Homoeopathic Science and Modern Medicine: The Physics of Healing with Microdoses 0913028843

The Physics of Healing with Microdoses With an addendum on case-taking by James Tyler Kent, M.D. Includes as Addendum II

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English Pages [178] Year 1980

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Table of contents :
Homoeopathic Science and Modern Medicine - Front Cover
Title Page
Acknowledgements / Printer's Imprint
Preface: Homoeopathy Revisited
Chapt.1: Homoeopathy’s Position in the World Today
Chapt.2: The Doctrinal Basis of Homoeopathic Practice
Chapt.3: Symptoms As Positive Phenomena
(a) The Organism’s Reactivity to External Stimuli
(b) Disease as the Adaptive Effort of the Whole Organism
(c) Symptomatic Changes Prior to Structural or Pathological Changes
Chapt.4: The Biphasal Action of Medicines
Chapt.5: The Provings of Homoeopathic Medicines
Chapt.6: The Organism’s Ultrasensitivity to the Similar Medicine
Chapt.7: The Infinitesimal Dose
(a) Evidence for the Infinitesimal Dose
(i) Biochemical Investigations
(ii) Botanical investigations
(iii) Bacteriological Investigations
(iv) Zoological investigations
(v) Investigations Using the Techniques of Physics
(vi) Theoretical Explanations of the Infinitesimal Dose
(b) Homoeopathy’s Rejection of the Monotonicity Rule
Chapt.8: The Single Remedy
Chapt.9: Orthodox Medicine’s Use of the Law of Similars
(a) Immunology and Serum Therapy
(b) Allergology
(c) Use of Drugs According to the Similars Principle
Chapt.10: Hering’s Law and Chronic Disease
Chapt.11: Clinical Evidence in Homoeopathy
(a) Mixed Series
(b) Specific “Diseases”
(c) Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine
(d) The Serum Flocculation Test
Chapt.12: Conclusion: Homoeopathy and Scientific Method
Addendum I: Homoeopathic Dilutions Expressed as Powers of 10
Addendum II: What the Doctor Needs to Know in Order to Make a Successful Prescription by James Tyler Kent, M.D
Addendum III: The Question of Clinical Trials in Homoeopathy and Allopathy
Rear Cover

Homoeopathic Science and Modern Medicine: The Physics of Healing with Microdoses

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