Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man 9781401945510, 193339188X

This is the seventh book in a progressive series based on the revelations of consciousness research. It describes in det

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Table of contents :

Tables and Charts




Map of the Scale of Consciousness

Note to the Reader

Chapter 1  Overview

Chapter 2  The Human Dilemma

Chapter 3  Paradigms of Reality

Chapter 4  Is Reality Subjective or Objective?

Chapter 5  Science and Religion: Levels of Truth

Chapter 6  Social Reality and Levels of Truth

Chapter 7  What is ‘Real’?

Chapter 8  Cultural Premises and Truth

Chapter 9  Faith

Chapter 10 Experiential versus Conceptual

Chapter 11 Belief, Trust, and Credibility

Chapter 12 God as Hypothesis

Chapter 13 Doubt, Skepticism, and Disbelief

Chapter 14 Spiritual Pathways

Chapter 15 Becoming the Prayer: Contemplation and Meditation

Chapter 16 Transcending the World

Chapter 17 Morality, Reason, and Faith

Chapter 18 Narcissism: Ego Worship

Chapter 19 Practicum


Appendix A Calibration of the Chapters

Appendix B Map of the Scale of Consciousness

Appendix C How to Calibrate the Levels of Consciousness

Appendix D References

About the Author

Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man
 9781401945510, 193339188X

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  • This book provides the tools to survive and regain fundamental autonomy and inner harmony while living with the complexities of the modern world
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