to be high]. leiton c"' [email protected] /lai.ton/ n. tip of the tongue. ~ sengI~ sel)/ v. to be able to pronounce clearly. Morph:- seng- [-to be clear]. leithak c"'J;ur /lai.thakJ n. 1) heaven. 2) the surface of the earth. Morph: lei-thak [Iand-a place/point above sb/sth]. leithak leikha /l~Ji.thak lai.khaf n. heaven and hell. Morph: lei-thak lei-kha [Iand-a place/point above sb/sth; Iand-a place/point below sb/sth]. leithok- c:"'rur- /lai.thokJ v. I) to waste time, usu without doing any good work. 2) to spend time idly. Morph: lei-thok- [to twist-Out]. lei nacom c"' dRalf /lai na.com/ n. a very small bunch of flowers, usu worn in the hair or ear. Morph: lei na-com [flower; ear-to grow thick]. leinin c:"'[email protected] /lai.nin/ n. dampness, usu said of the ground. Morph: lei-nin [soil-vapour]. ~ ka- /~ k3./v. to be damp in the ground, floor, etc. Morph:- ka- [-to rise]. leinot c::"d'J6 /lai.notl n. an amount of fresh soil deposited at a place. Morph: lei-not [soil-to supply]. leipan c"'[email protected] /lai.pan/ n. a long embankment, usu of soil. Morph: lei-pan made [soil-embankment]. Variant: leipal. leipi c"'wf /lai.pi/ n. a pasty preparation of cut straw and soil, used for plastering a wall. Morph: lei-pi (soil-adult). ~ tei- /~ tail v. to apply such a pasty preparation on the wall. Morph:- tei- [-to apply]. leipung c"'~ /lai.plli]/ n. a mound of soil. Morph: lei-pung [soil-mound].~ pham- /~ pham/ v. to gather at an open place, usu in the evening for chatting. Morph:- pham- 1- to sit]. leiput leiho 2"'5]¥.16 c:"'pa /lai.put lai.ho/ n. pits or crevices in the ground. Morph: lei-put lei-ho [soil-to go in the ground; soil-to have a hole]. leipun c"'[email protected] /lai.pun/n. love knot. Morph: lei-pun [flower-to bind). Ieiba yonba c:"'~ >