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Gain an insight into the issues that matter today, such as who owns the media, who decides what is news, and the super-r

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English Year 2018

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Table of contents :
What is sociology? --
What do sociologists do? --
Research methods --
Who am I? (What is my identity
Girls and boys
Women and work
Biography: Judith Butler
What's my tribe?
Does race matter?
Biography: Elijah Anderson
Who do you love?
Age and society
What does family mean?
Are we all middle class now?
Identity: in context). Does society exist? (What do schools teach?
Are institutions a good thing?
Biography: Charles Wright Mills
Who holds the power?
What role does religion play in society?
Does religion still matter?
Rural life versus urban life
A sense of community
Biography: Max Weber
Why do we work?
How is work changong? Biography: Arlie R. Hochschild
Watching the workers
Social institutions in context). When it all goes wrong (Why do people commit crimes?
Biography: Emile Durkheim
Breaking society's rules
White-collar crime
Are we all on camera?
Biography: Howard Becker
Health and equality
Not fitting in) --
Crime and health: in context). Why si the world so unfair? (Superrich
Wealth and status
The poverty trap
Who's to blame?
Where did racism come from?
Why haven't developing countries developed yet?
Biography: Boaventura de Sousa Santos
Is globalization a good thing?
Biography: Saskia Sassen
What's our impact on the planet?
Biography: Anthony Giddens
Wealth and development: in context). Modern culture (I shop therefore I am?
What is culture
Biography: Pierre Bordieu
Leisure time
We are living in uncertain times
Biography: Zygmunt Bauman
Does the mass media affect you?
Who wons the media?
Who decides what's news? Where do you get your news from?
What does the Internet do for us?
Do you live online
Culture and the media: in context).

Heads Up Sociology
 9780241296936, 9780241345313, 0241296935

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