My Life of Language a Memoir 9781944838140, 9781944838157, 1944838155

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Table of contents :
""Title Page""
""Copyright Page""
""Introduction for Parents""
""Part One: Making Sense of a Silent World""
""Chapter 1: A New Plan""
""Chapter 2: The Language of Life""
""Chapter 3: Doing What Works""
""Chapter 4: Band of Brothers""
""Chapter 5: Keeping the Faith""
""Chapter 6: Practical Matters""
""Part Two: School Days in St. Louis""
""Chapter 1: Leaving Home""
""Chapter 2: Turning the Page""
""Chapter 3: The Year of Terror""
""Chapter 4: Humor and Hurts""
""Chapter 5: Expecting the Best"" ""Part Three: The Times They Were A-Changin'""""Chapter 1: The Ugly Side""
""Chapter 2: Communication Choices""
""Chapter 3: Lessons on Life and Death""
""Chapter 4: The University of Life""
""Part Four: Preparing for a Hearing World""
""Chapter 1: The Struggle for Independence""
""Chapter 2: Language, Language, Language""
""Chapter 3: Role Models ""
""Chapter 4: Adventures in Scouting""
""Chapter 5: New Skills and Old Blocks""
""Part 5: A New Life at Lincoln""
""Chapter 1: Into the Mainstream""
""Chapter 2: My Teachers""
""Chapter 3: Surviving Schoolwork"" ""Chapter 4: Dance Moves""""Chapter 5: Communication Challenges""
""Chapter 6: Teaching the Hearing""
""Part Six: On My Way""
""Chapter 1: A New Start""
""Chapter 2: Making Sense of the Social Life""
""Chapter 3: Educating the Ignorant""
""Chapter 4: More Communication Challenges""
""Chapter 5: Accepting Yourself""
""Chapter 6: A Matter of Perspecive""
""Chapter 7: The Future Beckons""
""Part Seven: Antioch""
""Chapter 1: Human Connection""
""Chapter 2: Letting Go""
""Chapter 3: Taking the Initiative""
""Chapter 4: Motivated to Succeed""
""Chapter 5: A New Path"" ""Part Eight: Lasting Impact""""Chapter 1: Joining the Ranks""
""Chapter 2: Answers""
""Chapter 3: Pushing Through""
""Chapter 4: The Naive Professor""
""Chapter 5: Becoming Savvy""
""Chapter 6: Home""

My Life of Language a Memoir
 9781944838140, 9781944838157, 1944838155

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