India in the Eighteenth Century

The 18th century is unfolded with a view of acquainting the lay reader and the professed student of history with the for

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English Pages 297 [298] Year 1973

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Table of contents :
Chapter 1 Decline and Fall of the Mughal Empire
Chapter 2 The Eurpeon Settlement in India
Chapter 3 Anglo French Wars 1740-1763
Chapter 4 Revolution in Bengal
Chapter 5 Corruption in Bengal and the Second Governship of Clive 1765-67
Chapter 6 Misgovernment in Bengal 1767-72
Chapter 7 Wars in South India-Haider Ali of Mysore
Chapter 8 Warren Hastings as Governer of Bengal
Chapter 9 Warren Hastings as Governer-General
Chapter 10 War and Reform
Chapter 11 Policy of Non-Intervention 1786-98
Chapter 12 The Supremacy of the British Power Lord Wellesley 1798-1805

India in the Eighteenth Century

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