Filipino snacks and sweets 9780794602567, 0794602568

Features over 30 party recipes, from wraps and rolls to puddings and cakes.

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English Pages 64 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm [69] Year 2003

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Filipino snacks and sweets
 9780794602567, 0794602568

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Periplus Mini Cookbooks

Filip ino

Swr«kr ~A



Measurement Conversions

All our recipes are thoroughly tested In the Pertplus Test Kitchen. Standard metric measuring cups and spoons are used throughout, and all cup and spoon measurements are level. We have used medlum-sl2ed (60 g , grade 3) eggs In all recipes. International Measures

Volume 1 teaspoon = 5 ml 1 UK/US tablespoon = 15 ml = 3 teaspoons 1 Australian tablespoon = 20 ml = 4 teaspoons

Lengths Smm = ''• Inch 12 mm = 1/ 2 inch 2•12 em= 1 Inch

Weights 28g = 1 oz 225g = Boz 450 g = l ib

We have used lnternatlonal1 5 mltablespoon measures. If you are using an Australian 20 ml tablespoon, the difference will not be noticeable for most recipes. However, for flour. cornflour or baking powder, subtract one teaspoon for each tablespoon specified. Cup Equivalents ''• cup = 60 ml = 125ml 1 cup =250m! 2 cups = 500 ml 4 cups = 1 litre 1/ cup 2

= = = = =

2 floz 4floz 8floz 16 fl oz = 1 pint 32 Ooz = 1 quart

1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup

chopped spring onions= 100 g vegetable shortening = 200 g brown sugar = 185 g beansprouts 50 g plain flour = 150 g buller= 250 g

Oven Temperature Guide When using convection ovens. the outside of the food cooks more quickly. As a general rule, set the oven temparature 15' C to 2o•c lower than the temperature indicated In the reclpa, or refer to your oven manual.

Published by Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd. w Copyright

c 2003 Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.

low Moderate Med. Hot Hot Very Hot





200 220 230

•f 300 350 400 425 450

Distributors Asia Pacific ; Berkeley Books Pie Ltd, 61 Tal Seng Avenue #02-1 2 Singapore 534167 Tel (65) 6280 1330: Fax (65) 6280 6290. Email: [email protected]

All rights reserved. The PubliSher wishes to thank the following for the use of their Indonesia: PT Java Books Indonesia, tableware: Ugu B lgyan, Lanelle AbuevaKawasan lndustrl Pulogadung Fernando and Rustan Supermarket Fresh. Jl. Rawa Gelam IV No. 9 Recipe on page 38 by VIctoria Reyes Ferrer. Jakarta 13930. Indonesia Tel: 62 (21) 4682 1088; Fax: 62 {21) 461 0206. ISBN: 978·1-4629·1393.0 (ebock) Email: [email protected] Printed in Singapore 12 11 6 5 4 3 2

Photography: A. Chester Ong Food Styling; Gina Navarro Design: Periplus Design Team

Filipino Snacks and Sweets Norma Olizon-Chikiamco

A party is not complete without delicious fritters, sweets and cakes for your guests. This book shows you how to make over 30 tempting dishes that are perfect for entertaining friends and family. From light snacks including Shrimp Fritters and Sweet Potato Chips to tasty morsels such as Barbecued Chicken Skewers and Crispy Wontons, you will have as much fun preparing these delicious tropical Asian recipes as your guests will have eating them!

PERIPLUS EDITIONS Singapore • Hong Kong • Indonesia

Basic Ingredients

Bnnann ltnws are nftf!n

u$td in Asoan cuisine co wrap food or co line 1r.1ys bdore cooking, much as

pJper 01· l'lumlnum iml"" ' a !AJbclc Thi< l>rc. IClo fragr>ncc tn ohe food. \Y,\X(d

a 'matler, Glutintlus ri ce:~ nf shon· starchier \'C~ton gr.ain rict. h i.s also knmv

as sticky rice. Ghuinous rice is u>ed chroushout Southc."ibt Mill in dc."»Crb ;me! c..akc."io. GlutinoU) ri~C' flour is also know :tS )Wtcl rice nour.

1 ~ t a rd t Cornnour or c.or is a fine whitt.: ~ w, ..h:r thit.kcuing orten u:t-ed u~"' agcnc. lt docs not udd much or ch.mge che flavt)r ol a dish.

l'lllm sugnr is ubl3incd from cloc sop pJiuo runPtes in colo1 ,,.......~.It



lrom golden brown co dark s~ J llJ•'Onng on ar.olt bowl. 1Je.11


1/, ICdSI)OOil wh

I osg. lighlly beM"' 2SO ml (I rup) lre.h milk

swceo pouotocs. 1- 2 l ~rgc gtaood (obouoJ rups)

ir'ltO the flour mixturr bt,·.JU W su~lrt." buf/;tb-1 Oli'Q.\1\

1• H

pdt() rott ~

'""Phi ""'""'

Crispy Wantons


l tablespoons war., 70 wonton WTappen 2.50 rnl ( I cup) oil Fllllns

250 g (8 oz) small P'"""'S. peeled and

deveuled. hd }--4 chicken chunks onto .ach skewer Ileal a gnller tO medium. Grill the skewered chocken for about 3- 5 minutes on each side, or untilloghtly browned. When lightly bro,•ned. brush the chicken chuuks wilh the resv~. ! Murlnnde. Continue grilling until chicken is fully cooked, nbout :3- 5 l'llOI't lllinutts. ~


•.JI121o dt

n bu• en b uU"ri .t\ ~JoP/1

~ t

Onnnnlt Iusc cooked frillcr> lightly wiLh sugnr hcfi>rc :.erving.

Cheese Sticks 28 spring roll w,.p~ 200 g (7 oz) chedd•r


2 t ~tblespon!


250 ml (I cup) uil

Makes 28 P•ttt.') Prcf)\Jration time-: 20 mlns Cooking dme: 20 mins

- Cm r h~ fur oboul 2 J minul~5 1 Srcam lhc wr•~pcs ehc,.,.- inlo l x l x 8 "II ( IJ1 x 1/ 1 x J in) sucks. 2 Brush lhe

(Camote Chips)

1 V«l cht 5'\'t:et potato and cut mro \'cry thm slices. rhe $\\"eer pot.:.uo slices tn iced wutcr for about Dram :md set :aside on p;apcr towels tu dry. nuntnes. 30 2 l le.1l che oil until very hot. Deep·· fry Ihe ltwcct p (Ikon bilis)

500 ml (2 cups) watm w.ater IOf SCN~

k sng

75 g (1/, cup) ddtk brown suga• 0< palm


90 K fl/c cup) Rout

90 g (l/c cup) comllour 'IJ. tr.aspoon s111t 'I4 teaspoon ground white pepper 1 ttospoon b•klng puwdct 2 eggs, lightly beaoen 250 ml (1 cup) otl

I Soak anchovies in warm w.:tttr for ahout 30 mmu1es rehydrate and rtmo't some- o( the sah1nt"SS.. Or.ajn 1n a bowl anchovies on p;tptr tOl'\"fls. P\11 .mdlOVI~ r palm sugar. and mash with the dMk brown ~"!}o 2 In a bowl, combine flour, com flour, 5-th.(lpr~b!Uns

1 Ptel pra\'T1~

remove hcoul\ ~nd ul~ and dC'\~in. rhe pta'"'" r;hdl.! and hcadJ. $I tee pr.l\vns into t> lind dcv~in. tbr 10 nHIHIIc:... Mul'iuate in lime juic~ 2 Svrinkle flour on pr.>wn< :mel mi•lrsholy. Nc;ll olivll :1nrl ess ln :'1 bo'''l ~m d mi.x to rorm a smooth bauer. in s r ctlirn~

5 l iN t the oil in a wok. Dip )4(uid rings iu the bauer. Fry in hot oil in batch until golden yellow. obout 1 2 minutes. bein~ careful not 10 Oveegnlelll, so th3t onl) one l•rgc bone remains in e-.1dt midl~ Stgrntm o(" iog. 2 1\C,tb • knife, push 1hc meal. including lh< sltin unlu the lop f c•d• bon• so 11w alith< meal is a1 Ihe lop. res! of lh< bone should ~empty of meal, so it looks like a lollipop slick. 3 In a shallow bowl, combine lluur. >ilh,pcppc! nnd baking powder. DrcdKc llw Oc>hy lip uf cud1 wre resCfllblts bn, Stir in the- iced \\Jtt-r. .tlittlt at J c.~rx time while g;.llu:ring lht mi..\u.ert 10 loml a ~ft into • bJII. Sprinkle some dough. Funn the dou~h Oour onto a sht'try circle. FoiJ the cird•• so the edges met~ i> ,;caled. Prrss the edge< of rht P·""l' wuh " "~ ftli"~


lhc Lin


of .s fork.

6 Combine lightly beaten ~

I Soak rice in water (or 8 hour) or overuigh1.

or food rice and reserve the lilluid. In o L I C 1 1J~r prm:cssor, grind the rice.• fiuely. lldt.lingjust enough of tire r"'ervcd liquid so lire rnixtur·c lurns. ll should . have the consistency of u dou~h 2 Add baking powder. ougor and ..,It to rice dough and mix weJI. O\tl an optn flame J \Vih banana )cava by into IO·Cm (4-in) for • (ew second•. Cut b•naJt~,es Brush thcleavca. with bullet" ;uuJ ut.c to line


ran molds or muffin tins. 4 Pour dough into molc:b. St coconut rnedl 125 g ('!, cup)


I Soak glutinuu• ri« in llilcr(4 cups) of lht w:n.r (or 8 hour& o r overnight Drain tlu: rkC' and rcservt 1h(" \or.\ler. )4(illd th(' !'iCC' UntiJ il 2 Ill 3 blender or rood pn.Kt'i~(U, I< i>tcnc,•or dough. Add just tnough of the rcservctl w·.tter when j.:.-indlng so lht rice mixture 1urns. 3 Place Lhe r~mahting

11/,_ fitCh· (6 '"~5)

\\\'lt'r inheel banana ~

g (8 oz) cheese "'chd~r

k i gn




M•k IO< soolong 1he

rice and 12 hours lor let-

ting rke dough stand

Baking time: 20 mln1

I Soak rkt- in wa:ttr 0\'(tntght Dram rt«, reccrvmg the liquid. In a blender or food proc:t«t>r, grand th< rice finely. adding just enough of the ~«n'Cn fl:une ior M:vcrul seconds. Line f\\'0 snull b.lking dt-:hc~, nr hSSCranul " \' ry rhic'iiii"U. sot •· tt Pel(. 11(/'f! tUCtJUtr.

Rt(C and Pvdd•ngs 47

Sweet Rice Squares 400 B (2 cups) uncooked glutinous ric:e 500 mf (2 cups) water 500 mf (2 cups) thkk coconut mrfk or shaYd 400 8 (2 1/ , cups) dark brown sug~r sugar p~fm

couk until I Put rice and water in a rice cookt·r ~ mtJ Put Lhc coconut milk in a tll)ltCruh: dish rict• · ~ done. nr por and bring 10 rhe hoi! nv• r mcdourn heat. Add the bm\"'" sugar or palm '"ug;u .and Mmmer, consDntly until mtxturt h«oma thick, ~ tlrmg about 15 mmures.. constantly, 2 Add thr CC)(')ked rke and Stmmcr. ~uring unul metilt(' f rmly f your • • or >tr n r a mu r loth or ~cloth /JiK}.d c.OC:IJI'Iut Vt.: r ;-ov •JOTm.l (J 'y t w'lt!d u~ uf c.Jm,\.-d Of "9 I ClJP uf •·· t r !Q r cu~· cups) wgar

:SOO ml (PI• rups) evaporAted molk 'h reupoon vamllo extract I teaspoon baking powder


I P«l the yt'lm.sthen ho1lm wntcr until1cndcr, about 30 minules•.Set :\$1de to cool lhcn Hr.1tc chc yams. Brush J 9 x S "3 in (22 x 12 x H em) lonf p.on with butter. 2 Combine the grat completely cooked. about 20 mmutc
erole .and tr;an~lc wnh thock, on top and~"' dish. Sprinkle palm su~r hot chucolatc irde:. ired (se< page 6 1). Pecl.1nd slocc the mango a n~

xrvc with the pudding

Easy Meringue Cookies (Paciencia) ovtn to 190' C (175' I ). Sofo togclhs 57

Light Butter Cookies (Lengua de Gato) 125 s (1/ , cup) but~ 100 g (11, cup) sogar 3 ess whites

teaspoon vanilla essence 125 g {I w p) flour

1/ 4

I Preheat oven to ISO' C (350' F). U>ing mixOrl. Bake each balch in the pr("htated nven for 3bout 7 minute:,; or untilrhc C()()kJe< h._.. hghtly browned cdg the boil 1hcn reduce heal to sin·m•er. Conri-nue &:immc:ring, •urring constantly until liquid btcome$ '"'ry thick, cup 3nd un-e wi1h the fritS-10 minutes.. Pour int o~ ttantly, until mixture thickens, about 20- 25 minutes. Stir iu kmu111.c:.t then M:l usi..Jc. 11Take the cassavu cnkc uut uf the oven uflcr lO min·

• 20 25

min afor tht topping

t.vh1let f ~"h

rifuu; tJnrl r~:l



1 r< nft, n ry. I till trtrl t ,. ' '('j ,.., /')ft>fl- ft' ~

Ff'esh coconvt cream " y b1..' ol>tv nee./ l.lJ gfiltmg thf' fle51) ,, I cororuJt ul(o ~ buwl al11> yrl'fd:~ ,1bour c1p~ ot tr.liP~-1 r,..·nnttr lh'·,hJ Vfd ,,, ~VAIP! ilnt/ ~r)(!ad tfl(,rOLIJ'~ ft."W lftnt. tl r n 'IUC.~Z the n1 -.rue r,rm!) ,n you r, Ul ~ltJ , musl" clvth or