Justice and Democracy: Cross-Cultural Perspectives 9780824863197

Today democracy is increasingly recognized around the world as the only form of government with moral legitimacy. The pr

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English Pages 488 [487] Year 1997

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Table of contents :
1. Theoretical Approaches
Justice as a Larger Loyalty
Law as Politicians’ Morality
Justice and Solidarity: The Case of Recognition
Equality and Difference in Democratic Theory
Grounding a Theory of Rights in Fallibilist Epistemology
2. Contemporary Problems of Application
On Relating Justice and Democracy: A Strategy and a Hypothesis
Deliberation, Democracy, Disagreement
Democracy as Culture
Hierarchic Democracy and the Necessity of Mass Civil Disobedience
Post-Communism, Democracy, Nationality, and Capitalist Economy
3. Asian Perspectives
Confucianism, Modernity, and Asian Democracy
Can We Do Justice to All Theories of Justice? Toward Integrating Classical and Modern Paradigms of Justice
The Idea of Democracy and the Twilight of the Elite Culture in Modern China
Democracy and Justice: Presuppositions and Implications
Gandhi’s Conception of Democracy
Democracy and Justice: Islam’s Political Message Restated
Western and Islamic Views of Democracy and Justice: A Comparative and Interpretative Study
4. Comparative Perspectives
Dewey, China, and the Democracy of the Dead
The Disappearance of the Public Good: Confucius/Dewey/ Rorty
Freedom: A Buddhist Critique
Buddhist Ethics and Social Justice
5. Postmodern Perspectives
Nomadic Subjects: Feminist Postmodernism as Antirelativism
Subject of Politics, Politics of the Subject
Democratic Identity and Pluralist Politics
The Philosophy of Signs and Democratic Discourse: Coincidences between Chinese Pre- and Western Post-Modernity
Beyond East and West: Postmodern Democracy in a Mode of Information
6. Principles of Cultural Dialogue
The Ideal of Justice in the Context of Cultural Dialogue
World Change and the Cultural Synthesis of the West
Justice and Global Democracy

Justice and Democracy: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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