Studies in Medieval Indian History.

Studies in Medieval Indian History is a selection from Lal's essays and articles.

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English Pages 277 Year 1966

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Table of contents :
History and Historiography
Meaning and Purpose of Histroy
Modern Indian Historians of Medieval India
Ziyauddin Barani as an Authority on the Khaljis
Government and Politics
Factors Underlying the Loss of Indian Independence in the 12-13th Centuries
Procedure of Succession in the Sultanate of Delhi
Nature of State in Medeival India
Corruption in the Medieval Ages
Haldighati and After
Religion and Society
Changing Pattern of Society in Early Medieval India
Ideas Leading to the Improvement of the Indian Peasantry in Medieval Times
Condition of the Hindus Under the Khaljis
Hindu-Muslim Rapproachment in Early Medieval India
Babur's Impressions of Hindustan
Akbar's Din-I-Ilahi

Studies in Medieval Indian History.

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