Project Aquarius_ The True Story of the Extraterrestrial Star Seed Unir Inside the CIA

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Project Aquarius. The true story of the extraterrestrial Star Seed unit inside the CIA.

By Eddie Page.

‘Above Top Secret’ revelations about the creation of planet Earth, mankind’s origins, the Bible, the Roswell incident, the Kennedy assassination, alien visitations and abductions, the Vatican, Saddam Hussein’s missing WMDs, the imminent race war in America and World War 3, NASA, Mars, Nibiru, corrupt U.S. Presidents and the End of Days.

First Edition. Copyright © 2017 Eddie Page & JP Rolls. Eddie Page & JP Rolls have asserted their moral rights under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 to be identified as the authors of this work. This book is a work of non-fiction based on the experiences and recollections of Eddie Page (otherwise known as Groover Thomas Coleman and Abiel and Abadonnius). All rights reserved. (This includes all movie, documentary, interview and game rights and any merchandising whatsoever connected to all aspects of the book.) This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise be lent, resold, hired-out or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition, being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise in any past, current or future device used for such means) without the prior written permission of the copyright owners.

ISBN - 978-1-64136-874-2

This book is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives either through direct alien contact such as jet fighter pilots sent to investigate UFO sightings, those who were abducted and never returned and also those who were murdered by governments to prevent them from speaking out about what they knew.

“We seem to be moving, drifting, steadily against our will. Against the will of every race and every people and every class. Towards some hideous catastrophe. Everyone wishes to stop it but we do not know how.” Winston Churchill. “Gentlemen, the next war will not be an international war but an intergalactic war.” General Douglas McArthur. “Someday, and it won’t be too long in the future, something is going to force someone’s hand. It could be a major sighting. It could be a major leak. Something that can no longer be denied. Something will force the President’s hand. He, or she, will finally hold that long-awaited press conference and make that bombshell statement. It might go something like this, “I have been advised by the National Security Council and heads of our intelligence community, that there is a reality to some of the UFO phenomenon in that some of the UFOs are real, physical craft and not manufactured by any known civilisation on Earth.” Or words to that affect. It’s the kind of statement many proponents of UFO disclosure would like to hear but the real question is, what next? Because there will be quite a few follow-up questions. At the top of the list will be questions of who these other beings are and what their intentions might be? These will be difficult questions for any President to answer. There is a possibility that even those who have controlled the black budgets for years might not even know the answers - or, at least, not fully. What if they do know? And what if some of that information is upsetting?

Defining the intentions of non-human visitors or permanent residents - whatever they might be - might not be the easiest thing to do but it’s entirely possible, judging from the data we do have, that some may not care very much about humanity. Some may, some may not. What if an agenda has been determined within the intelligence community and this agenda includes something to do with the abduction phenomena? Even if that isn’t true, does any President honestly believe he, or she, can contain rampant speculation along those lines? Even if the intentions of these beings are said to be neutral or positive, there will clearly be tremendous suspicion by large blocks of humanity. This will not be an easy sell. There will be a sizeable number of people predisposed to interpret these beings as nothing more than demonic. Short of bringing one of these entities to a podium and subjecting it to hours, days and weeks of questions from an insatiable public, it is very likely that any moment of disclosure will not satisfy the public in the way it would like to be regarding alien motivation. That’s only the beginning of the problem. One early and obvious question that will arise and will have profound political implications is, “How have you managed to keep this secret all these years?” Considering that our entire society has been told that UFOs do not represent anything truly anomalous. That ETs, or aliens, are definitely not here on Earth. That UFO believers may be wellmeaning but have made mistakes. This has been the mindset embedded within all of our major institutions. Our educational institutions from primary schools through universities up to postdoctorate level. There are major news organisations in which an open belief in UFOs is a third rail for one’s career. Throughout our scientific establishments for sure and also our political structure. Political careers have been destroyed or at least severely undermined by the UFO taint. All of these institutions and others have treated the UFO topic as a joke - something suitable for immature minds. Can it really be that professors throughout the

USA have dismissed this phenomena without any co-operation from the intelligence community? People will see very clearly that the national security apparatus has created a global culture that has suffocated the truth. Researchers will begin to investigate in a serious way just how these relationships have undermined the credibility of all those institutions and also undermined our apprehension of truth. Citizens will naturally want to know specifics about the secrecy itself. They will want to know if the US President has been out of the loop all these years - as it seems - then who exactly has been in the loop? Who has been running the UFO cover-up? If the answer is anything along the lines of my own research, it will show the coverup has long ago graduated away from formal presidential authority into institutional and private hands. It’s not that the US President is a non-player in all this but more like the public face of the power elite that stands behind. The moment of disclosure will trigger an intellectual revolution worldwide relating to the true structure of power on planet Earth. It will be a moment when the world sees that the emperor has been wearing nothing at all. The political fall-out will be tremendous and a great battle will develop within the first year of disclosure. Think of it this way. Just because the President has been forced into making an announcement doesn’t mean the CIA, and the other intelligence groups that have been managing this, will walk away. There has been a concerted effort, expanding an entire human lifetime, to control this topic. A great deal has been invested and mere disclosure is not going to change that. The real issue in the immediate post-disclosure world will be who controls the spin on the story? Because right away there will be a great divide - a chasm. Once this topic is available for open discussion you can be sure people around the world will be demanding answers. You can be just as sure that, on the other side of the fence, information will be handed out as sparingly

as possible. Government spin doctors will be out in great numbers trying to control the situation according to national security policy although, this time, independent UFO searchers may get a public hearing that they haven’t gotten before. If the official spokesperson is making misleading or false statements, it’s going to be easier, post-disclosure, for independent researchers to point this out because, this time, the public will be more likely to listen. How that will turn out, only time will tell. There are many other messy issues relating to global finance, energy, truth commissions, law-suits, cultural transformation, cultural wars, religious and spiritual changes, scientific paradigm shifts and ultimately geo-political changes that will allow us to meet the challenges of…shall we call them ‘others’ here on Earth in some sort of co-ordinated and, hopefully, logical manner. Even more hopefully, that answers to the people rather than to a handful of elite human players. For that, we will need a groundswell of public pressure from below and tremendous political energy, effort and courage to take on the black budget culture that has dominated this subject for so long and to begin a long, hard fight to reclaim some measure of freedom and dignity for humanity while we begin a new, better and more mature phase of our existence.” Mr. Richard M Dolan. From a speech made at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure.

Chapters. Foreword

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Introductory Chapter 1 - Planet Earth

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Special Acknowledgements

Introductory Chapter 2 - The Roswell Incident Chapter 1 - Childhood

Chapter 2 - The Kennedy Assassination

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Chapter 3 - Growing Up

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Chapter 5 - Welcome To Vietnam

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Chapter 4 - Signing Up

Chapter 6 - Missing In Action

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Chapter 7 - Military Death And Married Life

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Chapter 9 - Meeting My Mother

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Chapter 8 - Life At Langley Chapter 10 - My CIA File

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Chapter 11 - Regressive Hypnosis And A Past Life

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Chapter 13 - The Roswell Crash And Cover-Up

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Chapter 12 - Vietnam And Other Revelations Chapter 14 - The Arrival Of The Twins

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Chapter 15 - President Eisenhower’s Meetings With Aliens Page 388 Chapter 16 - Valiant Thor’s Arrival

Chapter 17 - My Date With Aneminiah Chapter 18 - Valiant Thor’s Departure

Chapter 19 - Project Aquarius And The Nephilim

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Chapter 20 - Enoch And The Watchers Chapter 21 - Bloodlines

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Chapter 22 - Project Aquarius Meeting With President Reagan Page 502 Chapter 23 - A Trip To The Vatican

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Chapter 24 - Inside The CIA’s And The Star Seeds’ Mindsets Page 550

Chapter 25 - The ‘Above Top Secret’ Project Aquarius Meetings Page 568 Chapter 26 - Astral Travel Courtesy Of The CIA Chapter 27 - End Of My CIA Days Chapter 28 - Manhunt

Chapter 29 - Going Public

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Chapter 30 - The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

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Chapter 32 - Traitors To The Truth

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Chapter 34 - Saddam Hussein’s WMDs Moved To Syria And Iran

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Chapter 31 - Opening The Sixth Seal

Chapter 33 - On The Dark Path To World War 3

Chapter 35 - Operation Orchard

Chapter 36 - The Impending Race War In America

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Chapter 37 - Tribulations Are Coming - The Day Of The Lord Page 696 Chapter 38 - Ongoing Unofficial Project Aquarius Research Page 712 Chapter 39 - Voices

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Chapter 41 - Opening The Seventh Seal

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Chapter 43 - The Final Message To Washington And NASA From The Third And Final Messenger

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Chapter 40 - The New Jerusalem Chapter 42 - The Star Seeds

Chapter 44 - 100 Questions And Answers Chapter 45 - The Last Word - A Poem

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Foreword. In November 2016, my home phone rang and I was asked by a friend of mine who lives in the United States, if I would help write a biographical book for a friend of hers - a man called Eddie Page. At first, I wasn’t too keen as I was busy renovating my cottage. Being American, and so never one to take a polite “No!” for an answer, she gave me a brief outline of this man’s life and career. What I heard sounded so incredible that I was rather cynical, to say the least. Any normal person living an everyday life would have been. To me, he initially sounded like either the most delusional fantasist of all time or the closest person to God since Jesus walked on the planet. I had to admit either option would make a fascinating read and, even if the former proved to be the case, the book would still be an interesting psychological study into the human mind and the power of imagination. Then I was told official, classified documentation and medical records would be produced to prove what Eddie claimed was true. Sure enough, the very next day documents were sent to me. After careful inspection and consideration, I believed the overwhelming amount of evidence produced was authentic and was genuinely excited to learn all I could about this fascinating individual. I also believed it was important and only fair that everyone on the planet has access to a full and comprehensive record of Eddie Page’s life - not just the CIA who had seemingly been monitoring him from before his mysterious birth and ever since. I am sure this book will cause you to view the world in a different way. It will also give you an intriguing insight as to how our world is viewed by others from further afield. Although this is Eddie Page’s life story, I thought it necessary to set the scene by writing two introductory chapters. The first is an overview of mankind’s history on planet Earth - much abridged! It highlights the technological developments that took place in the


20th century. The second chapter summarises what is both claimed and denied to have happened at Roswell in 1947 which is helpful to know for what follows. Then it’s over to Eddie. Why didn’t he write the book by himself? Because, if you want to convince a different race to your own to accept something extraordinary, it makes sense to get a person from that race to put the argument in a way that race will respond to and accept. I am unashamedly a great cynic. I rarely belief anything I am told by politicians or the mainstream media. Certainly not without corroboration and proof. Too much is either intentionally distorted or key facts omitted to give a false impression of what they want you to think. I am also a great stickler for detail. It was known I would drill-down for every scrap of information and proof that Eddie, and those who already knew him, might consider unimportant or take for granted. I bombarded the poor fellow with many additional questions arising from what he initially said until I had all I needed not only to do his extraordinary life story justice but also to convince even the most dubious of minds (including my own) that it is all true. I have learnt much from Eddie Page over the nine months we’ve spent writing the pages of his book. It is said that one learns as one ages from the ‘University of Life’, Eddie has given me a crash course (particularly regarding the Roswell incident) in the ‘Universe of Life’. He called his CIA mentor, Dr. Jiles Hamilton, his ‘Earth Father’. I now consider Eddie to be my ‘Space Father’. I can pay him no greater compliment that that. I am confident that what you are about to read will leave you as astounded as I was - and still am. Brace yourself! JP Rolls. Christchurch, England. July 2017


P.S. After that first phone call, I looked Eddie Page up on the internet. There was a documentary about him presented by Lee Majors who starred in the tv drama series ‘The Bionic Man’ in the 1970s. There was no date as to what year this documentary was filmed but it was obviously before 1997 because it ended with Eddie predicting in that year an event of major world importance would occur. In the comments posted below the documentary, members of the public dismissed Eddie’s claims by citing that no major event had happened. However, amongst these negative comments were a few that pointed out that the Phoenix Lights had been seen that year. The Phoenix Lights was, and still is, the biggest mass modern-day UFO sighting. Over 10,000 residents of Phoenix, Arizona, saw a huge, unidentified craft moving slowly across the night sky. It was estimated to be approximately 1 mile in size. The official explanation was it was simply flares dropped by military aircraft. Witnesses dismissed this explanation, as did researchers analysing film that was shot of the lights. Until now, the origin of the Phoenix Lights has never been satisfactorily explained. In this book, Eddie confirms that the Phoenix Lights was the incident he predicted, He also explains why it happened and why it occurred on the particular date it did.


Special Acknowledgements. In any lifetime, there are those who form a special bond that can never be overlooked. Therefore, I would like to give my special thanks to the two men who were not only my ‘closest of all friends’ but gave me the understanding of what I was searching for and guided me in the right direction. The first one is Jiles Hamilton - my ‘Earth Father’ as I called him. He explained to me what the US government knew and thought about the Star Seeds from before we were born. He guided me on a voyage of discovery and enlightenment that went way beyond a normal education or scientific expedition. It has culminated in this book of how 33 Star Seeds took part in the US government projects of Aquarius and Zingo. A true southern man, born and raised for most of his life in Alma, Georgia, Jiles was a very special person with a commanding presence. The way he talked, his mannerisms and the fact he was given responsibility for looking after me when I was first recruited to the CIA, was to have a profound affect on the rest of my life. It would be to him that I told many facts about my people, our culture and, especially, my Father. Jiles was always a true friend and mentor for all of us but especially to me. He was the father on Earth that I so longed for. He shines today in heaven. I often think he is telling my Father how stubborn I was at times. We all loved him and miss him greatly. He may not have realised at the time, but he was the first diplomat between government organisations on Earth and extraterrestrials. This was a difficult balancing act and, at times, his loyalty was called into question by the CIA. I can assure them that Jiles always acted in the best interest of the human race and appointing him to oversee us was the shrewdest move the CIA ever made.


Secondly, I want to give credit and my deep appreciation to the man who gave me the teachings of true ancient alien archeology - Zecharia Sitchin. He is the author of several books from which the ‘Earth Chronicles’ were derived. The two archaeological trips we went on and the various historical conundrums that mankind’s knowledge couldn’t rationally explain were solved thanks to Zecharia’s insights. It was Zecharia who gave the world an in-depth insight into the ancient cultures of the Sumerians and the Egyptians from whom mankind’s development is inextricably linked. If anyone wishes to know about Earth’s origins and how the rise and fall of ancient empires and civilisations came about, I would highly recommend the complete ‘Earth Chronicle’ set of books he wrote which include his expert and well-based opinions. During those years of CIA sponsored field-trips, we surely did prove a lot and many discoveries still remain undisclosed between me and a selected few now that Zecharia has passed away. Zecharia’s key contribution to our learning should always be remembered and appreciated when the greatest of all secrets concerning mankind’s origin and life itself will be revealed to the entire world. That time is fast approaching and it is a great pity Zecharia will not be able to have a front row seat and receive the credit that is most certainly due to him. Zecharia and Jiles will live on forever in my memory and the legacy they left will always be appreciated by me in ways mere words cannot convey.


Acknowledgements. Like any project one undertakes, there are many behind the scenes who have helped and encouraged me.

Firstly, the two men and one woman I met when I first moved to Tennessee. They called me a friend and treated me as such in so many kind ways, Mikey, his wife and, especially, his dad - Gene. They got to know more about me than they ever expected to. They got to see my people’s spacecraft and learned the truth that resides inside all of us. I thank them and want them to know they are very special to me. Next, my beloved friend and the ghost-writer of this book. The one who thought his last biographical book would never be beaten for being the most amazing true life story ever told but who quickly acknowledged that mine had taken poll position - Jay, or JP Rolls, as he is known by some. Jay had the courage to step forward with all of the Star Seeds who worked for the CIA on Project Aquarius to tell our complex story because he believed that everyone in the world had a right to know of our existence and our purpose for being here on planet Earth. He requested all the evidence needed to authenticate our claims and has presented it in a way that will be hard to disprove or disbelieve by anyone other than those who have closed minds and wear blinkers. The result is a book that UFO enthusiasts have waited decades for. It is fitting that the book is published on the 70th anniversary year of the Roswell incident. For over 70 years, successive US governments have gone to extreme lengths to keep all they knew about extraterrestrial visits under extreme secrecy so, to finally open the UFO section of the CIA vault to the world, was not done without risk. However, Jay realised it was the right thing to do and now is the right time to do it - better late than never. His encouragement, enthusiasm and help has not just opened that vault door an intriguing inch or two but wrenched it clean off its


rusty hinges. In this respect, I am grateful to my older brothers the twins, Michael and Daniel. They have kept a watchful eye over Jay to ensure he wasn’t bothered on our mission and the message that we bring to mankind will finally be delivered. Also, I must mention a very special lady who once asked me what songs I listened to and what I could dance to! She knows who she is. We were two personalities crashing into one another like speeding trains. I saw much good in her then, now, always and forever. I will never forget the brotherhood who carry the Red Cross of truth - the Knight Templars. They have long protected the San Grail the bloodline of the children. Thank you to all of Jah’bh’s children who are watching to see what I do in the future. Finally, thank you to everyone else who has helped me in any way. Not only for your support, but for believing in this book about life in the universe.


Introductory Chapter 1

Overview of Planet Earth.

At the time of writing, the official position of all governments of every country in the world is that, apart from on our own planet, there is no other form of life in the universe. Countries with space agencies who have undertaken space observation and exploration projects, all categorically deny encountering or finding any evidence to the contrary. Yet, as the vast scale of the universe extends way beyond the view of the most powerful telescope or the furthest space probe, the possibility of another life form somewhere in space cannot be discounted. It is stated, as a matter of fact, that the current known universe is 13.5 billion years old, extends 93 billion light years in distance and there is undoubtedly much more beyond. Some astronomers claim it to be infinite. Even if it is not infinite, educated guesses estimate that our galaxy consists of 300 billion stars. 1 in 5 of these stars is reckoned to have an Earth-like planet with liquid water present on it. That equates to approximately 60 billion Earthlike planets in our own galaxy. However, our galaxy is relatively small when it is compared to others. No-one has the remotest idea how many more galaxies exist but, in our observable universe, there are 170 billion galaxies, each with up to one trillion stars. This means there are around 23,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth-like planets in our own universe. Whatever the exact number, it is roughly calculated, for the purpose of human comprehension, that each grain of sand on Earth represents approximately 10,000 stars. A truly mind-blowing statistic to consider the next time you sit on a sandy beach. Common-sense dictates that, if so many other planets exist with similar conditions to Earth, then one or more of these could sustain life similar to that which thrives on our own planet. Indeed, mankind has already identified and even photographed some distant planets that bear a striking resemblance to Earth - Kepler 186f being one notable


Project Aquarius.

example. Even more likely, is that planets exist also with conditions favourable to sustaining some form of life, but these life forms may well be very different to anything that Earth has ever nurtured. After all, our own planet’s variation of life has been as diverse as plants and single cell organisms, increasing in complexity and size right up to gigantic dinosaurs. The other factor to consider is the history and time-line of life on Earth. From geological analysis, scientists guesstimate that, approximately 4.5 billion years ago, 9 billion years after the universe came into being, planet Earth was a volcanic fireball with atmospheric conditions unable to sustain any form of known life. However, as the planet cooled and the atmosphere stabilised, water formed from a combination of the elements of hydrogen and oxygen - H2O. The oceans, seas and lakes were the incubators that enabled the first life form to flourish and evolve. That’s the scientific explanation. But how did the first form of life come into being from the raw ingredients of rock and gases? No-one can explain that dilemma in indisputable detail. Yet we are all living proof it somehow did happen. The religious explanation is that a ‘God’ created human beings in his own image. Who or what ‘God’ is and this mysterious entity’s motive for doing this and God’s own origin is the source of much speculation and unresolved debate. This has often led to warfare between humans of different religious beliefs. Ironically, killing one’s fellow man is against religious laws, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ being Christianity’s commandment. However, this seems to have been ignored throughout the ages as there has never been a prolonged era of peace when there was not a war taking place somewhere on our planet. Religious teachings aside, what is largely accepted is human being’s most recent history. Until a few thousand years ago, humans were hunter/gatherers, dressed in animal skins and lived in caves. As the human race began to develop bigger brains and longer life


spans, new skills followed in communication, cultivation and building. The last two millenniums in the history of the human race has been relatively well researched and documented and a vague outline of it is known to most. Despite major discoveries and innovations over the last few thousand years such as the breakthrough abilities to make and control fire for warmth and cooking, writing, the inventions of the wheel and gunpowder, it was only in the 20th century that technology fundamentally changed the way that most humans lived their lives. During that century, a baby born in 1900 might well have lived in a house with just a fire for warmth, ate food grown locally, cooked on a kitchen range powered by coal or logs, had no electricity, got water from a garden well using a bucket, had no telephone and relied on telegrams to communicate long distances. There were steam locomotive trains but the main mode of transport was still by horse. It was a lifestyle that a man or woman from the Bronze Age or Medieval times would have largely recognised. Yet, had that baby born in 1900 lived to be 100 years old, then by 1999 that lifestyle would have changed beyond all recognition and belief. Cars, aeroplanes, rockets, telephones, televisions, computers and other home appliances and conveniences had all been invented, reinvented and were in common, everyday use. Mankind had even set foot on the nearest star to planet Earth - the Moon. There were more technological advances in the last 100 years than in the past 2,000 years. Why did all these technological breakthroughs occur during the 20th century? The main reason is that two world wars took place. Prior to World War 1, fought between 1914-1918, flight was in its infancy. At first, many people could not envisage how flying would benefit their everyday lives, but the aeroplane’s use as a military aid in reconnaissance and as a weapon was quickly proven. The tank was invented. More efficient machine-guns and artillery cannon with longer ranges were developed. New weapons such as flamethrowers and poison gas were used in combat for the first time,


Project Aquarius.

as were submarines which served little practical purpose apart from sinking ships. The end result was that mankind was able to kill and maim the combatants and citizens of other nations in their millions. The victorious countries did not benefit from their victory in the ‘land fit for heroes’ way they had been promised. The defeated nations were left resentful and bitter at the armistice terms. World War 1 was described, and even justified, as the ‘war to end all wars’. History was to prove this hope was forlorn and would not be fulfilled. Far from it, as the World War 1 aftermath directly contributed to the start of World War 2 - just 21 years later. World War 1 did see developments in medical care such as pioneering surgery for facial wounds. However, no antidote or cure was available for the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic which spread right across the planet infecting 500 million people and resulting in the deaths of between 50 to 100 million victims. Undeniably, if the investment and brainpower the world’s nations invested in developing weaponry to kill fellow humans had been redirected into medical research to save lives, many millions would have been saved from unpleasant and premature deaths. The other important benefit World War 1 brought about was the changed role of women in society. Before the war, women mainly did domestic work in the home - cooking and cleaning. Some worked as maids, cooks, nurses, waitresses, shop assistants or laboured on the land, but few had other jobs. Those roles had always been filled by men. When millions of men went off to fight, women were needed to fill the jobs that suddenly became vacant or had become essential. These included factory jobs such as producing ammunition and weapons. Women workers proved their worth in the workplace and most relished their newly-found emancipation and wages. When the men returned, there was a larger workforce which began to produce updated products across all aspects of society. Faster cars. Labour-saving household devices. Women’s wages meant households


had more money to spend. Trips to the cinema, listening to the wireless and use of telephones became more widespread. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the arms race continued but at a slower pace than during the war. Bi-planes became single wing aircraft - faster, bigger and with the ability to drop multiple bombs. In 1939, World War 2 started and the arms race accelerated yet again. The opposing nations were much the same as had fought each other during World War 1 but, this time, the way they fought each other was different. Radar was used to detect enemy aircraft. In attempting to crack the German Enigma code machine, the British invented the prototype to the computer. A breakthrough that, in the decades to come, was to evolve into everyday life in a way no-one could have initially predicted or imagined. When the Americans entered the war and the Russians advanced from Eastern Europe, the retreating Germans realised their only chance of snatching victory from defeat was if they managed to develop new weapons that could cause widespread destruction and mass death on a far greater scale than conventional weapons of the time were capable of. These innovations included the jet engine, the rocket and even nuclear bombs. The Allies knew of the German plans and hampered development by bombing research facilities. Despite these setbacks, the Germans did manage to get the V-1 ‘flying bomb’, ‘buzz-bomb’ or ‘doodlebug’ into production. This was a jet-propelled pilotless flying bomb. Although it could not be steered whilst in flight, in many ways it was the first missile or drone. V-1s were launched from ramps mostly aimed in the direction of London. When the V-1 ran out of fuel, calculated to be when it was above London, the engine stalled and it fell out of the sky to explode where it crashed. Despite being far more devastating than ordinary bombs, the V-1 had many flaws. The Germans were unable to manufacturer V-1s in sufficient numbers to destroy London as had been hoped and time was running out as


Project Aquarius.

the first V-1 was fired on June 13th, 1944 - just over a week after the successful D-Day landings. As the Allies advanced through France, the V-1 launch sites were over-run. Around 12,000 V-1s were launched before the war in Europe ended. The German High Command had another, even more devastating weapon, ready to fire at London. This was the V-2 ‘retribution weapon’. It was basically a rocket engine with a casing filled with explosives and was the first long-range, ballistic missile. It did not fly like a conventional aircraft or the V-1. The V-2 was launched vertically. It was the first man-made object to cross the boundary of space and was also the first mass-produced rocket. From September 1944, until the German official surrender was signed, over 3,000 V-2s were fired. As German forces retreated, soldiers from the United States and the Soviet Union (who, though fighting the same enemy, had different political ideologies - capitalism and communism) competed to capture the German manufacturing sites producing the new deadly weapons and jet-powered engines which were far in advance of their own technology. Over 100 V-2 technicians surrendered to the Americans and many ended up working in the USA. American soldiers also seized sufficient parts to build 80 of the rockets. After the war, the Soviet Union occupied the countries where the V-2 manufacturing facilities were based which enabled their scientists to restart V-2 production. This was later relocated to further inside the Soviet Union. In 1938, two German chemists claimed to have detected and identified the element barium after bombarding uranium with neutrons. This became known as nuclear fission. Their discovery made the development of an atomic bomb a theoretical possibility and led to a German nuclear weapon project being started in 1939. However, it stalled after many of the physicists were conscripted. A second project began later that year with three objectives; to build a nuclear reactor, to begin uranium and heavy water production and to achieve uranium isotope separation. Surprisingly, the German


High Command eventually concluded that nuclear fission would not contribute to a German victory in the war and many of the scientists were switched to other projects. As the war in Europe drew to a close, the Allies competed to seize the remnants of the German nuclear program as they did with the V-2 project. The Americans were particularly keen to get their hands on it and relieved when they did as, back in 1939, following the announcement of the discovery of nuclear fission, the scientist Albert Einstein had warned US President Roosevelt that it might soon be possible to build a weapon that would use the power of the atom to cause an unprecedented amount of death, destruction and devastation. The scientist had urged the President to get American scientists to build an atomic bomb as a matter of extreme priority before German scientists did. Roosevelt heeded this advice and a special team of scientists was created whose work became known as the ‘Manhattan Project’. The nuclear race had started. Nazi Germany surrendered in May 1945 and the war in Europe ended. However Japan, Germany’s main ally, fought on and the war continued to rage in the Pacific. Since 1942, more than 100,000 scientists had worked on the Manhattan Project making it the largest and most secret scientific project ever undertaken so it was not surprising the American’s development proceeded faster than the Germans. In April 1945, the American nuclear team informed their new President, Harry Truman, that they were ready to test the world’s first atomic weapon. In July 1945, this was successfully detonated in the New Mexico desert. The Japanese also had a nuclear weapons program but it lacked the resources of the Manhattan Project and had made little progress in developing an atomic bomb by the time the Americans had successfully tested theirs. On August 6th, 1945, an American bomber dropped an atomic


Project Aquarius.

bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, instantly killing around 80,000 civilians. Three days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing 40,000 more. In the months following the bombings, approximately 100,000 others died of radiation burns and poisoning. To date, those two bombings remain the only use of nuclear weapons for warfare in recorded history. Japan surrendered on August 15th, 1945 and World War 2 ended. However, its legacy was to live on. It changed the political and social structure of the world. Former allies, the USA and the USSR, emerged as superpowers and rivals setting up the ‘Cold War’ - each trying to promote conflicting political ideology and protect its territories. They competed for nuclear supremacy and to win the race into space and to land on the Moon. Like the aftermath of World War 1, the post-war world saw many differences and advances in everyday life but one of the main legacies of World War 2 was air travel. Thousands of pilots had been trained as fighter or bomber pilots and, after the war ended, many got jobs as commercial pilots or flew private planes for work or pleasure. This was to lead to a phenomena that persists to this very day - the sighting of what was to become known as ‘unidentified flying objects’ or UFOs. No doubt, before mankind could imagine flying with the birds, humans had long looked up into the sky and seen objects or lights that defied obvious explanation. Many of these sightings were likely to be meteorites or caused by unusual weather conditions. However, on June 24th, 1947, whilst flying his private plane over the Cascade Mountains in America, a pilot witnessed a sight that was the first widely publicised UFO sighting. One which caught the attention of the world. Keith Arnold stated he initially saw a bright flash in the sky and then saw a formation of 9 objects flying at fantastic speed. Based on his own plane’s controls and landmarks he was flying over, he estimated


the unidentified objects speed to be 1,200 miles per hour - much faster than any conventional aircraft could fly at that time. However, what Keith Arnold saw were not conventional aircraft. He described the objects as saucer-like discs with no wings or tails. The discs had a reflective mirrored surface and were each about 50 foot in diameter. They flew in a tight formation as if they were linked together. He said they flew, not like rockets, but how “a flyingsaucer would if you skipped it over water”. That description was how the term ‘flying-saucer’ came to be used. Keith Arnold was an experienced pilot who had nothing to gain by concocting such a far-fetched story and had his professional credibility to lose. Interestingly, there were 20 similar sightings in the same area over the next few days. By July 5th, there were up to 100 sightings a day. All over the United States and the rest of the world, thousands claimed to have witnessed seeing something similar at some time in their lives without knowing what it was that they had seen or how to explain it. Despite this furor, it was an incident just days after Keith Arnold’s claim, at a location 1,500 miles away that really captured the public’s imagination. An incident that still causes controversy to this day, with the US government dismissing it and various officials, who break security agreements to go public, stating that what was initially claimed in 1947 was largely true. It has become known as the Roswell incident. Although it happened 8 years before Eddie Page was born, the Roswell incident is where his amazing life story begins.


Project Aquarius.

Introductory Chapter 2 The Roswell Incident.

On July 8th, 1947, the Roswell Daily Record ran possibly the most dramatic headline any newspaper ever printed - before or since. It claimed ‘RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region.’ The sensational article was based on information provided by the Roswell Army Air Field Public Information Officer. The press release began, “The many rumours regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc.” Not surprisingly, the announcement stunned the world - if only temporarily. Just a day later, the military changed their official line and claimed the object they first thought to be a ‘flying disc’ was, if fact, a mere weather balloon. This started the most fascinating mystery and enduring controversy of the post-atomic age. One that still continues to this day - 70 years later. Roswell is in the American state of New Mexico. In 1947, it was a US Air Force base and home to the 509th Operations Group which, by coincidence, had dropped the atomic bombs on Japan just two years earlier. Prior to the alleged crash of an alien spacecraft, many Roswell residents had seen unexplained lights in the night sky. In the first week of July 1947, there were a number of thunderstorms in the vicinity of Roswell. During the early hours of July 4th, 1947, there was a particularly severe one. During this, many witnesses claimed to see a particularly bright light which was described as “a halo of light too bright to look at for many seconds”. This was not a normal, instantaneous flash of lightning. On July 6th, William ‘Mac’ Brazel was doing his daily round of a ranch 75 miles from Roswell when he spotted some debris that none of his sheep would go near. He collected a few pieces and took


them to show a neighbour, Loretta Proctor, who described a piece as, “like plastic but, when you crushed it, it straightened back up and had beams with pinkish, purple printing.” Mr. Brazel took the debris to Sheriff George Wilcox, who notified the local airbase. There, the Air Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel, was assigned to investigate. That night, he collected the debris from Mr. Brazel and then went to gather more from where the other pieces had been found. He was so intrigued by what he collected that he took it home to show to his wife and young son. One piece was thin and light but so strong it could not be bent. The foil-like material could be crumpled but would immediately reform back into its original shape. “God Almighty what the hell is this?” was the Major’s amazed reaction. Major Marcel’s son remembers his father was excited and his only explanation was that it must be part of a flying-saucer. He remembers purple hieroglyphic symbols on a piece of light metal. Frankie Rowe, a fireman’s daughter also saw the material and said when it was dropped, “it spread out like water but with no ripples”. Also, it was light but strong and when she held it in her hand, “it felt like nothing was touching my skin”. Major Marcel took the debris to the airbase and showed it to the Commanding Officer, Colonel Blanchard, who ordered his Public Information Officer, First Lieutenant Walter Haut, to brief the local newspaper that the airbase had in its possession a ‘flying disc’. It was described as “of a flimsy design, like a box kite, with no sign of the power unit”. Major Marcel flew samples of the debris to Fort Worth Texas, the headquarters of the 8th Air Force. General Roger Ramey, the Commanding Officer there, later held a press conference in his office. The debris was spread out on the floor in front of photographers


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and photos of it were taken with General Ramey and Major Marcel. The Fort Worth Weather Officer was also present and declared the debris to be a weather balloon. The debris on the floor was undeniably exactly that. However, those who had seen the debris before it was flown to Fort Worth were adamant that the remains of the weather balloon seen in the photos was not the debris they had seen. The implication was that Major Marcel took part in a cover-up that involved switching the genuine debris for a weather balloon. Those who had claimed it was a flying disc were ridiculed. The story was officially dead and the world considered itself hoodwinked. Those in Roswell who publicly disputed that the remains of a weather balloon was what they had seen, were intimidated and threatened by the military into silence. KGFL, the local radio station was told that, if it broadcast anything further about the incident, it would immediately lose its licence to broadcast. Why would the military do this? Was it really just embarrassed? If so, such threats were even more of an embarrassment, made against the very citizens it was meant to defend from harm and fuelled speculation of a cover-up. Over the years, more twists and turns in the incident emerged. In 1965, Colonel Blanchard, by then a 4-star General, attended a reunion dinner with the Mayor of Roswell and other residents. The subject of the Roswell incident was raised and the Mayor, Bill Brainerd, recalls the General saying, “It was the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.” Another guest remembers him saying, “What I saw, I’d never seen before.” For 30 years after the incident, the town and military maintained an uneasy silence. Then, in 1979, Major Marcel did a television interview. He said he had tried to set fire to a piece of debris but it wouldn’t burn. He tried to snap it but it wouldn’t break. He did not go as far as to admit that the original debris had been deliberately swapped


and he had unwillingly taken part in a cover-up but that was the implication. He still clearly believed that what he had collected from William Brazel was not man-made as, “If it was something of ours, there would be no reason to keep it under cover this long.” He also said that, after he had delivered the debris to Fort Worth, he had been taken to another room to point out on a wall map where the wreckage had been found. When he returned to the room for the press conference, the remains of a weather balloon were now laid out on the floor. It’s easy to read between the lines of a man who was reluctant to betray his former military employer outright but who was deeply troubled at the deception that had occurred. In 1947, General Ramey’s Chief of Staff was Colonel Thomas DeBose. Before he died in 1991, then a retired Brigadier General, he gave a taped interview. He confirmed the weather balloon was a cover story. He said that General McMullen, Deputy Strategic Head of the Air Command at the Pentagon, was in overall charge of the operation and had described the incident as, “More than top secret - beyond that.” There was no question that a cover-up did occur in 1947. The question was, what were they all covering up? A possible explanation was revealed in 1994 when ‘Project Mogul’ was declassified and documentation released into the public domain. Project Mogul was a top secret, spy balloon project undertaken by the USAF involving microphones flown on high-altitude balloons. The purpose of these balloons was to fly over the Soviet Union and detect sound waves from Soviet nuclear bomb tests. The balloons were made of polyethylene plastic. The top secret nature of the project and the new material could feasibly account for both the wonder of those who found the debris and the military cover-up of switching the polyethylene balloon for a weather balloon. However, the official flight records of Project Mogul did not record that there was a test flight near Roswell on the dates prior to the sightings and when the debris was found. Also, a metallic


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radar device attached to each balloon was made of the same tin-foil Hershey’s had been wrapping candy bars in since the 1920s - as had chewing-gum manufacturers. To many, including those who had seen the original debris, it was a second, still unconvincing cover-up story concocted by the military when media pressure demanded another, more feasible, explanation. Despite this, it was, and still is, widely considered to be the most likely rational ‘down to earth’ explanation. Just when the Roswell Incident seemed to have been finally accounted for, many more revelations emerged. In 1947, Frank Kaufmann was serving as a Master Sergeant at the Roswell airfield. He claims that one night a lot of unexplained activity was detected on the base’s radar. “Blips dancing on the screen. All of a sudden there was a flash.” That’s how he described it. He was one of a team sent out to investigate. 45 miles south of the ranch where Mr. Brazel found the debris, the team saw a halo of light glowing and on going closer found the glow came from a strange looking craft that was embedded in the ground but which was definitely not a plane or a missile. It was about 25 feet long and had been split open. A strange looking body had been flung out and was laying on the ground. Another was half-in and half-out of the craft. As they got closer, they saw another three bodies inside the craft. They radioed the airbase for a crane and other vehicles to attend the crash site. Mr. Kaufmann was able to provide a copy of the official report he made at the time which included sketches of the craft and an artist’s impression of the dead occupants. He saw control panels inside the craft and hieroglyphic symbols which he could not understand. The underside of the craft had a series of octagon-shaped cells.


He noticed that, by the time the corpses were put into body-bags, their skin had began to shrivel. Once at the base, he says a local undertaker was called and asked what embalming fluid could be used to preserve the corpses. This part of his account was confirmed by Glenn Dennis of Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell who said the Roswell base rang him to enquire about child-size coffins and what effect embalming fluids would have on blood, tissue and internal organs. Mr Dennis’s company also had the ambulance contract for the base and, that same day, he went to the base to take an injured airman to the hospital. To his surprise, he was told to leave the base. As he left, he saw a nurse he had dated leaving Hanger 84 with a towel over her mouth. She was clearly in a distressed state. The next day the nurse called him and they met. She was still very upset and explained to him the reason why. She’d been asked to help doctors with an autopsy. In a body bag they’d opened, were two very small, mutilated corpses. Another contained a corpse that hadn’t been mutilated. She said her job was to take notes as the doctors conducted the autopsies. She claimed a very toxic smell came from the bodies which eventually forced all the medical staff to leave the hanger. Mr. Kaufmann confirmed Hanger 84 was where the wrecked craft and the corpses were taken. Other witnesses also saw inside the hanger, including Joe Montoya, the then Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico, who was campaigning for re-election and who told his chauffeur to, “Get the hell off the base!” as he had seen “little men with big heads” and one was still alive. This was confirmed by Sheriff Wilcox’s wife who had been told by her husband he had seen a live alien whilst visiting the base. Sheriff Wilcox also told his daughter the same account. In 1997, after he had retired, Lieutenant Colonel Phillip J Corso claimed that, during his career, he had seen alien bodies and wreckage from an alien spaceship. His job, which was working for the department of Research Development on Foreign Technology at the Pentagon, meant he had the highest security clearance which gave him access to


Project Aquarius.

the official Roswell incident files. He claimed he saw radar footage tape and reports of alien craft which flew at between 3,000 and 4,000 mph and could unlock radar tracking devices that attempted to track their flight. He also stated that the National Security Agency had received patterned communications from space that it was unable to decode but which definitely weren’t caused by space debris. He also asserted that study of the aliens and the crashed alien spacecraft had helped develop lasers, fibre-optics, integrated computer circuits (microchips), nightvision sights and bullet-proof vests. There was even an alien headband which appeared to be used for communication purposes or to control their craft. This technology was modified and is now used to help disabled people communicate and control their bodily movements. Over the years, the US government has released documents that show they took the possibility of UFOs very seriously. In 1948, ‘Project Sign’ was set-up to investigate sightings. It was renamed ‘Project Blue Book’ and officially ended in 1969 after 20 years of investigation. Its concluding statement said investigators could not explain 701 credible reports. Following on from this, the United States Air Force stated it had spent over 20 years investigating UFOs but had not found any evidence of anything unusual or any threat to national security and therefore would not investigate further reports. That was, and still is, the official government line. In the 1980s and 1990s, numerous Freedom of Information requests were denied. However, a document was released to explain why other documents could not be made public. This was headed ‘Top Secret Plus’ (with the Plus backed-out). 75% of the document’s text was also blacked-out. The explanation was that the information could not be declassified due to national security concerns. This went against the conclusion of Project Blue Book and raised the question why, if no evidence of alien life or craft had ever been found, was anything too secret to be released into the public domain? Daniel P Sheehan claimed that when Jimmy Carter became


US President in 1977, Carter asked to be briefed on all UFO information available but the then Director of the CIA, George HW Bush, refused the presidential request. In his capacity as a Chief Counsel and attorney working for the Congressional Research Service, Mr. Sheehan was allowed access to classified, non-released sections of Project Blue Book that were omitted from the disclosed version. He claims to have seen photos of a crashed UFO being measured by military personnel, close-up photos of insignia on the craft and photos of alien corpses. Moe Cox, a former USAF Sergeant with security clearance, also claims to have seen photos from Project Blue Book. A Major showed him the file and he saw a photo of three dead aliens and two live ones standing upright. He also saw photos of the flying saucer. He said that it was egg-shaped with the back section missing. Born in 1941, Gerald Anderson had moved with his family to Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 4th, 1947. A few days after this, he went with his father and other relatives looking for agate rocks on the San Augustin plains which are approximately 150 miles from Roswell. Linked to a polygraph, he claimed they found a largely intact silver disc-shaped object embedded in a ridge. He estimated it to be 35 feet in diameter. There was wreckage around it. When they got closer, they saw four bodies which were “obviously not human”. Two were dead, one was badly injured and the fourth seemed uninjured and was sitting next to the injured one. As they approached, the uninjured one drew back as if it was afraid. Mr. Anderson’s description of them matched all the other descriptions, except he claimed the aliens had thumbs and three other fingers whereas other witnesses said there were no thumbs. He peered in the craft through the broken side and saw control panels - some with flashing lights. Near the craft, it was as if the area was air-conditioned. He touched the craft and found the metal to be smooth and icy cold. They tried to speak to the alien in Spanish and then in sign language. It turned and stared at him and he felt “awful feelings suddenly burst


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into his mind” causing him to run off in terror. He believes the alien was communicating with him telepathically. A group of an older man and five students then approached them. The previous night, they had seen what they thought was a meteorite crashing and were out looking for it. The man tried to speak to the alien in different languages but got no reply. Mr. Anderson said the students picked up various pieces of wreckage. A female student, Agnes, picked up a piece of red metal saying it would make an interesting ring. Another man approached, who introduced himself as Dr. Busker. He claimed to make maps of the area. He said he had also seen something crash the night before and had come out to investigate. He was only at the site a few minutes when many military vehicles and personnel arrived, including an African American Sergeant and an officer with ginger hair. The surviving alien seemed to panic and began looking for somewhere to hide. The officer ordered all the civilians to leave the crash site or they’d be shot and threatened to find them if they ever talked. The civilians were escorted away but were not searched. As Mr Anderson’s family left the area, it was swarming with military aircraft, vehicles and ambulances. In 1997, 50 years after the incident, the issue was still the subject of much interest and speculation, despite the release of the Project Mogul information a few years earlier. The USAF issued their final words on the subject in a document entitled ‘Roswell Report - Case Closed’. This attempted to address the issue of alien corpses that many witnesses claimed to have seen. These corpses were claimed to be ‘anthropomorphic bodies’ - the crash-test dummies of their day back in 1947. They were used to test ejector seats and parachutes at high altitude. However, it was quickly discovered that most of this research did not start until 1953 - six years after the Roswell incident. Modern technology allowed a piece of paper held in General Ramey’s hand whilst he posed for photographs at the press conference which took place in his office with Major Marcel in 1947 with the


weather balloon displayed on the floor, to be magnified. Though blurred, the words ‘victims of the wreck’ can be seen. At the time the photo was taken, no corpses had been publicly mentioned and, if it was a weather balloon as claimed at the time or even a Project Mogul spy balloon as was claimed in 1994, there would have been no victims. So why was this reference in General Ramey’s notes? Even if the bodies recovered were dummies, they would surely not have been described as ‘victims’ by the military. Whilst Project Blue Book was the public front for investigation into UFO sightings, over the years documents have been leaked from a clandestine group known as Majestic 12 or MJ12. This was formed by a special presidential order on September 12th, 1947, for the purpose of gathering information on UFOs and extraterrestrials that would be kept from the public. If there was no UFO crash, why form two projects to investigate them? Especially a covert one. In December 1994, a document alleged to be the Majestic 12 operations manual was leaked. Under instructions for ‘Isolation and Custody’ it stated, “EBEs will be detained by whatever means are necessary and removed to a secure location as soon as possible. Although it is preferable to maintain the physical well-being of any EBE, the loss of any EBE life is considered acceptable if conditions or delays to preserve that life in any way compromise the security of the operations.” Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper who worked for the Department of Naval Intelligence (the US Navy oversaw MJ12) claimed an alien was found alive after a UFO crashed near Roswell in 1947. This alien was called ‘EBE’ which stood for ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Entity’. When questioned, EBE only gave the answers it sensed its human interrogators wanted to hear. Questions that would have got a disturbing response, it refused to answer for over a year. In its second year of capture, EBE was more forthcoming and its answers were “startling to say the least”. Mr Cooper claimed that, in 1951, EBE became ill. EBE’s body functioned in a similar way to plants. NASA even began to broadcast messages into space in an attempt to save EBE.


Project Aquarius.

Mr. Cooper stated, “If you know they’re better than you and you know they can lick you, then you better try and be friends with them and that’s what this effort was all about.” No response was received and botanists were unable to save EBE who died in 1952. Mr. Cooper claimed President Truman created the National Security Agency in November 1952 primarily to try to decipher alien communication and establish dialogue with extraterrestrials. It was called Project Sigma. The other role of the NSA was to monitor human communication to preserve national security and to keep the alien contact secret. He claimed over the years many more UFOs, alien corpses and live aliens had been recovered. He also made the point, “the important fact is not how many but that they did occur”. Mr. Cooper claimed that, in 1953, President Eisenhower’s first year in office, at least ten spacecraft were recovered (4 in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Montana and 1 in South Africa) along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. One died within hours of being removed from the craft, the others a few days later. Mr. Cooper claims the government found ‘lock-on’ radar caused the spacecraft to crash and the government brought down as many as it could. In that same year, he says asteroids were spotted which did not have a regular orbital path and it turned out the asteroids were huge alien spacecraft that orbited above Earth’s equator. Communication using binary code was established and there was a face to face meeting with the extraterrestrials. Mr. Cooper also stated that, at the same time EBE was being questioned, another group of more human-looking aliens contacted the US government. They warned about the other group and offered to help mankind with its spiritual development in exchange for the dismantling and destruction of all nuclear weapons. The aliens refused to share their technology without this pre-condition being met as they considered humans did not know how to sensibly use the technology we already had - as proven by our history of warfare against our own


human race. They warned we were on a path of self-destruction and should stop polluting our planet. We should learn to live in harmony with each other and nature. However, the politicians and military feared that disarming would leave us helpless against other alien races who might have hostile intentions. Even the human-looking race of aliens could conceivably prove not to be trustworthy and so their offer was declined. Mr. Cooper claimed that the non-human looking alien race were Greys with large noses. They landed a craft at Holloman Air Force Base in 1954. An agreement was reached and an alien named Krlll (pronounced Krill) was left as a type of hostage to reassure mankind that the agreement would be honoured. There was a second landing at Edward’s Air Force Base. A formal treaty between the United States and the alien nation was signed. ‘Omnificent Highness Krlll’ became the alien ambassador, although the Americans referred to him as ‘OH Krlll’ - the OH short for ‘Original Hostage’. Both nations agreed not to interfere in each others affairs. It was agreed to keep the Grey’s presence on the planet secret from the civilian population. The Greys agreed to help the US develop new technology. The Greys were not allowed to communicate with any other nation except the United States. The Greys were given permission to abduct a limited number of humans for the purpose of medical examination on condition that the humans would not be harmed and be returned to their point of abduction. The humans would have no memory of their abduction and the Greys would provide MJ12 with regular lists of those who had been abducted. It was also agreed that two underground bases would be constructed for the use of the Grey alien nation and the US government. These bases were built at Dolcie and Area 51. Mr. Cooper stated that even American Presidents do not have the necessary security clearance to enter Area 51. According to Mr. Cooper, the Greys broke the agreement and made contact with the Soviet Union. They did not present a list of abductees


Project Aquarius.

and some were never returned. Also, mutilated bodies of animal carcasses began to be found which the aliens were considered to be responsible for. The Greys explained that the animal mutilations were medical experiments necessary for their survival as they were unable to reproduce and needed to change their genetic structure. He claimed the public were not told about the alien contact as it was feared that would have led to mass panic, economic collapse and a complete breakdown of religious beliefs and principles. All of which would lead to anarchy. In 1963, President Kennedy told MH12 he intended to reveal the alien contact to the public. Mr. Cooper stated President Kennedy’s assassination was planned and carried out by MJ12. He asserted that many others who threatened to divulge details of alien contact have also been murdered. Ironically, Mr. Cooper was himself shot dead by a Sheriff’s Deputy in 2001. Perhaps the most full and surprising account of alien contact is the interview transcripts of Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy. On August 12th 2007, she sent author Lawrence R Spencer what he claimed was her personal notes and transcripts made when she interviewed an alien taken alive at Roswell in 1947. In 2007, she was 83 years old and claimed she wanted to unburden herself from a secret she had kept for 60 years. Her motivation for releasing the documents was that she believed mankind needed to know the answers to the questions she had asked the alien. Her story is that, in July 1947, she was assigned to the 509th Bomb Group as a Flight Nurse. On July 7th, she drove an ambulance to the crash site where she saw the damaged craft and the dead aliens. One alien was unharmed and, as she examined it (she was the only woman present and, unlike all the military personnel, was not armed with a gun), she sensed it was trying to communicate with her telepathically. It had not responded to verbal communication or sign language. She reported this to her superior but no other person present received similar mental communication. She accompanied the alien back to


the Roswell base where she was assigned the task of questioning it. She was given a promotion to Senior Master Sergeant and a pay-rise to carry out this unusual duty. She was also with the alien as medical tests were conducted. Although she was never left alone with the alien, she was to be its main human contact for almost 6 weeks. Apparently, the surviving alien was the pilot and communicated that its name was Airl. Mrs MacElroy said when the alien refused to sign the transcripts of the interviews to validate they were correct, it was given electric shocks which killed it. Before this happened, the alien claimed the spacecraft was piloted by ‘mind control’. It had been struck by lightning which had broken the link between pilot and spacecraft causing it to go out of control and crash. Airl stated that Earth was basically a ‘prison planet’. Mrs MacElroy’s transcripts were discredited when Mr. Spencer could not produce the original typed documents and handwritten notes that Mrs MacElroy had somehow managed to keep after the alien was killed. Unlikely as it seemed, he claimed to have lost them so they were unable to be analysed for authenticity. It was noted that the name Airl is an anagram for ‘Liar’. Added to this, there is no official record of a Matilda O’Donnell (her maiden name) ever having a military service record at the 509th Bomb Group or even having lived at her address in Ireland. The transcripts caused much interest when they released but, like many of the previous accounts from witnesses, were quickly discredited. It is a typical example of how public interest was aroused only to be dashed by inconsistencies and a lack of credible evidence. The alien autopsy film was the biggest example of media hype and excitement. Black and white footage that was claimed to have been filmed in 1947 showing an alien corpse being dissected was released. Only for the producer to admit the hoax later when he was pressurised to produce the original film for analysis and verification but was unable to do so. The producer still insists that such a film exists but he was unable to obtain a copy and so had what he had seen re-enacted.


Project Aquarius.

Much more credible but vague, is a quote from Chase Brandon, a former CIA agent who worked at the agency for 35 years and said, “It was not a weather balloon. It was what people first reported. It was a craft that did not come from this planet.” He said this on the 65th anniversary of the Roswell incident and claimed to have seen direct evidence of alien life in a high-security area of the CIA’s Langley HQ. In 2013, a man was interviewed on film about his military career and a trip he went on to Area 51. This man did not want his name mentioned but did want his story to be made public. He had a serious illness and was not expected to live long. He said he was drafted into the military in 1958. He was given signal training and completed a cryptography course. One day, his next-in-command asked him if he’d like to earn more money by working on a top secret project for the CIA. He agreed and, after he was given the necessary top secret security clearance, he was briefed on Project Blue Book. It was his job to decide what was real and what was not, from photographs and film. Others went out to interview witnesses. He told his senior officer that he was ‘straight off a farm’ and so not qualified to decide what was authentic and what was not. He was informed that there was no formal training for this unusual role but he’d be shown things that were definitely real and he would quickly learn on the job. He had to take a special oath not to talk about his work to anyone and was followed by ‘men in black’ agents for months until he was trusted not to divulge anything. The public face of his job was to investigate reported UFO sightings. He found the vast majority to be either misidentified aircraft or deliberate hoaxes. Despite this, there were also many that defied all rational explanation. His work was published when Project Blue Book was released. However, this is not the most interesting part of his story. He went on to claim that one day his superior officer and himself were urgently summoned to the Oval Office in the White House. They were shown in to where newly elected President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon awaited. President Eisenhower informed them


that he had recently had a meeting with the people who ran MJ12. He had requested details of what was going on at Area 51. The President had been told that he had no jurisdiction over MJ12 and they weren’t going to tell him anything. President Eisenhower instructed the pair to fly to Area 51 and deliver a personal message to MJ12 from the President and Vice President. This was that MJ12 had just one week to submit a detailed report to them. If MJ12 did not, President Eisenhower would mobilise the United States First Army from Colorado and take Area 51 over to see for himself what was going on there. The pair flew out to Area 51 and, to their surprise, were given a conducted tour. They went from hanger to hanger seeing different alien craft - including the one that had crashed at Roswell. It was explained to them that engineers were trying to work out how the craft flew which was thought to be by a reverse gravitational means. Scientists were trying to crack a mathematical code to reverse gravity. They viewed autopsy footage of dead aliens. His superior officer even saw a live alien being questioned. All these aliens were Greys. The officer described the live one as looking oriental in appearance. The point of this tour was for the two to go back and tell the President of the United States to keep his nose out of MJ12 top secret business. President Eisenhower, like most of his fellow Americans, had no idea what was going on in Area 51. When his two emissaries flew back to Washington and reported what they had seen, he decided his best course of action was to let MJ12 continue with their research without the First Army interrupting them and their alien cohorts. Those are all the main witness accounts and official statements pertinent to the Roswell incident from 1947 to the present time. Some seem more credible and authentic than others. Some details are consistent, others are contradictory. However, over the decades, the US government’s official reports and explanations have been noticeably flawed and hugely inconsistent. When they have attempted to give answers, those answers have just raised more questions.


Project Aquarius.

So, what is the truth? Did a UFO crash? Were alien corpses and a live alien recovered? Was alien technology ‘reverse engineered’ into some of the products now in everyday use? The overall point to be considered is this. If mankind is alone in the universe, then this shows how rare and precious life is and it should be cherished. If we are not alone, and there are other extraterrestrial life forms, then confirmation of their presence will be the biggest and most important discovery in the history of mankind. As Eddie Page’s life story unfolds, it relates back to the Roswell incident and reveals exactly what happened and why. It separates rumour from reality and proves some science-fiction is indeed actual fact. By the time you finish reading this book you will know what has been kept secret for decades. You will know why politicians, the military and successive US governments acted in the way they did and can decide for yourself whether they were right or wrong to follow the course of action they took. Prepare to be amazed…


Chapter 1

Childhood. I was born on January 8th, 1953, at exactly 2am. I was a premature baby and weighed just 3.4 lbs. I was so small that a shoebox was my first bed. Years later, I was to meet the mid-wife who delivered me, a lady called Annie Blue. She told me she remembered me well as I was the strangest looking baby she ever delivered. Despite my early arrival, I had a full head of long hair, very dark eyes and even had three teeth. Due to my weight, she didn’t think I would live for very long but I defied expectations and not only survived but thrived. Within 9 months of my birth, I was walking - not crawling, but walking upright. I was named after my father. I was Groover Thomas Coleman Junior. Or that was what I thought my name was and that was certainly the official name I was known by for the first 30 years of my life. Despite this, I was called Tommy by everyone. To be strictly accurate, I should add that I was called Tommy by almost everyone, as there was one notable and important exception. Tommy was even the name on most of my school reports. Although I was born in 1953, the year 1954 was on all my official records, including my school reports. As I grew up, this always puzzled me but it didn’t unduly worry or affect me and there was nothing I could do about it. I just thought it was an administrative error. Also, I did not have a birth certificate and, to this day, I have never seen it. The Colemans were very good people and, if a child could chose their parents, they’d be pretty near the top of most kid’s wish-lists - at least my mother would be. My parents names were Blanche Ann and Groover Thomas Coleman and they were 25 and 28 years old when I was born. They lived in the outskirts of the city of Lakeland in Florida. And that was where I spent my childhood and teenage years. It was an idyllic place to grow up - a typical, middle-class American suburb.


Project Aquarius.

The Colemans had moved into a brand new home in 1952. It was a cabin-style house with three bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and, as it was situated in an orange grove, there was plenty of outside space for a child to explore and play in. I had a large bedroom that overlooked the highway and some orange trees. I used to stare out the window watching the cars and people pass by. I had a single bed which must have seemed huge after my first shoebox bed and a shelf where I would place my precious books in the years to come. I always kept my bedroom surprisingly neat and tidy for a young boy. It was in this room that the first of my many strange visits took place. I was the Coleman’s second child. They also had a daughter named Sandra. She was 6 years old when I joined the family. Sandra was definitely their biological child as she had inherited their physical characteristics - unlike me. I looked nothing like either of them. Whether it was the age gap, jealousy on Sandra’s part at the new arrival, the difference between the sexes or she somehow sensed I was a cuckoo in her family nest, I don’t know but I do know me and Sandra didn’t get along in the way most brothers and sisters do. We were like oil and water - never to mix. She never showed any interest in me or sisterly love - quite the opposite. I got the impression I was an unwanted intrusion and nuisance to her and she loved to bully and belittle me to show off in front of her friends. She used to call me a ‘freckle-faced brat’ or a ‘bald-headed punk’ and would tell-tales on me to Blanche to try to get me into trouble. Most of these stories weren’t true such as saying I’d been in her bedroom when I hadn’t. It was all rather trivial but still very hurtful to me when I was so young. I had very little to do with Sandra and avoided her whenever I could. This was a shame as I’d have loved to have had a big sister to play and have fun with but there was nothing I could do to change her - or so I thought. But one day, I was sat on the upstairs landing building a fort with wooden building blocks Blanche had bought me.


I had spent over 30 minutes carefully constructing my fort and was very pleased with what I had done. Just when I had nearly finished it, Sandra and her girlfriends came upstairs to go to her bedroom. As Sandra passed me and my fort, she deliberately kicked it over and they all laughed. Boy, was I mad at her! It was the first time in my life I’d been really livid. As she went to go into her bedroom, I squinted my eyes, glaring after her in anger and was surprised to see the bedroom door which was ajar, slam closed right in Sandra’s face. Not as surprised as Sandra was. The impact knocked her off balance and she fell back onto the floor amongst my toppled building blocks. I was shocked, as were Sandra’s friends. I darted into my bedroom and closed the door. I could hear Sandra sobbing on the other side of it. Then I heard Blanche hurrying upstairs to find out what had happened. I was expecting to be told off and punished but neither Blanche or Mr. Coleman ever mentioned it. I’m sure Sandra got the message to leave her little brother alone and, after that incident, she had as little to do with me as was possible in a house we both lived in. That arrangement suited me just fine. Mr. Coleman worked as a union rep. Or that was what I was told by him when I was old enough to ask. He wore a suit to work but would often be away from home for several days at a time. He never spoke in front of me about where he went or what he did at work. Because of this, I thought there was something he didn’t want me to know but, to tell the truth, I didn’t much want to know anyway. It was unimportant to me. As a family, we were quite well off. Far from rich but money wasn’t ever a problem my parents lost any sleep over. To a casual observer or neighbour, everything about us was normal. At least, it was at first. We blended perfectly into 1950’s America, in many ways living the American dream. Blanche was a very loving mother to me. She did everything a normal mother would do for her child. She made sure I was well looked after in every way babies and infants need to be looked after


Project Aquarius.

by their mother. She took me shopping with her, laughed with me and read me stories to keep me entertained. I remember ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and Dr. Seuss books. Alas, I also remember I found them rather boring. Irene, my grandmother on my mother’s side, read to me the most and these were biblical stories. Irene had a huge old Bible with colour plates which I loved to look at as she read. I found these tales with their moral messages far more interesting. Funnily enough, neither of my grandparents were regular churchgoers but Irene sure had a good knowledge of the Bible. I would stay with her and my grandfather, who I knew as ‘Big Daddy’, during the summer holidays. Every night, he would sit in his rocking chair listening to Irene reading to me and occasionally chip in with comments like, “Yup, that’s a good story. Remember that one, Tommy.” They lived in Sylvia, North Carolina, on a 40 acre farm where the main crop was tobacco. I always greatly looked forward to my annual vacations spent with them. Big Daddy would drive to Lakeland to collect me. Sandra never went so I also had a welcome break from her. Big Daddy had worked on the railway in his younger days but his railway career was ended by an accident and, at this time, he had his own farm. This had a large apple orchard and there were bee hives placed amongst the trees. Big Daddy would remove the honeycomb from the hives wearing a short-sleeved shirt. For some reason, he never got stung. However, if I ventured anywhere near a hive to pick an apple, it was as if the bees were waiting to ambush me and swarmed in to attack. I treated this like a game of ‘dare’ and still preferred the bees to Sandra and her friends. Every morning, me, Big Daddy and Irene would get up at 5am. From about the age of 5, I’d go and help Big Daddy milk the cows whilst Irene cooked us breakfast. After that, I’d help Big Daddy with whatever work needed to be done around the farm. He would always explain to me what he was doing and let me help him. He always had time for me which Mr. Coleman never seemed to have. In the evenings, or as we worked together, Big Daddy would talk to me about his life.


It had been pretty eventful as, apart from working on the railway, he’d also seen active service in World War 1. After he’d finished telling me about some incident he’d been involved in, he’d say to me, “You’re real young right now and about to start having your own adventures.” How prophetic that comment turned out to be. My vacations weren’t all work. I remember going with Big Daddy to see the local Cherokee native American Indian tribe and I was thrilled to meet their Chief. We also used to go to the nearby train track and watch the locomotives chug by, pulling their long lines of freight trucks. Often the driver would hoot in reply to us waving at him. One particular locomotive was nicknamed a ‘Baby Face’. It had a big headlight right on the front of it. Big Daddy told me it was a General Electric B Model diesel locomotive. My interest in trains got me a very special Christmas present when I was age 4. There was a huge box under our family Christmas tree with my name on it. On Christmas morning, I unwrapped it with great excitement and was thrilled to see it was an electric train set. Mr. Coleman helped me set it up and I’d watch it going round and round for hours. When I phoned Big Daddy to thank him, he told me he’d sent me the wrong present. The train set was meant to be my birthday present but, for some reason, I got it a couple of weeks early. My intended Christmas present was just as good and was also to give me hours of enjoyment. It was an easel, sketch-pad and a box of artist’s crayons in their own box. When I went to the farm, I’d set it up and felt very professional drawing landscapes of the farm which I’d sign and give to my grandparents. They were always delighted to receive them and were very encouraging about my artistic talent. Soon the walls of their home looked like an art gallery displaying my childhood masterpieces. One incident summed up the good times I had when staying with them. That day, I was helping Big Daddy do some repairs to the barn. We knew Irene was baking apple pies. Big Daddy told me to sneak around to the kitchen window and see if the pies were baked. If they were, I was to see if I could nab one as we were both peckish.


Project Aquarius.

Off I went on my mission. I peered in the kitchen window which, rather conveniently, happened to be wide open. My luck was in! There were two apple pies just out of the oven cooling and no sign of Irene. I climbed in and took one in triumph back to Big Daddy. As we were eating it, giggling, I suddenly heard Irene calling out my name. I ran to the kitchen and was questioned by her as to whether I’d taken one of the pies. I didn’t like to lie but, rather than confess, I suggested that a bear they’d warned me about that sometimes scavenged around the house and ate apples from the orchard, might have taken it. To my relief, Irene accepted this unlikely explanation remarkably easily. She didn’t even seem to notice incriminating pastry crumbs that Big Daddy pointed out to me were around my mouth and on my shirt when I went back to the barn. It was obviously a little joke they’d planned to amuse themselves and give me a little mischievous adventure that I’d remember for years after. By encouraging me to steal a pie, I learned not to steal as I’d felt very uncomfortable trying to explain my way out of the minor crime I’d committed. I even felt sorry for Irene who’d baked such a tasty pie for all of us and who never got to eat any of it. I was pleased there was another one. The whole escapade was a clever and fun way of teaching a child right from wrong and was a lesson I’ve never forgotten. That was so typical of them. Small things meant a lot. They were both very good, honest, hardworking people who asked little of life but gave all the kindness they could to others. You don’t encounter many folks like them nowadays. Some might describe them as the last good generation and I wouldn’t argue with that. When I was older, Big Daddy even let me drive his tractor which was a huge thrill. Those holidays spent with my grandparents were very happy days for me - full of moments of togetherness. These weren’t just trivial incidents that flashed before my eyes, they were branded into my memory. Never to be forgotten and always to be cherished as inherited, treasured, mental possessions. Big Daddy was a huge, guiding influence over my later life. He may not have had an ‘S’ on his shirt but he was a superman to me and truly lived up to his name. Big Daddy was the most important


man on the planet to me as I grew up. The only other relations I remember were aunts and uncles from Blanche’s side of the family. She had a brother, my Uncle Buck, and two sisters, Nell and Jo-Ann. They were married and had kids of their own. Jo-Ann’s husband was Mac Smith and Nell’s husband was named Bernard Tyner. I liked Uncle Buck the best because, like me, he was a fan of the Beatles pop group. We’d both listen to their records and sing along to their catchy songs together. He was in the US Army and I was impressed by his smart uniform. He drove a big, black Buick Road Master. I enjoyed riding around in that too. Blanche was a ‘stay-at-home’ mom as most moms were in the 1950s. She never had a ‘proper’ income-paying job like most moms do nowadays. In-between doing the housework and chores, she would sit next to me and we’d colour-in pictures together. When her husband was at work or away, she’d take me to the park or, occasionally, to watch a kid’s movie. I remember she regularly took me to the doctor for check-ups although I was never badly sick. Our family doctor was Dr. Dorman, a kindly man whose white hair matched his white medical jacket. After he’d checked my eyes and heartbeat, I would sit on his knee as he wrote notes about me on a notepad. He asked about my dreams which Blanche must have told him about or he’d never have known about them. He also regularly visited our home to check on me. At the time, I thought this was normal but, if you are not ill, it is obviously not. Blanche really cared about me, looked after me well and I will always be grateful to her for my start in life and she has a special place in my heart. All the more deserved from what I was to learn in my later years. Mr. Coleman was different. I called him ‘Daddy’ during my infancy but he quickly became Mr. Coleman and that’s how I remember him now. He wasn’t hateful or mean and never abused me. He was a bit of


Project Aquarius.

a disciplinarian but, in those days, that was how most kids were raised. I got an occasional spanking. What for, I’ve mostly forgotten but I guess all children have to be disciplined at some time for their own good. That’s how it was back then, although I always thought I was a good, well-behaved child and so didn’t deserve to be beaten. Where Mr. Coleman differed from other fathers is that we lacked a close father and son relationship - an emotional bond I saw other kids had with their fathers. He rarely threw a football for me to catch or spent time teaching me to swing a baseball bat as other fathers did with their sons. Mine seldom let me sit on his lap or read me a bedtime story. Although he was a father figure to me, I quickly figured out something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t feel part of his life. At first, I was confused and a bit upset by this feeling. I didn’t feel unloved but I knew our relationship was different to the relationships my friends had with their fathers who seemed far more attentive and loving towards their young sons - holding their hands and playing with them in the park. They seemed happier and more relaxed together than me and Mr. Coleman ever were. As I grew up, I just accepted this as the way things were but I was soon to find out the reason for his lack of fatherly love in a very surprising way. One of my first memories happened when I was just 2 years old or maybe even younger. I was given my first book by a Catholic priest who signed his gift ‘Lester O Serr’ and also wrote his address in it. At the time, I knew he wasn’t a local priest but he used to visit me almost as regularly as our family doctor. From his address, I now realise he lived in Key West, Florida. That’s about 8-9 driving hours from Lakeland. Quite a trip to see a 2 year old child! He was a very friendly and likeable man and I was always happy to see him. The book was not an infant’s picture book or a book of biblical stories as you might expect, but a brand new hardback edition of Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary - the leading book of its type in its day. I still have it today as it’s very special to me. Back then, I would turn the pages and see the words and illustrations. I remember many of the words, pictures and maps looked familiar,


like old news, even though I was surely seeing them for the first time in my short life. It wasn’t like I could identify what was illustrated in the dictionary but the visuals helped me learn to speak English and to understand words. While other kids were outside playing, shouting and grazing their knees, I would be quietly sat inside, totally absorbed in looking through my dictionary. Another Catholic priest called Cressler would sometimes accompany Priest Serr. Cressler was a very large man. He was not fat, but tall and commanding. Sometimes, he would arrive unannounced and by himself and Blanch and him would talk. I would sit on her lap while he was there or he would allow me to sit on his lap but only for a few moments at a time. I remember, when he was talking to Blanche, he didn’t look at her but stared at me like I was an exhibit in a museum. Whilst I was still just 2 years old, I could read the dictionary and write my own name. After my third birthday, I could write many words. It was not scribble doodling but neat and legible handwriting. My words were spelled correctly and not gibberish. My punctuation was far from perfect but you don’t learn that from a dictionary. Blanche found my literary talent very exciting in one so young. I don’t remember Mr. Coleman sharing her enthusiasm though, to be fair to him, he was always interested in my progress. He was more curious than amazed and asked what seemed to me to be silly questions such as, “Why are you reading that book?” My reply seemed rather obvious to me but obviously not to him. “Because I’m learning words.” It was a dictionary, after all. I also knew another language. How I knew it or what it was, I didn’t know at first. All I knew was no-one else could understand me if I said anything in it. When I realised this, I didn’t use it much. Child experts might explain this in that, for some reason, I invented my own childish language. I didn’t think I did. Why would I? I just instinctively knew a language that no-one else around me understood a word of.


Project Aquarius.

When I was very young and had a dream or showed improvements in speech or started to write words, Blanche would ask me to remember my dream and she would write down what I told her or what my latest advancement was. She would then call someone on the telephone and tell whoever it was what I was up to and what I had said or written. It was like she was reporting on me. I thought all moms did this. As soon as I could write quite fluently, Blanche encouraged me to write everything I thought of, or what I’d dreamed, down on paper. So I did. The pages I wrote on used to disappear. This did not mean much to me as I didn’t want them. It might be reasonable to assume Blanche filed them safely away as treasured keepsakes to jog memories in later years, but I now know she passed them to various government people. Most of the dreams I had were like multiple flashbacks. Epic battles fought long ago. Rivers I had crossed. Faces of people I somehow knew but did not know were known by people still living until I saw their images or portraits as I grew older or saw them in books. These included General Lee - the American General who commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War and even the likes of Merlin from the King Arthur legend. There were many others whose names I have never found out but I saw them in the past as they were and witnessed what they did. Had I somehow been exposed to their images and history during my infancy and incorporated this knowledge into my dreams? It’s possible but I don’t think that was the explanation. In particular, I used to play ‘civil war’ by myself, marching and climbing around using a stick as my make-believe musket. I told Blanche I was a soldier boy named Ben Canfield. She listened with maternal interest and patiently told me I wasn’t Ben Canfield, I was Tommy Coleman and there was no civil war nowadays. That had happened a long time ago and was best forgotten. When I was 6 and had started at Kindergarten school, I had a different kind of dream - a very disturbing one. In fact, I had several


similar dreams. Each time, I heard a woman crying in great distress. I could tell she was a woman from the type of crying and could vaguely see her form, but I could never see her face which was very frustrating. She couldn’t see me either. I felt as if I was a mist or shadow. I was kind of there with her in spirit but not completely there, like in real life. I asked her why she was crying? She heard me and replied, “They’ve taken my baby.” Each time I had this dream, the woman added more. “They stole my baby.” Next time, “My baby will never come back.” She never said whether the baby was a boy or a girl. Initially, I had no idea who this woman was. But the last time I saw her, I replied. I told her, “You allowed it but tears are good and cleanse the soul. One day, your baby will return and he will know the truth and so will you. Live with the pain for it will be healed. Mommy, you left me but I never left you.” I particularly said “he” and talked as if the baby was me. I also called her “Mommy”. Until this time, I thought Blanche was my mom and Mr. Coleman was my dad, though he never really acted like he was. I kind of sensed he wasn’t but why wouldn’t he have been? At this age, I didn’t know children were adopted and could have foster parents. It wasn’t something I’d thought about or understood. None of my friends were adopted. So why did I say what I did? Because something inside me knew it to be true. It must have been a sort of inner-consciousness or awareness speaking. This was kind of confirmed when I was told I was living with a ‘host family’ at a meeting I’ll describe in detail later but, even then, I still didn’t really know what this meant. It was all very confusing to a young child. These dreams played on my mind. Blanche had never given me any reason to think she was not my mother. It’s true I didn’t look much like her or Mr. Coleman but I didn’t worry about this. A lot of my friends weren’t junior lookalikes of their parents either. I had the same


Project Aquarius.

name as Mr. Coleman with Junior added so that’s who I was and who I must be. Neither parent or any other relation had ever said anything to me or even accidentally dropped a verbal hint to the contrary, but I had a niggling sense that something wasn’t quite right. I felt uncomfortable about telling Blanche about these dreams. I didn’t want to upset her. However, she saw I was troubled and, as usual, asked me to write my thoughts down. Eventually, I did. This is an exact transcript of what I wrote: June 10, 1959. Mommy you left me, but I never left you. I wanted to be held, to be close to you. Mommy, crying out your name, today’s tomorrow, all be the same. Mommy, can you hear me, tell me true, you left me, but I never left you. I see daba, a dream to my eyes, for these days, I will not deny. Can I, call all the angels, to take me home. So Mommy, you left me alone. All was a hurt, one of many I say, but Mommy, help me, to find my way. For you know who I am, it’s just another, Riddle in the Sands. A day or two after Blanche rang or wrote to report on me, government men in suits would come to our home to see me. I didn’t know who these men were exactly or why they came but I was always pleased to see them. They were very friendly and would always bring me gifts. Just small things like candy or books - especially colouring books. They knew I loved to draw and colour and I got through loads of these books so more were always cheerfully received. They would sit with me in my bedroom and chat to me about what I’d done. Sometimes, they’d ask me to read to them or write something, as if to see for themselves that Blanche hadn’t exaggerated my progress. They questioned me about my dreams. I did dream a lot. Everyone does but children go to bed earlier than adults and most sleep for longer so I suppose children dream more. I didn’t think there was anything odd about this. It was certainly normal to me and, at the time, I thought everyone had similar dreams. The only dreams they never mentioned or questioned me about were the ones with the woman who had had


her baby stolen. They avoided this subject. Now it’s obvious to me that they already knew about it and the only information that was relevant to them was that somehow I knew about the woman and her stolen baby too. It’s important to state that I had a very good upbringing by the Colemans. I wasn’t overly sheltered as a child nor did I want to be. As I grew up, I craved to go out and play with the other kids, explore where I lived and be part of the local kid’s community. That’s what I was free to do and did. However, I have no doubt the Colemans knew they had special responsibility for a child who was very different to most and knew they had to handle me very carefully. I don’t think the Colemans, the government men or the religious ministers who were always available to help them, were ever quite sure how best to do this. My dreams of the woman crying triggered a very emotional time for me. I wanted to ask many questions but I knew, deep in my heart, such questions would not be answered truthfully. Nor would the answers be voluntarily given to me. Sure enough, they never were. I kept my tears bottled up inside me for all of my childhood and beyond. People think crying is a sign of weakness but I’ve always known that weeping is a sign of passion. Emotional evidence that you care very deeply. Showing compassion and displaying your inner feelings are great personal strengths that only a few of us are brave and honest enough to openly reveal to others. Tears show the truth inside our hearts. The government men may have ignored that issue but they did ask me a lot about the other language I spoke. How had I learned it? Who from? What did I say mean? I can’t remember my answers but I do remember confusing them more than clarifying anything. They also asked me a lot about the ‘lights’. That was what they were always most interested in. I said earlier that the Coleman family was ‘normal’ to a casual observer who encountered us going about our daily routines.


Project Aquarius.

Mr. Coleman going to work. Sandra going to school. Me going with Blanche to the grocery store. That said, one thing was far from normal and began to worry our neighbours. When I was about 2 years old, I began to see ‘lights’. That’s the only way I can describe them. They were bright lights that suddenly appeared in my bedroom or occasionally in our back-yard. It was as if someone had just turned-on an electrical switch, yet these lights were very different to an electric lightbulb. They looked different and even felt different. Their colour was a brilliant, whitish blue. Sometimes, they would suddenly appear in my eye-line. Other times, I would get a kind of whisper in my head as if I could physically hear them announcing their arrival. Then I would hear questions like, “Would you like to go for an exciting ride?” “Do you want to play a game?” All things that a small child might well want to do. I’d think yes, I wanted to do that and then…there were the lights - right in front of me. They never moved, they were absolutely static in the air. Seemingly floating, but motionless. When I first saw them, I told my parents. Their reaction was that it was just a 2 year old child’s fantasy. But once, after I saw the lights, my parents came looking for me. I was not in my bedroom or anywhere in the house or back-yard. Then, I suddenly reappeared back in my bedroom. This caused them to worry. Shortly after this happened, a blonde lady came to see me. She was not a religious minister, I don’t know what her job was but she had a peculiar name I’d never heard of before. I also remember her beautiful face. She had a sweet nature. She sat me on her lap and asked me about what had I done recently? I told her general stuff and was rather alarmed when she said with a knowing smile, “I hear you’ve been a bad boy.” This surprised me and I denied it, only for her to ask, “So you didn’t disappear one night out of your bedroom which made your parents worry about you?”


I couldn’t deny that. I explained about the lights and said I didn’t cause them but when they came for me, I had to go. She listened to me and advised me that it would be best if I told my mommy and daddy when I was going to disappear. I told her I couldn’t do that as I never knew when the lights would appear. I also didn’t know exactly where I went. I knew I went somewhere outside my bedroom and I liked the people I saw when I went into the lights. My parents needn’t worry as these people always treated me well and I was sure they would always return me home safely. I never knew how long I was gone for. She seemed happy with my answers and they also reassured Blanche who was present and heard everything that was said. I think Blanche was worried she would be held responsible if I failed to return and wanted to somehow stop the lights and visits. Not that she could have done, but now she had no reason to try. Whatever was happening and why, she should let it continue. The first few times it happened, I was too surprised, amazed and confused to ask questions of the people I saw in the light. These beings were like humans but were much taller and dressed differently to people on Earth. They wore a white material that glowed. There were males and females - all Caucasian looking, had very attractive faces and were friendly, both in appearance and what they said and did. They were always very pleased to see me and made me feel safe, secure and loved. I was the centre of their attention. They talked to me about my life and asked how I felt about it. For instance, how did I like the ‘surroundings’ of where I was at that time? I would say I liked it. Did I like it more with them or at my home? I told them I preferred being with them. Surprising as this answer might seem, even to me, it was honest and how I felt at the time. After a few visits, I told these beings that the Colemans were getting more anxious and upset that I kept disappearing and were worried I might not be returned which would get them into trouble with the men who came to our home. One of the beings told me, “You are at home with us - we are your people.”


Project Aquarius.

It was after this visit and conversation that the kind, blonde lady came to see me and stopped Blanche worrying. I asked where we were as I kept being asked where I went. I was told, “You’re on our mode of transportation. It’s what we use to come to see you.” I was then asked if what I saw around me was familiar to me and I remember replying, “Yes. This is how you people fly and I’m flying with you right now.” My answer pleased them and gave me the confidence to ask who they were? One male being always greeted me. A magnificent and impressive figure. He was tall, with a beard and a golden skin. Like all the others, and there were always many present, he was dressed in white - a one piece outfit that glowed like a light was shining on it. He replied with a little grin on his face saying, “I am Daba.” I didn’t know who Daba was. I thought it was just a name, like my name was Tommy, but I was never called Tommy by him or any of the others. They all called me Abiel. Sometimes, when I heard the whisper in my head, they seemed to call me ‘Abella’. I just accepted these names and didn’t ask why they called me them. I called this being Daba on all my childhood visits although, in later years, I would know him by another name - a name almost everyone on planet Earth knows. The other beings who were present called him Aphra Anu. When I was older, I learned that Aphra meant ‘Holy One’ and Anu was the title of ‘King’. On these visits, he never told me he was my real father but I instinctively knew he was. He didn’t need to tell me, I felt it - just as I had felt there was no fatherly bond between me and Mr. Coleman. My trips into the lights confirmed that to me. The bond between me and Daba was even greater than between a normal parent and their son or daughter. That’s what I felt at the time and I now know it to be true. It was as if his love burned into my soul. That might not make any sense to most. Parents, who would willingly sacrifice their life for their child might be outraged by my description,


but it’s the only way I can describe the powerful feeling of closeness between us. When I first saw Daba on visits, he would be smiling down at me and holding his hands open towards me. Then he’d usually hug me and lift me up. It was a comforting, magnetic grip that made me feel that nothing could harm me. I never wanted him to let me go. I wanted that feeling to last forever. I remember him looking at me and saying I was ‘the joy of his eye’. Then he’d walk me around the spacecraft holding my hand. When I first went up to the craft, the beings were amazed at how much energy I had. I would scamper around exploring the strange environment and looking at everything. At no time during these visits was I at all frightened or worried. I was at peace and totally calm in the presence of Daba. I felt he was a being of light and was a living, open book of truth and love. That’s what I felt then and still feel today. What was the point of taking me to see him? Well, what loving father doesn’t want to see and hold his young son every so often? I felt he was checking on my well-being just as Dr. Dorman and all the other people did who visited me at my home on a regular basis. However, Daba told me there was another important reason for our contact. He said he wanted to teach me things to bring my memory up to speed. Over the years and successive meetings, he told me he was proud of how fast I was progressing. He said I must listen to what the religious visitors who came to my home would say and try to teach me but, as I got older, I would instinctively know the real truth about many things. This was important so I could make a vital contribution to humanity one day in the future. That would happen when the time was right and when it was most needed. Daba told me that I was not his only child living on Earth. There were others like me who I would meet soon. We all had unique talents beyond most humans but, working together, we would be a force for good beyond human comprehension. Some adults would be


Project Aquarius.

fearful of us. We would be misunderstood and there would be attempts to exploit us for greed and power but we were there to help the whole human race. To guide humans and make their lives better. To stop wars and conquer hate. We had a huge responsibility which would become clear over time but, if we failed, mankind would destroy itself. If that happened, then it would deserve to be destroyed as it would have failed to take advantage of the last chance it was being given. When Daba and the other beings talked to me I heard what was said or, at least, my brain received what was said. I’m not sure my ears actually heard the sound of the words as these beings lips never moved but I still understood every word of what they communicated to me, loud and clear. When I was with them, I felt a strange warmth that I had not experienced before. It was an inner warmth from within me. It wasn’t hot inside the spacecraft, if anything, it was a little chilly. The inside of the spacecraft was an absolute wonder. When I first saw it, I was just a toddler but I’m sure it would have amazed any human of any age. No building I have ever been inside is comparable to it. It’s size and scale was unequalled. ‘Massive’, ‘gigantic’ - no word accurately conveys its size. The beings inside did not sit at control panels as depicted in science-fiction movies. The spacecraft seemed to fly itself and beings who were not accompanying me walked purposefully around, although I’m not sure what they were engaged in doing. There were rooms. On one visit, when I was about 8 years old, I saw one room had a huge table inside. At least, it had a table-top inside it. To my amazement, this had no legs. Nor was it suspended from the ceiling. It was levitating in the air but was perfectly still and sturdy. I moved my hands under and above it wondering how it did this. This amused Daba who said, “You’ll learn these things as you grow older.” On another early visit, a big screen window on-board the spacecraft was opened-up for me. Through it, I saw the Moon and other planets


and star constellations. I also saw lots of coloured orbs darting around in space. I also saw Earth with all its man-made lights. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was given lessons about the different planets and stars. I saw them, right close-up. Better and clearer than any space photograph in any book. Back home, I would draw them for Blanche, Dr. Dorman and some of the others and I would tell them what type of beings lived on the various planets. I learned that the language I instinctively knew was the beings’ native language. I was told to try and teach this to the men in suits who visited me at my home. When I tried to, I just seemed to bemuse and confuse them. The beings also taught me English. Why? So, at the age of 5, I could have mature conversations rather than spout childish remarks. When I was aboard the spaceship, I never wanted to leave. I said this sometimes but was told I had to go back. They always promised to come back again to see me. Then I’d suddenly find myself back in my bedroom or the yard. Once, I was riding my bicycle along the sidewalk! Was all of this just dreams or my imagination? At first, I was told it was but, after I went missing, these explanations were never put forward again. Over the years, everyone I showed my drawings to and talked with, never doubted what I said or tried to persuade me it was not true. Quite the opposite, they encouraged me. The exception was Mr. Coleman but he never seemed curious about anything. The Colemans’ initial belief that the lights I told them about only existed in my imagination were also dispelled when neighbours began to question them about the strange, bright lights glowing from our home. Other residents had seen them and so had their children. That was my fault as I had told some of my young friends about the lights and they had kept watch from the windows of their homes or sneaked out to try to see them. When some did see them, their reaction wasn’t the same as mine. Quite the opposite! They were frightened


Project Aquarius.

and tail-hauled themselves back to tell their parents. Of course, when my parents were unable to give a rational explanation for the lights, this made the situation worse. Some of my friends were told by their parents not to play with me anymore. The government men in suits who came to visit me had a different reaction to our neighbours. They were pleased about the lights and told my parents to expect such things. Like the blonde woman, they reassured them that there was no danger and no-one would come to any harm. They asked me many questions. What were the lights? What did I see? Where did I go when I disappeared? I answered them truthfully and they were always very interested and inquisitive but I often sensed they were disappointed in my answers, as if hoping for some information that I didn’t know. Once, they showed me sketches of different types of spacecraft. These included a type of rocket, a circular, disk-shaped craft and a triangular one. Although I had never seen the spacecraft I had been in from the outside, I knew it was angled and it was of the triangular design - a Virrannah, or a ‘Black Triangle’, as they are known today. The Catholic priest who visited me was also very curious and would always ask if I’d seen any lights and what they were. I would simply tell him it was my real father - ‘Daba’ who had come to visit me just like the priest had. What used to happen was this. The lights would appear and within their bright, blueish glow I could see tall beings. They did not look strange or frightening in any way - just the opposite. They would lift me up (out of my bed if I was laying in it at the time) and the light would envelope us. Seconds later, we were inside a place very large and silent which was the inside of one of their spacecraft. Sometimes, a voice would come into my head telling me to go into the back-yard. Once I was there, the light would appear and much the same thing would happen again, I would be whisked up into the spacecraft.


As I said, I told some of my friends about the lights and they were frightened and instructed by their parents not to play with me. I wasn’t too bothered by this. Only one friendship really mattered to me. That friend was Cindy Schneiderian who was the same age as me. She was a lovely and lively, pretty girl who was a constant companion and source of fun and joy to me all through my childhood and beyond. Me and Cindy were virtually inseparable. We would play football catch, we would sing together to the radio and fill in colouring books as we sat side by side. It was a sweet, true friendship that survived the years. We would grow up in the same way that the orange trees outside my bedroom window grew bigger and blossomed and she will always be my best buddy forever. I knew Cindy would not be afraid of the lights and I really wanted her to see them. When we were both about 6 years old, she came back to my home after our kindergarten class. That evening, I received the whisper in my head to go out into the back-yard and off I went. Cindy saw me creeping down the hallway. I beckoned her to follow and we sneaked out together. Sure enough, the back-yard was lit up by the blueish-white light. I took her hand and we walked into the light together. Seconds later, we were onboard the spacecraft. I saw Cindy’s eyes were wide with amazement at what she saw. She didn’t say much but she didn’t need to speak as her facial expression said it all. I was also very excited that she was sharing the experience with me. There was Daba, standing so tall above us and looking very proud to see me. He looked at Cindy and asked me, “Who is your little friend?” He looked as pleased to see Cindy as he was to see me. I told him Cindy was my best friend and we did everything together. He allowed me to show her everything on the spacecraft as, by then, I had been aboard it many times and knew my way around. I took her hand and we ran and walked, then ran some more around the vast interior. Cindy marvelled at all the things I showed her. I remember


Project Aquarius.

her exclaiming, “Oh Tommy, this is great!” I told her that my father called me Abiel but she could still call me Tommy. On reflection, it was probably the most memorable date any couple ever went on, let alone two kindergarten kids. It was the only time she would get to go onboard the spacecraft but, over the years, we often talked about it. How we’d seen our homes from the air. Skimmed over the Moon. She kept saying she wanted to see it all again but I explained I did not chose when I was called to go and she usually wasn’t with me at that time. When we were much older, I once joked to her that ‘I didn’t have the key to the car yet’. She smiled and understood. She was very understanding of me. I asked her not to tell anyone what had happened to us that night or what she saw and she never did. The lights continued to appear and take me to the spacecraft until I became a teenager, although they became much less frequent as I grew older. There were a lot of young kids in the neighbourhood where we lived and I’d seen other boys being taught to ride bikes with anxious fathers running alongside them with arms outstretched ready to catch them if they lost their balance and toppled over. Mr. Coleman never did this with me. That said, for my fourth birthday present, I was given a brand new bike complete with stabiliser training-wheels. I was delighted with it. I remember it was made by Schwinn. It was bright red and had a ringer bell on the handlebars that I used to ring to annoy Sandra whenever she was within earshot. I learned to ride it really quickly. The training-wheels soon frustrated me as they tended to jam then drag and act as brakes. This meant I couldn’t ride as fast as the other local boys who were older and made fun of me. “You can’t really ride. You need training-wheels!” That’s what I heard and it riled me up as I knew it wasn’t true. I’ve always reacted like that to things I knew aren’t true. Mr. Coleman was reluctant to take the training-wheels off so I tried to remove them by myself. Quite a job for a 4 year old! I eventually


managed to snap one off and that forced him to remove the other. I like to think he was concerned for my safety. Looking back, this worry might also have explained the frequent visits of Dr. Dorman. On reflection, I did seem to be cosseted more than other boys but I wasn’t really aware of this at the time. Not that there was any reason for anyone to be unduly worried, far from it, but now I understand why the Colemans and other interested parties might have been slightly over protective of me. Apart from a bicycle, I also experienced another form of transport when I was 4 years old. One day, I got an unexpected treat. Blanche announced we were going on a trip. Mr. Coleman wouldn’t be going with us which made it sound even better. Our suitcases were packed. I asked where we were going but Blanche just said something vague like “somewhere nice”. She drove me to the nearest airport and we boarded an aeroplane. I can’t describe my excitement at the prospect of flying in an aeroplane. Although I had been in a spacecraft, that was not like flying. In the spacecraft, there was absolutely no noise or feeling of motion. The aeroplane couldn’t have been more different. The engines were noisy, the body of the plane vibrated from both the engines and air-turbulence and the wheels bumped as it landed. I sat by a window and loved the sensation of being gently pushed by an invisible hand back into my seat as the plane accelerated before taking-off. Once we were airborne, I stared out the window as we flew up through the clouds. I had a strange feeling I had flown in an aeroplane before - just like many of the illustrations in the dictionary had seemed familiar. I can’t explain this but I definitely did feel it. This was the first of many such trips. Each time, I sat by the window and continuously looked out to see if I could see Daba’s spacecraft which I’d never seen from the outside. I never did but I’m sure it was up there watching over me and ensuring I was safe flying in such an antiquated contraption. I don’t know where we flew to. Only that it was a military base


Project Aquarius.

somewhere in America. When we landed, Blanche told me that I’d meet some other children who were similar to me. She also said the adults who would take care of me and the other children, would be very nice and kind and they were looking forward to meeting me. She assured me that she would be around if I needed her and she would take me home at the end of my stay. She said the adults wanted to see all of us children together, see how we got on and hear what we had to say. I said nothing but felt excited about what was so unexpectedly happening. It was a bit like what I’d later experience on the first day when I was taken to proper school but much, much better. I was taken into a building where there were a lot of other kids. I didn’t count them but I now know there were 32 of them - 33 including me. We were all the same age, boys and girls - except for two. These were boys who were bigger than us. The two boys looked the same and wore the same clothes. They had the same hair colour and it was cut in the same style. They wore the same colour shirts, trousers and shoes. I’d never seen identical twins before. They even sounded alike. My first reaction was, “Wow! I’ve got two big brothers.” Why I felt this I have no idea but that was what I thought. I felt all the others were my brothers and sisters too. Of course, I didn’t know this was biologically impossible. To me, it was possible as there we all were! From the very first moment we met, we all got on very well. We may have all been like a class of infants but we were like a big family with no parents. No-one quarrelled or fought. I was thrilled to see them all and their reaction to me was exactly the same. I had no idea where they came from in America and I didn’t care. I just knew I had somehow come to meet a bunch of friendly kids my own age, all of whom I had so much in common with. We chatted and played together. Outside, we ran around and played ‘tag’. When we went inside, we sang songs together. We sang much more in tune than I’d often heard in church on Sundays. I felt the vibration in my bones and it was soothing.


We were all given blank sheets of paper and asked to draw whatever we wanted to. Whatever scenes we drew we were asked, “Why did you draw that?” “Where is it?” “Have you been there?” I remember looking at what the other children had drawn. Like mine, they were just simplistic images of clouds, mountains and trees. But the uncanny thing was we all drew much the same picture which could easily have been of the same place. I think our drawings were of a vivid memory we all shared. What exactly this memory was or where it took place, I have no idea. The important thing was whatever and wherever it was, it was somehow important to all of us. Why? I also have no idea. Or I didn’t back then, anyway. Sometimes the adults would talk to us as a group. Other times we’d be talked to individually. Sometimes it was a man, other days it was a woman. Whoever it was, they were always nice and softly-spoken as they gently tried to coax information from us. More important to us, was we spoke to each other. We quickly found out that we’d all seen the lights and visited the spacecraft. Daba was father to us all and we all had an important role to play in his vision to improve life on Earth. This realisation bonded us together even more. We’d always eat together in a cafeteria-type place. The food was very good. If anyone wanted more, you just had to put your hand up in the air, say what you wanted like, “More carrots, please” and more carrots would shortly be spooned onto your plate. We all noted this and, unknown to the adult servers and watchers, we used to see who could request and actually eat the most carrots whilst secretly chuckling about how we made the adults run around after us. We thought it only fair as they made us do lots of things for them during the rest of the day. We were like that. We had a secret bond. Nothing malicious or unkind - just children having fun, and being a bit rebellious in a harmless but entertaining way.


Project Aquarius.

Once, we were all put in a room with a pile of building blocks. We were told to build what we liked. We built a castle or fort. Guess who chose that? We used every single block and it was a pretty impressive structure when we’d finished our construction work. Noone knocked that fort over. We knew we were being watched but didn’t mind. We had fun both with the challenge and working with each other. We had an absolute ball and looked forward to the next time we were assembled together. Each trip lasted about a week or 10 days maximum. Then we said our goodbyes and departed back with our guardian to where we lived our everyday lives. Where this was we didn’t ask each other or care. We knew we would all meet up again soon, although we had no exact idea when that would be. Group collective meetings like this happened regularly from age 4 to age 10. None of us knew why at the time. We didn’t care why. We were all just happy they did. I never heard a cross word spoken between any of us. 33 infants growing into children not quarrelling! This behaviour seemed normal to us. Why would we argue or make each other cry? To us, that was unthinkable. However, looking back, how extraordinary is that? As we got older, the get-togethers became less frequent. In the interim, we all got to know each other better and each others names. The oldest twins, Michael and Daniel, who we all thought of as our big brothers, sometimes didn’t turn up. Their absence disappointed us all but we never asked why. For some reason, we didn’t like to ask but we instinctively knew they were okay. I’m sure if any of us had asked, we’d have been answered honestly. We felt the adults were our friends and could be trusted. We just felt we didn’t need to know and we knew we’d see the twins again. Perhaps we had an inclination that we had to prove ourselves without them there to guide us. We all did our best. And continued to eat as many carrots as possible. Sometimes, Dr. Dorman was at these group meetings and I was always pleased to see him. I’m sure he wasn’t the other children’s


family doctor but I know he checked them over as well as me. They liked him too. I can only assume he was comparing us medically. Back home, my family got a television set. I don’t remember the year we got it but it was big and bulky and was bought from the Sears & Roebuck store in Lakeland. I didn’t watch it much but I did enjoy cartoons such as Road Runner and Bugs Bunny. In contrast to kid’s entertainment, I sometimes watched the news and saw what was happening in the world. I found this both fascinating and disturbing. I spent more time reading my dictionary and other books than I did watching tv. When I was about 4 years old, I was in my parents’ bedroom when I found a small book. I asked Blanche what the book was and she told me it was her Bible. I asked her if I could read it and she said I could. Sometimes, she would be around me as I went through it and I would tell her that what I was reading was “not quite right”. She would tell me what was written was exactly what God or Jesus had done or said and that every word was undoubtedly true. Not to me! I had a red flag waving frantically in my mind telling me some of it was definitely not correct. She explained to me why it was true and a 4 year old boy explained to her why it was not. It must have been an amusing conversation to have overheard. As we were both unable to accept the merit of each other’s argument, she produced a secretary’s writing pad and a pen and asked me to explain once again my reasoning. I did and she wrote what I said down, like a secretary taking dictation. She was a fast writer and had a pen. I envied her that pen as, at that time, I had only been given pencils. She obviously sent her notes to someone who contacted other religious orders because, shortly afterwards, I was regularly visited by ministers of all the Christian faiths; Catholic (I was already called on by Lester), Baptist, Protestant and even Mormon. The lady from the Mormon church who called to see me was Sister Marie Blackwelder. She set about teaching me the Book of Mormon. It’s fair to say there


Project Aquarius.

was some rivalry between Marie the Mormon counsellor and Lester the Catholic priest, as each would be curious as to what the other had taught me and ask me what the other had talked about. It was just as well they were never at my home at the same time! All these religious people bombarded me with much the same questions: “What does God mean to you?” “What does Jesus mean to you?” “Do you believe in this, that and the other?” They wrote down my answers just like Blanche did. It was quite entertaining for me as they made their visits seem like a game. They were all biblical scholars who knew their particular religion very well. Also, they set me homework. They said that, as I could read and write, they would leave me a list of questions. I was told to look up the answers in the Bible (or Book of Mormon) and write my answers down. If, when they next visited, they considered my answers to be correct, I would get a gift or toy of some sort. Well, what young child doesn’t want a candy bar or can of cola? So I would look up the answers, add my input and hope I would be rewarded. I always was. That’s how I got my first pen. I would get a visit from these ministers two or three times a week and each one of them called at least every fortnight. It’s a wonder I didn’t become obese from all their candy and soda. This attention seems very odd now but, at the time, I thought it was a kind of service that was done for all children who showed an interest in religion. This was exactly what Daba had spoken to me about and I did what he told me to do. That was, to learn all I could about the various religions. I also learned that what he said about me knowing what was correct or not, was also true. In 1962, when I was 9 years old, the Colemans gave me another book that was to take equal pride of place on my bedroom bookshelf next to my dictionary. It was my first Bible and, like my dictionary, I still have it to this day. It’s a Royal Edition Bible. In those days, only preachers had this type of Bible and used them for their Sunday sermons. I felt very special that I had such a revered copy. By this


time, not only did I know the Bible very well but I was convinced of the overall wisdom and truth of the verses and stories told within its pages. It was like I had lived them at one time or another and had firsthand experience of them. As a family, we went to church on Sundays. This was our local Baptist church - the Olive Street, ‘Heaven My Home’ Baptist church in Lakeland. The pastor was James Berry. At first, I called him Mr. Berry as, when I first attended, I was so young I didn’t know his official title. His name seemed very apt as he’d stand up and deliver his sermon with such passion that he’d go bright red in the face, like a cranberry. That amused me. I was to discover people’s names are often surprisingly appropriate and can tell you a lot about them. Both about their personality and their background. My parents never seemed very religious the rest of the week but we attended this Baptist church every Sunday. Mr. Coleman would always dress up in a suit and tie, just like he was going to work. I had to wear a white shirt and tie. For some reason, I never liked this and, to this day, I don’t like wearing a suit and tie. Not that I blame either Mr. Coleman or Pastor Berry for my fashion sense, but I can trace it back to this time. I must have voiced some dissent as I remember Mr. Coleman telling me, “Son, you’re going to church, the House of the Lord. You need to be dressed properly.” So, to keep him happy, I would get dressed in my Sunday best and make sure my shirt was tucked in. What I actually thought, was that in all the pictures I saw of Jesus, he always wore a long, flowing robe, sandals and had long hair and a beard. I figured, going by his example, how one dressed didn’t seem to matter much. I kept this reasoning to myself as I didn’t want to be considered a smart-butt. Mr. Coleman often said he was the ‘Father of the House’ and I didn’t want to cause any trouble. To this day, I still think I had a valid point. I also went to Sunday School so had a double helping of religion every Sunday. There, I would sing songs with great gusto and learn Bible stories. I enjoyed this and found it interesting - unlike most


Project Aquarius.

of the other kids who attended. Throughout my childhood, I seemed to have an effect on electrical appliances. Sometimes, when I walked past the tv, it would inexplicably go off - just as if someone had switched it off. Electric lights in our home would go off when I entered the room. Not all the time, obviously, but quite frequently. Occasionally, the radio in our car wouldn’t broadcast music, only loud static and crackle. No amount of fiddling with the dial would tune into a station. Once, Blanche was frightened to see hands of the electric wall clock in our kitchen start spinning backwards. When I was very young, I had no idea that I was the cause. As I grew older, I became more aware of what I could somehow consciously do. If Blanche said we’d go somewhere outside the next day if it stopped raining, I’d wish it would and, lo and behold, the next day would be fine for our trip. If I got very hot from the sun, I’d wish it wasn’t so hot and the the next day would be cloudy. My wishes always seemed to come true. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Blanche had a couple of chihauhau dogs. She was soppy over them. I wasn’t. They didn’t like me and I didn’t like them much either. Their one redeeming feature was that they hated Mr. Coleman even more than me and would yap like crazy whenever he entered a room they were in. These regular disturbances annoyed everyone but Blanche. When I was 6, Big Daddy came to pick me up to stay with him and brought with him a six week old puppy to give to me. I was delighted to have a furry, four-legged, tail waving companion! It was a black labrador - a proper dog. Big Daddy called her Blackie. At first, this was more of a description rather than a name but it seemed appropriate and that’s what she was always called. Blackie acted like a diplomat. She calmed the chihauhaus down and made everyone’s life more peaceful. I was grateful for that and for her loyalty and friendship to me which was to last more than a decade. Blackie was my best 4-legged buddy and made my home-life far more bearable from the day she arrived. Apart from when I went to school, she was always by my side.


At school, I always tried hard to impress my teachers. I found I already knew much of what I was taught so found lessons pretty boring most of the time. Particularly in my early years when other children were being taught to read and write and basic mathematics. I always tried to sit next to Cindy and her company brightened up the dullest of my school days. Up to the age of 10, I was never very interested in sport compared to most boys. I thought chasing a ball around was an activity best left to Blackie. Maybe Mr. Coleman was to blame for this as he wasn’t into sport himself and never encouraged me. Having said that, I was surprisingly adept at American football when my school class first played it. For some reason, which wasn’t down to practice, I was very good at both throwing and catching. One sport I did like playing was golf. There was a golf course just a couple of football pitches length away from the end of our backyard. In those days, it was called Carpenter’s Way Golf Club as it was originally built and landscaped as a leisure facility for retired labourers but it’s now been renamed Wedgewood Golf Club. I would walk around the course looking for lost balls. I found quite a few and the kindly Pro who worked at the course, gave me an old club. I used this to practice hitting the golf balls I had found, around the orange groves. I would select a tree and see how many strokes it took me to hit the golf ball against its trunk. I quickly became pretty good. And that is how I started my life. Studying at school and spending my spare time and weekends reading or with my best buddy, Cindy and my furry friend, Blackie. Apart from the lights, the visits from the government men and religious people and occasional trips to meet the other children, my daily routine was not that different to how most American kids grew up. But, in 1963, when I was 10 years old, I had another dream. A few months later, most people in America and around the world would always remember where they were and what they were doing when that dream came true.


Project Aquarius. The earliest photos of me taken in 1953 when I was 3 months old.

Mr. Coleman holding me with Blanche and Sandra.

A photo of me taken on my first trip to the military facility when I first met the other Star Seeds.

Me, age around 15 months.

Blanche and Mr. Coleman. Taken in the 1960s.


Me, age 8.

Cindy, age 6. My ‘Best Buddy Ready’.

Me on my bike. No training wheels!

My grandparents, Big Daddy and Irene.

Dr. Fred C Dorman.

My treasured, signed copy of the dictionary Priest Serr gave me.


Project Aquarius. The letter I wrote following the dream I had of my birth mom.


Chapter 2

The Kennedy Assassination. During my childhood, I had many dreams. But in late June or early July 1963, I had the worse dream I’d ever had. Quite possibly, the worse dream anyone ever had. It was more of a nightmare and was soon to become a living one. It started much the same way as my dream of the woman who’d had her baby stolen had begun but I immediately knew it wasn’t her. This dream was set outside somewhere. I could hear someone screaming out in terror but couldn’t see who it was. Nor did I know what had upset this person so much. It wasn’t normal sobbing, it was panic-stricken and hysterical. Then I saw other people crying. They were running away from something. I was again like a shadow or mist, moving amongst them. They seemed not to see me or know I was there but I could see them, although not clearly as they were slightly blurred. Unlike most of my other dreams, this one didn’t take place in the past. The people I saw looked like anybody I might see in my everyday life. Their hair and clothes were 1960s in style. Where they were, I didn’t know but I was sure I’d never been there. It was very different to my normal dreams. Despite the fact that some of these had been of battles, none of them had scared me. I found those dreams interesting, even exciting. This one was different. I was not really part of the scene I had witnessed. I was not really there amongst them caught up and involved in what was happening. I was like an invisible observer. Several nights later, I had the same dream but, this time, it was more vivid and much clearer. I saw the same place. I saw a very long, open car with men and women sat in the back passenger area. A couple were sat at the very back and another couple were sat in front with their backs to them. I didn’t see their faces. I only had a fleeting glimpse of the man sat at the very back and didn’t see his face straight


Project Aquarius.

on, but something about him seemed familiar. His upright posture, his haircut. I was sure I’d seen him before but I wasn’t sure where from or who he was. I heard several loud explosions. I saw a puff of smoke coming from what looked like a bridge and an area with small trees. Then I saw the same people I saw before - all screaming, crying and running around in panic. I could see, hear and even feel it all, but I do not understand what is going on around me. When I wake up, I wonder where this place is and who those people are? I know it exists and the people are real, not some kind of mystic fantasy. But why am I seeing it? Wherever and whatever it was, I sense something very evil has happened. The morning after I had my second dream, I wondered what I should do? I had a feeling I needed to warn people about what I’d seen and so decided to tell Blanche about it. I told her my dream had really scared me. It had. I was more frightened than I’d ever been before in my young life. I don’t know why, as I knew it was only a dream and I didn’t think I’d been there, or was part of it - unlike my other dreams which seemed more like memories. But I still felt very uneasy, even when I was fully awake. I watched the news on tv and there, on the screen, was the man from my second dream - he was President Kennedy. That explained how I’d thought I’d recognised him but wasn’t sure who he was. This may sound strange since he was probably the most famous man on the planet but I was only 10 years old and wasn’t interested in politics. No-one in my family was. Also, whenever the President was filmed giving a speech or in a photo, it was from the front so you saw his full face, not his side profile, which is all I had glimpsed in my dream. He was alive and well so what I had seen had not happened. The more I thought about this, the more I felt it was going to happen. I also sensed President Kennedy was a kind and good man but he was hurt emotionally in a way that was beyond repair. That the President was deeply troubled about what to do about something that


was somehow to do with me and he was in great danger from others close to him. I got the feeling he was not happy with his religion for some reason. He was a lost soul and no-one would help him. This didn’t tie in with all the footage and photos I saw of the US President carrying out his official duties. In these photos and news clips, he was always smiling as if he didn’t have a care in the world. All these thoughts whirled around inside my young head. The more I thought about it, the more confused and worried I became. Blanche sensed my fear and seemed pretty afraid herself when I told her why I was afraid. This was the first time I’d seen her like that. She advised me it was best to forget about it and keep what I had seen to myself, but I said I couldn’t. She told me I didn’t have to go to school that day and we’d do something nice to cheer me up. She called someone, I don’t know who exactly or what she said but she must have told whoever it was about my dream because, that afternoon, the government men who had previously visited to check on me, arrived at our home. They asked lots of questions about my dream which I tried my best to answer. I had to describe the place, the buildings, the trees and all the people I saw. How many explosions had I heard? Some of their questions helped me remember other details of what I had seen but hadn’t thought were important. They seemed interested, but were not as alarmed as I was or even Blanche was and she hadn’t had the dream. As I spoke, they scribbled down notes. I was expecting them to come back and reassure me that everything was being investigated and the President would be safe from harm. When they didn’t, I feared the worst. Both for President Kennedy and the rest of the people in America. I wondered what would happen if such a good man who seemed to have filled the nation with hope, would be lost to us? When I had this thought, the answers came into my head. They were very shocking. I saw his death as a turning point when the world would be taken over by bad men who would eventually destroy it.


Project Aquarius.

I decided I must write a letter to the government men in the hope that what I saw of the future would shock them into saving the President which would also keep the rest of the people living in the world, safe. Maybe, they’d pass it on to someone higher up who would take more positive action.This is what I wrote: Dear Sirs My time is dreams I see, these men do not understand me. Might they keep me in a preplanned game of Zingo. Might they see me as all crazy, but again I’m ten years old and I see this. You ask me to write all this down and I have. My parents want these men to see these dreams as worthy, but do they? The world will be destroyed and people will be so few, not one will be here to farm. The men in white suits listen to me and take notes, but there are men in black coats who watch and do not come near me, it’s said they fear me for I’m the one told who would return. I feel so much differently than the rest, why? I look and listen. This letter is what you seek, come, take my hand and be my friend. Tommy. With the letter, I included a list of prophecies. This is exactly what I wrote: 1. The great city of the maritime oceans are surrounded by a swamp of crystal, in the winter solstice and the spring will come the terrible wind, many will perish. 2. The great mountain, one mile in width, no peace, wars, famines, flooding, quakes will spread far, drowning great cities, countries even mighty foundations shall fall. 3. The heat is like a hundred suns upon the seas, fish in the Negev, will become half cooked. Seven times it will approach the sea shores. 4. At an latitude of the 48th degree at the end of Cancer (July 22nd) there the great drought, fish in the sea, rivers, lakes are boiled bectic, bearn, bigger all in distress from the fire from the sky. 5. The sky will burn at 45 degree latitude as fire approaches the


great city on the ocean. In a huge scattered flame leaps up to engulf all the Normans. 6. Leave, everyone, the grim reaper (Saturn) will change gold into iron, all against rayzor, Israel, euro, UNO, USA will be destroyed, before the invasion from the heavens, the signs will be ignored by all, accept me, I know, I see. All comes to pass. Blanche told the government men I had written something for them. They called and I handed them my letter and list of prophesies. They read both, asked a few questions and then left. In the days that followed, I again heard nothing. I was full of despair and frustration but what else could I do? However, about two weeks later, they turned up again and took me to the Medical Arts building in Lakeland. We hadn’t been there long when Dr. Dorman arrived and the men left us alone. He asked me to tell him about the dreams and prophesies I’d been having. I did and we chatted about them. He seemed much more interested in the dream about President Kennedy and asked me to write down what I remembered about it for the men who had brought me there. I was also to put in writing what I thought the dream meant. So I did. This is an exact transcript of what I wrote that day: September 10th 1963. In a dream and a vision, this was very real. A man who I believed to be our president in an open car, he is shot as his head explodes, another man is shot also, some shots are fired. It comes from the bridge and a grassy slope, the first one comes from a building behind. These men are very bad because he wants to tell the world a big secret. But others shall not allow him to die because he denounced his religion to a wicked empire in Italy. They are going to see him die, he wants to talk to me, but they refuse and the Colemans tell me to keep my mouth shut or else. I don’t like these men for they are cold, hard men and they fear me mom says. All the test, but all I have is this small blank book to write and draw in. I’m going to rest. Watch a movie tonight


Project Aquarius.

mom says, but I close my eyes, I have dreams. Tommy One. I told him that we are My dreams were officially recorded but that was as far as it went. No-one took what I said seriously. No-one tried to rationalise or explain what I had seen or sensed. Not one of them seemed too concerned that I had predicted the President of the United States would be assassinated. No-one tried to link my description of the place I described to the President’s upcoming schedule. Nor was what I said about the ‘big secret’ or ‘denouncing the wicked Empire in Italy’ checked with the President’s inner circle. To this day, I often wonder what the reaction would have been if, what I had said, had been investigated at the time by an honourable agent with integrity who found out that what I had predicted could well come to pass. Also, that there was real possibility of an impending disaster of historical proportion looming if President Kennedy died. What would have happened or not happened? As it was, I guess they just put my visions down to a rather strange little boy’s over-active imagination and dismissed what I claimed out of hand. Over a month later, I had the same dream but this time I saw more of what happened that so upset the people and made them scream and cry. It had much the same effect on me. It was the same event as in my other dreams but I seemed to be riding on air next to the large, open car. President Kennedy was sat in the back of it. This time, I knew it was definitely him as I’d seen him a lot on the news since my last dream and recognised him instantly. The President didn’t see me. He seemed to look right through me at the crowds we were passing. I saw his face from the front and there was no mistaking it was him. I also saw the other two sat in front of him. I heard shots and then I saw the President’s head explode and his blood and brain went everywhere. I instantly woke up. I must have cried out before this because, when I awoke, Blanche was sat on my


bed, She was looking concerned and asked me what had happened. I told her and she hurried off to ring the government men. Mr. Coleman was standing by my bedroom door staring in at me. Sort of perturbed, you could say, but I didn’t much care about him. I was in a state of shock myself and too worried about what I’d seen to worry about how he was feeling. I’m not sure what time of night it was when I had the dream but I know it was very early in the morning when the same government men came to our home. I told them that the man I saw in my dream was definitely President Kennedy. I was 100% sure of that and equally sure of what was going to happen to him. Just like before, they didn’t seem to know how to react. They didn’t dismiss what I’d said as nonsense or try to convince me I was wrong, but nor did they react with concern and say they’d look into my warning. They just sat in front of me, deep in thought. What they were thinking was anyone’s guess. They said and did nothing, exactly as if they were sat waiting for a bus or train. They were actually waiting for Dr. Dorman. The government men stayed talking to the Colemans, whilst the doctor drove me to a medical centre in Orlando, where a lot of other doctors were waiting for me. They did lots of tests on me and were far more thorough than Dr. Dorman usually was. He just listened to my heart with his stethoscope, peered into my ears and asked me to read letters on a chart with one eye closed. These doctors did all that too but also examined every inch of my body and linked me up to machines. Dr. Dorman wasn’t present when this was done but, in-between the sessions, he took me for a walk in the local park. He was a perceptive man and realised I was still anxious after my dream earlier that morning and so tried to calm me down by asking general questions about my life. What made me happy? Did I like the park? Did I like school and my teachers? Did I have any girlfriends? What did I think of religion? I answered them as best any young boy could. The funny


Project Aquarius.

thing was that he actually told me more about myself than I told him. I learnt a lot from him I hadn’t realised or thought about before. He said I was exceptionally talented in many ways. He was a sympathetic man and I really enjoyed being in his company because he was so kind, considerate and a very good listener. He bought us both lunch in the park and we chatted as we ate. Then he took me back into the medical centre where more doctors questioned me about my life and my dreams. They also asked me about the lights I saw and what I knew about outer space. Where do the stars begin and where do they end? That was one question I remember them asking me. It was all treated as a bit of a game that was fun to play. There were also standard psychological tests, aimed at finding out if this odd little boy was just a bit over imaginative or seriously insane. What were my inner thoughts? How did I think I could I see things before they happen? These tests were not the first to be done to try and find out why I was having such peculiar dreams or telling my parents such weird stories. All through my life, there had been others covering speech, artistic talent, mathematical competence and reading and writing skills. They started with simple tests but progressed in difficulty and those present quickly learned I could complete complicated tasks that were way beyond the ability of most children my age. I was also asked to explain certain historical teachings to them, especially from a biblical standpoint. I thought all children had these tests and they were like out of school exams, until Cindy told me she had never done any. This time, I knew I was being tested because of my latest dreams about the President. I was relieved to be taken seriously at long last. As Dr. Dorman drove me home, we chatted about my dreams again. I could not add much more to what I had already told him about my first two dreams except I was sure the man I saw was President Kennedy and now I’d seen his head explode in close-up. When I told him I believed what I had seen would really happen, he became very uneasy. On returning home, I was told to write what I had dreamed


on paper the government men gave me. I remember it was very good quality paper - the best I’d ever seen. This is an exact transcript of what I wrote: October 23rd 1963. I had a very long day again as I talked to people. I told them about my last dream again. The same thing I saw a few weeks ago also. The nice man in the white coat, white hair likes me. We went walking around the park, I had a coke and a hamburger. He ask me did I believe in God? Yes, and he asked me, could I have lived before? Yes, and could I be a very prodigal son? Not sure on that one, but he said I’m a descendant of someone special and there are many more like me, but I’m a very special one. I told him that we are from a system near the stars of Procyon, he laughed at me. He tells me that my growth and abilities are exceptional and encourages me to write them down. I do and draw at times. he told me not to worry about Mr. Coleman, he is just a provider. We talked more about my dream and we watched a train go by, he said I could go on a train ride someday if I would like. That is great. He is a very nice man, but I assured him my dream was going to take place, he looks worried… Tommy The government men asked me if I knew who would commit this terrible crime? I don’t think they expected an answer. How could I know if I’d only heard the shots and seen smoke? But the answer just came into my head. I can’t explain how this occurred, it just did. I said it would be the work of the man who was President Kennedy’s number 2. I said I didn’t know what his name was but I described him as a man “who has contempt for everything that is right”. I said this man was being paid by a man called Hunt. The government men who asked me the question obviously knew the men I was referring to but they didn’t comment or show either any interest or disinterest at my answers. It was as if they had been assigned the most boring job in the world and they couldn’t wait to go off-duty. Having said that, they didn’t joke about what I said either.


Project Aquarius.

Maybe it was a sign of their professionalism not to show their reaction. They certainly must have thought something about what I’d just claimed. Whether what I’d said was considered an absurd fantasy or a serious possibility, it was pretty sensational either way. I wondered why they bothered to keep coming to see me if they didn’t take me seriously? I found it all very frustrating. Despite this, their lack of belief in me didn’t shake my own belief in myself that what I had seen in my dream was going to happen and soon - not one little bit. By coincidence, on November 18th, my 5th grade Elementary class went to MacDill AFB at Tampa in Florida, on a school trip to see the President of the United States. All my class-mates were excited but I was especially thrilled. I eagerly counted down the days just as if it was Christmas Day that was approaching. There were around 50 children booked to go together with our teachers and the school principal. At long last, the big day arrived. We travelled to the base and were ushered into a tiered seating area that was like a stadium grandstand. All of us youngsters were excited and very noisy. We were told it was okay to cheer when the President arrived but we must listen quietly when he gave his speech to us and the rest of the big crowd who had gathered there to see and hear him. By now, the grandstand was full. The presidential jet landed and we all watched with mounting excitement as it taxied towards us and stopped in front of the grandstand where we sat. It had ‘United States of America’ on it in big letters and an impressive presidential crest which left us in no doubt who was inside. After what seemed an eternity to me, the plane door opened and down the steps came President Kennedy. I remember him waving and smiling at everyone - exactly as I had seen him do in my dream. I thought he looked a very friendly and smartly dressed man - the ideal President for us and one every American could be proud to have as our leader. Although there were hundreds in the crowd, I thought he was just waving and smiling at me. Unlike in my dream,


that day I was really there with him. It was a very special occasion for me and one I will never forget. Watched by the crowd, lots of security and news-crews, he gave a speech about commerce and trade deals. He praised the air force and the brave military men and women who had stood up to the recent Soviet aggression and forced the communist regime to back down. He was referring to the Cuban missile crisis and I remembered that event very well as there had been much military activity in Lakeland as they prepared for a possible missile strike against Cuba. At the end of his speech, we all cheered loudly and the President smiled and waved again before being whisked away. That was a sad moment for me. Deep inside, I knew I would never see him alive again. I was still very deflated when I arrived home. This surprised Blanche after I’d set off so excited earlier in the day. She asked me why I had such a change of mood and what the matter was? I told her I was sure the President would be killed very soon and no-one was trying to save him. She told me what I had seen was only a dream and dreams don’t come true. Hers never had and mine didn’t matter to anyone, except me. In any case, my dream had been reported to the government men. All that could be done had been done and I shouldn’t worry anymore. But I did. I didn’t worry for long. Just four days after my school-trip, on Friday, November 22nd, 1963, the shocking news flashed around America and the rest of the world that President Kennedy had been shot. I was at school when the terrible news was announced to us in middle of a lesson. The other afternoon classes were cancelled. We were told to wait for our parents to come and collect us. It was as if there had been a national disaster which there had been, although only one man had been killed. Everyone was emotionally traumatised pupils and teachers alike. On hearing the news, I felt sadness that it had happened and the


Project Aquarius.

leader who so many millions of Americans had admired in so many ways and who had steered us safely through the Cuban missile crisis and avoided the very real threat of a nuclear war, was no longer alive to guide us. I also felt extreme frustration that my warnings had been ignored. I didn’t feel at all smug that my visions had proved correct and I had proved not to be just a silly young boy with an over-active imagination, because I was always 100% positive I would be proved right. It came as no surprise to me and I got no satisfaction from it at all. I just wondered how and why I knew. I wasn’t the only one wondering that. Blanche picked me up from school in the car and there was an uneasy silence as we drove the short distance home. She had been crying as I remember her smudged eye make-up and tear-stained cheeks. I was surprised at this as she and Mr. Coleman had never mentioned President Kennedy before I had my dreams or ever talked about anything to do with politics. I had no idea whether my parents’ political persuasions leaned towards the Democrat or Republican parties or even what those organisations were or what they stood for. I guess everyone got caught up in the national mood of shock and grief. Mr. Coleman was at home when we arrived but he didn’t say anything to me either. I went to up to my room and stayed there with my mind in a daze until the same two government men arrived for me. At first, they didn’t say much. They certainly didn’t express any surprise that I’d been proved correct or apologise for not acting on my warnings. They just acted like a couple of friendly cab drivers and said they were going to drive me to some place where a few other people wanted to chat to me. Blanche had packed a few of my clothes and said the men would bring me back home when I’d finished talking to whoever wanted to see me, so off I went. The government men could see I was subdued and did their best to cheer me up. They were far more jovial than I’d ever seen them before which seemed a bit inappropriate, but I guess everyone needed


cheering up on that tragic day. One of them was quite short, his suit so well-pressed it looked like you could have cut yourself on the creases. That day, he had a fun, rather happy-go-lucky personality. Their car was a big, black Buick and I was allowed to sit between them in the front. I remember we stopped at a McDonalds and I was told I could have whatever I liked - an offer I made the most of. We drove for a couple of hours and they chatted to me about what movies I’d seen, what music I liked and asked if I supported any sports team. We discussed anything other than what had happened that day which the rest of the world was undoubtedly talking about at that particular moment in time. We arrived at a big house. The short man said he’d show me up to the bedroom I’d be sleeping in. He said, “You got all kinds of toys up there, you lucky kid.” Wow! He wasn’t exaggerating. The room was very nice, with a big bed and all the latest toys - brand new and still in their boxes. It had so many, I assumed some of the other children I’d met on the trips would be brought to join me, but they weren’t. I was told to freshen-up and then come downstairs. When I did, a friendly woman who said her name was Sarah, was busy cooking. She seemed to know what food I liked to eat so I suppose Blanche had told someone. That evening, I ate and played with some of the toys. I wasn’t allowed to watch tv which I didn’t mind. It’s important to say that, although I knew President Kennedy had been shot dead, I was not aware of any details of how or where he had been assassinated - apart from it had taken place in Dallas. He could have been stood making a speech or sat eating in a restaurant. If I’d heard the radio or watched the tv, I’d have known it took place during a motorcade but this was not known to me at this time. Even the now famous Zapruder cine film footage was not released to the public until 1975. The next morning, three other government men in suits arrived. I don’t remember their names but one was tall and he led the questioning.


Project Aquarius.

The other two just watched and took notes. We all had drinks and sat down in the comfy living room. They began by asking me if I was saddened by President Kennedy’s death? As soon as the President was mentioned, it riled me up. I became upset they had ignored me before. The conversation was far more surly and tense than I’d ever had with any of the other government men who had regularly visited me. It went back and forth like this. “Yes I am. Saddened because they killed him.” “Who’s ‘they’?” “Very bad men.” “Do you know who they are?” “Yes. And you know who they are.” “No we don’t know, Son. That’s why we’re asking you.” “You do know who they are because I spoke about them after my last dream.” We went over everything again which seemed utterly pointless and a waste of time to my young, indignant mind. President Kennedy was dead and nothing could save him or bring him back. There was no point in going over what I had said as it was now worthless. Everyone now knew what I had known. What I had predicted was only important if it prevented him being killed and it hadn’t. That was how I saw it. However, it soon became apparent, even to a 10 year old boy, that they wanted to know one major thing much more than they wanted to bring anyone to justice for President Kennedy’s murder. This was, how did I know what was going to happen? This seemed very wrong to me - almost trivial in comparison. Of course, now I understand that someone’s ability to foresee the murderous intentions of a government, would be far more alarming to the authorities than the life of one troublesome leader who had threatened to expose some of their secrets to the public. After all, that know-all person might sense some other murderous scheme. Next time, he might thwart their plan and bring about their downfall. Of course,


I didn’t realise that back then. No. Back then, a naive boy thought the United States government were the good guys. And the country largely had been - until the fateful day of November 22nd, 1963. I just kept telling them that I had dreamed what I saw and thoughts had come into my head about the rest of what I had written about in my letters. My answers to their questions were honest but didn’t satisfy their curiosity. I told them I wanted to know why I saw it too. Why didn’t others have the same dream as it concerned everyone’s future? Why didn’t President Kennedy have it, as it affected him much more? Why me? I simply didn’t know. I’d felt I had to warn everyone about what I’d dreamed. By now, I wished I’d taken Blanche’s advice to keep quiet. They kept asking much the same question and I gave them much the same answer. Between questioning me, I was allowed to read whatever I liked or go outside and play for a while. They asked me to draw what I had seen in my last dream. I did. At this point, I had not seen any news footage of the Dallas motorcade but I drew the long, open-top limousine as best I could with the President sat in the back as his head exploded. As I coloured it in, I wasn’t sure how helpful my drawing would be to anyone. The main point was that I’d predicted the President would be murdered whilst sitting in an open-top car, weeks before it happened so sketching an open-top car afterwards seemed pointless to me, but I did it anyway to keep them happy. It didn’t make anyone happy. They took my drawing and went off to discuss it between themselves. Later, they handed it back to me and pointed at the person I’d drawn sat in the back whose head you couldn’t see because I’d gone over it in red crayon. “Is that a police officer or a woman?” “No. He’s the good man who got murdered.” “Could that be President Kennedy?” “You know who he is.”


Project Aquarius.

They seemed a little stunned by my blunt answers. I felt I’d put fire under their feet. This pleased me as I thought they deserved it. I knew I was a child but those men seemed to treat me like I was an idiot. To me, the men were the idiots who had failed to do their job properly and let President Kennedy and people all over the world, down big time and in a way no-one had the foresight to fully realise. Not only has the assassination been allowed to happen, but there I was having to go through what I’d previously told them which I was sure had been fully understood at the time but had been completely ignored. They seemed to be trying to get me to say I’d not said what I had but surely the fact it had happened much as I said it would meant that what I’d said previously shouldn’t be questioned, but accepted? They had my letters and the notes made about what I’d said from the other government men, Dr Dorman and even Blanche. All this stated very clearly what was going to happen. I couldn’t, and wasn’t, going to change anything now. The only facts I’d not provided in advance were where and when this tragic event would take place. They even knew that now. Eventually, they changed the line of questioning to how did I know President Kennedy would be murdered? Was it a lucky guess? As usual, I never could explain how I knew. I just kept telling them that I saw it in dreams and didn’t know why I had dreamed what I did. Despite, this, they kept on asking me how I knew. They never told me just how accurate my dream was to what had actually happened. Although I wasn’t allowed to watch any kids shows or the news on tv, I was allowed to watch President Kennedy’s funeral procession and service. That was on November 25th. I cried along with the rest of the nation. My tears were tinged with bitterness. But, as other American’s lives returned to normal, I was subjected to many more days of answering the same questions. It seemed I was kept at that house for an eternity. The days passed by and I longed to go home. Not even all the toys made me want to stay a minute longer. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to help them all I could,


but I couldn’t. That chance had been wasted. I finally got frustrated. I looked the tall one in the eyes and asked him, “Do you think I will get ugly?” By ‘ugly’ I meant angry because I could feel myself brewing up inside in a way I had never experienced before in my life. I was normally very mild-natured. “Well, Tommy, I hope you won’t get ugly. If you do get ugly what will you do?” I replied, “There will be nothing left here. I want to go home now.” Whether they took my threat seriously or not, I don’t know but they obviously realised they’d pushed a child as far as they could and would get nothing else from me so it was pointless continuing. To my relief, I was told I would be taken home the very next day. Sure enough, the next morning the two men who brought me to the house, turned up in the Buick to collect me. The short one seemed very pleased to see me again. This surprised me as I got the feeling I was leaving under something of a cloud. I felt this was unfair as, far from me letting them down, I felt it was the other way round. The short one tussled with me in a lighthearted way which made me smile. He asked me, “Think I’ll get to see you again, Son?” “I hope so,” I replied and I meant it. “Me too.” he said. I liked him. And I think he genuinely liked me. I thought he kind of respected and believed in me more than the others did. Maybe that was his downfall because, after he dropped me back home, I never saw him again. I don’t know exactly how long they kept me at that house but it was December when I arrived home. Remembering the sad day I left, I knew Blanche was pretty dumbfounded at everything that had happened and I was concerned as to how she’d react to my return. Her obvious delight reassured me. She said how much she’d missed me and was happy I was home. That made two of us! Just before I got home she’d written a letter to her parents. This is exactly what


Project Aquarius.

she wrote: Dec 4th 1963. Dearest Joe and Irene, It has been so great to hear from you both. We’re all doing great and the heat here has been so hot. I guess you all know about that Tommy is being counseled these last two weeks as we told you. We do miss him very much since he told the doctors what he saw, and well as you both know, he told them so much detail. Yet it happen and in twelve hours later, the Secret Service took him. We don’t know when he will be back. It was so terrible to watch. Mr. Kennedy was such a great man. We all cried at the thought of such a dastardly deed done right out in open daylight. Why would anyone do that? You know Tommy went saw the President a week ago over in Tampa. He wasn’t so excited when he came home, sad to say the least. Again, he said that man is going to die. It’s at times he sees things in so much advance and you remember back in October they did all that testing on him. They said he was above normal, that his dreams are all normal, well I just felt they lied to us, well me anyway. Dad, he thinks you’re the world where all is concerned. G. T. keeps focused, we allow him to read what he desires, he doesn’t watch much Tele - loves this group called the Beatles. I haven’t paid much mind to it really. He eats normal, plays but at night-he says is when they come, who are they, we don’t know, tell, does he do that when he is with you and mom? I wish I could understand all this. He is such a small lad, but he is so smart for boy of 9. Just think when he enters high school. These doctors state he’s beyond children his own age. Well I should say his teachers say he’s bored with the simple assignments most children his age should be struggling in, but no sir, Tommy is in a class of his own. They gave him some high school work and he aced it, they said they’ve never saw anything like this. He doesn’t talk to me and Coleman much of this, but he will react if we try to talk about history, outer space, things we have not a clue about. And church - he tells me and Joanne, the minister is wrong about


whatever scripture he is reading at the time, can anyone figure that one out? Sandy stays clear of him, she won’t even call him her brother, they are not very close and she tries to bully him sometimes, but Tommy somehow causes her to trip, fall, it’s like cats-dogs at times. But this Kennedy thing got us scared as hell. When he first mentioned it - we thought it was a child’s imagination, of course, Coleman has to inform the handlers of him of what he said, personally, I just as well blew it off as child’s play, but here it happens exactly as he said it would happen, wouldn’t you be scared? But he’s such an affectionate child and you can’t denie that. Yet we’ve had the Baptist Preacher, James Berry talk to him, and Pastor James was stunned at what Tommy told him. Seems the pastor asked did he believe in God? Tommy flat told him, he’s my father. The Pastor smiled, said no Mr. Coleman is your father. Tommy told him - no, he gave a man some money and took me. Now how did the child know that? He was only three months old when we adopted him. I remember that man well Toger Page - such a vile man. You remember all that correct? He called that baby runt of the litter and he is even the father as some stated. I can only say, he is ours for the time being and I wish someone could give us more answers than questions and we could all sleep better. And these people who have come around to just glimpse at him, like he some oddity. The local Catholic priest came here over two weeks ago, and stated Tommy was the omen that has been told some thousand years ago. Now get this. We ask this Cressler man who is an expert on the matter. He told us it was true. Now whose nuts here - us or him? He said that an age old Druid book talked about the birth of twelve children - all called the Golden Angels - he called them the star kids or something like that, but the third one would be a boy - he was a messenger of the high Almighty. I asked him about the other eleven, he only said the first two are exact twins but the third child carry the specifics of all knowledge of the creator. I don’t know dad,


Project Aquarius.

is beyond anything I can understand and to know this little boy could be an omen? Maybe you can help me figure all this out, I do need more than answers, I feel at times, he does need to be with his own kind. Coleman did say this, people in high places to know about these children, to include the president, could be why Kennedy was silenced as I suspect. Coleman said that Eisenhower was aware of their arrival in 1954 in California tell me if that doesn’t frighten you? These guys who come each month, these ones from D.C. all claim that he’s just a little boy, is just a little normal American child, well he’s little - lives in America, but he’s far from normal. He is just way too brilliant for his age. Even you have said - Tommy way beyond his years, how do you and mom know all this? Well, I guess I do need to end this, but please call if you have more answers than I can possibly understand? He does trust you to more than me and Coleman. Oh, is there and one particular section of the Bible you recommend for me to read to him, I know you read the Bible to him. I guess, you too take care, getting cold in North Carolina this time of year. Hot here though call and write. We love you both. Blanche - Coleman Sandra - Tommy As everyone now knows, the aftermath of the assassination, with the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald and his almost immediate assassination by mobster Jack Ruby, added to the controversy about who was behind President Kennedy’s murder and actually increased the confusion and speculation. The subsequent official investigation - the Warren Commission - was anything but conclusive and fuelled conspiracy theories galore that continue to this day. Obviously, the people who planned and carried out the assassination knew about it both before and afterwards. A 10 year old boy also knew about it before it happened. But even I had to wait decades before I knew exactly who was behind it, why it was done and saw definitive classified proof that had been


kept locked away from the public under the highest national security. It isn’t scheduled for disclosure to the public until 2038. What I saw explained everything. It also shocked me. No wonder the men didn’t act on my warnings. Far from saving the President, if anything, my dreams and warnings had made matters worse for him. For I was one of the reasons why President Kennedy was assassinated.


Project Aquarius. My 5th grade class photo. I am standing next to our teacher, Mr. Byrd. Cindy is third from left, in the front row. Notice how lady-like she is sat!

My September 10th, 1963 letter.

My October 23rd, 1963 letter.


The Kennedy UFO memo dated November 12th, 1963.


Project Aquarius. President Kennedy on his visit to MacDill AFB on the day I saw him on our school trip.

The ‘Wanted For Treason’ leaflet distributed around Dallas days before President Kennedy’s visit.

The start of the motorcade.

President Kennedy and the First Lady arrive in Dallas.

10 seconds before President Kennedy’s assassination.


Chapter 3

Growing Up.

Medical tests were conducted on me at regular intervals throughout my childhood. Dr. Dorman was the only doctor I really remember as he was our family physician but there were many others who came and went. Some of these only saw me for a single session and had been flown in from other American states. On February 2nd, 1961, when I was 8 years old, a doctor’s report stated: Noted intelligence is beyond normal in said child. Child is zingo male child. Known to return. IQ test extremely high 162. The number of checks and tests increased after my Kennedy dreams. In September 1967, several doctors gave me medical and psychological tests. One told me I was a ‘normal’ boy. I think this assessment surprised him more than it did me. I had always thought of myself as normal. Physically, I was like all the other kids I knew. I put my knowledge of religion and space down to my interest in those subjects that other children didn’t have. Many were more knowledgable in other things than I was. I couldn’t tell anyone who won the World Series in 1961 or any other year, but most other boys my age would have known. The lights and visits weren’t caused by me. The lights weren’t a figment of my imagination, as many other locals had seen them too. Admittedly, my Kennedy dreams were a mystery to everyone - including me. Another medic, Dr. Stenson, told the Colemans that I needed to be watched very carefully as I could become a problem. I wondered what sort of problem he had in mind. He also said I was a ‘prodigy’ child. I wasn’t sure what he meant by this and I don’t think the Colemans did either. I never knew what sort of specialist Dr. Stenson was. He told me, in front of the Colemans, that I had a ‘mark’. Again, I had no idea what he was talking about and didn’t like to ask. I don’t know why as I was always curious. I expect I was either too shy or afraid what


Project Aquarius.

his answer might be. He said all the doctors were going to transfer their responsibility for my care to another group of medics called ‘Star Child’. This was how I first came into contact with Dr. Jiles Hamilton - a man who would become instrumental in my later life. I first saw him at the military facility where I met the other children but we had little contact at that time. He was just another observer. Like Dr. Dorman, he had grey hair and a kindly nature. He was obviously monitoring me throughout my latter boyhood and teenage years but kept himself very much in the background at this time. As I grew older, my golf swing improved. The golf Pro at the local club, who had given me my first driver club, saw me practicing with it and also gave me an old set of clubs and a golf bag to keep them in. Soon, I was able to give a decent game to some of the men who played the nearby course. One of these was Grant Hardin, the Chief of Police of Lakeland. He was a much-respected man who lived just a few houses away from my family home. He was popular with all the local kids as he used to give us occasional rides in his police car. Not as good as a ride in a spacecraft but still pretty exciting. On May 25th, 1965, when I was 12 years old, I was playing a round of golf with Grant and another man, Mr. McConlly. We had got to the 10th hole and were waiting for the players in front to finish playing the hole so we could tee off, when Mr. McConlly suddenly exclaimed, “What the hell is that?” The 10th hole was close to the clubhouse and there was a whole bunch of people outside it, all looking up at the sky - as were Mr. McConlly and Grant. I glanced up too and there was a huge spacecraft silently flying over the golf course. Everyone who saw it was shouting and pointing. All were wondering out loud what the object was - just as Mr. McConlly had. My reaction was different. I knew exactly what it was. I hastily put my golf club back into my bag and ran as fast as my thin, little legs would take me back home with my golf bag doing its best to trip me


up. As I ran, I saw the spacecraft drift over the Interstate 4 Highway which was still being built. There was also a new overpass going to North Florida Avenue which wasn’t yet open to traffic. I ran along it, as it went right past our back-yard and was the shortest and quickest route home. I don’t think I’d ever sprinted so fast in my life. When I arrived home, completely out of breath, the spacecraft was hovering directly over our home. I slung my golf-bag down on the driveway, waved up at the spacecraft and then ran inside, full of jubilation and relief. I wanted the Colemans, particularly Mr. Coleman, to see it and realise everything I’d said about the lights over the years was true. The proof was right above our home and now they’d see it for themselves and believe me. It was a momentous moment. I panted out that they must immediately go outside and look up at the sky. Mr. Coleman looked at me as if I was insane. He didn’t stop reading his newspaper and couldn’t be bothered to get up out of his chair which was frustrating in the extreme, but Blanche ran outside. I was still trying to persuade Mr. Coleman to join her when Blanche came back inside and said there was nothing there. I ran outside and, to my intense disappointment, saw she was right. The spacecraft had gone. I felt very dejected and wondered why it had appeared to raise my hopes only to dash them and embarrass me in front of my parents. I went back inside and went straight up to my bedroom. I was inconsolable. I couldn’t understand why this had happened. I hoped some of the golfers who had seen the spaceship would tell my parents what they had seen but even this wouldn’t have been half as good as the Colemans seeing it for themselves. Blanche knew I didn’t lie and was fairly supportive but not enough to overcome her skepticism whilst Mr. Coleman had always thought I was a bit crazy and this latest episode seemed to confirm his suspicions. After a while, I came downstairs and asked if I could ring


Project Aquarius.

Big Daddy and tell him what had happened but Mr. Coleman put his foot down and told me he wouldn’t allow me to waste the cost of a phone call over “stupidity”, as he described it. I thought the thrill of a boy seeing a spacecraft and wanting to share this amazing experience with his grandfather would have ranked highly on anyone’s essential phone call list. Anyone except Mr. Coleman, that is. Blanche didn’t speak up on my behalf and so I retreated back up to my bedroom where I wrote down my thoughts and drew what I had seen. Here is an exact transcript of what I wrote: May 25, 1965 Dearest Loved ones, today I look upon my mind as so much has happen. Today I saw something at the golf course. I could not understand. Me and Grant were at the 10th tee ready to start the back nine. Mr. Conelly said, I wonder what that was. We turned to look and behold, a flying V as it slowly came over our heads, silently, the shape of a wonderful boom-rang. I felt a sense of peace, my being from some other place. There were so many who also saw the vee craft. It drifted of towards the west, right down I-4 wow what a sight. I came on home. Mr. Coleman stated we are all nuts. Mom tells me it’s ok to talk to her, Coleman but don’t discuss it with anyone else, even Grant said he has never seen anything like it. My heart is racing away. I want to call bigdaddy, or Buck but they won’t let me. Keep my trap shut for now. I’m happy today because of it. (Till my next dialog) The following Sunday, we followed our usual Sabbath routine and all went to church, returning home about noon. We hadn’t been back long when the phone rang and Blanche answered it. The caller was Grant. He asked if one of my parents could bring me to his house. Blanche asked why and Grant told her that a lot of people, including him, had seen something strange flying above the golf course. In his official capacity as Chief of Police, Grant had reported it and now he had some officers from the MacDill Air Force base with him who wanted to talk to me about it.


Blanche said she’d bring me round to his house straight away. This was some consolation. At least my parents now knew the spacecraft didn’t just exist in my imagination. My feeling of vindication lasted just a few minutes. As soon as we arrived at Grant’s house, the USAF officers didn’t ask me about what I had seen. They just tried to convince me it was a balloon. By any stretch of anyone’s imagination, it looked nothing like a balloon, not even a half-deflated one. No-one who had seen it had dismissed what they saw as a mere balloon and had continued playing golf. Without exception, they were all staring up in disbelief and wonder. I looked at Grant for support but he wasn’t a man to dispute authority of any kind. He just sat there, looking uncomfortable. Unfortunately for me, his tongue didn’t support what his eyes had seen. There was an awkward silence. “It wasn’t one of our aircraft, so what else could it be?” asked the most senior officer present. I had already had one major disappointment the previous day and was in no mood to try and convince them it was a spacecraft. Not in such intimidating military company and without Grant’s support. I felt like a captured enemy soldier. Despite this, I still wasn’t going to agree with them. “It wasn’t a balloon,” I said matter-of-factly. The senior officer replied, “That is exactly what it was. Officially, a weather balloon broke its tether and flew off in the direction of the golf course.” I didn’t argue further. I knew no-one would believe me without seeing it for themselves. Even those who had seen it, didn’t seem to believe their own eyes, so what was the point? In the days that followed, I thought about the incident a lot. I was surprised the beings had showed their presence to others. I was frustrated that Blanche and Mr. Coleman hadn’t seen it. I was annoyed at how flippantly the USAF officers had dismissed it. Although none


Project Aquarius.

of the USAF officers had seen it, at least 60 people on the golf course had clearly seen the object and not one of them would have agreed with the officers that what they saw was a weather balloon. I was sure of that. I was disappointed in Grant. I had always respected him as being on the side of ‘right’. I guess he valued his job as a police officer which required credibility and he must have felt that, if he stuck to his guns about what he had seen, he would risk being the subject of jokes that would endanger his professional reputation. You could argue that honesty is also a requirement of being a police officer but, on this occasion, it was clearly not as important as siding with the powers-that-be. Afterwards, I still played golf with Grant but our balloon or spacecraft sighting was never mentioned. I wonder if he wanted to raise the subject as much as I did, or maybe he thought it best to toe the official line so as not to get his young golf partner into trouble. Possibly, he played a role in keeping inquisitive neighbours from harassing me. I don’t know that for certain but I do know that, years later, a photo of a UFO was included in the Project Blue Book disclosure - the summation of all official investigations into reported UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969. The trees at the base of the photo included in Project Blue Book, are the very trees that grew in my family home’s back-yard. On the back of the photo is: #21 of 303 June 6 1965 Lakeland Flo I don’t know whether all 303 photos were taken by the same person or others. I also don’t know if they were all of the same spacecraft at the same time or were part of a collection of similar spacecraft taken over a period of time. I’m pretty certain the day I was playing golf and the spacecraft appeared over the course was May 25th but perhaps the June date was when the film was developed or the print returned to the owner. What I do know, is who the owner of the print was and so who took the photo - it was none other than Grant Hardin. As I ran back home to try to my parents to see the spacecraft, Grant must have rushed back to his home and got his camera. Or, maybe, the spacecraft


did appear again a few days later and he took the photo then. It doesn’t much matter. The important fact is that Grant photographed it. His name was also on a long list of witnesses and the date on that was May 25th. At the time, I reckoned the beings showed their spacecraft as a sign to me that they were always there watching over me. Also, to prove to some cynics, both in my neighbourhood and the government men who visited me, that young Tommy Coleman wasn’t mad and all the rumours of ‘lights’ were true. It was a sort of warning for them to be respectful rather than insulting to me. As Blanche confirmed in her letter to her parents written in 1963, some nosey people used to call at our house to see me. This made me feel like I was some kind of circus freak which was upsetting. The episode was also a valuable and early lesson to me as to how the authorities would deny the existence of UFOs. I naively thought they would be pleased and excited at the possibility of life from other planets. One of the first harsh lessons in life I learned, was that the reverse was true. They seemed to be alarmed and frightened. They weren’t even open-minded. They were negative and dismissive as if hoping to ridicule the witness into keeping quiet. Their tactics worked on me. After I saw the spacecraft, I became much more guarded about what I told everyone - even Blanche. Shortly afterwards, two doctors came to check on my ‘strangeness’ as Mr. Coleman described it. I co-operated with them but wasn’t nearly as willing to talk as I previously had been. They asked why I thought I had seen something strange and it had happened during the daytime when I wasn’t asleep? Was I day dreaming? What was this all about? Like the USAF officers, these doctors didn’t address the fact that many others had seen the same thing. I said the bare minimum in reply and was relieved when they left. That year, 1965, there was no visit to see the other children. I saw the lights a lot less frequently at this age too. Sometimes, when I looked


Project Aquarius.

out of my bedroom window, which I spent a lot of time doing, I would see the lights high up in the night sky but they would immediately vanish rather than come down to take me. I took these brief sightings as reassurance they were looking down on me. The next time the lights did come down and I went into them, I didn’t tell Daba about the trouble the spacecraft’s appearance had caused me. I was sure he already knew and I wanted him to know I was able to look after myself and could overcome prejudice and cynicism. If the intention was to stop my neighbours from becoming too inquisitive, it worked. I thought it would have had the opposite affect, but no local busybodies ever called round our home afterwards. It was like the door slamming in Sandra’s face. So the sighting did have a benefit to me, after all. It was also the first time I’d seen a spacecraft from the outside. Although seeing it was terrifically exciting, I’ll never forget the strange calming effect it had on my body as it passed overhead. This was the exact opposite to when a big truck rumbles by, belching out fumes. Even if you are safely stood on the sidewalk, you still feel uneasy. The spacecraft gave me a quite contrary feeling. One needs to experience it for yourself to know exactly what I mean. I felt a sensation of exhilaration. You want to tell someone of the wonder you have seen and felt (unless you’re a Chief of Police) even though you know you will be mocked and ridiculed. Others who have reported seeing a UFO, obviously felt the same way and can relate to this. I longed for a logical explanation to it all but, as I grew older and wiser, I realised there wasn’t one that most people would accept. It is beyond their comprehension and acceptance levels. Mr. Coleman taught me that. When I first went to school, I found it boring as my reading, writing and numeracy skills were way ahead of the other children my age. This caused some jealousy and ill-feeling from some of my classmates but I saw the other children were bullied too. Whatever your


intelligence level, whatever you looked like, even what your name was or what your family home or car was, other children would find a reason to poke fun at you. I learned that’s how children behave. That was why, when I met the other 32 children and we all got on so well, without ever exchanging a cross word, it was so unusual. It should be the norm but it isn’t. My friendship with Cindy not only survived all the traumas of school but strengthened. We were like a combination of a brother and sister and an old married couple - always there for each other and helping each other through whatever school life and adolescence threw our way. The older I got, the more I liked school. I always got A and B grades and found the lessons more interesting. I found it intriguing to see how my class-mates struggled with things I found simple and obvious. My teachers were all very kind and encouraging to me and seemed to appreciate having a well-behaved and bright pupil in their class who did them credit. There was one black mark on my otherwise glittering school record. When I was 11, I nearly failed the 8th grade. Until then, I’d passed all the others with flying colours. My school reports were exemplary but, on that occasion, I read the questions and felt they were so easy as to be insulting. I answered the first few and then, as a kind of protest, left the others unanswered. The day before school ended for that year, I was summoned to the school counsellor’s office. She asked, “Tommy, what’s been your problem this year?” “I didn’t know I had a problem, Mam,” I replied, not wanting to hurt her feelings. She said, “You barely passed your exam. Compared to your grades last year, you’ve hit rock bottom.” She seemed genuinely disappointed and I felt I’d let everyone down. I told her how I felt. “Well, I’m really bored. It’s the same old, same old, same old - every day. There’s no challenge. I’ve lost interest in school.”


Project Aquarius.

The counsellor said she wanted my parents to see her the very next day. I left her office with a feeling of foreboding and a sealed letter for my parents. The letter informed the Colemans of my unexpected near failure. They were both surprised and upset and possibly thought it was a reflection on them. A post-mortem followed and when I told them I hadn’t bothered to answer some of the questions, Mr. Coleman punished my rebelliousness by beating me. That was his way of dealing with any juvenile insurrection. I had still passed the exam so it was really no big deal. Next day, we were all sat in the school counsellor’s office. Me, rather gingerly, still suffering the aftermath of my beating. Blanche told the counsellor I no longer showed any enthusiasm for going to school. The counsellor told them to bring me to school the next week to sit a special, academic test. On that day, when every other pupil was on holiday, I was sat in a classroom all by myself looking at an exam paper with between 100 to 150 questions on it. The counsellor told me, “Take your time. When you’ve finished, bring your answers to my office. This time, do your best to answer every question.” About an hour and a half later, I presented her with my answers. As she scanned through them, she said, “You say you were bored last year?” I nodded. “How come you got every single question in this test correct if you weren’t paying attention?” I told her I had been bored because I already knew what was being taught. I reminded her she’d told me to do my best this time and so I had. It was the opposite way of proving my original point. “Unbelievable!” was her reaction. “Ask your parents to come back to see me.” Sure enough, a few days later, she showed the Colemans my test and told them I’d be moved into Kathleen Senior High School


at the start of the next school year. This meant I skipped the 9th grade entirely. Apparently, the test I’d passed with a 100% mark was a college entrance exam. I expect Mr. Coleman thought the beating he gave me had quickly paid a rich dividend. His smugness was not the only downside of my accelerated, academic achievement. I was separated from Cindy. No longer did we share the same classroom or even the same school. Boy, how I missed her sat next to me or having her within my eyeline. Glancing at her had always made time go faster as our teacher droned on about something that seemed blatantly obvious. Now, me and Cindy only saw each other in evenings and at weekends. She missed me too but was also happy for me and proud of my upgrade. Of course, there were other girls in my new class. Some were almost two years older than Cindy, well into puberty and very pretty, but I only had eyes for Cindy. Not that these older girls were interested in the young pipsqueak upstart who had somehow sneaked into their school. Apart from being in the same class and living in the same area, I had nothing in common with them. Within three months of starting High School, I took another exam. After passing that, I stopped doing standard High School work. Four months after that, I’d successfully completed 10th grade Scholastics. I had Pastor Berry to thank for this. In my spare time, I became Pastor Berry’s student on the Bible. He even praised the Colemans over their son’s biblical knowledge. Sometimes, I would be invited to spend a weekend at Pastor Berry’s home. He and his wife made me very welcome and we had many interesting talks about the Bible. In particular, how those ancient teachings and parables were still relevant to everyday life in a modern society. This may seem an odd interest for a boy to have rather than go to football or baseball matches but, to me, it seemed a far better way of spending my time. My school work was always excellent providing I was pushed to the limit, rather than being held-back. It also helped if I was allowed to study subjects that interested me. At this period in my life, I was freed from the standard, educational leash and I finished my first year


Project Aquarius.

in High School by passing 11th grade algebra, calculus and chemistry. Not bad for a kid who should still have been in the 9th grade at Middle School! During my second year, the Colemans were told I’d be in a special class of my own. In the mornings, I’d study physics and then do an elected course. I chose agriculture as I was interested in that from my summer vacations spent helping Big Daddy on his farm. I even joined the FFA (Future Farmers of America). In the afternoons, I’d work in a study class doing college entrance exams covering the sciences, creative English and world history. I was also allowed to do a course no other pupil was given, or perhaps wanted to know about - American Problems. This covered American economics, race issues and government policies. My aim was to go to university in Florida. I was told I was set to get a full scholarship to go there but had to complete a few courses before the university would accept me. I went to the Miami Dade Junior College for two years to pass these. At this time, my career ambition changed. I switched from wanting to be a farmer to hoping to become a journalist. Apart from Big Daddy, there was another man I admired. I used to see this man on the tv presenting the news. He was Walter Cronkite who was the news anchor on CBS. He made the news fascinating to me. I liked the way he talked. His news reports seemed honest and unbiased and yet influenced the opinion of the nation. I thought he provided a necessary and essential public service with great professionalism and touching humanity. I wanted to be the next Walter Cronkite - minus his moustache. By now, I was fascinated in what was going on in the world - not the political parties or the politicians who represented them, but the consequences of their policies. A problem arose. I couldn’t commute to college in Miami. Accommodation was found for me in a great area, right near South Beach. I thought the Colemans had found it and were paying the rent but, years later, I found out my benefactor was the US government. It was very kind of them and I’d like to publicly thank them right


here and now. I was only 16, but was sharing with two older guys who were both around 18 years old. One was Daryl Glover from Santa Fe High School in Lakeland. He was a fun guy and could drive which was useful. The other, Lloyd Davis, had attended Lakeland Senior school. He was a nice guy too, but quiet. He kept himself very much to himself. I did too. I didn’t go out partying or chasing girls. My thoughts on the female of the species were still centred on Cindy. But I did love the beach. I’d be in my room and hear Daryl shout, “Squirt! Come on! Let’s go to the beach.” Off I’d go with him. The first time I went, I got terribly sunburnt. Although Daryl nicknamed me ‘Squirt’, both he and Lloyd teased me only in friendship and both looked after me incredibly well. I felt I’d again got two older brothers and couldn’t have been happier, or have had better support around me. We lost contact after we went our separate ways. I hope they succeeded in life. They certainly deserved to. When I first arrived in Miami on a Greyhound bus, I was met by a Cuban guy. He welcomed me to the city and talked to me about life there. He was very friendly and laid-back. The sort to whom nothing is a problem. He gave me my enrolment papers, then took me to the apartment and said if there was anything I needed, he’d sort it out for me. Who was he? I have no idea of his name or job-title but he must have worked for the government. I didn’t see much of him after that but it was good to know he was there if I needed him. Every six months, I’d go home for a couple of weeks. Blanche would call and say, “We got you a ticket. We’ll meet you at Lakeland. Get that man to take you to the bus station.” The trip was meant to take four hours and it might have done by car, but I’d usually be sat on that Greyhound bus for best part of seven hours. Of course, it was well worth it to see Cindy and Big Daddy again and to take Blackie for walks. I went to college four days a week. I took it seriously and tried my best. One class was called ‘Reporter’. It was exactly the sort of


Project Aquarius.

challenge I thrived on. The class would be given the basic details of a breaking newsflash. We had to write a first draft of the story in handwriting then type it up as if for broadcast and, finally, proof-read it. Any imperfections in the format, spelling mistakes or grammatical glitches were marked down but the most important part of the exercise was how you worded your report. Were all the facts included? Was the tone of voice right? Was it the right length? There were no computers and we didn’t even have electric typewriters, just old-fashioned manual ones that noisily clattered away once all twenty of us began typing. It seemed like I was working in a busy news office and even sounded like that too. When you finished, you handed your report to the mock editor professor and he graded you on the spot. I got mainly As and Bs but got a couple of Ds too. Once, the professor said, “Tommy are you sleeping and just pecking at the keys? And your margin is out!” I felt as if I had my wings and was flying high. I enjoyed my time in Miami. I had decided on my career path and was on my way to achieving it - bang on schedule. After two years at the Miami Dada Junior College, I graduated with either A or B grades in journalism, creative writing, typing and doing research points (these were analysing the important points in journalistic reports). My plan was still to go on to the University of Miami, the big ‘U’ as it was known in Florida, for my Associates of Arts Degree in journalism. Mr. Coleman had always thought I wouldn’t amount to much. He had said this many times to me. I was determined to prove him wrong. He thought I’d either become a pro footballer or golfer. This showed how little he knew about me. Although I had never been encouraged to play football by him, when I went to school I found I could catch a football, run fast and could read the game well. I was never a fanatical fan of watching the game in a stadium or dressing-up in team colours and was always too small physically to make a career out of playing it. The same applied to golf. I was very good at it for my age but never considered playing it as a career.


Throughout my teenage years, I still had dreams but not like I had as a child. Every so often, I’d have a strange one which set me thinking but I never told anyone about them. I was fed up of being questioned and doubted. During this time, I dated Cindy. Well, kind of. We dated as much as a couple who spent so much of the year apart, could. She never made the trek to Miami but, as soon as I got home, we hung out together, went to movies and walks. We weren’t into discos or school dances. Neither of us dated anyone else. Why would we? We were perfectly happy together. I was 16 when the saddest event in my life to that date happened my beloved Grandma, Irene, died. I’m not sure what of - just general old age. I was told she’d ‘gone home to heaven’. I was sure she had. She deserved some reward as she’d lived a pretty hard life working on the farm. Big Daddy sold the farm and came and lived with us. I was delighted about that. Very conveniently, Sandra had just got married and moved out. I was delighted about that too. Big Daddy moved into her bedroom which was right next door to mine. Mr. Coleman’s role as my father diminished as it was to Big Daddy I went to for guidance on any problems I had. Not that I had many. I was healthy. College was fine. Cindy was perfect. In fairness, I could not have been given a better start in life. Me and Big Daddy would go for walks together. Sometimes to the local train station to watch the latest locomotives go by as we always had over the years. He’d say, “Boy, you’re getting as tall as me but you’re as skinny as a railway rail. Your mom not feeding you?” This was an excuse for us to go and have a burger together. I told him I’d changed my mind about a career in agriculture. I thought he’d be disappointed and a bit upset by this as he’d kind of instilled into me what a useful life it was growing crops from the land. I was wrong about this. He said, “Son, you can be anything you want to be, you just have to set your heart to do it. Anything you believe you can do, think


Project Aquarius.

about it and it’ll happen.” He was always encouraging and motivational and I still live my life by his wise words. By now, I’d already changed my mind from wanting to be a farmer to a journalist. I was soon to change my mind again to another career - one I’d never considered. When I came home having completed my college exams and was excited at the prospect of going to Miami University, I received a letter. Uncle Sam had another career path in mind for me. This path was a highway to hell paved with mines and crossed by zipping bullets. Many of these bullets would have my name on them.

The photo taken by Grant Hardin and included in Project Blue Book.


The letter I wrote following the UFO sighting at the golf course.

Further notes of the golf course UFO sighting.


Project Aquarius. My 1970 school withdrawal form.


Chapter 4


The letter was from Selective Service - the draft board. Most young Americans my age dreaded getting such a letter but, perhaps naively with hindsight, I was happy to do my bit for my country as Big Daddy had done during World War 1. As soon as I opened the letter, I talked to him about it. He explained that serving for a short time would help me grow-up far quicker than I otherwise would and I’d get to see parts of the world and experience things I’d never do in civilian life. Also, I’d learn a lot both about life and about myself. Although this all sounded good, I didn’t particularly want to join-up and delay my studies, but I had to report anyway. On the appointed date, Big Daddy took me to the recruiting office in Sears Town, Lakeland. On the wall outside the building was a poster that completely changed my thinking and set my life off in an unexpected direction - up! It was of a F4 Phantom fighter-jet in mid-flight with its after-burners blazing. As soon as I set eyes on it, I wanted to fly that jet. I’d always wanted to fly and suddenly saw this as a way of achieving that ambition - courtesy of Uncle Sam. We went inside and were greeted by a Marine Staff Sergeant who had arms like Popeye after an overdose of spinach and a handshake so firm I thought our hands would be fused together forever. He introduced himself as Staff Sergeant Layle. He asked me, “Well Son, what do you think you can do in the Marine Corps?” “Can I show you something outside?” I asked in reply. “Sure,” he said, all curious. We stepped outside and I pointed at the poster. “I want to fly one of those,” I said with great confidence. “Really?” he chuckled. “You got any education?” I told him I had. He seemed pretty impressed by my qualifications and my enthusiasm. As I filled out a whole lot of forms, Staff Sergeant Layle told me there was a shortage of officers and he would send me


Project Aquarius.

to Jacksonville for assessment. The American military is an efficient organisation. The very next day I was sat on a Greyhound bus bound for Jacksonville. So much for my summer vacation! The tests were both physical and written but only took two days. However, I wasn’t back home for long. The day after I got back, Staff Sergeant Layle phoned and asked me to report to his office within thirty minutes. Big Daddy took me there again in his truck. We both walked in and awaited the US Army’s verdict on me. “Well, I got the paperwork back from Marine Corps HQ in Washington DC,” Staff Sergeant Layle announced. “And I’ve got some good news and not so good news.” My heart sank. I looked at Big Daddy. It must have been a look of disappointment but he just smiled at me, encouragingly. “Your score isn’t quite high enough for fighter jet school but I can send you to flight school. How about rotary aircraft?” I didn’t know what a rotary aircraft was. I was told they were helicopters. These may not have been as fast as jets, but I’d always admired their agility and the way they could dart sideways, rise vertically and hover. I wanted to fly and helicopters were a pretty close second best. I agreed. Staff Sergeant Layle shook my hand and Big Daddy’s. Then he told me that, on Monday, I’d go to Paris Island to begin my training. I took the Oath of Allegiance right there and then in the office in front of Big Daddy who looked very emotional and proud. I was so glad he was there at this special moment and not Mr. Coleman. Afterwards, I filled out yet more forms and that was that. Miami University was officially put on hold. By 9pm on Monday, I had arrived at Paris Island for my ‘Boot Camp’. To say the recruitment intake instructors were a bit brutal would be an understatement, but they were doing it for good reason.


To immediately obey a command and to follow orders to the letter, could save your life in the heat of a battle. That’s how I viewed it and why I tolerated it. I had ten weeks of not blinking unless I was ordered to do so. It was by far the toughest ten weeks of my life but, at long last, graduation day came around. The night before, our Staff Sergeant briefed everyone as to what was going to happen the next day and what was expected of us. He told me, a black guy called KD Williams who I’d struck up a friendship with, and another guy, called Rob Filler, to stand up. We sprang up onto our hind legs wondering what we’d been singled out for. He then pointed to three others who hadn’t performed with the sort of blind obedience and enthusiasm that we had. “Look at those three scuzbags. Look at them real hard,” he shouted. I had nothing against the three men but did as I was ordered. I’m sure KD and Rob were doing the same but I couldn’t see them as I kept my eyes fixed on the scuzbags. “Tomorrow, you will have to salute these men. But I will never have to salute any of you - remember who I am!” “Yes, Sir!” we all bellowed. And I always have remembered him. In just ten weeks, he turned youths into men - me amongst them. I’ll never forget the morning of my graduation ceremony either. All the pomp and protocol was impressive and I was pleased to be part of it. None of my family attended which was a shame as I saw the proud expressions on the faces of the relations of the other guys who had made the trip, but it was a long way for my parents and Big Daddy to come and they wouldn’t have been able to spend much time with me as, that afternoon, I was off to complete the next part of my training. I went to Beaufort OCS (Officer’s Candidate School) but I didn’t stay there for long. I boarded a Lockheed C130 transport aircraft and was flown to Quantico OCS in Virginia where I had to report. I was delighted that KD made the same trip as, by now, we were great buddies. He was the first black man I’d ever really met and his relaxed


Project Aquarius.

demeanour and wry humour always made time go fast in his company. He called me ‘White Boy’ and I called him ‘Black Boy’. There was no racial malice in this. The names were just an accurate, physical description of us both. If only all the different ethnicities around the world got on as well as me and KD did, the Marine Corps would have been unnecessary. There were around 40 of us on this eight week course. Some of the others were straight from college and raw but, after my previous ten weeks, I knew what the PT was like and how to shoot and march. After another gruelling two months, I graduated. Again, none of my family were able to see me be commissioned as a Chief Warrant Officer One. My training still wasn’t over. In fact, my flight training hadn’t even begun. Although, I had now undergone eighteen weeks of intensive training, I got no time off to get my breath back since I was sent straight on to Cherry Point, North Carolina, for training on flying rotary aircraft. At this point, I was pretty tired both physically and mentally, but I was pleased that I now had a military rank and was keen to prove myself further. I was also very excited at the prospect of being taught to fly. I knew what other craft were up in the sky and I wanted to join them up there, instead of them coming down to see me. I was 18 now and had not had a visit for many years. Nor had a trip to the facility to meet the other 32 children taken place since we were 13 years old. I was billeted in officer’s quarters with KD. I was pleased about this as I knew we’d smile and joke our way through whatever the course had in store for us. The accommodation was also better than on the previous courses and more private than a group of us all sleeping in the same area. The combined volume of the snoring was like a squadron of aircraft engines just before take-off and had kept me awake. Now, I slept well and concentrated hard during the day at what I was taught. I found I had a natural affinity for flying and quickly got the knack of how to fly a helicopter. I loved it. Navigation also came


naturally to me. My only flaw and blight on my training record was my landing ability. No matter how light-fingered I tried to be with the controls, I always brought my helicopter back down to earth with a bump. Sometimes, one hell of a bump. I never crashed or damaged a helicopter but it was a pity the Hueys had skids to land on and not tires filled with plenty of air. The training was non-stop and high pressure. It was not helped by the fact that this was my third course in a row but, after six weeks, I got a hat-trick of graduations so I considered all the hard-work I’d put my brain and body through, to be well worth it. I had been proud of myself when I’d passed the previous two courses but was even more delighted when the Wing Commander shook my hand and presented me with my ‘wings’. I was proud of myself for achieving something I had wanted to do rather than someone else telling me I had to do it. Joining the military to learn to fly was the first major decision in my life that I made on my own. One terribly sad event spoiled my graduation and tinged it with great sadness. The week before, I was summoned to the Wing Commander’s office. When I saw his sombre expression, I thought he was going to reprimand me about my latest bump landing. I was wrong. He said it was his sad duty to inform me my grandfather had died. His words stunned me. This cruel news was a huge blow to me just as my hour of aerial triumph was approaching. I had so looked forward to seeing how pleased and proud Big Daddy would be with me for passing all three courses and winning my wings. He had encouraged me to follow my heart and my dreams. His wise words had proved to be true. I had set my mind to do something and I had succeeded. He had been closer to me and a better father than Mr. Coleman had ever been. Now, I had lost him. I felt bitter about not being able to say goodbye and to thank him for all he had done for me and for all the happy times we had spent together. Working on the farm, train-spotting, his gift of Blackie,


Project Aquarius.

my birthday and Christmas presents. I will always remember him stood in the apple orchard wearing short shirt-sleeves, taking the honeycomb from the hives whilst standing in a kaleidoscope of falling apple blossom and swarms of bees. That was him in his element, working with nature and smiling at me watching from a safe-distance. I wish I’d asked him why he never got stung. I wish I’d asked him lots of other things. I wish we’d gone for one last burger and he’d worn his World War 1 medals and I’d worn my wings. Life’s not like that. This was my second harsh lesson in life - it doesn’t have a happy ending like in the movies. No-one lives happily ever after. You have to make and appreciate the happy moments whenever you can before the sad end inevitably arrives. I was also to learn that grief passes with time but those happy moments live on. That was the last lesson Big Daddy taught me after he died. The Wing Commander gave me a choice. Either I could go back home for the funeral and complete my flight training at a later date, or I could stay another week, graduate and then go on home leave. It was a terrible dilemma. To miss Big Daddy’s passing and not to have been there with him holding his hand was bad enough. Not to attend his funeral was unimaginable. But then I thought what Big Daddy’s advice would have been. He always put the ones he loved before himself. He’d have told me to complete the course and return home with my mission accomplished. With a heavy heart, that’s what I decided to do. When I was presented with my wings, I briefly looked up to the sky and smiled. It was a sad but satisfied smile. Like winning a battle but losing your best friend. I’m sure Big Daddy was smiling back down at me. After the ceremony, I didn’t celebrate my graduation like all the others did. KD knew the emotional turmoil I had gone through that last week and was very sympathetic and understanding. That helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. My first stint in the military ended in an odd emotional mixture of self-satisfaction and deep sadness. There was one other good legacy


to come from this mixed episode. Big Daddy had always been more of a father to me than Mr. Coleman. All my life, Mr. Coleman had considered me to be crazy and had undermined my self-confidence, but now my self-esteem was sky-high - literally. I was now my own man and didn’t care about his opinions. I had lost Big Daddy but now I no longer needed a father-figure. In that way, the timing was perfect. My homecoming was not the joyous celebration I had thought it would be - until the week before. I was very sad and subdued. I still went into Big Daddy’s bedroom and, although he was no longer there physically, I still felt his spiritual presence. I could almost hear him saying, “That’s my Boy!” - just as he had when I’d completed some little task around the farm. Seeing Cindy again helped cheer me up. We caught up on all our news. She had left school with very good grades and wanted to become a teacher. She had also grown up into a very attractive young woman. I was as proud of her as ever. We talked about getting married but thought it best that she completed her teacher-training and I did my stint in the military first. I had ten days leave and could not believe how quickly it flew by. On the eighth day, I had put my uniform with its newly-stitched wings on, to go out with Cindy when Mr. Coleman came up to my bedroom. Until that time, he’d kind of kept his distance from me as he knew how upset I was about Big Daddy’s death. I think he’d also seen how close my relationship with Big Daddy was when we were both living in the same house and he realised his own failings. Anyway, he told me he was proud of me and called me his ‘Son’. That was the first time he ever called me that and, despite our uneasy relationship all through my childhood and teenage years, hearing him call me that meant a lot to me. I think if it’s meant sincerely, it’s the biggest compliment a man can pay to a boy or youth. It’s such a small word but its implications are great.


Project Aquarius.

The day before I returned was a sad one. I took Cindy out to say ‘so long for now’. I was in my uniform and she looked as lovely as ever. The tomboy had shed its chrysalis to become a beautiful young woman with a bright smile and an animated face that could light up a room and had certainly lit up my life on a multitude of occasions. One of Cindy’s best qualities was she always spoke her mind. She didn’t brood or keep secrets. To my surprise, she asked me if I’d got a ring for her. “A ring for what?” “For me! I’m your girl, aren’t I?” Fair point! I’d never really thought it was important to make a public show of our relationship or the need to make it semi-official. But, if that’s what she wanted… “Yeah.” “Well, you get me a ring and I’ll give you something.” she said with a mischievous grin. From the start of her teenage years, Cindy had usually worn her hair in a pony-tail but, the next day, it was in pig-tails as it had been for much of our childhood. I presented her with a ring I’d carefully selected on my limited Marine Corp budget and was rewarded by seeing her eyes light up with delight when she saw it. She immediately put it on her engagement finger before holding her hand aloft in triumph and delight. I was equally delighted to have made her so happy. “Now for your gift from me,” she said, fumbling inside her handbag. I wondered what this could possibly be and was rather disappointed when her hand, wearing the new ring, produced a pair of scissors from her handbag. To my surprise, she used the scissors to cut off one of her pigtails. That hair had grown on her head for many of the years we spent together. “I want you to keep this always,” she said solemnly. And I did. It was a thoughtful, romantic gesture and so typical of her. After my leave expired, I had to go to Camp Pendleton, 90 odd miles outside Los Angeles, where I would be informed where my first Marine Duty Station would be. It could be anywhere in the


United States or at any one of the many foreign bases. Me and Cindy speculated on this a lot during our ten days together. When I got to Camp Pendleton, a familiar face greeted me - KD was already there. I was really pleased to see my friend as we had thought it was unlikely we would ever see each other again. The next day, we were given our orders at the same time from a Major. “You boys are headed to South East Asia.” That was all he said. I knew Asia was a big continent but I’d never heard of an area called South East Asia before. I asked him for clarification. “Sir, where at in South East Asia?” “Look at your orders, Gunner.” (‘Gunner’ was a nick-name all Warrant Officers had.) When we left his office, still unsure of exactly where we would be stationed, we hastily opened the envelopes containing all the information we needed. It said, ‘S.E. Asia, 75th Marine Air Wing Squadron, Danang, South Vietnam.’ As soon as I saw the words ‘South Vietnam’ I remembered some of the horrors I’d regularly seen on the news. United States combat units had been deployed there since 1965, although American involvement and military advisors had been helping the South Vietnamese against the communist-backed North Vietnamese since 1950. It was a controversial war with many protests and demonstrations in the United States against our involvement. Whatever the moral argument, we were there now and committed to see it through. Despite the fact it was always in the news, it seemed very distant to most Americans which was probably one of the main reasons for their dissent. Others being the high number of American soldiers killed, wounded and traumatised, plus the cost and the lack of progress at winning it. On seeing I was going to be posted there, my first reaction was that the carnage I’d seen on the news I was going to experience for real - not safely sat on a chair in a living room in Florida. Despite this, little did I imagine how truly horrific war could be.


Project Aquarius.

Nothing could prepare anyone for such traumatic conflict. Many lives were being lost and many more changed forever, as mine would be - on both counts.


Chapter 5

Welcome To Vietnam.

Me and KD got on a Flying Tiger jet and flew from LAX to Anchorage. Not that we saw anything of Anchorage, as we immediately boarded a C141 Air Force jet to Kadina in Japan. We didn’t stay long there, either. We boarded a C130 and set off for the five hour last leg of our journey to Danang. I enjoyed all three flights until the final hour of the last one. It was then that a non-commissioned officer, who was in charge of the plane, informed us that we were entering a ‘hot zone’. We knew what this was from our training but it’s quite obvious anyway. It meant we were likely to be shot at. That last hour passed pretty slowly compared to the previous four. I couldn’t help think that being shot out of the sky before I even reached my appointed base would have been an ironic and premature end to my love of flying. Looking at the other faces around me, I wasn’t the only one thinking this. We were all relieved to land safely. As we disembarked, my first impression of Vietnam was the heat. The date was December 28th, 1972 - just over a week before my twentieth birthday. Although I came from Florida, the ‘Sunshine State’ as it’s known, it can still be pretty chilly in December. In Vietnam, the seasons fell in different months to back home. Here, it was like stepping into an oven. Even I’d never experienced such heat. The first thing me and KD had to do was report to a Major. Major Fox was a short man who smoked cigars and seemed to have one permanently attached to his hand like an extra finger. He also wore an open-necked white shirt and no hat. We stood in front of his desk as he read through our orders. He told KD that he would be mentored by several experienced pilots, then he looked at me. “Tommy Coleman…Tommy do you know where I’m from?” “No Sir!” “I’m from Tampa, Florida. I see you’re from Lakeland, Florida.”


Project Aquarius.

“Yes Sir!” “I’m gonna put you with ‘The Snake’ - Lieutenant Jones. He’s gonna train you and I’m gonna watch you very carefully, Son. I take good care of my men, especially if they’re from my home state.” “Thank you, Sir!” That was a bit of luck, I thought. Although I wasn’t too sure about sharing a helicopter with a snake and also felt a bit sorry for KD who, not being a Florida resident, didn’t seem to qualify for such preferential treatment. Major Fox hadn’t finished our induction. He looked at us both and said, “Guys I have three rules in my squadron. Rule 1 - you don’t salute nobody. No matter what their rank is. Rule 2 - do exactly what you’re told to do - train. And listen to the men who are going to train you. Rule 3 - I don’t want you dead in my squadron. Do I make myself clear?” “Yes Sir!” we both said in unison. “Okay guys. See you in the Bird’s Nest tonight at zero seven hundred.” That amused us as we knew he meant at 7pm not 7am and so he should have said ‘nineteen hundred hours’ but I liked his unconventional style. The Bird’s Nest was the name of the officer’s club on the base. Our next port of call was the armoury. We were each given a belt with a knife and a .45 calibre pistol with 6 pre-loaded magazines. These would only be needed if our helicopter was shot down and we survived the crash. I was shocked to see our accommodation. I don’t know what I was expecting as I hadn’t thought about it, but it was a tent. Quite a large one. I was to share with KD. We joked we were like twins - dressing the same, doing the same courses, going to the same places and now, yet again, sharing sleeping quarters. As the temperature was so hot, a tent was quite practical as you could leave the flaps open to let the air through. I soon got used to it but I must confess that, when I first saw


it, I wondered what I’d let myself in for. A tent in war-torn Vietnam! The reality of military life was proving quite different to that poster of the jet-fighter. At 7pm, we walked into the Bird’s Nest with all the innocence of a couple of young cowboys walking into a saloon in the most dangerous town in the Wild West. At first, everyone made us very welcome. There were smiles, handshakes, back-pats and introductions all round. Lieutenant Jones introduced himself to me as ‘JJ’ without referencing a snake and I thought it best to ask about this when I knew him better. Major Fox arrived and delivered a short welcome speech. “Welcome to the War Lords, men,” he began. The War Lords was what the squadron was known as. All the helicopters had a skull and crossbones painted on them. It was an efficient and deadly unit and was well respected within the military. “To become a War Lord, you need a certain number of kills but before you do that, your new colleagues will initiate you into the squadron.” I wondered with some trepidation what form this initiation would take. I soon found out. The barman brought over two ‘Bird’s Nest Specials’. One for me, the other for KD. Grinning, the Major said we had to drain our glass in one go without dribbling a drop and without puking. KD looked at me and I looked at him. I’d never gone out binge drinking and didn’t know quite what effect this potion would have on me. I could smell the alcohol which seemed to be evaporating under my nose. KD winked and said, “Come on brother. Let’s do it!” And we did. It was wicked stuff. Firewater, is how native American Indians would have accurately described it. A Bird’s Nest Special turned out to be four shots of imported Inver House scotch whisky topped off with a more than generous squeeze of very acidic lime juice. Many might relish this tipple but not all poured down their throat in one go. All the officers cheered us as we completed our first


Project Aquarius.

mission in Vietnam. Me and KD were mightily pleased with ourselves too. We were picked up, which is just as well because I doubt I could have walked without staggering, and given a lap of honour around the Bird’s Nest by our new colleagues. No-one had ever treated me like a hero before and I enjoyed the moment. Alas, my enjoyment was short-lived. We were carried outside and thrown into the base latrine - a deep puddle of urine and excrement. It was horrendous. I tried not to breathe or open my mouth but, as my head was spinning from the scotch and the surprise of my first crash-landing at the base, it was difficult not to open it. However, I soon closed it again. Only to have a spitting fit. Of course, all the others found it hilarious. When he’d stopped laughing, Major Fox said, “You’ll always remember the first shit you had in ‘Nam. Go get cleaned up. See you tomorrow at briefing.” Much as I desperately wanted to, it wasn’t easy to get out of the slippery latrine. KD just lay there stunned and then declared, “I have never had anyone pick my black ass up and throw me in shit! I’m gonna hurt somebody here.” But then we both started laughing. What else could we do? We truly were up shit creek without a paddle. We helped each other squelch out and then spent the rest of the evening in the showers which we staggered to by a very indirect route. My only real regret was that I wouldn’t be able to tell Big Daddy about my initiation ceremony. I know he would have roared with laughter. What could be worse than being slung into a latrine? The instant I landed in it, I’d have said nothing could be worse. How wrong I was proved to be. The next morning, I got to see JJ’s helicopter. It was a UH1A Gunship built by the Bell & Sikorsky company. It was best suited as a utility helicopter as it was relatively slow and cumbersome. It had been equipped for battle with a mounted M60 firing 20 calibre rounds on each side. There was a nose gun for the pilot to fire and an 8.55


rocket launcher on each side which looked like bbq grills and held twelve rockets apiece. Back then, there were no modern avionics to fire these accurately as there is nowadays. The pilot had to use his eyes and hope luck was on his side. You pressed the red button on the joy-stick and off the rockets would streak - right past you as you sat in the cockpit. They had a range of 800 yards and, if they hit the target, they were deadly. The gunners were basically only there to give covering fire although they were more accurate shots as the gunner could take aim down the machine-gun barrel. The trouble was, for them to be accurate, the helicopter had to hover which made it an easy target. The safest option was for the helicopter to fly at full speed and for the gunner to strafe the ground below. Although its firepower was formidable, its speed was not. They could fly at 140-150mph or 160mph, if there was only a pilot onboard and no gunner. Like all the War Lord’s helicopters, it had a skull and crossbones on it but this one also had a cobra painted on the side. I was going to get in and start running through the pre-flight checks when I heard JJ say, “Check the outside, Tommy.” I did what I was told, obeying the Major Fox’s rule number 2. As I walked round the helicopter, I was shocked to see parts of the bodywork had flattened beer and soda cans riveted into the fuselage to patch over bullet-holes. Holy crap! The jet in that recruitment poster didn’t have old Coca Cola cans welded to it. Seeing my surprise, JJ laughed. I climbed into the co-pilot’s seat next to him and went through the pre-flight checks. Our door-gunner, Joe, climbed in the back and checked over his machine-gun. We were going on a routine patrol. Normally, this would be a two man mission, just the pilot and a door gunner but, today, rookie Coleman was going along for his first experience of flying a helicopter in a war zone. On some other flights, such as supplying troops, there would be two door gunners and both a pilot and co-pilot but, that morning, there were just the three of us. The engine was fired-up and we took off with JJ at the controls. We flew over dense jungle terrain for an hour or so. When the fuel


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dial indicated we should return to base, JJ turned to me and said, “Go ahead, take us home, Gunner!” Having given me my orders, he slumped back in his seat with his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose as if he was about to take a snooze. For a few seconds, the helicopter flew itself until my hands gripped the controls. JJ shouted to Joe, “Joe, we didn’t see shit down there.” Joe shouted back, “Yeah! And I came out to have some fun this morning!” JJ retorted, “You might have some yet - the newbie’s flying us home.” This was greeted with silence. Either Joe couldn’t think of a witty reply, didn’t like to put me off or he was silently praying. Flying my first combat mission over enemy territory was pumping enough adrenaline around my body as it was, without them bemoaning the lack of action. I was relieved when the base appeared below us. It looked bigger from the air than I’d realised from being on the ground. There were also lots of possible landing areas. I asked JJ which one I should use. “Hell! It ain’t a reserved parking lot. Take your pick!” So I did. I chose one where my anticipated trademark bump landing was least likely to be witnessed by anyone on the base. I wondered what jokes JJ and Joe would make. It was quite a nerve-wracking moment for me. I came in, cut the power and, to my relief, it touched down reasonably lightly - at least for me. Neither JJ or Joe’s teeth needed dental treatment afterwards and it was obviously not sufficiently bad to be worthy of a joke. As I switched the engine off, I breathed a sigh of relief. Four days later, I was allowed to fly the whole patrol. JJ just casually sat in the seat next to me like he was a business executive being ferried to a meeting. Joe was in the back, trigger-finger at the ready. Suddenly, I heard ‘ping, ping, ping’ like hailstones on a tin roof. I wasn’t sure what this was. Was it the engine? JJ sat up, instantly alert. I heard Joe roar, “Son of a bitch! 6 o’clock - bank starboard!”


I looked at JJ for confirmation. He yelled, “Take us starboard, damn it!” I banked us sharply to starboard. As soon as I did this, Joe shouted, “Drop me down to about 200 feet. I got ‘em in sight.” I began to bring the helicopter down rather cautiously and far too slowly for JJ’s liking. “Give me some speed, damn it.” The nose of the helicopter had a kind of glass spy hole and, as I glimpsed through it seeing the vegetation below swaying in the draught created by the helicopter’s rotar-blades, the glass was cracked by a bullet. Joe blasted back our reply. I saw trees lose branches as his bullets cut into them like axe blades. I also saw bright flashes come from other trees and heard more pings. The flashes were from snipers. They were aiming at me - the pilot or the helicopter’s engine. Fortunately, Joe firing back seemed to put them off their aim. I wasn’t surprised. I could feel my heart pounding faster than the helicopter’s engine seemed to be. I can honestly say I was scared shitless. Anyone who says they weren’t scared when they were shot at for the first time is definitely lying. Joe’s aim didn’t seem affected by the snipers’ bullets. He continued to blast away at the trees until they looked like a severe storm had blown their branches and leaves off. Then I heard him yell, “That’s a few less Nips to worry about!” JJ motioned upwards with his head. Never, before or since, have I been so grateful to receive an order. I obeyed it in a millisecond. Up and away we flew. Relief surged through my body. To the other two, it was just another day in our aerial office. I felt I should have insisted on signing-up to fly that jet on the poster. With it’s after-burners on, those snipers wouldn’t have had a chance to pull their triggers before I’d have flashed over their heads and rained bombs down on them. As things had turned out, I was in a rotary aircraft hovering amongst hostile troops like a suicidal hummingbird. Boring, it certainly was


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not. When we arrived back at the base, we had a few cans of drink as the cans were needed to patch the helicopter’s newly-acquired bullet-holes. If you face danger every working day, it’s surprising how quickly you get used to it. Within two weeks, JJ announced that he’d tell the Major I could pilot a helicopter by myself. This was as satisfying an achievement as winning my wings. I owe JJ a lot as he taught me how to push the helicopter to its limit so as to make it as difficult as possible to hit. This had to be done in a way that didn’t jolt the gunner when he was firing but the overall priority was not to be shot down. Helicopters are the most vulnerable aircraft due to their lack of speed compared to jets and the tempting targets of their engines and rotor-blades. Perhaps the most important advice JJ gave me was to act on instinct and have a good enough feel of the helicopter to transmit my instinct to it so it immediately did what I wanted it to do in my mind - just like a person instinctively ducks away from a bullet. The helicopter could either slow down or speed up your natural reaction. When you come under enemy fire, you have to make split-second decisions. “Make damn sure your decision is correct ‘cause there’s a man behind you you’re responsible for. If you get killed, he does.” It was a sobering thought. JJ and Joe seemed like old-hands but it was only their first tour in Vietnam. They were going back home and didn’t seem too upset to be leaving the rest of us. KD had also been given the okay to fly without an experienced co-pilot. One day, he’d fly south and me north. The next day, we’d switch. 30 miles north of Danang was a Viet Cong hotspot. At this phase of the war, there were a lot of troop movements and boats going up and down the Quang Trie river basin in that area. We were to fly there, observe what we could and report back. We weren’t to fire at anything we saw unless we were fired on first. Then, and only then, could we return fire. On one occasion, we went on the same reconnaissance patrol.


We both had two gunners in our helicopters. We flew in formation to around 35-40 miles north of Danang and then flew over the river basin at a height of about 700 feet. We spotted a group of fishing boats in the middle of the river. It was noticeable that one had a tarpaulin covering it’s deck. As I swooped down to take a closer look, the tarpaulin was hauled back to reveal what looked like a Soviet 50 calibre gun which began firing up at us. KD veered off to port and me to starboard. I heard one of my gunners shout, “Go in with the sun at our backs!” “Got ya.” I replied. “Hang on to your jock-strap!” “Don’t you get us killed, damn it!” I heard him shout, in a noticeable tone of concern. It wasn’t the best vote of confidence to hear at the start of a pilot’s first firefight. I saw KD fire his first two rockets. One hit the water to the left of the boat, the other went over the boat crew’s head and exploded on the riverbank. KD then banked sharply to starboard and so I darted off to port. That way, the helicopters were always two separate targets. The gun kept firing at KD. I felt guilty that I hadn’t fired at them yet. I shouted to one of my gunners whose name was Dennis Kimberman. “Denny, hang low. We’re coming in hot!” I heard him swear back as I dropped the helicopter to around 100150 feet and disappeared out of the boat crew’s sight behind a line of trees growing on the bank. I noted a tree that was growing right in front of the boat’s position. I turned the helicopter round as tightly as I dared and accelerated fast over the tree. I knew as soon as we cleared the tree we’d be right over the boat and got my finger on the red firing button. Sure enough, there was the boat. I fired my rockets. They twirled down. The first hit the water just short of the boat but the second was dead on - literally. The boat exploded like a volcano had erupted right underneath it. Fire and bits of boat shot up into the sky. A few seconds later, the only sign there had ever been a boat was a rising, black cloud of smoke and bits of floating wood. My gunners


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started whooping like our team had scored a winning touchdown. This was in relief as much as triumph. I got on the radio to KD, “Okay Kid Funk (his code-name) where are you at?” “I’m going back to base, man. This ain’t good.” “You okay?” “My bird’s okay. I’m headed back to base.” I didn’t like to ask more but knew something was seriously wrong. I followed him home. Any feeling of elation at having destroyed the boat that had fired at us was replaced by worry at what the problem was aboard KD’s helicopter. As soon as I handed, I chucked my flight helmet into the cockpit and ran to where KD had landed his helicopter. He was sat on the ground beside it, shaking. One of his gunners was leaning against the helicopter trying to light a cigarette. He was obviously in shock. Both were looking at the other gunner who was laid out on the ground surrounded by frantic medics. His uniform was badly bloodstained and he was motionless. It looked bad. The worse it could be. No-one said a word until they hurried him off on a stretcher. I said to KD, “Come on brother. Let’s go and report.” I helped him to his feet and off we went to tell Major Fox what had happened. He didn’t say much either. That’s war. You win the day but lose a colleague. Was the price of that young man’s life worth paying for sinking an armed fishing boat? The gunner was a young Lance Corporal who had struck up an instant friendship with KD who felt responsible for his death which was officially confirmed an hour or so later. His friend’s death changed KD. He took it very hard. KD was one of the first black pilots to qualify for the 75th Marine Air Wing, an achievement he had been justly proud of - until that terrible day. His ready smile wasn’t quite such an instinctive reaction afterwards. It also gave me a lot to think about. Previously, I had been a boy in college


grappling with a manual typewriter now I was firing rockets and fighting for my life. During training, we were warned we’d see some pretty terrible things but seeing a bloodstained colleague fighting for his life and losing with every gasp of breath was an emotional drain that was beyond terrible. No amount of psychological warning can prepare you for the reality of war. That night, there was a very subdued atmosphere in the Bird’s Nest. It was a wake for our colleague who had been drinking with us the previous night and was now in a body-bag waiting to be flown home. We remembered our colleague and drowned our sorrows in virtual silence. No matter how positive a person you are, you can’t help wondering who will be next and whether it’ll be you. The incident had an unexpected repercussion. Two weeks after it happened, a South Vietnamese One Star General whose name was Yung Sun arrived unannounced at the base. He demanded that the two helicopter pilots who had murdered ‘five innocent fishermen’ the fortnight before, be handed over to him. Major Fox took this General through the official reports me and KD had made immediately on landing following the incident. He pointed out that the damage done to KD’s helicopter and the death of his door gunner clearly proved that the fishing boat had opened fire at us with a machine-gun. However, the General would not be persuaded. He explained the damage and the death as being down to ‘friendly fire’ which he said Americans were known for and insisted that the two pilots were handed over to him for punishment. Major Fox called me and KD to his office and asked us to explain to the General what had happened that day. We did but our accounts did not change the General’s mind. I was flabbergasted at being accused at murdering the five innocent fishermen. It was totally untrue and also so unexpected from an ally of such a high rank. Despite all the evidence, he simply did not accept our account of what had occurred. In the end, I lost my temper with him. I called him an asshole and


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Major Fox dismissed me from the Flight Room. Pretty soon after, the General also left after being told that Major Fox believed his pilots and he would not be handing them over to the General as, even if the General was right, which he wasn’t, that was not the military procedure the Marine Corps followed. This was still not the end of the matter. A week later, the General’s helicopter was shot down from ground fire whilst flying over South Vietnamese forces. It was rumoured the South Vietnamese believed General Yung Sun was also working for the NVA (North Vietnamese Army), or had good reason to think he was, and had decided to kill him. Even after he was dead, this General still caused a problem. There were various journalists with us in Vietnam who reported for newspapers back in the United States and other forces’ journals. You may think these were predominantly in favour of the difficult job American troops were doing and they probably were most of the time but, on this occasion, an ugly rumour started that an American helicopter had shot the South Vietnamese General’s helicopter down. This was ludicrous. Much as I’d have liked to, I would have had the sense to realise it might well have caused a major rift with our ally. All the pilots on my squadron had to account for where they were at the time his helicopter was shot down. Very few of us were flying at the time. Those that were in the air were all at locations far away from the incident. These false accusations were very upsetting and were only finally resolved when captured NVA officers confirmed that General Yung Sun had been a double agent working for both sides. To the west of Danang were a lot of Marine military bases in an area nicknamed ‘Arizona’. It was called this because Arizona in the United States was known for it’s gun fights from the days of the Wild West. The area in Vietnam was on the western side of South Vietnam on the border with Laos and the NVA was fighting to take it. It really was the Wild West of the 1960-70’s. A pilot did not want to get shot


down there. The rumours were that American patrols had found corpses of air-crew hung upside-down from trees either with their genitals cut off and stuffed in their mouths or they had been skinned alive. I never saw this but such horror stories were rife. My squadron would fly there to provide cover for Chinook helicopters on troop movements and when they delivered food, water and ammunition to front line units. We were also called-in to help repel attacks by the NVA which were more or less continuous. I flew my first mission to Arizona about a fortnight after KD’s door gunner was killed. Apart from the boat I blew-up that day, I’d never seen any enemy soldiers, just the flash of their guns firing. This changed when we were within ten minutes of reaching our LZ (Landing Zone) in Arizona when I was told over the radio that the LZ was ‘hot’. In other words, under attack. Sure enough, as we approached, I saw NVA soldiers firing at the Marines who were returning fire. I heard Dennis, one of my door gunners shout, “Gunner, you got three gooks at 4 o’clock!” I looked down and saw three NVA soldiers running across an open rice field. I banked down and flew low over the field. The soldiers heard me coming, turned and took aim. They were about to fire but were too slow as I fired first with my helicopter’s 20 calibre machinegun. The impact of these shells churned up the mud and water in the rice field. I swung the helicopter sharply around and saw what looked like three boys laying motionless. The oldest couldn’t have been older than 14. I was shocked at how small and young they looked. They should be playing in a park somewhere. Yet, such is the way of the world, they had uniforms on and weapons lay beside them which I had stopped them using both to shoot at me and other Marines. On the flip side of the coin of fate, these three boys had families who loved them and were proud of them for signing-up to fight at such a young age. Now they would be grief-stricken at never being able to see their brave sons


Project Aquarius.

and brothers again. On all these missions, I had one ever-present door gunner Dennis Kimberman. Often, he’d be the sole gunner although, on more dangerous missions, I had one either side. Dennis was a Sergeant and so had more say than other gunners about who he flew with. One day, he told me he’d requested to always be on my helicopter. This surprised me as there were many more experienced pilots than newbie Coleman so I asked him why he put his faith in me and his life in my hands? He said, “Man, you haven’t heard the talk around the squadron?” There was a lot of talk in the Bird’s Nest about everything but anything about me must have been said out of my earshot. “No. Talk about what?” “You. You do shit with that helicopter that nobody else does.” I didn’t know what he was talking about. I replied, “I just fly it the best way I can.” “Maybe. But there ain’t nobody else in the squadron that turns a helicopter sideways and opens up on the Charlie.” (Charlie was slang for NVA soldiers.) This amused me as I’d already been told off by the Wing Commander for doing just that. He’d said the helicopter wasn’t designed to do “that stuff” as he so eloquently put it. He’d actually gone further, “You crash and you better make sure you’re dead or I’ll kill you when you get back. But keep up the good work.” I’d taken this as him saying he didn’t like what I was doing but I could carry on doing it. Although I’m not sure he would have agreed at my interpretation. I didn’t tell Dennis about my reprimand. What I had discovered, is you could take the helicopter, give it full throttle, cut the pitch, yet still turn it sideways and, if the enemy was in front of you, you could light their world up with machine-gun fire and rockets. It was devastating. I practised the manoeuvre and quickly became very good at it and that’s how I got my nickname of


‘The Wolf’. I guess because I went in alone like the leader pf the pack, went down lower than was advised or sensible, and caused carnage. I would skim the top of the trees and by the time the enemy saw me they were already living dead. I don’t know how many NVA troops I killed (along with Dennis) or, as I prefer to look at it, how many Marines we saved. The former total was definitely a lot. So many, people began to talk. I’m not bragging and I’m not proud of it. I was just trying to do an appalling job that someone had to do and still be alive after it was done. I also wanted Dennis to survive. I remembered what JJ had said. As a pilot, I was responsible for the man or men behind me who I flew into the most dangerous of situations. It’s true, they were also responsible for looking after me. They provided extra eyes and firepower. But I was aware, they were sat in open bays and were, quite literally, sitting targets. I didn’t have much protection but the controls and plating did provide some. Psychologically, open air between you and the enemy breeds fear and the door gunners had to deal with this every mission, whereas I did not. My extra responsibility was to fly the helicopter as well as firing the front machine-gun and side-rockets. Yet the important point was we were one unit and worked as a team. Dennis appreciated this. That’s why, one night in the Bird’s Nest, he declared, “I ain’t flying with none of the other guys. I’m flying with ‘The Wolf’.” I don’t think any other 20 year old ever had a better compliment. How I wish Big Daddy had heard that. KD did hear it and spoke to me about it. “You got yerself a real bad ass name around here.” “Not really,” I replied. “Shit you don’t. These pilots are scratching their heads. How’d that boy do that? I tried, man, and damn nearly crashed.” The truth was, I didn’t know how I did it. I kind of stumbled across it by using my instinct just as JJ had advised me to do. I knew what I did was dangerous but everything out there was dangerous. It was


Project Aquarius.

a job with deadly consequences if you messed up. Mess up one time and it would be your last. I also knew that if I played it safe, I’d let everyone down. So I carried on trusting my instinct. Credit where credit’s due, the rest of the War Lord squadron were extremely ruthless too. I was part of the best Marine attack squadron. Captured NVA soldiers said that if they saw helicopters with the skull and crossbones insignia on the side, it spread terror. This reached the ears of Major Fox. He decided to kick Charlie’s ass even harder by sending my helicopter to the Arizona area more often. I was told by another pilot, “Charlie knows all about us but not about ‘The Wolf’.” They soon did. I carried out my job to the best of my ability. The more killing I saw, the more I wondered what the point of the war was? The terrain was either dense jungle or rice fields. There were no valuable natural resources that were being fought over, just a difference in political ideology. No side seemed to be winning or losing. It was a stalemate. I’d speak to Marines who told me they’d been dropped in to some swamp-land or remote hill and ordered to hold it. When they got there, they couldn’t see anything worth fighting and dying for. I didn’t meet a single soldier or pilot who thought differently. Everyone agreed the whole war and the US military tactics were stupid. Just plain stupid. We wondered if our politicians knew something we didn’t and all would be revealed in time. Sadly, it wasn’t. History proved the military personnel who risked life and limb were completely correct in their assessment. ‘Ours not to reason why, ours but to do or die’, so the Charge of the Light Brigade poem goes and we all served our country as best we could. I flew many patrols and missions over the next few months. On some, we never saw a thing. It could have been a vacation sightseeing tour. On others, we were shot at and shot back. On a few, we were involved in really fierce gun-battles. The helicopter got patched up but, by some miracle, it was never seriously damaged and me, Dennis and the other door gunners who flew with me, always got out the helicopter without so much as a scratch.


I had been stationed in Danang for just over six months when, on June 13th, 1973, an order was issued that all pilots must be in the Briefing Room at 1500 hours - mandatory. At that time, we all gathered together and Captain Wilcox, our Executive Officer, briefed us. There was a map pinned to the wall which he pointed at as he spoke. “Men, tomorrow morning at 0400 hours, we’re all flying out to here Hill 368 in the Arizona. We’re retrieving a company of Marines who are surrounded. We’re taking ‘em out of there - every single one. You make damn sure you cover them Chinooks that’s gonna be picking ‘em up. The Chinooks will land in this area here - just south of the fire-base.” He went on to say all their artillery such as the 105 Howlitzers would be destroyed on the site as no equipment would be airlifted out, just the troops. Me and KD stayed up all night. We were too tense about what lay ahead to sleep and would have to get up at 3am anyway. KD asked me the damnedest question I’ve ever heard. “Brother, do you ever think about dying?” I replied, “Why are you asking me a question about dying? Hell, no! I ain’t got time to think about that. You don’t either.” He sat quietly for a while deep in thought and then said, “Well, there’s going to be some bad shit in a few hours. I just know there is.” I didn’t reply but thought about what he said. KD had grown up in da Hood and so had experienced a multitude of bad shit in his life. Even recently, his helicopter had been badly shot-up and was still being repaired. He would be flying alongside me. I would be piloting but I welcomed his extra pair of eyes. If I was wounded, he would take over. We were both pleased we’d be going on this mission together. Or I had been until this conversation. I could see how troubled he was yet, by now, he had flown many missions and he’d never shown the slightest worry before that night. Our normal routine before a mission was to go to the Mess for


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coffee and talk to the flight crews, but that morning they were already out checking the helicopters. As every helicopter was going, there was a lot to do. Dennis and my other door gunner had already checked their guns were oiled, loaded and ready to fire. We all got in. I fired the engine up and then we waited. We were in the second wave. The first wave was already in the air. Some Cobra helicopters had also just taken off. Major Fox and Captain Wilcox were piloting two of these. We were given the go-ahead to take off and up we went. I was glad to get underway. At this time, it was still dark. The fire-base we were headed to was around an hour’s flying time away. There was no chance of missing it. When we were within ten minutes flying time of it, bright flashes from the ground lit up the night sky. A serious battle was raging and we were about to fly into the middle of it. Captain Wilcox’s orders came over the radio, “Squadron 4 go to the north side of the base. Rest of you guys give cover to the Chinooks. Good luck, men. See you back at the Bird’s Nest tonight.” The first rays of sun were beginning to light up the sky as we approached. Hill 368 was more of a mountain than a hill. Below me, I could see groups of Marines were huddled up ready to be evacuated. In the base, other Marines were shooting, trying to keep the NVA at bay. The NVA seemed to be all around the hill and were firing up. Another group of NVA were to the east. They seemed to be firing mortars so we went to attack them. I banked steeply as we flew over their heads and I heard KD yell, “Looks like a machine-gun nest down there at 8 o’clock.” Dennis shouted, “I see ‘em. Take me back round.” I hadn’t seen what they were shouting about but, as I banked round, I heard Dennis’s 60 calibre open up. I then heard a Marine radio operator on the ground say, “I got Marines pinned down. I need ground cover so they can get back to us.” Immediately, I heard Dennis shout, “They’re right down there - 6 o’clock. Can you bank round?”


As I looked down, I could hear bullets pinging off the helicopter’s bodywork. I saw around ten Marines in a rice paddy who were trying to scamper towards the landing area where the Chinooks were hovering. Around these Marines, the nearest trees seemed to be putting on a firework display as multiple gun flashes were going off amongst their trunks. I couldn’t see a route for the Marines to make it to the landing area that wasn’t blocked by too many NVA soldiers for them to stand a chance of shooting their way through - even with our help. I made a split-second decision. I turned to KD and said, “Hang on brother, we’re going in.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the whites of his eyes. “What the hell you doin’?” “We’re going in,” I told him. Then, to the door gunners, “Get ready.” I descended and another helicopter flew right over the top of mine. As I looked up, this helicopter banked and I thought it would come back and cover me. I touched down as gently as possible as I could see the ground was soft mud. I glanced back out the window and saw the Marines get to their feet and run towards us. From both sides of the helicopter, the M60s were blasting at the trees trying to get the NVA to keep their heads down as the Marines sprinted to us. The target of running Marines and a grounded helicopter was too temping for the NVA not to shoot at, despite the salvos from the M60s. Thankfully, all the Marines made it and clambered onboard. The NVA weren’t very good shots because none seemed to be hitting the helicopter either. To my relief, the engine was still running normally. I heard Dennis yell, “Lift! Lift! Get our asses out of here!” I pulled back on the control stick and gave the Huey all the power it could muster. I was desperately hoping we wouldn’t be stuck in the mud. We weren’t but I immediately noticed the extra weight we were carrying. I could hear that extra weight whooping with relief. I guess there’s few things more exhilarating than running for your life through a muddy rice field with dozens of enemy soldiers shooting at you. Our M60s were still firing.


Project Aquarius.

We were only 25-30 feet up, when the helicopter shook. There was a ‘whoosh’ around me and the helicopter dropped like a stone with a hell of an impact. Much worse than all my early bad landings put together. When I recovered from the impact, I was looking at the muddy field from ground level. There was smoke billowing outside and inside. I felt heat behind me and realised it was much quieter than it had been just seconds earlier. There was no shouting, no M60s firing. No helicopter engine. I looked across at KD. He was slumped in his seat with blood running down over his motionless face. I knew he was gone. Then I remember…nothing. Not a damn thing. In my mind, my life ended at that moment in time - right there in that rice field.


A photo of my graduation day and the medals I was awarded whilst serving in the US Marine Corps.

Cindy age 17 and the braid of hair she gave me.

CPL Denny Hillerberg, my door gunner. Taken in 1973.

Me with KD. taken in 1972.


Project Aquarius. Photos taken during my time in Vietnam.


Chapter 6

Missing In Action.

I remember feeling warm. I opened my eyes and saw the sun shining down on me. I looked around and didn’t recognise the rice field I was laying in. I heard a familiar sound - it was an engine. Within ten minutes of hearing this, I heard a strange language. This scared me and I tensed-up. Then I saw a man in a green outfit, holding a gun and staring down at me. He was talking to me but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He beckoned with his arm and several others hurried over. They were all peering down at me and talking. Then another came over, took charge and he starting talking to me. I didn’t know who they were but didn’t feel threatened by them. I knew they wouldn’t do me any harm. Then, like at the snap of fingers, I did understand them. This was very odd. It was as if my brain had suddenly tuned in to the English language. They were asking me my name and calling me ‘Marine’. They helped me up but saw my legs were too weak to support me. Each of my arms was put around a man’s shoulder and they carried me off the field to a track road where a vehicle was waiting. I recognised it but couldn’t think where I’d seen it before. We all got in it and it took off. They’d put me into a Huey helicopter. I thought I must have flown in one before but I didn’t know when. It was like deja-vu. I was reliving what I’d already lived but I didn’t know where I was, why I was there or who I was. Their leader said, “Just sit there. We’re taking you to Danang.” I didn’t know where Danang was. About an hour later, we landed at Danang. There was a group of Marines waiting and several medics. They came aboard, quickly checked me over and then carried me out of the helicopter. I was put on a stretcher and carried to the truck ambulance. As this was happening, a Major hurried over and looked down at me. He was smiling and kept calling me ‘Tommy’. “Tommy! Good to see ya!” he boomed with delight.


Project Aquarius.

He patted me comfortingly and told me I was going to the Sick Bay but he’d come and see me just as soon as the medics had finished with me. Then he shouted, “Get this man to Sick Bay - now!” Off I went. As a doctor examined me, the same man entered and asked me where I had been and what I had done. I had no idea what the answers were to his questions. I didn’t know who he was. Or who I was. He seemed very happy to see me and seemed to know me. Other Marines in uniform came to visit me. They also seemed delighted I was back but I was just confused. Who were they all? Where had I come back from and where was I now? It was all a complete mystery to me. I had lost my dog-tag with my ID on it but my name was on my flight-suit. I also no longer had my pistol or my knife. My wristwatch was also missing. I knew this from the white mark on my otherwise tanned arm. I couldn’t remember what my watch looked like which was odd as I must have glanced at it thousands of times. Later that day, I was told I was going to be taken to a medical centre in Okinawa. I didn’t know where Okinawa was. That evening, I was loaded onto a C141 Air Force jet strapped on a gurney. I was accompanied by a medic and another Marine Major. Unlike the other one, this one was far less friendly and kept looking over at me. When we were airborne, he said, “Son, you want to talk to me?” “Yes, Sir!” I said. I wondered what we’d talk about but anything was better than me laying there in silence staring up at the aircraft ceiling. I had no idea how long it would be until we landed. “Where the fuck have you been for the past eleven days?” This wasn’t asked out of polite interest but in an aggressive tone. It was the first time eleven days had been mentioned. “Sir, I don’t know,” was all I could reply. “Bullshit, Marine. You know where you’ve been. You must do. Tell me!”


Something inside warned me not to say anything else so I didn’t. My silence didn’t deter him and he kept asking questions about where I’d been for the last eleven days. From what he said and his tone of voice, I was considered a deserter. It worried me that I didn’t know where I’d been for eleven days. What worried me more is I couldn’t seem to remember anything of my past. Could anyone? Was this normal? Judging by his irate manner, it didn’t seem to be. I closed my eyes in the hope he’d shut-up. We landed at the US military base at Kadina which was near Okinawa and then I was taken by ambulance to the Army Hospital near Hue for further examination. I still felt very weak but wasn’t in any pain so all the medical attention I was getting was a bit of a mystery to me. I assumed I had concussion which had affected my memory. That was the only thing that seemed to be wrong with me. I was put in a room by myself. For three days, I underwent stringent medical checks and rather unpleasant interrogation from the Marine Major who was always in the room with me. He’d come over to the bed and grip my arm or leg and pinch it or grab my medical gown and pull me up so I was looking him in the face. Then he’d say, “I’m gonna burn your ass unless you tell me what I want to know.” His hostile attitude shocked me. Here was a Major grabbing a hospital patient and trying to intimidate me. What the hell did he want to know that much so as to behave in such a way? Every time, he’d get much the same answer from me. “I can’t tell you anything. You know more about me than I know about myself - which is nothing.” I thought he was a first class asshole and tried to ignore him as much as was possible. I was glad when there was a doctor in the room as then the Major either stayed on his chair or went for a break. After the third day, a Lieutenant Colonel entered. I thought I was in more trouble but he seemed friendly. “Warrant Officer, how are you today?” he asked.


Project Aquarius.

“Very good, Sir,” I replied. Although, I thought he should know my medical state better than I did, if he’d bothered to ask one of the doctors. What he said next surprised me. “I want to apologise for the last few days. We’re just curious where you’ve been. Anyhow, I’m gonna send you to the States. Got your orders right here.” He produced an envelope. “We’re gonna send you to the San Diego Naval Hospital. There’s a lot of people there who want to speak to you.” I nodded. I was pleased to be going back to America but the prospect of another bunch of people questioning me wasn’t something I was looking forward to. My face must have shown this. “Can I call you Tommy?” “Yes Sir.” “Very good. Tommy, those people are curious about what happened to you. You know you were gone for eleven days?” “No, Sir.” “Well, you were gone for eleven days. We want to know what happened to you in that time. Some strange things took place. We want some answers.” He wasn’t the only one, so did I. He then asked if I was doing okay? Could he get me anything? I said I had all I needed and thanked him for my care. He told me my parents had been notified that I had been found. He said that when the people at San Diego Naval Hospital had made sure I was physically fit, I would get some time off from the Marine Corps. I could go home. Then I’d be reassigned to a new duty station. Then he shook my hand and said, “Marine - you did one hell of a job.” I wanted to ask him what he meant by this and why he had been kind and praised me whilst the Marine Major had been aggressive and threatening, but I didn’t. I was confused enough as it was. He’d told me I had parents. How come I didn’t know that? No image of them came to mind. How could someone forget their parents?


Within an hour, two Marine MPs came along with some doctors. The best thing about their arrival was that the Marine Major departed without a word of farewell. I was glad to see the back of him and never wanted to see his scowling face again. I was strapped into a gurney and taken back to the Kadina Air Base by ambulance. The gurney seemed unnecessary but was minor compared to what happened next. In a hanger, I was off-loaded from the ambulance and unstrapped from the gurney. I was pleased about this as I assumed I’d be seated on the plane. I was both right and wrong. My in-flight seating accommodation was the strangest I’d ever seen. A tarpaulin was removed to reveal a clear, man-sized aquarium without the water. It was made of thick glass or plastic and was completely transparent. It looked like a prop a stage magician in Las Vegas might use. Inside was a military camp-bed, a chair, bottles of water and another bottle to pee in. There were air-holes and a small hatch which opened from the outside and things like food could be passed inside. I was told to go inside and sit on the chair. I was told I’d be kept there during the flight. I wasn’t told why or what its purpose was. The clear cage was stood on a wooden palette. The tarpaulin was put back over it and me. I sat in pitch black wondering what the hell was going on. I heard a fork-lift truck’s engine and then felt motion. I assumed I was being taken to the plane as I could hear loud engines warming-up. I suppose the tarpaulin was so any onlooker would think it was just a big crate of cargo being loaded. I was lowered down and then the fork-lift truck went away. After twenty minutes or so, I felt the plane take-off. After a few minutes of being airborne, the tarpaulin was removed. I felt like a human exhibit in an oceanarium. A feeling that was added to by the fact there were four MPs, three doctors and a man in a suit who was wearing sunglasses even though we were in a cargo plane, all staring in at me. One of the doctors came over and asked, “Tommy, are you okay in there?”


Project Aquarius.

I nodded. “Can I get you anything?” I shook my head. I lay on the bed wondering why I was being treated like that. Did they think I was a danger to them? If so, why not handcuff me rather than put me in a glass cage? Had it been built especially for me? If not, what was it used for? I couldn’t imagine any practical use for it yet it must have cost a lot and some people had gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to build it. After a few minutes, another man in a suit joined the other one. This one wasn’t wearing sunglasses. I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the engine noise and the fact that the glass capsule was pretty soundproof apart from the air-holes, but I knew they were talking about me because they kept glancing over in my direction. At this time, I was not in any pain and did not seem to be injured although my body had quite a few healed scars on it. I couldn’t remember how I’d got them. The fact I was basically okay was why I couldn’t understand all the medical checks and fuss. Admittedly, my body was very weak and felt strange. The only way I can describe this feeling is sometimes I felt very young and, at others, very old. At times, my hearing seemed to go. I was very confused and couldn’t remember anything. I wasn’t even sure my name was Tommy though that’s what everyone kept calling me. I had also been addressed as ‘Warrant Officer’ by some. Why didn’t all the military personnel address me by my military rank, if I had one? I wondered what they’d do if I needed to shit. Watch me, I suppose. Fortunately, I didn’t need to nor did I use the bottle to pee in. I tried to sleep. I found out why goldfish never seem to sleep. Eventually, the tarpaulin was draped back over the capsule. I felt the jet landing and heard the engines stop. The back loading-door was lowered and I heard another fork-lift truck engine. The cubicle bounced as I was unloaded. Next, I heard a sliding noise and the capsule juddered. Then I heard a


truck engine start up and felt motion again. Being in the capsule was beginning to get to me. The gurney and ambulance seemed preferable to being sat in the dark in a giant jam-jar covered by a tarpaulin. The journey seemed to take ages before, mercifully, I felt the truck stop. Then it reversed. I felt the capsule being lowered and it bumped as if it had hit the ground. Then I heard another fork-lift truck’s engine and I was on the move again. Only for a minute or so. Then the tarpaulin was removed. I looked all around. I was in the loading-bay of a storage area except there was nothing there except me in my glass cage and three Navy MPs staring at me. One said, “Tommy, come on out, please.” As I stepped over to the door, he said, “You’re not going to run from me, are you? This struck me as a very strange question. Run where? Around the loading bay. The entrance door had now been closed. I hadn’t a clue where I was, only that my destination was meant to be San Diego. And I was only wearing an army patient’s medical robe and flip-flops. I just shook my head. He didn’t seem convinced by this. “Because if you run, it’s going to make things very hard for you.” What did he mean by that? I just stared at him. “I want you to follow me.” I did and the other two followed me. We went through some double doors into a chilly, air-con environment. There was a long corridor with no windows or signs to give me an idea where we were. “Is there a rest-room I can use?” I asked. “When we get there,” came the echoey reply. We walked down another long corridor then he stopped and opened a door. He turned to me and said, “Make it quick.” Whilst they waited outside with the door open, I went to the toilet and washed my hands. There was a mirror above the sink and I was shocked to see my reflection in it. I was only 20 years old but I could


Project Aquarius.

see age in my eyes. I’d deteriorated rapidly since I last saw myself. How did I know what I’d last looked like? I didn’t know but I did know what I saw in the mirror instinctively shocked me. I splashed water on my face to try and revive myself as I felt groggy and weak. I went outside and was escorted a short distance to a door which the Navy MP unlocked and then beckoned me to go inside. I did and was pleasantly surprised. It was a fairly large room with a big bed with sheets and blankets. There was a desk and a chair, a radio, a tv and a clock. There was even a window. A door led off to a toilet and sink. There was a phone with only a single button on it. The room was certainly an upgrade from my previous travelling accommodation and I was relieved to be in it. My relief was short-lived. The Navy MP said, “There’ll be somebody here soon.” He then closed the door and I heard a click as he locked it. I was locked in! Why was I a prisoner? What had I done wrong? I went over to the window. It looked out onto a courtyard but there was no-one walking about. The place didn’t seem like a busy military hospital. I went and laid on the bed trying to make sense of it all. I didn’t feel right. My body felt light and off-balance - like I was floating in water. I also felt that, although my body was obviously in the room, my mind wasn’t fully in my body. That would explain my memory loss. Within thirty minutes, a very cheerful-looking doctor was shown in by one of the Naval MPs. He wore a white, medical coat with a badge on it. I can’t remember his name now but underneath it was printed, ‘United States Naval Medical Facility’. So I was in a Naval hospital, after all. But why all the Naval MPs and not nurses? He walked over to me whilst referring to a file. “Tommy, are you feeling okay, today?” I just nodded, prompting him to say, “You can talk to me, it’s okay.” I asked him where I was. “Oh, you’re back in the States - at a naval hospital in San Diego.”


I wanted to ask him where all the other patients were but didn’t. He continued, “We’re going to check you over. Make sure you’re okay. You went through a pretty traumatic experience.” “I don’t know if I did or not.” “From what I’m seeing, you did.” He smiled at me. “Can I get you anything? Would you like a coke or coffee? How about something to eat?” I suddenly felt hungry. “Yes. That’d be nice.” “You want anything in particular?” He’d gone from being a doctor to a waiter. “No.” “Well, I’ll be back soon. There’s some people here who want to talk to you. I don’t know when but they know you’re here and they’ll be coming to visit you.” Then he raised his hands so the palms were facing me. It was as if he was warming them in front of a fire. “I want you to know something. Trust these guys. They’re on your side, okay?” Then he beamed at me. He had a really friendly, genuine smile. He came across more of a friend than a doctor. Shortly after he left, a Naval MP brought in a tray. He announced his arrival with, “I brought you some food, Sir.” That was the first time I’d been called ‘Sir’. I was trying to connect words together. So far, I’d been called Tommy, Marine, asshole, Warrant Officer and now Sir. I was sure I’d heard all these terms before but where? I didn’t know. I was trying to get my mind to work. Come on, mind! I’m here! Catch up! I was having trouble putting all the pieces together. They were all there but I couldn’t see how they fitted into my life. I sat and ate. I enjoyed the food very much. There was meatloaf and beans. A couple of rolls and a glass of red-coloured drink that was very refreshing. There was also a bowl of tapioca pudding. Whoo! I was really hungry and ate it all.


Project Aquarius.

About an hour later, the Naval MP returned for the tray and said, “There’s someone here to see you.” A man in his 40s walked in, carrying a folder. He wasn’t in uniform and wore a white shirt with no tie. He didn’t wear a badge and, although he introduced himself, he didn’t say what his job title was. He pulled up a chair and sat next to me, “You can call me Dan. Alright if I call you Tommy?” I nodded. “You know where you been the last few days?” “Well…” I began. “I went to a place Okinawa and now I’m here.” I was relieved I could remember that and actually answer a question for once. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the answer Dan had hoped for. “Let me ask you in a different way. Do you remember anything whilst you were in Vietnam?” “What’s Vietnam, Sir?” “No, no, no. I’m asking the questions here.” But he did explain to me that Vietnam was a foreign country and I’d been stationed there with a combat squadron and I’d flown a helicopter. This was all news to me. “Do you remember any of that?” he asked, hopefully. I shook my head. “You don’t remember a place called Danang?” My head was getting used to being shaken. “Only that I was taken there after I was found.” “Let me show you something.” He took a map from his folder and placed it in front of me. “This is the country of Vietnam. See this place here? That’s Danang. It was your air base.” His finger pointed to another place. “And right over here, where this line is, a battle took place about two weeks ago now and you were in that battle. You remember that battle?” What battle? Yet again, I shook my head. He pointed to a red mark. “It’s about 500 miles from here, where you were found. Right at the DMZ.”


Seeing I looked puzzled at the mention of the initials he explained it stood for ‘de-militarised zone’. Then he continued. “Here’s the enemy in the north and this is us in the south. You were found right there - about 500 miles away. You don’t know how you got there?” I honestly didn’t. There was a silence while we both digested what had just been said. I was shocked at what he had explained to me. I didn’t think he’d made a mistake but I couldn’t explain how I’d been found 500 miles from the battle where I’d last been seen. Fortunately, he seemed very patient and understanding - unlike the Marine Major. Dan accepted this early defeat with good grace. “That’s okay, Son. Can we talk more later on? I’m sure you’re tired from the flight.” “Yes Sir, I am.” He got up to go. “Now, if there’s anything you need, anything, there’s a phone right there. Just press that button. It goes to a front desk so if you want something to eat, take a shower…” “Thanks. I’ll be fine.” “One last thing. What did they serve you for supper?” I was pleased to be asked a question I could answer. “I had meatloaf and green beans and tapioca pudding.” “You like tapioca pudding?” “Yes. It was really good.” He nodded as if pleased with my answer. “That’s your favourite.” He clocked my look of surprise as he left. He left me thinking about this. I had really liked the tapioca but was it my favourite? I didn’t know. I was going to ask him how he knew but I heard the door click as it was locked. That again set me wondering why I was being kept under lock and key. That wasn’t normal in a hospital. Usually people who were locked up were a danger to others. I didn’t think I was but somebody must have thought I was. A very serious danger, judging by that glass cage. People’s attitudes to me had varied from curt and aggressive to friendly and compassionate. Why the difference?


Project Aquarius.

Nothing made any sense. The main things they wanted to know was what I had done in the eleven days I was unaccountable for and how I had travelled 500 miles to where I was found. I wanted to know the answers to those two questions too. It was all very frustrating. I went and looked out the window. Still no sign of life in the courtyard but I noticed it was beginning to get dark. I wanted to take a shower so I picked up the phone and pressed the button. It only rang once before I heard a very sweet female voice ask me, “Yes, Tommy? What can I do for you?” “I’d like to take a shower, please,” and I couldn’t resist asking, “Who is this?” My question was ignored. “I’ll send somebody down and I’ll sort out some fresh clothes for you.” Whoever it was, rang off. Within a few minutes, I heard the door being unlocked and the Naval MP stood in the open doorway. He said, “Sir, follow me. We’re going to take a shower.” I remember thinking I used to like cracking jokes and having a laugh and this opportunity was too good to miss. Also, it was a chance to clarify matters. “Wait a minute,” I said. “I’m taking a shower by myself.” To his credit, the Naval MP saw the funny side and said, “You know what I mean. Come on.” Off we went. We walked to the end of the long corridor and he opened a door for me, “The shower’s in there with everything else you need.” I walked in. He was right. Everything was neatly laid out for me, new clothes, soap, shampoo, shaving stuff, a toothbrush and toothpaste and even after-shave. I took a long shower. I still felt weak and lightheaded but, as I washed, I didn’t see any fresh injury on my body so why was I in hospital being fussed around by doctors? I felt a lot better


after the shower. I put on the clothes. There was clean underwear, blue trousers and a light blue shirt. There was no socks or shoes so I had to continue to wear the flip-flops. They did flip-flop noisily as I walked and the Naval MP who had feared I might have run off should have realised I wouldn’t get far trying to run in flip-flops. Forty minutes later, I emerged from the shower room feeling and smelling great. I felt my strength was coming back - albeit slowly. I hoped my memory would follow. The Naval MP led me to my room back down the corridor. Apart from the noise of my flip-flops that echoed, it was eerily quiet for such a long corridor in a hospital. I was sure I was the only person staying there. When we got back to my room, the Naval MP held the door open for me and said, “You know how to use the phone so if you need anything…” I nodded. “There’s a good football game on the tv if you want to watch it,” he added. I looked at the tv. It was a big console type of set. “How do you switch it on?” I asked. He looked at me as if I’d just made another joke. But I was serious. He saw this and had difficulty concealing his surprise. “Oh,” he said, “let me show you.” He walked over to the tv and pressed a button. A picture appeared on the screen. It was a news broadcaster. “Do you want to watch the news?” he asked. “No.” “You want to watch the football game? You like football?” “I guess,” was my vague reply. I had previously watched it quite a lot but, at that moment in time, I couldn’t have told you what the rules were or the name of a single team. The Naval MP left and I watched the football for a while. I couldn’t really understand what was going on. The rules seemed confusing. I got up to change the channels over as I’d seen the Naval MP do. Nothing came up on the screen that interested me so I switched it off.


Project Aquarius.

I sat in the chair and stared out the window, lost in thought at the peculiar dilemma and situation I found myself in. I felt isolated and alone. I was to spend over five long weeks in that room. The only times I was allowed out was to go to the shower room or to walk around the courtyard for some fresh air. This was the highlight of my day. I liked the warmth of the sun which always seemed to be shining and seeing the blue sky up above. Sometimes, I heard seagulls. When I was in the courtyard, I never saw another member of the hospital staff or any other patients but I did see the Naval MPs. They were always watching me like hungry hawks would stare at a mouse. If I tried to run off, I wondered what they’d do? When I’d arrived I had been warned that if I did run away it would make “things very hard for you.” What sort of hospital greets a patient in that way? The MPs all carried pistols and I didn’t trust them not to use them. Where would I run to? I had no idea where I lived. Once, Dan, the friendly doctor I had seen when I first arrived, took me down to the courtyard - though we were still escorted by the Naval MPs. As we walked around, he produced a packet of cigarettes and asked me, “Tommy, do you want a cigarette?” “I don’t know what that is? He took one out of the pack. “This is a cigarette. Do you smoke?” “I don’t know.” He put it in my mouth and lit it. I took a couple of puffs. I found both the taste and the smoke horrible. “No. I don’t like it.” It was clearly another little test. I didn’t know whether I’d passed or failed. “Where exactly is this place?” I asked. “It’s San Diego, California.” “Where’s California?” “On the west coast of the United States. You know you’re in the United States, don’t you?” “Yes.”


“We’ve told your parents we got you here and we’re treating you and you’ll get to go home soon.” I hoped so but whenever my parents were mentioned it set me thinking about them. What were their names? What did they look like? What would they think about me not remembering anything about them or my childhood? Why hadn’t they called me on the phone or written to me? Why hadn’t they visited me? Hospital patients were surely allowed visitors? My only daily visitors were Naval MPs, doctors and various people who came to interrogate me. Every day, I was asked the same things in different ways. Some were very nice and polite, others were snappy and rude. It was the classic ‘good cop, bad cop’ tactic. Whoever questioned me, they always left with their questions unanswered and I could tell they were all getting increasingly frustrated. They wanted me to tell them something that I simply couldn’t remember - where I had been for those missing days and how had I got to the place where I was found? I could not tell them what I didn’t know myself. To try and jog my memory, Naval Intelligence officers tried to get me to relive the battle. “Son, you were flying in this helicopter. Your ass was shot down. You lost five Marines on that helicopter plus crew. How did you get out of the battle zone to be found 500 miles away, eleven days later?” Their tone was loud and intimidating but it didn’t make any difference when someone more pleasant questioned me. “You know, Son, you’ve been through a hell of a time. I understand that. I’m going to try and help you relive what happened to you so we can all understand it. That okay with you, Tommy?” They could have tortured me or offered me all the gold in Fort Knox and I still wouldn’t have been able to answer. I wondered how long it would be before they gave up? I hoped it would be soon. I thought long and hard about what they had told me. It was puzzling but didn’t seem to be of critical importance. It wasn’t as if military


Project Aquarius.

secrets had been lost by me during my absence. From what they said, I could have stumbled out of the crashed helicopter, somehow wandered from the battle zone and been found eleven days later, weak from lack of food and water, traumatised from the experience and suffering with amnesia from concussion. That simple account would have explained everything apart from where I had been found. I’d have had to stumble a very long way at a very fast pace to account for covering 500 miles through enemy territory. Maybe, I’d fallen out the back of an ambulance? Was where I was found really so important? If so, why and to whom? I had been affected more than anyone else and I was curious too, but not to the extent of going through all this questioning and fuss day after day, week after week. After I’d been there about a month, I heard the door being unlocked and, instead of the usual Naval MP, in walked a very pretty young woman who was beaming at me. I kind of knew her but wasn’t sure how I did or where from. To my astonishment, she hugged me and gave me a kiss. She said her name was Cindy and we’d grown up together. How embarrassing was that? Of course, I was delighted to see her and she seemed equally delighted to see me. She told me everything about what we’d done together, how we’d coloured in pictures and sung along to the radio. She even sang a song and encouraged me to join in but I didn’t know the lyrics. She reminisced about playing football catch and chase in the orange groves, our time at school sitting next to each other and dates we’d gone on in the last few years. She tried to get me to remember movies we’d watched together. She told me how I’d joined the Marine Corps. I believed her but couldn’t remember anything she reminded me of. Absolutely nothing. She said how much she’d missed me and that she still loved me. She proudly showed me a ring I’d apparently given her. This was even more embarrassing for me. I certainly hadn’t missed her as I had been unaware of her existence. I also didn’t love her as, although she was pretty, she was virtually a stranger to me. She said she wanted the Tommy Coleman back again - the boy and young man she’d grown up


with. I could agree with her on that. She also told me she’d talked to my parents and they were very happy I was safe and back in the States. They were looking forward to welcoming me back home. Cindy said my parents had originally rung to tell her I was officially MIA (Missing In Action). When she heard the news, her world had been shattered. My mother had been really distressed too but Cindy had told her if anyone will make it back home, it would be Tommy. And now here I was! Her faith in me was justified. Blanche had called Cindy again to tell her I’d been found but was suffering from a ‘mental lapse’. The military wanted to know if I had a girlfriend who might visit me and help me recover my memory. At this time, Cindy was working as a sales assistant at a store in Lakeland to earn some money before starting a teacher-training course. She had agreed to help all she could and, shortly afterwards, had been contacted by the military who told her they were keeping me in hospital for observation. They offered to book and pay for her flights to San Diego and would find a room for her to stay in at the hospital. And now here she was! We were together again. She was very relieved I wasn’t injured. I showed her some of my scars and asked if she knew how I’d been injured in the past? She was surprised to see the scars and said, to the best of her knowledge, I hadn’t been wounded or she’d have heard about it and visited me. The scars were so well healed, it looked like the injuries had been inflicted before I’d left for Vietnam which was very puzzling. I told her I couldn’t understand why I was being kept in hospital - apart from my memory loss which was inconvenient but much less serious than losing a limb. Cindy said they were making sure I hadn’t been hurt internally and were hopeful my memory would return sooner rather than later to clear up the mystery of what had happened to me. She hoped she would be able to help me regain my memory by reminding me of how we’d grown up together. This all seemed fair enough. She


Project Aquarius.

said, “ When you realise who I am, you’ll know who you are.” I sure hoped she was right. She asked me what I thought had happened to me? I could tell she was very anxious to know. I told her I didn’t have a clue but really wished I did and I was grateful to her for coming to help me. She looked me in the eyes, squeezed my hand and said, “Maybe it’s best you don’t know.” No-one else had said that to me. It was all pressure, pressure, pressure to remember. She didn’t want me to remember if it might cause me any distress. She put me before anyone else, including herself. At that moment, I felt a special bond with her. A bond I hadn’t had with anyone else for weeks. I thought this girl had been part of my life - an important part - and agreed with her thinking that if I could reconnect with her, then I might be able reconnect with my past and get my mental capabilities back. On the second day of her visit, sun was pouring through the window of my room and Cindy got on the phone to ask if we could go for a walk round the courtyard. The Naval MPs took us down and we walked around holding hands. Cindy told me that, all through my childhood, she had only lived two houses away. She talked in much more detail about specific incidents and didn’t seem too disappointed when I couldn’t remember them. Then she said a phrase that did ring a bell somewhere in my consciousness. She said I was her best buddy but she called me her ‘best buddy ready’. I had called her the same. This unusual term did seem to mean something to me but I wasn’t sure what. She said, “Anything I wanted to do, like climb the biggest tree in the orange grove, you’d do it with me. It was our child catchphrase for always doing things together. We were like brother and sister. When we played ‘war’ with the other kids or any other game I was always on your side, Tommy and I still am.”


From that moment, I started to remember things. Not clearly, and it was as if they were in slow motion, but if Cindy said something, it would trigger a memory. Some of them scared me. When she talked about playing ‘war’ with the other kids in the orange groves, I kind of remembered snippets but then I heard an explosion, a jolt and rocking, a deathly silence then searing heat and smoke. That didn’t happen in a Florida orange grove. What I remembered scared me. I said I wanted to go back to my room. As we walked there, she smiled at me. I kind of remembered that too. I must have seen her smile a hundred thousand times. It must have been the best sight in the world to me all through my childhood and youth. She said, “You’ll enjoy lunch today. We’re going to have your favourite.” “What’s that?” I asked, kind of embarrassed. “I’ve got my work cut-out,” she laughed. “They’re going to order it in. You honestly don’t remember Burger King?” The name did sound familiar. “Hamburgers?” I asked tentatively. “Yes,” she said, still smiling. “And you liked French Fries. And do you remember your favourite drink?” I could recall I did like one drink above all others but not what it was. Cindy enlightened me, “It’s Dr. Pepper.” Right on cue, too good timing to be coincidental, there was a knock on the door and Dan the doctor came in, holding a bag with a Burger King logo on it. “Smell this,” he said, grinning. I noticed he gave Cindy a very pleased look. She had made more progress with me in under two days than they had in weeks. Dan stayed to eat with us but said very little. I had a Whopper. Cindy said she remembered the first time she’d seen me try to eat one and it was too big to go into my mouth. I didn’t have that problem now! I also had a Dr. Pepper with ice. I really enjoyed both. Cindy said, “Tommy, do you remember what you always used to


Project Aquarius.

call Dr. Pepper?” “No but tell me.” “You called it ‘DP’.” On hearing her say that, I instantly remembered why I called it by its initials. Big Daddy used to say, “That boy sure can put away those DPs.” I looked at Cindy and asked, “Who’s Big Daddy?” Cindy exclaimed, “You don’t know who Big Daddy is?” But Dan was excited, “Tommy, you remember Big Daddy?” I didn’t remember his face but the name had certain connotations to me. “I know he was special to me.” Cindy said, “He was your grandfather.” “Where is Big Daddy now?” I asked. Cindy’s face fell. She told me Big Daddy had died a few months ago. Then corrected herself and said it was about a year now since he’d passed away. I found this news very confusing. “I feel like he’s been with me recently,” I said. Dan immediately picked up on this. “What do you mean?” he asked, producing a pen and pad. “Why do you think Big Daddy was recently with you?” I told him I remember this nice old man telling me, “It’s okay, come with me. I remember I felt secure with him.” We all thought about this for a while in silence. I finished my French Fries and drank the last of my DP. Then Cindy gave my hand a squeeze and smiled at me. Big Daddy was the first encouraging sign of my memory returning. During the third day, Cindy told me she had to go back to her retail job but said she’d been assured I’d be able to go home soon and she’d be waiting for me. I hoped this would be sooner rather than later. She gave me a really tight bear-hug and smiled at me when she


went out the door. Then I heard the by now familiar click as it locked. Left alone again, I thought through everything she’d said. I was more than pleased to have such a beautiful and considerate girlfriend. I felt bad at not remembering all the fun and childhood exploits we seemed to have shared together. The three days she spent with me were the only days when time flew by. The rest of the five weeks I spent there, I found really tedious. A year or so later, Cindy told me she felt a strangeness from me. She knew it was me but I was very wary of her and reserved. Not at all how I had been all the time she’d known me. Physically, I was the same but mentally, I was like a blank sheet of paper. Although Cindy had done her best to help me remember my past and had achieved quite an important first step in this, the military powers-that-be were still pretty exasperated. They’d hoped everything would come back to me at once and, for whatever reason, this wasn’t the case. For the next few days, my interrogators changed tactics and, instead of going on about the eleven days and 500 miles anomalies, they asked me about people. “Do you remember KD?” “Does the name Major Fox mean anything to you?” “How about a guy called Lieutenant Jones? They called him ‘The Snake’?” My mind couldn’t put faces to the names. “Do you know a guy nicknamed ‘The Wolf’?” I didn’t. “Do you know a guy called Tommy Coleman?” “You guys say I’m Tommy. Am I Tommy Coleman?” “Do you feel like you’re Tommy Coleman?” “I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel like.” “Well, you are Tommy Coleman. Does that name ring a bell?” “Only from what you’ve said.” I had a niggling doubt that I was Tommy Coleman but I kept this


Project Aquarius.

to myself. The situation I found myself in was confusing enough as it was without me making it even more complicated. Even Cindy, my best ‘buddy ready’ seemed to think I was Tommy Coleman. It was an unpleasant and confusing time for me. I seemed to have lost all of my life up to the date of the battle. I couldn’t understand why this was so important to anyone other than me. So what if I was suffering with memory loss? Plenty of old people did too but they weren’t locked away in a remote room guarded by Naval MPs and visited by numerous doctors. What was all the fuss about? Only later was I to understand the full significance of what had happened. I had not just lost my memory of my life up until the moment the helicopter had been shot down, I had lost my life. I had been killed during that battle. I had been physically dead. I didn’t know this but the military were 100% convinced of it. How could they be? It’s not possible. I wish they had been honest with me at that time. I wish they had told me that numerous eye-witnesses flying above the battle in helicopters had seen me shot many times. I had flinched from the impact of the bullets but they had not affected me more than the bee stings had in Big Daddy’s orchard. How could this be? Even if I had taken a multitude of shots and somehow survived, how had the bullet wounds healed into scars so quickly? How come my internal organs and limbs weren’t damaged? At that moment in time, I was a medical impossibility - beyond rational human comprehension and explanation. I had somehow risen unharmed from the battlefield. Hence their curiosity, suspicion and even fear. I was to learn that politicians and the military are never honest and forthright with the public over anything they consider might give them additional power and influence. Having criticised them for not been completely open and honest with me. I wasn’t with them either. I had remembered something but it made no sense and I did not want to tell them what I had recalled


as I feared it might complicate matters further. Everything already seemed complicated enough. I could remember running through the jungle. Running and running and running. I don’t know how far I ran but it couldn’t have been a great distance. As I ran, my memory was everything around me was quiet. No gunfire, no helicopter engines in the sky above me. When I stopped, sweat was dripping off me. I didn’t feel any pain so didn’t think I’d been shot. If I had, I wouldn’t have been able to run so fast and for so long. I stopped by a stream. I was very thirsty. I was like a hunted animal. I crouched down, looking all around, then I leaned forward and lapped at the water like a dog or a real wolf. Physically, I was there. I must have been but, spiritually, I’m not sure I was. The next thing I remember was coming across a huge tree with a hollowed-out trunk. I climbed inside it to rest. As I sat there, I saw Cindy, other school friends, the Colemans, Big Daddy and Irene. They obviously weren’t really there in the jungle, so I must have been hallucinating. That’s when I thought Big Daddy told me it was going to be okay and I should go with him but, when I tried to step out of the hollow tree trunk towards him, I felt a stinging sensation in my right foot. I looked down at it and saw the heel of my boot was missing and there was a lot of sticky stuff there. I touched it with my hand and realised it was a mixture of earth and blood. I felt more stinging on my hand. I looked at it and saw it was all cut and bleeding. So was my other hand. I noticed the sleeve on my flight tunic was ripped. I closed my eyes. The last thing I consciously remember thinking was that I wasn’t going to make it back home to Florida. Nobody knew I was in that tree. Years later, someone would find what was left of me after the animals and bugs had made a picnic of me. My worst fear was wrong. It was only eleven days later when I was found by an Army Ranger almost 500 miles away from where that tree must have been.


Project Aquarius.

The battle had taken place on June 14th. I was found in that other rice field on June 25th. I hadn’t any knowledge where I’d been or what I’d done during that time or anything to do with the battle or my life before it. All I really remembered was sitting in the tree trunk and closing my eyes. At that time, I felt I was dying. Did I die? I truly don’t know. Did angels come and gather me up? I don’t know that either but I must have covered those 500 miles somehow. I wasn’t physically capable of walking that far. I knew my conscious mind had ceased to exist when I was sat in the hollow tree trunk but had somehow come back when I was laying in the rice field. What the military knew but didn’t tell me, was that they did have an idea as to how I arrived in the rice field I was found in. An unidentified aircraft was tracked by multiple radar units. It was spotted as it descended to the rice field and, a few minutes later, took off. This incident took place on the morning of June 25th 1973, on the outskirts of a village called Quin Binh Dinh. The official reports give considerable detail and all the timings tie-in both with each other and the time and location of where I was found. A radar tower near Phu Bai reported that an unknown aircraft entered their airspace at around 08:12am at a high rate of speed and at an altitude of 23,000 feet. It passed over the area heading north. At 08:15am, a radar unit north of Saigon, at Can Tho, reported that an unknown aircraft flew over their region at 15,000 feet on a northerly course. At 08:17am, a radar unit at Danang confirmed the same reading. A radar unit near Quy Nhon reported that something unidentified was flying over their position. It turned northwest and was traveling at a high-rated speed signature and at an altitude of 8,000 feet. It was this unit that reported to field units of the possible landing or crash in the area of Binh Dinh at around 08:21am.   In the provence of Quinhon, the unidentified craft landed and this was witnessed by several villagers. They described the object as a very dark, 3-pointed craft. It took off, was seen to hover for several


minutes over the area and then suddenly rose, straight-upwards and disappeared out of sight within a split-second. Army units were sent out to look for any aircraft that might have crashed. The US army unit was from the An Khe of the Army 1st Air Calvary. There were also units from the Vinh Long Army airfield in the area at the time. I was found at around 09:40am to 09:50am that same morning in a rice field near Quinhon Binh Dinh. This was roughly 500 miles from Hill 368 where the battle took place and also about 300 miles from the air base where I had originally started my mission before dawn broke on June 14th 1973.  Maybe, if both parties had shared all their information, the mystery would have been solved or at least understood better. As it was, it wasn’t. I had been kept at the San Diego Naval Hospital for almost six long weeks before new tactics were adopted. Dan came to see me and asked if I’d like to go home and spend some time with my parents? That was one question I could answer with absolute certainly. Yes! I would like that very much! I was officially released from hospital and returned to active duty that started with twenty days home leave. This was in September 1973. I had some trepidation about seeing my parents but had spent more than enough time locked away - despite the recent improvements in room service. Dan flew with me to Florida. This time, there was no glass capsule for me to be confined inside, I was trusted enough to sit in a regular seat. There were no Naval MPs accompanying me either and I was glad about this. During the flight, Dan produced some photos and talked me through who they were of. “These are your parents. Here’s another of your mom holding you. Here’s your father. This one’s of your sister. These are some of your classmates.”


Project Aquarius.

He rattled off names. Some sounded and looked familiar, but I had no memories of any of them. It would have been a strange conversation for other passengers to overhear. Then Dan showed me a photo of a young girl aged about 8 years old. “You must know who this girl is?” Again, she looked familiar but I couldn’t identify her with any certainty. “It’s Cindy!” he exclaimed, still surprised at my lack of memory after all those weeks. “Is she going to be there?” I enquired. “Absolutely!” he said. “Wild horses couldn’t keep that girl away.” He nudged me, “She really likes you.” I found this a bit perturbing. “She told me she loved me.” I said. “Ah, she likes you more than love.” I told Dan I thought love was the greatest emotion of all. He replied that Cindy’s liking of me was a ‘you’re mine buddy’. I was happy with that. Dan hired a car and we drove to the Coleman’s home. I stared out at the landmarks we passed but didn’t recognise anything. When we arrived at the house, it was a very special homecoming. There were a lot of people gathered at the house. Blanche was very happy to see me alive and well. She hugged and kissed me. Mr Coleman shook my hand, smiling broadly. Some of my ex-classmates were present along with a few neighbours, including Grant Hardin and his wife, Nancy. As Dan had promised, Cindy was there with her parents. I was genuinely pleased and relieved to be back home and with people who were clearly very fond of me. Having said that, it was an odd gathering. No-one mentioned Vietnam and when they mentioned incidents from my past, I could only smile. For instance, Grant said we must play a game of golf, if I had time, but I didn’t know I could play golf. Dan was always by my side, listening to what was said and noting my reaction - or lack


of it. After delivering me home, I assumed he would head back to San Diego but he stayed in Big Daddy’s old room, to be on hand if I needed him. During my home leave, he would take me on day trips to places. He explained he was trying to get me to relive key moments in my life. I didn’t mind this as I’d liked Dan from the moment I’d first seen him and he was more patient and much less forceful than all the other doctors and military interrogators had been. I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, trying to remember all the years I had apparently spent there. I looked at my books. I walked round the orange grove. I got a sense I knew it and had been there before but, try as I might, I could not recollect specific incidents. One day, Dan took me to the train station. I found it interesting but I didn’t feel I had been there before. My High School was different. As soon as I saw it, I said, “I went to this school.” “You sure did,” he confirmed. Another time, we went to the local shopping mall. It was all very pleasant but not very productive, memory-wise. One morning, Dan said, “Would you like to visit him?” “Who?” I asked. “Your grandfather,” he replied. “Is he here?” “He’s always here. Come on.” Dan drove me to Roselawn Cemetery in Lakeland. The area where Big Daddy had been laid to rest was very appropriate as it was close to some railway tracks. There was a headstone made of granite from North Carolina with ‘TAYLOR JOE OCT 4 1899 SEPT 10 1972.’ Underneath it was, ‘LOVE COLEMAN AND BLANCHE’. Big Daddy’s first wife Bessie was also remembered on the headstone. She had died in 1952 - before I was born. It’s probable Bessie was Blanche’s mother but Blanche never confirmed this to me. Parentage seemed to be a taboo subject but she always referred to Big Daddy as


Project Aquarius.

her father. Irene had never married Big Daddy. I knew this but assumed they’d just never got round to it which was perhaps surprising, knowing how religious Irene was. It didn’t much matter. What mattered was whether you truly loved and cared for someone, not an official scrap of paper. Irene had been buried near to their farm in North Carolina. When I had graduated from flight school and won my wings, I had visited Big Daddy’s grave but then it only had a simple headstone with his name on it. That one had been replaced by this combined one when I was in Vietnam at Blanche’s request, and this might have added to my confusion. There was a bench nearby and I went and sat on it. I felt no connection to the grave at all. I said, “He’s not there.” Dan replied, “He is Tommy. This is where he was laid to rest. You were in flight school at the time.” “Oh yes,” I said thoughtfully. “You said I used to fly.” “You still can, I’m sure. I expect flying’s like riding a bicycle, once you’ve mastered it, you can always do it.” I wondered if this was true of me in my current mental circumstances but there was no bicycle or helicopter conveniently handy to test Dan’s theory. “He passed away when you were studying at flight school. It must have been one of the biggest shocks and saddest days of your life. You don’t remember it?” “I might do. But only because I wasn’t surprised when you told me. I’m not sure. But I am sure he’s not under that headstone.” Dan wasn’t giving up. “Why do you say that?” I couldn’t explain how I felt but I did know what I felt. “He’s just not there.” Dan was sympathetic and didn’t push the matter further. “You want to spend some time here by yourself? I can wait for you in the car.” “No. Let’s go.” Dan had told me I’d be home for twenty days leave. Then it would


be up to me what I did in the future. I wasn’t thinking about the future, I was too busy trying to remember my past. On the twentieth day, Dan said, “We’re going to meet someone today I’m sure you’ll remember him. He’s a memorable guy. A ‘once met, never forgotten’ kind of guy.” As we drove downtown, I wondered who this could be. We parked at Sears Town, Lakeland outside the recruiting office and both walked in. Sat behind his desk, was the imposing figure of a man that was Staff Sergeant Layle. On seeing me, he sprang to his feet and bellowed, “I’ll be damned! Look what the dogs dragged in!” Despite this greeting, he seemed genuinely delighted to see me. He continued, “Warrant Officer, how you doing?” whilst shaking my hand so firmly it was as if he was trying to remove it from my arm. Then he said, “Sorry Sir,” sprang to attention and saluted me. I looked at Dan in bewilderment and then turned to Staff Sergeant Layle. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m saluting you, Sir,” came his reply. “Okay,” I said and saluted him back - much to his delight. He said, “I know you’re not in uniform and so saluting ain’t customary by Marine Corps standards but who gives a shit?” He then slapped me on the back like I was his best pal. It appeared Dan had planned our visit in advance and we were expected. “It’s good to see you. And somebody else is gonna be here in 10 minutes to see you. He’s a Lieutenant Colonel from the Marine Regiment over in Tampa - it’s a reserve unit.” With precise military timing, in 10 minutes, this Lieutenant Colonel walked into the office. I stood up but he said, “Sit down, Son. I got one question to ask you and one question only.” I sat down, hoping his one question wouldn’t contain the words ‘11 days’ or ‘almost 500 miles away’. I needn’t have worried, it didn’t. “Do you intend staying in the Marines?” That was it. Straight to the point. It wasn’t a question I’d given any thought to. Since I’d been found in that rice field, all anyone had


Project Aquarius.

been concerned with, including myself, was what had happened in my recent past. My future had never been mentioned. Not by anyone. Not even by Cindy. “I’ve been told I was in the Marines as a pilot,” I said. “Yeah,” he said. “Are you gonna stay in the Marine Corps? Because, if you decide not to, I have the paperwork right here for an honourable discharge.” I looked at him, Staff Sergeant Layle and Dan all looking expectantly at me. I had no memory of ever wanting to do anything else for a career nor did I have any future plans. I just wanted to rediscover my past and figured staying in the Marines would be the best way of achieving this. “Sure. Why not stay on?” I mused. I could tell by their faces, that was the answer they hoped to hear. They seemed not only pleased, but relieved. The Lieutenant Colonel beamed at me, “That’s the call, my man. Good call!” Then he turned to Staff Sergeant Layle and handed him some papers. “Staff Sergeant, go ahead and file this for me and send that up to Marine HQ - asap!” As Staff Sergeant Layle sprang up to carry out his orders, I was left sitting with the Lieutenant Colonel and Dan. The Lieutenant Colonel asked me if I was being treated alright? I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by this. “By my parents?” I asked. “Everybody!” “Yes, Sir.” He leaned towards me and said, “I want to tell you something. If anyone gives you a hard time - anyone - I want to know. I’m the ‘son of a bitch’ in this outfit.” “Yes, Sir.” He hadn’t finished giving me some fatherly, military advice. “You’re a Chief Warrant Officer and a Marine Corps pilot. You just came


back from Vietnam. You went through a pretty serious event there, I understand. I’ve read your reports.” He indicated to Dan. “This man is helping. He’s a very good man. Now, are you sure you want to stay in the Marine Corps?” “Yes, Sir!” “Very good, Son. I’ll be in touch.” He turned to Dan. “Dan, you have my number. Anything you need, call me and it’ll be done.” The Lieutenant Colonel got to his feet. So did I. He shook my hand and I stood to attention as he walked out. Staff Sergeant Layle came back and said, “Warrant Officer, I’d be honoured if you would have supper with me tonight.” I looked at Dan, who nodded. In the end, we all went out to dinner that night - even Cindy. She agreed that staying in the Marines was probably the fastest way of getting my memory back as there would be lots of links to my past. She saw I wasn’t disturbed by what had happened. Quite the opposite. I was eager to find out. Probably even more so than the military. I wished I’d spoken to her before I made a final decision to stay in the Marines but one of her many great qualities was she was very understanding and supportive of me. She had always told me to follow my heart. Big Daddy had once paid her the ultimate compliment by saying if he could have had another daughter, he’d have wanted her to turn out exactly like Cindy. We all went to the Foxfire Inn - a big steak house, known as ‘the place to be’ in Lakeland. The men all had huge, T-bone steaks and Cindy had a girly, petite one. We were all on first name terms and talked about anything other than Vietnam. We all enjoyed a great meal and had a throughly good time. That evening reassured me that I’d made the right decision. I sat and ate opposite Staff Sergeant Layle who had a big personality and an appetite that matched his biceps. I kind of knew him by sight yet couldn’t remember any previous


Project Aquarius.

contact with him. Not even when he told me about how I’d entered the recruiting office with Big Daddy and signed-up just over a year ago. He even paid the bill which, in light of all the hassle I’d been through in the past year and particularly in those last few weeks, was the least he could have done! It was probably a good job for him that I couldn’t remember most of my military career. It was very strange. Whenever I met anyone from my past, my brain seemed to go into slow-motion as if it was trying to analyse their features and traits to try and match them to my past. During that meal, that’s what happened with Staff Sergeant Layle. I thought to myself I know this man but I can’t remember him. I know he recruits for the Marine Corps and he says he recruited me. I was in the Marine Corps and still am. How come I can’t remember such a significant event in my life? He asked me if I remembered a poster of a fighter jet that used to be outside his office? An image came into my head. Wow! I remembered something. It was another breakthrough. But everything else didn’t come flooding back. My rehabilitation was clearly going to take a long time. The next day, I said goodbye to everyone and Dan drove me to see Lieutenant Colonel Mills at Tampa Marine Reserve Unit. He was delighted to see me and gave me my orders. My new Duty Station was at Raleigh in North Carolina, where I’d be issued with a new uniform and be reintroduced back into the Marines, with additional training given where necessary. To my surprise, I saw I was due to leave on a flight to Raleigh in just five hours time from when I had opened my orders! Dan told me he’d be returning to San Diego Naval Hospital but would keep in touch and I shouldn’t hesitate to contact him if I wanted to. I never did but will always be grateful for the kindness and patience he showed towards me. He put his patient’s care before anything else as I’m sure the military powers-that-be were continually pressurising him to get the answers they so desperately wanted.


On landing at Raleigh, I was met by Marine personnel who took me to New Bern. Like so many other things, this name was kind of familiar to me because it was only 18 miles away from Cherry Point where I’d been told I had completed my flight training. I could remember the name but not what I’d done there. Shortly after I’d been shown to my billet, two Corporals brought me my uniforms and all my other equipment. I had a closet and knew certain items needed to be put in certain places but I couldn’t remember what went where. I felt pretty useless to have forgotten that but, once they started to show me, it all came back. I was very pleased at this minor triumph. After six months of recap, I was considered to know everything I needed to know to be posted abroad. I was to be sent to Japan. To be honest, I was relieved not to be sent straight back to Vietnam. I would have gone as I had no choice where I was sent, but I was glad I wouldn’t be shot at again. At least, not for a while. I was flown to Okinawa and onto a base at Zukeran. Of course, readers whose memories of the past are not as bad as mine was at this time will immediately realise what the military were doing. They were having me retrace my footsteps in the hope I’d remember my past as I went. To a certain extent, I did. After I’d been at Okinawa two weeks, I heard there was a Marine from our squadron who had been injured and received treatment at the Army Hospital near Hue. Someone had to go and pick him up. As soon as I heard of this hospital, it rang a bell and I asked the Sergeant if I could go and collect the Marine. An officer giving a taxi-ride to a Marine was unusual but I was given permission and also directions. I set off in a jeep and, as soon as I saw the green building, I remembered the place. It was my first stop after being flown out of Vietnam. I was still quite confused. That was not much use. I needed to remember before that time.


Project Aquarius.

I was in Okinawa for eleven months. I had pretty dull duties but found Japan different and interesting. I expected to be moved to a combat base as most were but, instead, I was sent back to the United States to re-take my air qualification test. Why this wasn’t done before I was sent to Okinawa was a mystery to me but at least this time I wasn’t flown home in a glass cage. October 1974 saw me sitting behind the controls of a helicopter again. It was an odd experience. I had been told I was a helicopter pilot but could remember nothing of either being trained to fly or flying one in Vietnam. I had seen the wings on my uniform so knew I must have qualified. However, Dan’s reminder about always being able to ride a bike, also proved true of being able to fly a helicopter. As soon as I saw the controls and instrumentation, I knew what they were, how it all worked and how to fly it. I had a co-pilot alongside me, watching my every move. I took it up and did a test flight and landed it safely. I was pleased with myself and my co-pilot said he couldn’t fault my flying ability. Within a few months, I was fully reinstated as a pilot and enjoying being airborne again. All went well until February, 1975. That month, as soon as I landed from a flight, I was summoned to the Colonel’s office. He was in overall charge of that base. I reported to him, wondering why he wanted to see me. As soon as I saw his serious expression, I knew whatever he was about to tell me wasn’t good. “Tommy,” he began, “I got orders about you from Marine Corps HQ in Washington DC. They are filing for a preliminary court martial hearing against you.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “These are not charges, but the hearing could lead to some very serious charges being brought against you.” I was totally stunned. I couldn’t understand it at all. Just a few months before, I’d been offered an honorary discharge. Staff Sergeant Layle


and the Lieutenant Colonel from Tampa had seemed pleased, to say the least, that I’d agreed to continue serving in the Maine Corps. Now this unexpected bombshell! It didn’t make any sense. There was a Sergeant with us in the office. The Colonel dismissed him and, as soon as the door closed, the Colonel asked me in a kinder tone of voice than he’d used earlier, “What happened in Vietnam, Son?” “I don’t know Sir. I don’t remember.” “Well,” he said solemnly, “whatever happened is why these charges are being levelled at you.” “What does it mean?” I asked full of trepidation. I was shown the sheet of charges. I couldn’t believe what I saw typed out, but there it was in black and white. The Colonel pointed out the most serious one. It read, ‘collaboration with the enemy’. “That’s wrong,” was all I could say. “Be that as it may, I’ve got to send you to the hearing. Go back to your quarters and pack. You’re headed to Quantico, Virginia. You gotta be there by tomorrow morning.” As I packed, a Marine MP turned up and told me he would be escorting me to Quantico Marine base where he would hand me over to the Commanding Officer of the Military Police. Quantico was a huge Marine base covering over 55,000 acres. An all military town, would perhaps be a better description of it. I’d done my OCS training course there but didn’t remember doing that, nor did I have any recollection of ever having been there before. When I arrived, early evening, with my MP in tow, there was a dusting of snow on the ground. The first thing I had to do was confirm my identity and sign a form. The Commander of the Military Police read me my military rights and told me I was to be detained on the base until further notice. I could use all the facilities, the movie theatre, bowling ally, bars and restaurants but must not set foot outside the perimeter fence.


Project Aquarius.

I signed another form confirming that my military rights had been explained to me and then I was free to go to my accommodation - an officer’s billet. The rest of the day, I didn’t use any of the facilities. I just laid on my bed. I had seldom been so miserable. The next morning, as I ate my breakfast, a Corporal came to me and said, “Warrant Officer, I’m here to take you to the Judge Advocate’s office here on the base where you’re going to meet your attorney.” I thought they must be really serious about condemning me for something they knew I knew nothing about. I met my appointed attorney, Lieutenant Commander Smith of the US Navy. I was impressed by his rank. I was depressed by the thick file he had on me. After introductions, the first thing he asked me was, “Do you remember anything about your time in Vietnam?” “This is like a broken record, Commander,” I replied. “I’ve had doctors and others ask me that repeatedly for months. I remember nothing. Nothing other than what I’ve already told people.” He didn’t seem disheartened by this. “Don’t worry,” he said with a smile. “I don’t think they’ve got too much on you. They know nothing too! I’m going to call your Squadron Commander who was in Vietnam and the pilots who witnessed whatever happened on June 14th, 1973. You seriously have no idea of what took place?” “The only thing I know is I was flying a helicopter and the only reason I know that is I’ve been told it countless times.” “Right,” he said. “Tomorrow morning, I’ll arrange for you to have a psychological test to make sure you’re not mentally incapacitated.” I took this in the spirit it was intended, rather than an insult. I may have forgotten my past but I still did not consider myself to be a retard. The next morning, I undertook a psychological assessment. That afternoon, the doctor who conducted it, gave his assessment to Lieutenant Commander Smith who immediately sent for me and informed me of the doctor’s conclusion. The top line was there


was nothing fundamentally wrong with me, either mentally or psychologically. I knew more about science and flying techniques than most pilots. I was absolutely competent to testify although it was accepted I might not be able to recall what happened in Vietnam, due to extreme shock or perhaps some form of concussion. Although my memory seemed to have been broken from the time of that incident back to my childhood, I was very intelligent and could remember everything since that point with clarity. The doctor’s exact words were, “You wouldn’t want to match wits with this guy.” His report stated that he’d asked me various questions on subjects I had said I was interested in. I had not only been able to answer them correctly but I had gone into specific detail and used terminologies that he had to do research into to verify I was correct - which he’d found I was. Lieutenant Commander Smith was as pleased with this report as I was. Then he referred to his file and asked me if I remembered an incident when a South Vietnamese One Star General had visited my squadron’s base and demanded that two pilots, who he claimed had murdered five innocent fisherman, be handed over to him. I said I didn’t remember details but the incident did seem to ring a bell in my mind. He told me that I had been summoned to Major Fox’s office to meet with the General to give him my account of what had happened. “Do you remember calling that General an ‘asshole’?” he asked. I admired the fact he kept a straight face as he asked the question. “No, Sir. I don’t remember saying that.” “Well you did. It was noted. Major Fox dismissed you from the Flight Room for saying it.” “Okay. Possibly I did.” “The reason I raise that, is it’s the only flaw in your otherwise exemplary service record - apart from the incident of June 14th and the resulting unexplained issues. We’ll see how serious they are in due course.” This was a worrying time for me. I had very little idea what was


Project Aquarius.

going to be said. What could I say to defend myself? Only I couldn’t remember anything and that answer, honest though it was, hadn’t been accepted so far. My future looked very bleak. It almost made me wish I had been killed in Vietnam and was now rotting inside that tree trunk.

Cindy, age 22.

Big Daddy’s grave.


Chapter 7

Military Death and Married Life. My preliminary court martial hearing lasted eight days. Three Colonels, who were only one rank below Generals, were to be my judges and jury. They would decide whether I would face an official court martial. If I was found guilty at that, then I could be sentenced to life imprisonment. I couldn’t help thinking what Big Daddy would have had to say about that. The Captain who was prosecuting me began by saying that, if one considered the facts, I was guilty of gross dereliction of duty at the very least. The facts meant that I must have left the battlefield of my own accord, contrary to orders issued prior to the battle. I had abandoned my fellow Marines in the heat of a battle. I had eventually been found eleven days after the battle in a safe location almost 500 miles away. When I was found, the flight uniform I was wearing, and had my name on the inside of the collar, was ‘like newly issued’. It was clean and even pressed. The only conclusion that could be drawn from this was that I had co-operated with the enemy during these eleven days and they had spared my life and had left me in a location where I would be found by American troops in gratitude for me helping them in some way. How I had assisted them was unknown but I must have done so in some major way, as the NVA was not known for its kindness to captured American pilots and this was the first recorded instance of them having washed and pressed one of our uniforms. I had been unable to account for my departure from the battlefield, what I had done and where I was for the eleven days that followed the battle. I had claimed I could not remember anything yet numerous doctors had not been able to find any sign of physical injury to my head that might possibly account for such chronic and convenient amnesia. I knew all this - apart from the clean and pressed uniform.


Project Aquarius.

When I was found, I was too dazed and confused to pay much attention to the state of my flying suit. I also had no defence to the accusations. I clearly had somehow left the battlefield. I must have been somewhere inside enemy territory for eleven days and I did seem to have been left in a safe location where I was found which was almost 500 miles from the battlefield. I couldn’t have travelled to that location on foot through largely dense jungle swarming with NVA troops. No-one could. It wasn’t physically possible. On hearing this, I didn’t feel at all confident. If I couldn’t explain it, which I hadn’t been able to during months of questioning, I didn’t see how it would be rationally resolved in my favour now. Inwardly, I began to fear the worst. I was not a nervous person but I didn’t like being in such an unfair predicament, totally unable to defend myself. My defence witnesses were called, one after another. They included Major Fox who, by now, had been promoted to Colonel and many other pilots and door gunners who had taken part in the battle and had witnessed what had happened to me from above. Their accounts were all consistent. Every one of them stated that they saw my helicopter shot down by an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) as it took-off after landing in a rice field in an attempt to rescue some Marines who had been cut off from the evacuation area. The RPG hit the exhaust fan of my helicopter. There was a big fireball explosion and a cloud of black smoke rose up. They all thought everyone on board the helicopter had been killed but as the smoke rose above them, they saw some Marines emerge from one side of the burning fuselage and a single Marine clamber out from the port side. This Marine was carrying a machinegun and had spare belts of ammunition around his neck. They estimated around 100 NVA soldiers advanced out of the trees lining the rice field. They went towards the burning wreckage of the helicopter intending to head beyond it to the main evacuation area.


The Marine who left the helicopter would run, stop, fire bursts from the machine-gun all around him, then dart off, stop and fire other bursts. Each time he did this, at least five NVA soldiers would fall around him. Lieutenant Commander Smith asked each of the witnesses whether the Marine they saw was wearing full battledress with back-pack that ground troops wore or did it look like he was wearing a pilot’s flying suit? The answers he received were all the same. It was definitely a flying suit. What’s more, the flying suit was ripped by many bullets fired by NVA soldiers. Many testified they saw holes appear in it. Some said it was virtually shot off the Marine. Each time a bullet struck him, he would wince from the impact but would then run off again and continue to fire back. Was the Marine wearing an infantry helmet? They all said no. Was the Marine clearly recognisable as the man stood in this room who had served with them as Warrant Officer Coleman and who they knew had flown a helicopter into battle with them that day? They all said yes. Not one of them doubted that the Marine they saw, and whose actions they described, was me. They were asked did they provide covering fire? The answer was wherever possible they had done, but the Marine was amongst the NVA at such close quarters that they might have hit him so they mainly fired at NVA soldiers who were furthest from him. There was no question that it was the Marine who shot most of the NVA troops who fell around him. No-one knew exactly how many this was but they all said it was dozens. Corpses were sprawled all over the rice-field. The Marine continued to run between them and fire at groups of them, reloading the machine-gun with new belts of ammunition until he appeared to run out of bullets. Then he was seen to drop the machine-gun and run for cover into the trees where foliage meant he could no longer be seen from the air. All were surprised he was able


Project Aquarius.

to run at all, after taking so many shots to his body. They all thought the Marine would have soon died from his many wounds. Not one of the witnesses said they had seen anything that wasn’t heroic in the extreme. Nothing they had seen could possibly be described as a dereliction of a Marine’s duty or collaboration with the enemy. Not one of them could explain what they had seen. Not one of them thought what they saw was ‘natural’. They all said something extraordinary had happened which defied normality. Afterwards, they had all compared accounts of what they had witnessed and tried to rationalise it for days, but could not. Colonel Fox testified that, when his phone rang and he was told that Warrant Officer Coleman had been found alive and seemingly uninjured, he thought it must be a case of mistaken identity. For days, I listened to much the same account of what had happened on the morning of June 14th, 1973, in that rice field in Vietnam. It was like a was watching a movie in slow motion, but from a POV on the ground. I was there and these witnesses were directing me. I could hear the machine-gun firing, the smell of the spent bullets, the screams of pain from the NVA soldiers and the helicopters whirring overhead. I didn’t want to relive it but I knew I had to if I wanted to find out who I was and all about my past. At the beginning of the testimonies, I couldn’t have told you a thing about what happened that morning. At the end of it all, I wouldn’t have disputed that it wasn’t true. My memory had been prompted and seemed to confirm it was all true. None of it answered the key questions I had been asked for months. Where was I for the eleven days that followed and how did I cover the 500 miles to the location where I was found? But funnily enough, these issues seemed pretty trivial to a far more important one that had now been raised. How come I wasn’t dead?


What was revealed were the radar reports of an unidentified aircraft that was tracked heading to the location where I was found. Nothing was known about this aircraft except it was neither a North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese or US aircraft. This was news to me and was something else I couldn’t explain. Nor could the prosecutor. On the eighth day of my hearing, all the evidence had been heard. There were no witnesses for the prosecution. One was also notably absent for the defence, a key one - me. Lieutenant Commander Jones had explained I could remember nothing of the battle or the eleven days I was posted MIA. He produced medical reports to confirm this. It didn’t take the three Colonels long to reach a verdict. The oldest of them looked and me and ordered, “Warrant Officer Coleman, front and centre please.” I marched to the front of the room and stood to attention. The oldest Colonel asked me, “Son, is there anything you’d like to add to what we’ve heard? This is your last chance.” “No Sir.” I said. I’d have dearly liked to have explained everything but I couldn’t. I couldn’t do anything but anxiously await their verdict. “Okay,” he began. “The testimony we’ve heard in the last seven days is phenomenal. I can’t tell you what happened in that battle zone ‘cause I wasn’t there, only the men who witnessed it were. But, from what we’ve been told by them, you did something that cannot be explained. This we do know - by stopping NVA troops from advancing to the evacuation zone, you undoubtedly saved many Marines’ lives that morning. Your Commanding Officer has even put you forward for this nation’s highest military honour - the Medal of Honor and I am going to see that is pushed through, Sir.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. All capped off by my military judge calling me ‘Sir’. And he wasn’t finished...


Project Aquarius.

“It is this court’s decision that you are innocent of all accusations made against you. Marine, you have done one hell of a job. I am going to put in the final papers that you should have your choice of Duty Station anywhere within Marine Corps facilities. This court is adjourned. Dismissed!” That was that. A feeling of relief flooded through me. I thanked Lieutenant Commander Smith and noticed even the prosecuting Marine Captain didn’t seem too peeved by the verdict. That night, I had supper in the Officer’s Mess with Colonel Fox and all the others from my old ‘War Lord’ squadron who had testified on my behalf. I was very grateful each and every one of them. They were all delighted to see me again safe and sound. It was quite a night - although no-one ended up in a latrine. They told me I was famous within the Marine Corps. I thought they were joking but, in the days that followed, Marines from the base would come up to me and want to shake my hand. I wasn’t at all comfortable with this. I was a Marine Corps pilot, not some film star action hero. But, that night, that’s exactly how my former colleagues seemed to view me. Colonel Fox couldn’t talk about anything else but what he’d seen. “Son, I don’t know what happened that morning. I can’t explain it but I know it happened ‘cause I witnessed it. I don’t know how many NVA fell. It may have been fifty, sixty or even a hundred but they fell like dead flies all around you, until you threw your gun down and ran off. You must’ve run out of ammo. Pity! Or you’d have wiped out the whole damn NVA!” Major Willcox told me he’d come in low to give me ground cover. He said he’d seen me with the machine-gun supported by a strap around my shoulder. He saw me fire in short, sharp bursts. “Instead of spraying it around and hoping to hit a few, you picked out groups, ran in amongst them and wiped them out with selective fire. Ran, stopped, selective fire. I’d never have believed any soldier could fight like that. I’ll never forget it. Never!”


Of course, the one person who had forgotten it, was me. I listened to their accounts, which I’d already heard in the court, with much the same amazement as I had when I’d heard them the first time. I could visualise what they were saying. But could I really have done what they were so certain they had seen? I’d never been trained to ‘selective fire’ a machine-gun at enemy troops at close quarters. It was all very confusing. One day, I had been threatened with court martial, eight days later I was a military hero everyone wanted to meet and congratulate. Overall, I was bitter with the Marine Corps. The Stars and Stripes military newspaper had reported on my preliminary court martial hearing. Initially, my name wasn’t mentioned because of military privacy but, when the verdict was delivered with a recommendation for a Medal of Honor, it was big military news, open to the public and the press wanted to interview me. I didn’t want to talk to them and didn’t. My attorney, Lieutenant Commander Smith gave me his verdict on the matter. He thought the Marine Corps was now trying to save face because it had allowed an obvious injustice at being suspicious of my conduct to go on far too long. Now I had been exonerated, it was trying to woo me back into the military fold with the promise of a medal. Personally, I now think the preliminary court martial was just another attempt to jog my memory. They tried everything else and the rate I remembered things was far too slow for them. They wanted to know how a man could be seen to receive fatal bullet-shots and yet not have a fresh wound on his body eleven days later. That would have been extremely useful for the military to know! Another question they wanted answered was something that was never discussed with me. On the day of the battle and the day I was found, a number of strange anomalies were seen and logged by radar operators. What were these unknown signals the radar screens picked


Project Aquarius.

up? The way they moved was not consistent with either US or North Vietnamese aircraft. There were also many strange things seen by pilots in Vietnam. When I flew, I never saw anything. At this time of my life, I never had dreams or went on visits either. Due to my memory lapse, I wasn’t even aware of the dreams and visits I had experienced in my childhood and youth. If I had been informed and reminded about some of this, it might have all have made some kind of rational sense. At the end of March, 1975, I went back to the base at New Bern. I was also promoted to a Chief Warrant Officer 2. I hadn’t seen much of Cindy during this time. We’d written to each other and shared our troubles - or I had shared mine. Her life seemed much less hassle. She was now doing a teacher-trainer course. She’d always wanted to be a teacher and I knew that, with her patience and understanding, she’d be a great one. We had agreed that, when she’d qualified and was settled with a job at a school and I was stationed in the United States with some leave due, we’d become an officially married couple instead of just acting like one as we’d done all of our lives. My helicopter squadron was assigned to a cruiser which was to take part in a military exercise in the Mediterranean Sea. I was looking forward to seeing some of Europe, but it wasn’t meant to be. Before my ship even got to the Mediterranean Sea, I was told by the Commanding Officer that there was a ‘family emergency’ and I was to immediately fly home. I was flown by helicopter to Rhoda in Spain where I was flown back to MacDill AFB in the States. All this time, I was incredibly anxious as to what this ‘family emergency’ was. The only family I really had was Blanche and Mr. Coleman. To my relief, they were both waiting for me when my flight landed. Any momentary relief I had at seeing they were alive and well, was quickly quelled by their sad expressions. Within seconds of seeing them, my world was shattered. I could see it wasn’t easy for Blanche to tell me the terrible news that Cindy


had been killed by a hit and run, drunk driver. Until that moment, I wouldn’t have believed that words can hurt just as much as a spear-tip piercing through my body. I was pained to the core. I was distraught to think the unthinkable that I would never see my ‘best buddy ready’ again. The girl I had shared so much of my childhood with, would not be around to share the rest of my adult life with. I wouldn’t be stood at the altar waiting for her to step down the aisle and stand next to me, smiling her wonderful smile, as we took our vows. I was told Cindy and a girlfriend had been going to a concert. They were crossing an intersection at Cleveland Heights Boulevard by a golf course when a young guy who was drunk, had driven through a stop signal. Poor Cindy had suffered the full impact of his stupidity and had died instantly. This driver’s father was an attorney who later represented his son in the resulting court case. Cindy’s killer’s punishment was to lose his driving licence for six months. It’s a good job I didn’t know that at the time I was told of her death. That injustice would have been too much to take. As it was, I had lost my best friend, my future wife and the happiness we would have had together for the rest of our lives. I know we’d have been blissfully happy - apart from her occasionally pinging my ears as was her habit to get my attention - and we would have had a houseful of kids. Tragically, that wasn’t to be. She was a virgin when she died. We’d kissed many times but had both agreed to save ourselves for our wedding night and experience that side of life together, as and when it should be experienced. That purity of thought was a very rare quality, even back in those days. Cindy had always been there when I needed her. Most of our childhood and youth memories were intertwined. She’d always supported me and been on my side. Most recently and significantly, at the Naval Hospital at San Diego when she’d walked in like an angel and introduced herself as my girlfriend. She’d helped me all she could, which was far more than any military person had. My ‘best buddy ready’, still wearing the ring I had given her in


Project Aquarius.

exchange for her hair braid, was laid to rest in Lakeland Memorial Gardens. It was the saddest and most emotionally draining day of my life. I didn’t hang around in Lakeland long after that. Her death made me try and think with great intensity about some of the things we’d done together and places we’d gone. When I did remember things, it was all too painful and distressing. I was pleased to be distracted from my grief by resuming my mundane military duties. I returned to New Bern for a month or so. Then did another stint in Japan. I was pleased about this as I liked the culture there. It was very different to the United States which was just what I needed as I was a bit of a lost soul. This time, I was stationed at Camp Smedley which was in northern Okinawa. I was there for around eight months, before I was transferred back to Beaufort Marine Corps Air Squadron in South Carolina. That base will always have fond memories for me because it’s where I met the girl who was to become my first wife. I met her father first. He was a Flight Surgeon and gave me a physical examination. This was a regular health check all Marines got. One evening, about week later, I was sat in the Officer’s Club with some fellow pilots and crew. It was a memorable night for two reasons. The first, was it was the night I started smoking. I was talking to my colleagues about football results, helicopters and other trivia. I didn’t normally drink alcohol but one of my friends had stuck a cold Miller High Life beer into my hand and I was quite enjoying it. Maybe, it was the effect this beer had on someone who was not used to alcohol which caused me to ask the Major, who was sat with us and who was also my Executive Officer, if I could try one of the Marlboro cigarettes he was smoking? He knew I didn’t smoke and was amused to see me try. So there I was, enjoying these two vices, when who should enter the Officer’s Club but the Flight Surgeon. To my embarrassment, he caught me red-handed drinking and smoking. His official title was


Lieutenant Commander Charles Thompson. He came over and said, “Warrant Officer Coleman, isn’t it?” “Yes, Sir,” I said, standing up and hastily stubbing out the cigarette. What he said next surprised me. “Me and my family are just about to have supper over there and we’d be honoured if you’d join us.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my nosey Marine pals craning their necks to get a glimpse of the Flight Surgeon’s family. I couldn’t see what they saw but could see they seemed impressed. One winked at me encouragingly. Clearly, I was being offered an opportunity that I’d be a fool to miss out on. I accepted his kind invitation and went over to be introduced to his wife and daughter. Wow! His daughter was stunning. Cathy was just 18 years old with long, curly brunette hair and huge eyes that I had great difficulty breaking my gaze from. They hypnotised me. As soon as Flight Surgeon Thompson said, “…and this is my daughter, Cathy.” I felt I needed to wipe the drool from my chin as she also had a great figure. Cathy was polite but quite quiet and seemed rather demure and shy at first, but what girl wouldn’t be on her best behaviour when having a meal in public with her parents? I wasn’t sure whether her father had chosen my company as a possible match or Cathy had. Although she didn’t say much, her eyes told me a lot. They seemed amused as her parents asked me a lot of questions. Fortunately, at this interrogation, I was able to answer all of them. It was just general chit-chat. Where are you from? How long you been in the Marines? What made you want to join? I learned they were from Texas. The meal was very good although I was a bit unnerved at seeing my colleagues keep looking over to see how I was getting on. At the end of the meal, I thanked the Flight Surgeon for my supper and I truly was thankful. Despite being grilled as thoroughly as the food, it was the most I’d enjoyed myself for months. I also felt I should have apologised to him and his wife for my eyes disrobing their daughter. If the Flight Surgeon noticed our attraction, he wasn’t


Project Aquarius.

perturbed. In fact, with his next words, he positively encouraged it. “Maybe, you’d like to come to our home, next time. We live on the base.” Next time! There’d be a next time? “Yes, Sir. Whenever I’m not on duty, I’d love to.” I was pleased I got the ‘L’ word in and Cathy’s sweet little ears had heard it. She smiled at me and said, “I hope I get to meet you again soon.” “Yeah, me too!” was all I could muster. I felt we’d made love at least five times right there at the dining table. It was one of those instant, powerful connections. My eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to her. Shortly afterwards, I did go to her parents’ home for supper. That was enjoyable too but the main outcome was I went on a date with Cathy to the movie theatre on the base. That was even more enjoyable. For five months, we went on other dates and I developed very strong feelings for her. It wasn’t just her beauty and looks but also her sense of humour and caring nature. She was completely adorable. There was a beach we used to go to around sunset. I’d take a bottle of wine down there with us and we’d sit on the sand, talk, giggle and sing songs. One night, she asked me if I’d ever thought about getting married. “Why not?” I said. “If I find the right girl.” “What sort of girl are you looking for?” she asked. I described Cathy without mentioning her name. As I ran through all her attributes, her smile grew broader. She stood up, did a twirl to show off her features, fluttered her eyelashes alluringly and asked, “Why don’t you marry me?” “Are you proposing?” “Damn right I am!” I did know she was from Texas so maybe I should have expected her forthright manner. I didn’t play hard to get. I was no fool. We sealed our agreement with a kiss. Followed by quite a few more. That night, on the beach and under the stars, we got engaged


minus the ring. That soon followed. Her parents were delighted for her. Blanche and Mr. Coleman were pleased for me. They said it was the best thing that could happen to me. Our wedding day was one happy moment closely followed by another. It was a small wedding, held in Texas near Cathy’s family home. The only guests on my side were Blanche and Mr. Coleman. Sandra declined her invite - no surprise there. My best man was a guy called Andre - a Samoan helicopter pilot, whose cheerful personality reminded me of KD. There was no bachelor party the night before. Me and Andre just went out for a hamburger. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tinge of sadness but I still felt delighted when I kissed my bride, even though she was not the woman I had expected her to be. I knew Cindy would be happy for me. “Follow your heart my best buddy ready!” would have been her wish to me on that special day. And so I followed both her advice and my heart down the aisle. Miss Catherine Lynn Thompson became Mrs Catherine Lynn Coleman. I was very proud of my new wife and looked forward to living the rest of our lives together. Our honeymoon was at the San Antonio river resort in Texas. Cathy had been there before on vacations with her family. We spent a blissful five days and nights there. We visited the Alamo and went on a boat cruise. It was an idyllic start to married life. At some weddings, the women present cry. When mine was taking place, I’m sure a lot of Marines back at Beaufort Marne base were close to weeping at the gorgeous woman they’d missed out on. I always appreciated my good fortune in meeting and marrying Cathy. She was one of those women everybody noticed. Living on a military base, she turned heads without trying to or really being aware of it. Her expression was always a natural smile. She was very special to everyone but especially to me. She was a human treasure. There are


Project Aquarius.

people you can talk to. There are people you can live with. But it’s difficult to find a partner for life who’s both easy to live with and fun to be with. When I walked into a room, I could tell by her look what she was thinking - he’s my man! He’s my life! I love that man! The feeling was mutual. Every day, I could have drunk her bathwater. We were male and female magnets for each other - almost inseparable. From the perfect timing and my mood swing from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, it was almost as if it was an arranged marriage from somewhere up above. “This is the woman we want you to be with after Cindy and know she will make you happy.” Everything seemed to be set-up perfectly. Her parents welcomed me into their family and their daughter was my ideal woman and perfect lifelong companion. Cathy had only one flaw - she couldn’t cook. This was mainly down to the fact that she’d lived most of her life on military bases, all of which had restaurants where meals were so cheap it was senseless not to eat in them. Cathy tried to cook a few times but the results made me wish Blackie was still alive and living with us. I used to joke that as long as Burger King was still in business, we wouldn’t starve. Cathy was more into healthy eating than I was. She loved tacos and salads and fruit. I introduced her to some exotic varieties I’d seen in Asia and she loved them. Anything I was interested in, she was and vice versa. The only downside to this is I’d taken up smoking. Just a pack or so a week and Cathy took it up to keep me company. It was our only vice. We didn’t drink alcohol much or touch drugs. We didn’t really go out or socialise much either. We were happy just to spend time in each other’s company. All the years we were together, nothing changed. She was still as beautiful as ever. I’m not just talking about looks but her as a whole. Her personality never changed. She was always so caring. She was always interested in how I felt. Had I had a good day? Did I sleep well? I wanted to know the same about her.


We were like two kids in a sandbox. “Here’s my toys - you can play with them.” “Here’s my toys - you can play with mine.” I doubt many marriages had as many happy moments as mine and Cathy’s did. I’m also sure that if Cathy and Cindy had ever met, they’d have been best buddies too. Before I married Cathy, I had lived quite simply and had saved most of my salary. My one extravagance was I had bought myself a car - a Plymouth Roadrunner. A motorised beast that was my pride and joy. I used to joke that Cathy only married me to get to drive my car. She would counter with a smile, “True...but there were a few other reasons!” As soon as we got married, we were entitled to a house on the base. In keeping with United States military efficiency, this was waiting for us when we returned from our honeymoon. It was a modest two bedroom home which was fine for us and we were delighted with it. The only problem was, that it was completely unfurnished. Fortunately, I’d got my savings. At this time, I wasn’t sure how much this was as I’d paid for a few things for the wedding and for our honeymoon but I played the role of an obedient husband, handed Cathy my cheque-book with one blank cheque signed and went off to report back to work. Just before I finished my duties for that day, I got a phone call from my excited, new wife. “I got the whole house furnished. They’re delivering it all now!” The whole house! I was expecting her to do it one room at a time! As I arrived at our new home, so did the delivery vans - note the plural. She’d bought living room furniture, dining room furniture, beds for both bedrooms, lamps, curtains, towels, bedding. She’d even bought a luxury lounge recliner for me.


Project Aquarius.

As I saw it all being carried inside and arranged in position according to her instructions, I thought I must be broke. I’d need that recliner to pass out on! When the delivery men finally unloaded everything, Cathy began hanging curtains. She told me the only important things she hadn’t bought were dinner plates and cutlery so we’d have to go out to eat. I couldn’t help but ask, “We got any money left?” “Yes.” Looking around, I couldn’t believe we had. “You can have a sandwich, I’ll have fries and we’ll share a drink.” She found this funny but I wasn’t joking. I was mentally calculating when I next got paid. Everything was so new and pristine, I was afraid to sit down. I went to change out of my uniform. When I came back downstairs, she wanted me to try out my new lounger. As I sat on it, she pressed a button to maximum causing my legs to go up into the air. This was so unexpected, I nearly slid off it. This was typical of her mischievous nature. We both had a good laugh. When I recovered and was laying on my lounger like a Roman Emperor, I found it was far more comfortable than any other seat I’d ever sat on. I plucked up the courage to ask, “Seriously Cathy, are we broke?” “Does it matter?” she asked back. “No.” It didn’t matter and I didn’t care. Most newly married couples were broke after they’d set up home. Cathy handed me back my chequebook. I opened it with great trepidation. There was the stub from the cheque used to pay the store. It had $1,100 in Cathy’s handwriting on it. I was amazed at how little she’d spent. “You got all this for that?” She nodded happily. We went out to eat and didn’t share a drink. When we returned, I felt for the first time in my life I had a home. When my colleagues visited, they were bowled over by the house


and its furnishings and heaped praise on it. I’d tell them I couldn’t take any credit, it was all down to Cathy. I considered myself the luckiest guy on the base. I now had both a beautiful wife and a beautiful home to live in with her. Mr and Mrs Coleman had four of the happiest months of our lives settling into our new home. Then I was given a choice of overseas Duty Station. As wives didn’t travel abroad, it didn’t make much difference where I went. So I chose to go back to Japan for seven months. This time, I was stationed near Mount Fuji - a beautiful part of that country and the world. Cathy stayed in our new home. The other military wives kept an eye on her and made sure she didn’t get lonely. They were good at this. Me and Cathy had regular overseas phone calls which lasted ten minutes. We missed each other terribly, but something would have been wrong if we didn’t. Our consolation was that we both knew the seven months would soon pass. And it did. But after six months, I was talking to her on my overseas call when she suddenly said, “Honey, I heard an unbelievable story today.” “What?” I asked, beginning to hear alarm bells ringing in my mind. “You haven’t told me what happened to you in Vietnam.” Damn it, I thought. “Who’d you hear that from?” “A Major’s wife told me when we were having lunch.” “I’ll talk to you about it when I get home.” She wasn’t going to let me get away with saying nothing that easily. I heard her ask, “Did it happen?” “I don’t know what happened.” “Were you missing for eleven days?” “That’s the rumour.” For the first time, I was glad we had only ten minutes to chat. When I rang off, I wondered who the Major’s wife was who had gossiped to my wife. By this time, I thought the whole incident was best forgotten which was what I had done at the time. There was probably a good reason behind it. Even though certain things witnesses had said


Project Aquarius.

had jolted memories, I still had no clear memory of what had happened. I had remembered running through the jungle and the hollow tree but this didn’t explain how I’d travelled 500 miles or been found in a clean flight-suit. It actually added to the mystery, which was why I’d kept it to myself. Now I’d have to explain it all to Cathy as best I could. I wasn’t looking forward to that. Around five weeks later, I was back home. The welcome hugs and kisses were worth waiting months for. I decided it was best to clear the Vietnam issue up and asked Cathy who had told her about it. She said it was a Major Gill’s wife. Her husband’s friend had seen it and had been at my preliminary court martial hearing as one of my defence witnesses. I told Cathy what had been said and that I didn’t remember any of it. She had a very caring nature and asked me how I felt about it all now? I told her I felt nothing. It was all in the past and I just wanted to enjoy my life with her. She had provided me with a fresh start and I didn’t want that spoilt. She told me she loved me and, whatever had happened, she was the proudest military wife in the Marine Corps. To my relief, that was that. We continued to lead a happy military life until 1980. Then I was told I could not fly helicopters full time. The problem was that I wore glasses and the Marine Corps was testing night vision equipment. This consisted of a special helmet the pilot had to wear but it didn’t fit over glasses. I tried using contact lenses but, for some reason, these irritated my eyes and made them water. By now, I was flying Cobra helicopters. I was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to fly. Flying was the reason I had joined the Marines and I loved every minute I spent in the air. They made me a Personnel Officer. I dealt with orders that came into and were issued by, the base. These orders related to military personnel rotation, leave, pay, promotion or anything else. It was


pretty dull and boring compared to the thrill of flying. I stuck at it for the rest of my time spent in the Marine Corps. During my married years in the military, the only leave I had was to visit Cathy’s family in Texas. Me and the Colemans had grown apart as I grew up. I still didn’t remember my childhood and, after Cindy passed away and now I had a new life with Cathy, there didn’t seem much point in returning to Lakeland. You may think this to be a little harsh of me - especially on Blanche - but when my personal affects were returned from Vietnam and given to me, there wasn’t a single letter from them. I asked about this and was told they’d never written to me. Not once. I got letters from Cindy, bless her, and on re-reading them remembered how they had really cheered me up. I don’t know of any parent who had raised a child who wouldn’t write occasionally if that child had grown-up to join the military and was serving their country in a grim battle-zone thousands of miles from home. Relatives could send ‘home care packages’ to Marines and my colleagues got fruit cakes and cookies baked by their moms or anything bought at shops, like magazines. I got diddly-squat. KD had let me read his letters from his mom. He was very proud of how she took the trouble to write and tell him how she’d baked whatever she’d sent him, what the weather was like where she lived and how much she missed her son. Such letters really helped take Marines’ minds off all the shit that was going on around us out there and kept them connected with home. Not me. My home connection was well and truly broken. I was on my fourth tour of Japan and had been out there for six months when, one day, there was a knock on my office door that disrupted my paper-shuffling. A Staff Sergeant entered with a letter. “Warrant Officer,” he said, “I have a letter for you from the Commanding Officer.” I opened it. It was an order for me to report to his office at 1300 hours that day. I told the Staff Sergeant I’d be there and off he went.


Project Aquarius.

I wondered what it was about? I didn’t have long to wait. The Commanding Officer’s office was only about half a mile away from mine. I drove there in a jeep and got there at five minutes to 1pm. I was expecting to have to wait but, to my surprise, I was shown straight in. The Commanding Officer, a Colonel, was sat with two men in suits. As soon as I entered, the Colonel got up to leave. “Chief Warrant Officer Coleman,” he said, “these gentlemen have come from the States to see you.” Then he addressed them. “You can have my office as long as you need it. I’m gonna get some coffee. Send someone to get me when you guys are done.” He left and closed the door. I was aware of the two men staring at me. One of them said, “Tommy, sit down please. You know who we are?” This struck me as a very silly opening question. I wanted to say, “No. I’ve only just met you. I haven’t a clue.” Instead, I just said, “No.” They both produced ID cards which were flashed at me. “We’re from the Central Intelligence Agency. We’re here to make you an offer.” “Okay, I’m listening.” “Have you ever heard of Project Aquarius?” “Can’t say I have.” The other one spoke. “When you were a child, you had some strange things happen to you, didn’t you?” I still didn’t have any clear memories of my childhood but Cindy had mentioned a few things after the Vietnam incident. “Well…” I said, “define ‘strange’”. “Lights. Disappearing at night. Odd dreams. You had a dream about Kennedy’s assassination, didn’t you?” These guys were looking me square in the eye the whole time. I reckon a geisha girl could have walked naked through the office and they still wouldn’t have averted their gaze from me. “Yeah. I think I did.”


“You got any recollection of what happened in Vietnam?” That old one again. I’d heard enough. “Okay, where’s this going?” “We’ve been assigned to come over here and retrieve you.” “Retrieve me?” “Yes. We want you to be part of Aquarius.” They seemed to be talking in riddles. “You best tell me what this Project Aquarius is so I know what you’re talking about.” The first one took over again. “Project Aquarius has been going in some form or other since 1950. We want you to be part of it. It’s a research group. We think you have a lot of information that will help with this research. Through your knowledge and things you’ve been involved in.” “And who you are,” chipped in the side-kick. Who I am? I’d always wondered that but I still didn’t really know what the hell they were talking about. “I’ve chosen to make the Marine Corps my career,” I said, thinking of Cathy and our cosy home we both loved. But these two men didn’t seem to either hear me or take “no” for an answer. “We want you to resign your commission within the Marine Corps. We’ll give you three days to get your business out here sorted, then we’ll fly you back to the States.” Three could play this game. I dug my heels in. “No. I’m gonna stay in the Marine Corps.” The first CIA agent didn’t seem surprised by this and had an answer ready. “We’re offering you something much greater than the Marine Corps. Not only will you be paid handsomely but you’ll be on a military base working under state security and your wife can be part of it also.” I thought I might as well find out how much they wanted me. “Okay. What’s the pay?” “You’ll get full government benefits like you’re getting now but you’ll be earning about four times what you’re getting now as a Marine.” I thought, Wow!. They must really want me. But the job sounded odd in the extreme.


Project Aquarius.

“What will I be doing?” I asked. “Research. You’ll be doing research for the government under security clearances. What you’re going to be doing will be very important to the national security of this nation.” “Do I get all this in writing?” “Sure. I have all the paperwork right here.” He reached into his briefcase and handed me five or six sheets of paper stapled together. “I got three days?” “Yeah. We got a private jet sitting here that’ll fly us all back to the States.” “Can I let my wife know?” “No. Not till you’re back in the States. Then you can call her and tell her the good news. I promise you the highest national security is involved in this.” I glanced through the papers. They didn’t say much more than had already been outlined to me. Although I didn’t much like the cold vibe I got from these men, I was interested in what they had proposed. I kind of felt it was my destiny - a totally unexpected opportunity that I should grasp with both hands. At least it would be more interesting and useful than doing military paperwork. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’, I thought as I signed the contract. The first CIA agent took the contract back with evident satisfaction. I guess he’d successfully accomplished his mission. “A copy of this will be forwarded to Marine Corps HQ and you won’t be a Warrant Officer in 24 hours. You’re going to be something much greater in Project Aquarius.” “We’ve known about you a long time, Tommy.” said the other agent. He was still staring at me like I was something strange but fascinating. To him and many others over the coming years I was exactly that - strange and fascinating. The United States government was to spent over $100m on Project Aquarius over the next decade and it was to


become known as the ‘mother of all black-ops’. Within 36 hours, I had all my belongings packed, said my goodbyes to all my colleagues and was boarding a small Air Force jet with the two CIA agents. I was wearing civilian clothes and was now officially Mr. Coleman - no longer a Marine Corps Warrant Officer. We were the only passengers. Two Air Force women acted as flight attendants and served us drinks and food. We stopped briefly in Hawaii to refuel and stretch our legs and then flew on to Langley - the Central Intelligence Agency HQ. During the flight, I asked them why they had followed me all of my life and why they had suddenly decided to ‘retrieve’ me? They were noticeably uncomfortable about my questioning and claimed they didn’t know much about anything - just what they’d already told me. They said I’d be fully briefed by the people who were running Project Aquarius when we arrived in Langley. They told me ex-President Gerald Ford oversaw the whole project. I asked if I would get to meet him. “Sure you will. He’s looking forward to meeting you,” I was told. They also said Project Aquarius was set-up to investigate UFO sightings and the possibility of extraterrestrial life on Earth. I wondered how Cathy would react to all this. She was a level-headed woman and had never expressed any interest in strange phenomena. The jet landed at Langley, Virginia. A car was waiting for me and I was taken to what was called the ‘Host Centre’ of the CIA HQ. That was the last I saw of the two agents. Their job of persuading me to resign my Marine Corps commission and to get me to Langley, was done. At the Host Centre, I was shown to a very spacious and luxurious suite - better than in most hotels. The guy who met the car and showed me to the room told me I’d be taken over to a ‘facility’ the next morning at 0900 hours. This facility building was on the far side of the massive complex. When I was shown in, everyone stared at me to such an extent that I


Project Aquarius.

discreetly checked my trouser zip was done-up. I got some really hard stares. I was escorted straight past the main reception desk and down a corridor to another reception desk right at the end of the building. Here, the receptionist was expecting me as she already knew my name. “Mr. Coleman, please look into the viewfinder, right here,” she said with a professional smile. I looked into this lens that was already pointing at me. It clicked like a camera. Immediately it did this, a machine on the receptionist’s desk started printing something. She took it and said, “Mr. Coleman, this is your temporary ID card until you get your formal ID card for your unit.” She put it on a thin metal chain and handed it to me. It was a laminated card. It had my name, a facial photo and ‘CIA Guest’ printed on it. I put it around my neck and we proceeded past the reception desk to where there was a sealed, sliding door. The man escorting me said I had to slide my I.D. card through a mechanism on the wall, to the side of the door. There was a camera filming and, he said, if the face on the card matched the face being filmed and that face had the necessary clearance, the door would open. It did. All this technology was very advanced for 1980. I walked through, leaving my guide behind. Waiting for me was Colonel Walter Grey, USAF, who welcomed me like I was his best friend, “Tommy Coleman! How you doin’?” “Very good, Sir,” I replied. “No, no, no,” he said. “You call me Walter. You’re now a marine slash civilian slash agent.” “Okay, Walter.” He told me he was going to give me a preliminary briefing and led me into a nearby meeting room. He told me I’d be staying in the host facility until my family arrived. He asked if I had any kids and when I told him I didn’t, he said, “Just your wife, then. Very good. We’ll make all the arrangements for her to join you.”


He said there were others already there that I’d be working with. I asked him who those people were? “You’ll find out at a full briefing scheduled to take place in about 72 hours.” “This is all under Project Aquarius?” I asked. “I’ll give you a little hint, Tommy,” he said. “Project Aquarius is the umbrella for the main unit. You’re going to be with Zingo. All will be explained soon.” I began to puzzle it out. I was born in January so Aquarius was my star-sign but so what? It was for millions of Americans. The word ‘zingo’ was unusual and seemed to ring a bell in my mind but I couldn’t think in what connection I’d heard it before, or when. It sounded like a made-up word. Oh well, I’d soon find out. That evening, I was allowed to call Cathy. She was surprised I was back in the States. She was even more surprised when I told her to pack a suitcase and go to Huston Airport where a ticket would be waiting for her to bring her to me at Langley, via Washington DC. At first, she thought I was joking until I said, “Go pack your bag. I’m waiting for you, girl!” The day she was in the air, on her way to me, I was in the briefing session. When I entered the briefing room, six other people were already there - four men and two women. All were roughly the same age as me - 29. No-one introduced themselves, just smiled and nodded a welcome to me. As I’d experienced so often since Vietnam, something about these six was familiar but I couldn’t think where I had met them before or was even sure if our paths had ever crossed. It was just a feeling I had about them. Maybe it was their smiles, which were genuine and contrasted with the curious stares I’d got from most of the other employees at Langley. As soon as I sat down, our supervisor entered and introduced himself as Bob Lemke who told us he’d worked for the CIA for over twenty years. He began the briefing by saying, “We’re going to


Project Aquarius.

be training you guys into specialised units - just as soon as we get everyone together. Within these units, you’re going to be studying various ancient civilisations and considering the possibility of extraterrestrial intervention in the human species. For the time being, this has to stay under military confidentiality. You guys are being given a very high security clearance. Everything that is talked about in this room, stays in this room. You don’t mention anything to your partner, kids, not even to your mother.” We were all given forms to sign. On it was printed an oath headed, ‘Security Oath Of Secrecy’. We all duly signed our oaths and handed them back to Bob. He then told us we’d all be paid a wage he was sure none of us had ever earned before. He said the project been allocated a budget of $18 million per year. This was to cover salaries, personnel, travel and expenses. I wondered how many more would be joining our unit. From the very generous budget, someone seemed to be taking our project very seriously. Cathy arrived at Langley that evening. It was a happy reunion. I felt embarrassed I couldn’t tell her why I was there but she didn’t press me for information like most wives would have done. She was just happy we were together again. The next morning, we were taken to view where we would be living within the Langley complex. There was a whole housing estate for CIA employees who were considered too important or vulnerable to live outside the high level of security the HQ offered. It was a large, modern house. Perfectly fine for us. The first question Cathy asked was, “How are we going to get our furniture here?” “I guess it’ll be shipped here,” I said. “But that’ll cost more than it did to buy,” she said. Whether it did or didn’t, it all arrived within a week and we had all the comforts of home again.


Only those with the necessary security clearance were permitted to enter the housing area. There were checkpoints with barriers to get in and out. Residents were even given a special tag that was fastened to the bumper of their car. When you either entered or left, you had to show your ID. At first, I was loaned a car to drive that Cathy could use too. Mine was kept at Cathy’s family home in Texas until we visited them and drove it back about four months after I arrived at Langley. By now, I’d upgraded my car to a ‘79 Pontiac Grand Prix. After I’d been at Langley five days, I was told by a Lieutenant that me and the others in the unit would be given some computer training. I’d never used a computer before. We were all taken to a room where the desks were groaning under the weight of some bulky and hideouslooking desktop computers. Back then, they were cutting-edge in technology for the 1980 era. We each sat in front of one. “These are the same computers used by the state departments,” our Lieutenant tutor began. “I want you to do a background check on yourself. Type in your full name and social security number. Then hit the ‘control’ button. Then hit F6 and it’ll bring you up on the national database.” I entered my details and suddenly there I was! There was a photograph of me and my name, ‘Groover Thomas Coleman, Jnr’. It didn’t stop there, though. It went on ‘AKA Edward Michael Page.’ What the heck?! I closed it down and ran through the procedure again. The same information came up on the screen. I beckoned the Lieutenant over. “Who’s this?” I asked him. He must have thought it a silly question. “Oh, it’s you,” he replied, smiling. I think he thought I was joking with him. “Groover Thomas Coleman, Junior, is me,” I confirmed, “but I don’t know who Edward Michael Page is.” “That’s you too,” he said. “No, it ain’t,” I said with impulsive indignation. “How can it be?” “You don’t know?” he asked.


Project Aquarius.

“Know what?” “Look right down here,” he said and pointed at an area on the screen entitled ‘Screen Classified ADP’. “Look, ‘Host - Groover T. Coleman, Snr.’ And below that ‘Page’ - there you go!” This didn’t solve the mystery for me, it just deepened it. “Coleman’s name is Coleman. And what is ADP?” At this point, the Lieutenant seemed to realise something. “You really don’t know, do you?” The tone of this was more of a statement, rather than a question. “No, I don’t know,” I confirmed. And I didn’t. I had no idea what the computer records meant. “Okay,” he said. “Shut your computer down and come with me to Supervisor Lemke’s office.” It wasn’t the best of starts. As I left the room, I noticed I got a few sympathetic glances from some of the others. Bob Lemke immediately saw me. “How’s it all going, Tommy?” he asked, in a tone of voice that betrayed he knew there was a problem. “Well, I’ve enjoyed my time here so far, “ I said and that was true, until five minutes before. Mr. Lemke wasn’t a man to waste time or words. He’d already been told what had occurred by the Lieutenant. “I hear you were a bit surprised by what you saw on your national database record?” “Yes.” “You were adopted at birth. You were never told you were adopted?” “No.” “Well, you were. Your birth name was Page. Edward Michael Page. The Colemans were your host family.” “What do you mean by ‘host family’?” I asked. “Oh Lord!” he exclaimed. “You really have been kept in the dark, haven’t you?” “Mr. Lemke, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to know.” He started telling me that some strange things had happened at


the time of my birth. More strange things had occurred throughout my childhood. “And then there was what happened in Vietnam,” he concluded. None of this I remembered but it did match what Cindy had told me. I waited for him to elaborate but he seemed deep in thought, staring down at his desk. This pause seemed an eternity to me. I so wanted to know what he knew about me. He finally looked at me and said, “I think it best if I bring in one of the counsellors. You can talk to him tomorrow. I appreciate this news has come as a shock to you and I’m sorry about that. Go home now but remember you’ve signed that Oath of Secrecy. This doesn’t go any further than these walls.” I nodded but was determined to ask one question that had suddenly come into my mind. “Am I the only one?” He seemed to be expecting this. “No. There’s more here just like you.” As he seemed forthcoming, I asked another question which had been bugging me from my first day at Langley. “I keep hearing from others in my unit and CIA staff say things like, “Just like him” or “Just like them” and even “Wow! There they are,” when they don’t think I can overhear what’s being said. Mr. Lemke, I’m not trying to appear either stupid or smart but what is ‘them’?” “Well, Son, you remember the other six who were in the briefing room with you the other day? Some were in the computer room with you just now.” “Yes.” “All of you guys are identical. You don’t look it, but you are. You guys are quite unique in our understanding and from our perspective. Let me get the counsellor involved. He’ll explain it better than I can. You’ll like him. He’s even from the south, like you.” He smiled at me and continued. “Tommy, don’t let this upset or bother you. It’s all good. I’ll see you at 8am tomorrow. How does that sound?” “Okay,” I said. I’d waited all my life for answers so I could wait a few more hours. I got up to go. “Tommy,” he said with almost fatherly concern, “you are going to be


Project Aquarius.

okay, aren’t you?” “Yes, Sir. Though I don’t know whether you should call me Tommy or Edward.” “I’ll call you Tommy for now.” With that, I got up and left. I went and told the Lieutenant I’d been excused his class. He didn’t seem surprised. “Don’t worry - you’re in good hands.” When I got back to our new home, Cathy was busy planning what curtains would go in what room and where the furniture would be best placed when it arrived. She immediately detected something was wrong. It was very awkward that I couldn’t tell her. It’s not nice keeping secrets from the woman you love. I didn’t see why me being adopted seemed to be considered a state secret. This just added to the turmoil going on in my head. At this time, I had no recollection that, as I grew up, I’d always suspected that I’d been adopted which would have lessened the shock. That night wasn’t the most restful. I couldn’t sleep for speculating about what I was going to be told. 8am couldn’t come around quick enough. The next morning both me and Cathy were up early. I was full of anticipation and trepidation about what I was going to be told about my past. I desperately wanted to know the facts of who I was and was relieved I’d finally know the truth. Cathy, of course, knew nothing of this but she was excited because all our furniture was due to arrive that day. I kissed her goodbye and drove to my unit station building. There, I parked and passed through security. As I walked down a corridor to our unit station offices, I saw an elderly man stood smoking by an ashtray can (in these days, smoking was permitted inside the CIA HQ). He was dressed in a smart suit, had white hair and an educated, friendly face. He didn’t look like the typical ex-military CIA agent I had seen so many of inside Langley. As I passed him, I automatically bid him a ‘good morning’.


To my surprise, he exclaimed loudly in a heavy, southern, Georgia accent, “Tommy Coleman!” I stopped and asked him, “Do I know you?” “No, but I know all about you,” he said. “Tommy Coleman’s your name, right?” “I don’t really know,” I replied meekly. I was fully aware that the fact I didn’t even know my own name made me sound a bit of a jerk. He smiled at this, extinguished his half-smoked cigarette and offered his hand. “I’m Dr. Jiles Hamilton,” he announced. “You’re the counsellor I’m seeing today,” I said as we shook hands. “Exactly,” he said. “Come on Tommy. We got to go right by the cafeteria. Let’s get some coffee and talk for a while.” We went into the cafeteria and each got a coffee. As it was still before 8am, there was no-one else sat at any of the tables but Jiles still led me to a table right at the back, well out of earshot of anyone who came in for take-aways. We sat down and Jiles immediately lit another cigarette. “Would you like a cigarette, Son?” he asked. I did smoke but never that early in the morning. However, on this particular morning, I felt I needed one. “Ur…yes please,” I said and took one of the West Lite 100’s he was offering. We both lit up and then started the most extraordinary conversation I’d ever had in my life. Probably, the most extraordinary conversation two men have ever had. “I’ve known about you for a long time,” he began. “I’m from Georgia but I got a home in central Florida pretty close to where you were raised.” “Really?” “Yeah. I was told yesterday by Bob Lemke that you’re unaware about who you are and you being adopted. I’ve known about this for years. I’ve read a lot of your writings and your letters. I’ve talked to the Colemans. I’ve watched you grow up, right up to the time you joined the Marine Corps. I even met you a couple of times when you were a kid.” I couldn’t remember him but this didn’t surprise him.


Project Aquarius.

“It was only briefly. The first time, you were eleven. We’ve both aged a bit since then. The government’s always been very interested in you. Not just you. Remember those other people who were in the briefing room the other day?” “Yeah.” “They’re all just like you.” “What do you mean by ‘just like me’?” “Well, you were all born on January 8th, 1953. You were born at 2 o’clock in the morning and the other six in that room were born within twenty minutes of you. Don’t you find that kind of odd?” Actually, I didn’t find it as odd as he seemed to think it was. I was sure plenty of America babies were born at much the same time but I liked this guy and wanted to agree with him. “Fairly strange, I guess.” “What’s really odd is they all had the same experiences as you. Seeing strange lights, talking an unknown language, similar incidents to the one that happened to you on the golf-course in ‘65. Even similar incidents to what happened to you in Vietnam.” I was astonished to hear this. I was aware of him watching me as I tried to take it all in. “We’re very curious as to what exactly happened that day. You still have no recollection of it?” “No - except what I’ve been told.” “Do you believe what you were told?” “Well…a lot say it happened. Who am I to say it didn’t, when I can’t remember anything myself?” He nodded and stubbed out his cigarette. Mine had nearly burned down. I was so absorbed in what was being said, I’d forgotten to smoke it. “Son,” he began, “I’m the type of man who likes to lay all his cards on the table so I’m gonna tell you straight up…” I wondered what this announcement could possibly be? He leaned across the table and looked me straight in the eye. “You’re not human.”


My bride, Cathy, and a bridesmaid on our wedding day.

“You may now kiss the bride”. Here’s me doing just that.


Project Aquarius. Our home within the CIA HQ at Langley.


Chapter 8

Life at Langley.

His words shocked me. Though he said them in a deadly serious tone, I thought he was joking. I instinctively chuckled, although it was a nervous, surprised reaction rather than an amused one. Then I saw his expression. It was completely serious. None of the many laughter lines on his wise, old face had been called into active service at that moment. He was definitely serious. But how could he be? I need something stronger than coffee here, Jiles, I thought. “What do you mean, ‘I’m not human’?” I asked. When I heard my words, it occurred to me I had probably asked the strangest question anyone had ever asked. “Well, it’s a long story. We’ve known about you guys for a long time. There’s more of you. We just haven’t got you all here yet. We got to make arrangements for living quarters and everything.” “How many more?” “A whole bunch of you. Two have been here for about a year and a half doing work for Aquarius. You’ll get to meet them soon. We’re going to train you all to work for Uncle Sam. You know what? The President knows about you all and is keen to meet you - but not yet. Not until we get you prepped and formulated into this operation.” Everything this man said to me was amazing. Revelation followed revelation. And he wasn’t finished yet. “You’re going to have a good time here and I’m going to be really close to you. My job is to look after you. I want to know what you know. I want you to share your knowledge with me. I want you to think of me your best friend, Eddie.” That was the first time I’d ever been called Eddie. It was almost as strange as being described as ‘not human’. “Am I a Coleman or am I a Page?” I asked. “Actually, you’re neither,” came his reply. “But I’ll explain that to you as we go along.”


Project Aquarius.

“Okay.” “But, right now, I’ll call you Tommy - if that’s okay with you?” “That’s what my wife calls me,” I said. I wondered how their Oath Of Secrecy would deal with the dilemma of me suddenly changing my name to Edward Michael Page without me being able to explain to my wife why I had? I began to feel very uncomfortable about keeping all this from her, yet how would any wife react if she suddenly learned that her husband was not human? My expression must have shown my concern and Jiles immediately picked up on it. “Don’t breath a word of this to her because people here really get upset when someone talks outside the circle and, Son, you are in a very secret circle here. I don’t want you to get in trouble with nobody. As a matter of fact, you’re gonna be running this place soon.” Yet another revelation. “Me?” was all I could say. “Well, you guys are. We’re just here to observe and take notes. Yeah, you guys are gonna be running this whole show.” “Okay…” I didn’t like to argue with him. “Are they treating you right? You like your house?” I was relieved to be discussing more mundane things. “It’s fine. My wife’s expecting our furniture to arrive today.” “That’s what I heard. You let your wife take care of the house today ‘cause that’s what women like to do. I’ve seen photos of your wife she’s a real beauty. You’re a lucky man.” I had to agree with my new best friend on that. “Yeah. I’m very lucky. My wife’s a wonderful person.” At this stage in our conversation, the cafeteria had begun to fill up. Jiles noticed this and got up to leave. “Come on,” he said. “We don’t really talk in here about the things we do.” We left and headed to Jiles’s office. As we walked there, we passed Mr. Lemke arriving for work. “Jiles!’ he said. “I see you’ve found your student.”


I was amused to now be described as a student. I’d previously been described as a Marine slash civilian slash agent and now I was a student. I was still reeling from being told I was ‘not human’ so any vaguely normal description came as a bit of a relief. “No, the student found me!” replied Jiles. “We’ve discussed a few things and now we’re going to my office and I’ll indoctrinate him a bit more. So far, he’s handled what I’ve told him really well. By the way, Bob, the coffee’s just as rotten today as it was the other day!” I was impressed with Jiles’s office. It was very spacious with bookshelves filled with books and framed degrees and certificates on the walls. He told me a bit about his background. He was a psychologist but had also studied hypnosis and was now the US government’s top hypnotherapist. He said he’d wanted to do something different to psychology and, after he’d applied for a job at Langley, CIA agents had come and got him in much the same way as they had me. I was to learn that Jiles had a habit of suddenly switching the topic of conversation. It was as if he wanted to catch you off-guard and get a more honest answer, rather than give you time to think about it. As I was pondering his career, he suddenly asked me, “Do you believe in life in space? On other planets. Do you believe in that, Eddie?” This was the second time he’d called me Eddie and only minutes after we’d agreed he’d call me Tommy. Looking at all his psychology certificates on the walls, I was sure it was some kind of test. “Jiles, are you gonna call me Tommy or Eddie?” I asked, deliberately avoiding his main question. “Oh, that’s right. You want to be called Tommy. Okay, Tommy.” I thought he was testing how accepting I was of unexpectedly becoming Edward Michael Page. What’s in a name? I really didn’t mind except for the complications it would raise with Cathy. Having said that, it was still quite a jolt to suddenly be called a different name to what I’d been called all of my life. He went on to tell me he believed that the real truth behind the


Project Aquarius.

origins of the various ethnicities of human life on Earth and their civilisations is not what is written in history books - especially in relation to religion. “You used to read the Bible,” he stated. “Do you still?” “No. I haven’t picked a Bible up for a long time,” I said. I saw he was disappointed to hear this. “Well, maybe you ought to. You’re gonna need a Bible. Might need a couple of them!” He went on to say that all of us who were ‘not human’ were going to do a college course. “First, you’ll all be taught what is already known within your field of expertise. Then, hopefully, you’ll add to our knowledge.” Then, as was his habit, he unexpectedly shifted the topic of conversation again. “Do you believe in life elsewhere?” he asked. “The probability is that there is life out there. We just haven’t found it yet.” was my diplomatic reply. That from someone who’d just been told he was not human! I wondered where this verbal fencing match would go next. “Okay, good. Now I want to ask you a very important question. Listen carefully to how I ask it.” “I’m listening.” And I was - intently. “You say the probability is that other life forms exist - they just haven’t been found yet. What if somebody told you that life out in the universe was real? That we know it’s out there and we’ve made contact with that life form and that life form is also here on Earth? Walking among the human species. How would you feel about that, Eddie?” That was the third time he’d called me Eddie. He was too intellectually sharp not to be doing it deliberately. I wasn’t sure what he was hoping to achieve by dropping it into the conversation but it kind of distracted from his question. This time, I decided to ignore the distraction and keep him and me locked onto the important subject. “You say they’re walking amongst us?” “Yes. And we know who they are.”


“Wow!” I said. “I think that would be something the world should know about.” I wondered how this would fit in with the CIA’s Oath Of Secrecy. “I agree! I agree with you!” he exclaimed showing real enthusiasm. “They are walking amongst the human species. They’ve been here on Earth since 1947. Actually, they’ve been here a lot longer than 1947 but we only found out about them in ‘47. Oh, Lord! We were just over-run in 1953. Especially on January 8th, 1953.” He stared at me and asked, “You see where this is going, Son?” I sat and thought deeply. His words took awhile to sink in as did their implication. “What happened in 1947?” I asked. “We need to get you up to speed on that,” he said. “You don’t know about Roswell, New Mexico?” “No.” I truthfully didn’t. The media sensation the alleged flying saucer crash at Roswell caused in 1947 had been dismissed and had died down by the time I was growing up in the 1950s. “You soon will,” he promised. “Because we’re going to train you. You’ll be shown and see things most people wouldn’t believe. But always remember that oath you took. Don’t breathe a word of it to anybody.” I nodded. “Very good. Because they’ve been watching you for a long time. They’ve really been watching you. And boy, did you pull a shitty on them.” “What do you mean?” He’d lost me again. I didn’t think I’d intentionally shitted on anyone. Maybe I’d forgotten that too. “1972 - when you joined the Marines Corps. You caught them with their pants down, Son. It was brilliant!” I didn’t see what was so amusing about this but he roared with laughter. He saw I was mystified and tried to explain. “When they found out you’d joined, they didn’t know what to do. But, by then, it was too late to do anything.”


Project Aquarius.

“Who are ‘they’?” I asked. I was feeling like the most stupid kid in school. “The people you’re working for now!” He threw a hand out indicating to the building, then continued. “You came out of a situation in Vietnam. No normal person would have come out of it at all - not alive.” He paused. “But I’ll tell you all about that later. You and I need to get real close. You’ll be my teacher. I want to learn from you. I want to know everything about you.” We talked for another three hours. The conversation switched from my past and present to his love of southern fried chicken and the effect it had on his waistline. He was married and had a son. He sometimes smoked a pipe which I found rather endearing. He made me laugh which was quite an achievement, bearing in mind the startling news he’d told me about myself just an hour or so earlier. I felt comfortable in his presence and found it hard to believe I’d only met him properly that very morning. I believed that he would gradually fill in the blanks of my life without overloading me or causing me too much stress. He had already made a start and I was content to let him go at his own pace in his own, rather eccentric, manner. I already had enough to contemplate and work out how to deal with. In a way, I was glad I had a good excuse not to tell Cathy anything. Can you imagine her husband arriving home and declaring, “Hi Honey! Guess what I was told today? Your husband’s an ET!” I couldn’t do that to her. Even if I’d been given special permission, I wouldn’t have done that. Not even gently over time. What would the poor woman think? That her husband must’ve hit his head very hard on something and was mentally unhinged. That was what I’d thought must have happened when I couldn’t remember anything after the Vietnam episode. Now I did know a few facts, it seemed an even more appropriate explanation. My conclusion of that day was they were telling me information which I sub-consciously believed to be more or less correct.


But I wanted to see proof. I was certain of one thing, however. I was going to receive an education at the CIA’s expense that was not available to mere mortals. When I got home, the furniture had arrived. Cathy was in her element and we spent the evening moving it into various positions before deciding on the best option. I was glad of the distraction after such a mentally traumatic day. Cathy did ask me about what happened but I explained about the Oath of Secrecy and she accepted this meant I couldn’t discuss anything. She seemed to relish her new life with me at Langley and considered this a small price to pay for our huge salary and privileged living. She wasn’t much interested in military matters anyway which is what she must have assumed I was working on. Probably a new helicopter or something equally unimportant in comparison to her beloved husband’s lounger arriving safely. In the days that passed, the number of people recruited to our unit increased dramatically. When I joined, there were 7, including me. Within a couple of weeks there were 33 of us. Of course, I’d first met the other 32 when I was taken to the military facility by Blanche. We’d seen each other regularly right up to our teenage years. Now, as adults, we all looked very different and I didn’t recognise them. This was partly due to the fact I wasn’t expecting to see them but also because, due to my memory loss, I had no recollection of going to the military facility and meeting them. The spy culture at Langley also meant that nobody questioned anyone else about their past. If they did, it was meant to be reported. There was a real paranoia about secrecy. So, at first, despite the fact we’d all been such great friends as kids, none of us really spoke in much detail to the others. We all waited to see what was going to happen to us. As they all remembered our previous get-togethers, the others had a better insight of what this was going to be than I did. Our first major task was to become adept at using computers. We all seemed to do this remarkably quickly. We largely worked in


Project Aquarius.

silence, apparently concentrating on the task in hand and occasionally asking our Lieutenant tutor questions but, I can assure you, there were a lot of covert glances at each other. More so, as our numbers increased. They all seemed to know each other and were delighted to be reunited. I felt the same but assumed it was because of the reasons Jiles had told me. All but the two oldest twin boys had been born on the same date in 1953 and we were all not of human origin. Nobody walking into the computer class would have believed this. We all looked incredibly normal but the CIA and the US government obviously didn’t think we were. We all learned this at first hand about ten days after I’d arrived at Langley. We were asked to assemble in a conference auditorium. In we all traipsed and sat down. This was the first time alI 33 of us were together and I could see all the others faces in one glance. I felt glad to be with them. The icy, unfriendly atmosphere of the spy-centre fridge we were housed in, seemed to thaw. There were smiles all round and an excited atmosphere of anticipation - much like a group of holidaymakers about to set off on a cruise together. We all had name-plates in front of our seats. This was in marked comparison to the other group of people who entered the conference hall and were seated separately from us. They were all scientists, psychologists and doctors who had been assigned to work with us. Jiles was among them. Apart from Jiles, they looked nervous and apprehensive. Some didn’t seem to dare to look at us. Others glanced over anxiously. They looked like they were afraid we would vaporise them at any second. A third group consisted of military high-rankers and Langley officials in suits. Bob Lemke was among these. Their attention was mainly directed at a set of doors leading to the speaker’s platform. I was sat next to a blonde woman called Victoria and the oldest twins. One twiddled his thumbs as if this habit was an aid to his


thinking process - an outward sign that his brain cells were twirling around in heightened activity too. There was an odd, expectant silence, then the doors opened and in stepped one of the most recognisable men in the world at that time - the former United States President, Gerald Ford. He was accompanied by other Langley officials. I thought they all looked mightily pleased with themselves. The exPresident took centre-stage in front of a microphone. At first, he said nothing, just beamed around the room. He looked genuinely delighted. He clapped his hands once and exclaimed, “My God! I cannot believe it!” It seemed he wasn’t lying as he appeared to take a deep breath to recover before continuing, all the time staring pointedly at my group. “We have got every one of you here. Welcome! Welcome to Project Aquarius. You guys are the heartbeat of this project. Literally the heartbeat. You guys are going to be assigned to specific units here within Zingo. You’ll be working very closely with the people you’ll be assigned to.” He gave the scientists and doctors a cursory glance before addressing my group again. “The President wants to meet all of you guys. Believe me, he’s really keen but we want the project to get underway before this happens. I just wanted to come along and wish you well before it starts and to assure you, you’ll get all the support you need to help you with your important work. Any questions so far?” I don’t think he was expecting any but the twin sat next to me, who’d been twiddling his thumbs, raised his hand. Ex-President Ford seemed to know who he was. “Yes, Michael?” he said. I assumed he’d read Michael’s name-plate but I was shortly to be proved wrong about this. Michael said, “We know what Zingo means but I don’t think all the others do.” “Good point, Michael,” said the ex-President. Then he addressed the rest of us. “By the way, this is Michael and sat next to him is his twin brother, Daniel. They were born in 1947 and they are the two founder


Project Aquarius.

members of Zingo.” I was impressed. Ex-President Ford had either been very well briefed or he really was taking a serious interest in our upcoming project. “Zingo means ‘zion is now getting organised’. In fact, zion is sitting right here amongst us all.” I sat there wondering what exactly is ‘zion’? I didn’t get the chance to ask as ex-President Ford was continuing. “We’re gonna send every one of you to a specific college to study for specific degrees. There’ll be explained to you individually later today. During the college holidays, you’ll come back here and you’ll be taken on field-trips along with the country’s leading experts in those fields. They’ll teach you their ways, their terminologies and their procedures. Learn from them as much as you can so you know the limit of our knowledge. It’s our hope to expand that knowledge by learning as much as we can from every one of you.” His speech was greeted with polite clapping and genuine enthusiasm from everyone present. We all felt we were on a worthwhile, state-sponsored mission to increase human knowledge. It was the opportunity I’d been waiting for since I was a small, frustrated boy. Afterwards, we were all introduced to the ex-President and shook hands with him. There was also time to mingle with everyone else involved on the project. That afternoon, my unit was told that all 33 of us would attend Johnson & Wales University at Providence, Rhode Island. We were very glad we’d all be studying together. We all had different courses. These ranged from earth sciences, ancient languages, astronomy, history and biblical studies. It had been decided that I would do a theological/ historical/archaeology course covering all those disciplines. I was pleased with this but also asked to do an elected course in geophysics specialising in the study of earthquakes, volcanoes and tectonic plates. “Can you handle all that?” I was asked. I said I was sure I could.


The twins explained to me that ‘zion’ was an ancient term given to ‘the children’. The 33 of us were these children whose arrival had been prophesied. We were called ‘Star Children’ or ‘Star Seeds’ by some. Within three years since we were gathered together by the CIA, we would learn how unique our DNA, bloodline and genealogy truly was. This could be traced right back to creation. Everyone’s can in a way but not as directly as ours. This is where the terms ‘Royal Bloodline’ or ‘Star-fire Bloodline’ came from. It quickly became apparent to us that the people at Langley didn’t really have a clue about us or what we were capable of. At this stage, even we didn’t fully know. This was why the twins advised us all to rein in our inner feelings especially me. We were all told that a ‘handler’ would be allocated to every one of us. This person was basically a bodyguard who would be a shadow to the person he looked after. Jiles told us it was necessary because of the highest level of security clearance we had and because of the classified, top-secret information we would be privy to. Because this handler would be an integral part of our lives, it was important we got on. We were told that if any of us had any problem with our handler, he would be replaced - immediately and without question. Mine was to become a close friend, in every sense, and he would look after me for many years. His name was Raymond Blacker. He was clearly ex-services and, although not big or intimidating, you wouldn’t want to start a fight with him. He always had a polite but firm demeanour and wore a smart suit and tie. When he came up and introduced himself to me, he asked, “Do I call you Tommy or Eddie?” I thought about this. Jiles kept calling me Eddie and it was a chance to cast-off my tribute name to Mr. Coleman who had only once called me ‘Son’ and that was when I was a man in uniform, not the little boy who had needed his father’s parental reassurance the most. It was too good an opportunity to miss. “Jiles calls me Eddie ‘cause I was adopted…” I realised I’d already breached my Oath Of Secrecy and was annoyed with myself. “I’m not


Project Aquarius.

sure I should have told you that.” “That’s okay,” he smiled. “I’ve got the same security clearance as you and have been well-briefed on you.” I was relieved to hear this. It would have been very difficult to have kept secrets from two people that’d I’d spend most of my time with. “Call me Eddie,” I said. “Right you are, Eddie,” he grinned. And so I was unofficially renamed my birth name, Edward Michael Page. For quite a while, different people called me different names which was very confusing. To those who had always known me as Tommy, I sometimes signed myself off as ‘Edward T Page’ and still do to this day. I hoped Raymond would have a slip-of-the-tongue and call me Eddie in front of Cathy and then I’d be able to explain to her about my adoption without breaching my oath but Raymond had a too well trained, security-conscious mind to make such a gaffe. After a few months, I was given permission to tell Cathy about my adoption but no more than that. She was interested and sympathetic to what had happened to me as a baby and, afterwards, she called me Eddie. Raymond explained to me and Cathy that it was his job to look after us both but particularly me, at all times. If we left the base, he would follow us in his car, park close to where we parked and always keep us in his sight. He would follow us around shops and eat in the same restaurants - at a nearby table. Somewhat to my surprise, this level of personal security also applied within the Langley complex. When I drove out of the housing area, he would drive behind me. When I was in my office, he would be outside. If I went to the restroom, he’d wait outside. If Cathy went off base, I couldn’t leave my office until she returned and Raymond turned up at the office to escort me on my short drive home. It sounds a real intrusion and it was, but I soon got used to it. Later, I was given a pager through which we’d communicate. At times, some of the others had two handlers. Raymond carried a .45 calibre pistol and claimed to be an expert shot. He was a black-belt in Tae Kwondo and said he could kill


another man with his bare hands in seconds, if he had to. Thankfully, this need never arose. Of course, I realised this security cut both ways. Protection for me but it did curb a lot of freedoms that most take for granted. Looked at another way, I was under 24 hour surveillance in Langley prison. On the flip side, what other prison pays an inmate $150,000 a year? When I saw my first pay-check, I was willing to do anything the CIA wanted me to. I’d never dreamed of earning so much and, as all the housing was rent-free and meals were subsidised, I had hardly any expenses. Cathy was delighted at our unexpected turn of fortune too. Not that we went wild and spent it on clothes or jewellery or anything else. However, it was reassuring to see it accumulate in our bank account and to know my services were appreciated. From what Jiles had initially told me, I expected to be fully debriefed on my past, be shown proof of what he had claimed I was (or wasn’t) and to be informed about incidents such as the Roswell one more or less immediately after the first set of revelations had been disclosed. However, this didn’t happen. Jiles felt it best that I spent time with the 32 others and they told me their stories first. Then, what the government files revealed would make more sense to me. This was initially very frustrating but, in the long term, proved to be a wise move. At the start of the next university year, all 33 Star Seeds moved into accommodation in Providence. Wives, husbands and partners stayed at Langley. We were older than most of the other students studying at Johnson & Wales and stood out for that reason alone. We were also there solely to study and learn, not to party and make friends. We were grateful to the US government for investing in us and wanted to repay their investment. We were also tremendously interested in the subjects were were studying. As a result, we didn’t go out drinking or socialised outside our group. Other students considered us snobbish and snubbed us. We didn’t care. The university was like a candy store


Project Aquarius.

to us, in a way the other students could never understand. Being away together was like a family reunion. We re-bonded and were soon as close as we had been when we played at the military facility as children. I told them that, following an incident in Vietnam, I had lost most memories of my childhood. They already knew about this. The oldest twins, Michael and Daniel, seemed to know everything. In a big brotherly way, they told me I was the only one of the 33 who had stepped into the darkness of war. Our Father was displeased with me about this and the fact I’d got married. I didn’t see why he was opposed to my marriage as a few of the others were also married, although most were single. The twins said that when I had last been aboard a spacecraft, when I was 15, I had been praised for not causing a problem to the world but, in Vietnam, I had. They advised me to be placid and not to lash out or get angry in times of high emotion. I needed to tightly control my feelings and particularly my temper. This surprised me, as I didn’t think of myself as either offensive or dangerous to anyone. Then I remembered the glass cage I was transported back to the States from Vietnam in and understood the wisdom of their guidance. They said we should all be humble and helpful in our servitude to mankind. That was what our Father wanted. The twins, and all the others, tried to bring back my memory by telling me about their experience of seeing the lights and visiting Daba. Hearing their accounts did bring a lot of my memories back. I wasn’t sure I remembered everything. How would one ever know this for sure? But I eventually remembered all the seemingly important events of my childhood. This was a huge relief to me after seven years of not knowing. We often laughed at how worried our host families were when we went missing into the lights. It was a shared joke that always amused us. Our courses were scheduled to take place over four years but we all graduated within 22 months. The reason for this wasn’t solely because, in many cases, we already knew our subject matter better than some of the professors. It was because all the professors kind of


revolted against us. They felt threatened by us and didn’t want to teach us. Part of our assignment from the government was to learn what was already known. In some cases, this proved to be surprisingly little and, in others, was based on fundamentally flawed theories. When something accepted as a fact was questioned, far from considering the possibility that we might have raised a valid point, we were usually told we were wrong. Yet the professors weren’t able to explain why we were mistaken. We just were. Most of the professors had closed minds. We questioned everything. For instance, in my Bible scripture class I’d be told a passage should be given a certain interpretation. I’d point out that it could also be interpreted to mean something else that was quite different. I’d be told I was wrong and the accepted interpretation was correct. I would ask why this was the case only to be dismissed as a troublemaker and the professor would tell the class to accept his teaching as correct. If we wanted to pass the course, the professor’s answer was the one we needed to give. As Jiles had hinted at when we first met, I found a lot of human history was incomplete. When I tried to fill in the blanks, I was instructed, in no uncertain terms, not to. Daniel studied astrology. It had been a lifelong passion for him. When he went to Johnson & Wales to study it further, there wasn’t a person on the planet who knew more about astrological systems, star alignments and the implications of these, more than he did. No wonder Daniel’s professor felt intimidated. It all became rather frustrating for both parties. The result was that we all took our final exams early. Nine of us still got Master’s Degrees including me and the twins. The rest all got Bachelor’s Degrees. Mainly because they stuck to answers they believed to be correct, rather than the official right answers. All our support staff at Langley were delighted we’d all passed our courses so quickly and didn’t seem surprised at our relative scorn for


Project Aquarius.

the nation’s leading academics. During these two years at university, we returned to Langley during the holidays. We were given time-off to spend with our families but were also sent on field-trips. This was real research conducted on-site at areas of special interest, working with world leaders in that particular field. On my first field-trip I went to the Dead Sea. We had been invited there by the Israeli government, an historical society and the University of Jerusalem. My quest was to find out why some areas around the Dead Sea extending towards the Golan Heights and the border between Israel and Jordan, contained traces of radioactive particles. This wasn’t at lethal levels but it was undeniably present. There were even signs there to warn people of the danger. How could this be? We quickly found spent traces of plutonium 239. We also found fragments of human bones that had been fused together. Clearly, some catastrophe had happened there thousands of years ago - something nuclear in nature. The Bible stated that God had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (which were thought to be sited near the Dead Sea and, in later years, were confirmed to be) by raining down ‘brimstone and fire’. This is thought to refer to an earthquake, but we found traces of a by-product only formed when sulphur is heated to 6,000 degrees fahrenheit (most rock in lava form only reaches a maximum temperature of around 2,200 degrees fahrenheit). These were found as far away as 4 miles to the east of where we excavated. It was an example of how the Bible is correct in its basic facts but leaves a few key facts out - purposefully, as I was to discover. On another field-trip, I met a lady from Israel. She was the same age as us and known to the US government as having an identical background to ours. For the first time, I learned there were others like the 33 of us living in different countries. This lady taught me to understand ancient Sumerian, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew and Arabic. I say she taught me, but I found out I already knew Sumerian.


It was the language I instinctively knew as a small boy. All the others had been able to speak it too. They remembered speaking it on board the spacecraft and knew the beings we were related to were from the Pleiades star constellation. The Sumerian cuneiform writing system of scripts and tablets dated from as early as the 27th century BC. The Sumerians wrote that Gods came down from the stars. They called these stars the ‘7 Pearls of Heaven’. We looked at ancient Egyptian texts and hieroglyphics to see if they also had a connection with these stars. They did, and called them the ‘7 Sisters of Heaven’. Ancient Scottish folklore called the stars the ‘7 Weavers’ and the Pleiades name is where the word ‘plaid’, referring to the weave of tartan material, originated from. They were obviously the same stars and very important to completely different cultures separated by many miles and thousands of years. Many other ancient cultures also mention the same star system. Why were the Pleiades so important to them all? Admittedly, at certain times of the year, the Pleiades are amongst the brightest stars in the night sky and it is one of the closest clusters to Earth, so one might expect these stars to feature in civilisations who showed an interest in astronomy. However, we were able to establish a direct link through the language we all knew from birth and that which was spoken to us by the beings in the lights. We knew Sumerian and Pleiadian were one and the same. When the Hubble telescope came into use in 1990, it was discovered that the Pleiades stars were, in fact, planets which are among the closest to our own eight planet solar system - only 444.2 light years away. Remember, we had been told categorically that we were not human. Now we knew for sure where we came from and had established an important link with one of Earth’s earliest civilisations. We were shown scrolls and writings that the general public were not aware of, as they are not displayed in any museum. Nor are their photographs in any books. These writings referred to us. Not by our names but


Project Aquarius.

as ‘the children of light through thy blood of thy God creator shall come within these days of reverence’. In this context, reverence means ‘times of trouble’. The Bible calls it ‘the woes of man’. According to the others, our Father referred to it as “the great tribulations that man shall bring upon himself”. A Sumerian cuneiform also says almost verbatim what Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 states: Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness… The words ‘us’ and ‘our’ mean there were more than one. So who is ‘we’ and ‘our’? The Sumerians were absolutely clear - it was those who came from the ‘7 Pearls of Heaven’ stars. That implied mankind was seeded on Earth as a colony of the Pleiades. The Sumerians even had a name for the creator who came down. It was Jah’bh. In Hebrew and Arabic, his name was Jah. If you study ancient Hebrew teachings of a few hundred years later, he’s called Adoni Jahova which means King Jahova. Adoni also means ‘Lord’. Of course, we had an inside knowledge that no academic was privy to which helped us tie historical links together to learn the whole truth. We learned history was largely created by those in power to make them look good for their people. When they were conquered, history was rewritten and the previous civilisation was largely forgotten and misrepresented. What we learned is that history is like cream, it’ll always rise to the top - if the conditions are right. It is also worth pointing out that, out of the 33 Star Seeds, seven were female. I had seven sisters which tied in with the ‘7 Sisters of Heaven’ Pleiades star system. This was not a coincidence. After our university educations, we went back to Langley but, because of the interesting findings of our previous field-trips, some of us were sent on other trips to Israel, South America and Egypt. Everywhere we went, we found evidence that helped confirm our belief that all ancient civilisations could be linked back to the Sumerian one.


We also learned that mankind was lucky to still be walking on the planet. What we found all indicated there was a brutal and deadly war that all these early cultures referenced in some way. A war that came out of the heavens and struck at creation. What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah had not just happened at those locations, but also as far afield as India, China, South America and North America. Every time we returned from field-trips we would write detailed reports of what we had discovered and our take on what we had learned. We were questioned on our work and findings by various ‘experts’ - many of whom were anything but. Our conclusions were never released to the public. They were locked-away in the high-security bowels of Langley. More importantly, we shared all we had discovered and concluded with the other Star Seeds. Although we were working for the government, we were also working for ourselves. Learning more about who we were and what our origins were. We were doing exactly what Daba had told us to do when we were children visiting him. We didn’t yet know exactly why we were on Earth but we knew all would become clear one day. Jiles did become a close friend. So much so, I came to think of him as my ‘Earth Father’ and I can’t pay him a bigger compliment than that. We had a mutual interest in each other. He wanted to know everything I already knew and could learn. I wanted to know everything he and the government already knew about me and the other Star Seeds. Depending on your viewpoint, Jiles was either very cagey or very considerate about how much he gradually revealed to me about myself. In 1984, I was talking to him about the dreams I had as a child concerning my birth mother. To my astonishment, he suddenly asked, “Would you like to meet her? She’s still alive and lives in the Lakeland area.” Of course I did! In my dream, when I had heard her crying about


Project Aquarius.

her ‘stolen’ baby, I had told her I would find her one day and it seemed this day was now fast approaching. Jiles told me my mother’s name was Elizabeth Page but she was called Betty. He gave me Betty’s address. Rather than fly there, I decided to drive to Lakeland. I made this decision because I seldom had to drive anywhere. I hardly ever left the Langley complex. There was never any need to. I dressed in my smartest suit. I hated wearing suits thanks to Mr. Coleman’s fashion influence on me, but I wanted my mother to see her son dressed immaculately when she saw me again - over thirty years since she’d last seen me. I was also going to use the 12-13 hour drive to think about what I was going to say to her. Jiles told me she hadn’t been pre-warned of my visit. It would be a total surprise and a big shock to her, so I should prepare myself for this. I thought I would probably be in for a few shocks and surprises too. Could my life possibly get any stranger than what had already happened to me? It certainly could and rapidly did.

Ex-President Gerald Ford - the man in overall charge of Project Aquarius/Zingo.

Dr. Jiles Hamilton, my CIA mentor, hypnotist and ‘Earth Father’.


Robert (Bob) Lemke, CIA supervisor of Project Aquarius/Zingo. Photo taken outside Area 51.

Bishop Michael Colloni - The Vatican’s representative to Project Aquarius/ Zingo. Photo taken in 1988.

Me with my CIA and Area 51 IDs.

Cee Cee Stevens - one of the Project Aquarius team.

The Star Seeds graduation photo. I’m arrowed, fourth from left.


Project Aquarius. Photos taken during a field trip to the Dead Sea.

A certificate I was awarded, signed by Zecharia Sitchin who was later to become a close friend.

The entrance to the ‘Farm’, inside the CIA’s Langley HQ complex, where the Star Seeds lived and worked.

The main building of the ‘Farm’.

The chain of command regarding UFOs and other extraterrestrial research.


Chapter 9

Meeting My Mother.

I wasn’t allowed to travel anywhere without my handler and so Raymond accompanied me. When we got to Lakeland, I decided to visit the Colemans first. I wanted to clarify the issue of my adoption with them before I met my real mother. By now, the Colemans had moved from the family house I had shared with them, to an apartment. I knocked on the door and waited. Blanche opened the door. She looked surprised to see me. “My God! Tommy! Where you been?” “I’ve been here and there,” I said which was true. I certainly had been in recent years. “I got a question for you, ‘Mom’.” “Come on in,” she said, holding the door open. “Perhaps later but I’m pressed for time right now.” She looked at me uncertainly, as if sensing something unpleasant was about to unfold. “Was I adopted?” I asked. It was a simple question. I had a right to know and felt I should have been told years ago. I was expecting her to be relieved that the secret was finally out. I wasn’t angry at not having been told. I just wanted to know the truth and why what happened had occurred in the way it did. I was grateful to Blanche for all the love and kindness she had shown to a boy who had many problems, who she had no natural biological bond with but who she had raised in the very best way she could have done. What’s more, I fully appreciated the love and guidance that her father, Big Daddy, had shown to me. On hearing my question, her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. The look on her face confirmed it was true. However, instead of dissolving into tears of emotion, she became angry. “Where the hell d’you hear that?” she snapped. “From very reliable sources. I’ve been told I was adopted when I was three weeks old when you guys took me.”


Project Aquarius.

There was a silence. Then she said, “You believe what you want to believe. Go get into your car and drive off down the road. Don’t come back here again.” I was shocked at her reaction. Why was she so bitter I’d finally found out the truth? I could see she was in no mood to talk further and there was little else to be said. I’d got the confirmation I wanted - if not in the way I expected. “Okay. Thank you,” I said as the door closed in my face. Why did I thank the woman who had taken me from my birth mother? I don’t know why. She did deserve thanks for raising me but I daresay she and Mr. Coleman were very well paid for it by the US government. It was a sad end to me and the Colemans but I did as Blanche requested. I drove off down the road and never saw either of them again. As we drove off, Raymond read my face and said in a sympathetic tone, “Eddie, I think you found the answer to what you were looking for.” He was right. Blanche’s reaction explained a lot. We drove to the address Jiles had given me for Betty. It was in Webster. Not too far away from where I’d grown-up but was a much poorer area. I knocked on the door. My knock immediately started a commotion inside. It sounded like a lot of people lived there and they did. It was full of my half-brothers and half-sisters, plus some cousins. A woman answered the door who was too young to be Betty. I asked to see Betty but was told she no longer lived there. The woman told me her name was Sunny and she was the current wife of Toger - the man who owned the house. Apparently, Betty had divorced Toger and had moved a couple of blocks away. Toger was out somewhere. They asked me why I wanted to see Betty. I told them I thought she was my mother and I had been given up for adoption as a baby. To my surprise, they knew all about this and me. Sunny rang Toger and said, “One of your sons is here.” “Which one?” was his reply, or words to that effect. “Eddie,” she said looking at me. “The one who was adopted.”


She listened and then said, “I’ll tell him.” She told me Toger would be back in about four hours and, if I wanted to come back then, he’d see me. I thanked her for her help and said, depending on what happened when I met Betty, I might well return. I was told they all very much hoped I would. They were all excited to see me and seemed genuinely interested in the unexpected reappearance of their long-lost relation. Their reaction to me that day was welcoming and warm - unlike Blanche’s. It was already proving to be quite a day and was far from over. Me and Raymond drove to Betty’s new address. As I parked the car, a girl aged about 12, came out. “Can I help you?” she asked very politely. “Yes. I’d like to speak to Betty.” “She’s inside,” the girl said. “Could you please get her?” “Sure.” And sure enough, within a minute, a woman emerged. As soon as she saw me, she looked like she couldn’t believe her eyes. She hadn’t seen me for over three decades but instinctively knew who I was. As she walked towards me, she declared, “My God! I knew you’d find me, one day.” “Are you my mom?” I asked. My eyes had started to water. “Well…” she began. Then she saw Raymond, who was stood against the car. “Who’s this with you?” she asked. I introduced Raymond as a friend I worked with. She accepted this and invited us both into her home. It was a poor, modest home that Betty shared with two of my halfsisters. The wife of my half-brother was also there and the girl who met me. She turned out to be Peggy - one of Betty’s grand-daughters. She told both of them to leave the room and we sat drinking coffee. Betty was a kindly woman. I could see I got some of my features from her. Life had not proved to be very kind to her in many ways. She was


Project Aquarius.

very apologetic about what had happened to me. She told me that she hadn’t had any say in my adoption. She had come home from work just a few weeks after I’d been born to find me gone. She already had three kids before I was born and had been worried about how we’d all be fed on her and Toger’s limited income. She had asked Toger where I had gone but he had never told her and her fear of his temper was greater than her curiosity. She had often thought of me and sensed I was okay and being looked after in a far better way than she could have done. I genuinely liked her and felt both her sorrow at losing me and her joy at being reunited back with me again. I asked her who my father was? She was clearly uncomfortable about being asked this but understood why I wanted to know. She claimed my father was Toger but I could tell she was lying. I wondered why, but didn’t pursue this obviously sensitive subject and let her change it, by asking me about myself. “What do you do?” she enquired. “I work for the government.” This seemed to surprise her. I showed her my ID card. “Last I heard, you were in the Marines,” she said. This surprised me - and Raymond, I noted, out of the corner of my eye. “Who’d you hear that from?” I asked her. “Your Aunty Dot.” “Who’s Aunty Dot?” “My twin sister. She told me you’d joined the military.” I wanted to know how Aunty Dot knew but didn’t like to interrogate my mother. We were both pretty emotional and I was content just to sit and look at her. I noted her physical characteristics and mannerisms. I wished we’d met sooner. How cruel it was that, throughout my childhood, we’d lived so close, pined for each other and yet had never met. If we had bumped into each other, I wondered if we’d have instinctively known each other - as she certainly had the second she’d seen me. My only disappointment was that she knew so little about me. But how could she when we’d only spent three weeks together? I got the


impression there was more to the story than even Betty knew and so I stayed three days in Lakeland to find out all I could. The next day, I met Toger. He was a bit of a rough individual, to put it mildly. He told me he wasn’t my biological father and hadn’t a clue who was. He told me I’d have to ask Betty. I told him I had already tried to do exactly that, but she seemed confused and embarrassed by the issue. I told him I thought meeting her long-lost son was enough emotional stress for her for one day and hadn’t pressed the issue further. I learnt all I wanted to from Toger and more besides. He was very helpful, even in ways he wasn’t aware of. For a start, it was obvious he wasn’t my biological father. Not only did he deny it which was embarrassing for him to admit, but I had none of his physical features. None. Toger confirmed I was sold to the Colemans. He told me they paid him a $50 bill for me. “I knew you weren’t mine and those people were determined to have you. I had to feed my family somehow.” At least he was honest, I thought. “Toger, how did they know about me?” “I was working on a construction site at the time and Mr. Coleman was a field engineer there. He said he’d heard I’d just had a new baby. I told him I hadn’t. He was surprised and asked me if I was married to Betty? I said yes but we were getting divorced. She’d had a baby but it wasn’t mine. He said he’d make it worth my while if I let him and his wife adopt it. He said it didn’t sound like Betty would be able to care for it. I agreed. Like I told you, I needed the money.” “So what happened?” I asked. “I kind of know, but I’d like to hear it from you.” “The deal was done when Betty was at work. They just called at the house - right here - paid me and took you away. Betty was upset but…” And that was the last time any of the Page family saw me until I’d


Project Aquarius.

knocked on the door of the house I’d been sold from 31 years later. I didn’t much like Toger but was pleased he’d been so honest with me. He was even more helpful. He advised me to speak to a neighbour of his who had lived there for decades, as Toger thought this man might know something. This neighbour was Jim McCloud. He was a really friendly guy who invited me into his home and told me all he knew. Jim said, Toger had been trouble with a capital ‘T’ in his younger days. He had been a violent man who, although he wasn’t a drunk, had an unfortunate backwoods attitude towards women. When Toger snapped his fingers, he expected his woman to jump. Poor Betty was expected to clean the house, cook, produce kids and also go to work. If Betty failed in her imposed duties, Toger would beat the crap out of her. On hearing this, I felt very sorry for Betty. Jim described her as ‘lovely and deserving better’. He told me I’d had a lucky escape from a childhood under Toger, although Toger had now mellowed with age. I could see that his summation of Toger was probably very accurate. Jim said he’d heard the violence that Betty had been subjected to and seen the bruises. When Betty was pregnant with a baby who was to be my half-sister, Mildred, the beatings got so bad that he feared Betty might lose the baby. At that time, he’d owned another house nearby that was empty and he’d allowed Betty to stay in it as a kind of refuge. Not only was Mildred born but another baby was, just a few months after the first. It was all very peculiar. The arrival of this second baby had caused a lot of gossip at the time over who the father was. No-one had ever found out. Jim said that after the second baby was born, Betty returned to the family home to live with Toger. One day, when Betty was at work, he’d seen cars pull up outside the family home and a couple and three men in suits had got out. Toger was obviously expecting them as he came out carrying the baby. He’d handed the baby to the woman and been paid by one of the men. Toger had then gone back inside and the others had got back into their cars and left. The whole transaction had taken only a minute or two. Jim


had been told the baby had been adopted. He said it seemed a funny way for a child to be adopted. What he witnessed was more like how a second-hand lawn-mower would be bought. It had troubled him but then he thought wherever the baby was raised and whoever the couple were, they were probably more responsible parents than Toger would ever be. I was grateful to Jim for this information. From what he and Toger said, I hadn’t the slightest doubt about what had happened and it was the Colemans who had collected and purchased me that day. It also tied in with what Betty had said about her baby being ‘stolen’. I asked Jim if there were any rumours as to who my father might have been? All Jim knew was Toger had been furious that Betty had had a second baby. He told me that, after Betty had given birth to Mildred, she’d gone back to her job as a waitress but, one evening, hadn’t returned from work. Betty’s two other kids and the new baby were being looked after by Annie Blue - a friend of Betty’s who’d raised the alarm. Jim had gone out to retrace Betty’s route home in the hope of finding her. As he drove along, he’d seen Betty asleep on a park bench. She told him she’d been walking home from work, felt tired and sat on the bench. She couldn’t believe how long she’d been there as, by this time, it was gone midnight. Jim had taken her home. Nothing had happened between them that night, or ever, but he remembered the incident as he felt it was a bit strange. Jim recommended I spoke to Annie Blue, who still lived nearby. She had been the local mid-wife who had delivered me as well as being Betty’s close friend and babysitter. Annie was keen to reminisce and was very amused to see the man that the baby born at 2am on January 8th, 1953 had grown into. Annie said she had got a phone-call from Betty a few minutes after 2am. She remembers the time as the phone ringing had woken her up and she’d looked at her bedside clock. Betty was very distressed. She told Annie she’d just given birth to a tiny baby and pleaded with her to call round


Project Aquarius.

and help her as soon as she could. Annie rushed to help. She remembered her despair when her car wouldn’t start but she managed to get it going and hastily drove to the house Betty was staying in. As soon as Annie arrived, she checked me over. I was four months premature and very small. Betty had delivered me herself, cut the umbilical cord and used a clothes pin to clamp it off as best she could. Annie first saw me wrapped up in a towel and laying in an old shoebox as a make-do cradle. At first glance, Annie had thought I was a girl as I had long dark hair. My eyes were wide open and I seemed intent on looking all around. My eyes followed everything. What surprised Annie the most was, as she completed all the routine checks, she looked into my mouth and could clearly see three teeth starting to break through my gums. Most newly-born babies have pink skin but mine was chalkywhite. I also coughed a lot. She broke it to Betty gently that she didn’t think the baby would live very long. He was too small. Annie thought I’d be dead by the afternoon. But Betty dismissed this. She told Annie she was wrong. “The child will live because I’ve been told it’ll live.” “Who told you that? asked Annie, who knew she was the only person to have seen the baby at that stage. “Never you mind,” Betty had replied. Annie told me she felt there was something very strange about the baby. In all her midwifery experience, she’d never seen a baby remotely like me before. I asked her why, apart from the fact I was born prematurely and had long hair and three teeth. Her answer was that I was a biological impossibility. She said I had been born just five months after Mildred, my half-sister, had been born. Apparently, Betty didn’t know she had been pregnant until she had given birth to me. She confided in Betty that she hadn’t slept with Toger or any other man since Mildred had been conceived and born nine months later so how had another baby arrived in quick succession? Who was the father? She simply didn’t know and couldn’t explain it. Betty had even


been told by the local hospital that she wouldn’t be able to have any more children after Mildred had been born. The arrival of Mildred had been a problematic birth and, following it, Betty’s ovaries had been removed. And yet she undeniably had given birth to me. How? No-one knew or could explain it. Annie also said I had refused to breast-feed like normal babies do. Betty couldn’t afford to buy cow’s milk so I was given goat’s milk which was cheaper. I would lick it from the offered bottle and couldn’t get enough of it. I grew amazingly fast. Annie would check on me every few days and I appeared to be doing well until, one day, I was gone. Annie knew Betty was worried about how Toger and herself would raise four kids on their limited means but she hadn’t applied to have me adopted. Annie said Betty was distraught and heart-broken when she came back from work to find I’d been taken. Annie also confirmed that Toger Page was ‘not a very nice man in his younger days’. To my surprise, Annie said she’d found out who had taken me and had visited me as an infant a few times. This was to check on me and to reassure Betty I was healthy and being well looked after. I couldn’t remember these visits. Annie said as soon as I would have been able to remember and ask questions, she was told not to visit me anymore by the Colemans and she had respected this wish. Everything I learned tied-in with what I had been told by Daba and others. I still did not know how I was conceived, but at least I knew who the woman was who had given birth to me. It all tied into the dream I had had of the woman crying. Even Betty’s reaction did, when she first saw me again. I went back to see Betty and met some of the other Pages. They were all interested in me and very friendly. I managed to sit quietly with Betty for a while and told her that Toger was adamant he wasn’t my father. This time, she didn’t argue that he was. I asked her to tell me about


Project Aquarius.

the time she’d fallen asleep on the park bench five months before I was born. She was surprised I knew about it but told me the same story Jim had. She was working as a waitress in the cafeteria at the Five and Dime department store in Lakeland. Despite the fact she worked between 9-10 hour shifts a day, she still couldn’t afford to get the bus to and from work, so she walked. That evening, on her way home, she was overcome with tiredness as she’d been on her feet all day. She sat on a park bench and the next thing she remembered was Jim McCloud gently shaking her awake. He told her he’d give her a lift home which he did. She was surprised to learn it was gone midnight. Jim took her back to the house where she was living at the time. Annie Blue was babysitting the other three children. Everyone had been worried about her and were very relieved to see her return safe and sound. Two months after that, she began experiencing pains and went to see her doctor. He sent her to the hospital for tests and she was told she was pregnant. All the medical staff knew her ovaries had been removed and no-one could explain how she had got pregnant or was carrying the baby but the fact was, she was. She didn’t believe the medical staff but, three months after that, I was born. That was the story but it wasn’t the whole story. It was two years later, after I met my Aunty Dot, that I learned everything about what happened to Betty that night. She had confided in her twin sister and Dot told me. I then went back to Betty and asked her to confirm it, which she did. She seemed both relieved to tell me and grateful I didn’t ridicule her or think less of her. She said she had never smoked before she stopped to rest on that park bench but, afterwards, she took up the habit. This was minor but interesting. Of major interest is the dream she had when she fell asleep. She said, as she sat resting, a blue light appeared around her. She felt very relaxed as if she was floating. It was as if there was somebody with her and then others but she couldn’t see their faces. It was all a bit of a blur. The figures she saw seemed very tall. They never talked


with their lips but she heard them through her mind. They told her she was going to take a child back with her. “Whose child?” she asked. “Our child. He is going to be the Son of God. You have been chosen.” Then she was awoken by Jim. She remembered the dream but thought that was exactly what it was - a dream. She put it down to overwork and tiredness. It couldn’t be true and it couldn’t happen. But it did. Her dream became reality. At the time of her dream, her baby Mildred, or Milly as everyone called her, was just a month old. She had been born on August 15th, 1952. I was born on January 8th, 1953, by a woman with no ovaries who had not been with a man since Milly was conceived. It wasn’t a virgin birth but was even more amazing - all things considered. I met Milly. She was happy to finally meet me and we got on very well - the exact opposite to me and Sandra. I was pleased about this and to meet all the members of the extensive Page family to whom I was related. This feeling was mutual. I promised to visit them again and I did. It was great to feel wanted and this contrasted so much with Blanche and Mr. Coleman’s reaction. I wondered why they’d so wanted Betty’s baby? They already had Sandra, so it wasn’t as if they were desperate for children and couldn’t have any. If Mr. Coleman had desperately wanted a son, he didn’t show any evidence of this after he had me. Who were the men accompanying the Colemans when they paid for and whisked me away from my birth mother? They were obviously the same government men who kept coming to check on me as I grew up. When I did the long drive back with Raymond who had been by my side and had heard everything, I had a lot to think about. He added to this by saying, “You probably won’t find your birth certificate.” That was the first time I’d thought about this. Raymond knew how the CIA worked. I wondered what my birth certificate would say under the ‘Father’ heading. I’d been provided with a passport by the CIA


Project Aquarius.

to enable me to go on field-trips but I’d never applied for one which would have meant supplying a birth certificate. There was another reason why I wanted to see my birth certificate and why it might have been kept from me by the CIA. I had always thought, as much as any child can, that I had been born on January 8th, 1953. I had even asked my birth mother, Betty, this strange question and both she and Annie Blue had confirmed that was the date. That was also the date the other 30 Star Seed children had been born. However, on every single official document, from school and medical reports, right up to my army records, my date of birth was always listed as January 8th, 1954. Why was this? I asked numerous people numerous times and never got a proper answer, or any answer, in most cases. That was why I wanted to see the original copy of my birth certificate. To this date, I never have. I had to have been born in 1953 as my development in reading and writing as I turned two, three, four throughout 1955-1957 was remarkable. If I had only been one, two or three years old, it would have been truly unbelievable - even to me. I put it down to the CIA’s cloak of deception. Change his name, change his date of birth, remove his birth certificate from all files. Create confusion and doubt for those who pry. When I arrived back at my house at Langley, Cathy was asleep. She woke up and was excited I was home and had met my real mother. She was about to become a mother herself as she was pregnant with our first daughter. She had thought it best that I visited my mother on my own and was undoubtedly right about that. It was a very emotional occasion. It was to be the first of many visits and we both went to see Betty and the other Pages many times over the years. Betty got on very well with Cathy and once asked her. “Does he ever talk about ‘them’?” Cathy said I did but she hadn’t seen ‘them’ yet. Shortly after I met my mother, I flew out on another field-trip to Israel and Egypt. Jiles came with us and I sat next to him on the plane.


I asked him about my birth certificate. The very mention of it, seemed to make him uncomfortable in his aircraft seat. “Your birth certificate is sealed,” he said. “I doubt you’ll ever get to see it.” I asked him why. “Because there’s things on that birth certificate that can’t be disclosed to the public.” “Like what?” “How important you and the rest of you guys are. What we knew about your coming.” I had him captive in the seat next to me and was going to keep on grilling him. “How did you know?” “Through the church. You’ll find out in time.” I was left feeling very frustrated for the rest of the flight and for years after it landed. I still didn’t know everything about myself. What me and the others had learned about ancient world history had not been made public in any way. I thought our findings would be released and debated by academics in public, but no. It was all studied and then locked away in the Langley vault where it served no useful purpose. The CIA seemed to think it was their job to hide the truth about the planet and the wider universe we all inhabited, just in case anyone got offended or distressed. I was happy in my work and with my home life at Langley but, if the CIA thought we were all there solely for their benefit, I knew the day would come when they were in for a shock far bigger than the after-shock of any earthquake that had ever been recorded. I was also in for a few shocks myself.


Project Aquarius. Old master nativity painting with UFO. Believed to date from 1600s.

Betty, my birth mom. Taken in 1989.

Annie Blue on visits to see me. Taken in 1954.


Chapter 10

My CIA File. The CIA is the most secretive organisation in the world. Under the umbrella excuse of ‘in the interest of national security’, it keeps much information locked away from the American public. Some of this is undoubtedly in the best interest of the American public to know. America prides itself on being a democracy - a form of government where those in charge are elected by the public and are meant to work for the good of the public. That’s the admirable theory but, in practice, it has been corrupted by a few who act like strict parents in deciding what the public should know and treating their supposed citizen bosses like naive infants who cannot make a sensible decision for themselves. Surely it is the citizens’ right to decide what course of action to take on issues that directly affect them? Yet, they can only do this if they have the information in the first place. Then, if they make the wrong decision, they have only themselves to blame. To withhold such information is state censorship and goes against all the freedoms and principles of the much lauded American Constitution. This powerful, dictatorial elite remain in their jobs for decades despite periodic electoral changes in administrations and these back-room tyrants are accountable to no-one - not even their nation’s elected Presidents. The CIA is responsible for all intelligence gathering and dealings with other regimes and governments in the world. The FBI is responsible for all internal criminal intelligence and investigations within the United States borders. Both organisation’s primary objective is to keep the citizens of the United States safe from anyone intent on causing them harm. A very worthy objective overall that no-one disputes.Yet there is a moral line and, if crossed and their power is abused, the very organisations meant to keep their citizens safe can put them in jeopardy either deliberately, by being negligent, or through making the wrong decision themselves.


Project Aquarius.

In my opinion, this is what happened with the UFO sightings, crashes and their handling of the arrival of the 33 of us. We were collectively called different names by different people. We were ‘Star Seeds’, ‘Star Children’, ‘Aquarius Children’, ‘Indigo Children’, ‘Children of Zion’ and ‘Children of the Corn’ plus a few other, more derogatory descriptions. Firstly, how come me and all the other Star Seeds qualified to work for the CIA? The simple, rather humorous answer is that, as extraterrestrials live outside the United States borders, they are considered to be foreigners. Aliens, in the true sense of the word. Therefore, the information we were employed to find and divulge fell under the CIA remit which was extended to cover not only the rest of the planet outside American borders but the entire universe. The CIA had been alerted to our impending presence by a foreign state - the Vatican in Rome. The CIA tried to keep our employment as secretive as they possibly could. The CIA do not like sharing their classified files with anyone - not even their own fellow agents and employees. There are many grades of security clearance and CIA agents, senior US government officials and even the nation’s Presidents were denied access to some of the files they held. With me, they faced a problem, they had never encountered before. As Jiles said, within minutes of meeting me, they wanted to know everything about me but, due to my Vietnam episode, I only had very hazy memories of what had happened in my life up until the point where I had been found in the rice field. Following that, the authorities tried everything to try and get my memory back. This included threats, weeks of questioning locked in the naval hospital at San Diego and bringing people like my fellow pilots and Cindy to me to reminisce about the times we shared before I’d gone to Vietnam. Then I was given a tour of Lakeland to see things like Big Daddy’s grave and the Marine Corps recruitment office where I’d enrolled.


Finally, I was subjected to the extreme pressure of a preliminary Court Martial hearing. They must have known I had served with distinction but hoped the possible threat of a life prison sentence would somehow jolt my memory back. It didn’t and none of their other tactics had the desired effect either. This meant that when I was ‘retrieved’ to join the CIA, my memory was still largely dysfunctional when it came to remembering my childhood and years up to the day of that fateful battle. Although, the other 32 recruits to Project Aquarius seemed familiar to me in some way from the times we had met at the military facility as we grew up, I did not know who they were or why they seemed vaguely familiar. When we all went to university to do our various courses. they spoke to me about their experiences and meeting me at the military facility and I could remember these get-togethers but only with their prompting. This left all the other experiences I’d had by myself, when there was no-one else present to remind me about them. The CIA had two last cards to bring into play to help get my memory back. The first was my CIA file which had been started to be collated from before I was born. It was impossible for the CIA to find out who I was and everything about me if I didn’t even know myself. Most of other 32 were never allowed to see their files, but I was. If you had asked me before I saw my file how seriously the US government had taken me during my childhood, I would have given a mixed response. It was true that every time I said something or showed some knowledge or educational advancement beyond my age, government men had turned up at my home to verify what Blanche had reported to them. I also had religious ministers visiting me, but I thought they were trying to influence my beliefs and steer me towards their particular religion rather than learn anything from me. The truth was probably a mixture of both. The one time I had claimed something of truly monumental proportion - my Kennedy assassination dreams - no action had been


Project Aquarius.

taken to prevent it. Surely, if I was considered a credible source of information, something would have been done to prevent the most popular President in the recent history of the United States, having his life so dramatically cut short. It’s true that afterwards I was interrogated by various government men for a number of days but I thought this was just to cover a few incompetent Secret Service agents’ asses. It was Jiles who persuaded Bob Lemke to let me see my file and I owe Jiles a huge debt of gratitude for that. In fairness, they didn’t seem to take much persuading. This was probably because they thought I should have known most of it as I had written quite a number of the documents it contained and their reason for showing it to me was for their benefit as much as mine. This event happened after all the Star Seeds had returned to Langley having finished our educational courses. I was called to Jiles’s office. I had previously asked him more questions about how the CIA knew about the Star Seeds than he had been able to ask me. Jiles proposed a deal. He said if I went to the cafeteria and got two cups of black coffee, one of which was for him, he would present me with something on the outside veranda. Off I went to get the coffee. When I joined him outside, Jiles had made himself at home at the most remote table on the veranda. On it was my CIA personnel file. Jiles smiled and handed it to me. It was like Santa Claus presenting a small child with a Christmas present. Then he sat back in his chair and lit a cigarette, gauging my reaction to what I was about to see as I proceeded down memory lane. My file was a large binder containing plastic wallets in which documents had been inserted. I should have started at the beginning and worked methodically through it but I couldn’t resist quickly flicking through the whole thing. It had been methodically organised and contained a complete record of my life from before I had been born right up to my resignation from the Marine Corps. My first


impression was that I was amazed that they had many of the notes or letters that Blanche had encouraged me to write almost as soon as I could write. She hadn’t stored them away as keepsakes but had passed them onto the government men who, in turn, must have passed them on to a CIA filing clerk. I took a deep breath and began at the beginning. There were the biblical and other ancient references about the prophesies and then letters from Catholic Cardinals about arrival of the oldest twins and the other Star Seeds. The first major CIA document which seemed to confirm everything was dated February 10th, 1953. Here is an exact transcript: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON 25 D.C. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR FEBRUARY 10TH, 1953 We are locating everyone that has been notified at this time. We have especially found the third child at this time. This male child is in Lakeland, Florida and a team and host family are waiting for your reply. The administration staff have been notified at this time. The following procedures must be taken for these children as instructed by the Vatican. A. No harm or disruptive measures are to be taken. B. Once the child has been taken, all care is administered. C. Contact the following protocol as trained for. Reply to this office as soon as possible and take children to the assigned areas. The twins have Not been any problems as told to the directors. They have been placed in High Bridge New Jersey at this time from where they had been born. Implications of National Security must be maintained at all times. All local law agencies have been ordered to stand down until the extractions have been completed. This shall fall under the highest classification as possible and notify once completed. May I remind you, strict attention must be made


Project Aquarius.

to the male children as it is stated that one - possibly two are the reported Abaddonius beings. Comply with trained protocol with discretion and safety. Classification again, under UMBREA g19… President Notifications…Allen Dulles When I read this, it was still classified but it was released into the public domain in November 1986 and a photocopy of the released document is included in the photographs. It confirms that I was born in 1953 although, for some reason, my year of birth was 1954 on nearly all official documents including all my school reports. It proved the link with the Vatican and the fact we were all taken from our birth mothers and placed with host families. I had been told this happened to me approximately three weeks after I was born. As my birth mother lived in Webster and this document says I was in Lakeland by February 10th my forced adoption had already happened and the host family, the Colemans, were awaiting instructions as to how to care for me. The CIA was wrong about the “possibility” of two Abaddonius beings. The G19 refers to the highest security clearance that exists in the United States. It is above even the President’s level. In 1986, when the document was released, all the Star Seeds were working for the CIA and we thought it was the start of making us known to the public. Maybe that was the intention but, in those days, there was no internet and no-one outside the CIA really understood what was being discussed and why. There was no reference to UFOs or extraterrestrials which would have drawn immediate attention to it. Only now, when the public is being told the full story of the Star Seeds through this book, does the document take on huge significance. Another interesting document listed Dr. Dorman and the priest Cressler who visited me. I thought he was a priest as he often accompanied Lester Serr, but it seems he was a doctor. This document had my year of birth as 1954. It also stated that a host family was ‘on standby’ yet listed ‘Coleman, G.T.’ as ‘Co-hdlr assg’ which I assumed meant ‘handler assigned’. Here is an exact transcript:


Handwritten Sealed only Ultra has Seen It Title: Record/com stat…Page, Edward, M DOB: 01/08/1954…...F Co-hdlr assg: Coleman, G. T. Press size…... Nsa/Code: Ultra/33/MJK! @ PHD/DR>>… Dorman, Fred, C. Stenson, Larry, M Kramer, Floyd, W Sewell, Diane, C Dyuan, Larry, Von  Cressler, Miles, T Notes/and Legal Format to follow…..Project Aquarius. Records/file no. 132674 hanegroover 1954... aqr/3191 Classification…Ultra? Filed same. Host/Monitors…. Coleman, G.T./Blanch, A Location…FLORIDA {Central} Birth Certificate…..Filed/Ultra…. Non-Obtainable Resources Code…..Cls/Ultra 33 ATS/eyes only/MJK!@ NOTES: The following records are to be kept stored away until further notice by the given order of the chief liaison…OIC. Said name being is a small male and shows all the characteristics from texts that were presented during forum/1922. The host family are to be kept on files as time and that all and any records of this name subject be Filed in the following base until otherwise noted by security personnel and charged of said being. It is known that this is the third child to be found and the other two at this time have no knowledge of the others. The next Ten/10 years are for the study and to witness any abnormal movements or body functions to be warranted with set male. Noted Finds……010851 1. Mark on lower back/skull 2. Births same /other two 3. Birth is noted as the same as others. 4. Birth is identical as others.


Project Aquarius.

5. Mothers not sure how birth happened.  6. Fathers not known/found. 7. Bloodline identical  0-RH 79.5% acknowledged. 8. Hair/growth identical…… Brown color. 9. Teeth are present already 10. Follow manual to Chapter 11 rate for instruction. Children will not be of normal patterns as noted from normal children, will eventually know about themselves and the past must keep tabs on these as they will wonder and search out sources that are not present. Dreams will become very vivid for the process of where they have been and what they know. The Dioceses   must be notified ones any special signs appear, nightmares, visions, dreams apportion, THESE SAID CHILDREN SHOULD BE ALLOWED ONLY A NORMAL LIFE OF THAT OF HUMAN CHILDREN, BUT ONLY TO PROTECT THEM FROM OTHER LEGIONS THAT MIGHT ARISE FROM TIME TO TIME. The Hebrew name of that is known as ABILE or ABILLA - the enlightened one for the son of Christ, the messenger of much internal knowledge that will come forth in the last days. The one to watch the closest as it is stated that this one holds the eternal truths of the enlightened ones as told in the early books references to God’s children. AND THE ONE WHO HOLDS THE KEY DEATH ITSELF. ALL WHO COME IN CONTACT WITH THIS MALE SUBJECT, MUST BE KNOWLEDGEABLE (illegible) HAPPEN WITH THIS CHILD TO BE INSTRUCTED (illegible) NOT FALL INTO FOREIGN HANDS OR MISSIONS AT THIS TIME. Ultra status will be kept by the staff and medical teams associated with this male being. All orders pertaining here are to be sent to NSA/cia 2707??? file ETP Coleman Signed by Thorton, Elliot Copy: nsa  Cia Dod


……f7/records ……vat/rm/papel Rotelli  Data facts: as stated: Magdalene site 1=Twins for an identical at 2 AM in Torbury, New Jersey. Mother single - 2720 days later, we now have The Third Child. The mother - single. Both women stated to have some sort of strange dream occurrence, then became pregnant. The one at site two had all ovaries removed in September from her third pregnancy. All verified. The Vatican records to confirm these children, only say they are Toltra Masda/ records call for nine - 12 children and 8th January at the exact time I haven’t read it but Cardinal Benjamin Portatelli and Cardinal Martello Saheimlia. Title as golden angels. The third male child is in Lakeland Florida, it needs to be retrieved a.s.a.p. We have a host family as standby required notice upon receipt Signed: Dr. Elliott Thorton Washington DC Copied: Jiles Hamilton Next, there was documentation about how I had been ‘retrieved’ from Betty. I noted there was no consent agreement, either from her or Toger Page. The two men in suits who had accompanied the Colemans and were witnessed by Jim McCloud obviously worked for the government. They had overseen the transaction whereby I had been purchased for a $50 bill but Jim had never said he saw Toger sign anything official and there was nothing in the file to dispute Jim’s account. There were no official adoption forms either, although I had seen on the US database that my name had been officially changed from Edward Michael Page to Groover Thomas Coleman. There was no copy of a birth certificate. Jiles had told me that one did exist but was ‘sealed’. I wanted to see who the father was listed as and what the year of my birth was, but I didn’t bother questioning Jiles about this at that moment in time as I wanted to see what was in the file, not query what wasn’t. There were early doctor’s reports that just stated I was healthy and putting on weight. Others said my physical development as regards teething, crawling and walking was in advance of my age. There


Project Aquarius.

were also reports from researchers who had analysed my reading and writing abilities but not reached any particularly startling conclusions. There were reports from all those who had observed all of the Star Seeds during our trips to the military facility. All these just stated what we had been asked to do and done. How we inter-related with each other, what we had liked to eat. There were examples of drawings I had done. There were numerous references to me as the ‘3rd child’ rather than calling me by my name. I was not Betty’s third child nor Blanche’s. To my surprise, there was a letter from Annie Blue, the midwife, to Betty. The date on this indicates I was born in 1953. This is a transcript of what she wrote: March 13, 1953 We have not done the correct thing these days on many matters of my life. My baby boy was taken today and not once does my heart felt so empty. I hope all can heal in time, they say it does. I cannot ever to wish harm to these people, after all they are so much more richer than I. Yet Toger allows all of this to take place. You know Betty, life is hard and it’s what makes us grow into what we’re to be in later life. The very facts of this baby, how he came into the world is an oddity in itself. What do you tell others, the siblings that this baby brother is not one of them. Uh not we didn’t believe you, but it’s a better understanding of why? I can say that Toger didn’t flinch when he took that money. You are totally better off than they are. What shall you do now? I have not an answer, but the healing must start. I given that is the best I can do. Allow us to help with your well being. Love, Annie I was touched that she referred to me as her baby boy. Apparently, she considered all the babies she delivered as hers. I knew she had been delighted that the premature baby had survived longer than the few hours Annie had originally feared. I had no idea she had cared about me as much as she obviously had - even to the extent of even worrying about me after I’d left her care. My CIA file was clearly


going to be a bit of a roller-coaster ride for me emotionally - and so it proved to be. There was a letter to Betty from Sister Blackwelder which was undated but clearly written just after my adoption. I was surprised Sister Blackwelder knew who my birth mother was though it was kind of her to write to console her. Sister Blackwelder mentions a convent which is not where female Mormons reside. This is a mystery and the only explanation I can think of is that Sister Blackwelder did not want my birth mother to know she was a follower of the Mormon Church. Possibly, this might have added to Betty’s anxieties rather than allayed them. It didn’t much matter as, when I asked Betty about it, she denied ever having received the letter. It must have been intercepted before it reached her and ended up in my file. Here is an exact transcript of the letter: Dear Betty The baby is doing good as he is settled into his new home. The Colemans will take great care of him and love him as you would. Do you know that we have waited a very long time for this child return. It is best for all concerned in this matter. He truly brings joy to us all. We here at the convent assure you - he will grow into the priest he was ordained to be. Yes - there are others like him and as the prophecy says, more to follow. We are living in graven times sister, these children are surely mentioned in the bible. The children of light, children of Royal blood, lineage throughout time. It will be best he be raised with others like himself - his own kind. I hope I have calmed you down, assured you of his well-being. Call me if anymore questions come forth. God Bless You Sister Blackwelder There was another letter sent to my Aunty Dot - Betty’s twin sister - five months before my birth and written just two days after Betty’s strange conception. This one was also never received by the intended


Project Aquarius.

recipient. Here is an exact transcript of it: August 17, 1952 Dora, Betty needs your assistance on a matter she says happen late two nights ago. She fell asleep from work, when she awoke up she was out in the Kathleen, Paul picked her up. She claims that something took place and a person stated she will have a male boy of divine properties. I don’t think she drinks, but she says it’s true. Now we need to talk to her. If you can do that, come by. Sad to think she just had that baby girl, now the thought of another one. But she does have some bruising on her backside and she is unsure at this time. I hope she can seek help, the Pages surely will not help. It stormed like hell the other night, Paul said she was dry as could be. Strange. Anyway, come by, bring Betty with you. Best Of Times, Shirley P.S. Betty stated the person who told her looked like an angel, tall, very handsome, long white hair, a sort of brightness. Strange. Come by. Kathleen is an area in Lakeland where Betty was found on the park bench. Shirley was a friend of Betty. Paul Brown was a friend of Jim McCloud. Jim was the one who found Betty, a fact which Betty and my Aunty Dot had confirmed but Paul also went out looking for Betty when she didn’t arrive home from work. Maybe Paul told Shirley the story and she somehow thought Paul had found Betty, not Jim. There were family photos that had been taken of me. Two of these included Annie Blue. These proved that what she had said about visiting to check on me in my infancy, was true. There were many notes and reports from Blanche on my early progress. Some of these were from phone calls she’d made and then reports made by government officials who’d visited me to see for themselves that Blanche’s claims were accurate. Her claims about my writing ability were clearly not exaggerated as


my first letter was dated 1956 when I was just 3 years old. 1956 Tommy Coleman Jr. I wish to play, but asked when and where I am, I have come back. My name is in many teachings, but who does listen to these things all wish to know? The DSC are an extension of my people from the stars and who we are. The Mormon Book is false and a real lie, call it fraud. Yet the appearance of Jesus here, you ask am I the Messiah? No, my name is Abiel, thy messenger from thy father Alphra. I will leave it at that. Tommy. The DSC was my shorthand for the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I must have written that letter in a mood of frustration following a good grilling and attempted manipulation from Sister Blackwater whose gifts of soda and candy had not had the desired effect on me. There were other examples of homework she set me to read and learn. I didn’t see why this would have been of interest to the CIA, unless it was considered an example of how advanced my intellect was or how I was being attempted to be brainwashed. There was no date on this so it could have been set for me at any time during my childhood: THE BOOK OF MORMON Article of Faith No. 8: We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Objective: To know that the Book of Mormon to be true. MORE VOICES FROM THE DUST By HUGH NIBLEY Now with the discovery (of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and admission of the existence of typical New Testament expressions, doctrines, end ordinances well before the time of  Christ, the one effective argument against the Book of Mormon collapses. Within the past year a distinguished European scholar has written an ambitious study of the Book of  Mormon, in


Project Aquarius.

which  he  praises it as the most significant work of historiography to appear in America, but at the same time denounces it as a fraud and forgery, stating as his proof that “the character of the forgery is made clear by the revamping of biblical accounts and expressions, especially in the founding of the Church, baptism, and sacrament as accompanying the appearance of Christ in America,” That is exactly what was held against the scrolls when they first appeared and almost up to the present moment; they were accused, like the Book of Mormon, of being nothing but a phony rehash of the Bible, with a new slant on particulars and a total incongruous setting, And had not the evidence continued to pour forth, year after year and cave after cave (“discoveries tread on the heels of discoveries,” says Mr. Cross) , the learned could never have been persuaded to admit that the documents were anything but clumsy forgeries… The discoveries at and near Quram now prove that such people not only existed, but that they also produced a peculiar type of literature, and it is to the Book of Mormon that one may turn for some of the most perfect examples of that literature. And so the voices whispering out of the dust on the shores of the Dead Sea may yet provide some of the most powerful confirmation of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. (Excerpted from the Instructor 91:72 (March, 1956) Memorization: Ezekiel  37:15-17-- The word of the Lord came again unto me, saying, More­over, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of  Israel his companions: and join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand, ASSIGNMENT: Read Moroni 10, verses 4 and 5, and follow Moroni’s exhortation, Memorize the ninth Article of Faith. Come prepared next Sunday with a list of five revelations which you consider the most important. MESSAGE OF INSPIRATION: It is a commandment of the Lord that we shall remember God morning and evening and, as the Book of Mormon tells,“us at all times.” We should carry with us the spirit of


prayer throughout every duty that we perform in life. Why should we? One of the simple reasons that appeals to my mind with great force is that man is so utterly dependent upon God: ----------Joseph F. Smith Sister Marie Blackwelder FOREORDINATION AND PRE-EXISTENCE OBJECTIVE: To realize that our mortal life is only a phase between two other parts of eternity, all of which influence each other. “Now the Lord had shown unto me, Abraham, the intelligences that were organized before the world was; and among all these there were many of the noble and great ones; And God saw these souls that they were good, and he stood in the midst of them, and he  said: These I will make my rulers; for he stood among those that were spirits, and he saw that they were good; and he said unto me; Abraham, thou art one of  them; thou wast chosen before thou wast born.” From William Wadsworth, “Ode on Intimations of Immortality.” Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath bad elsewhere its setting And cometh from afar; Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home: Heaven lies about us in our infancy! “There are five definite stages of development of the human soul: intelligence, which always existed; spirit bodies of which God is the Father; mortality, which was optional; disembodied spirits between death and the resurrection; and resurrected, immortal souls. That we help to condition ourselves in each stage for the one which is to follow seems reasonable and logical.” President Hugh B. Brown Here we are a handful of people out of some twelve or fourteen hundred millions of people; and my faith in regard to this matter is


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that before we were born…were chosen to come forth in this day and generation and do the work which God has designed should be done. Wilford Woodruff GENERAL ASSIGNMENT - NEXT WEEK Memorize John 17: 3-5 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent, I have glorified thee on the death: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do, And now, 0 Father, glorify thou me with thine self , with the glory which I had with thee before world was.  What can I do during the week to help improve the status of someone who has not been so fortunate as I?            If each of us could say each day that he has finished the work for that day our Father gave us to do! Sister Marie Blackwelder Catholic Volgate 2:61 Quite an assignment for a young boy! There was another example of some biblical homework I was set which was set by a woman called Jeny. She was another religious minister who visited me for a while. This was her assignment: BIBLE PASSAGE (gathering) Deut: 30 2-5 when thou, Israel “shalt return unto the Lord thy GOD AND SHALT OBEY HIS VOICE ACCORDING TO ALL THAT I COMMAND THEE THIS DAY, THOU AND THY CHILDREN, WITH ALL THINE HEART, AND WITH ALL THY SOUL: THAT THEN THE LORD THY GOD WILL TURN THY CAPTIVITY, AND HAVE COMPASSION UPON THEE, AND WILL RETURN AND GATHER THEE FROM ALL THE NATIONS, WHITHER THE LORD THY GOD HATH SCATTERED THEE. IF ANY OF THINE BE DRIVEN OUT UNTO THE OUTMOST PARTS OF HEAVEN, FROM THENCE WILL THE LORD THY GOD GATHER THEE, AND FROM THENCE WILL HE FETCH THEE: AND THE LORD THY GOD WILL BRING THE INTO THE LAND WHICH THY FATHERS POSSESSED, AND THOU SHALT POSSESS IT: AND HE WILL DO THEE GOOD, AND MULTIPLY THEE ABOVE THY FATHERS.”


Tommy Please read - and study these words. I think they will help you. Jeny There were more medical documents on my growth notes either made by Blanche or reported by her over the phone and written up by government men. The next letter was one written by me in 1957 when I was 4 years old. Here’s the transcript: June 25, 1957 I wondered who that called me these day? The boy, the godchild, the freak as those call me. Yes, I can write my name. Groover Tommy Coleman Jr. Who do they think they are. Tell me to write, to draw, these men in white coats-pants are amaze at me. So I will do as they wish. This is my moms Desoto Car, blue - and - white, she loves this car, she tells all the people that Coleman got it for her. Let’s see what else I can draw. This is a great pyramid I see - my flying craft from my place. Faster than a Desoto Tommy Coleman Jr The next letter was undated but must have been written about the same time. It was a written account of one of the dreams I’d had. I hoped it would help people realise what was coming and I put in biblical references I’d seen, to help authenticate my findings. There was no evidence my dream had been analysed or what had been thought of it, but at least it had been carefully filed away. Here’s the transcript: Think about it??? 2028-------------Return 1957-------------Now A fearful flock of evil ones ready for joy of eating flesh came, flew over the host of the Gods, a cloud that darken the sun. The wind continually fluttered the battle banners, trouble in all thy eyes, trembling horses, and elephants, the great silvery disk were seen. Suddenly the monstrous serpents of Hadel as black as soot, scattered their poison from their upraised heads, a frightful form, appeared upon alphras armies. The sun was a ghostly robe, as terrible snakes,


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all curled together to mark its deathly joy. The one of death, all thy demons, before the very disk, bright as the sun, jackals bayed at the death Hadel unleashed upon all of Meghaduto Brahma. For they lapped at the blood of all Holy ones and thy Aryon, the Kings of the Gods, had fallen in the great battle from above. Christ? 2 Nephi 2 Mosiah 3,4 Moroni 8 Alma 11,12,32,34,40-43 2719 Cherub Greek 3162 - Machaira M=mache 4501 - Rhomphaia Romans 8:13 Oh sacred Blackbird, thy Zeliah awaits Hadel. Jerimiah 51: 45-57 Jerimiah 52: 31-34 Here is the dates noted. The next letter was the 1959 one I wrote when I was age 6 concerning the dream I had about my birth mother which I included in the chapter about my childhood. Now I saw it again. In 1961, I was 8 years old and was regularly seeing the lights and being taken up into the spaceship. Normally, I was returned to my bedroom but, this time, I found myself riding my bicycle in the street. It was early in the morning and I was seen by a neighbour, Mr Edison, who was out walking. He asked me if I’d had any breakfast? When I told him I hadn’t, he kindly invited me to his home to have breakfast with him and his wife. My disappearance had worried Mr. Coleman who had lost his temper with me, hence this letter written by me whilst brooding in my bedroom that evening. This is exactly what I wrote: April 15, 1961 I sit tonight in my room and think about the day’s events. Mr. Coleman


told me I will do as he says or he will ship me away to a place I wont like. He didn’t like it because Mr. Edison calls me a son. I like the word, I wish he was my earth dad. Mr. Coleman doesn’t like it cause I try to tell him and mom about the things at night. I have angels and daba come and call me. He found me this morning out in the street, I went flying in a real bom-rang! Really, but Mr. Edison found me on my bike coming home, I had breakfast at his house this morning, eggs, toast - Jelly, grits - milk. Mr. Coleman talks bad about me at times, but he says I’m his meal ticket to a better carreer, what ever means. But mom doesn’t take up for me at times, she acts if she is afraid. I wonder, yet ms little-goody two shoes Sandra poks fun at me. Calls me a little snot, she’ll might just get hers one day - soon. Tommy I got quite emotional at what I saw. It was like going back in time. I don’t think anyone could ever prepare themselves for something of this nature. Particularly in my case, as my memory was still incomplete and much of what I saw was new to me and came as quite a shock. I didn’t like going through it all in a public place and said I’d like to take the file to my office. Jiles understood and said I could and he wouldn’t accompany me. Before I left, he tried to keep me calm as he could see I was becoming upset and angry. He told me to focus on my inner-self. He stated that all the Star Seeds were very important to the agency - me, especially so. It was important that everybody, including the CIA, had a greater understanding of who the Star Seeds were and where we came from. He said mistakes had been made in the past but reassured me that everything would be alright in the future and not to let my emotions take control over me. His words echoed the advice the twins had given me. That was timely as, at that moment, I felt very angry about my forced adoption. I felt I had been robbed of my natural childhood with my real mother. I told Jiles this. He replied that I was not a normal child - just like the other Star Seeds. We had all been born under stranger than imaginative circumstances that had been predicted in


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prophesies. Our education and learning skills were off the charts. What we somehow knew about life itself and the destructive instinct that mankind had unfortunately embraced would, hopefully, one day lead to a radical rethink. It would be a big task but I was in the best place to try and make it happen. He ended his pep-talk by saying how much he personally appreciated being able to have a cup of coffee with one of God’s own children! That joke was so Jiles. I appreciated his words of wisdom and, much calmer and assured, set off for my office clutching the file like it was part of my very being - which it was. I locked my office door and sat down to continue reading through my file. Memories I had been deprived of for years, flooded back. I was enthralled by the insight back to my childhood. I had to keep getting up and walking around. I wanted to think about each document I saw but I was also keen to see the next one. What I read triggered thoughts beyond what I had written and the time period I had written them in. It raised all manner of questions inside me. Why had my childhood ‘best buddy ready’ Cindy died? Why had I not died in Vietnam? I tried to stay focused but it wasn’t easy. In late June or early July 1963, I had the first of my dreams concerning the upcoming assassination of President Kennedy. Blanche’s reports of these were listed as were further confirmation reports from the men who visited to talk to me about them. Most disappointingly, there were no reports of what action was taken or even why it was not, but I suppose as nothing was done there would be no reports. However, there was a letter written to someone called Maverick. Whether Maverick was an actual person’s name or a codename, I was never able to find out. This is what the letter said: 7/9/1963 Dear Maverick, This is the remarks made by the boy concerning JFK. The following is addressed as we knew it,


1. Stated he saw the President in a black limo. 2. Jacqeline next and then man in front, another lady next. 3 First shot rang out by a trestle, second shot from the book depository site, 6th floor window, eighth-west wing, third shot from spot, fourth, grassy area left of junction box, fourth shot from building again, fifth shot from junction block - the fatal one. 4. The kid saw this, the notes on him are in file 16 - Coleman Jr. The mayhem tells us this is the third child as Doc Switzer, Doc Bremer told all about. The first two boys have been isolated. What should we do now? Some do not wish to get near this male boy, least of all me. There seems to be an eerie vibe from him! But the SS have been notified, but won’t comment on the President. Please disregard my other comments this time. I’ve seen too much not to believe, he is the prophesied child. Next move? Paul Ampheims This was confirmed by another document. This one was dated 14th September, 1963 and even gave the time I was interviewed. I can’t remember the interview, perhaps because they were calling around so frequently. This is what the report stated: COMMENTS TOLD BY SAID MALE CHILD…TOMMY COLEMAN…TOOK PLACE ON OR AROUND 13:55/9-14-63 SAW THE PRESIDENT SHOT IN THE BACK OF A CAR. THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE RUNNING EVERYWHERE TO ESCAPE FROM THE FIRING OF THE GUN. THE SHOTS WILL RING OUT OVER THE GRASS AND THE BRIDGE. YOU KNOW WHO HE IS AND YOU TALK TO HIM AS A FRIEND ON THE PHONE. IT WILL BE IN HIS HOME PLACE AS I SEE IT AND I HAVE TOLD YOU AND THE TWO OF YOU DO NOT CARE, NOR DO ANYTHING. HE IS YOUR LEADER AND BECAUSE HE WANTS TO TALK TO


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MANY LIKE ME, YOU ARE GOING TO LET HIM DIE, RIGHT? WHERE DID I COME FROM AND WHY AM I HERE? COMMENTS FROM S/S: WE HAVE TALKED TO THE CHILD AND FIND NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY AND WILL NOT RESPOND ANY FURTHER ON THE MATTER. THE PRESIDENT ELECT WILL NOT BE BOTHERED WITH THIS ANY FURTHER. BRUCE J. ALLISON…LIASON LT S.S, WASHINGTON D.C. Following another Kennedy dream, the government men arrived very early in the morning of October 23rd, 1963 to see me. Blanche told me they wanted to make sure I was completely healthy. Dr. Dorman had also called and taken me somewhere fairly close to where I lived where I underwent the most thorough medical assessment I’d ever had by doctors I’d never seen before. I was wired up to machines and a blood sample was taken. I also was taken through a series of psychological tests and asked a lot of questions I was happy to answer. The doctors were all very gentle and friendly. At the end of it all, I was taken home. I wondered what the results of the tests would be. I was never told. I didn’t know if Blanche and Mr Coleman were. If so, they never said anything to me. I wasn’t worried, as I knew I was perfectly healthy. Only now, did I see the report that was done following this medical examination. This is what was written: NAME: GROOVER THOMAS COLEMAN DOB: 010854 HEIGHT: 4:11 WEIGHT: 67.4 DATE OF TESTING: 10/23/1963 TIME: 08:30AM SITE: SECTION10 ROOM#3 BLOOD TYPE: O NEG/KH………………CONFIRMED MATCH OF GOLDEN ANGELS………...CONFIRMED MATCH OF THE WHITE T/J…………….CONFIRMED NUMBER OF FINDS AT THIS TIME/CASE NO….CONFIRMED#3… CS#12305…3191…LO262AW3




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DR. JERRY WILLIAM HOWELL…PHD/NEO…ORLANDO MC ORLANDO FL…1963 DR. SYLVIA LYNDSEY…PHD/CHILD CHY…MEDART/CEN LAKELAND, FL…1963 DR. JOEL L. HALL…PHD/CHILD DEV…MEDART/CEN LAKELAND, FL…1963 FINAL ASSUMPTION: IT IS MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION THAT SAID NAME CHILD/ GROOVER T COLEMAN…IS OF VERY STRONG AND SOUND MIND AT THIS TIME. I CAN NOT FIND NOR DETECT ANYTHING ABNORMAL The letter that Blanche wrote to her parents when I was in the custody of the government men and being questioned about how I knew details of the President’s assassination, I saw for the first time. I included it in the earlier chapter as I thought it was most relevant there. When I next stayed with Big Daddy, he did mention he knew about what had happened to me but only in an off-hand, casual way like, “I heard you had a bit of excitement.” How Blanche’s letter to him ended up in my CIA file, I don’t know for certain, but can only assume they asked for all paperwork connected to it and Big Daddy handed it over. He was aware of the difficulties I faced growing-up but he, more than anyone else, gave me a sense of normality and I’m sure he didn’t want to become like all the others who were trying to get information out of me. Whatever I knew and whatever I would grow up to be, wasn’t his concern. He just wanted to give me a good grounding in life and as many happy memories of my childhood as he could. I was special to him only in that I was a young, enthusiastic kid who shared his interest in trains. Having said that, he would have been keen to help them understand me and would not have hesitated to give them the letter if requested to do so but, like some of the other letters, it might have been intercepted before it reached its intended recipient. Using my G19 security clearance, I decided to investigate the classified Kennedy files pertaining to his assassination. When I was questioned as to why I wanted to view what wasn’t scheduled for


public release until 2038, I used the convenient pretext that I wanted to confirm whether the information I had given to the government men was correct. Thankfully, no-one disputed my right to do this. The famous Zapruder cine film had been released in 1975. I had seen it at that time and was startled at how close a resemblance it bore to my dream. The location, the open car, the occupants, the crowd. That was all identical. The only detail that was different was the proximity of Jackie Kennedy to her husband when his head explodes from the impact of the bullet. In the film, she is almost leaning in front of him as he sits slightly slumped forward, having already been hit from behind by one bullet. The last bullet must have missed the First Lady by a few inches, at the very most. In my dream, I did not see her at all at that tragic moment. I just saw President Kennedy’s head explode exactly as it did in reality. That’s why it shocked me so much, just as it shocked the nation when they eventually saw it in 1975 - much as I had viewed it way back in the summer of 1963. I listened to an audio track recorded at the time of the assassination. Five distinct shots can be heard. Despite this clear evidence, the Warren Commission concluded “The weight of the evidence indicates that there were three shots fired”. From the files I saw, it definitely did not. There were many statements from those who had lined the route also stating they had heard five shots. However, five shots would not have tied-in with the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Of course, the fact the President’s head went back from the impact of the last bullet rather than forward, which it certainly would have done if that final shot had been fired from the Book Depository building which was behind him, is also not accounted for. The first shot did come from behind and he slumped forward. The shot that caused his head to explode and literally blew part of his skull back onto the car boot which the First Lady attempted to retrieve, did not originate from the same location as the first shot. It is clear to anyone that this shot came from the front - the opposite direction to the first one that hit the President and also another bullet that missed him but which


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can be seen on the Zapruder film, if the relevant frames are frozen and magnified. This bullet’s trajectory is descending downward from behind. There had to be two shooters. It is farcical to claim otherwise. In my dreams, I had described a wisp of smoke coming from what looked like a bridge with trees around it. I remember I drew a sketch of this but this was not in my file. I saw a photograph labelled ‘Moorman polaroid’ which showed the moment the shot that caused President Kennedy’s head to explode. It shows a fence with trees. In the foreground is the presidential limousine. Arrows point to the position of the shooter behind the wall and the trajectory of the shot. It references this shot as ‘138 FT #5 Fatal’. Figures stood watching have an illegible description that could be ‘Marogro Bros’ and another man has a question mark beside his image. I was astounded at how much evidence was available to the Warren Commission but had apparently been either deliberately ignored or not considered important enough to have been investigated. In which case, why had it been filed? The obvious conclusion is to keep it hidden away from the public. There was a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald standing outside the front of the Book Depository building at the time of the motorcade. He was certainly at the scene but was the allotted fall-guy - not one of the assassins. These were three men involved in what was a complicated, but very well planned, assassination. The three professional assassins were all known to the CIA. Their names were Robert Allen and Joseph Hemps who were stationed at the grassy knoll behind the fence. Hemps was dressed as a Dallas police officer and his role was to keep the public away from Allen who was behind the fence, ready to shoot. Allen was the one who fired the fifth and fatal head-shot. The third assassin was Larry Durdine. He shot from the third floor of the hotel at the turn point off Elm Street right by the Book Depository building. In interviews conducted in 1963-64, various witnesses told the investigators about seeing these three men at various times in the afternoon but their testimonies were not included in the Warren Commission report. Why? Probably because it would have cast added doubt on the official conclusion.


Once the President was shot by both Durdine from behind and Allen from the front/side, the three men used the widespread panic and confusion to cover their escape. Allen and Hemps walked down an alleyway near the train trestle. Durdine left by a different route which is unknown. However, all three men met up at the Love Airfield where ironically, the presidential jet had flown into and was parked. It would soon have four seats removed to make room for President Kennedy’s corpse to be loaded into it and flown back to Washington DC as Vice President Johnson took the oath and became President Johnson in mid-flight. The three assassins boarded a private plane owned by the Hunt Oil Company and were flown to Mexico City. I saw financial records showing who was paid what and where the money was transferred to and when. This included a collection of bank statements. Each of the three men was paid $80,000 into a Bank of Mexico account, transferred directly from the Hunt Oil Company bank account. Allen and Hemps did not live long to spend their money. Both were mysteriously killed in Mexico City on January 4th, 1964 - less than two months after the assassination. Their deaths must have spooked Durdine, because he transferred his money to Jamaica and flew there on the very same day as his two accomplices’ sudden deaths. He later transferred the money to an Italian bank and relocated to Sicily - the Mafia homeland. That’s where he lived out the rest of his days. Records and documents linked Hunt with Vice President Johnson and both with the Macerrlio family in New York and Chicago. They were involved in paying off people in the Teamsters Union in return for government kick-backs. The infamous Union leader Jimmy Hoffa (who also mysteriously disappeared, never to be found, in 1975) was mentioned in these reports but the Warren Commission never published them in its final report. It amazed me how many politicians, future politicians and criminals with mafia links were present in Dallas on the day President


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Kennedy was assassinated. One later described it as being like ‘a hit man convention’. Three other hit men have been linked to the assassination but my research exonerated them. These are sometimes referred to as the ‘three tramps’. These men were Charles Frederick Rogers, Charles Harrelson and Chauncey Holt. Apart from the fact they were there on that fateful day, I could find no evidence linking them to the shooting. They were a false trail to mislead investigators whether by accident or on purpose. President Kennedy’s assassination was as well planned as it was carried out and then covered-up. The CIA and some of the most powerful business tycoons of their day were behind it. Bobby Kennedy knew who they were and he lost his life so he would not become President and expose the culprits and fulfil his brother’s agenda. I saw a memo President Kennedy wrote just ten days before his assassination which calls for a classification review of all UFO files and states his intention of trying to work in conjunction with the Soviet Union. Here is an exact transcript of the memo which was nicknamed ‘Kennedy’s Death Warrant’: Top Secret November 12, 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR The Director (BLACKED OUT) Central Intelligence Agency SUBJECT: Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting NATIONAL SECURITY As I have discussed with you previously, I have initiated (BLACKED OUT) and have instructed James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in  joint, space and lunar exploration. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is important that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended corporation as a cover for intelligence of their defence and space programs.


When the data has been sorted out, I would like to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA where Unknowns are a factor. This will help NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities. I would like an interim report on the data review no later than February 1, 1964. /S/ John F. Kennedy  (BOTTOM BLACKED OUT) I also saw a draft speech that President Kennedy had begun to write with Bobby Kennedy. This was an address to be delivered at the United Nations to inform the world the truth about UFOs. I do not have a copy of this speech and it was unfinished, but it does exist. He was going to disclose what former Presidents Truman and Eisenhower had decided to keep secret. President Kennedy thought this was wrong and intended to reveal all he knew about the Roswell incident, other UFO sightings and even the existence on the planet of the Star Seeds. Ex-President Ford confirmed this to us in 1985. Unknown to most, but a true fact, is that the Vatican has a huge influence over the United Nations. When the Vatican and the Pope heard of President Kennedy’s intention, it was decided such a speech must not be allowed to happen as it would undermine people’s religious belief and reduce their power. As the saying goes, ‘the rest is history’. On taking office, President Kennedy had become aware of widespread corruption by those working inside the government and he had given Bobby Kennedy the task of rooting them out. These state criminals led right up to the office door of Vice President Lyndon B Johnson. This was unknown to Kennedy but the Vice President knew the investigation could well lead to his downfall if it was allowed to continue. The Hunt Oil Corporation had been bribing many government officials for lucrative contracts and the money trail even led back to the Vatican in Rome. When this was discovered, along with the existence of extraterrestrial aliens, it had made President Kennedy, who was the first Catholic US President, decide to denounce his religion due to a combination of the corruption and the alien revelations that cast serious


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doubt on both the morality and the preachings of the Catholic Church. It was the Jesuit Order that hired the three assassins although they were later paid by money transferred from the Hunt Corporation. This was through the Bank of Mexico and there were multiple transactions also made through that bank that linked Lamar Hunt and Lyndon B Johnson together. It is one of the many reasons why the Lyndon B Johnson files and diaries were classified as not suitable for public disclosure for 75 years - that’s also in 2038. It begs the question, why? Now you know why. The culprits wanted to be long dead before their crime of the century was revealed. Another factor was I discovered both Hunt and Johnson had both got a substantial invested interest in the McConnell-Douglas aircraft company. Their thinking was that if a full-blown war could be started in distant Vietnam, then military contracts worth billions could be awarded to this company. The problem was President Kennedy was never going to commit to such a war. Although there were American advisors helping the South Vietnamese, these advisors had also advised President Kennedy that any further assistance would lead to America becoming involved in what would be a futile war and had strongly warned him against sending US troops. If he did, it would be a no win situation. President Kennedy accepted their advice and was determined not to bow to the sabre-rattlers around him who stood to make billions of dollars at a cost of American military lives. The US had nothing to gain and there was absolutely no threat to the nation. Of course, such a horrendous crime as the assassination of the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, could not been seen to go unsolved or unpunished. The culprit would have to be caught. That was a problem if the selected culprit was not the real culprit. However, a solution was found. Lee Harvey Oswald was the communist-linked patsy who owned a rifle and Jack Ruby was the insider who would silence him. Dead men tell no tales, nor can they protest their innocence.


I felt sorry for President Kennedy. He certainly had the problems of the world on his shoulders and even those he had shown trust in and were closest to him, like his Vice President of all people, were working against him. When President Kennedy visited Dallas on November 22nd, 1963, it wasn’t for anything of major, national importance. So why were so many people of importance there? The Vice President was. George HW Bush was, as was his son George W Bush. So was Ted Cruz’s father. There are photographs of them. Why were those Republican Party followers, who would shape American politics in the future, so keen to see a Democratic Party President go on a motorcade through Dallas? One could be forgiven for thinking that they knew in advance what was planned and wanted to be able to say they were in Dallas when one of the most dramatic events of the 20th century happened. That is the truth of the matter. It’s a sorry saga of treachery, deceit and cold-blooded murder that will forever taint American history once it becomes public knowledge in 2038! Next in my file, were more medical records and reports on my behaviour. Then I saw the letter I had written in 1965 after I’d seen the UFO over the golf course. After that incident and the lack of action taken after my Kennedy dreams, I became much more reticent about saying anything to anyone on issues I knew would be questioned, doubted and just cause hassle with no positive action taken. The trips to the military facility became far less frequent and nothing much happened at them that would be of interest to the government or military. The Star Seeds were just a bunch of healthy children of above-average intelligence for our age who got on very well together and had some odd interests. There were copies of my college records but nothing more from me as, by this time, I did not tell Blanche or Mr. Coleman anything and there was nothing really to tell them anyway. My teenage years were a rare period of normality in my life.


Project Aquarius.

My military records were in the file but they were not complete. Just brief notes on the date I had joined the Marine Corps, where I had been stationed and then my resignation. I spent the rest of the day, and all night, mulling over what I saw. A knock on the door distracted me. It was Jiles who had come in to work and seen I had not left. I asked Jiles why the military part of my life had been omitted? He told me I could apply to see those reports from the Marine Corps. I later did and my request was refused with no reason given. Jiles informed me that what everyone wanted to know, no-one did know. This was what happened to me for the eleven days after my helicopter was shot down and before I was found 500 miles away. He said he would like to use his specialist skills as a hypnotherapist to see if he could ‘free my mind’. He admitted this was what he’d been impatiently waiting to do ever since my arrival at Langley. I agreed. After all, I wanted my memories back and it seemed stupid not to use the talents of the best hypnotherapist in the US to try and achieve this. Every other way of bringing my memory back had failed. If I let Jiles work his magic on me then the onus was on him, not me, to deliver the answers we all wanted to know. In 1983, we were told that, every week, five or six of us would be hypnotised. These sessions would be filmed and we’d be able to watch them afterwards. None of us had any objection to this, quite the opposite but, with hindsight, we were treated like lab rats. During the sessions, our breathing, heartbeat rate and brain activity would all be carefully monitored so there would be no danger. Each session was meant to last a maximum of 45 minutes. Psychologists were brought in to view the sessions. What eight of us initially revealed was considered by the CIA to be so startling that we were given extra sessions over the course of many years. I was one of these. Not me, any of the other Star Seeds, or anyone else at Langley, could have predicted what was going to be revealed.


Memo concerning my birth record.


Project Aquarius. My 1956 letter.

My 1957 letters.


My 1961 letter.

Lamar Hunt. The man who conspired with LBJ, and whose oil corporation paid the three assassins $80,000 each as the Bank of Mexico bankstatements held by the CIA prove.


Project Aquarius. Photos and notes from my investigation into the Kennedy assassination whilst working for the CIA.


Photos and notes from my investigation into the Kennedy assassination whilst working for the CIA.


Project Aquarius. Photos and notes from my investigation into the Kennedy assassination whilst working for the CIA.


Photos and notes from my investigation into the Kennedy assassination whilst working for the CIA.


Project Aquarius. Photos and notes from my investigation into the Kennedy assassination whilst working for the CIA.


Chapter 11

Regressive Hypnosis & A Past Life. There was a change of plan. It was decided to do a general hypnotic regression session about me to see what this revealed before concentrating on what happened in Vietnam. This was disappointing but made sense. It was considered that, whatever had happened on the day of the battle, it would be pretty distressing for me to relive and so it was wise to ‘break me in gently’. In Langley, Jiles had a room that had been specially adapted for his hypnotic sessions. There was a recliner for the person who was hypnotised to lay on, the very latest medical equipment to monitor the patient’s heartbeat, breathing and brain activity, a film camera to record all that occurred and chairs for other CIA staff to watch what went on and for them to be close by to intervene if required to do so, either out of curiosity or for medical reasons. So many people wanted to watch that other, larger rooms were used for later sessions. It took twenty minutes to attach and test all the monitor pads all over my body, from my head to my ankles. I wondered whether Jiles would be able to hypnotise me at all? I knew next to nothing about hypnosis but thought it must have been seen to be of some merit, as Jiles was very highly regarded within Langley and that sort of respect only came from proven and valued service. I felt far from relaxed being linked up to monitors. They made me feel like I was in an intensive care ward in a hospital. I also had quite a crowd observing me. This was an unnecessary concern as Jiles later told me I was the easiest patient to hypnotise that he’d ever put under. I wasn’t sure whether this was good or bad. Good, in that the sessions were able to take place and it sped the whole process up. Jiles just told me to relax and then talked to me. He didn’t use a pocket watch or crystal on a chain that swayed in front of my eyes or any prop - just his voice. He talked me into a deep state of relaxation


Project Aquarius.

that seemed to be half-way between sleeping and consciousness but, in reality, was a very deep sleep. I found myself in a very strange state of mind that I’d never experienced before. I was responsive and alert but not in the normal, everyday way. Notes were made of the first session that took place on August 14th 1983 and I was able to keep a copy. Here’s the transcript of what was said and observed: Session One Notes: Placed in a secured place of calm, no sound. Questions asked by directive of the SDRS of the Vatican. (Scientific Department of Religious Science) Conducted by Bishop Michael A. Colloni. The hypnosis is conducted by senior investigator Dr. Jiles Hamilton. Date 8-14-83. The event is being recorded and filmed. The following personnel are signed in/titlement: Dr. Jiles Hamilton - Senior Hypnotherapist Dr. Don R. Ward - Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Nathan Yin Shu - Senior Psychoanalyst Robin Twindle - Film Projection Terry Gibson - Sound Control Bishop Michael Colloni - SDRS, Rome Bruce Webster - Security Joel Santhanti - Cardiovascular Dr. Steven Mazingo - Nero-Psychoneurosis Wayne Roberts - Presidential Advisor Gerald Ford - Former U.S. President Q - questions asked by Dr. Jiles Hamilton, others are noted. Time 15:07 p.m. Room G - Level 7 Q: Please state your name for record? A: Edward Michael Page. Q: Are you sure your name isn’t that of Groover Tommy Coleman? A: At one time it was, but Edward Michael Page isn’t my name. Q: Why do you say that?


A: Cause I’ve been adopted and even then they state I’m not human. Q: What is your name you believe? A: My name is Abiel. I am a messenger sent here, I am here to prepare for things to come. Q: Are you ok with the others here observing you at this time? Is it ok if I call you Eddie still or do you wish to be called Abiel? A: Eddie for now will be fine. Q: Are you alright? Your breathing is shallow, your blood pressure tells us you’re at 67 over 42 pulse rate at 33. Are you feeling ok, Eddie? A: Yes, my mano-system is slowing down. You’ll see that we can almost hybridization. My system is fine, let’s begin. Q: Ok Eddie. I have a series of small questions so we can understand you and your kind better. We wish you no harm, relax. Breathe in - breathe out. Ok, first question. Have you lived before and if so when? A: Yes, many times to be exact. You would not understand the schematics of it but possibly all in this room have at one time or the other. My last time goes to 1863 a young child mainly age of seventeen. Q: Where did you live? And do you remember your name, and what took place? Did you live a long life and then passed onto the next journey? Tell us what transpired, Eddie? A: I was born in Milledgeville, Georgia on January 8th 1847, to a farmer named Cyrus Canfield. My mother was Elizabeth Ann Canfield. I was a happy child and worked with my Dad in the fields. The war between the Union and the South came and I went off and joined the Georgia 24th Volunteers. I could shoot so I was a foot soldier. I was killed at Little Round Top at Gettysburg. I am even buried there but they have the dates all wrong. I was killed on July 3rd 1863 Pickett’s charge, Devil’s Den Site. Q: Now the people who raised you, the Colemans, told us this several years ago, can you elaborate on that, if you can? A: I told them that I wasn’t this boy called Tommy, yet they refused


Project Aquarius.

to listen. I told them my name was Ben Canfield, It wasn’t a good childhood. Q: Why don’t you think they believed you, Eddie? A: It went against all the beliefs that man and his religions say do not exist. I was young, out-think them, yet they keep me hidden away from the very ones here watching me at this point. Isn’t that strange? Q: Yes, (smiling to the group). So where do you come from? How do we understand what is taking place Eddie, can you tell us this? A: My People are from the Seven Stars or, as humans know it, the Pleiades of Kumeria. God comes from there. He is my Father, I’m his son. And, to answer your next question, his name is Aphra-Anu. Q: (Looking around the room.) That’s impressive Eddie, we surly were asking for his name. So can you tell us the future? Maybe to prepare for whatever might be coming next. A: Yes, I can do that, I can always refuse when the knowledge is not warranted for humankind, so what is it you wish to know? Q Might I be amazed at the true brilliance of your knowledge? We know your IQ is superior and you show a keen optence of being as one with who or what your surroundings might be. Is this the norm for your people? If so, can humans do this? A: I’ve tried to be a part of all that I’m involved with. Yes, men can do this but I see that most humankind don’t play well with others. Men, most men, are very greedy and self-centered. Let’s move on, Mr. Jiles. Q: So what do you see in the future? Does your Father allow these things to come forward? A: My Father does. He talks to me on a regular basis. What do I see in the future? The year is 1990-1991, a very wicked, evil man in the Middle East is going to rise-up, kill many, yet this Nation has supported him at this very moment. His name is Saddam. He wishes to rule all of Mennasoh and all points South-West-North. Yet what he seeks will never be his. There is a greater evil that


shall come from the stars as you might baulk at but you won’t be laughing when they appear. Silly things like this Nation thinking the Russian people are going to attack first. The man named Robert, yes. Listen to tell the U.S. President that others have also tried to warn. He died also. You all know him as J.F.K. The men who killed him are named as follows: Willie Oliver Robert Allen Larry Durdine They are all dead now, yet the evil was here then. The Church in Rome is just a ‘Church of Evil’. But you might ask he’s the Son of God? I am but religion is vile and wicked and you people have been lied to. Those three men, the files are all in the L.B.J. diaries, yet you lied to the people of this Nation. Just like always, you knew the threat and you could be preparing, yet you think I will save you from the Darkness coming! (Breathing very shallow BP 54/30, pulse 17) (All looking bewildered.) A: (Continued) You cannot even try to manipulate me or guess what I will do. Man has failed miserably. So much death and destruction coming. You will ally yourself with this evil, oh yes. You will give so much of the freedoms of the Children of Ephraim. This Nation shall soon fall to the source of structure of many eras long past. Did you listen then? Are you paying attention now? Ask me a question that you wish to hear the truth and more, cause your ears - your hearts hurt at what I tell you now. If you didn’t want to know then why did you all come here? Simply to see the nuts I am maybe? But I assure you this is going to happen. (Silence for 3.07 minutes) Q: Eddie, it’s hard to believe what you’re telling us. The United States is in grave danger? How and from who? A: From the Stars - a far away place yet to be seen but the ancients called it Wormwood, the Aniki of The Fallen Angeles, Niberu, but before that China shall own this Nation and there is nothing


Project Aquarius.

men can do. This Nation will be broken. Industry shall be gone. Greed shall help destroy the system. My Father’s laws are not visualized, and yet people call themselves Children of God whose God? Q: You said China will own this country? Will they invade us, a nuclear strike, how is this going to take place? A: No, China shall have bought us out. Taken control of so much that we have no choice. The Panama Canal shall be theirs. Yes, you baulk at that but it’s true. Soon greed, evil shall sell this Nation out. Then the wheels of total destruction shall start to roll. What would you think if I told you that Armageddon will start in this country? Are you listening? What if I said it shall be worse than anything man has ever witnessed? (Mumbling from a small group. Hand raised by Former President Gerald Ford. Acknowledged. Gerald Ford asks the next question) Q: I respect what you’re saying but the canal is the property of this nation. It’s hard to figure that we will be taken over by China, Can you elaborate on that Mr. Page? Be more specific? A: Yes. The stock market will be in chaos. Greed taken over in this country. Crime will be at a presence unlike anything ever witnessed. Illegals from other Nations will have free reign here. What can the people of this country do? They have no voice then and they do not have it now. A U.S. President yet to be elected by the Jesuit Order, will start the terrible tide. He will be in office for eight years. He’s a crook, yet the Nubians in this country are the Bloodline of Lucifer. They have been given free reign here in this country, none care. They hide behind the working of religion, call for the white race to give them credence yet they do not deserve it. They shout out for rule, yet they have stolen. We do not see the evil they contain in the black hearts they process. You might call me a hate-monger but you wished to know. Your answer has been given. Do you understand that 92% of the Negroed race are from Lucifer? Don’t believe me, but one day you’ll wish you had. Anything else?


(Bewilderment) Q: Are you feeling alright Eddie? You look tired. A: Yes, I’m fine Q: Good, we’ve been going strong now for about an hour now, the time is fifteen fifty-one (15:51.). Do you wish to go on at this time? Yes, we have to watch the heart/brain functions. Is this alright at this time? A: One more question then I’m going to be in slumber peace after that. What is the question you wish to know the answer to? Q: Can you describe these ones in the government who are going to destroy America, we sure would love to know? A: They are in power now - in a State but believe me that the blacks, drug kings shall place him into power and there is nothing that can be done. It’s all told in prophesy. Till next talk, I’m tired. Notes from: Dr. Jiles Hamilton: Session is over and Eddie showed a remarkable cunning ability to address the nature in its complete fullness. He did stun and shock some with the boldness of his answers. The next session will be in a few weeks. I wish to see what sort of feedback we shall get. Is there going to be a positive word, or will it be negative? Many wish to know more but is he going to be willing for us to know more about him? Where can we verify what he said - f to the historians! So much to understand but so little facts that can be gathered. This is what is hard to understand. Respectfully Submitted, Dr. Jiles Hamilton Senior Hypnotherapist 8/16/1983 OSI/G-16 File 1413-3191 W Eyes only ADJ 6-78B An important point to note is that ‘Willie Oliver’ named by me under hypnosis as one of President Kennedy’s assassins, was later found to be an alias of Larry Durdine. The third assassin was actually


Project Aquarius.

Joseph Hemps. At the time, I did this hypnotic regression session, I had not fully investigated the Kennedy assassination through official channels open to me via my CIA security clearance. It is interesting that one of the names I instinctively knew was one of the aliases used by one of the two assassins - both of whom I did name correctly. Afterwards, I could remember nothing of what had taken place. My last memory was just drifting off to sleep. I was very surprised by what I had said but I sensed the answers I had given to be truthful and correct. It wasn’t just the Project Aquarius team that learned something from the session, I did too. The mention of the last time I had lived on planet Earth made me want to find out all I could about my most recent past life. I’d apparently mentioned it to the Colemans who had reported it at the time but I couldn’t remember doing that when not under hypnosis. The CIA wanted to know too, although they weren’t interested in who I had been or what I had done but saw it as an opportunity to seize upon something that had happened in the past and, if possible, disprove it. They were very disturbed about much of what I’d claimed would happen in the future and clearly thought that if I was wrong about the past then I would be wrong about the future - or that was their hope. Unfortunately for them, this thinking was a double-edged sword and when what I said was verified as much as it possibly could be, far from being pleased that they had a reliable source of valuable information, they became more perturbed. Jiles did a separate hypnotic regression on me solely concentrating on my last, past life . He took me back to when I’d lived as Ben Thomas Canfield who was just 17 years old when he died during the American Civil War. I do not have a transcript of this session but this is what was revealed by me as Ben: I was 17 - just a young boy from Milledgeville Georgia who was happy working on his parents’ farm. It was a hard life and we were poor but managed to get by. Many others in the area scraped a living


by hunting for their food. When the American Civil War broke out, I went to fight for what I believed in and to protect my family and land. It was not over slavery but the rape and pillage of the southern way of life by the north. I became a rifleman in the Georgia 24th Volunteers of the Confederate Army. On June 28th, 1863, my regiment arrived near the Potomac River, not too far from where the enemy was advancing. They crossed the river at a shallow point and a battle was set to begin. They were far greater in number than had been thought. Many of our soldiers rode back to bring much needed supplies such as bullets, water and reinforcements. On July 1st, my regiment prepared to head into the battle area. We consisted of around 200 men who were assigned to Colonial Beauregard’s attachment. It was our duty to engage the enemy near an area called the Little Round Top basin. Our scouts reported that there was a small company of about 80-100 Union soldiers up there and they were terrible shooters as they had fired several times at the scouts but had never come close to hitting one. The plan was to take the top or high ground and rout the Unionists. Early morning on July 2nd, around 6 am, we gathered near an orchard that would later be described as Wilkes Farm. We numbered around 5,000 plus. Mostly young men like me and some older ones, Colonial Beauregard’s other forces prepared to attack from the south side of the basin. The other force was to come up the western ridge known in days to come as Devil’s Den. I was positioned on the fence line leading up to the Den. I was only armed with an old musket I had brought from home, We were all confident we would be victorious. We all clambered up the ridge. We got to the fence line and I along with many others began to climb over it. As I did so, a shot echoed out across the open field. A feeling of searing fire come upon me. I didn’t know at the time but I had been shot. I fell upon the ground and other soldiers kept going forward past me. The last of this world I would hear were shots echoing. I looked up towards the ridge and saw puffs of smoke from the


Project Aquarius.

intense fire that was raining down upon the men I had just broken bread with earlier. I laid there for what seemed like eternity. Then I closed my eyes and the light took me far from where I lay into the next realm. My corpse would be found several days later by a Union Negro burial detail. Yes, I was dead. Never again to be who I was or to see my beloved southern home and farmland in deep Georgia. My family would mourn and lament for details of what happened to their only son. They wanted to know where I was buried. To others, I was a rebel and a traitor as would be later be told by history books approved by the victorious north. Sometime in 1900, my remains would be unearthed by a work detail doing some repairs to the old fence line which had miraculously survived. From personal items buried with me, my name and where my home was, were discovered. I was laid to rest for the second time in the then under construction cemetery in Gettysburg together with many of the friends I went into battle with on that fateful day. I’m in row 116 and there my remains still lay today. This is the testament of that boy who was allowed to return to this world and tell his story. I can state as a fact that life does continue after death. I am that rebel soldier boy - Ben Thomas Canfield who was shot dead on July 2nd 1863 - the bloodiest day in the history of this nation. Who knows that fact better than me? All of this was checked-out by CIA investigators and, as far as possible, found to be correct. A Ben Thomas Canfield had lived, enlisted and died as I’d stated. I was questioned as to whether I’d ever visited the Gettysburg cemetery? No, I hadn’t. Had I researched into the Battle of Gettysburg? No, I hadn’t. I’d left that to them to do. What was the point in my life at that time? I guessed it was just to experience life on this planet. Why hadn’t I been saved and resurrected in the American Civil War as I seem to have been in the Vietnam War? I didn’t know for sure except, in this life, there was an end purpose for me being here. In 2002, I went to visit Ben’s grave. Looking down at the plot where my remains from a previous life lay and to pay my


respects to myself as a brave 17 year old who followed his principles to his death, was a very odd sensation. Although they had no reason to disbelieve me, they still didn’t totally believe me either. What I claimed was too hard a concept for their brains to accept. Nobody except me seemed too interested in my previous lives which surprised me as I thought everyone would be fascinated at the concept of reincarnation, but apparently not. My death during the Battle of Gettysburg hadn’t proved too emotionally traumatic an experience for me to relive and so it was agreed that the time was now right to regress me back to that day of the battle in Vietnam. The phrase, ‘Be careful what you wish for’ was never more true of what was about to be disclosed. What was revealed of my death at the Battle of Gettysburg was like a nursery tale in comparison.


Project Aquarius. The photo the CIA found of Ben Canfield.


Chapter 12

Vietnam And Other Revelations. Despite my answers being very disconcerting to some present at the time and others who saw the notes and film afterwards, including me, the first hypnotic regression session was deemed a success. Jiles was keen to find out what had happened in Vietnam. He wasn’t alone in this regard - everyone at Langley was curious but no-one more so than yours truly. I had wondered about it since the day it happened. I had been frustrated at not being able to answer countless questions that had been asked since that fateful day. Another session was scheduled. I counted down the hours to it. Today, I thought, I’ll finally know. The same room was used. I eagerly arrived there just before the appointed time of 7am and was soon joined by Jiles who arrived at the head of a posse of Langley staff. There was an atmosphere of excitement. I do not have a copy of the notes of this session. I only saw it on the film that was recorded but I watched that many times. “Eddie, today’s session will be longer than I usually do. We’ve got some guests who will be watching. Is that okay with you?” Jiles asked. “Sure. Let’s go for it,” I replied. Jiles was right. Quite a crowd had got up early to witness what I would say. Amongst these were Dr. Don Ward, Dr. Melvin Swartze and Cee Cee Stevens. I laid on the recliner and was linked-up to all the monitors. The worse part was I had to relax. I wasn’t allowed to drink any coffee which I love first thing in the morning but the caffeine was considered taboo in the circumstances. Jiles put me under with his usual uncanny skill and informed me, “Eddie, we’re going to go back to the time you were in Vietnam. Can you tell us what happened on June 14th, 1973?” The million dollar question!


Project Aquarius.

Strange as it may seem, particularly to me, under hypnosis I could remember. I spoke about the battle and my helicopter being shot down in a rice field. I told them of the moment I’d realised that my Marine Corps brother, KD Williams, had been killed in the co-pilot’s seat right next to me. I now remembered scrambling out of the helicopter with the machine-gun. I was incredibly angry at the deaths of my friend, my helicopter crew who I was responsible for and the Marines I’d tried to rescue. I described my gun battle with the advancing NVA troops exactly as it had been witnessed by the other helicopter crews flying above. I was shot many times but the wounds didn’t seem to hurt or have much effect on me physically, apart from causing a stinging sensation. When the machine-gun ran out of ammunition, I dropped it and sprinted into the jungle. When my exhausted legs would take me no further, I drank from a stream and then rested inside a hollow tree. There, I discovered my foot was bleeding and part of my boot is missing. I believed I was going to die inside the tree trunk and would never be found. I got weaker and felt faint. I closed my eyes and waited to die. Things I had done in my life flashed into my mind. It was as if I was watching a kaleidoscope of triumphs and defeats that had either delighted me or reduced me to despair at the time they had occurred. I saw people who had loved me - Cindy and Big Daddy. I thought of all the things I had wanted to do but now never would. Everything seemed to be on the brink of going forever. As I lost consciousness, I had no sense of time anymore and my pain seemed to have stopped. I couldn’t feel my body or move it, but there was a feeling of warmth as if I was by a fire, yet I had previously felt cold and numb. My eyes had lost focus but I sensed strange surroundings and beings moving around me. I tried to see where I am and what is happening but my body doesn’t obey my mind. I cannot sit up. Through a blurred haze, I saw eight forms, all gathered around me and one who was much taller. The tree seemed to have turned into a tank - like a giant aquarium.


I was immersed in a yellowy/light-green liquid which was warming me up like I was in a hot bath. My head was submerged but I could still breathe exactly as if the liquid was air. I could see through the fluid and it didn’t hurt my eyes at all. I seemed to be in some sort of transition. Where I am and what was happening to me, I have no explanation for, I just had to go with it. I’m not afraid, I’m no longer in any pain, I’m at peace. Is this what happens after everyone dies? The tallest figure moved close to the right hand side of me. I wondered who or what this being is? The tall blur peered down at me and I looked right back at it, although I couldn’t distinguish any of its facial features. It moved its left hand and placed it on the side of the tank next to me. I felt an incredible urge to touch it. I can’t. My brain can’t control my arm. I must touch it. I concentrated hard, mustering all my willpower, and managed to raise my hand up out of the liquid I’m submerged in. I let my arm slump back down so my hand landed on the being’s hand. The effort of doing this exhausted me and I sank back down in the tank but the touching of the being’s hand had an instant effect on me. It’s like I’m a battery being recharged. I felt warmth or power spreading from my hand up my arm and soon it’s all around my body. I felt not only strength or energy is being transferred to me but also a feeling of great love and emotional concern. I heard a voice speaking to me, “You must rest now and heal. I am here, my Son. You are safe now and your day of war has come to an end. Rest and we shall talk very soon.” I heard the words very clearly and yet I saw no movement on the blurred being’s face. How was this happening and what was happening? The voice was that of a male. It was a deep, strong voice, but it had a tone of concern and sympathy. I asked, “Who are you and where am I?” The voice spoke again, “You are among your people and you are safe now. You are being healed and restored back to your normal form.” Again, I could detect no movement from the being’s face. His answer


Project Aquarius.

confused me. I asked again, “Who are you and why am I here?” I heard the voice say, “I am your Father - Aphra. You have been hurt for doing what you were involved in - a creation of man’s dire greed. I have seen you many times as you grew-up. Now we must help you recover and live.” It all felt like a dream or non-scary nightmare, but I knew it couldn’t be. I was definitely awake. I became aware the other beings were placing something that looked like a thin, flexible, shiny tube into the tank. It seemed to enter my body and I could feel it warming the inside of my stomach. It was painless and I knew it was for my own good but it still increased my anxiety as to what was happening. I asked the being, “What has happened to me? I sense something dreadful has happened. You’re my Father? How can that be possible?” I heard the voice reply, “Yes, my Son. You were almost at the point of death that man had caused. We found you and brought you here. Your internal organs have been healed. Some had to be replaced. What you need to know, is you are safe and among your own kind. Rest now and we shall talk again very soon.”  He must have known I would keep talking because he turned and walked away. His place beside me was taken by a smaller form. This one came very close to my face so I could see the facial features. It was female and looked completely human, although she was exceptionally attractive by human standards. She looked at me with an expression of sympathy and sadness. Then I heard her talk to me but, as I heard her words, I could see her lips and they did not move. Nor did her expression change. She was still blurry but I was sure not a muscle in her face moved as she communicated She said, “Abiel, you must rest and listen to what Aphra has desired. You are recovering and I too shall see you once you’re able to be taken out of the chamber.” I knew I should do as she said but I couldn’t stop myself asking her, “What has happened to me? You’re an angel - yes? I must be


dead and somehow I’ve made it to heaven and I’ve been greeted by an angel -right? My brain was beginning to think again and I was having thoughts come and go inside my head. Why was I inside this chamber of liquid? I had to be dead. I heard the female voice reply. “You’re upon one of our craft. We retrieved you some time ago, We have placed you in the liquid light that heals and preserves the life force inside of each and every one of us. I am your sister, Vehuiel, Abiel. They brought me here from my world at this time because you had been injured and my light was identical to yours and I assisted in your healing. You have been gravely injured and some vital organs had to be replaced. You’re lucky you are who you are, as no normal person would have survived what you went through. Now, as our Father has requested, you need to rest and we shall talk to you again very soon.” She smiled at me. It was a comforting and encouraging smile. Then it was as if all the lights were dimmed. I closed my eyes, not to sleep as I was not tired, but just to try and escape from everything that was around me as it was confusing me and raising questions. Whatever was happening to me in the tank, I knew it was having a helpful effect on my body and I just wanted to let it happen. I kept my eyes closed and tried to relax. I felt no pain or stinging sensation. I felt completely numb. I did not try to move my limbs. I just let myself float in the liquid. Suddenly, my mind started to race in overdrive. I saw multiple lives being lived and lost through the ages. People and places that looked familiar. Was my brain being reloaded or was I just hallucinating? I opened my eyes and looked around me. My vision was still blurred but not as bad as it had been. Maybe, that was because I was no longer in the tank. I was laid out on a type of mattress that was much more comfortable than any other mattress I had ever slept on, and was now in a small cubicle. I tried to move but was still too weak.


Project Aquarius.

I just lay there - I couldn’t do anything else. I noticed it was cold in the cubicle but that wasn’t surprising as I was naked. The mattress seemed to be floating, giving a similar sensation to if you are in a boat. I even looked around to see if there was any water in the cubicle, but there wasn’t. Where was I now? Was this really happening to me and, if so, why? In walked another female being. I could see this one clearer now. She was also very attractive but not as tall as the other one. She knelt down beside me and smiled. As she smiled, I could hear she was speaking to me but her lips were still only smiling. She must have been using some form of mind telepathy. “We have seen you’re getting better. I have bought you something to help you gain strength. Take it and drink this formula. It shall keep you from getting infections. Your Father shall be here soon to visit you and you must not be sleepy while he is here with you.” She held out a pill - white in colour. I wondered if I’d be able to take it off her hand. I tried, and my arm and hand worked. I put the pill inside my mouth. She had brought a drink. As it was a clear liquid, I assumed it was water but, when I swallowed some, it had a peculiar, bitter sweet taste to it - kind of minty but very soothing as it went down my throat.  I asked who she was? She said her name was Anuihel. She was a type of procedural nurse and she had been assigned to heal me back to my full strength. I handed her the empty glass and she told me to relax and that she would bring me some clothes soon. Then she turned and exited the cubicle. I sat there shivering. I tried to stand up but my legs were too weak. I looked around my surroundings. There were no windows, no pictures, only the brightness of the walls and the coldness of the air. Some time later, the tallest being entered - the one who had told me he was my Father. He looked down at me and smiled. He captivated your mind right from the first moment you saw him. He asked,


“How is my Son feeling at this moment?” I answered that I was cold and asked if I could have some clothes? He informed me that the coldness was a necessary part of the healing process. He sat down beside me and said he was glad to see I was getting better. I was, to such an extent that now my own health wasn’t of as much interest to me compared to where I was and who these beings were? “You’re my Father. You told me that - correct?” I asked. He continued to smile and looked me deep into my eyes. By now, they were no longer blurry, I could see his features and I could also see myself in those hazel eyes that were staring deeply into mine. ‘Yes, I am your Father and I have watched you for many lifetimes. You have been gravely injured and we took you and placed you back to your normal self as it has been designed to be.” I was sure he was my Father. Why would such a being lie? He was known as Aphra Anu, although on Earth most had always known him as Jah’bh, or Jehovah. I had no doubt that my Father had rescued me from the jaws of death. He assured me that I was now safe and sound and I believed him. He stood up and placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “We shall talk again very soon. Rest and I shall see you get some attire to cover yourself.” He turned and walked out of the cubicle. I lay back down and rested as I had been instructed. I fell asleep. I don’t know how long I slept for. My wristwatch was no longer on my wrist and without it, and also without being aware of night and day, it was impossible to judge time. When I woke up, someone had come and dressed me. I was clad in a flowing robe that glittered and shone in a myriad of dazzling colours I’d never seen before. It was light and flimsy but surprisingly warm. A type of comforter, blue in colour, had also been placed over me. I saw the first female being I had seen when I was in the tank of liquid. Vehuiel was in the cubicle with me. Now I could see her clearly. She wore a white


Project Aquarius.

gown and her long, silvery hair glistened. I tried to sit up. “Would you like to get up and move around?” Vehuiel asked. “I’d love to - if I can,” I replied doubtfully. She reassured me that I should be strong enough to walk by now but got ready to support me if I needed help. I slid slowly up onto my feet whilst leaning back against a wall. I was very wobbly and standing upright felt strange. My efforts must have resembled a baby giraffe getting to its feet for the first time for Vehuiel giggled at me. To me, it was more funny peculiar than funny ha ha. It was as if I’d never walked before and I found it hard to balance my body on my legs. Vehuiel held my arm and I took a few tentative steps with my other hand pressed against the wall. It got easier with every step and it felt great to be standing up and moving about. We left the cubicle. The first thing I noticed was there were other beings wearing different styles of clothing walking about. Some were in white like Vehuiel, others wore blue and others wore a greyish-blue colour. Every one of the outfits seemed to glimmer as if it was made of sequins but it was not - the material seemed to react to light. As we walked along, very slowly, the other beings passed us. They all seemed very friendly as they all smiled or nodded their heads. We were in an immense hallway. I couldn’t see any end to it. There were no windows. It was light inside but there were no noticeable lights. Vehuiel told me I was doing quite well for someone who had been brought back from the dead. I wasn’t sure whether she had a sense of humour or was merely stating a fact. Without the blue comforter, I was beginning to feel chilly. I asked her why it was so cold? She told me the temperature in the portion of the craft we were in was precisely set to aid the process of healing and to be sterile to ensure no harmful, biological bacteria could survive. I asked her what she meant by a ‘craft’?


She smiled at my question and then I heard her angelic voice say, “You are on one of our motherships, as most would call them.” I asked her how big this craft was. She said, “Oh, it’s very large by Earth standards.” She glanced around and said, “It’s 21 miles in length and 8 miles wide.” This seemed exceptionally large for any type of flying craft to me. She appeared to read this thought and replied to it. “That’s right - very large for others to fathom. But you have been on one like this many times before.” I couldn’t remember but I sensed she was right and I believed her. Vehuiel said she had dressed me while I was sleeping and had also read me poetry to soothe my mind and to distract me from my injuries as any distress would slow the healing process down. We walked for a short time but didn’t appear to have covered much distance and were still in the giant void of a hallway before we turned around. When we got back to my cubicle, I needed to lay down. Vehuiel helped me back onto the mattress that served as a bed. As I got onto it, I noticed it was floating on air. This triggered a memory. When and where had I seen something levitating like that before? There was something for me to eat. It was fruit of some sort. I wasn’t hungry but tasted one of the fruits which was similar to a pear. I was thirsty and drank some more of the minty-tasting liquid. Vehuiel left and, after a while, my Father arrived. “You are looking better. I have been told your sister took you for a walk. That is great. Would you like to take another walk with me and we shall talk more?” I did and was pleased to discover my strength had increased and I could now get to my feet and stand upright by myself. We left the room and headed in the opposite direction to the one taken by me and Vehuiel earlier. Again, all the beings we passed nodded politely to us but none stopped to speak. We hadn’t gone far before we approached a huge window - the biggest I had ever seen.


Project Aquarius.

I expected to see stars and planets through it and looked forward to peering out at space. I could not have been more wrong or surprised at what I saw. There was a huge field of green grass and beings were walking on it just like they were humans out in their local park. As I looked at them, my Father said, “Those are our people and you are part of this species that most call human.” I was truly amazed at all I was witnessing. The grassy field seemed incongruous to the inside the craft. Yet both were there. My Father told me he was glad I had recovered so rapidly. I was too but the being had a look on his face that told me something was not quite right. You could see it in his eyes and I sensed it from him. I decided I better tackle the issue so I asked, rather tentatively, “What’s on your mind? I know there is something bothering you, Father.” Aphra looked at me and I saw sadness in his face. “I am appalled at what man taught you to do. We cherish all life and all aspects of living but you were taken to do man’s bidding and take the very essence that we love dearly - that being life. No son of mine shall do the things you have been involved in. No son of mine shall do the bidding of man. You should never have been a part of something that evil and yes, we know you took lives. And we also knew you had to for your very survival and yet here we are standing with each other as if on opposite sides of the universe.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. I felt ashamed of what he was telling me. I didn’t even know I had served in the US Marine Corps. I didn’t know who I was, my age or anything about myself except that I’d apparently been killed and been brought back from the dead. I only knew what I’d just been told. He didn’t seem to blame me for whatever had happened and I was not afraid of this being who stated he was my Father, but I wanted to please him. Whatever I had done seemed to have gone against all the objectives I had been set but what those were, I hadn’t a clue. He asked me what I thought of my life at this point? I didn’t know


how to answer that question. I only knew he called me either Abiel or Son. I didn’t know anything about my very existence or who I was. He seemed to sense this without me verbalising it. We continued walking around the craft and he told me he wished to show me where I was originally from. I wondered how he’d do this and was intrigued at the prospect. We entered as very large, empty room. It was well lit but there were no visible lights to be seen. It was very cool inside. There was a control panel and he walked over to it and waved his hand over it. Immediately, a 3D holographic image appeared in the room. It was a solar system consisting of several constellations. One was right in front of us. Aphra stated, “Here is your home, our home, and here is your home world. It is the Tressues of the Pleiadian Star System.” I looked at the stars in front of me. There were 7 in all. At one point was the Cygnia Dog Star and, to its further horizon, was the Orionis Star System. I was amazed both by what Aphra was showing me and that I was apparently from these beautiful stars. I turned to him and said, “I wish to go home, can I?” He turned to me and told me I had been brought back from planet Earth, from where I had been injured, to be able to continue with a mission he wished to be completed. There were more like me who were already on the planet and who needed me to come forward in due course. This got me more confused than ever. What mission? I was afraid the answer would be something I would not want to hear. Aphra turned back to the control panel and again moved his hand over it. Other images appeared of civilians on Earth running in panic and screaming in pain. Smoke was rising, explosions were going off around them. The scenario looked apocalyptic. “You shall return back to Earth and prepare for this. In due time your memory and thinking shall change. You shall not be alone because,


Project Aquarius.

as I said, more of you are already there. They are waiting for your words and knowledge to come forth and for you to lead them. You must all use the powers that have been installed into each and every one of my children. I wish for you to return and see what planet Earth will become. You are a warrior of great status back at our world, I have placed the good and the evil as one to defeat the very vileness that you had entrenched yourself with.” I didn’t understand the full implication of what he was saying. What would I ever be able to do to save humanity? My uncertainty must have been obvious because Aphra asked me, “Can you do this, my Son?” Looking at him looking at me did inspire me to want to please him and I felt invincible in his presence. However, I did not want to promise what I could not deliver, so I asked him what was the evil event that was going to threaten human existence and need my help to address? Aphra had a stern expression on his face as he explained. “You have lived many times, my Son. I am pleased with your growth, your knowledge and the way you have filtered into the society you now call your home. I have watched you throughout your growth. The other children have also made strides for a better world. We wished for you to be raised by Earth parents and they were selected for each of you. This was done a very long time ago. But I am shameful at what man has taught you to be aligned with. They wish for you to do great harm and you have. To kill and destroy the very essence of life is against our culture yet, you did it with a vengeance unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed. Nobody cares for love or being helpful to their fellow beings. I sent you there to stop this evil when it arises.” All I could say is I must have done what I had been trained to do. I felt I’d been hijacked by mankind. He nodded his head in agreement but with a disapproving look on his face. “You shall not ever take part in man’s action of war. You shall return and bring this message to them. You shall do as I have instructed. For the time will come when your skills as a warrior sect will be on display. Then your wrath will


become my wrath for those who shall kill the innocent.” To my surprise, he told me I’d be leaving the craft very soon and in the meantime we should sit and “have nourishment” as he put it. I spent my remaining time onboard with him and my sister Vehuiel. Other beings joined us who knew who I was. The conversation was about our home planet and life lived aboard craft in the infinite cosmos. Afterwards, I was told to get dressed in my flight-suit which was brought to me and I would be taken back to Earth. I felt relatively normal normal but was just a bit weak and dizzy at times. I was taken to a smaller craft where my Father hugged me. He had a farewell message for me. “Remember this, my Son. My love is your love. My blood is your blood. You are my son. There are many like you. You also have sisters. The day is approaching when I will return. I told mankind I would. They didn’t listen then, nor will they now, but I will return and I will not be happy. You must prepare the ones I have guided you to for my return.” That was my mission. It didn’t sound like he had much confidence in human nature or in me successfully priming them for his return but I would do my best. I knew he sensed this. He also seemed to sense something else as he warned me with a slightly sheepish smile, “Also remember this, my Son. I never want you to indulge in the unions of marriage. Do not get married and most of all, do not have children.” Then he smiled at me and I smiled back at him. He made me feel like the most important being there was - an extension of himself. “Come,” he said. “It’s time for you to return.” I was surprised at what he said about marriage and children but was determined to do my best at whatever I was called upon to do. The craft fascinated me and I couldn’t resist looking around it. When I returned to get in it, my Father had gone and only Vehuiel was still standing there. She smiled at my surprise at how he’d suddenly vanished. “He does that,” she said as if that was a full explanation.


Project Aquarius.

She kissed my cheek and hugged me. Then I got into the smaller craft. I was placed in the rice field and found by the Army Ranger unit about an hour later. Physically, I appeared perfectly fine but, apart from healing my bullet-riddled body they had also erased my memory of everything up to the moment I was found. All the time I was under hypnosis, Jiles would ask questions and gently guide the regression. He asked me how long was I in the spaceship? I didn’t know. As I’d said, my wristwatch had disappeared from my wrist and it’s difficult to judge time in space but I’d been told I was away for eleven Earth days so that’s how long it must have been. He asked me how I felt about the being who said he was my Father? I replied that ‘love’ is the greatest word a person can ever say if, when you say it, you also feel it. You literally feel it. It resonates from you. It’s rarely felt on Earth but, when I was in that spacecraft, I felt engulfed by love. I told Jiles my Father knew exactly what I was going to do when I got back to Earth in regard to getting married. Every son rebels against his father’s advice in some way. What was my role? I was his ‘Messenger’. The Third and Final Messenger. The older twins being the first two. Was I definitely dead? When I was recovered by the beings from the hollow tree, I was physically dead or very close to it. They took my body and spirit up into their craft and resurrected me. What was the yellow liquid? It was ‘liquid light’ - the light of life. It is an element of eternity. Some on Earth misleadingly describe it as ‘the fountain of youth’. After my body was restored, did it feel different to before? Yes. It felt like I had a new body.


All this was considered so incredible that several more sessions quickly followed along much the same lines. Every one was recorded. I never deviated from my initial account. I was regressed so deeply that, at times my heart only beat once per minute. Yet my pulse was consistent. This medical impossibility amazed the doctors. How can his pulse be normal if his heart has slowed to such an extent? At times, my eyes opened but they were glazed and you couldn’t see my irises. When I was asked a question by Jiles, my brain activity increased dramatically. On the film of me under hypnosis, there sometimes seemed to be a glow around me. “What the hell are we dealing with here?” I heard one doctor ask. When the other Star Seeds were hypnotised, much the same medical reactions were observed so I wasn’t unique in this respect. A total of 700 hours of me under regressive hypnosis was filmed. Jiles was in his element. Reports were written up of all the sessions and I was shown most of these and the film. Obviously, all 700 hours cannot be included in this book but I include transcripts of some of the most interesting. The emphasis of the early sessions was to try and get me to prove who and what I was and what my, or the Pleiadians, intentions were. That was fair enough. The only way I could really offer positive proof was through my blood which had already been tested and confirmed by the Vatican. I expected later sessions to try and glean information about Pleiadian history and technical information. For example, what was the amazing liquid substance that was in the tank that healed my bullet wounds? Imagine how this could revolutionise medical treatment! However, it says something incredibly sad about mankind that session after session mainly concentrated on what was going to happen in the future. It seemed the CIA and the Vatican were solely concerned at retaining their political power rather than improving the lives of those on the planet.


Project Aquarius.

Session 6 is a good example of this: Session Six Date: 11/05/83 Notes: Secure facility here at the farm. Mr. Edward Thomas Page is going through channeling - understand event number six the following subject is slated by directive item 717-5A, matter of World Events, Cultural Events. Conducted today by the following pre-cursors. All events are under the direction of Dr. Jiles Hamilton. All events are being recorded and filmed at this time. The following personnel are present for this sequence. Dr. Jiles R. Hamilton - Senior Hypnotist Dr. Don R. Ward - Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Wood - Senior Physicist Bishop Michael Colloni - SDRS, Rome Bruce Webster - Security Joel Sonthamti - Cardiovascular Robin Twindle - Film Projection Susan Calley - Sound Control Angela Wright - Cayce Foundation The following events are under strict control of ADJ 7-23-5A.   Q: Questions asked by Dr. Jiles Hamilton - others are noted Time 17:02 p.m. Room: The Farm Q: Please state your name for the record? A: Edward Michael Page Q: Edward, we have again come to a slumber state of your thoughts under the watchful eye of the heart-brain monitors. Do you understand why you’re here? A: Yes. I’m here to share things I know. Who I am. The truth for you to listen. Q: Very good. What does your Father call you? And what does that name mean? Would you share it with us at this time? A: My Father is Aphra. I am his son Abiel - that which comes. A son of light. A star child.


Q: That is wonderful, thank you. I would like to call you by your God given name - Abiel. Is that alright with you? A: Yes, that is more than what I’m used to. Thank you. Q: We want to ask you something that is simple and direct. The first question. Tell us what events are to come to this world in the future. How will it affect this country and why? A: Many times in the past men have always taken themselves away from what my Father wished for. Ever wonder why? Things to come…I see, I hear, I smell the evil of death, hate, destruction. So many vile and disgusting acts in this so called nation. There are ones who seek the downfall of this land of Ephraim. You know me, yet you wish to continue on this path that is not of my people. My system is slowing down, slowly my heart rate is greatly reduced. Do not be alarmed. My people are able to do this. Your knowledge is of curious venue. I see war in this nation, military men and guns, fighting for what is their centre. Their hearts are hard. Should they surrender now since they are outnumbered? But it is everywhere - Europe, Asia, the Arab lands.  Itell you that my Father spoke to Daniel, he told him what to write. He followed instructions very well - cagey person. Yet I’m a warrior. My heart is soft by who I am. Yet human-kind does not listen. But in say twenty-five, thirty-five years, this land, Ephraim is going to be under attack by Satan’s Angels and hell, yes hell. shall break loose. No-one is safe. The women, children raped, pillage, plunder and who said to love thy enemies? Surely not us. Not my Father in these days. Yet Juda also stated to hate the very clothing - corrupted by these vilest of evil. It is the sacred warriors who will fight these dark ones - you call them Negroes. These breed stock of that one called the Devil - Satan. I know him as Lucifer. Yes, you don’t understand. That’s ok but do not pass judgement on me, yet ye be judged. I am who I say I am. My blood is identical to what Bishop Colloni knows to be fact, the very same as on the cross, the lance, the thorns, the burial cloths, the wraps. Identical. Not one item, not one stone un-turned. I am correct. O negative, Rh Factor with enzyme zero


Project Aquarius.

seven five zero (0750). Even now some are not sure. But be not of blissful ignorance for if it wasn’t true, I would not have brought it up. Now, am I correct? Q: Yes, Abiel, we have proven your claim of the Biblical bloodline. Mr. Colloni presented all the scientific data - remarkable! You say that there will be much blood shed by Negroes. Why? Who can this event be triggered by? A: (Breathing shallow) Sometime after a grave, dastardly-evil deed has been completed. A man from the east, the Anti-Christ. Yes, the first of several Anti-Christs shall come to the now violated sanctuary of the once great White House. He shall be placed into the pulpit of guiding destruction for the once great nation you call America. He is the son of Persia - of Satan. He is a charm talker. He has the masses of millions. He shall lead the unholy to multiply. To call for more of his kind. Yes, this nation of Ephraim is at war but not the war that is to come - inside the nation. The global chaos is seen worldwide. The nation has a stockpile of $4.2 trillion. Yes, Ephraim is the richest country in the global world. Why? Simply four words, ‘In God We Trust’. But lost is the last part. For now, the wrath as some might call it, is upon the last great tribe of Abraham. I tell you but none will listen. You are allowing more of this evil to come. You are allowing the same dirty deeds that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you think that this destruction was only for them? It is coming here too. My heart listens to the evil-vile ones who talk every Sunday. They do not know my Father. They do not care for the hurt - helpless. Only the money brought here from the evil of Satan. Yes, Jude said, “Woe to them who have taken the road of Cain.” I wonder if Bishop Colloni knows whose God he serves? Michael, I see your heart, what will you tell your Pope? His days are numbered too. He serves not my blessed Father but the God of Darkness and Shame. Will you tell him this, or step around the truth?(Silence. Heartbeat is at 57 over 28. Pulse 21. Many are whispering to Bishop Colloni. He raises his hand to ask a question. Bishop Colloni asks Abiel


the following question.) Q: Abiel, are the teachings within the Bible correct? If not, what source should we look for to see what you are seeing? A: You cannot see what I see. I have the Kryliluim crystal here. I hold it to have these visions. You are called Father at times but there is only one Father and he is Aphra Anu - God. Yes, I can talk Sumerian, I can read the dialect, it’s my own kind. The Bible is as man wrote it. It holds partial truth. Why is this? Your people wrote it in their own jargon, to have the power. To take away from what was given to this world. In Daniel’s vision, he knew about the heavenly war, did he not? Read at this moment Revelations 12:7-17. Do you teach this? No, but the woman here is who? She allowed me to come back. Yes, might need to have some priority aligned. Q: (Reading of Revelations 12:7-17) Abiel things are very peaceful in this country. Yes, some small, yet unimportant conflicts in Africa, but you are telling us a war here in America. Hard to believe that this could take place. Then you tell us a Black president. That’s been talked about for a very long time. I believe it will happen one day. But Eddie, Abiel, these things are not to mind boggling to say. It’s easy to say the devil will create hell on earth. But why have you pointed the black community here in America and how can you prove this without being looked upon as a hate monger, a racist. A: Jiles, not only is it the black ones, but I said the Son of Persia. He is very black at heart. Many will ask, where did he come from to sit in the Office of many great leaders. Yet, was it not talked about, then, now, forever? The war shall have started in 97,706 days. Well do the math.When that takes place a seal unlike anything you could know about, shall be opened by me. Q: (Doing the maths) Abiel, that place it around September 10-11th of 2001. That’s mmm - seventeen and a half years from now. Will we have a black President at this time? A: No, but the start of evil has already begun. It began years ago,


Project Aquarius.

lead and money come out to usher the Second Anti-Christ - it was Hitler. The first one was Frenchman Bonaparte. But there is many more to come. Let’s see…a dictator named Saddam. He’s there in place now - Adle Juhim????, Arafat, and one is South American who is soon to come. This country before the black leader - the black Anti-Christ, one of lesser knowledge yet as vile, shall be greedy, corrupt to sell God’s power to those who will own Ephraim. It will be that time I see blacks as Muslims, Latinos, blinded whites who shall place this unknown man into that once sacred office. (Breathing shallow. All appears as normal at this time.) Yet I’m the hate monger? Is this what you might be thinking of me? Q: Oh no Abiel. We are all trying to understand these visions. We notice that the crystal is a very important piece of the research. Can you talk, see without it? A: I could, but it’s easier this way, I’m also more accurate when I use it. Q: Abiel, we’ve looked at it, we can’t identify it to any other known crystal at this time. I wish to know where does it come from? Who gave it to you? A: It came from my home, thy place I truly miss. Man’s Olympia - thy place of Alphra called Treusseus. We all go into battle carrying it. I shall hold it dear to only a select few. Do you understand that Jiles? Q: Yes, A very unique instrument indeed. Are you feeling alright at this time, would you wish to continue more?  We know it’s somewhat hard on your heart. How do you feel at this time Abiel? A: I feel fine, yes my mouth is dry but that is normal, continue yes? Q Fine Abiel, thank you. You’ve been at this now for almost an hour. I don’t like to keep you under that long, but we will go forward to the most important factors. To try and identify these Anti-Christs yet to come.What is their agenda and can we stop them? Can you elaborate on who these ones are, Abiel? Can you give us dates, locations?


(Time now 17:48) A: Let’s see at what I see - focus. This evil was started a very long time ago. Yes, I see, hear, smell death and a complete disregard for life from this person. His name shall be William. My, a nice name yet so vile a human. He has contempt in his heart, he calls the shots in about eight years. He loves money, power. He has many on his side who do his bidding. He will have some who will try to sway him to their side. He shall follow to sell out this Nation. Oh, enjoy the comfort of your bed for now but in time the warmth shall turn cold. It shall come to millions of honest people, yet unknowingly. They shall be caught up in it. I wonder if you know what I’m talking about or even care? Drugs have been a product of the evil for eons like an infested house of roaches, You just don’t destroy the adults, you kill all of them. But you allowed them into your society, brought them here. At one time they all were on an evil land called Nubia - Africa. The Negroes were separated from God’s children but it was the Catholics French - who brought them from the Maltizies - Zulus. Then to Ephraim. The rest is history. Even my father knew those ones were to be segregated from the Aryan people. They multiplied. Yes, time has allowed them to raise their offspring like wild jackals. Yes, many even thought it would be cute to allow them to have a say. To even have unholy unions of the Nubians to race as one with white females. Oh, call me any name you wish, after all it’s only a name. Remember, it was forbidden in olden times as that of intermingling - interracial marriage. I think the Bible - your book - talks about this. It’s Ezra 9. Let’s see, Nehemiah 8. It’s not of God, period. It created the sons of Persia, Satan’s land of Cain. So this one is white but corrupt. He shall kill many to protect the worst of the worst. A woman who shall seek great power through him. There is no love between the two - union, of what? He shall do dastardly deeds but it’s her who shall work for Satan. They both are Catholic. Can your ones here, see the pattern created? (Breathing very shallow. Blood Pressure 44 over 21. Pulse 19)


Project Aquarius.

You wish to know how he will accomplish these dirty deeds. Again, the Nubians were brought here, they talk among themselves, silently. They plot to put their own in place of high power but, for now, they shall know this William will do until the one from the East comes. Do you see this now? Or do you wish to know more? I think you, as many, are not sure of what I’ve told. Racism is another form of evil yet it was created by these very ones who claim in a grand lie. They are the ones, if victimized, are racist. Men during the time were already fighting to get rid of the scourge. In 1862, Lincoln was told about the blacks yet it was himself who was lied to. They were never to multiply as they have today. Yet the evil is here. The war is here. Things are worse than ever. But do they still call me racist now? Terrible times coming. Q: Abiel, who is this William and this woman your talking about? Can they be stopped? When will this come about? Is it a race war here or something worse yet to come? A: William is from the South. The woman is his wife - both are lawyers. No, you can’t stop them for it is pre-destined to take place as I’ve said. Yes, worse is to come but God’s secret is soon to be turned loose to the children of Mingh - they are very rich, and wise. They might appear to be against us and they are. (Smiling) Assure yourself, William will be placed in alignment with these of Mingh but little does he know that they should allow these Nubians of Kushi to take over as they prepare for the war they know is coming. A race war unlike anything man has ever seen or witnessed. All Nations shall gather in a place called that of Jesphate - Valley of Death, to do battle. All the evil shall come to this place. Yes, this is the final one of struggles here but the Great Battle of Armageddon shall start in this Nation of Ephraim. Q: Abiel, Bishop Colloni says you’re a Magi. Are you? Tell us if this is so. A: It’s Magi, I’m not of Persian decent but we know the stars. Our great people know the alignments of the stars. The watchers


watched for the return of Niberu and God’s people - the final conflict. Q: Ok, Abiel. Are you feeling ok? Do you wish to continue at this time? A: I’m getting tired but let’s go forward. So much to tell, to show. The warnings are very strong. It will do many to pay attention. Q: Ok Abiel, the time is now 18:08 and we’ll continue for ten more minutes if that is ok with all here? Abiel, Angela Wright wishes to ask you one question, she is from the Edgar Cayce Society in Chesterfield, Virginia, near Chesapeake Bay, I do believe. Is this alright with you? A: That is fine with me, but let me give you Angela the answer before I run out of energy here. (Mumbling. Question written down and handed to Jiles) We are the sons of light - the sons of the dawn that is coming. Yes, he was illuminated and yes so am I. But we are also the messengers of God’s final warning. Mr. Cayce is home now in God’s Kingdom. He shall also return when his time arises. Who was then is now. He told about the subterranean chamber under the Sphinx yet man has been unable to enter. Man shall not enter until Aphra returns to pass judgement. Look at the Sphinx. It’s a grand resemblance of Aphra, not some Pharoh as others suggest. Yes, the ones called the Illuminati are the warriors and messengers of Aphra. Below the great Sphinx lies the Chamber of Truth and the Great Ark. The Laws are there but no one shall retain them until Aphra returns. The Illuminati protects the Laws and the Ark for it will be used as of olden times to destroy the enemies of God’s Garden. Do you wish to know more? The sacred numbers of one - two - zero - one - eight - five - four are to be known. This is all that I wish to say now. I am very tired. I need rest now and I hope you listen to this. (The written question was - Was Edgar Cayce an Illuminati? If so, are you the same as he?) The session ended at this point as Eddie (Abiel) says the Laws of the


Project Aquarius.

Ark is hidden beneath the Great Sphinx. Yes, archeology has tried to open the lower chamber, but are unsuccessful at this time. Only time shall tell if Eddie Page, AKA: Tommy Coleman - Abiel is who he says he is. R/S Dr. Don R. Ward Senior Psychiatrist, Langley, V  Notes from: Dr. Jiles Hamiliton Session number six was compelling as we sat in and listened. This knowledge is fantastic and we are compelled to believe what he is saying. All he has stated has been verified. His canny ability to recite scriptures from the biblical side of this is also unbelievable. He is now telling us that he is an Illuminati. We will find out if this is possible. He also told us that Mr. Edgar Cayce was also the same. Cayce stated in 1931 that the Sphinx has an underground chamber where there is a very deadly weapon that will be used one day against this evil that will rise up. It’s identical to what Eddie is also saying. More testing to come on this matter. It’s Christmas time, a time of peace and joy, yet I just don’t feel it this year. Respectfully Submitted Dr. Jiles Hamilton Senior Hypnotist OSI/G-16 File 1429-3191 W EYES ONLY ADJ 6-825C Although Jiles was the Senior Hypnotist, Dr Don Ward also led some of the sessions as he wanted to ‘study my thoughts’. Here’s a session of him doing just that: 03/20/1984 Session Time: 1:06 E.S.T. Room B Dr. Jiles Hamilton Dr. Don Ward Eddie is in a trance again and shows more of a warming attitude to us.


Q-A conducted by Don Ward. Q: Mr. Page, do you know who I am? A: You are a doctor - psychiatrist. You are to see me as a crazy man maybe, but you are in for a treat. Q: I will ask you some simple questions. I want to study your thoughts. Is this ok? A: Yes. Q: Why was your soul/spirit sent here? A: For the preparation of the human race to see that the end time is coming. The guidance of mankind is off track. So much pain, war, killings. Q: Yes. You killed people, did you know? A: Learning period for me to see the evil, to partake, to witness and to know what it feels like. Killing a person is wrong - no matter what. Q: Yet you did that in Vietnam. You were decorated for it. Do you see your honour here? A: Only man’s honour - not my Gods. I hated what I became. God gives me this choice and forgives my sins. Q: Talk to me of your life. Where do you come from? A: Far away - a place called Theoruse? Therous? The place that watches the gates of heaven. Q: Can we see this place? A: You only have to ask God. It is in the 3rd writings of Physics, verse 2-7. Q: How do we know you are who you say you are? A: Read the Old Testament Deuteronomy 18:14-22, Acts 2:28, Acts 2: 16-20. Here God spoke of me and my kind. Q: Do you believe the Churches here are God ordained? A: No. Only the ones who are humbled by God’s gift. I’m a gift - like the others of my own kind. Q: When will God return? DR. HAMILTON: Eddie, we must stop here. Your heart beat is very low. We stop here, Don.


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A: Only he knows but I will know. Notes: 1. Eddie was intense here, Don took advantage. 2. Don will be present in the next one. 3. Military Brass to be present in the next one. 4: Talk about the future. When I was 10 years old, I foretold the assassination of President Kennedy. The CIA knew this had come true and the details I had given were accurate. In Session 12, I made more predictions which also came true. Like the Kennedy warnings, none were acted upon. You might ask, how could they have been? My answer would be the US government murdered the best President the nation ever had and, ever since, have allowed bad ones (with one notable exception - President Reagan) to guide the country on a course to armageddon. As an adult, I wasn’t expecting any preventative action to be taken. I had learned that harsh lesson before I was 11 years old but at least I did the decent thing and warned them about events that would culminate in the destruction of mankind - and still will. Here’s the transcript of Session 12: Session 12 5/2/84 1309 p.m. EST Room C Eddie is quiet, relaxed. Present are: Dr. Hamilton - Senior Hypnotherapist Dr. Ward - Observer Dr. Wood - Observer G. Ford - Observer B.Lemke - Observer Bishop M. Colloni - SDRS, Rome J.Oski - Interpreter Dr. Donald Johnson - Observer Dr. Shirley Lewis - Observer Q: Eddie, we all want to learn who and what you are. Will you tell us more and go in depth of what the country has in store. Can you do


this for us today? A: Yes. You have come to learn. Some in this room are scared, others are here to learn. Your hearts are more heavy than mine. See the time when mankind will have agendas not of God. The evil will bestow this great country of ours. You are ready. Take note, God only speaks this once. Do not miss this. Soon, our President will know the truth. It will cost him life nearly. I see his address. He will openly tell the world of the scrolls warning as Anaki return to destroy man. The forces of the evil one are here. He sends his doers to this land to kill many. Q: Tell us what will happen, can you? A They will entice us to the land of ancient Summer to wage war. Then send followers here to kill us. Sometime in the next 10 years a burst of hate will hit the north. Many will die but they won’t be able to destroy us as of yet. You will see him. That war will rage and the battle lines at this point will be drawn. That the beast is here, he walks among mortal man to lead his army. Q: Eddie, do you have a date, time, a location? Can you tell us this? A I can, but you will fail. It’s the evil one’s plans. He can’t be stopped. Only by God himself will he die. (Pause) The time is 2001, morning hours of the last month before Autumn. I see the twins destroyed. Maybe between 9th-10th September. Thousands will die. Q: A bomb - nuke maybe? Is this the only place? A: No bomb - as eagles fly. I see number 11 most prominently. Then our nation’s capital will suffer an attack. More deaths Q: Where at in the north are you talking about? A: Maybe in New York. A very tall twin possibly. A war will ensue in the Al Aradi and El Massori lands. Q: Are you talking about the final battle of man? Armageddon and where? A: The start of the final days, Yes, not in the Holy lands, but here, in this country. The leader is a tall man. He is called the Lion of Olsom. His power will be amassed to new heights but he is not to


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be found. Q: What is his name? Where is he from? A: The Lion Shiek - Ela Mors al Shadi Q: Al Shadi. That’s Arabic for Saudi Arabia, right? A: Yes. He will send followers in the turn of the moon cycle to do the damage that failed nine years prior. You must be warned. Q: Thank you Eddie. What else do you see in this time? We must prepare for the end days. A: There is holy blood, holy war. They will call this Jihadi. You will call it terrorist extreme. My eyesight hurts to see these things. You cannot change the course of history. We have to see the real meaning here, What is good, what is God’s, what is evil, what is the jihadist. Yes, this is a holy war being waged very soon. Q: You said that the war would be waged here in America? The Bible clearly states that armageddon is in the holy lands - right? Or is it somewhere else? Explain. A: The evil of this world is everywhere. The shadow of evil walks now. The jihadists come from the holy lands. But this country is to be holy - we’re not. We are an instrument of the evil one today. He uses us to prepare for the destruction of America. Shall we allow this? It’s God’s will. The will of Neu - the real living God. Cross the line of life and you see Setoni or the evil one. They wish to kill all God’s children. Time comes quickly. The leaders of this country will align themselves with other Mujahideen leaders and think of false safety - comrades in arms. Then the forces that control will attack the other arm. It’s that time we must sever the arm to survive the holy war. Many are preparing to bring down this country. It’s God’s will - nothing we can do. God’s children are few and are only a small speck here. Will you be of the chosen few? Q: I surely hope so. Eddie. Let me ask you this. Does God talk to you? How can you prove this to us? A: God talks to all of us. To me and I pray. I shy away from churches unless there is an awakening of my spirit. I will go through much


pain and heartache before I find my chosen one. One that God has said is my mate - my love one. Q: Who could that be Eddie? Describe her? A: In the year of unrest she and I will meet in a strange market. No store, a vessel used to meet people. I will know. She will too, I see this. She has a look of an angel and I sense her one day soon. Q: Where could we know this has happened or do we miss this? A: You will know. After my leaving, you will all think I have hidden away for good. When she and I meet. It is then soon you shall hear from me. By order from CIA/liaison/notes concealed. The next session I have the transcript for was interesting as they had a challenging test for me. I don’t know who thought of it or why but, when I gave the correct answers, many were so spooked that their attitude towards me afterwards was never quite the same! Date: 4-15-1984 Time: 9:17 AM Room: 7-5B Q - Questions asked by Dr. Jiles Hamilton no others are noted. Q: Greetings Abiel. You’re in a peaceful slumber this morning. Can you tell me what is going on outside at this very moment that is surrounding the outside courtyard here at the farm? Can you do this for us? A: Yes, it’s raining very hard outside. It will continue to rain all day. Nasty spring showers today. What do you really wish to know? Q: You’re correct. It surely is pouring upstairs. Abiel, we know about the amazing things you’re able to do. I wish to test one of these abilities. I will give you a room number. Tell me who is in there, who is talking to whoever? You understand this? A: Yes, this is going to be fun. I’m ready, Jiles. Q: First one - room 4-2A. A: Mmm - I see Larry Sullivan in there, talking to Dr.Swatzie. Q: Room 7-4A, A: Let’s see…Gleen Nelson and Dr. Joel Singeh are conducting a


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chess game. Gleen has won the first one already. Q: Room 3-4B A: My sweet little Angel, Beale and Dr. Linda Lubela are there, They are talking about cooking, can you believe that? Q: (Laughing somewhat) Wonder if they’ll bake a cake for us? The next one - Room 5-1B A: No one. That’s a bathroom supply closet, Jiles, Let’s try again. Q: Okay Abiel, tell me where Beth is? What room is she in? What is she wearing and who’s in there? Do this for us. A: Okay. To start, my sister Beth is wearing a eggshell colour pullover. Her long blonde hair is in a ponytail. Jeans, sort of white pumps. She is talking to Dr. Don Ward, Dr. Susie Quillian and Dr. Lewis Surphot and let’s see…this is hard to detect…they are in the break room on the fifth level room 5-10B. You know I’m correct, am I not? Q: Amazing! I have the list here in my front pocket. They are purposely situated and you are accurate - correct. Abiel, we would like now to see the future, if you’re willing to tell us what is in store for all of America? Can you do this for us? And be detailed in items of great interest if you may? Will you do this? A: Surely, you know I’m not going to hide things, but what good will it do? Man simply will not listen. But yes, let’s go to it. Ready. Q: Tell us… Relax, breath peacefully and tell us, what does Abiel see? What is the evil? Where will it come from? Will America survive? Reveal all there is to see. A: I’m a watchman. I have no rest. I’m spoken about in Isaiah 62:6. The same power to Moses, 62:12. Is it not? I reflect what God has given to me. Yes, Paul saw these things to to be talked about in 1st Corinthians 12:7-10, then verses 27-28 are all of us. Knowledge comes from the spirit. Yet I’m told this as that of Acts1-8. So where does evil come from? How will it affect the people here in America? Reveal all those who have ears, let them hear. Well, UFOs are very evil. Men do not know where they come from, who they are but they call with an agenda, I’ve tried to share, But you,


like so many, still refuse to listen. But the silvery discs are the Anikia. They shall live and will after all the terrible plights come to pass. I’ve said man does not listen. What hope do I have that you’re listing now? I will tell you more. Religion - that vile, unholy word. Bishop Colloni would also appreciate these facts. Rome is a beast of Revelation. Islam is the second beast of Revelation. The vast arena is a battleground and does man listen now? Your proxy wars don’t impress anyone. Today, where is companionship? Where is their love? Look at Rome, the evil called religion hides the facts that they are rapists who sodomize, pervert the bodies and minds of the small children they are entrusted to care for. Yes, all in the name of a religion. They wish to force the world onto their knees and give servitude to Rome, the Pope, the beast of Lucifer. This nation is under attack. Who will listen? The tainted lies of the preacher Baptists, Assembly of God, Church of Christ, Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, the Mormons, the list goes on. But where is God in all of this? Can you tell? No-one is God in this - why? Money is not of his grace, a building doesn’t have to be and when it is their insights are not seen from the outside - the doors are closed. Man has allowed the beast to come upon him, yet man welcomed all this evil. Little sleep upon the pack of dragons - think about that one. That is soon to come. Dragons, the Anikia in their silvery disk. But we don’t talk much about that - why? America is going to fall to her knees. America is a new, modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and where does these things all lead to? Many to so-called institutions called churches of God. Any one particular church - no. They will fall. They will crumble. The great ministries shall fall with them. This is a war that is happening. This nation is under siege. But who would believe all this? I see the financial wealth to go. People are homeless. Desperation and sadness is upon the land. They call out to God, but it’s too late now. They have been warned, but they thought they knew more, Yet worse, they didn’t believe to start with. Man knew more than…oh, let’s say - Aphra? But rent has come due, no money. The bills need


Project Aquarius.

to be paid, no money. Let’s see, God said. “Trust in me, I will not desert you.” I think that is Hebrews13:5. Yes, I’m correct. But my Father also said, “I will give you rest.” Their God is their stomachs, destruction is her destiny, their shame is their glory but those who are from the Pleiades, like myself, await God’s coming. Let’s see something else. Those who searched the truth, that of God, took these warnings to their hearts. Get anybody, just like God! Mmm - let’s see Philippians 3:19-21. Imagine that, friends. But this man still does not listen to us. Yet Peter told the facts. Yet in Acts, it was told pretty much what I say here, Acts 1:7-8, yet like others looked to the sky. Is this not so? Men do not wish to know the truth. Read that in Acts 1:9-11 Q: We see it in the biblical writings here. Did Jesus Christ rise up in the clouds as a bird would? How did he part as some tell us? A: A Virrannah came down. Yet the religion of today doesn’t teach these things. I’m correct here, am I not? Q: You’re right about that. Science - religion are as opposite as day and night. So you think America is a new Sodom and Gomorrah? A: No doubt. And it will only get worse. Same-sex marriage which will go against the sanctity of God’s laws. Religion and its lust for money will get bolder. Man teaches everything except what God truly said. Institutions shall fail. The great automakers in this nation are going to fail. And the demise of the honest work ethic. Find that hard to believe? Possibly. Q: Well, I find it hard to think the nation will allow same-sex unions to happen. I’m not sure Abiel. The industry and the nation is thriving. People are working. Stocks are great. Health could improve but all are entitled to it. Plus 92% of America goes to some church on Sundays. They are worshiping as instructed, Eddie - Abiel, how can we believe the negative when all is so positive at the moment? A: You said, as instructed by the bylaws of some religion but not what Aphra says. Not what the olden texts say. All things of the past are to teach and prepare for the future. It says that in the Bible too Jiles, It’s in 2nd Corinthians11:4-6 and 2nd Timothy 3:1-4.


How about Isaiah 59:14, and the verses of Hosea 11:10-11? Yes these ones come from the West that is Ephron. Now the list is very long but, again. who listens to me? Q: Let’s stop here, Abiel. Your pulse has shot up. We will conclude here. Abiel, any final thoughts? A: Yes, it’s true. Time is ticking away. I’m tired. I’m a warrior. The seconds are flying towards the coming. Man is not going to like me soon. Oh well... End of Session. Notes from Dr. Nathan Shu Remarkable, he was 100% correct on everything asked. His knowledge is challenged, yet we cannot even come close to disapproval till the next session. Dr. Nathan Shu Session 16 was the first hypnosis session from 1985 and here is a report that was written on what the ‘next steps’ were to be: Session Sixteen 1/6/85 Note: The many hours of footage upon all (5) subjects. Abiel - Mr. Edward T. Page is the most compelling to the existence of these ones as the Illuminati. The same are studying today. We will ask if things concerning events as we see the wording, the destruction of the Free world - America. Hypnosis conducted by senior investigator Dr. Jiles Hamilton. . Event is being recorded and filmed at this time. The following personnel are signed in at this time/titlement: Dr. Jiles Hamilton - Senior hypnotist Dr. Robert Wood - Senior neurology Dr. Nathan Yin Shu - Senior psychoanalyst Bruce Byron - Sound control Terry Twindle - Film projection Bruce Webster - Security Raymond Blackner - Security Joel Santhanti - Cardiovascular


Project Aquarius.

Dr. Donald Johnson - Observer Notes: Jiles wants to let Eddie be free for some time. The adjunct office must review all of this at this time. A: Special Entity B: Adoption paper/ private DOB C: Study his moves, people contact Don Ward: Agrees to Hamilton request. Has seen too much to dismiss it all as hoax/dreams/delusion. Believes the man is exactly what has been stated.  But do not let him stray too far. Jimu Oski: The interpretations do indeed come from ancient Hebrew teachings. He speaks a very foreign tongue and it’s hard to detect any flaws in the knowledge. It’s like he was there. The correlation to this point is very different and my belief is he is a messenger of God. And if he is from God, who are we to hold him? Michael Colloni: What would I believe if there was no God? I have to tell Rome something. This is not what they want to hear. He knows too much about the ancient Sumerian races and the contexts of the cultures that existed in those ages. The True God, as we know it, walked with Jesus. The culture that God sent from this point. The Mars and Moon finds. To push off the texts and teachings of these civilizations is to deny God exists. I have to think that Mr. Page’s life has been a long one and he is what he is. I saw and heard too many things to dismiss this. The Pope will most definitely be stunned by my findings. God bless Eddie and help us all. Notes Taken by Linda Lubela 1/6/85 Note sent to DOD, CIA OSI. Briefing White House 14:20 hrs. Although all the Star Seeds were hypnotised, five of us quickly proved more responsive to it than the others and these five were the ones they concentrated on. Me and Beth had an especially close bond and we even did a hypnotic session together in 1985. After it, Dr Don Ward wrote memos about what had occurred: D. Ward     Subject: Beth Berg After studying all the five (5) subjects. I find all to be extraordinary.


Mrs. Beth Berg seemed to be enlightened of the (2) females. Her knowledge was very astounding to say the least. It does seem to me that her and Mr. Eddie Page were in close association on info that was released. Her background comes from a Baptist raised home in Colorado to reside in Tempe, Arizona. We did let her and Mr. Page commune together as we did the other (2) men studied . Her eye contact and body language suggested the connection to Mr. Page greatly. The connection was there as I did see it. They shared the same thought patterns and ideas. Her knowledge was not as keen as Mr. Page, but she did have great insight on ancient Hebrew/Sumerian teachings. The (2) talked it. We must keep her in touch with her true identity as I see it. Her thought patterns go a long way beyond normal hyposy and culture. She is of German decent also and shows the normal look of true Arian decent. Her bloodline follows only one as we have proven. That of Mr. Page. They could pass for bro/sis. R/S Dr. Don Ward Release Date 4/1/85 HQ directive D. Ward Subject: Edward Page After many hours of studying and talking to the subject Edward T. Page, the finds are hard to dispute nor ignore. Reviewing his past and the knowledge he possesses Is so amazing. To the point - he is what he says he is. I will be surprised to hear and read anything from Rome in a positive aspect concerning what they have witnessed. His predictions have been noted and warranted. They are listed in files marked EP-3191SAT-COM- HQ-11215. If and when these prophecies come to pass, we will know at the time. The closeness of him and Mrs. Berg was noted to the full extent and documented. My beliefs are that Larry Sullivan, Glen Neeson and Angel Beale are not as far along in their development as Edward Page and Beth Berg are.


Project Aquarius.

Mr. Page is the top of these five as we are all in agreement. More studies must be conducted, but we must not push them faster than they are willing to disclose to us. R/S Dr. Don Ward Release Date 4/1/85 HQ directive Linda Lubela was a Physician/Psychiatrist at Langley. We jokingly nicknamed her Linda Lube but not within her earshot. In fairness to her, Linda was a dedicated, extremely well-qualified professional and was both well liked and well respected. This memo she wrote typifies the CIA reaction. 04/1/1985 Notes Memo: Linda Lubela Again, I’ve talked to Mrs. Beth Berg and she wishes to avoid my questioning at times like Mr. Page. I have watched them on Close Circuit T.V. in cube 4-A. They both knew they were being filmed, watched. The strangest took place on 3-27-85 /14:04 EST, they both talked, communicated in strange dialect. She stated it’s Sumerian, Mr. Page says this to Dr. Jiles Hamilton and Dr. Don Ward. We are lost to what they are saying at this time. They are also able to communicate telepathically. We have (2) strange entities here. The research is unbelievable. Linda Lubela Submitted to G-18 office Everyone involved saw what was happening in the sessions but did not know what to do with what they learned and so ended up doing nothing - apart from filing it all away. I’m surprised the CIA didn’t need a bigger top secret vault. 04/10/1985 Memo To: Liaison Physicians Sub: Project Zingo - A Person Be advised, all notes and tapes of film must be held in strict secrecy at


this time. All departments are in agreement that National Security is in the forefront of the matter. The President - COS have been briefed also. File this in Eyes Only at this time. Directive Chief: Gen Roger Brison USAF- Pentagon Arlington, VA 4/22/1985 Many more children shall search this one out in the future. As the date noted, these beings will come as one unit. More test-notes must be given. R/S COPU21- Farm To G-20  S-1  S-2 Only The problem the CIA had was that it was not one individual who was giving them the same information, it was all 33 of us - all relating the same consistent story. Here’s a snippet taken from a session from one of the others - Gleen Nelson. 4/22/85 Recorded Openly Room 4-5 B I came first to prepare for the others. I’ve told you. I’ve led a positive life and asked nothing for myself. My Father - your God - is great. You have been warned and yet you still don’t seek the facts. Who is the one now crazy?  Certainly these items are to come to pass. My way is not of this world, yet I’ve survived the terrible ordeals from a forgotten time. Yes, my name is called that of Hattil. Yes I know our creator, I serve him as I did King Solomon in those days. Yes, a war is here and more to come. I wonder why many don’t wish to hear the truth?  Gleen Nelson On that same day, me and Beth were also hypnotised separately and both of us made much the same prediction. Instead of being reassured by our consistency, because of the content of the prediction, it caused barely controlled alarm within the Langley ranks. 4/22/85 Recorded Openly


Project Aquarius.

Room 7-5B God so chose the ones who would give light back to a dark and evil world. Only they would know the beast and time. It was God’s time to release them unto the world to tell of the Second Coming. For the times are evil and destruction was everywhere in thy name of religion. False religions and teachers. The multitudes of the final battle of good and evil were preparing to wage the war of the fallen Angels as predicted. That his children shall not die but live in glory with him. That God shall take them in the blink of an eye. The earth will be purified with fire and the wicked ones shall perish. When the moon is in the 12th house of the day of the snake, the 2012th year shall we see things come to pass. For there shall be sights as mortal man has never witnessed. The covenant shall be opened and the names read out loud to the true God. Then the beast and the Anikia will reign supreme for these short days.  God’s children will be gone. Only then will the true Church of God be risen up to glory that was told so long ago. Prediction Edward Page 4/22/85 Recorded Openly Room 2-5 B God warned men to mend their wicked ways, I am aeon of truth. For the wicked religions of today never trusted God - my father Aphra but then neither has men listened. Fire shall purify the world but the Nephilim. My people shall come to take the children. That number shall be small compared to the valley for which all left here shall perish. Think about that for a moment. We have warned, we have come with such love, compassion. Still you scorn as a rabid animal would. We have given you the truths but as a blind man no way to know how he can go forward. Stumbles and yes, falls. Humans are just that, blind. It will do all concerned to listen to what Abiel says for he holds the 6th Seal but you’re going to be that blind man. Only God’s people, his true Church, will rise up. Prediction Beth Berg 04/22/1985


Linda Lubela, who took the notes at Session 16 summed up her mental bewilderment in this memo: 12/16/85 Notes: Linda Lubela I’ve been on assignment for 2 years to date here. What form of anniversary can I address which Mr. Edward T. Page AKA Abiel, could state that things of very bad nature are coming and mankind acts if it’s an everyday event. All that has been stated is all true and none in this project can deny his factuality. We have so vainly attempted to discredit him, we all have failed miserably.  I, myself tried to sway him, be very provocative, suggestive in matters not even associated with the research, He knows what I’m going to say before I say it. Is he the reincarnation of Jesus Christ? Is he the son of Aphra - God? We have a ton of wealth here in the form of knowledge. I see that this could very well be factual and positive. How do we proceed forward? Linda Lubela Physician/Psychiatrist = OSI/NSA The Vatican who had alerted the CIA to the arrival of the Star Seeds before we had been born, were keen to know what we were saying and Bishop Colloni was their representative at Langley. I was grateful to the Vatican for endorsing our holy bloodline. However, even the Bishop seemed at a loss on how best to proceed with the information and predictions we provided. This is shown in the memo the Bishop sent back to Rome: 3/7/1985 From: Bishop Michael Colloni SDRS - Vatican City Rome To: Counsellor - Cardinal Antonnia Vendetti The studies conducted upon these last several months concerning one Edward Michael Page are very extraordinary. All he is showing reflects on the testaments of Constella - the Illuminati. The marks, the blood, the abilities show the facts told in 121 BCE. His knowledge and testimonials show all traits associated to the finds. He knows


Project Aquarius.

more than he is addressing. My opinion is short - direct. We need to listen. The great Church of Rome is indeed in distress if coming events are to be taken seriously. I will submit more as they become available. God praise the Pope. R/S Michael Colloni SDRS Investigation Vatican City, Rome - Italy Over the next few years, the sessions continued periodically but I had told them most of what I knew - not only under hypnosis but in day to day meetings. By now, I was getting increasingly despondent that whatever I told them would not be acted upon and my feelings became increasingly evident. This is shown in this session from 1988: 08/26/1988 Session time 1:07 min 13:33 pm EST  Room C  Dr. Jiles Hamilton Eddie has drifted off to the visionary trance at this time. Room temp is moderate and setting of 70°. Q: Do you see God here? If yes, describe. A: An intoxicating peace. The Sumerians are fragile people - dark complexion, dark hair. There are giants here too God’s protectors. The air is brisk - cool. My home, My people. I sense this. Q: How old are you here? A: Age is not an issue but God made me in the 7 house of Mecca maybe 38,000 BC. The time is not important. God is great. He is our father I’m only a child in his eyes. The people look at me as a child but maybe more than that - maybe. Q: Why did you come here? The purpose? A: I’m a messenger. I have told of Numbers to watch. Who - where when. How do you see - feel me? You talk of Love - none is found. Why can’t I love? Not much is allowed for me - I cry forth. Q: Do you wish to know more about yourself?


A: I know I came from far, far away. Where I come from, time doesn’t exist only here does time mean more than life. Earth is a testing arena. We all play. I wish I could leave. My heart is so heavy at times. Q: Do you feel this inside? A: Yes. Q: Why do you cry? Are you sad? A: Not sad, disappointed that humans are cruel and wicked. They refused to believe. My life was destined here, ordained by God. My father will return one day. He has given me a vision to see - to talk some good, some bad - a warning to all. Q: What are these messages? A: Mankind should live in peace. Some will listen others will mock ridicule. My time here is short to most. Again, time does not exist where I come from. Q: Are you Jesus re-incarnated? A: No, the son of man is that. I’m a messenger - a warrior of truth. I have a cycle to follow. You will hear from me soon. Q: When will we hear your teachings? A: When God tells me it’s time. Only God knows. I wait for that! Note: The rest here was placed in a private folder and was given over to Bishop Colloni to take back to the Vatican: 782 pages 98 hours of film 26 hours recording 116 photos of subject It wasn’t just Jiles and Don Ward who conducted sessions. Dr. Candice Ward also did. As she asked some of the same questions I had been asked years before and they already had my answers to, I can only assume they thought that a different hypnotist might have got different answers. If this was their intention, they were disappointed. Date: 9/21/88 Room: 14 B Redstone, Alabama


Project Aquarius.

Dr. Candice Bryce Subject: Edward M/T Page Age: 34 Male Data/Zingo Q: Tell me who are the Twelve Councils - Assembly of Gods? A: You could see them talked about all through history, mentioned in Psalms 82, but they are as follows; Anu, Apollo, David, Elijah, Ishtar, Isaiah, Jesus, Jacob, Moses, Nehanna, Thor and Zeus. How do you like that? Q: So where does your knowledge, information come from and from who? A: Great question. I know these things because I’ve lived them before. My people teach me. Q: You tell us you’re an alien and the son of God - Anue. Who is Aphra? A: One in the same. Aphra is a titlement as Supreme Council. But there are others just like me - as you well know. Q: Do you know who they might be? Can you name them? A: Not off the bat. I’ve met only five so far but, hey, there are four who are Archangels. You might not understand yet, but man will soon. Q: Who are you in this impressive lineup? A: I’m Abiel - the messenger of God, I’m to be ready for battle when that day arrives. Q When is that day? Could it be 2012? Sooner? Later? Enlighten me. A: Oh sometime after 2012 but the world is fractured, as I speak. Humans do not possess the ability to comprehend this knowledge. Man is too caught up in his own disillusions. He calls it religion. Q: You say you lived before - how recently and how old are you? A: As recently as 1863 - died then, I’m at least 8,000 to 9,000 years old. (Smiling) Q: What are your intentions now - future?


A: To watch. Taste human life - good, bad, To learn all I can. Prepare for 2020, July 13 to say exact. Before that time, my own species. We are Enmurdaki - divine ones will be together and the three Sophias shall be on the way home. But human species is surely in for terrifying surprise for the days of man is coming to an end. Notes: Closed all audio film footage at this point. At the beginning of the regressive hypnosis sessions, I was grateful of the opportunity to prove that I was genuine and to give any information that the Langley staff asked about. I was really pleased to learn what happened to me during the eleven days I went missing after the battle in Vietnam. That session and working with my 32 other brothers and sisters restored my memory of my childhood up to the day of the battle when my helicopter was shot down. During the years of sessions, everything was covered, checked as far as it could be through CIA agents, historians and other related experts. I was regressed right back to creation. I talked about a war that had come from the heavens and destroyed ancient civilisations and what calamities were going to engulf mankind in the future. My childhood experiences were delved into in great detail. My trips to the spacecraft. Who the being Aphra Anu was. No stone was left unturned. During one session, I was asked to do ‘angelic writing’ which I did. Whilst I was still under hypnosis, Jiles asked if I’d ever done it before? Later, watching film of me on screen, I saw myself answer, “Yes, a long time ago. To teach people.” This was news to me. I’d never taught anyone how to do such writing in my current life as Tommy Coleman or Eddie Page. After a hypnotic session, the tape would be reviewed by Jiles and the other Langley experts. They were all unanimous in their conclusion that we were the real deal. That the CIA had in the organisation 33 genuine extraterrestrials. This was mind-boggling in its implications. It must have been the first time the CIA wished it


Project Aquarius.

was dealing with fakes and fraudsters. All my life, I’d had difficulty coming to terms with who I was. Now I had and I saw the CIA had similar difficulties. They became desperate to prove us false but just kept giving themselves more proof and reason to worry. Following a session, I wouldn’t be told, not immediately anyway, what had occurred. After it had been analysed, I would be allowed to view it. I found the tapes fascinating. As I watched, Jiles would study me and ask me questions like, “Do you remember saying that, Eddie?” “No.” I didn’t. I never remembered anything from the second I was put under. Yet, when I was under hypnosis, I remembered things I couldn’t remember when I wasn’t under hypnosis. That was a strange phenomena in itself. Of course, what was revealed was even more strange. All of us who were hypnotised gave remarkably consistent answers. We talked in Sumerian about events that happened thousands of years ago. We spoke about cities, temples and pyramids that had all been destroyed from space. The people at Langley had no idea such edifices had ever existed. Nor had any other historian. That’s why we were sent on field trips to find them - and we did. Or what remained of them. This increased both the CIA’s wonder and alarm. How did we know about them? We all believed we had been present when they had been destroyed. The CIA hierarchy, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and medical biologists all struggled to come to terms with what they had initially heard and disbelieved but later saw proved to be correct. Despite this accurate knowledge of the past, they all seemed either powerless or unwilling to take any preventative action to stop, or even to try to change, the course of what we were predicting would happen in the future. There was nothing any of us could do about this unfortunate situation. In 1990, Jiles conducted fifteen sessions on me alone. To everyone’s astonishment, Jiles and the observers present, began to talk directly


with my father, Aphra Anu, This happened both through me and the twins. Our Father told them in no uncertain terms, “Listen to my children for they have brought you guidance. Whatever you choose to do, choose wisely because you will not be given a second chance. Judgement is coming upon you for what you have done.” He was basically saying that they should look for forgiveness and mend their ways. The CIA didn’t see it that way. They saw themselves as the ultimate power who had a massive influence over both the world’s population and world events and wanted their power-trip to continue. They blanked-out or dismissed the fact that one event was coming of their making that they would have no power to stop. Either they thought it would not happen or they would deal with it when that day came and, until then, would carry on as they always had. I saw it differently - from the other side of the universal fence. I was the Third Messenger of God and had delivered my message to the security agency of the most powerful nation on planet Earth. Unfortunately, it also proved not to be the most far-sighted or even a moderately sensible organisation but I couldn’t change that. My job was, in part, done. At least, for the time being. I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of action. I didn’t feel we were taken seriously but I was mistaken on this point - we were. One important piece of action was taken which proved we were believed. The powers-thatbe at Langley were so stunned by what they had observed and the implications of the information that the Zingo unit had produced that it was decided to show some footage of the early hypnotic sessions to no less a personage than the President of the United States.. President Ronald Reagan had won the 1980 election defeating Jimmy Carter and began his first term in office in January 1981. Ronald Reagan had apparently seen a UFO - not just once but twice. During his acting days, he had been driving to a party in California that was being held at actress and comedienne Lucille Ball’s house when he and Nancy, his wife, saw one as they drove along a highway.


Project Aquarius.

According to other guests, the Reagans’ arrived late and were very excited at what they had witnessed. They couldn’t stop talking about it the whole night. After he left office in 1989, Reagan admitted to having a second UFO encounter. This happened whilst he was Governor of California. Whilst flying in the Governor’s private jet with Nancy and other staff, a mysterious green light was spotted in the sky. The plane followed the green light for over 300 miles until the unidentified craft accelerated too fast for the plane to keep pace with. President Reagan’s Vice President was none other than George HW Bush - a former CIA Director. Both these men saw the hypnosis film of me. The President’s reaction was, “When can I meet these individuals?” That’s what he called us - ‘individuals’. So, in 1983, all 33 Star Seeds were taken to the White House to meet the President, Ronald Reagan and the First Lady, Nancy Reagan. CIA staff ex-President Gerald Ford, Bob Lemke, Dr. Jiles Hamilton, Dr. Don Ward, Dr. Robert Ward and Dr. Eric Walker accompanied us. At this time, we were all attending college to study at the US government’s expense. We arrived around 8am and the meeting lasted until 9.30am. Nancy Reagan only joined us for the last forty minutes. She enquired if we were all being well looked after and asked which of us were married. She came across as genuinely caring lady with a sweet personality. Our visit wasn’t reported by the media. Nor was it as dramatic as a spacecraft landing on the White House lawn but 33 extraterrestrials did arrive at the White House. It was just a courtesy meeting or a better description would be a curiosity meeting - on the President’s part, not ours. Nothing important was discussed apart from polite pleasantries being exchanged. However, I could tell President Reagan was seriously interested in us. His eyes showed this. He couldn’t take them off us, even when others were talking. We’d been told by the CIA that he’d been thoroughly briefed on us and had shown great interest in both our life stories and the regressive hypnosis footage.


It was after this meeting that the President began mentioning aliens in his speeches. One such occasion was when President Reagan addressed students at Fallston High School, Maryland on December 4th, 1985. Here’s the relevant extract from that speech: “I couldn’t help but, at one point in my discussions privately with General Secretary Gorbachev… When you stop to think that we’re all God’s children wherever we may live in the world, I couldn’t help but say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be at these meetings we hold if, suddenly, there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the little local differences we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together. Well, I don’t think we can wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us.” Little did his young audience know that their President had told a white lie and that he knew an alien race had already come down and, by 1985, had already warned one of his security agencies through the regressive hypnosis sessions that nuclear proliferation would not be tolerated. We were destined to meet the President again in 1986. Our next meeting would be very different as far more than mere pleasantries were on the agenda. In fact, it was probably the most memorable meeting President Reagan would ever have.


Project Aquarius. Me with Jiles at one of the many hypnosis sessions conducted at Langley.


Chapter 13

The Roswell Crash & Cover-up.

When I joined the CIA and met Jiles for the first time, he mentioned the Roswell incident to me and was surprised I knew nothing about it. I grew up in the 1950s and, by then, the Roswell incident had long been dismissed as the over-imaginative mistaking a weather balloon for a flying-saucer. The twins had always known this was not the case and the Roswell incident in July 1947 was directly connected to their birth later that same month. They told me what they knew had occurred and I also had complete access to the government reports on the incident. What happened in the vicinity of Roswell in July 1947 has been a source of public speculation and government denial ever since. If a flying saucer did crash as many claimed and proof of this existed then it would undoubtedly be the most significant event in the modern history of mankind. The human race would know it was not alone in the universe. The implications would be staggering and far-reaching. There has always been a glut of material available on Roswell. Books, documentaries and ‘expert’ speakers abound. Most of it based on fragmented witness accounts and scraps of disputed evidence. It’s fascinating, but far from conclusive. It’s also frustrating in the extreme for those who wish to know the truth. I also wanted to know the truth and, thanks to my twin brothers and my CIA security clearance, I was able to discover exactly what happened. Also, and just as important, why it happened and why the government was to determined to keep the truth from the public. This book will be published in 2017, 70 years after the Roswell incident and I think the public have been patient long enough and have a right to know the facts. Facts from classified files. Facts from witnesses I interviewed. Facts from my twin brothers. Facts separated from fiction. This is what I learned had happened from years of thorough investigation. This began in 1985 when I was working for the CIA and had access to classified files. After I left the CIA’s employment, I was free to confirm the reports directly from


Project Aquarius.

witnesses listed within those files. Initially, this was done for my own benefit but now it is time to share what I discovered. Facts that should have been shared in 1947 as the events unfolded. The first contact was picked up by a radar tower that served an Army Air Corps airfield known as the Walker Field. It was an ordinary radar tower but the airfield was not. The aircraft stationed there had already reserved their place in the history books. They belonged to the 509th Bomb Wing. It was the location that the bomber named Enola Gay had taken off from on its mission to drop the first nuclear bomb on Japan during World War 2. The air base was at Roswell, a relatively small and remote town in the largely desert state of New Mexico. Roswell is situated approximately 40 miles south from the White Sands area where the prototype nuclear devices had been tested. That was the location. The chronology of events starting on July 2nd, 1947 was as follows: Air Base Command, Roswell 509th Bomb Group: 10.40pm. Duty Sergeant Michael McBride began to track 3 fast runners/bogies coming from the south and heading due north at 17,200 feet altitude. They were 35 to 23 miles due south and closing fast to within 12 miles east of the radar tower. No visual identity was made. Air traffic control confirmed the radar reading. 10.48pm. Duty Officer Captain Norris is informed and arrives at the radar tower. Official classified report 47.810A from Chaves County Sheriff’s Office: Deputy Sheriff Norman Hall on patrol on County Road 249 north of Roswell witnesses an unusual flash in the sky. That night, there was a thunderstorm approximately 50 miles from Roswell. The flash was some 18 miles from Corona, New Mexico. He had a very good look at this flash.


10.50pm. Several witnesses hear a loud explosion north of Roswell. Reported to Sheriff Wilcox the next day. Official classified report 47-816A: Farmer Sammy Kirstein saw a bright flash and a very loud crack in the electrified night sky north-east towards Corona. Time estimated to be 10.52pm. This individual was driving on a road near Sorocco, New Mexico, at the time he witnessed it. Official classified report from the radar tower, Air Base Command, Roswell 509th Bomb Group: 3 unknown bogies tracked heading north to north-west. They passed just east of the radar tower at 10.52pm. Loud crack of electrical storm to the north of the base at approximately 45-55 miles. Bogie#1 disappears off screen. Bogie#2 turns towards the west. Bogie#3 continues north. No air-traffic in area from this facility. Will contact Holloman Air Force base of approaching targets. Contact with Holloman made at 10.53pm. Reports given to Duty Officer First Lieutenant Crawford of unfolding events. He states he had been observing all 3 Bogies. He still has a fast runner Bogie#3 on his radar screen coming his way. He tracks Bogie#2 going west. After several minutes, both disappear off screen. 10.53pm. Bogie#2 was seen to make an acute turn towards the west and heads in that direction until it suddenly vanishes off screen. Bogie#3 continues towards Holloman Air Force Base. Duty Officer First Lieutenant Crawford is still observing. 10.54pm. Bogie#1 suddenly reappears on radar again. It is headed due south-west. Bogie#3 has now taken a slight turn to north-east and disappears off the radar screen. Bogie#1 is heading towards our location. It’s course jogs slightly and heads on a south-westerly course. Duty Officer Captain Norris is stunned at what he is observing on his radar screen. The same reaction applies to those in the radar tower


Project Aquarius.

at Holloman Air Base approximately 138 miles north of Roswell. Both have lost track of Bogie#2 as it headed west. Both knew all Bogies existed as they had seen them. The radar tower at Roswell was trying to figure out whether the whole inexplicable reading was a malfunction or whether the signals received were positive, recorded bogies. A system check confirmed all readings were correct at that time. The question the observers had at that moment was who, or what, were flying aircraft that didn’t adhere to the technology of that era? Official Report 47-848A: Mary Oglina and Juan Burwell reported to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office that they heard a loud explosion and a very large flash due South of Corona. The report was filed the next day by both witnesses. Official Report 47-894A: Mac Brazel’s farmhouse was shaken around 10.55pm as if a large explosion of dynamite had exploded in the immediate vicinity. He thought lightening had struck a tree or shed near to his home. He had just checked on the sheep his farm raised and later reported they had acted in a strange way, huddling together as if they were frightened of being attacked like they did when a coyote was around. He had thought this was because of the particularly violent thunderstorm that had passed over his ranch. Air Base Command, Roswell 509th Bomb Group: 10.55pm. Bogie#1 disappears off-screen for a second time at 22.68 miles south-southwest of the radar tower. Track is now clear. Confirmed and signed by Duty Officer Captain Norris. No explanation of the unusual radar readings was forwarded to Commanding Officer Colonel Blanchard. 10.57pm. Holloman Air Force Base: Bogie#3 is tracked at it approaches their location. It then veers sharply towards the east at an estimated speed of 3,000mph.


10.58pm. Bogie#3 disappears off the radar screen. Official Report 47-922B: 11pm. Loud flash and crack heard near the area of Boy Scout Mountain. Louder than normal thunder clap. Witnessed by two nuns from the Catholic school rectory in Roswell. 11.10pm. State Trooper Donald Carlton on patrol near San Augustine (25 miles west of Socorro, New Mexico, and approximately 145 miles west of Roswell) spots a light coming from over a small ridge. He investigates and sees a strange oval-shaped craft on the ground and three occupants outside it. After a couple of minutes, on realising they are being observed, the occupants get back inside the craft and it takes off - vertically. July 3rd, 1947. 01.20am. Strange light in the sky heading east spotted near Altoona, Pennsylvania. 01.28am. Strange light in the sky over Morristown, New Jersey, reported by several witnesses. It was moving in an easterly direction. 02.30am. Daniel Cole sees a strange shaped light moving over Harbourside, Maine. Mr. Cole stated the sighting lasted about 15 seconds. It was moving inland towards the west at a slow speed. It appeared to be a 3-sided craft of unknown origin. 03.08am. Strange light in the sky seemed to be hovering near High Bridge Township, New Jersey. This was seen by two Police Officers and two civilians. Official reports of the sightings filed with the State Police Department. Official Report 47-510A: July 4th. Nothing found from searches at this time. This was sent by General Ramey, Fort Worth Command to the US Army HQ in Washington DC. Official Report 47-510B: July 5th. 9.07am. Rancher Mac Brazel has reported finding some strange oddities on his property 50 miles north of Roswell. Being forwarded to Fort Worth Air Base at this time. 509th charged with


Project Aquarius.

investigating what and where possible aircraft came down. A search will be conducted by the 509th Unit, by order of General Ramey. Official Report 47-510EO: 3.31pm. Plane Alfa Seria reports to CO that, approximately 3 miles due west of Boy Scout Mountain, a silvery object is resting near top. Large type craft of unknown design. Advised running low of fuel and is returning to base now. The pilot of this plane was First Lieutenant Randoff Lane of the 509th Bomb Group. 4.51pm. Troops are ordered into the area. It would soon be secured with all roads and tracks blocked by military until investigators arrived. Official Report 47-510EO-B: 10pm. A large, unknown aircraft has been found near the top of the mountain. Be advised there are three casualties and one survivor. Have in custody one civilian who saw the craft come down. MP personnel at this time bringing individual to base provost office for interview. Civilian is George Ragsdale. Report Bravo says craft does not appear to be Soviet. George Ragsdale was parked near the site when the craft crashed. He witnessed it. To UFO researchers, this site is known today as the ‘Ragsdale Site’. An area in the desert outside Roswell is claimed to be the actual site but is most definitely not. I believe the US government may have played a part in this misleading information. Further to this, General Ramey sends message to US Army Command HQ in Washington DC. This was forwarded to President Truman’s staff who briefed the President. The 509th Bomb Group was put on full alert exactly as if the nation was about to go to war. Military and government personnel hastily headed towards Roswell.


The local Roswell media was about to get its first notice that a flying-saucer had been recovered. First Lieutenant Walter Hault, the Communications Officer at Roswell Air Base, issued a press release to this effect. On July 8th, the Roswell Daily Record would lead with the sensational front page news that ‘RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region’. However, it wouldn’t be long before orders came from Washington DC to stop all information releases to the public and to quash any inquiries from civilian news outlets from writing and broadcasting anything further on the incident. A cover story was prepared, aimed at making the media recant their claims that a flying-saucer had been recovered. In the midst of all this, Major Jesse Marcel, who had been the military representative sent to the Brazel ranch to see the wreckage, had stated he had never seen anything like the metal fragments that had been found. He would soon be silenced. He was the Intelligence Officer of the 509th Bomb Group but would not seem too intelligent when the cover story was publicised and an official announcement made that what had been found was a mere radar attachment for a weather balloon. After he retired, Major Marcel was adamant that what he had seen was not a weather balloon but he was to die before he was vindicated. By July 7th, many retrieved parts were at Roswell Air Force Base. From there, it was put in crates and flown to Operations Unit 18 at Wright Patterson Air Field at Dayton, Ohio. Although the highest level of security accompanied the wreckage, most of these guards had no idea what it was they were guarding or what had been found. At Roswell Air Force Base, more military personnel were sent to look for more wreckage. There was a hospital on the base where 24 year old nurse Dorothy Little worked. It was her first assignment. She was one of the witnesses listed in the CIA Roswell file. After I left the CIA, I went and interviewed her in 1995. Even after 48 years, she was shy and reticent to talk about what duties she had performed in


Project Aquarius.

that hospital on July 7th, 1947, but this is what she told me: Location: Days Inn, Dallas, Texas. Date: May 20th, 1995. Witness: Nurse Dorothy Little. “As I started my night duty, rumours had been circling around the base for about an hour or so. It was dark at this time and I’m not sure exactly what time I’d reported for work but I wasn’t to go off duty until 6am the next morning. Maybe the time was close to midnight, when several officers and MPs entered the emergency room and ordered that all who had no urgent business there were to leave immediately. I was in a side-room filing papers and the door was closed so I was not aware of this. When I did leave the room, I noticed the whole place was clear of medical staff but full of MPs and men in suits. As I went to my station behind the ER desk, one of the men came and asked me who I was and what was I doing there? I stated my name and told him I worked there. He didn’t say anything else and walked into the back hallway. It was then I saw nurse Martha Williams. She was my age and a good friend. I immediately saw something had upset her. I asked her, “Martha what’s going on?” She replied, “You don’t want to see this. You do not wish to see what they have just brought in.” An MP saw us talking. He came over and said to Martha, “Does she need to be here?” Martha was stunned about something. She looked at me and I’ll never forget the look on her face. She told the MP that I needed to leave at once. I was escorted out the back entrance and taken to the front gate. The town of Roswell was alive with activity. It was years later that I found out a crash had actually taken place and there were little men in that very same emergency room as I had been in, yet these little men had come from some place millions, maybe billions of miles away and crashed outside Roswell.


I was told not not to return to the base until I received further orders. I found it very odd to have been told that. After all, who were they to tell me this to start with? I lived off-base so had somewhere to sleep. I would not return to work until some five days later, I think. By then, everyone and everything had come back to normal. But, during that night and the following days, nothing was normal.” Dorothy had stayed close friends with Martha Williams and I was also able to interview Martha at a later date. Location: Days Inn, Dallas, Texas. Date: May 6th, 1996. Witness: Martha Williams. “The night shift was normal until about 7.30pm or so when several MPs came in and informed me and Dr Ellington that our services would soon be needed. Shortly afterwards, MPs and men in suits came and ordered everyone out who didn’t need to be there. Dr Ellington told them I was his head nurse and if there was an emergency, he needed me by his side.” Official Report: 47-612A-B: Brought in (BLANKED OUT) and 3 are deceased. Call to local funeral home has been requested at this time for child coffins. 3 required. 1 (BLANKED OUT) is alive and appears to be in good shape. Further medical attentions will need to be administered once removed. Being transported to Holloman for further medical treatment by order of OSS HQ Fort Worth, Texas. Signed Dr Andrew Ellington LTCol. USAAC Martha Williams Statement (continued): “This doctor didn’t say much. He was in shock - as I was. Who and what were these beings and where did they come from? The live one was soon taken out and where he went from there - I’m clueless! The little man looked as good as could be expected compared to the others. He did appear to be somewhat scared. If we tried to touch him he would flinch. His skin looked somewhat pale in colour and


Project Aquarius.

we both didn’t know if this was normal or what but he walked in by himself and sat down on the table provided. When he left, a man in a suit came in and told us that we didn’t see it, you do not talk to anyone about this event. He called it an ‘event’. I didn’t see nothing of the crash. When they took the little man off, we were told to look at the other three and tell them what they might be. Dr Ellington didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know who they were and how was he to determine what might have killed them? Two of them were in terrible shape, appearing as if they had been burned by fire. The third one had a very badly damaged right leg and the torso appeared to have been crushed. The smell in the hospital was awful - a stench one could not help but feel sick. I then remember my friend, Dennis Glenn, who worked at the local mortuary, brought over three small coffins and some dry ice. When he did this, I saw him out in the hallway. I told him to get off this base immediately and he was escorted out soon after that. What took place afterwards, all the confusion that was taking place, I couldn’t tell you. I was ordered to go to my quarters and stay there until called upon. I wouldn’t go back to work for 5 or 6 days. The base, the town, everything had been shut down. We were only able to go to the mess hall and that was it. And then only in small groups. No reasons why, no answers, nothing.” July 8th, 1947. The debris and parts of the craft were now at Hanger 84, Walker Field, Roswell. Official Report 47-511EO: 1.30pm. The first five trucks have arrived at the base and are stored in Hanger 84. Additional troops are being brought from Fort Worth and Holloman. Base Marshall has been instructed for complete curfew of town at this time. Contact with local Sheriff Wilcox to help with enforcement of this order as per directive from Washington DC. SS Matt Holden and Ralph McCoy will oversee the transport of


material to locations in WPAAB, Dayton, Ohio. First DC3 and 48 should arrive at WFAAB at 2.07am. Dr. Walt Christopher is on his way from Washington to take charge of the live individual. Some material will be shipped to Fort Worth for study and then proceed to WPAAB. Flights 1 and 2 will depart no later than 4am. Sometime around 2.30am, the first of the two planes took off loaded with material headed to Fort Worth, Texas. On that plane, was Major Marcel and two, possibly three, security people. In the hours of early morning, three C47s landed and taxied towards Hanger 84 to load their cargo. The Duty Officer in charge handed the manifest flight orders to the pilots who had been specially selected for this assignment. Lieutenant Colonel Pappy Henderson and Major Joe Turner had flown in from Wright Patterson. The third pilot, Major Louis French, was from Dover, Delaware. In 1995, I managed to find Joe Turner who was then retired and living in Guthrie, Oklahoma. He agreed to tell me all he knew. Joe’s background was he was born in 1916. He graduated from Oklahoma University in 1932 and served in Europe during World War 2 as a B-17 bomber pilot. When I met him, he was 79 years of age. Location: Joe Turner’s home, Guthrie, Oklahoma. Date: March 20th, 1995. Interview commenced 1.08pm. Witness: Lieutenant Colonel Joe Turner (retired) and his daughter, Shelly. “I had been stationed at the Fort Worth field in 1947 and had actually taken the first pieces of whatever it was. After they had looked at it, some several hours later, me and a crew of five flew it to Wright Patterson. We got there and our plane had been a guzzler for fuel. It was serviced, we got some three hours rest then we were ordered to head back to Roswell as fast as we could. Hell, we weren’t flying jets! When we did take-off, another cargo master was taking off right behind us and flew with us. We all wondered what all the fuss was about. We had been told at Fort Worth it was a balloon.


Project Aquarius.

We thought that ain’t no balloon. Not with all the fuss that was going on at the time. My flight orders back to Roswell was a sealed order package and it was to be handed over to the operations Duty Officer. That’s not too odd, I thought but why were the orders sealed from us? Hell, who knew except for the Duty Officer once we arrived. In about five hours, we landed at Roswell. I said, “Look at all this carnival show!” There were lights everywhere. The MPs truck was out there and the tower had told us to follow the truck and it would take us to our docking area. Okay. We were taken to this hanger which I knew only as Hanger 84. Docking there next to the other plane that had followed us there. We saw another cargo master was landing. Yep! This ain’t no balloon, for sure. We went inside to hand over those sealed orders. Getting to the hanger door, we were stopped and asked to show ID. I said, “Damn it, Son, I just flew here from Patterson and I got sealed orders for the man in charge.”The young boot Lieutenant said, “Yes Sir, but I cannot let anyone inside without the proper clearance.” A man in a black suit came out of the hanger and asked to see the sealed orders. As I handed the package over to him, he said we aircrew would all be taken to get some food and rest. He said someone would come and get us when our flight was ready to return. It was some four hours later, I figure, that they came and got us. Telling us that we were loaded and our flight manifest was prepared and to report to the hanger. Getting there, we all noticed the aircraft had all been preflight checked and refuelled. The man who originally took our orders from Wright Patterson, handed us our new flight instructions. When I climbed onboard and looked down at the cargo hold, I saw there were several green tarps draped over whatever was under it and like a mist coming out from beneath it. I fired up the props and away we went, headed back to Ohio.


Whatever was under the tarp, I never knew but I do know that, once we landed, we were taxied to the area where another large hanger was situated. We were then taken off and reported to HQ.” Mr. Turner never saw the other pilot, Pappy Henderson, again after that mission. Joe retired from the USAF in 1967 after a much decorated career. Sadly, he passed away in 2002. I have over three hours of taped interviews with him. So why did those pilots fly to collect wreckage if it was a weather balloon? A type of high-altitude balloon from Project Mogul was later claimed to be the real cause of all the commotion and secrecy but that would also not have warranted such actions as have been described. Nor would they have flown to collect dummies from high-altitude ejection seat tests as was also later claimed. If that had been the case, there would be no corpses needing to be examined by medics or any need for dry ice. From my research and interviews, I am sure the main events and dates are as follows: 1. Crash happened on July 2nd, 1947. 2. Wrecked spacecraft was spotted on July 5th. 3. Retrieval took place on July 6th and 7th. 4. Grey alien corpses were flown from Roswell to Wright-Patterson AFB on July 9th. 5. The live Grey alien was also flown out on July 9th. 6. Debris and the spacecraft flown and transported out on July 9th and 10th. The two spacecraft that crashed were definitely extraterrestrial, hence the 70 year cover-up. But why did they come? What was their mission? Three craft were spotted on radar, two crashed. What happened to the one that headed to the east? I know the ‘men in suits’ and whoever else was involved in questioning the live alien learned next to nothing from it until it died.


Project Aquarius.

All they really gained was the knowledge that UFOs are real - as are Grey aliens. Below is a complete list of witnesses and others involved who I personally talked to and recorded. It states what their involvement was in the incident and the year I interviewed them. I have not included all their testimonies as some did not want any publicity but were kind enough to help assist with my research. Other’s accounts are already in other books or on the internet. I would like to thank each and every one of them for having the courage to divulge what they knew with me. Not one of them had ever believed the incident should have been kept secret from the public. Many have felt guilty most of their lives for having been part of the greatest cover-up of the 20th century and beyond. Most had been intimidated by shameful threats made by the US government’s military and security organisations. All those I talked to expressed the hope that, one day, the public would learn the full and complete truth. Their collective testimonies would convince any jury in a court of law exactly what happened in July 1947, at Roswell. It is my hope that maybe, finally, the US government which purports to proudly represent the ‘land of the free’ will now believe that the public deserve to know the truth and will put on public display the flying-saucer wreckage that was recovered. Humans living on planet Earth will then reassess their place in the wider universe and their responsibilities to it - which is long overdue. List of witnesses to the Roswell incident and dates of interview:

Gerald Anderson - Nephew of George Ragsdale. Knew location of crash site and took us there in 1998. Told us the eye-witness account of the crash his uncle had told him. (Interviewed in 1998)

Sister Clara Bennett - Nun who heard the loud explosion. (Interviewed in 1999)

General Carroll Bolender - Stated UFOs will be a threat to national security. Colonel Nicholas Britton - Took live Grey alien (AKA ‘EBE’) to Los


Alamos, New Mexico. (Interviewed in 1998) 1st Lieutenant Mark Brewer - Material Logistic Officer at Roswell AFB. Flown in from Fort Worth in 1947. (Interviewed in 1998) Jim Browner - Helped pick-up debris from mountain. (Interviewed in 1998) Juan Botwell - Witnessed the flash in 1947. Dr. Walt Christopher - Medical doctor flown in from Washington DC in 1947. Mary Crowell - Witnessed bright flash and loud explosion north-west of Roswell. (Interviewed in 1999) Professor Bennett Crestman - Showed me the original crash site to verify what Gerald Anderson told us. (Interviewed in 1998) State Trooper Donald Carlton - Witnessed the landed craft in San Augustine plains in 1947. Brigadier General Arthur E Exom - In charge of all security. Reported directly to the White House. (Interviewed in 1998) Captain Jimmy Elrod - Intel Officer from the 8th Air Corps. Went with debris to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. (Interviewed in 1999) Lieutenant Colonel Louis French - Pilot who flew material to Fort Worth, Texas. (Interviewed in1999) Dennis Glenn - Mortician at Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell. (Interviewed in 1998/99) William Allen Gore - Son of James Dewitt Gore. His father was stationed at Roswell in 1947 who told him what he had witnessed. (Interviewed in 1997) Samuel Gourd - Helped pick-up debris from mountainside near the Roswell base. (Interviewed in 1996) 1st Lieutenant Walter Haut - Press Information Officer at Roswell AFB 1947. (Interviewed in 1998/99) Norman Hall - Deputy Sheriff of Chaves County in 1947. Joe Howell - MP who guarded road to mountain crash-site.


Project Aquarius.

(Interviewed in 1999)

Major Clint Holland - Flew back to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. Was OIC of flight crew and plane security. (Interviewed in 1998)

Jackson Hall - Son of Deputy Sheriff Norman Hall who saw the bright flash and heard a loud explosion near Lincoln County. He was a Sheriff in neighbouring Chaves County. His father never saw the craft but heard many reports from credible sources something strange had been found. (Interviewed in 1997) Cecil Jones - MP who guarded Hanger 84. (Interviewed in 1998)

Frank Kaufman - Said he saw the craft, live alien and 3 dead aliens. Was one of the first to find the crashed craft at the mountain location. His military record did confirm he was stationed at Roswell AFB in 1947. (Interviewed in 1997)

Delores King - Worked in admin at Roswell base hospital. Was there when military and MPs cleared the hospital. (Interviewed in 1997) Sammy Kirstein - MP at Roswell in 1947.

1st Lieutenant Rudolf Lane - Pilot who found down craft on mountain in 1947. Barbara Mehnert - Worked at Eisenhower Presidential Library at Abilene, Kansas. Saw classified documentation. Staff Sergeant Joel Morris - MP who guarded Hanger 84. (Interviewed in 1997) Sergeant Jim McCoy - MP who guarded Hanger 84. (Interviewed in 1997)

Mack Miller - MP who guarded road to mountain crash-site. (Interviewed in 1997)

Kenneth McDonald - Knew and gave information regarding Roswell crash and President Kennedy assassination. He worked for the CIA at the time of both. At the time, it was all Top Secret classification Umbre 20. Only ‘Need to Know’ access. (Interviewed in 1988) Sergeant McBride - Radar operator at Roswell on the night of


July 2nd, 1947. Sergeant Lew McMullen - NCOIC on mountain crash-site in 1947. Captain Norris - OIC of radar unit on the night of July 2nd,1947. PFC David Newton - Helped remove craft from mountain crash-site. He was a truck driver and operator of lifting machinery. (Interviewed in 1998/99) Mary Oglina - Witnessed the flash and loud explosion in 1947. Colonel Donald Preytor - OIC in the Socorro area. He took the reports from the State Police that something had come down in the plains of San Augustine. This is where some of the incorrect information came from in that a second craft had crashed. In actual fact, it landed and then flew away again which was clarified by a State Trooper who witnessed it. (Interviewed in 1995) Robert Porter - One of the radar operators at Roswell AFB at the time of the incident. (Interviewed in 1997) George Ragsdale - Witness to the crash on top of Boy Scout Mountain, July 2nd, 1947. Daniel Salter - Courier to Eisenhower. (Interviewed in 1999) David Salter - Picked-up debris from mountain crash-site. (Interviewed in 1999) Leo Speers - MP from the 1395th Corps who was brought in from Holloman AFB to help at Roswell AFB. He saw the craft inside Hanger 84. (Interviewed in 1995) Louis Staudenmaier - Nurse at Roswell AFB hospital in 1947. Captain Andy Thorton - Escorted corpses of Grey aliens to Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio in 1947. (Interviewed in 1998) Ken Wilber - Nephew to George Ragsdale. (Interviewed in 1999) Carla Williams/McAdams - Assistant nurse at Roswell AFB hospital. She saw the live Grey alien when they brought it inside. (Interviewed in 1997) Corporal Larry Williams - Saw the MPs bring the dead Grey alien


Project Aquarius.

corpses and the live one into Roswell AFB hospital. He was an Army Orderly stationed there. (Interviewed in 1997) Martha Williams - Assistant nurse at Roswell AFB hospital on the night of recovery. Saw live Grey alien. Helped with autopsies of three dead Grey aliens. (Interviewed in 1996) Staff Sergeant Floyd Wright - Stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada. Knew about the craft stored at Area 51 and that it had been retrieved from Roswell. He had a security clearance allowing him to enter Area 51. (Interviewed in 1998) Sadly but unsurprisingly, many on the above list have passed away in recent years but what they witnessed is recorded and documented for both the current and future generations. One day, in more enlightened times, I hope all those listed will be commemorated and honoured, not for the actions they took in 1947 but for their integrity to disclose the truth for the benefit of their whole human race. I have no doubt that the Roswell crash will be seen as a truly historic moment in modern history. I also wish to thank those members of the public who helped me in those years between 1997-2000 after I had left the CIA and began my own investigation into the Roswell incident to see and hear for myself what I had seen in classified files. These people are: Marlon Olson, David Hobbs, Stanton Freidman, Don Berliner, Larry Gadge and Marcus Thompson. They proved invaluable in guiding me to the witnesses and the exact crash location - a huge boulder where the flying-saucer eventually came to rest. In 1998, Stanton Friedman, Gerald Anderson Don Ward and myself went to this place. There are still scars in the rock caused by the impact. We were all astonished at how far it was from the location where the crash was meant to have happened. To their eternal credit, all of my fellow Ufologists persevered in their quest for the truth despite threats and ridicule. Also, I must praise my beautiful and loving wife Cathy, who traveled there with me in 1998 and 1999 to see for herself what had


attracted me to this field work and who understood why it was so important that the truth must be found and disclosed. It was an uphill struggle in more ways than one but, apart from the flying-saucer itself, I feel now all has been revealed that should have been disclosed to the world in 1947. Had the Roswell incident not been hi-jacked by the US government’s covert, opportunistic agenda to exploit alien technology to increase their own power and influence over the rest of the world’s population and, if they had they been open and honest and openly shared with their fellow humans that alien visitors had literally dropped out of the sky and what technology had crash-landed into their laps, then today’s world would be a very much better and safer place for all. The ironic fact is that for 70 years the US government has done its utmost to keep the Roswell incident secret from the public. Now it is the US government’s turn to learn in full exactly why the Roswell crash happened from a public source - the next chapter in this book.


Project Aquarius. Newspaper headlines of the Roswell incident.

Army headed to crash site.

Dead alien at crash site.

Debris found at crash site.


Debris beam compared to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Roswell flying-saucer wreckage.

More wreckage being taken to the airfield at Roswell.

The live Grey alien that survived the crash and became known as ‘EBE’ (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). These images were allegedly released by the KGB but are the ones in the CIA Roswell file.


Project Aquarius. Photo from the press conference when it was claimed the debris was a weather balloon.

The crash site - the top of Boy Scout Mountain in 1947 and how it looked in 1998.

1998 investigation team at Roswell.

Mac Brazell ranch as it is today.


The crash path.

Eddie on top of the boulder cracked by the impact of the flying-saucer.

‘Roswell Rock’.


Project Aquarius. Nancy and George Ragsdale.

Major Joe Turner.

Lt. Col Louis French.

Captain ‘Pappy’ Henderson.

Eddie with Dennis Gleen and Dorothy Little.

Kenneth McDonald.


Chapter 14

The Arrival Of The Twins. Many readers may well find the circumstances of why a Grey alien flying-saucer crashed near Roswell in July 1947 as difficult to comprehend as the fact that UFO spacecraft and alien races exist in reality. The reason it crashed had nothing to do with the thunderstorm or military radar interfering with the flying-saucer’s flight control system as has been incorrectly assumed and claimed. It was directly linked to the arrival of the eldest twins - Michael and Daniel. They were the first two ‘Star Seeds’ who carried the same pure bloodline as the supreme Pleiadian being who seeded the human race on planet Earth and who is considered by many who follow the Christian faith to be their ‘God’. All 33 Star Seeds were asked many times by many different people, at the CIA, who our Father was? Losing my childhood memories due to what happened to me in Vietnam handicapped me somewhat. The other 32 could remember their regular childhood experiences of the lights and visits to the Pleiadian Virrannah spacecraft to see the being who told us, and who we also sensed, was our true Father, rather than whatever man happened to be the head of whatever host family that was allocated the task of raising us. When I first joined the CIA, I knew nothing of the Roswell incident, except that it had occurred in the same month Michael and Daniel were born. What we did learn is that the twins almost didn’t make it to Earth. Other alien races were intent on stopping them. The arrival of the ‘Golden Angels’ is foretold in many ancient prophesies. The Vatican had scrolls that their experts studied in conjunction with star alignments. The first prophesy is called the ‘Druids of Shallamah’ and is tied into the dolmens or sacred stone temples of the Celts. These stone structures are considered to have been built in locations and positions that marry with star systems at


Project Aquarius.

certain times of the astrological calendar. This all connects to the ancient bloodline of God - the creator. The Catholic Church calls the prophesy scrolls ‘The Q Documents’. These Messianic Gospels talk about a group of children from God’s seed who would appear on Earth in the ‘End of Days’ before God’s return. Within the ‘Golden Angels’ is both a warning and a message of hope for mankind. These children are mentioned again in the ‘Tabulate of the Magi’ and the ‘Book of Leaves’ - a testament written about the time when the first Hebrew temple was built. This states: Thy Holiness calls out for all to hear, the council of the Holy Twelve Elders judges thy people of who are the chosen ones of Ysrael. The first two are identical twin males, processing thy knowledge and thy power, shall man listen closely to what they have to say, for in the Year of Nissan Andalusia, there will be an awakening of others that shall come and watch as they grow stronger and wiser to whatever it is that I have chosen for that one child, it may be male, it may be daughter, but make no mistake, they will all carry my blood, as they carry my message, There are Kush’tinium periods in Nissan, that is how many there shall arrive. There are many references to the Star Seeds within the Bible. One of the most interesting is John chapter 8 verse 41. This states: We are not illegitimate children, the only Father we have is God himself. To American officials, all of us were officially illegitimate as our father was not married to the women who gave birth to us. The ‘Celestine Prophesies’ is yet another ancient prediction that God’s children will come for all of mankind. This is what a key part of it, known as the ‘Ninth Insight’, states: People of the Holy bloodline increased in a higher vibration as something amazing shall come soon. A certain level of knowledge shall bring forth an awakening toward mankind. A grouping of special beings who I have sent and are my children from my own seed. Their


bodies can change into a body of pure light, glowing from within. It is the way they have crossed the span of time and consciousness and space to be among the Gods. They have the blood of the creators in their veins, they are heavenly host, children of light and truth. A special species of Indigo children and insight directly with the deities of the stars for I have said, the twin sons shall arrive in the month of ‘Tammuz or Az’. That is where our description of ‘Indigo Children’ came from. There are also multiple references to the ‘Star Seeds’ in older religious texts. One is the Jewish book called the Sefer Raziel - the ‘Book of Angels’. This is also known as the ‘Book of the Kabballah’. This is said to have been written around 210 BC but most theologians believe it is derived from a much older writing. The very word of Chat’ioth’ ha’ Qodesh is Sumerian for the ‘Children of the Holy One’. Here is an extract from this ancient text: From there they came upon the world as God’s Holy Children and emissaries to mankind, they protected the gates of the west and called upon the western winds for guidance. They were not the rulers of the world, but his seed created them, he also created the Ad’m. They wrestled the Gregori powers and condemned the fallen ones. They were the Stars of God’s heavens, they were the Holy Seven who have come. You could argue that all these prophesies are nothing more than a few ancient sages’ dreams. However, no less a revered and powerful organisation than the Catholic Church clearly believed in the prediction and actually acted upon it. A letter was passed on to the US government by a Catholic Cardinal. It had originally been sent to him by another Catholic Cardinal called Marteccello Brogonndia in 1932 giving prior warning of the event. This is an exact transcript of that letter: May 23, 1932 Senier De Payen, Here one has forward the truth of all time as one looks at the


Project Aquarius.

prophecies of these children to come. The true lineage is to come in 20 years. That would place it near 1947 - The first two are twin boys The wordage of Tegullio Siam Evisico - Latin for the meadow of truth. It has to be in America - New Jersey is where one shall locate the first retrieval. It is in Marcello. - But what and where the third child will appear is a even greater secret and this male child is secretly hidden, it’s the one we should worry the most, if it is known. Reply to me as soon as you can. We need your direction here. Senier Martecello Brogonndia On the back of this letter are references to bloodlines. The initials ‘EMW’ could be me as my first names given to me by my birth mother were Edward Michael. By coincidence, ‘Wolf’ was the nickname given to me by fellow pilots in Vietnam due to my unique helicopter flying and attack technique and later found to be the family name of ancestors linked to the holy bloodline who lived in Bavaria around 900-100AD - von Wolfe. How did the Catholic Church anticipate the date and location so accurately? I do not know for certain, but possibly the predictions were married with certain star alignments as the CIA had many astrological readings of all 33 children’s dates of births. These were only two dates. July 27th, 1947, for the twins and January 8th, 1953, for the other 31 of us. Although interesting, how they knew is relatively unimportant, what is important is they did know and passed their knowledge on to the US authorities. This is beyond dispute. What is of greater significance is that the Catholic Church was correct. What had been prophesied did indeed happen. A birth mother had been selected for the twins and this woman had been taken-up into a Pleiadian spacecraft and artificially inseminated six months prior to July, 1947. Not much is known about this woman and all lines of enquiry by the twins in later years didn’t provide much useful information. They were never allowed to see their CIA file. Apparently, she was very beautiful with a small, slender physique and


was under five foot tall. When she was young, she had been abducted and examined. Not by Greys, but by Pleiadians. Before she bore the twins, she already had two children and was single in 1947. She did not think she was physically capable of giving birth to any more and probably did not want and could not afford to raise other children. No doubt, it came as a surprise when she discovered she was pregnant again. In this respect, her situation was very similar to my birth mother. What was the reason behind this? Surely it would have been better if the women chosen to have the children had either not been able to have children and then would have loved and appreciated the unexpected arrivals, or the child had been the woman’s first born? Possibly the reason this was not the case is, if it had been, then the mother might well have been very reluctant to give the child up into the custody of host families chosen by the US government. The mother might well have tried to protect the child from all outside influences such as the government men who visited, the religious ministers and even the lights and trips up into the spacecraft. This would have been a natural and understandable reaction but would have hampered our development. The Greys and their Draconian overlords had good reason to prevent the Pleiadian children being born, as the whole point of the Star Seeds coming was that they would grew up to warn and, one day, hopefully thwart the two other alien nations territorial ambitions for both planet Earth and its human inhabitants. Like the Catholic Church, the Greys knew exactly what was happening and that the prophesy of the Star Seeds was about to be fulfilled. Two of the Greys’ flying-saucers tracked the Pleiadian Virrannah’s entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The Greys objective was to stop the first two children returning. What the radar operators witnessed on the radar screens on the night of July 2nd, 1947, was an aerial dogfight between two extraterrestrial races - a skirmish over the future of planet Earth.


Project Aquarius.

The Pleiadian Virrannah accelerated to a higher speed in an attempt to lose the two Grey flying-saucers. It was aware it was being detected on radar and headed into a thunderstorm taking place north of the small community of Roswell. To avoid harming any human life below and alerting the population to the Greys’ very existence, the closest Grey flying-saucer intended to attack the Pleiadian Virrannah from an upward angle. The second Grey flying-saucer kept pace with the Pleiadian spacecraft, monitoring what was happening. As soon as the first Grey flying-saucer moved in to attack, the Pleiadian Virrannah fired its ‘Harmonic-Pulse’ weapon. This creates a sonic, hyper-electric charge which stops everything it strikes from operating. It’s like turning off a switch that controls the power output. This nullifying charge hit the attacking Grey flying-saucer head-on. This caused the Grey spacecraft to lose its upward force and stopped it from firing its own weapon. On being targeted, the Grey flyingsaucer banked steeply back to the west and lost altitude. The evidence implies it hit the ground but was just about able to get airborne again for a short time before crashing into a mountain northwest of Roswell. This explains the trail of debris which was found over a wide area and also why the crashed flying-saucer was not immediately found by search teams. The second Grey flying-saucer was also fired upon and lost control. It ended up crash-landing west of Socorro but was later able to take-off again and left Earth’s atmosphere. A State Trooper witnessed this and also saw Grey aliens outside their flying-saucer examining it for damage. The Pleiadian Virrannah flew on to its intended destination which was New Jersey, where the birth mother of the twins lived. During this part of its journey, it was seen by multiple witnesses. It would have hovered whilst she was taken-up into it and given medical checks to ensure she was in good health and that the six month old foetuses


being nurtured inside her womb were developing as they should be. They were. The twins were born on July 27th at the hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They were only in their mother’s womb for a total of seven months before they entered this world. They weighed-in at a combined total of just 5 lbs - 2.5 lbs each. They were so small and weak that they would have died had they not had a blood transfusion. In 1947, medical staff were not as adept at performing these transfusions as they are today - especially on premature babies. Other Pleiadians were sent down to supervise this treatment on the twins and to ensure they survived. Like me, the twins have never been allowed to see their birth certificates. Despite this, they did eventually find out their birth mother’s name. She was Henrietta Johnson. Her relatives had been among the earliest settlers in America having sailed over on the ‘Mayflower’ ship. Someone from this lineage had married into the Wilson family who are mentioned in the American Declaration of Independence. Within three days of being born, the twins were taken from Henrietta and, as soon as they no longer needed medical attention, were placed with host parents. This was the Ferrante family which has Italian noble lineage so, whichever way you look at it, the twins were connected to good stock! Ironically, the Italian originated Ferrante surname means ‘iron’ or ‘gray’ and so was indirectly ‘cocking a snook’ at the Grey aliens who tried to prevent the twins arrival. After the CIA had been alerted by the letters from the Catholic Church, it wasn’t hard for the security agency to trace the twins. Especially when some strange births, defying rational explanation and requiring relatively unknown medical practices to save their lives, had taken place in New Jersey. Once the twins had been ‘retrieved’ from their birth mother and were being raised by foster parents, the Catholic Church turned its attention to the third child. A second, more specific, letter was sent dated July


Project Aquarius.

30th, 1947. It was addressed to none other than the priest who regularly visited me in my early childhood years and gave me the dictionary in which he signed his name ‘Lester O Serr’. This is an exact transcript of that letter: July 30th, 1947 Prior Serr With the events of this month in America the two boys have been recovered in New Jersey. They are safe at this moment. If the third child comes as it is told, he is the one who shall hold the key to all this madness. The dates could be simply off by a few months, but by that, it will place him in the year of Nissan - January - 53-54. Once he is found we must move fastly. Take the child quickly. Report to Roselli. The blood should not be destroyed. We shall use it to our advantage - the money has been sent - May God Speed to you brother Serr Revils The year of Nissan was mentioned in the prophesies and in this letter. The circumstances leading up to, and my premature birth, was remarkably similar to that of the twins. The other 30 Star Seeds were born on the same day as me, on January 8th, 1953. We had more than the date of our birthday in common with each other. We were all taken from our birth mothers and placed with host families. We were all rounded up very quickly as the letter from the Catholic Church’s representative stated we should be. The twins had a similar experience with their host parents as I had with the Colemans. Their host mother was very kind and looked after them well but they sensed an uneasiness from their father and, at times, this surfaced. He had two older sons and didn’t like the fact the twins were intellectually smarter than his own offspring. For security reasons, the twins host family moved around a lot but always lived in the New Jersey area close to where their birth mother lived. They resided in large houses at High Bridge and then at Bridgewater.


Like me, they had a feeling something was not quite right, or missing from their lives, that other children seemed to have with their parents but they did not initially know what this was. Unlike me though, their foster mother told them that they had been adopted fairly early on in their lives. They were also regularly called on by religious ministers who would ask them questions concerning Jesus and historical matters referenced in the Bible. The Bible wasn’t their specialist knowledge like it was mine and they didn’t know if the answers they gave were correct or not. They were told by these religious visitors that they were ‘God’s special little boys’. They grew up supporting each other and were very fast learners on any subject they showed an interest in. They knew their lives and those of their other 31 brothers and sisters had a definite purpose that would become apparent in time. As the twins grew up, they became aware they were watched by two different factions with different agendas but a mutual, covert philosophy. The first was the US government who protected the twins and the other was the Vatican who wished to take them away to an entirely different life but were unable to do so due the children being in the custody of the US authorities. Neither group put the children’s best interests above their own and neither considered that their organisations only existed to serve the people which is also why the Star Seeds had been sent. Where the two groups agreed and collaborated, was in their mutual aim to keep the Star Seeds and the millions of American citizens and Catholic followers - the people that both factions represented - apart and in ignorance. That was in noone’s best interest but protected the US government and the Catholic Church’s own power bases. Due to the Greys attempt to prevent the twins’ arrival and uncertainty about both the government and religious officials towards the children, another Pleiadian came to Earth to ensure that the twins and the 31 younger ones were safe and being raised correctly.


Project Aquarius.

This being has been the subject of much rumour, unsubstantiated fact and speculation. His mission has been tarnished by exaggeration and fabrication but, in many ways, it was as important as the Roswell crash and the arrival of the Star Seeds. The truth concerning him and his visit is also long overdue. His story begins with two meetings President Eisenhower had with extraterrestrials.


1932 Vatican letter.


Project Aquarius. 1947 Vatican letter.


CIA memo concerning the Star Seeds.


Project Aquarius. The earliest photo of the Twins.

The Twins on one of the earliest visits the Star Seeds went on to the mlitary facility.

Michael and Daniel. This photo was taken around 1984.


Chapter 15 President Eisenhower’s Meetings With Aliens. When Dwight D Eisenhower became President of the United States in 1953, he faced an immediate and serious problem. Outgoing President Truman would brief him on many strange occurrences such as numerous UFO sightings and the Roswell crash. Eisenhower was told that one Grey alien survived the crash and had been kept in a highly-secured base until it died in 1952. In what was unlikely to be coincidental timing, between 1952 and 1953, the Greys had put on a show of force. Flying-saucers had flown over Washington DC - the nation’s capital city and centre of government. This was seen as a provocative threat to the nation’s security and President Truman issued an order that was direct and to the point, “Shoot them down”. It also reflects the panic that the UFOs caused below in the very heart of the US government. This desperation must have increased dramatically when US Air Force lost a total of 438 military jets trying to carry out this order. The fighter jets tried to chase and engage spacecraft that not only moved at the speed of light but were light years ahead in technology and manoeuvrability. Many of the US jets had simply vanished into thin air together with their pilots. This is obviously an extraordinary high total but the loss of some of these aircraft and pilots is clearly documented. The question must be asked as to why this staggering loss wasn’t reported by the mainstream media at the time? Firstly, the media was under much closer control by the government than it is today and the government didn’t want its own increasing desperation and powerlessness communicated to the public. It would have had catastrophic repercussions to have admitted that the nation’s jets were being shot down by strange craft that the military had no idea how to defend their nation’s population against. All over America, sightings of UFOs were being reported but no


Project Aquarius.

credible explanation as to what they were, or even what they could be, was offered by the government or military - just flat denials. That was the official line, at least to the public. The loss of the jets would have forced the US government to have admitted the existence of such craft and also that they had lied to the public for years. However, in 1952, General Roger Ramey did hold a news conference about the UFOs that were being reported over the country and especially over the nation’s capital. General Ramey, who was heavily involved in the Roswell incident, stated the UFOs were not Soviet or any other nation’s aircraft but did not offer any further explanation. In reality, there was a long list of lost USAF aircraft and pilots. The first one was very interesting and happened in January, 1948, outside of Franklin in Kentucky. The P51 (a 4-bladed propellor fighter aircraft) was piloted by Captain Thomas Mantell. He was pursuing what he described as a very large, silvery craft and was closing in on it to take a better look at what it was. That was the last transmission he would ever make. Witnesses on the ground watched as a bright light shone, causing the P51 aircraft to fall like a stone out of the sky. In 1985, I saw photographs of Captain Mantell’s corpse inside the wreckage of his crashed aircraft. He was still in his flight suit but all that was left of him was a complete, but fleshless, skeleton. During what is sometimes called the ‘Flying Saucer Wars’ of 1952-53, many fighter jets sent up to investigate, intercept and engage never returned nor was any wreckage ever found. Here is just a few I have documented. Some of these are out of Project Blue Book - the official unit set-up to investigate UFO reports and incidents but which was closed in 1969 with the surprising and inexplicable conclusion that UFOs were no threat to national security and future reports of UFO sighings would not be investigated as it was deemed to be “not in the public interest”.



6-5-52 6-6-52

Blue Location Jet No. of Book type planes/ Case# pilots lost 1257







6-12-52 1295




6-15-52 1285




6-17-52 1298


F84/86 SABRE


6-19-52 1308 GOOSE CRK, CANADA







6-23-52 1332




6-29-52 1364




















It is absurd to explain these losses as being due to either mechanical failure or pilot error, especially when up to four jets were lost on the same day. Only five of these thirty losses were located close to Washington DC but it does show how many US fighter jets and pilots were lost at the same time as the much reported UFO activity over Washington DC. It also gives credence to the cover-up and the real total of losses. There was a lull in losses after August, 1952. However, beginning in May, 1953, others are listed:


Project Aquarius.



Blue Location Jet No. of Book type planes/ Case# pilots lost 2125 LAKELAND, FLORIDA F86 SABRE




F84/86 SABRE















The majority of these fighter jets were never found. Both the aircraft and the pilots just vanished. Others, who did survive to tell the tale, stated they had experienced a feeling of electricity surging through the jets and their bodies at the time of the incidents. Once the US military and government realised that they could not defeat the UFOs, the only course of action left was to try and communicate with the aliens who piloted these flying-saucers and find out exactly what the purpose of the visitors’ intrusive presence into Earth’s airspace was. It is not known how the initial contact with the Greys was made. It is claimed that, as health of the Grey alien who survived the Roswell crash deteriorated, radio signals were sent into space requesting advice on how to save it and, possibly, the Greys began communicating in this way. Alternatively, the Greys themselves might have initiated contact after they had proved their military domination. The important fact is, that communication was somehow established between the Greys and the US government. What is known for certain, and is very well documented in classified files and military witnesses, is that President


Eisenhower had a face-to-face meeting with the Greys. There were many witnesses to this first meeting, or parts of it, but only President Eisenhower himself knew exactly what happened and what the outcome was. The first meeting took place in 1954 at Muroc Air Field in California and a second meeting was held in 1955 at Holloman Air Field outside Albuquerque in New Mexico. Whilst working for the CIA, this is what I found out about that first meeting: Date: February 17th, 1954. Location: Muroc Air Field, California. A C47 transport plane lands at Norton Air Base and the following people disembark: Lieutenant Colonel Dale Dorsey/Base Commanding Officer. Cardinal Benjamin Portatelli/Vatican Representative. Dr. Herbert Allen/Science Department. General Nathan Twining/USAF. General George Marshall/USAF. Robert Cutler/NSA. Daniel Reese/CIA. James Lay/NSC. Colonel Andrew Goodpaster. Senator James Murray. Gordon Gray/Scientist. Robert Montaque/Scientist. Walter Smith/Scientist. Donald Quarles/Scientist. Dr. Donald Menzel/Astronomy Expert. Gerald J Light/Communications Expert. There were also six other individuals whose names and job-titles were not listed in the original files. Why this was, I don’t know, but I suspect they were military personnel who were used as security or possibly they were Secret Service agents.


Project Aquarius.

Colonel Richard Weaver had flown from Wright Patterson AFB to the location two days before the President and his staff were due to arrive. From my research, I found out that there had been several preliminary, preparatory meetings held in advance and former President Truman had been present at one of these as an advisor. I found the logs of the Duty Officers who were on call on the day of the meeting and the time frame showed me that the time was 11:33am when the presidential staff all gathered at the site which, in those days, was called Haystack Area One. The flying-saucer and its occupants arrived at precisely 12:00 noon. At this time, the radar logs confirmed that the radar had been purposely turned off for its arrival. All of this was filmed and all 33 Star Seeds got to see this film footage of the flying-saucer coming in and landing. It was entitled ‘Silver Wheel One-54’. Details of what was discussed and how long the meeting went on for, is all highly classified and, even with our high security clearance at the time, we were not allowed to see this information. There were photos taken of the Grey aliens which we were shown. The crucial questions were, why had this meeting taken place at that time, what was its purpose and what was the outcome? From what happened before the meeting, and after it, I believe the Greys reiterated to the President how powerful and technically superior they were - as demonstrated by the UFO encounters over Washington DC over the previous two years. They could have demanded the complete surrender of the US nation and the world but they would still have needed some humans to rule it on their behalf. What the Greys did begin to do afterwards, is abduct humans for medical research. The strong rumour is that they were allowed to do this and the government would cover-up such abductions. The Greys were meant to give the US government a list who they abducted. The humans they took were meant to be released unharmed and


with no memory of what had happened to them. The Greys had the power to erase human memory, just as the Pleiadians had done to me after my Vietnam episode. This is not as far-fetched or bizarre as it might seem. Using hypnosis, certain humans, like Jiles, can also do it, although hypnosis is more frequently used to bring memories back. It was a phenomena made much of in the ‘Men In Black’ movies. In years to come, the Greys were to exceed the agreed quota. Indeed, there are startling figures that indicate as many as 1 in 3,000 humans appear to have been abducted without knowing they have been. This figure was estimated from people being hypnotised, often for reasons unconnected with anything sinister, such as an attempt to give-up smoking or to try to cure a phobia. The Greys also began to do animal mutilations. These can be quite horrific with the corpses of horses and cows left with various organs, parts of the the jaw and other body parts removed with surgical precision. So much so, that even a qualified veterinary, or human surgeon, would need great skill to achieve such results and would certainly not be able to do such intricate work in a field, at night. Why is this done? It is believed the Greys have genetic problems and are unable to reproduce efficiently or are trying to enhance certain physical qualities of their species. All this is educated speculation on my part. The Eisenhower memos, providing the President’s personal minutes of the meeting, undoubtedly exist but seem to be the most top secret documents on the planet. What I’ve stated is based on other documents I have seen and what I was told when working for the CIA. I know for a fact that the CIA was concerned about the number of human abductions and animal mutilations but, as with anything extraterrestrial, flatly denied they were taking place at all to the public. When the 1954 meeting ended, the group of dignitaries re-boarded the C47 plane. By the time they did, the flying-saucer had already returned to wherever it had come from. The C47 taxied and returned to Norton Air Base. From there, I assume President Eisenhower returned to Washington DC. Officially, he had attended a dental appointment.


Project Aquarius.

These are the facts concerning the second meeting: Date: June 25th, 1955. Location: Holloman Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico. President Eisenhower’s plane approaches at 09:27am on runway 18B. Two unknown spacecraft are again flying alongside of the plane. All three aircraft descend. The presidential plane lands and taxis to the end of the runway. One of the spacecraft lands in front of the President’s plane whilst the other one hovers overhead. The following people get off the President’s plane and assemble on the runway: Robert Cutler/NSA. James Lay/NSC. Dr. Donald Menzel/Astronomy Expert. General Nathan Twining/USAF. Robert Montaque/Scientist. Colonel Andrew Goodpaster. Dr. Robert Riener/USAF - Holloman AFB. Allen Dulles/CIA. Richard Doty/CIA. Signor Martello Sahennlia/Vatican. Cardinal Batterinio/Vatican. Cardinal Francis MacIntyre/Vatican. General Rob Wheeling/US Army. Senator Dale Grissom. Senator Larry Nells. Dr. Edwin Nourse/Advisor. Congressman Franklin Hearst. Charles Suggs/ Naval Intelligence Expert. Philip Corso/Aid to Charles Suggs. William Colby/DCI. Dr. Michael Wolfe/ Advisor. This list can be found in the National Archives in Washington DC and also at the Eisenhower Public Library. This arrival was also filmed and entitled ‘Silver Wheel Two-55’.


The spacecraft are different in this film. They are not saucer-shaped but triangular. In the film, you see people disembarking from the C57 Skymaster and walking across the runway tarmac. Some, but not all, enter the triangular spacecraft. Obviously, the President was one of these and I assume the others were from the military and scientists who would have been keen to view the inside of the spacecraft. This second meeting was not with Grey aliens but with quite different extraterrestrial beings. These ones looked human and communicated in the English language. Later that afternoon, President Eisenhower gave a speech at an auditorium on the base to 32 selected individuals. Press reporters were not allowed to be part of this event. Why? The reasons why his speech was not divulged was explained by the wording ‘National Security’ and ‘Grave Concerns’. What could possibly be so important that the press weren’t allowed inside and those who were allowed inside, were forbidden to have pens and note-pads? In two years time, things were going to get very up-close and personal for President Eisenhower in his official residence at the White House. The purpose of this second meeting was quite different to the first. It was to inform the President of the United States that an extraterrestrial emissary intended to visit and have an extended stay on planet Earth. An official memo dated November 22nd, 1956, made arrangements for this extraterrestrial’s visit. A transcript of it reads: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON D.C. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR NOVEMBER 22 1956 Colonel A.J. Goodpastor Staff Secretary The White House


Project Aquarius.

Dear Andy, I enclose a copy of a memorandum which I have just sent to Herb Hoover, Admiral Radford and Gordon Gray which I thought might interest you. Sincerely, Allen W. Dulles Director Enclosure: We need the date and location for the arrival, we have less than Three months. Contact the Vatican as soon as possible and Make arrangements for their visit also. The families need to stay calm and be notified about all the happenings at this time. The text doesn’t say the visitor was extraterrestrial or mention his name but, ask yourself, who else could the contents of the document be referring to? And what other families other than the host parents of the Star Seeds would be involved in any CIA business? I will be more specific than the official memo. The preparations were for a being who has been the subject of much interest and speculation ever since his visit. His name was Valiant Thor and he was from the Pleiades.


Newspaper accounts of the ‘Flying-Saucer Wars’ over Washington DC in 1952-53.


Project Aquarius. Photo taken of the Grey aliens who met with President Eisenhower at Muroc Air Field in 1954.


Chapter 16 Valiant Thor’s Arrival. Valiant Thor was and still is, one of twelve Supreme Elders who rule over the Pleiadian star constellation. He is also one of the Pleiadian representatives on the Highest Council of Galactic Federation which consists of several races of aliens who live in peace and harmony. Pleiadians call this the ‘Grand Assembly’. When I studied the Bible, I saw references to this. Opening of Psalm 82: God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the “gods”. Opening of Psalm 111: I will extol the Lord with all my heart in the council of the upright and in the assembly. Although his name was Valiant Thor, I will refer to him as Thor as that was what I called him. His very name was a blatant clue as to exactly who he was - straight from the pages of mythological legends of the ancient past into post-war 1950’s America. Many rumours circulated around Washington about Thor at the time of his three year visit to Earth and some continue on the internet to this day. Like Roswell, much of it is correct but is denied by the US government. Surprisingly, the old joke of aliens landing on the White House lawn and saying, “Take me to your leader,” is virtually true. For that it is almost exactly what Thor did. These are the facts concerning his visit to Earth. On March 13th, 1957, at exactly 12 noon, a spacecraft descended just outside of Alexandria in Virginia. This spacecraft was a triangularshaped Virrannah scout craft. The same type of craft that brought me back to Earth after my life was saved. It was 32 feet in diameter and powered by the same electromagnetic-pulse propulsion system as the huge Virrannah mothership spacecraft.


Project Aquarius.

Police and officials had gathered and were waiting to greet Thor. No doubt they felt foolish waiting for a spacecraft to appear and were genuinely flabbergasted when one did emerge from the clouds. Classified files record this startling event, but only those with a ‘Need to Know’ can view them. Very few US officials with the highest security clearance are deemed to have this need. In actual fact, this unexpected arrival was entirely expected. Why? Because President Eisenhower had previously been informed of where and when Thor would arrive by Thor’s younger brother, Donn, at the meeting that took place at Holloman USAF base outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1955. That was the purpose of the meeting and was initiated because of President Eisenhower’s previous meeting, in 1954, with the Greys. Thor arrived with two other Pleiadians. Thor’s younger brother, Donn and Aneminiah, a female. The trio’s main purpose was to observe their 33 Star Seeds and to ensure there were no signs of rejection, either by us of life on planet Earth, or vice versa from the US government and those appointed by them to raise us. Although the eldest twins were 9 years old and nearly 10, the rest of us had only just turned 4. We were not babies anymore and were beginning to show signs of abnormal human development. This reason was not what the US government had previously been informed by Donn as being the point of the visit. They thought Thor had an important message for them and this was also true. After they were picked-up by the astonished reception committee, the spacecraft returned by remote control to the Pleiadian mothership. The Pleiades was where Valiant Thor originated from and not from Venus, as is incorrectly claimed by some. All three visitors were quickly taken to the Pentagon where officials hastily assembled and were waiting for them. In the White House, President Eisenhower got ready to meet with this VIP being from outer-space. Everyone was thrown into a dilemma at the extraordinary


event that was unfolding and they were caught up in. Thor wasn’t at the Pentagon long before he was ushered down into the lower levels by Captain William Gould of the USAF, six Secret Service agents and six military officials. Later, Captain Gould was officially assigned to be Thor’s earthling attache. For the duration of Thor’s stay, it was his one and only job to accompany Thor wherever he went and to make sure Thor had whatever he needed. That day, normal security protocol was waived. The party took the government underground train for the ten minute journey to the White House. Donn and Aneminiah did not accompany Thor to the White House but remained at the Pentagon. Thor walked into the Oval Office and shook hands with the President of the United States - the leader of the most powerful nation on planet Earth. Vice President Nixon was also present. The atmosphere at this historic inter-planetary meeting was as electric as one might imagine. The talk was light at first and Thor was asked obvious questions such as, “Where exactly have you come from? How did you fly such an incredible distance here? What are your intentions towards us?” Probably prompted by his military advisors, President Eisenhower was also anxious to ask Thor about the flying-saucers that had flown over the nation’s capital in 1952-1953. Was Thor’s alien nation complicit in this? Thor’s answer was that those spacecraft were not Pleiadian, but Greys. Those encounters and Eisenhower’s meeting with the Greys were tied-into his visit. President Eisenhower and all the others were largely reassured by Thor and probably greatly relieved. Not only because his physical appearance was so human-like, but because of his calm, polite manner, apparent honesty and common-sense logic. Thor stated that he not only brought a graven message to the leader of the United States but had an even harsher message for the


Project Aquarius.

people of America and the rest of the population of planet Earth. He warned that other aliens of evil intent were also visiting Earth as the UFO encounters over Washington DC had shown and these aliens would eventually have mankind killing itself into extinction. Thor’s underlying message was that the development and threatened use of nuclear weapons since World War 2 between Earth nations, was not going to be ignored or tolerated from the galactic standpoint. This is Thor’s sombre message that he delivered to President Eisenhower: “Many Earth people live one life openly while, in their hearts and minds, they live quite another. Double mindedness seems to be a way of life here. I have never witnessed, in one central location, such concentrated confusion and dislike for one another. Your wars, greed, hate and religion have kept you under a process of slavery for eons and yet, even though we have always been here for you, your ways are to destroy all that you see. You must change and, if this change doesn’t come to fruition, you shall destroy yourself and the creation of what you were intended to be.” Thor and his two companions were provided with specially assigned accommodation within the Pentagon where they resided for three years. These apartments catered for all the needs of high-status visiting dignitaries. This was a mutually convenient arrangement as it meant both US military officials and the Pleiadian extraterrestrials could keep a watchful eye on each other. And so it was that Thor lived in the American epi-centre of war. This openness was a clever move by President Eisenhower and much appreciated by Thor. Thor never had an official role but was told he was welcome to attend meetings, observe and even offer advice. Thor’s secondary objective was to assess the US leaders, take note of man’s ways and give both an ominous warning coupled with an offer of help for the future. His main reason was to stress the future importance of the Star Seeds. The US government must ensure we


were not exploited in any way. We were to be given the highest quality of support the nation could provide, yet be allowed to grow-up living ‘normal’ lives, as had been planned. Thor knew his advice to the political leaders regarding nuclear proliferation would not be acted upon as, if there was a good chance it would be, then the Star Seed’s presence on Earth would have been largely superfluous. Thor himself only met with most of the Star Seeds twice but Donn and Aneminiah saw some of us several times during those three years. Aneminiah visited me four times at my home. The first time I saw Thor was on April 12th, 1957 - less than a month after he landed. He had told the government officials that he wanted to meet with the children as soon as possible. At this time, we had only attended one group meeting of all 33 Star Seeds and I’m sure Blanche was surprised when another was held so soon afterwards. Me and Blanche flew out of Tampa on April 10th and arrived in New Jersey the same day. Not all 33 of us were at this meeting but, the ones that were there, met with Thor, Donn and Aneminiah and we all had lunch together. This took place at the house where the twins lived with their host parents in High Bridge, New Jersey. Thor also met our host parents. The children who did not attend this meeting lived out west and Thor visited them at another location, closer to their homes, soon after. The event I attended was photographed and notes were taken as if it was an official meeting but it didn’t appear as such to me, aged just 4. To me, it was like a large family gathering in a back-yard. Some photos of this are on the internet and it is claimed to be of a UFO meeting that Thor attended. This is ridiculous, as who takes young children to a UFO meeting? Although a few military officials and doctors were present, they had been instructed to stand well back and just observe. The extraterrestrial visitors were all wearing everyday clothing as it was more reassuring if they blended in with everyone else. Thor and Donn wore black suits, white shirts and ties.


Project Aquarius.

Aneminiah wore a skirt and blouse. They all looked as if they could have been fashion models. They looked very stylish and comfortable in what must have been very strange attire for them, compared to the Pleiadian robes they normally wore. Polite as ever, Thor greeted everyone and thanked the host families for bringing the children to the meeting. He then made a speech that was more for the ears of the observers than the host parents. This speech was the first of many unexpected incidents that day that must have amazed and even bemused our guardians. Knowing her as I do now, the content of Thor’s speech would almost certainly have been lost on Blanche but it would have had the overall effect of making them all realise that they were part of something incredibly important and they should take their parental responsibility seriously. If they weren’t completely aware of this before, they definitely were after Thor had finished his opening address: “The liberation of this world needs to be addressed and an explanation given of what is taking place and who is involved. Our people are in-tune with life and the quantum process of life necessary to reach its highest levels of maturity. Many on Earth have never paused long enough to see the wonders this planet has to offer. The cosmic heritage and destiny is here with you today as you look at these children who have been brought to you. Through the star gates, we have arrived at this momentous time for humanity and hope to help you realize you are on a deadly path. You have just finished a destructive war but has anyone learnt the lesson from the millions of lives that were lost due to foolish ambitions and greed? Look at these children who have been given to you to raise as your own. What future do you hold for them? Their potential extends far beyond the scope of any normal born Earth children. Again, I ask, where is the future headed? The Council of Galactic Federation has sent me and my companions here to give advice as well as a warning for your planet and this will be conveyed to your President.


In the meantime, I am here today to see all the children and confirm their well-being is the highest one should rightly expect.  But, before I do, I wish to hear from you, the parents, who are raising them. What are your concerns, hopes and wishes?” Quite a few questions were asked. Various guardians wanted to know how we would behave as we got older? Would any medical problems arise? What was our purpose here? Did we have any special needs? Thor answered them all in a reassuring way that any diplomat or statesman would have admired. Blanche didn’t ask anything but listened attentively with an occasional glance at me. Then Thor asked for the children to come forward and meet him when he called out our names. He spoke to us in our native Pleiadian language (the strange one that I instinctively knew as an infant) which must have confused everyone else, but Aneminiah acted as interpreter. When they heard their name, each child went up to Thor to be hugged and kissed by him just like any loving father would do. Each child was asked much the same questions. Were we happy growing-up on Earth? Did we like the people we were living with? What sort of things were we learning? Relatively simple, but also highly unusual questions for 4 year olds to be asked. Me and the twins were the last three to be called up. I was the first to approach him. I wasn’t afraid of him. He had an aura that gave out the feeling he was a peaceful person who was looking after my wellbeing. He looked me in the eyes and held out his strong hands and, as he held me close, I felt his warmth and love. He kissed me on my forehead, then picked me up and placed me in his lap. I felt very secure sat there. I wasn’t going to move until I was told to. My luck was in and I wasn’t, as the twins were too old to sit on laps. Michael and Daniel were greeted and hugged and they stood next to him as we all chatted to Thor in Pleiadian. Thor told us he was very happy to see us all looking so well.


Project Aquarius.

As we were in their back yard, he asked the twins if they liked where they lived? Daniel answered and said it was cold and he wished it would be warmer in the later part of the year. Thor smiled and said, “We shall see what we can do about that.” This casual aside could have been taken as a joke but historical weather records for New Jersey in 1957 show that there was an unusual warm spell from December 14th to December 31st, constituting eighteen consecutive days with warmer than average high temperatures. The month of December 1957 had the largest fraction of warmer than average days with 71% of days having a higher than average high temperature. So it appears that Thor kept his pledge to Daniel! Then the conversation turned towards me. He asked me, “They call you Tommy, don’t they?” I replied, “Some people call me ‘Son’ but yes, Tommy is what most people down here call me.”  Then Thor asked if was I happy with who had been chosen for me? For the benefit of Aneminiah translating for Blanche, I said yes. However, in my heart, I thought although I was quite happy, I was not nearly as happy as I felt I should and could be. Thor immediately read my thought. “So, Tommy, you have been visited several times as the others have, but tell me what is troubling you?” I looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted to go home and that I was with ones who didn’t understand me and, at times, I wished to strike out. Michael said he also felt the same way. I was still sat on Thor’s lap. He wrapped an arm around each twin and spoke to all three of us. “Things will improve as they get to know you more and they see how you can help them. I shall tell them what we expect and wish for in a minute.” Then he looked at me and said, “And yes, Tommy, you’re right, we should be talking in their language so they know what we are saying.” At that moment, I half-wanted Blanche to know how I felt but I didn’t


want to upset her. I was concentrating so hard on Thor, I didn’t know what Aneminiah was saying in the background. I felt happy and listened to the next move on his part. Thor stood up, holding me closer to his chest, his arm wrapped around me, For a few minutes, I had the sense of that missing fatherly love I so craved. Thor praised us all for the way we were growing and said everything seemed to be progressing in the way it had been planned and hoped for. He asked us all if we realised why we were on Earth and said that events would soon start to happen that would help us to understand and achieve our destiny. He told us we would be visited quite often but should never be afraid of anything or anyone. He was pleased that our memories of visits, and of who we were and where we originated from, were so clear. He said we should always be kind and polite to our host families and do all they asked of us. We should learn all we could about the ones we lived with and everything else about the planet we encountered and experienced - both good and bad. He assured us we would always be watched over and no harm would come to us - no matter what and from whosoever! He looked at the twins and told the rest of the children they were our two older brothers and they would also keep watch over us and me, in particular, when required to do so. At the time, I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but, in later years, I would know. At the end of this Pleiadian pep-talk, Thor looked directly into my eyes and said, “Kau’ne’sia Abiel -Tommy, nut’inti’ nuim insu lah eshua, Mari un, keles’pia kah’besia dei Jehovah es tuit nu’in.” This translates as, “My son Abiel - Tommy, be a good little boy and don’t get into any trouble. Return to your host mother and I shall see you again soon. I love you very much and Jah’bh is very proud of you.” I looked at him and smiled. I did as he told me and went and sat down on the floor at Blanche’s feet. The twins sat next to me. This is when the photo in this book of the meeting was taken. Thor then explained to the parents what had just taken place,


Project Aquarius.

as many had been both amazed and confused by what they had heard via Ameniniah. Even though all but two of the children were very young, he instilled a sense of pride and confidence in ourselves. It made us feel special to know we were special to him and that Jah’bh loved us all and was watching over us. What were my first impressions of Thor? He was about 6 foot tall and had the lean build of a man who weighed around 190 pounds. This was misleading as he had the strength of ten men his size. He had slightly wavy brown hair and greenish-blue eyes. His skin was white and soft to my touch. In both looks and personality, Thor was the perfect messenger of Jah’bh, our Father - a role he fulfilled to perfection. His brother Donn looked very similar to Thor but usually had quite a stern expression on his face which was misleading as he was very friendly too - or was to us. Aneminiah was a pretty blonde lady with a lovely, caring smile and who moved, or even sat still, with poise and grace. She wore make-up like human women but no jewellery. All three had a natural air of confidence and were good-looking enough to be movie-stars. There’s an important point to make here. These beings were well-known to top-level US government officials for three years. Photographs of them exist. Yet after 1960, when they departed, they were never seen again. No-one from the US government has ever flatly denied their presence. Indeed, Laura Eisenhower, President Eisenhower’s great grand-daughter, confirmed that Valiant Thor did visit this planet for three years and he was extraterrestrial. But, if all three were just normal humans, how come no-one has ever come forward and said they weren’t extraterrestrial at all but someone’s dad, grandfather, mom or grandmother? The photographs of them have been well circulated on the internet but no-one has been able to debunk the story. Why? Because it’s true. I also remember Thor was very softly spoken and his touch gave comfort. He had a positive vibe that reassured everyone he came into contact with. I knew he would never allow anyone or anything to harm us. I wanted to be as strong as he was in his quiet, cultivated,


highly-unique way. It was obvious that he loved us and we all responded to the feeling we got from him and immediately loved him back. When he stared into my eyes he seemed to know what I was thinking, even before I knew myself. I had already met Aneminiah when I was 2 years old. She was the blonde woman who had visited me when my parents had been worried when I had disappeared from my bedroom after seeing the lights. Although she had not told them directly, she had reassured the Colemans they had no reason to worry and that I would return safe and sound. At the time of her visit, I knew she was not one of the religious ministers who asked about the lights, nor was she one of the government people. I didn’t know who she was but I had instantly liked and felt an empathy with her. I had sat on her lap and been honest with her about not knowing when the lights would appear but said I always wanted to go into them and visit my Father. That was what she wanted to hear from me. She also didn’t want the Colemans to be concerned about losing me or try to stop me going. Her visit achieved both of these objectives. Now, here she was again. I was delighted to see her and learn exactly who she was. She was a teacher and gently encouraged us all with kindness and humility. That is the Pleiadian way of upbringing and education. Perhaps Thor’s most important task was to tell the host parents who were raising us, to take care of the children entrusted to them and they would be greatly rewarded for their service to the children’s Father. He circulated amongst them informing them how special we were and how children in the Pleiades were raised, to help give some sort of guidance for us and what to expect from children of our caliber. He advised those in attendance to love them and that love would be reciprocated. He said that life on Earth was created by his people and that the race called Hominoid Saphen was an extension of the Pleiades people. Everyone present had been created in the Father’s image through his


Project Aquarius.

genetically seeded chondral and those living on Earth were very, very similar to the people from the Pleiades. You only needed to look at yourself and then at the three of them to see how true this was. People on Earth would begin to witness things that could not be explained but, the small children present that day, would grow up to know what such mysteries were. Our guardians should not be afraid or worry when the children in their charge might vanish for a short time, as we would always return. This was done to make sure we were healthy by Pleiadian standards and that our knowledge was developing so we would know all we needed to know for the time when we needed to put it into practice. He said, as the children grew older, we would outgrow mankind’s basic ways and move up to a higher spiritual plain. We would excel in specialist areas that normal Earth children would not be interested in or understand the importance of. We all had different talents and soon the host families would begin to see this. Our guardians were not to worry if, at times, we seemed blank or unresponsive as we might be in communication with others in the upper sphere of Earth’s atmosphere. After he’d met all the host parents in person and introduced himself, he stood up and made a more official speech. I got the impression this was also for the officials who were doing their utmost to eavesdrop as Thor circulated but were aware they should not be intrusive. This is Thor’s address to the host parents: “We have been coming here to this world for many ages and most don’t know it but then, there are some that do, and what our purpose is. I shall explain it to you as best as I can. These children here today that I have personally held and looked over are the reason my visit here is warranted. They are all looking to be in exceptionally fine condition and spirits.  Many wonder how this all can be so? I shall tell you. My arrival was pre-planned two years ago, in your time, when your leaders were told to expect me. They have been prompt in their course for


my arrival. These children that you have been entrusted with are of the highest order in our world. I shall not go into detail about what our world is like and how we live but, I can assure you, it is very different than here. The children have been visited since their arrival and the visits will continue until the appropriate time allows for them to progress on their own. Please do not be alarmed, they shall be brought back safe as when they were taken. The purpose is to allow them the comfort of our people and to periodically check them to make sure they are progressing as planned. When I said they were of the highest order on our world, they are of the ‘Marcheshvan Order’ of high priests and a clan of those who shall prepare for a greater event that will take place in times to come. I shall leave that private at this time but your leaders shall know what this event is and will address the announcement as time gets closer to it. I plan on being here exactly three years to give advice to the leaders of your nation and to visit with others that I have chosen to meet with. During this time, Aneminiah would like to visit the children at times most convenient for the parents. The guides who are helping here, they shall let you know when she shall come to your place of living. Please make the time to have these visits. She shall be most understanding for each and every one of you in answering any and all questions you might have. The historical aspects of this visit has many spiritual linages for most to see. These children, as I have pointed out, are the children of our great creator, Jehovah. We are here to help in a greater awakening for humanity and efforts that shall hasten the day when a grand return can be planned. As I stated, we shall address this with your leaders in days to come, but this world needs to understand that things could get very violent if things don’t change for a better world for all to live in. That is not my only mission here but is what these children seated here today are to assist in. With your help, we shall accomplish this together as a race of all from his creation and love.


Project Aquarius.

My name is Valiant Thor but you may call me Thor, if you so like. I am a member of the Great Council of the Galactic Federation seated upon the Pleiades. We are many of several races and we all live in peace and as one. We have no greater and none any lesser. We hope we can change this here as it was planned long before you were born. I shall not explain too much here today but myself, Aneminiah and Commander Donn, hope to start a transition here soon to help in this. No, do not think of this as an invasion. We have been here many times in the past and we have an investment here and you are that investment. We protect it but you have taken a very wrong path and it’s appearing that things are getting more violent. We wish to change that for you. I see that everyone has been possibly exhausted by all the events today, so I shall say my goodbyes for now and hope to see each and every one of you soon. I have many things I must address in only a few short years in your term of measuring time but, I assure you, all is grand. Goodbye and blessings be upon all and a safe return to your homes with our precious cargo.” The host parents who had been given these kids to raise knew we were special in some ways but I’m sure they had no inkling that we were extraterrestrial until Thor arrived and fully explained it to them. I wonder how many of the host parents present truly understood what he was saying and warning them about? It must have come as quite a shock, but I daresay the government officials observing the meeting reassured them some time later. I also wonder how Mr Coleman reacted when Blanche told him about the strange gathering. However he reacted, it certainly didn’t change his thinking or his cynicism towards me. Thor asked if there were any further questions and there were quite a few. Thor reiterated to the host parents, government officials, doctors and scientists present that we were not only children from the creators own seed but we were also highly revered and regarded in our


own world. Thor said we were not just innocent, defenceless children but what the Sumerians called High Priests of the Marcheshvan Order. These weren’t priests as we know priests today. Marcheshvan High Priests were not only spiritual guides but also their bravest and fiercest warriors known as Emmuduraki. Even the sweet, little girls would grow up to be anyone’s worst nightmare, if they were harmed or threatened. Thor said this with a wry smile. It must have seemed very odd to the adults present as they had recently watched the girls running around playing childish games. The very word ‘warrior’ opened many eyes. Jiles later told me that this made the authorities view the Star Seeds in a totally different way - warily. Sarhrana Shores was the host mother to Richard and was at this get-together. She wrote a letter to a Mrs Mueller, eight days afterwards. Mrs Mueller was a family friend who had been told that Sarhrana was taking Richard to a special meeting hosted by a Mr. V Thor. Mrs Mueller kept this extraordinary letter and, years later, gave it to Richard. This is what Richard’s host mother wrote: April 20th, 1957 Dear Mrs. Mueller... We were surely amazed by Mr. V Thor and what he had to say concerning these kids…what should I say the most is these kids are what they say they are, is it strange they look human...little Richard is so smart. This Thor says they are priest? Please call me when you can, its more than anyone can think about. The priest has stated to be cautious of what we do. First the kids are not human, now this Thor comes, he’s not human? Just call me. Sarhrana Shores Shortly after Thor finished speaking, it was time for everyone to depart. Thor, Donn and Aneminiah went to cars that were waiting for them in front of the house. We children all said our goodbyes to each other and to some of the other host parents we had met. I remember Blanche asking me, “Tommy, are you ready to go home?” I was but I would far rather have gone to wherever Thor was going,


Project Aquarius.

rather than back to my own home. Thor was my link to my real home but I knew I had to do what Thor had said and fulfil my purpose on Earth, just as all the other children had to. I smiled and waved to the twins who I had not yet got to know fully. As they were my older brothers, I also wanted to be with them - as any young child would. That was also not to be. Blanche took me to the waiting car that had been allocated for us. Those who lived in the neighbourhood must have questioned what was going on due to all the cars, police and the security agents who had suddenly appeared in force in their usually quiet, respectable, residential district. As we were driven to the airport, my mind raced. How long would it be until I saw Thor again? What would he share with me and the other children? I knew I had to be patient but my curious mind found that very difficult.  As we flew back to Florida, I stared out the plane window at the passing clouds as was my habit. Who was up there in the sky with me? Did they hear me as I silently sent messages to them? I saw nothing and nothing came back to me. But why would they? They had only just met me and told me all they wanted me to know at that time just an hour or so before, at the very meeting I was returning home from.


1956 CIA memo concerning Thor’s arrival and the Star Seeds. The enclosure was added to this but can be seen at the Eisenhower Library.


Project Aquarius. A photo of the Virrannah Thor arrived in.

Thor, (far right) Commander Donn and Aneminiah.

Cpt. William Gould who was assigned to be Thor’s earthling attaché during Thor’s three year visit to Earth.


Thor’s meeting with the Star Seeds at Michael and Daniel’s host family’s home. This is often incorrectly stated to be a UFO meeting. Held outside and with children present? In the bottom photo, Blanche is sat closest with her back to camera. Michael is next to her and I am just visible, half in shadow and sat on the ground.


Project Aquarius. Thor and Aneminiah looking like movie stars. Well the star description is accurate! Taken in 1958.

Two groups of men who met with Thor during his three year visit to Earth.


Chapter 17 My Date With Aneminiah. About a month after we returned to Florida, Blanche called me into the kitchen where she was preparing my favourite sandwich tuna with tomato and mayo. As I sat at the kitchen table munching away at it, she announced the next day a visitor was coming to see me. I smiled and said, “I know.” “Oh, you do. Who is it then, smarty-pants?” Blanche asked. “Aneminiah,” I replied happily. “How did you know that?” she asked, somewhat taken aback. “I only got the call ten minutes ago.” “I had a dream she would come. I’m right, aren’t I?” Blanche just nodded. At times, she was troubled by little things I said or did, although they seemed perfectly natural to me. As I grew up, I’d learn to suppress some rather than cause problems but I was excited at the prospect of seeing Aneminiah again. After lunch, I went up to my bedroom and read some more of the classic book ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’ by Jules Verne. I also loved the illustrations in it and was attempting to copy them. Bear in mind, I was only 4 years old at this time. The next day was May 8th, 1957. I got up very early as I was very excited about my visit. I got dressed, had breakfast and then went up to my bedroom and stared out the window. I saw Mr. Coleman leave for work. He never wanted to be around when anyone called to see the child he had taken on the responsibility of raising. This was odd but so was he in many ways. Some parents or guardians might be pleased that others were showing a genuine interest in their young son. Not Mr. Coleman. I think he saw their involvement as a threat to his authority. He never accompanied me to any of the facility meetings with the other children or even to the two special get-togethers with Thor. Blanche must have told him what Thor said at the first one and


Project Aquarius.

he would have known he was more than welcome to attend the next. Maybe, he either didn’t believe any of it, did believe it and was afraid, had absolutely no curiosity or just wanted a normal life. He wasn’t the sort of man to ask that type of question to, and I never did. His car had only just disappeared out of my sight when Aneminiah’s appeared and parked in our driveway. It was a big, blue one. She was accompanied by three men in suits. I raced downstairs and out of the front door to greet her. She deserved such an enthusiastic welcome as she was not only the prettiest woman I had ever seen, but she had come to see me personally. Not any of the other children, just me. As she got out the car, she saw me hurtling towards her. She bent down to my level and held her arms out open for me. I ran into them and put my arms around her neck. She picked me up and smiled at me. Blanche came outside and was watching, as were the three men. They all said something like, “Hello Tommy,” but I was focused on Aneminiah. She carried me all the way inside the house holding me as any mother would her child. Blanche had prepared coffee for everyone. She always did this when people came to visit me but I wanted to show Aneminiah my toys and my books. These were all in my bedroom, so the two of us immediately went upstairs. Aneminiah was amazed at how neat and tidy my bedroom was with everything in its allotted place. She asked questions about certain things. She picked up a toy army plane my Uncle Buck had given to me. I informed her it was a ‘war bird’ the army used. She was amused by that toy. After she had seen everything, she took my hand and we went downstairs into the living room where everyone else was sitting drinking coffee. Aneminiah sat down on the couch next to Blanche and I sat between them. We all talked for about an hour or so but


only about one subject - me. Aneminiah asked who my friends were? What I did when I was alone? About my drawing and colouring. What did I eat and drink? What music did I like? Everything about me and my life was covered. The men present must have been bored. They knew most of my answers as they had been to my house before to check on me, but Aneminiah seemed to want to hear the answers directly from me. Aneminiah informed Blanche about the other kids and how they were doing. She said the time we spent together at the facility would be a learning process for all of us - both the children and the adults. She also encouraged Blanche to take notes on my progress and learning capabilities.  I couldn’t take my eyes off Aneminiah. She was an angel in my eyes and, according to many dictionary definitions of an angel, that’s exactly what she was! She asked me what I liked to do on the spur of the moment? I told her I loved to go and watch big, thundering engines that were called locomotives. This puzzled her. She asked me to explain to her what a locomotive was. I did, adding the roaring sound they made as best my little lungs could replicate and then said they would sometimes blow their horn to me as they rumbled passed on the railway tracks.  Aneminiah asked Blanche if I was always this enthusiastic about such machines? Blanche stated I was and that my grandfather and herself sometimes went down town to watch the locomotives pass by with me. To my surprise, Aneminiah asked if we could all go to see one so she could understand why I loved these machines so much. Blanche agreed and soon we were all headed to the train station at Lakeland. At the station, I explained to Aneminiah about the railway track lights. Why they were there and how they worked. If a green light was showing on the top tower that stood next to the tracks, it meant a locomotive could come from that direction. I even indicated the


Project Aquarius.

direction so she would know. The green light informed the driver that it was safe to proceed. If the light showed red, that meant he had better stop or he would crash his locomotive into another oncoming one. I was showing off to her but she encouraged me by listening attentively whilst looking at the lights in apparent amazement. Then she looked at me and asked how I knew so much about how locomotives operated? I told her Big Daddy taught me and he knew because he used to work on the railway. Blanche explained to Aneminiah that Big Daddy was the name I called my grandfather and I shared his keen interest in trains. Aneminiah smiled at me. I think she was pleased at how I learned from my elders with such enthusiasm. I was pleased she was pleased with me. The light turned to green and I said that shortly a locomotive would come past us and Aneminiah should look for the bright light on the front of it as it approached. I said it was a bit like like when her people said they would come to pick me up and then I would look for the light. Everyone took note of that remark. Aneminiah saw the train coming and asked me if I had a special place I stood and watched from? I told her I did. It was right where we were standing. To my delight, she took me by my shoulder and held me close to her side just as the powerful locomotive rolled through the train station right by us. That particular train had four engines which caused the ground to vibrate. That was a special moment because the scale, power and noise of the locomotive was quite scary - that was part of its attraction but I felt protected by Aneminiah’s touch. Big Daddy would also hold me in some reassuring way as the trains rumbled past. However, this was something Blanche had never done with me before. She wasn’t very tactile. I hoped she was learning and making mental notes. We stayed at the train station for about an hour. Aneminiah and Blanche sat down and talked to each other whilst me and the three


men talked about trains. Or rather, I talked and they listened in rapture, as if I was the most interesting and knowledgeable expert in the world on the subject. This was real men stuff in my infant eyes and I was in my element - or one of them. We watched two more incredibly long freight trains roll by and then Blanche suggested going to get something to eat. Normally, on such trips, Big Daddy would take me across the street to a cabin that was part of a farmer’s market. The chef was a cheerful black lady called Nora who would cook me a hamburger with fried onions topped off with her very special, home-made mustard. In my opinion, Nora’s was undoubtedly the best hamburger in the world. That day, Aneminiah didn’t get to sample Nora’s hamburgers which I thought was a great pity as one was worth travelling across the universe for. Instead, we walked to the McCrory’s Five and Dime store, situated one block over from the train station. I’d never been to the in-store cafe before. Unknown to me, when the women had talked at the train station, Aneminiah had said she wished to meet my birth mother and Blanche had told her that she worked at this cafe as a waitress. As fate would have it, that particular day my birth mother wasn’t working. The men with us asked our waitress a few questions about her and were told it was Betty’s day off. This might well have been very fortuitous as I don’t know how Betty, me and even Blanche would have reacted if such an unexpected reunion had taken place. In some ways, I wish it had and Aneminiah clearly believed I should know and meet my real mom, but fate decreed otherwise and I had to wait decades before I did finally meet her. We ate our food and then went back home. At that age, I would normally take a short nap during the day and I was very tired from all the excitement caused by Aneminiah’s visit and our trip to the train station. As I sat next to Aneminiah on the couch, I felt truly happy but couldn’t keep my eyes open. Not even to gaze adoringly at my dream woman. I fell asleep. When I woke up, Blanche told me Aneminiah had left with the


Project Aquarius.

men. She hadn’t woken me as she didn’t want me to be disturbed. I was upset I hadn’t kissed Aneminiah goodbye or thanked her for visiting me but Blanche consoled me by saying she had said she would come back again and we’d do other things together. My most memorable visit took place at the start of the summer of 1958, Big Daddy and Irene came to stay at our home for a few days before driving me back to North Carolina to stay on their farm. These vacations happened every year and I looked forward to them. A couple of days before we were due to set off, Blanche told me Aneminiah was coming on another visit. I was very pleased she would get to meet Big Daddy and Irene. She obviously wanted to see the man I had enthused about, hence the timing. I had also told Big Daddy and Irene about Aneminiah and was glad my grandparents would get to see this wonderful lady in person. I also wanted the other important person in my life to meet Aneminiah and hastily began to hatch a little plot behind the backs of the adults. I told Cindy that Aneminiah was going to visit me the next day and figured out a way Cindy could meet her too. I told her to keep a look out for a strange car in the driveway of my home and, when she saw it, she should pop round as if casually calling round for me to go out to play. That way, Cindy would also get to see her. Cindy asked if that would be okay? “You’re my best buddy, right?” I said. “You betcha,” she replied. I was sure Aneminiah would want to meet my best buddy. She seemed keen to check on everyone in my life and Cindy was the one I spent most time with. The next morning, two black cars parked in the driveway. I rushed outside to greet Aneminiah as I had done the last time she visited. Donn had come with her and got out the front passenger seat first. He smiled at me as he opened one of the rear doors and Thor got out. I hadn’t been told he was coming too and seeing him stopped me in my


tracks, just as if I’d run into an invisible brick wall. There Thor stood in the driveway of my home. He beamed down at me then opened his arms and I ran into them. He lifted me up and hugged me. I saw Big Daddy, Irene and Blanche emerge from our home but not Mr. Coleman. No surprise there. Not that I cared very much. Thor twirled me round in the air like a washing-machine on its final spin cycle as I giggled with delight and he laughed. Thor truly loved children and always tried to make us smile. I suddenly heard Aneminiah say, “Now don’t you give all your hugs away, my little man. Save some for me!” Thor handed me over to her and she held me tightly and kissed me on the cheek. She looked into my eyes with her own deep blueish eyes and I knew I was loved by a higher power that only me and the other Star Seeds would ever feel and understand. Thor walked over to Big Daddy, Irene and Blanche and greeted them. Aneminiah was still holding me stood next to Donn as I saw Big Daddy and Thor shake hands. Thor informed Big Daddy that I had a deep love of my grandparents and it was a very great honour for him to meet the couple as he had heard very many good things about them. Big Daddy repaid the compliment by saying he had also heard much praise of Thor and the other two, from me and Blanche. Donn and Aneminiah introduced themselves to my grandparents and, as we were about to go inside, I heard a shrill voice hollering out my name. It was Cindy who hadn’t wasted any time putting our agreed plan into action. Aneminiah turned and saw the little girl running towards us. She smiled and asked me, “Tommy, who is this little angel?” I informed her that the angel was called Cindy and she was my best buddy. Everyone turned to look at this little girl as she raced up to us with her pig-tails trailing behind her. Aneminiah put me down and hugged


Project Aquarius.

Cindy as if she was her own daughter. At that particular moment, I was very happy. All the people I loved were within arm’s reach of me. We all went inside and everyone sat down in the living room. Me and Cindy sat either side of Aneminiah who made small talk with us as as the grown-ups talked. Even Mr. Coleman came in and introduced himself to the visitors. From what I had told Thor, I was half expecting Thor to give Mr. Coleman a bit of a ticking-off and I think Mr. Coleman was too, as he seemed very uneasy for someone in his own home. However, I guess Thor thought more could be achieved by flattery and kindness and respected the fact he was a guest in Mr. Coleman’s home. Ever the diplomat, Thor praised Mr. Coleman for the way I was being raised. I noticed Cindy’s big eyes had been intensely staring at Thor. Suddenly, she could contain her curiosity no longer and interrupted the conversation to ask him, “Are you a real space man?” Her question caught Thor off-guard but he smiled at Cindy and asked her back, “Where have you heard that, my little Princess?” Cindy pointed at me. “Tommy said you were and have a big spacecraft.” Everyone waited to see what Thor’s reply to that would be. “I sure am and I see Tommy has been sharing a lot with you. You must be very special to him because it’s supposed to be a great secret.” Cindy replied, “Oh, he shares everything with me and I share everything with him.” Thor told her, “Maybe, one day, you’ll go for a ride in it.” That went beyond what Cindy expected to hear and she couldn’t contain her excitement at the thought of such a trip. She shouted out, “Yes!” All the time he was around, Cindy couldn’t take her eyes off Thor. The same applied to me with Aneminiah. Although we were both just sat in a living-room, we both felt a sense of excitement at these extraterrestrials’ presence. We didn’t say much ourselves but just listened to the adult chat. We didn’t want to leave the room to go and


play outside or do anything else most infants would want to do in such a situation. Blanche and Irene produced lunch, which was sandwiches and drinks. Donn chatted to me and Cindy as we ate. He was the more reserved one of the trio. He would watch me in the same way Cindy and me watched the other two. I asked Donn if he had piloted the spacecraft that had brought them to Earth? He said he had and had also been in charge of the Virrannah that had come to visit me. He asked me if I was ever scared when I saw the lights and went up into the spacecraft? I told him I was never afraid, just excited, which made him smile. He asked me what type of food it was that we were eating? I informed him it was bread filled with ham, tomato and the green leaves were lettuce. He announced he liked it - quite loudly so Blanche overheard. He was a diplomat too. The hours sped by and the time quickly came when they had to depart. As usual, I didn’t want them to go or, if they had to leave, I wanted to go with them. Before he left, Thor hugged me again and said he loved me very much, as did Aphra. This was the first time I had heard him use that name. I asked him who Aphra was? He looked me deep in the eyes and said, “You remember Daba, right?” Of course I did and nodded. He told me Daba and Aphra were one and the same - my Father. Aneminiah gave me the biggest hug ever. She also hugged Cindy and told my best buddy that she was a perfect little lady and an ideal match for me. This praise made us both happy as no-one had pointed this out to us before. Of course, we already knew it to be true but it was nice to have it confirmed. By now, Cindy’s parents had popped round to take her home. In her excitement, before she had called round, Cindy had told them she was going to meet some ‘space people’ who were visiting me and, like their daughter earlier in the day, they could also not control


Project Aquarius.

their curiosity and called in to see for themselves. They must have been astounded at what their daughter told them about these visitors, especially when none of the adults present disputed Cindy’s claim. I don’t know what they were expecting to see and maybe they were relieved or disappointed that the visitors looked normal. Whatever they thought, her parents just reacted with smiles and raised eyebrows, entering into the spirit of the occasion in much the same way as if they had just met some famous personalities from the music or film business, rather than extraterrestrial beings from another planet. When Commander Donn took his leave of everyone, he shook my hand as he had done with Mr. Coleman and Big Daddy. This made me feel very grown up as I knew this was what adult men did. We all went outside with them and waved goodbye. Whenever they left, they left me with a feeling of sadness that marred what had otherwise been a very happy day. I knew I would see them again but not knowing when that would be, was always frustrating. Though, after this visit, I had my vacation to Big Daddy’s farm to cheer me up. After everyone had gone, I noticed Mr. Coleman sat by himself, not saying much and apparently deep in thought. I don’t think he was ever able to come to terms with what was happening around him. Cindy didn’t have to wait too long until she got her ride in a Virrannah that Thor had promised her. She was also delighted with the praise Aneminiah had heaped on her. I often think back to that day. It was better than a Christmas Day. It was like a day in heaven spent with all my loved ones around me. I wished everyone on planet Earth and other planets could inter-mingle so well with each other. That day showed me such a simple wish was possible. I thought of my childhood as a seed that was growing into a flower. One day I would bloom for one reason and one reason only - humanity.


Aneminiah came back twice more to check on me. Thor accompanied her on one of these visits. Like the time I have described, we didn’t do anything or go anywhere exciting by most children’s standards but just being with those people was exciting to me. They seemed very happy with how I was growing-up physically and with my learning abilities. They were also pleased I seemed happy with my life in Florida and living with the Colemans. Most young children have a crush on someone of the opposite sex - like a school-teacher. Aneminiah was a teacher and I definitely had a crush on her but even Aneminiah couldn’t oust my first true love from my heart. That girl was my fellow 4 year old and ‘best buddy-ready’ Cindy. She saw off an ‘out of this world’ rival - bless her little pig-tails.


Project Aquarius. A photo of my date.


Chapter 18

Valiant Thor’s Departure. The 1960’s decade began. In January, me and the other 30 Star Seeds celebrated our seventh birthdays. In March, the three Pleiadian emissaries where scheduled to leave planet Earth. Before their departure, all 33 Star Seeds were flown out west to a military facility. We had all been granted a week of absence from school. Although I quite enjoyed school, I relished the opportunity to see all my brothers and sisters again and, of course, to see Thor, Donn and Aneminiah for one last time before their departure.  The date was March 10th, 1960. It was a joyful reunion. We all flocked around him as if he was our own Father. We had all grown-up considerably since the first get-together three years before. We were no longer infants, but children. The eldest twins were teenagers. We were all encouraged to play and run around. To their credit, the twins joined in with us and never once poked fun at or belittled the younger ones. Our host parents and the three from our home planet encouraged us and smiled and laughed at our exuberance. We sang together and our mentors joined in with us - all singing along with smiles on our faces. It was a very happy day - one of the happiest of my childhood. As always, there were government observers and doctors present watching everything that occurred. Like at the previous meeting, Thor took the time to chat personally with every child. I looked forward to when it was my turn to have his undivided attention. Thor was a man who could point anyone in the right direction. Whether that man be the President of the United States or a 7 year old child, mattered not. He would tell you, gently but firmly, what was expected of you. Then, he would patiently explain how to best fulfil your potential. I was tingling with anticipation at what he was going to say to me. He looked at me and said, “My, you are growing-up fast!”


Project Aquarius.

Then he hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. He asked me to tell him about my latest adventures. This put me in a bit of a quandary. Compared to many of the books I’d read, I hadn’t had any. What had happened by this time, is I’d taken Cindy aboard a Virrannah so I told him about how excited she had been and how grateful she was that he’d kept his promise. He seemed to find my account of how we’d run around inside the spacecraft as I gave Cindy a tour of it, very amusing and grinned broadly. He said he already knew about it and my Father had found it amusing too. He said it was a great thing I was doing and being so close to a female counterpart would be of great benefit and happiness to both of us. I told him I knew him to be right but most boys my age only played with other boys. We chatted some more about day to day trivial things in my life. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that I must be a very good prodigal son because all the others were depending on me to be exactly that.  He explained he would be leaving in a few days but he would visit me in later years. In the meantime, he would instruct a guide to watch over me and make sure my welfare was well looked after. During this private conversation, he called me Abiel but when Blanche was within earshot, the three of them called me Tommy. This applied to all the other children who had God-given names and was done out of respect for the host families. Thor ended our chat by giving me a solemn warning. I was told to control my urges and my temper. He said I would see things and have things done to me that would make me frustrated and angry but I must keep my aggression under control until the fateful day I might need it to defend the world. I wasn’t sure what he meant about that statement. I didn’t consider myself bad-tempered or violent but I did register what he advised. Like my Father, Thor showed me how powerful the feeling and emotion of unconditional love could be and told me I should remember that feeling for I would need it in the days, years and decades ahead. He said he had talked to all the other Star Seeds specifically about their brother, Abiel, and they would also always be


there to support me - especially the twins. At the end of our talk, I was again hugged and kissed. I had mixed emotions. I was very sad Thor and the other two were leaving but immensely proud that they had cared enough to come and clarify who we were and give an indication of what the future held for us. I was grateful to have been given the greatest advice one could give to a little boy of my age. I was slowly but surely becoming my own man. All of the Star Seeds and our host parents were asked to gather round where Thor, Donn and Aneminiah were seated. Nobody needed to be asked twice. Even the government observers edged as close as they dared. There was absolute silence as Thor got to his feet to speak. Thor made a final address to the Star Seeds and our host parents: “It has been my pleasure to get to know and visit with each and every one of you here. Especially these little ones who you have been given the authority to raise as your own. I am well pleased at what I’ve witnessed and they are progressing along rapidly. You are commended for your parenting. I hope we have answered all your questions concerning them and, I assure you, they shall amaze you more as they get older. I encourage you to allow their skills to blossom and their dreams to become real. Many have wondered if this is even real? I can assure you that it is and you, as the host parents, were specifically chosen to raise these children. You may think it was cruel to take them from their birth mothers but they also, like you, were chosen. They carried specific traits that we were looking for and readily found. The science of this is as yet unknown to the people of Earth but it is a sound source of making sure the child is raised in an environment of concernment and, as we call it from where we are from, cherished love. The ones here and at your place of home, medical staff and priests shall continue to monitor these beautiful specimens of his divine love and I hope they shall also keep you posted of their progress. 


Project Aquarius.

Where we are from, we have a Grand Council of Twelve Elders and I am one of those Elders. We decide what is best for our people and we carry those decisions out to benefit all that are born. We have a Supreme Leader among us and, through his divine love, everyone prospers. We don’t have wars, hate nor indecision on our world. We are precise and accurately access each situation that arises. In the Federation, all benefit and shared decisions are made upon that process. We have watched man grow to what he is today but things have become worrisome here as wars have taken place and we know that it could get worse in the coming years. Therefore, these children have been brought to you at this time. We have hope in this nation and you have been chosen for the very same reasons that this country was founded upon. The very same principles we live by. This country was given the laws of the Supreme Leader in the hope that all would live by them as we do. If one tries, it’s not a very hard thing to do but your leaders have allowed many things to creep into this nation. Our concerns have been addressed to your leaders in the hope that they will understand the seriousness of these things. I hope they act soon and tell your world of us and these children. If they do then, in time, things can, and will, change. The Grand Council has agreed that this must be done to preserve this world as you now see it. I leave in three days and I shall miss every one of these children as if they were my own. Although I won’t be physically here, my presence and mark shall be upon them and they shall not forget us. As we have stated, they will disappear at times during their period of sleep and rest for we shall come and take them for our own standards of checking - as we have done in the past. Do not be alarmed, they shall be returned. Your leaders have been informed of these children and know ever so well how we feel about them. This process has been taking place for ages and you shall learn more as they get older. I assure you, you shall be amazed at what they can do and how they process things. None greater and none less.


Each has special talents that have been selectively placed in them. You shall witness their growth in these areas. Some will excel in mathematics, others in art, some in the teachings of our people’s ways and knowledge of things long ago. Do not think these are childhood dreams or fantasies. They are real and I hope you, as parents, shall listen and learn from what they may tell you. I ask each parent here this day, do not be alarmed. Allow them to move forward. Again, they have been brought to you for a specific purpose so they shall reach that heightened state they process within.  Me and my two friends have enjoyed our time here and we thank you for your kindness and gracious invites. We shall not forget you. You are truly being blessed in ways that you could not imagine. And on that, may love and prosperity find each and every one of you here today.” Thor was listened to in thoughtful silence. Not a single word was missed, at least not by me. Although Thor had my ears, my eyes strayed at times to Aneminiah who was sat beside him. She had immediately sensed by look and smiled back at me. It was heartwarming to know she was so attuned to me. When Thor finished his speech and sat back down, Aneminiah stood up and also gave a short speech. Aneminiah’s address to the Star Seeds and host parents: “I don’t have much to say except that I have made new friends that will always be everlasting to me. I have learned so much. These children have showed me amazing art and music. I have seen planes, cars and, yes, locomotive trains! My purpose here is that I’m a teacher back in my world and it was my role to see how far these wonderful children have come since being born. They are beyond my expectations and, as Commander Donn said to me, they are way beyond their years. Elder Thor is as pleased as am I.  I wish all the love and best for everyone here this day. I shall miss you as we return to our home but I shall call upon you at times and don’t pass it off as some dream. Always listen and learn. We love you all.”


Project Aquarius.

Aneminiah sat back down and smiled at all of us. I hoped her smile was just for me but I knew she had visited all 33 of us and we had all tried to impress her. It appeared we had succeeded. The time came for them to leave. There were more hugs and kisses and then we went and watched them get into the vehicles provided for them and waved as they drove away from the front of this great facility that we all had been brought to several times by now. I wished I could go with them rather than head back to Lakeland. Me and the others had already seen the greed and the way humans, both adults and children our age, would go out of their way to be downright nasty to each other and even deliberately hurt one another. I remembered the biblical teaching in Matthew chapter 15 verse 11: What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them. I told myself to keep my chin up and my spirits high because this is what my Father had commanded all of us to do. We were to be very proud of one’s self and to love one another. We all processed a wealth of knowledge and understanding that came from our Father’s own teachings. Deep down, we all sensed that politics, economics, and religion would eventually result in the downfall of mankind. Certain religious leaders were fearful of losing their hold over the people if our existence was ever declared to the world on an official level. We, as children, had to be handled as delicately as possible. Like the others, I would feel disheartened that this nation’s leaders would fail to value the information that we brought which could bring about a shared understanding of good. Instead, the information would be disseminated and kept secret from the public. By this time, Thor had already experienced this himself but hoped we would fare better in the years to come. If not, we had all tried our best and mankind would have only itself to blame for its own demise. I wondered why Donn had not spoken to us as the other two had? He was quieter than the other two but had always kept a close eye on


me. How did I know this? I had been watching him as he had been watching me. Once, when he and Aneminiah had visited me, I had sat between him and her. He would smile at me and watch intently what I was trying to do, colouring or reading from some book I had chosen. He knew what my future role was to be and would have also known what Thor had said to me as he looked deep into my eyes. That was, to be a good boy and never to get angry. I will always remember Donn as he instilled his personality into me. I was a keen recipient of it. I wished to be like him because his exploits over the course of eons passed were well known and talked about in the Pleiades and amongst us children. He was our Supreme Elder of War and was the warrior all males wished to be like. After his visit, this included me. After Thor’s home visit, my parents had a better understanding of me. Mr. Coleman never really responded in the way Thor would have wished him to, but at least he largely let me be. They also knew when I disappeared, I would always return and they had no need to worry. My life was now firmly headed in the direction that had been pre-ordained for me. That year was 1960. There could be no doubt amongst the US leaders and military that extraterrestrials existed, as three of them had been living inside the Pentagon. The next step was for the greatest announcement ever to be made to the citizens of the United States and the rest of the world’s population. This would be that the truth was a Supreme Being or God did exist, that this being was extraterrestrial, that he had seeded the human race and that 33 Star Seeds, carrying his direct bloodline, had been born into mankind’s world to guide the human race and protect the planet. I believe someone had been chosen to do exactly that. A man of great popularity and high status who would have the moral courage to put people before politics. A man with the oratory skills to present this revelation to the masses. A man who would agree that the truth


Project Aquarius.

had been hidden for far too long and would risk his reputation and probable condemnation to reveal it. Who was that special man? In the last few weeks of his visit, Thor met and talked with soonto-be President Kennedy. On learning about what was occurring, Kennedy had a radically different approach to the issue to previous US Presidents. He wanted to make plans to disclose to the world what was known about extraterrestrial visits - including the presence of the Star Seeds. Most importantly, he intended to pass on to the public the warnings given by extraterrestrials against nuclear proliferation and that, if this went unheeded, aliens would intervene to save the planet and humanity, or possibly just the former. He firmly believed the public had both a right to know and that they should decide what future course of action should be pursued rather than it be decided for them behind closed doors and without their knowledge. I didn’t know this in 1960. I didn’t know it in 1963. But it did explain why I would have my dreams or visions of President Kennedy’s assassination four months before it happened. I was sounding the alarm. Of course, my warning was ignored by the ones in power and the President would be silenced from divulging the great secret that had been kept from the people and the opportunity for a better world would be lost. The dawn of a new era for the world was not allowed to rise and shine on the people and they were to be kept in the darkness of ignorance and oppression for decades to come as the apple of planet Earth began to rot and decay caused by the political maggots within the system. In that respect, one of Thor’s objectives in coming to Earth ultimately ended in disappointment and frustrated failure. But at least he tried to give an understanding of life both on planet Earth and beyond it, to anyone who the Pentagon thought would benefit from his vast, extraterrestrial knowledge. He sat in the Oval Office many times with President Eisenhower and discussed a broad range of topics. Thor stressed all forms of life were a grand part of creation within the open


and vast universe. No matter what our status, we were all students of life. Thor explained that, as a species, humans must turn back to ways that are also the Lord’s ways. This did not mean becoming religious fanatics or priests, it simply meant following principles of humility and fairness. He said this would help human’s advancement in both knowledge and productivity. There were many scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that could be hugely beneficial to the human race. Poverty, hunger, pain and disease could be eliminated. Pollution from burning fossil-based matter was unnecessary but other advanced ‘clean’ technology for heat, light and transport could not be shared with the human race if it was also used for new weaponry and military dominance over other nations. Thor talked specifically about spectacular new ways mankind’s lives could be dramatically improved and prolonged but he stressed human’s natural instinct towards greed and war must be curbed first so such knowledge would not be exploited and abused to benefit a few, rather than help everyone on the planet. He posed the question that wouldn’t it be great if all the races in the universe were able to share technology and work together to achieve their hopes and aspirations where fear and pain were unknown? He reminded them of the Lord’s Prayer, ‘As it is on Earth, as it is in Heaven’ (Matthew chapter 6 verses 9-13). He said Earth and the Pleiades would become united and bonded as one civilisation at some time in the future. How distant into the future that day would be, was solely dependent on mankind. No doubt Thor faced many of the same frustrations as we did when we worked on Project Aquarius. He was politely listened to and heads nodded but no action was taken due to fears over the effect it would have on the economy and worries that the balance of power would be upset. That was, and still is, the pathetically lame excuses. Thor expected this reaction and rejection of his vision for mankind.


Project Aquarius.

That’s where the Star Seeds came in. We were, and still are, Plan B. Just before his departure, Thor met with President Eisenhower for a final time in the Oval Office. The Secretary of Defense, the CIA Director, all the Joint Chief’s of Staff and a representative from the United Nations were also present. All these powerful men had been presented with Thor’s proposals. The UN knew if they agreed to the recommendations they would lose their vital backing from the Catholic Church who, in turn, would lose their backing from their many hoodwinked followers. When mankind feels threatened and his self-preservation is put at risk, the action taken, or not taken, makes the problem worse. This is exactly what happened with the Roswell incident and Thor’s visit. By keeping the facts secret and just denying anything and everything, the opportunity of a better world was lost. Yet the reality is that extraterrestrials are visiting and living on planet Earth. Some alien races want to help mankind, others want to destroy it. By lying to the population and keeping them in cosseted ignorance, government officials are keeping the human race isolated, restraining their progress and preventing them from playing an active role in the universal community. By rejecting Thor’s offer, officials were putting the hostile intentions and territorial ambitions of the Greys and Draconians above their own human race. Thor, Donn and Aneminiah departed from Earth exactly three years to the millisecond from the time they arrived - noon on March 13th, 1960 - and from the same location as they landed at. There are official records of the Virrannah scout craft’s departure and many members of the public witnessed it in great excitement and amazement. In seconds, the craft and Thor were gone from sight - as were all official reports of his visit and even his very existence. There is an important footnote to Thor’s visit. His arrival and


departure was on March 13th. Exactly 37 years after Thor left the planet, on March 13th, 1997, another Virrannah (a spacecraft, not a small scout-craft or vast mothership) would be seen by over 10,000 amazed eye-witnesses over Phoenix, Arizona. It was, and still is, the biggest UFO sighting of the modern era. I had predicted it publicly on a tv documentary made after I left the CIA, and years before it happened. The sighting became known as the ‘Phoenix Lights’ and remains unexplained to this day - apart from a ludicrous, quickly debunked, claim by the military that the lights were flares and the explanation I have just provided. Immediately after the sighting in 1997, Mr. Fife Symington, the then Governor of Arizona, held a press conference. He claimed to have found the culprit behind the sighting and a man in a fancy-dress alien costume was paraded before the media. Mr Symington ridiculed the notion that the lights could be an alien spacecraft. However, a few years later, Mr Symington admitted that he had also seen the very same UFO that so many witnesses had claimed they had seen in 1997. Between mouthfuls of humble pie, Mr Symington described the spacecraft he had seen as “truly breathtaking” and “otherworldly”. He said he had mocked the incident at the time as a “good natured spoof” to “lessen the sense of panic”. Nowadays, Mr. Symington is a leading campaigner for disclosure. All this would be very amusing if the sand in mankind’s egg-timer was not fast running out. Now you are aware of Thor’s meetings with the children, you may wonder how I didn’t know for certain that I was definitely adopted and the Colemans were not my parents? Although I had always thought Mr. Coleman did not show me as much interest and love as other fathers seemed to show towards their sons, it was all very confusing to my 4 year old mind. Most of my childhood, I lived a completely normal life, playing with other children and going to school. When I attended church or read the Bible, I was told or read we were all ‘Sons of God’. All parents thought their children were ‘special’. If I was ‘extraterrestrial special’ how come Mr. Coleman seemed to think I was just plain crazy? His dismissive attitude was the exact opposite to


Project Aquarius.

Thor’s and was very confusing to my young mind. I guess this lack of understanding was part of my overall education of how humans think and act. All my life, I have found this is in marked contrast to the way Pleiadians inter-relate with each other.


Chapter 19 Project Aquarius and the Nephilim. In the Bible, Genesis chapter 6 verse 4, states: The Nephilim were upon the earth in those days and also afterwards - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were heroes of old and men of renown. During our time working at Langley, all the Star Seeds were asked who or what were the Nephilim? The general thinking had always been that they were ancient, mythical giants - with the word ‘mythical’ used in the context that the Nephilim had never existed in reality. They were the Freddie Kruegers of biblical times. But I saw the look of concern in the eyes of those asking. The answer that they were seeking was not going to be the one they wanted to hear. Their concern was well-founded. The emotional mood of the discussion would spin from amazement through to dread. Millenniums ago, in a period of lost knowledge, there were huge beings called the ‘Uga’rati’ which meant ‘giants’. The Hebrew word was Nephilim. The Bible states many kingdoms were ruled by them. Our understanding is based on the records of Og, the ruler of Basham, the Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh, who searched for eternal life and Anak, one of the kings of the Valley of KadeshRalpha-Paran. These kings were defeated by Joshua once Moses entered the promise land. The most famous of all these accounts was King David, who slew Goliath. There are many other great stories told around the world concerning these giant beings and many have been proved to be true.  The Garden of Eden had giant warriors. Why were they there? From what the Bible tells us, the giants appear to be evil. In actual fact, their role was to guard it and protect the children of creation. It was important humans multiplied at the growth rate that had been set.


Project Aquarius.

In reality, the Garden of Eden was not to be the peaceful tranquil garden it is portrayed to be. It was a jungle, inhabited by ‘thunder lizards’ or dinosaurs, as they would be called today. There were many ferocious beasts living upon the world, back in those distant days. Contrary to popular belief, not all dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. Many millions of them were killed at that time by a wellplaced asteroid that struck the planet, but not all of them immediately died. Mammals, who had lived in the shadows of dinosaurs for 100 million years, flourished afterwards, partly because fewer were eaten by dinosaurs. However, the point is, if mammals survived the affects of the asteroid, is it not likely some dinosaurs also did? Fossils have been found around the world showing human footprints and some type of giant lizard footprints, side by side. They are described in Job 40 and 41 under the heading ‘Behemoth and the Leviathan’. These great beasts were huge and had been created through genetic breeding at the same time as the Homosapien specie was being created. It is stated by evolutionary biologists that, over 60 million years, the upright, walking ape evolved. This raises two major questions that have never been satisfactorily answered. Firstly, how come the planet isn’t strewn with fossil remains showing this gradual metamorphosis? Secondly, if apes evolved into mankind, how come there are still apes? The evolutionary theory states that current humans evolved from Neanderthals so there are no more Neanderthals. Following on from this, if Neanderthals evolved from apes, there should be no apes. Yet there are. Apes have not evolved. Nor do they. Not even in the same way humans have changed in the last few centuries, such as increased height. It doesn’t make logical sense and the evidence to support the evolutionary theory of humans development has never been found. Minor adaptions from change of diet and a blend of parental features passed on to offspring, yes. The major breakthrough from ape to human, no. The ‘missing link’ is still missing, and always will be, because it doesn’t exist. Mankind’s development didn’t happen in that


evolutionary way. It happened through extraterrestrial, genetic input.    Many religions claim a great flood wiped all life from the planet, except for those in the arc. That is obviously not totally true. Others humans did survive as did the Nephilim as they are both described in Numbers 13 verses 26-33: Report on the Exploration They came back to Moses and Aaron and the whole Israelite community at Kadesh in the Desert of Paran. There they reported to them and to the whole assembly and showed them the fruit of the land. They gave Moses this account: “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit. But the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large. We even saw descendants of Anak there. The Amalekites live in the Negev; the Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites live in the hill country; and the Canaanites live near the sea and along the Jordan.” Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” But the men who had gone up with him said, “We can’t attack those people; they are stronger than we are.” And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, “The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size. We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” Evidence indicates that the great biblical flood was not global as theologians would like you to think but a massive, regional one. Everything living on land from India to the continent of Africa was wiped out. Many kinds of flora and animals perished, including remnants of the dinosaurs. But the Nephilim survived. The sons of Anak were descendants of the Nephilim. Who was Anak? Was he a giant alien or just a large man? Sumerian cuneiforms describe a being of great size named Ag’og - a word still used today


Project Aquarius.

to express amazement. Or could it have been a different person? Ag’og was a giant ruler who had three sons. He hated humans for they reminded him of the death and destruction Ag’og’s own people had caused. A similar story is in the Greek tales of Anax - the ruler of Kirjah Araba. So three cultures, separated by thousands of years, all tell much the same story.  Remains of these giants have been found in Greece, ancient Mesopotamia, South and North America, England, the Middle East, Africa, India and China. They were not just a fairy tale told to keep unruly children and adults in line, they actually lived.  In Sumerian, the word ‘Gal’ means large, huge or big. Sumerian writings mention the Nephilim and, interestingly the word Anunnaki is also used by them as an early description.   From the description in Samuel chapter 17 verse 4, Goliath, the Philistine soldier, must have been around 10 foot tall. The weight of his armour was 156 lbs. His spear was 26 foot long and weighed 17 lbs. Goliath was a formidable opponent. David picked up five stones for his slingshot. It is assumed he was afraid of missing with his first shot, but the account in Samuel says there were four other giants in the Philistine camp. There is no record of them challenging the Israeli army after Goliath had been killed. The adventures of Gargantuan and Pantagruel were a popular legend in France where they were known as the ‘Giants of Flanders’. It is said they were the gardeners of Earth and oversaw the development of life here. We were asked by the CIA if this was true? All we could say is we knew nothing about them. There are plenty of other accounts of giants from ancient times. King Og was noted for his extra-large bed, It was 14 feet long and 6.7 feet wide. The king’s height was over 12 foot. The Roman Caesar Thracian Maximinus is documented as


standing 10.6 feet tall. Greek mythology introduces the giant Cyclops with their one eye and mean temperament. The masters of thunder and lightning were called the Titans. They were divine beings who were the masters of the universe and life here on earth - the creators of mankind according to the ancient Greeks. There were also the bastards of divine intercourse, the masters of death and destruction - the Gods. Zeus was the father. He was a Titan and could take on the appearance of an animal if he so desired. Shapeshifting is as old as the rocks that these giants are accused of throwing around. In Hindu mythology, they were called the Divas - lower and lesser Gods of heavy stature. There are also others called Krishna, Arjuna and Tuatha de Danann. The Celts had their own giants called the Tuatha who are claimed to be the builders of the huge stone megaliths. The Tuatha were defeated by the Celts at the battle of Mag Tuired. It’s interesting, and beyond coincidence, that the Hindu and the Celts had the very same name for giants - Tuatha.   The skeleton of a giant toddler was unearthed in Cuzco, Peru and is currently on display at the Ritos Andinos Museum, near Lima.  The child is believed to have died aged about 9-12 months. Other experts believe it was about 18 months old. Either way, it was a very young child proven by the fact the fontanel of its skull (the connective tissue that later fills in the skull with bone) had not yet completely formed. The skull is larger than the rest of the body. The scientists, palaeontologists and doctors all agree on one thing - this child was large. It’s body was close to 6 foot in length. It also had a full set of teeth. A skeleton of an individual who stood over 15 feet tall was located in a valley of the Euphrates in southeast Turkey, when a road was being constructed. Carbon dating tests were done on it by Dr. Alijah Karsie, a professor of the Museum of Natural History in Istanbul, Turkey. The results indicated it was around 200,000 years old.


Project Aquarius.

This happened in 1985, when we were working for the CIA, and we were briefed on it. It added great credence to the accounts of other giants being fact not fiction. In 1965, near Agadir in Morocco, prehistoric tools were found among the littered bones of what appeared to be a race of very large men. The shortest was 14.5 feet tall and the tallest was over 20 feet. All were male. No female remains were present. Bones of giants were found in the Philippians. These all measured no less than 17 feet. A 19 foot specimen was found by Dr. Pei-wen Chung, a renowned palaeontologist. He claimed the bones dated back 300,000 years. In Texas, Dr. C.N. Dougherty found hundreds of dinosaur tracks of various species and alongside of them was an assortment of abnormally large human foot prints. In Mount Victoria, Arkansas, much the same evidence was unearthed. Dr. Rex Gilroy, an Australian archeologist and director of the Natural History Museum in Sidney, discovered fossil imprints of huge human foot prints. These finds seem too large for science to explain or even to take an interest in. Finding huge skeletons in nothing new. In 1466, near Valence, in France, several skeletons were unearthed - all measuring more than 22 feet in height. In 1577, around Cantor in Switzerland, an uprooted oak tree revealed the skeleton of a person over 20 foot tall. In 1613, near the castle of Chaumont in France, the skeleton of an individual who stood 26.3 feet tall was found. In 1879, near Brownsville in Texas, a skeleton measuring around 9.8 feet was found. In 1931, at Milan in Italy, two huge skeletons were found down a coal mine. At the site which, 2,300 years ago was once the ancient city of


Carthage, two 36 foot skeletons were found during excavations. At the time of the so-called kingdom of Atlantis, the human size varied greatly. There really were giants upon the earth - men who were huge by today’s standards. They were tall and well versed in the art of war. Many life forms on Earth have bred successfully by also increasing in size. Survival of the fittest and strongest. Even 200 years ago, humans were noticeably shorter than, on average, they are today. In different areas of the world, the giants varied in height. The ancient Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan, recently destroyed by the Taliban, were carved stone representations of the race that once populated the Earth. They were called the ‘Uranians’ by some and the ‘Uga’rati’, which means giants, by the Sumerians. The truth is staring mankind and his scientific world right in the eyes but mankind looks away. Consider the finds that were found sometime in the 1880s in an area called Spanish Hills in Illinois. A farmer found a skeleton of immense size. It would have stood upright measuring over 18 feet in height. However, what makes this discovery so unique was the skull - it had horns on top of the crown. What species could this have been? The farmer must have thought he had discovered the remains of Satan. He made a pretty good guess. The remains were fully unearthed and studied by WK Morehead and GP Donehoo from the Philadelphia American Museum. The bones were initially dated back to 1,200AD. They were then sent to the Smithsonian museum where they were analysed by the then foremost scientist of natural history, Dr. AB Skinner, who stated that they dated from 1,000AD. These finds were never put on public display. I wonder why? I investigated this and asked why the remains were stored in a remote warehouse in Maryland? The reply I received stated that the museum had an Indian shaman’s mask that had come from the area and was found in the year I had given. The horns were believed


Project Aquarius.

to be antlers of an elk. All I can say is that it’s amazing how easily the experts of the 1880s were fooled and how gullible the Smithsonian must think the public of today are. They keep their most interesting finds away from the public. In that respect, they are much like the CIA. The native American Indians who lived in the area where the remains were found, called these beings the ‘Shining Ones’. They were meant to have had great powers. Similar remains were discovered in 1900, in a field near Elmira which is close to New York. This skull also had horns protruding from it. In 1905, at El Paso in Texas, a Texas Ranger named Clive Barker received a call about a dead body found outside of the city. On arriving at the location, the Ranger discovered that the body was of a person of very large size who had been dead for a very long time. In his report, it was stated there appeared to be two large pointed horns from the brow of the head. As it was not a matter for the police, the Ranger and the two men who had discovered it, reburied the body out in the desert where it had been found. The Seneca tribe of American native indians who lived in the region of what became the city of New York, called these beings the ‘Chemung’. In their language, it means ‘Big Horns’. The Lakota Sioux also talk of a race of very large men who would run down the buffalo and catch them with one hand. These giants had horns on their heads and were called by the Sioux ‘Chitawah Chemong Etanaka Enouch’ which translates as ‘large horned man running’.  There are many accounts made over many years made by natives and early Catholic Jesuits who called them the ‘Andastas’. Several large skeletons with horns growing from the skull were found in the valley of Susquehanna, in Pennsylvania.


One of the best known Greek legends is of a very large, half bullhalf man beast with horns. Nowadays it’s called a ‘minotaur’ yet the Greeks often spelled it ‘monitour’. The descendants of the native American indians who resided in the valley of Susquehanna have folklore stories of the giant beings who had horns on their brows and were mean and cannibalistic. They called them the ‘Mon, tiq, tor’ which means ‘Man-Bull’. I don’t think these American Indians ever met any ancient Greeks. The similarity of the names is another remarkable coincidence. A modern myth of a hairy giant exists today. It is the ‘Sasquatch’ commonly referred to ‘Bigfoot’ in the US or the ‘Yeti’ in the region of the Himalaya mountains. The story of such a creature is told in the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’. This is a poem from ancient Mesopotamia that is often regarded as the earliest surviving great work of literature. It describes a fight in a forest with a very large and hairy beast named Erukiadu. In Sumerian, this means ‘hairy giant’. Modern sightings of a similar creature have been reported for hundreds of years from as far afield as America, Siberia, China, Australia, India, and Nepal. The names vary according to the location. The yewei, the ulma, the yahya, the abominable snowman, the sasquatch, the skunk ape, the yeti and bigfoot. However, the descriptions are all remarkably similar. Yet, if these creatures are real, how come no skeletal remains had been found? The data is too overwhelming to be dismissed as fantasy or the misidentification of some animal.  Project Aquarius wasn’t about just alien life on Earth. It covered multiple avenues of research concerning all types of life forms and were they factual or just ancient myths? I can say without fear of being proved wrong, that Bigfoot is alive and well and is thriving. In 2006, I spent 45 days living deep in the ‘Green Swamp’ in Central Florida. I saw them at first hand and took photographs for the


Project Aquarius.

Sierra Club and the Florida Game Commission. What is even more strange is that often when the creatures are sighted, so are strange lights in the sky. The connection is there but what is it? The ancient Greeks tell of a battle between the Gods and a race of giants who lived on the island of Pallene. Today, when there is heavy rain there, people find old bones that look exactly like human bones but are much bigger. Modern scientists accept that larger, hairier versions of some animals existed thousands of years ago such as mammoths, mastodons and woolly rhinoceroses yet they do not believe a giant human did ignoring all the archaeological evidence that points to the contrary.   The Hebrews called their God, Yahweh. Could he have been a giant? After all, he was described as the ‘God of War’ and also the ‘Storm God’. There is an ancient stella in Egypt which I have seen, called the ‘Mystery of Shasu’.  This states that around 1250BC a message on papyrus was sent from from Anastasi 1st to a group of giants called the Shasuwho were living in the land of Canaan. Clearly the Egyptians knew about them and their leader, or ruler, who was named Yahweh. An Egyptian monument dating to 1205BC mentions the word ‘Yahweh’ as being Israel’s god. It also contains a link to a group called the Shasu. The ‘Merneptah Stella’ states they were the nomads or Bedouin people. They moved around what is now the Syrian and Palestine area or, as the stella calls them, the Shasu of Yahweh. Theologians have always believed this kingdom to be a mix of Ammonites, Moabites, Amalekites, Kenites, Haripur and the Shasu all living in one group. I don’t think so. The Egyptians clearly called them giants and Yahweh was a class apart from most rulers. Even the historians at Langley confirmed


that the ancient Egyptians clearly regarded Yahweh as a ‘God of War’ and an ‘Enemy God’. The scribe for Amenhotep III clearly knew about this giant being and the scribe’s writings are highly significant when trying to understand the Exodus story. Many try to convince us that Ramses II was the Pharaoh at the time of the Exodus. Yet the available evidence doesn’t come from this time period.   The facts are that a group of Shasu-Bedouin people living in the Syrian-Palestine area were associated with a giant god named Yahweh and this was known by the Egyptians in the 18th dynasty during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. When I informed the agency of this they were surprised to see the conclusive proof was ever present but had never been presented to those interested in historical accuracy. The giant Nephilim beings did exist a very long time ago. They were beings of superhuman strength and abilities that caused violence and death whereever they went - just like Yahweh did.  Will they return in the near future? Only time can tell. If they do, how will mankind react and will it survive? Mankind will now just have to wait and watch to see what does come down from the sky. The Star Seeds know what is coming, but the world is blinded by all the erroneous political and distorted religious ideas, to listen and prepare. One last point on giants. When I described the Pleiadians I saw on my first visit aboard a spacecraft, I said they were exactly like Caucasian humans except in one physical characteristic - they were much taller. Why aren’t all the Star Seeds tall? Because if we were 7 foot plus in height we would have been considered freaks and scared people. We still did that, whilst trying our best not to. Our appearance was meant to reassure humans that we are directly related to them and have their best interests in mind. Consideration of others feelings, is another Pleiadian way, but perhaps we might have been more


Project Aquarius.

successful in alerting humans about their self-destructive ways if we had been giants to be feared by all - just like in the good old days.


Chapter 20

Enoch And The Watchers. During his three year visit to Earth, Thor described the Star Seeds as Emmuduraki warriors and it is worth explaining what these warriors are and how they have been described in ancient literature. You will then realise how they are relevant in today’s modern world. Many books and have been written by scholars concerning the testament of the sacred prophet called Enoch. He was the ‘7th from Adam’, the fourth grandson of Seth and the great-grandfather of Noah. The Sumerian word of ‘Enmuduraki’ means that of the High Priest. The Emmuduraki were warriors of a sacred order clan. Enoch called them the ‘Watchers’. What is known about them today has been gleaned from the Nineveh Tablets. These tablets state the Emmuduraki conveyed divine messages from the upper heavens to the people living upon the Earth. Two-way communication between the two worlds was necessary so the developing human species, called the Ad’m, would thrive and follow much the same culture as the race who had seeded them. In the realms of the upper heavens, there lived a certain type of beings - angelic creatures. Many had come down to Earth to see the new creation of the Supreme Being of the Pleiades - known as God to some - Aphra Anu and Jah’bh to others. Many of these angelic beings had been given the task of teaching, extending heavenly knowledge and, most importantly, offering protection. This is the first mention of what was to become the ‘Holy Knights of the Temple’ or the Templars. Enoch became the Holy Scribe and provided written testimony of the divine judgement and higher celestial wisdom to human beings. Enoch is one of the most importance books of the Testaments but was omitted from the biblical text by the Catholic Church as it raised


Project Aquarius.

too many questions they were unable to answer and conflicted with what they wanted mankind to believe. The most important mention of Enoch is in Hebrew chapter 11 verse 5: By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death: “He could not be found, because God had taken him away.” For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God.   In his writings, Enoch made reference to the divine beings and the Watchers. He would later be called a ‘Metatron’ - a ‘recording angel’ or the ‘Chancellor of Heaven’. Enoch would say that there is nothing that heaven does not know about and nowhere on Earth is so deep that it can be concealed from the creators. That’s bad news for those who have a place booked for themselves in modern day DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). His scribal role was to be an observable writer for the Gods so mankind would understand the happenings in that ancient age. Here’s a sample passage: And give them the teachings in your handwriting, they will read and acknowledge that I am Lord and creator of everything. Children to children and family to family and kinfolk to kinfolk. I have commanded my angels of the Enmuduraki as their sacred guardians and they command the seasons of war. They might preserve them for generations to come. So, they might not perish for the future flood that comes, it shall not delay. As many ancient cultures existing on Earth confirm in their writing and folklore, a war came out of the heavens and attacked the creation with great destruction and devastation. The doom of the flood was to follow. The Book of Jubilees chapter 4 verses 23-24: He saw on that day when the rains fell and all of creation that had not retreated, perished in the flood waters that washed the areas of evil. The watchers had taken the sacred into the high ark and waited above the waters for 270 days. For God’s holy scribe Enoch and the


Priest of Salem warned mankind of its sins against the most highest of Gods that they shall perish for their wickedness. Let it always be a sign to repentance for generations that are to come from the love and wisdom of the Lord. It shall always be a testimony and placed upon earth against all mankind for their history to know. There is also another very important narrative that came from the Greek Vulgate called the ‘Douay-Rheims’ Bible. Volume 1, chapter 7 mentions the flood. Here is what it says about the ark: As the rains came down for forty days and forty nights, the ark hovered above the waters. Scholars claim the word ‘hovered’ means it floated but it doesn’t say that, it quite clearly says it hovered - a much less obvious word to use than floated. Enoch chose his words carefully. The ark was not a ship, but a spaceship. The word ‘spaceship’ did not exist. In those days, every transportation vessel was a ship. The Melchizedek Order and the Enmuduraki were one and the same. The Melchizedek Priesthood was a designation of honour, filled by candidates that the Hebrew meaning translates as a ‘king of righteousness and peace’. This definition is within the biblical testaments and yet they omit the most important aspect of the wordage - warriors. This same order, as it was described in ancient times by the Judeans within the ranks of Moses and the Israelites, says they were priests of the highest order. Hebrews chapter 5 verse 5: You are my son today I have begotten you, you are priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. Shia Tractirate chapter 4 verse 52: For they came upon to the garden of creation and truly from his wisdom, they were the Melchizedek watchers, none no greater than his children of thy holy seed. Many claim that Jesus was of the Melchizedek Order because he was as he was the son of God, not God incarnate, as some


Project Aquarius.

religious testaments proclaim. Others say he was the King of Salem. Again, you have to understand the wordage of Salem (Hebrew dialect calls it Salome - the word for peace). It is in the translation where the confusion arises. The Book of Urantia describes how, in 2500BC, the ancient lands of the once Garden of Eden were invaded by Bedouin Semites, They were the start of what was to become the empire of Persia and consisted of barbarian horsemen of the western deserts and the nomadic Sethites. War visited a peaceful land once again. Some race was always invading and destroying their culture. The Book of Urantia states there was a corps of beings who were loved and cherished by the tribes of the land. They were of the Melchizedek Order of priests through whom the knowledge of the creator was taught and kept in the hearts of the people. They were the Holy Warriors and Watchers of all that was made of creator’s love. The enemies of God also knew about these warriors and feared them, as if each one was a viper poised to strike. The Sethites eventually ended up in Egypt and in the Judean city of Aram - now the city of Aleppo, in Syria. It would be here that the saga of the Israelite’s captivity would start and continue until Moses came along and freed them. The Watchers continued to watch over the people and have been mentioned in multiple testaments, scrolls and writings throughout the ages. We still do to this very day and have now been mentioned in this book, thousands of years after we were first recorded in the earliest form of writing.


Chapter 21 Bloodlines. Right from the time of our arrival at Langley, most staff were forbidden to approach or even talk to us. Such instructions were taken very seriously by CIA employees. On my first day, I was stared at. A few years later, I’d give a friendly glance at staff I happened to pass and they’d look away. There was a reason for this change of attitude from curiosity to caution, among the other Langley inmates. I guess some secrets such as the fact mankind is not alone in the universe are just too big to keep to yourself - even if you work for the government’s security agency. The Langley code of secrecy had been breached internally and the rumour mill was churning out the possibility that alien life forms were working inside the complex. The word was, that inside the most highly-secured area in the HQ, the ‘Spook Squad’ was kept. Our working area was known as ‘the farm’. It was an area screened behind some very conveniently placed trees. A parking area was sited almost a mile from the main entrance to the HQ and was guarded by armed MPs. Most of these guards were almost lifeless and robotic in personality. They knew who we all were but never once called me by my name. Face recognition and ID cards were all we were to them. Above ground, a small white building served as the entrance to our domain. This was surrounded by paths where you could take a walk and get a breath of fresh air. Something I frequently did. Inside, and to the rear of the white building, was an elevator. This descended deep underground to where our offices, meeting rooms and other facilities were. They were all very comfortable and modern. More to the point, they were completely isolated from the rest of Langley, let alone the rest of the world. This was the underground location all 33 of us had been brought to. It was down there, far away from prying eyes and flapping ears that subjects like UFOs,


Project Aquarius.

extraterrestrial life and the origins of human life were discussed and research and knowledge shared and debated. Even who God Almighty was in reality. It was acknowledged by the US government that we were living forms of contact sent by an alien race. We were there to inform and prepare mankind of what was to come and educate him about what had happened in the past. We were there to do this in a gradual, nonsensationalist way that humans could accept without becoming panicstricken and terrified. A more sensible alternative to a Virrannah spacecraft descending to scorch the immaculate front lawn of the White House. That was the unwritten understanding between both parties. Of course, there were many support staff. They were needed to protect us, do admin work or basic research and to run errands for us mainly to and from the cafeteria. Some became good friends. They all knew who and what we were. Whether they all believed what they had been briefed and that their jobs were to look after beings from another world, you’d have to ask them. It must have been confusing. We weren’t typical comic-strip or movie aliens. We looked and acted just like them in every way. At the very least, they considered us the trustees and purveyors of information and knowledge that their government wanted to encourage whilst keeping a watchful eye over us all. What the handlers and interns weren’t made fully aware of, is all of us had been identified and officially categorised as extraterrestrial children by the Catholic Church in Rome. The Vatican had known about our arrival before we were even born. They were expecting us more than some of our birth mothers were - mine in particular. We were a group of children they called the ‘Golden Angels’. A description I much preferred to ‘Spook Squad’. The Vatican had alerted the United States government and they had monitored every one of us as we were raised by host families in the utmost secrecy at a variety of locations within America, occasionally bringing us all together at times at


a military base to check on our progress and our reactions to each other. Now we were all together again, had completed our university courses - for what they were worth - and our serious work had begun in earnest. We would be given weekly assignments. These varied depending on what it was that government scientists or historians wished to know. Usually, it was to confirm or refute ethically questionable knowledge that seemed to have been hammered into human minds from some dim and distant past. Meetings were called at a moments notice. We would all gather in the central briefing room. There, we would discuss the various issues and findings about whatever it was we had been researching or be briefed on something new. It was all go all the time. We may have lived there but Langley was certainly not a typical country club or bed and breakfast establishment. Looking back on those days, it sounds crazy and was in many ways. 33 extraterrestrials all working for the United States government in secret. They had the unimaginable - living and highly intelligent beings from another planet. Instead of showing a real interest in our world, they put us to work to find out what had happened to their own in the past and what might happen in the future. Fair enough, you may think and you’d be right but they didn’t have the foresight to realise that events could happen that mankind might not have any control over. In the meantime, they thought we could tell them how they could increase their power and save their butts should armageddon arise. The problem was this possibility was not just a United States problem, it was a worldwide problem. These debates were held in the utmost privacy of America’s intelligence community and only a handpicked, highest few knew what was being discussed. The highest few didn’t include my own dearly beloved wife. That was incredibly difficult and became increasingly more so with every passing day. She knew I was working on classified projects I couldn’t


Project Aquarius.

tell her about. But Cathy was no fool. At this point in time, she knew (perhaps from what she’d been told about Vietnam) that I was of very special importance to the CIA. She just wasn’t aware how special I was and why. I knew she would find out soon from the ‘Spook Squad’ rumours and I wondered how she would react? Would she scream and run, pass out, believe it, disbelieve it? I thought it was only fair that my wife be informed of everything that was known about me - not about what I was working on. I wanted her to hear the astounding truth from me - gently and calmly - not by second-hand gossip processed through the Langley rumour-mill. Was that such an unreasonable request? I was not the only one married and living with their spouse at Langley. There were other men with wives and two of the females had husbands. How would all our partners react? We all began to worry about our relationships. So much so, the Langley hierarchy decided to take action to resolve the dilemma. All our spouses and partners were invited to a meeting. They were escorted to the main central building located near the front area where they were sat in a meeting room and waited for the directors of Project Aquarius to come and address them. Those men were none other than Bob Lemke and ex-President Gerald Ford. Little did our loved ones know what was about to be revealed to them. Some of the others had more of an inkling than Cathy, as their partners had talked about some of the unusual experiences they had had as children. All Cathy knew was something odd had happened to me in Vietnam which I couldn’t remember. Afterwards, Cathy told me she wasn’t puzzled or afraid but was curious - like a child. Fortunately, they weren’t bluntly told that their partners weren’t human. Instead, it was gently explained that we were not ordinary people. We were very special. Our bloodlines indicated our linage dated back to the time of Christ. More testing needed to be conducted on this when time permitted. We had agreed that the CIA could study us, research our lineage and share the ancient knowledge we seemed


to possess. Questions were invited to be asked. Someone had a sense of humour - or maybe a sense of foreboding. Were we some type of alien species that was here to conquer the world and hold mankind in some sort of slavery? Apparently, this was greeted by some nervous laughter. I’m not sure whether this nervousness was emitted from Bob Lemke or the ex-President, nor did Cathy remember their reply. There wouldn’t have been a direct one. Our spouses and partners had already been told more than the CIA had originally wanted to disclose. By officially revealing a small percentage of the full truth about us, the CIA managed to distract from what they really wanted to keep secret - the results of the research we were doing. That is why the question that was asked was so poignant. However, our loved ones were more interested in us than the work we were doing or the discoveries we were making. They were pleased to have been confided in and told anything. They all handled the news well, although I have no doubt most already knew the snippets that were revealed and a whole lot more besides. My beloved Cathy was probably the one who knew least. When she returned home, she wanted to know many more things. I was not prepared to either lie or not talk to my wife. My loyalty and love for her meant more to me than my loyalty to a spy organisation that I was already beginning to doubt would act in the best interest of the American population. I was honest with Cathy and I remember her sweet face as she sat intently listening to me, trying to take all the revelations in. She never called me crazy nor did her relaxed posture show any unease at what she heard. We even laughed about some of it. We looked on the positive side. At least I didn’t have any horns or even antenna. Nor was I a little green man or have grey skin and a bulbous head. What she’d been told tied in with the little she already knew. This was that I’d been adopted at a few weeks old. She’d met Betty


Project Aquarius.

Page, my birth mother, a few months before who had told her about the strange circumstances culminating in my birth. Whatever she’d thought about this at the time, when it was added to the Vietnam incident and what she had been told by the CIA, it took on added significance. Cathy was a strong woman, a real trooper, and had the sense to understand it was to remain between the two of us. I was relieved she knew and I knew I could trust her implicitly. Many women might well have reacted by asking for a divorce and fleeing. Not Cathy. She reminded me that she had asked me to marry her and considered what she had learned about me to be part of the great adventure of married life that we had embarked on together. It also meant we could talk about subjects I’d had to keep bottled up from everyone but the other Star Seeds. We would often talk about life elsewhere in the universe. Cathy began asking about Jesus. What was he like? Was that true? She asked me to give her my interpretation of various passages from the Bible. Though she’d never been particularly religious, her curiosity grew and grew. I’d get home very tired after puzzling over some ancient conundrum, only to have the love-of-mylife asking a whole lot more questions. She would go to the Langley library, take out books on UFOs or religion and then ask for my opinion as soon as I stepped through the front door of our home. I didn’t mind. After years of the Colemans showing no interest, it was a refreshing change that my wife shared my enthusiasm. I knew she was trying to figure out my real identity - just as I was. Although I knew the answer wouldn’t be found in a library book, not even one borrowed from the CIA library. There was another reason why Cathy wanted to find out all she could about the man she was married to. Our first child had been born. The sweetest and most adorable baby girl. We named her Heather. Questions about me also applied to this baby. Did she have the same bloodline as her father? Was she another branch of the sacred tree of who we were and where we had come from? The short answer was


‘yes’. The long answer led to some sensational conversations which, to some, would have been weird in the extreme but to us, her proud parents, were normal. Our child began to show some of the same signs I had as I grew up. Less than a year after she was born, she could walk. She was also wanting to write and draw as I had done at that young age. None of this surprised me. I would have been more surprised if she hadn’t developed in the same way I had. When I looked deep into her eyes, I saw myself. From time to time, Cathy asked me about the other Star Seeds especially the girls. This wasn’t out of jealousy. That emotion didn’t exist within Cathy’s mindset. The girls were my sisters and knew I was deeply in love with my wife. It was because we had our own girl and Cathy wanted to know what was in store for her. Of the seven girls, I was closest to Victoria and she became very friendly with Cathy and gave her a more feminine insight into all of us. The truth was, the Star Seeds were not some strange form of life from a vast, distant galaxy. Nor were we the descendants of a long extinct civilisation on Earth. We were representatives of what our Father had planned eons ago in the past and were here to guide the human race and oversee what might happen in the future. Were we dangerous humanoids as depicted in many science fiction films? Not at all. But Victoria did tell Cathy that I was the third one born after the twins and the first born in 1953 and that this had additional significance. All of us were definite anomalies from the accepted evolutionary theory. We had no genetic problems, no illhealth and our bodies were identical to other humans - at least on the exterior. The inside of our bodies was a different matter. Our blood did not match any other known human blood type. All 33 of us had the very same blood antigens and mitochondrial genes, yet these didn’t match with what the human species was known to carry. The Vatican had several revered religious artefacts that they had never admitted were in their possession or had been put on public


Project Aquarius.

display. These were from an ancient Roman crucifixion. A crown of thorns, some wood from a cross, a spear tip and a funeral robe. All bore traces of blood. With modern technology, this blood had been analysed. It was found to be an identical match to the blood that was being pumped around our 33 bodies. Not a 70% or even 99% match but a 100% match. The person who wore than crown of thorns and who bled on that cross was Jesus the Nasserite. We 33 were the brothers and sisters of that same person. In addition to this, our births had been prophesied and expected by the Catholic Church. As Jiles had stated and the Catholic Church’s representative would also confirm, it was the Vatican that alerted the United States government to our impending arrival and had entrusted them with our care. Now, as we saw it, we were returning the favour and the human race was under our care. In 1985, the Vatican’s most senior genealogy expert was invited to Langley to meet us. This was Bishop Michael Colloni who was to become part of the Zingo unit. He informed us that the Catholic Church believed us to be reincarnations of the ‘Golden Angels’. They were the seed of Jahova. The seed of the creator. We had already been told this by the CIA but it was still surprising to have it confirmed by the Catholic Church. Mind you, they had alerted the CIA in the first instance. It even explained all the visits I had by Prior Serr in my early childhood and why he had driven so far to see me. The CIA allowed Bishop Colloni to show us two letters. These had been passed on to the CIA. The reason for this was the Vatican would not have been able to locate and gain access to the children without government assistance. I included both these letters in the previous chapter entitled ‘Arrival Of The Twins’. All the cardinals and priests who was involved in predicting and monitoring us in the late 1940s and 1950s had passed away by this time. Bishop Colloni’s involvement in Project Aquarius earned


us another nickname around Langley. We became the ‘Children of Corn’. It was marginally better than overhearing, “There’s that group of aliens”. There was a further letter sent when 31 of the Star Seeds would have been four years old: 7-20-1957 Messorgia Bishop, The Pontiff request the presence of the mentioned children we have located. They all fit the writings of Testeur de Adoni. I have seen two already a boy and a girl. The twins are in New Jersey I’m told. Contact me on this matter as soon as you can. The rest are in this country and once all have been positively identified. We shall move quickly on this. The public should not be alarmed - if once we keep the lid on it. Urgently Reply Cardinal Desillva Nortoni These letters poured additional gasoline on the fire of denial. We had already been ‘endorsed’ by the Catholic Church but all these letters confirmed our ‘credentials’ and, added to the daily, attentive presence of a Bishop, seriously worried some of those around us. Some CIA staff resigned or asked to be moved to different projects away from Langley. Even the psychologists seemed to need our assistance to overcome their own mental blocks. One told me, “I understand what you are saying but thinking it and living it are two completely different things.” The United States government was getting a huge bang for its buck and was happy. Not necessarily with the revelations. Some of them caused obvious unease and worry, but they seemed to think it was better to know rather than not know. Then lock them away for someone else to worry about at a later date. We told them that our people lived their lives in a very similar way


Project Aquarius.

to human life. They had learned the ultimate lesson in life - to exist peacefully under a supreme ruler who governs with compassion, love, understanding, sharing and giving. Imagine Earth gently supervised under the same principles. The concept isn’t brutal or something to be feared, it’s sensible. Humans needed to show more humanity to other humans. Mankind needs to be more kind. Those who tell the truth find themselves walking a narrow and lonely path. Those after greed and dishonesty will find themselves on a busy highway. We always knew only a few would walk the narrow path in our company. When the CIA shared their medical reports from the time of our births through our childhoods and from our regular present checks and tests, their conclusion was always that we ‘were not of human origin’. During this time, much research into DNA was being done as it was correctly thought that this would be of great benefit in the prevention of genetic diseases and more everyday uses such as criminal detection and even paternity claims. I was allowed to study more or less what I wanted to and chose to find out all I could about my DNA. I was given access to the leading experts in this field. I wrote a research manual entitled ‘The DNA of Sapiens’. The word ‘sapiens’ means ‘chosen’. The Jews say they are ‘God’s chosen people’. The word ‘Israel’ means ‘people’ not specifically those who follow the Jewish faith. There was even a phrase I kept seeing in ancient Sumerian texts that meant ‘God’s chosen people’. My DNA research was helped by Bishop Colloni who confirmed that the Vatican had actual samples of Jesus Christ’s blood and that mine was an exact DNA match - as was all the other Star Seeds. We had already been told this by the CIA and none of us thought the CIA would have invested so much time and funding in us if they weren’t sure we were genuine. The Vatican played a cagey game with the CIA. They knew far more about religion and what had happened in the past than the CIA did. In fairness, the Catholic Church, as an organisation, had been around a lot longer. I was never allowed to see the artefacts Bishop Colloni referred to. Believe me, I wanted to see them! Apparently, no-one was allowed


this privilege except for the very highest of high in the Catholic Church. What Bishop Colloni had produced was a DNA report of the composition of the blood. He and the CIA who had our blood samples had no knowledge of what the two different blood samples were. They both conducted their own tests. It would have been impossible to get a false match and in neither party’s interest to lie. But they did match. To the Catholic Church, it provided vindication that it was right on many issues but raised serious worries on the future of the religion and mankind. The CIA saw it as a God-given opportunity to increase its knowledge and power over the planet. Bishop Colloni stayed at Langley as a full-time advisor until 1990 when there was little he could advise on and he was, in reality, just a spy inside the US spy HQ, reporting back on what was being learned to the Pope and other Roman Catholic hierarchy. We knew the Pontiff was the head of a false doctrine that had peddled many lies for thousands of years. There was a core truth but it had been distorted to keep the minions obedient and contributing money. Why would God want money? Pleiadians don’t use currency. We knew the Pope would never meet with us. He was more afraid of us than some of the staff at Langley were. He also had a guilty conscience. How many innocent people over the millenniums have perished directly from religious wars or vindictive differences? Too many to count. It would be considered an even greater crime when people realised that much of every religion was based on deliberately, distorted mistruths. Mankind has been purposefully misled by the religious leaders - many of whom over the centuries never practised what they preached. Power and greed were their ultimate aims just like many politicians, except the ones in the Vatican didn’t have to worry about democracy or elections - unless a new Pope was being chosen by an inner-circle of Cardinals. In 1988, some of the Star Seeds were invited to visit the Vatican. Afterwards, Bishop Colloni stayed in Rome to carry out more research.


Project Aquarius.

He wrote to me to inform me of his findings: September 2nd, 1990 My dearest Brother, May peace always be upon you and all  your brothers and sisters. We have gathered the evidence back from the church and all pointers show, you are all the holy si bloodline. We have kept under lock and key now for your own protection. I don’t know how many shall take this if ever exposed - you my sir, do look most like him. I see the features of Jesus everywhere as we all have looked at your photo. But you do have the blood-genes - traits taken from the lab reports on record. Call me if you wish to know more - and yes, Abielia - is the recorded name. You have my number - Lori doninisa novu. You are also of the Templars too! M. Colloni His letter didn’t particularly surprise me. I wished the Vatican would disclose what it knew but that would be too damaging to its own power-base. The Catholic Church spent all of its time and energy encouraging its followers to show faith and so, to announce something that would undermine it, was simply not going to happen. It was only after a gap of fifteen years that I next heard from the Bishop. He wrote to me in 2005 from the county of Essex in England. He seemed to have made investigating into the Star Seeds his life’s work - even more than I had. The Bishop had used his position within the Catholic Church to access all the Vatican’s records. Now, he seemed to think that, instead of embracing us, the Vatican was more likely to have us killed. As I knew the Catholic Church was a more political organisation than most people realised, this didn’t particularly surprise me. This is a transcript of his letter: 12 November 2005 It has been a long quest for me as I’ve looked up their records, and I still ask, could all this be true to these findings? I have went into the archives and located the lineage - When I was told you were of the bloodline, I had to see for myself. I needed the proof, I wished to see


the text here in Rome, prove me either wrong or the greatest secret ever hidden was not a myth, but in reality, Factual. You were one of many truer descendants of Jesus Christ alive - in the flesh. I’ve seen the documents, my God my poor man, this is amazing, and if as you well know, if ever got out, the church would continue its old ways and have you killed along with the others. I need to talk to you asap and prompt. You move a lot and you must go to that safe zone. When can you come to Essex and stay? There are many who wish to see you and others. Here a bit on lineage that you need to know. The name Page-changed was originally DePayne, who aligned with the sacred family of the von Wolfe of Bavaria. Your actually name or family lineage was as Adolf von Wolfe…900/1000 AD. The Paige name was given in 1400-1500 AD to in a way protect the San Greal, the bloodline, the church hunted your kind down like dogs and murdered thousands of the true ones called the children of the Starfire blood. Call me and lets talk. Should I call you Holiness or what should I call you, Misère?  But please keep the secret - and the others, do they know? Call my number as soon as you get this…012-561-8206 Peace to you my brother, Michael Edward de Wolfe Your servant…Messure Michael Colloni So what exactly did Bishop Colloni discover? A lot has been claimed by various individuals and academics regarding lineage and bloodlines but, when it came to the Star Seeds, ours was surely out of this world. Everything that was claimed (not initiated by us) had been researched and checked by many different experts. Many of these had studied our blood and characteristics since our childhoods but, as we got older, scientific knowledge also grew and the findings got more bizarre. Our basic blood type is O negative. It is the rarest type and only 6.6% of the world’s population have it. It’s known as ‘universal blood’ as it can be used in transfusions with any other blood type which is


Project Aquarius.

why it’s carried by emergency medical services. Many unusual traits are associated with O negative blood. All the Star Seeds showed these characteristics. We had high IQs, an Rh factor (Rh is an inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells) of 060 or greater, we were able to heal ourselves, had an instinctive belief in another life-form elsewhere, knew about our origins, had an inherent interest in science and history and also believed that much widely accepted knowledge on many of these subjects was inaccurate. We all matured much earlier than most other humans and had quite different reasoning powers to others. These differences were very noticeable when we were compared to other children of the same age, or even older ones. O negative blood is also known as the ‘Blood of the Gods’ or the ‘Star Fire’ bloodline. Jews who have it running through their veins, are sometimes referred to as the ‘chosen ones of Ysrael’. Although some other experts in Langley (probably not Jewish and having a different blood group), described it as ‘alien in nature’. This blood type doesn’t have A or B markers, and it doesn’t have an Rh factor. Our blood type was the reason why we were instructed never to marry as this would be inter-marriage outside our species. We needed to preserve our pure genealogy. We were independent from other blood types. If mankind had developed from a common ancestor, they would have all evolved and developed in the same way with blood factors in exactitude with other general characteristics. Yet science has shown that humans didn’t develop that way and the Rh negatives come from a source far more complex than simply being the descendants of ancient man.  This begs the question, where did the negatives come from and why is it so rare in humans? The Bible has lead many to believe that mankind descended from Noah after the flood which is obviously not true. So how can one explain the gnostic diversity contained within the bodies of the various ethnic populations? Quite simply, no-one can. Just as it is a biological mystery how it came about that O negative


blood can be given to others of different blood groups, yet if their blood is donated to a person with O negative blood, it could kill the recipient. Biblical references explaining how this blood came to be found in the human population is stated in Genesis chapter 6 verse 2: The sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Our ancestral Father Joshua said, “The Father and He were as One.” Our blood is exactly the same as his. We are direct descendants of Jah’bh. Most of us were born under very strange circumstances. Our mothers were seeded and we were all born on the same day within twenty minutes of each other. Mary, Jesus’s mother was seeded from a sterilised egg and it was found out that we all were too. The concept of a ‘virgin birth’ applied to all of us. There are several other short, but important, biblical references: John chapter 8 verse 41: You are doing things your own Father does. We are not illegitimate children, the only Father we have is God himself. Matthew chapter 13 verse 11: The knowledge of the secrets of thy kingdom has been given to you, not to them. John chapter 1 verse 13: Children born of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband will, but born of Gods seed. The Rh factor did not originate on planet Earth and this is the major factor in proving that mankind is the hybrid, not us. We are of the purest blood group known to mankind and the limited scientific understanding cannot figure out how or why. We have unlocked the genetic puzzle of mankind’s heritage, yet the official experts still refuse to acknowledge the inescapable truth, just as they are unable to accept the fact that life exists beyond their own planet. From investigations


Project Aquarius.

into our blood, it was discovered that some of the preserved mummies, rulers of ancient Egypt, were not human either. How will the rest of the world react to this when it is finally revealed? It was this ‘Gods of Aquarius’ reasoning as to why our covert unit was named ‘Project Aquarius’ in the first place. Researcher Robert Anton Wilson stated, “The data does not compete with what we know at this time concerning the ones who have come forward. They are true aliens - walking among the populace as one speaks. And the ones who have come forward are the very ones of the highest caliber of known intelligence.” The book of Revelation mentions a coming war between two opposing alien races. Or, as it has been described by Dr. Maxwell Stewart, who has a PhD in Theological Sciences, “a battle between the true creators and the Draconian race”. This is exactly what all the Star Seeds predicted and warned of. It is our raison d’être - the reason for us being the beings we are. Research we took part in, was presented in a report entitled ‘Fractal structure of the Immortality Information’. This is information embedded in a person’s genetic codes. It was included in the insight of Project Aquarius as the ‘TS-Majic-NSC’. At one time, it was claimed that we were reptilian in nature. I proved that, although the O negative blood is alien, we are not descendants of the Draconians. However, the hypo-information showed that A and AB types did and still possess some of the characteristics of these reptilian beings who possessed and passed on their blood anginas - particularly to those who are Rh negative. These people also exhibit some unusual traits or clues to their heritage, in a similar way to how we do, but theirs are very different. These can include an extra vertebra (known as a tail bone), lower than normal body temperature, lower than normal blood pressure, higher mental analytical abilities, higher negative-ion shielding from positive charged viruses and bacteria, a high sensitivity to EM and ELF fields, along with hyper-vision and other heightened senses.


Our O negative blood also produced the ‘Ketuu 3rd Nodules’ which appeared on the right, lower side of our heads. Some call this the ‘Mark of Cain’. To us, it’s known as the Caudia mark. It is not just an identifying mark, it serves an important purpose. It gives us the innate consciousness of knowledge and the Karmic patterns of the energies of life. Dr. Luigi Cayalli Storjius of Stanford University stated that this characteristic is common feature of the Basque people of northern Spain and southern France. Some also speak the same language as the Neolithic dialect of the Sumerians - to me it’s the Pleiadian language. The Basque are descendants from the Celts who migrated from the Armenia region and then eventually into Europe. Our rare bloodline is only found in white people. We are not mutations as some believe. The harsh fact is that the other races were created to be workers and they were, at first. They eventually rebelled under the moral banner that ‘all men are created equal’. They were not. Legislated human rights acts and current political correctness has made them so. The first Ad’m, or human, was genetically designed some 450,000 years ago. It was not a success. The first replication of human beings appeared about 210,000 years ago. Mankind started off with the highest of teachings to abide and thrive by. This race was known back then as the people of ‘Tenkewati’ which means ‘Our Image’. Tenkewati became Sumeria. The original creation from the ancestors of the land, was later called at various times and by various people, Hysto, Bo’rah, Hyperborea and Eden. This means ‘that of the great pasture’. The Sumerian phrase ‘Veda Aryan Ysrael’ means ‘God’s Chosen People’. In Sumerian, it is spelt exactly the same way as it is in Pleiadian. In the years to come, the races of Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Scythians, Aryans and the Basques, all with their O negative bloodline, would


Project Aquarius.

descend from this original group. They were the ‘original Adams’, as the Bible calls them. Genesis chapter 1 verses 26-27 states man was made in ‘our image’ and that is why our blood is of ‘unknown origin’. We are the very last, or the very latest, bearers of the pure O negative bloodline because we have not interbred for thousands of years - we were created in the 20th century, by and from, the original source.  We did not evolve from apes but were created by celestial beings from the Pleiades star system. The Y-chromosomes also originated from there, in the same way. Dr. Valery Dyemen, a Russian researcher, claims that a group of mysterious and different people at one time resided in parts of Siberia before it became frozen. They spread to the Kola peninsula and the island of Vaisakhi, in Karelia, which is set among the Ural Mountains in Western Siberia. These people stated they were descendants of space travellers. Their heritage is passed down through oral folklore taught to the younger generations. Dr. Dyemen’s research unveils truths that most researchers have failed to see, or do not wish not to see. The DNA analysis is meticulous and factual to the very letter of science. DNA does not lie and cannot be manipulated to satisfy someone’s ego or theories.  DNA also helped the Star Seeds prove our heritage - with the somewhat surprising help of the Church of Rome. The Star Seeds blood samples and blood-stained artefacts linked to Jesus Christ matched. The results were all Rh negative and showed the alien structures of the Mitochondrial Geno. Some of these factors were the same as the base pairings of the DNA helix. This was Caucasian humanoids - simple pairings of a very strange and unique crystallographer of advance sugars, phosphates and hydrogens. All linked at the base and aligned with the helical axis. They are called the Glycoside Bonding Elements. The fact that Europeans carry these bonding traits is not a coincidence. They consisted of triple units of RNA 24-26 amino acids and mitra sugars - all as one unit. Other blood types do not carry these factors.


This came from the biogenetic studies of the Hermetic Codes which God used to manifest into a higher life form. Developing into the MPAs (Micro-PSI-Atoms) produced the geo material that is present in all the Star Seeds. Everything is aligned with the theoretical parameters of 248/496 intrinsic formulas in the God’s name of the Kabballah. It is seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs and also found in the Inca and the Mayan records - all identical to the Sumerian formulas. This is not idle scribbling from some primitive, ancient cultures, they were telling us who they were, where they came from and who created them. Another, very significant fact, comes not from science but from a much misinterpreted biblical record. The wordage of Revelation 13:18: “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. That number is 666.” Most have incorrectly understood this as something demonic but that could not be further from the truth. The verse starts off with a command, it says, “This calls for wisdom.” Early man didn’t have the understanding then as we do today. So what does the 666 stand for? The divine number of the DNA sequences of the rare bloodline is also known as the PTHA Helix. There are 6 aminos, 6 sugars and 6 platoids. The mitochondrial that forms 36 geno traits is only found within the O negative blood group. So 666 had nothing to do with devil worshipping or demonic liaisons. It’s a divine number but only those with in-depth scientific knowledge will know this. The sequences are 2 divided by 3 = .0666, by the 7th power then the Geno = Mhtd - PSI - DNA - RNA of 35 divided into 55 = 0.063.63 > 66.6. That is man’s number and RNA chondrials. The creation of the Golden Number . and so on. It is mankind’s number - exactly as the Bible tells us. The links were given by the Gods themselves, upon creation. Mankind’s mathematical homework has now been solved and is correct.


Project Aquarius.

Genesis chapter 2 verse 21: So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. This states God took a rib from Adam to create woman. Somewhat true but far from the actual fact. Remember, it was trying to educate ancient man. In today’s scientific world, if the word ‘rib’ is changed to ‘riboflavin’ it makes perfect sense. Principle data of the fact it was man’s number of his creation so as to be like the Gods - as is stated in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26: Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”  Not only did life get seeded here from outside the universe but, because of the physics involved, life was created from the primordial soup. This is not theological wishful thinking - it is proven scientific logic and is factually correct. It’s not widely accepted because it changes everything about what mankind thinks he knows about the creation and origin of the species. Humans would rather be descended from an ape than a God - which is pretty amusing.  The Hebrew word ‘Aleph’ means the ‘body of God’. In ancient days, DNA wasn’t known to the people as most could not read nor write, but the terminology would come with future scientific advancements. So, when you see the very numerical equation of 666, it is man’s number and the ‘beast’. That beast was religion and centred around the Catholics. I apologise if I have disappointed and dismayed and disillusioned anyone, but those are the facts and it’s best no-one lives their life under a false concept. Regrettably and inexcusably, billions of misguided followers have done exactly that over the past two millenniums.


God’s children would bring into the world a new culture and teachings and that were based on love, peace and benevolence. So what happened? Religion, and the teachings of today, have nothing to do with religion except for the creation of falsehoods and deceptions, greed and misleading. All one has to do to see this is a fact is to look at the various evangelists on tv. They are treated as if they are rock stars - living lavish life styles amid sexual and financial scandals they have been caught up in. This was never intended to be the moral course set out for mankind. Religion has hijacked the truth and redirected mankind straight to the pits of hell. Look at all the wars that have taken place over the facts and intolerance of different religions. Today, Islam has been distorted to such an extent it has superseded the Catholic Church to become the very worse of the worst, encouraging holy wars and death to non-believers. I say that openly for you to prove me wrong - if you can. Abiel Abaddonius is known as the ‘Destroyer’ and, when the time arrives, I shall call upon the angels to destroy the inaccurate doctrines that all religions pedal to their gullible followers. I do not blame the followers, who want to believe and accept what they are told in good faith. I blame those who perch at the top of these religious organisations, like vultures in a tree and who prey on those who look to them for help, especially the poor, the sick and the dying. Priests and imams should know better and most haven’t a sensible, peaceful thought in their heads or a kind, compassionate feeling in their hearts. History proves they don’t even respect very similar religions to their own, with Catholics massacring Protestants and Sunni fighting Shia. It has been found that our blood has some unique properties within the geno and have cell structures that the other blood types do not have. One example, is a cell structure called ‘Metagene-Parp 72’. This consists of 6 endl alstoniac, 6 flavoperine alkaloid and 6 keto encore genes. There is that 666 again. This is a bonding only found in O negative blood types. It’s also called ‘Glyosidic Bonding’ found in sacred blood. Structures found within the genetic rotation of the helix,


Project Aquarius.

rotating, complex and sensitive are fused together to form what is also called the ‘God Gene’. It’s a mystery that’s previously been unsolved for centuries. See Colossians chapter 1 verses 26-27: The mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people. To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. The mystery is no longer hidden - except by the various religions.  The conclusion is that we are the children of Jah’bh and he brought us to Earth for these days we have all witnessed and for what we are about to witness. The cell structures and the science behind it is a book within itself and I have merely scratched the surface of the technicality of it all. The fact is, that the Church of Rome knew about this eons ago but distorted Christianity to secure its own power base. It is thievery at its very worst. Most will not ever be able to fully accept the truth until our Father returns in person - so to speak. We know for a fact when this will take place. Until that day, the Church of Rome will glorify in the Pauline teachings. Paul was a Roman citizen who hated women - as we have also discovered. Even in the Bible, it is obvious St. Peter Simon didn’t like Paul. Our bloodline ran from King David to Abraham and right back to the start of creation. That’s the inescapable truth, if one uses the data from various ancient literature. In those early days, the entire human population was in God’s image and they were all Caucasian by the very wordage of ‘Aryan’ meaning ‘chosen’ or ‘sacred’. This is nothing to do with racism or hate but is based on facts. The bloodline was meant to be protected and preserved for future generations and never to be intermingled. Ezra 9 and 10 explains what happened: After these things had been done, the leaders came to me and said, “The people of Israel, including the priests and the Levites, have not kept themselves separate from the neighboring peoples with their


detestable practices, like those of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians and Amorites. They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, and have mingled the holy race with the peoples around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness.” The Q documents that the Church of Rome has today recount the very same story. Religion wanted control and power and eventually became a beast of hate, death and destruction. Science is the knowledge of consequences and is dependent on one fact upon another. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Some things are not what they seem but are very much more. What religion has done is to delude the world’s Christian population by making things appear what they are not. We, as God’s direct descendants, regard this dilution of the holy bloodline as an unfortunate and potentially catastrophic act. However, it is not irreversible and we are prepared and ready for the attack on it that we have been taught is to come. Only when mankind reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calmness of the trees, will he truly live in peace and happiness in the garden that was created for him. Good men shall never die and their names will never be forgotten. The true mysteries of this world and beyond are not unsolvable, as the answers are there for all who want to see and discover. Yet, like religion, appearances are deceptive. Every great mistake has a halfway moment when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied. The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards the truth and justice for all humans.  In Matthew chapter 15 verses 6-9, even Jesus called out the hypocrites: They are not to ‘honour their father or mother’ with it. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: “These people honour me with their lips but their hearts are


Project Aquarius.

far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.” The religious ‘right’ we see today together with their false teachings has nothing to do with what Jesus or the Star Seeds for that matter, have said for so long. The bloodline was here, is still here and never is going away.  The human race is aligned with the heavens more than it realises. I have been asked many times if there is a connection between O negative blood and extraterrestrials? I don’t doubt the many stories concerning abductions, sightings and strange experiences that are common knowledge among the UFO community and those who only have to open their eyes. Many are similar to what happened to the Star Seeds as we grew up. Only politicians and priests keep silent and live in complete denial about such events. Indeed, the only examples I know of where both groups haven’t kept quiet were the government men and religious ministers who warned the Star Seed’s host parents to expect such incidents and later questioned the Star Seeds to find out exactly what had occurred. Interestingly, the majority of ordinary people who have had similar experiences are also of the O negative Rh .075 haemoglobin blood group. Our blood type was a heritage and is blessed. We matured faster than most children, had higher IQs, had psychic experiences, had an urge to question everything and felt like we belonged somewhere else. We are different from most other people on planet Earth and exhibit many other traits that set us apart from the rest. Is the ancient astronaut theory true and, if such beings did visit the planet, did they leave some of their descendants behind? The ‘Children if Israel’ is a good place to start analysing this. If the sons of the Ad’m were the only humans on the planet, where did they get their wives? Genesis chapter 4 verse 1 states: Adam lay with his wife Eve and she gave birth to a son and his name


was Cain. She said, “Look, the Lord has given me a son.”  However, other testaments contain something different. The Greek Vulgate says: And Eve conceived and brought forth Cain, saying, “I have begotten a son through God.” Yet mankind believes he evolved from apes. I claimed mankind does not. Who is correct? Funnily enough, both are. Science supports the ape theory by determining that 92.8% of the world’s population have blood factors in common with the Rhesus monkey - conveniently disregarding the other 7.2% which doesn’t fit into the evolution theory. How can the O negative blood type be accounted for? Simply by the study of genetics and what is inherited from a common ancestor not an ape - passed down through the generations.  This is not my theory, it was what was shared with us back in 1985-89 within  Project Aquarius. If mankind and apes evolved from a common ancestor then their blood should evolve in the same way. Blood factors are transmitted with far more exactitude than any other characteristics. It therefore follows that some humans and monkeys may have had common ancestors sometime in the past as all the other monkey and ape species have an Rh factor similar to one another. Yet the fact remains that the O negative bloodline does not. So where did it come from? If all of mankind evolved from the same ancestors then the blood would all be compatible but it isn’t. So, I ask all the believers of evolution again, where did the Rh factor come from? All known living animals and creatures can breed with others of their own species. Relative size and colour makes no difference. So why do some infants suffer from Hemolytic Disease? That’s the allergic reaction which occurs when an Rh-negative mother is carrying a Rh-positive child. Her blood builds up antibodies to destroy an alien


Project Aquarius.

substance in exactly the same way it would a virus or bacteria from a cut or injury. Nowhere else in nature do we see this except in the human species. A similar problem does occur in mules - a cross-breed between a horse and a donkey. This fact alone points to a distinct possibility of cross-breeding between two similar, but genetically different, species. The Bible tells us that we are all the descendants of Noah and his family. How does that explain the genetic diversity within various ethnic groups and populations? It doesn’t. However, we are not supposed to ask such questions. We are meant to accept what the religious ministers tell us even though they themselves can’t answer the question. No-one can satisfactorily explain where the Rh-negative races came from. Most experts claim it’s a mutation or from a different ancestor to an ape but they refuse to say it’s alien in nature until recently. If they are correct and that it is a mutation, then what and where did it mutate from and when? Why do many people with O negative blood share the same characteristics? Why does that blood type reject and destroy any outside sources that are Rh-positive if such blood was also from their own ancestry? Who was this ancestor? The Sumerians had a higher degree of this type of blood which has been analysed from the remains of many skeletons found at Mesopotamia - also known as the sacred garden of Eden.  I stated that some experts are now saying that O negative blood is alien in origin. These experts include Dr. Susan Davenport (DNH medical expert), Dr. Wray G. Martindale (DNA researcher), Dr. Aldaye Palmer (DNA researcher), Doug Neilson (Author of ‘The Lost Tribes of Israel’), Dr. Dan Gustonfield (Protein molecules) and Dr. Pierre Solak (Bioformatics). I have combined information from these leading experts within their specialty fields to summarise their thinking. 


SUMMARY OF THE EXPERTS’ THESIS: The distinct numerical patterns embedded inside the helix of O negative blood DNA shows strange and unexplainable genes that are not found in other human ethnic groups. An alien Hermetic system shows patterns that these people are of a higher standard of knowledge and often live much longer than most other groups. We might have found the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’. Their blood shows a pattern similar to a musical ratio and far from some abstracted aesthetic sense, but a strong response to an intuition of a fundamental cosmic harmony. The resonance between biology and cosmology shows science today that life is a music that only a selective few are singing. Nowhere more strikingly than those who are of the O negative/Rh factors is this more prudently noticed. So are we seeing the signature of the Gods? The sacred numbers of 3, 7, 8, 14, 17, 21 are the starters and it goes on as we come to the equations of the sacred Hebraica formulas that have been known for ages. A connection between the genealogy of these people cannot be linked to any known species - animal or human on Earth. It is alien in all aspects. Religions inform us that, in ancient times, it originated in the Indus valley and eventually migrated to Europe. The Basque people of southern France and Spain have a far higher than normal inheritance of O negative blood and talk in a very unique dialect. Could they be the missing link to humanity? If so, where does their genealogy come from? Could they be linked to being one of the lost tribes of Israel? Some of these thoughts and findings have been published in medical journals such as ‘Popular Science’ as well as aired on the various television shows as Ancient Aliens, National Geographic and so forth. But the Project Aquarius unit debated this issue back in the early 1980s. No doubt others, long dead now, also discussed it when the Star Seed’s arrival was first learned about. This now hotly debated topic, is not as new to us as it is to most. 


Project Aquarius.

The external world of planet Earth as seen through the eyes of God’s children reveals a simplified and limited version of what we truly know. These inner cosmic energies are present at birth and react to a higher harmony of energy. We are able to scale the heavenly ladder to a higher and more knowledgeable realm of spirit and sanctity. Just like the verses of ‘Jacobs Ladder’ described in Genesis chapter 28 verses 10-15 describing Jacob’s Dream at Bethel: Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Harran. When he reached a certain place, he stopped for the night because the sun had set. Taking one of the stones there, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep. He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. There above it stood the Lord, and he said: “I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying. Your descendants will be like the dust of the earth, and you will spread out to the west and to the east, to the north and to the south. All peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring. I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” The various blood types contain many revelations that remain largely unknown. The Rh factor of reptilian traits will shock many. Here’s a scale that came from one of the studies done on the Star Seeds years ago when the CIA compared our blood group to others. O Rh pos 37% A Rh Pos 36% AB Rh neg 31% B Rh pos 29% A Rh neg 26% B Rh neg 21% AB Rh pos 13% O Rh neg 7% (.060 or greater)

Mixed ethnicity. Predominantly Arab/African. Predominantly African/Nubian/Ethiopian. Mixed ethnicity. Predominantly Mexican/Central American/South American. Predominantly Arab/Oriental/Mongolian.      Mixed ethnicity. Predominantly Caucasian.


Of course, the most noticeable fact about this chart is that the total percentage is 200%. No wonder the US government can never balance its books! That aside, various differences are noted here and are called the ‘Morphogenetic Field Tuning’. The Rh factor does not stand for Rhesus monkey, it stands for the proteins within a person’s blood and describes the different races by bloodline or linage. Rh negatives are very rare but the O negatives are even rarer than any other blood type.  The reptilian gene is mainly found inside the Arab/African genealogy and one must ask why is that? Yet again, the answer lays within the Bible. Genesis chapter 6 verse 4, states: The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. The Nephilim were the alleged Biblical giants as I discussed earlier but what if that word was changed by the re-writers of the Bible from the Raphidims - the dragon beasts? In ancient times, occultists drew the Zodiac signs from start to finish. What they ended up with was a dragon with its tail in its mouth. Later on, it would be called the ‘Onusboro’.  A dragon’s mouth eating its own tail! What is that all about? When a distinguished scientist states that something is possible, he or she is almost certainly correct. But when they state something is impossible, they can be mistaken either due to a lack of knowledge or through misinterpretation of an incomplete amount of it. I say this, “Tempus edax homo edacior” which means “Time devours, man devours even more.” The dragon eating itself is regarded as a powerful symbol and has been seen for centuries as destruction, death, and enslavement. At the cradle of humanity, the Indus valley in northern India, their Hindu teachings talk about the evil Naggas, Vedas, Shiva, Kubera, Indra, Vishnu and Brahma. All are depicted as some form of snake, or serpent. These were dragon beasts that came out of the sky and almost destroyed the Kurshiman - their word for mankind. These people


Project Aquarius.

are very dark skinned and yet they have the features of Caucasian people. How did that happen? Another fact about them that is rarely acknowledged by science, as it does not fit the accepted theories, is the local population there also have a high O negative blood type. How did this happen? The Sikhs of India have an explanation. They claim the Great God Jahaveh came and cut off the serpent’s head to preserve his people. The name of this God sounds much like Jehovah (the Sumerians called this same God Jah’bh). The Sikhs in this region also say that their land was once called Hyperboria. Maybe it’s mere coincidence, or maybe it’s not. Jesus lived during the Piscean age, although it was called the Aquarian Age by those who refused to acknowledge earlier history or, possibly, thought it too unimportant to be worthy of consideration. In 1987, I was asked by the CIA about the 18 years that are missing in the biblical accounts of Jesus’s life. I confirmed that he traveled to part of the sacred land of Pacshur, which is in Northern India. Jesus talked about the soul being reborn, or reincarnation, which the church changed to resurrection. I pointed out that the various teachings which are described in the Tibetan Scrolls are identical to the teachings of the Essenes - the sect that Jesus belonged to. The Tibetan scribe called Lassa, wrote about a young boy who came to them from the far Western lands. A Nasserite, who healed many people and was taken into the temples of the great teacher Meng Tse. It is written this boy was a king’s son. He stayed in the temple and read the ancient scrolls and scripts of the time. He stayed there until he was 22 years old. This is also the account given in the ‘Book of Zain’ otherwise known as the ‘Life and Works of Jesus’ In this work, Jesus was also called a Nasserite and not a Hebraic Jew. All this came to light in 1988, as my CIA-backed studies went further afield than I could have ever have imagined.


Of course, far from being thrilled and interested at what I had found out, many were upset and refused to believe the evidence. However, we all debated it with Bishop Colloni before my work was locked away. It was thought that a major reason why this period of Jesus’s life was never in the later dated Bibles was it took away from the power base the Church of Rome was establishing. Those in their fine robes didn’t want to be linked to Tibetan monks, not in any way. To me, another ‘Riddle in the Sands’ had been answered for mankind. In France, (when that country was known as Gaul) near the town or village of Rennes-le-Chateau, a man known as the Monk Zarir had written a journal or diary of the ‘Holy Family’ as he called them. He wrote they had come from the fishing village of Merennes. He gave their names as the blessed Holy Mother Mary, Joseph, James (brother of Jesus), Judas, Simenon, Matthias, Bartholomew, Andrew, Thomas, and Mary Magdalene. Monk Zarir claimed Mary Magdalene was with child. The date he gave was 35AD. Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus’s Earth father. He wasn’t merely a Jewish carpenter, he built and owned ships. It was Joseph and Jesus’s uncle, Nicodemus, who placed Jesus’s body in the family tomb. The rest of the story was created by the Catholic Church. Monk Zarir’s account is not something new that I had found out, it was very well documented. Joseph would later help guide the building of a church in Glastonbury, England in the realm of the Knights Templars. Mary Magdalene gave birth to a girl whose name was recorded as Sabring, or Sarah. In the next 3 years, Mary had three more children named Joanna, Bruce and Veronese. Their bloodline has been well proven. The presence of another man was also recorded. His name, as it was told, is Joshua but he was actually Jesus. Admittedly, the records are vague. However, one must look at all the evidence available. Messianic Law stated that all Rabbis (or Robbonisas meaning


Project Aquarius.

‘teacher’ as they were called back then) were to get married and create life - children. Mary Magdalene was Jesus’s wife and they did have children. This is where I did link later writings with Bible accounts. The verses of Matthew chapter 22, relate the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. Luke, chapter 20 verses 27-38, talk about resurrection and marriage. This bloodline stayed very strong into the 1100s when the Merovingian Kingships ruled most of Europe. Much evidence and truth nestles within the little documentation surviving from this time. In the 1980s, here we were, all 33 of us being told by doctors and being verified by Catholic Bishop Colloni that everything was true. My question was, if we were the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, was Jesus a Star Seed and did he originate from the very same place as we knew we had? I asked this more for the CIA’s benefit than ours. We knew the answer but wanted the CIA to hear it from the Catholic Church’s representative. The answer came as no surprise. The Bishop contended that everything is possible if one wishes to believe. That was as close to an admission that Jesus and God are extraterrestrial as the Catholic Church is ever likely to make. Between 1200-1500, the Catholic Church targeted the people of the Merovingian kingdom and murdered several million of them. It was a blatant attempt to hijack religion, wipe out the bloodline so it could be ruled by those with no direct right to it and seize the wealth that the Merovingian rulers had created. It also wanted to destroy the Knight Templars. At this time, not only did the Templars control a mass of wealth and land but also the greatest secret the world would ever know - the truth about the resurrection and what happened afterwards. They knew what was true in the Bible accounts and what was not. The Catholic Church wanted them all killed so their religion were free to dominate and preach their own distorted doctrines without dissent. Joseph had kept a diary which would be later found in a hidden chamber at Rhedae, in France. It is now kept in secure custody of


current day Knight Templars. This holy doctrine is held in the strict observance that the Templars are the guardians of the Holy Order of the Blood. It also stated that the land now known as the United States would become the new, chosen holy land. It mentions the Holy Grail in the passages of the San Griel. This is not some chalice or drinking cup that some believe Jesus drank from and represented by some gaudy goblet filled with wine in the holy communion part of a catholic mass. No. It is the actual bloodline. Through the divine mathematics and the language of English, all had been pre-planned into the pre-existence as the sacred doctrine by our Father himself, as the Holy Grail Doctrine. All this information is known and kept by the Knight Templars today. It’s a truly incredible story and all the more amazing for being true. What’s more, it directly connects through the millenniums to the 33 Star Seeds alive today. Despite all the Catholic Church’s murderous efforts to keep it concealed, the Holy Grail legend, when looked at objectively and critically, explains the reality of life for those who wish to know it. Leonardo da Vinci’s painting called ‘The Mona Lisa’ - probably the most famous painting in the world - is a portrait of Mary Magdalene. It is exquisite and has a spiritual quality to it that anyone who gazes upon it will feel. The secret behind her enigmatic smile is the truth I have told you. For years, the painting was secretly hidden from the greedy grasp of the Catholic Church. It was important to keep it in the public domain as a clue to the truth and not kept hidden by the Catholic Church under the Vatican. Nowadays, it is on display at the Louvre gallery in Paris, France. Not just that country’s greatest national treasure but one of the world’s. Incidentally, the iconic glass pyramid outside that same gallery is rather apt, too. What the Catholic Church did succeed in doing was ordering the then King James VI of Scotland who was also King James I of England, to rewrite the scriptures to the Church of England Protestant


Project Aquarius.

version of the Bible in English. Until that time, all versions of the Bible were in Latin. James was the son of Mary Queen of Scots who was beheaded by Elizabeth I. Both Elizabeth and Mary were daughters of King Henry VIII who had formed the Church of England after the Pope had refused to allow his to divorce his first wife. A greedy, power-mad, promiscuous, warmongering king who married six times and beheaded two of his wives and yet became the self-proclaimed head of a church! He is another prime example of how religion has been hijacked. The Protestant religion was soon to be hijacked by the Catholics, as all the misinformation the Catholic Church preached and claimed, was incorporated into the King James Bible that is still widely used today. Ironically, much of the Christian teachings originated from paganism theosophy. One example is the worship of false idols. Look at the hordes who flock to see the Pope - the personification of persecution and a figurehead of falseness. The truth has been distorted, suppressed and hidden for thousands of years. Jesus knew this would happen. It is stated in Matthew chapter 15 verses 6-9: And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Several thousand years ago, our bloodline was connected to the ‘Melchizedekian Order’ - the warrior sect of the priesthood. The Sumerians called them the Enmuduraki. I learned that this was the founding of the Holy Knights of the Sacred Cross. This Messianic lineage came through Abraham, King David, Jesus and has trickled through to the present day. These Grail people belonged to one group, a unified people, called the Essenes. They were hated by the Sanhedrin in the time of Jesus. Under Roman rule, they were not even considered to be Jews - just third class citizens. The Essene leaders had a sacred


fraternity of Lordships that was a despotic aristocracy. This order was later guarded fiercely by the Knight Templars, through the Scottish York Rite, the Order of Sion, the Sacred Sepulcher and the Order of the House of Stewart. We were regarded by the CIA as not only aliens, the Star Children of a universal race but as the direct descendants of God himself. They wanted to know more. Everything, in fact. We were a kinship of what and who and why? As they helpfully traced our ancestry back into the far-reaches of time, they found a direct connection to the Celts and from them to an ancient order of the Messianic Sovereign House of Europe. In turn, this led to another group that still exists today and I mentioned before - a closely-knit, proud people who are known as Basques. Nowadays,they are often in the world news for wanting independence from Spanish rule as they still don’t consider themselves to be Spaniards but a separate race. Bishop Colloni, the Vatican’s representative at Langley and an advisor on Project Aquarius never volunteered information but, when the CIA discovered anything, he would often verify it. It was as if his Catholic Church didn’t really want the truth to emerge but, when it did, it was grudgingly admitted. He stated the Vatican had documentation that suggested what the CIA had found about our bloodline tallied with what the Catholic Church already knew and so was most likely correct. This documentation was called the ‘Q Documents’ with the Q standing for ‘The Quest’. All 33 Star Seeds were briefed on this at a special meeting. How did we react? Largely in silence. I smiled, as did the eldest twins. Some of the others were worried as to what the CIA and Catholic Church’s reaction would be. The Holy Blood had been referred to as a Holy Curse, as many having it had been murdered. This is mentioned in the Bible in John chapter 7 verses 16-19: My teachings are not my own, it comes from the one who sent me. If anyone chooses to do so of God’s will, he will find out whether


Project Aquarius.

my teachings come from God or whether I speak on my own. He who speaks on his own speaks for himself to gain honor for himself, but he who speaks and works for the one who sent me is the man of truth. There is nothing false about him. Has not Moses given you the law? And yet not one of you have kept the law, why are you trying to kill me? We felt we had become a curse to some who ruled this world and this was also prophesied eons ago. I had read many biblical verses that most, if not all, ministers refused to talk about on Sundays. An example is in Galatians chapter 3 verses 10-13: For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them. But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith. And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them. Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree. The Books of Verena, the Book of Leaves, the many versions of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Seventh Day Adventist, the tablet of Hermes, the gospels of the patriarch, Joseph - all pointed out that the teaching of religion were lies perpetrated by the Catholic Church. The royal bloodline was noted by multiple sources such as the ‘Quid Est Veritas’ - Quest of the Virtues. This was a kind of magical diary that contained the prophecy of the Star Seeds coming from the heavens. Here, for the first time, the Holy Grail is mentioned. It also relates how the St. Newton and the DePayne families moved from Switzerland and southern France, where the Holy Family resided, to Celtic lands. This happened in 35AD. On May 24th, 1838, the sacred symbol of the Kasimira Scroll, which was dated to around 6-34 AD,


was found to contain a Holy Grail warning. The CIA wanted to know what this warning was about. Everyone already knew what the Holy Grail was and, if it was connected with something serious that might come to pass, then it was of interest.  The Scroll of Kasimira is written in Latin but the translation states: To those who hear this, the sacredness of these ones who have return, those of the creators’ seed and blood, bring the message and warning, they are always faithful to the word and truths that have been hidden for ages. They bring love and blessings, but those who have violated the people, be warned, that they come with the third one of the angels, Abaddon the destroyer, those of not light, but those of the eternal darkness. It mentions the Archangel Abaddon - who comes again to watch and observe what mankind has become. What does this have to do with the bloodline? Everything, as many within today’s religions have hidden the so many truths and have never told the full facts concerning Jesus and Mary and their children. Religion has been identified as the evil beast in this realm called humanity. However, we are not here to destroy the innocent but to highlight the truth which has been stolen from us and everyone else on the planet. When the movie The Da Vinci Code came out, it was not only an entertaining movie but the story contained many truths that had previously only been known to a small, but powerful, few. Yet the movie was also labelled heretical and blasphemous - a cry led by the Church of Rome. There were some people who burned copies of the book and made threats against the author, Dan Brown. Why? The sacred bloodline has nothing to do with religious beliefs but merely addressed the facts concerning one of the Pleiadian Supreme Elders - Ben jeu Joseph Joshua. Better known to most as Jesus Christ the Nazarene, and his children. The book and movie were described by some religious ministers as a mediocre work of fiction. I found that ironic as I don’t know a priest, preacher or minister from any religious


Project Aquarius.

order, who could be trusted to convey the truthful meaning from the 66 books within the Bible. They are all foxes guarding the hen house. To be fair, a few are knowledgable. This was shown by the fact our arrival was expected and once we had all been born, we were placed with host families to be raised. We were all well behaved children and excelled in our learning abilities. Not one time did we shy away from what they wished to teach us. We all had the O negative blood type and our IQ range was described as ‘off the charts’.    I am the third child. Do I have horns upon my brow and carry a pitch-fork? I find that amusing but I do have this to say, which some will not find too funny. I am the one called Abiel, and my blessed Father is truly Aphra Anu Jah’bh, I carry his blood in my veins and I walk among you and I have made some very good friends on this planet. I have experienced life here in these times and watched carefully how mankind is developing. Now I have come forward to reveal, not only myself, but the others like me. I have met with many religious leaders, talked to them and showed them things they couldn’t comprehend. When I told them who I was, they shook with fear. Some even cried. Why? Because they knew they had been found guilty of distorting the truth, corruption, greed and perversion. Many have committed just about every sin our Father had instructed mankind not to do - let alone religious clergy who are meant to represent him. I do not judge them, for there is another who will do that in the last of days. It was my Father who sent me back here to see what this world was all about and to taste its bitterness. I have. I am very proud to serve my Father and to sit among his other 32 children. Only twice in recorded history has one of the Pleiadian Elders come to this planet to talk to its leaders and see the population in their natural habitat. These were Jesus and Thor and, during the latter’s visit, we were already here. What would Jesus say to you today? What do you think Thor said when he returned back to our world to report? 


For thousands of years there has been a sacred connection between those beings humans have called the Gods and their bloodline. In the Bible it is described as, “Something that is inherited, the San Grail, the holy bloodline of God.” Now you know why it is so special.  I joined Project Aquarius on the promise that it’s purpose was the study of alien life. As things turned out, this often centred on us the 33 Star Seeds that the Catholic Church had originally identified. No-one seemed too interested in what aliens had done in the past to the planet or even on present UFO visits. The CIA was interested in future predictions but an anti-Christ black President was considered a highly unlikely possibility and too far in the future to be a serious concern back in the 1980s. Saddam Hussein was an ally of the US and being supported by the CIA in his war against the religious extremists who ruled Iran. The Catholic Church had committed atrocities in the past but seemed harmless enough nowadays. Who cared if the Bible had got a lot wrong? Fewer and fewer people were attending church and those that did were hardly religious extremists. Even if the Star Seeds were genuine aliens and descendants of an alien who had seeded the planet, they were contained at Langley and what could 33 really do against a nation of many millions? Just keep them happy and busy on projects and well away from the media. That was the CIA policy and for over a decade it suited both parties. Back then, the day of reckoning for mankind was decades away. The CIA knew the planet was a ticking time-bomb but, as long as it wasn’t set to go off imminently, they made no attempt to diffuse it. I’d like to end this chapter by dedicating this poem to those who are also of our bloodline. Some of whom might have just found out from reading this chapter. I’ve always been good with riddles and sayings, and here is another one. Only those who are of our descendants will truly understand it. Although it’s a short poem, there is much meaning within it and it gives one hope to know you are not alone. At one time, I called it the ‘Aquarian Agenda’. It was written for those who know they were somehow different but don’t know why or how.


Project Aquarius.

Stillness against the darkness of the silent rifts Lest of hope and awaiting from eternal space Never have shame nor that of frustrating despair Time slow axis comes as stars as Gods holy race A timeless spiral to outwards of heavens site Creations beauty within the stars they come Within thy heart, things are just and right Looking upon the seven pearls, that is where you are from A sacred thought as the winds of time blow Opening the awareness that was given to you Never fleeing into darkness where it shall never go Being of thy holy blood, and thy spirit is ever so true The brightness of eons of ages and the river flows Celebrating one’s guidance and he who is above These sacred vices and knowledge that you now know He who created all, and God has given to all, his love.


The history of the Page surname - helpfully researched by the CIA and signed-off by Bob Lemke.


Project Aquarius. The history of the Page surname - helpfully researched by the CIA and signed-off by Bob Lemke.


Chapter 22 Project Aquarius Meeting With President Reagan. Many opinions were expressed about President Ronald Reagan during his eight year double term, serving in the highest office in the world. Many mocked his advanced age and dyed jet-black hair. I had met him in 1983 on a visit all of the Star Seeds, accompanied by various CIA employees, had made to the White House - at the President’s request. On that occasion, I found him to be immensely likeable and perceived he had far more intelligence than he was credited with by the media hacks. His track record showed him to be the most productive leader the American nation had ever elected. He took a great interest in everything and had a dogged determination to get things done. Our first meeting had been merely to satisfy his curiosity. On taking office, he had been briefed on us and had wanted to see us in person. Jiles told me that, since our first courtesy meeting, the President was briefed on the progress of Project Aquarius/Zingo on a weekly basis. On seeing some of the regression footage, he had specifically requested a second meeting. By 1986, we were all working on different aspects of Project Aquarius. The emphasis of our research had shifted from solving mysteries of the ancient past to explaining prophesies of the future. We were able to predict major future events. We had named names, locations and even dates. Both the past and future were inter-connected. The phrase ‘history repeats itself’ seemed to be uncannily true. As our past recollections had proved to be unerringly accurate, our future predictions scared the hell out of our CIA employers. Michael had been responsible for adding to this paranoia. When he was under hypnosis, he’d said, “You have been warned by my brother, Abiel. You know who we are. We are the ones you call the ‘archangels’ and we’re not here on vacation.”


Project Aquarius.

Michael has a wry sense of humour and this was a prime example of it but no-one at Langley had split their sides laughing, that’s for sure. Nor should they have because Michael’s joke punctuated a deadly serious message. The CIA had initially hoped the previous research and evidence of what had happened millenniums before was flawed and all 33 of us were either unhinged or fantasists. Rather than leave a cosmic stone unturned, they had humoured both the Catholic Church and ourselves by employing us so they could monitor us even closer than they had when we were children in the hope we would be as real as the tooth fairy. However, the more psychologists they brought in to analyse us, our behaviour and our claims, the more the evidence stacked up that we were genuine. After watching the hypnotic regression films and questioning us, none of these experts doubted our sanity or could explain the phenomena they witnessed. If anything, their thinking was radically changed, not ours. Some of the staff at Langley and the experts who were drafted in were religious, others were not. However, our authentication by the Vatican was never disputed. It surprised everyone as, if there was one organisation with most to lose by us being genuine, it was the Church of Rome. Bishop Colloni was the Vatican representative who was secondment to Langley for most of our time there and he could not have been more supportive. When he first arrived, the Bishop spent a lot of time with the oldest twins. He then confirmed to the CIA that everything that was unfolding was developing exactly as predicted in ancient documents and written texts that the Vatican had in its possession. “Who’s this Abiel?” the Bishop was asked, I suspect by Bob Lemke or Gerald Ford. . “He’s the third one born - Eddie Page. And the third one is the one you need to fear the most.” Boy, did the Bishop stick a needle into my balloon with that comment. I heard this from Jiles. Jiles was the only CIA member of staff at Langley that any of us trusted. He was a wily old southern fox who knew how to play both sides, when he wasn’t eating his favourite fried


chicken. He wasn’t being disloyal to the CIA, he was being diplomatic and clever - keeping as neutral as possible in the hope of benefitting both parties. After all, we were all meant to be on the same side. Poor Jiles had been given the task of sounding us out. In trying to achieve this, he didn’t come across as quite the reassured, straighttalking man who had informed me that I wasn’t human when I’d first joined the CIA. Maybe that knowledge added to his concern. He asked me, “Eddie, you ever hear of the name Abiel?” “I think so, Jiles.” I replied. “How about Abaddon?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “I believe he’s the Angel of Death.” Poor, poor Jiles. Can you imagine what he was thinking? All credit to him, he kept his composure and carried on. “Eddie, if I asked you a question, would you be 100% honest with me. I’m not talking about the rest of them here. This is just between you and me.” “Jiles,” I began. “I consider you to be my ‘Earth Father’.” This both reassured and surprised him. He looked both a bit taken aback and relieved. “I thank you for that. I really do. Eddie, my question is this…Under regression, the twins have stated your name is Abiel and you just stated you’ve heard that name before. You also said Abaddon is the ‘Angel of Death’. Do you believe you are Abiel which we understand to be the ‘Possessor of God’s Truth’. Do you believe you could be that person? I wasn’t sure he was going to like my reply but I was honest with him. “I am who I am. My father is Aphra Anu and I am Abiel, his son and yes, I remember Egypt very well. That was when people got exactly what they were told would happen. They doubted and learned a very hard lesson. I’m bringing the world a message, Jiles. I’m not like now how I was thousands of years ago but, at a moment’s notice, I could be. You are my ‘Earth Father’, Jiles and I’ll never let anything happen to you but there’s people within this agency who are stepping back because they don’t like hearing the truth. Where shall we go next, Jiles? Where shall you and I go next? That is the question you and I should be pondering.”


Project Aquarius.

Poor, poor, poor Jiles. I doubt if any man had ever had so much to think about over such a short space of time. “Let me think about that, Eddie,” he said, looking like a man at a busy railway station, uncertain of which train to catch. I left him deep in thought. There was undoubtedly a dark side to us. It was not a bad feeling towards all humanity, just directed at those who were hellbent on destroying humanity themselves. That is why my Father sent us to Earth. It was about this time, I legally changed my name back to Edward Michael Page. This was done with the CIA’s approval. Cathy knew I’d found out I was adopted and now that I’d found my real mother and my estranged family and had effectively been disowned and shunned by the Colemans, it made no sense to still be Groover Thomas Coleman. She understood and supported my decision. It was strange to hear Cathy call me Eddie and no doubt even stranger for her. I wanted my daughter to know me as Eddie. I also wanted her to know who I was and that I would love and protect her, just like my Father did me. It was against this backdrop that we were invited to a second meeting with the President of the United States. We were told the purpose of the meeting was for President Reagan to hear the topline findings of our work directly from us and for him to ask us any questions he might have. I also thought it was for the CIA to somehow pass the buck of responsibility for us and the information we had provided to the man with whom the buck stopped. By all accounts, this was quite an impressive achievement, as the CIA usually didn’t share its darkest secrets with anyone outside Langley. This second meeting took place on May 6th, 1986, and was held at Camp David. Camp David is the country retreat of the President of the United States. It is located in wooded hills just over sixty miles north-northwest of Washington DC, in the Catoctin Mountain Park.


The first meeting we had with President Reagan at the White House had been held in secret and hadn’t lasted long. All 33 Star Seeds were ushered in and out of the famous building with minimal staff seeing us and no mention of our visit was disclosed to the media. As our whole lives were being lived in secrecy, largely within the Langley complex, this was only to be expected. However, the security presence and secrecy measures at Camp David far exceeded those I had seen at the White House. As our cars approached Camp David, Secret Service agents and MPs vehicles lined the access roads. The security was so extreme, I joked that even the birds must have required clearance to be allowed to fly overhead. This time, only seven Star Seeds had been invited. We were the seven who, under regressive hypnosis, had made the most startling claims. Many of which had now been verified. These seven were the twins, Michael and Daniel, myself, David, Victoria, Richard and Beth. Accompanying us from Langley were former President Gerald Ford (Senior OIC Project Aquarius/Zingo), Bob Lemke (Section Director, Project Aquarius/Zingo), Dr. Jiles Hamilton (Senior Psychologist/ Hypnotherapist), Dr. Donald Ward (Hypnotherapist) and Dr. Milton Swartze (Senior Psychatrist) - the liaison chiefs as they were officially known within the agency. The weather was pleasant as one might expect for an early morning in May. Sunny with a slight breeze. As we approached the Camp David retreat, I remember thinking we could all be going on a jolly jaunt to relax at a country club but, instead of carrying golf clubs, all the men we passed were carrying automatic rifles and holsters with pistols. On arrival, we were shown into the Situation Room - a very spacious and comfortable setting that had no doubt been the backdrop for many meetings of historical importance - but never one like this. Waiting for us was President Reagan, seated and looking his usual cheerful self and ready for the business in hand. Also there, was Vice


Project Aquarius.

President George HW Bush, CIA Director William Casey, Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, General John Vessy jr. of the US Army, General Martin Gosslin the USAF Chief of Staff and Admiral Vern Clark who was representing the US Navy. The meeting wasn’t filmed but there was an FBI stenographer who typed every word that was said. The President spoke first. He got to his feet and greeted us all to Camp David in his trademark, cordial way with warm smiles and firm handshakes. I was surprised that he knew many of us by our Christian names. The thick file he had with him had obviously been studied very carefully. He apologised to us for holding the meeting at short-notice on a Tuesday but his planners had considered the matters we were to discuss to be of such urgency that it was given priority. It didn’t much matter to us when it was held, but I was pleased to hear the most powerful man in the world seemed to be taking our work seriously. We were all given briefing sheets that had been prepared for the meeting and everyone sat down in their allotted seats. The room was quite crowded. I sat opposite the President. The day before, we had all been asked what we would like to drink and what snacks we preferred. These were all laid out on a table behind us. The rest-rooms had been pointed out to us and we were told periodic comfort breaks would take place. I’m not sure exactly what time the meeting started but I noticed, as soon as it did get underway, the President’s cheery smile was replaced by a serious look of concentration. Mr. Casey began proceedings by running through the agenda on our briefing sheets. He began by stressing how sensitive the subjects were that we would be covering. We would begin by discussing events that had happened in ancient times. Then the Roswell incident of July 2nd, 1947. Then what former Presidents Harry Truman,


Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford had been told about UFOs and extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Notable omissions from the list of ex-Presidents were Lyndon Baines Johnson, the President who had succeeded Kennedy and had him killed for wanting to reveal to the public what he had been informed on the subject and President Reagan’s immediate predecessor, Jimmy Carter. We had been informed President Carter had asked to be fully briefed on the subject, but had been refused any information by George HW Bush who was Director of the CIA during President Carter’s tenure. Mr. Casey stated that Project Aquarius/Zingo had provided a greater understanding and a clearer chronological order of events, previously largely unknown, of what had taken place in ancient times. Work on this was still ongoing within the Zingo team, represented by the seven members present, who were working hard for the CIA and travelling across the world at a moment’s notice to investigate new lines of inquiry concerning such events. He went on to say that all 33 of us in the Zingo unit had specialist skills and knowledge which ranged through such diverse subjects as the history of sightings of craft of unknown origin, religion, astrology, archaeology and medicinal. Mr. Page’s were theology and archaeology and I was referred to as an expert on such matters. How I wished Mr. Coleman could have heard that glowing endorsement! I thought my knowledge wouldn’t play much part in the meeting but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Mr. Casey said documents would be discussed that some present would not have been privy to before. In fact, he joked these documents directly contradicted the official line. These denials had been released at the time of the event and were still the official view. The events had either never happened, were unintentional mistakes in identifying normal aircraft and weather balloons or deliberate hoaxes by publicity seekers. These events were the Roswell incident of 1947, the Aztec event of 1948 and more recent sightings and abductions.


Project Aquarius.

Mr. Casey stated that these documents had only ever been seen by those with the highest security clearance - about 20 people in total before that day and maybe even fewer than that. The public was unaware of the existence of the documents. Many, including government insiders, had tried to gain access to the documents or had speculated as to their existence and content. Mr. Casey described these individuals as ‘renegades’ and said the CIA had actively worked to discredit them. Little did I know at that moment, that me and the other 32 Star Seeds would one day be treated in the same way but, today, we were the star attractions. Mr. Casey concluded his opening address by reminding all of us that the documents and every word that was spoken in this meeting was ‘ATS’ (Above Top Secret). Sure enough, that had been stamped on all the paperwork. Me and the six others had all been allocated numbers. These were in the order we had been born. The twins were #1 and #2, I was #3 and so on. I wondered if this was to help the President identify who was who. At this time in the meeting, all some of those present knew about us was that we were advisors from Langley. They were shortly going to get the surprise of their lives. President Reagan then held court. He began by flicking through his file as we waited for him to speak. He looked up and seemed to have difficulty identifying the person he wanted to address. This wasn’t surprising as it was one of the identical twins but I still found it amusing. “Michael?” Michael was doing his character trait of twiddling his thumbs. He smiled and nodded at the President. “Michael, is it true what I’ve been told about all of you guys?” the most powerful man on the planet asked. I think he was hoping for a negative response from Michael. “Sure is,” confirmed Michael.


President Reagan looked at the other twin. “And you’re Daniel. You’re Uriel.” “I sure am.” said Daniel. The President flicked over some pages in his file and then looked up directly at me. “And you’re...Abaddon?” He asked this with a trace of disbelief in his voice. Everyone in the room stared at me. Many didn’t understand the significance of the names our Father had given us but didn’t like to interrupt the President’s flow to ask. I was sat with my arms crossed. I felt like we had all been called to the headmaster’s study, and he was going through who the main disruptive pupils were. At this point, I seemed to be the main one. “Sir, I like to be called Abiel.” “Abiel,” he repeated. This seemed to throw him a bit. He again referred to his file. He found what he was looking for and looked rather relieved. “Ah, Abiel - ‘the possessor of God and truth’. Am I right?” “Yes, Sir,” I said. This seemed to put him at ease a bit. I saw his body relax slightly into his chair. He asked with a slight smile, “Well, what should we worry about?” Before any of us could reply, he indicated to the content of his file. “I mean, is this this really going to happen? You guys are talking about something very destructive that’s going to happen to America. How can this be? Number 3, Abiel, you’re the caretaker of your group, as I understand it. How does what’s going to happen tie in from what you’ve found out from your studies of the Dead Sea area?” I stood up to address him but he did a flat hand gesture like he was patting an invisible dog and said, “Please, stay seated.” So I sat back down again. I wasn’t nervous but was apprehensive of how what I was about to say would be received. I looked across at Mr. Ford and Mr. Weinberger. They both nodded at me so I knew it was alright to speak openly about what I had learned without violating


Project Aquarius.

the Oath of Secrecy I had taken. At this point, I remembered how Jiles had told me serious news about myself. I was tempted to tell the President that I was a straighttalking guy and I was going to lay my cards on the table. How Jiles would have found that funny - even in this serious meeting! Instead, I waived the preamble but still told him straight. “To answer your first question first. The prophesies don’t lie. The arrival of the 33 of us was prophesied and now some of us sit in the same room as you. Yes, the greatest nation the world has ever known shall fall. It will crumble. The world will watch it burn. It will happen. We just don’t know exactly when - yet.” The President seemed to have difficulty accepting this. He didn’t seem to know how to react. There was an awkward silence as my words were mulled over with a mixture of trepidation and incredulity. I took advantage of the silence to spell it out to these powerful men, who suddenly didn’t feel quite so powerful as they had done just minutes before. “It sounds unbelievable but it’s happened before - to Sumeria when that country was the most powerful and dominated the ancient world. I doubt the Sumerians living thousands of years ago would have believed it could happen to their nation either, but it did.” I explained that all data we had acquired from samples and radioactive readings taken from the area on field-trips were consistent with the conclusion that a nuclear device had exploded in that vicinity around 15,000 to 12,500 years ago. Microscopic traces of plutonium 135 and iridium 110 proved this beyond doubt. Although the current radiation levels were low, they were still harmful if someone stayed in certain areas for a year or more. More to the point, they were definitely present. This scientific evidence could not be explained by anything other than a nuclear explosion. Many distinguished government


scientists and nuclear experts had been brought in to try and disprove our findings but all had ended up agreeing with us - reluctantly, in most cases. I showed them Agis satellite photos I had brought with me. These showed where the exact location of the airburst, as that type of detonation was called, had taken place. This area was now a pinnacle hole or depression. Next, I drew their attention to the biblical accounts concerning the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis, chapter 19. This explained the cities destruction as being caused by ‘brimstone and sulphur’ which had been widely accepted to mean an earthquake. However, no earthquake would have left radioactive particles. Also, microscopic molecules had been detected that were only formed at a temperature of 6,000 degrees fahrenheit and the hottest rock lava only reached 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. The evidence also ruled out the possibility of an asteroid or a comet crash-landing. The only rational explanation that fitted with the known facts, was a nuclear device had exploded and devastated an area of 400-500 miles. Even today, nothing grows there. The Dead Sea is not a natural creation of time but a by-product of the explosion. I underlined to the military personnel present that, for an explosion to cause such an effect, the bomb would have to be in the region of 20-30 megatons and, at that moment in time, both the USA and the USSR only had 8-10 megatons in their combined arsenals. As I spoke, I saw the expressions on the faces of military men present - they looked stunned. The one person who looked calm was President Reagan. He must have been previously briefed hence the ‘urgency’ of the meeting. Others had a look of disbelief on their faces. I wasn’t surprised they were thinking, or maybe wishing, the scientific data I was presenting was incorrect. That was the reaction everyone had had when it was first divulged. Ex-President Ford also noted their looks and reinforced our credentials.


Project Aquarius.

“We have the very best minds in the world looking at this data. They all concur it is correct and cannot be disputed. Now you see why it is ATS!” He asked me to continue. I looked forward to their reaction to my next fact. I expected all their thinking-caps to fly off their heads. I went on to consider who or what had caused such a mega nuclear explosion. There had been an aerial barrage of some sort from space. The war that came down to this planet is mentioned in detail in the ancient writings of the people who lived in Pak Shure, India. These writings are known as the ‘Drona Parva’ and ‘The Book of Drona’. Other similar collaborative accounts had been found in many parts of Tibet, in the westward region towards Afghanistan, in Iran and evidence had also been found in Africa and in both South America and Central America. All these places hold important clues as to who was responsible and where they came from but the most detailed accounts had been found in ancient Egyptian teachings and hieroglyphs. I had been privileged to see many of these and confer with experts as to their meaning. They tell of a race who came from space to destroy humanity. Their weapons were described by the survivors in stone markings and in ancient texts. The Indians called these aliens the Naggas. Others called them Dracos. In Judah, they were called the Raphidims. Today, they were most often called Draconians and were large, reptile-like aliens. Their partnersin-crime were called the Cherubims, the Anikia or the Anikims. Today, they are called Greys. Whilst all of this could easily be put down to myth, as it had been for centuries, it is now apparent it did happen and, if various translations and our predictions were correct, then it could be expected to happen again. I talked for about twenty minutes. There was a silence afterwards. I wondered what they were all thinking. Whatever it was, most looked like they wished they were thinking of something else. There were also some dubious looks.


President Reagan was an astute man. He asked ex-President Ford to tell everyone in his inner-circle who the seven people were who were sat before them and how the government came to know about us. The ex-President had a similar folder to the one the current President had. Mr. Ford opened his and referred to us as he spoke. “The ones sat here, including Mr. Page, who has just spoken, are not the ordinary humans they look like and what you might assume they are. The seven here today and a further twenty six others have been in the custody and care of the United States government since they were babies.” He knew what was coming next and felt it was necessary to pre-warn his audience. “Now hear me out before you jump to conclusions.” There was a pause and then he continued, “They are not human in the accepted sense of the word. According to our experts, they have been created by artificial insemination from another life form that is not of human origin. At first, we called them the ‘Indigo Children’ but now we know them as ‘Star Seeds’ or ‘Star Children’.” I noted, with some amusement, he didn’t reveal some of the other nicknames used to described us. “They are helping us as citizens of our nation which they refer to as the ‘New Israel’ and, for those of you who don’t know, the word ‘Israel’ means ‘people’.” He went on to say that President Reagan had been briefed on us almost immediately on taking office and had wanted to see us for himself and what we could do for the American nation and its people. He began to give details about us. He mentioned the Roswell incident of 1947 and the recovery of an alien spacecraft and its Grey alien occupants - one of which was found alive. Photographs of this live Grey were shown. Since the time of the crash, things had begun to happen around the world that had warranted the US government paying great attention to reports of UFO activity submitted to, and by, the USAF, both in American airspace and in that of our allies. Ex-President Ford stated that the twins, Michael and Daniel,


Project Aquarius.

who sat stoney-faced listening as they were discussed, had been recovered in New Jersey on August 4th but said they had been ‘born’ on July 27th, 1947. He then corrected himself and said instead of saying ‘born’, perhaps the word ‘arrived’ would be more appropriate. He stated that the twins were the reason why the Grey aliens’ flying saucers had crashed the month before. The twins birth preceded the arrival of the 31 other Star Seeds. We were not Greys or Draconian aliens, but Paleiadian. These aliens were also known as Nordics and looked most like Caucasian humans, which was not surprising as the human race had largely been seeded by them. All eyes were upon us. We had just been revealed as extraterrestrials to men whose main priority was to defend the nation. I knew they wouldn’t harm us without suffering dire consequences to themselves. That’s even without completely realising who and what were seated in that room with them - especially me. At that stage, no-one was told the full facts about me. I was thinking about the twins. How would the rest of the world have reacted to the news from an ex-President of the United States that the twins had been delivered not by a stork, as is often told to young children, but by a spacecraft? Basic facts about Roswell were given. Three UFOs had been seen on radar screens. One had crashed and been recovered along with one live Grey alien. Another damaged spacecraft had been observed on the desert ground west of Socorro. The third spacecraft, by far the biggest signal on the radar and now known to be a Paleiadian ‘Black Triangle’, had flown off towards the east and disappeared. This was the vicinity where the twins had later been located. The military present all knew that the Roswell incident had really happened but did not know any details of exactly what had happened, or why. Ex-President Ford said that all 33 of the children that had come from space were now working on Project Aquarius/Zingo projects and were very much on the side of the United States. Although we all looked like normal adult humans you could pass in the street and not


think anything was abnormal or different, medically and mentally we were. The ex-President assured them of this. He went on to say what President Truman had known and the plans his government had made, if the arrival of these 33 alien children had been the prequel to an invasion of planet Earth. This surprised the military present but amused me. Mankind’s achievements on the planet seemed great to them but were of minor significance to us. The main reason for our presence was to stop man destroying the planet he lived on, yet President Truman had planned a war as a birthday party for us. The live Grey that survived the Roswell crash had been given the name ‘EBE’ which was short for ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Entity’. It was taken to a secure base in Nevada which today is known in military circles as ‘Dreamland’ and to the rest of the public as Area 51. Everyone knew this place existed but most had not been there, including the seven of us. Having said that, everyone also had a pretty good idea of what was at Area 51 - quite apart from the Roswell flying-saucer. Mr. Ford confirmed this and said, if the public ever got to know about it, there would be uproar and chaos. Quite possibly, the whole system of law and order and religious principles would breakdown. That was the reason it had been kept so secret. We all took a much-needed break. Not so much for hunger or thirst reasons but so the President and his advisors could have a quick discussion on what had been said so far. The seven of us went outside to discuss how the meeting was going from our viewpoint and what further issues might arise. There was an outside area that had been cordoned off. This area was surrounded by armed guards. Jiles came out with us. He wanted a cigarette and so did I. It was another of those moments when I really needed one. Jiles assured us that all was going well. We were giving them plenty to mull over. Victoria and Beth came up to me, full of encouragement.


Project Aquarius.

Victoria said, “Brother, you had their full attention. They were blown away by what you said.” An unintentional but funny choice of phrase in view of the subject matter I had presented. After ten minutes or so, we were ushered back inside and took our seats again. I wondered where the talk would go now the President’s inner circle knew our background and our future warning of impending armageddon. I knew they wouldn’t dare dispute the CIA’s assertions but what action would they take? The topic of conversation continued where we left off - at Roswell. What exactly did happen in 1947 and what would come next? The twins were to take centre-stage and explain. They said a lot of hype had circulated down the decades and a lot of it had been trigged by media coverage of the Roswell incident way back in 1947. This speculation was largely fiction, created in the minds of the imaginative. It included stories of alien invaders, war of the worlds, Martians descending to capture scantily-clad women to torture and fulfil their alien desires. Most of this was utter nonsense and far from reality. My two older brothers explained how life on Earth had been genetically created. What had caused the war from the heavens, that I had spoken about. Where we were from. Who our Father was. Why things were on course for disaster and heading for another war from space. Those listening were given the lesson of their lives. The twins revealed that the two flying saucers that crashed were not the same as the one that brought them to Earth. The ones that crashed were piloted by Greys. The wreckage and alien corpses were shipped to the Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. The live Grey alien, who would eventually be called Elrod or EBE, was taken to Area 51 under strict security. EBE was put under the care of scientists but the alien might as well have been looked after by anyone on the planet, as the scientists knew nothing remotely helpful to the Grey’s welfare. What the government and the military had wanted to know,


was what these beings were and what did they want? They hoped to learn from the spacecraft’s technology with a view to it giving them an advantage over the USSR. The little they learned was not helpful to the United States, or to mankind in general. The technology was so advanced that American scientists were baffled by it. The material the spacecraft was constructed from was unknown and unavailable on Earth. The control system and how it was powered was a mystery. Most disappointing of all, no advanced weaponry was found. Both at the time of the crash right up until today. Quite simply, the spacecraft was beyond current human comprehension and understanding. It was like asking a chimpanzee to solve an advanced algebra equation. On the subject of advanced weapons, we suspected that some were already on Earth before the Roswell crash. They had been left here after the war from the heavens millenniums ago. Not surprisingly, this aroused great interest.. “Did we, as a group, know this for sure?” No prizes for guessing that one of the military asked that. He was disappointed by our answer. “No. Not yet. But we strongly suspect it.” The twins talked about the various studies that had been conducted on EBE. Greys were found to be most similar in many ways to certain insects, than anything else that lived on Earth. They had an eco-system that was similar to that of a mantis or grasshopper. In answer to the question of why they were visiting Earth, it was learned from EBE that they had visited numerous times and were watching for the time when they would return properly in an alliance with the Draconians. Draconians were the epitome of human’s worst nightmares of aliens - a type of space reptile. At the time of Roswell, the Draconians ruled over much of the universe closest to Earth. It was this alien partnership that had previously attacked the planet and almost made mankind extinct. If mankind was not careful, history would repeat itself. During their account, President Reagan interrupted the twins


Project Aquarius.

several times to ask questions. The twins didn’t mind but Mr. Casey did. He said, rather impolitely, that the matter was so highly classified that some of those present did not have sufficient security clearance to hear the answers. The Director of the CIA was informed by the President that the seven of us had been brought to Camp David by the CIA and everyone present very much wanted to hear everything we said. He considered that, as the secret of our alien heritage had been revealed to all those in the Situation Room, all of those present should now hear what else we had to say. After this gentle but firm rebuke, Mr. Casey fell silent and looked rather sulky and annoyed. A crucial question was asked of the seven of us. Had we definitely taken sides and would we support the United States? Could we be trusted in the event that this ‘war from space’ would come? Ex-President Ford and Mr. Casey both assured the current President and the military personnel that we had co-operated fully to date and our loyalty was shown by the fact we were sat in their company telling them all we knew. We were not there just to eat sushi and watch them squirm. And they were squirming. Their unease was obvious to anyone watching. I thought it was a good job the meeting wasn’t being filmed or public confidence in their leaders would have evaporated. One of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke. He concluded that, if what they had been told was the absolute truth and a nuclear explosion thousands of years ago triggered by hostile alien races had happened back then and was likely to happen again, then the human race had little or no chance of surviving it - just as they hadn’t back then. He raised the issue of the ‘fail-safe’ zones and other mysterious problems that had been encountered. These were at nuclear launch sites at Minot, Nebraska in the 1960s and Bentwaters, in England, in the 1980s. Nuclear weapons were armed and ready to be launched at a moment’s notice at these locations, but had been mysteriously disarmed. To this day, no-one knew how or why but there had been UFO sightings in the locations at the time. This nuclear disarming remained one of the greatest military mysteries - and worries.


President Reagan was asked how the nation could be defended if the aliens had the ability to render nuclear missiles useless? He didn’t answer himself but passed the question on to the twins, “Well, you have the floor, how can we defend ourselves from this group?” Daniel stated that there were ‘things’ here on Earth that he wouldn’t mention so as not to have man digging around looking for them but, when the need arose, they could be used to the fullest of their power as a last line of defence. He asked the presidential inner-circle to trust us on this. They didn’t seem very comforted by that reply but it was all they got. I wanted to make the point that, if the military knew their nuclear weapons could be neutralised, there was little point in having them. If none of the nations on Earth had them, there would be no chance of mankind being able to destroy the planet and so the aliens would be less likely to eradicate mankind to save the planet, which they saw as a valuable resource. Mankind was also seen as a valuable and interesting resource and so the two alien races did not want to make them completely extinct. If they did, by now mankind would only exist in fossil-form. However, the Sumerians did not have nuclear weapons and their civilisation was still destroyed beyond its recovery. Why? I suspected an agreement of some kind had been broken by one side. As there were no guarantees either way, I knew there was little chance of any nation taking a chance and stopping the nuclear proliferation that was ongoing at that time. So I stayed schtum. The next question was how could mankind duplicate the way spacecraft flew? Richard and David gave them an enlightening lesson into Pleiadian physics. This explained how these spacecraft travel through the vast distances in space without taking light years to do it. I listened along with everyone else. Although I had been on a Virrannah many times, even I learned a lot. I’m sure, like the spacecraft themselves, it all went over the heads of those listening but doubtless the transcript of this part of the meeting would be sent to the clueless boffins at Area 51 in the hope it would give them an insight.


Project Aquarius.

Richard and David had been tutored by our Father on electromagnetics and astrophysics. My fields of expertise of religion and archaeology seemed pretty mundane compared to the mind-blowing workings of hyper-sonic spacecraft. They said travel through space and time were not difficult for those who use it for peaceful and not self-gratification reasons. Warp tunnels, worm-holes and travel at the speed of light or faster were all mentioned together with the fact Pleiadians had made use of this technology for eons. Pleiadian spacecraft were fitted with ultra-sensory areas which had life-support systems used to keep those onboard in a state of suspended animation. The crew were kept in a monitored deep sleep until the spacecraft arrived at its destination, at which time those inside are automatically awoken. Richard stated that such technology is not suitable for mankind to possess to venture further into the universe until his warlike ways were eradicated. He said this was for their own good and preservation because if humans, with their current aggressive mindset, did venture deep into the universe where many forms of alien life were abundant and largely co-existed peacefully with mutual interest and respect for each other, then the aggressor, and all of the human race, would be disintegrated into nothing more than a stream of vapour. Richard’s argument was so logical that everyone in the room, even the military, couldn’t help but agree with him. Older projects such as Gleem, Sign, Grudge and Blue Book were discussed. The purpose of these was to persuade the public that the government was taking UFO reports seriously. It was accepted that these projects were considered to be little more than cover-ups by a section of the public and admitted, with some wry smiles, that this was exactly what they were. However, Project Aquarius was in a different league with a definite purpose and none of the public were aware of it - only a selected, trusted few working within the CIA and the Vatican. The obvious follow-up question was how the Vatican had got involved? And how did the CIA get to know about the Star Seeds?


The answer to both questions was the same and the two Vatican letters predicting the twins and my arrival were mentioned and produced. Another question was how Majic, or MJ12, fitted into all this? MJ12 was a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials formed in 1947 by an executive order of President Truman. It’s purpose was to investigate the most credible UFO reports, cover-up alien activities on Earth and liaise with the aliens to obtain technology in exchange for knowledge and testing on human biology. It also oversaw the running of Area 51. The CIA representatives in the meeting were quick to defend their territory and us. We were not scary-looking aliens who needed to be confined for both our good and the safety of the public. We were all official United States citizens and employees of the CIA. That arrangement and our work on Project Aquarius/Zingo was proving interesting to say the very least, as this meeting proved, and there was no reason to change it. Many other things we all wanted to know still hadn’t been discovered but we had made some startling discoveries already. This was acknowledged by nodding heads. They wanted to know about other UFO activity that had occurred around the time 31 of us had been born. This was the 1952-53 UFO sightings over Washington DC. What had never been disclosed to the public is that the USAF had lost 438 aircraft whilst pursuing these UFOs. This had been enormously difficult to cover-up. Surely this meant those aliens were far from friendly? All we could say was it was a huge mistake to try and engage any UFO as their technology was far superior to any jet-fighter, either back then or now. What harm had those UFOs done, apart from violating air-space? Had they reacted in the same way when humans had ventured into their air-space - space itself? This was a lesson to be learned from. President Eisenhower’s meetings with the Greys in 1954 and the Pleiadians in 1955, were brought up. This was another monumental event in the history of mankind that had been kept from the public. Many had witnessed parts of what had occurred but when they


Project Aquarius.

had told of what they had seen they had been labelled plain crazy, had mental issues or were just publicity seekers. The report Eisenhower had written detailing the meeting was probably the most closely guarded document on the planet, but many knew of the ultimatum that had been given to President Eisenhower by the representative of the Greys. When Eisenhower’s successor, President Kennedy, was informed of it and other alien information, he had wanted to disclose it all to the public and had been silenced. Every US President since had seemingly taken a vow of silence, so as not to suffer the same fate. President Reagan had also listened in silence though was hanging on every word that was said. He didn’t dispute anything. He knew it was true. His dilemma was what action to take now. If he did nothing, he was damned. If he disclosed anything, he was damned in a different way. The world would think the most powerful man in the world had gone crazy. I saw it as much the same problematic, no win choice as Grant Hardin, the Chief of Police of Lakeland, had faced - although on a much bigger scale. To everyone’s relief, lunchtime arrived. Some went outside to sit at table settings. Most of the others went into the dining area with the President. We all wondered what the next few hours would bring. The atmosphere was getting noticeably tense. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and some of the high-ranking Pentagon officials, especially so. It was obvious to us what they really wanted. They didn’t really give a damn about alien visits, just so long as the public didn’t become an interfering nuisance. Nor did they care about what had happened in the past or what might happen in the future. All they wanted to know was what new weapons could be developed that would give them absolute power over the USSR and could, and would, we assist them in achieving that goal? We’d already answered this in the negative but knew we’d come under further pressure. We had an obligation to keep anything we knew in this regard to ourselves. I found it a sad reflection on the human psyche that medical advancements were never mentioned. Saving lives or extending them was not considered


as important as ending them. I’m not sure what I had for lunch. I remember drinking some excellent coffee and took an apple off a cart. Afterwards, we sat outside in the sun waiting to be called. As I sat there, watching all the security personnel watching us, General Vassey came outside and politely asked if he could join us. He did and said he had some trouble accepting what he had been told about us. Perhaps it was the fact we ate normal human food for lunch that caused this doubt! Jiles was with us and assured him we were exactly as had been stated. There was no disputing the proof. The problem was accepting it. Everyone human involved in Project Aquarius had gone through the same mental dilemma. General Vassey then looked at me and said, “Son, you were in the Marines. I read about you in a file I was given last week, briefing me on this meeting. I found what I read very interesting. Did that really happen in Vietnam?” That old question again. I smiled and relied, “Yes, Sir. It did.” General Vassey nodded his head. “It was one of my units that found you. At that time, I was commander of our forces south of Quang Trie. I knew your previous name sounded familiar and now I’ve got to meet the man who took out an entire North Vietnamese company - singlehanded. Son, you’re one lucky man. I look forward to hearing what else you have to say in there.” I was surprised and flattered by this. I just nodded and thanked him. A few minutes later, we were informed by an aide, “The President is ready for you to come back inside.” The afternoon session was like a verbal firework display. There was a debate about what, if anything, the public should be told about Roswell and, if they were, how would they react? Our advice was to be honest with them. Tell them. Treat them as adults. Good and bad, it was their right to know. Disclose everything, hold nothing back. That was


Project Aquarius.

the right thing to do. It was what President Kennedy had intended to do. And therein lay the problem. Kennedy had lost his life for exactly that reason. But most of those directly responsible for that were out of office or dead by this time. Of course, the secrecy culture lived on, perpetuated and defended by some at that very meeting. Would disclosure place the current President in danger? I thought that was an occupational hazard and he certainly seemed to have enough security around him. But, like us at Langley, were they really protecting him from physical harm from members of the public and foreign spies, or were they there to cause him physical harm if he proved to be a liability? Depending on the circumstances - both were probably true. Whatever action they decided to take or not take, it wasn’t going to change what we had said before lunch. We would not disclose any information about weapons systems in alien craft or where such systems might be on Earth. Project Blue Book had been officially shut-down in 1969 and some of the more puzzling or unusual cases it had been notified of, but not been able to account for, had been passed on to us to see if we could explain what had happened. Only those with a security classification of G16 or higher were allowed to view these cases, see the evidence and know the sources. President Reagan had a G17 clearance but all the Star Seeds involved in Zingo, had a G19. Why was our classification greater than the President of the United States? Because the office of President could only be held for a maximum of two terms or eight years, and certain facts were considered important enough to remain secret for a much longer time period than that. Prior to this meeting, it had been decided that our ID cards had to be changed. For added privacy and security, our new ones would come under the Department of Census. These would have a special code inserted into the card that only members of Zingo would carry. We received them within two days of being told to expect them. This was ordered by the Commander In Chief. It was thought the


added precautions would minimalise security breaches and, if one did occur, it would have to come from inside the CIA and the culprit would be able to be quickly identified. We were told the secrecy of Project Aquarius had to be kept under wraps until a plausible cover story had been agreed. This seemed to be problematical as one had not yet been shared with us. As things turned out, it never was. Special investigators within the CIA and MJ12 had access to information about us. Once you were cleared to be in the various units that did the investigations of sightings, abductions, animal mutilations and other mysterious phenomena, you were in the unit until you retired - or died. Dying was a serious concern to most, as there was a whole catalogue of deaths in suspicious circumstances. No-one within Project Aquarius could obtain information from the other units, unless a request was approved by either Mr. Lemke or Mr. Ford. This included all places within the United States and Canada and all other lands and bases the two countries held. All sightings near military bases were to be considered as intrusions upon the security of the nations concerned. It was these bases and the ones in the United States that were of most immediate concern to the military present in the meeting. They were seriously worried about how primed nuclear weapons that were on standby ready to fire at a moment’s notice, had somehow be rendered inoperative at the same time as UFO sightings in the vicinity had been reported. They needed all these nuclear bases, both inside the United States and worldwide, to be 100% secure and permanently ready to fire. Although we had told them that we were aliens and there for peaceful purposes, we had also predicted a future nuclear holocaust. They were confused. We told them that the small circular spacecraft popularly known as ‘flying saucers’ were controlled by Greys and many of these were not like the friendly ET portrayed in the recent 1982 movie. They should know that from EBE and all the conflict that had


Project Aquarius.

happened between 1952-1953. It was time to wake the hell up! President Reagan did see the Greys as a threat. He asked if we knew which planet the Greys came from? We said we did and so did MJ12 officials. It was a bit embarrassing to know that he hadn’t been told already because his security clearance wasn’t high enough. After his earlier rebuke, Mr. Casey seemed to have lost use of his tongue and so I spoke. I thought a nation’s security service keeping secrets from its leader was wrong and so ran through more details I knew of President Eisenhower’s meeting with the Greys in 1954. That information had got many people killed to ensure their silence. President Eisenhower flew to Muroc field which is at Edward’s AFB in California. It was claimed he was going to a dental appointment but the truth was he was going to the first mutually agreed and fully complicit meeting between extraterrestrials and a human. No less a human than the President of the United States. His top advisors accompanied President Eisenhower. I had seen documents, photographs and film to prove this meeting took place, plus numerous witness statements from military personnel. There was a film entitled Silver Wheel One 54 which showed the twin turbo propellor C54 Cargo Master aeroplane the President and his team flew to Edward’s Air Force base in, being followed by two flying-saucer shaped UFOs. At the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, Kansas, I saw memos that gave the time of arrival of the President, the plane number, everyone who was on the plane (including who flew it), details of the radar shut-down and the time the flying saucer landed close to the President’s plane. The other hovered above the whole time. The President then left his aircraft and entered the flying-saucer for a private meeting. That was pretty brave of him but then he had become President due to his distinguished military career in WW2. What was officially said at this historic encounter was not recorded but there had to be some form of communication. It is highly likely that President


Eisenhower was given an ultimatum by the Grey representative. In answer to President Reagan’s initial question, the Greys were from the Zeta Reticuli star system which is some 38.7 light years in distance from Earth. At the time of President Eisenhower’s meeting, astronomers were not aware of this star system. They would not see it until around 1962. That’s when a more powerful telescope was able to locate it. This telescope had been specially developed for that particular quest. What was the ultimatum? I did not know for certain as I had not seen the original report but I can make an educated guess at what it contained. This was that the Greys wanted to be able to study humans and other animal life on Earth. Either they would do this discreetly, allowing life to continue on Earth or destroy the civilised facade of society on Earth and do their experimentation anyway. President Eisenhower must have felt just as powerless as the German Generals had when they surrendered to the Allied Forces after WW2. President Eisenhower, sat in that flying-saucer with the Grey and was allowed to take a photograph. I suppose to prove to his advisers what the alien looked like, although they would have known this through the Roswell incident. It was a being from the same species as the alien corpses and EBE, who was also dead by the time of this encounter. President Eisenhower had to agree that a certain quota of humans could be abducted and various tests carried out on them. This would be allowed on the condition that the human guinea-pigs were released unharmed and would not remember what had happened to them. Eradicating memories was something the Greys could do (and Pleiadians as I knew only too well). A list of those abducted had to be supplied to the United States government by the Greys. And that is what happened. Abduction cases began to be reported. Mutilated animal carcasses were found. The government denied knowing anything. But the Greys quickly reneged on the agreement. They refused to say who they’d abducted and exceeded the agreed


Project Aquarius.

limit. What could the United States government do? Nothing. And that’s what it had done. Nothing - apart from denying everything. Something even more sinister began to happen. The most famous case was the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill which occurred in 1961. She claimed she had been taken to a star system called Reticuli and had even drawn a picture of it for the investigators who had questioned her. That was where the Greys were known to originate from but how would Mrs. Hill, an ordinary housewife, have known that? As I spoke of this case, I noted President Reagan’s expression. He was listening in awe. I also noticed Vice President George HW Bush’s expression. He was looking at us all with contempt. He had been Director of the CIA at the time we were discussing and he knew just as much as we did. None of this was news to him. Yet he had deemed it unnecessary to tell his superior what we were now telling him. The other presidential advisors all looked taken aback. The atmosphere was very tense. President Reagan asked, “What is the purpose of these creatures?” I noted that the Greys had been downgraded from aliens to creatures. I replied to his question. “Mr. President, as I said this morning, the beings we are discussing were at one time known as the mythical cherubs or Anikia but in the same mythology were beings who were far more dangerous and evil. They are the aliens I mentioned this morning and who the Greys work in servitude to and are ruled by. These are the Draconians. These aliens are far more powerful and dangerous and basically use the Greys as servants to do their dirty work. The Greys are ‘gofers’ for the Draconians. That is the Greys main purpose.” Everyone was mesmerised by this statement. The ones seated closest to me were listening like never before. Even the stenographer temporarily stopped typing and looked up. I continued, “Draconians were called Raphidims in ancient texts but are now known as Draconians as they are now known to originate


from the Dracos star system. They are certainly not what one would want to meet on a dark night.” From their facial expressions, no-one appeared to disagree with this. “Over the last few decades, there are several reports within classified records from people who claim to have had encounters with them. According to biblical records, they ate humans and people sacrificed their children to them to appease them. Those beings are the ones mentioned in the fable ‘Garden of Eden’. They are the very aliens who tried to destroy the human race in the event I described this morning. Despite their reptilian appearance, their technology is far more in advance of mankinds and no nation on Earth has a chance of defeating them, unless you listen to what we say. There is an alien way of life in space that mankind doesn’t and couldn’t understand. We are not here to either destroy or assist those vile space reptiles but our people are the ones who created the human species and want it preserved - but not if it continues to develop in a way that will destroy itself anyway. We know this is hard for you to comprehend but many in this room know what I say is factual”. Now the looks on the faces in front of me read “What the hell did I just hear?” Even President Reagan looked shocked. Yes, he believed in other forms of life in the universe. Yes, he believed in who we were. But he was having trouble processing what he had just been told. He turned and looked at ex-President Ford. “Is this true, Gerald?” he asked. The ex-President just grimly nodded his head in reply. President Reagan looked at the seven of us and then glanced all around the room as if he had lost something. He hadn’t. It was just the absorption of what he had just been told was overwhelming. He was known not to be a devoutly religious man but he did claim to be spiritual. He looked at me and asked, “How many religious factions and their priests and bishops know about you and what you’ve said?” Almost cautiously, I told him the Catholic Church had predicted our arrival. The letters they had been shown earlier proved this and


Project Aquarius.

our blood type had been matched with religious artefacts the Vatican was in possession of. The President slumped back in his chair and looked really troubled. I added to his woes by informing him that a Catholic Cardinal had accompanied President Eisenhower on his meetings with the Greys. The Vatican knew we would be born and had tipped off the CIA. Two Grey flying-saucers had tried to prevent the twins arrival but had been no match for the Virrannah and both had crashed, though one had managed to get airborne again. How had the Greys known about it? Possibly the same way the Vatican had - from ancient texts predicting it and from star alignments. The Catholic Church had also correctly predicted I would be the third child to arrive. To reassure all present, I stated that the Vatican seemed to guard its secrets as well as the CIA did, if not better, as they’d kept some of theirs for thousands of years. They would not speak openly about it unless it was mutually agreed, and even then might not. For instance, nobody outside the Vatican hierarchy had known about the religious artefacts in their possession such as the bloodstained crown of thorns and the piece of wood from the cross until the question of how our blood samples matched that of Jesus had to be explained, before it could be confirmed. Although other religious orders had educated some of us in their doctrines, it was unlikely they knew exactly who we were or who we were direct descendants of only that we were somehow ‘special’. Michael stood up to elaborate but, before he could say a word, Mr. Casey could restrain himself no longer. He also stood up and declared, “This is beyond the security clearance of some here, Mr. President and those should leave now.” I think Mr. Casey was hoping the meeting would be cut short there and then but President Reagan showed himself to be a wily diplomat in the way he answered the CIA Director. “I think they’ve already heard more than they were supposed to so we might as well continue.” I’m sure the President knew Mr. Casey was including him in this group and added, “I wish to hear what else they have to say.”


Mr. Casey hadn’t the balls to openly defy the nation’s President and, for the second time during the meeting, was left with no other option than to meekly sit down and listen to Michael. Looking directly at President Reagan, Michael stated that there were many alien species or races that were visiting Earth. They had done so for millenniums. A grave threat did exist but the world’s population was unaware and unprepared for it because of national policies and religions. How would the masses react to the news that aliens were not only flying above them but actually living amongst them? No-one truly knew but it would probably be a mixture of reactions from extreme delight to suicidal despair. However, no matter how it was handled by the government and received by the public, it would not stop them coming and that would eventually be catastrophic. President Reagan wondered what the various religions might have to say about all of this. He looked at me and said, “You claim the Catholic Church knows a lot about all this and these Draconians. How come they have kept quiet about it and, by doing that, have supported evil for so long?” My reply was simple. “All one has to do is see all the bloodshed the Church in Rome has either directly encouraged or indirectly supported since the time it was formed. Look at the symbolism that is on public display all around the Vatican. Beasts and dragons are all over the place. The Book of Revelation talks about ‘the beast’ This beast is not a serpent rising out of an ocean but a system - a religious system that destroyed the idyllic world of the creation and enslaved those left.” As I spoke, President Reagan was being shown some of the symbolism that can be seen at the Vatican. Apart from a few icy stares, Vice President Bush had contributed nothing to the meeting. It was at this moment he asked a question, the content of which shouldn’t surprise anyone. “Mr. Coleman,” he began, “Do you believe in God? You say he’s your father - and father to all of


Project Aquarius.

you. Where do you stand on the religious aspects? I answered without hesitation. “Yes, I believe in the one described as God and yes, he is Father to us all. We have seen him at first hand just as we are looking at you, the President and everyone else in this room.” Before I could answer the second question he had asked, he asked a third. “I am Presbyterian by faith. What faith are you all? Baptist? Church of Christ? I’m curious to know.” I told him that, as a child, I had been raised in many doctrines of faith and religions but mainly Baptist although, as I’d got older, I’d shied away from any and every religious order. I told him I was a product of what our Father had taught us all and his teachings should be the doctrine of all mankind. This could be summed-up in the following words: life, love, share, concernment and benevolence towards all living creatures. I wasn’t going to let the Vice President off lightly. I told him, “You will see an evil come from the skies. Men will have a choice and one choice only. He has to become one with us - God’s children living in peace together - or perish. This war will start on Earth and be finished from space. You will see elements of it starting to occur within twenty or so years.” The current President Reagan looked mightily relieved that it was to happen twenty odd years in the future. He wouldn’t be in office then or, probably, even be alive. He looked around at his grim-faced Joint Chiefs of Staff. He asked if we could help with any military plans or strategy that the military present could take to their other military advisors and start planning their defence. This got another answer that wasn’t the one hoped for. “No,” I said. “It won’t matter where your troops, ships, tanks and jets are stationed. The evil will only be conquered by us.” The fact we could somehow rescue America got a more favourable response.


“Am I to understand that you guys are the Archangels?” the President enquired, hopefully. Michael was still twiddling his thumbs. “We don’t have wings like how mythology likes to portray us but, when the time comes, we will have wings of a kind. Mr. President, you should be grateful we’re here and on your side because the ones who are not with us will learn a very hard lesson when our Father descends.” President Reagan accepted this and said he appreciated the incredible work we were doing and the insights into both the past and future we were divulging. He said he wasn’t a religious man but was spiritual in many ways. He said, “Well, I know some of the prophesy talk about the Second Coming but I thought that concerned Jesus. Who do you think Jesus is? I thought he was the Son of God.” “He is,” I confirmed. “Who do you think we are?” I asked. He referred to his file. “It says here you guys are the Sons of God too. And the daughters of God.” “We are who we are. You can either accept it and prepare with us or ignore the warning and perish.” This caused uneasy looks from all the military staff present. We talked about this in more vivid detail although our final point was very simple. The world should be warned as soon as possible that it was headed on a course that would end in death and destruction. This could be avoided but only if mankind joined hands and stood with us. This resonated around the room. It was presented as a cold, hard fact. If mankind, represented by this handful of men present, accepted our advice and allowed themselves to be guided by us, then all would be fine. If they didn’t, then they had been warned and would be the victims of their own shortsighted stupidity. From their faces, we knew this would not happen. By now, it was getting late in the day. What was intended to be a four hour meeting had lasted all day. We felt we had told them enough.


Project Aquarius.

The ball was in their court. Ex-President Ford summed up what he felt should be done. This was to prepare for the day when an alien force might return to take over the world as we all knew it. How could mankind unite to defend itself? There was a long silence after this. It was as if a deadly fog had gassed everyone in the room. Mr. Casey broke the ominous silence and said there was a term for this - HAV - which stood for Hostile Alien Vehicles. He explained this was a code of letters that had been used since the mid-1960s. He went on to say that these HAVs had been visiting Earth since the 1950s and such visits had resulted in reports of missing people. Not just in America but all over the world. These HAVs had probably been abducting people far longer back in time than that. He confirmed that there was evidence to back my claim that they do eat humans. Former Presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy all knew about this but had considered themselves largely powerless to do anything and had therefore done nothing. Apart from Kennedy, I thought. He’d at least wanted to alert the public and forewarned is forearmed. As everyone knows, President Reagan was a former actor. He asked one last question. Was there any truth in the rumour he’d heard that the government had covertly funded some movies to help educate the public of the alien problem? He’d heard of this in the early 1950s from film contacts he had back then. He hoped it wasn’t some ‘Bonzo’ type of movie. The seven of us found that amusing but our amusement was turned into surprise by Mr. Casey’s answer. He stated the Feds had indeed spent taxpayers money through legitimate production companies to fund a few projects. The first one was in 1957, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ and more recently ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’ One of the key people who had encouraged this and kept it secret from the public was George Adamski - the forerunner of modern UFOlogists. President Truman had formed a group under the direction of an MJ12 scientist. This group was known as ‘Adam and Eve’. The Adam wing was to research and release what it was considered the public would be able to handle and Eve was to work out


how best to gradually disclose the whole truth to the American people, based on their reaction to the disclosures made by Adam. This group had eventually been merged into some of those who sat in the room today - Project Aquarius. The movies that he had mentioned had been based on actual events that had taken place and were in the classified files. The public were not aware of this at the time but the movies had served one of the purposes which was to alert them without causing undue alarm and now more sightings were being reported and more people were disappearing. Ex-President Ford then stood up and announced that we had all had a very informative day. Now, we all needed to process what we had heard but we could take heart from the fact that his Aquarius team would continue to uncover all they could, as fast as they could. He asked the President if he had anything further to ask or say? President Reagan looked at us and smiled. But now his usual jaunty smile had a worried slant to it. He asked the seven of us if we, and the others not present, were being treated right and had everything we needed to continue with our work? We all nodded and thanked him. He then turned to ex-President Ford and said, “Gerry, whatever you guys need, you make sure you ask.” Then he addressed Mr. Casey, Mr. Weinberger and his Joint Chiefs of Staff. “I want this unit funded and whatever they need, make sure they get it. I also want reports to be given to me on a daily basis. Gentlemen, if they need anything or to go anywhere, there are to be no questions asked.” He stood up, came over and shook our hands, “Hope to see you guys again, very soon.” Marine One, the presidential helicopter, was waiting to whisk him off to his next appointment. We went outside to watch him take-off. As it flew out of sight, I lit another much needed cigarette and turned to Victoria and Beth and said, “Well girls, what’s for supper?” We all laughed at this trivia coming after such a serious and


Project Aquarius.

profound meeting. The drive back to Langley was pretty quiet. I pondered over what the President had said. No doubt he was also thinking about what we had said. He had been told in no uncertain terms that aliens were real, some were a threat and he should make preparations to deal with it and protect humanity, rather than seeing the USSR as the main threat. Our CIA managers seemed happy enough. They had got their funding secured. No matter what action was taken or not taken, we would doubtless learn much more over the coming months and years. I considered that productive use of my time that day. We never did meet with President Reagan again. We were told he was regularly briefed on Project Aquarius but I don’t think Mr. Casey and Vice President Bush were comfortable about us having a direct link with the one man who was their superior - if not by security clearance rating. What could President Reagan do? And what did he do? We had advised him to inform the public of what was going on behind the scenes - just as President Kennedy had wanted and intended to do. Although President Reagan did not address the American public and the population of the world by making a direct speech on the subject, he did use major speeches to drop heavy hints. That was as far as he felt comfortable venturing into the issue. Just a year later, in 1987, he gave a speech to the UN Assembly. In an auditorium packed with world leaders, he suddenly declared: “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already amongst us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war.” That part of his speech was greeted with surprise. Had the US President taken leave of his senses? Why had he said it? Now you


know exactly why. He actually mentioned the extraterrestrial threat repeatedly during his years as President of the United States - no less than eighteen times in important speeches. Behind the scenes, President Reagan went even further. He met with the leader of the Soviet Union and discussed the matter in more detail. Goodness knows what Secretary General Gorbachev must have initially thought when the President of the United States suddenly said, “What if I told you, Mikhail Gorbachev, that there is something here on our planet that is not pretty for humanity and, if we don’t come together as a people, our world, as you and I know it, will cease to exist?” Apparently, this got Gorbachev’s full attention. Despite all the Cold War secrecy, he was told about the 33 Star Seeds and did not think it was an American bluff to pressurise him into agreeing to reduce the Soviet nuclear might. In the end, both sides agreed to notable reductions and the Soviet Union eventually crumbled and broke-up. The end of the Cold War was the perfect opportunity for America to further reduce its own nuclear armaments but, alas, the opposite happened. The huge dilemma American leaders faced was, and is, this. If they reduce their nuclear arsenal, they would be powerless to defend themselves both from another nation on Earth and an alien attack. Having nuclear weapons made such an alien invasion more likely. But, if mankind was hell-bent on killing his fellow man by the million and destroying much of the planet in the process, then the Pleiadians would not intervene to save such a barbaric race. The Draconians and the Greys would be doing the rest of the universe a favour. That was the situation at the start of the Camp David Project Aquarius meeting way back in 1986. Sadly, it is still the same situation today.


Project Aquarius. President Ronald Reagan.

General John Vessy, US Army.

General Martin Gosslin, USAF.

Admiral Vern Clark, US Navy.


Chapter 23 A Trip To The Vatican. After President Reagan’s endorsement of our work, we went back to Langley to continue with our research. I was happy to do this and, in any case, what else could I do? My earlier career choices of being a farmer and then a journalist had been terminated when I joined the Marine Corps. I had saved enough money to buy a small farm somewhere but, love her as completely and utterly as I did, Cathy wasn’t really cut out for the hard role of a farmer’s wife. I’d have loved to be a pilot and fly as much as possible but my age and poor eyesight ruled this option out. Maybe, I’d stared at too many bright, blue lights in my childhood! Life at Langley was interesting and had the added advantage of me working alongside all my brothers and sisters. Plus I saw Jiles everyday. He had always supported me and I really did consider him to be my ‘Earth Father’ - a title he seemed genuinely proud of and deserved. When the confines and security of Langley became a bit claustrophobic, there was the opportunity to travel at the US government’s expense, to the most interesting and intriguing places on the planet. Having delved into the Sumerian civilisation, I became keen to learn more about the ancient Egyptians. Unlike the Sumerians, many of the Egyptians ancient edifices had survived and there are numerous references and examples of unexplained hybrid beings and flying craft in their hieroglyphic writings and freezes carved in stone. Also, during a hypnotic regression session in 1983, I had mentioned an underground chamber within the Sphinx. I was incredibly keen to find out what this contained. After the meeting with President Reagan, a group of us went to back to the Sinai Peninsula and then on to Egypt. At first, the Egyptians couldn’t have made us more welcome. However, as we began to piece together certain facts and work-out calculations, our stay in Egypt


Project Aquarius.

was cut abruptly short. This was after we told stunned government officials there that the pyramids had not been built by slaves of the pharaohs - they didn’t have either the manpower or the technology to create them within the time periods that they were built. They were constructed by extraterrestrials or, at the very least, assisted by them. Consider the facts about the Great Pyramid. It consists of 2,500,000 blocks of stone slotted together at worse a centimetre apart and, at best, 1millimetre. Some of these blocks weigh 70 tonnes and were raised up over 300 feet from the ground. The average block weighs 2.5 tonnes. The entire structures weighs over 6,000,000 tonnes. It is aligned to true north within 3/60th of one single degree. Astonishingly, it also incorporates the dimensions of the planet. If you multiply the height by 43,200 the result is the polar radius of the planet. If you multiply the base by 43,200, the result is the equatorial circumference of the planet. The 43,200 figure is derived from the 1 degree tilt the planet naturally shifts on its axis every 72 years. How did the ancient Egyptians calculate that, when they had not fully explored the planet? We thought our revelation would make the pyramids more interesting to tourists but certain Egyptian government officials and particularly Elijah Muhammed, the curator of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, were so insulted and incensed to be informed of this that they ordered us to leave Egypt within 24 hours and never to return. Everyone had difficulty accepting facts and data we produced and presented. They were happier sticking to their version of history, disregarding all the obvious inconsistencies. Back at Langley, the security around us was noticeably increased. We were never told why. I thought it was because the CIA didn’t want the information we were producing to alarm the public as much as it seemed to be alarming the CIA. We were all discouraged from leaving the complex. Anything we wanted would be brought to us. Everything that could be done was done to avoid us having any contact with the general public or being interviewed by the media. That was their greatest fear. We didn’t even go to the cafeteria. Anything we wanted to eat or drink was brought to us like room service in a hotel.


Although it did seem like a resort with houses instead of lodges, our Project Aquarius/Zingo unit’s accommodation and offices was called the ‘farm’ - officially. This may seem derogatory but it was quite apt. We were like prized livestock, well looked after and occasionally paraded in front of the President for judging. Another subject we researched and talked a lot about was the Sumerian Anunnaki. In Sumerian the word means ‘princely offspring’ or ‘offspring of Anu’. Anu or An was the Sumerian God of the Sky. They were deities of fertility and were judges of the underworld. There are many images of them and they look human - except the figures have wings. Like the images of angels produced by artists working on instruction from the Catholic Church, these wings are symbolic, both to differentiate them from humans and to depict that they flew here. Many Sumerian freezes also show what look like spacecraft. If they are not, what else are they likely to be? We were also asked why the ancient Greeks called the Greys ‘mythical cherubs’. This was because, at that time, Greys were not visiting the planet and so the accounts the Greeks had been told about them were considered to be myths. Aliens are like buses. You wait thousands of years for one to visit and then realise there are many different types. All very different in appearance. Many have visited, and still visit, planet Earth, but there are three main races that are of major importance and relevance to today’s world. The celestial beings who created man in their image are one kind - Pleiadians. Nowadays, they are sometimes referred to as Nordics, mainly due to the fact that their fair skin and blonde hair are Scandinavian characteristics. Because of the fact Pleiadians seeded humans here on Earth, they look exactly like Caucasian humans but are much taller than the average human. Greys are the classic image of aliens popularised in movies. They have small, thin bodies, heads that are too big for their small bodies (compared to human proportions), big eyes, nostrils but no nose and no ears - just apertures. They are


Project Aquarius.

hairless. As you now know, it was one of their flying saucers that crashed at Roswell in 1947. Although very weird-looking compared to humans, they can be portrayed as quite cute. Through my research, I was amazed at how many relics from ancient civilisations, pieces of pottery, figures and artwork originating from native groups all over the planet depict these Grey aliens. The likeness is astonishing. There is no mistaking what they are. The same applies to the third group of aliens. These are the Draconians who are similar to reptiles or dragons. They could not be described as cute by anyone. I find it both amusing and appropriate that the dictionary definition of the word ‘draconian’ is ‘a severe set of laws’ or another word for ‘cruel’. The term is also used in modern language to describe powermad, authoritarian politicians. Hebrews referred to these reptilian aliens as the ‘Raphidims’ or ‘Rapha’. This translates to mean the ‘dragon beasts’ or the ‘dragon men’. Bishop Colloni was the Vatican representative on attachment to Langley. He was instrumental in proving our bloodline and was very supportive of our work. A lot of the predictions we made that the CIA initially thought were far-fetched fantasy, the Bishop researched through the Vatican archives and then confirmed as tying in with what the Vatican already knew - just as the arrival of the Star Seeds had. There was no way we could have known about these predictions in advance, as many details were not in the Bible and had never been disclosed to the public. Bishop Colloni was a stanch ally of ours and, in 1988, invited a group of us to visit the Vatican. He told us this invitation came directly from the Pope himself. We were scheduled to make another field-trip to the Sinai Peninsula and it was decided to stop off on the way back from this trip to tour the Vatican City and meet with the Papal representatives. The visit to Sinai was interesting as we walked the same trails that Moses and the Israelites were alleged to have taken. We learned that the mountain where Moses was given the Ten Commandments


and had descended from, to present the tablets to his people, was not Mount Sinai but a mountain known by the locals as ‘Jebel Musa Horbia’ - the ‘Mountain of Moses’. A pretty big clue is in the name. In Moses’s day, this mountain was called Horeb. Yet, at the base of a very long mountainous range in the south, was Saint Katherine’s Monastery, The Catholics called its location Mount Sinai. Our guides assured us that there was no mountain named Sinai. Ancient traditions had been changed by a powerful church and anyone who disputed what the church considered the truth to be, was simply not listened to. When we stopped off in Rome, we were greeted by Bishop Colloni and Monsignor Corrado Balducci who told us, “Very soon, we will not have to defend our Christian faith but, when the information that is coming from another world is confirmed, it is going to require a re-writing of the Gospels as we know it”. To our ears, that seemed an astonishingly frank admission. One disappointment was that the Pope, who had invited us there, would not meet with us. It was obvious why. We wouldn’t have held back from telling him how his church had misrepresented our Father. That aside, we were pleased to be at the heart of Christianity and looked forward to seeing what was there. We had seen in books with photographs that the Vatican had many images of dragons inside the Basilica. It was even rumoured that the throne of Lucifer was there. We found this to be true although the backside that sits on it nowadays belongs to the Pope. All around the Vatican, the number of images of the devil, dragons or death in paintings and sculptures is surprising - even staggering. It reinforced everything I had previously believed about the Church of Rome. Dragons and demons adorned the architecture outside and the walls and ceilings inside of the Holy Catholic Church itself. I asked myself, what made it so holy? The artistic celebration of torture and death may have been relevant to pagan religions but had nothing to do with the God I knew. It’s not hidden away but blatant - on show for all to see. It seemed more like a shrine to death and evil than to peace and


Project Aquarius.

the love of God. I wondered how many, or how few, of the Catholic Church’s followers knew what the religious order they were members of, was really idolising? From what I saw, the answer was a Draconian beast named Helel - otherwise known as Lucifer. Not all of this symbolism can be blamed on previous generations of religious tyrants out to alarm a largely uneducated population into subservience. The worst example, and most telling of all, is the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall that was completed in 1971. Both the outside and the inside has been indisputably designed to resemble the head of a serpent. The whole building is modern and incongruous to the other buildings that surround it. Outside, from above, the shape and lines of a snake’s head are obvious. Yet, it is the inside that is truly horrific. The roof lighting is like reptilian scales. The two slanted windows are like eyes. The stage where the Pope sits, is the mouth and two white columns are curved like fangs. This cannot be an unfortunate coincidence. It is a deliberate symbolic statement. The snake’s head is the Catholic Church. It also works from a reverse view, which is from the Pope’s viewpoint when he is sitting on his throne. From there, the snake’s head is also noticeable and it looks like the 6,300 capacity audience is being swallowed by the snake’s mouth. Look at the photos of it and see what you think. However, perhaps the most startling of its architectural features is the centrepiece that is behind the Papal throne. The audience hall is dominated by a huge bronze and copper alloy sculpture entitled ‘La Resurrezione’ which is Italian for ‘the resurrection’. This is not the classic image of Jesus ascending to heaven from the cross as one might expect, but a macabre and sinister-in-the-extreme, modern version. It is claimed to represent Jesus rising from a nuclear holocaust. In it, Jesus has a peculiar lump flowing from the side of his head. A combination of this and other strange elements of the sculpture in the background, gives the impression, not of a man, but of a winged beast with the head of a reptile - Jesus’s head being its neck. A Draconian beast rising up from hell would be a more accurate interpretation.


Again, look at the photo and your appalled eyes will see exactly what I mean. This cannot have been an innocent, unfortunate visual mistake. If it was, why not remove or alter it? No. It is a clear indication of who the real head of the Church of Rome is and the Pope is happy to greet his audiences sat at the base of this grotesque beast. It’s shocking - in the extreme. The Vatican City had even been constructed over a place of death where the executions of thousands had taken place in the most barbaric manner. That’s because, below Saint Peter’s Basilica, is the remains of Roman Emperor Nero’s circus arena. That’s where Christians had been fed to lions and war-like games were held for the entertainment of the ancient Romans. Catacombs ran under the city. The dead had been buried in crypts and, in many cases, corpses piled on top of one another. To me, the whole place was macabre. A palace dedicated to pure evil. And not just from ancient Roman times. However many thousands were killed under the rule of the Roman Emperors, far more Christians had met bloody and premature deaths following the wishes of Popes since that time. Hardly a century has passed without some religious war being initiated on the Pope’s orders and with his blessing. What for? To spread the Catholic religion among the heathen and to fill the Church of Rome’s coffers with gold. What use has God for money? There is no currency in Pleiadian culture and it does seem to be the root of all evil in this one. Religion should play no part in politics. Whenever it has, it’s always been a disaster. Yet we knew only too well the strong link and co-operation between the Vatican and the CIA - that was why we were there that very day. Most people do not know that the Vatican is still very politically active today. It has a powerful influence on the United Nations and, as I write this book, a Vatican representative joined other world leaders on a trip to Antarctica. Why would the Vatican be interested in that part of the world? Not many potential converts live in that remote, icy region. One of the Papal representatives who showed us around the sights


Project Aquarius.

was Monsignor Giuseppe Tanzello Nitti - the official greeter for the Pope. He proudly told us that the Catholic Church had approximately 1.2 billion followers and that Africa was seen as the new recruiting ground. That didn’t surprise me. I was most interested by the hidden and massive library that only a selected few have ever been allowed entry to. I was told there are over 50 miles of shelving containing ancient documents, scrolls, texts and drawings. The public is not allowed access to any of the information the documents contain. To inform the masses is precisely the reason all those documents were painstakingly written. To me, this sounded remarkably similar to the way the CIA kept its files secretive. Rumours abound about what’s contained there. The works and writings of Jesus Christ himself among them, Also, alien evidence and documentation from ancient times. We knew only too well that there were predictions concerning the Star Seeds. They definitely knew much about us and they were fascinated by us but they would not share anything further with us - only confirm what we ourselves produced. Perhaps this could be excused by the fact that if we knew information provided by them, then it would have undermined our credibility but, as this had already been proven, it would have been far more productive if all parties had pooled what they knew and used it for the advantage of everyone on the planet. But no. Humans seem to love secrecy. The commendable act of sharing is frowned upon. Keeping the public in the dark, is the Church of Rome’s doctrine. I was pleased to see the Vatican City and grateful to those who showed me around. However, I was not filled with religious inspiration from my pilgrimage. Instead, I left Rome with my worst fears confirmed.


A selection of macabre dragon/devil/death imagery of the Catholic Church of Rome.


Project Aquarius. The Pope Paul VI Audience Hall with its serpent interior design.

‘La Resurrezione’ depiction of Jesus rising from a nuclear holocaust. Or is it a Draconian beast rising up from Hell?


Chapter 24 Inside The CIA’s And The Star Seeds’ Mindsets. Many strange experiments were taking place inside the CIA HQ at Langley and all the 33 Star Seeds were a part of it, in one way or another. Don’t get me wrong, we were not having séances or burning black wax candles in darkened rooms and calling up evil spirits. The experiments were simply a way for the CIA to see what we were capable of doing and for us to prove the many phenomena that had played a part in our lives since our younger days as children were real and sources of valid information. These were things such as NDE (Near Death Experiences), astral travel, past lives, prophecies and predictions. All of this was categorised by the CIA as RV (Remote Viewing). Until our employment by the CIA, the most usual way of dealing with our unusual abilities was to either ignore them or dismiss them - as our host parents and the government agents had done. Project Aquarius was different. Investigating strange phenomena was very much part of the project’s remit and was taken very seriously. The aim was to find out what extraterrestrials could do that most humans could not. Much of this had been originally instigated by the Catholic Church and, by this time, they had Bishop Colloni seconded to the Project Aquarius unit as their representative. He was always present, watching and taking notes. The two main psychical researchers were Dr. Jiles Hamilton and Dr. Donald Ward. They wanted to know what we knew and how we knew it. They wanted logical, scientifically proven answers though words they used to acquire such answers were frequently ‘supernatural’ and ‘paranormal’. My dreams or prediction of President Kennedy’s assassination was of particular interest. They did not, and could not, dispute what I had seen months before the event happened. It had been written down at the time not only by me but by government agents and


Project Aquarius.

others. They felt there had to be an explanation for my foresight, but what was it? One of their theories was I was able to go into another dimension. This was based on me, aged 10, saying that I felt like I was actually at the scene and moved amongst the people but they couldn’t see me. I had described myself as feeling like I was a ‘mist’. My ‘Riddle in the Sands’ writing was also considered to be starting to come true. Some of the researchers classified some of my RV time as ‘Religious Paranormal’ experience. Their deep-rooted scientific beliefs that certain things could not be done, were being disproved by what they witnessed and filmed. I was expanding the boundaries of accepted scientific understanding.   What happened to me in Vietnam? They wanted to know if it was an NDE? Was it a kind of soul separation, or did it really happen? Had I died and had been resurrected as the facts seemed to confirm, and as I had stated under regressive hypnosis? I had once stated to them that, when someone’s body dies, the person’s spirit or soul lives on and is reborn again. They failed to realise one major point - how could anyone ever conclusively prove this more than it already had been? I felt they should concentrate on the facts of my own case, as given to them by their own military personnel. They could call it what they liked. What happened, had happened. Just because it did not happen to everyone on a regular basis and there was not a word or phrase in common parlance to describe it, was of minor consequence or importance. I often felt as if I was trying to explain a television set to a group of inhabitants from a Bronze Age village. I was even asked if my recollection of being brought back to life on the spacecraft was an OBE (Out of Body Experience)? If it was simply that, how come my body was not riddled with bullet holes when I returned to it? They had no answer to that retort. Was what I went through a rebirth of some sort? I suppose it could have been described in that way. I learned that some of the Marines who witnessed me shooting the NVA soldiers and being shot back and who definitely


saw me hit by bullets in the in the rice field on that morning of June 14th, 1973, had noticed a sort of blueish halo hanging over me which seemed, at times, to encase my body. It wasn’t smoke from the machine-gun so what was it? I had no idea what it was and had not been aware of it. From other regressive hypnosis sessions, it was revealed that the Vietnam incident wasn’t the only time I had fought in a war. I had fought many battles in many life times through the ages. Most of these had been fought too long into the past to be checked but my childhood game I used to play of ‘civil war’ when I had told her I was Ben Canfield had been reported by her and this was delved into through a regression hypnotic session. I gave a lot of details. These were investigated by CIA agents who found them to be correct. They also checked whether anyone else had made enquiries into Ben Canfield and found no-one had. They found a photograph of Ben Canfield which no-one had seen for decades and, without being shown it, I was asked to describe myself when I was him. The description I gave was a good match. All this raised other questions like, even if I had been him in a past life, how did I know his corpse had been discovered where it had originally been buried by the fence and then reburied at the Gettysburg cemetery? This went beyond reincarnation. All I could say was that I instinctively knew but I didn’t know how. The important fact was that I was right. I was also asked what was it about battles and war that I seemed to have been attracted to in my various incarnations? Maybe it was my Father’s way of educating me about life and death and mankind’s warlike ways. Why was I sometimes killed and other times survived? My answer to that was in this current life I had a special purpose for being here and so I couldn’t die before I had fulfilled it. Whatever answers I gave, always led to more questions. I thought my Ben Canfield account proved reincarnation happened pretty conclusively but that was not enough for the CIA. How does it happen? Why does it happen? Does it happen to everyone? I understood their curiosity


Project Aquarius.

but I didn’t know the answers. Maybe, there are certain things it is best mankind doesn’t know. Mankind has a far from admirable track record of using knowledge in the best interest of his species. Some of my reincarnation reports were sent to a man named Dr. Ian Stevenson who, at the time, was studying many past life cases. From his English home, he gave his professional opinion that it was very likely true and more study should be done on me. I was regressed further back to other lives. These were also investigated as much as they could be and the life stories I described were always found to be true. Other respected leaders had had similar experiences. General Patton believed he was the reincarnated soul of Hannibal. In World War 2, General Patton used a military manoeuvre called ‘Double Envelopment’ to defeat the Germans in the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. Hannibal had used the very same tactic to win one of his battles. Of course, this one incident isn’t proof the two military men were one and the same - far from it. Patten could easily have read up on, and copied, Hannibal’s clever tactic. However, that case is interesting. The other Star Seeds also seemed to have lived past lives and the facts they claimed checked out too. Skeptics believe that these apparent past lives draw on details from long forgotten history lessons, museums visited, books the person might have read or movies or documentaries they might have watched. Then, hypnotised individuals unconsciously combine this information with their own imaginations, living out the fantasy on a subconsciousness level. Yet the knowledge that we were showing was being verified, along with details that we were highly unlikely to have ever been exposed to. To many at Langley, even previous doubters, our extracted memories of a previous existence proved the concept of reincarnation beyond reasonable doubt. That was quite an achievement and one I am proud of.


I had several premonitions during my time working for Project Aquarius. These were foreboding scenarios that I had either seen in my mind or been told. Some of these have now come true as you’ll know from reading the session transcripts. Like my Kennedy assassination prediction, the CIA took no preventative action. They simply filed my predictions away and waited for them to happen. In most