War Memoirs of the Alcala Veterans

Compilation of first person accounts of mainly World War II, with a few on the post-war anti-Huk and bandit campaigns, K

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English Pages viii, 158 [165] Year 1992

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Table of contents :
Part One - World War II: The Pacific War
1 War Breaks Out
2 General Wainwright's Bivoac at Alcala
3 The Battle of Damortis
4 An Early Taste of War
5 A Daring Heroic Feat
6 War on the 'Rock'
7 Death March to O'Donnell Concentration Camp
8 Survival at Camp O'Donnel
9 Glimpses of the Past War
10 War Vignettes
11 With the U.S. 57th Infantry Regiment
12 With the U.S. Army in Two Wars
13 A Veteran of Two World Wars
14 A Draftee in America
15 World War II Guerrillas in the Philippines
16 The Alcala Guerrilla Battalion
17 The Thorpe Guerrillas-Pangasinan Chapter
18 The 202 Guerrilla Squadron
19 Colonel Lapham's Guerrilla Army-Alcala Chapter
20 The Women's Auxiliary Corps-Alcala Chapter
21 My Japanese Features
22 Bronze Star Medal Awardee
23 Tough Guys of Pangasinan
24 The Bold Escape
25 Liberation Forces at Dagupan Beach
26 A Close Encounter
27 A Narrow Escape
28 Mass Surrender of Japanese Army Remnants
29 Being an MP-A Challenge
Part Two: Huks and Bandits Campaign
30 Target: A Huk Lair
31 Fighting the Huks
32 An Encounter With Moro Rebels
Part Three: Participation in Foreign Wars
33 A Korean War Prisoner
34 With the PEFTOK
35 A Stint in Vietnam
From Fellow Veterans

War Memoirs of the Alcala Veterans

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