The Queer Outside in Law: Recognising LGBTIQ People in the United Kingdom 3030488292, 9783030488291

This book contributes to current debates about “queer outsides” and “queer outsiders” that emerge from tensions in legal

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English Pages 277 [281] Year 2021

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Table of contents :
Notes on Contributors
Queering Outside the (Legal) Box: LGBTIQ People in the United Kingdom
1 Introduction
2 Framing Queer(ness)
3 Stretching Law
4 Queer Insiders and/or Queer Outsiders
5 Collection Overview
Colonising, Protecting, and Punishing Queer Outsiders in Law
Queer Legacies of Colonialism
1 Introduction
2 Temporalities of Coloniality and Law
3 The House of Commons and Global LGBT Rights: Spatio-Temporal Legacies of Empire
4 Progress and Paradoxes of the Tale of Two Worlds
5 Queer Production of Camaraderie and Kinship
6 Exposing Queer Paradoxes Within Legal Institutions
7 Conclusion
Death Zones, Comfort Zones: Queering the Refugee Question
1 Introduction
2 Sexuality-Based Asylum and Decriminalisation of Same-Sex Activity
3 Comfort Zones and Death Zones
4 First Rupture: The Problem with Mapping
4.1 Anti-Queer Knowing
4.2 Failures of Geopolitical Logics
5 Second Rupture: The Problem with Human Rights
5.1 The Recurring Problem of “Culture”
5.2 The Spectre of Colonialism
6 Conclusion: The Refugee Project Reconsidered
The DSSH Model and the Voice of the Silenced: Aderonke Apata—The Queer Refugee: “I Am a Lesbian”
1 Introduction
2 The DSSH Model
3 The Queer Refugee (Queer Outside Law) and the Queer Refugee (Queer Inside Law)
4 The History of the Apata Case
5 The Queer Outside Law
6 The Queer Inside UK Law—The Fresh Claim and the DSSH Model
6.1 Difference
6.2 Stigma
6.3 Shame
6.4 Harm
7 Where Next for the Queer Refugee?
Mapping the Manifestations of Exclusion: Challenging the Incarceration of Queer People
1 Introduction
2 Queer Prisoners: Vulnerable and Threatening
3 Varieties of Exclusion
3.1 Gender Recognition: The Systemic Exclusions of Transgender Identities
3.1.1 Permitting Prison Transfer: Lighting the Touch Paper for Inclusive Reform?
3.1.2 Prison Service Policies: A Transformative Approach Towards Transgender Prisoners?
3.2 Isolation of Visible and Vulnerable Queer Prisoners
3.3 Separation and Relationship Recognition
3.3.1 Inter-prison Visits and the Quality of Family Life
3.3.2 Separating Prisoners from Their Partners
4 Conclusion
Queering the Outsides of Legal Gender and Sex
Genders that Don’t Matter: Non-Binary People and the Gender Recognition Act 2004
1 Introduction
2 Reforming the Gender Recognition Act 2004
3 Moving Beyond Two Categories in Other Jurisdictions
3.1 Australia
3.2 Germany
4 Conclusion
Queering the Queer/Non-Queer Binary: Problematising the “I” in LGBTI+
1 Introduction
2 Methodology
3 Intersex People Are Queer
4 Intersex People Are Not Queer: Individuals
5 Intersex People Are Not Queer: Activism
6 Conclusion
The Best Place on the Planet to Be Trans? Transgender Equality and Legal Consciousness in Scotland
1 Introduction
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 Legal Consciousness
2.2 Feminist and Queer Research Approaches
3 Methods and Ethical Choices
3.1 Terminology
3.2 Sampling
3.3 Narrative Interviewing and Analysis
4 Equality for All? Transgender People’s Experiences and Responses to Law
4.1 Equality
4.2 Before the Law, Against the Law and Optimistic Legal Realism
4.3 With the Law
5 Scotland: The Best Place on the Planet to Be Trans?
6 Conclusion
Coming Inside and/or Playing Outside: The (Legal) Futures of LGBTIQ Rights in the United Kingdom
1 Introduction
2 Case Study I. Defining Identity: Autonomy, Control and the Gender Recognition Act 2004
3 Case Study II. Intersex in the United Kingdom: Invisibility, Bodily Integrity and Owning How You Come “Inside”
4 Case Study III. Que(e)rying the Hostile Environment of Asylum
5 Case Study IV. The Queer Politics of LGBT Education
6 Confronting Queer Outside(r)s

The Queer Outside in Law: Recognising LGBTIQ People in the United Kingdom
 3030488292, 9783030488291

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