Secret History of the Jesuits 0937958107, 9780937958100

Secrets the Jesuits don't want you to know. Out of Europe, a voice is heard from the secular world that documents h

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Table of contents :
Dr. Rivera's Introduction
Section I-The Founding of the Jesuit Order
1 Ignatius of Loyola
2 The Spiritual Exercises
3 The founding of the Company
4 The Spirit of the Order
The privileges of the Company
Section II--The Jesuits in Europe during the 16th and17th centuries
1 Italy, Portugal, Spain
2 Germany
3 Switzerland
4 Poland and Russia
5 Sweden and England
6 France
Section III--Foreign missions
1 India, Japan, China
2 The Americas: The Jesuit State ofParaguay
Section IV--The Jesuits in the EuropeanSociety
1 The Teaching of the Jesuits
2 The morals of the Jesuits
3 The Eclipse of the Company
4 Rebirth of the Society of Jesus during the19th century
5 The Second Empire and the FallouxLaw—The War of 1870
6 The Jesuits in Rome—the Syllabus
7 The Jesuits in France from 1870 until1885
8 The Jesuits and General BoulangerThe Jesuits and the Dreyfus Affair
9 The Years before the war—1900-1914
Section V--The Infernal Cycle
1 The First World War
2 Preparations for the Second World War
3 German aggressions and the Jesuits, Austria - Poland - Czechoslovakia -Yugoslavia
4 The Jesuit movement in France before and during the 1939-1945 war
5 The Gestapo and the Company of Jesus
6 The Death Camps and the Anti-Semitic Crusade
7 The Jesuits and the Colleqium Russicum
8 Pope John XXIII removes the mask

Secret History of the Jesuits
 0937958107, 9780937958100

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