Mastermind questions and answers: a manual of methodology 9786010408814

The manual of methodology contains questions and answers on grammar, vocabulary. This manual is written in a convenient

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Mastermind questions and answers: a manual of methodology

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А. Zh. Zhaparova


Almaty «Kazakh University» 2014

UDC 811. 111 (075.8) LBC 81. 2 англ - 923 Zh 97 Recommended for publication by the Science Committee of Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages and Publishing Council of al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Reviewers:  Candidate of Philological science, docent R.M. Tayeva Candidate of Philological science, docent U.B. Serikbayeva Candidate of Philological science, docent Kh.A. Nurkhodzhayeva

Zh 97

Zhaparova A.Zh. Mastermind questions and answers: a manual of methodology/ A.Zh. Zhaparova. – Almaty: Kazakh University, 2014. – 106 p. ISBN 978-601-04-0881-4 The manual of methodology contains questions and answers on grammar, vocabulary. This manual is written in a convenient form, from the level of Elementary to the Advanced level. In order to develop oral communication skills, students and foreign language learners are given different situational questions on various topics, such as: dating, meeting, sports, interests, hobbies, and more. The manual consists of 2 parts: the first part is aimed at a general knowledge of many sciences, and the second one is devoted to the individual and specialized questions on narrow topics, such as, Films and TV, Food, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music and Sport. The manual has a large number of thematic issues and responses to them, this is done in order to test students’ knowledge and expand their horizons, not only their language skills, but also in other sectors of our lives. The book contains interesting and useful information on various topics. It will be useful for anyone who wants to enhance the level of English, and will also help maintain their interest in learning English.

UDC 811. 111 (075.8) LBC 81. 2 англ - 923 ISBN 978-601-04-0881-4

© Zhaparova A.Zh., 2014 ©KazNU after al-Farabi, 2014


The manual of methodology is intended to develop mental abilities of a person, to expand students’ horizons, to be aware of significant and important aspects in each of the sectors, such as: art, chemistry, literature, geography, history, etc. The given manual improves thinking in English in both groups, students of Russian and Kazakh departments. The work is a manual of methodology and in accordance with it, consists of questions and answers on various areas. This work includes two parts, the first part presents issues named Word Up questions on grammar, vocabulary, general knowledge to verify not only the language as a whole, but also in other areas; and the second one includes the individual, specialized issues, for example: Animals, Art, Biology, Chemistry, as well as correct and right answers to the above questions. Besides all this, the author skillfully shows different situational, thematic issues for the development of spoken language among students. A guideline contains the most common scientific and technical vocabulary in English, which will contribute to the enrichment of the vocabulary of the students. The apparent advantage of the work is included various and diverse questions and answers. They are modern, taken from the original sources and cover different research areas. They contain essential and useful information on a variety of topics. This will allow students, undergraduates and researchers use this guide regardless of their specialty, as well as promote and maintain their interest in learning English.

Word up questions


1. How old _ _ _ you? 2. He works   _ _   a company. 3. Look  _ _   the picture, please 4. Where are you _ _ _ _?. 5. Excuse me, can you _ _ _ _ me the time, please?. 6. The time is five minutes   _ _ _ _  eight. 7. Marisol is _ _ work. VOCABULARY 1. It is the opposite of ‘bad’. 2. Write the nationality, if the country is Thailand 3. The plural form of this word «child» 4. The early part of the day 5. What can you do with a pen? 6. A kind of vegetable. 7. The sister of your mother or father.

(3 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (4 letters) (4 letters) (2 letters) g _______ T _______ c _______ m_______ w _______ p _______ a _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What is the capital of China? a) Moscow b) Beijing c) Cairo 2. Who works in a hospital? a) a nurse b) a flight attendant c) a waitress 3. Are you here on holiday? a) Yes, I am b) No, thank you c) Yes, please 4. Which is the slowest animal here? a) a tortoise b) a tiger c) a fox



5. Find a flower among them a) dragonfly b) deer 6. Beef is meat from a) a cow b) a horse 7. Tick the thing below you do at home a) to catch the bus b) to have dinner

c) daisy c) a rabbit c) to ride a bicycle

ELEMENTARY LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. are 2. in 3. at 4. from 5. tell /show 6. past 7. at

VOCABULARY 1. good 2. Thai 3. children 4. morning / morn 5. write 6. potato 7. aunt

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. b) Beijing 2. a) a nurse 3. a) Yes, I am 4. a) a tortoise 5. c) daisy 6. a) a cow 7. b) to have dinner

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. What is your surname? 2. How do you spell that? 3. What is your first name? 4. What is your full name? 5. What is your middle name? 6. What nationality are you? 7. What is your age? 8. Where are you from? 9. What is your job? 10. Are you married? 11. Are you single? 12. What is your address? 13. What is your mobile number? 14. What is your home number? 15. What is your work number? 16. What do you usually do in your spare time? 17. Do you take up sport? 18. Do you cycle?

Word up questions

ELEMENTARY LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. What _ _ your occupation? 2. Yes, _ _ course 3. That thing is over _ _ _ _ _. 4. Have you got a _ _ _ _ _ _ card? 5. Excuse me, what page are we _ _? 6. What is the English word _ _ _ this? 7. At last we are _ _ holiday.

(2 letters) (2 letters) (5 letters) (6 letters) (2 letters) (3 letters) (2 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. Comfortable c _______ 2. Cash, coins, banknote m _______ 3. Not the same d _______ 4. I am fond of eating Mexican f_______ 5. Intelligent, smart c______ 6. Leisure activity c _______ 7. A film m______ MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. It is very hot. Can you a) Open the window, b) Take your seat, c) Open your book, please? please? please? 2. A doctor, who performs operations a) a hospitalist b) an allergist c) a surgeon 3. What do you say when someone is having dinner or lunch? a) Enjoy your meal! b) Happy New Year! c) Safe journey! 4. Which one is the precious stone? a) diamond b) marble c) granite 5. Which is the highest? a) a hill b) a mountain c) a steppe 6. A place, where many kinds of animals are kept so that people can see them a) zoo b) cinema c) theatre 7. Find a musical instrument here a) a pear b) a violin c) a doll




ELEMENTARY LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD CROSSWORD MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. is 1. cozy, convenient 1. a) open the window, please? 2. of 2. money 2. c) a surgeon 3. there 3. different 3. a) Enjoy your meal! 4. credit 4. food 4. a) diamond 5. on 5. clever 5. b) a mountain 6. for 6. cooking, cycling 6. a) zoo 7. on 7. movie 7. b) a violin ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. How are you? 2. How is your mood? 3. What are you doing now? 4. Is the sun shining at the moment? 5. Do you have a pet? 6. What is your zip code? 7. What is your e-mail address? 8. Do you study English every day? 9. Do you surf the Internet? 10. How many brothers and sisters do you have? 11. What is your favorite color? 12. What kind of food do you like best? 13. What did you do last Friday? 14. When is your birthday? 15. Were you born and raised here? 16. What do you do for a living? 17. Do you always do your homework? 18. How often do you use the Internet?

Word up questions

ELEMENTARY LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. The color of banana is _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. My niece is 5 years _ _ _ 3. A boxer is a type _ _ dog. 4. You look pale. You should _ _ _ a doctor. 5. Swimming is very _ _ _ _ _ _ for your health. 6. Can you write it _ _ the board, please? 7. She eats a lot _ _ chocolate.

(6 letters) (3 letters) (2 letters) (3 letters) (6 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. The opposite of kind 2. Season. 3. A box in which food, drink is kept cool by means of ice 4. A very short piece of time 5. Apartment 6. Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish 7. A purse

a _______ w _______ r _______ s_______ f_____ l_______ w______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What are doves and swans? a) birds b) animals c) insects 2. A place, where you can find and read literary materials, such as books, newspapers, periodicals a) a canteen b) a library c) a museum 3. What do you say when someone sneezes? a) Bless you! b) Get well soon! c) Keep the change! 4. One who sells meat a) a baker b) a butcher c) a shopkeeper 5. The deepest lake in the world a) Lake Baikal b) Lake Michigan c) Great Bear Lake 6. Which is an adverb of frequency here? a) fast b) quick c) always 7. Collection of flowers a) a flower bouquet b) a pot-flower c) a tree




ELEMENTARY LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. yellow 2. old 3. of 4. see 5. useful 6. on 7. of

CROSSWORD 1. angry 2. winter 3. refrigerator 4. second 5. flat 6. languages 7. wallet

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) birds 2. b) a library 3. a) Bless you! 4. b) a butcher 5. a) Lake Baikal 6. c) always 7. a) a flower bouquet

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Do you have any hobbies? 2. Do you enjoy reading? 3. Do you like music? 4. What will you do tomorrow? 5. Do you knit or sew? 6. How tall are you? 7. Why do you study English? 8. What do you do when you have a headache? 9. What are you wearing now? 10. What size shirt do you wear? 11. What do you regularly do in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening? 12. How do you come to university? 13. What other ways can you travel to university if you want to? 14. When do you usually watch TV? 15. Are you a cinema-goer? 16. Which things do you often carry in your bag? 17. What is your beloved day of the week? Why? 18. Do you spend a lot of time with your friends?

Word up questions

PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. The food was very _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. «Straight» is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of curly. 3. He prefers tea _ _ coffee. 4. Do not be angry _ _ _ _ me. 5. The plane flew _ _ _ _ the Pacific. 6. If you work hard, you will probably _ _ _ _ your exam. 7. Peter is keen _ _ boxing. VOCABULARY 1. What are the Niagara and the Victoria? 2. Schoolchild 3. It has flowers, steams, leaves and roots 4. A ruler, a pen, a pencil, an eraser 5. A thing that is used for protection from the sun and rain 6. Beige, turquoise, red, white 7. Suitcases or trunks, which contain personal belongings for a journey MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The smallest bird in the world a) a bee b) a nightingale hummingbird 2. Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? a) a poet b) a writer 3. The capital city of Brazil is a) Brasilia b) Edinburgh 4. What is Britain famous for? b) Royal family, tea a) music, movies drinking 5. Which river is in Kazakhstan? a) the Irtysh b) the Nile 6. Which one is the ordinal number? a) one b) the first 7. It is a positive adjective a) ambitious b) aggressive

(9 letters) (8 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (4 letters) (4 letters) (2 letters)

w_______ p _______ p _______ s_______ u_____ c_______ l______

c) an owl c) a composer c) Wellington c) fashion, science c) the Volga c) one and a half c) bossy




PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. delicious 2. opposite 3. to 4. with 5. over 6. pass 7. on

CROSSWORD MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. waterfalls 1. a) a bee hummingbird 2. pupil 2. c) a composer 3. plant 3. a) Brasilia 4. stationery 4. b) Royal family, tea drinking 5. umbrella 5. a) the Irtysh 6. colors 6. b) the first 7. luggage 7. a) ambitious ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS

1. What are you good at? 2. What are you bad at? 3. Do you like to watch adventure movies? 4. How often do you read books? 5. Do you like to go to bookstores? Why or why not? 6. What kind of books do you like to read? 7. Can you say 5 words in English starting with G? 8. Do you wear glasses? 9. How many friends do you have? 10. When did you start school? 11. What languages do you speak? 12. What do you hate doing? 13. What do you hate eating? 14. What time is it now? 15. What time do you wake up? 16. What time do you have breakfast? 17. What is 13 + 16? 18. Can you sing?

Word up questions

PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. His parents are proud _ _ him. 2. _ _ Monday Rebecca went to the cinema. 3. As _ _ _ _ as possible. 4. Rich people do not have _ _ work. 5. Do you have _ _ _ _ _ _ meat for this meat pie recipe? 6. Calm _ _ _ _, Bryan! There’s no need to cry and shout. 7. One can _ _ _ _ money, progress, a noise, an effort VOCABULARY 1. Perhaps, may be 2. Hair-dress 3. Refrigerator, ice-box 4. A pain in the stomach 5. A small piece of metal, usually flat and circular 6. Antonym to dependent 7. A building, where works of art are kept and displayed

(2 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (2 letters) (6 letters) (4 letters) (4 letters)

p_______ h _______ f _______ s_______ c_____ i_______ m______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Have you a) ever met anyone b) famous anyone met c) met ever famous famous? ever? anyone? 2. Which is heavier gold or silver? a) both of them b) gold c) silver 3. How many legs does a spider have? a) 8 b) 2 c) 4 4. A branch of science that deals with the study of birds a) ornithology b) ichthyology c) animal science 5. What does H2O imply? a) water b) air c) soil 6. The following city was the capital of our country (present Kazakhstan) from 1924 to 1929. a) Almaty b) Kyzylorda c) Semey 7. A phrase used in throwing a coin to decide a choice, question a) pros or cons? b) head or tail? c) for or against?




PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. of 2. on 3. soon 4. to 5.enough 6. down 7. make

CROSSWORD 1. possibly 2. hairdo 3. fridge 4. stomachache 5. coin 6. independent 7. museum

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) ever met anyone famous? 2. b) gold 3. a) 8 4. a) ornithology 5. a) water 6. b) Kyzylorda 7. b) head or tail?


Are you a good cook? Are you a vegetarian? Do you often eat out? I have a toothache. What should I do? Who raised you? Your parents or grandparents or another family member? 6. What is your favorite holiday? Why? 7. What kind of magazines do you like to read? 8. Are you a saver or a spender? 9. Do you have any siblings? 10. If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? 11. Do you look your age? 12. Do you look forward to your birthdays? 13. If you were a princess, what would you do? 14. What kind of jewelry do you like? 15. Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? 16. What are your plans for this weekend? 17. When is your date of birth? 18. How many hours of sleep do you have a day?

Word up questions

PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. _ _ _ _ do you prefer to study: in the morning or at night? (4 letters) 2. Marinette was born _ _ August 17th 1992 (2 letters) 3. Flowers _ _ _ _ _ wonderfully. (5 letters) 4. Their house _ _ _ 3 bedrooms. (3 letters) 5. There is a big carpet _ _ the floor of the living room. (2 letters) 6. If she is not in, I will call her _ _ _ _ later. (4 letters) 7. – Thank you. - Not _ _ all. (2 letters) VOCABULARY 1. A bag for carrying school supplies 2. Someone who has the same name like you 3. House 4. To help 5. Alike 6. Error 7. A 2-wheeled vehicle that a person rides by pushing on foot pedals

s_______ n _______ h _______ a_______ s_____ m_______ b______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What is the biggest state in the U.S.A.? a) Alaska b) Alabama c) Arisona 2. In which country was the 2012 Olympic Games be held? a) London, b) Paris, France c) Avignon, France England 3. How many strings does a violoncello have? a) 6 b) 2 c) 4 4. Who was prominent Abai Kunanbaev? b) Kazakh poet, composer, a) Kazakh chemist c) Kazakh sculptor philosopher 5. According to the proverb, what keeps a doctor away, if we eat it once a day? a) an orange b) an apple c) grapes 6. In which sport was Muhammad Ali the world champion? a) figure skating b) chess c) boxing 7. Which country has the biggest population? a) Russia b) India c) China




PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD CROSSWORD MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. when 1. schoolbag 1. a) Alaska 2. on 2. namesake 2. a) London, England 3. smell 3. home 3. c) 4 4. b) Kazakh poet, composer, 4. has 4. assist, aid philosopher 5.on 5. similar 5. b) an apple 6. back 6. mistake 6. c) boxing 7. at 7. bicycle 7. c) China ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Have you ever had a surprise party? 2. What is your best birthday memory? 3. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received? 4. Are you healthy? 5. Do you go for regular medical check-ups? 6. Do you have any allergies? 7. Do you use an alarm clock to wake up? 8. What is your favorite drink in the summer? 9. Do you know the meaning of your name? 10. What was the last thing you purchased? 11. What do you know about British food and weather? 12. Were you happy at school? 13. Did you like your school uniform? 14. Do you sometimes buy things that you don’t need? 15. Are you fond of home-made dish? 16. What is your beloved cuisine? 17. Have you ever had a bird as a pet? 18. How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

Word up questions

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. Currently it is very difficult to bring _ _ children. 2. I invited 10 people, but only 2 people turned _ _. 3. If you want, I can _ _ _ _ a lift, it is on my way home 4. Can I introduce you _ _ my brother? 5. I agree _ _ _ _ everything you have just said about. 6. Quit arguing _ _ _ _ her! 7. This 3-storeyed house belongs _ _ him.

(2 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (4 letters) (2 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. An Australian animal that moves by hopping 2. Huge 3. Slim 4. A tool for cutting wood. 5. A large, decorated light that hangs from a ceiling 6. An antonym to «backward» 7. An ornament worn on or hanging from the ear, the earlobe

k_______ e _______ s_______ s _______ c _______ f _______ e _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Another phrase for Watch out, Look out! a) Be careful! b) Be active! c) Be patient! 2. A young child, usually one between the ages of one and two and a half a) toddler b) infant c) baby 3. The famous building in Dubai a) Abu Simbel b) Burj Khalifa c) Etihad Tower 4. Any of various cold-blooded, usually egg-laying vertebrates of the class Reptilia, such as a snake, lizard, crocodile, turtle a) animals b) mammals c) reptiles 5. Any of different warm-blooded higher vertebrates that nourish their young with milk secreted by mammary glands a) mammals b) insects c) aquatic animals 6. He makes people laugh, smile, and get entertained a) a clown b) a playwright c) a juggler 7. The smallest island in the world a) Borneo b) Bishop Rock c) Sumatra




INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. up 2. up 3. give 4. to 5. with 6. with 7. to

VOCABULARY 1. kangaroo 2. enormous 3. slender 4. saw 5. chandelier 6. forward 7. earrings

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) Be careful! 2. a) toddler 3. b) Burj Khalifa 4. c) reptiles 5. a) mammals 6. a) a clown 7. b) Bishop Rock

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. What type of kid were you (e.g. spoiled, rebellious, well-behaved, quiet, obedient, obnoxious...)? 2. What was (is) your favorite subject? 3. What was (is) your least favorite subject? 4. Do you always carry a bag or purse? 5. What do you have in your bag or purse? 6. How heavy is your bag or purse? Have you lost it before? 7. Do you often buy a particular brand when you buy clothes? 8. Why do you buy this brand? 9. I am always late. What should I do? 10. I need a car but I don’t have enough money. What should I do? 11. Are you afraid of getting old? 12. Some people say that youth is a state of mind, do you agree? 13. Do you think being a pilot is a good job? Why or why not? 14. Do you enjoy takeoff / landing? 15. How regularly do you visit amusement parks? 16. What causes anger? 17. What makes you angry? 18. What is the best pet to own?

Word up questions

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. My teacher made me do extra _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. They would like to _ _ abroad. 3. What do you feel   _ _ _ _ _   his idea? 4. I have been to Japan, but I have   _ _ _ _ _   been to Spain. 5. You want to apply _ _ _ a job in engineering. 6. He asked _ _ _ help. 7. Del will be _ _ _ _ in two hours. VOCABULARY 1. The whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth 2. A favorite activity, like collecting stamps or coins. 3. The organ of the body in the head that controls functions, thoughts 4. The son of your brother or sister. 5. Ape 6. A chair, a bookcase, a desk, a cupboard 7. A woman who has just married or is about to be married

(8 letters) (2 letters) (5 letters) (5 letters) (3 letters) (3 letters) (4 letters) a _______ h _______ b _______ n _______ m _______ f_______ b _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The largest city in the entire world, where about 37,126,000 people live b) Jakarta, c) Seoul, South a) Tokyo, Japan Indonesia Korea 2. A persistent disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep a) dream b) nightmare c) insomnia 3. The world’s fastest land animal? a) a lion b) a tiger c) a cheetah 4. Who made important discoveries about the laws of gravity? a) Sir Winston Churchill b) Sir Isaac Newton c) Sir Elton John 5. ‘Big fish’ means a) an important or c) a lazy humanb) a healthy man powerful person being 6. How many full weeks are in a year? a) 52 b) 54 c) 55 7. You should blow your nose with a) a trumpet b) a table cloth c) a tissue




INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. hometask/ homework 2. go 3. about 4. never



1. atmosphere

1. a) Tokyo, Japan

2. hobby 3. brain 4. nephew

2. c) insomnia 3. c) a cheetah 4. b) Sir Isaac Newton 5. a) an important or powerful person 6. a) 52 7. c) a tissue

5. for

5. monkey

6. for 7. back

6. furniture 7. bride

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Have you ever been abroad? 2. Do you have a driver’s license? 3. Have you ever been on an airplane? 4. What airlines have you flown with? 5. What country do you most want to visit? 6. Why do people travel? 7. Which countries have you travelled to? 8. How often do you eat at a fast-food restaurant? 9. What kind of beverages do you usually drink? 10. How do you call an ambulance? 11. What is the phone number for the police in Kazakhstan? 12. I feel sad. What should I do to lift my mood? 13. When you travel by plane, which do you prefer: an aisle or window seat? 14. What is the most dangerous sport? Why? 15. Who do you call most often? 16. What’s your favorite season and why? 17. In your point of view, which season is the most beautiful? 18. How many parts of your body can you name?

Word up questions

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. I won’t _ _ _ with you. You always win. 2. Beware _ _ the dog! 3. The robbers broke _ _ at night. 4. This spray protects you _ _ _ _ mosquitoes. 5. The movie is based _ _ the novel by Jane Austen. 6. He is _ _ _ _ computers. 7. How much do you charge _ _ _ a room? VOCABULARY 1. A male ruler of a country who usually inherits his position 2. The fairy-tale character who escapes from a life of drudgery and marries a prince 3. A contest that ends with the same score; an undecided competition 4. The part of a plant that grows underground 5. A black-and-white bird that cannot fly, that lives in or near the Antarctic 6. Raspberry, strawberry, currant, gooseberry 7. A large and impressive house

(3 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (3 letters) k _______ C _______ d _______ r _______ p _______ b_______ m _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The first president of the USA a) George Washington b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson 2. What is the national tree of England? It symbolizes strength and endurance. a) oak tree b) pine tree c) white poplar 3. What is the longest river in the world? It is 6, 650 km long and drains an area of 3, 349, 000 square km. a) The Mississippi b) The River Nile c) The Amazon 4. According to the English proverb, what is little knowledge? a) a good thing b) a wonderful thing c) a dangerous thing 5. A period of warm weather in late autumn or early winter a) Indian summer b) English summer c) Australian summer 6. Find the right answer to this riddle. What has three hands but only one face? a) a teapot b) a clock c) scissors 7. Where do frogs and toads live? a) rivers, ponds, streams b) volcanoes c) valleys




INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. bet 2. of 3. in 4. from 5. on 6. into 7. for

VOCABULARY 1. king 2. Cinderella 3. draw 4. root 5. penguin 6. berries 7. mansion

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) George Washington 2. a) oak tree 3. b) The River Nile 4. c) a dangerous thing 5. a) Indian summer 6. b) a clock 7. a) rivers, ponds, streams

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Have you ever been late for class? 2. How do you treat a cold? 3. How do you judge a person? 4. What was the date yesterday? 5. Are you good at dancing the waltz? 6. Would you rather live in an apartment building or a house? 7. How do you make a snowman? 8. Would you ever give money to a charity? 9. Would you ever marry someone your parents didn’t approve of? 10. What do you do to feel calmer, more tranquil? 11. How peaceful are you? 12. What are three wishes you have for your life? 13. Why are wishes very important to people? 14. Who is the greatest actress? 15. Is it okay to tell white lies? 16. Are white lies good or bad? 17. When was the last time you swam? 18. When did you first drive a car?

Word up questions

UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. Has he recovered _ _ _ _ his illness yet? (4 letters) 2. A secretary will provide you _ _ _ _ more information (4 letters) if you need it. 3. We are out _ _ sugar. (2 letters) 4. It depends _ _ the weather.

(2 letters)

5. He insists _ _ selling the house. 6. A babysitter looks _ _ _ _ _ the children when their mother is at work. 7. Butter is made _ _ _ _ milk.

(2 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. The act of practicing in preparation for a performance 2. A large animal with one or two humps on its back 3. Kazakh national musical instrument 4. An usual mark that is present on the skin from the time when someone is born 5. A looking glass 6. Boxer, Bulldog, Labrador, Pekingese, Poodle, Terrier 7. A device that performs arithmetic operations on numbers

(5 letters) (4 letters) r_______ c _______ d _______ b_______ m _______ d_______ c _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A South Korean multinational electronics company a) LG b) Sony c) Siemens 2. The national symbol of Canada a) apple leaf b) maple leaf c) pear leaf 3. «As easy as pie» stands for a) very easy b) very tasty c) very sweet 4. Where did Tango come from? a) Latin America b) Argentina c) Cuba




5. The highest mountain in the world a) Mount Everest b) Mount Makalu c) Mount Lhotse 6. The largest island in Japan a) Kyushu b) Hokkaido c) Honshu 7. Some pleasant event in the future, which is never likely to materialize. a) «Jam tomorrow» b) «Take the cake» c) «Blue-plate special» UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. from 2. with 3. of 4. on 5. on 6. after 7. from

VOCABULARY 1. rehearsal 2. camel 3. dombira 4. birthmark 5. mirror 6. dog 7. calculator

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) LG 2. b) maple leaf 3. a) very easy 4. b) Argentina 5. a) Mount Everest 6. c) Honshu 7. a) «Jam tomorrow»

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. What would you do if you won a lottery? 2. If the whole world were listening, what would you say? 3. What gifts do guests usually give to the bride and groom? 4. What is your favorite winter activity? 5. Do you want to become a soldier? 6. Do you think women should be soldiers? 7. Why do people volunteer? 8. Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian? 9. Have you ever met people from the USA? 10. Do you like Hollywood movies? 11. What are some qualities of a good student? 12. Do you think that dreams can help us solve problems? 13. Do you believe there is life on other planets? 14. Is unemployment a great problem where you live now? 15. Do you feel nervous or relaxed and confident at job interviews? 16. Can you name two things you need every day? 17. What are two things that scare you? 18. Have you ever been in a difficult situation while traveling?

Word up questions

UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. How much do I _ _ _ you for the book?

(3 letters)

2. His illness prevented him _ _ _ _ coming to the meeting. (4 letters) 3. This town reminds me _ _ my hometown.

(2 letters)

4. Coal was replaced _ _ electricity.

(2 letters)

5. I ran _ _ _ _ an old friend yesterday.

(4 letters)

6. He takes _ _ _ _ _ his father in appearance.

(5 letters)

7. Translate this passage _ _ _ _ Korean.

(4 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. Synonym to significant, key, vital 2. The red liquid that flows through the bodies of people and animals 3. He operates or is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight 4. A coat that you wear when it rains in order to stay dry 5. A swan, a swallow, a crane, an owl, a lark 6. Something that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement 7. One skilled in keeping several objects in motion in the air at the same time by alternatively tossing and catching them

i_______ b_______ p_______ r_______ b_______ a_______ j_______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Whose quote is it? «Listen to many, speak to a few» a) William Shakespeare b) S. Maugham c) George Orwell 2. An observation: anything that can go wrong will go wrong a) James’ law b) Murphy’s law c) Jack’s law 3. Very similar individuals or things a) «Two’s company» b) «Make it two» c) «Two of a kind» 4. «Keep your chin up» implies a) Remain cheerful in a b) Be happy c) Be healthy difficult situation 5. How do you call a baby lion? a) a calf b) a cub c) a kitten




6. A group of chicken a) a sloth b) a herd 7. The biggest fish in the world a) Swordfish b) Whale shark

c) a flock c) Ocean Sunfish

UPPER INTERMEDIATE (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. owe 2. from 3. of 4. by 5. into 6. after 7. into

VOCABULARY 1. important 2. blood 3. pilot 4. raincoat 5. bird 6. advertisement 7. juggler

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) William Shakespeare 2. b) Murphy’s law 3. c) «Two of a kind» 4. a) Remain cheerful in a difficult situation 5. b) a cub 6. c) a flock 7. b) Whale shark

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Do you think tourism will harm the earth? 2. Do you always wear a seat belt? 3. If public transportation were free, would you use it more? 4. How do you feel about spending time in rush hours? 5. Have you ever been to a trade show? 6. Do you usually leave a tip? 7. Can you think of jobs where tipping is an important part of the salary? 8. Do you think time moves slowly or quickly? 9. Are you a «night owl» or an «early bird»? 10. If time travel were possible, which period would you like to return to? Why? 11. If you could stop time, what would you do and why? 12. Do you manage time, or does time manage you? 13. Do you think you manage your time wisely? 14. Does waiting for something bother you? 15. Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone? Why? 16. What are the positive and negative effects of texting? 17. Can you tell me about gambling? 18. What kind of entertainment do children like?

Word up questions

UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. One member voted _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the resolution. 2. He warned me _ _ _ _ _ the danger there. 3. Nobody responded _ _ my complaint. 4. If you make much noise I can’t concentrate _ _ my work. 5. She wrote a letter _ _ the director. 6. The storm eased _ _ _ a little. 7. What exactly is he getting _ _?

(7 letters) (5 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (3 letters) (2 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. Antonym to majority 2. A person who makes bread 3. A tool that has a heavy metal head attached to a handle and that is used for hitting nails or breaking things apart 4. A poppy, a chamomile, a rose, a tulip 5. Sparkling, glittering 6. A large boat used for travelling long distances over the sea 7. A soldier in the past who had a high social rank

m_______ b _______ h_______ f_______ b _______ b_______ k _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A person who is unfairly blamed for something that others have done a) «Small fish» b) «Scapegoat» c) «Reynard» 2. People who are similar in character a) «birds of a feather» b) «headlong» c) «pretty often» 3. Marked by a lack of neatness or order; untidy a) «sloppy» b) «shaggy» c) «spiky» 4. Legendary killer a) Jack the Ripper b) Jackson c) Jack Rose 5. Which one is the flower? a) Jack-in-the-pulpit b) Jack in the box c) Jackdow 6. A peninsula in the Philippines a) Bicol b) Ceuta c) Sinai 7. A person who has many skills, who can do many different jobs a) «Jack-of-all trades» b) «Jack Adams» c) «Jack Brag»




UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. against 2. about 3. to 4. on 5. to 6. off 7. at

VOCABULARY 1. minority 2. baker 3. hammer 4. flower 5. bright, blazing 6. advertisement 7. knight

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. b) «Scapegoat» 2. a) «birds of a feather» 3. a) «sloppy» 4. a) Jack the Ripper 5. a) Jack-in-the-pulpit 6. a) Bicol 7. a) «Jack-of-all trades»

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Could you live without your mobile phone? 2. Would you like to study for an MA or PhD? 3. Are there many abbreviations and acronyms in your language? 4. Do you know any awards for movies? 5. Are you accident prone? 6. Do you think actors get paid too much money? 7. Who are the top actors in your country? 8. What comes to mind when you hear the word “adolescence”? 9. Is adolescence generally regarded as a good or happy time? 10. Do you like adventure? 11. Is life a good adventure? 12. Which of these things would you like on an adventure: danger, romance,speed? 13. Are you an adventurous person? 14. Do you prefer advertisements on TV, on the radio, the Internet or in the street? 15. Which companies produce the best ads? 16. What is Africa famous for? 17. Do you think there are aliens somewhere in the universe? 18. What do you think aliens look like?

Word up questions

ADVANCED LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD 1. I saw a wonderful painting _ _ Van Gogh. 2. His belief _ _ not harming animals was something he learned from his mother. 3. His dedication _ _ teaching was impressive. 4. The delay _ _ processing the visa caused problems. 5. His addiction _ _ surfing the Internet is a problem. 6. He has the advantage _ _ speaking English fluently. 7. His fear _ _ flying made travel difficult. VOCABULARY 1. Nutrimental, nourishing 2. Fiancé 3. Husband 4. A turnip, a radish, a pumpkin, an onion 5. Elm, birch, willow, lime, cypress, aspen, mountain ash, sequoia 6. Pink salmon, shark, plaice, carp, bream, perch, pike 7. Allergy, anemia, quinsy, asthma, anorexia

(2 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters)

n_______ b_______ s_______ v______ t _______ f_______ i _______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.A condition in which someone is too fat in a way that  is dangerous for health a) Obesity b) Burn c) Fracture 2. A children’s game in which everyone hides from one player who tries to find them a) hide and seek b) hideaways c) hideout 3. A round, red fruit that has a thick skin and many large seeds a) pawpaw b) pomegranate c) avocado 4. A bluish-green color a) cerise b) chestnut c) turquoise




5. A poisonous mushroom usually having a red, orange cap with white gills a) Fly agaric b) toadstool c) brown cap boletus 6. What does acronym NATO stand for? a) North Atlantic b) No Action c) Not Another Time Out Treaty Organization Talk Only 7. Roe, Red, Chinese Water Deer, Fallow, Sika are breeds of a) goat b) deer c) sheep ADVANCED LEVEL (SAMPLE 1) MISSING WORD VOCABULARY 1. by 1. nutritious 2. in 2. bridegroom 3. to 3. spouse 4. in 4. vegetable 5. to 5. tree 6. of 6. fish 7. of 7. illness

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) Obesity 2. a) hide and seek 3. b) pomegranate 4. c) turquoise 5. a) Fly agaric 6. a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization 7. b) deer

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Can people be cured of allergies? 2. What are your thoughts on traditional Chinese medicine? 3. Which countries in the world have the best medicines? 4. Do you think that wearing uniforms to school is a good idea? 5. Should teenagers work? Why or why not? 6. Can you talk about three things you like about yourself? 7. Can you talk about three things you dislike about yourself? 8. Can you recall any strange or unexplained events in your life? 9. Do you think stress is ever good, useful, or necessary? 10. Do you like being busy? 11. How do you deal with stress? 12. Do certain colors make you feel happier? 13. What is the difference between stereotypes and prejudices? 14. How are various nationalities stereotyped? 15. Are stereotypes offensive? 16. How do they feel about the exam? 17. Do you have standardized exams for students in your country? 18. Do you have a Facebook page?

Word up questions

ADVANCED LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. Her fondness _ _ _ traveling led to her career in the travel industry. 2. Her knowledge _ _ climbing helped her during the competition. 3. I don’t know if I believe his story _ _ _ _ _ seeing a UFO. 4. His love _ _ singing developed when he was a child. 5. I broke the vase _ _mistake. 6. I fell in love _ _ _ _ my wife at first sight. 7. Their need _ _ _ money is growing fast.

(3 letters) (2 letters) (5 letters) (2 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (3 letters)

VOCABULARY 1. Monitor lizard, chipmunk, bison, hare, rat a_______ 2. Gambling, domino, draughts, dice, bowling g_______ 3. King, queen, ace, Jack or Knave, spades, hearts c_______ 4. Buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal, pearl barley, millet c______ 5. Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si n _______ 6. Cordial, lemonade, stout, juice, water, milk b_______ 7. Thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger f _______ MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Surgery to make a person’s face look younger, such as by removing wrinkles a) Face-lift b) Face time c) Face palm 2. What is the national currency in Kazakhstan? a) tenge b) dollar c) euro 3. When did Astana become the capital of Kazakhstan? b) 10th December c) 10th January a) 10th November 1997 1997 1998 4. The largest continent in the world (43,820,000 sq km, 29.5%) a) Asia b) Antarctica c) Australia 5. Someone who breaks in and steals from a private house a) a burglar b) a robber c) a shoplifter




6. Someone who steals from you in the street, often without your noticing a) a pickpocket b) a mugger c) a thief 7. Kazakh National cuisine c) Pizza and a) kazy, karta, shuzhuk, zhal, b) Baati, Dal, zhaya Paratha Spaghetti ADVANCED LEVEL (SAMPLE 2) MISSING WORD 1. for 2. of 3. about 4. of 5. by 6. with 7. for

VOCABULARY 1. animal 2. game 3. card 4. cereals 5. note 6. beverages 7. finger

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a) Face-lift 2. a) tenge 3. b) 10th December 1997 4. a) Asia 5. a) a burglar 6. a) a pickpocket 7. a) kazy, karta, shuzhuk, zhal, zhaya

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS What new sports would you like to try? How are sports beneficial to you? What are some good points about social networking? Have you ever known someone with an addiction? What springs to mind when you hear the word «ambition»? What is the difference between an ambition and a dream? Are an angry person? «For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness». Right? 9. What animal are you most fascinated by? 10. What animal best represents your character? 11. If animals could speak, what do you think they would say to humans? 12. What is your star sign? 13. Do you know all the signs of the zodiac in English? 14. Where is nature at its most beautiful – the mountains, oceans, deserts, beaches? 15. Do you respect your mother tongue or native language? 16. What techniques do you use to remember vocabulary? 17. How many languages do you speak fluently? 18. Do you have a pen-friend? If yes, what languages do they speak? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Word up questions

ADVANCED LEVEL (SAMPLE 3) MISSING WORD 1. I picked _ _ _ three sweaters for you to try on. 2. My plane takes _ _ _ in five minutes. 3. I brought you some flowers to cheer you _ _. 4. The art of origami comes _ _ _ _ Asia. 5. The phone company cut _ _ _ our phone because we didn’t pay the bill. 6. It’s a fancy restaurant so we have to dress _ _. 7. Jesse has been going _ _ _ with Bob since they met. VOCABULARY 1. Kazakh, Russian, Australian, Greek, Czech, Georgian 2. Windcheater, raincoat, jacket, pullover, fur coat 3. A notary public, an interpreter, an architect, a dietician 4. A reference work that contains much information 5. A pot that is used for making and serving tea 6. Abdomen, brain, heart, kidney, liver, lungs, digestive tract 7. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus

(3 letters) (3 letters) (2 letters) (4 letters) (3 letters) (2 letters) (3 letters) n_______ c_______ p_______ e______ t _______ o_______ p_______

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The waterfalls in England a) Black Lynn, b) Grand, Lower c) Niagara Falls Horseshoe Falls 2. The largest Predatory Fish in the ocean a) piranha b) white shark c) perch 3. An amusement park in which landscaping, buildings, and attractions are based on one or more specific themes, as jungle wildlife, fairy tales. a) theme park b) fair c) exhibition 4. How England’s weather can be summed up in two words? a) hot and dry b) cold and severe c) mild and varied 5. The prominent Kazakh artist, the author of «The Turksib» a) Abylkhan Kasteyev b) Nikolay Ge c) Ural Tansykbaev




6. An area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees. a) an orchard b) valley c) steppe 7. The biggest reserve in Kazakhstan, the total area of it is 56,078 hectares. a) Burabay National b) The Naurzum c) West-Altai State Nature Park Reserve Nature Reserve Nature Reserve MISSING WORD 1. out 2. off 3. up 4. from 5. off 6. up 7. out

(ADVANCED 3) VOCABULARY MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. nationality 1. a) Black Lynn, Horseshoe Falls 2. clothes 2. b) white shark 3. profession 3. a) theme park 4. encyclopedia 4. c) mild and varied 5. teapot 5. a) Abylkhan Kasteyev 6. organ 6. a) an orchard 7. c) West-Altai State Nature 7. planet Reserve

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1. Do you think diets are useful or not? 2. What are good and bad points of using computers? 3. Have you ever used a translation service? 4. What is the age for mandatory retirement in your country? 5. What would be a perfect retirement for you? 6. What types of take out food do you enjoy eating? 7. Have you ever worked with wallpaper? 8. Are you photogenic? 9. Are you a camera-shy? 10. Do you think you have an unusual personality? Why? 11. Are you a determined person? Are you a stubborn person? 12. Would you like to be different? 13. What personality traits do you consider important in a good friend / a boss ? 14. What is a daydream? 15. Would you prefer being a newscaster or a journalist? 16. Does your community welcome strangers? 17. Do you have a film industry in your country?

II Division

Animal questions

and answers

Animal questions 1. What food makes up nearly all (around 99%) of a Giant Panda’s diet? 2. True or false? Mice live for up to 10 years. 3. What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of spiders? 4. What is the largest type of «big cat» in the world? 5. True or false? Crocodiles have no sweat glands so they use their mouths to release heat. 6. Are butterflies insects? 7. What are female elephants called? 8. True or false? Bats are mammals. 9. Bees are found on every continent of earth except for one, which is it? 10. True or false? Cats spend an average of 13 to 14 hours a day sleeping. 11. What is the fastest land animal in the world? 12. A «doe» is what kind of animal? 13. True or false? Cougar’s are herbivores. 14. Groups of lions are known as what? 15. Is a dolphin a mammal? 16. What is the largest land animal in the world? 17. True or false? Snakes have slimy skin. 18. What is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild? 19. How many pairs of wings does a bee have?



20. What type of animal is the largest primate in the world? 21. Is a shark a fish or a mammal? 22. What is the most recognizable feature of a hedgehog’s appearance? 23. True or false? Owls are far-sighted, meaning that anything within a few inches of their eyes can’t be seen properly. 24. What is the name of an adult female horse? 25. What are baby goats called? 26. What is the tallest animal in the world? 27. True or false? Rabbits are born blind. 28. What is the most recognizable physical feature of the male lion? 29. How many legs does a spider have? 30. The crocodile species is believed to have been around for how long? 2 million years or 200 million years? 31. What is the collective name for a group of frogs? 32. What is the fastest animal on two legs? 33. What does a kangaroo; an anteater and a seahorse have in common? 34. What is the national bird of New Zealand? 35. In the TV show, what kind of animal was ?Gentle Ben?? 36. The body of the Egyptian Sphinx was based on which animal? 37. What is a female donkey called? 38. What is the distinguishing feature of a Manx cat? 39. What colour are the spots on a common ladybird? 40. What is the most intelligent subhuman primate? 41. What type of creature is a mandrill? 42. What is a young penguin called? 43. Which country has the most Asian elephants in their natural habitat? 44. Which has the most teeth? Reptiles, fish, or mammals? 45. What can be minke, grey, or bowhead? 46. Which is the fastest? Hare, horse, greyhound? 47. Is the Tasmanian Devil a marsupial? 48. Which of the senses is the weakest in almost all primates? 49. Which extinct flightless bird has the Latin name Didus Ineptus? 50. Which fish are members of the class Asteroidea?

Animal questions and answers

51. Budgerigars of all sorts of colours have been developed by breeders. What colour are they in the wild? 52. What is the other name for a cavy? 53. Which cat has no tail? 54. What dog was once sacred in China? 55. Which breed of dog is the favourite of the queen? 56. What would live in a apiary? 57. What is the family name of doves and pigeons? 58. From which country does the Korat cat come? 59. For what does the bloodhound have a special reputation? 60. How many sets of teeth does a dog have in its lifetime? 61. What was the name of Tarzan’s chimpanzee? 62. What was the name of the canine member of Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’? 63. What type of animal was the baby in the film ‘Bringing Up Baby’? 64. Celeste was the wife of which fictional animal? 65. What was the name of the cross-eyed lion in ‘Daktari’? 66. What was the name of Long John Silver’s parrot? 67. K9 was a robot dog in which TV series? 68. Which 2 bears lived in Jellystone park? 69. What is the name of the otter that features in the story ?Ring of Bright Water?? 70. What is the smallest breed of dog? Animals answers 1. Bamboo 2. False. Captive mice live for up to 2 and a half years while wild mice only live for an average of around 4 months. 3. Arachnophobia. 4. The tiger, weighing up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds). 5. True. They often sleep with their mouth open to cool down. 6. Yes




7. Cows 8. True 9. Antarctica 10. True 11. The cheetah (it can reach speeds of up to 120 kph-75 mph) 12. A female deer. 13. False. They are carnivores. 14. Prides. 15. Yes. 16. The elephant. The largest on record weighed around 12, 000 kilograms! (26,000 lb). 17. False. Snakeskin is smooth and dry. 18. Africa 19. 2 20. The Gorilla 21. A fish 22. Their spines of spiky hair. 23. True. 24. A mare. 25. Kids 26. The giragge. The average height is around 5 metres (16ft) and the tallest on record stood nearly 6 metres (20 ft) 27. True 28. Its mane 29. 8 30. 200 million years 31. Army 32. Ostrich 33. Pouch To Carry Their Young 34. Kiwi 35. Bear 36. Lion 37. Jenny 38. It Has No Tail

Animal questions and answers

39. Black 40. Chimpanzee 41. Monkey 42. Chick 43. India 44. Reptiles 45. Whale 46. Hare 47. Yes 48. Smell 49. Dodo 50. Starfish 51. Green 52. Guinea Pig 53. Manx 54. Pekinese 55. Corgis 56. Bees 57. Columidae 58. Thailand 59. Tracking 60. 2 61. Cheta 62. Timmy 63. A Leopard 64. Babar the Elephant 65. Clarence 66. Captain Flint 67. Dr Who 68. Yogi and Boo Boo 69. Tarka 70. Chihuahua


Art questions

and answers

Art questions 1. Renaissance is a French term derived from the Italian word «Rinascimento». What does it mean? 2. Who was the painter of the ‘The Kiss of Judas’ circa 1306 to whom the anecdote of drawing the ‘perfect circle’ is often associated? 3. Who painted the magnificent fresco entitled ‘The Results of Good Government’ around 1337? 4. Who was the member of the first-generation of Florentine artists who perfected the single-point perspective? 5. Who was the author of ‘Della Pittura’ the first modern manual of painting? 6. Who was the great artist of the High Renaissance who gave the advice to draw figures naturally without muscular exaggeration so they will not resemble a ‘sack of nuts’? 7. The height of the International Style was reached with the work entitled ‘Les Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry’ or the ‘Book of Hours’. Who were the brothers that created this work? 8. The Renaissance began with four people to whom the title ‘Inventors of the New Style’ are accredited. Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Donatello, and ________ made up this famous quartet. Whose name belongs in the blank? 9. What was Michelangelo’s family name? 10. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?



11. The first widely used single-image photographic process was named for which inventor? 12. Who painted the famous lady with the smirk?

13. This is a self-portrait of the artist who gave us such works as «The Night Watch» and «Man in a Golden Helmet». Who is he?

Art questions and answers

14. He was a prominent Kazakh artist. One of the founders of pain ting art in Kazakhstan. Major works: «The Turksib», «A Hunter with a Golden Eagle», «A Toy in a Collective farm».

15. This English Romantic painter was famous for his landscapes. He painted «Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds» in 1825. Who is he?




16. There’s a naturalness and freedom in many of the paintings of the old Dutch Masters, lacking in works by artists from other countries. Which Dutch Master painted this lovely «Girl With A Pearl Earring» in 1665?

17. My favourite American artist by a mile has to be the woman who painted the pictured «Tea» (1880) and «Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge» (1879). Who is she?

Art questions and answers

18. «Girl with a Hoop» was painted in 1885 by which famous French artist?

19. «Le boulevard Montmartre un matin d’hiver» was painted in 1897 by which Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter?




20. «A Cotton Office in New Orleans» was painted in 1873 by an artist more known for his paintings of young dancers. Who is this artist?

21. «Bedroom in Arles» was painted by which tragic artist in 1888?

Art questions and answers

22. «A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte» was painted by which of the following Post-Impressionist artists?

23. What painted the picture Dance at Bougival?




24. Who is the author of the given picture?

Art answers 1. Renaissance means reawakening or rebirth in English. 2. Giotto. He was considered the Father of Modern Painting and laid down the stones for the Florentine cathedral campanile. 3. Lorenzetti. One of the key painters of the Sienese renaissance, rivaling the neighboring Florentines... 4. Brunelleschi. 5. Alberti. 6. Leonardo da Vinci. 7. Limbourg & Limburg. 8. Masaccio. He was the first to apply Brunelleschi’s new perspective laws to canvas. 9. Buonarroti 10. Michelangelo 11. Daguerre, together with Joseph Niépce, produced what are widely considered to be the first photographs, called ‘Daguerreotypes’.

Art questions and answers

12. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian genius, highly skilled in an astonishing array of subjects. The Mona Lisa was painted by da Vinci some time between 1503 and 1506. Nobody knows who she really was, but the most commonly accepted version is that she was the wife of a successful Florentine merchant. This painting is considered the most famous in the world. 13. Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) was a famous painter from the Netherlands. He painted during the era of the Dutch Golden Age when that country was one of the most successful and flourishing in the world, in trade, the arts and science. Not only was Rembrandt a successful artist in his own right, he also taught his skills to many other important Dutch painters. His works, particularly his excellent portraits, capture people as they actually were. 14. Abylkhan Kasteyev,People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, winner of the Ch.Valikhanov Kazakh SSR State Prize.Born on January 1,1904 in the settlement of Chizhin (Panfilov district, TaldyKorgan region. Studied at N.G.Khludov’s studio in Almaty. 15. John Constable. He lived from 1776 until 1837. He would say of the beautiful countryside around him, «the sound of water escaping from mill dams etc., willows, old rotten planks, slimy posts, and brickwork, I love such things», and this love shines through over and over again in his beautiful landscapes. 16. Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), in his relatively short life, painted some lovely works, most of which centred on the family and household environment. He was amazingly skilled at painting light falling onto his subjects. 17. American artist Mary Cassatt lived from 1844 until 1926. Most of her professional early adult life was spent in France. 18. Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in France in 1841. 19. The Danish-French painter Camille Pissarro lived from 1830 until 1902. 20. French-born Edgar Degas (1834-1917) was an artist who worked in a number of different fields, but he is most remembered for his fine paintings of dancers.




21. Vincent van Gogh lived from 1853 until 1890. «The Bedroom», painted in 1888, was one of a group of paintings he did of his room, during his sojourn in France. 22. Post-impressionist Georges Seurat (1859-1891) had such a very short life time in which to produce his lovely and unusual works. 23. Dance at Bougival The artist is Pierre-Auguste Renoir 24. The Fog Warning The painter isWinslow Homer

Biology questions and answers

Biology questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Which famous scientist introduced the idea of natural selection? A person who studies biology is known as a? Botany is the study of? Can frogs live in salt water? The common cold is caused by a virus. True or false? Animals which eat both plants and other animals are known as what? 7. Bacterial infections in humans can be treated with that? 8. A single piece of coiled DNA is known as a? 9. A group of dog offspring is known as a? 10. The area of biology devoted to the study of fungi is known as? 11. What is the name of the process used by plants to convert sunlight into food? 12. The death of every member of a particular species is known as what? 13. The process of pasteurization is named after which famous French microbiologist? 14. A salamander is a warm blooded animal? True or false? 15. A change of the DNA in an organism that results in a new trait is known as a? 16. What is the name of the sugar found in milk? 17. Which cell feature is responsible for making proteins? 18. What is the name of the jelly-like substance that is inside the cell?



19. The smallest unit capable of carrying out life functions is 20. Farmers can keep their soil fertile by 21. How many teeth does an average human adult have? 22. How is the age of a tree determined? 23. What is the name given to the green pigment in plants? 24. Which of the following animals is not extinct? Dodo, Brontosaurus, Mammoth 25. Which of the following are known as “aves”? 26. Quinine is obtained from the bark of which tree? 27. The Ph value of human blood 28. The rarest blood group 29. The metal present in the hemoglobin 30. Age of fish was known as 31. The metal present in the chlorophyll 32. The important sugar in honey 33. The number of Chromosomes in the human gene 34. Viticulture is related to 35. The acid present in vinegar 36. The longest and largest bone in the human body 37. The average weight of human brain 38. Which part of human brain is affected by alcohol? Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Medulla Oblongata, Corpus Callosum? 39. The largest organ in the human body 40. Which type of lens is used to correct myopia? 41. Which one of the following is an enzyme? Glucagon, Insulin, Somatotropin, Trypsin? 42. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body? Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D? 43. The deficiency of which of the following leads to dental caries? Iron, Copper, Fluorine, Zinc? 44. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin 45. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog? Hydrocele, Hydrophobia, Hydrocephatus, Hydroperitoneum

Biology questions and answers

46. The vitamin which is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as storage is. Vitamin A, Vitamin b6, Vitamin C, Vitamin K? 47. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is 48. Which of the following is a skin disease? Anaemia, Pellagra, Osteomalacia, Rickets? 49. The richest source of vitamin D 50. Which of the following tests helps in diagnosis of cancer? X-ray, Urine Test, Blood Test, Biopsy Test? 51. Which of the following is least infectious ? Leprosy, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Conjunctivitis? 52. Which of the following is not a mosquito borne disease? Dengue fever, Malaria, Sleeping sickness, Filariasis? 53. To which one of the following types of organisms do mushrooms belong? Algae, Ferns, Fungi, Lichens? 54. Which one of the following produces seeds but no flowers? Cashew nut, Coffee, Ground nut, Pine? 55. Which one of the following palnts is used for green manuring in India? Wheat, Sunhemp, Cotton, Rice? 56. During sleep a man’s blood pressure a. increases b. decreases c. remains constant d. fluctuates 57. Two richest kown sources of edible protein are. a. meat and eggs b. milk and vegetables c. soyabean and groundnut d. some algae and other micro-organisms 58. Which one of the following is a primate? Bear, Otter, Loris, Pangolin 59. From the evolutionary point of view, which one of the following is closer to man? Dolphin, Flying fish, Shark, Tortoise? 60. How do most insects respire? 61. Which one of the following part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting? Cerebellum, Cerebrum, Medulla Oblongata, Pons?




Biology answers 1. Charles Darwin 2. Bilogist 3. Plants 4. No 5. True 6. Omnivores 7. Antibiotics 8. Chromosome 9. Litter 10. Mycology 11. Photosynthesis 12. Extinction 13. Louis Pasteur 14. False 15. Mutation 16. Lactose 17. ribosomes 18. cytoplasm 19. a cell 20. Crop Rotation 21. 32 22. By counting the annual rings in a cut trunk 23. Chlorophyll 24. Cheetah 25. Birds 26. Cinchona 27. 7.40 28. AB negative 29. Iron 30. Devonian 31. Magnesium 32. Fructose

Biology questions and answers

33. 46 34. Grapes 35. Acetic Acid 36. Femur 37. 1,400 grams 38. Cerebellum 39. Skin 40. Concave lens 41. Trypsin 42. Vitamin D 43. Fluorine 44. Vitamin C 45. Hydrophobia 46. Vitamin C 47. Chloroquin 48. Pellagra 49. Cod liver oil 50. Biopsy test 51. Leprosy 52. Sleeping Sickness 53. Fungi 54. Ground nut 55. Sunhemp 56. Fluctuates 57. soyabean and groundnut 58. Loris 59. Dolphin 60. By trachea system 61. Medulla Oblongata


Chemistry questions

and answers

Chemistry questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What is the first element on the periodic table? What is the center of an atom called? True or false? Acids have a pH level below 7. What is the main gas found in the air we breathe? True or false? An electron carries a positive charge. Famous New Zealand scientist Ernest Rutherford was awarded a Nobel Prize in which field? 7. What is the chemical symbol for gold? 8. K is the chemical symbol for which element? 9. What orbits the nucleus of an atom? 10. At room temperature, what is the only metal that is in liquid form? 11. True or false? A neutron has no net electric charge. 12. A nuclear reaction where the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts is known as nuclear fission or nuclear fusion? 13. What is H20 more commonly known as? 14. What is the third most common gas found in the air we breathe? 15. What is the name given to substances that are initially involved in a chemical reaction? 16. True or false? Bases have a pH level below 7. 17. Is sodium hydroxide (NaOH) an acid or base? 18. Atoms of the same chemical element that have different atomic mass are known as?



19. True or false? A proton carries a positive charge. 20. What is the fourth most abundant element in the universe in terms of mass? 21. How much salt, NaCl, is in the average adult human body? 22. If you allow the ice in a full glass of ice water to melt, the glass will overflow. True or False? 23. All of the following elements (Magnesium, Bromine, Mercury, Gallium)are liquid at or near room temperature except. 24. The elemeny symbol Sb stands for stibnum or stibnite. Stibnum was another name for which element? 25. Which of the following would not be found in the structure of all atoms? Electrons, protons, chromosomes, neutrons 26. The most abundant protein in the human body. 27. Which of these elements is not a noble gas? Helium Chlorine, Krypton, Argon 28. The most common isotope of hydrogen is: Protium, Deuterium, Tritium. 29. The modern periodic table was invented by: 30. Which of these elements is a nonmetal? Sulfur, Manganese, Aluminum, Berylluim. 31. The element symbol Ag is the symbol for. 32. Most of the iron in your body is found where? 33. What’s the lightest element in the periodic table? 34. What is the atomic number of carbon? 35. Which element in the periodic table was named in honour of physicist Albert Einstein? 36. What kind of element would you find on the far left-hand side of the periodic table? 37. What are the most common elements in the human body? 38. Lemon juice is ______________ in nature. 39. The «fizzy» in soft drinks is caused by. 40. A substance that absorbs moisture is called

Chemistry questions and answers

Chemistry answers 1. Hydrogen 2. A nucleus 3. True 4. Nitrogen (around 78%) 5. False 6. Chemistry 7. Au 8. Potassium 9. Electrons 10. Mercury 11. True 12. Nuclear fission 13. Water 14. Argon (around 1%) 15. Reactants 16. False 17. Base 18. Isotepes 19. True 20. Carbon 21. 250 grams 22. False 23. Magnesium 24. Antimony 25. Chromosomes 26. Collagen 27. Chlorine 28. Protium 29. Mendeleev 30. Sulfur 31. Silver 32. Your blood




33. Hydrogen 34. 6 35. Einsteinium 36. A metal 37. Oxygen, carbon and hydrogen 38. Acidic 39. Carbon dioxide 40. Hygroscopic

Films and TV questions

and answers

Films and TV questions 1. Film studio of feature and documentary films in Kazakhstan. 2. Children’s feature film made in 1963. The director is Abdulla Karsakbayev, based on the novel of Berdibek Sokbakbayev. 3. Who won his second Oscar in successive years for Forrest Gump? 4. Which circus musical starred Glenn Close as the hero’s wife on Broadway? 5. Which Ben and Matt co-wrote Good Will Hunting? 6. Who met husband Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra? 7. In which blockbuster did Anthony Perkins first appear as Norman Bates? 8. Which Nick won an Oscar for The Wrong Trousers? 9. The King in the King and I is ruler of where? 10. Who or what is Gromit? 11. Who played Jack in Titanic? 12. Nigel Hawthorne was Oscar nominated for The Madness of which King? 13. Aspects of what was a success by Andrew Lloyd Webber? 14. Who was the Pretty Woman in the 1990 film with Richard Gere? 15. Which British actor / director Richard was Dr. Hammond in Jurassic Park?



16. Which musical based on Romeo & Juliet was a 60s Oscar winner? 17. Where was the Fiddler in the Musical’s title? 18. Which Anna played Nick Leeson’s wife in the film Rogue Trader about the fall of Barings Bank? 19. Whose name appears with Dracula in the title of the 1992 movie? 20. Who won his second Oscar for the role of Raymond in Rain Man? 21. If Sky and Nathan were Guys, what were Sarah and Miss Adelaide? 22. Which Kim did Alec Baldwin marry? 23. In which 70s film did “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”? 24. Which Julie won an Oscar for Darling in 1965 and was Oscar nominated in 1998 for afterglow? 25. Which George wrote Crazy For You? 26. Who went to No 1 with Night Fever after writing the music for Saturday Night  Fever? 27. Which film, the first of a series with Sigourney Weaver, had the line “In Space no one can hear you scream” on the cinema poster? 28. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head was an Oscar winner from which movie with Robert Redford & Paul Newman? 29. In which decade did Godspell open on Broadway? 30. By which first name is Andrew Blyth Barrymore known? 31. Which Kevin starred in the spectacularly money-losing Waterworld? 32. In which film did Jodie Foster play FBI agent Clarice Starling? 33. South Pacific was set during which war? 34. Which film director was involved in a long-running custody battle for his children with Mia Farrow? 35. In which country did The Sound of Music take lace? 36. Which veteran actress Katharine was the first actress to win four Oscars? 37. Which show about Danny and Sandy was made into a film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John?

Films and TV questions and answers

38. Which controversial 80s / 90s singer / actress married Sean Penn in 1985? 39. Which wartime classic, named after a port of North Africa starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman? 40. In 1997 James Cameron won an Oscar for which blockbuster? Films and TV answers 1. Film studio «Kazakhfilm» named after Shaken Aymanov. 2. «My name is Kozha» 3. Tom Hanks. 4. Barnum. 5. Affleck and Damon. 6. Elizabeth Taylor. 7. Psycho. 8. Park. 9. Siam. 10. Dog. 11. Leonardo DiCaprio. 12. George. 13. Love. 14. Julia Roberts. 15. Attenborough. 16. West Side Story. 17. On the Roof. 18. Friel. 19. Bram Stoker’s. 20. Dustin Hoffman. 21. Dolls. 22. Basinger. 23. Love Story. 24. Christie. 25. Gershwin.




26. The Bee Gees. 27. Alien. 28. Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. 29. 70s. 30. Drew. 31. Costner. 32. The Silence of the Lambs. 33. WWII. 34. Woody Allen. 35. Austria. 36. Hepburn. 37. Grease. 38. Madonna. 39. Casablanca. 40. Titanic.

Food questions and answers

Food questions 1. The rice dish «paella» comes from what country? 2. Deer meat is known by what name? 3. Are humans omnivore, herbivore or carnivore? 4. What food is used as the base of guacamole? 5. The range of vegetables, fruit, meat, grains, herbs and species used in cooking are known as what? 6. True or false? India is the world’s largest producer of bananas. 7. What is the sweet substance made by bees? 8. Lures, reels, rods, hooks, baits and nets are common equipment used in what food gathering method? 9. True or false? McDonald’s has restaurants in over 100 countries around the world. 10. The ‘Pizza Hut’ franchise began in what country? 11. Food rich in starch such as pasta and bread are often known by what word starting with letter C? 12. True or false? Trans fats are good for your health. 13. What is another name for maize? 14. Fruit preserves made from citrus fruits, sugar and water are known as what? 15. True or false? «Beefsteak» is a variety of tomato. 16. Dairy products are generally made from what common liquid? 17. Do coconut trees grow better in cold or warm climates?



18. True or false? Cooking food often transforms its chemical make up. 19. What is the popular food used to carve jack-o-lantents during Halloween? 20. Chiffon, marble and bundt are types of what? 21. Which vegetable comes in chestnut, oyster or shitaki varieties? 22. Which convenience food takes it’s name from the phrase “spiced ham”? 23. How is the steak in “Steak Tartare” cooked? 24. What is the main ingredient in a “Gumbo” ? 25. What are dried plums called? 26. What does the abbreviation UHT mean when applied to milk? 27. What ferments in brine to become Sauerkraut? 28. What delicacy comes from the fattened livers of geese? 29. What are the TWO principal ingredients in a Hollandaise Sauce? 30. From which vegetable is the Russian soup Borscht predominantly made? 31. What is made from Pig’s blood, pork fat and cereal? 32. Which chicken dish is named after a battle in the Napoleonic Wars? 33. What kind of meat surrounds a Scotch Egg? 34. Which cooked meat is made from the head of a pig? 35. What is the name for a steak that has been cut from between two ribs? 36. In Indian cookery what is Naan? 37. In the UK it’s an aubergine but what is called in the USA? 38. What does the term “Al Dente” mean when applied to pasta? 39. What type of Indian cookery would be cooked in a clay oven? 40. In the Atkins Diet, which food group were you encouraged to cut out? 41. Which type of pasta has a name that means “little worms”? 42. Which vegetables can be cooked “parmentier” style? 43. What is beef fillet cooked in puff pastry called? 44. What is the Italian term for “starter”? 45. What is the name given to the white of an egg?

Food questions and answers

46. Which soup derives it’s name from the Tamil meaning “Peppery Water”? 47. Filbert and Brazil are types of what? 48. What is a Bouquet Garni? 49. What is the main meat ingredient in faggots? 50. What is a Smorgasbord? 51. Which salad was named after a New York hotel? 52. What type of food is Port Salut? 53. Which meat is used in Glamorgan sausages? 54. Which vegetable comes in Jerusalem and Globe varieties? 55. Originating in colonial India, what is the breakfast dish of hard boiled eggs and flaked fish called? 56. In Indian cookery what is ghee? 57. Which ingredient is included if a dish is cooked “Florentine”? 58. What is Pumpernickel? 59. What type of food is Basmati? 60. “Tennis Ball”, “Tom Thumb” and “Winter Density” are varieties of which vegetable? Food answers 1. Spain 2. Venison 3. Omnivore 4. Avocado 5. Ingredients 6. True 7. Honey 8. Fishing 9. True 10. USA 11. Carbohydrates 12. False




13. Corn 14. Marmalade 15. True 16. Milk 17. Warm 18. True 19. Pumpkins 20. Cake 21. Mushrooms. 22. Spam. 23. It isn’t, it’s served raw. 24. Okra. 25. Prunes. 26. Ultra Heat Treated. 27. Cabbage. 28. Pate de Fois Gras. 29. Egg Yolks and Butter. 30. Beetroot. 31. Black Pudding. 32. Chicken Marengo. 33. Sausage meat. 34. Brawn. 35. Entrecôte. 36. A flat bread. 37. Eggplant. 38. Firm but not hard [literally “To the Tooth”]. 39. Tandoori. 40. Carbohydrates. 41. Vermicelli. 42. Potatoes. 43. Beef Wellington. 44. Antipasto. 45. Albumen. 46. Mulligatawny.

Food questions and answers

47. Nuts. 48. A mixture of herbs. 49. [Pig’s] Liver. 50. A Scandinavian buffet. 51. Waldorf Salad. 52. Cheese. 53. None. They’re vegetarian. 54. Artichokes. 55. Kedgeree. 56. Clarified Butter. 57. Spinach. 58. German Black bread. 59. Rice. 60. Lettuce.


Geography questions

and answers

Geography questions 1. Which is bigger, a lake or an ocean? 2. Which country has the most people? 3. What is the capital city of Norway? 4. What is the biggest state in the U.S.A.? 5. Which country has the biggest land area? 6. In which ocean is Hawaii? 7. What is the capital of England? 8. In which country is the Eiffel Tower? 9. Name a country beginning with the letter R. 10. What is bigger, a hill or a mountain? 11. Which country has the longest wall? 12. Where are the great pyramids? 13. Which is larger, a river or a stream? 14. In what country do people speak German? 15. In which country is Mount Everest? 16. Which continent has the biggest population? 17. What is the capital city of New Zealand? 18. In which continent is the Sahara desert? 19. Name the two longest rivers in the world. 20. Which ocean is to the east of Africa? 21. How many continents are there on Earth? 22. What country do Dutch people come from?



23. Which one of the following countries is in South America, Mexico, Spain, Madagascar or Peru? 24. What is the capital of Japan? 25. What is the Capital city of Peru? 26. Which river is in Egypt? 27. What river has contains the most water? 28. What is the tallest Mountain in the world? 29. In which country is the town of Tequila? 30. Which South American country has the greatest land area? 31. What is the capital city of Sri Lanka? 32. Which climate is generally hotter and more humid, tropical or temperate? 33. What do we call a mountain which could erupt? 34. Antarctica covers which of the earth’s poles? 35. On which continent is Sierra Leone? 36. In which country is the world’s highest waterfall? 37. What natural phenomena are measured by the ‘Richter scale’? 38. Which two oceans does the Panama Canal link? 39. What is South America’s highest mountain range? 40. What is the capital city of Kenya? 41. What is the line of latitude 23.5 degrees north of the equator called? 42. In which European county are both Flemish and French spoken? 43. This is the capital city of Austria and famous for it’s music. 44. In which country is Transylvania, the home of Dracula, located? 45. An instrument for measuring wind speed. 46. An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. 47. Area south of the North pole where the layers of soil are permanently frozen. 48. An area of high pressure generally associated with light winds clear skies and settled weather. 49. The wearing away of the land by running water, moving ice, the wind or the sea. 50. A small stream that joins the main river in a drainage basin.

Geography questions and answers

Geography answers 1. An ocean 2. China 3. Oslo 4. Alaska 5. Russia 6. the Pacific Ocean 7. London 8. France 9. Russia, Rwanda, Romania 10. Mountain 11. China (The Great Wall) 12. Egypt 13. A River 14. Germany 15. Nepal 16. Asia 17. Wellington 18. Africa 19. Amazon and Nile 20. Indian Ocean 21. 7 22. Holland 23. Peru 24. Tokyo 25. Lima 26. The Nile 27.The Amazon 28. Everest 29. Mexico 30.Brazil 31. Columbo 32. Tropical




33.  A Volcano 34. South Pole 35. Africa 36. Venezuela 37. Earthquakes 38. Atlantic and Pacific 39. The Andes 40. Nairobi 41. Tropic of Cancer 42. Belgium 43. Vienna 44. Romania 45. Anemometer 46. Barometer 47. Tundra 48. Anticyclone 49. Erosion 50. Tributary

History questions

and answers

History questions 1. 2. 3. 4.

What date was D-Day? How many of King Henry VIII’s wives were called Catherine? Which country was General Franco a dictator of? What famous wall, built by a Roman Emperor, lies between Scotland and England? 5. During which year did Fidel Castro gain power over Cuba? 6. What is the name of the city where John F. Kennedy was assassinated? 7. Which war first introduced the use of tanks? 8. During which year did Sir Winston Churchill step into power over Great Britain? 9. Which famous artist painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? 10. What was the Flying Scotsman? 11. What was Henry VIII’s surname? 12. Who was the leader of the Romans when they invaded Great Britain in 55 BC? 13. In which country was the Statue of Zeus located? 14. Out of the seven ancient wonders of the world, which one is still standing? 15. Which city did the Romans refer to as Londinium? 16. In which country was Adolf Hitler born? 17. Which British King had a stutter?



18. What was the name of the fleet that launched an attack on England in May 1588? 19. Which country did Iraq invade in 1990? 20. At the Battle of Trafalgar, what was the name of Nelson’s flagship? 21. What was the name of the mistress of Adolf Hitler? 22. What was the name of the first American president to be assassinated? 23. Which of Henry VIII’s wives is buried next to him? 24. Who was the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated? 25. What was the name of the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic? 26. During which year did Columbus discover America? 27. What is the name of the tapestry that shows the invasion of England in the year of 1066? 28. What is the name given to the Pirate’s flag that bears the skull and cross bones? 29. In 1999, which country voted to keep the Queen? 30. What was the name of the man that killed Abraham Lincoln? 31. Which army destroyed the Inca empire in 1532? 32. What did Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up? 33. Who was the President of America before Barack Obama? 34. Who was Prime Minister of Britain before Winston Churchill? 35. Which famous car manufacturer designed the merlin engine which was used to power numerous aircrafts during the second world war? 36. Where did the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton take place? 37. Which two countries fought during the Falklands War? 38. What is the largest of the dinosaurs? 39. Who was the first person to reach the South Pole? 40. Who was Prince Albert married to? 41. Who succeeded Franklin D Roosevelt as President?

History questions and answers

42. What was the world’s first postage stamp? 43. During which year did the London Underground first open? 44. Which German city was divided by a wall? 45. In which city was Martin Luther King shot in the year of 1968? 46. Who was the first Republican President of America? 47. Which famous explorer discovered Cuba? 48. What was the name of the president who was shot whilst walking to California Governor Jerry Brown’ office? 49. Which nation invented fireworks? 50. Who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2010?  History answers 1. 6th June, 1944 2. Three 3. Spain 4. Hadrian’s Wall 5. 1959 6. Dallas, Texas 7. World War I 8. 1940 9. Michelangelo 10. A train 11. Tudor 12. Julius Caesar 13. Greece 14. The Great Pyramid of Giza 15. London 16. Austria 17. King George VI 18. The Spanish Armada 19. Kuwait 20. The Victory




21. Eva Braun 22. Abraham Lincoln 23. Jane Seymour 24. Spencer Perceval 25. Amelia Earhart 26. 1492 27. The Bayeux Tapestry 28. Jolly Roger 29. Australia 30. John Wilkes Booth 31. The Spanish conquistadors 32. The Houses of Parliament 33. George Bush 34. Neville Chamberlain 35. Rolls-Royce 36. Westminster Abbey 37. Argentina and Great Britain 38. Brachiosaurus 39. Roald Amundsen 40. Queen Victoria 41. Harry S Truman 42. The Penny Black 43. 1863 44. Berlin 45. Memphis 46. Abraham Lincoln 47. Christopher Columbus 48. Gerald Ford 49. China 50. David Cameron

Literature questions

and answers

Literature questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Which novel is the story of the gentle knight and his servant Sancho Panza? In literature which 1719 book has gained wide acceptance as ‘the first English novel’? What was Rudyard Kipling’s given first name? ‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen’ is the first line from which book? Which novellist wrote ‘Cannery Row’ and ‘East of Eden’? Which Washington D.C. born oscar-winning actress wrote ‘A Lotus Grows in the Mud’? Which famous past British political figure wrote Sybil? Which lead character was the budding author in the The Waltons? In which month of the year is Burns night celebrated? Which Victorian author wrote the plays ‘Frozen Deep’ and ‘No Gobblins’? Who in 1907 was the first English writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature? In literature who lived at Seven Savile Row? The title of whose book translates as ‘my struggle’? Who wrote Moll Flanders in 1722? ‘Call me Ishmael’ is the opening sentence of which novel?



16. Who taught at the Marcia Blain school for Girls? 17. About which game or pastime has the most books been written? 18. Which accomplished poet, essayist, opera critic, and satiric novelist wrote Nightmare Abbey and Maid Marion? 19. ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife’ are the first lines of which novel? 20. Which book tells the tale of how a little girl named Fern, with the help of a friendly spider, saved her pig Wilbur from the usual fate of nice fat little pigs? 21. In which literature classic is Mr Waterbury an absentee father? 22. Which literary characters set out on a journey from the Tabard Inn, Southwark? 23. Who wrote the adventure novel The Thirty-Nine Steps? 24. Which historical event does Charles Dickens’s novel A Tale of Two Cities concern? 25. In which famous novel is Grimpen Mire to be found? 26. Who wrote A Town Like Alice? 27. What kind of book is a Nebula Award given for? 28. Who was Sir Percy Blakeney better known as? 29. Who wrote ‘The History of Henry Esmond’ and ‘The Virginians’? 30. After having ten children together, who seperated from Catherine Hogarth in 1858? 31. In literature, how is the character of Oliver Mellors better known? 32. The film Clueless is a modern take on which literary classic by Jane Austin? 33. In which English city was Charles Dickens born? 34. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was originally written in which language? 35. Which novel is set in ‘The Year of Our Ford 632’? 36. What was the name of Captain Nemo’s submarine?

Literature questions and answers

37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.

Who served as squire to Don Quixote? What do EM Forster’s initials stand for? Whose parents were killed by Lord Voldemort? Which Roald Dahl character befriends Sophie and lives on a diet of snozzcumbers? Who wrote six romance novels under the name Mary Westmacott? The novel Trainspotting is set in which Scottish city? Which author invented the words ‘hurry’ and ‘boredom’? Which Bronte sister wrote The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall? How was Mrs Hugh McCorquodale better known in the literary world until her death in 2000? Who wrote the book ‘Moll Flanders’? Which comedian wrote the book and the play called ‘Popcorn’? In Peter Pan, what is the name of Captain Hook`s ship? Who wrote the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’? Which Disney film was inspired by a fairy tale by author Charles Perrault? What word, extended from a more popular term, refers to a fictional book of between 20,000 and 50,000 words? Who wrote the famous 1855 poem The Charge of the Light Brigade? In 1960 the UK publishing ban was lifted on what 1928 book? In bookmaking how many times would an quarto sheet be folded? Who wrote the seminal 1936 self-help book How to Win Friends and Influence People? Who in 1450 invented movable type, thus revolutionising printing? Which Polish-born naturalised British novelist’s real surname was Korzeniowski? Which short-lived dramatist is regarded as the first great exponent of blank verse?




59. Who wrote the maxim ‘Cogito, ergo sum’ (I think, therefore I am)? 60. Who was the youngest of the three Brontë writing sisters? 61. What is the Old English heroic poem, surviving in a single copy dated around the year 1000, featuring its eponymous 6th century warrior from Geatland in Sweden? 62. What relatively modern school of philosophy, popular in lite-rature since the mid 1900s, broadly embodies the notion of individual freedom of choice within a disorded and inexplicable universe? 63. What was the pen-name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson? 64. Who wrote Dr Zhivago? 65. What term and type of comedy is derived from the French word for stuffing? 66. What term originally meaning ‘storehouse’ referred, and still refers, to a periodical of various content and imaginative writing? 67. Who wrote the significant scientific book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, published in 1687? 68. What 16th century establishment in London’s Bread Street was a notable writers’ haunt? 69. Who wrote the 1845 poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin? 70. Which American poet and humanist wrote and continually revised a collection of poems called Leaves of Grass? 71. The period between 1450 and 1600 in European development is known by what term, initially used by Italian scholars to express the rediscovery of ancient Roman and Greek culture? 72. What is the main dog character called in Norton Juster’s 1961 popular children’s/adult-crossover book The Phantom Tollbooth? 73. Who detailed his experiences before and during World War I in Memoirs of a Foxhunting Man, and Memoirs of an Infantry Officer? 74. What significant law relating to literary and artistic works was first introduced in 1709? 75. Who wrote the 1891 book Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spake Zarathustra)?

Literature questions and answers

76. What word, meaning ‘measure’ in Greek, refers to the rhythm of a line of verse? 77. Cheap literature of the 16-18th centuries was known as ‘what’ books, based on the old word for the travelling traders who sold them? 78. What was Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ pen-name? 79. Derived from Greek meaning summit or finishing touch, what word refers to the publisher’s logo and historically the publisher’s details at the end of the book? 80. Japanese three-line verses called Haiku contain how many syllables? 81. Stanley Kubrick successfully requested the UK ban of his own film based on what Anthony Burgess book? 82. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) code was increased to how many digits from 1 January 2007? 83. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis asserts that people’s perceptions and attitudes are affected particularly by what: book covers, book price, or words and language? 84. What is the female term equating to a phallic symbol? 85. James Carker is a villain in which Charles Dickens novel? 86. What famous 1818 novel had the sub-title ‘The Modern Prometheus’? 87. Who wrote the 1947 book The Fountainhead? 88. By what name is the writer François-Marie Arouet (16941778) better known? 89. Which pioneering American poet and story-teller wrote The Fall of the House of Usher? 90. According to Matthew 27 in the Bible what prisoner was released by Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus? 91. What was the 1920s arts group centred around Leonard and Virginia Woolf and the district of London which provided the group’s name? 92. What Japanese term (meaning ‘fold’ and ‘book’) refers to a book construction made using concertina fold, with writing/ printing on one side of the paper?




93. What were the respective family names of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? 94. Who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking in 1953? 95. Around 100AD what type of book construction began to replace scrolls? 96. What name for a lyrical work, typically 50-200 lines long, which from the Greek word for song? 97. Who wrote the 1866 book Crime and Punishment? 98. Who wrote the 1513 guide to leadership (titled in English) The Prince? 99. William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey are commonly referred to as the ‘what’ Poets? 100. In bookmaking, a sheet folded three times is called by what name? 101. What is the parrot’s name in Enid Blyton’s ‘Adventure’ series of books? 102. Who wrote The French Lieutenant’s Woman? 103. What word, which in Greek means ‘with’ or ‘after’, prefixes many literary and language terms to denote something in a different position? 104. “Reader, I married him,” appears in the conclusion of what novel? 105. Philosopher and writer Jeremy Bentham, 1748-1832, is associated with what school of thought? 106. What influential American philosopher and author wrote the book ‘Walden, or Life in the Woods’? 107. The ancient Greek concept of the ‘three unities’ advocated that a literary work should use a single plotline, single location, and what other single aspect? 108. Which statesman won the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature? 109. Who is the second oldest of the Pevensie children in C S Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? 110. Who wrote the plays Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard? 111. What technical word is given usually to the left-side evennumbered page of a book?

Literature questions and answers

112. Which two writers fought a huge unsuccessful legal action in 2006-7 claiming that Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code had plaguarised their work? 113. What is the pen-name of novelist Mary Ann Evans (1819-80)? 114. What technical word is given usually to the right-side oddnumbered page of a book? 115. In what decade was the Oxford English Dictionary first published? 116. What simple term, alternatively called Anglo-Saxon, refers to the English language which was used from the 5th century Germanic invasions, until (loosely) its fusion with NormanFrench around 12-13th centuries? 117. Who wrote Brighton Rock (1938) and Our Man in Havana (1958)? 118. Laurens van der Post’s prisoner of war experiences, described in his books The Seed and the Sower (1963) and The Night of the New Moon (1970) inspired what film? 119. With which troubled son are parents Laius and Jocasta associated? 120. Which Russian writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970? 121. The book Eunoia, by Christian Bok, suggests in its title, and features exclusively what, in turn, in its first five chapters? 122. Which great thinker collaborated with Sigmund Freud to write the 1933 book Why War? 123. Legal action by J K Rowling and Warner Brothers commenced in 2007 against which company for its plans to publish a Harry Potter Lexicon? 124. Who wrote the 1939 book The Big Sleep? 125. “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice which I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since,” is the start of which novel? 126. In the early 1900s a thriller was instead more commonly referred to as what sort of book?




127. Who wrote the books Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame? 128. In what decade were ISBN numbers introduced to the UK? 129. In 1969, P H Newby’s book Something to Answer For was the first winner of what prize? 130. Who established Britain’s first printing press in 1476? 131. The word ‘book’ is suggested by some etymologists to derive from the ancient practice of writing on tablets made of what wood? 132. What is the name of the first digital library founded by Michael Hart in 1971? 133. French writer Sully Prudhomme was the first winner of what prize in 1901? 134. Who wrote Naked Lunch, (also titled The Naked Lunch)? 135. In Shakespeare’s King Lear, which two daughters benefit initially from their father’s rejection of the third daughter Cordelia? 136. What was Christopher Latham Scholes’ significant invention of 1868? 137. Which novel begins “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife...”? 138. Japanese author and playwrite Yukio Mishima committed what extreme act in 1970 while campaigning for Japan to restore its nationalistic principles? 139. Which American philosopher, and often-quoted advocate of individualism, published essays on Self-Reliance, Love, Heroism, Character and Manners in his Collections of 1841 and 1844? 140. Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye, printed in Bruges around 1475 is regarded as the first book to have been what? 141. In what city does Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace begin? 142. Which French writer declined the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964?

Literature questions and answers

143. What controversial novel begins: “[a person’s name], light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, My soul,” ? 144. Jonathan Harker’s Journal and Dr Seward’s Diary feature in what famous 1897 novel? 145. What is the technical name for a fourteen-lined poem in rhymed iambic pentameters? 146. “Make then laugh; make them cry; make them wait...” was a personal maxim of which novelist? 147. What is the land of giants called in Gulliver’s Travels? 148. What prolific and highly regarded American author, who became a British subject a year before his death, wrote The Wings of the Dove; Washington Square, and the Golden Bowl? 149. What term for a short, usually witty, poem or saying derives from the Greek words ‘write’ and ‘on’? 150. What was the original title of the book on which the film Schindler’s List was based? Literature answers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Don Quixote Robinson Crusoe Joseph 1984 John Steinbeck Goldie Hawn Bemjamin Disraeli John-Boy January (the 25th) Charles Dickens Rudyard Kipling Phileas Fogg Adolf Hitler’s




14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47.

Daniel Defoe Moby-Dick Miss Jean Brodie Chess Thomas Love Peacock Pride and Prejudice Charlotte’s Web The Railway Children The pilgrims in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales John Buchan The French Revolution The Hound of the Baskervilles Nevil Shute Science Fiction The Scarlet Pimpernel William Thackeray Charles Dickens Lady Chatterley’s Lover Emma Portsmouth Swedish Brave New World The Nautilus Sancho Panza Edward Morgan Harry Potter The BFG (short for ‘Big Friendly Giant’) Agatha Christie Edinburgh William Shakespeare Anne Barbara Cartland Daniel Defoe Ben Elton

Literature questions and answers

48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71.

The Jolly Roger Edward Lea Cinderella Novella Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-92) Lady Chatterley’s Lover (by D H Lawrence) Twice (to create four leaves) Dale Carnegie Johannes Gutenberg Joseph Conrad (1857-1924, full name Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski) Christopher Marlowe (1564-93 - Blank verse traditionally is unrhymed, comprising ten syllables per line, stressing every second syllable.) René Descartes (1596-1650, French philosopher and mathematician, in his work Discours de la Méthode, 1637.) Anne Brontë (1820-49 - other sisters were Emily, 1818-48, and Charlotte, 1816-55, plus a brother, Branwell, 1817-48. The two oldest sisters, Maria and Elizabeth died in childhood.) Beowulf Existentialism Lewis Carroll (1832-98) Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (1890-1960) Farce or farcical (from the French farcir, to stuff, based on analogy between stuffing in cookery and the insertion of frivolous material into medieval plays.) Magazine Isaac Newton (1642-1727) The Mermaid Tavern Robert Browning (1812-89) Walt Whitman (1819-92 - the title is apparently a self-effacing pun, since grass was publishing slang for work of little value, and leaves are pages.) The Renaissance (literally meaning rebirth)




72. Tock 73. Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967) 74. Copyright (prior to which creators had no legal means of protecting their work from being published or exploited by others) 75. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) 76. Metre (or meter) 77. Chapbooks (a chapman was a travelling salesman, from the earlier term cheapman) 78. Mark Twain (1835-1910) 79. Colophon 80. Seventeen 81. A Clockwork Orange 82. Thirteen 83. Words and language (the theory applies to all media and language, in that the type of words and language read and used affects how people react to the world) 84. Yonic symbol 85. Dombey and Son (serialised 1846-8) 86. Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley) 87. Ayn Rand 88. Voltaire 89. Edgar Allen Poe (1809-49) 90. Barabbas 91. The Bloomsbury Group 92. Orihon 93. Montague and Capulet 94. Norman Vincent Peale 95. Codex (a series of folios sewn together) 96. Ode 97. Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-81) 98. Niccolo Machiavelli 99. Lake Poets (from around 1800 they lived close to each other in the Lake District of England)

Literature questions and answers

100. Octavo (creating eight leaves) 101. Kiki 102. John Fowles (1969) 103. Meta 104. Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte, 1847) 105. Utilitarianism (broadly Utilitarianism argues that society should be organised to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people) 106. Henry David Thoreau (1817-62) 107. Time (or real time) 108. Sir Winston Churchill 109. Susan (bonus points: Peter is the oldest, Edmund is third and Lucy is youngest. The lion is Aslan. The first edition was published in 1950.) 110. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904) 111. Verso 112. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh 113. George Eliot 114. Recto 115. 1920s (1928) 116. Old English 117. Graham Greene 118. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 119. Oedipus (The mythical Greek character unknowingly killed his father King Laius and married his mother Jocasta. Sigmund Freud’s term Oedipus Complex refers to similar feelings supposedly arising in male infant development.) 120. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) 121. The vowels a, e, i, o, u. (Each chapter contains words using only one vowel type. Bok says Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking’. Eunioa is otherwise a medical term based on the Greek meaning ‘well mind’.) 122. Albert Einstein 123. RDR Books




124. Raymond Chandler 125. The Great Gatsby (F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925) 126. Shocker (or shilling shocker) 127. Victor Hugo 128. 1960s (1966) 129. Booker Prize (the Man Booker Prize from 2002) 130. William Caxton 131. Beech (Boc was an Old English word for beech wood) 132. Project Gutenberg 133. Nobel Prize for Literature 134. William Burroughs (1959) 135. Goneril and Regan 136. Typewriter 137. Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen, 1813) 138. Suicide 139. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82) 140. Printed in the English language (Caxton later printed Canterbury Tales in Westminster in 1476, which is regarded as the first book printed in the English language in England.) 141. Saint Petersburg (Petrograd and Leningrad are recent alternative and now obsolete names of this city – the quizmaster/mistress can decide if these answers are correct..) 142. Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980 – apparently he declined because he had an aversion to being ‘institutionalised’, although the real facts of the matter are elusive.) 143. Lolita (by Vladimir Nabokov, 1955) 144. Dracula (by Bram Stoker) 145. Sonnet 146. Charles Dickens 147. Brobdingnag 148. Henry James (1843-1916) 149. Epigram (epi = on, grapheine = write, which evolved into Latin and French to the modern English word) 150. Schindler’s Ark (by Thomas Keneally, which won the 1982 Booker Prize)

Mathematics questions

and answers

Mathematics questions 1. What is the term given to the perimeter around a circle? 2. What is the name of the manual calculating device which consists of beads? 3. What is an isosceles triangle? 4. How many sides does a decagon have? 5. What is 70.3 divided by 10? 6. What is two thirds of 270? 7. What is the square root of 81? 8. How many degrees are there in a right angle? 9. What is the smallest prime number? 10. What is 0.88 as a percentage? 11. What is a scalene triangle? 12. What is three fifths of 50? 13. What is the meaning of Pi in Math? 14. How many straight edges does a cube have? 15. What is the square root of 100? 16. What is 4 x 9? 17. What is 4995 divided by 15? 18. What do the numbers 12, 25 and 36 have in common? 19. What is used to measure angles? 20. What is 11 x 7? 21. What is 0.75 as the lowest possible fraction?



22. What is the total number of degrees in a triangle? 23. How many hours are there in seven days? 24. What is 9 x 6? 25. What is 60% of 40? 26. What is the square route of 144? 27. What is 11 x 11? 28. What is 100 – 151? 29. What number must you add to 66 to make the sum of 121? 30. What is 12 x 6? 31. Which prime number falls after 31? 32. What is the cube root of 216? 33. If a triangle has one angle of 60 degrees, a second angle of 90 degrees, how many degrees would the third angle measure? 34. In trigonometry, sin, cos and tan are short for which words? 35. When added together, what do the visible numbers on a standard dartboard total? 36. What is the name of the longest side of a right angle triangle, opposite the right angle? 37. What is an integer number? 38. What are rational numbers? 39. How many zeros are there in one billion? 40. How many feet are there in a yard? 41. How many square feet are there in an acre? 42. How many prime numbers occur from 11 to 19? 43. What is one sixth of 6300? 44. What is an obtuse angle? 45. How many sides does a quadrilateral have? Maths answers 1. The circumference 2. Abacus 3. A triangle with at least two sides equal in length

Maths questions and answers

4. Ten (10) 5. 7.03 6. One hundred and eighty (180) 7. Nine (9) 8. Ninety degrees (90) 9. Two (2) 10. Eighty-eight percent (88%) 11. It’s a triangle that has no equal sides or angles 12. Thirty (30) 13. It’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter 14. Twelve (12) 15. Ten (10) 16. Thirty-six 17. 333 18. They are all square numbers 19. A protractor 20. Seventy-seven 21. Three-Quarters (3/4) 22. One hundred and eighty degrees (180) 23. One hundred and sixty-eight (168) 24. Fifty-four 25. Twenty-four (24) 26. Twelve 27. One hundred and twenty-one 28. Minus fifty-one (-51) 29. Fifty-five (55) 30. Seventy-two 31. Thirty-seven (37) 32. Six (6) 33. 30 degrees 34. Sine, cosine and tangent 35. Two hundred and ten (210) 36. The hypotenuse 37. A whole number




38. Numbers which can be written as fractions or integers 39. Six (6) 40. Three (3) 41. 43,560 square feet 42. Four - 11, 13, 17, 19 43. 1050 44. An angle measuring 90 to 180 degrees 45. Four

Music questions

and answers

Music questions 1. Which composer was able to write in spite of becoming almost totally deaf in later life? 2. About which composer was the 1984 film Amadeus? 3. Which one of the following composers wrote the six Brandenburg Concertos?  a: Johann Sebastian Bach  b: Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin  c: Franz Liszt 4. Pomp & Circumstance March No 1 by Sir Edward William Elgar is better known as what? 5. With which musical instrument do we associate Sir Yehudi Menuhin? 6. Which of the following is the location of the annual Promenade Concerts, or “Proms”, held in London?  a: Royal Festival Hall  b: Royal Albert Hall  c: The Barbican Centre 7. To which family of musical instruments does the bassoon belong? 8. The Hallelujah Chorus comes from which work, often performed at Christmas? 9. La Boheme, The Marriage of Figaro, Rigoletto and Aida are all examples of what?



10. What term is used to describe a composition in which one or more solo instruments are assigned leading roles, often with orchestral accompaniment? 11. Which musical duo had the albums ‘Rockney’ and ‘A Christmas Knees-Up’? 12. Which Radiohead album has been cited by musicians as one of the greatest albums of all time ? 13. Which singer is married to Trudie Styler? 14. Which British reggae bandy are best remembered for their successful 1982 single ‘Pass the Dutchie’? 15. True or False. Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus? 16. Stewart Copeland was the drummer with which band? 17. Which Welsh singer was born Gaynor Hopkins in June 1951? 18. Whose 2013 world tour was called ‘The Mrs Carter Show’? 19. What was Madonna’s first UK top ten single? 20. Which country pop singer was born Eilleen Regina Edwards? 21. Which famous singer and musician wrote Mott the Hoople’s hit All the Young Dudes? 22. Which Kenny Rogers song told the story of a farmer whose wife leaves him and their children? 23. Abba’s 1975 hit Fernando refers to a revolution in which country? 24. What rock band was made up of Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and John Bonham? 25. What singer fronted the Black Eyed Peas and released her own album The Dutchess, in 2006? 26. What is Jay-z’s real name? 27. The singing and whistling pop singer Roger Whittaker was born in which country? 28. Who was the first winner on American Idol? 29. Which European port provided a hit for The Beautiful South? 30. What was Victoria Beckham’s last name before she married David? 31. Which musician recorded Kind of Blue in 1959?

Music questions and answers

32. Which musical is about a boy brought up in a Northern mining town where boys are expected to box, not dance? 33. What is the name of the theme park owned by Dolly Parton? 34. Howie Dorough was in which best-selling boy band? 35. What nationality was composer Franz Liszt? 36. Which Sheffiled band is fronted by lead singer Alex Turner? 37. Barbadian singer and actress Robyn Fenty is better known by what name? 38. The song ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ comes from which musical? 39. Lee Ryan is best known as a member of which British boy band? 40. Who had a hit with ‘Achey Breaky Heart’ in 1992? 41. Maurice Gibb married which Scottish pop star? 42. Which classical music by Wagner was used as the theme for ‘Apocalypse Now’? 43. Which fifties singer became synonymous, in cockney rhyming slang, with curry? 44. Who reached number 3 in the charts with his ‘Achy Breaky Heart’? 45. On which record label did Abba record all their chart topping singles? 46. Who had a hit with ‘Chantilly Lace’? 47. Annabella Lwin sang in which 1980s band? 48. Which pop idol recorded the album ‘Friday’s Child’? 49. Who recorded the title song to the Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’? 50. ’Orinoco Flow’ was a suprise hit for which singer? 51. Alecia Beth Moore is better known by which stage name? 52. Named Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards who had a number 2 hit with ‘Foundations’ in 2007, followed by the best selling album ‘Made of Bricks’? 53. Susanna Hoffs was lead singer for which group? 54. Chopin wrote music almost exclusively for which musical instrument?




55. In which decade did the UK singles charts begin? 56. Dave Ball was part of which hit-making combination? 57. Who was the lead singer for Blondie? 58. Heather Small found fame with which band? 59. Which dance act is led by Jay Kay? 60. Who wrote the 1932 song ‘Mad About the Boy’? Music answers 1. Ludwig van Beethoven 2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 3. a: Johann Sebastian Bach 4. Land of Hope and Glory 5. Violin 6. b: Royal Albert Hall 7. Woodwind 8. The Messiah 9. Opera 10. Concerto 11. Chas ‘n’ Dave 12. OK Computer 13. Sting 14. Musical Youth 15. True 16. The Police 17. Bonnie Tyler 18. Beyonce 19. Holiday 20. Shania Twain 21. David Bowie 22. Lucille 23. Mexico 24. Led Zeppelin 25. Fergie

Music questions and answers

26. Shaun Carter 27. Kenya 28. Kelly Clarkson 29. Rotterdam 30. Adams 31. Miles Davis 32. Billy Elliot 33. Dollywood 34. Backstreet Boys 35. Hungarian 36. Arctic Monkeys 37. Rihanna 38. High Society 39. Blue 40. Billy Ray Cyrus 41. Lulu 42. Ride of the Valkyries 43. Ruby Murray 44. Billy Ray Cyrus 45. Epic 46. The Big Bopper 47. Bow Wow Wow 48. Will Young 49. Sheena Easton 50. Enya 51. Pink 52. Kate Marie Nash 53. The Bangles 54. The piano 55. 1950s 56. Soft Cell 57. Debbie Harry 58. M People 59. Jamiroquai 60. Noel Coward


Sport questions and answers

Sport questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

How many players are there in an ice hockey team? Who was the youngest world heavyweight boxing champion? In darts, how high off the floor must the bullseye measure? Who scored the winning penalty in the 2006 world cup final? In golf, what is meant by the term ‘birdie’? How many red balls are used in a game of snooker? What was the name of the player who scored the final goal of the 1966 World Cup Finals? 8. In motor racing, which flag is waved to show the winner? 9. In tennis, what is the point score immediately after deuce? 10. What was the name of the England footballer to be the first European Footballer of the Year? Sport answers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Six Mike Tyson 5 feet, 8 inches Fabio Grosso One under par Fifteen (15) Geoff Hurst


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