The Syriac Book of Steps 1: Syriac Text and English Translation 9781463214852

The Syriac Book of Steps collects 30 memre by an anonymous late 4th century author in Persia. It describes the struggle

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Table of contents :
Table of Contents
Syriac Editor's Preface
Mēmrā One
Mēmrā Two: About Those Who Want To Become Perfect
Mēmrā Three: The Physical And The Spiritual Ministry
Mēmrā Four: On The Vegetables For The Sick
Mēmrā Five: On The Milk Of The Children
Mēmrā Six: On Those Who Are Made Perfect And Continue To Grow
Mēmrā Seven: On The Commandments Of The Upright
Mēmrā Eight: On One Who Gives All He Has To Feed The Poor
Mēmrā Nine: On Uprightness And The Love Of The Upright And The Prophets
Mēmrā Ten
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The Syriac Book of Steps 1: Syriac Text and English Translation

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The Syriac Book of Steps

Texts from Christim Late hntiyuiq-

Series Editor USA \I,-?%-.p,

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