Micromastery: 39 Little Skills to Help You Find Happiness 9780241280058, 0241280058

'Micromastery is a triumph. I read it with delight, and instantly vowed to put more conviction into the latest thin

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Table of contents :

What is Micromastery?

Inside a Micromastery

Dynamic Learning

Locate Hidden Micromasteries (they are everywhere)

Help Yourself

Multiple Micromastery and Synergy

Polymathic Paradise

Creativity Explosion

Micromastery Central

1 Do a Line Sketch That Looks Creditable

2 Do an Eskimo Roll

3 Find the Depth of a Well or a Deep Hole

4 Chop Through a Log (or Even a Tree)

5 Learn How to Climb a Rope

6 Surf Standing Up

7 Talk for Fifteen Minutes about Any Subject

8 Lay a Brick Wall

9 Write Dialogue

10 Make a Clay Skull

11 Bake Excellent Artisan Bread

12 Make a Sword Hum Through the Air

13 Make String from Nettles

14 Sing Solo, Even if You are Tone Deaf

15 Master the Bench Press

16 Learn ‘La Marseillaise’

17 Do a Football Elastico

18 Build a Superstack of Wood

19 Develop a Film Using Coffee and Salt

20 Do a High-Speed-Getaway J-Turn

21 Make Sushi … That Actually Looks and Tastes Like Sushi

22 Tell a Story That Will Enthral Any Child

23 Immobilize Someone with an Aikido Hold

24 Juggle Four Balls

25 Master the Three-Card Trick

26 Grow a Bonsai Tree

27 Make a Perfect Soufflé Every Time

28 Make a Perfect Cube of Wood

29 Mix a Delightful Daiquiri

30 Walk the Tango Walk

31 Make Fire by Rubbing Two Sticks Together

32 Make Your Handwriting Beautiful

33 Micromaster Bargaining

34 Hone a Kitchen Knife so That It is Razor Sharp

35 Lead a Small Group in the Wilderness

36 Learn to Read Japanese in Three Hours

37 Become a Street Photographer

38 Brew Delicious Craft Beer

39 Make Your Own Shirt

Micromaster Your Life

Permission to be Interested

Your Many Selves

Punk Micromastery

Micromastery vs Global Pessimism


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Micromastery: 39 Little Skills to Help You Find Happiness
 9780241280058, 0241280058

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