UFOs_ What Is the Government Really Covering Up_

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Introduction......Page 6
Preface......Page 9
Acknowledgments......Page 14
Chapter 1 When Did It All Start?......Page 15
Chapter 2 The Cover-Up Begins......Page 32
Chapter 3 The Not-So-Friendly Aliens......Page 65
Chapter 4 Is the Government Secretly Working with Aliens?......Page 71
Chapter 5 People with Inside Knowledge......Page 85
Chapter 6 Are Aliens Giving Us Messages?......Page 103
Chapter 7 Are Aliens Giving Us Warning Signs?......Page 112
Chapter 8 What Are the Apocalyptic Warnings Really About?......Page 123
Chapter 9 Six Thousand Years Ago......Page 129
Chapter 10 The Longevity Mistake......Page 138
Chapter 11 Plan B—Starting Over......Page 142
Chapter 12 The New Race......Page 147
Chapter 13 Moses and Alien Technology......Page 154
Chapter 14 New Land—New Hybrids......Page 168
Chapter 15 Examining the Clues......Page 177
Chapter 16 So, Are the Gods Really Extraterrestrials?......Page 185
Chapter 17 The Advancement of Technology......Page 190
Chapter 18 Exposing the Big Secret......Page 200
Chapter 19 What Is the Final Chapter of the Aliens’ Agenda?......Page 213
Chapter 20 A Final Analysis......Page 222
Bibliography......Page 233
Endnotes......Page 236
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UFOs_ What Is the Government Really Covering Up_

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A. R. Roberts’s in his well-researched book UFOs: What Is the Government Really Covering Up? is not just another book about the 1947 Roswell crash. Ingeniously, Roberts takes a step back and offers an in-depth survey of the UFO phenomena as a whole. Using familiar case studies of alien encounters as examples, he casts a wide net, which shows a clear pattern of extraterrestrial visitation and the ensuing cover-up by US and world governments. In the end, the reader cannot help coming away with the same conclusion—that something is going on and our government knows it. A must-read for those interested in UFOlogy, conspiracy theories, and ancient aliens. Rita Louise, PhD, author of ET Chronicles: What Myth And Legend Say About Human Origin

What Is the Government Really Covering Up?


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CONTENTS Introduction Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 - When Did It All Start? Chapter 2 - The Cover-Up Begins Chapter 3 - The Not-So-Friendly Aliens Chapter 4 - Is the Government Secretly Working with Aliens? Chapter 5 - People with Inside Knowledge Chapter 6 - Are Aliens Giving Us Messages? Chapter 7 - Are Aliens Giving Us Warning Signs? Chapter 8 - What Are the Apocalyptic Warnings Really About? Chapter 9 - Six Thousand Years Ago Chapter 10 - The Longevity Mistake Chapter 11 - Plan B—Starting Over Chapter 12 - The New Race Chapter 13 - Moses and Alien Technology Chapter 14 - New Land—New Hybrids Chapter 15 - Examining the Clues Chapter 16 - So, Are the Gods Really Extraterrestrials? Chapter 17 - The Advancement of Technology Chapter 18 - Exposing the Big Secret Chapter 19 - What Is the Final Chapter of the Aliens’ Agenda? Chapter 20 - A Final Analysis Bibliography Endnotes


Ever since the Roswell event in July 1947, a phenomenon called flying saucers, otherwise known as unidentified flying objects or UFOs, has captivated people. But what are they? Where are they from? What are they doing here? For well over sixty years, people have proposed all kinds of theories, yet UFOs continue to remain an unsolved mystery. Everybody loves a mystery; it stimulates the imagination with a myriad of possibilities to ponder, but wouldn’t you think that by now someone would have come up with some answers? With all of the studies and investigations conducted over the years by both government and independent groups, it would seem that by now someone would have learned something. The fact that the government has imposed a high level of secrecy around many UFO incidents suggests they have learned something and are keeping it secret. But what is it about UFOs that necessitates the need to keep the American people in the dark? When Orson Welles broadcast H. G. Wells’s classic The War of the Worlds on October 30, 1938, many people who tuned in late heard what sounded like authentic news coverage of Martians invading the earth with exotic beam weapons. It was so realistic that thousands of people panicked, believing it was real. Could the reason for secrecy be that the government fears a repeat of the 1938 incident? Although it is unlikely to happen today, it may have been possible in 1947 when the Roswell event occurred; it was only nine years after the Orson Welles broadcast, and it had not completely faded

from the memories of many people. However, since then, the media has expanded its method of getting information to the public through television and the Internet, and thanks to communication satellites, we can now view events unfolding on the other side of the world as they are happening. The secrecy prevails nonetheless. The government is obviously hiding something, and the question is, what is it? At the time of the Roswell crash, we were experimenting with captured German V-2 rockets and developing jet aircraft. Had it been one of those that went down, you can bet the military would have immediately swarmed over the site to retrieve the craft and all the debris. But the fact that it was not investigated until a few days later, after some debris was found, tells us that whatever it was that came down, no one had been looking for it—and that means it was not ours. The media learned of the incident when a ranch foreman discovered a large swath of debris on the property. He eventually brought it to the sheriff’s office in Roswell, and because of its strangeness, he notified officials at Roswell Army Airfield. The base sent its intelligence officer and an agent from the Counter Intelligence Corps to investigate. What followed was an official army press release stating the army had retrieved a crashed flying saucer from a nearby ranch and brought it to the base. But General Roger Ramey, head of the Eighth Air Force, killed the story, claiming it was only a weather balloon, and the media quickly lost interest. The cover-up had begun. Since then, researchers dedicated to the cause of making the truth known have uncovered new information. However, there is more to the UFO cover-up than the Roswell incident; it involves disinformation, prehistoric art, ancient megalithic structures, alien abductions, crop formations, and what appear to be alien messages and warnings. Events described in the Bible, however, deal with one of the major issues. Many of the Bible’s stories suggest that some events from biblical times are the same as what aliens are doing

today. Of course, this is all theoretical, but the evidence is persuasive when viewed from a logical point of view. Clues to what the government is keeping secret lie in information from prehistoric and biblical times when comparing it to current UFO activity. These are the issues explored in this book. Some of the information is based on fact, and some, on rumors and speculation; however, some details in the credible information tend to lend credence to some of those that are questionable. The public, for the most part, is completely unaware of the real facts. All they know is what they have heard in biased media reports and what they have read in the tabloids, and tabloids are not the most reliable source of credible information; most deal with sensationalism, exaggeration, and falsehoods. There are hundreds of UFO books on the market, and it is difficult for the uninformed to distinguish those written by the fringe element from those dealing with the facts. Although there are many credible websites, the fanatical element permeates the Internet with wild and bizarre claims. It is serious researchers who have spent years digging up the facts who have uncovered the real hardcore data. The UFO enigma is an extremely complex jigsaw puzzle comprised of many pieces. But many of its pieces have gone unrecognized as even being part of the puzzle. However, they fit together in a way that presents a cohesive theory when you connect all the dots. Nevertheless, I want to make it clear that the evidence I am presenting is just that … evidence, and evidence does not necessarily constitute proof. All I ask is that you put aside for the moment any preconceived ideas or beliefs relating to UFOs, religion, and God. Keep an open mind, and consider only the possibility that the information I am presenting could be true. There are always at least two sides to every story, and I am presenting the UFO story from a logical perspective. I am not claiming it to be a fact of life, only a possibility based on the evidence. It is up to you to judge the evidence based on its merits and form your own opinions and conclusions.


I am a skeptical person by nature; I do not believe everything I see, hear, or read without at least knowing some of the facts. One thing that experience has taught me over the years is that being skeptical does not mean you should close your mind to issues you know little or nothing about, because no matter how bizarre they may seem at the moment, there is always the possibility that they could turn out to be true. A hundred and fifty years ago, people said things like “If God wanted man to fly, he would have been born with wings.” As we all know, in 1903 the Wright brothers proved to the world that man could fly. Then forty-four years later in 1947, when flight was becoming routine, some people were claiming it was impossible to fly faster than the speed of sound … until Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 aircraft. Even after the advent of jet aircraft and rockets launching satellites into space, some people were convinced we would never go to the moon. “It’ll never happen,” they said. But in 1969, it did happen when Neil Armstrong and Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin climbed down out of the Apollo 11 moon lander and walked on the lunar surface. Whenever a challenge arises, there will always be someone who will claim it is impossible to overcome. But many things believed impossible yesterday are things we take for granted today. So keeping an open mind is a lesson we should have learned long ago. In my early teens, I was living in Plattsburgh, New York. Plattsburgh sits on the west side of Lake Champlain about twenty-six miles south

of the Canadian border. At age fourteen, I joined the Ground Observer Corps, an air force program designed to reduce the threat of a surprise air attack from the former Soviet Union. With my mother’s permission, I spent most Friday nights, weather permitting, manning the observation post from around nine at night until after dawn. There were several times during my watch that I saw strange lights in the sky that did not conform to the flight characteristics of conventional aircraft because of the unconventional way they moved through the sky. I might add that, at the same time, a new air force base was under construction at the south end of the city. There was one night when nine witnesses were present: Professor Rusterholtz, the astronomy professor from the local college, and two students; Jim Roddy and Art Pierce, the news director and newscaster from WEAV, a local radio station; Dr. Adolf Ditmar, a local dentist; an ex–air force pilot and his friend who was a navigator, whose names I do not remember; and the air force sergeant in charge of the post. They came out of curiosity due to several weeks of UFO sightings reported by local citizens. That night, we witnessed a strange light flying beneath a very low overcast. It passed overhead heading north at a speed that was estimated to be approximately 1,000 mph. No one, not even the sergeant, could explain it. But it was in the spring of 1955 that I had an unforgettable experience. Jim Roddy and Art Pierce from the radio station had become frequent visitors to the post. During one visit on my watch, they observed a strange light that did not correspond to the flight pattern of normal aircraft. It descended and disappeared into the glow of construction lights where crews were laying the runways at the new air base. I was on the phone calling in a routine aircraft report and did not see it. They wanted to go and check it out, and since we had gotten to know each other pretty well during their visits, they invited me to go along. We came to a clearing beside a dirt road in the woods adjacent to the construction and parked. That was when we looked up to see a huge, glowing-white, oval-shaped object slowly and silently drift over our heads. It was very low, just skimming the treetops, and

disappeared over the trees. If you hold an average-size watermelon over your head at arm’s length, it will give you a pretty good idea of how big it was. We only had it in sight for maybe five to seven seconds, but that glowing-white oval image had indelibly burned itself into my brain. Thirty-three years later in 1988, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and take a serious look at the UFO phenomenon. I had absolutely no idea what it involved or the scope of the phenomenon. My research was just an attempt to learn what it was that drifted over our heads that night in 1955. However, the more I learned, the more involved I became. I spent the next twenty-three years collecting, analyzing, and evaluating information. It was quite an education, as my research led down many different roads: science, astronomy, archaeology, prehistoric cave paintings, ancient civilizations, biblical issues, and much more. It eventually compelled me to write my first book, From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena. I began by videotaping television documentaries and news clips pertaining to UFOs. I eventually accumulated a vast collection of videocassettes, more than my book cases could hold. When copyright restrictions went into effect and I could no longer record TV programs, I purchased many that became available on DVDs to add to my already massive collection. When DVD recording equipment became available, I spent six months transferring my videocassettes to discs. I soon switched to a satellite receiver that provided DVR equipment to further record the pertinent programs. Fortunately, many of my early recordings contributed to the accuracy of my research; they included the correct details and testimonies of witnesses in their own words. Many current programs reviewing these older cases have skewed the details and misquoted witnesses. In From Adam to Omega, I cited credible cases of UFO encounters by astronauts, air force and airline pilots, and police officers as proof the UFO phenomenon was real. I studied information of prehistoric art carved on rocks and in caves depicting oval and disc-shaped images resembling UFOs. I

examined similar images that Renaissance artists included in religious paintings, curious as to what they represented in the biblical scenes. Megalithic structure also fascinated me. Constructed in ways that modern technology cannot duplicate, many dated back thousands of years. Who built them, and how? I discovered much information in the Bible alluding to the creation of hybrids, a factor also related to alien abductions. There were numerous clues to sophisticated technologies and so much more, and I began to wonder, can all of this be interrelated? After years of collecting and analyzing information, I was trying to make sense out of it. After twenty-one years, what that information suggested was a logical scenario of what has been going on … and still is. It was, however, a scenario that I found rather hard to digest at first. It suggested extraterrestrials were messing with our evolution —that seemed to be a given among many UFO researchers, as all the details that led to that idea. Surely, I thought, if I looked at the information again, it would reveal alternative possibilities. So for the next two years, I went back over everything. I double-checked all of my notes. I spent untold hours reviewing video footage and reanalyzing information, trying to fit it together in different ways. But nothing I did yielded any other worthwhile possibilities; everything pointed back to what the information originally suggested. It was the only scenario that made sense. The evidence suggested that extraterrestrials have been involved with the human race for thousands of years, and it raised many questions—questions about human evolution, the biblical deity, and even the possibility that the government has established a secret working relationship with aliens. I had to excise a lot of information in From Adam to Omega at the advice of the publisher to keep the price within an affordable range, but it still took over five hundred pages to make a cohesive presentation of the evidence. Much of the omitted information is included here along with updated information pertaining to some issues I did cover in that first book.

From Adam to Omega dealt with almost everything associated with UFOs, and I had to divide the book into three parts in order to make it easy to understand. Part 1 dealt with issues that proved the reality of the phenomenon (i.e., credible cases, human origin, ancient evidence, disinformation, the government and alien technology, abductions, and a hostile factor). It also covered the pros and cons of alternative phenomena often associated with UFOs, where I separated the wheat from the chaff in determining what was relevant and what was not. Such issues included Bigfoot, animal mutilations, the Bermuda Triangle, crop circles, the Fatima miracle, and even demons. Part 2 dealt with the biblical connection. It covered in great detail the technology and hybrids alluded to in the Bible and alien involvement from the Garden of Eden to Christ’s ascension. I went into great detail in how they created a new race, how their first attempt was a failure, and how creating the new race was a plan revealed five hundred years in advance. The last chapter in this section questioned some of my ideas by explaining how, and when, the Bible originated, and the many changes it went through over the centuries. Part 3 dealt with future possibilities according to prophecy, doomsday scenarios, and a process of indoctrination we are currently experiencing by the government. I have recapped some of that information in this book. This book puts more focus on the details related to what it is about UFOs the government is hiding and the reason why they are doing so. But as I stated in From Adam to Omega, I am not a UFO fanatic. I examined and analyzed the information from a logical and commonsense perspective. I presented a lot of evidence; however, evidence is not necessarily proof, and the same applies to this book. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions.


A very special thanks to: Jim and Hazel Thompson, great neighbors, for their moral support in the writing of this book. Pauline Barnes, my dear friend, for her support. Richard Tucker, a good friend who provided constructive criticism and new ideas. Kathi Wittkamper, my editorial consultant, for her valuable assistance in the publishing process. Stacey Griffiths, Esq. for her assistance in copyright research. Liz Kurtulic Mercuri, of Art Resource, who assisted in obtaining images. Diego Cuoghi for his permission to use one of his images. Dr. Rita Louise, PhD, author and host of Just Energy Radio, for her endorsement. The National Gallery, London, U.K. The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, U.K. The Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy.


Theoretically, UFOs date back to when prehistoric people roamed the earth. That is not to say they understood what they were seeing, but it would be something they considered of major importance and recorded in the only way they knew how, by drawing pictures of them on rocks and on the walls of the caves where they dwelt. They did not possess the artistic qualities of Michelangelo or da Vinci; however, many were adept at depicting, in fairly accurate detail, the animals with which they were familiar. They saw them every day. They hunted them for food. They knew what they looked like and drew pictures of them along with other things that they considered to be important. So we are naturally curious about the oval and disc shapes they included in many of their drawings. Obviously, like the animals, these shapes were something they had become familiar with and considered important enough to include in their art, and it exists all over the world. The question is, what were they? The scientific community remains skeptical of assertions made by those who believe it is evidence that aliens were around in prehistoric times. The truth is they were not there, so they do not really know what those round and oval shapes represented to ancient man. For all anyone knows, he could have been drawing the sun, the moon, or something else entirely. However, flying saucerlike images are not the only ones that have raised questions about an extraterrestrial presence—they also drew images resembling men in space suits. There is a cave drawing from 10,000 BC in Val Camonica, Italy, that resembles two astronauts in space suits holding strange objects

in their hands.1 My first impression when I saw this drawing was, “Holy crap, they look like astronauts.” But then logic kicked in, and I had to wonder if the artist was depicting astronauts or the leaders of some ancient clan wearing ceremonial tribal outfits. Ancient people in Utah drew a series of strange-looking beings in Sego Canyon that many believe represent ancient alien beings.2 Ancient aborigines in Kimberly, Australia, painted images that bear an uncanny resemblance to the little gray creatures associated with alien abductions.3 Hundreds of similar drawings exist all over the world. You have to admit, with images resembling UFOs and astronauts, the idea of an extraterrestrial presence is compelling. However, since they are thousands of years old, we must be realistic and consider them only as circumstantial evidence. But there is more. For decades, the construction of many ancient megalithic structures (i.e., the great pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, Sachsayhuamán in Peru, and many others scattered around the world) has baffled archaeologists. The construction of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, Puma Punku in Bolivia, and in the Temple of Jupiter complex in Baalbek, Lebanon, is impossible to duplicate with today’s technology; they existed long before the invention of the wheel. There are ancient figurines resembling astronauts and modern aircraft, and ancient Vedic texts describing nuclear wars. Also, many Renaissance artists included strange aerial objects in their paintings, some of the most impressive being in religious scenes. A fresco of Christ’s crucifixion in the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo shows what looks like men operating controls inside two flying craft in the background sky.4 The Annunciation with Saint Emidius, a 1486 painting by Carlo Criveli, hangs in the National Gallery in London. There is a discshaped cloud in the sky with the faces of cherubim encircling its underside. It is emitting a laser-like beam down through the wall of a building onto Mary’s head (figs. 1, 2, 3).5

A fifteenth-century painting titled the Madonna and Child with the Infant St. John hangs in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy. In the background is a man with his dog staring up at an object that appears to be hovering in the sky (figs. 4, 5, 6).6 A painting by Aert De Gelder in 1710, the Baptism of Christ, hangs in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Hovering in the sky is a solid-looking disc-shaped craft emitting four laser-like beams of light down on John the Baptist and Christ (fig. 7).7 On the other hand, Diego Cuoghi, Italian art critic well versed in Renaissance religious art, proposes that the UFO images represent a style of art common at the time depicting angels and other supernatural beings. He is convinced that nothing in the paintings is indicative of UFOs, and his arguments are compelling. His website, in eight parts presented in Italian, French, and Portuguese, with parts 1, 2, and 5 available in English, shows different paintings of the same subjects by other artists that provide a compelling argument against these images being UFO-related.8 Since no one today was around when the artists painted these pictures, we cannot know for sure what motivated them to include disc-like images. There are always two sides to every story, so it is up to you to read Mr. Cuoghi’s ideas and form your own opinions.9 These images appear all over the Internet; however, Matthew Hurley from Wales in the United Kingdom has compiled them all in his book, The Alien Chronicles. The book also includes photos of artifacts and carved figurines resembling astronauts that date back thousands of years.10 The ones I find most interesting are those resembling modern aircraft. In the early part of the twentieth century, grave robbers looking for treasure were digging up gravesites along the Magdalena River in Colombia, South America. A variety of 1,500-year-old artifacts resembling modern aircraft are among what they uncovered. Each had the basic components of a conventional airplane: a fuselage, wings, stabilizers, and a tail rudder.11 Mainstream scientists dispute the idea that they are aircraft; they claim they are only birds or

insects. Now, any scientist worth his or her salt knows there is no species of bird or insect on the earth whose anatomy contains anything equivalent to a tail rudder or vertical stabilizer. Researchers constructed larger models of a few of them in the identical body styles and equipped them with motors to see if they could fly. To their amazement, they were aerodynamically stable and flew perfectly. But how could people 1,500 years ago have understood the aerodynamic principles of flight by including a tail rudder on these artifacts? And on what did they base the different styles? The logical theory, although not provable, is they created them based on something they had actually seen. Nevertheless, most scientists maintain a status quo perception of human history. It is impossible for them to conceive of the existence of flying craft centuries before their invention in the twentieth century. It is plausible that ancient people interpreted flying craft as transportation of their gods. Yet, if my ideas are correct (and I am not saying they are), there was much interaction between humans and aliens from prehistoric times on up through the biblical era, all of which I will cover later.

THE SPHINX According to Egyptologists, the pharaoh Chefren (Khafre) created the Sphinx around 2550 BC. They assume, possibly, because there is a causeway located between Chefren’s pyramid (the middle of the three great pyramids) and the Sphinx, that he created it. A granite stele standing in front of the Sphinx that mentions his name is another reason.12 But installation of the stele occurred 1,100 years after the alleged creation of the Sphinx,13 and there is nothing in the writing on it to indicate Chefren did it. Neither does it mention why it was created or even when. An inventory stele from the time of Khufu (Cheops), Chefren’s predecessor, states that he built a temple to Isis next to the Sphinx, which, if true, means the Sphinx was there long before Chefren’s time.14

Dr. Robert Schoch is an associate professor of science at Boston University with a PhD in geology and geophysics from Yale University. He conducted an extensive study of the Sphinx before the Egyptian government began its restoration process and concluded that rain caused its erosion and that of the walls of its surrounding enclosure. This could only have occurred when the Nile Valley was fertile, thousands of years before Egypt’s first dynasty. This ruffled the feathers of Egyptologists because he was telling them the Sphinx was much older than what they were claiming.15 But no matter how they tried to discredit Schoch, he left them squirming in their seats because his evidence was well presented, well researched, and well documented. It made sense, and it was impossible to ignore. In the 1940s, the noted psychic Edgar Cayce conducted readings while in a self-induced trance state. His readings focused primarily on prescribing cures for people with diseases and other ailments for which the medical profession could do nothing. His prescribed treatments were very effective, and his case files were documented and open to the public at his estate in Virginia Beach. It was during a special reading, when asked about the Sphinx, that he claimed its creation occurred in 10,500 BC, a date that he said would gain credibility around 1998. He also said there was a Hall of Records buried under the paws of the Sphinx containing information about the civilization who created it and the real history of the human race (italics mine). He also said that for many years after its discovery, it would remain secret.16 Robert Bauval’s theory of an Orion Connection in which he discovered the layout of the Giza pyramids exactly match the layout of the three stars in Orion’s Belt has gained much recognition since 1998. His discovery tends to support Cayce’s 10,500 BC claim of the Sphinx’s creation.17 The Giza pyramids are only one of many sites around the world with structures aligned with Orion’s Belt stars. You really have to wonder what it was about Orion thousands of years ago that people on different continents were focusing on. In 1991, readings taken by seismologist Thomas Dobecki confirmed the existence of a chamber twenty feet beneath the paws

of the Sphinx.18 It is yet to be determined if it is the Hall of Records; as of this writing, it has not been excavated. If the creation of the Sphinx was in 10,500 BC, then it obviously was not Chefren who created it. The question then is, who did? And what is “the real history of the human race” Edgar Cayce referred to? It remains an unanswered piece of the puzzle.

THE GIZA PYRAMIDS Egyptologists believe the Giza pyramids, allegedly built during Egypt’s fourth dynasty between 2575 BC and 2465 BC, were tombs for the pharaohs. Yet they contained no mummies or sarcophagi. We know the intended purpose of the third- and fifth-dynasty pyramids were tombs since the hieroglyphs within them tell for whom they were intended. But no such records exist regarding the fourthdynasty pyramids. With all the information those people did record, you would think such a massive and prestigious project like the great pyramids would have merited some mention. The third-dynasty pyramids are now crumbled ruins of mud bricks. When we skip ahead to the fifth dynasty, we find the quality of pyramid construction had greatly deteriorated; their pyramids are mostly piles of rubble and were less sturdy than those of the third dynasty. So it makes no sense that the fourth-dynasty Egyptians suddenly acquired amazing abilities and the technology to construct three giant pyramids—not with mud bricks but with huge stone blocks weighing many tons—and never mentioned it in their records. The stones in these pyramids weigh about 2.5 tons. There are about 2.5 million of them in the large Khufu Pyramid, and those above the Kings Chamber weigh about seventy tons.19 Is it possible that, like the Sphinx, the Giza pyramids also date back to 12,000 years ago? According to Robert Bauval’s Orion theory, the answer is yes. He turned back the clock to when Orion’s Belt stars perfectly aligned in the sky with the pyramids, which turned out to be 10,500 BC. There are, however, many who believe extraterrestrials built the pyramids, and if true, then we have to ask, when were they built, and for what purpose? I tend to doubt they

were built by aliens; however, information presented later suggests they may have been built by a race of hybrid humans created by aliens and possessing genetically enhanced abilities. One can only speculate as to their purpose, but perhaps the real answer still lies concealed somewhere within the pyramids that we have yet to discover.

GÖBEKLI TEPE Göbekli Tepe, said to be the oldest advanced site on the planet, is one of the more recently discovered sites that has archaeologists mystified.20 It was discovered in 1994 near Sanliurfa in southeastern Turkey. It dates back eleven thousand to twelve thousand years, and its builders are unknown. The complex is comprised of circular walls surrounding perfectly sculpted T-shaped columns adorned with a variety of animals carved in bas-relief. The height and weight of the columns vary somewhat among the articles written about the site. A website called Skeptical Dictionary claims the columns are sixteen feet tall.21 The Smithsonian also says they are sixteen feet tall and weigh between seven and ten tons.22 National Geographic has them at eighteen feet tall and weighing sixteen tons.23 In the November/December 2008 issue of Archaeology magazine, an article by Sandra Scham says the T-shaped columns weigh between ten and fifty tons, and the circular walls surrounding them are six feet high.24 Archaeologists have been excavating Göbekli Tepe for thirteen years and have uncovered only 5 percent of the complex. Allegedly, they have yet to find a single stonecutting tool or other implements at the site. Moreover, the quality of the columns suggests its builders utilized some unknown advanced method of stonecutting. Because of the variety of animals depicted on the columns, some have suggested Göbekli Tepe may be representing Noah’s ark, but it is just a theory. Mount Ararat, where the ark allegedly came to rest, is approximately 350 miles away.25

Buried under twenty feet of sand, the site was in pristine condition. Archaeologists believe the burial was intentional, the reason for which is not clear. One theory is that its inhabitants preserved it for their return at some future date. Another suggests it was to prevent its destruction by rival communities, possibly over a conflict of religious beliefs. Yet another suggests it was to preserve it for future civilizations to discover. An article in Atlantis Rising by Dr. Rita Louise, PhD, author of ET Chronicles: What Myth and Legend Say About Human Origin, offered an interesting perspective on Göbekli Tepe. She explained the origin of the term “taboo” and how its meaning evolved over time. People once feared godly retribution for associating with something forbidden, or taboo, which could have been a person, place, or thing. For example, some people believed it taboo to walk in sacred places or on what they considered holy ground. It was a common practice to burn the home of someone who died to avoid contact with any of his or her possessions. They believed the property of someone who died was diseased and therefore considered taboo. If the stones used to construct Göbekli Tepe had previously been utilized somewhere else, their exposure to “forbidden areas” was a possibility. It is not illogical that people living in the region were afraid of being “contaminated” by windblown dust from the site. If that had been the case, it is possible they buried the site as a preventive measure. Dr. Rita’s ideas as an explanation for Göbekli Tepe’s interment do not fit within the parameters of mainstream ideology. However, she was not afraid to open her mind to other possibilities; I think her thoughts on the subject make as much sense as any of the other ideas suggested. So let’s look at them from a logical perspective. First is the fact that no one knows why Göbekli Tepe was buried— only that it was. Second is the theory the intention was to preserve the site for the eventual return of its builders, who I assume must have thought it would not be for a long, long time. But when in history is there evidence of other civilizations doing so?

Third is the theory it was to save the site from destruction by other inhabitants of the region, possibly over a conflict of religious differences. Although the idea is plausible, it implies there would be an eventual return. Why else would they have wanted it preserved? But this was 12,000 years ago. One would think they would have returned before now. Fourth is the idea it was preserved for future civilizations to discover. If so, what was it about the site that they believed would be of particular interest to future civilizations? Did they, perhaps, somehow know their construction techniques would transcend those of civilizations thousands of years in the future? Would they not logically assume centuries of future progress would eventually make their own technology seem primitive? So far, nothing written about Göbekli Tepe has mentioned living quarters or that people actually lived there. Since only 5 percent of the complex has been uncovered, perhaps living quarters exist yet undiscovered. If not, perhaps the site was a shrine or a place of worship, or maybe it had astronomical significance as exists in the ruins of other ancient civilizations. Then again, it is possible the builders were aware of a coming disaster that would transform humanity back into a primitive existence for a few thousand years, and they buried the complex for posterity. Whatever the reason may have been, further excavation may reveal some answers.

TIAHUANACO One of the most fascinating sites in South America is Tiahuanaco. Located 12,500 feet above sea level in the Bolivian Andes, its ruins encompass an area of approximately 2.3 square miles. Carved faces set into the walls of a courtyard appear to represent civilizations from around the world. One carved in white stone bears a stunning resemblance to a little gray alien.26 Is this a clue that the people who constructed the site were involved with civilizations on a global scale and maybe even aliens? Believed to be around 12,000 years old, Tiahuanaco and Göbekli

Tepe contradict the belief of most scientists that no kind of civilization existed that long ago.

PUMA PUNKU Part of the Tiahuanaco complex is Puma Punku. Allegedly built before Tiahuanaco, a catastrophic event apparently destroyed the site. Some suggest it was an alien base that they destroyed when they left for whatever reason. Others believe a devastating earthquake caused its destruction. Author Brien Foerster is a geologist who studied the ruins and said the pattern of destruction resembles that of a massive flood that buried much of the debris in mud. Fragments of shattered granite blocks litter the site, which, Foerster suggests, resulted from an explosion, possibly from an asteroid impact near Lake Titicaca.27 Since much of the debris is embedded in the soil, it is a logical theory. Being that the site is over 12,000 feet above sea level, the only source of water in the area that could be attributed to a flood is Lake Titicaca, about fifteen miles away. According to Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, the remnants of a seaport at the site is evidence that Lake Titicaca originally extended to Puma Punku.28 The real mystery of Puma Punku is the technology of its construction. Walls comprised of H-blocks appear to have been prefabricated to interlock with one another. A liquid molten alloy poured into T-shaped grooves carved into the edges of other blocks hardened into metal staples that firmly held the blocks together.29 The blocks, cut with such precision—and without mortar—fit together so perfectly that you cannot fit a pin in the cracks between them. Roger Hopkins, a master stonemason and sculptor from Palm Springs, California, also studied Puma Punku’s ruins. He said the box and incise cuts carved into the blocks were done with a precision that is impossible to duplicate with existing technology.30 It was impossible to have carved box and incise cuts in granite and diorite with stone tools and copper chisels, the only tools known to have existed at the time.

Some of these blocks, weighing several hundred tons, came from sixty miles away and were carried 12,500 feet up to the top of the mountain. Was it primitive Indians who did it? Aliens? Or, as suggested before, a hybrid human race with genetically enhanced abilities? Baalbek, Lebanon, presents a similar conundrum. Some of the blocks in the Temple of Jupiter complex weigh about a thousand tons, and one still sitting in the quarry weighs in excess of 1,200 tons.31 I have just learned of another block recently discovered weighing 1,600 tons.32 There is no machine on earth capable of moving let alone lifting anything of that size. Apparently, ancient people could do it. But how? The creation of these sites thousands of years ago leads one to believe only giants could have done it. The pantheon of Roman and Greek gods describe such giants, but even if they did exist, it is unlikely they were immensely tall. But even if true, it probably still would require heavy-duty machines to lift blocks weighing over a thousand tons, and no evidence exists of machines or mechanical devices from that long ago. If such machines did exist, they simply eroded away over the millennia. Still, some small remnant should have turned up. Is it possible hybrid humans created by extraterrestrials and endowed with genetically enhanced mental abilities built these megalithic structures? If so, did these abilities include the power to mentally levitate these huge blocks into place? This may seem like a stretch of the imagination. However, when you realize someone accomplished this thousands of years before the invention of the wheel, and with no evidence as to how they did it, how much of a stretch can it be? Since not the slightest trace of a mechanical device has been uncovered, it suggests there probably were none. And if they did have the ability to move these blocks by an enhanced mental process, it is unlikely they would have ever considered building machines to do it. But if they were a hybrid race, why were they created? It would seem illogical that the purpose was just to build

megalithic monuments and structures. Could it be they were a race created for experimental purposes? If so, what happened to them? Where did they go? Did they meet their demise in some cataclysmic event? Or were they, perhaps, eliminated to make room for a new race with which to experiment? All we know is that whoever they were, when they disappeared, the construction of megalithic structures came to an end. ddd We can only speculate about the past. Petroglyphs and pictographs created by prehistoric man resembling UFOs and astronauts are evidence that he saw something that looked like what he drew. But when you realize these primitive people wore clothes comprised of skins and furs made from the animals they hunted, you really have to question how they could conceive of what looks like a man wearing a space suit with shoes, a belt, and a helmet that sometimes included what looks like antennae. This artwork is real. It exists all over the world. It is reasonable to assume that prehistoric man would not have bothered to draw something in the mundane, only that which he considered important enough to make a record of … just as we are doing today with digital and video cameras. Nevertheless, the level of technology these ancient people possessed is something we have yet to achieve: megalithic structures comprised of stone blocks of such immense size and weight that are impossible for us to move, and box and incise cuts carved into granite and diorite with a precision we can’t replicate taxes the imagination of many archaeologists, whether they admit it or not. These megalithic structures are real. They still exist along with the evidence that sophisticated technologies were used in their construction. And there are artifacts suggesting technology existed thousands of years before what we consider primitive cave dwellers roamed the land. What happened in the interim? Did a technologically advanced race exist before the cave man? If so, what happened to them? Did a cataclysmic event transform them into a primitive “cave man” existence? Or were they extraterrestrials?

There are ancient figurines and artifacts resembling astronauts and aircraft with features that are incredibly distinct. They are real! They exist! And there are UFO-type objects that artists incorporated into the scene of many Renaissance paintings. Although the evidence is circumstantial, it is legitimate reason to suspect that extraterrestrials were present in prehistoric times and are still around today. If true, the questions we have to ask now are: What were they up to then? What are they doing now? And why is the government so evasive on the UFO issue? The UFO puzzle will remain unsolved until we learn what it is the government is hiding and why. Learning the answer is contingent on being able to recognize the pieces that make up the puzzle. That requires examining all information available from as far back in time as possible, no matter how ridiculous some of it may seem. However, many believe it began with the 1947 Roswell event.

Fig. 1. The Annunciation with Saint Emidius Courtesy of National Gallery, London

Figs. 2 and 3. Close-ups of the Annunciation with Saint Emidius

Figs. 4, 5, and 6. The Madonna and Child plus close-ups Courtesy of Diego Coughi

Fig. 7. The Baptism of Christ The Fitzwilliam, Cambridge


It appears that a cover-up and official denial began in 1947 when the government had to come up with an explanation for the Roswell crash. Shortly after that is when disinformation began to surface. Disinformation is basically false information mixed in with some of the truth; however, sometimes its intention is keeping the issues alive in controversy. And why would the government want to do that?

ROSWELL The Roswell event occurred in July 1947 two weeks after Kenneth Arnold’s historic sighting. During a routine flight, Arnold saw nine crescent-shaped objects flitting through the sky near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington. In talking to reporters after landing, Arnold compared the flight pattern of the objects to saucers skipping across the water. One reporter picked up on his description, and the term “flying saucer” was born. The Roswell event is old news, and most people are probably tired of hearing about it. However, there are elements of the story of which many readers are probably unaware. The Roswell event began on the Foster Ranch in Corona, New Mexico, a small town seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell in adjacent Lincoln County. The morning after a violent thunderstorm, the ranch foreman, Mac Brazel, discovered a large swath of unusual debris scattered in a field on the property. A few days later, he brought some of it to the Chavez County Sheriff’s office in Roswell.

Sheriff George Wilcox realized it was unusual and notified authorities at Roswell Army Airfield. The late Major Jesse Marcel, the base intelligence officer, and Sheridan Cavitt, a Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) agent, went to the sheriff’s office to inspect the material. They realized it was unusual enough to warrant an investigation, so they followed Brazel back to the ranch in their vehicles. Brazel led them to the debris site in the morning since it was late when they arrived, and they spent the night. After spending most of the day examining the debris, they loaded what they could into their vehicles and headed back to Roswell. It was around 2:00 a.m. when they got back, and Marcel, suspecting the debris might be from a flying saucer, decided to show it to his family before bringing it to the base. He spread it out on the kitchen floor and then woke his wife and son. His son, the late Jesse Marcel Jr., said he handled one piece like an I-Beam with hieroglyphic-like markings on it, but it was not Egyptian or any writing he could identify. Back at the base, Marcel said they put some of the material to a test. They tried denting it in with a sledgehammer and burning it with a blowtorch to no avail. The material withstood the torture unscathed. After Colonel William Blanchard, the base commander, viewed the material, he had Lieutenant Walter Haut, the base public information officer, prepare a statement for the media stating that a flying disc had crashed on a nearby ranch, was retrieved, and brought to the base. And here is where the confusion began. Why did the press release state that a disc was recovered when supposedly it was only debris that Marcel and Cavitt brought back? Was the reason for Blanchard’s press release to discourage people from going to the Foster Ranch and contaminating the site before a retrieval and cleanup team could get there, or was the story referring to another site where there actually was a crashed disc? Hold that thought for the moment. News of the event quickly spread, and reporters from around the world were calling the base, the local newspapers, the radio stations,

and even the sheriff’s office trying to get more information. The next day, General Roger Ramey, head of the Eighth Air Force at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas, killed the story by claiming it was only the debris of a weather balloon and a radar reflector used to track it. The incident was then quickly forgotten when the media lost interest. Thirty-one years later, in 1978, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman learned about Jesse Marcel and that he had handled pieces of a crashed flying saucer. Marcel, who was then living in Houma, Louisiana, agreed to an interview when contacted by Friedman. Thus, the Roswell event was resurrected. Friedman and other researchers then began digging deep into the case. What I gathered from studying the information collected over the years by different researchers was the discovery of a large burnedout gouge in a field on the Foster Ranch. It is a clue that an object bounced off the ground and spilled some debris further down onto another field. It then crashed somewhere just north of Roswell after bouncing back into the air, and that is where the army recovered the disc and allegedly the bodies of its crew. Researchers conducted interviews with many witnesses still alive who said the military cordoned off all side roads along the highway, keeping everyone away, including the sheriff’s deputies. Many reported seeing trucks loaded with boxes leaving the area escorted by armed military personnel. The number of witnesses involved and the closing off of side roads suggest this event occurred in a more populated area close to Roswell. And since the Roswell Fire Department had also responded to the scene, it is unlikely they would have traveled seventy-five miles to the Foster Ranch in Corona. Also interviewed were Roswell military personnel stationed there in 1947 who were still alive. Many said they saw the material loaded onto planes and flown away, also with an armed military escort. Major Marcel was the prime witness in this case. He was there. He testified that the material retrieved from the Foster Ranch was not (italics mine) a weather balloon. But he became the patsy for General Ramey’s balloon explanation; it made him look like a fool

because he was not able to recognize the debris of a balloon and a Rawin radar reflector. But Marcel had attended radar school in Langley, Virginia, where he studied advanced radar technology; he knew all about balloons and radar reflectors. His son even displayed his diploma from that school in his own book, The Roswell Legacy.33 Major Marcel never mentioned seeing anything other than debris on the Foster Ranch, yet there were several accounts alluding to little alien bodies. If the military did recover bodies, it was from another location. An account described by Frankie Rowe, who was a twelveyear-old girl at the time, seems to confirm this. Frankie’s father was a lieutenant in the Roswell Fire Department. She said the firemen had responded to a call of a plane crash about thirty miles north of Roswell only to find it was really a flying saucer. According to her father, there were two bodies on the ground, and a third was still alive and walking around. Frankie said her father described them as “little people.”34 The military arrived shortly after and sent the firemen away. Apparently, one of them had picked up a little souvenir and brought it back to the fire station. Frankie went to the station that day after they returned and saw the men playing with what looked like a piece of tin foil. After they laid it on a table, Frankie said she picked it up and crumpled it up in her hand only to find when she opened her hand, it unfolded to its original smooth shape with no sign that it was ever creased.35 She said military people came to her house later that day and intimidated her and her family with death threats if she ever talked about what she had seen.36 They made a similar threat to Sheriff George Wilcox and his family if he did not forget the whole affair, according to Phyllis McGuire, his daughter.37 Frank Joyce, who was a KGFL radio personality, and George “Judd” Roberts, the station’s former general manager, said that after airing the story of the UFO crash, they each received a call from a colonel in the Pentagon threatening to revoke the station’s license unless they immediately killed the story.38

There were other accounts of alien bodies, possibly related to those allegedly seen by the Roswell firemen. Sappho Henderson was the widow of the late Captain Oliver “Pappy” Henderson, who was an army air force pilot stationed at Roswell at the time. Thirty-four years later, after the event had become public knowledge, he told her that the UFO crash was a real event. He told her he not only had seen the alien bodies but had flown them out of Roswell. She said he described them as smaller than humans with large heads and not of this earth.39 Mrs. Henderson did not say where her husband had flown the bodies, and perhaps he never mentioned it. The most likely place would have been to what is now the Foreign Technology Division at WrightPatterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, which deals with all technology foreign to the United States. These were probably the same bodies seen by the Roswell firemen. Another account of alien bodies was that of the late Grady Barnett. “Barney,” as his friends called him, was a land surveyor. He told the story to his close friend Vern Maltais one day when they were out fishing together. Barnett said he was in the desert surveying land for possible irrigation when he came upon a crashed disc and four bodies on the ground. He described them as short beings with large heads. He said a group of archaeological students also arrived at the site shortly after he did. Then the military arrived and ordered everyone away from the craft. They told them this was a highly classified military operation and it was their patriotic duty to never mention what they had seen to anyone. Military police then escorted them out of the area after swearing them to secrecy. Maltais told researchers that in all the years he had known Barnett, he had never known him to lie and that fabricating such a story was completely out of character.40 Researchers believe the Barnett incident occurred out on the Plains of San Augustin about 140 miles west of Roswell. However, the date is not known for certain, or if it is even connected to the Roswell event.

Brigadier General Thomas DuBose, who was General Ramey’s chief of staff in 1947, stated in two separate filmed interviews, one in 1990 and one in 1991, that the balloon story was a cover-up.41 And Stanton Friedman has a signed affidavit from DuBose stating the same.42 The 1990s saw a revived interest in Roswell, and that is when the air force came out with the Project Mogul explanation. The government feared the Russians had developed an atomic bomb, and Project Mogul involved high-altitude balloons carrying instruments capable of detecting a nuclear explosion in the Soviet Union.43 It provided a new and convenient explanation since it was a classified project in 1947. The real facts are that there was nothing classified about the balloons or the components they carried; the only thing classified was their mission. There were many Mogul balloons released during that time that came down all over the place. They even listed a phone number to call if found, and it was probably only a couple of soldiers in a small truck who went to pick them up. There was no major military response, there was no cordoning off of roads, and there was no armed military escort as described in the Roswell case, which seemed to deflate the Project Mogul explanation. In 1994–5, the air force published The Roswell Report in which they hyped their Project Mogul elucidation.44 However, the story did not convince many people. The air force tried again in 1997 with another book, The Roswell Report: Case Closed. This time they tried to convince the public that the alien bodies people claimed to have seen were anthropomorphic dummies used in testing high-altitude parachutes. The only problem with that explanation was that official records show those tests took place in 1953, six years later. And witnesses described the bodies they saw as being about four feet tall. The dummies used in the parachute tests were about six feet tall.45 The air force and the government took extreme measures to cover up the event by claiming it was only the debris of a balloon. If true,

then why would they make death threats to a twelve-year-old girl and her family over a balloon? Why would they threaten to revoke a radio station’s license over a balloon? Such actions suggest the military was dealing with something of extreme importance … and it was not a balloon. It was fifty years after the fact when the air force published its two books. The real facts were, by then, public knowledge due to investigations by credible researchers, thus providing more fodder for controversy. Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt, in their book Witnesses to Roswell, revealed many more details. Their meticulous research uncovered information that corroborated not only much of that already described but important new information. One of the issues they investigated was the deathbed confessions of people stationed in Roswell in 1947 during the event. They had maintained their silence for almost half a century until they knew they were near death and no longer feared retribution by the government; they wanted the world to know what really happened.46 Private Frank Cassidy was an MP in 1395th Military Police Company in 1947. He told his wife just before he died that he was one of the men assigned to guard Hangar P-3 at the Roswell base. He said he saw the aliens’ bodies when he looked inside the hangar.47 Corporal Robert J. Lida was another member of the 1395th Military Police Company. Before he passed away, he told his wife, Wanda, that he was on guard duty at Hangar P-3. He said when the opportunity presented itself, he looked inside and saw wreckage scattered around the hangar and small bodies being prepared for shipment.48 Before he died, Sergeant Homer G. Rowlette Jr. told his son, Larry, that he was on the cleanup crew at the crash north of Roswell. He described the craft as somewhat circular and said that he saw bodies with large heads.49

Just before he died, Sergeant Melvin E. Brown said he wondered, while stationed in an ambulance at the crash site, what all the ice was for. His curiosity got the better of him when he was told not to look under the canvas tarp in back; he said he pulled back the tarp and saw small bodies with big heads and slanted eyes.50 Inez Wilcox, the widow of Sheriff George Wilcox, told her granddaughter, Barbara, before she passed away that military police came to the jailhouse and threatened Wilcox and the entire family with death if he ever said anything about the incident.51 Mary Ann Gardner was a nurse working in the cancer ward of St. Petersburg Hospital in Florida. After seeing a 1989 Unsolved Mysteries broadcast on the Roswell event, she came forward with a story told to her in 1976 by one of her patients in the ward before she died. She said the patient was an elderly woman who never had any visitors. Mary Ann spent time sitting with her and listening to her stories, one of which was of seeing a crashed spaceship and the bodies of little people with large heads and large eyes. She said she was with a group of archaeologists who came upon the craft. Then the military arrived and warned them to never say anything, that the government could always find them. It appears the nurse wants to avoid further publicity. She never responded to any of the later attempts made to contact her.52 But if her story is true, it tends to confirm Barney Barnett’s account of archaeologists also arriving at the crash site. An affidavit left for posterity by Walter Haut, the base public information officer, seems to validate all of the other information. He worked closely with Colonel Blanchard, who had taken Haut under his wing and became not only his mentor but also his friend. Blanchard trusted him to not reveal what he knew about the Roswell case, a trust he honored until his death in 2005. However, he prepared a sealed, notarized affidavit for his family to open after his death. In it he revealed that there were two crash sites, the debris field on the Foster Ranch in Corona and the other about forty miles north of Roswell where the craft and bodies were found. He also revealed the

intention of Colonel Blanchard’s press release was to draw attention to the Corona site in order to divert attention away from the real crash site north of Roswell.53 So how much credibility can we put in these stories? It just seems unlikely a person near death would reveal such details to his family unless they were true. Yet it is the similarity of descriptions of small bodies with large heads that is a compelling factor. Those who have kept such knowledge bottled up for a half century or more might well be inclined to clear their conscience before they left this world, especially if it was information they felt the public was entitled to know—information they could not reveal while they were alive without breaking their oath of secrecy. If the above information is true, an extraterrestrial craft bounced off the ground and shed some debris on the Foster Ranch in Corona, New Mexico. It then came back down and crashed somewhere north of Roswell where it was recovered along with the bodies of its crew. Witnesses who saw the wreckage and the bodies along with others who handled pieces of the debris were intimidated into silence with death threats, and the whole affair was explained away as a downed weather balloon. It is also evidence that the government manufactured a lie. What followed was denial, disinformation, and controversy. The UFO cover-up had begun.

THE SOCORRO INCIDENT On April 24, 1964, police Officer Lonnie Zamora was chasing a speeder on the outskirts of Socorro, New Mexico, when he saw a bright object shoot across the sky in front of him. Thinking it might be a plane on fire that was about to crash, he abandoned pursuit of the speeder and turned down a dirt road to follow the object. Coming over a rise, he saw what he first thought was an overturned car and assumed some teenagers had an accident. As he drew closer, he saw that it was a white, egg-shaped craft sitting on four legs, and two

very small beings in white clothing were standing on the ground beside it. Rolling to a stop, he grabbed his microphone to call his headquarters, only to find the radio was dead (a common occurrence in many UFO encounters). He then exited the car and started to approach the craft when he heard a door slam. That is when he realized the two small beings had disappeared. Flames then erupted from the bottom of the craft in a loud roar, scaring the bejesus out of Zamora, who then ran back and crouched down behind his car. He said the craft rose a short distance into the air, and the noise and the flames ceased. The craft hovered silently for a while and then moved off to the west.54 Zamora’s radio then came back to life, and he called for assistance. His friend Sam Chavez of the New Mexico State Police responded and found Zamora quite shaken. They examined the site, noting the scorched ground where the craft had been sitting, and the scorched branches on surrounding shrubs on the side facing the landing site. The craft’s landing gear left indentations in the ground measuring eight inches long, nine inches wide, and nine inches deep. After notifying White Sands Missile Range, a team led by Army Captain Richard T. Holder arrived at the site ninety minutes later. In an interview on Unsolved Mysteries (then hosted by Robert Stack), Holder said he first thought Zamora probably saw something classified that had gotten away from the range but soon realized that was not the case. He said he looked around for clues that it might be a hoax, but everything he saw seemed to back up Zamora’s story.55 Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the noted consultant to Project Blue Book, went to Socorro to examine the landing site and came away impressed by Zamora, convinced that he’d had a real encounter.56 The air force, however, adopted the explanation that the object was probably an experimental craft. The fact the air force would not let him present his own views on the incident disappointed Hynek.57 The air force stifled Hynek’s attempt at being objective in his investigations for many years. He became convinced there was

more to UFOs than the air force was admitting, yet he stayed with Blue Book until it ended in 1969. He then founded the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and began his own study of the phenomenon uninhibited. But had the air force manipulated Hynek over the years, grooming him into becoming a UFO advocate? Could it have been a strategy designed to put him in a position to where he would have a positive influence in the public arena regarding UFOs? Surely, they had to know he would eventually conclude that something was going on if they forced him to provide rational explanations for cases that suggested extraterrestrial activity. The notoriety he established in his years with Blue Book would surely have a profound impact on public opinion if he suddenly reversed his stand as a UFO skeptic and began his own investigation of the phenomenon. This is only speculation, but what followed provided a clue to the intentional creation of UFO controversy. Twenty-one years later, the air force came out with a new explanation. They stated a test of the lunar landing module was probably what Zamora saw. They produced logs from Whites Sands showing they conducted a test of the lander on the same day as Zamora’s encounter.58 But why? Why, twenty-one years later, did they resurrect a long-forgotten event with a new explanation? Surely, they knew that by then there were some street-smart researchers who would launch their own investigation to see if it was true, which they did … and it wasn’t! They learned from the official records that although a test of the lunar lander occurred on the same day as the Socorro incident, it ended hours before Officer Zamora’s encounter. They also learned that at the time, the lunar lander could not fly—it was a mock-up with no propulsion system and dropped from a tower in an impact test. Also, the lander was trapezoidal in shape and in no way fit the description of the white, egg-shaped craft described by Zamora. One might easily suspect this as a disinformation ploy. Why would the air force, twenty-one years later, revive a forgotten incident with a new explanation that was false? This is a classic example of the

government stirring up the pot of UFO controversy, and we have to ask why. It is also worth noting that programs and documentaries reviewing the Socorro event in the last several years have not only skewed the details and misquoted witnesses, but their visual recreations are totally inaccurate. One of these programs shows him driving a 1994 or 1995 Ford Crown Victoria model police car, not the 1964 model he would have driven at the time. One said he called his headquarters when he approached the scene when his radio had actually gone dead. One program’s visual reproduction showed a saucer-shaped craft lifting off the ground without emitting flames and a loud roar and flying right toward Zamora and over his head, when it was really an egg-shaped craft that rose into the air and hovered for a while before drifting off to the west. I have video footage of Zamora’s account in his own words, but the producers of these later programs are not doing their homework and presenting the real facts. Although they describe the fact that he had the encounter, their misquoted facts and inaccurate visual representations have left the viewers with a distorted perception of what really occurred. And it is the same with the presentation of many other older cases.

ENCOUNTER OVER ALASKA In From Adam to Omega, I described an incident that occurred in 1995 when the pilots and crew of an America West airliner encountered a cigar-shaped craft in the sky over Texas that was three to four hundred feet long. I cited the recorded conversations between the pilot, Albuquerque air traffic control, Cannon Air Force Base, an F-117A fighter pilot, and NORAD obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Even though NORAD later denied everything, the woman at NORAD who spoke with the air traffic controller in Albuquerque stated that for a short time they had a “search only” track on something where the America West plane encountered the object. “Search only” means that whatever they were tracking was not emitting a transponder code.59 The law

requires all aircraft to have a working transponder, providing data necessary to prevent midair collisions. NORAD could have exempted all information on the incident from FOIA disclosure had they chosen to do so, yet their denial came after the information had already been publicized—it made no sense. Was it another tactic to keep the controversy alive? Nevertheless, one rather terrifying encounter I cut from the book was that of Japan Airlines flight 1628 that occurred nine years earlier in Alaska. It too was with a UFO of unbelievable size. In November 1986, a Boeing 747 cargo jet flying from Paris to Tokyo with a cargo of wine was cruising at 35,000 feet in the sky over Alaska. It was traveling at 600 mph and headed for a refueling stop in Anchorage. At 5:11 p.m., the pilot, Captain Kanji Tarauchi, noticed three objects 2,000 feet below him. He said one of the objects was shaped like a walnut and as large as two aircraft carriers. Suddenly the two smaller objects rose up and began maneuvering around in front of his plane. There had been some prior communication with Elmendorf Air Force Base regarding the objects, but at the time, they showed nothing on their radar. Captain Tarauchi, afraid of a collision, called Anchorage Air Traffic Control requesting permission to change course. This is an excerpt of the radio communications that followed: JAL 1628 is the Japan airliner; AATCC is Anchorage Air Traffic Control Center; and ROCC is the Regional Operations Control Center at Elmendorf Air Force Base. JAL 1628: Request deviate from object. Request heading two four zero. AATCC: JAL 1628 Heavy, deviation approved as necessary for traffic. JAL 1628: It’s quite big … right in formation … formation. Then it appears that the objects moved out of sight. AATCC: Japan Air 1628, sir, do you still have the traffic?

JAL 1628: Disappeared … Japan Air 1628. AATCC: JAL 1628 Heavy, I understand that you do not see the traffic any longer? JAL 1628: Affirmative. Then Elmendorf Air Force Base notified Anchorage that they now had the object on their radar. ROCC: Yeah, this is one dash two again. We have confirmed there is a flight size of two around your one five zero squawk … one primary return only. Captain Tarauchi was frightened and just wanted to get away from the object. So Anchorage told him to make a 360-degree turn and see if it would follow. After he started the turn, Anchorage asked Elmendorf: AATCC: Okay … is he following him? ROCC: It looks like he is … yes. AATCC: Okay stand by. Anchorage then notified Captain Tarauchi: AATCC: Japan Air 1628 Heavy, Military Radar advises they are picking up intermittent primary target behind you … in trail … in trail, I say again. Then they asked Elmendorf: AATCC: Do you have anybody to scramble up there or do you want to do that? ROCC: Well we’re going to talk to your liaison officer about that. AATCC: It’s starting to concern Japan Airline. He’s making a 360 now, and it’s still following.

ROCC: Yeah okay, we’re calling the military desk on this. After completing the 360-degree turn, the object moved behind the airliner, following for a while before it eventually disappeared, and Captain Tarauchi landed safely in Anchorage.60 The encounter lasted about fifty-five minutes, much longer than any other event of this kind, and it provided a significant amount of recorded data, more than had ever been previously acquired. It was not until two months later that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) became involved. Sometime in January 1987, the Alaska regional office called FAA headquarters in Washington, DC, saying that the media had found out about the incident and were driving them crazy asking for information. John Callahan, the FAA division manager for Accident Investigation and Evaluations, took the call and said, “Just tell them it’s under investigation.” He then told the Alaska office to pack up all of the voice tapes, the computer tapes, and the military tapes and send them on the next red-eye flight to the FAA tech center in Atlantic City. Callahan then had a team of analysts synchronize the radar tapes with those of the pilot’s radio transmissions, and he put it all on a videotape. He took it back to FAA headquarters in DC and briefed his boss, Admiral Donald Engen.61 Engen, after viewing the tape, felt the incident was too important to ignore and arranged for Callahan to brief President Reagan’s scientific staff. Along with the president’s staff came the CIA, the FBI, and a few FAA people. Callahan said the CIA guys seemed unusually interested in the video and had him play it for them two more times. Then one of the CIA agents said, “This event never happened … we … were never here … and you are all sworn to secrecy … we are confiscating all this data.”62 Callahan said the CIA agent told the group he did not want to tell the American people that we are being visited by somebody who has more technology than we do. “It’s bad for business,” he said.63 When the FAA finally released its official report, the explanation was that it was a split beacon, a false radar return.64 Callahan,

however, was no fool. He never let on that he had made a copy of all the tapes and data, which he kept back in his office. On November 12, 2007, he disclosed the evidence at a conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, moderated by Fyfe Symington, the former governor of Arizona.65 Those attending were government employees, pilots, and high-ranking military officials from around the world. All were highly respected people who presented testimonies of their own personal UFO experiences. But because Captain Tarauchi went public about his encounter, Japan Airlines reassigned him to flying a desk.66 The UFO activity in Alaska, however, was not over. Two months later on January 30, 1987, a similar event occurred at 20,000 feet involving an air force KC-135 en route from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage to Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks. The object described by the pilot was very similar to the one encountered by the Japan Airlines flight. And the very next day, January 31, the pilots of Alaska Airlines flight 53 reported another encounter with large disc-like objects following their plane.67 UFO encounters have had a negative impact on the careers of many airline pilots who had the courage to report them. Many have been removed from flight duty and assigned a desk job. The corporate attitude is, who wants to fly with a pilot who believes in UFOs? So it is not surprising that many pilots have remained silent about their encounters until after they have retired. So there is documented evidence of many UFO encounters by both air force and airline pilots. But skeptics continue to demean the credibility of these people by claiming that what they really saw was atmospheric anomalies, meteors, and Venus, and so on. It amazes me that without being there themselves, they are so arrogant as to think their opinions override the intelligence and credibility of the pilots who were there. No one can dispute the evidence presented by John Callahan. He has copies of the radar records and the radio transmission tapes verifying the encounter. The fact that the CIA confiscated the

evidence and swore everyone to secrecy is proof the government is covering up major UFO incidents. I do, however, have a question about the CIA agents who confiscated the data. Something just does not seem right. These were government agents who, we would assume, went through extensive training and are experienced in investigation and interrogation procedures. Were they that incompetent as to not think of asking if anyone had copies of the evidence? Or did they purposely neglect asking that question, and if so, why? Maybe I am wrong, but I just cannot help being suspicious about such an obvious oversight and wondering if there was a reason behind it. Callahan’s story, the evidence he copied, and the fact he was able to bring it to the public’s attention certainly did add to the controversy.

THE RENDLESHAM INCIDENT There is a lot of new information about the Rendlesham Forest case. What I originally wrote about the event were details obtained from descriptions made by key witnesses in their own words. It was before DVD recording equipment came out, and I had recorded everything on VHS cassettes from news segments and documentaries. The problem was that not one program about the Rendlesham case included all of the information. Different programs featured interviews with different witnesses providing different details, so I had to piece the story together from all the programs in order to make sense out of it. But since then, new details have emerged. In order to make sense out of the new information, it is necessary to briefly recap what I originally reported. In the early morning hours of December 26, 1980, security police noticed strange lights in Rendlesham Forest, the woods separating the Woodbridge and the Bentwaters Air Force Bases in Suffolk, England. Sergeant James Penniston and Airman John Burroughs entered the woods to investigate. Notified by radio that radar had been tracking a bogey over the base where it had disappeared,

Penniston thought the lights might be from a downed aircraft. What they encountered, however, was not a plane crash but a triangularshaped craft with a pyramid-like protuberance on the top sitting on the forest floor.68 Penniston walked around the craft, touched it, and even took pictures of it, but when he had the film developed, the roll came out blank. Others who took pictures of the landing site the next day said their film came back all fogged.69 Penniston noticed symbols on the craft, which he copied into his notebook along with a drawing of the craft. He said the object then rose up through the trees and disappeared in the blink of an eye.70 He turned in a sanitized description of the encounter in the affidavit he submitted to his boss, Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander. He was afraid that if he included all of the details, his sanity would be in question and his career jeopardized.71 Two nights later on December 28, a security officer notified Colonel Halt that the strange lights in the woods were back. He assembled a team and entered the woods with the intention of debunking the whole thing, and he brought along his portable tape recorder to document everything. The first thing they encountered was what looked like a red winking light maneuvering through the trees. They followed it into an open field where it suddenly burst apart into five small white objects that disappeared.72 Then they saw three bright objects in the sky to the north shining beams of light down at the ground and circling in a pattern that resembled a grid search.73 They then observed another object rapidly approaching from the south. It stopped and hovered above the men and emitted a thin laser-like beam down to the ground in front of them, almost at their feet. Halt said the beam lasted for about ten seconds and went out, and the craft shot back across the sky where it emitted beams down in the vicinity of the weapons storage area.74 The most bizarre account came from Airman Larry Warren. He claimed he was with another team that came to an open field with security police scattered around it and that cameras had been set up at one end. He said he saw a ball of red light descend into a glowing

patch of fog that was in the field. Then there was an explosion of color in which it was transformed into a structured object. He estimated it to be about thirty feet at the base with a bank of blue lights around it.75 John Burroughs also said there was a bank of blue lights around the craft that he and Penniston encountered on the first night. In 1994, Penniston was having nightmares and seeing a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist recommended hypnosis as the best way to get to the root of the problem. During the session, Penniston revealed that DS8 agents injected him with sodium pentothal, something of which he had no memory. After the session he said he had never heard of DS8 and had no idea what it was.76 According to Nick Pope, who for a few years handled UFO reports for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), DS8 stands for Defence Secretariat 8, which is a civilian division within the air force side of the MoD that handles UFO investigations. CIA agents interrogated other witnesses and intimidated them into signing statements saying that what they saw was the beam from the Orford Ness Lighthouse. Interrogators making intimidating comments like “Bullets are cheap” coerced Airman Larry Warren and Sergeant Adrian Bustinza into signing such statements.77 Details that were not reported in the earlier documentaries revealed that Penniston’s and Burroughs’s watches showed a time difference of forty-five minutes,78 and why, on the first night, Burroughs had no recollection of Penniston walking around the craft; for some reason he had experienced forty-five minutes of missing time. After leaving the air force, Burroughs went to a psychiatrist for hypnosis to try to find out what happened to him during his missing time. It was then learned why he did not remember Penniston walking around the craft; he had been attracted to a bright white light and was apparently absorbed into the craft.79 But he never said anything about communication taking place. On the night of the second event, after hearing there was further activity going on, he and Sergeant Adrian Bustinza returned to the

site and encountered Colonel Halt and his team emerging from the forest. Burroughs then called their attention to a bright light that just appeared behind them in the woods. He wanted to check it out, so Halt gave him the green light to go and sent Sergeant Bustinza with him. When they got near the light, Burroughs said it began to approach him, and the light was drawing him toward it. Then he said it was gone, and everything was dark. Bustinza then asked what happened to him … that he was gone for several minutes after disappearing into the light.80 During his hypnosis session, he described being inside the craft and said he felt he was having contact with some form of intelligence.81 But again, he said nothing of receiving any kind of message. In Penniston’s second hypnosis session, the psychiatrist was unable to get him past the point where he said he touched the object and what occurred during his interrogation by OSI agents. She said it was a sign of a memory block. But she persisted and was eventually able to break through it. It appeared that Penniston had had more than one encounter with the OSI that they blocked from his memory. This time, he said they injected him with sodium pentothal.82 In his earlier session, he said DS8 agents injected him with sodium pentothal. Since at that time, he had never heard of DS8 and had no idea what it was, why else would he have mentioned DS8 unless it was true? So it appears that during different interrogations, both DS8 and OSI agents injected him with sodium pentothal. The fact that he remembered only one OSI interrogation and the others had been blocked from his memory implies mind-control tactics were used to control what he would and would not remember. He may have even been programmed with false memories as a form of disinformation. There are skeptics who claim they know all the answers. Their oftencondescending attitude toward UFO witnesses is an insult to their intelligence, especially when it involves pilots, astronauts, military, and police officers. Hard-nosed skeptics refuse to believe in UFO encounters; therefore, if someone reports having seen one, that someone is obviously mistaken. So without having been there themselves, the skeptics claim they know what really happened.

They usually present compelling arguments that support their claims; however, when you factor in some of the key details they neglected to mention, their ideas often fall apart. To balance the argument between the skeptics and witnesses in the Rendlesham case, I am presenting the skeptics’ points along with the information they ignored. Skeptics claim that the red winking light seen in the woods by Colonel Halt and his team was the beacon from the Orford Ness Lighthouse. When viewed through a star scope, the beacon would appear as a red winking light. As far as I can determine, the team only had one star scope with them, but the object also appeared red to those who were observing it with the naked eye. And Halt attests to the fact that this red winking light was maneuvering in and around between the trees in the woods. From the description Colonel Halt made on his tape recorder, the light blinked in five-second intervals, the same interval as the lighthouse beacon. I can see where a skeptic would make the connection, but it may only be coincidental because, as we are about to see, the beacon could not be seen in the woods. Halt only switched his recorder on when he had something to say because it only had twenty minutes of recording tape, and he was trying to conserve it, so he switched it off between comments. It was not until he and his team followed the light into the field where it exploded into white fragments and disappeared that the lighthouse beacon became visible. Halt said it was about thirty degrees off to the right, and it was not the same light they had been following.83 As for the beacon being what he saw while in the woods, the evidence proves that was impossible. A team from the History Channel’s UFO Hunters program interviewed Keith Seaman, who has been the Orford Ness Lighthouse keeper for many years. He called their attention to the metal panel affixed to the back of lighthouse, shielding the beacon from view in Rendlesham Forest. He said the panel has always been there, and the only thing that might be visible from the forest was the flash of the beam sweeping across the sky and not the beacon itself.84

Another point made by skeptics was that the bank of blue lights seen on the craft on the first night were the flashing blue lights on a British police car driving through the woods. Police officers undergo training to notice details, much more than the average citizen normally would notice. It is extremely unlikely that a military policeman—especially one responsible for guarding a strategic nuclear weapon’s facility—would mistake the lights on a police car driving through the woods with that of a strange-looking craft sitting on the ground in front of him, a craft that Burroughs saw and Penniston had walked around and even touched. I went through all of the video clips of the incident in my archives, and the only mention of British police being on the scene was when they were there in the morning taking measurements of the landing gear’s indentations in the ground. It’s possible they drove through the woods during the night, but I found nothing to corroborate it. One claim made by a skeptic is that the lights Halt and his team saw maneuvering around in the sky were really stars. All I can say is either Colonel Halt and the personnel with him are blithering idiots or they saw what they said they saw—three objects in the sky to the north making sharp angular turns and shining beams of light down at the ground, and an object that approached from the south and emitted a laser-like beam down near their feet. Oh yeah, stars do that all the time. Skeptics also claim that no records exist to confirm that radar tracked a bogey over the base on the first night. If a cover-up occurred in the Rendlesham event, which the evidence clearly shows it did, do you think those responsible for covering it up would not cover all the bases and confiscate all radar records and swear everyone to secrecy, just as they did in the JAL airline encounter over Alaska? Why on the first night, when he and Burroughs were heading into the woods, did Penniston say he received word by radio that radar had tracked a bogey over the base where it disappeared if it was not true?85 Intimidation of death threats made by the military to silence witnesses in the Rendlesham case are viewed as false by one

skeptic because during all of his years in the military, he was never aware of anything like that happening. I never saw the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940, yet the fact is it happened. Perhaps he should study all the information on Roswell. Unless everyone involved was lying, the military confiscated all the “souvenirs” picked up by people who were at the site before the military arrived. They went to people’s homes and threatened their lives to keep them from talking, and that included George Wilcox, the Chavez County sheriff … just ask his daughter and granddaughter. And what about the intimidating words of the CIA agent, “Bullets are cheap,” used to coerce Airman Larry Warren and Sergeant Adrian Bustinza into signing statements claiming it was really the lighthouse beacon they saw? Then there is Jim Penniston’s affidavit that he submitted to his superiors that does not match the story he is telling today. After retiring from the air force, he openly admitted that he toned down his statement in order to protect his career. He omitted all of “the hard-to-believe details” because he knew his superiors would have thought he was crazy and he would have been relieved of duty. Unless he is lying, it sounds reasonable to me. Other evidence that has received minimal attention is that the morning after his encounter, Penniston made plaster casts of the indentations in the ground made by the craft’s landing gear revealing they were triangular in shape.86 And measurements taken by both the British police and Colonel Halt’s team showed they were equilateral distance from each other.87 The guard in the observation tower reported that he saw an object emit beams down into the Weapons Storage Area at the same time Colonel Halt and his team saw the same thing from a mile away.88 One beam actually penetrated one of the bunkers holding a nuclear weapon. There will be more on this in chapter 7. According to Nick Pope, the Defence Scientific Team confirmed that radiation readings taken at the landing site by Colonel Halt’s team registered ten times higher than normal.89

It is difficult to believe stars can make sharp angular turns in the sky, shine beams down to the ground, and even emit a laser-like beam down at the feet of Colonel Halt’s team. I find it difficult to believe a lighthouse beacon can turn red and maneuver in and around trees in a forest. I do not believe that a lighthouse beacon can leave impressions of landing gear in the ground or be responsible for radiation levels that are ten times higher than normal. Most claims by skeptics are assumptions because they were not there at the scene. I will defend the right of anyone to present their views, even if I disagree with them. It is just that many skeptics are close-minded and refuse to accept the fact that even they could be wrong. Presenting their claims without firsthand knowledge can only be assumptions. More information on the Rendlesham case regarding a binarycoded message that Penniston received is included in chapter 7 as it relates to the issues covered in that chapter.

THE HUFFMAN INCIDENT The Huffman, Texas, event occurred the night after the second Rendlesham Forest incident and contained a couple of similar details that, at first, led researchers to suspect a relationship between both events. However, the evidence tends to discount that idea and that the Huffman case was not UFO-related; rather it was a secret experimental craft. It also reveals the government’s disregard for human life when it involves keeping their secrets. The old Unsolved Mysteries program hosted by Robert Stack presented a detailed account of the Huffman incident. About nine o’clock on the night of December 29, 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Landrum’s seven-year-old grandson, Colby, were returning to Dayton from New Caney. They were driving south on Highway 1485 just outside of Huffman, Texas, when they noticed a bright light about three miles ahead. As they drew closer, the light approached the road and began to maneuver up and down.

Whenever it got close to the ground, it would emit a burst of flame, then rise and hover above treetop level. Betty stopped about 150 feet from the object; it was larger than her car and diamond-shaped, with a bank of blue lights around the middle and emitting a bright glow that hurt their eyes. Betty got out, walked to the front of the car, and stared at the object while Vickie kept urging her to get back inside the car. Betty said the craft emitted an intermittent beeping sound and that she could feel a heat burning her skin. When she went to open the car door, the handle had become so hot that she burned her hand and had to protect it with her coat to get it open. The temperature was about forty degrees, and they had been using the car’s heater to keep warm. Now the heat had become so intense that she had to turn on the air-conditioner. Then, as the object started to move away, a swarm of large helicopters appeared overhead. Betty continued down the highway and said they could still see the object in the distance with its glow illuminating the helicopters and the surrounding area. Upon reaching Dayton, she dropped off Vickie and Colby and went home. Within a few hours, her skin turned red, as though she had severe sunburn. Her neck swelled up, and her face broke out in blisters; she became nauseated and spent most of the night vomiting. Vickie and Colby exhibited the same symptoms, although not as severe. Within a few days, after becoming so weak, Betty ended up in the hospital. Her hair began falling out; her eyes became sore and were practically swollen shut for a week. Betty’s health continued to decline, and she developed various types of cancer. Hospitalized numerous times, she had to give up her business and suffered financial ruin. Ironically, on December 29, 1998, the eighteenth anniversary of her encounter, Betty Cash died. The key element in this case is the helicopters. Colby and his grandmother counted twenty-three. The sketches they drew suggest they were CH-47 Chinooks, large helicopters with two overhead rotors designed to transport troops and equipment. Air force

investigators who later interviewed them showed them silhouettes of various types of helicopters, and they all identified the Chinook. Detective Sergeant Lamar Walker of the Dayton Police Department was off duty that night and driving through the Huffman area with his wife when they encountered a number of large helicopters. Walker said they were flying low to the ground with searchlights turned on, and one of them sidled toward his car, blinding him with its light. At first he thought they were searching for a downed aircraft, but then he said they continued on.90 This is just speculation, but could it be that one of the choppers intentionally blinded Walker to prevent him from seeing the same craft pass by that Betty Cash and her companions encountered? What were twenty-three Chinook helicopters doing in the Huffman area that night flying low to the ground with searchlights on as witnessed by Detective Walker and following the strange craft that Betty Cash and her companions encountered bobbing up and down over the highway? Again, Chinooks are designed to transport troops and equipment; they are not pursuit aircraft. This implies that they were escorts and that the craft they were escorting was probably experimental. If something went wrong and it had to land, armed security personnel riding in the helicopter (which, in this case, is what one would expect to be aboard the large troop-carrying craft) would immediately be available to secure the area. What would be the point of having twenty-three empty troop-carrying helicopters follow the craft? It appears that Cash and her friends were victims of the military’s experimenting with some new kind of aircraft. The air force denied any knowledge of the incident and ignored the victims’ claims since they were not provable. The air force refused to accept responsibility, and the victims were never compensated for the hospital and medical expenses they incurred. So where did this craft come from—from what base? What was it doing near Huffman, and where was it going? What base were the Chinooks from? Investigators attempting to find answers to these

questions ran into a brick wall. However, the big mystery would seem to be the diamond-shaped craft—with what kind of aircraft were they experimenting? Dr. Bryan McClelland, who had been treating Betty Cash pro bono for many years until she died, said some army personnel told him that what Betty encountered was an experimental aircraft called the Wasp-2 that used an atomic-powered engine.91 In checking with Bill Scott, a former air force flight test engineer, he said he did hear of a one-man craft called the Wasp.92 An encounter with an atomicpowered craft would logically explain Betty Cash’s radiation poisoning. The section of scorched road where the craft had bounced up and down was discovered by UFO investigators John Schuessler and Ken Storch to have been torn up and repaved twice. The highway department in charge of that section of road said they had not done it, and when residents in the area were questioned, they said the work was done by men who came in unmarked trucks.93 So who were these men, and why did they twice repave the road without the knowledge of the highway department? Obviously, there was something about that section of scorched road that they wanted to conceal—my guess would be evidence of radiation. An investigation report on the Huffman incident issued by Air Force Lieutenant Colonel George C. Sarran stated that no helicopters were in the Huffman area on the night of December 29. He said the airport would have been notified so they could route local air traffic accordingly if there were;94 however, in a handwritten note by Sarran obtained through the FOIA, he stated that a hundred helicopters landed at Robert Grey Airfield at Fort Hood on that very night.95 When asked about the note, Sarran said he does not remember writing it and had no explanation for why he did.96 But how could he not remember the landing of one hundred helicopters? Further research on the helicopters revealed that as a result of the failed attempt to rescue the American embassy hostages held in Iran

in April 1980, the military created Task Force 160. Its purpose was to carry out clandestine operations using CH-47 Chinooks.97 This was eight months before the Huffman incident. Was this task force involved with escorting an experimental atomic-powered craft on the night Betty Cash had her encounter? Vickie Landrum’s grandson, Colby, now in his thirties, offered another interesting piece of information. Before his grandmother passed away, he said they attended an air show where there happened to be a Chinook helicopter on display. Vickie struck up a conversation with the pilot and casually asked if he had ever been on a mission in the area in December 1980. Colby said the pilot admitted that he was part of a secret operation on the same day of her encounter. When Vickie told him she was one of the victims burned in the incident, he clammed up and refused to say any more.98 In an effort to seek compensation for the health problems she suffered from her encounter, Betty Cash had hired attorney William Shead who filed a suit against the government on her behalf. When the case went to court, without even allowing her to testify, the judge dismissed it on the grounds that the air force denied any knowledge of the event and that she was unable to provide proof that the military was responsible for her injuries.99 That shows just how far the government will go to keep its secrets. In this case, the evidence clearly suggests the object was a secret experimental military craft and not related to the events in Rendlesham Forest. The details in the Rendlesham case, however, suggest the military may have been experimenting with technology obtained from aliens, or filming aliens demonstrating advanced technology.

THE MJ-12 DOCUMENTS December 1984 saw what I perceive as another case of disinformation; that is when the MJ-12 documents surfaced,100 and it

was obvious they presented misleading information mixed in with some of the facts. In referring to Roswell, the documents give the impression that the recovery of a crashed disc occurred on the Foster Ranch in Corona. It also implied that alien bodies had been found several days later a couple of miles from the crash site, badly decomposed and partially eaten by predators. However, Walter Haut’s affidavit revealed the recovery occurred about forty miles north of Roswell and the bodies were near the craft, and the intention of Colonel Blanchard’s press release was to focus attention on Corona and away from the real crash site. So you can see how it mixed some of the truth with false information. Film producer Jaime Shandera and UFO researcher William Moore received the MJ-12 documents in undeveloped rolls of Tri-X black-and-white film. They arrived in plain brown envelopes with an Albuquerque, New Mexico, postmark and no return address.101 There was no clue as to who sent the film; however, some researchers have reason to believe it was someone in the government who was in the loop. A great deal of speculation followed regarding their authenticity; however, if it was someone in the government who sent the film, then regardless of whether the documents are authentic or a hoax, it was highly controversial in the UFO community and still amounts to disinformation. The military and the government often used disinformation as a tool to deflect attention away from top-secret black projects. In the early 1960s, black projects included the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes. They had been developed and tested at Groom Lake, a section of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada otherwise known as Area 51, which at the time was still unknown to the public. These aircraft were occasionally seen streaking across the sky at extremely high altitudes by people throughout the Southwest and were often reported as UFOs. And the government was more than happy to let them believe they were UFOs; it diverted attention away from the still-secret Area 51. The same scenario played out in the 1980s during the development of the F-117 Stealth Fighter and B-2 Bomber. The government could

not tell people that what they really saw was a new top-secret stealth aircraft; that would also be revealing our secrets to our enemies. By keeping silent, they misled the public into believing they saw UFOs, and that in itself is a form of disinformation. But eventually Area 51 became too big of a secret to keep; exemployees and whistleblowers gradually began to surface, and soon Area 51 became the biggest military secret ever known. Photographs taken by researchers from Freedom Ridge and Whitesides Mountain, about twelve miles to the east before the air force claimed the sites, proved the existence of the base. Satellite photos of the base can now be seen on the Internet; simply google Area 51. Now that the base’s existence is public knowledge, many think the technology used in the spy planes and stealth aircraft came from the Roswell and other UFO crashes. And there is information suggesting that aliens actually gave us one of these craft. There will be more on this in chapter 5.

THE PHOENIX LIGHTS What appears to be a classic case of disinformation promoting controversy is the Phoenix Lights. It began shortly after 8:00 p.m. on March 19, 1997, when a huge V-shaped object with lights on the bottom silently drifted over the Phoenix area. Numerous people described it as being so huge that it blocked out the entire sky above them as it passed over. People observed it from Henderson, Nevada, in the north to Tucson, Arizona, in the south, where it reversed direction and headed back north. Only one person, a retired pilot in Scottsdale, videotaped it. Because its flight path was mostly over desolate and unpopulated areas is probably the reason no one else filmed it. However, I have reason to suspect this giant V-shaped craft may possibly have been triangular in shape. And why do I think that? Because of a ten-year-old boy’s description that included a detail no one seems to have paid attention to.

Phoenix residents Tim Ley and his family watched this huge craft drift silently over their heads at about 8:15 p.m. Like most other witnesses, they said it was as wide as two or three football fields and V-shaped with lights on the bottom. But Tim’s ten-year-old son, Hal, noticed something about this craft that apparently no one else had, and he brought it to his parents’ attention. He said that when he looked at it, it appeared wavy in the middle (italics mine). He compared it to looking at pavement in the distance on a real hot day where you see a wavy effect.102 The solid V-shaped part of the craft with its lights, we might assume, is what witnesses focused on, with no attention paid to any distortion in the center of it. But Hal Ley is the only one who mentioned this distortion in the center of the craft, which could mean that the section inside the V-shape was cloaked, making the craft to appear V-shaped. Cloaking is a technology we have been developing for at least two decades. It utilizes tiny mirrors or reflective tiles that project the scenery behind a person wearing a cloaking suit to the front of it, thereby rendering the person invisible, or at least appearing as a “wavy” distortion of the background scenery. So this raises the question of whether this V-shaped craft was really triangular. But why would they cloak only the inner portion of the V and not the whole craft? It would appear the intention probably was for Phoenix residents to see the craft by the fact that bright lights were clearly visible on the V-shaped section. What appeared to be disinformation associated with this event was that three hours later, the Maryland Air National Guard, who was visiting Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, conducted an exercise over the Barry Goldwater TAC range at Luke Air Force Base just southwest of Phoenix. They dropped a series of flares as part of a night illumination exercise called Operation Snowbird that caused a wave of excitement in the Phoenix area. Captain Drew Sullins103 and Lieutenant Colonel David Tanaka,104 both of the Maryland Air National Guard in separate and unrelated interviews, confirmed the exercise.

The flares, attached to parachutes, descended slowly for about five minutes before disappearing behind ridges of the Estrella Mountain Range. What caused all the excitement was that they formed the same V-shaped pattern as the craft that three hours earlier passed over Phoenix. The configuration of the flares had most people convinced it was a huge V-shaped craft about a mile in length hovering over the mountains. The controversy ran on for months before people finally accepted the fact that the lights were flares. The TAC range was approximately thirty-five miles away from the witnesses in Phoenix, and because the flares were attached to parachutes and so far away, their slow descent was virtually indiscernible, and they appeared as a large V-shaped object hovering in the sky. Also, there are no lights on the mountains, making them virtually invisible at night, providing no point of reference to notice the flares’ movement of descent. So this event raises some important questions: Why did the configuration of flares form a pattern that resembled the lights on the craft observed earlier? Was it an attempt to create confusion or draw attention away from the earlier sighting? And if the earlier craft was really triangular, as I suspect, was the inner portion cloaked in order to match the V-shape formation of the flares dropped later? If so, both events suggest it was a plan to further promote controversy in the UFO community. If the events were coordinated to occur when they did, then maybe the large V-shaped object was an experimental craft and the flares a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from it. But that makes no sense. What if something went wrong? There were no helicopters escorting the craft as described in the Huffman, Texas, case, and it is extremely unlikely the government would risk test flying an experimental craft, especially one so large, over a major populated area. Or was it an alien craft conducting some sort of survey over the area? In either case, the flare exercise appeared to be a diversionary tactic to attract the majority of publicity. The name of the flare

exercise was Operation Snowbird, and, allegedly, snowbird is a military code name for diversion.105 Another possibility is that the craft was a hologram. Chris and Janet Morris are experts in the field of nonlethal weapons technology and consultants to the Defense Department and several intelligence agencies. They said we already have the technology to create such a hologram used in conjunction with satellites.106 However, due to the nature of their work, they could not elaborate. But because of the frequent sightings of these large triangles across the United States, and the fact that radar has tracked them, I am inclined to think they are a solid nuts-and-bolts aircraft, not holograms. One detail not known at the time was that then Arizona governor Fyfe Symington also witnessed the craft. At the time, he was reluctant to admit it because it would have given his political opponents ammunition to disrupt his gubernatorial responsibilities. In retrospect, he now regrets not having done so. ***** It is obvious the government has covered up the fact that UFOs are a real phenomenon. The maneuverability and flight patterns they exhibit are far superior to any known aircraft we have today. Also evident is disinformation, which adds more confusion by mixing real facts with false information, and much of this disinformation has kept the UFO issue swirling in a whirlpool of controversy. It seems it is done intentionally, and there has to be a reason for it. It could be a way of preparing the public for a revelation that will eventually come; however, it is a revelation that I suspect necessitates mentally and psychologically preparing people to accept—something that may take years, maybe even a century to accomplish. Meanwhile, there is another piece of the UFO puzzle that needs to be recognized—the hostile element.


We find that people, in some cases, are elated by a UFO experience, but most sightings and encounters have left people perplexed. However, there have been occasions where people have been frightened, terrorized, and have even suffered injuries and death. This is an element of the phenomenon of which many people are unaware. We would all like to think of aliens as benevolent beings who came to earth to help solve humanity’s problems, but the evidence suggests that although some may be friendly—or at least apathetic—there are some who are dangerous, and an encounter with them could be hazardous to your health. The hostile element warrants serious consideration. I have included a few of these cases in which hostilities, injuries, and death (whether intentional or accidental) occurred to some witnesses.

THE SAO PAULO INCIDENT It was around two o’clock on the morning of November 4, 1957, when a bright, glowing object approached a coastal fort near Sao Paulo, Brazil. It flew in from the Atlantic Ocean at a high rate of speed and terrorized the two sentries on duty. It stopped directly over the fort, descended to about 150 feet, and hovered over one of the gun turrets. At the same time, electric power went out in the fort, and the emergency generator would not start. The object was circular in shape; it bathed the ground in an orange light and was emitting a humming noise. Suddenly, the humming intensified, and the sentries felt a searing heat burning their bodies.

One collapsed unconscious to the ground while the other, screaming in mortal terror, sought shelter beneath one of the guns. The guard’s screams attracted the attention of other soldiers who came running to investigate. Those first on the scene observed a large orange light climbing vertically into the sky and taking off at a high rate of speed. Taken to sickbay, doctors discovered the sentries suffered firstand second-degree burns, but their uniforms were intact.107 This suggests their burns resulted from some form of microwave radiation. But why? There was no reason for the attack. It appears to have been an unprovoked act of hostility. Ten years later, another incident occurred in Brazil.

THE PILAR DE GOIAS INCIDENT On August 13, 1967, Inacio de Souza and his wife encountered three people wearing tight-fitting yellow clothes on the runway of the ranch where they worked. There was a strange object that de Souza said resembled an inverted washbasin that was either sitting on the ground or hovering just above it. When the people started to approach him, he became frightened; he grabbed his rifle and fired a shot at them. Suddenly, a beam of green light shot out of the craft, striking him in the head and shoulders, and he fell to the ground. As de Souza’s wife ran to his aid, the intruders climbed into the craft, which took off vertically at a high rate of speed, emitting a noise that sounded like the humming of bees. De Souza suffered numbness and a tingling of his body, and when taken to the hospital, doctors diagnosed his illness as leukemia. He died two months later on October 11, and his body was covered with yellowish-white blotches.108 Since de Souza fired the first shot, the green beam that struck him could have been a defensive response by someone inside the craft. There is no indication that the intruders were acting in a hostile manner when they started to approach him, and there is no evidence that de Souza did not already have leukemia and would have died anyway. However, the chances are that if he already had it and was only two months away from death, he would have exhibited

symptoms long before then. The question is, did the green beam somehow cause his fatal disease? Unfortunately, there is really no way to know. This case does leave some doubt as to deliberate hostile intentions. Nonetheless, it remains a statistic in the deaths of closeencounter witnesses.

THE MANSFIELD, OHIO, INCIDENT On the evening of October 18, 1973, four army reserve medics were en route from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio, in an army helicopter. While passing over the city of Mansfield, they encountered a bright red light speeding directly toward them from the east. Attempting to avoid a collision, the pilot, Captain Lawrence J. Coyne, took over the controls from his copilot and put the chopper into a dive. They were descending at a rate of 2,000 feet per minute when suddenly the controls froze and the helicopter began to rise. The object was now hovering directly above them and projecting a very distinct coneshaped beam of green light down around the helicopter. Coyne’s attempt to regain control was unsuccessful until the green beam suddenly went out and the object flew off into the night. With the controls set in dive configuration, the helicopter had risen to an altitude of 3,800 feet. Upon landing at Cleveland, the two pilots filed a report of the incident. One of the other reservists aboard the helicopter was John Healy, a Cleveland police detective. Expecting there would be an official investigation and that he would be debriefed, he decided to tape record the details while they were still fresh in his memory. The next day, one of Healy’s colleagues recorded his account of the incident in an interrogation room at the police station. What is surprising is no investigation or debriefing ever followed. Why? After twenty years of remaining silent, Healy finally agreed to an interview. After UFO researchers investigated the incident, it received some local publicity but was soon forgotten. Two decades later, Jennie Zeidman, an investigator with the Center for UFO Studies, reopened the case and managed to locate Erma DeLon and her son, Charles

Cyrus, who was thirteen years old at the time; they had actually witnessed the incident from the ground. Their credibility was confirmed by the fact they knew details never made public and known only to those who conducted the initial investigation. They confirmed seeing the helicopter and the UFO hovering above it. They confirmed that the object was projecting a green cone-shaped beam down around the helicopter and that the helicopter was rising in the beam. At that point, they became frightened, so they got into their car and sped away.109 In this case, there are two possible scenarios to consider: 1. Whoever was piloting the object did not see the helicopter until the last second when it began to dive and, thinking its rapid descent was an indication that it was about to crash and that maybe they were responsible, attempted to rescue it with a kind of tractor beam. 2. It was an attempted abduction, possibly aborted at the last minute because they realized there were witnesses on the ground watching them. When we take into account the level of technology and maneuverability often displayed by UFOs, it is difficult to believe they do not possess the means to detect an aircraft on a collision course. As we will see in the next chapter, in the Washington, DC, incident, UFOs seemed to know when jet fighters were approaching the area and also when they had returned to their base. That tells us they had the technology to determine the location of other aircraft, which increases the probability they could also detect an aircraft directly in their flight path. The act of neutralizing the chopper’s controls and pulling it up in a beam of green light might suggest they were pulling it into their ship, something we will never know for sure. Nevertheless, the next case is one that suggests deliberate hostile behavior.


On the night of April 22, 1976, police Officer George Wheeler was on routine patrol in Elmwood, Wisconsin, when he noticed a bright orange glow near the quarry at Tuttle Hill. Thinking it was a fire, he went to investigate. Arriving at the site, he saw a large silver-colored object; “Bigger than a two-story house” is how he described it over his radio. He said it was about 250 feet across with a dome on top that emitted a bright orange light that hurt his eyes. As he was radioing in his description, there was a whooshing sound as a beam of blue light hit his police cruiser. The blast destroyed the car’s electrical system, leaving it sitting in the road in total darkness and Wheeler lying dazed across the front seat. Gail Helmer, the chief’s wife, was working as dispatcher at police headquarters that night. After losing contact with Wheeler, she became concerned. She called Paul Frederickson, who lived a short distance east of Tuttle Hill, and asked him if he could see anything from his window, and he went to check. Returning to the phone, he said there was a flaming object in the sky that looked like an orange half moon, but when he looked again shortly after, it was gone. A motorist named David Moots came upon the police car sitting in the middle of the road with no lights and found Wheeler still in a daze, and he summoned help. Taken to the hospital, surprisingly, the doctors could find nothing wrong with Wheeler. Upon his release three days later, he was suffering severe headaches and having nightmares; he told his wife that he thought he had radiation poisoning. Since he was still in a lot of pain and becoming distraught, his doctor admitted him to a hospital in Eau Claire. He was there for more than eleven days, and the doctors conducted numerous tests, but still they could find nothing wrong with him even though Wheeler kept insisting he had steady and unbearable pains in his arms and legs. Six months later, Wheeler’s heart gave out, and he died.110 Whether Wheeler’s death was the result of his encounter can only be speculation, for he may simply have suffered a heart attack like many other middle-aged men. But even if that were true, we cannot dismiss the unprovoked attack by the object he encountered. Firing a

beam that destroyed the car’s electrical system and leaving him in a dazed condition constitutes a definite act of aggression. There are other cases of encounters by a hostile faction—a good indication that more than one alien race is involved. Whatever their relationship might be to the nonhostile species is unknown. Nevertheless, this hostile element may be a factor in information presented in the next chapter.


THE ASSESSMENT FILE Robert Dean is a retired US Army sergeant major who, in the 1960s, was an intelligence analyst assigned to NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). During his assignment there, he discovered information suggesting a close relationship exists between the government and extraterrestrials. Dean never realized until much later that he had seen a UFO early in his career. In a documentary on the Learning Channel, UFOs and Alien Encounters, Dean described that while in the field to observe the launch of a new radio-controlled drone, he and other personnel noticed a metallic disc-shaped craft silently hovering a hundred feet above the ground west of their position. Dean said he was very impressed by the beauty and sleekness of the craft and assumed it was a new secret aircraft belonging to the army or air force. As they watched, Dean said it began to wobble and move away. He said it then flew out of sight at a tremendous speed. He was debriefed back at the base and sworn to secrecy. Dean did not give the date of this incident, but apparently it was before his assignment at SHAPE, which may have been in the late 1950s or early ’60s. Although it is possible the craft was something we created, it seems unlikely that we had developed that kind of technology sixty or more years ago. However, if what he says he learned at SHAPE is true, we cannot rule out that possibility. In any case, that was his introduction to UFO reality.

One day while working at SHAPE, there was not a whole lot to do, and he was looking around for something to read. A senior officer said, “Read this,” and tossed a large folder on his desk. The title of the folder was An Assessment. It was a three-year study conducted by NATO of the UFO phenomenon. NATO had launched an in-depth investigation due to numerous UFO incidents that were occurring at sensitive military installations around Europe. They wanted to know what the objects were and to whom they belonged. Dean said that what they did learn was so earthshaking it was classified Cosmic Top Secret. He said that before people would be able to accept it, they would first have to be psychologically prepared to deal with it.111 It seems nothing that Dean might reveal would be that upsetting today when compared to the plethora of theories proposed over the past five decades. Then again, it would depend on just exactly what that information is. It was apparent from what he read in the file that the human race was not alone, and probably never has been, and that our planet is under some kind of survey, analysis, or study that has been going on for a very long time by extraterrestrials. He also said NATO had learned a great deal about UFO activities back in the 1940s.112 One case he read in the file told of an object that crashed in Germany near the Baltic Sea in which British Army engineers found twelve small bodies inside, and there were pictures of the autopsies performed on them.113 He said he also learned that we have a relationship with several extraterrestrial races.114 In 2009, Dean spoke at the European Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona, Spain, and displayed several NASA photos of UFOs taken by Apollo astronauts around the moon. He said he obtained them through connections he still has in the intelligence community. He also dropped a couple of bombshells when he told those attending the summit that we already have established a base on Mars and that the human race is a hybrid race. He said we are currently going through a transformation that will eventually make it possible to travel to the stars.115 Dean presented other information in an interview with Randy Koppang on the UFO Evidence website.116

After leaving the service, Dean founded an organization called Stargate International in an attempt to get Congress to grant amnesty to him and others who are willing to break their security oaths and reveal what they know of UFO incidents that occurred during their military service without fear of prosecution and losing their pensions.117 But would the government really take such action against retired military personnel for revealing what they know about classified UFO information? It seems prosecution would only add credibility to that information. I can understand prosecution of secrets involving weapons and aircraft development or planned troop movements during wartime, but government UFO secrets are highly sensitive. Those controlling these secrets would want to avoid at all costs a trial that might reveal details about top-secret UFO issues that could compromise their black budget projects. Logically, avoiding prosecution would tend to compromise the credibility of anyone blowing the whistle, so to speak. Those who did break their secrecy oath in higher priority cases have never suffered such consequences, which tended to cast some doubt on their claims. Nevertheless, one can only judge the reliability of such claims based on the credibility of the person or persons making them. Dean is not one of the well-known researchers who frequently appear in UFO documentaries, and many readers may not have heard of him before now. Therefore, much of what he revealed may seem farfetched. What I am presenting here is information I gathered from a number of his interviews, most of which were of very short duration. Nevertheless, his assignment at SHAPE headquarters is a factor in establishing his credibility. As an intelligence analyst, he obviously had access to a certain amount of classified information, and the Assessment file may well have been part of it. However, we can only wonder what is so shocking in the information that he said warranted a Cosmic Top Secret classification. Dean never specified what that information was, but I think I have a pretty good idea and will be getting into it later.

A couple of the UFO photos he showed at the Exopolitics Summit are unlike any we have seen before. However, as a former NATO intelligence analyst, it could be true that he obtained them from friends he still has in the intelligence community. And if what he claims about the government having a relationship with several alien races is true, it means that at some point in time, contact was established. But when?

THE WASHINGTON, DC, INVASION During my research, I began to suspect that at some point extraterrestrials may have signaled the government, or maybe even the president, that they needed to talk, and that it may have occurred in 1952 or sometime later as a result of the Washington incident. It was seven years after we dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and five years after Roswell, and it occurred when UFOs visited the nation’s capital on two consecutive weekends (July 19–20 and July 26–27). Radar at Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base tracked several UFOs invading the restricted air space over the Capitol Building and the White House, and they could not have picked a more convenient time to do it. Original sources claimed that Bolling Air Force Base located in the southeast quadrant of Washington, DC, and closest to the White House had temporarily closed for runway repairs, and its jets moved to New Castle Air Force Base in Delaware. Was it just a coincidence that UFOs chose to put on this demonstration at the most opportune time, when DC’s air protection relied on jets responding from an air base much farther away? However, in his book Invasion Washington, Kevin Randle, a captain in the US Air Force Reserves, reported it was runways at Andrews Air Force Base that were being repaired.118 If true, jets from Bolling A.F.B. could have responded almost immediately, yet that seems not to have been the case. Harry C. Barnes, senior air traffic controller at Washington National Airport, called Andrews A.F.B. to see if they were tracking the same objects on Washington National’s radar. They advised Barnes the only thing they were tracking was a C-47 due to land at Andrews. If

true, it suggests the runways at Andrews A.F.B. were open.119 It was two F-94 jets scrambled from Newcastle A.F.B. in Delaware that attempted to intercept the objects, which disappeared before the jets arrived.120 And Newcastle A.F.B. is where Bolling reportedly moved its jets during runway repairs. Nevertheless, jets were scrambled, and when they arrived in the DC area, the objects flew off the radarscopes. When the jets returned to base, the UFOs returned to DC. Once again, the jets were scrambled, and again, the objects disappeared when they arrived. However, there was one time when the UFOs did not disappear so quickly. One interceptor pilot became a little nervous when they briefly encircled his plane before they took off.121 This was during the Truman administration, and researchers believe that shortly after the Roswell crash, he established a panel of highranking military people, intelligence officials, and scientists to deal with the UFO situation. Allegedly, it is the Majestic Twelve group, a.k.a. MJ-12, a.k.a. MAJIC. If contact was established, it is almost certain that this group would have been involved. There is no indication that Truman himself was ever personally involved; however, unconfirmed reports claim that on two different occasions, his successor, Dwight D. Eisenhower, met with aliens. Before his swearing in as president, the MJ-12 documents allegedly were a preliminary briefing given to him. If true, his briefing would surely have contained factual information and not the disinformation contained in the documents made public in 1984. Why give him briefing documents containing false information? Nevertheless, indications are that contact was established at some point in time, and it may have been sometime after the DC incident.

EISENHOWER’S ALLEGED CONTACTS The information relating to Eisenhower meeting with aliens may only be rumor, wild speculation, or possibly disinformation. If it is disinformation, then it may contain an element of truth. I am presenting it here based solely on that possibility, and you can draw

your own conclusions. However, evidence presented later suggests that it could be true. The first meeting allegedly occurred at Muroc Airfield in California (now Edwards Air Force Base). Eisenhower made an unscheduled visit to Palm Springs, California, on February 20, 1954, where he supposedly disappeared for twelve hours, and no one knew where he was. However, the next day he turned up at a church service and said he had undergone emergency dental surgery for a chipped tooth.122 It raised the eyebrows of some reporters because, supposedly, Eisenhower hated going to church. Muroc Airfield was allegedly closed for three days from February 19 to the 21 to all incoming air traffic and nonessential base personnel … the same time Eisenhower was in Palm Springs, and there were rumors that he had secretly met with aliens.123 MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) allegedly has files containing eyewitness accounts of Eisenhower making a deal with aliens in which he would provide them with a permanent base in exchange for advanced technology. Another version of the story is that this meeting was with the Nordics, the tall human-looking aliens with blond hair and blue eyes that allegedly come from a planet in the Pleiades star system.124 Allegedly, they tried to persuade Eisenhower to curtail the development of nuclear weapons but reached no agreement. This was a few days before we detonated a hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll. The second meeting supposedly took place on October 15, 1957, at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico with the gray aliens. A saucer-shaped craft allegedly landed on the tarmac at the far end of the runway where the president’s plane was waiting.125 And there are variations of this encounter. This meeting allegedly resulted in “The Greada Treaty” in which he gave the grays permission to experiment on a limited number of humans in exchange for technology.126 The condition was they return the humans unharmed. But the grays broke the treaty and abducted millions of people.

Another version stipulated the same conditions, freedom to abduct humans for DNA experimentation in exchange for technology. These experiments, called “The Blue Planet Project,” are allegedly taking place at a secret base located inside the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico.127 Art Campbell and Manuel Kirklin are two researchers who investigated the event. In their documentary posted on the UFOTV website, they appear to have acquired information that is more accurate. But Kirklin stated from the beginning that much of the information has not been confirmed as fact. He did say, however, that several people verified the fact that Eisenhower did receive dental treatment for a toothache at Edwards (Muroc) Air Force Base but nothing about him disappearing for twelve hours. However, they did present compelling information that Eisenhower met with aliens aboard a UFO at Holloman Air Force Base on or about February 10, 1955, and not in 1954 and 1957 as stated in other versions of the story.128 Since they provided dates, names, and ranks of the military people from whom they acquired their information, their account appears more credible. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that this is all disinformation, in which case there may be an element of truth to it. We know the government has used disinformation and misinformation to deflect attention away from black projects, and establishing a relationship with aliens would surely fall under the umbrella of such a project. The following information, if it is true, alludes to that possibility.

THE DULCE BASE In 1980, documents known as “The Dulce Papers” surfaced describing the existence of a secret underground base located inside the Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico. The papers claim the base has seven levels where the government is secretly working with aliens conducting genetic

research on human beings. Allegedly, the level of security significantly increases at each level as you descend.129 In one documentary, which lacks credible references, a woman abductee claims she and her son were in an underground base where she saw aliens mutilating cattle and draining their blood. She claims she saw vats filled with human body parts and that aliens were inserting implants in abductees. She also alleges the US government sanctions these abductions.130 In this account, however, nothing says she was in the Dulce base. She claims to have seen things that do not tally with what most abductees report; abductees usually remember little or nothing until they later undergo regressive hypnosis. One abductee who claims being at the Dulce base is Ted Davenport. He said he was on Level 4 where they installed a metallic implant in his brain. He alleges the research at Level 4 involves hypnosis and telepathy where aliens are conducting experiments involving brainwaves. This is another case that does not correspond to what seems to be the norm in abductions. Most abductees are not aware of an implant until much later, after being hypnotized. Not that this is a verification of Davenport’s claims, but neuroscientist Norman S. Don has measured the brainwaves of many abductees and found they were all able to achieve trancelike states while awake. He said that was something they could never do prior to their abduction experience.131 As dubious as these stories may seem, many of the Jicarilla Apache Indians, who seem a bit more credible, say they have seen UFOs come out of the mountain.132 So maybe something is going on inside the Archuleta Mesa. Gabe Valdez is a retired New Mexico State police officer who claims he investigated numerous cattle mutilations in the Dulce area, and he made some astounding assertions. He said there was a great deal of helicopter activity around the mutilation sites, a claim also made by many ranchers throughout the Southwest who have found their cattle mutilated. Valdez said he collected a lot of evidence: gas masks, monitoring instruments, and something that he called a radar

shaft. According to his investigation, he claims someone was marking the cattle in advance and coming back later and removing their lymph nodes. He said they also took other parts, but it was for the purpose of confusing researchers investigating the mutilations. He said there was one incident in which something had apparently gone wrong. He produced a photograph of what appeared to be a human or monkey-like fetus he said they left behind inside a mutilated cow. He said there were no bones in the head and that it was full of water.133 In From Adam to Omega, I stated there was no conclusive evidence linking animal mutilations to UFOs, but because of the numerous reports of unmarked black helicopters observed, photographed, and videotaped over mutilation sites, it suggested government or military involvement. But in all of the cases I studied, in contrast to what Gabe Valdez claimed, there was never any evidence recovered at a mutilation site, not even a discarded piece of trash or a cigarette butt. So I really don’t know what to make of his claims. But the most bizarre story about the Dulce base is that of Phil Schneider. Phil Schneider was a geologist and structural engineer who said he worked on many Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). In 1979, he said the government contracted him to build one of these bases in Dulce. When a problem arose during the drilling, they lowered Schneider down into the hole in a cage to investigate. He said he found himself in a preexisting underground facility where he encountered a number of tall gray aliens along with other people. Schneider said he drew his pistol and fired, killing two of the grays. Then he said one of them fired a laser-like beam that took off two of his fingers and burned a hole in his chest, splitting his ribs apart. Allegedly, a Delta Force soldier who either accompanied him or was already down there (he never specified) sacrificed his life by shoving Schneider back into the cage that lifted him up to the surface. He said that other soldiers sent down were also killed and alleged that between sixty-two and seventy-two bodies were recovered from the Mesa.134 Schneider displayed his hand with the two missing fingers

and raised his shirt revealing a scar that stretched from his upper chest to his abdomen, which he said was caused by the alien’s weapon. Schneider thought he was being followed after going public in 1995 and was found dead in his apartment in January 1996. The cause of death was originally ruled a stroke, but when his ex-wife was denied access to his body, she began to suspect something was wrong and demanded a thorough autopsy. The second autopsy allegedly revealed that rubber catheter tubing had been wrapped around Schneider’s neck, and the cause of death was changed to suicide. But his ex-wife truly believes he was murdered.135 A researcher (who was not named) claims he investigated Schneider’s allegations and said he interviewed a Jicarilla deputy sheriff and asked if he was there in 1979 when they recovered the bodies from the mesa. He said the deputy acknowledged that he was there but not allowed to talk about it.136 Thomas Castello is an alleged whistleblower who said he worked at the Dulce base on the security systems and that his clearance gave him access to all seven levels. He claims he saw people in cages down on Level 7 and was told it was for the treatment of mental disorders when he asked someone about it. It was when he recognized a man from his hometown who had mysteriously disappeared that he became suspicious. Once he realized what was going on, he claimed to have fled with stolen documents (the Dulce Papers) that proved the base was a joint operation between the government and aliens. He said it was his knowledge of the security systems that enabled him to escape. Allegedly arrested at his home, no one has seen him since.137 We know many people have simply chosen to disappear and start a new life somewhere else for whatever reason. Conspiracy theorists, however, claim that many people reported missing each year are being used at the Dulce base for genetic experimentation. One set of statistics claimed that abductions suddenly skyrocketed in 1970 to 100,000 per year. Another claimed that in 1980, 150,000 people went missing in the United States alone. Others claim 700,000 went

missing in 2011, and nearly one million in 2012, and an estimated 2,300 Americans disappear every day.138 These are frightening statistics … if they are true, that is. Since there was no mention as to who conducted these studies, I seriously question their credibility. You may be wondering why I am even presenting such questionable information. It sounds like wild and bizarre tales you hear from the fringe element, and it may well be. The information lacks credible sources, but that is how disinformation sometime appears. Considering the possibility of disinformation, there could be an element of truth to some of it, as we will see later. There are allegations alluding to tunnels in the Dulce base that extend for hundreds of miles connecting to different military installations around the United States. But what about the fault lines that exist throughout the country? During an earthquake, the earth shifts around these faults, so unless these tunnels avoid them, I fail to see how they could remain intact during a severe earthquake. But what if they do exist? How were they created? In this case, at least, there may be some evidence. According to author Richard T. Sauder, PhD, scientists and engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico have designed thermo nuclear boring machines. These machines can swiftly bore through rock and soil that become vitrified, melting into the walls of the surrounding rock and leaving a very solid and sturdy glass-lined tunnel behind them. He said the US Atomic Energy Commission acquired the first patent on September 26, 1972, and a second and third patent issued on May 6, 1975, went to the US Energy Research and Development Administration and the inventors at Los Alamos who work for the administration.139 So we may have the technology to have bored into the Archuleta Mesa and created an underground base and a vast network of tunnels. There is a lot of information on the Internet on boring machines but nothing specific on the thermonuclear kind. So it is unknown if such machines were ever built and used to build underground bases and tunnels. If so, it would probably be part of a

secret black budget program. Now I am not trying to promote a conspiracy theory, only a possibility based on the information. The testimony of Gabe Valdez, the retired New Mexico state police officer, and the evidence he says he gathered from mutilation sites in the area around Dulce do appear questionable. But could it be true that a Jicarilla deputy sheriff saw the bodies of the soldiers removed from the mesa as reported by Phil Schneider? And what if it’s true that Jicarilla Apache Indians have seen UFOs come out of the mountain? The evidence is circumstantial. However, if a base does exist and is used by both aliens and the government, it adds some credibility to Robert Dean’s claim that the Assessment file revealed a government relationship with several alien races. It also means that at some point there had to be a meeting that took place between them in which a decision was made to construct the base, whereby it would be shared and mutually beneficial to both parties. What comes into question, however, is Phil Schneider’s claim that he discovered a preexisting facility full of aliens in 1979. If that were true, then why would the government contract him to build something that already existed? Or was it a base secretly constructed by aliens unbeknownst to the government? If so, there had to be an eventual meeting in which they agreed to share the facility. Or was it built years earlier as a black budget project by the government following the Roswell incident and kept secret from everyone, including the president? Or is this all a mishmash of disinformation created by the government? If a joint facility does exist, there obviously had to be a prior meeting with aliens to iron out the details. The question then would be, is there any truth in the reports of Eisenhower meeting and making a secret deal with aliens? There are a few people in the next chapter who may actually hold some clues. ***** One thing I noticed in my research is what appears to be a decline of official interest in what is clearly hard evidence regarding UFOs. Take the Mansfield, Ohio, incident where a UFO lifted an army

helicopter in a beam of green light. There were four men on that chopper, and the pilots filed an official report, yet no investigation or a debriefing followed. Why? The Rendlesham Forest case occurred at a major nuclear weapons facility and involved many witnesses, including the deputy base commander, and again, nothing equivalent to an official investigation followed. Instead, CIA agents intimidated several witnesses into signing false statements and subjected one to mind control using sodium pentothal. Aside from this, again there was no official debriefing of any of the witnesses, including Colonel Halt. Today, people all over the world are videotaping UFOs, and there is a noticeable similarity in many of the images suggesting they are not hoaxes. People in Gulf Breeze, Florida, have videotaped similar metallic objects hovering in the sky on different days that suddenly zoomed away at 4,000 miles per hour.140 There is footage of a cylindrical object hovering over the coastline with rotating parts that resembles an object videotaped near Las Vegas.141 With state-ofthe-art technology, the military can enhance and analyze these images. So why wasn’t it done? Unless they are holograms or someone has found a way to videotape hallucinations, these objects are real. In the past, government investigators confiscated or borrowed UFO photographs and film footage taken by civilians, promising they would return them, but never did. Sixty years ago in Roswell, the military cleaned up all evidence at the crash sites and confiscated all souvenirs picked up by individuals, and if the accounts are true, they terrorized some witnesses into silence with death threats. Now, all of a sudden the best video evidence along with credible encounters by reliable military personnel seems not to arouse even the slightest interest. Why? Why is it being ignored? How can the government not be interested? The only logical answer is that further pursuit and acquirement of evidence is unnecessary—unnecessary because the government has established contact and knows exactly what these objects are and who is in control of them. If there really were cameras set up in

Rendlesham Forest, as claimed by Larry Warren, it means someone knew the event would take place at that location and at that particular time and was prepared to record it. And if it was a scheduled demonstration, it would preclude any need for an investigation. But in the interest of secrecy, you would think they at least would have gone through the motions; completely ignoring the incident in that respect should have aroused some suspicion and curiosity. We know in the Rendlesham case that several witnesses were intimidated into signing false statements and that they altered the memory of one witness with chemicals. However, coercion and mind-control tactics are not an investigation; such actions are indicative of a cover-up. In a UFO investigation, a witness is debriefed to gather information in an attempt to learn what these objects are, who is in control of them, why they are here, and possibly to learn something about their technology. This never happened in either the Mansfield, Ohio, or the Rendlesham Forest case. Since it appears the government no longer seems to show any interest in good hard evidence, the implication is they already have the answers. Now it is time to look at people who may provide some insight into these issues.


BOB LAZAR Bob Lazar is a scientist who claims he was hired to back-engineer the propulsion system of a UFO. He said he did this at a top-secret facility called S-4 that is surrounded by mountains and completely hidden from view ten or fifteen miles southwest of Area 51. According to Lazar, his interview for the job took place in 1988 at EG&G headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apparently, he impressed his interviewers and was hired and told he would be working on an exotic field propulsion system. On the first day, he was told to report to the EG&G Special Projects Office inside a secured section of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, where he was to meet his supervisor, a man he identified as Dennis Mariani. Lazar said they then boarded a plane and flew to Area 51. After landing, he said they went into an office for a security briefing, and he was required to sign a secrecy agreement stating he would be denied any right to a trial in the event he disclosed anything about his work or Area 51. Then he said they boarded a bus with blacked-out windows and were taken to the S-4 site.142 The S-4 complex, he said, was inside a mountain with hangar doors camouflaged to blend with the base of the mountain. He said one hangar door was open, and inside he saw a saucer-shaped craft. He thought it was a new advanced aircraft the military was developing, and the thought that it might be an alien craft never crossed his mind … until later … when he got to enter it.143

Lazar said he was one of twenty-two people with a Majestic clearance employed to back-engineer the craft. He said Majestic clearance was designated eight levels above Q clearance, the topsecret clearance for civilians.144 He said that all the work was compartmentalized. Each person worked on a particular element of the craft and had no knowledge of what other elements were involved or who was working on them.145 So no one person ever got to know the complete range of technological data involved with the craft. Lazar said that wherever he had to go he was escorted. He said he spent the first few days under guard reading a series of briefing documents that contained detailed information of aliens and contained black-and-white photographs of an alien autopsy.146 He also learned that the craft he would be working on was not a recent acquisition.147 He said the outer hull of the craft looked like unfinished stainless steel, and there were no seams in it; it was as if it had been injection molded from a giant die.148 He knew it did not belong to the human race when he first entered it and saw how small everything was. There were no control panels or switches, only three very small seats and a reactor. He said the disc had three levels and that he never got to enter the upper level. The middle level was where you entered the craft, and the lower level contained three gravity amplifiers. He said he saw nine discs of different shapes in the other hangars at a later time when the connecting doors were open, and was told they all had the same power and propulsion systems.149 One craft, he said, resembled a Jell-O mold. One looked like a top hat, and one was tilted up on its side with a large hole in it. He speculated that they may have fired a weapon at it to test its strength.150 Lazar nicknamed the craft he was working on “The Sport Model.” The propulsion system, he said, used the gravity amplifiers to create a gravitational pull in whatever direction they were aimed, pulling the

craft along into a continuous gravity field. He said that speed was regulated by the strength of the gravity field being generated. Lazar said the use of one generator is Omicron configuration, and the use of all three is Delta configuration used for travel in space. He said the craft moves through space by tilting up and focusing ahead on one point and that it’s always chasing a little distortion. But because gravity varies around the earth, the craft seems to move erratically at low speeds. He said if you saw the craft at night in the distance, it would look like a glowing ball of bright light, but up close, there would be a glowing halo around it. He said that’s because it’s emitting a high-energy source in an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, and when you apply enough energy to gas molecules like oxygen and nitrogen, they will emit light.151 Lazar explained that a gravity wave produces lift by working against the natural gravity wave of the earth. Gravity distorts time and space, and the craft generates its own gravitational field. If you are inside the craft, you are inside that field and would not feel anything if the craft made a sudden sharp turn.152 He said a total annihilation reactor that works with matter and antimatter is something we have not even begun to understand. Lazar said the one inside the craft can put out more power than a full-size nuclear power plant, and it was small enough that one person could lift it. Lazar said that one day he actually got to see a test flight of the craft he was working on up close. He said it lifted silently off the ground, and a slight coronal discharge was visible around the bottom, suggesting the presence of high voltage, but it dissipated at around thirty feet. He said the craft just hovered silently and then moved to the left and to the right and sat back down.153 One day while working inside the craft, he said that one of the archways suddenly became transparent, and he could see outside and that something began to scroll up, like on a screen. Apparently, it had something to do with what another technician was working on. He then theorized that the skin of the craft could become transparent to enable its occupants to see outside, or maybe function as a kind of video screen.154

They told Lazar the craft came from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli Star System and that an information exchange program was going on with live aliens at the facility. But some time in the past, security personnel attempted to enter an area used by aliens and protected by some kind of shield that would cause their ammunition to explode. When the aliens tried to stop them from entering, a fight broke out, and the security personnel were killed.155 Lazar said they usually flight-tested the craft on Wednesday nights. It was taken a short distance above the top of the mountain range but never any higher. He confided in a few friends about what was going on and took them to a location in the desert one night when he knew they would be conducting a test flight so they could see it for themselves, thereby breaking his secrecy oath. Just as he predicted, the craft rose up a short distance above the mountain, maneuvered around for a few minutes, then disappeared back down behind the mountain. Since they did not encounter any problems, he decided to do it again. He became complacent, thinking he could continue to get away with it. But Lazar and his friends suddenly found themselves confronted by armed security personnel one night. The next day Lazar said they took him to an air force base north of Las Vegas where they sat him down in a chair and put a gun to his head, threatening to kill him and his wife.156 That is when he decided to go public. He figured if he blew the whistle and told the public what was going on, it would guarantee his safety. If anything happened to him then, it would tend to confirm his story, and the publicity it would generate was something the powers that be would probably want to avoid at all costs. However, they did harass Lazar. He said one day when he was driving up the ramp onto Interstate 15, someone in a white car fired a shot into the back of his car and sped away.157 Lazar contacted George Knapp, an investigative reporter with KLAS TV in Las Vegas, and told him his story. Knapp was skeptical but thought if the story was true, it was dynamite. So he decided to

check on Lazar’s claim that he had worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. He figured if Lazar did work there, then he probably had the security clearance and qualifications that could validate his story. When Knapp contacted Los Alamos, however, they told him there was no record of Lazar ever having worked there. Yet, Lazar’s name and telephone extension number was listed in the lab’s phone directory from the time he said he worked there. Knapp managed to locate and interview several people who knew Lazar and verified that they had worked with him at Los Alamos on classified projects.158 That was good enough for Knapp. The interview aired.159 But the harassment was not over. All records pertaining to his employment for 1989 had disappeared—were erased—so there was no way to prove where he worked during that year. However, the W2 form for his 1989 tax return, which he still had, shows he worked for the Department of Naval Intelligence with the Washington, DC, zip code 20038. I searched all over the Internet for any reference to this department, but the only one that came up was a rather dubious video clip of an interview with a gray alien. Now there is an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) but no reference for a Department of Naval Intelligence. Obviously, the department exists since it was the source of Lazar’s paycheck. It was suggested that at some point the Department of Naval Intelligence was changed to the Office of Naval Intelligence. That seemed rather unlikely since the ONI has been in existence for over a century— established by the Department of the Navy on March 23, 1882. The disappearance of Lazar’s records and credentials is not the first. The same thing happened to Lieutenant Robert Jacobs regarding his UFO experience, an event I will cover in chapter 7.160 Back at KLAS TV, George Knapp said he managed to make contact with a few people who said they worked at the S-4 site that he thought could vouch for Lazar. But before he could interview them, they received a visit by people who intimidated them into not doing the interview.161

As for his education, Lazar claims he has a master’s degree in physics from MIT and one in electronics from Caltech. But those attempting to verify his educational background learned that no records exist of him ever attending those institutions. Of course, that information could have been “erased” along with his employment records. What is suspicious is that his picture does not appear in any of these institution’s yearbooks, nor does he remember the names of any of his professors. Maybe he is ashamed to admit that he did not attend these prestigious universities. But his knowledge of physics is proof that he received an education somewhere. Or could it be that he is part of a government disinformation campaign to gradually leak information to the public? One of the persons Lazar had taken out to the desert to witness the UFO test flight was John Lear. Lear confirmed that he witnessed that test flight in 1989, and he said the craft appeared at the precise time Lazar said it would.162 It was John Lear’s father who founded the Learjet Corporation, and John himself is a professional pilot. He had also worked for the CIA and had a high security clearance. So I think that vouches for his credibility. A side note regarding John Lear is that he was always curious about the Majestic Twelve group. Being that his mother was a very close friend of General Jimmy Doolittle who led a squadron of B-25 bombers on the first bombing raid on Japan after they attacked Pearl Harbor, he urged her to ask Doolittle if Majestic Twelve was real. He said Doolittle told her it was real but he could not talk about it.163 Yet Lazar’s credibility remained under fire, so Knapp convinced the TV station to pay for polygraph tests. He said Lazar passed two and failed two. He also said Lazar left one polygraph examiner shaken in that his answer never deviated to the same question asked several times in different ways. But it was the answer to the last question that really rattled him. He asked Lazar if he lied about any of his

answers to the questions on the test, and Lazar answered, “No.” And the readings indicated he was telling the truth.164 Lazar was unemployed after he was caught breaking his secrecy oath. However, he was hired by one of Nevada’s brothels to install a sophisticated computer system. Those attempting to discredit him eventually discovered this, and George Knapp said that when it became apparent that they were going to make it public, he suddenly saw his career going down the toilet. So he convinced Lazar to break the news himself in another interview where he could play it down and diminish any negative effect on the credibility he had established in his previous interview. Installing a computer system in a brothel actually had nothing to do with his story about the S-4 site; he was no longer working there, and he needed to earn money, so it was just a job, and it should not have any detrimental effect on his reputation. The strategy seems to have worked. So what are we to make of Bob Lazar and his story? Is he a welleducated crackpot that cleverly put one over on a lot of people? Is he part of a government disinformation campaign to gradually leak information to the public? Or he is telling the truth? The negative points are: • He cannot prove his story. • He cannot remember, or is reluctant to divulge, the names of any of his professors. Why? • A phone directory proves he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a fact confirmed by others who had worked there with him on classified projects. The truth, however, is that he was not employed by Los Alamos; rather he was an employee of a private contractor working there. • His work at Los Alamos does not prove he back-engineered a UFO propulsion system at a secret site called S-4. • Assuming he was hired by EG&G, his background would have been thoroughly investigated. He had to be vetted before being issued a high security clearance and to verify he had the

educational qualifications for the job he would be doing. But again, there is no evidence to back up this part of his story. There are, however, several points favoring his credibility. • He presented his story in a very convincing manner. His comportment during his television interviews made it hard to believe he was lying. He did not stammer, he made eye contact, he spoke with authority, and there was no indication of deception in his body language. Also, his story has remained consistent from the beginning. • He would not have worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory on classified projects unless he had the necessary academic qualifications. • He had told John Lear and a few friends when test flights of the craft he was working on would take place, and he took them out to the desert where they could see it for themselves. Lear attests to the fact that he witnessed one of those test flights and that it occurred at the precise time Lazar said it would occur. So how could Lazar have known about the scheduling of these test flights unless he was telling the truth? • When caught, it was on public land, outside the boundary of any restricted military area. Why would armed security personnel confront him on public land unless they became suspicious of Lazar’s activities and were following him? And why would they be following him unless they suspected he was a security risk? And why would he be a security risk unless he was involved with something highly classified? • Lazar’s only proof of employment for 1989 was his W-2 form showing the Department of Naval Intelligence (for which no information exists on the Internet) issued his paycheck. Obviously, it does exist since it was the source of his paycheck. There is, however, other compelling evidence that Lazar’s story is true. In 1989, he ruffled the feathers of the scientific community by claiming the main power source of UFOs is what he called Element 115.165 The scientists were convinced Lazar was a certified loon

because there was no such element on the periodic table. And it was an element they claimed was impossible to create. Obviously, they were wrong. Fourteen years later in 2004, an international team of scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California announced the discovery of a brand-new element—Element 115. And it had the same properties that Lazar said it had fourteen years earlier.166 The scientists believed they had actually made it in 2003, but before it could become official, other scientists had to independently confirm it. So they gave it the temporary name of “Ununpentium.” Thanks to a team of Swedish and German scientists, that confirmation came eleven years later in 2014, and Element 115 joined the others on the periodic table.167 As a physicist, Lazar knew all about the periodic table of elements. He knew we did not have the technology in 1989 to create the element, yet he remained adamant in the faces of scientists who, for fourteen years, ridiculed his claim that the element did exist. More importantly, how did he know it existed? Is his claim of backengineering a UFO propulsion system true? Now there could be a logical explanation for why Bob Lazar cannot remember (or refuses to divulge) the names of any of his professors, and also why the institutions where he claims to have received his education have no record of him ever attending those schools. This is strictly hypothetical of course, but what if the government groomed him to play a specific role in a disinformation campaign? Conceivably, he could have attended MIT and Caltech under a different identity, in which case his education may have been covered by one of the government’s black budget programs. It is a common practice of the CIA to provide people in the Witness Protection Program with complete new identities, so giving Lazar a pseudo identity would not have been a problem. As for his picture not appearing in the yearbooks, he could have simply played sick and stayed home on the days they were taken. If he was part of a disinformation program, his picture in a yearbook under a different

name could have blown his cover later on when researchers began investigating his story. And even if he didn’t go to MIT or Caltech, he obviously got his education somewhere, and if the government was involved, identifying his professors or instructors may have exposed the operation, especially if a tenacious UFO investigator dug deep enough for information. I have reason to believe the government is purposely keeping the UFO issue alive in the public arena by releasing information through disinformation. It is a process to gradually prepare the human race for eventual disclosure, an issue I will cover later. Lazar going public may have been part of this plan, and perhaps he invented his claim of harassment to maintain interest in his story and keep the controversy going. If so, the strategy worked. But as I said, this is strictly hypothetical. Lazar said he learned the craft he worked on was not a recent acquisition. Unfortunately, he gave no indication of when the government acquired it or if that detail was even mentioned in the briefing documents he reviewed. Was it a year earlier, a decade earlier, or could it have been back in 1947 during the Roswell era? That detail, if known, could be helpful in determining the credibility of other information. Another detail that would be helpful, if known, is how the government acquired the craft. Lazar said it was their only working model, and since it was undamaged, it probably did not come from a crash site. Could the rumors be true that it was actually given to us? I mentioned earlier the possibility that aliens may have given us one of their craft. If so, why would they provide us with such an exotic sample of their technology that was centuries ahead of our own? Could it have been part of an agreement between the government and the aliens in exchange for providing them with a secret underground base? Or was it for the purpose of boosting our own technological development? Or could it be both? Lazar said he learned of an information exchange program with aliens taking place at the facility and that a security team died in a fight when they attempted to enter an area where aliens were

working. Does this not sound like Phil Schneider’s story regarding a firefight with aliens at a secret base inside the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico? And Lazar said the S-4 base exists inside a mountain. What we seriously have to consider is that Bob Lazar made a lot of claims; however, if he was participating in a disinformation program —and disinformation contains false information mixed in with some truth—we have to question what part of the information he disclosed is fact and what part is false. Nevertheless, if what he was told about an information exchange program with aliens is true, how long has it been going on? And when did we first establish contact with the aliens? Again, is it possible that there is some truth to the rumors of Eisenhower meeting with aliens in the 1950s? There are claims that amazing technologies resulted from alien contact. Since the 1970s, there has been an increase in sightings of giant triangular-shaped craft, and they have exhibited many of the same flight characteristics attributed to UFOs. However, it is the frequency of their appearances that suggest many may be of terrestrial original. There are records of triangular-shaped craft seen in the skies in ancient times, and of a few in the 1970s and ’80s. However, beginning on March 30, 1990, Belgium experienced a sudden wave of sightings involving huge triangular craft. Police in several villages chased them, radar tracked them, and Belgian Air Force jets pursued them. Major General Wilfried De Brouwer, now retired, was a colonel in the Belgian Air Force when the wave began. He contacted officials in other countries around the world, including the United States, in an attempt to find out who owned these craft. All, including the United States, denied it was theirs. So if no other country owned these craft, then who did? There can only be four possible answers to that question: they were hallucinations, misidentified conventional aircraft, extraterrestrial craft, or new top-secret military craft. If we apply a little logic and common sense, we can rule out hallucinations. Hallucinations cannot appear in photographs, video

footage, or be tracked by radar. Misidentified conventional aircraft is unlikely by virtue of the triangular shapes that appear in photographs and video footage, not to mention they performed maneuvers beyond the capability of any known aircraft. Extraterrestrial craft is always a possibility, but the sudden frequency of their appearances tends to suggest many are most likely of terrestrial origin. And if they are of terrestrial origin, then obviously they belong to a country. So the next question is, what is the most likely country to have developed the technology and the resources to produce them? No, it is not Djibouti. What other country could it be if not the United States? If these triangles are part of an American arsenal of top-secret aircraft, why would we use them to generate a wave of UFO excitement in Belgium? Although it is possible that we did, I fail to see a logical reason for doing so. But since then, these triangles have made frequent appearances all across the United States around military bases, which could mean either aliens are keeping close tabs on our sensitive military installations, or they belong to us. If they do belong to us, what kind of technology are they using? If there is any truth to claims made by Gary McKinnon, he may have learned the answer in one of the most incredible computer hacking jobs ever pulled off.

GARY MCKINNON Gary McKinnon is a Scottish computer systems analyst in the United Kingdom. In 2000 and 2001, he hacked into various government and NASA computers looking for information on UFO-related issues. The British National Hi-Tech Crime Unit eventually caught up with and arrested him. However, because he had not broken any laws in the United Kingdom, they released him. The United States wanted to extradite him for his hacking and put him on trial in this country. But McKinnon suffers from Asperger syndrome, so the British refused to honor the extradition. Asperger is a neurobiological disorder characterized by autism-like abnormalities

in social interactions.168 According to the British, incarceration could result in McKinnon committing suicide. What is important here is what McKinnon claims he discovered. He said he viewed two files on a computer located in Building 8 at the Johnson Space Center that contained NASA’s secret UFO photos. One file contained unedited photos of UFOs taken in space. The other file contained the same photos with the UFOs airbrushed out. One photo, he said, was of a very large cigar-shaped craft in orbit over the northern hemisphere, but he was unable to download any of the images. It was the advent of broadband and hi-speed Internet access when most computers were still using slow 56k dial up with limited memory, and it would have taken too long. He could only spend a few short minutes in each system he hacked into; any longer would have increased the risk of his being caught. But McKinnon’s most interesting claim is his discovery that the US government is in league with aliens and using antigravity technology and has a secret space fleet called “Solar Warden” in orbit around the earth. He said he opened a file that listed the names of “nonterrestrial personnel” of different ranks but was unable to tell if they were army, navy, or air force. And where would non-terrestrial personnel work if not somewhere off planet? He claims he also saw a roster detailing “ship-to-ship” and “fleet-to-fleet transfers” suggesting numerous spacecraft are involved. Allegedly, there are eight cigar-shaped craft larger than two football fields end-to-end and forty-three smaller ships.169 Except for UFO researchers, most people may not have heard of Gary McKinnon before. The initial publicity focused on the fact that he committed a federal crime by hacking into government computers but mentioned little or nothing of his motives for doing so. If there had been any mention of the UFO issue, it probably would have been in a context to where people would view McKinnon as a loony toon. It was one of those news items that few people paid attention to and quickly forgot about.

After ten years, the United States dropped all charges against McKinnon, probably because it was pointless since they were unable to extradite him. But it is also possible the United States never intended to extradite him. If any of what he claimed is true, the publicity generated by those details brought out in a trial would open a can of worms for the government by exposing the secret space fleet program and a major NASA cover-up. It is possible the government put on the show of attempting extradition but had no intention of ever doing so. Now I am not claiming any of this is true. I am only presenting the information, and in some cases the evidence that suggests it. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions. But what if McKinnon’s claims are true? What if we do have a secret space fleet in orbit? It would have taken decades to create. When did it start? How long has it been operational? What is its primary mission? Some researchers speculate it may have begun in the early 1980s during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and that Reagan himself may even have known about it. Researchers who studied Reagan’s diary after his death came across a very intriguing entry he made concerning a luncheon he had with five of the top space scientists. They were apparently discussing some rather advanced scientific breakthroughs because Reagan wrote, “It was fascinating. Some of the developments are like science fiction except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we can orbit 300 people.”170 Three hundred people? Was he perhaps referring to a huge triangular or cigarshaped craft that could transport that many people, or possibly their workstation—a huge cigar-shaped craft in orbit? Was his entry related to a secret space fleet? It is a known fact that Reagan had two UFO encounters. The first occurred when he and his wife, Nancy, were on their way to a dinner party being held in his honor at the home of actor William Holden. Along the way, they encountered a UFO that landed off the side of the road. All anyone knows is they arrived at the party very late and that Reagan was unsettled. Some researchers questioned the

possibly that he was abducted.171 The second encounter occurred while on board an airplane during a campaign tour when he was governor of California. According to his pilot, Bill Paynter, they observed a UFO zigzagging toward their plane and then fly out of sight at an unbelievable speed.172 There are those that think Solar Warden is an offshoot of Reagan’s Space Defense Initiative (SDI) program that he announced in March 1983. They speculate that his motivation to create a space defense program was a direct result of his own UFO encounters. Or maybe it was his concern that some UFOs—like the hostile faction—may represent a threat, which he echoed in several speeches he made to important world dignitaries. One example is when he was addressing the United Nations: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an alien force already among us?” 173 What did he really mean by “is not an alien force already among us?” It almost sounds like he was reminding the dignitaries he was addressing about something they already knew, like aliens and humans working together in secret underground bases or even in space. And was his mention of an alien threat referring to the hostile faction? There are unconfirmed rumors of a secret aircraft called Aurora. Although military officials deny its existence, a satellite photo shows what appears to be a high-altitude doughnut-shaped vapor trail leading eastward from the vicinity of Area 51 in Nevada all across the United States and the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe, Russia, and China. Whatever left this trail had to be traveling in excess of 8,000 miles an hour.174 Is this a clue that the Aurora really exists and may be part of a secret space fleet? And what about a triangularshaped aircraft called the TR-3B? Supposedly it can fly faster and

outperform any existing aircraft. It allegedly has the ability to cloak itself by bending light.175 Could it be connected to Solar Warden? Whether Solar Warden was a project created by Ronald Reagan or an offshoot of his SDI program, or if it even exists, is a matter of how you choose to interpret the information. If it really exists, what is its primary mission? Is it to defend the country from missiles launched by an enemy nation or defend the earth against an alien invasion? If it has such capabilities, could it not also protect us from a comet or asteroid impact?

THE CHELYABINSK ASTEROID On February 15, 2013, an asteroid entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded about fifteen miles above the Russian town of Chelyabinsk. The explosion created a shockwave that caused major damage to buildings, and a thousand people were injured. If it had hit the ground, the result would have been devastating with many people killed. Several people captured video footage of it streaking through the upper atmosphere, and one video revealed something startling. It appears that something flew right through the asteroid just before it exploded.176 Did a missile fired from a space defense system in orbit hit it, causing it to explode high in the atmosphere, thus preventing it from reaching the surface and causing major destruction? Again, is it evidence that a defensive space program really does exist? Kevin Grazier, a planetary scientist, disputes this idea. He claims that when the asteroid hit the atmosphere, it started to disintegrate with pieces breaking off. He contends that the denser atmosphere slowed the asteroid down a bit, and the fragments that broke off were much lighter in volume and weight and did not slow down as much, and one piece, he claims, sped past the asteroid. It’s possible this was the case, but I am not completely convinced. The reason I question that idea is the speed at which the object was traveling and that it came from behind the asteroid. It just does not seem possible that a piece broke off and fell behind the asteroid, then accelerated to such an incredible speed and passed through it,

or by it. It appears to have exited the front of the asteroid, pushing some of its inner material out with it that fell away, but the object continued on at the same speed at which it entered the asteroid. That makes me wonder if it really was some kind of missile. Another event that tends to support the idea of space weapons occurred on September 15, 1991. A camera mounted outside of the rear cargo bay on the Discovery space shuttle captured it during Mission STS 48. It recorded an object moving to the left across the frame that suddenly stopped for half a second and then, in a sharp right-angle turn, shot off into space with a tremendous burst of speed. It appeared to be an evasive maneuver to avoid whatever it was that shot across the place it had been just a second before.177 Again, is it evidence alluding to the existence of Solar Warden? Here is an excerpt from another speech made by Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983 during an address he delivered to the nation on national security. It was the same month in which he made his cryptic statement at the United Nations. “What if free people could live, secure in the knowledge that their security did not rest upon the threat of instant U. S. retaliation to deter a Soviet attack … that we could intercept and destroy strategic ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil and that of our allies?” 178 Might this statement also apply to intercepting and destroying an asteroid before it reached the planet’s surface? Could this be what happened in Chelyabinsk? There is, of course, no way to know if this was the case. But when you consider the claims of Bob Lazar, Gary McKinnon, and Eisenhower’s alleged secret meetings with extraterrestrials, not to mention Reagan’s alleged encounter with a landed UFO and his reference to an alien threat in a United Nations speech, it really makes you wonder. *****

The evidence of government denial, disinformation, and keeping the UFO issue alive in controversy is strong. The reason is yet to be more clearly defined, and I will attempt to do so as we proceed. I presented information alluding to unfriendly aliens along with information that the government may be in league with other aliens and has a secret space force in orbit around the earth. If true, it means there are at least two alien races involved with us, and according to the Assessment file mentioned by Robert Dean, there are several. We cannot verify Gary McKinnon’s claims; however, other researchers claimed contact with insiders who have seen NASA’s secret UFO photos. Bob Lazar’s claim of working on a UFO propulsion system appears credible since he knew the schedule of its test flights as witnessed by John Lear and others. But if he is part of a disinformation campaign, as I suspect he may be, only some of what he disclosed may be true. But Ronald Reagan’s cryptic statement to the United Nations may be more revealing regarding a hostile faction of aliens who may represent a threat and of others who are working with us. If true, maybe Eisenhower really did meet with aliens in the 1950s, which eventually led to an information exchange program, the creation of a space defense program, and a secret space fleet, all of which lie hidden behind a veil of government secrecy, with clues gradually emerging through a process of disinformation. If any of this is true, and aliens are involved with our evolution, it appears they may also be providing us with messages pertaining to why they are doing so, and in some cases, providing us with warning signs.


The next piece of the UFO puzzle is the messages and signs that extraterrestrials seem to be imparting to us. Since the 1990s, several incidents have occurred that one might easily interpret as messages. Naturally, this is all speculation; nevertheless, the evidence suggests they may be telling us something.

1980: THE RENDLESHAM BINARY MESSAGE When Jim Penniston and John Burroughs entered the woods on the first night and saw the craft sitting on the ground, Penniston saw symbols on the side of it. He noticed one symbol was larger than the others, and he reached out and put his hand on it. At that moment, an explosion of white light blinded him; he could see ones and zeros flashing “inside my mind’s eye,” as he described it.179 Later, he was having trouble falling asleep and could not get the images of the numbers out of his head. He felt compelled to write them down, so he got up and wrote them down on the back pages of his notebook. The numbers filled twelve pages, and afterward, he was able to fall asleep. He said he never told anyone about the numbers because it was so bizarre, no one would have believed him, and surely he would have been relieved of duty; he did not want to put his career in jeopardy. It was thirty years later in 2010 that he and John Burroughs got together. Penniston showed him the numbers in his notebook, and Burroughs immediately recognized them as binary code. Penniston knew nothing about binary code or what the numbers represented …

if anything. So they decided to find someone who could decipher them. Penniston located Nick Ciske, an expert binary code analyst who had a translator program that could interpret whatever message, if any, there was. Penniston gave him a few pages of the numbers, and Ciske entered them in his computer and was rather amazed at what the translation revealed. It read: EXPLORATION [OF] HUMANITY 52 09 42 . 532 N 13 13 12 . 69 W CONTI [NUOUS] FOR PLANETARY ADVAN [CE] The numbers in the message represent the longitude and latitude of a sunken island off the Irish coast known as Hy-Brasil.180 Legends say a very advanced race of people once inhabited it. But what does “exploration of humanity” mean? Might it signify a study or analysis of the human race, and “continuous for planetary advance” as the continuous advancement or acceleration of human evolution? Was Hy-Brasil at one time a base of operations for such a project? If so, what reason could there be for advancing or expediting human evolution? Could it have anything to do with the apocalyptic warnings aliens are giving abductees? There will be more on this later. It is possible to come up with any number of interpretations when translating binary code. The only way to authenticate the message is to have the numbers translated by more than one analyst. Another binary code expert was located in Australia, and Penniston sent copies of the same pages of numbers to him, and according to Penniston, that expert came up with the same message.181 Further analysis of more numbers revealed other latitude and longitude coordinates from around the world: Sedona, Arizona; Belize, El Salvador; Nazca, Peru; locations in Greece; Egypt; and in the mountains of northern China.182 But what is the significance of these locations? Could they have been other bases involved with the same project? Some of these locations have been associated with

alleged alien activities in ancient times, but it is unknown if there is a connection. Penniston came up with an interesting theory. He wondered why aliens would come here from thousands of lights years away and give us a binary coded message. And why is it in English? Because it is in English, he does not believe it has anything to do with aliens but rather ourselves from the future.183 In a later interview with the two men, Burroughs mentioned a postscript on one page that read “Date of origin 8100,”184 suggesting the message may have originated from over 6,000 years in the future. If true, did the craft that delivered the message come from that time? Does it mean we eventually mastered time travel? Does it mean all UFOs are time travelers from the future? Although it is possible that we may eventually achieve time travel, why would we travel back to 1980 and deliver such a cryptic message to Penniston? Is it to change something that will be detrimental to future civilizations? Whatever the reason, it has yet to be determined, and it could be an important piece of the puzzle. As for all UFOs being from the future … because of the variety of alien species described by abductees and the many different shapes and sizes of UFOs reported, it is more likely that they are different races from different worlds in the present time period. In researching alien abductions, I learned they are not limited to the United States; they have occurred all over the world. Before the aliens return them, they often give them messages, and since the grays do not communicate verbally, they apparently do so telepathically. Being that many abductees were educated only in the language native to their country, they always managed to understand what the aliens were telling them regardless of what language they spoke. So there appear to be no language barriers or other obstacles preventing the aliens from getting their messages across, at least on a telepathic level. This made me wonder. What if Jim Penniston did not speak English? What if he spoke French, or Russian, or Chinese? Would

the message have been adapted to any one of those languages? Was the craft that delivered the message somehow able to instantaneously scan Penniston’s brain to determine what language he spoke and transmit the code in that language? Or could Penniston have been “selected” in advance to receive the message, in which case they already knew his language? Something else to ponder is the latitude and longitude coordinates in the message. Are they locations that were important to one or more alien civilizations that visited earth in the past, or was there important information left at these locations for us to decipher that might explain what is going on? Only time will tell.

1995: THE MISSING EARTH CROP FORMATION In 1995, a crop formation appeared in Winchester, England, that caught my attention. It appeared to be a representation of our inner solar system. The sun was in the center with four rings around it representing the orbital paths of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. There was an outer ring that looked like a jumbled mass of debris, which, one might assume, represented the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. On each orbital ring was a circle denoting the planets in their proportional sizes. What stood out in this formation was that the third orbital ring representing Earth was devoid of a planet. Allegedly, the formation was a hoax, although I have yet to find verification of it. However, if, and I emphasize if, it was not a hoax, it seemed to present an ominous warning that something is going to happen to the earth. Since the asteroid belt was included in the formation, might it be a clue as to just what it will be? Although the formation’s authenticity remains questionable, I decided to include it based on the possibility that it is genuine. The only images currently available are of a reproduction of the formation created for a movie in the United Kingdom. I provided a link to that image in the endnote which also includes a photo of the original.185

1996: THE ENGLISH CROP FORMATION AND THE ROSWELL ROCK In 1996, a 120-foot-wide crop formation appeared in England exactly matching the design on a rock found in the United States. Robert Ridge found it circa 2002 while he was tracking deer in the desert in the same area near Roswell, New Mexico, where a UFO had crashed in 1947. What is unusual about the rock is the design on it; opposing images of a circle that may or may not represent the sun and what looks like a crescent moon. The pattern is in bas-relief.186 Its color is a uniform dark brown, which is unusual in itself because most rocks normally show a variation in color. It does not bear any resemblance to other rocks in the area, suggesting it is not indigenous to that region … and it also has magnetic properties. Author and journalist Linda Moulton Howe did a composite on her computer by placing the image of crop formation over the image on the rock, and they matched up perfectly. What is interesting about the crop formation is that a pilot and his passenger discovered it when flying over the field where it appeared, but they do not remember seeing it when they flew over that same field a half hour earlier.187 A professional sandblaster reproduced the design on several different kinds of rock, and when examined under a microscope, the quality of the reproductions were inferior to the design of the Roswell rock; the edges of the Roswell rock were carved to almost a razorsharp perfection that could not be achieved by the sandblaster.188 So what does the design on the rock and the crop formation signify? Was the rock a remnant of the UFO crash that the army missed when they cleaned up the area in 1947? Or was it purposely placed there later to be found, and if so, when? Conceivably, it could have lain in the desert for decades before Robert Ridge discovered it. Was the 1996 crop formation another attempt to bring our attention to that design, and does the design represent a sign or a message of some kind that we have yet to understand? There are many questions about the rock for which there are presently no answers; however,

we do know the technology that created the design on it is almost impossible to duplicate today.

2001: THE CHILBOLTON CROP FORMATION If aliens are giving us messages, one way they seem to be doing it is in binary code, like in the case of Jim Penniston. Unlike the geometrically designed crop formations that appear so frequently, in August 2001 the image of a human face created in a dot-matrix pattern appeared in a field next to the Radio Telescope Observatory in Chilbolton, England. A few days later on August 21, another formation appeared in the same field that bore a striking resemblance to the binary coded message transmitted into space in 1974 by the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. It was a message to any extraterrestrial race that may eventually receive it telling about our world, our culture, and the human race. The Chilbolton formation was basically the same but with a few differences. One was in the sequence denoting human DNA. The Chilbolton pattern depicted a completely different form of DNA. Another difference was in the representation of our solar system; the pattern in Chilbolton depicted a planetary system that was quite different from ours. The Arecibo transmission also included a depiction of the human form. The image in the Chilbolton field depicted a short being with a large head, similar to the little grays associated with alien abductions. At the bottom of the Arecibo pattern was a depiction of a radio telescope. The Chilbolton pattern depicted what was probably a comparable system.189 It is unknown what connection, if any, there might be between the face and the Arecibo pattern. At least the Arecibo pattern was one we could understand. A few researchers suggested the Chilbolton formation was an alien response to the Arecibo transmission. However, most astronomers think it is unlikely. They feel that the nearest intelligent life capable of receiving and responding to the Arecibo signal is probably hundreds or thousands of light-years away. If so, it will be hundreds or thousands of years before the Arecibo signal reaches them, and it would take the same amount of

time for any response to reach us. But traveling at the speed of light, the Arecibo signal would only take 4.2 years to reach Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighbor, which is 4.2 light-years away. But it seems unlikely that intelligent life exists that close to us. The average distance of the nearest stars beyond Alpha Centauri is eight to ten light-years. But the fact is the Chilbolton pattern appeared, only twenty-seven years after Arecibo transmitted the signal. Could it mean an intelligent civilization 13.5 light-years away received and responded to it? If so, then how did they create the crop formation? The first discovery of an extrasolar planet orbiting a sun-like star occurred in 1995, and astronomers named it 51 Pegasi. When my first book came out in 2012, I mentioned the number of extrasolar planets discovered at that time to be around five hundred. As of this writing, it is around two thousand and still counting. The discovery of extrasolar planets has now become almost a daily routine, and it will probably be a very long time before we know if life exists on any of them and others yet undiscovered. The total area of space searched so far is equivalent to a drop of water in the ocean. So, if the Chilbolton formation was an extraterrestrial reply, it suggests that when Arecibo sent the signal in 1974, they were already on our doorstep. As for it being a hoax, it is possible, although I find it hard to picture someone with the intellectual capacity to understand binary coding and DNA sequencing sinking to the level of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, the two early crop circle hoaxers. If the Chilbolton formation is a message, it is obviously telling us there is other intelligent life in this universe and that one of them must have been here in 2001 and created the pattern. Binary code is the most logical method to transmit information around the universe because any technologically oriented civilization would have the technology to understand it.


A rather strange event occurred in Jerusalem around one o’clock on the morning of January 28, 2011. A man using his cell phone camera recorded it, as did another man standing behind him. What they captured on video was a bright light hovering high in the night sky above the Temple Mount (the Dome of the Rock). It suddenly made a rapid descent, then abruptly stopped and hovered directly over the dome for about eighteen seconds. It then emitted two bright flashes of light and, like a bullet, shot straight up into the sky and disappeared. The video also revealed a possible craft hovering invisibly against the dark night sky with blinking red lights that are barely visible in the videos.190 My first thought when I saw the video was that someone was playing with a drone; however, the speed at which the object took off forced me to rethink that idea—I don’t know of any drone capable of moving as fast as that light did. I am also not discounting the possibility that it was a hoax. With the technologies available today, you can create a very convincing UFO video right from your cell phone. One video on the Internet appears to be a poorly created reproduction of the scene.191 That is obvious by the glib comments of the videographer and his friends. It is beyond me why they even reproduced it, unless they did it as a challenge to see if they could do it better. In their version, the object lifted off tilted slightly to the left, whereas the others show it moving straight up. What adds credibility to the others is the man using his cell phone camera appears in the video taken by the man standing behind him, and both videos show the object’s descent, the two flashes of light, and the object’s rapid ascent. Since, to the best of my knowledge, no one revealed the video as a hoax, I am giving it the benefit of the doubt. If this was a real UFO event, the fact that it occurred over a site held sacred by Christians, Muslims, and Jews could be important. The devoutly religious have already attached a supernatural significance to the event believing it was God that came down to give us a sign that Armageddon and the return of Christ is near. Another

theory is that the object came down to reactivate the Ark of the Covenant that some believe is buried at that location. But why would a UFO come down and hover over a site that is sacred to the three major religions? At this time, nobody knows what the event signified, if anything; however, I would assume it was for a reason. ***** It would appear that Jim Penniston’s binary code and the Chilbolton crop formation represent messages of some kind. Since the identical design on the Roswell Rock and the crop formation appeared on different continents, it also suggests some kind of message. It is uncertain if the Temple Mount UFO and Missing Earth Crop Formation are authentic, although the crop formation seems to present an ominous message concerning earth’s future. Whether these incidents represent the same or different messages is something we will never know until we can decipher them. Others, however, can be interpreted as warning signs.


The following incidents suggest extraterrestrials are concerned about how our technology is currently affecting the environment. It appears they are also giving us warnings about weapons of mass destruction and of a cataclysmic event we will be facing at some point in the future. Collectively, they are a piece of the puzzle that provides a clearer picture of why they are involved with our evolution.

THE RUWA INCIDENT On September 16, 1994, sixty-two children filed out of the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, for their morning break in the schoolyard. However, their recreational activities came to a sudden halt when they observed a silver disc-shaped craft descend from the sky and land behind some trees at the far end of the field. Then, according to the children, they saw short beings with a large heads and large, dark eyes wearing black outfits emerge from it. Some of the children said they received messages in their heads that they somehow associated with the creatures’ large eyes. The messages seemed to be warnings—dire warnings. The impression of one little girl was that something is going to happen to our planet. Another girl’s impression was that the world might be coming to an end. Another little girl said the creature seemed to be warning us that we are “making harm in this world and that we should not get too technoleged.”192 After communicating these messages, the creatures reentered the craft and took off.

The fact that the children received messages in their heads and associated them with the creatures’ eyes parallels details in many abduction accounts, as does their description of the creatures. And this is a factor contributing to the authenticity of this case. According to the late Cynthia Hind, who was a MUFON investigator in Africa investigating the incident, few people in this farming community had television sets, and it is extremely unlikely these children would have known little if anything about UFOs and alien abductions. The late Dr. John Mack, a Pulitzer Prize–winning Harvard psychiatrist, also investigated the incident. Both he and Hind found the children credible and their stories convincing. The children ranged from five to twelve years of age and were well spoken … very articulate. Their stories all matched, and details in the sketches they drew were all very similar.193 The school’s headmaster was Colin Mackie, known for being very strict and not tolerating any kind of misbehavior. He was inside the school meeting with the teachers when the incident occurred and did not see it himself. However, he told Dr. Mack that the children would never lie to him; he believes they did see something extremely unusual. And as Cynthia Hind later put it at an International UFO Conference in Sheffield, England, “Why would sixty-two children lie?”194 What stands out in this event is that it appeared the landing was for the sole purpose of conveying these messages to the children.

ABDUCTEE WARNINGS As the world gradually became aware of alien abductions in the 1970s, disastrous warnings were somewhat of a routine procedure in many cases. Before being returned, abductees said they were shown scenes of mass destruction on some sort of screen, or in mentally induced visions, and they were told by the aliens that these things are going to happen.195 In one case, an abductee working with Dr. David Jacobs, an abduction researcher from Temple University, said the aliens had shown him scenes of a large nuclear-type explosion in which the

cloud covered one-fifth the diameter of the earth. No nuclear device currently in existence would produce a cloud that large, but an asteroid as large as the one that wiped out 80 percent of life on earth sixty-five million years ago could. Being unfamiliar with the cosmic possibilities, he may simply have associated the cloud with a nuclear explosion.196 Are these little aliens really giving us advance warnings about a devastating event that will destroy our planet? The details vary among the abductees, but they all seem to be imparting the same message in that we are going to experience something terrible. The question is, what is it that is going to happen? And when? These warnings began in the 1970s, just about the time we began to realize how much damage we, ourselves, were causing on our world. In the 1980s, we became aware of just how much we were polluting our atmosphere with carcinogens and toxic chemicals. We became aware that industrial contaminants now polluted many of the rivers we swam in as children, making them unsuitable for swimming and drinking. We became aware that vast amounts of radioactive waste produced by nuclear power plants were dangerously increasing and that we had no way to dispose of the waste. It continues to pile up and will become a major problem for our children and grandchildren and all future generations. Some researchers suggest we can avoid the disaster aliens are warning us of if only we clean up our act. Some of the warnings do appear relevant to these issues but not all. Others pertain to an event of cataclysmic proportion that may threaten the very existence of the human race. Many abductees said they were shown scenes of mass destruction, devastating earthquakes, major climate changes, and even the destruction of the earth. Much of what they described parallels the predictions found in the book of Revelation, a book written two thousand years ago. Is this disaster something that extraterrestrials were aware of back then? A man named John wrote the book while exiled on the island of Patmos and claimed he received the information from an angel. But was it an angel? Or was

it an awesome-looking extraterrestrial, maybe one of the Nordics that he assumed was an angel? Some scholars believe Revelation’s prophecies pertained to events that occurred during John’s time. Some people compared them to events of our own time while others think they are ambiguous. There are, however, some predictions that appear related to events that will occur when the aliens’ plan comes to an end.

THE VANDENBERG MISSILE INCIDENT In 1964, Robert Jacobs was a lieutenant stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He was in charge of the Photo Optical Instrumentation Section that filmed test flights of Atlas F and Minuteman missiles. It required setting up cameras at thirty or forty different locations to obtain a view from all possible angles; in the event that something went wrong, it would aid in determining the cause of the problem. In November 1964, he was assigned to film the launch of an Atlas missile from Big Sur with a new 1,200-inch telescope developed by Dr. Walter Manning at Boston University. Secretly flown aboard a Hercules aircraft to Vandenberg, a tractor-trailer then transported it to the Big Sur tracking site where Jacobs and his team assembled it in preparation for the launch. The camera was programmed to follow the missile automatically and run for six minutes, until it was out of viewing range.197 Filming of the launch was flawless, and the film was taken back to Vandenberg for processing. After processing, Jacobs was called to the office of Major Florenz J. Mansmann, his boss. In the office were two men in gray suits who never identified themselves, which Jacobs thought rather unusual, and he was told to watch the film he shot from Big Sur. When Mansmann turned the projector on, what Jacobs saw literally changed his life forever. Jacobs said that a “classic” flying saucer suddenly flew into the frame and right up to the warhead, which was only a dummy warhead being used for the test flight. At that point, it was traveling

several thousand miles an hour, and the object fired a beam at it. It then flew around the warhead and fired four more beams at it before it sped away. The warhead then fell into the ocean, way short of its target.198 Mansmann then asked Jacobs if they were screwing around up there on Big Sur, and Jacobs answered, “No, sir.” Mansmann then asked, “What was that?” Jacobs said it looked like they had gotten a UFO.199 Mansmann told Jacobs that as far as he was concerned the incident never happened, and he was never to speak about it. He was sworn to secrecy and told to leave the room.200 Jacobs remained silent for eighteen years before deciding to go public. The air force told those attempting to verify his story there never was a Lieutenant Robert M. Jacobs at Vandenberg Air Force Base, and if he was there, he was never in charge of the Photo Optical Instrumentation Section at the 1369th Photographic Squadron. They denied the tracking site at Big Sur; they denied the 1,200-inch telescope and even its designer, Dr. Walter Manning. On top of that, all of Jacobs’s military records had disappeared.201 Nevertheless, his story was eventually verified when TV producers were able to locate Major Mansmann, who confirmed in writing everything that Jacobs said. And Jacobs had his own proof. In his archives, he had film footage of the telescope arriving at Big Sur, which also shows him and his team assembling it and filming the missile launch.202 So again, we have the government covering up a major UFO incident, and to keep the secret secure, they can undermine the credibility of any witness by making their credentials and records disappear. UFOs have neutralized the weapons systems of aircraft in pursuit of them, so I’m sure they had the technology to determine the missile’s course was of no threat to anyone—that we were not launching a nuclear attack on another country and that the warhead was not real. So what was the reason behind this incident? Were they sending us a message—a warning of the dangerous power we

now hold in our hands? However, it was not the last time UFOs became involved with guided missiles.

THE MALMSTROM MISSILE INCIDENT In 1967, a compromise of the nation’s defense capability suddenly occurred when all the guided missiles at one of Malmstrom Air Force Base’s missile sites near Great Falls, Montana, shut down. Early in the morning on March 24, Deputy Crew Commander Robert Salas was on duty in the underground command module at Oscar Flight Launch Control, and his partner, Lieutenant Fred Meiwald, was asleep on a cot. The shift had been fairly routine until Salas received a call from one of the security guards topside. The guard advised Salas that UFOs were flying over the area, making sudden sharp turns, and even hovering directly above the compound. Salas did not take it seriously at first until the guard called back a few minutes later. This time Salas said he was in an extremely agitated state and screaming into the phone, saying a glowing red object was now hovering just outside the gate of the compound, and he wanted to know what he should do. Now, realizing the guard was serious, Salas wondered if they might be under attack and was concerned for the security of the facility. He told the guard to do whatever was necessary to prevent a breach of the compound, and he woke Lieutenant Meiwald. As he briefed Meiwald about what was happening, alarms suddenly started going off, and all ten missiles under their control began shutting down one by one into NO-GO status.203 Immediately ruled out was routine maintenance. Whenever maintenance is carried out on a missile in one of the silos, the crews are always notified in advance that the missile will be off-line for a while—but never all ten missiles at the same time; this was not routine maintenance. Thinking there may have been some sort of electrical malfunction, they followed protocol by running the necessary procedures to bring the missiles back to alert status. When all attempts failed, Meiwald notified Wing Command Post of the situation, and they dispatched maintenance crews to resolve the

problem. He said the missiles were still in NO-GO status when relieved by the next crew.204 Salas said he was debriefed back at the base and told the incident was classified and to never mention it to anyone ever. However, after the incident appeared in many documentary programs, he decided to write a book about it, but it was thirty years later, and he could not remember the exact date. He did remember that right after Meiwald notified the Wing Command Post of the missiles’ NO-GO status, he turned to Salas and said the same thing had happened at another site. Salas assumed he was referring to another incident that happened on the same night. But Meiwald had not been specific, nor did he mention what site it was that was involved. Many readers are probably familiar with this incident, as it has been a subject featured in many documentaries, and may assume I am quoting the wrong date (March 24) of the Oscar missile shutdown. It is, however, the correct date. When Salas began researching the information for his book, Faded Giant, he found official documentation pertaining to an incident at Echo Flight Launch Control about twenty miles northwest of the Oscar site. It had occurred on March 16 when all ten of their missiles went into NO-GO status during a visit by a UFO. Salas assumed it was the event that Meiwald had referred to, and thinking both incidents occurred on the same night, he used the date of March 16 in his book as the date the missiles at the Oscar site went off-line, as did I in my first book. Consequently, all subsequent articles and documentaries on the Oscar incident described it as being on March 16. Salas wondered why there was no mention of the Oscar missile shutdown when reviewing the investigation report on the Echo incident. It was not until later, after writing his book that he discovered other documents where he learned he had used the wrong date. He discovered the technician dispatched to the Oscar site was on March 24, two weeks after the Echo incident. Salas explained it all in his new book, Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon.205

The crew on duty at the Echo site when their missiles went down was relieved by another crew before the missiles returned to alert status. One member of the relief crew was Donald Crawford, who was on duty when maintenance crews finally reactivated the missiles. Crawford never knew of the Oscar missile incident until he happened to read an article about it written by Salas. The Sightings program eventually brought Salas and Crawford together where they were able to compare notes.206 There was no explanation for the missile shutdown—there was no way to switch them off. The missiles operated independently from each other, so even if there had been a problem with one, there was absolutely no way it could have affected the others. Several theories were proposed as to what caused the problem, the most logical being a powerful electromagnetic pulse. A thorough investigation revealed nothing in the area that could have been the source of such a pulse. And even if it was such a pulse that knocked out the missiles, it would also have knocked out all electric power, yet the facilities experienced no loss of electricity—only the missiles were affected, and they were geographically located miles apart from each other. Scientists and engineers from Boeing and Sylvania who had designed the missile system were brought in, and they said because of how they designed the system, they did not believe any external force could affect the missiles. Obviously, they were wrong. Some researchers suggested the shutdown may have been an exercise to test the reaction of the security teams and missile crews. But that idea was shot down by retired air force Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Rolwes, who said, “We would never degrade our capability to fight a war for a war game exercise.”207 So it seems that UFOs have the capability to neutralize our nuclear weapons systems wherever and whenever they choose. In 1975, they visited other strategic missile sites along the Canadian border: Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Michigan; Loring Air Force Base in Maine; and Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

THE RENDLESHAM FOREST NUCLEAR WEAPONS INCIDENT Another event involving UFOs and nuclear weapons occurred in December 1980 on the second night of the Rendlesham Forest encounters. Immediately after the UFO hovering above Colonel Halt and his team emitted a laser-like beam down in front of them, it shot back across the sky and shined beams down in the vicinity of the weapons storage area. The guard on duty in the observation tower also witnessed this. When Sergeant Monroe Nevels, who was the Bentwaters disaster preparedness officer, later inspected the area, he made a very disturbing discovery; one of the beams had burned a hole through the roof into one of the bunkers where a nuclear weapon was stored. Nevels said it did not hit the weapon, but if it had, it could have created a nuclear disaster.208 So again, we have to ask what the reason is behind these incidents. Were aliens really trying to tell us something? Were they telling us to clean up our act, warning us of the danger these weapons pose to humanity? Perhaps they made their message a lot clearer in 1982 with the most terrifying demonstration of all.

THE RUSSIAN MISSILE INCIDENT After Glasnost and Perestroika, researchers from the United States went to Russia to compare notes with researchers over there and learn more about UFO incidents that had occurred in the Soviet Union. One of the ranking officials they interviewed was Boris Sokolov, a former colonel in the Soviet military. He told them of a frightening incident he investigated that occurred on October 4, 1982.209 It happened at a missile site in the town of Byelokoroviche in the northwest Ukraine. Whether the name of the town is correct or not I have no idea. Another source says it was the town of Usovo. In either case, I find neither town listed in my very old copy of the Rand McNally Cosmopolitan World Atlas. It could be that Byelokoroviche is

an American translation of the Ukrainian name. A search of the Internet lists many references to the incident occurring in Byelokoroviche and says nothing about Usovo. There were many witnesses who observed a number of UFOs flying around in the area of the missile site, and one was of enormous size—about 300 meters (984 feet) in diameter. They said it hovered directly above the missile complex at one point. At the same time inside the control bunker, lights on panels suddenly lit up, indicating launch codes had been activated. The missiles were about to launch, and their targets were in the United States.210 Nothing is said about what the missile crew in the bunker was feeling at that moment, but I can imagine it was sheer panic; it appeared World War III was about to be unleashed, and there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop it. They had tried different procedures to abort the launch, but they were futile. The launch sequence was counting down, and whatever was causing it was totally out of their control. Just before the countdown was completed, the launch suddenly aborted when the giant UFO took off and all systems returned to normal. Depending on whom you reference, the incident lasted either seven or fifteen seconds. But for the missile crew, it had to be the most terrifying seconds of their lives. The only way to launch the missiles was by launch codes transmitted from Moscow. But no one in Moscow had ordered, authorized, or transmitted the codes. So what else is there to consider if not the giant UFO? The launch codes activated when it hovered over the facility, and when it took off, the systems returned to normal. ***** UFOs messing with ICBM missiles is a disturbing issue. It might appear as acts of aggression; however, these actions never resulted in harm to anyone. That is not to say there is not an element of hostility regarding UFOs, which I covered earlier. The only real casualty was a dummy warhead launched over the Pacific test range

knocked out of the sky when a UFO fired several beams at it. If there had been any hostile intentions, they could have destroyed it while it was still on the launch pad. We really have to wonder about the aliens’ interest in our weapons of mass destruction. Zapping a missile out of the sky in the Vandenberg incident and rendering twenty missiles useless at two missile sites at Malmstrom Air Force Base certainly suggests they are trying to tell us something. Burning a hole through the roof of a bunker storing a nuclear weapon in the Rendlesham incident was a bit more drastic; however, we might assume they could have hit the weapon and created a nuclear disaster had they chosen to do so. Then, activating the launch codes at a missile site in the Ukraine would seem to be the most important, not to mention the most frightening situation they created to get our attention. It would seem they are totally against our use of weapons of mass destruction, and although there may be other reasons for these demonstrations, the most logical one is that they do not want us to destroy ourselves. They want us to survive, and as we will see later, there is plenty of information in the Bible to reinforce this idea. However, the next piece of the puzzle involves understanding what these signs and messages are really all about.


The real reason extraterrestrials are involved with our evolution will now become evident as we start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. One piece is the warnings aliens are giving to abductees of an apocalyptic disaster. Revelation, the last book in the Bible, or Apocalypse in the Roman Catholic version and written two thousand years ago, describes the same destructive scenarios aliens show abductees. It is a clue that aliens were aware back then of a disaster that may wipe us off the map of the universe. If this is true, the only chance the human race has for survival is to find another planet that will support human life. At our present stage, it will take at least several centuries to develop the technology to achieve that goal, and once we do, there is no telling how much longer it will take before we find a planet that will sustain human life. Is it possible that extraterrestrials knew we would never evolve fast enough on our own to reach that goal in time? Is it possible they decided to intervene and give us a boost up the evolutionary ladder? This is all hypothetical, but if they have undertaken such a project, we can only assume the magnitude of this disaster is such that it could result in our extinction. If this is the case, we can at least find consolation in the fact that whatever it is, it will not happen in our lifetime, maybe later on in this millennium or in the next. Why would aliens push us to develop the needed technology if we will be wiped out before we can use it to save ourselves? And what kind of a disaster are we talking about? There are several possibilities.

One possible threat exists right here on earth that many people are unaware of, the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It was the subject of a few documentaries claiming the volcano is long overdue for an eruption. Due to its immense size, it could wipe out all life in the neighboring states and create an ash cloud that would cover the entire earth for years, blocking out all sunlight. Conceivably, it could create a nuclear winter and decimate the agricultural industry, and millions of people would starve and freeze to death—that is the worst-case scenario. However, in checking with the United States Geological Survey, they say it is not very likely to happen anytime soon.211 As for aliens preventing such a disaster, it seems unlikely; however, not knowing the limits of their technological capabilities, it could be possible. And who knows, maybe they already have. Another possible threat is a giant solar flare. The earth’s magnetosphere acts as a shield protecting us from these flares. But the sun occasionally releases super flares that could penetrate through this shield all the way to the surface and fry every human being on the planet. On May 15, 2013, a massive flare hit the magnetosphere with a glancing blow. Had it been a direct hit, it could have wiped out many satellites and power grids, resulting in a major loss of communications and electric power around the world. Solar flares have caused power grids to go down in the past, leaving millions of people in the dark without electricity. Unlike Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park that erupts every sixty-five to ninety-five minutes, solar flares do not occur on a predictable schedule; they can happen anytime. So it seems unlikely that even alien technology could determine the date of a super flare that could spell doomsday. Another threat is a gamma ray burst from the explosion of a distant star. If one were to head in our direction, even moving at the speed of light over a distance of thousands of light-years, it could still be lethal when it reached earth. The effects would be instantaneous— we would never know what hit us. Some scientists suspect a gamma ray burst may have caused one of several mass extinctions that

occurred in the distant past. For aliens to predict such an event largely depends on how advanced their technology really is. We have the technology to detect gamma ray bursts, but should one head in our direction, there is nothing the aliens, or we, could do to change the outcome. Although extremely remote, two other possibilities exist: a rogue planet and a runaway star. A rogue planet is one probably expelled during the formation of a solar system wandering aimlessly across the galaxy. If one happened to be on a collision course with the earth, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. When you consider the millions of asteroids wandering around in our solar system, it is conceivable there are quite a few rogue planets roaming around the galaxy. And what about a runaway star? We know they are out there. One is a red dwarf called Barnard’s Star that in the year 11,800 will pass by our solar system at a distance of four light-years.212 Although these possibilities are remote, a collision with a rogue planet or a runaway star would definitely do us in. It is possible that alien technology could chart the path of a rogue planet or star headed our way thousands of years in advance, but again, it is unlikely anyone has the technology that could change its course to prevent a collision. What would seem to be the most likely threat is a comet or asteroid impact. Comets become visible when they encounter solar radiation as they get nearer to the sun. As they warm up, they eject material that forms their tails. Comets are often many miles in length, and if one were to hit the earth, it could easily render the human race extinct. But because they appear so infrequently, the odds are more in favor of an asteroid strike. It happened sixty-five million years ago when an asteroid about five miles in diameter slammed into the Yucatán Peninsula and extinguished about 80 percent of all life on the planet. But what about an asteroid the size of 243 Ida? In August 1993, the Galileo spacecraft photographed Ida while on its way to Jupiter. It is thirtyfive miles in length and has its own moon, Dactyl, orbiting around it.213 If one that size were to hit the earth, game over!

Astronomers can calculate the orbits of asteroids and comets far into the future. Because there are millions of them, their focus is on those nearest to earth. If we suddenly discovered one headed for earth, even if we had the technology to divert its course, it is unlikely we would be able intercept it in time; to do so would require months or years of preparation. And if one were to approach from the direction of the sun, it would be virtually impossible to see until it was too late. However, it might not be impossible for aliens to predict the trajectory of a comet or asteroid destined for earth impact millennia ahead of time. But if their technology was that advanced, they would most likely have the means to prevent a collision. So the odds are that whatever this disaster is that aliens are warning us about, it is apparently beyond the capability of their technology to prevent. During the birth of our solar system, stellar debris was abundant. Heavy meteoric bombardment created impact craters clearly visible on all the planets and moons without an atmosphere to erode them. So we know this was something natural that occurred throughout the entire solar system and probably all others in our galaxy and even the universe. During the next few billion years, much of it fell into the sun or was expelled into deep space. The larger gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn acted like cosmic vacuum cleaners as they orbited through the debris, sucking much of it into their own atmospheres. However, some of it is still wandering around in our neighborhood. In 1992, the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 passed by Jupiter, and the gravitational stress broke it up into twenty-one separate fragments. It was the astronomical highlight of the millennium when they crashed into Jupiter between July 16 and 22, 1994. A few mountain-size pieces hit the planet and exploded with a force of six million megatons, spewing clouds of gasses one thousand miles high and leaving scars in the clouds wider than the earth. What would a similar impact do to earth? If all the nuclear weapons in existence were stacked together and detonated simultaneously, they would only produce an explosion between 30,000 and 60,0000 megatons.

On June 30, 1908, a comet or asteroid exploded in the atmosphere over the Tunguska region of Siberia in a blast that leveled trees for forty miles in all directions. Had it happened over New York, London, or Paris, it would have totally obliterated those cities. At the onset of Desert Storm in the fall of 1990, a satellite searching for Iraqi troop activity detected a one-kiloton blast produced by an asteroid exploding over the Pacific Ocean.214 On December 9, 1997, a British satellite picked up an asteroid exploding over the southern tip of Greenland. Scientists estimate it was slightly smaller than the Tunguska blast.215 A Discovery Channel documentary, Killer Asteroids, revealed that an asteroid exploded far above the Pacific in 2001 with the force of ten Hiroshima bombs, and in 2002, another one exploded over the Mediterranean. Then there is the asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013, possibly taken out by a missile from a space defense system in orbit. If such a system does exist, perhaps it took out one or two of the other asteroids just mentioned. Although time has reduced the threat of major impacts, these incidents—especially the Tunguska and Jupiter events—are a sober reminder of the potential danger we face from the debris still floating around in our backyard. What would seem to be the most immediate threat, also revealed in the Killer Asteroids documentary, is the asteroid called 99942 Apophis. In 2029, Apophis will pass closer to earth than the geosynchronous satellites in orbit at 22,236 miles. On a cosmic scale, that is equivalent to a bullet passing your nose by a fraction of an inch. Astronomers note that this close approach presents the possibility that it could pass through a gravitational keyhole, a point where earth’s gravity could alter its orbit and set it up for an impact with the earth on April 13, 2036. But according to observations made in 2006, it will probably miss the keyhole and reduce the chances of an impact to one in forty-five thousand. On the other hand, if Apophis does pass through this keyhole and is set up for an earth strike, it is only about 1,100 to 1,400 feet in

length and will not be an extinction impact. It would create a major tsunami if it hit in the ocean; and if it hit on land, it could kill thousands and maybe millions of people, depending where it comes down. If the threat of impact does turn out to be real, we can only hope that by then we will have devised a way to prevent it. If, however, the space fleet called Solar Warden that computer hacker Gary McKinnon claims the United States has in orbit really exists, then we may not have anything to worry about. ***** If there is any truth to Revelation’s dire prophecies and to the warnings aliens are giving abductees and gave to some schoolchildren in Zimbabwe, we are being alerted to a future devastating event. The evidence suggests aliens may be pushing us to develop the needed technology in time to save ourselves. Now that we have examined a possible motive for why aliens are accelerating our evolution, we need to look at the Bible, where there are more key pieces of the puzzle.


Every civilization … every race … every culture on earth has a creation story telling about a god, or gods, that came down from the heavens and created the human race. In Mesopotamia, it was the Anunnaki; in the Mayan culture, it was Kukulkan; in the Bolivian Andes, it was Viracocha, and so on. If we are to believe these legends, the creation of human beings was occurring all over the planet. But is it possible these legends—these myths—are more than just folklore and may be based on a single event? Or was it an event that was taking place in various places around the world? The creation stories vary among the different cultures, and to cover all of them would be superfluous, so I have focused on the JudeoChristian scriptures since they seem to be the most informative. In Genesis, the creator referred to is God. However, he is not to be confused with the Lord and the Lord God, as they appear to be two different individuals. Think of it as the Lord being “The Manager” and the Lord God his “Assistant Manager.” If, as the Bible claims, the five books of Moses were dictated to him by the Lord during the forty years of wandering around in the desert, it seems he made a clear distinction between himself and the Lord God in the very beginning of Genesis. The Lord God initiated the project in Eden with Adam and Eve, and the Lord took over and made all the decisions after that phase of the project failed, when Adam and Eve were forced to leave Eden. And we find the Lord mislabeled as God throughout the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible is there evidence that God came down; it was always the Lord whom the writers mislabeled as God. According to the scriptures, God created not only the earth but also the entire

universe. It also says he created the first human beings, Adam and Eve. Maybe it was God who created the universe, but the evidence strongly suggests it was physical beings who created Adam and Eve. According to biblical chronology, the creation of these first humans took place about six thousand years ago circa 4004–4000 BC. But how could that be? Archaeologists have excavated human bones that date back hundreds of thousands of years, so how could Adam and Eve have been the first? The first five books of the Old Testament are called the Torah or Pentateuch. Allegedly written by Moses, they are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The authors of all other books in the Bible are unknown except for the books of Enoc and Ezekiel; written in the first person, it is assumed they are the authors. The book of Enoc was not included in the Bible, but it was included in the Apocrypha, a book many religious scholars liken to supermarket tabloids because most of the stories are exaggerations, sensationalism, and falsehoods. Enoc’s book, however, provides clues of extraterrestrial activity in that the sons of God (the Nephilim or fallen angels) came down from heaven, mated, and had children with earth women. The scriptures later refer to their children as the Anakim or Anakites, the sons of Anak and said to be of extremely tall stature. They were also the first to be defeated by Joshua and the Israelites when they entered their promised land after their exodus from Egypt. The chronology of events described in the Torah are telling a story that began only six thousand years ago—long after humankind had been around—and that story begins in Genesis. I suspect the belief that Adam and Eve were the first humans is a misinterpretation that evolved over the centuries and eventually became a tenet of modern religions. Although I suspect the story has been perceived out of context, it may not be entirely wrong; Adam and Eve may have been the first “hybrid humans” that were created. This only makes sense, of course, if aliens were involved.

The Bible mentions four elderly women who miraculously conceived and gave birth—women who were all said to be sterile. They were Sarah, the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac, the mother of Samson, the mother of a Shunammite boy (who is not named), and Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. But how could that be? How could elderly women possibly become pregnant … especially if they were sterile? There can be only three possible explanations: the births were miracles, the stories are fictitious, or the women were inseminated. Being a pragmatist, I remain uninfluenced by mystical, spiritual, or supernatural beliefs. I have always been convinced there are logical explanations for everything, even the miracle births. There is absolutely no way to prove a miracle; you either believe it as a matter of faith or you don’t. So that left only two choices, fiction or insemination. It is possible the stories are works of fiction, but if Adam and Eve were hybrids as the evidence suggests, then it is possible that aliens inseminated these old and barren women, and their children were genetically engineered hybrids. Clues to that being the case lie in what we have learned about alien abductions. An extrapolation of the data accrued by abduction researchers reveals the abduction of women usually occurs during their fertile period when they are ovulating for the purpose of extracting their eggs.216 With men, their abductions appear to be random, but a common factor with men is the extraction of sperm.217 What appears to be happening is the aliens are genetically modifying the DNA in the sperm samples collected from men to suit their intended purpose, and there are two scenarios being played out here. One is they are breeding hybrids for genetic experimentation, and the other is they are creating hybrids to be born into our society. They use the men’s modified sperm to fertilize the women’s eggs in vitro on their ship. Then they abduct the women again and inseminate them with the fertilized eggs.218 Sometime before the end of the first trimester, the aliens remove the fetuses from their wombs, which they bring to full term in some type of incubatorium.219 These are the hybrids that abductees often describe as having both

human and alien features and with whom the women are frequently encouraged to interact. According to Dr. David Jacobs, one of the more prominent researchers in this field, many of the women he has worked with had suddenly found themselves pregnant with no idea of how they got that way because many said they were extremely careful in using birth control while others claim they were not sexually active at the time of conception.220 Then within three months, the fetuses mysteriously disappeared from their wombs. The women did not have an abortion or suffer a miscarriage, and they were not cases of pseudocyesis (false pregnancies); there was a fetus present in their wombs, a fact confirmed by their gynecologists. The aliens are somehow able to control the subject’s memory. Their abduction experience, blocked from the conscious mind, remains stored in the subconscious for weeks, months, or even years. In many cases, vague or fragmented memories eventually start to surface, and many of the women will begin having nightmares and seek professional help. Often, regressive hypnosis reveals the root of the problem and details of their abduction experiences. The details described in most cases are too numerous and similar to even consider being coincidental. The other method of memory control is completely erasing the event from the mind. In these cases, the fetuses remain in the wombs. These women, having no memory of their abduction and insemination, carry the fetuses to full term and give birth to hybrid children. These women were either married or in circumstances that would not have aroused any suspicion regarding their pregnancies. This would logically explain the miracle births mentioned in the Bible; those women would have believed their pregnancies were a miracle of God. There is evidence suggesting this has been happening on a regular basis throughout history. In studying the details of the biblical accounts, there was one commonality they all shared: each received a visit by the Lord or by someone who represented him, such as an angel or prophet. It appears the purpose of these visits was to inform the women, or

their husbands, in advance that the women were going to give birth to sons. But how could they know this in advance … unless they planned the pregnancies and inseminated the women? And remember, these pre-pregnancy announcements were all connected to the Lord. And if the Lord was an extraterrestrial as the evidence suggests, then it is highly probable these women gave birth to genetically engineered hybrid children. The reason for their creation will become clearer in chapter 14. One thing I questioned was why aliens used old and sterile women to breed hybrids in biblical times. Why did they not use young and healthy fertile women? I assumed there must have been a reason for it. With Adam and Eve, there is no mention of parents. The Bible says they were created, not born, the same way aliens are creating hybrids today. Since the next hybrids were born to old and sterile women, I suspected it may have had something to do with what happened with Adam. This is only speculation, but it is possible the physiology of a young and healthy fertile female somehow created a problem that caused Adam to be an imperfect specimen and the reason they switched to using elderly sterile women. If so, what was it about a young woman’s body that would create a problem not created by an old and sterile woman? A possible answer may be that the body of a fertile young woman goes through chemical and hormonal changes that would not occur in an old and sterile woman. Could these changes have somehow cancelled out Adam’s positive genetic qualities and be the reason why he failed his test? The sudden use of old and sterile women could be a clue. There was also the question of why they created Adam and Eve in the first place. There is evidence that man had been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and if Adam and Eve were hybrids, the only logical reason I could see for their creation was to incorporate upgraded genetic qualities into the existing population through interbreeding. But male hybrids producing children with human females could easily accomplish that. So why create Eve?

Although it’s possible there were others, she is the only female hybrid suggested in the Bible. Since they did create Eve, it was obvious the intention was for Adam to produce children with her. This was to take place in an isolated area called the Garden of Eden. We might compare it to Area 51 in Nevada, a location completely isolated from the outside world where the government secretly tests new and advanced aircraft. Since Eden was also isolated, were they testing these hybrids in secret? If so, what were they testing them for? At Area 51, prototypes of new aircraft undergo testing to work out the bugs and determine if any flaws exist in the design or in any new technologies they may be utilizing.221 Once they pass muster, then begins their production for military use. I can see where the same protocol would apply in the Garden of Eden to test the viability of certain genetic qualities programmed into Adam. Once they proved viable, then the use of more hybrids would speed up the process of seeding the existing population with improved genes. In the case of Adam, he was the prototype. They had to make sure he was the perfect law-abiding specimen who would obey all the rules and who would be impervious to negative influences. It would also involve the study of his children to make sure these qualities were stable and would survive in future generations. However, the creation of Eve suggested there was more to the story. With Eve, the Bible reveals details of a technological nature. Genesis 2:21 says the Lord God put Adam into a deep sleep and took a rib out of his body (which he allegedly used to create Eve), after which he closed up the place with flesh. When you put aside the miraculous implications of this story and examine it from strictly a logical perspective, it is describing surgical procedures performed today in any hospital. The fact that they put Adam into a deep sleep suggests they anesthetized him in preparation for an operation. Closing up the place with flesh describes the closing of an incision— what every surgeon does after an operation. Also, the footnote referring to Genesis 2:21 explains the words that were interpreted to mean the Lord God took a rib out of Adam can also mean “he took

part of the man’s side,” which could have been anything. Since I already suspected genetic engineering, I wondered, might it have been a sample of Adam’s hybrid DNA? So according to the Bible, something had to be removed from Adam to complete the creation of Eve, which tells us that, like Adam, she too was a hybrid who was created and not born. The only difference was that Adam’s genes contained an element that enabled him to absorb elements from the fruit produced by the tree of life that gave him a virtually unlimited life span. So I suspect the operation performed on him was to remove DNA samples so they could extract that element and incorporate it into Eve’s genetic code so she could also absorb the benefits of this fruit and thereby have a life span compatible with his. But a major problem arose when Adam failed his test. They then cast the couple out of Eden, preventing them further access to the life-giving fruit and any chance for an unlimited life span. Eve played a very important role in this stage of the plan. She is the one who was tempted to eat the “forbidden fruit,” not Adam. It appears the plan was to use her to influence him to break the law. Had it been Adam who was tempted, he probably would have resisted. But Eve had not been created with the same genetic qualities programmed into Adam and therefore was easily persuaded to eat the forbidden fruit. But when she saw how delicious it was, it was not hard for her to convince Adam to try it. So they used her to expose his weakness … his susceptibility to influence … to break the law … to do what they ordered him not to do. Since nobody was around, Adam figured no one would ever know. What he didn’t know was that the Lord God was monitoring their activities, and he knew. So the Bible is telling us that something important was going on six thousand years ago. When comparing Adam and Eve’s creation and the miracle births described in the Bible with the aliens’ hybrid breeding program, it appears the Lord was doing the same thing in biblical times that extraterrestrials are doing today with abductees. And the implication is they are influencing the evolution of the human race.

***** One question I had regarding abductions was why the aliens were removing fetuses from female wombs a few months after insemination. If they could fertilize the eggs in vitro and gestate the fetus by artificial means on their ship, then what was the purpose of using a female womb for the first three months? There had to be a reason for it. The only one that made sense was so the fetus could assimilate the female’s natural immunities to earthly germs and diseases into its own biological system. But then I had to ask, why? Were they going to release these hybrids into the population at some point in the future? And if so, for what purpose? Was it a subversive method to eventually take over the world by infiltrating our society with millions of hybrids? That idea seemed rather unlikely, so was there perhaps another purpose behind it? It was not until after From Adam to Omega came out that I discovered another possible answer to that question. According to some abductees, the aliens implied that letting the female carry the fetus to full term would result in emotional confusion in the hybrid child. This obviously refers to the fetuses they are breeding aboard their ship and not the ones being born into our society. What I understand from the studies of David Jacobs is that the aliens experience only a mild form of emotion but cannot express it in the extreme. If something pleases them, their reaction is restricted; they cannot express their pleasure beyond a certain point. If something displeases them, they are likewise unable to demonstrate anger or feelings of rage. Jacobs suggests the hybrids may need something from both the aliens and the female hosts to balance their emotional development. There are cases where the aliens emphasized that human contact was important to the child, and may even be the reason why women were sometimes encouraged to breast-feed an infant even if they were not lactiferous. One woman Jacobs worked with said she asked the alien why they removed fetuses from the womb. He told her, “We only remove those

that we need.”222 This implies that they do not remove all fetuses, and some women actually give birth. Therefore, I suspect these women were inseminated with fetuses whose DNA had been genetically modified for the specific purpose of being born into our society. This is speculation, but if true, might these children possess enhanced genetic qualities? Are any of them the geniuses of tomorrow who will further advance our move to the stars? Were any of them the geniuses of yesterday that brought us to our present technological level? The idea may not be as crazy as it sounds, and there will be more on this later. The aliens’ plan, however, was not without its problems. As we are about to see, mistakes were made that had to be corrected.


The first step was the creation of Adam and Eve. It appears the aliens operated on Adam to extract the longevity element from his DNA and incorporate it into Eve so she would have a life span compatible with his. But it appears this longevity part of their plan was a mistake—a mistake that took two thousand years to correct. It seems the purpose of this stage was to evaluate the strength of Adam’s positive qualities and determine if they were stable enough to prevail in his descendants. However, it was a failure. Something inhibited, or cancelled out, his positive factors. He was susceptible to negative influences and therefore deemed unsuitable for improving the genetic quality of the existing population. The plan for more hybrids was now on hold, and the couple was forced to leave Eden. Adam probably would have lived for thousands of years had he and Eve not broken the rule. With no access to the tree of life to replenish their longevity benefits, they eventually wore off, and the couple grew old and died. There are two major details to this part of the story. One is the fact that while in Eden, Adam and Eve performed no sacrifices to a deity, nor did they worship one; that did not start until after their eviction. To maintain a measure of control over their behavior, they now had to atone for their indiscretions to an authority figure—the being known as the Lord. The other is the fact that Adam and Eve had no children while living in Eden, and how long that was is not known. Their first son, Cain, was born sometime after their eviction, and how long that was

is also unknown. It is also unknown how many years elapsed after Cain was born before Able was born. However, the story reveals that Seth, Adam’s third son, was born when he was 130 years old. It seemed rather odd that in the 130 years of his life, Adam only produced three children, and I wondered, was it because he and Eve did not have sex very often? But that seemed unlikely. The only logical explanation was that due to the longevity factor, Eve’s fertility cycles were probability separated by decades. A woman can only conceive during her fertile period. Based on the average life cycle today, this period occurs about once a month (every twenty-eight days). But if Eve really lived for several hundred years as the Bible claims, would it be natural for her fertility period to have been on a monthly cycle? If so, she could have had a multitude of children in her lifetime, but the strain on her body would likely have had a negative effect on her life span. So it made sense that Eve’s menstrual cycle synchronized with her longevity—she may only have become fertile every ten or twenty years. And as I theorized, it was probably the element extracted from Adam’s genes that was responsible for her longevity. The Bible says Adam lived for 930 years, and his children also lived for hundreds of years. It also says many of his male descendants did not become fathers until they were around 180 years old while others became fathers at around age sixty-five. Since it appears they did not begin producing children until around age sixty-five, it suggests they may not have reached puberty until they were around fifty or sixty years of age. It also suggests those who produced children at around 180 took wives directly descended from Eve with fertility cycles separated by decades. Those who had children around age sixty-five suggest they had melded with the local population and took wives whose fertility cycles were normal. But over the next thousand years, life cycles gradually declined as the beneficial effects of the tree of life inherited from Adam gradually wore off and stabilized at around 120 years. As life spans became shorter, women’s fertility cycles adapted accordingly and gradually returned to normal.

Had it not been for these extended life cycles, the aliens could have switched to plan B right away, but the longevity factor was a mistake and set the project behind by two thousand years, which is how long it took before they resumed it with Isaac. But they first had to determine how long it would take for life cycles to return to normal. If it was going take more than a thousand years, it necessitated the elimination of Adam’s descendants to prevent them from growing in number to the point where they would become a dominant and negative influence over a new race. After evaluating the situation for an entire millennium, it became evident that it was going to take much longer. Because there was a deadline to meet, it appears they only had a window of two thousand years to evaluate the situation and resume the project, so elimination became necessary. But because of how Adam’s descendants had spread throughout the land, they would not be able to eliminate all of them. They could take out the majority by creating a major flood, but there would be survivors, because many would have settled beyond the boundaries of the flood area. They would be a small, insignificant number and pose no problem … at least for the time being. If it became necessary, they would deal with them later. The next step was to initiate a new plan. ***** Although the Bible identifies the source of Adam and Eve’s longevity as the fruit from the tree of life, it may only be a metaphorical reference for whatever that source really was. And Hebrew scripture indicates that the tree of knowledge (the forbidden fruit) may have been a banana tree, but it may only be a symbolic reference for whatever the real test was that they faced. But because of its common depiction as an apple tree, many people have come to accept it as fact. Also, the very first reference to technology in the Bible is revealed in Genesis 3:24 where it says cherubim and a “flaming sword flashing back and forth” were placed at the entrance to Eden to protect the

tree of life … in other words, to prevent Adam and Eve further access to it. The dictionary defines “cherubim” as “a biblical figure frequently represented as a composite being, with large wings, a human head, and an animal body and regarded as a guardian of a sacred place and as a servant of God.”223 Common sense tells us this was not a real-life biological creature, rather something designed to discourage and scare off intruders. A flaming sword flashing back and forth is describing a mechanical device with moving parts and a moving beam of light. And that is something we have today … a security device that uses a sweeping laser beam. So who do you think had that kind of technology six thousand years ago?


Adam’s failure put the project behind schedule. However, with a new plan, it was still possible to meet the deadline of getting man into space on time, and it may actually have been a backup plan. It is only logical that anyone organizing an important project would have the foresight to realize that even the best laid plan could fail due to unforeseen circumstances, and the aliens would have prepared a backup plan … just in case. The new plan was different. This time they would not create hybrids to infuse enhanced genetic qualities into the existing race; that would come later. This time a new race would come directly from the genes of a new hybrid. He would be born to parents who would guide him from infancy into adhering to proper moral and ethical standards. The only problem they would have to deal with were the remnants of Adam’s descendants who were spreading his genes into the local population, and their numbers were now beginning to increase. So it was important that the new race be isolated in order to maintain their genetic integrity until they grew into a nation. The progenitor of this new race was Isaac. He was conceived by Abraham’s sterile wife, Sarah, at age ninety in what she believed to be a miraculous pregnancy. Abraham was seventy-five years old when the Lord paid him a visit and told him that Sarah was going to have a son. However, it was twenty-four years later, when he was ninety-nine, when the Lord advised him that Sarah would give birth within a year. Just the fact that the Lord knew this twenty-four years in advance is evidence that

Isaac’s birth was a preconceived plan, and Sarah being sterile, not to mention ninety years old, suggests insemination. Like many female abductees today, with all memory of the process erased from her mind, she believed her pregnancy was a miracle of God. Another detail worth noting is that Abraham lived to be 175 years old and Sarah 127. This was long after the flood when life spans had stabilized at around 120 years. Sarah’s life span would have fallen within the norm, but with Abraham, it was evident that the longevity factor passed down from Adam had not yet completely stabilized in everyone. I spent many years carefully studying, cross-referencing, and analyzing the biblical events, and one thing that stood out was how the Lord prepared Abraham and Sarah for Isaac’s birth in advance. It was important that Isaac grow up abiding by proper moral and ethical values. This meant freeing his parents from the difficulties of life that most people had to contend with in those days so they could devote the majority of their time guiding Isaac along. This required making Abraham a wealthy man. To accomplish this, at some point before Isaac’s birth, the Lord sent Abraham and Sarah on a journey to where they would end up in Egypt. At this time, Sarah was about sixty-five years old and apparently still an extremely beautiful woman. Having maintained a very young appearance, she may have looked only thirty-five or a very youthful forty. The Bible says Abraham was afraid that if anyone knew she was his wife, someone might kill him in order to claim her for himself, so upon arriving in Egypt, he had her pretend to be his sister. Her beauty had not gone unnoticed by the pharaoh, and believing she was Abraham’s sister, he chose her to become one of his wives. In turn, he provided Abraham with much wealth; he gave him sheep, cattle, donkeys, camels, and many servants. However, before the wedding and any intimacy occurred, the Lord threatened the pharaoh in a dream and told him that Sarah was really Abraham’s wife. Even though he was innocent of ill intentions, the pharaoh was intimidated into returning her to Abraham and letting him keep all the wealth he had given him.

This incident confused many scholars because it suggests Abraham prostituted his wife for monetary gain. He was the patriarch of the Israelites … how could he do such a thing? What they fail to recognize is that it was the Lord’s idea, not Abraham’s. There is more evidence of this in chapter 20 of Genesis when they did it again. Abraham and Sarah pulled the same brother and sister act on Abimelech, the king of Gerar, and like the pharaoh, he, too, was overwhelmed by Sarah’s beauty and chose her to become one of his wives. It was only after the Lord threatened him in a dream (and laid a heavy guilt trip on him) that he returned her to Abraham and lavished him with even more riches as a means of atonement. The question we have to ask now is why Abraham did not tell the pharaoh in the beginning that Sarah was his wife and why he was having her pretend to be his sister. Surely, the pharaoh would have understood. Instead, Abraham let him take her into the palace in preparation for a wedding. How did he expect to get out of this situation? Had the Lord not intervened, would Abraham have actually let Sarah marry the pharaoh? The evidence points to the fact that Abraham knew it would never happen; he knew the Lord was going to step in and save the day. Consider the following points: • If it was Abraham’s idea to have Sarah pose as his sister, why did the Lord not admonish him for putting her in such a precarious situation? And why did he let him keep all of his ill-gotten wealth? • And why did Sarah never speak up? Obviously, she was playing along with the scheme. • They pulled the same scam on the king of Gerar, and like the pharaoh, the Lord threatened the king, who ended up giving Abraham even more wealth, which the Lord also allowed him to keep. And again, he never reprimanded Abraham, suggesting it had been the Lord’s plan all along. • There was much wealth in Egypt, and Abraham and Sarah would be virtually unknown there. It was the ideal place to acquire his riches.

Since the Lord apparently assisted Abraham in pulling the same ruse on two separate occasions, does it not suggest that it was a preconceived plan to make Abraham a wealthy man? And it certainly was not God who extorted wealth from these rulers. Genesis 22:2 reveals the next piece of the puzzle, another misinterpreted event. Apparently, Isaac was still a young boy when the Lord ordered Abraham to sacrifice him as a burnt offering, which makes absolutely no sense. It contradicts the promise he made to Abraham before Isaac was even born that he was going to give his descendants their own land. So how could Isaac produce descendants if sacrificed as a burnt offering? Was the Lord going to renege on his promise? Not likely. The story tells us Abraham brought Isaac to the designated place and prepared the sacrificial altar but says nothing about Isaac’s reaction when he learned that he was to be the sacrifice. However, just as Abraham was about to kill him, it says an angel intervened and saved his life. Because of his promise to Abraham, it is certain the Lord was not going to let anything happen to Isaac. It is also hard to believe that Abraham would even consider killing him. Could it be that he knew the Lord was really testing Isaac? Genesis 22:2 presents the story as if the Lord was testing Abraham’s loyalty, and I suspect it was a misinterpretation. Use a little common sense here. At that time, Abraham was over a hundred years old. Considering his age and his previous contacts with the Lord, what reason would the Lord have for testing him at this stage of the game? The story suggests it was a test of Isaac. Unlike Adam, who had no parents to guide him, the Lord never subjected Isaac to a test of temptation because his parents raised him to abide by proper moral and ethical values. However, he was now the star of the show—the progenitor of the new race—and it would appear that he, and three other hybrids created later, were used to test certain genetically enhanced characteristics to be incorporated into a future super hybrid, Christ.

In Isaac’s case, they needed to know if he would be willing to surrender his life—a quality that was later evident in Christ. It would seem that the new plan required that Christ be willing to accept his fate when the time came, so I would assume this was a priority issue and the most important of all the tests that followed. Had they not been able to genetically enhance this particular characteristic, they may not have created Christ and proceeded in a different direction. We really do not know if he was willing to give up his life or not since the scriptures fail to describe Isaac’s reaction. It is possible that he was, but other factors lead me to believe he may not have been too thrilled with the idea. One is that it appears they repeated the same test on their next hybrid, Samson. Like Isaac’s mother, Samson’s mother also was a sterile elderly woman. An angel visited her, telling her in advance of the birth of Samson, just as the Lord predicted Isaac’s birth to Abraham in advance. Since Samson was willing to sacrifice his life to free his people from Philistine domination, it appears the test was successful. The next step: creating the new race.


The next piece of the puzzle that fits into place is how the new race originated, and it required the careful manipulation of the following events: • • • • • • • • • • •

Jacob’s marriage to Rachel when Joseph would be born Joseph’s brothers’ hatred of him their selling Joseph into Egypt Joseph’s dream interpretations Joseph becoming governor of Egypt bringing his family to Egypt their four hundred years of slave labor their liberation from Egypt their forty years of indoctrination deliverance into their promised land

As we are about to see, the Lord planned these events centuries in advance and manipulated them to occur when and where they did. The remnants of Adam’s lineage were increasing in number and spreading their genes into the local population, and it was necessary to isolate Isaac’s descendants far away from them to protect their genetic integrity as they grew in population. Isaac grew up and married a woman named Rebekah, and they had twin sons, Jacob and Esau. The Lord needed only one of them to carry out this phase of the project, and he chose Jacob, possibly because he was better qualified for the job. He changed his name to

Israel, and the tribes that grew from his twelve sons became the Israelites. Jacob had set out to marry his true love, Rachel, but her father, Laban, tricked him into marrying her older sister, Leah. On the wedding night, it was Leah who entered the darkened tent where Jacob lay waiting and with whom he consummated the marriage. Perhaps he consumed too much wine during the day’s festivities because he allegedly did not realize what had happened until the next morning. Jacob immediately confronted Laban and demanded to know why he had done this. Laban said it was their custom for the oldest daughter to marry first but said if he agreed to finish the bridal week with Leah, then he would also give Rachel to him. However, there was a catch: he would have to work another seven years for Laban. Being that Jacob was so in love with Rachel, he agreed, and a week later, he took her as his second bride. Over the next fifteen or so years, Jacob fathered twelve children— eleven sons and one daughter, but none were with Rachel. And this was very disappointing to Jacob because it was his strongest desire that she produce his first son. After four or five years, Rachel had become so desperate for a child that she gave her maidservant to Jacob to produce children for her, as did her sister Leah when she had not conceived for a few years. It was not until after all the other children were born that Rachel conceived and gave birth to Joseph. Being that he was Rachel’s son, Jacob favored him over the others, and this caused his brothers to bear great resentment toward him. But this is a detail suggesting it was part of an orchestrated plan. The hatred of Joseph’s brothers eventually grew so strong they decided to get rid of him and sold him to a caravan of merchants on their way to Egypt. To cover their deed, they went back and told Jacob that a predatory animal had attacked and killed Joseph. Jacob, of course, was devastated.

At that point, Joseph was about seventeen years old and still the youngest child in the family since no children had been born after him. It was sometime after he ended up in Egypt that Rachel conceived again and gave birth to Benjamin. That means at least seventeen or more years had elapsed between Joseph’s birth and Rachel’s conception of Benjamin. However, she was now an old woman; her body could not stand the stress, and she died while giving birth. My first thought was that Rachel was sterile and Joseph was a hybrid whom she had “miraculously” conceived. But the fact that she had a second child discredited that idea. The only other possibility was that she was not sterile and the Lord reprogrammed her fertility cycle to match that of Eve’s. If true, it suggests the Lord planned Joseph’s birth to occur when it did … after all the other children were born. Benjamin was a by-product of Rachel’s reprograming; her fertility cycle may have been altered and still functional in her old age, but the longevity benefits passed down from Adam had long since faded away, so the genes controlling her life cycle remained unchanged, and Benjamin’s birth was too much of a strain on her body. When the merchants arrived in Egypt, they sold Joseph to one of the pharaoh’s officials named Potiphar, and he became a servant in his house. In the next few years as Joseph grew into manhood, Potiphar’s wife was sexually attracted to him and tried to seduce him, but he scorned her advances and ran away. Angered by his rejection, she charged that Joseph tried to rape her, so he was arrested and put in prison. While there, the pharaoh’s personal servant and baker were put in prison for reasons not explained, and both had dreams that Joseph offered to interpret for them. After describing them, Joseph told the pharaoh’s servant his dream meant in three days the pharaoh would restore him to his former position in the palace. He told the baker his dream meant in three days he would be hanged. And according to the story, his interpretations were correct.

About two years had passed when the pharaoh had two dreams that no one could interpret. His servant then told him of Joseph and how he accurately interpreted his dream and that of the baker. So the pharaoh had Joseph brought in and described his two dreams to him. In one, seven healthy cows were devoured by seven sickly cows, and in the other, seven stalks of healthy grain were devoured by seven stalks of scorched grain. Joseph said both dreams meant the same thing: seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine. He then suggested to the pharaoh that he appoint a wise and discerning man to oversee the land of Egypt and who would appoint commissioners to gather one-fifth of all the grain produced each year for the next seven years and preserve it in preparation for the seven years of famine. Joseph’s interpretation and wisdom greatly impressed the pharaoh, who, after giving it some thought, decided Joseph was the man for the job and appointed him governor of Egypt. We need only to look at the Old Testament prophets to understand that the Lord manipulated these dreams and their interpretations. The prophets were nothing more than “news reporters” of their time. They had no precognitive abilities. They did not predict the future by looking into a crystal ball—their prophecies were information they received from the Lord through visions and dreams. And it is likely that the Lord dispatched the dreams of the pharaoh, his servant, and the baker in the same manner, as well as Joseph’s knowledge of their meanings. Joseph eventually became reunited with his brothers when they came to Egypt to buy grain during the predicted long drought. They had to purchase it from Joseph, and since he was now all grown up, they did not recognize him, but he recognized them. After giving them a hard time, he eventually broke down and revealed who he was. According to Genesis 45:5, he told them that it was not their doing, the Lord manipulated the events that brought him to Egypt to become governor—further evidence that these events had been orchestrated and were part of an elaborate plan.

He then had his brothers return to Canaan and bring the entire family back to Egypt, and by order of the pharaoh, they were given land of Goshen to the south where they could live, grow their crops, and graze their animals. They were now isolated from any possible contact with the remnants of Adam’s descendants and those of the general population whom they had contaminated. Things went well for the first hundred years, but after Joseph and the pharaoh died, later rulers who knew nothing about Joseph and his relationship with the pharaoh subjected the people to forced labor for the next four hundred years. This ensured keeping them together and not spreading out as they grew into a nation. Evidence that the Lord planned and orchestrated these events is the fact that he revealed them to Abraham five hundred years earlier. Genesis 15:12–18 describes the covenant the Lord made with him wherein he stated that he would give Isaac’s descendants their own land. But he also told him they would first become enslaved in another land for four hundred years and that he would bring punishment upon those who enslaved them (the punishment being the ten plagues), and that they would be brought back to their homeland—the land of their ancestors—their promised land. Just the fact that the Lord told Abraham Isaac’s descendants would face four hundred years of slavery in another land further suggests it was for the purpose of isolating them from Adam’s descendants until they grew into a nation. What other reason could there have been for isolating them so far away for so long? The only part of the plan the Lord did not reveal was the indoctrination. Had the people known that after their liberation from Egypt they would be spending the next forty years wandering in the desert, it is unlikely they ever would have followed Moses. It was important that they abandon the rules and traditions to which they had become accustomed during their four centuries of slavery and adapt to a lifestyle guided by proper moral and ethical values. The Bible says their forty-year isolation was a punishment for their complaining. But the evidence suggests otherwise. The Lord created

a situation for the specific purpose of keeping them in the desert. Consider everything that transpired during that period: the new knowledge and all the laws imposed on them. There were Sabbath laws; laws pertaining to Hebrew servants; laws pertaining to personal injuries through accident or assault; laws pertaining to death by murder, accident, or self-defense; laws pertaining to property; laws pertaining to social responsibility; laws pertaining to justice and mercy; a volume of medical knowledge; and a whole new routine of hygienic practices. They had to adapt to these changes and actually live them. It was not something they could accomplish in a few weeks or a few months—it required a full generation (about forty years). There was too much involved to believe this was a punishment. It had been planned from the beginning—it had to be done while they were still all together—before they entered their new land and began to spread out. During their enslavement, they had acquired many customs and traditions and the laws by which they lived, and they had to put aside these old ways. It was important that they conform to new philosophies and adopt new standards of ethics and morality. Had they proceeded directly into their promised land, it would have been tantamount to graduating school without ever having attended a class. So the indoctrination was necessary. The Lord created a situation that forced them to complain rather violently about the lack of water, and they came close to attacking Moses. This provided him with an excuse (in the guise of a punishment) to sequester them for this purpose. This phase was successful for the most part, but during that fortyyear period, Adam’s negative characteristics still surfaced in some of the people. It was most likely the result of contact some of their ancestors may have had with Adam’s descendants before they had moved to Egypt. It was important that the indoctrination schedule be maintained with minimum interference, so during that period, the undesirables were eliminated as they made themselves known, allegedly by the hundreds and even thousands.

Back across the desert, the remnants of Adam’s descendants had melded with the general population and contaminated many of them with Adam’s genes. It was virtually impossible to determine those contaminated from those unaffected. The only solution was to conquer and burn their cities and eliminate all of its inhabitants. This included not just the men but women and children as well. Most world nations today would condemn such action as barbaric. However, it was still important at the time to maintain the genetic integrity of the new race for as long as possible. It was probably not an option the aliens favored, but it was the only way to guarantee there would be no contact and further contamination. The end would justify the means. However, the forty years of desert isolation reveal more evidence of technology and alien-controlled events.


After five hundred years of living in Egypt, four centuries of it as slave labor, the people had grown in size to a small nation. It was then that the Lord proceeded with the rest of his plan to liberate and sequester them for a generation of indoctrination before leading them into their promised land. But it was necessary that he engage the assistance of someone who could do it for him; otherwise he would have had to come down and do it himself. And the person he chose for the job was Moses. Shortly after he was born, the pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in a basket adrift in the Nile River. His mother set him adrift to save his life when the pharaoh decided to limit the growth of the Hebrew population by killing all of their infants. The pharaoh’s daughter brought him into the palace and raised him as her own son; however, she did learn who his mother was and hired her as a nanny, thus enabling her to nurse him. Moses never knew that his nanny was his real mother, so he grew up believing he was Egyptian. It was not until he was an adult that he learned his true heritage and who his real mother was. He then became an advocate for his people. Moses eventually fled across the desert to Midian after he unintentionally killed a taskmaster who was beating on one of the Hebrew workers. When it was time, the Lord went to Midian to recruit him as his people’s liberator, and it is here the scriptures are confusing. Exodus 3:2 says an angel appeared to Moses in the flames of a burning bush. Exodus 3:4 says the Lord saw Moses approach the

bush to see why it was not being consumed by the flames, and then says it was God who spoke to him from the burning bush. Literally, it is saying the angel became the Lord who then became God. Obviously, the angel could not be the Lord or God. As we shall see in a moment, the Lord and God are not the same. Since it was the Lord who took control of the project after Adam and Eve’s eviction from Eden, I think it is logical to assume the Lord was still in charge and the one who contacted Moses at the burning bush. But what was this burning bush? Fire, in the form of candles, torches, and oil lamps, provided the only source of light in those days. As we will see in chapter 15, teleportation is a technology evident in both the Bible and alien abductions. What seems to be a consistent feature of this process is a brilliant light out of which angels and the little gray aliens always appear. In biblical times, there were no words to describe any other kind of light other than fire. Since Exodus 3:2 says an angel (meaning the Lord) appeared to Moses, it suggests he beamed down, appearing out of a brilliant light and spent some time talking with Moses, trying to convince him to go back to Egypt. Nevertheless, the Lord had a difficult time convincing Moses. He tried a few tricks like turning his staff into a serpent and even making his hand appear leprous, but having grown up in the palace and watching the pharaoh’s magicians at work, Moses probably knew these were only tricks of illusion, and he still refused to go. And the Lord actually became angry with Moses over his reluctance (Ex 4:14). However, it proved Moses was a logical thinker. Unlike others who would have run away in fear at the sight of brilliant light encompassing a bush (a burning bush that did not burn), Moses was uninhibited by superstitious fears and beliefs; he approached the bush with a healthy curiosity, an indication that he would be able to deal with the facts when the Lord felt it was time to reveal them to him. I suspect the Lord revealed to Moses something relating to the importance of what he was doing and why, since he eventually succeeded in convincing him to return to Egypt. According to Exodus 4:17, before leaving, the Lord gave Moses a special staff with which

to perform miracles. However, all indications are that the Lord orchestrated the miracles from his ship, and the staff contained a device used for non-face-to-face communication between them. During his journey back to Egypt, the Lord had arranged for Moses to meet with his brother, Aaron, at Mount Horeb. As an infant, Moses allegedly burned his mouth on a hot coal, which may have resulted in him having a speech impediment. He had told the Lord that he lacked eloquence and was slow in speech and tongue (Ex 4:10). So they decided that Aaron would carry his special staff and do the talking for him when confronting the pharaoh. Therefore, after their first meeting with the pharaoh, Exodus 7:19–24 says that Aaron dipped the staff in the Nile River, and the water turned to blood (turned red), making it undrinkable and resulting in many dead fish. Prior to the construction of the Aswan Dam in the twentieth century, when the Nile River rose each year near the end of June, silt carried down from the headwaters created a dark red discoloration. This supposedly lasted for about three months. The belief is that Aaron performed his act just before the Nile’s annual rising and discoloration, thereby exacerbating this period of inconvenience. In their first meeting with the pharaoh, they asked that he let the people make a three-day trip into the desert to make sacrifices to God. The pharaoh refused and then withheld the supply of straw from the workers, which they needed to make bricks, but he still required them to meet their regular daily quota. Without straw, it was impossible, and the workers were beaten when they failed to comply … and it really angered Moses. He met with the Lord a few days later and made it clear that he did not like what was happening and wanted to know why he was letting the pharaoh get away with it. But all the Lord did was assure Moses that things would get better. It seems that whenever someone angered or challenged the Lord, he always punished that person. When the dissidents rose up in the desert, the Lord allegedly eliminated them by the hundreds and even thousands. An angel allegedly struck Zechariah mute when he questioned the Lord’s message that Elizabeth would give birth. Here

is Moses boldly confronting the Lord and questioning his actions, or in this case, inaction, and the Lord does nothing except tell Moses that things will get better. This is a clue that Moses did not perceive the Lord as any kind of god, nor did he fear him as such. To have gained his cooperation thus far, I believe the Lord had made him somewhat aware of what he was doing and why. Why else would he give up the remaining years of his life to wander around the desert playing guru to several hundred thousand people unless he knew something about what was going on? And the fact that Moses bared his anger may have caused the Lord to worry about losing his cooperation. If Moses decided to abandon him at this time, it would have created a major problem: he had no one to take his place. And that is when he revealed to Moses who he really was. Now the Lord never told Moses that he was God, but when he first contacted him at the burning bush, he said: “I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” (Ex 3:6). Again, I do not believe Moses was impressed. It appears he had set the parameters of their relationship right from the beginning when he made the Lord angry by refusing to return to Egypt. And although Moses may not have believed he was any kind of god, he never knew who he really was … until now, when the Lord told him he had purposely misled Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob into thinking he was God. He said: “I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name the Lord, I did not make myself known to them” (Ex 6:2,3). That statement reveals a distinction between the Lord and God Almighty and that they are not one and the same. He is telling Moses that he presented himself to these men as God but never told them who he really was, a physical being (from another world) who was

known by the title of the Lord. Then he instructed Moses to tell the people: “I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians” (Ex 6:7). If God created the entire universe, would he not be considered everyone’s God? Here, the Lord is not claiming to be anyone’s god. He is simply saying that he will take these people as his own and that he will be their leader (or god, if you will) who freed them from Egypt. And the fact that Moses even recorded this information suggests the Lord was having him keep an accurate record of what was really going on. When Moses arrived back in Egypt, he could not just walk in and tell the people that the Lord was now ready to bring them into their promised land and expect everyone to pack up and follow him; they never would have believed him. Even in the unlikely event the pharaoh did release them right away, it still would have taken time to persuade them. And the Lord did tell Moses that the Hebrews were a “stiff-necked” (stubborn) people. So the ten plagues gave Moses the time he needed to convince them. The Lord told Moses that Aaron’s job was to keep pressing the pharaoh to release the people, which he did. But each time the Lord made sure the pharaoh would refuse. This is revealed in Exodus 7:3 where he told Moses that he was going to “harden the pharaoh’s heart,” meaning he was going to prevent him from releasing the people too soon. So it is obvious the Lord was mentally manipulating the pharaoh. Various technologies described in my first book can logically explain the ten plagues that followed. It is also possible that later writers interpreted a series of natural events as an angry God unleashing his wrath on the Egyptians for having enslaved the Hebrews. However, it appears the plagues gave Moses the time he needed to convince everyone to follow him, but it was the last one,

the death of the firstborns, that finally convinced them. It was the only plague that directly affected them. Exodus 12:18–23 says he told Moses to instruct the people that on the tenth day of the month, they were to select a lamb or goat that was one year old and free from any defect. They were to take care of this animal until the fourteenth, then slaughter it at twilight and roast it over a fire. They were to smear some of its blood on the sides and tops of their doorframes as a sign for the “destroyer” to pass by their homes and spare their firstborns. They were to eat the meat in haste —with their cloaks tucked into their belts, sandals on their feet, their staffs in their hands—and they were not to go outside until morning. Also, they were instructed to get rid of any yeast in their homes on this day, and for the next week, until the twenty-first, they were to eat only unleavened bread made without yeast. Now it is only logical that these instructions were meant to serve a purpose. One hypothesis is that death resulted from a lethal agent beamed directly into the person’s body from their ship (which the Lord referred to as the “destroyer”) as they cruised over the city. These beams may have left a residual contamination floating in the air that could seep into other homes and possibly be absorbed through the skin and cause serious illness and possibly death. It may have required several ships to complete the job in one night, thereby increasing the amount of airborne contamination and the need to take precautions. Keeping their cloaks wrapped tightly around them and tucked into their belts would have protected their skin. If any settled on the floors, sandals would protect their feet. Keeping their staffs in their hands instead of leaning them against the wall would prevent them from contact with any contamination that might settle there. Eating the meat in haste meant that they were to eat it immediately after cooking it—before the killing started and the contamination began to build up. It is possible that yeast might absorb and retain the contamination resulting in serious illness and maybe death if eaten, so they had to get rid of it on that day. Eating unleavened bread for the next seven days may have been an added precaution just in

case any yeast they might have procured after the fourteenth was contaminated. It may have taken three or four days for the contamination to dissipate, thus explaining a safety margin of seven days. Telling the people to stay inside until morning would also reduce the danger of exposure. The pharaoh’s firstborn son was a casualty during this night of death, and in his grief, he relented and allowed the Hebrews to leave. But the plan called for him to pursue them once he realized he had lost his free labor force. So it was important that when the people left, they immediately put a lot of distance between themselves and the pharaoh, just in case he set out after them too soon. In fact, during the first several days, the Lord provided light so they could travel during the night hours (Ex 13:21). If anyone became sick or died from the contamination during this time, travel could seriously be hindered—it had to be prevented. Therefore, the Lord provided a clear-cut list of instructions to follow as precautionary measures. What other purpose could they have served? The Bible now describes the tactics the Lord used to arrange the destruction of the pharaoh’s army. The next step was to annihilate the pharaoh’s army in front of the people—the ultimate sign of their freedom. But first, the Lord had to make sure the Egyptians would pursue them. At the same time, he had to prevent the people from getting too far ahead—if the army could not find them, it would ruin the whole plan. So he led them in an erratic back-and-forth pattern until he knew the Egyptians were coming. Exodus 13:18–14:2 says the Lord led them on a route toward the Red Sea. Then it says they went to Succoth and then to Etham, where they camped at the edge of the desert. Then (probably because they had gained too much headway) the Lord had them turn and go back to Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea. He then had the people camp by the sea (or some small body of water), which would seem to place them in a vulnerable position. When the pharaoh’s army finally caught up to them, the Lord blocked their path with a smoke screen that they could not penetrate.

Then, using a powerful force field, he parted waters, providing the Hebrews with a route of escape. When the Lord lifted the smoke screen, the Egyptians attempted to pursue them through the parted waters. But when they were about midway through, according to Exodus 14:25, he blew the wheels off the lead chariots. This created obstacles that slowed them down, forcing them to bunch up in the middle. He then turned off the force field, and the waters came crashing down over them, allegedly leaving no survivors. Assuming this was a real event, when viewed from a logical perspective, what could possibly be responsible for parting the waters if not some kind of force field? It is also alluded to in 2 Kings 2:8 when the waters of the Jordan River ceased to flow so Elijah and Elisha could cross over to the place where the Lord took Elijah up to heaven in a “chariot of fire,” and in 2 Kings 2:14 for Elisha when he crossed back over. It is again referred to in Joshua 3:16 when the Jordan ceased to flow so Joshua and the people could safely cross over. During the exodus, there were numerous events suggesting the application of sophisticated technologies, which if true is evidence that the Lord really was an extraterrestrial who was guiding his new race along and ensuring their survival. Some of the current documentaries suggest the aliens provided the Israelites with various technological devices in order to explain some of the miracles such as a “manna machine” that provided their food for forty years224 and a sound machine that brought down the walls of Jericho.225 These were ideas derived from the Zohar, which are commentaries on the Torah, the five books of Moses.226 The Zohar was written around the second and third centuries AD and is not part of the Bible. It is a book of creative ideas designed to explain the meaning of some of the scriptures. It mentions “the ancient of days,” which some have interpreted to be a rather complex machine the aliens gave to the people that created the manna. And it makes no sense that they received a machine that caused Jericho’s walls to collapse. The Bible makes no mention of the Israelites toting such devices around during the forty years in the desert or after entering their

promised land, and although it is a logical theory, a more practical idea is the so-called miracles were controlled by alien technologies from a ship—a ship that remained with them for the duration. Why would they give the people bulky and cumbersome machines to carry around to perform functions they could probably carry out on their ship by pushing a button? It just seems illogical. More than likely, the manna was replicated. If the aliens possess the technology to break down the molecular structure of the people they abduct, transport them through walls and windows, and reassemble them aboard their ship, they are manipulating matter on a molecular level. So it may also be possible for them to manipulate the molecules of any substance and rearrange them into the pattern of whatever they want to reproduce. According to Exodus 16:15, when the morning dew evaporated, the manna appeared in its place. The only other option is that the manna was teleported down. But that means they would have had to store enough of a supply aboard their ship to feed several hundred thousand people each day for forty years, which seems unlikely. Replication would seem to be the logical alternative. Another instance suggesting replication is in 2 Kings 4:42–44 where it says that the Lord aided the prophet Elisha in feeding one hundred people with only twenty loaves of bread. Others are in Matthew 14:17–19, Mark 6:34–42, and Luke 9:13–17 where it says Christ fed five thousand people with only two fish and five loaves of bread, and again on a mountain near the Sea of Galilee where Matthew 15:29–38, Mark 8:1–9, and John 6:7–13 tell us that he fed another four thousand people with only two fish and seven loaves of bread. What is probably the most significant demonstration is the first miracle that Christ performed at a wedding in Cana when he turned water into wine. According to chapter 2 in the book of John, Christ requested filling six stone jars sitting on the floor with water. But why? Why didn’t he just materialize the wine into the empty jars if he could perform miracles? Therefore, we must assume there was a reason the jars had to be filled with water first. The logical assumption is so the water’s molecular structure could be

reformatted into that of wine. Christ probably had to prevail on the Lord to assist with his replicating system. In each incident, there was an agent involved. With the manna and wine, it was water—dew on the ground and water in the jars. With his replicating system, the Lord reformatted the molecular structure of the water into the manna and wine. The bread was the easiest to reproduce since samples were already on hand for quick analysis … just like copy and paste on your computer. Replicating life forms such as fish seems doubtful, although they were probably able to reproduce a convincing facsimile. These stories sound like miracles, but collectively, they suggest that there was much more going on. And we are now beginning to realize that such things may not be impossible. What seems logical in the crumbling of Jericho’s walls is that sound waves produced from an alien ship brought them down. Whether the sound was within or above the audible range of humans, the vibrations could have caused damage to the eardrums. The scriptures say that after marching seven times around the city, the instructions called for the people to begin shouting, what I perceived as a precautionary measure to prevent damage to the eardrums by equalizing the pressure in the ears while the device was in operation. In chapter 12, I proposed it was for preserving their genetic integrity as they grew into a nation that led to the Israelites’ enslavement in Egypt. Their liberation and forty-year indoctrination, however, required the assistance of Moses to keep the people under control during that time. Further evidence of alien involvement is what happened to him when his job was completed. According to Deuteronomy 31:14 and 32:50, the Lord told Moses that he would die, and Deuteronomy 34:5 claims that he did. But the fact that he appeared over one thousand years later with Elijah at Christ’s transfiguration suggests otherwise; how could he be standing there talking to Christ if he were dead? The clue to what really happened begins in the story of Moses producing water from the rock.

Soon after Moses led them out of Egypt, the people were camped at a place called Rephidim, where they began complaining about the lack of water, and they came close to attacking Moses. This allegedly caused Moses to complain bitterly to the Lord. The Lord told him to take some of the elders and walk ahead of the people to the rock at Horeb, and said he would “stand there before him by the rock.” According to Exodus 17:6, Moses was to take his staff and strike the rock, and water would pour out from it. But according to Numbers 20:7,8, he was supposed to speak to the rock. Nevertheless, after arriving at the site, nothing was said about the Lord standing there before him, so we can assume that the word “before” meant “prior to,” in that the Lord would go there before Moses arrived. But why? One possibility is that he had rigged the rock with a line to an underground stream and drilled holes to provide an outlet for the water. Then again, the rock could have been the side of a cliff that contained a well of collected rainwater. Either way, a valve designed to open from the sound of tapping was probably installed ahead of time, and the Lord had to go there to activate it before Moses and the people arrived. We have the same technology today, the Clapper that turns your lights on and off by clapping your hands. So why would the Lord need to get there first to turn on this device? Would it not have been more practical to have it set from the time of installation? Being that the people were currently upset with Moses, it had to appear as another miracle to reinforce their faith in him. Had it been preset, any number of things may have caused it to turn on prematurely like a distant clap of thunder or the sound of a loose stone falling from a cliff. Had the water been flowing when everyone arrived, it would not have made much of an impression. So the Lord waited until the last possible moment to activate it. But then there is the question, how did Moses know which rock to go to? It seems unlikely that he would trek across the desert, walk up to just any rock, and expect water to flow from it by tapping on it—or speaking to it. Logic suggests he knew in advance which rock the

Lord had rigged. Since this event supposedly took place at Mount Horeb where the Lord first made contact with Moses through the burning bush, and where he met with his brother, Aaron, on his return to Egypt, we know that he had been there before. It also means he would have been familiar with the area, and the rock had to be one that he would be sure to recognize. And the Lord did tell him to go to “the rock” at Horeb, not “a rock.” So the Lord had probably identified this rock to Moses during his meeting with Aaron on his return to Egypt. It also suggests that the events at this location had been preplanned. There is, however, more to the story. It was a plan designed to set the stage for when Moses would leave the people forty years later. It appears there is a conflict between Exodus 17:6 and Numbers 20:7,8. One says Moses was to strike the rock with his staff, and the other says he was to speak to it. It seems they are both right. Moses did strike the rock with his staff as the Lord had instructed, while at the same time he did speak to the rock, but in a rebellious manner, supposedly because he was upset with him for keeping the people at Rephidim for so long without water that they almost attacked him. According to Numbers 20:12, because of his irreverent behavior, the Lord became angry and told him that he would never live to lead the people into their promised land. Moses’s complaining branded him a griper, automatically putting him in disfavor with the Lord. So the people believed that he would die and never live to see the promised land. But this made no sense. Since the Lord came down so hard on everyone else, why would Moses, of all people, complain so blatantly and act rebelliously against him in front of everyone when he knew what the consequences would be? It would seem that if anyone knew better, he did. But let’s not forget how he bared his anger to the Lord back in Egypt when the taskmasters were beating on the people for failing to produce their quota of bricks after the pharaoh withheld their straw. If the Lord did not come down on him then, it seems unlikely that he would he do it now.

Moses was responsible for liberating the people from Egypt and keeping them under control for forty years in the desert while indoctrinating them to new ways. The Lord had to dictate all these new laws so Moses could make a record of them before he passed them on to the people, and it was a time-consuming part of the project. There were no typewriters or word processors in his day, and if you look at the number of words in the Torah, you will see that it probably took a very long time to record. Moses had to write down each individual letter of every word (assuming, of course, that he did write them down), and with all his other responsibilities, it was probably a small portion of each day that was set aside to do this. If he thought the Lord was going to “effect his death” simply because he voiced one complaint, it is unlikely that he would have remained so committed to him and his project, and it is unlikely that the Lord would have continued to put any trust in him. Why would he spend forty years of his life, considering that was about all he had left anyway, running around the desert trying to keep several hundred thousand people happy, as well as the Lord, only to climb up on a mountain to die? It makes no sense. Moses’s job would be finished when they reached the promised land. It would then be necessary for a younger leader to take over, one with military expertise who was capable of leading the army in battle. Moses was eighty years old when he and Aaron were confronting the pharaoh back in Egypt, and he was 120 and near the end of his lifetime when they reached their new land, certainly too old to be effective in a military capacity. His mission was to indoctrinate the people and keep them under control during the time in the desert. Isn’t it more likely the Lord rewarded him for his years of faithful service by taking him with him instead of dying on top of a mountain? If this was the case, which it certainly appears to be, then it would have been necessary to create a situation to validate his departure. When the time came forty years later, Moses could not just stand up and tell everyone that his job was now finished and the Lord was waiting on the mountain to pick him up. A situation was created that made it appear that the threat of being attacked caused him to

complain and act rebelliously to the Lord in front of them. As far as they knew, he angered the Lord, and his departure would then be an event they expected. According to the laws of justice with which they were about to be indoctrinated, they would never have believed the Lord was partial to Moses just because he was their leader. They would believe the same justice that applied to them applied to him, and that his departure meant his death, thereby providing him with the excuse he needed for leaving when the time came. There would be no witnesses. He would go to the top of Mount Nebo all alone where the Lord would pick him up; everyone would assume he had gone up there to die. Since he was seen over one thousand years later at Christ’s transfiguration with Elijah, whom the Lord had picked up in a “chariot of fire,” would it not suggest that like Elijah, Moses had also been picked up and was still alive? And would it not suggest the Lord had instructed Moses to speak to the rock in a rebellious tone to convince the people he angered him, thus providing him with the excuse he needed for leaving? It is the consensus of most biblical scholars that Joshua or someone else later added the description of Moses’s death. The Bible says he died at the ripe old age of 120, yet his eyes were not weak, nor his strength gone. Being that he was still so healthy, I had to question, how could he just lie down and die? And why would he have to do it on top of a mountain, away from the people—why were they not allowed to witness his death, and why were they not allowed the privilege of burying him? Deuteronomy 34:6 says he was buried in Moab, in the valley opposite Beth Peor. The truth is no one knew where his grave was or if he had been buried. The evidence suggests that he did not die but instead went with the Lord, as did Enoch and Elijah. It was reward for their many years of faithful service in assisting him in the project. Now we will cover the events that followed in their promised land.


Once settled in their promised land, the Lord introduced other hybrids over the centuries. They were Samson, a Shunammite boy, Solomon, and John the Baptist. Their purpose was testing the enhanced genetic qualities intended for Christ, except for John the Baptist whose role was to set the stage for Christ’s debut. They did not gestate these hybrids in an incubatorium on a spaceship; old and sterile women gave birth to them, except for Solomon, whose mother was a young fertile woman. Christ was the Messiah that Isaiah 7:14 predicted would be born to a virgin and that Micah 5:2 predicted would occur in Bethlehem. It appears the plan required that a young virgin give birth to Christ since the Lord told Isaiah seven hundred years in advance. She would not yet have traded any bodily fluids and hormones through intercourse with a man, and that may have been a factor they considered important with Christ. But if the physiology of a young fertile woman were responsible for the problem with Adam, it was a problem that had to be resolved before Christ was born. As to how this may have been accomplished will be explained in this chapter. I suspect the most important attribute intended for Christ was a willingness to surrender his life for the advancement of a noble cause, a test conducted on both Isaac and Samson. It obviously worked with Samson but is questionable with Isaac. Although Isaac’s primary role involved producing a new race, the fact that the Lord ordered Abraham to sacrifice him as a burnt offering is reason to believe he first tested this attribute on him. But in Isaac’s case, the scriptures fail to state a reason for him becoming a burnt offering,

only that the Lord requested it. Isaac’s reaction, whatever it might have been, was omitted from the story. However, since Samson willingly sacrificed his life to free his people from Philistine domination, it appears they repeated the test on him. It appears the next test involved enhanced telepathic abilities, a characteristic often exhibited by Christ in his communication with the Lord. The hybrid in this case was a Shunammite boy not identified by name in the scriptures. Except for his mother being old and sterile, little is said about him. In 2 Kings 4:8–37, it describes the same protocol of a pre-pregnancy announcement, as did the other miracle births. The prophet Elisha wanted to repay the woman’s kindness for providing him with a room to stay in whenever he visited the region, so the Lord instructed him to tell her she was going to have a son. For some reason, it seems his telepathic ability failed to manifest until he was around four or five years old. He suddenly began complaining about his head and allegedly died while lying in his mother’s lap. Yet it goes on to say he was revived by Elisha. So either Elisha performed a miracle, or the child was not dead. I suspect the child’s telepathic abilities may have suddenly kicked in at full power, and he began hearing the thoughts of others collectively, without being able to distinguish one from another. It would be tantamount to a deaf person suddenly acquiring the ability to hear while standing in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve. In trying to block out all of the “noise” in his head, the trauma caused him to fall into a state of suspended animation. His body became cold, and breathing was undetectable, perhaps one heartbeat per minute or less. His mother would naturally have assumed he was dead. Several years ago, I was watching a documentary on disasters that presented a short segment on the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Kobe, Japan, in 1995. It showed rescue workers pulling infants from the rubble of a collapsed hospital—two weeks later— who had managed to survive in a state of suspended animation. So it is apparent that infants, when severely traumatized, can fall into this state. This is all speculation, as there is no way to know what really happened to the Shunammite boy. However, when considering

his mother was an elderly sterile woman, and the fact that the child was complaining about his head, the idea of enhanced telepathic abilities may seem like a stretch; however, it is plausible. But there is more. His mother put him on the bed in Elisha’s room and ran out to find Elisha. When Elisha saw her approaching, he realized she was in great distress and asked what was wrong. After she explained, he handed his staff to his servant and ordered him to run on ahead and “Lay my staff upon the face of the child” (2 Ki 4:29). The woman stayed with Elisha, who, because of his advanced age, could not walk too fast. The servant soon returned and met them on the road. He said he had placed the staff on the boy’s face, but there was no sound or response. When they reached the house, Elisha went directly to his room and closed the door. Then it says he climbed up on the bed and lay on top of the boy. Elisha may have been using his own body heat to stimulate the boy’s metabolism because it says his body began to warm up, so apparently it was working. Elisha then paced the floor for a while, waiting for him to come around. After a few minutes passed and nothing happened, he stretched out over him again, and this time the child began to stir. It says he sneezed several times, probably a reaction to his changing body temperature, and he woke up. This story poses some rather intriguing questions: How did Elisha know that lying on top of the boy would revive him? And having his servant place his staff on the boy’s face was a rather curious act— what was that supposed to have accomplished? Since Elisha was in frequent communication with the Lord, it is possible that his staff, like the one the Lord gave to Moses, contained some sort of communicating device, that when placed on the boy’s body, was used to diagnose the problem. After Elisha was alone in his room behind the closed door, the Lord then communicated instructions on how to revive the child. The story mentions nothing more about the boy. If this was a test to enhance telepathic abilities, he should have developed an

awareness of other people’s thoughts and emotions from infancy and adapted to it as he grew. Turning on so suddenly was a very traumatic experience. The child was totally unprepared for, and unaware of, what was happening to him. Because the author of 2 Kings is unknown, one might doubt the veracity of this story by questioning how he knew the details of what occurred between Elisha and the boy in the bedroom since there was no one there to bear witness. Therefore, it could be a work of fiction. But since the story survived the centuries, it is possible that Elisha recounted the details to someone who later wrote them down. Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, was a young fertile woman. Perhaps she was the “acid test” to confirm the method of correcting whatever caused Adam’s failure worked and the problem had been resolved. The test proved successful in her son, Solomon, and the evidence strongly suggests he was a hybrid used to test genetically enhanced wisdom. But there is more to the story. Bathsheba was married to Uriah, a soldier in King David’s army, and while he was away in battle, David became infatuated with her beauty and seduced her into having an illicit affair. During the affair, Bathsheba became pregnant, and this was a big problem for both her and David. David’s reputation was at stake, and Bathsheba risked exposure as an adulteress. So David sent word to the captain of his army to send Uriah to him. When he arrived, David spent some time chatting with him about the war and then told him to go on home to his wife, assuming he would sleep with her and thus provide an explanation for her pregnancy. But Uriah felt guilty about leaving his comrades in battle, and instead of going home, he chose to sleep on a mat in the palace with the servants. Realizing his plan was not going to work, David gave Uriah a sealed letter to deliver to the captain of his army in which he instructed the captain to put Uriah in the front lines where the fighting was heaviest and he was sure to be killed. Once he was dead, Bathsheba would be free to marry David, thus putting an end to the problem.

Allegedly, the Lord became very angry with David for what he had done and caused the death of their child. But this could be a righteous assumption made by later writers. Child deaths were not uncommon in those days due to diseases for which there were no cures. The scriptures fail to mention if the child was stillborn or died sometime after being born. Either way, the child’s death may well have been due to natural causes. What led me to suspect that Solomon was a hybrid is the fact that the Lord condoned, or at least tolerated, the adulterous affair between his parents. And when Solomon was born, it appears the Lord took a very special interest in him. He possessed phenomenal wisdom, a characteristic possibly genetically enhanced. It was extremely important that Christ possess exceptional wisdom, something he clearly demonstrated in his adult life. Being that Solomon would inherit the throne from David, he was an ideal candidate to test genetically enhanced wisdom in the important decisions he would have to make during his reign as king. So what other reason could there have been for the Lord putting up with David’s adulterous affair unless he took advantage of the situation and used Bathsheba to give birth to Solomon? There is also the fact that in later years the Lord took no action against Solomon when he broke the rules by taking wives from other nations and even worshipping their gods. When other kings like Ahaziah broke the rules, he did not think twice about getting rid of him. So why would the Lord be partial to Solomon … unless he was a hybrid playing an important role in his project. I had assumed that by using Bathsheba for Solomon, the problem of using fertile young women had been resolved. However, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, was an old and sterile woman, and her pre-pregnancy announcement came from an angel. But why did they revert back to using an old and barren woman for John? After studying all of the details, it appeared there was a logical reason. Only six months separated the births of John and Christ, but centuries separated the births of the other hybrids. And John and Christ were also related. It was obvious in the New Testament that

John, born first, had set the stage for Christ’s appearance on the scene. For that to happen, he had to be born around the same time as Christ, and they had to grow up together. And John had been preaching that someone like Christ was coming before he even baptized him. As for Christ, he was the super hybrid created from the aliens’ own gene pool, and it may have been from the Lord himself. He always referred to Christ as His Son and Christ likewise always referred to him as His Father. Christ also exhibited the same genetically enhanced qualities tested on the previous hybrids. It was important that he impress his wisdom and philosophy of love, compassion, and tolerance upon the world. His role as a martyr instilled in the minds of men that he wholeheartedly believed in the importance of principles he preached and was willing to die for them. However, accomplishing this meant setting the stage for his execution. When Christ overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the temple, he was setting the stage for the events that followed by attracting unfavorable attention to himself from both the Roman and Hebrew authorities. And when he claimed to be the Messiah, that pretty much sealed his fate. And he knew this. He was purposely laying the groundwork for his execution—it was part of the plan. In fact, it would appear that he even used Judas Iscariot as an unwitting accomplice. Judas has always been portrayed as a traitor, but I can find nothing in the scriptures to justify that label. At the Last Supper, Christ announced to his disciples that before the night was over, one of them would betray him. Was this really a prophetic statement of his own doom, or was he really telling them the time had come to set the plan in motion? I get the distinct impression that this story became altered in context to make it appear that Judas was conspiring against him. But Christ had given his disciples advance notice that he would be executed in Jerusalem: “We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and teachers of the law. They

will condemn him to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him. Three days later he will rise.” (Mk 10:32–34) But how could he possibly have known all of this in advance, unless it was something that had been planned? It is also mentioned in Matthew 16:21, Mark 8:31, Luke 9:21, Luke 18:31–33, and John 12:20. Christ was actually describing to them the plan for his execution, but it appears they did not realize that he was talking about himself at the time. But I think the plan was, at the Last Supper, to assign one of them the task of turning him in and arranging for his arrest, but he had not yet decided which one he would choose. When the disciples queried him as to who it was, Christ said: “It is the one to whom I will give this piece of bread when I have dipped it in the dish” (Jn 13:26). As Christ dipped the bread, he made his decision and handed it to Judas. He then told him to go and “quickly do that which you must do” (Jn 13:27). The fact that Judas did not ask, “But, Master, what is it that you think I am supposed to do?” suggests that Judas knew exactly what he was supposed to do, as did the other disciples, had Christ chosen one of them. I believe they were all under the impression that Christ would only be arrested and had no idea that he was setting the stage for his execution. Had Judas known, he may not have gone along with the plan. Nevertheless, he went to the Hebrew priests and told them that he could identify Christ for them, and they paid him thirty pieces of silver as a reward. Later, when he learned that Christ was going to be executed, he went back to the priests and tried to return the money in an attempt to turn things around, but by then it was too late. And this act certainly does not portray him as a traitor. I suspect that he (and all the disciples) thought of Christ’s arrest as a plan to make a political statement (probably) against unfair Roman taxation. In everything written about Christ, he never once engaged in or condoned antisocial conduct. Overturning the tables of the

moneychangers in the temple was extremely radical behavior and completely out of character. So it would appear he was intentionally attracting negative attention to himself in the eyes of the Roman and Hebrew officials. Judas trying to turn things around by returning the money to the priests, and the fact that he then took his own life, suggests that he felt an overwhelming burden of guilt, believing that if he had not gone along with the plan, Christ would still be alive. So when Christ announced that night that one of them would betray him, he may simply have been telling his disciples that the time had come to set the plan in motion—a plan that none suspected would end in his execution. ***** In spite of the scenario I have described, one must take into account the Bible’s credibility. It stands under a cloud of uncertainty when you realize that the stories of creation, Adam and Eve, and the flood are similar to ancient Sumerian texts describing the same things. This suggests the earlier writings influenced the biblical version whose authors incorporated God into the stories. Archaeologists also dispute the story of Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho. They have determined the city’s destruction occurred long before Joshua’s time. So there are questions regarding the accuracy and the timeline of the stories. Nevertheless, regardless of whether writers borrowed some stories from earlier civilizations, or whether the timeline is accurate, the events, as currently sequenced, describe the trials and tribulations that occurred in the different stages of advancing human evolution. It appears to be a metaphorical description of what has been going on for the past six thousand years. Up until around 300 BC, the Bible did not exist. The people passed the stories along in oral tradition for centuries before scribes put them into writing, and all the scribes had to go by was the latest version of oral tradition. What we may never know is how much the stories had changed over the centuries.

One game I enjoyed at parties with my friends years ago was the Story Game. Ten people volunteered to participate in the game, and nine went into another room out of earshot. The remaining person was told a short story and repeated it to the next person brought into the room, who repeated it to the next person, and so on. By the time the fourth person repeated the story, the details had changed a bit, and by the time the ninth person repeated it, it hardly resembled the original version. Often providing many laughs, the game normally took about thirty minutes. So what does this suggest about the biblical stories that had been passed along by word of mouth for a few thousand years? They are not short stories but rather lengthy ones comprised of many details. And how much spin was put on them over the centuries by those doing the retelling? The current versions are full of mystical, miraculous, and supernatural innuendos. Were they integrated into the stories over time by those who became absorbed in such beliefs —beliefs that were eventually embraced by organized religion? So you can see there is a lot to consider when dealing with the Bible. However, regardless of its discrepancies and uncertainties, no one should overlook its importance. Many of its stories promote the moral and ethical values designed to make the world a better place—if only we would adhere to them. However, when you put aside the religious interpretations and examine the stories from a logical perspective, the implication is that the Lord and his angels were not supernatural beings performing miracles but rather extraterrestrials utilizing very sophisticated technologies. More evidence of this is revealed in the following chapter.


When my research eventually led to the Bible, I opened it to a random page, which happened to be where Acts 12:7 describes how an angel appeared out of a bright flash of light in Peter’s prison cell. It sounded exactly like what abductees were describing of how the little gray aliens appear out of brilliant light in their bedrooms. As I looked further through the scriptures, it became apparent that a brilliant light was a consistent feature in the appearance of angels. As I examined the scriptures more thoroughly, what I discovered literally blew my mind; many of the technologies associated with UFOs were evident throughout the entire Bible. It sounded like Star Trek technology—teleportation, replication, and force fields. Take teleportation for example. Most people equate teleportation with “Beam me up, Scotty”—a Star Trek technology—a product of science fiction. Yet it seems to be a method frequently used by aliens to bring abductees aboard their ships. Abductees claim they passed through closed windows, walls, the roofs of buildings, and even through the windshield of a car. But in order to pass through solid objects, it requires the thinning out of the body’s molecular structure. Molecules are made of atoms, and atoms, if spread far enough apart, will theoretically reduce the body’s molecular density and allow them to pass through solid objects like windows and walls. • A patient of Dr. John Mack said she felt that all the air was suddenly pushed out of her, and she was sucked out the window as if in a vacuum.227

• In a case studied by David Jacobs, a woman described a bright light appearing in her room. Suddenly there was a short being standing there that took her by the arm and maneuvered her toward the window. The next thing she knew, they were outside and rising into the sky. She said they were approaching the bottom of a dark gray oval-shaped object and that she and her alien escort were rising in some kind of a light, and suddenly they were inside the craft.228 • During a fishing trip in the Allagash wilderness of Maine, twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner along with two friends encountered a bright glowing object while night fishing on a pond. One by one they were “beamed” out of their canoe into the craft, where they were subjected to bizarre examinations. When they beamed him up, Jim Weiner described the sensation of his body being ripped apart on a molecular level—as if being “torn apart atom by atom.”229 In rare occasions, people are transported in a cloud and returned the same way. This usually occurs outside; I have yet to hear of such a cloud appearing when they abduct people from indoors. And we see the same descriptions in the Bible. • According to Judges 13:20, the angel who visited Samson’s mother to tell her she was going to have a son departed in the flames of the sacrificial altar, which makes no sense. But when applying a bit of logic and common sense, we realize that fire provided the only source of light back then. Is it not logical, in this case, that the angel was beamed up to his ship and the bright light associated with the teleportation process was described as fire because at the time they had no words in their vocabulary to describe any other kind of light? • Shortly after Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, Exodus 19:9 tells us the Lord would come down in a cloud to speak with him in front of the temporary meeting tent set up a short distance outside of their camp.

• In the New Testament, teleportation seems to be associated with what I believe to be one of the most misunderstood events in the Bible—the transfiguration of Christ. According to Matthew 17:1– 9, Mark 9:2–13, and Luke 9:28–36, Christ had taken three of his disciples, Peter, John, and James, with him up on a mountain to pray when he suddenly became engulfed in a very bright light. But it occurred at the very same instant Moses and Elijah appeared standing beside him. And how did they get there? It doesn’t say they walked out from behind a tree or a rock, or from up the mountain path; they just suddenly materialized next to Christ. Does it not suggest they beamed down, one to each side of Christ, who being in the middle was enveloped in the light of the beam that delivered Moses and Elijah? When Moses and Elijah departed, it says they disappeared in a cloud. • Matthew 28:2,3 and Luke 24:4 describe a bright light associated with the appearance of angels at Christ’s tomb. It says they “appeared like lightning” or in “a flash of light” just like the little gray creatures in an abduction experience. • At his ascension, when Christ left the earth, Acts 1:10 says his disciples watched as a cloud materialized around him and then slowly rose into the sky. • The angel who broke the apostle Peter out of prison as described in Acts 12:7 says he suddenly appeared out of a brilliant light inside his locked prison cell. I suspect that Christ’s resurrection may also have been accomplished by teleportation. If true, his expanding molecules penetrated the burial cloth surrounding his entire body. If the Shroud of Turin ever turns out to be Christ’s burial cloth, it is possible that radiation released during this molecular expansion phase created the image on the shroud that has baffled scientists for decades. • Another event in which teleportation played a role was when the people placed the Ark of the Covenant inside the new Tent of Meeting. When the Lord gave Moses instructions on how to build

the ark, he clearly specified that it was a system through which they would communicate: “There, above the cover between the two cherubim that are over the ark of the Testimony, I will meet with you and give you all my commands for the Israelites” (Ex 25:22). The Lord told Moses that he would communicate with him through the ark’s gold cover and dictate all the laws the Hebrews would be required to follow. Further evidence is also noted: “Moses entered the tent to speak with the Lord and the Lord’s voice was speaking to him from between the two cherubim over the atonement cover” (Nu 7:89). The same message is reiterated in Leviticus 16:2. So it seems obvious that the ark’s primary purpose was for private communication between Moses and the Lord. Immediately after placing the ark in the tent, Exodus 40:34,35 says a cloud descended and hovered over the tent and that a bright light filled the tabernacle. Since the scripture clearly states the Lord communicated with Moses through the ark, a logical assumption is that it contained a communication system. So the only reason I can see for a bright light appearing in the tent at this particular time is that someone beamed down to install the system. It was difficult to ignore the similarities between the biblical texts and abduction accounts describing what certainly seems to be teleportation. If you follow the path of logic, the interpretations clearly suggest technology, and the technology implied in this case is teleportation. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the odds are that it probably is a duck. ***** The Bible portrays the sons born to sterile elderly women as miracles. However, being that these births were announced in advance suggests they were part of a preconceived plan in which the women had been inseminated.

Elisha having his servant lay his staff on the face of the Shunammite boy suggests a technological significance to that event. Because the boy was complaining about his head is a plausible reason to suspect the testing of enhanced telepathic abilities. And the fact that he, Samson, and Solomon seemed to display the same special characteristics as those later exhibited by Christ is sufficient reason to suspect an advanced testing of those qualities. The evidence supports the idea that Isaac was a hybrid and the progenitor of the new race, and that his descendants had to be isolated far away from the remnants of Adam’s lineage while they grew into a nation. It also supports the idea that the forty years spent in the desert were to guide them into adopting a lifestyle dictated by proper moral and ethical standards. ***** How the aliens eventually eliminated Adam’s descendants in the Genesis story is an important piece of the puzzle that always intrigued me. The Bible says the Lord created a global flood that wiped out everyone except Noah and his family. It also claims he told Noah one hundred years in advance to build an ark and collect all the animals. But I have a problem with this story. It implies that Noah gathered every species of animal that existed; and that would have included not just animals but birds, reptiles, insects, and so on. If that were true, he would have had to travel around the whole world to collect them, and he would have needed at least ten or more arks to accommodate them. Since it allegedly took him one hundred years to build one ark, I think you can see the logic in where this is going. Noah could only have gathered animals indigenous to the region where he lived, and I seriously doubt that polar bears, penguins, kangaroos, and koala bears were part of the local wildlife. As for Noah and his family being the only flood survivors, the Bible contradicts itself by telling us the Anakites—the descendants of the Nephilim—also survived and were the first people defeated by the Israelites when they entered their promised land.

As for the flood being a global event, biblical chronology places it somewhere around 2344 BC. However, if this date is accurate, world history tells us that Egypt’s fifth dynasty was in existence before and after the flood (2465–2323 BC), as were the Sumerians who flourished from 4000 BC until almost 2000 BC. It is possible the flood was a natural event. We know that as the Ice Age came to an end, melting glaciers caused a gradual rise in ocean levels. Marine geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman theorize that as the level of the Mediterranean Sea rose, it penetrated an earthen dam in what is now the Bosporus, spilling saltwater hundreds of feet down into the Black Sea. They estimate that the spill rate would have been two hundred times greater than that of Niagara Falls, inundating the entire basin region with water rising at approximately six inches per day. They estimate that this inundation occurred between 5,500 and 7,500 years ago.230 Adding credibility to this idea are fossilized shells of freshwater sea life recovered from the Black Sea, indicating that it was originally a freshwater lake. Robert Ballard, the man who found the Titanic, came up with supportive evidence. In September 2000, his team discovered what appears to have been human habitation at a depth of over three hundred feet. They took underwater photographs and video footage of what looks like stone tools and the remnants of a structure.231 Whether the flood was a natural event or somehow created by the aliens to wipe out Adam’s descendants, we may never know. The only sure thing is if the descendants of the Nephilim survived, the flood was not a global event, and many of Adam’s descendants survived as well and settled in cities located around the Dead Sea: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim, and Zoar. Other ancient manuscripts tell us that because of their decadence, the Lord was going to destroy them all. We do not know about Admah and Zeboim, but the Bible tells us that the Lord spared Zoar as a refuge for Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family who fled from Sodom, which means Zoar’s inhabitants also survived. However, it does tell us he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

***** There are many theories about the demise of Sodom and Gomorrah. One is that an earthquake created fissures in the rocks, releasing stored-up gasses that exploded and threw vast amounts of flaming petroleum into the air.232 Another is they used atomic weapons. Erich von Däniken proposed that idea in Chariots of the Gods,233 and there is a clue in the Bible suggesting it could be true. The angels who were visiting at Lot’s house in Sodom told him he had to leave because the city was about to be destroyed. According to Genesis 19:17, as they were leaving, the angels advised them not to look back. But why? What difference would it make if they witnessed Sodom’s destruction? Since nothing was mentioned about any consequences they might suffer if they did look, these words could be interpreted as a metaphor to not look back on the sinful ways of the city—or simply as a figure of speech meant to denote the importance of getting as far away as possible and as fast as possible for their own safety. If meant as a warning, the only real justification for it would be if they used a nuclear device; the flash of a nuclear blast would strike blind anyone looking at it without wearing protective goggles. The Bible says Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back, which is probably an exaggeration. If, however, she witnessed a nuclear explosion, it would have been a horrific shock to her senses. The device used on Gomorrah, which was farther away, probably detonated first. Unable to overcome her curiosity, she turned around and looked. Then, as she was looking back in that direction, a second device detonated over Sodom. If this is what happened, the last thing she would have seen was a mushroom cloud forming over Gomorrah and the flash that struck her blind when the device detonated over Sodom. She would then have been hit by the shockwave and high winds. Such a horrifying experience could have generated enough fear to trigger a heart attack. Then again, her death might simply be an embellishment that carried through over the centuries.

There is, however, evidence of nuclear destruction in the ancient world. Located on the Indus River in Pakistan are the ruins of MohenjoDaro. There is much evidence of vitrification where the stones in some buildings have fused together and in sand turned into glass.234 Whatever happened produced heat equivalent to that of a nuclear detonation. Archaeologists found a radioactive signature emitted by skeletons lying facedown in the streets, some holding hands, suggesting that what happened was swift and unexpected. And ancient Vedic texts like the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata, describe details indicative of atomic warfare. The Mahabharata describes a flying craft called the Vimana235 that unleashed a weapon that destroyed the three cities of the Vrishnis and Andhakas and that an incandescent column of smoke and fire as brilliant as ten thousand suns rose into the air. It also describes the effects of nuclear radiation: hair and nails falling out; birds turning white; foodstuff infected; and soldiers having to wash themselves and their equipment in streams.236 Could this be what happened in Mohenjo-Daro? Aside from this, there is so much more to the biblical story, especially in the events that involved Moses during the forty years in the desert, and also regarding the crucifixion of Christ. In From Adam to Omega, I presented some very compelling evidence that Christ did not die on the cross, but the volume of evidence is simply too great to include here. However, the most compelling evidence of extraterrestrial involvement is Ezekiel’s encounter.


The book Chariots of the Gods made Erich von Däniken a legend in his own time. It became a worldwide sensation in the early 1970s when he proposed the possibility that extraterrestrials were responsible for many of the ancient megalithic structures that still baffle scientists today. He also suggested that many of the biblical miracles may have been misunderstood technologies of the gods and that the gods themselves were extraterrestrials. For daring to challenge their long-held fundamental beliefs, the scientific and religious communities ostracized him. The assumption he was promoting his ideas as fact was the basis for most of their accusations. But if they had really read his book, they would have known that he was simply questioning the possibility of his ideas, just as I am doing here. Many people consider the idea of extraterrestrial activity in biblical times as nonsense. In most cases, they never bothered to examine the information acquired by serious researchers or they have absolutely no interest at all in the subject. The opinions offered by debunkers often reflect a total lack of knowledge of the subject while others, with closed minds, simply refuse to acknowledge even the most compelling evidence. Nevertheless, some of the most compelling scriptural evidence is in the first chapter of Ezekiel. When viewed from a logical perspective, the event describes not only the landing of a metallic flying craft but direct communication with one of its occupants, and it

does not take a rocket scientist to recognize the technological implications in what Ezekiel described. A metallic craft with five men aboard came down out of the sky, bounced up and down several times before finally settling on the ground in front of him. He saw four men inside the craft, and a fifth man appeared on the upper section, most likely from an open hatch. This man referred to himself as the Sovereign Lord and revealed to Ezekiel events that were to take place in the future regarding the Israelites. But how could he possibly have known such things in advance … unless they were events that he, or someone, had planned? In the beginning, he describes: “The center of the fire looked like glowing metal. And in the fire was what looked like four living creatures. In appearance their form was that of a man” (Eze 1:4,5). Obviously, the glowing metal would be the craft itself. The fire would be the brilliant glow or aura surrounding it. Inside, apparently through a large window, he saw four men. “But each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze” (Eze 1:6,7). “Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle” (Eze 1:10). A being with four faces seems highly improbable, especially when one is human, one feline, one bovine, and one a bird of prey. These faces may only have been patches or emblems on the front of their uniforms, similar to what a military pilot might wear on his flight suit. I read through the chapter several times trying to make sense out of his encounter and recognized clues that the landing may have been an unplanned event, possibly due to some kind of mechanical

problem. It also appeared they were having a problem getting the landing gear to engage. “When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved. And when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose” (Eze 1:19). “When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings, like the sound of rushing waters, like the tumult of an army” (Eze 1:24). Ezekiel described a loud noise that seemed to be associated with the craft’s bouncing, probably the propulsion system. He would naturally assume that to fly, one would need wings, and he was merely associating the revving sound of the engine each time the craft rose into the air with wings. In the first few attempts, perhaps the landing gear did not engage, forcing them to rev the engine, rise back into the air, and try again … until it finally did engage. Ezekiel already described the beings in the craft as “In appearance their form was that of a man.” Adding to that description, he said: “The appearance of the living creatures was like burning coals of fire or like torches” (Eze 1:13). My impression was that interior lighting or lights from control panels in front of the men were reflecting off their faces and clothing. In describing the man standing on the upper section of the craft, he said: “I saw that what appeared to be from his waist up he looked like glowing metal, as if full of fire, and that from there down he looked like fire” (Eze 1:27). This further supports the idea that the glow was from the ship’s interior lighting. The man had apparently climbed out of an open hatch, and the brilliant light emanating from it reflected off the upper part of his uniform (from his waist up), which may have been comprised of a shiny metallic fabric, thus giving him a “glowing

metal” or “full of fire” appearance. From the waist down, he was closer to the hatch where the reflection was much brighter (from there down, he looked like fire). Describing the activity of the men inside the craft, he said: “Fire moved back and forth among the creatures; it was bright and lightning flashed out of it” (Eze 1:13). “The creatures sped back and forth like flashes of lightning” (Eze 1:14). I interpreted the word “fire” as flashing lights on control panels reflecting off their faces and clothing, and the lightning flashing out of the panel as a visual alarm, indicating there was a problem. As to the men speeding back and forth like flashes of lightning, Ezekiel had said their legs were straight, suggesting they were standing and leaning over control panels and, in dealing with the problem, were moving from side to side, manipulating different controls. This is just a brief example of the complete verse-by-verse analysis of Ezekiel’s encounter in my first book. One part of Ezekiel’s account that puzzled me was the fact that he could see the four men inside the craft. Common sense dictates it was extremely unlikely they were riding on the outside of the vehicle. Obviously, he saw them through a window—a large window since he could also see their feet, which he said looked like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. In chapter 5, Bob Lazar described that when he was working inside the UFO at the S-4 site, one of the arches in the craft suddenly became transparent, and he could see outside, which probably had something to do with the work of another technician. This made me wonder if it was possible that an entire section of the craft could become transparent on both sides to enable someone on the outside to also see in. If so, it would logically explain how Ezekiel was able to describe not only the men’s faces but also their feet. But this is purely speculation.

Ezekiel’s encounter certainly supports the idea that the gods of the Bible were extraterrestrials. It occurred around 575 BC, before Christ arrived on the scene. But the Bible is full of information suggesting extraterrestrial involvement, starting in the Garden of Eden all the way through to the ascension of Christ. There is the “flaming sword flashing back and forth” that was installed at the entrance to Eden that sounds like a security device using a scanning laser beam. There is the use of force fields in the parting of the waters for Moses and the people, and three occasions of the Jordan’s flowing waters halting for Elijah, Elisha, and Joshua and the Israelites. The story of Christ turning water into wine and feeding thousands of people with a few fish and several loaves of bread suggests replication, as does the mysterious appearance of the manna. The description of angels appearing and disappearing in a brilliant light is certainly indicative of teleportation. There is also evidence of a communication device installed in the Ark of the Covenant through which the Lord communicated with Moses. There are way too many allusions to technology to believe they were miracles performed by a supernatural deity. The most logical explanation in these cases would seem to be the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The only problem, however, was that in the four thousand years of the biblical era, there was no technological advancement, and two thousand of those years were lost due to Adam’s failure and the consequences of extended life cycles. So it is only logical that somewhere along the way, they would have to make up for this lost time. Now we will examine the evidence of how it appears they accomplished it.


No one contributed anything in the way of technological advancement during the four millennia from Adam to Christ. This period was primarily devoted to building and grooming the new race. The development of technology, however, was crucial to the project if humanity was to survive, and they had two thousand years to make up for. So it is only logical they would create hybrids with genetically enhanced qualities to accomplish that goal. As Christianity gained dominance, the church was absorbed in miraculous and supernatural beliefs and had established its own prerogatives regarding science. The church considered technological advancement an act of heresy by those trying to improve on what God had created, because if God created it, it had to be perfect. The church believed the earth was the center of all creation with the sun, the planets, and all the stars revolving around it. However, all the way across the ocean in Central America, the Mayans, who had no connection to the church, had acquired a phenomenal knowledge of astronomy. They knew about the 26,000-year precession cycle of earth tilting back and forth on its axis. They also created a calendar that is even more accurate than our own. Unfortunately, when the Spanish Conquistadors came to the New World, they destroyed most of the Mayan records because the church considered them works of the devil. It was not until the Renaissance (medieval) period that Nicolai Copernicus (1473–1543) promoted the idea that the earth and all the planets revolved around the sun. Because he feared an acrimonious

reaction by the church, he waited until he was near death before he had his ideas published.237 Then in 1609, Galileo built the first astronomical telescope and confirmed what Copernicus had proposed; the earth and the planets actually did revolve around the sun, thus diminishing its status as the center of the universe. After publishing his findings, the church considered Galileo a heretic. In 1633, he faced an inquisition in Rome that sentenced him to life imprisonment. Forced to recant all of his work, they changed his sentence to lifelong house arrest.238 However, he did smuggle his work out of the country to the Netherlands where it continued to gain attention. Thus, the church set the paradigm by which they protect established beliefs—even if they are wrong. In those days, religious authorities accepted their inaccurate beliefs as the absolute truth, and no one dared question them. And the church continued to dictate what people believed for centuries. It was a way of controlling people’s minds, but it inhibited technological development. During the biblical period, transportation was limited to horses, donkeys, and camels; weapons were the spear, the bow and arrow, and the sword. Those living in coastal areas built boats and learned to navigate the seas. It was just a few centuries before Christ’s arrival that sparks of technology began to ignite. Although a few devices had been invented to record time, none were perfect until Ctesibius of Alexandria (285–222 BC) invented the first accurate mechanical water clock.239 There was Archimedes (287–212 or 211 BC) who discovered pi. He invented the pulley, the lever, the odometer, and the Archimedes screw, a device that facilitated the draining of ponds that was easily operated by one person. He allegedly invented a mirror-like device that caused invading Roman warships to burst into flames by focusing the sun’s rays on them. Although he may have designed such a device, there is no proof it was ever constructed or used.240 It was not until after Christ’s time that higher technology slowly began to emerge. Heron (Hero) of Alexandria (AD 10–70) is credited with a number of inventions, including the catapult and the first

vending machine. He designed a weapon that could rapidly fire a barrage of arrows faster and farther than any archer, an automated theater that would run a twenty-minute performance with light and sound effects, and an apparatus that would operate on steam power and open the large doors of a temple when the priests lit a fire to the gods. He wrote a book about land surveying called The Dioptra that described the diopter, a device very similar to a modern theodolite. One device he created, probably for amusement, was the aeolipile, a miniature steam engine. It was a hollow ball with two exhaust tubes that would spin at a phenomenal speed when filled with steam fed into it through two cylinders attached to a container of boiling-hot water. Conceivably, he could have created an industrial revolution two thousand years ago had he realized the technical potential of this device.241 Galen of Pergamum (AD 129–210) was responsible for great innovations in the medical field. He made advances in sports medicine while treating Olympic athletes; he successfully treated gladiators’ wounds, and he even performed eye and brain surgery. The instruments he designed are remarkably similar to those in use today.242 In 1900, sponge divers recovered a device from a ship that sank off the Greek island of Antikythera sometime between 65 BC and AD 65. Derek Price of Yale University had the device X-rayed in 1971, and it revealed a complex array of gear wheels. Price reconstructed a working model to the exact specifications of the original and discovered it was an analog computer used to track the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. However, someone built it over a thousand years before the invention of precision clockwork.243 Perhaps it was an obscure genius who never received recognition for his work, yet it was an amazing piece of technology for its time. It was during the Renaissance period that men with unbridled genius qualities suddenly burst onto the scene. There was the discovery of the “New World” and an evolution in culture, art, and science.244 It

was a time when the Bubonic plague decimated much of Europe’s population.245 One of the great geniuses was Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), best known for painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He also possessed a great scientific mind, and his designs were a precursor of twentieth-century technology. They included a flying machine, a helicopter, a parachute, a tank, a machine gun, a diving suit, and much more.246 Johaness Gutenberg introduced the printing press to the world in 1454 and printed the Gutenberg Bible.247 This invention was crucial in getting the written word into the hands of the populous because books and other printed material now became available to everyone. Then there is Michelangelo (1475–1564), who sculpted the famous statue of David, and his amazing artistic talent is displayed on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.248 Geniuses who created great works of music also enhanced the cultural factor. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) excelled in the Baroque style of music. He became an accomplished organist and composed many cantatas.249 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) created his first composition at the age of five. He died at the young age of thirty-five from an unknown illness; however, in his short time on earth, he produced many cantatas, concertos, symphonies … even an opera.250 Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) performed his first concert at seven and a half years of age and had his first work published at age twelve. In 1801, he started to go deaf but managed to compose nine great symphonies nonetheless.251 Then in the latter half of the nineteenth century, Johannes Brahms, a German pianist (1833–1897), gained fame with the many symphonies he composed.252 And there are others too numerous to mention.

From around 300 BC to the nineteenth century, geniuses were born whose minds were bursting at the seams with new and creative ideas—many ideas of which had been stifled for centuries due to the control the church exerted over people’s thought processes. However, might we wonder if Copernicus, Galileo, Archimedes, and all the others were hybrids created with enhanced genius qualities— hybrids that brought us a step closer to modern technology? The steam locomotive introduced in England in the eighteenth century jumpstarted the nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution in the United States. As we approached the twentieth century, progress surged even further ahead when we learned to harness the power of electricity. The electric light, telephone, radio, automobile, and airplane soon followed, along with the atomic bomb. And the technology we achieved since 1940, when compared to the previous six thousand years, was an extraordinary leap forward; it was as though we suddenly shifted into warp drive. We advanced from horse-drawn carriages to spaceships; from the abacus to multigigabyte computers; from the telegraph to satellite communications. It was also when UFOs became a prominent part of the scene. When we look at the history of technology, we seriously have to wonder if our transition from caveman to spaceman has been an accelerated one. Are we where we are today because of thousands of years of genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials? Assuming they have been manipulating our genes, where would we be today had they not done so? Would we still be living in caves? Would we just now be inventing the bow and arrow? How long would it be before we discovered electricity or invented the automobile and the airplane? How long would it be before we put a man on the moon? Is it possible that we have achieved these technologies centuries or even millennia ahead of time? Might we have achieved them even sooner if the test in the Garden of Eden had not failed? One thing is certain, however; if we maintain this rate of advancement, we should be well into galactic exploration by the next millennium, and if it turns out there is a threat to our planet, we should be able to survive by migrating to new worlds.

Due to war, technological development in the twentieth century advanced rather hastily. Necessity is the mother of invention, and had it not been for the wars of the twentieth century, we might not yet have put a man on the moon. If it is the aliens’ goal for us to achieve interstellar travel before the next millennium, perhaps we should wonder if they were behind this sudden burst of progress and even the wars that forced us to develop it. If so, did they give us that extra boost by creating hybrids with genius qualities? Consider the technologies we depend on today: electric power and light, communications, transportation, and aerospace technology. They were introduced at the dawn of the twentieth century by men who were all alive at that same time: Thomas Edison (1847–1931), Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), Henry Ford (1863–1947), Alexander Graham Bell (1847–1922), and Wilbur and Orville Wright (1867– 1955 and 1871–1948, respectively). There was also Albert Einstein (1879–1955), one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, and Wernher von Braun (1912–1977) who fathered our space program. Could it be possible that any or all of these men were genetically engineered hybrids created to boost our progress and get us into space at the precise time it was needed? If Edison, Ford, Bell, and the Wright brothers had failed in their endeavors, there were other men involved with the same inventions at the same time ready to step in and take their place. Had the development of these technologies not taken place when they did, in all probability we would not yet have put a man in space, let alone on the moon. Many child geniuses were born throughout history, such as Mozart and Beethoven in the eighteenth century. Today there are many children acquiring amazing skills and an advanced scientific knowledge at extremely young ages, like a young boy in Singapore who spoke his first words when he was just two months old and gave a science lecture on acids and alkaloids at age six.253 Sho Yano is a young boy who, in 2002, graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University in Chicago at age twelve. Six years later, he received his PhD in molecular genetics and cell biology.254

Adam Kirby was already reading books at ten months of age and became the youngest member of British Mensa at age two, scoring 141 on an IQ test.255 Philip Pauli of Denver, Colorado, was the subject of an Unsolved Mysteries report on children who acquired amazing knowledge as infants. Philip started talking when he was six months old and at eighteen months was reading books. He received a violin for his second birthday and within a few days was playing simple tunes he composed himself. At age three, he was studying astronomy. At age four, he spotted a mistake an artist made in the mural he painted in the Denver Museum of Natural History that went unnoticed for thirty years. Philip recognized the helmets worn by Spanish conquistadors in the painting were actually French helmets from the medieval period. He also noticed there were several vertebrae missing in the tail section of a dinosaur skeleton. The museum’s curator said the skeleton was too large for the room, and they had to remove some vertebrae to make it fit. She said Philip is the only one who ever noticed it. Are these children the Einsteins, Edisons, and Teslas of a new generation who possess hybrid genes? I would expect that aliens are creating thousands of hybrids every year and that a small percentage of them manage to excel in science, technology, and in the cultural arts. It is only logical that the more they create, the better the chance of producing the geniuses that will advance our technology to reach the stars. The evidence suggested that the deadline to begin our space activities was the middle of the twentieth century. If the apocalyptic warnings abductees are receiving from aliens are true, it may occur sometime around the end of this millennium or in the next. Therefore, beginning the development of space technology in the twentieth century provided us the opportunity to develop it in time to meet the challenge of finding a new world to live on. With the new plan instituted after Adam’s failure, it was still possible to achieve, but it meant speeding up the process at some point to make up for the two thousand years lost.

I suspect the original intention was for us to progress in small increments, giving us a chance to reflect on our achievements and maintain an even balance between the technology we created and the wisdom to use it wisely. However, as we neared the twentieth century, it seems we were still somewhat behind schedule, and to meet the deadline, the ETs had to give us an added boost. That boost came when Edison, Bell, Tesla, and all the others suddenly appeared on the scene. Germany had made great strides in jet propulsion and rocketry early in the twentieth century due to the genius of Wernher von Braun. He wanted to build rockets that would go to the moon, Mars, and beyond. It was evident, when Adolf Hitler came into power, that his achievements would not be used for the benefit of humanity. Von Braun was not a fan of Hitler or his regime, but he took advantage of the opportunity with the funding provided him to further advance his knowledge in rocket science. He developed the V-2 Rocket (originally called the A-4), which Hitler ordered into production, and the first one used in the war hit London on September 7, 1944. Von Braun told his colleagues that the rocket worked perfectly except that it landed on the wrong planet. He waited until the opportunity presented itself, then, using forged papers, he safely led his colleagues to a location where they surrendered to American forces.256 In the United States, von Braun put his talents to productive use. He developed the Saturn 5 rocket for NASA’s space vehicles, still in use today because of its power and reliability. It was his knowledge of rocket science that jumpstarted the space program, and it is not inconceivable that von Braun himself may have been a hybrid genius. There are rumors that the Nazis were in the process of developing UFO-related technologies, which if true would have given them the power to win the war when perfected. Fortunately, that did not happen. Is it possible that extraterrestrials played a part in that scenario?

The progress we made after the war not only got us into space on time; it also led to other technological breakthroughs—personal computers, smart phones, GPS systems, and so much more. However, we were running amok with our technology, some of which began to work against us. We created weapons of mass destruction and are now in constant fear that some fanatic dictator will unleash a nuclear war. We are accumulating vast amounts of radioactive waste produced by nuclear power plants that we cannot dispose of. Computers were a great invention until hackers learned to use them to steal people’s identities, not to mention launching cyber attacks on businesses, industries, and even the government. So there was a negative side effect to our sudden boost in progress: we achieved too much too fast, upsetting the balance between wisdom and technology. It appears the aliens put on the brakes to slow us down in an effort to regain control after we made several trips to the moon. Although we have sent robotic probes to Mars and spacecraft to explore the outer planets, our manned space activities are now limited to earth orbit. And now, with our vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, I suspect the aliens are attempting to bring everything back into balance before any major progress in space is resumed. No one can deny the fact that there was an exponential advancement in space technology in the middle of the twentieth century … at least until we made several trips to the moon. But if there is any truth to the government and aliens working together behind the scenes in secret military installations, we could be quietly developing the technologies needed to secure our future. But that is only speculation. In any case, it would appear that in the twentieth century we recouped the two thousand years lost because of Adam’s failure and the consequences of the longevity factor. The evidence I have thus far presented is circumstantial, but it does suggest that extraterrestrials are pushing us up the evolutionary ladder. However, being the skeptical person that I am, I take no stand on the issues one way or the other. I am a pragmatist, but I do have an open mind, and the volume of evidence is sufficient

to consider that some of my ideas may have merit. I firmly believe there are at least two sides to every story, and an analysis of biblical scripture certainly suggests there are alternative meanings to many of the Bible’s stories. I suspect that at least part of what I have presented is the reason behind government secrecy. Now we shall examine the details relevant to that issue.


The Roswell incident sparked a global interest in flying saucers for a few days in 1947 until the air force explained it away as a weather balloon. However, it became a landmark UFO case when Stanton Friedman resurrected it in 1978. It was then that we learned the extreme measures the government had taken to cover up the incident. It is now a confirmed fact that the government lied. But what were they lying about? What were they really covering up? According to Robert Dean, NATO’s Assessment file revealed the government had learned a great deal about UFOs in the 1940s, and perhaps it was the Roswell event that provided much of that information. The only other major UFO events back then were Kenneth Arnold’s historic sighting that occurred two weeks before Roswell and the Los Angeles incident that occurred five years earlier.

THE LOS ANGELES INCIDENT A large disc-shaped object suddenly appeared in the sky over Los Angeles in the early-morning hours of February 25, 1942, triggering a five-hour citywide blackout and a barrage of antiaircraft fire from ground artillery units. It was first thought to be a Japanese aircraft launched from a carrier somewhere off the coast, although that later proved to be false. A photo appeared on the front page of the Los Angeles Times the next morning showing eight searchlights focused on a disc-shaped object with flashes of artillery shells bursting around it. Artillery units fired an estimated 14,000 rounds,257 and

with that many rounds, it is almost certain there were some direct hits. But the object seemed impervious to the shelling, as if protected by a powerful force field.258 Eventually it just moved away and was gone. Shrapnel from the shelling rained down on the city for about an hour, injuring some people and causing property damage. Several “duds” (unexploded shells) landed around the city, and one live shell damaged a house when it came down through the roof and exploded. The aftermath left five people dead and dozens injured. Heart attacks attributed to two deaths, and three were from automobile accidents that resulted from people driving with their headlights turned off during the blackout.259 There were unconfirmed reports that the object went down in the ocean off the coast, where navy divers retrieved it. If that were true, perhaps the government already knew what to expect when they investigated the Roswell crash. Even though some Washington officials denied the L.A. event occurred, thousands of people had witnessed it. Surely, there had to be some official interest as to what the object was and where it came from. So it is possible the UFO cover-up began five years earlier. What followed were several projects set up by the air force to study the phenomenon, whose intentions appeared rather dubious. They were never able to come up with an answer as to what the flying saucers were; instead, their function seemed centered on debunking them. Either it was a strategy to prevent the public from becoming needlessly concerned, or they were covering something up. It appears, however, something was learned that warranted secrecy. It was not long after Roswell that President Truman initiated a secret panel (presumably the Majestic 12) to take control of the situation. Within a year after the Roswell incident, Project Sign was created to study and evaluate UFO reports and provide an “estimate of the situation” for officials at the Pentagon. Memos obtained through the FOIA reveal that after several months of investigation, the phenomenon seemed best explained by the extraterrestrial

hypothesis—a hypothesis that was rejected by General Hoyt Vandenberg as unfounded.260 It was rejected on the grounds that no concrete proof existed to back it up even though those who actually investigated, studied, and evaluated the evidence recommended it. So Project Sign’s final report merely stated that UFOs posed no threat to national security. But they never explained how or why they reached that conclusion. Project Sign then evolved into Project Grudge. Grudge, however, attempted to explain all sightings by whatever method they could: weather balloons, conventional aircraft, temperature inversions, ball lightning, flares, the planet Venus, and whatever else they could think of. But if UFOs were no threat, as claimed by Project Sign, why waste time and money on another project to manufacture explanations for the unexplained sightings? Project Grudge, in its final report, stated 23 percent of the cases could be explained as ordinary phenomena, and what could not be explained, they claimed, could be explained by psychological phenomena.261 Grudge’s explanation did not impress many people. It appears, however, there may have been a dual purpose behind it—to calm the public’s fear of UFOs (even though I do not recall people ever running around in a panic over them) and at the same time keep the subject alive in controversy. At the request of the CIA, in January 1953 the government formed the Robertson Panel to study the phenomenon. The panel consisted of Dr. H. P. Robertson of Caltech, nuclear physicist Samuel Goudsmit, geologist Lloyd V. Berkner, radar and electronics expert Dr. Luis Alvarez, Frederick C. Durant of the International Astronautical Foundation, and astronomers Thornton L. Page and J. Allen Hynek. They studied the reports for four days and also concluded that UFOs were no threat and, like Project Sign, offered no explanation as what led to that conclusion. They suggested the Soviets could take advantage of a wave of mass UFO sightings to launch a surprise attack on the United States, so they recommended that the public’s interest in them be discouraged.262

Project Blue Book introduced in 1952 was the most noted project. It was crammed into a small office at Wright Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio, and staffed by an air force major, a sergeant, an airman, and two secretaries.263 Their facilities included a few desks, telephones, and filing cabinets. There were no computers back then, at least none comparable to what we have today, no communications network, and there were no scientists or engineers on staff to study and analyze data. Therefore, Blue Book was not equipped to carry out any scientific studies or evaluations. The Air Material Command (AMC) at Wright Patterson Field was responsible for Project Sign. Projects Grudge and Blue Book were the responsibility of the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC), also at Wright Patterson and poorly funded.264 It was personnel borrowed from other intelligence assignments who staffed both Sign and Grudge. But the air force had misled the public into believing Blue Book was its official UFO investigative agency. Its meager setting, however, suggests it was only a low-budget facade used to control and shape public opinion. Blue Book only investigated sightings that fell within the boundary of conventional explanation or hoaxes; many of the significant cases never appeared under Blue Book’s jurisdiction. Those running the project only investigated cases assigned to them, or so it appeared. They had no idea what was going on because they were puppets with someone at a higher level pulling their strings. Plus, they did not have the manpower to investigate every UFO report that came in. Since their facilities precluded serious evaluation or scientific analysis, all they did was interview witnesses. Most of the cases they were assigned could usually be explained as weather balloons, hoaxes, or natural phenomena. However, they left the door open for the public to believe that at least some UFOs might be extraterrestrial by occasionally assigning a case that defied explanation. The History Channel once aired a program, This Week in History, that in one segment revealed the conspiracy to shut down Project

Blue Book. Blue Book had one consultant on their payroll: Dr. J. Allan Hynek. He came into the program as a skeptic and attempted to explain the sightings he investigated through a process of logical scientific analysis. He eventually realized the air force was using him to whitewash the UFO issue by pressuring him into creating rational explanations for cases in which none existed. It became evident to him that there was more to UFOs than the air force was admitting. In an interview filmed before he died, Hynek, in a very diplomatic manner, explained that the air force was only doing its job, which was to allay the public’s concern regarding the lack of control they had over the strange objects appearing in our skies. Hynek stayed with Blue Book until it ended in 1969. He then founded the Center for UFO Studies to conduct his own uninhibited investigation. By 1966, Blue Book had outlived its usefulness, and the air force initiated a two-year research project designed to justify its termination. But that made no sense. If Blue Book was of no further value, why spend thousands of dollars on a study to justify its termination? Why not just terminate it? Dr. Edward Condon at the University of Colorado headed the study known as the Condon Committee. However, the study’s lack of integrity upset two committee members, David Saunders and Norman Levine, when they saw a memo the project coordinator sent to two of the members. This is an excerpt of that memo: … The trick would be, I think, to describe the project so that, to the public, it would appear a totally objective study but, to the scientific community, would present the image of a group of nonbelievers trying their best to be objective but having an almost zero expectation of finding a saucer.265 Saunders and Levine passed the memo on to the media and exposed the study for the sham that it was, and Condon promptly fired them. Condon, however, managed to stifle any further publicity concerning it. But in 1967, his bias became clear in an interview with reporters at the New York Star-Gazette. He told them that, in his

opinion, studying UFOs was foolish and nothing but a waste of time and then added, “But I’m not supposed to reach a conclusion for another year.” His statement, plus the memo, clearly defined the intended purpose of the committee. And Condon’s statement proves that from the beginning, he never took the study seriously. Nevertheless, when completed in 1968, the air force had the excuse it needed, and on December 17, 1969, Project Bluebook became history … another event that generated some controversy. Maintaining controversy is a piece of the puzzle that seems to have gone unrecognized, and it has occurred enough times over the years to suggest it is intentional. Let me remind you of a few examples that stirred up the controversial pot: • Information revealed after the 1978 revival of the Roswell event proving the government had lied and intimidated witnesses with death threats. • The resurrection of the Socorro event twenty-one years later with a new explanation that was easily disproved. • The CIA’s confiscation of evidence relating to the Japan Airlines encounter over Alaska proving another government cover-up. • The use of sodium pentothal to control Jim Penniston’s memory in the Rendlesham Forest case, plus the CIA’s intimidation of witnesses into signing false statements of what they had seen. • The controversy regarding the MJ-12 documents that suddenly appeared in 1984 containing some truth mixed with false information. • The Maryland Air National Guard’s use of flares to create a configuration of the large V-shaped craft observed earlier over Phoenix that caused a wave of excitement and controversy that lasted for months. • The controversy over the lame explanations in two books published by the air force to explain the Roswell crash fifty years after the fact. • The Condon Committee’s disgraceful lack of integrity in its twoyear study.

So why does the government deny the existence of UFOs and create controversial situations that draw attention to them? There has to be a reason for it. It is almost certain a secret group exists within the government that knows what is going on. The information that has surfaced is basically circumstantial and may even be disinformation, in which case only part of it may be true. The implication is that there is a program in progress designed to psychologically prepare the human race to accept a disclosure that will come in the future—a disclosure that deals primarily with the religious issues. Such a disclosure today would provoke worldwide chaos in the religious community, so it will be a long and gradual process. In speculating on how this may be accomplished, I suggest that information might come through abductees, disinformation, or documentaries … or by all of these methods. Erich von Däniken started the ball rolling in the 1970s when he wrote Chariots of the Gods. The History Channel presented UFOs in the Bible, a 2002 documentary that dealt with many controversial aspects relating to the religious issues. Since 2010, there has been a deluge of UFO programs. Several were in documentaries, and many were, and still are, a weekly series dedicated to the subject while other series have covered UFOs at least once or twice in their programs. Here are a few listed in alphabetical order according to the channels that aired them. The History and H2 Channels: America’s Book of Secrets Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens: The Ultimate Evidence Brad Meltzer’s Decoded Hangar 1: The UFO Files In Search of Aliens Mystery Quest UFO Files UFO Hunters

The Science Channel: Close Encounters Investigation X NASA’s Unexplained Files The Unexplained Files UFO Conspiracies Uncovering Aliens What on Earth? American Heroes Channel (formerly the Military Channel): Codes and Conspiracies Forbidden History Monster Quest Nazi UFO Conspiracy Nazis vs. Aliens UFOs Over Earth Chiller Channel: Weird or What? Destination America Channel (formerly the Planet Green Chanel): Alien Mysteries Aliens in America Casefiles: Unknown Monsters and Mysteries in America The Conspiracy Show Uncovering Aliens Unsealed: Alien Files Unsealed: Conspiracy Files Why suddenly are there so many UFO programs? It seems interest has dramatically increased in the past several years. Or is it a controlled process to keep the subject alive? All facets of the phenomenon are presented: hard evidence, skeptical views, and even the bizarre claims of fanatics. So the viewers are being exposed to all sides of the issue. And it is a fact that more people are

interested in the subject today whose minds are more open to the possibilities than there were fifty years ago. The late Edgar Mitchell is an Apollo 14 astronaut who walked on the moon. In a telephone interview from his home in Lake Worth, Florida, he said: I’ve talked with people of stature of military and government credentials and position, and heard their stories, and their desire to tell their stories openly to the public. And that got my attention very rapidly. The first hand experiences of these credible witnesses that, now in advanced years are anxious to tell their story, we can’t deny that, and the evidence, points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident, and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that crash site.266 The late Gordon Cooper, one of the pioneering Mercury astronauts, said when he was supervising flight-testing at Edwards Air Force Base, a saucer-shaped object flew over the heads of a film crew, lowered three landing gear, and set down a short distance away on the dry lakebed. The camera crew immediately headed toward the object, filming as they went, when suddenly the craft lifted up, retracted the landing gear, then tilted up and flew away at an enormous rate of speed. Immediately after processing, a courier took the film to Washington, DC, and nothing more was heard about it.267 At the Citizens Hearing for Disclosure held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, in 2013, former high-ranking military and government officials revealed to six former members of Congress information regarding extraterrestrial involvement with the human race. One of those testifying was the Honorable Paul Hellyer, the Canadian minister of defense from 1963 to 1967. He said the people have a right to know that UFOs are real and that we live in a cosmos teeming with life.268 He said a general from the United States confided in him that US officials are in contact with aliens.269 It is because of the credibility of people like them, who are now speaking out, that UFOs are receiving serious attention from those

who were previously skeptical or had no prior interest in the subject. This is a trend I suspect will proliferate in the coming years, and with an increased emphasis on the religious issues. Many episodes of the Ancient Aliens series provided compelling evidence of alien involvement in biblical times. Scientists still cannot account for the technology that created many megalithic structures that date back many thousands of years. Even with our modern machines, it is impossible to duplicate many of these architectural wonders. So who created them … and how? One theory is that it was accomplished by experimental races created by extraterrestrials, with genetically enhanced abilities. Perhaps they perished in a major cataclysmic event, or aliens intentionally eliminated them after they served their purpose to make room for new races with which to experiment. Nevertheless, it appears the aliens achieved further genetic perfection with later civilizations of which we are a part of today. I have also proposed the reason for accelerated advancement was to get us into galactic exploration before the end of this millennium and find a habitable planet to colonize before an apocalyptic event causes our extinction. If the government has established contact with extraterrestrials, which I suspect may be true, and if the government is currently in league with one or more alien races, which I consider a possibility, then possibly behind the scenes they are developing technologies to ensure our survival. But again, why the secrecy? What is it about UFOs that the government has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal? I suspect the reason for secrecy lies within the information I have thus far presented, which can apply to many things: a top-secret aircraft, technology derived from UFO crash retrievals, contact with extraterrestrials, alien technology that will produce free energy, or even a secret space fleet in orbit called Solar Warden. The question is, if any of this is true, which one would have the most devastating

effect on the public, or possibly the entire world, if revealed? Let’s narrow down the possibilities. I doubt there would be much of a reaction to the revelation of a new top-secret aircraft. There were no adverse reactions when the public learned of the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes, or the F-117 stealth fighter and B-2 bomber. The only reason for secrecy was to keep our enemies from learning about them. Secrecy would be in order regarding advanced technologies derived from UFO crash retrievals. But even if that were revealed, I rather doubt any major problems would result because of it. In fact, we may already be utilizing such technologies as a result of the government releasing such information into the industrial complex. Extraterrestrial contact would surely be classified top-secret. The windows of some religious beliefs might rattle a bit from the knowledge of extraterrestrial visitation but not to the extent of turning the world upside down. There has to be something more to it. It would, however, create a lot of excitement, especially in the media. Reporters would be climbing all over each other trying to get information. Such contact would most likely be restricted to the government and the scientific community for a very long time. They may appease media and public curiosity by the release of limited information and possibly a few photos, but I think years would pass before any alien interaction with the public occurred. Like anything else, the novelty would wear off, and people would continue going about their normal daily routines. The knowledge that aliens may have provided us with the technology of free energy is something that would surely justify secrecy. If that were known, naturally, people would want immediate access to it. However, sudden access to free energy would not only put the petroleum companies out of business; it would spread to many other industries, putting millions of people out of work, creating an economic disaster. Free energy, I believe, necessitates a gradual introduction and in such a way as to allow a smooth transition to changes necessary for the industrial complex to adapt without creating major problems. And it would probably take a good many years to achieve.

The existence of a space fleet in orbit called Solar Warden is something the government would definitely keep secret … if it exists, that is. If it does exist, such a revelation would not only come as a shock, but many people would be enraged by the fact the government kept secret the technology that could have prevented the deaths of shuttle astronauts who perished in the Challenger and Columbia disasters. It would reveal the disregard for human life held by those in the government hell-bent on keeping their black budget projects secret, just as they did in the Huffman, Texas, case with Betty Cash. There is, however, one issue that if made public at this time would create major problems. If the government has established alien contact, they are probably well aware of their involvement in the events that took place during the biblical era, and that, in my opinion, is one of the reasons, if not the most important reason, behind government UFO secrecy. Religion plays a major role in most people’s lives today. They have been, in most cases, conditioned from childhood to accept the mystical, miraculous, and supernatural beliefs espoused by religion. If the government were to suddenly announce that (theoretically) the Lord of the Bible and all of his angels were really extraterrestrials, and the biblical miracles were events produced by extraterrestrial technology, it would blow religions out of the water all over the world. People’s faiths would be shattered. Then, learning that (theoretically) Adam and Eve, Isaac, Samson, Solomon, John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ were genetically engineered human hybrids created to fulfill a phase of an alien project, it would be too much for most people to accept. It would threaten the power of the religious hierarchy. If this is true, which I suspect, the Vatican possibly has been aware of it for a very long time. The secret archives concealed in Vatican vaults contain a vast amount of information hidden from the public. There are probably many people who would accept the news, but in reality, it would create worldwide chaos among most religions. To suddenly learn that everything they have come to believe about God

and the tenets of their religion has been an extraterrestrial sham would be devastating. The problem with many religions is the trouble caused by the fanatical elements they have spawned. People who allow their beliefs to control their lives often look with disdain on those who do not believe as they do. And we know how fanatical some people are about their religious beliefs. There is no denying the fact that many of the world’s problems today are the result of a conflict of religious differences. The violence that plagued Northern Ireland was nothing more than a war between factions of Protestants and Catholics. What happened in the former Yugoslavia was nothing more than one religious or ethnic group claiming superiority over another. The sectarian violence and killing in Iraq stem from nothing more than a difference of religious beliefs. And in the Holy Land, Jews and Muslims seem unable or unwilling to come to terms with each other. There are extremists who refuse to let any kind of peace process evolve. Then there is the radical Muslim element who considers themselves superior. They have convinced themselves that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and should be killed. When taking all of this into account, it is only logical the government would keep such information secret until people can be psychologically prepared to accept it without creating worldwide chaos, and as I have already stated, it will probably take at least a century to achieve. So what happens next?


What is written on the last page of the aliens’ project? What do they say about the fate of the human race? UFOs have caused the shutdown of nuclear missiles and in one case even activated their launch codes. No one was ever harmed as a result of these incidents, suggesting we are being warned of the dangerous power humanity has acquired … a power that if used could turn into a nuclear holocaust. Aliens imparting warnings to children in Zimbabwe regarding our misuse of technology and alerting abductees to the same kind of apocalyptic predictions found in the book of Revelation suggest there is a concern for the wellbeing of the human race. The indications are they are not out to harm us; rather they want us to survive. But that is only part of the story. Whatever is going to happen, allegedly it will be one thousand years after Christ returns, assuming, that is, that he will return. It is also possible the prediction of his return is simply a metaphorical reference pertaining to a future major acceptance of his teachings. Whatever the case, Revelation 20:2,3 says Christ will banish Satan for one thousand years, but then he must be released for a short time. The implication is that we will experience a millennium of peace during Christ’s reign, after which there will be problems. So if it is the aliens’ goal for us to achieve interstellar travel in time to save ourselves from an inevitable disaster, obviously it will not occur until the end, or sometime after Christ’s reign. Since it will take at least

several centuries to develop the technology to reach the stars, we need to achieve it before then. And since it appears there was a big push to get us into space by the middle of the twentieth century, it suggests Christ’s return may occur sometime around the end of the current millennium or in the next. But according to Revelation 12:7–9, there will be problems before his return. It mentions a war in heaven between Christ’s army and the devil’s army in which the devil’s army will lose and be cast down onto the earth. Could this have anything to do with the hostile element? Is it possible that the Roswell and other alleged UFO crashes were the result of confrontations between the two factions? If the Lord is an alien, I assume this war fought in heaven means it will be in space. But then how could he know this in advance? I can see where he might have the wherewithal to predict the problems that will occur because, just as in biblical times, he planned and orchestrated them. But how could he know what battles Christ’s army will be involved in and even what the outcome will be? Or is this a conflict he will also orchestrate, perhaps to minimize the number of problems that he knows will prevail in the final phase of the plan? If what the Bible says is true, before the disasters predicted in Revelation occur—the ones that aliens are warning abductees about —there will be a removal of many people from earth in what sounds like an evacuation. The prophecies state that Christ will take his chosen ones to a “new city.” But what about those he did not choose? If we continue at our current rate of advancement, we will probably already have established colonies on the moon and on Mars. There is also a chance that many will have migrated to another planet that we discover during our exploration of the galaxy. Therefore, even if the earth does suffer some sort of cosmic destruction, confidence is high that the human race will survive. Just before this evacuation takes place, Christ is supposed to bring all the dead back to life for judgment, and in the same bodies they occupied when they were alive, which seems rather unlikely. The

judging, it would appear, refers to selecting those that Christ will take with him to this new city, and apparently, it is not for everyone, only those who meet strict moral criteria. People will be removed from the earth. That is the gist of what the prophecies are saying, and if true, logic suggests it is an evacuation. It is doubtful, however, that aliens (or the Lord or Christ) will be able to evacuate billions of people, and it is unlikely to be their intention. There will probably be many left behind, unable to go, and this is where Judgment Day comes in. It is only logical that those selected will be of the best moral fiber; taking troublemakers along would only rekindle the problems that existed on earth. Now let’s examine what the Bible says about earth’s destruction and the evacuation. “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and earth had passed away and there was no longer any sea” (Rev 21:1). A “new heaven” would seem to suggest a new and different view of the stars, which you would surely have on a planet in some distant solar system, and a new earth could be referring to a different planet. The first heaven and earth passing away might be referring to a major catastrophic event that will destroy the earth or leave it uninhabitable, and “no longer any sea” would seem to imply that the oceans will disappear. Could it mean the oceans (and maybe the atmosphere) will be sucked out into space by the gravitational effect of a large planet-size body passing close to the earth? The earth would then become a barren world—like Mars. There is evidence that Mars once had a lot of water, but what happened to it? Did such an event transform it into its present state? The prophecies are confusing because they mention a new city and also a new earth. So which is it, a city or a planet? “I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband” (Rev 21:2).

This passage describes a city coming down out of heaven, but because of its size, it will not be landing on earth; Revelation 21:15– 21 describes the city as being laid out in a square within four walls, each wall being two hundred feet thick and 1,400 miles in length, and the city is as wide and high as it is long. Literally, it is describing a cube the size of which would cover a major portion of the United States. So coming down from heaven may only signify that it is located somewhere in space. Constructing anything that large is very difficult to conceive. But if it is that large, it seems the most logical location would be beneath the surface of some other planet or moon —a world with no breathable atmosphere. And a city of that size would most likely have many access points. Revelation 21:12 and 21:21 say it has twelve gates that resemble pearls. “The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the lamb is its lamp” (Rev 21:23). “There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign forever and ever” (Rev 22:5). These passages tell us there will be light but not from the sun or any other star, and if there is no need for lamps, from where will the light originate? What will be its source? Revelation 21:19, 20 says there are different colored gems located in the base of the city. Could it mean that some form of crystal energy will generate power? Also, Revelation 22:1,2 mentions the river of the water of life and a tree of life, which will bear fruit once a month standing on each side of the river. It also states that the leaves of the trees will have healing properties, and there will no longer be any curse (sickness). The tree of life contributed to the long lives of Adam and his descendants, and apparently, there will be more than one of these trees in this city. And since Revelation 22:5 says they will reign forever and ever, we might assume that those who eat of its fruit will also have unlimited life spans. And that suggests the element in Adam’s genetic code that allowed him to absorb the tree’s longevity

benefits survived through his descendants and may still exist today in our own genes. So what the Bible is telling us about this city is that there are twelve gates of pearls (access points), there are different colored gems located in the base of the city (possible power sources), and it has a river and trees that will end disease and sickness. When viewed from a logical perspective, it is describing a physical dwelling place that will house living, breathing human beings. Yet, its size is hard to comprehend, and the technology needed to construct such a wonder is mind-boggling. The details described in Revelation can only mean it will be located underground, possibly on Mars, a planet in another star system, or on one of the moons in the solar system— possibly our own. Wherever it is, it obviously has a source of water. On a few Apollo moon missions, after the astronauts returned to the command ship, they sent the landing module crashing back into the lunar surface to take seismic readings by instruments left behind. The readings showed that for hours the moon literally rang like a bell, indicating there is a massive hollow area deep within.270 Some scientists speculate the ringing originated from a massive water supply deep below the surface. Could this be the source of the river mentioned in Revelation 22:1,2? There have been reports of unexplained lights periodically observed in some of the craters. Astronauts in orbit around the moon as well as on the surface allegedly have captured photographs and video footage of UFOs. NASA claims the photos are reflections of the spacecraft’s interior cabin lights. But the fact that the government has lied before naturally causes one to be suspicious. During one mission, astronauts filmed the shadow of a large object moving across the moon’s surface.271 So maybe something is going on up there. Unless an unforeseen catastrophe suddenly turns the clock back on our technology by a millennium or two, we should achieve interstellar travel in another thousand years. Hopefully, we will discover at least one planet somewhere that will support human life and begin a gradual migration to colonize this new world. This migration will probably proceed in an orderly fashion in the years

leading up to the end. But as the final days of Christ’s millennial reign draw near, there will be problems. That is when, according to Revelation 20:3, Satan will be released from his millennium of banishment for a short time. I interpret this as Satan being a metaphorical reference to the evil and chaos that will likely prevail in those final days. The prophecies tend to suggest that military-protected facilities are where evacuees will assemble and that they will also serve as departure points. However, man’s natural instinct for survival will probably result in many who are unable to go to try gaining access to these camps and maybe even killing others in an attempt to take their place. “They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people, but fire came down from heaven and destroyed them” (Rev 20:9). What sounds like missiles or laser weapons fired from aircraft will eliminate anyone attempting an unauthorized entry or group attack. However, we can also interpret “God’s people” as meaning all of humanity, not just those chosen by Christ. As to when the people will be taken (referred to as the Rapture), 1 Thessalonians 4:17 says they will be caught up (taken up) to meet the Lord “in the air.” In 1 Corinthians 15:51–54, it says they will not sleep (die), but they will be “changed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye.” What, exactly, does this mean? Could it mean instantly transported in a beam or flash of light—like the angel who visited Samson’s mother, like the angel who appeared at Christ’s tomb, like the angel who appeared in Peter’s locked prison cell, or like how the little gray aliens bring abductees up to their ship? The Jewish Kabbalah says seven thousand people will rise into the air in the form of light. Does this not sound exactly like what people are describing as part of the abduction experience? Are these references to teleportation? It would be the most logical solution for getting people safely aboard

ships, as landing might prove too risky with the unrest that is sure to prevail. Now, the implication that this has all been orchestrated and controlled by a deity may only signify it was the aliens’ project of accelerated evolution that enabled man to do it for himself. Fire coming down from heaven could pertain to man-made weapons, and who knows, the new city could also turn out to be a creation of man. But the book of Revelation is not real specific about man making his own way into space and setting up shop on other worlds; it only mentions those who will go with Christ. This might suggest we will experience some kind of technological setback before Christ’s return, possibly due to a nuclear war or even an asteroid strike. Such events could wipe out a vast amount of the population, plus our energy, food, and transportation resources, and transform us back into a very primitive existence. If, however, aliens have been accelerating our evolution as the evidence suggests, it presents a logical argument against such a disaster occurring before Christ’s return. Assuming there is such a project, why would aliens spend millennia guiding us along to an advanced technological level only to face a cataclysmic extinction before we have the chance to use it for our survival? It is illogical. Therefore, if we do experience such a disaster, it probably won’t be the big one. It may create a few setbacks, but we should rally and continue to move forward in our exploration of space. ***** The prophecies in Revelation foretell disastrous scenarios. Abductees are receiving the same dire warnings from the little gray aliens. Revelation also suggests the evacuation of people to a new world by Christ. If the evidence I have presented regarding aliens expediting our evolution is true—especially our technological development—we will have developed the means to save ourselves by then. It would seem that through the scriptures, aliens are giving us advance notice of what is coming our way. It is possible to arrive at different meanings depending on how you choose to interpret the

information. But when you weigh all the evidence that implies aliens were involved from the beginning, it suggests they are preparing us for the worst. I wish to reiterate this is all hypothetical. I am not claiming any of it as fact, only that I have examined all of the information from strictly a logical perspective. I put aside all allusions to the mystical, miraculous, and supernatural innuendoes espoused by religion and considered only the bare details of the Bible stories. The idea that extraterrestrials were actively involved with the people of biblical times is highly suggested in the encounter described by Ezekiel as well as in other Bible stories. If aliens were as involved during the biblical era as the evidence suggests, it provides a logical explanation for government secrecy at this time. The prophecies also suggest that we will survive whatever it is that is coming our way by eventually leaving the earth for a new home somewhere out in the galaxy. Logically, it would seem many problems need to be resolved before any of this takes place; the balance between our technology and wisdom needs recalibrating. Let’s face it … the very first thing we did after learning how to split the atom was create a weapon that could cause our own annihilation and use it in a war against another nation, even though its effect in ending the war made it seem justifiable. So I suspect this is part of the current alien agenda. They pushed us into meeting the goal of getting into space on time, but now it appears they are pulling back on the reins to slow us down. An immature race that does not possess the wisdom to wisely control its technology could present a serious problem to other galactic civilizations; we have to shed the prejudices spawned by conflicting religious beliefs and learn tolerance and compassion. We need to live in peace and respect each other regardless of who we are, what we believe, where we are from, or the color of our skin, and I have faith that at some point in the future it will be a reality. I suspect these philosophies will be promoted by the hybrids being born into our society today and will eventually surpass the negative side of humanity. If the aliens’ project is successful, it is these hybrid

geniuses who will open the door to the technologies of tomorrow, and their persona will reflect not only wisdom but also the gentler side of humanity. Again, let me remind you that this is all theoretical. I am merely pointing out there is another side to the UFO story and a logical reason behind government secrecy if you are willing to look at the information from a logical perspective.


When someone sees a UFO streaking across the sky, it is obviously going somewhere to do something, but to where and for what purpose we can only wonder. Witnesses have observed UFOs hovering, landing, and taking off for reasons we can only speculate. So there is more to the UFO story than the sightings. Because of the oval- and disc-shaped images depicted in ancient petroglyphs and cave paintings, many assume it is proof of extraterrestrial visitation in the past, and although it is a logical assumption, it is unverifiable. The same applies to Renaissance paintings that depict strange objects in the sky. The fact is no one knows for certain what those images represented to the people of those times. What we do know is that all over the world, people are reporting oval- and disc-shaped objects in the sky every day. There are the ancient megalithic structures that baffle archaeologists because the technology and precision used to create many of them far exceed what we can produce today, all created long before the invention of the wheel. Did an unknown civilization from the distant past create them? Did extraterrestrials create them, as many people currently believe, or were these architectural wonders built by an alien-created hybrid race? No conclusive evidence exists to support any of these ideas. Collectively, however, it is evidence—circumstantial evidence—but not proof. People are capturing photos and video footage of UFOs every day. The majority can usually be explained as natural phenomena or hoaxes, but roughly 5 to 10 percent remain unexplained. Of these, an insufficient amount of data exists for

analysis. It is cases that defy rational explanation that warrant special attention, many of which involved credible witnesses such as police officers, military and commercial airline pilots, and even astronauts. A high percentage of these cases suggest UFOs are real and may be of extraterrestrial origin. But if we are to understand what is going on, all of this information needs to be closely scrutinized—all of the evidence—no matter how bizarre some of it may seem, so we can either rule it out altogether or determine if it reveals anything of importance. I believe the pieces of the UFO puzzle I have presented reveal a fairly accurate picture. There are events in which UFOs have demonstrated their ability to affect guided missiles, yet no harm to anyone resulted from these incidents, suggesting they were warnings of the dangerous technologies we have developed and that aliens are concerned for our well-being. I have presented examples of technology in biblical scripture relating to lasers, force fields, replication, and teleportation. Teleportation is apparent in both the Bible and alien abductions. I cited chapters and verses that describe angels appearing out of a brilliant light that parallel descriptions of little grays appearing in an abduction. There is evidence of an alien-breeding program in which they are creating hybrids for genetic experimentation and also for birth into our society. Due to the mind control employed by the aliens, the women who give birth to hybrids have no memory of how they became pregnant, many claiming they were not sexually active at the time of conception. These details can logically explain the miracle births attributed to the elderly sterile women noted in biblical scripture, and also the virgin birth of Christ. The creation of hybrid children in the past and present is sufficient reason to suspect that aliens are involved in the evolutionary process of the human race, especially in the sequence of biblical events presented in chapters 11, 12, and 14. The unexplained pregnancies are a strong indication that what was going on in biblical times is still going on today. The only difference is

that in biblical times, there was always a pre-pregnancy announcement that the births would take place, indicating they were planned events. I have cited examples of alien interaction with human beings such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others. Ezekiel’s encounter suggests it was not a supernatural event that involved God but rather a visit by extraterrestrials that landed in a metallic craft. The fact that one of its crew revealed future events to occur regarding the Israelites suggests aliens manipulating planned events and the course of history. I have presented a logical scenario of an alien agenda to advance the human race on a social, moral, and technological level in order to survive a future catastrophic event that could possibly render the human race extinct. One piece of the puzzle that fits this scenario are the warnings— warnings of a coming cataclysmic disaster that aliens are revealing to abductees, the same type of disasters described in the book of Revelation. The fact that Revelation was included as the last book in the Bible, even against the wishes of many bishops, suggests it may be the most important book in the Bible and deals with the culmination of the aliens’ project. I have presented evidence that the government is responsible for keeping the subject of UFOs alive through disinformation and controversy. I proposed it is a gradual process to prepare the public to accept an eventual disclosure of what they have been covering up for almost a century, a secret that if revealed today would create worldwide pandemonium in the religious community. It would appear that the Bible provides us with insight into the aliens’ agenda to accelerate the evolution of the human race. It tells us that Adam and Eve were created, not born. It tells us they lived for several hundred years and probably would have lived thousands of years longer had they not failed their test and been denied further access to the source of their longevity. It tells us the aliens put the project on hold for two thousand years until resuming it with Isaac. It tells us that Isaac’s descendants’ move to Egypt, their four centuries

of enslavement, and deliverance to their promised land were a planned series of events revealed to Abraham five hundred years in advance. It suggests the Hebrews’ enslavement in Egypt was to ensure their genetic integrity by isolating them far from the remnants of Adam’s descendants while they grew into a nation. It tells they were sequestered in the desert for forty years before deliverance to their promised land in order to acclimate to a lifestyle of improved moral and ethical standards. The question is why this was done if not to advance the moral and ethical standards of the race spawned from the seed of Isaac. Toward the end of the biblical era, progress began to slowly evolve on a cultural and technological level with geniuses like Ctesibius and Heron. During the Renaissance period came Archimedes, da Vinci, Michelangelo, and others, including many musical geniuses. By the twentieth century, the Industrial Revolution had begun, which eventually led to the technologies that allowed us to send men to the moon and those we depend on today. Let’s assume my interpretation is correct in that Adam’s failure in the Garden of Eden plus the consequences of extended life spans created a two-thousand-year delay in the aliens’ project. When factoring in the quantum leap in technology we experienced in the twentieth century, then add to the equation that it was the result of several geniuses who arrived on the scene at the same time, it is not inconceivable that a number of hybrids with enhanced genius qualities were created to make up for the lost time, providing the needed boost that got us into space on time. The ultimate goal, it would seem, is for us to reach the stars by the next millennium and find another world to inhabit. If there is anything to the warnings being given us, the aliens are doing us a great favor. There are references alluding to our involvement with several alien species, one of which is not so friendly. The most common are the little grays who are abducting people. However, the most intriguing are those that researchers call the Nordics, who are human in appearance. They are tall, well built with long blond hair and blue eyes, and the only ones with whom females have been observed.

However, during her abduction, one woman said she saw several alien species on the ship besides the Nordics who were examining her.272 If true, it suggests there exists a galactic federation in which numerous civilizations are working together in harmony. Encounters with Nordics, the human-looking aliens, seem to be a rare occurrence although they have occasionally been reported working with the grays. One such case is that of Travis Walton. In 1975, Walton and his companions encountered a disc-shaped craft hovering above the trees in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Walton approached the craft to get a closer look when a blue-green beam shot out of the craft and knocked him unconscious.273 He awoke lying on a table inside the craft, feeling great pain in his head and chest. When he looked up and saw the little grays standing over him, he panicked. He jumped up, grabbed an object from a shelf next to him, and began swinging it at the creatures, who then backed off and left the room.274 Looking for a way out, he found his way into another room where a tall blond-haired man came in and motioned for him to follow. The man remained silent and did not respond to Walton’s questions about what was going on. He led Walton out of the ship into a large bay of what was probably a mother ship, where he saw other ships parked.275 They walked down a corridor to another room where two men and a woman were standing around a table, and they too, remained silent. They placed Walton on the table, and the woman placed what looked like an oxygen mask over his face, and he lost consciousness. The next thing he remembered was waking up lying on the side of a road just outside of Heber, Arizona, thirty miles from where the encounter took place … and it was five days later.276 What is important is that he was no longer in any pain; the aliens had apparently healed the injury he suffered from the beam that struck him. Since they kept him on board for five days, it suggests the injury was serious. Although their attitude toward Walton appeared somewhat apathetic, they apparently felt some compassion for him since they kept him on board to treat his injury.

Walton’s case has always been referred to as an abduction. However, in everything that he described of his experience, none of the details fit the pattern of abduction cases. Abductees are usually gone for a few hours, not five days. He never experienced any of the procedures described by most male abductees, such as anal probes and sperm extraction. Unlike abductees, he was not returned to the location from where he was taken; rather he was dropped off thirty miles away in a populated area—a convenient location for him to get to a phone and contact his family. Everything about his case suggests they brought him aboard their ship to give him medical treatment for his injury, which, I suspect, was probably unintentional and accidental. So these rarely encountered Nordics appear benevolent and are working with the grays. If they are aboard other ships where the grays take abductees, it seems they prefer to remain out of sight. In Walton’s case, they did not appear until Walton created a situation the grays could not handle. And being that the Nordics appear so perfect in appearance, I had to wonder, are they the angels described in the Bible? Are they the ones who created Adam and Eve, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness,” as described in Genesis 1:26? The fact that the grays brought Walton to their ship proves at least two alien races are involved. If what Robert Dean claims he read in NATO’s Assessment file is true, the government is involved with several alien races, possibly as a result of Eisenhower’s alleged meeting with them in the 1950s. We have reached a stage in human history where we are on the doorstep of more advanced space endeavors. Galactic exploration is still centuries away, but I am optimistic that it will be achieved, and when it is, I can only wonder about the things we will discover. I do not know if we will ever achieve the means to travel to other galaxies. We know there are at least 100 billion of them, but exploring the 200 to 300 billion stars in our own Milky Way galaxy will keep us busy for a very long time. Yet many things believed impossible a century ago are things we take for granted today, so it

is my firm belief that nothing is impossible. If you can think about, talk about it, and write about it, eventually someone will come along and make it a reality. As a musician in the early 1960s, I also worked in a music store for a few years. I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman who was a friend of my boss who worked for the government, apparently on highly classified projects. During one of his visits, we got into a conversation about Sputnik, the first satellite put into orbit by the Russians. When we started to discuss our own space program, what he told me floored me. He said there was no way people could conceive of the technologies that already existed, and that it was far beyond anything depicted in science-fiction movies and literature. He could not elaborate without breaking his security oath, but knowing what I know today, I have to wonder if he worked at the then-secret Area 51 or even a more secret site like the S-4 complex described by Bob Lazar. If what he said was true, and I had no reason to doubt him, I can only wonder about the technologies developed since then. I now wonder if Gary McKinnon’s claim of a secret space fleet in orbit called Solar Warden is really true. Robert Dean said what NATO had learned about the UFO phenomenon was so shocking they classified it Cosmic Top Secret. He did not specify what that information is; however, he did say that people would have to be psychologically prepared to deal with it. I suspect it may refer to the same religious issue I have proposed regarding government secrecy. Government secrecy is the main issue I have covered. I cited various reasons for it and defined the one secret that would have the most devastating impact on our society if revealed today—alien involvement during the biblical era. I proposed the reason for secrecy is to prevent worldwide chaos from erupting in the religious community, which could lead to worse problems in the world than exist today. Project Sign concluded that UFOs posed no threat to national security but offered no explanation as to what that conclusion was based on. However, the evidence suggests they were probably right

—UFOs did not pose a threat—they were not the problem; the problem was how to deal with the public regarding the religious issues. From that point on, the government attempted to cover up, deny, and create rational explanations for all sightings, but that did not prevent the continued appearances of UFOs in the sky witnessed by millions of people. After its creation, I suspect the Majestic 12 group realized they could not keep the secret forever, and it would be necessary to psychologically prepare the public to deal with the facts. But it could not be done overnight; it had to be a gradual process that would take years, possibly a century or more until the religious issues would no longer be problematic. Meanwhile, they would maintain a public awareness of the subject through the release of disinformation. And this, I suspect, is part of the phase we are currently experiencing. The information I have accumulated suggests that planet Earth is facing something catastrophic of which we are currently unaware. In all probability, there exists in our galaxy quite a number of extraterrestrial civilizations that are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years ahead of us technologically, a few of which have mastered interstellar travel and have been visiting earth for thousands of years. Assuming they have been exploring the galaxy for millennia, they would probably have knowledge of many rogue planets and runaway stars. With their technology, they could calculate where the path of these bodies would take them far into the future, and perhaps they discovered one on a course headed for earth that would arrive around what would be earth’s twenty-second century. In studying the life on our planet, perhaps they realized that one species had great potential but would face extinction before ever achieving the technology needed to save themselves. Or perhaps they began genetic experiments to improve one species before they even became aware of the danger on the way, in which case, once realized, they accelerated the evolutionary process of that species to protect their own project. Whatever the reason, it appears they did become involved with the evolution of the human race.

To ensure the race’s survival meant pushing their evolution to the point where they would develop the needed technology in time to survive, and that required their initiating a space program by the middle of the twentieth century. It was a race against time. Their project suffered some setbacks, and they had to make up for the lost time. Breeding hybrids with enhanced genius qualities was a logical solution. But as the twentieth century approached, the project was still behind schedule, and so hybrid breeding was increased. But it also required making contact and establishing a relationship with government leaders behind the scenes. After contact was established, which I assume occurred sometime after the 1952 Washington incident, the government, or maybe the aliens, constructed secret bases where, in a cooperative effort, they began a project to help us beat the doomsday clock. There was plenty of contact in ancient times in which they provided different civilizations around the world with advanced mathematical, astronomical, and cultural knowledge. The stories expressed in legends, folklore, and myth by cultures in Mesopotamia, South America, Mexico, and Central America describe basically the same scenario of human creation as that in the Judeo-Christian Bible. Because the aliens often descended from the sky in ships and performed “magic” with their technology, they were often perceived as gods performing miracles. Except for accounts in the JudeoChristian Bible where the aliens maintained periodic contact, they eventually moved on from the other cultures. Left on their own, they adopted some rather barbaric rituals of human sacrifice to appease a variety of gods for various purposes. However, the stories in the Judeo-Christian Bible tell a different story. They not only created a new race but guided them along to abide by proper moral and ethical values. But to prevent them from establishing superstitious beliefs and barbaric rituals, such as those of the other cultures they’d dealt with previously, they gave them strict orders not to worship any other gods. The government learned about all of this when aliens reestablished contact in the twentieth century, and they kept it secret

to prevent religious chaos from erupting. It then became necessary to establish a secret group within the government to take control of the situation and create a plan to psychologically condition the minds of the public on a gradual basis until they could reveal the truth without provoking uproar in the religious community. What I am reasonably certain of is that full disclosure is coming, but it is unlikely to happen in our lifetime, only when we have been psychologically prepared to accept it. It has to be a gradual indoctrination to where the issues will become so ingrained in people’s minds to the point where the final revelation will not come as a major shock but rather an affirmation of what they will have already come to accept as common knowledge. This will likely take a century or more to achieve. Until then, it will remain cloaked in a veil of government secrecy, and that is where it stands today. ***** Technological advances in spaceflight are now occurring in the private sector by companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and others in an endeavor to commercialize space travel to where it will be available to the public. There is a good possibility that within the next two or three decades it will become a reality. And who knows what advancements may be taking place behind the scenes with aliens at secret military installations? People are a lot savvier today than they were seventy years ago when Orson Welles’s radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds created mass panic when many listeners actually believed Martians were invading the earth. That would never happen today because of the wide spectrum by which information is now available to the public. People are also much more open to the probability that intelligent life is ubiquitous in the universe, and the question is not so much “Will we discover them?” but “When?” However, the evidence suggests that long, long ago, they discovered us. The information I have presented barely scratches the surface of what actually exists. Some of what I have presented is speculation on what that information suggests, and some of it is fact. Except for

the factual information, nothing else is provable, so I have not drawn any conclusions; however, I have proposed some theories. For those with open minds who are willing to consider the possibilities, the information is compelling enough to at least warrant some consideration. However, as I have stated several times, evidence does not always equal proof, so all I ask is that you keep an open mind, judge for yourself the evidence I have presented, based on its merits, and form your own conclusions.


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