Healthcare of the Future: Bridging the Information Gap 1614999600, 9781614999607

Imagining the healthcare of the future is an interesting exercise, and although nobody can predict precisely what system

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Table of contents :
Title Page
Introduction. Healthcare of the Future, International Conference Biel/Bienne, 5 April 2019
1. Keynote
Digital Patient Communication: Improving the Hospital-Patient Relationship
2. Workflows in Healthcare
Cross-Institutional Pathway Guidance - Chance or Extra Burden?
Making the Radiology Workflow Visible in Order to Inform Optimization Strategies
Current Reasons for Not Using Clinical Pathways in Practice
3. How Does eHealth Change the Care Process
Exploring the Future Role of Self-Tracking Data in the Rheumatology Clinic
Managing Influenza Outbreaks Through Social Interaction on Social Media: Research Transformation Through an Engaged Scholarship Approach
Streamlining Hospital IT - Improving the Admission Process
Components for Material Master Data Management in Swiss Hospitals
4. Knowledge-Based IT Support
Design Considerations for a Knowledge Graph: The WATRIMed Use Case
An Extension of the Arden Syntax to Facilitate Clinical Document Generation
Swiss-Meds: An App Fostering Medication Adherence of Swiss Patient
Intelligent Conversational Agents in Healthcare: Hype or Hope?
5. eHealth and the Informed Patient (Young Researcher)
Can the Austrian Nation-Wide EHR System Support the Recruitment of Trial Patients?
The EU Falsified Medicines Directive - A Concept for Drug Decommissioning in Hospitals
Does eHealth Literacy Impact Patients' Opinion on the EHR?
6. Apps to Support Patients and Caregivers (Young Researcher)
Improving and Evaluating eMMA's Communication Skills: A Chatbot for Managing Medication
Automated Rating of Multiple Sclerosis Test Results Using a Convolutional Neural Network
An App to Improve Colorectal Carcinoma Follow-Up
A Mobile Application for Self-Monitoring for Patients with Heart Failure
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Healthcare of the Future: Bridging the Information Gap
 1614999600, 9781614999607

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