What do you know about Russia?

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What do you know about Russia?

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Get tested if you know enough about Russians, Russia and the Soviet Union (modern Russia was a part of the Soviet Union up to 1991). 30 questions will give you 30 points if you answer them all correctly. Write down your score and get a reward if you pass… No cheating! The correct answers with pictures are in the end of this “test-book”… *All stressed vowels in Russian words are marked in bold

Good luck! – Удачи! About the author (me) I was born in the Soviet Union (Russia) and currently live in the USA. I’ve been teaching Russian to English speakers since 2012, as well as doing translations, podcast, voice-over, subtitles, and writing books & movie scripts. You can find my professional profile on Linkedin.com and read many recommendations from my clients: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larisagolubeva/ My email address is [email protected] I also offer Russian classes (online, in-person, or over the phone) and you can find more information here: https://russianlessons.livejournal.com/1597.html and/or you can email me. You can also buy ALL LESSONS (or a few ones) that I use for tutoring my students. All lessons (991 documents & podcasts in 31 folders - see the photo) are in MS Word + PDF (so you can customize them for yourself), have explanations, common words & phrases, charts / tables, some have podcasts. All Russian

words have their stressed vowels marked in red or in bold (black). Some lessons for very beginners have English phonetical transliteration. The price for ALL LESSONS is $300 (negotiable). You can find more info here: https://russianlessons.livejournal.com/19603.html And finally, I can also record (for a small fee) an English-Russian podcast (audio) of any words & phrases of your choice. Please, email me at [email protected] if you're interested. About my books You can see the list of my books here: https://russianlessons.livejournal.com/20164.html They are in PDF format (E-Books) and can be read on any electronic device, have pictures, marked stressed vowels, and electronic tables of contents. THE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE (I understand that everyone makes a different amount of money that differs a lot, especially from country to country). How to buy: 1. You can email me at [email protected] and let me know what book or books you'd like to buy. 2. To pay, please, go here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/LarisaGolubeva here: https://venmo.com/larisa-golubeva or Zelle to [email protected] 3. Email me at [email protected] what books you've purchased, and I'll email them to you along with podcasts :) Copyright © 2022, Larisa Golubeva. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or a database, and/or published in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the author.

Table of Contents What do you know about Russia? Questions - Вопросы Answers – Ответы Did you reply correctly to all questions?

What do you know about Russia? – Что ты знаешь о России? (to one person, informal) / Что вы знаете о России? (to more than one person or formal)

TEST – ТЕСТ / QUIZ Btw, do you know that Russia and the Russian Federation is the same thing? – Кстати, вы знаете, что Россия и Российская Федерация – это одно и то же? The Russian Federation - Российская Федерация is the official name of Russia.

Questions - Вопросы 1. How many nationalities are in Russia? – Сколько национальностей в России? a. 48 b. 105 c. 195 2. What is “Maskva”? – Что такое «Москва»? a. famous Russian dish - знаменитое русское блюдо b. the capital of Russia - столица России c. the type of a Russian winter hat тип русской зимней шапки 3. Three colors of the Russian flag – Три цвета русского флага a. green – зелёный b. yellow – жёлтый c. white – белый e. red – красный f. black – чёрный g. blue – синий h. pink – розовый

4. Who is the president of Russia? – Кто президент России? a. Mihail Gorbachyov - Михаил Горбачёв b. Aleksander Pushkin - Александр Пушкин c. Vladimir Putin - Владимир Путин 5. What city was the first capital of Russia? – Какой город был первой столицей России? a. Saint Petersburg - Санкт-Петербург b. Kyiv - Киев c. Moscow - Москва (Maskva) 6. What is the most popular drink/ beverage consumed by a Russian adult? Какой самый популярный напиток у русского, взрослого человека? a. coffee - кофе b. tea - чай c. vodka - водка 7. What does the USSR stand for? – Что значит по-русски "СССР"? a. Russian FBI - Русское ФСБ b. the famous Russian drink - знаменитый русский напиток

c. the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics or the Soviet Union – Союз Советских Социалистических Республик или Советский Союз 8. What are "pirashki"? – Что такое "пирожки"? a. popular Russian pets - популярные русские домашние животные b. famous Russian pastries – знаменитая русская выпечка c. popular Russian game - популярная русская игра 9. Before 1917, Russia used to have many different czars and queens. – До 1917 в России было много разных царей и цариц. a. correct - правильно b. incorrect - неправильно c. everything is possible - всё может быть 10. What’s the largest country in the world? – Какая самая большая страна в мире? a. China - Китай b. the USA - США c. Russia - Россия

11. Has Russia ever had slavery or serfdom? – В России когда-нибудь было рабство или крепостное право? a. yes - да b. no - нет c. never - никогда 12. Who is Lenin? – Кто такой Ленин? a famous Russian - знаменитый русский a. poet - поэт b. writer - писатель c. political leader - политический лидер 13. Where is Lenin now? – Где сейчас Ленин? a. buried at a cemetery in Moscow – похоронен на кладбище в Москве b. cremated - кремирован c. the body of Lenin is lying in an open coffin in Mausoleum in Moscow – тело Ленина лежит в открытом гробу в Мавзолее в Москве 14. What was the first country in the world that wrote in its Constitution Какая первая страна в мире написала в своей Конституции, that women had equal rights with men? что женщины имеют равные права с мужчинами?

a. Denmark - Дания b. the Soviet Union - Советский Союз c. Sweden - Швеция 15. When was the Great Russian Revolution? – Когда была Великая Русская Революция? a. in 1989 – в 1989 b. in 1917 – в 1917 c. in 1979 – в 1879 It was organized by Lenin and the Communist Party. It put the end to the cruel regimens of the Russian czars, and gave a birth to the first Soviet country in the world – the Soviet Union. 16. How many Soviet Republics were in the Soviet Union (the USSR)? – Сколько советских республик было в Советском Союзе (СССР)? a. 10 b. 15 c. 21 17. How many people live in Russia? (in millions) – Сколько людей живёт в России? (в миллионах) a. 115 b. 145 c. 250

18. Are there orange trees in Russia? – В России есть апельсиновые деревья? a. yes – да b. no – нет c. I don’t know – я не знаю 19. Are there monkeys in the woods in Russia? – В России в лесах есть обезьяны? a. yes – да b. no – нет c. it’s a very interesting question – это очень интересный вопрос 20. What country was the first human astronaut from? – Из какой страны был первый человек-космонавт? a. England – Англия b. the USA – США c. The USSR (Russia) – СССР (Россия) 21. What country was the first woman-astronaut from? – Из какой страны была первая женщина-космонавт? a. France – Франция b. England – Англия

c. The USSR (Russia) – СССР (Россия) 22. How many metro stations are in Moscow? –Сколько станций метро в Москве? a. 98 b. 157 c. 261 23. What is the favorite Russian holiday? – Какой у русских любимый праздник? a. the Day of the Russian army – День русской армии b. New year – Новый год c. Women's Day – Женский День (8th of March - 8 марта) 24. When do Russian celebrate Christmas in Russia? – Когда русские в России отмечают Рождество? a. in December, like most people – в декабре, как большинство людей b. in January – в январе c. in February – в феврале 25. What place does the Russian language hold? (by the number of native speakers) – Какое место у русского языка?

a. first - первое b. fifth - пятое c. eighth - восьмое 26. The world record for the largest number of children belongs to a Russian peasant (woman). – Мировой рекорд по количеству детей принадлежит русской крестьянке. How many children did she give birth to? – Сколько детей она родила? a. 37 b. 58 c. 69 27. Who are Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevskiy, and Chehov? – Кто такие Пушкин, Толстой, Достоевский и Чехов? famous Russian - знаменитые русские a. composers – композиторы b. writers – писатели c. actors – актёры 28. What is “Matryoshka”? – Что такое «Матрёшка»? a. famous Russian alcoholic drink – знаменитый русский алкогольный напиток b. common Russian female name – распространённое, русское женское имя

c. Russian wooden stacking doll – русская деревянная, раскладная кукла 29. What are “pelmeni”? – Что такое «пельмени»? a. ravioli - равиоли b. candies - конфеты c. Russian money - русские деньги 30. What ancient language does the Russian grammar have a lot in common with? – С каким древним языком у русской грамматики много общего? a. Greek – греческий b. Hindi – хинди c. Latin – латинский

Answers – Ответы 1. с. 195 2. b. Maskva (Moscow - Москва) is the capital of Russia - столица России.

3. c, g, e - white, blue and red - белый, синий и красный

4. c. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. – Владимир Путин – президент России.

5. b. Kyiv was the first capital of Russia. – Киев был первой столицей России. Now, Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. – Сейчас Киев - столица Украины. 6. a. coffee – кофе

7. c. СССР (the USSR) stands for the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics – СССР - это Союз Советских Социалистических Республик or the Soviet Union – или Советский Союз

8. b. Pirashki are the famous Russian pastries (baked goods). – Пирожки - это знаменитая русская выпечка.

9. a. correct – правильно During the most part of its history, Russia was a monarchy. – На протяжении большей части своей истории Россия была монархией.

These are all Russian czars and queens. - Это – все русские цари и царицы.

10. c. Russia - Россия 11. a. yes - да Russia used to have serfdom. – В России было крепостное право. Poor Russian people (including children) were for sale. Small children from poor families had to work just like adults. This is a famous painting called “Troyka”. In Russian, “Troyka” refers to three horses in a carriage.

The serfdom in Russia ended in 1861, – Крепостное право в России закончилось в 1861, four years earlier than the slavery in the US ended. – на четыре года раньше, чем закончилось рабство в США. 12. c. Lenin was a famous Russian political leader – Ленин был знаменитым русским политическим лидером of the Russian communist party. – Российской коммунистической партии. He was the main leader of the Great Russian Revolution in 1917. – Он был главным лидером Великой Русской революции в 1917.

He was the one who organized the ending of stagnation of the Russian economy, and the poverty, suffering and hunger of the working class during the cruel and selfish reign of the last Russian czar (and all other czars). Almost every major Russian city has its monument, and one of the largest streets named after him. 13. c. Now, the body of Lenin is lying in an open coffin in Mausoleum in Moscow. – Сейчас тело Ленина лежит в открытом гробу в Мавзолее в Москве. Anyone can go there and see it.

14. b. the Soviet Union - Советский Союз

This is a famous monument called “The worker and the peasant woman”. The man is holding a hammer, and the woman is holding a sickle. We used to have a hammer and sickle in the corner of our red Soviet flag, along with a red star. This monument is in Moscow. – Этот памятник - в Москве.

The flag of the Soviet Union – Флаг Советского Союза

15. b. in 1917 – в 1917

16. b. 15: Russia - Россия, Belarus - Белорусия, Ukraine - Украина, Moldova Молдавия, Lithuania - Литва, Latvia - Латвия, Estonia - Эстония, Kazakhstan - Казахстан, Kirgizstan - Киргизия, Uzbekistan - Узбекистан, Tajikistan - Таджикистан, Turkmenia - Туркмения, Georgia - Грузия, Azerbaijan – Азербайджан and - и Armenia - Армения. This is the coat of arms of the Soviet Union with coats of arms of all 15 Soviet Republics. On each coat of arms, you can see the same slogan written in 15 languages: “The working class of all countries, unite!” – «Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!»

17. b. 146

18. b. no – нет 19. b. no – нет 20. c. The USSR (Russia) – СССР (Россия) His name was Yuriy Gagarin. – Его звали Юрий Гагарин.

21. c. The USSR (Russia) – СССР (Россия) Her name was Valentina Tereshkova. – Её звали Валентина Терешкова.

Yuriy Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova. – Юрий Гагарин и Валентина Терешкова.

22. c. 261 (as of today – на сегодняшний день) – June, 2022 - июнь, 2022 The map of the Moscow subway. – Карта московского метро.

23. b. New year – Новый год

24. b. in January – в январе (7th of January) 25. c. eighth - восьмое 26. c. 69 27. b. Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevskiy, and Chehov Пушкин, Толстой, Достоевский и Чехов – are famous Russian writers. – знаменитые русские писатели.

28. c. Matryoshka is the Russian wooden stacking doll – Матрёшка – это русская деревянная, раскладная кукла

29. a. Pelmeni are very delicious Russian ravioli. Пельмени - это очень вкусные русские равиоли.

30. c. with Latin – с латинским

Did you reply correctly to all questions? – Вы правильно ответили на все вопросы?

Congratulation! - Поздравляю!

And this is for you: И это для вас: The plate of the Russian salad – Тарелка русского салата and the link to its recipe – и ссылка на его рецепт ��