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We Are the Ocean is a collection of essays, fiction, and poetry by Epeli Hau‘ofa, whose writing over the past three deca

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English Pages 216 Year 2008

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Table of contents :
Part I: Rethinking
Anthropology and Pacific Islanders
The New South Pacific Society: Integration and Independence
Part II. Reflecting
Our Sea of Islands
The Ocean in Us
Pasts to Remember
Our Place Within: Foundations for a Creative Oceania
Part III. Creating
The Writer as an Outsider
The Glorious Pacific Way
The Tuktuks (Excerpt from Kisses in the Nederends)
Oilei and Babu (Excerpt from Kisses in the Nederends)
Epeli Hau‘ofa Interviewed by Subramani
Part IV. Revisiting
Thy Kingdom Come: The Democratisation of Aristocratic Tonga
His Majesty King Täufa‘ähau Tupou IV: An Appreciation
Blood in the Kava Bowl
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We Are the Ocean: Selected Works

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