Harshvardhan's Lucifer / Movie script [2021 ed.]

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Harshvardhan's Lucifer


@ Harshvardhan Vilial

God rejoiced as Lucifer wept.

HARSHVARDHAN’S LUCIFER TIME - 2006, 4TH APRIL EXT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - NYC - MORNING Establishin’ shot. Rockfeller Centre, men and women walkin’ around whilst sportin’ formal clothes. It’s a special day for all the investment business enthusiasts. There is a special fair at Rockfeller Centre about investment business. All the young hotshots tryna get thier foot into the investment business have craved into the Rockfeller Centre. INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - ELEVATOR - NYC The lift is stuck for some technical reason. Two good lookin’ men wearin’ crisp formal attires ( Black shirt and black pants, with black ties to compliment it ) are standin’ still whilst lookin’ in front. Both of them are tall, fair and have dark hair. One of them has dark eyes whilst the other has hazel/red eyes. One of them is sportin’ poker face whilst the other one is smirkin’ a little like a mischievous kid. The one with the red/hazel eyes and a childlike persona is none other than The Lord Lucifer. The one with a poker face is a mere mortal, his name is Daniel. Lucifer looks at Daniel. LUCIFER (whilst sportin’ a smirk on his face) You know you could do worse ? DANIEL (little annoyed) I’m stuck with you on my back, I don’t think I could do worse. Lucifer rolls his eyes. LUCIFER I’m just tryin’ to help. That’s what I do, I help people. Daniel look at Lord Lucifer. DANIEL (chuckles) You want me to do things which are not only illegal at this point of time, but also punishable, by death.

2. LUCIFER (pokin’ Daniel to commit crimes) What’s the point of livin’ this borin’ civilized life ? Hmmmm .. What’s wrong with havin’ a little fun once in a while ? DANIEL Murderin’ men, rapin’ women, creatin’ utter chaos is not what I would consider “havin’ fun”. Although I would love to do it but I can’t. Lucifer rolls his eyes again. LUCIFER To each his own. But how can you expect me to be civilized ? I’m the Lucifer, the free spirited rock n rolla, impulsive, irrational, filled with madness. DANIEL Who resurrected you ? You were better dead, the civilized world doen not appreciates likes of you or me, wanderin’ around creatin’ chaos. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER I was never dead. And even when I was, I wasn’t. You see, I just like to go to sleep every now and then, but lately I have been sleepin’, alot, give or take 150 years inside a coffin. DANIEL Then why not stay asleep ? LUCIFER (smirks) Where’s the fun in that ? DANIEL Fun ? Everything is about havin’ fun, right ?

3. LUCIFER (nods like a kid whilst smilin’) Affirmative. Daniel shakes his head a little. DANIEL (pokin’ Lucifer) My lord, forgive me. But I heard that once you got your ass handed to yourself by the god ? LUCIFER (witty as hell) Who’s that broad ? I took a dump all over, just a little bit of perserverance and I could have dethroned him. Daniel chuckles a little. Lucifer notices this and chuckles as well. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Glad I could lighten up your mood, my child. DANIEL (chuckles) Stop callin’ me that, especially when we get out there in public. They’ll become suspicious. Lucifer widens his eyes “Oh”. Daniel chuckles. LUCIFER (pokin’ Daniel further) What do you want me to call you then ? A pussy whipped man. Daniel just stares at Lucifer with a pissed off face. Daniel and Lucifer have this love hate realtionship. DANIEL I pity the women who slept with you. LUCIFER (snarky) At least they were women unlike your.. Lucifer smirks.

4. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Tell me do this modern women even treat men like you with dignity ? I mean you are clean shaven, you smell good, you are civilized, a good boy, and yet you’re tellin’ me that this modern women don’t put up with you. Daniel chuckles. Daniel then licks the side of his mouth a little. Daniel shakes his head. DANIEL (almost mockin’ the modern world’s view) World has changed, we no longer treat women as objects. You see my lord, we are all equal and beautiful now. Lucifer rolls his eyes a little. Daniel chuckles. LUCIFER It indeed has, I never tought it would get this worse, mahn do I miss the good ol days. DANIEL You miss rapin’ women ? LUCIFER (smiles) Yes. But when you think about it, it’s not rape, it’s just forced attempt to copulate. Daniel laughs. Daniel then looks at his watch for a second. Daniel breathes a little whilst shakin’ his head. LUCIFER (CONT’D) What ? Don’t tell me you have never thunk about it ? DANIEL (smilin’) I don’t want to talk about it, my lord. LUCIFER (looks at Daniel who is lookin’ in front) I know you’ll come around, my child. (MORE)

5. LUCIFER (CONT'D) You have that wild spirit in you, just a little push, that’s all. DANIEL (teasin’ Lucifer) What kind of a Lord are you ? I mean, what kind of a man enjoys pushin’ it’s disciples in to the jaws of death ? LUCIFER (smiles a little) You asked for me. You wanted me. Here I am. But now you are scared. DANIEL (shakes his head) I’m not scared. LUCIFER Then do as I say. DANIEL (smiles whilst shakin’ his head in disbielf) Do you have any idea what they would do to me if I carry out your commands ? LUCIFER You are afraid of death, Daniel. DANIEL Self preservation is deep seeded in every livin’ creature. LUCIFER Not when I’m around. DANIEL Look, it’s temptin’ to go all gun blazin’. Take revenge on the world which has been unkind to you, but.... Daniel bites his lips. DANIEL (CONT’D) Sometimes I think about the things you said to me and I .... You are right. But there is somthin’ inside unleashin’ the wrath. Lucifer smiles a little. Lucifer simply looks at Daniel.

6. LUCIFER Don’t lie to your self, Daniel. You want it, you always wanted it, otherwise you would not have called me for help. You wanted me to push you, be your cheerleader. Daniel licks his lips a little. LUCIFER (CONT’D) And besides, what’s the point of this miserable life, you no longer hunt, you no longer fool around, you no longer live in harmony with nature, and yet you have audacity to call yourself a man. DANIEL (teasin’ lucifer whilst smilin’) It has to do with somethin’ called bein’ cilivlized, and you would not know anything about. LUCIFER (looks at Daniel whilst clechin’ his jaw a little) Bein’ copped up in pretty little cement cages whilst takin’ orders from ugly old men, chasin’ an artifical construct which offers you no value, if this is what civilization has to offer, then I’m glad that I was, I am, and I will be remain uncivilized. Daniel chuckles. Daniel shakes his head a little whilst lookin’ at Lucifer. Daniel then again looks in front. Lucifer is still lookin’ at Daniel. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Tell me, your mouth does not get wet when you see pretty young thing walkin’ around in those tight little shorts. Tell me, you don’t desire to touch those perky breasts, those plum lips, hmmmmmm.. Daniel licks his lips, Daniel clearly is gettin’ little tensed up as Lucifer describes women in a sexual manner. Daniel swallows a lump. Lucifer smiles whilst noddin’.

7. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smilin’) Yes you do, you heathen, yes you do. Daniel smiles a little. DANIEL I do, my lord, I do. But restraint is what separates us from animals they say. so I have to pretend to be civilized. LUCIFER (chuckles) What do you these fuckers have against animals ? They seem to have more fun than most of these miserable bastards. And besides, restraint should be practiced by those who are inferior in terms of looks and intellect, you are gifted in both departments. So, the question is why practice restraint ? Daniel chuckles. Daniel shakes his head a little as he realizes that he can’t win against Lucifer’s logic. Daniel simply bites his lips whilst lookin’ at Lucifer, tryin’ to think of an answer. DANIEL (takes a deep breathe) Lord Lucifer, forgive me for I have commited a great crime of upsettin’ you, I offer you wine, and honey cake for a nymph that you would procure soon. I beg you pardon, I beg you to relive me of your company, for I no longer want to be your disciple. Lucifer laughs a little. Lucifer claps. LUCIFER Bravo, shakeshpere. But it would have been better if you would’ve said it with a fake wig. DANIEL (smilin’) My apologies, lord. Lucifer chuckles. Daniel chuckles as well.

8. LUCIFER Alright, we would talk about rape of a beautiful nymph later, but what about the other command.. Hmmmm. Daniel’s face turns little cold. I....


LUCIFER You want it Daniel. Do it. She deserves it. She disrespected you by marryin’ and barin’ that ugly fuck’s child. You have to kill her, Daniel, my child. Daniel flares his nostrils a little whilst thinkin’ about the act. Daniel then takes a deep breathe. DANIEL (smiles in a smily manner) I will. But make sure to kill me if the cops show up. Lucifer rolls his eyes. LUCIFER Idiot. Remember, I could manipulate people’s mind. Don’t worry about a thing. Think of it like this, the god is alseep, no one is watchin’, except me. Daniel smiles. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smiles) And I only look out for beautiful and flawed creatures like me, my sweet child. Daniel looks in front whilst smilin’. DANIEL I knew I was makin’ a mistake when I performed those rituals to call you out. LUCIFER (cold as ice) I want to liberate your spirit, Daniel.

9. Daniel doesn’t Lift starts to smooth manner. Lucifer raises smile.

say anything. Daniel just stares at Lucifer. work again. Lift begins to elevate higher in a Both of them keep startin’ at each other. his one eyebrow whilst crackin’ a mischievous

LUCIFER (CONT’D) Ok, this is gettin’ awkward. Daniel chuckles. Lucifer chuckles as well. LUCIFER (CONT’D) I mean, I don’t kissin’ you, you are very beautiful, Daniel. Daniel chuckles. DANIEL No wonder those borin’ fuckers hate you. Lucifer smiles. Lift stops. Lucifer wears red sunglasses whilst whistlin’. INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - INVST BIZ FAIR FLOOR - MORNING Daniel and Lucifer gets outta the elevator whilst lookin’ smug. A pretty nymph wearin’ a tight little formal attire welcomes them with a stale smile. Daniel swallows a lump as he sees her red lips. Daniel instantly looks somewhere else, as if he has commited a grave crime. Lucifer looks at Daniel. Lucifer chuckels a little. The pretty nymph puckers her eyebrows whilst offerin’ both of them a tags to roam around the floor. LUCIFER (checkin’ out the nymph) How are you able to walk whilst wearin’ this kinda attire ? The pretty nymph in a formal attire looks confused. THE PRETTY NYMPH Excuse me ? Daniel looks at Lucifer whilst chucklin’ a little. Lucifer looks at Daniel and smiles. LUCIFER Apologies in order I believe, hope I have not offended you, Madamousille.

10. Daniel laughs a little. Lucifer starts walkin’. Daniel follows him. DANIEL (smilin’ and shakin’ his head) Try and act like a 21st century man. Lucifer smiles a little whilst rollin’ his eyes. LUCIFER Repressin’ one’s natural instincts. Repressin’ one’s nature. Boy, I love 21st century’s take on a man. Lucifer then sees an african male walkin’ whilst holdin’ a file filled with documents. Lucifer puckers his eyebrows. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Last time I saw them, they had chains on them. Don’t tell me, slavery is illegal too. Daniel rubs his forehead with his one finger. Lucifer shakes his head. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Brave new world. Lucifer then looks around. Lucifer havin’ a conversation with various Goldman, Deautzhe, Citi, Jp morgan notices people walkin’ around with little nervous.

sees everyone sittin’ and banks represantatives ( chase ). Lucifer also a file whilst lookin’

LUCIFER (CONT’D) What happened ? Atleast back then there used to be some wars. Now it’s just. DANIEL It’s just more peaceful. Trust me, chaos looks exotic for a day or two, but no one wants a freak show around forever, my lord. Well, I do. LUCIFER You say that, but why do I see that men, or as you would say, the “Civilized Men”, somehow look miserable.

11. DANIEL (deadpan) It’s monday. LUCIFER Oh, I forgot, have heard great deal about this monster. Daniel chuckles a little. DANIEL (whilst lookin’ around) We are little late. Fuck, are there any pretty girls left in investment buisness. LUCIFER Fantastic, cause I have zero intrest in talkin’ to this retards, I have been readin’ about this weird anomalies, and trust me, if I could, I would kill them all at once. DANIEL (smilin’) I would too, but then again you can’t blame them for people bein’ too consumeristic. LUCIFER Men fightin’ for gold and silver, foolish, but still admirable. Men fightin’ for worthless pieces of papers, irr-fuckin’-repirhansible. How is it even possible, Daniel, my child ? Daniel chuckles. DANIEL So you know everything but you just want to fuck with me by actin’ shocked at every thing that went wrong in last 150 years ? LUCIFER (smilin’) Yes. But now you ruined it for me. Perks of bein’ the lord of hell is that you could read people’s heads, thier entire lives, just like that. (MORE)

12. LUCIFER (CONT'D) But it’s too much sometimes, you see the lied that they tell them to themesleves. Lucifer shakes his head and chuckels a little. Daniel smiles. My lord.


Lucifer smiles and looks at Daniel whilst pullin’ his earlobes a little, showin’ affection. LUCIFER Now can we move, I don’t want to stand here all day. Daniel nods. Daniel and Lucifer starts to walk in the lounge area of the floor. Daniel waits for Lucifer to sit on the chair. Daniel then sits on the chair, one near the Lucifer’s chair. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Daniel, my child. Why are you like this ? Sittin’ with your legs folded together, you will crush your precious gems one of these days. Daniel chuckles. Daniel then looks at a hot girl sittin’ on the goldman sachs table flirtin’ with two fate men in his late 40’s. Daniel shakes his head a little. Lucifer notices this and chuckles. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Ask and you shall recieve ? Daniel looks at Lucifer and shakes his head. DANIEL No thanks, I’m fine. Lucifer shakes his head whilst smilin’. LUCIFER (teasin’ him) That’s precisely the problem. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Daniel smiles whilst shakin’ his head a little. DANIEL Too fine for most women unfortunately, my lord.

13. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER I have noticed that women’s taste in men have gotten so good, so good, so good.. that an average man now look like a frankestine monster, or should I say like “God” the eternal ugly asshole. Fucker was so jealous of my good looks. (shakes his head whilst lookin’ little pissed) Typical ugly fuck. Daniel smiles a little at Lucifer’s hatred for the “God”. DANIEL Well, I have to give you on that one, I don’t know, it hurts. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER So, that is the reason why you summoned me. You are angry and frustrated about the fact that women have got a horrible taste in men. DANIEL (smug) I.... No it’s just I was drunk and I read about you, and I just.. LUCIFER (shakes his head) Are you goin’ to repeat that over and over ? You gettin’ drunk and then stumblin’ on to me. Daniel looks at Lucifer. DANIEL Alright. I did wanted to kill the fat fuck who made a move on the woman I loved and worshipped, stealin’ her from me before I could even marry her. Yes, my lord, I want revenge, maybe rape that horrible whore in front of that fat piece of shite’s corpse. Lucifer smirks a little.

14. LUCIFER (slowly lowers his glasses whilst lookin’ into Daniel’s eyes) I have made some progress it seems. Daniel shakes his head. DANIEL (smilin’) No, you have not. I have not acted on those violent impulses. Lucifer takes off his glasses completely. Lucifer smiles whilst lookin’ at Daniel. LUCIFER You will. (pause) You will. Lucifer then looks at the hot girl on the goldman sachs table. LUCIFER (CONT’D) You want her ? She’s quiet beautiful. Daniel looks at Lucifer and laughs a little. No. No.


LUCIFER (turns his head towards Daniel) Ok, then I’m killin’ those two ugly fat fucks. DANIEL (rolls his eyes and then smiles whilst lookin’ at Lucifer) Please, we just only got here, what’s the hurry my lord ? Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER (fuckin’ further) You should be happy, I’m keepin’ your world, fit and healthy.

15. Daniel chuckles. Lucifer smiles. Lucife then looks at the goldman sachs table. LUCIFER (CONT’D) I mean, what in the god’s hairy butthole has happened to this world. I knew women had horrible taste in men, but... fuck. Lucifer looks at the girl. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (bites his lips a little) I’ll rape her once I’m done with those two fat fucks. Daniel closes his eyes whilst rubbin’ his forehead. Daniel looks at Lucifer. DANIEL (smilin’) My lord, do as your please. You are strong, independant male, you don’t need my consent to perform heroics. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER (smiles) I know. But before I do that I want you to have some fun with the hot blonde. Daniel puckers his eyebrows. Lucifer gets up. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (mutters) Hmmmmmmmm. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards the goldman sachs table. Lucifer looks at the hot girl in her early 20’s wearin’ a tight formal dress. The hot girl is not impressed by Lucifer’s good looks. Lucifer widens his eyes a little. Lucifer’s eyes turn red. The girl feels somethin’ all of a sudden. Lucifer’s eyes return to normal. The girl smiles all of a sudden. Lucifer’s spell worked. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Can I steal you for a second ? I’m sure your capable colleagues would be able to handle these two (looks at two ugly fat men with disdain) gentlemen.

16. The hot girl looks at her colleagues. The hot girl signals them, her colleagues nod a little. The hot girl stands up. Lucifer offers his hand. The hot girl moves forward and takes his hand. Lucifer kisses it. Lucifer then looks at Daniel. Daniel smiles whilst pushin’ his cheek with his tongue, impressed by Lucifer. Danie lshakes his head a little whilst smilin’. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards Daniel whilst holdin’ the girl’s hand. Lucifer arrives near Daniel’s chair. Lucifer winks at Daniel. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smilin’) Here. Meet my friend, Daniel. The hot girl smiles at Daniel. The hot girl offers her hand. Daniel shakes it whilst smilin’ a little. Daniel is still little reluctant, as he knows that Lucifer has her under his spell. Lucifer then sits down on a chair. The girl sits besides Daniel whilst smilin’. THE HOT GIRL You both look very handsome. LUCIFER We are, thank you. Daniel chuckles. DANIEL My lord, can she hears us ? Lucifer walks near Daniel’s chair. Lucifer leans from the behind, whsiperin’ somethin’ into Daniel’s ears. Daniel at first is little confused, but then start to smile. Lucifer then stands upright whilst smilin’. Daniel looks at the girl whilst smilin’. LUCIFER Don’t think too much, Daniel. Just enjoy the show. I’m givin’ you a chance to live the dream that you always wanted to live. DANIEL How hot are we ? The hot girl blushes like an idiot. THE HOT GIRL Very very hot. Daniel chuckles.

17. DANIEL This is perfect, my lord. LUCIFER (nods) Get her naked and fuck her well. But remember this won’t count as a rape, she likes you. You will still have to perform the command I gave you. The hot girl looks at Lucifer and smiles. Lucifer shakes his head. Lucifer snaps his fingers and points towards Daniel. The hot girl looks at Daniel. THE HOT GIRL Hottie. You want to go out with me somehwhere ? Make out ? The hot girl licks her lips whilst lookin’ at Daniel in a seductive manner. Hmmm?


Daniel swallows a lump. DANIEL Umm... no thanks. Lucifer rolls his eyes. LUCIFER The fuck is your problem ? DANIEL She’s nice, too nice perhaps. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER Sure, let’s rewind, you have been rejected twice by two beautiful nymphs since last month. I’m certain you would win these heartless nymphs on your own. Daniel sulks a little. DANIEL (smilin’) I would have gotten her on my own, my lord.

18. Lucifer is like “Sure, jen”. Lucifer chuckles a little. LUCIFER Sure, like in hundred years once she is done fuckin’ the ugly fucks of this clusterfuck of a realm. I’m offerin’ you love, my child, the love that you so deeply crave for, have fun, it’s not like you are righteous. Daniel just looks at Lucifer. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (slaps his neck a little, motivatin’ him) She would do whatever you want her to do. Daniel licks his lips a little whilst lookin’ at her. The hot girl smiles at Daniel. Daniel smiles back. Lucifer then sees two fat man from the table, aimin’ for the washroom. Lucifer falres his nostrils a little whilst dawnin’ his red sunglasses. Lucifer then looks at Daniel. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (firm) I’ll be back in a minute. You kids have fun. Lucifer starts walkin’ away whilst lookin’ firm. The hot girl blushes as Lucifer leaves. Daniel looks at the hot girl. The hot girl moves her hair a little. Daniel swallows a lump. The hot girl then looks at Daniel. THE HOT GIRL It’s so hot in here. Daniel is like “Wtf, there is ac emittin’ chillin’ air all around the place”. The hot girl unbuttons her shirt’s button, revealin’ a little bit of her cleavage. DANIEL (clears his throat a little) Arghh.. aahaammmm.. Daniel breathes in whilst lookin’ at the hot girl. The hot girl then looks at Daniel. THE HOT GIRL (seductive) Like what you see, handsome.

19. Daniel looks in the front. DANIEL Yes. It’s majestic. The hot girl chuckles. DANIEL (CONT’D) (chuckles) But don’t you think you are actin’ too bold perhaps. Why ?


Daniel looks at the hot girl. THE HOT GIRL (CONT’D) It’s natural. And plus, you look nice. Daniel is like “Wow”, suprised by her

“You look nice remark.

THE HOT GIRL (CONT’D) What ? No one pays your compliments on your good looks ? Daniel looks at the hot girl.


DANIEL (shakin’ his head a little)

(lettin’ himself have a little fun) I mean yes, homosexual men do, but you see I don’t like to take it from the back. The hot girl laughs a little. THE HOT GIRL You’re funny. The hot girl then looks into Daniel’s eyes. THE HOT GIRL (CONT’D) Well, it’s a shame that no one pays attention to a pretty face like yours. Daniel looks at her with a sincere face.

20. DANIEL You would do the same, if you were not under a spell. The hot girl chuckles. I would.


Daniel smiles whilst shakin’ his head. DANIEL (little sad) No, you would not. Daniel then shakes off the sadness. DANIEL (CONT’D) (pucker his eyebrows whilst lookin’ at the Goldman’s table) So what do you for fun at Goldman sachs ? THE HOT GIRL Nothin’, it’s bunch of borin’ middle aged white dudes walkin’ around in suits, there is no fun, except when some handsome junior banker walks in. Daniel raises his one eyebrow. DANIEL You have been a naughty naughty naughty little girl. The hot girl laughs a little. THE HOT GIRL So tell me, why are you wastin’ your time with a pretty little girl like me, where you could be networkin’ to bag potential investors ? DANIEL (smug as he raises his head) Because you’re beautiful. You’re so beatiful that I want to kiss your lips, whisper somethin’ silly in to your ears.

21. The hot girl blushes and smiles. Daniel smiles as well. The hot girl then looks at Daniel in a sincere manner. THE HOT GIRL Then why don’t you ? DANIEL (sincere look) I can’t. Why ?


DANIEL (smiles) I don’t know. The hot girl grabs Daniel’s arm. THE HOT GIRL You can break my heart, handsome. Daniel smiles. Really ?


The hot girl gets up. The hot girl offers her hand to Daniel. Daniel gets up. Daniel then holds the hot girl’s hand. Daniel then grabs her waist. THE HOT GIRL Let me buy you a cup of coffee, handsome. Daniel smiles. DANIEL After you. (looks at the girl’s tits) Ms. big tits. The beautiful girl chuckles as she slaps Daniel’s shoulder in a teasful manner. Daniel smiles. The hot girl and Daniel then start to walk towards the refreshment section/cafeteria section of the floor. INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - INVST BIZ FLOOR - WASHROOM - MORNING Lucifer is havin’ a cigarette whilst sittin’ on the sink/mirror section of the washroom. Lucifer sees two fat men get outta the two seperate washroom after flushin’ them.

22. Two fat men see Lucifer sittin’ on the sink whilst havin’ a cigarette. FAT MAN 1 Hey asshole, you’re not supposed to smoke in here. LUCIFER (fuckin’ around with the fat fuck) Hey asshole, you’re not supposed to smoke in here. Lucifer looks at the fat man 1, Lucifer gets on his feet whilst tossin’ the cigarette away. Two fat men look at Lucifer blowin’ smoke outta his nostrils whilst lookin’ at them. FAT MAN 1 Do we have a problem ? Lucifer looks at them. LUCIFER (dead cold) Yes, we do. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards them. Lucifer reaches near them. Lucifer then punches one of the fat man in the face, the fat man falls on the ground. Lucifer then takes out a knife outta nowhere and stabs the other fat man in the stomach. Lucifer looks fierce whilst doin’ so. Lucifer turns the kinfe’s handle real hard. Lucifer looks into the fat man’s eyes whilst twistin’ the knife. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Shhhhh.. It’s okay, it’s over. Lucifer let goes of the knife along with the fat man, the fat man falls on the ground like a rock with a knife in his stomach. The other fat man looks scared and tries to run, turnin’ around, aimin’ for the exit door whilst tryin’ to get up. Lucifer sees this and shakes his head. Lucifer moves his hand in an agressive manner. The door closes. The fat man swallows a lump and turns around to look at Lucifer. Lucifer takes off his red sunglasses. Lucifer’s eyes turn red. Lucifer looks furious. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards the fat fuck. Lucifer smashes the fat man’s face with his boot. Lucifer keeps smashin’ the fat fuck’s face untill the sound of a crackin’ skull strikes. Lucifer stops whilst breathin’ heavily. Lucifer then takes a deep breathe to calm him self down. Lucifer spits on the floor. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards the exit. Lucifer waves his one hand. The exit door opens.

23. INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - INVST BIZ FAIR FLOOR - MORNING Lucifer walks outta washroom whilst sportin’ a smirk on his face. Lucifer looks at Daniel and the hot girl talkin’ and smilin’ whilst lookin’ at each other. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards them. INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - INVST BIZ FAIR - CAFETRIA - MORNING Lucifer arrives. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Lucifer looks at Daniel. Lucifer then looks at the hot girl. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER Do you like my creation, Daniel ? Daniel looks at the hot girl. The hot girl looks at Daniel and smiles. Daniel looks at her lips. Daniel swallows a lump. Daniel looks down, lookn’ lost. LUCIFER (CONT’D) What’s with you pretty boys ? Emotionally fucked up. Ridden with trauma, always thinkin’ you’re not good enough. You guys are a hot mess. Lucifer grabs Daniels arm, Lucifer makes him stand. DANIEL (lookin’ utterly bored) Where are you takin’ me ? Lucifer smirks. LUCIFER To the pool, my child, to the pool. DANIEL (smiles) Is she comin’ with us ? Lucifer looks at the hot girl. LUCIFER (sexual innuendo) Are you commmmmmminnn’ with us ? Daniel chuckles whilst shakin’ his head. THE HOT GIRL (smilin’) Ofcourse.

24. Lucifer turns around. LUCIFER Good, let’s go. Lucifer, Daniel, and the hot girl elevator.

starts walkin’ towards the

INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - INVST BIZ FAIR FLOOR - MORNING Lucifer, Daniel and the hot girl reach near the elevator. Lucifer then turns around. Lucifer sees order. Lucifer takes a deep breathe. Lucifer raises his one eyebrow a little. Lucifer snaps his fingers. Everyone on the floor looses thier shit. Everyone starts screamin’, throwin’ paper and water bottles at each other. Everyone starts beatin’ the shit outta each other within’ a few seconds. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Daniel chuckles. Perfect.


LUCIFER Choas. Nirvana. Lucifer then turns around and presses the elevator button. Elevator opens up. Lucifer, Daniel and the hot girl walks in the elevator. INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - ELEVATOR - MORNING MUSIC - GIRL FROM IPEANA LUCIFERAMA FUCK KNOWS WHAT Lucifer looks at the hot girl. Lucifer then looks at Daniel. Daniel shakes his head. DANIEL No. I’ve changed my mind. She is sweet. Lucifer laughs like a kid. LUCIFER She’ll do anythin’. What do you care ? DANIEL (rolls his eyes) Yeah because she is under your spell. Lucifer makes ooooh sound.

25. LUCIFER I’m halfway home, Daniel. You are turnin’ into me me. Daniel smiles a little and shakes his head. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Come on, let’s do something fun, spice up the mornin’. Lucifer turns around. Lucifer brushes the hair of the hot girl behind. Lucifer starts kissin’ her earlobes. The hot girl starts to moan a little. Daniel swallows a lump. Lucifer pauses and looks at Daniel. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Are you joinin’ me ? Or do I have to put a spell on you as well ? Daniel takes a deep breathe. DANIEL (mutters) Fuck it. Daniel turns towards the hot girl. Daniel starts kissin’ her neck. Lucifer smirks. Lucifer tilts his head whilst lookin’ at Daniel lickin’ and bitin’ the hot girl’s neck. LUCIFER (smilin’) You’re doin’ great, sweetie. You’re doin’ great. Lucifer then proceeds to kiss the hot girl’s lips. Meanwhile, Daniel starts kissin’ the hot girl’s chest ( upper area ). Lucifer then stops kissin’ the hot girl’s lips. Lucifer pokes Daniel. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Lucifer lights up a cigarette. Daniel shakes his head. Daniel gets back to her. Daniel grabs the hot girl. Daniel starts kissin’ her lips. Daniel squeezes her butt. Daniel then bites her neck. The hot girl moans in a loud manner. Lucifer laughs a little whilst shakin’ his head. LUCIFER (CONT’D) I luvvv it. Daniel, keep at it. Make her scream. Daniel grabs her by her waist, in a swift manner. Daniel starts kissin’ her lips violently. Daniel bites her lips a little. The hot girl moans a little. Daniel then bites her chin whilst lookin’ at her.

26. Lucifer meanwhile makes smoke rings whilst lookin’ in front. Lucifer then tosses the cigarette and puts it out with his boot. The elevator stops. A beautiful girl in her late teens opens the elevator’s door. Daniel could not care less. Daniel keeps kissin’. Lucifer looks at the beautiful girl in her late teens. Lucifer takes off his glasses. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Unless you’re plannin’ to take stairs... Lucifer gives a look to the beautiful girl. The beautiful girl then looks at Daniel and the hot girl makin’ out. The beautiful girl swallows a lump. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL No I’m fine. The beautiful girl is about to turn around and starts walkin’ away. LUCIFER (eyes turn red for a second) You’re gettin’ in. The beautiful girl’s eyes turn red for a split second as well. The beautiful girl looks at Lucifer. The beautiful girl smiles at Lucifer. Lucifer smirks. Perfect.


INT. ROCKFELLER CENTRE - ELEVATOR - MORNING Lucifer is kissin’ the beautiful girl in a wild manner. Daniel is still makin’ out with the hot girl. Lucifer rips the formal shirt that the beautiful girl is wearin’. Lucifer starts pressin’ the beautiful girl’s breasts, she moans as Lucifer continues to press her breats whilst kissin’ her neck. Lucifer then starts kissin’ her lips whilst puttin’ his hand behind her head. Lucifer pauses to look into her eyes. Lucifer stops. Lucifer takes a deep breathe. Lucifer retains his normal composure. Daniel looks exhausted as well. Daniel starts kissin’ the hot girl in a slow manner. Daniel then pauses and looks into the hot girl’s eyes. Daniel stops. Daniel rests his forehead on the hot girl’s forhead. Daniel retains his normal composure soon.

27. All four of them are quiete, simply startin’ in front. Daniel then sees the beautiful girl’s shirt torn, exposin’ her inner wear. DANIEL You tore the poor girl’s shirt. Lucifer looks at the beautiful girl’s state. LUCIFER (smug) Less is more they say. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Daniel chuckles. Lucifer chuckles as well. Daniel shakes his head. Daniel starts to unbutton his shirt. Lucifer notices this and shakes his head. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Stop. I got this. Lucifer takes off his shirt real quick. Lucifer then offers it to the beautiful girl. The beautiful girl puts it on and starts buttonin’ it up. DANIEL It was fun but... Lucifer raises his finger to object but then makes a face a little kid sayin’ “Ok”. LUCIFER Shhhh.. Don’t ruin it. Daniel nods. Lucifer then chuckles. LUCIFER (CONT’D) But you were enjoyin’ it. I saw you plantin’ kisses on her as if she was the only pretty woman alive on this planet. Daniel says nothin’. DANIEL (asshole) Who knows you must’ve used some spell. Lucifer laughs. Daniel chuckles. LUCIFER By the time it’s evenin’... Daniel rolls his eyes.


28. DANIEL (cuts Lucifer) I’m a bastard, not a fuckin’ bastard. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER We will see. DANIEL (lookin’ confused) Wair, are we takin’ them with us ? Lucifer looks at the both of the girls. Let’s not.


Daniel looks cherry. LUCIFER (CONT’D) What happened ? Don’t tell me you enjoy my ways. I...


Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER (cuts Daniel) Just shut up, you closet freak. Daniel smiles a little. DANIEL (givin’ him back) Look who is talkin’. LUCIFER You wanna see something fun ? Daniel looks at Lucifer. DANIEL (smilin’ whilst lookin’ ready to be surprised) What the fuck are you up to now ? Lucifer snaps his fingers. Both of the girls are now outta the spell laid upon them. Both of the girls look at Daniel and Lucifer. Both of them look terrified.

29. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL What the hell is happenin’ here ? Why am I wearin’ your shirt ? Lucifer rolls his eyes. THE HOT GIRL (looks at Daniel) How did I got in here ? Daniel looks at her. DANIEL Calm down. You both were drunk. LUCIFER (fuckin’ around) No they were not. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL (looks at the hot girl for a split second and then looks at Lucifer) We will report you both. Lucifer’s face turns little cold. Daniel notices this. DANIEL (tryin’ to calm Lucifer down) No, she did not mean it. LUCIFER (little angry) I think she did. Daniel looks little nervous as he sees Lucifer gettin’ angry. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Go ahead, report us. We will come with you. THE HOT GIRL Listen, just don’t harm us. LUCIFER That’s up to both of you. The beautiful girl tones her voice down. I’m sorry.


30. LUCIFER No, you’re not, you’re sayin’ it becuase you don’t want to get hurt, self preservation. But the question is why would you mind the fact that two fine lookin’ men want to fool around with you lot ? THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL Listen, we are just, we don’t know how we got in here ? I... Daniel is not havin’ it now. DANIEL (firm) It’s enough. Lucifer looks at Daniel. Lucifer gives him a look, little tension brews in between both of them. Alright.


Lucifer snaps his fingers. Both the girl are back in thier old rythm... obedient nymphs. The elevator stops. Lucifer claps and tells the girls to leave. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Ladies, kindly fuck off. Both of the girls leave. Daniel just looks at them leavin’. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Don’t worry, kid. They won’t remember a thing. Daniel doesn’t say anything. Daniel just stands still. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (whilst pressin’ the ground floor button) Sweet you said ? She seems sweet. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER (CONT’D) I want you to see their real face. They will never love us. They don’t care whether we are high and mighty. They are just lookin’ for a familiar face. Daniel looks down. Lucifer notices this.

31. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (little sincere) Cheer up, my child. Even I was in your shoes, all I ever wanted was to be loved, and yet I got nothin’ but hatred. Lucifer puts his arm around Daniel. LUCIFER (CONT’D) This is why I despise his ways. This is why I hate monogamy. It crushes one’s soul, makes people hollow, void of emotions. Choas is beautiful, it makes people playful, cheerful... spontaneous. Khair. The elevator stops. The door opens. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Let’s go to the pool. We will have some fun. EXT. SWIMMING PLACE - PARKING SPACE - NYC - AFTERNOON Lucifer is drivin’ a motorcycle, Daniel is sittin’ right behind him. Lucifer halts his motorcycle in the parkin’ space situated right in front of the entrance. Daniel gets off the motorcycle. Lucifer takes off his red glasses. Lucifer then gets off his bike. Lucifer looks at three beautiful girls in their late teens walkin’ towards the entrance. Lucifer checks their asses out. Daniel is meanwhile lookin’ at their legs. DANIEL Fuckkkk. I don’t think this is a good idea. Lucifer puckers his eyebrows whilst turnin’ his head around. LUCIFER What is your problem, Daniel ? Stop bein’ such a whiny bitch, you’re gettin’ in. Enough with your bipolar. Lucifer puts on his red glasses. Lucifer then starts walkin’ towards the exit/entrace door. Daniel follows Lucifer. INT. SWIMMING PLACE - NYC - AFTERNOON Lucifer and Daniel are half naked, exposin’ their ripped physique.

32. Both of them have white towels wrapped around their respective waist. Both of them are walkin’ towards a table with a big umbrella on it. Both of them sit under the table with an umbrella on it. Both of them are near the pool. Both of them settle down. Daniel’s attention instantly goes to the beautiful women in thier late 20’s swimmin’ and foolin’ around in the pool. Lucifer notices this. Lucifer taps the table. Daniel is still lookin’ at the beautiful girls in the swimmin’ pool laughin’ and talkin’. DANIEL It’s hard to impress a girl, it’s even harder to impress a woman. Lucifer chuckles lightly. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Lucifer looks at the beautiful women in the pool. LUCIFER You hate him as much as I do, don’t you ? Daniel grabs a pack of cigarette lyin’ on the table. Daniel takes out a cigarette and lights it up with a lighter present on the table. Daniel takes a quick puff outta his cigarette. Daniel then looks at Lucifer. Daniel rests his bare back on the chair’s back. Daniel looks at the ash tray. Daniel dusts his cigarette. Daniel just looks at the ash tray. Lucifer is still lookin’ at Daniel. DANIEL (little sad) It’s just, I feel like I’m bein’ punished for bein’ prettier than the most men. LUCIFER (rilin’ Daniel up) That’s what he does, he punishes the pretty ones, he feels threatened by them. Daniel takes a drag outta his cigarette. DANIEL (exhales smoke whilst talkin’) I wish I could kill him. LUCIFER You kill his beloved ones, you kill him.

33. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Both of them share a look. Both of them look serene, yet intense. LUCIFER (CONT’D) You’ll do it. I know. Daniel turns his head. Daniel looks at the beautiful women. Daniel shifts the topic, but does not refute the Lucifer’s statement. DANIEL You ever notice, their eyes never move. Lucifer looks at the beautiful women in the pool as well. Lucifer then grabs a cigarette outta the cigarette pack on the table. Lucifer snaps his fingers near the tip of the cigarette, red flame comes out nowhere, cigarette gets lit. Lucifer takes a drag outta his cigarette whilst lookin’ at the beautiful women. LUCIFER He made them in such a manner to ensure that his kind survives. DANIEL Sometimes I want to punch them in their perfect teeth. LUCIFER (looks at Daniel) Why don’t you then ? DANIEL (arghhhh facial expression whilst lookin’ at the beautiful women) I don’t know. LUCIFER How about killin’ them ? DANIEL (chuckles in a sad manner) And what exactly would I achieve by doin’ that ? LUCIFER Stickin’ it out to him. DANIEL (lifts his chin up a little whilst takin’ a drag) (MORE)

34. DANIEL (CONT'D) I used to think about it ever since I was a kid, to tell you the truth, their every move, thier every action would rile me up. I just wanted to give, yet all I ever got from them was resentment, they treated me as tho I was some sorta of a monster. Lucifer takes a drag. Lucifer exhales the smoke quickly whilst lookin’ at Daniel. LUCIFER You’re a monster, my child, you are indeed a monster, but you’re a beautiful monster, just like me. Daniel chuckles in a sad manner. Lucifer smiles a little. DANIEL It’s so rare when someone looks at me with lust. I often feel hopeless. As if I’m alone, no one else is around me, just me and my shadow. LUCIFER You’re alone, cause you’re unique. Daniel sports a lite smile on his lips. LUCIFER (CONT’D) When was the last time you ever got asked out by a girl ? DANIEL (thinks) I.... Lucifers chuckles. LUCIFER Don’t tell me that not even a single fuckin’ bitch on this planet didn’t find the pretty face of yours worthy of her time and affection. Daniel chuckles. DANIEL No... I did got asked out once.


When ?


DANIEL (smilin’ like a kid as he narrates the story) I must have been in 10th grade. There was this girl, she was in nineth grade. She thought I was very pretty. LUCIFER (chips in) You are pretty. Daniel blushes a little, taken aback by Lucifer’s compliment. Lucifer smiles a little. DANIEL (continues his story) So she sent one of her freind to deliver the message, but the problem was that I wanted to go out with her freind, not her, so I said no. LUCIFER Why ? What was wrong with her ? Was she deaf,dumb and mute ? Daniel licks his lips a little. Daniel chuckles. DANIEL She wasn’t beautiful. She looked like... Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER Wonderful. Our sweet prince gets asked out by some ugly bitch. DANIEL But then I start to regret as soon as I realized that no one else in the school fancied me except her. LUCIFER (chuckles) What kind of a fuckin’ school were you enrolled in ? For fuck’s sake! DANIEL Not a good one.

36. LUCIFER Look at you, I would go gay for you. Your pretty lips, your pretty eyes. I don’t get how you get rejected and pushed around all the time by these whores. DANIEL I don’t know. But even in the couple of relationships that I had, I never felt loved, none of them cared about my good looks, none of them cared about my ideas, it’s like they were moochin’ off me. LUCIFER (chuckles whilst shakin’ his head a little) Fuckin’ gold diggers. Daniel chuckles. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (tries to cheer up Daniel) But I had my fair share of rejection as well, I was thrown out of heaven, I wept, I lamented, but no one cared. He hates men with ambition, he hates men with beautiful features, he hates anyone that could rival him. Daniel looks at Lucifer. LUCIFER (CONT’D) But the fuck was I doin’ in that shitty place, hell is where fun’s at. Daniel chuckles. DANIEL Speankin’ of fun, you promised me that we will have some fun. Lucifer nods. LUCIFER Indeed, my child, indeed. Lucifer looks at the beautiful women in the pool. Lucifer then sees the pretty girls he and Daniel saw whilst enterin’ the place, all of them jump into the pool.

37. LUCIFER (CONT’D) What are the two worse crimes a man could commit accordin’ to him ? Daniel looks at Lucifer. Lucifer puts out his cigarette. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (whilst loookin’ at Daniel with a mischief in his eyes) Murder and rape. Daniel’s eyes start to mirror Lucifer’s eyes. Daniel sports a subtle mischievous look on his face. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Kill those who look wicked. Rape those who love the ones who look wicked. DANIEL (continues the rhyme) Better to let a beautiful man break your heart. Lucifer smirks. LUCIFER (breaks it) Beautiful men don’t break beautiful women’s heart, it’s vice versa. Daniel swallows a lump. Daniel’s smiles fade a little. INT. CLASSIC HOUSE - CALIFORNIA - EVENING Daniel Daniel girl ( eyes )

is wearin’ a black suit. Daniel is lookin’ distraught. is almost in tears. Daniel is lookin’ at a beautiful twenty, brunette, fair complexion, slim built, brown named Ariana. DANIEL (broken) Am I a monster ? (cold) Stop.


Daniel is in tears, almost like a kid who does not want someone close to her leave.


Why ?


Daniel just look at her whilst tears roll outta his eyes. DANIEL (CONT’D) (yells at her) Tell me ! You fuckin’ heartless bitch ! Ariana has no heart to offer, atleast not when she around a man like Daniel. Daniel looks little angry. ARIANA I can’t love you. Daniel grabs Ariana. ARIANA (CONT’D) Let go of me. Daniel’s eyes start to moisten up again. DANIEL What have I done ? Ariana could not care less about Daniel’s miserable state. DANIEL (CONT’D) Look at me. Ariana looks at Daniel. Daniel still has his hold on her. DANIEL (CONT’D) (squeezin’ her shoulders a little) Am I that bad ? Ariana swallows a lump. Daniel shakes her. Ariana eyes moisten just a little. ARIANA You’ll find someone else, but I can’t do this anymore. Daniel’s eyes are heavy, filled with tears. DANIEL You know I always knew women were heartless, but you are somethin’ else. Ariana looks sideways, evadin’ Daniel’s gaze. Daniels swallows a lump.

39. DANIEL (CONT’D) (holdin’ back his tears) When I look at you, when I... (swallows a lump) How could you do this to me ? What did I do to deserve this ? I offered you my heart on a fuckin’ platter, you... (tears roll out whilst Daniel gasps a little) .. you. Daniel cups her face. DANIEL (CONT’D) (intense look) Tell me that you hate me. Tell me that you never felt anythin’ for me. (yells) Tell me. Daniel breaks into tears again. Ariana starts cryin’ as well. DANIEL (CONT’D) (tears keep rollin’ out of his eyes) How could you do this to me ? How ? Ariana looks down. DANIEL (CONT’D) Look at me. Ariana looks at Daniel whilst her eyes are full. Daniel cups her face DANIEL (CONT’D) Am I .... (gasps) A monster ? Ariana just swallows a lump. ARIANA (blunt) I don’t feel anythin’ for you, Daniel. Daniel squeezes his eyes shut, tears roll down. Daniel let’s Ariana go. Ariana walks out on Daniel. Daniel sees her walkin’ out on him. Daniel runs behind her. Daniel grabs Arianal’s hand. Ariana turns around.

40. ARIANA (CONT’D) Let go of my hand. DANIEL (broken) What do you want ? Ariana just looks sideways. DANIEL (CONT’D) (cognizant of his defeat) Your kind can’t see, can they ? (tears find it’s way back) You know I was readin’ about the fallen angel, the one who just wanted to be loved, instead he was cast aside, insulted, and throw out of the heaven. Ariana looks at Daniel. ARIANA (blunt) I’m sorry. Daniel fights his tears. DANIEL Tell me, did you felt anythin’ when you saw me first ? Ariana just looks at Daniel. DANIEL (CONT’D) (chuckles) What a fool am I ? Askin’ a beautiful woman about sparin’ a few trinkets of love for a beautiful man ? Impossible. Daniel seems little off. Daniel wipes his face with his palm. Daniel no longer seems broken. DANIEL (CONT’D) Go back to whorin’ yourself to those animals, afterall whores have always adored animals. I hope your child looks as repulsive and rotten as the man you’ve chosen. (cold) You heartless bitch, run. Ariana eyes are full. Ariana is indeed hurt by Daniel’s words.

41. DANIEL (CONT’D) (no longer a sweet man) Whore, a fuckin’ whore who sleeps with animals, that’s how I will remember you. Tears roll down from Ariana’s eyes. DANIEL (CONT’D) (chuckles) Oh come on, you never cared about me, you would’ve spread your legs just as easily for some weird lookin’ anomaly, matter of fact, your kind loves those freaks, cause if you or your kind would’ve cared about love, warmth or beauty, then every man on the face of this earth would’ve had those qualities, but no, you whores would always side with the animals. Those fuckin’ animals, and soon one of them would make you her sex slave, and of course you would enjoy it when he will stick it in you, cause that’s what women do, they enjoy things which are ugly and wicked. Now run, you heartless whore. Ariana wipes her tears. ARIANA (with a heavy voice) I wish you well, Daniel. Ariana turns around and starts to aim for the exit. Daniel just stands there watchin’ her go. Daniel looks cold, but still sadness on his face is evident. Daniel clenches his jaw. INT. SWIMMING PLACE - NYC - AFTERNOON Daniel takes a deep breathe. Lucifer looks at Daniel. LUCIFER Painful memories from the past. DANIEL (shakes his head) Urghhhhh.

42. LUCIFER (smiles) Let me help you. Let me help you, my child. Daniel looks firm. DANIEL I’ll do it. I’ll become the monster. LUCIFER A beautiful monster, remember. Daniel smirks a little. Lucifer smirks a little as well. Both of them look at the beautiful girls gettin’ outta the pool. Daniel and Lucifer look at each other and smirk. INT. SWIMMING PLACE - LOCKER ROOM - AFTERNOON Beautiful girls are standin’ near thier respective locker whilst sportin’ thier bikinis. All of them are havin’ a banter whilst takin’ out thier casual clothes from thier respective locker. All of them grab towels and start dryin’ thier hair slowly. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 I said no. I mean just because he is cute, doesn’t mean I have to say yes. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 2 Was he dumb ? BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 No, matter of fact, he was smarter than most men I’ve known so far, but what the heck, he was actin’ like a despo, I don’t like when men act desperate. Four other beautiful girls laugh. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 2 (dryin’ her hair) You are so mean. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 3 (dryin’ her hair) What’s with pretty men ? They always feel entitled that pretty women owe them somethin.

43. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (takes off her bikini) My ex was good lookin’, smart, gracious, but I never liked him. I like men who are wild, wild like animals. All the other girls proceed to take off their swimwear. All of them are naked now. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 5 (chuckles) Me too. I love animals as well. They are just more fun to be around. All of them giggle a little. Lucifer and Daniel show up outta nowhere. Lucifer walks in, Daniel is right behind him. LUCIFER (cold as ice) Then you would love us. All of the beautiful girls look pale as Lucifer and Daniel show up whilst wearin’ nothin’ but a towel around thier waists. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 (puttin’ on a brave face) What the hell are you doin’ inside a women’s locker room ? Get out. Daniel rolls his eyes. Lucifer shakes his head. LUCIFER I thought you lot fancied wild animals. Daniel shakes his index finger. DANIEL (prickish) No, my lord, what they meant was that they love men who not only act like wild animals, but look like wild animals as well. Lucifer gives a dramatic “Oh, I get it” expression. LUCIFER Oh, almost forgot. The girls look nervous.

44. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (little nervous) Let me go, I’m a minor, I’m seventeen. Daniel laughs. Lucifer starts to laugh as well. DANIEL (checks her out) Pretty sweet figure you’ve got for a seventeen year ol I must say. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER Don’t mind him. He is an insane individual. But I, you see, I am a reasonable individual. The girls start to look little nervous. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Fair enough, you may leave. But your freinds, yeah, no. The beautiful girl 4 wraps a towel around herself and starts to walk towards the exit. Lucifer and Daniel are lookin’ at the other girl. The beautiful girl 4 has to pass by Daniel & Lucifer before she could reach for the exit. The beautiful girl 4 is walkin’ slowly whilst avoidin’ any eye contact with Lucifer and Daniel. But as soon as she reaches near them, Daniel grabs her, and turns her around whilst lockin’ her neck with his arm. Daniel puts his head on the girls shoulder. DANIEL (whilst lookin’ at the other girls) You smell nice. Oooh.. Jasmine. I love Jasmine. Lucifer sports a devilish smile whilst lookin’ at the girls. The girls swallow a lump. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 Let me go please. Daniel licks her right earlobe. Daniel then puts his another arm on the beautiful girl’s waist. Daniel puts his arm around the stomach of the naked beautiful girl. DANIEL (smilin’) Should I let her go, my lord ?

45. LUCIFER Fuck no. She likes wild animals, remember. Daniel chuckles. Daniel kisses her neck. The beautiful girl shows her disgust as Daniel kisses her neck. Daniel sees this. DANIEL I forgot, they can’t see. Daniel slowly touches her bare breasts. DANIEL (CONT’D) But they do respond to touch, tough. That means that any man could have beautiful women, as long as he breaks the initial resistance. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER That’s enough, Daniel. Clearly they don’t like clean cut men who smell like peppermint. Lucifer then takes a deep breathe. LUCIFER (CONT’D) You may leave, we won’t bother you. Lucifer looks at Daniel with a smug look on his face. Daniel realizes what Lucifer’s up to. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Let the girl leave, she’s a minor, Daniel. DANIEL I thought we were in New York. What the heck ? Daniel grabs the jaw of the beautiful girl and turns it around a little. Daniel kisses the beautiful girl’s lips forcibly. The beautiful girl slaps her hands over Daniel’s arms. Daniel then releases her. The beautiful girl 4 tries to run towards the exit door. Lucifer smirks. Lucifer snaps his fingers. The door shuts themselves. The beautiful girls in the locker room look scared as they see this. The beautiful girl 4 thumps her fists on the exit door, she then turns around.


(smug) Ooops.


Daniel laughs. DANIEL I wish I could do that. Daniel then turns around. Daniel looks at the beautiful girl. Daniel offers his hand. DANIEL (CONT’D) Come. Come to daddy. The beautiful girl 4 starts cryin’. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 Let me go, please. Daniel withdraws his hand whilst lookin’ disappointed. DANIEL What’s the problem ? If I were to be a moviestar or a Ceo of fortune 500 company, then you would post pictures of me online, sayin’ “Look at my husband”, “He is so cute”. So that means I have to conquer the world in order for women to notice my good looks, my intellect, my quirkiness.... Lucifer taps on Daniel’s shoulder. LUCIFER Don’t waste your time, her heart won’t melt, they hate it when someone calls them out, like The God who would throw you out the moment you call him out on his bullshit. Daniel looks at Lucifer. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (nods) Do the needful, my child. I’m sure she would find plenty of ugly wild animals in heaven. Daniel takes a deep breathe.

47. DANIEL (nods) As you wish, my lord. The beautiful girls tries to run back to her friends. Daniel grabs her in the mid way. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (yells) Leave me! Let me go! Lucifer looks at Daniel tryin’ to hose the beautiful girl down. The beautiful girl 4 starts to cry. The beautiful girl 1 picks her phone slowly and dials 911 without Lucifer or Daniel noticin’ it. But to her surprises, the call is not connectin’ for some reason. Lucifer turns his head. Lucifer looks at the beautiful girl 1. LUCIFER (smirks) Yeah. The beautiful girl 1 looks scared. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 Who are you ? Lucifer sports a devilish smile. LUCIFER The fallen angel. The prince of Hell. Lucifer. Other girls look scared. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 2 Please, let us go. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER We will let you go. But before we do that... Daniel looks at Lucifer. DANIEL There’s too many of them. We need to downsize. Lucifer nods.

48. LUCIFER I mean two men could handle five women at once, but it’s difficult in this case, since we don’t have the consent of the fine woman present in this room. So, you would be right, Daniel, we indeed need to downsize. Daniel chuckles. DANIEL Hey, but I always wanted to know how does one get the consent to touch a beautiful woman ? Lucifer rubs his chin. LUCIFER Excellent question, Daniel. I must say, excellent question. DANIEL (whispers into the beautiful girl’s ear) Would you like to answer the question ? Lucifer looks at the Daniel and the beautiful girl in his hold. The beautiful girl 4 clenches her jaw, tryin’ to show her disdian. LUCIFER (cold) Don’t act like a stubborn bitch, or we will break your jaw. The beautiful girl 4 starts cryin’. Lucifer turns his head. Lucifer shakes his head a little. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Their best line of defense, tears. Lucifer then looks at the beautiful girls in front of him. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Ever heard of the sayin’ “Time is money”. Let’s get rollin’. Lucifer takes a step forward. Lucifer’s eyes turn red. The beautiful girls in front of Lucifer turn pale as they see this.

49. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 Please don’t kill us. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 2 (nods her head whilst lookin’ at Lucifer) Don’t kill us. Lucifer clenches his fist. A red crystal colored dagger appears. The beautiful girls in front of Lucifer start to take steps backwards whilst lookin’ scared as shit. LUCIFER Don’t worry, I won’t kill you all. I will just kill three beautiful nymphs. Daniel meanwhile grabs the bare breasts of the beautiful girl 4. Daniel squeezes it. Daniel then locks her by puttin’ his both arms around her breasts. The girl tries to struggle out of Daniel’s grasp, but it’s of no use. DANIEL (boner) You’re only gonna make this worse for your self. Daniel squeezes her real hard. The beautiful girl 4 starts to scream as she sees Lucifer walks towards the beautiful girls. Lucifer goes for the beautiful girl 1. The other girls run towards the exit. Daniel chuckles as he notices this. DANIEL (CONT’D) (as the girl pass by him) Door won’t open without the fallen angel’s wish. The beautiful girls (2,3&5) start bashin’ the door. But the door is not openin’. Meanwhile, Lucifer is standin’ in front of the beautiful girl 1. LUCIFER (just stares into her eyes) You are beautiful. The beautiful girl 1 looks at Lucifer with heavy eyes. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 Please, let me go. I won’t tell anyone anythin’.

50. LUCIFER (smiles a little) Only God could save you from me, but I bet he won’t come. The beautiful girl tembles as Lucifer inches forward. LUCIFER (CONT’D) If we were to reverse the situation, a pretty boy would be thrilled to have a beautiful girl wantin’ to have sex with him. (shakes his head) But alas. Lucifer inches even further, standin’ right in front of her. Lucifer sees that she is cryin’ whilst lookin’ at him. Lucifer cups her jaw. Lucifer then pulls her hair back with his one hand. Lucifer smiles. Lucifer then stabs her with the red crystal dagger. Lucifer looks deep into her eyes as he twists the red crystal dagger. The blood starts to fall down. Lucifer kisses her lips. The other beautiful girls notice this, they all start screamin’. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 2 (tremblin’) Oh god, he killed her. Lucifer turns around as the dead girl drops on the ground. Lucifer then looks at Daniel. LUCIFER Let her go, Daniel. Daniel bites her ear a little before lettin’ her go. The beautiful girl 4 runs towards three other girls. Lucifer walks slowly and joins Daniel. DANIEL (miffed as he sees the beautiful girl 4 lookin’ disgusted by him) Look at them, my lord. They can’t even stand sight of us. LUCIFER Don’t be too hard on yourself, Daniel. Their kind has been robbed of their hearth. Lucifer then cups Daniel’s face. Lucifer smiles.

51. LUCIFER (CONT’D) You’re beautiful to me. You matter to me. Daniel eyes get little moist. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Don’t let these misguided creatures shatter your self esteem. Don’t take this world too seriously, my child. Daniel nods. Lucifer smiles. Lucifer’s eyes turn normal. Lucifer’s dagger vanishes. Lucifer looks at the beautiful girls with thier backs glued towards the door. The beautiful girls look scared. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 2 (cryin’ whilst tremblin’) We will do anythin’ you want. Just don’t kill us. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 3 (cryin’) Yeah, just don’t kill us, please LUCIFER (mischief) How about you enjoy them all at once, Daniel ? DANIEL (flares his nostrils) Killin’ them would be more fun, after all they did say that they loved “Wild animals”. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (looks at Daniel) I’m sorry. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER (shakes his head) You indeed have a point. So here’s what I’m goin’ to do. I will spare the so called minor. But can’t spare the other three whores. Daniel nods. Perfect.


52. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards them. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 1 Please, no! Lucifer grabs the beautiful girl 1 and starts chokin’ her to death. The other girls starts runnin’. Daniel grabs the beautiful girl 4. Meanwhile Lucifer clenches the fist of his other hand. Remainin’ two girls get choked by inviisbles hands. LUCIFER I would’ve went much easier but you see, I don’t like people who turn their backs on me. Lucifer except, lettin’ drop on

chokes them all to death. All of them are dead the beautiful girl 4. Lucifer looks at Daniel whilst the dead girls go from his hold. All the dead girls the floor. Lucifer smirks. Kill her.


Daniel flares his nostrisl. But somethin’ is eatin’ up Daniel. Daniel knows he can’t kill her. Daniel simply stands whilst lockin’ her with his arms. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smiles whilst shakin’ his head) Why are you so emotional ? Do you think she would spare your life ? She would snap your neck in a second if she could. Daniel swallows a lump. DANIEL (puttin’ on a tough face) I... I LUCIFER Save your breathe. I’ll be outside. But make sure you fuck this whore real good. Lucifer snaps his fingers. Lucifer walks outta the door as the door opens themselves. The beautiful girl 4 elbows Daniel and starts runnin’ for the exit. Lucifer snaps his fingers again. The doors get shut again. The beautiful girl starts thumpin’ her bare hands on the door whilst cryin’.

53. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (cries) Open it ! Daniel walks towards the beautiful girl 4. The beautiful girl 4 turns around whilst lookin’ scared. Daniel grabs her by her throat. Daniel pushes her against the door. DANIEL This is what you wanted, right ? The beautiful girl 4 cries. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (whilst cryin’) Please. Daniel looks enraged. But still Daniel’s eyes become little moist. Daniel let’s goes of her throat. Daniel looks into her eyes. DANIEL You filthy whore. You don’t even have a heart to begin with. Only thing you succumb to is power. Nothin’ could melt you. You don’t know what it is to desire somethin’ beautiful, to worship it, and despite bein’ worth of it, the thing you get in return is resentment. Daniel swallows a lump whilst lookin’ at her. DANIEL (CONT’D) So tell me, if I were to rape you right now ? Would you enjoy it ? The beautiful girl cries whilst lookin’ at Daniel.


THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (shakes his head whilst lookin’ at Daniel)

The beautiful girl gasps whilst lookin’ at Daniel. Daniel is in tears as well. DANIEL Would you stop me if I were to force myself on to you right now ? The beautiful girl cries harder without makin’ a peep. The beautiful girl looks at Daniel with a broken face.



THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (puttin’ on a brave face)

DANIEL (tears in his eyes) Is it because you are afraid I will kill you ? The beautiful girl starts to cry again. She cries harder.




Daniel cups her face. Daniel looks into her eyes. DANIEL Look at me, look at me and tell me what you see in me. The beautiful girl cries whilst lookin’ at Daniel. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 I see a man who wants to be loved. Daniel squeezes his eyes shut, tears roll down outta his eyes. The beautiful girl cries as she sees this, almost feelin’ bad for Daniel. DANIEL (opens his eyes) You would not even look at me, if I was walkin’ down the street. ( intense music - somethin’ from the 80’s ) Daniel cups her face. Daniel looks at her. Daniel kisses her, the beautiful girl kisses her back. Daniel then starts kissin’ her in an itense manner. The beautiful girl kisses Daniel back with a similar intensity. The beautiful girl takes off Daniel’s towel. Daniel and the beautiful girl are kissin’ each other whilst thier naked bodies are facin’ each other. Daniel lifts the beautiful girl up. Daniel starts thrustin’ his Satan in and out the beautiful girl’s kitty. The beautiful girl has her both hands on the Daniel’s shoulder. Daniel keeps thrustin’ his Satan in and out the beautiful girl’s kitty. Daniel gasps as he reaches near the climax. Daniel thrusts harder. The beautiful girl screams.

55. EXT. SWIMMING PLACE - PARKING SPACE - NYC Lucifer is dressed, lookin’ like a hot pyschopathic debonair. Lucifer is smokin’ a cigarette. Lucifer smirks, as he realizes that Daniel has won the girl over. Lucifer is standin’ near his bike. Lucifer sees Daniel walkin’ out the door, the beautiful girl follows her. Daniel is fully dressed, sleek as usual. The beautiful girl is wearin’ a tight jeans, and a tight shirt with couple of buttons on the top unbuttoned. Daniel turns around and looks at the beautiful girl. Daniel grabs her hand. The beautiful girl rests her palm on Daniel’s chest. Daniel rests her forhead on the beautiful girl’s forehead. Daniel then gets back to his normal composure. Take care.


THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL 4 (looks into Daniel’s eyes) I’ll be waitin’ for you. Daniel smirks. DANIEL No you won’t. The beautiful girl 4 smiles. Daniel turns around and starts to head for the bike whilst smilin’ at Lucifer. LUCIFER (teasin’ Daniel) Very touchin’. Daniel shows him his middle finger to Lucifer. Lucifer chuckles. Daniel gets on the back of the Lucifer’s bike. Both of them leave the place. The beautiful girl just stands there and watches them leave. INT. ELEVATOR - SKYSCARPPER - NYC - AFTERNOON Lucifer and Daniel are all alone in the elevator, dressed in black, dark angels. LUCIFER (cold) Don’t hesitate a bit, the bitch deserves it.


(firm) I won’t.


Lucifer puts a cigarette in his mouth. Daniel takes out the lighter and offers the flame without lookin’. Lucifer lights up his cigarette. Both of them look stone cold. Daniel is little off. Daniel clenches his jaw a little. Lucifer looks at Daniel. Lucifer sees Daniel is about to raise hell. EXT. 80TH FLOOR - SKYCRAPPER -


( Music - She rises - Danzig ) Lucifer and Daniel gets out of the elevator. Lucifer starts to walk towards the door number four. Daniel is right behind him. Lucifer snaps his fingers, the door opens. Lucifer walks in. INT. RESIDENTIAL - NUMBER FOUR - NYC - AFTERNOON ( She rides - Danzig - music hits finally when Daniel walks in ) LIVIN’ ROOM


Lucifer walks in slowly. Ariana, her ugly black husband and their ugly son look at Lucifer from the livin’ room’s space. All of them look little confused. And comes in Daniel, walkin’ in slowly. Lucifer steps aside, and turns around. Lucifer closes the door, and stands besides it whilst Daniel moves forward slowly and proceeds to halt. Ariana opens her mouth whilst lookin’ at Daniel. Ariana looks confused. ARIANA (confused) Daniel ? Daniel looks stone cold. Daniel looks at Ariana and then her black husband. Daniel flares his nostrils a little. Lucifer then starts walkin’ forward. Lucifer takes out a hammer tucked between his belt and pant. Lucifer offers it to Daniel. Daniel takes it without lookin’ at Lucifer. Lucifer takes a step backwards. Lucifer takes a puff outta a cigarette whilst lookin’ at all of them. ARIANA’S BLACK HUSBAND (sensin’ the sinister vibes) What’s this all about ?

57. Daniel looks at Ariana. ARIANA (little worried) Daniel, are you crazy or what ? Daniel rolls his eyes. Daniel starts walkin’ forward. Ariana’s husband puts his hands around his son. ARIANA’S BLACK HUSBAND (miffed) You better put that hammer down, and get the fuck outta here, both of you. Daniel starts walkin’ towards Ariana’s black husband. ARIANA’S BLACK HUSBAND (CONT’D) (corners his wife and his son) You two step aside. Ariana looks scared and confused. ARIANA (shouts) Have you gone insane, Daniel ? What the fuck are you doin’ ? Ariana’s black husband walks forward. Daniel is simply walkin’ towards him whilst lookin’ stone cold. Ariana’s black husband flares his nostrils. Ariana’s black husband tries to punch Daniel as he comes near him. Daniel doges his punch. Daniel quikly proceeds to smacks Ariana’s black husband with the hammer, the blow lands on the back of Ariana’s black husband’s head. Daniel falser his nostrisl as he sees Ariana’s black husband concussed. Daniel moves forwards and strikes another blow whilst lookin’ furious. Ariana screams as he sees her husband fall on the ground. Daniel is shakin’ with all the adrenaline flowlin’ in him. Daniel looks furious. Ariana’s son looks shocked, he starts runnin’ for his fallen father. ARIANA (CONT’D) (yells) No!!! Ariana looks at Lucifer. Lucifer is simply smokin’ whilst lookin’ emotionless. Ariana then sees the sight of blood, she begins to shake. Ariana turns around and runs to grab the phone near the kitchen which is adjacent to the livin’ room’s hall.

58. Meanwhile Daniel looks at Ariana’s son tryin’ to comfort his fallen father. Daniel has this cold serene rage boilin’ on his face. Daniel’s eyes become moist, for him, this is appalin’, Ariana left him for this fuck and he can’t stand it. Daniel tightens his grip on the hammer. Meanwhile, Ariana dials 911 whilst lookin’ shit scared. ARIANA (CONT’D) (the phone connects and then cuts as soon as Lucifer snaps his fingers) Hello. Hello. Hellooooo. Ariana turns around to see Lucifer lookin’ at her whilst takin’ a puff outta his cigarette. Lucifer tosses his cigarette away. Ariana looks confused and scared at the same time. Ariana then looks at Daniel walkin’ towards her son. Ariana swallows a lump ARIANA (CONT’D) (yells) Daniel!!! No!!! Meanwhile, Daniel walks forward and grabs Ariana’s son. Daniel bashes Ariana’s son with his hammer. Ariana’s son falls dead on the ground. Ariana opens her mouth wide open in shock. Ariana runs towards her soon to be dead son who is twitchin’ whilst lyin’ on the floor. NO!!!!!!!!


Ariana reaches to embrace her soon to be dead son. Ariana shakes the head his soon to be dead son. ARIANA (CONT’D) (tremblin’ and shakin’) No.. No.. Look at me. Ariana’s son loses the luster in his eyes. He is dead, finally. Ariana starts cryin’. ARIANA (CONT’D) (in pain) No!!!! No!!!! Daniel just stands still with a hammer in his hand. Ariana looks at Daniel. Daniel has blood spots on his shirt.

59. DANIEL (heartless/cold) Hello, Ariana. Ariana cries harder. Daniel turns his head a little. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Luicfer starts walkin’ towards Daniel. Lucifer throws a pack of cigarette. Daniel grabs it with his one hand. Daniel then turn his head back to Ariana. Daniel takes out a cigarette. Daniel lights it up with his lighter. Daniel takes a deep drag outta it whilst lookin’ at Ariana. Daniel blows the smoke outta his mouth. Ariana just looks at Daniel. ARIANA (whilst cryin’) Why ? You monster ! Daniel chuckles. DANIEL (deadpan) Funny you say that. I mean look at him, he is the one who looks like a monster. Daniel then walks towards Ariana whilst tossin’ away his cigarette. ARIANA (flares her nostrils) Don’t you come fuckin’ near me. Daniel finally breaks a smile. DANIEL (bad boy) Don’t you worry about that, I will cum inside you. Ariana tries to turn herself and get up, and pace for the bedroom to lock her self in. But before she could even begin to run, Daniel quickly paces and grabs her by her hair. Ariana screams. Daniel throws the hammer away. Daniel grabs her hand and puts it behind her back. DANIEL (CONT’D) (miffed) You whore. Daniel stomps her on the ground. Daniel is sittin’ on top of her. Daniel turns her around. Daniel puts his one hand around her throat. Ariana slaps Daniel’s forearm, tryin’ to get outta his chokehold. Ariana then grabs Daniel’s forearm. Daniel slaps her real hard. Ariana cries.

60. Daniel slaps her again. Daniel tears his shirt ( rippin’ off the buttons ) and throws it on the ground. Daniel removes his belt. Ariana is cryin’. Daniel puts his one hand around Ariana’s throat. Daniel opens his zipper. Daniel hacks apart her shirt. Daniel then rips her jean open, breakin’ the button, and her chain. Daniel lowers her jeans. Ariana is cryin’. Daniel lies on top of her. Daniel starts thrustin’ his penis inside the stretched out cunt of Ariana. Daniel puts his one hand around her throat whilst thrustin’ his penis in and out of her cunt. Ariana screams as Daniel becomes more furious. Daniel chokes her as he thrusts his penis in out of her cunt in a violent manner. ARIANA (screams) Ahhhhhhh. No!!! Daniel kisses her. Ariana keeps cryin’. Daniel then bites her lips. Daniel then bites her jaw. Daniel reaches towards the climax. Daniel keeps thrustin’ his penis in and out of her cunt in a violent manner. Ariana keeps cryin’ and screamin’. Lucifer arrives in the background. Lucifer has a cigarette in his mouth. Lucifer lights it up with his fingers, red flame appears quickly before cigarette gets lit. Daniel thrusts all his cum inside Ariana’s cunt. Daniel then gets up. Ariana is cryin’. Daniel has no remorse. Daniel puts the belt on again. Daniel is breathin’ heavily. Daniel sees his torn shirt. Lucifer takes off his jacket. Lucifer puts his jacket around Daniel. Daniel wears it by stretchin’ his arms. Ariana looks like a dead meat. Ariana has went under a shock. Ariana is just cryin’. Daniel looks at her whilst flarin’ his nostrils. Daniel finally displays an intense emotion of pain on his face. Daniel wanted her more than anythin’ in this world, but she left him for a fuckin’ nobody. DANIEL (intense / pain’s visible) All I ever wanted was you to look at me. But you left me, you left me for this swine. Ariana is cryin’, without makin’ any sound. Daniel turns around and starts walkin’ out. Lucifer smile as he sees the state of Ariana’s. Lucifer turns around and starts walkin’. Lucifer and Daniel are walkin’ whilst we see two dead bodies, and Ariana simply cryin’ whilst lookin’ distraught.

61. INT. ELEVATOR - SKYCRAPPER - NYC - AFTERNOON (Music in the elevator - Girl from ipanema ) Daniel and Lucifer are standin’ whilst lookin’ in front. Both of them are quiet. Elevator is movin’ downwards. LUCIFER (whilst lookin’ in front) You alrite ? Daniel says nothin’. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (looks at Daniel) We’ll go to your fav bar. The one with those exotic belly dancers. Come on, it will cheer you up. Daniel says nothin’. Lucifer look in front. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Killer’s remorse. It’ll fade. DANIEL (looks lost) It’s just that she could have chose me. But.. instead she.. Daniel pauses. LUCIFER Hell with her, Daniel. She’ll bare your child, so it’s fine now. Daniel takes a deep breathe. Daniel grabs a cigarette outta his cigarette pack. Daniel puts it in his mouth. Lucifer snaps his fingers near Daniel’s mouth, the cigarette gets lit as red flame appears outta Lucifer’s thumb. Daniel takes a puff outta his cigarette. Lucifer stands still whilst lookin’ in front. Lucifer is utterly unaffected by all the havoc that Daniel unleashed up there. Daniel keeps smokin’. INT. ARABIAN NIGHTS BAR - NYC - EVENING It’s a beautiful bar. Bright white lights are all over the place. The centre of bar has a stage where belly dancers are dancin’ to beautiful music that is bein’ played in the background. It’s a sleek bar. Every one is well dressed, proper posh people, no poor or ugly fucks hangin’ around in this bar.

62. Daniel & Lucifer are sittin’ on a table near the stage. Daniel & Lucifer have cleaned up themselves. Daniel & Lucifer are wearin’ cleans black shirts and pants. Daniel is startin’ at the beautiful belly dancers dancin’ on the stage in the centre. Lucifer is havin’ a cigarette whilst havin’ a glass of whiskey. Lucifer is also lookin’ at the beautiful belly dancers danicin’. Lucifer looks at Daniel. LUCIFER Do you want to frisk her, officer ? Daniel looks down a little. Daniel then looks at Lucifer and smiles. Lucifer smiles back. Daniel gets up. Lucifer snaps his fingers. Everything changes. Everyone becomes zombie like, dead black eyes, ready to take commands. Except the stage’s light, every other light in the bar grows dim. Lucifer gets up as well. Daniel gets on the stage. Daniel starts walkin’ towards the belly dancers standin’ still with black zombie like eyes. Lucifer gets on the stage. Both men are in the centre of the stage with four beautiful belly dancers near them. Daniel grabs this one belly dancer. Daniel runs his fingers in to her hair. Daniel looks at her. Daniel then starts touchin’ her neck. Daniel puts his hands around her breasts, and rubs her breasts with his palms whilst lookin’ at his dead black zombie eyes. Lucifer goes behind this one belly dancer. Lucifer starts kissin’ her neck. Lucifer removes the belly dancer’s glittery bikini. Lucifer throws it on the stage’s white bright floor. Lucifer starts kissin’ her neck again whilst puttin’ his hands around her breasts and squeezin’ them real hard. Lucifer then looks at Daniel. Lucifer just stares at Daniel. Daniel is standin’ still and lookin’ at the belly dancer’s breast. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (whilst puttin’ his hands around belly dancer’s glittery panty) Get them naked. Daniel approaches the second belly dancer, Daniel tears apart her bikini. Lucifer removes her belly dancer’s panty. Lucifer puts his hand on the belly dancer’s vagina. Lucifer then bites the neck of the her belly dancer. Daniel tears the second belly dancer’s bikini. Daniel then goes for the third belly dancer, tearin’ her bikini and panty. Daniel then aims for the fourth bellly dancer, tearin’ her bikini and panty. Daniel then stands in front of the fourth belly dancer. Daniel starts suckin’ her breasts. Daniel then kisses her neck. Daniel puts his hands on her butt. Daniel squeezes it real hard.

63. Daniel then starts lickin’ the jaw of the belly dancer. Daniel then licks the earlobes of the belly dancer. Daniel then starts suckin’ her lips (the one on her face). Meanwhile Lucifer is fuckin’ around with the nipples of his belly dancer. Lucifer pinches her nipples whilst standin’ behind her. Lucifer rubs his head on the shoulder of the belly dancer. Lucifer then licks the back of her neck. Lucifer bites the back of her neck. Lucifer then proceeds to bite her neck in a hard manner. The belly dancer gasps a little. Lucifer smells her. Lucifer licks her shoulder. Lucifer then grabs her stomach and squeezes it. Lucifer spanks her breasts. The belly dancer gasps a little. Lucifer kisses her lips. Daniel is also busy kissin’ his belly dancer’s lips. But both men start to slow down as something hits them, a sudden state of sadness. Daniel then stops kissin’. Lucifer stops kissin’ as well. Lucifer then walks it in front. Lucifer and Daniel stand in besides each other whilst lookin’ at four naked belly dancers. Lucifer and Daniel just look at them. Lucifer looks at the beautiful thin built structure of these belly dancers. Daniel just looks lost as he stares at one the belly dancer’s navel. Lucifer then slowly raises his hand a little, and squeezes his flat hand into a fist. All the belly dancers collapse on the floor, formin’ almost a clump. Lucifer swallows a lump. Lucifer closes his eyes. Lucifer takes a deep breathe. Daniel looks at the collapsed belly dancers, breathin’, whilst lyin’ down on the bright white stage’s floor. Lucifer just stares at the fallen angels. Lucifer then goes to embrace them. Lucifer walks near them and takes a knee. Lucifer twists this belly dancer’s face which is half buried on the stage’s white bright panel/tile floor. Lucifer turns her face straight and kisses her. Lucifer then rubs her breasts with his palms. Lucifer kisses her breasts. Daniel simply watches this whilst lookin’ lost. Daniel then walks near this one belly dancer ( all of them fell in a cluster, clump, four of them, with their eyes shut ). Daniel takes a knee. Daniel leans and starts kissin’ her navel. Daniel keeps suckin’ and kissin’ her navel. Meanwhile lucifer is kissin’ his belly dancer’s neck. Lucifer bites the her neck again. Lucifer then stops. Daniel stops as well. Daniel looks at the girl’s face. Daniel sees her eyes are shut. Daniel feels little sad. DANIEL (sadness) If only they could see us.

64. Lucifer sports a sad smile on his face. Lucifer puts his head on the belly dancer girl’s stomach and lies down on the floor with her. Daniel also puts his head down on the other belly dancer’s stomach and lies down on the floor. Lucifer and Daniel are lookin’ above. Both of them look lost in a deep tought. Daniel just takes a deep breathe. DANIEL (CONT’D) Somethin’ this pure, this beautiful, I still don’t get it. Why would God betray them ? Lucifer does not give any facial expression, he simply stays quite. Beat. LUCIFER He is the real monster, Daniel. He hates beauty. He hates it so bad that he created men who looked like him, he sent them to destroy everything that had beauty in it. DANIEL Then what about us ? Will he kill us all ? LUCIFER As long as there are women who worship beauty, we will never be dead, our kind will survive. But the way things are goin’, I’m afraid we will go extinct, lost forever in the ashes of captivity. Daniel takes a breathe whilst lookin’ little mellow. DANIEL I hope you kill him. I really hope you torch him to death. Lucifer turns his head a little in Daniel’s direction. Lucifer then again looks at the celin’/above. LUCIFER The only way to kill him is by turnin’ his own creation against him. DANIEL (chuckles) Good luck with that. Lucifer chuckles a little.

65. LUCIFER Well, you could always come to hell, it’s a beautiful place, unlike the popular belief, we don’t take every shcmuck in the underworld’s embrace. We only let the ones who have a broken heart, the ones who have a vulnerable look on their mugs, with eyes that are mellow. Hell is where aesthetics are worshipped. Beautiful sculptures, beautiful art, beautiful red skies, it’s a place made for appreciation of arts. And women over there, you would never be lonesome, Daniel, they love pretty boys over there. Daniel chuckles. Lucifer chuckles as well. DANIEL In that case, I hope to leave this miserable shithole soon. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER You will, soon. Daniel smiles. Daniel then bites his lips a little as sadness finds it way back. DANIEL Sometimes I wish I was one of them. At least I would be worthy of their love then. Lucifer looks into Daniel’s direction. Lucifer flares his nostrils a little. Lucifer then again looks back at the ceilin’/above. Lucifer is hurt by the fact that Daniel does not want the gift that he has given him. LUCIFER Beauty is a gift, not a curse. You should be grateful. Even if you’re remotely beautiful, you should show some gratitude. DANIEL It’s a curse if you’re a man. It’s a blessin’ if you’re a woman. Beat. Lucifer looks lost in a deep thought.

66. LUCIFER (smooth like a river) “To despise flowers is to offend Lucifer, LUCIFER (CONT’D) The more beautiful the flower is, the more does one offend Lucifer in despisin’ it. The red rose is the most beautiful of all flowers, Therefore, he who despises the red rose offends Lucifer beyond compression”. Daniel looks at Lucifer. Lucifer looks at Daniel. LUCIFER (CONT’D) You’re a red rose, my child. Daniel sports a broken smile. Daniel and Lucifer look above again. DANIEL You ever been in love with an earth woman, my lordship. Lucifer thinks a little. Lucifer moves his eyes a little. Lucifer then smiles in a sad manner. Yeah.


DANIEL (little intrigued) What was she like Lucifer smiles as he rekindles the past memories of him and his love. FLASHBACKS FROM HIS PAST AS NARRATES THE STORY : LUCIFER (smile on his face) She was nothin’ like your so called strong independant 21st century woman. She was benign and givin’, as a woman should be. She saw me for the first time when she was goin’ out for a huntin’ trip with her father. I was in ruins when god threw me off the heaven. She saw me, she rescued me. She gave me a place to stay. (MORE)

67. LUCIFER (CONT'D) We started to look at each other with more love as time went by, I kept my real identity a secret, I told her I was a merchant who was attacked by the bandits, her father hated me, he wanted a noble blood for his daughter. Lucifer shakes his head a little, sudden sadness strikes him. Beat. DANIEL (notices the pause) Then what ? LUCIFER (sulkin’) She used to say that I was the prettiest man to ever grace this land. DANIEL (smiles) She wasn’t wrong. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER (continues) She wanted me to be the father of her children. I loved her dearly, she looked like a beautiful rose, her soft voice, her carin’ nature. I wanted to make this rotten place beautiful, with her by my side, everything seemed possible. Lucifer then looks little disturbed. LUCIFER (CONT’D) But her father had me arrested. By the time I plotted my escape, she was married, sent away to distant lands. I wept. and I wept. I was wounded, all alone. That’s when the dark forces from hell came to help me. I embraced them with open arms, and in return they gave their dark powers to me. I killed her father first, chopped his head off. Then I went to take my love back. But it was too late, she was corrupted, by a man who looked like a swine. (MORE)

68. LUCIFER (CONT’D) I killed pierced my knife into that swine’s heart. And then I took her in my arms, my love, my everything. She started cryin’ as she hugged me. She said “Kill me, my love, for I’m no longer pure, that man has corrupted me, I don’t want him livin’ inside me” Lucifer’s eyes are wet. Daniel raises his head. Daniel sits on the floor whilst lookin’ at Lucifer. Daniel looks concerned. DANIEL (sad as he sees Lucifer’s broken face) My lordship. A red tear roll outta Lucifer’s eye. LUCIFER I plunged my sword into her stomach whilst kissin’ her. She still smiled as she was about to die, despite knowin’ that she will never see me. Lucifer then starts falrin’ his nostrils. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Ever since then I have been slayin’ the likes of that swine. The one’s who use power and influence to lure women away from their beautiful and benign lovers. Lucifer looks down. Lucifer wipes his tear. Lucifer shakes the sadness off his face. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Fuck it! Let’s get outta here. No need to get all sentimental. Lucifer gets up. Lucifer starts walkin’ outta the place. Daniel is still sittin’ in the centre thinkin’ about Lucifer’s story. INT. BACKSIDE OF ABANDONED APARTMENTS - NYC - NIGHT There is no one around. Lucifer and Daniel are standin’ near an iron fence which stretches far, and ends near a street which leads to the main road. There is also a small ground adjacent to the fence.

69. The ground is abandoned for some reason, it’s filled with old cars and debris. Lucifer has his shirt’s buttons off in a such manner that it exposes his abs and chest. Lucifer also has black hand gloves on him. Lucifer is smashin’ the beer bottles lyin’ on the ground with his baseball bat. Daniel is playin’ golf. Daniel is hittin’ dirty golf balls by usin’ the dirty gofl club that he found lyin’ on the ground over there. Daniel hits the ball DANIEL Fuck that was beautiful. Daniel gets another golf ball and puts it on the ground. Daniel again hits the golf ball. Daniel bites his lips as he realizes that the shot was not that good. DANIEL (CONT’D) Motherfucker, went down on toilet on that one. Lucifer chuckles whilst kickin’ the beer bottles with his boots. Lucifer then again starts smaashin’ the beer bottles with his baseball bat as he gets tired of kickin’ them. Daniel take couple of steps and reaches near the iron fence. Daniel looks at the abandoned ground lyin’ in front of him. DANIEL (CONT’D) What the fuck happened over here ? It looks like a warzone. Daniel then turns around and leans on the iron fence. Lucifer is still smashin’ the beer bottles like a maniac. Daniel takes out a pack of cigarette. Daniel takes out a cigarette and lights it up with his lighter. Daniel takes a puff. Lucifer becomes more aggressive in smashin’ the tonnes of empty beer bottles on lyin’ on this one spot of the ground. Daniel is leanin’ on the fence whilst smokin’ and lookin’ at Lucifer. Daniel chuckles as a piece of glass hits Lucifer’s cheek as he smashes the beer bottle. LUCIFER (pain in his voice) Fuckk! Lucifer touches his cheek. Lucifer sees blood on his index finger. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (licks it up) Hmmmm. DANIEL Makes you look tough.

70. LUCIFER (rolls his eyes) Liar. Liar. Mr. Liar. DANIEL (teasin’) I swear. Lucifer shakes his head whilst smilin’. Daniel tosses the cigarette away. Daniel and Lucifer then notice a couple walkin’ towards the backside. Daniel flares his nostrils as he sees it’s some beautiful girl ( blonde, early 20’s, wearin’ a black dress with flats ) with some ugly fate dude (ginger, late 20’s, fat ). But Lucifer is not showin’ any intense emotion. Lucifer is simply waitin’ for them to arrive in his vicinity. The couple arrives closer and closer. The couple looks at Daniel and Lucifer startin’ at them, but they still keep walkin’ without hesitation. Daniel gets his back off the fence as the beautiful girl arrive closer to him. Daniel stands in the beautiful girl’s way whilst holdin’ the golf club. Lucifer stands behind Daniel. Lucifer let goes of the baseball bat. Daniel throws the golf club in the back, Lucifer catches it. Lucifer stands besides Daniel, whilst lookin’ at the fat fuck. The beautiful girl looks scared as fuck. But the fat fucker is large, six feet tall, and he also has tatoos on him, he starts broodin’. The couple is just ten feet away from them. THE GINGER FUCK (angry) The fuck do you want ? Get the fuck outta our way. Daniel is not even lookin’ at him. Daniel is just lookin’ at the beautiful girl. Daniel wants to tears her clothes apart and rape her, as simple as that. Lucifer has already read Daniel’s mind and is about to get the fat fucker outta the equation so that Daniel can perform his labour, and perhaps he (Lucifer) could join in later. LUCIFER We want to strip your hot girlfriend naked and fuck her, that’s what we want. The ugly fat fuck pulls out his gun. THE GINGER FUCK You see this ?

71. Lucifer smirks. LUCIFER This is goin’ to be so much fun. THE GINGER FUCK It will be, especially when I empty all the bullets inside both of your heads. Lucifer looks at Daniel. Daniel is still startin’ at the beautiful girl near him lookin’ confused and little nervous. LUCIFER I’ll entertain the fat fucker over here, you do what you want to do with the girl. Daniel nods. DANIEL Do join in later, my lord. LUCIFER No. You’re the main hero tonight. The girl swallows a lump and looks at her boyfriend. THE GINGER FUCK Don’t worry, I’ll handle this, just don’t move. LUCIFER Handle what ? Lucifer then turns his head towards the ugly fat fucker. Lucifer’s cheek which had blood due to the cut he recieved from the glass hittin’ his face, starts to disappear as Lucifer heals himself. The ugly fat fuck sees this. THE GINGER FUCK (little scared) What the fuck? Lucifer smirks. Lucifer then turns as cold as ice. LUCIFER What were you sayin’ about emptyin’ the bullets into both of our heads. Lucifer then flares his nostrils. Lucifer starts walkin’ forward. The fat fuck is scared but shoots at Lucifer anyways. Lucifer takes the bullet in his heart.

72. The blood starts to come outta Lucifer’s chest, but Lucifer is not stoppin’. Lucifer walks closer. Lucifer then grabs the fat fuck’s neck and bashes his head on his forehead. The ugly fat fuck falls on the ground. Lucifer then starts bashin’ his face with the golf club. The girl see this and starts runnin’ forward like an idiot. Daniel grabs her with one arm and swings her around. Daniel pushes her on the fence. Daniel then grabs her throat. DANIEL If you could fuck with the soon to be dead hippo over there, then you could definitely fuck with me. The beautiful girl tries to escape Daniel’s chokehold by punchin’ and slappin’ Daniel’s arm, but it does her no good. Daniel slaps her in a harsh manner. DANIEL (CONT’D) You are not goin’ anywhere untill I’m done with you. Daniel moves closer and forces himself on to her by grabbin’ her and kissin’ her. Daniel slaps her again as she tries to resist his advances. Daniel keeps kissin’ her, but she keeps twistin’ and turnnin’ her head over here and there. Daniel grabs her by the hair and starts kissin’ and bitin’ her lips. Meanwhile, Lucifer is smashin’ the ugly fat fuck’s face to pulp with his golf club. LUCIFER Fuckin’ piece of shit! Lucifer then throws the golf club away. Lucifer grabs the ugly fat fuck’s face and starts bashin’ it on the broken beer bottles lyin’ on the ground. Lucifer keeps bashin’ his face. Lucifer then turns him around. Lucifer then gets up and starts smashin’ his face with his boot. Lucifer aggressively stomps on his face. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (whilst stompin’ on his face) You ugly fat fuck! Haa.. Lucifer then stops as the fat fuck goes unconscious. LUCIFER (CONT’D) And what was that you said ? Ha? Was it about emptyin’ the bullets into both of our heads.

73. Lucifer grabs the gun from the ground. Lucifer checks the chamber. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (deadpan) Six bullets, in this economy. Lucifer then starts to shoot the the fat fuck in the face. Meanwhile Daniel has ripped the dress of the beautiful girl and is squeezin’ her breasts whilst kissin’ and bitin’ her neck as she cries and tells him to stop. Daniel has her back planted on the fence. Daniel is rippin’ apart her dress even further in order to fuck her. But as soon as she hears sees Lucifer emptyin’ the bullets into her boyfreind’s head, she starts scramin’ like crazy. Daniel shuts her mouth and starts kissin’ her neck and jaw. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL No!!! You maniac !! Stop it. No!!! Lucifer stops finally as he loads the sixth bullet into the ugly fat fucker’s head. LUCIFER Diet coke edition. Lucifer then throws the gun away. Lucifer sees the bullet hole in his shirt. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Great, just great. Lucifer dusts his shirt off a little. Lucifer then sees the beautiful girl about to get fucked by Daniel’s dick. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Give her my best, Daniel. Lucifer smirks. Daniel meanwhile pulls the beautiful girl’s dress down. Daniel then slides her panty. Daniel unzips her pants and pulls his erect phallus out. Daniel agressively slides his phallus inside the beautiful girl’s vagina. The beautiful girl is cryin’. Daniel starts thrustin’ his erect phallus in and out of the beautiful girl’s vagina. Daniel keeps thrustin’ his phallus in and out whilst the beautiful girl cries. Lucifer takes out his pack of cigarette. Lucifer grabs a cigarette outta it and lights it up with a snap of his fingers. Lucifer takes a puff outta his cigarette whilst watchin’ Daniel rape the livin’ shit outta the beautiful girl in front of him. DANIEL (angry) You fuckin’ bitch.

74. Daniel keeps thrustin’ his dick in and out whilst his one hand tightly holdin’ the beautiful girl’s hair. Daniel looks into her eyes whilst fuckin’ her. Daniel clenches his jaw as he hears her screamin’. Daniel keeps fuckin’ her. Daniel then starts breathin’ heavily as he reaches near the climax. Daniel puts his hand behind the beautiful girl’s neck. Daniel squeezes it tightly as he is about to cum. Daniel starts to arrive closer and closer to his climax. Daniel cums inside her whilst lookin’ fierce. Daniel grunts. The beautiful girl simply cries and screams. Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER (claps a little) Bravo! Daniel! Bravo! Well done! Lucifer then tosses his cigarette away. Lucifer simply stands and observes Daniel. Daniel is done. Daniel let goes of her. The beautiful girl simply falls on the ground whilst cryin’. Daniel just looks at her. Daniel is breathin’ heavily. Daniel re-zips his pant’s zipper. Daniel takes his jacket off. Daniel bents his knees. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL (cryin’ but still showin’ anger) Stay away from me you monster! Stay away from me. Daniel grabs the beautiful girl’s neck. Daniel looks at her. Daniel makes her stand up. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL (CONT’D) What do you want from me now ? You maniac ! Leave me alone ! Just go ! Daniel puts his jacket around her. Daniel swallows a lump. Daniel’s soft side is takin’ over again. Daniel grabs the beautiful girl by her feet and swoops her up. Daniel then starts walkin’ whilst carryin’ her. Lucifer chuckles whilst shakin’ his head. Lucifer starts followin’. THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL (CONT’D) (cryin’ and thumpin’ on Daniel’s chest) Kill me, just kill me. I don’t want to be your sex slave. Shut up.


Lucifer chuckles. Lucifer then turns around just a little and throws “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself sign” at the fat fucker’s dead body and turns around again. Lucifer starts walkin’ again.

75. INT. MOVIN’ CAR - NIGHT It’s the camero. Lucifer is drivin’ whilst Daniel is sittin’ besides him. Lucifer is havin’ a cigarette. Daniel is simply sittin’ whilst lookin’ deadpan. LUCIFER You did it finally, I’m proud of you my child. DANIEL (chuckles) It was justified. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER By the way, you sure that takin’ her to your apartment is a good idea ? DANIEL She will come around, I know for sure. Daniel looks in the backseat. The beautiful girl he raped is sleepin’ whilst Daniel’s jacket on her body. DANIEL (CONT’D) (a long look at her) Can’t believe a girl this beautiful would surrender herself into that ugly hippos arms. LUCIFER (smirks) She is free again, my child. Daniel looks at Lucifer and smiles. DANIEL So you’re havin’ dinner with me ? LUCIFER (blows smoke outta his mouth) Oh no, I need to hunt some action. DANIEL More like “I want to raise hell” LUCIFER (nods) Exactly. I want to raise hell.

76. EXT. DANIEL’S APARTMENT BUILDING - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer stops the car. Daniel gets outta of it. Daniel then opens the backdoor and grabs the beautiful girl who is little tipsy. Daniel gets her in his arms and slowly moves her out. Daniel then lifts her and closes the door with his back. Daniel then looks at Lucifer. INT. LUCIFER’S CAR - NIGHT Lucifer is still smokin’. Lucifer looks at Daniel. LUCIFER I’ll see you in the mornin’. DANIEL Night. Night. LUCIFER Night. Night Lucifer smirks whilst revin’ the car. Daniel smiles. EXT. DANIEL'S APARTMENT BUILDING - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer’s camero rolls outta the place. Daniel meanwhile starts walkin’ towards his apartment’s elevator. INT. LUCIFER'S CAR ( MOVIN’ ) - NIGHT Lucifer is drivin’ around the city. Lucifer sees a night club’s sign glowin’ on and off near the street. Lucifer pulls in sharply in the direction of the night club. Lucifer goes inside the night club’s parkin’. EXT. NIGHT CLUB - PARKIN’ LOT - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer parks his car. Lucifer gets out. Lucifer sees hot girls walkin’ inside whilst wearin’ tight dresses. Lucifer tilts his head a little in order to check their asses out. Lucifer nods. LUCIFER Brave new world. Lucifer then starts to walk in. Lucifer sees a line, only the VIP’s or those with a pass could walk in. Lucifer smirks. Lucifer snaps his fingers.

77. EXT. NIGHT CLUB - ENTRANCE GATE - NYC - NIGHT The security guards/bouncers make room for Lucifer. Lucifer walks in the night club. INT. NIGHT CLUB - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer walks in. Lucifer looks around. Lucifer sees girls and boys dancin’ like fuckin’ retards, gettin’ drunk, talkin’ and laughin’ like typical 21st century trash. Lucifer shakes his head. Lucifer then starts to walk towards the bar. Lucifer notices couple of girls checkin’ him out. Lucifer smirks but keeps walkin’ towards the bar. Lucifer arrives near the bar. Lucifer sits on the table whilst throwin’ loose bills. The bartender looks at Lucifer. The bartender is clean cut ( eric roberts type, in his late 50’s ). THE BARTENDER Hello, Handsome. What can I do you for ? LUCIFER (smirks) Wishkey on rocks. The bartender smiles. The bartender gets the bottle of whiskey and starts preapatin’ Lucifer’s glass. Lucifer meanwhile turns around ( the chair can move 360*, white round chair with a long steel leg ). Lucifer looks at the dancin’ floor. Lucifer sees this one beautiful girl dancin’ with a group of men (typical thick heads). Lucifer sees her built. The barteneder puts the glass on the white marble. Lucifer grabs the drink and starts sippin’ whilst lookin’ at the girl. THE BARTENDER (notices Lucifer checkin’ out the girl) She’s 17. Lucifer looks at the bartender. LUCIFER You lot are very open minded then. The bartender chuckles. THE BARTENDER Fake ID’s. She drinks alcohol like a fish. (MORE)

78. THE BARTENDER (CONT'D) Comes every Friday, dances with those thick heads, and then she sits here and drinks till her eyes go blank. LUCIFER I never got the appeal of gettin’ drunk till you go blank. But then that’s just me. THE BARTENDER Today’s generation is built different. They like to enjoy things, have fun, can’t blame them. Lucifer then sees a sweet lookin’ boy tryin’ to come closer to her. But he(the boy) soon get pushed away by the three thick heads dancin’ near her. The girl laughs. Lucifer sees this. Lucifer stands up. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards the girl who is dancin’ on the dance floor. Lucifer arrives closer. Lucifer moves in sudden and starts dancin’ to the rhythm of the club’s music. Lucifer moves smoothly whilst lookin’ at her. The girl looks stirred by Lucifer. The other three thick heads sees this. They move in, tryin’ to come between Lucifer and the girl. Lucifer just snaps his fingers. A waiter movin’ through the crowd whilst carryin’ some drinks, trips and tosses the drinks accidentally on those three thick heads, they get angry and push him. All three of them then trip over the wet floor, and fall down. The girl chuckles as he sees her three male friends lyin’ on the floor with their shirts messed up. Lucifer takes the girl little away from them and then starts dancin’ with her. Lucifer then asks for the girl’s hand. The girl gives her hand to Lucifer. Lucifer takes it and spins her around whilst smilin’. The girl is clearly diggin’ Lucifer. The girl moves in closer, and starts grindin’ on Lucifer’s crotch whilst movin’ her head to music. Lucifer grabs her waist and starts rubbin’ his crotch on her ass. The girl then turns around and puts his both hands around Lucifer’s neck. The girl starts feelin’ Lucifer’s abs. Lucifer then points his finger towards the bar. The girl smirks. Lucifer and the girl starts walkin’ towards the bar. Both of them reaches near the bar and sit down on chairs near them. The bartender smirks whilst shakin’ his head, impressed by Lucifer. THE BARTENDER (CONT’D) What can I do you for, Handsome ? LUCIFER (looks at the girl) Two dirty martinis.

79. The bartender nods and starts to prepare drinks for two of them. THE GIRL (lookin’ at Lucifer) You like dirty things, Mr ?? Lucifer stares at her. LUCIFER Luke, and I do. The girl smiles. The girl then notices the bullet hole on Lucifer’s shirt. THE GIRL What’s that ? LUCIFER My friend burnt me with a cigar whilst I was drunk. The girl chuckles. THE GIRL Sounds like you have crazy friends. Lucifer smirks. As both of them are havin’ a conversation, three thick heads arrive. The girl looks at them. Lucifer is simply lookin’ at the girl, ignorin’ the bozos. Hi guys.


Three thick heads look at Lucifer. THE GIRL (CONT’D) Meet my new freind, Luke. 1 THICK HEAD Luke? That’s a funny name. 2 THICK HEAD Very funny. 3 THICK HEAD Very very funny. Lucifer is not lookin’ at them. The bartender puts two martinis on the marble. Lucifer takes one and slides it towards the girl. The girl smiles and takes it.

80. Lucifer then takes one and starts sippin’ on it whilst lookin’ at the girl. Three thick heads simply looks at Lucifer, tryin’ to spark some shit up. 1 THICK HEAD Luke, why don’t you buy three of us drinks as well. THE GIRL (gives three thick heads a look) Come on, guys, be nice. Three thick heads chuckles. 2 THICK HEAD What we just want to know your new friend better ? The girl rolls her eyes. Lucifer looks at the three thickheads. LUCIFER (devilish smirk) What do you all want ? Protein shake or.... The girl laughs. Three thick heads see her laughin’. Lucifer is still lookin’ at them. 3 THICK HEAD You think you’re funny, asshole. The girl notices the tension. THE GIRL Come on, Rodney. Cut it out. I like him. 2 THICK HEAD Oh, so you like this comedian ? Lucifer breathes in slowly whilst lookin’ at the (2) thick head.




The three thickheads sulk. The three thick heads grab the girl. The girl pucker her face. THE GIRL What are you doin’ ?

81. 2 THICK HEAD We are leavin’. THE GIRL I don’t want to go. Leave me alone. The bartender sees this. THE BARTENDER Hey, cool off. 3 THICK HEAD You mind your own business, old timer. Lucifer just looks at the girl. (2) thick head starts gettin’ her out of the bar. (1) & (3) thick heads are still standin’ near Lucifer. Lucifer turns around a little and looks at them whilst lightin’ up a cigarette. Both of them look at Lucifer. Lucifer looks cold. Lucifer just stares at them. 2 THICK HEAD Let’s roll. 3 THICK HEAD (gives him a look and turns around) Comedian. Both of them leave. Lucifer looks at them leavin’. Lucifer then puts his drink down slowly. THE BARTENDER (falrin’ his nostrils) Fuckin’ assholes. Lucifer looks at them walkin’ out. Lucifer then looks at his drink and starts to smirk slowly. INT. LUCIFER'S CAR ( MOVIN' ) - NYC - SUBURBS - NIGHT Lucifer is drivin’ whilst sportin’ his black gloves. Lucifer slowly pulls in inside a giant house, isolated, with green trees and nature surroundin’ it. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - COMPOUND - NYC - SUBURBS - NIGHT LOUD MUSIC FROM THE HOUSE - I can’t get started - Bunny Berigan

82. Lucifer’s car starts to roll slowly. Lucifer pulls over his car near the water fountain in front of the house’s entrance gate. Lucifer gets outta his car with a fuckin’ dagger in his hand. Lucifer closes his car’s door and starts walkin’ towards the bunglow’s main entrance door with his shirt un done a little bit. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - LIVIN’ ROOM - NYC - SUBURBS - NIGHT Three bozos and the girl are sittin’ in the livin’ room. The girl is lookin’ little off, and is sittin’ alone whilst readin’ a novel. The three bozos are laughin’ and talkin’ to each other whilst sittin’ on the sofa. But all of them look at the wooden door as it opens itself on it’s own as Lucifer snaps his fingers. All of them look scared and puzzeled as they see Lucifer. Lucifer is standin’ in the doorway with a fuckin’ dagger in his hand. Lucifer is simply lookin’ at the three thick heads sittin’ on the sofa. THE GIRL What are you doin’ here, Luke ? All of the thickheads get up. Lucifer throws the dagger into 2nd thickhead’s heart. It connects perfectly. The girl along with two thickheads gasps. 1 THICK HEAD (scared as he realizes Lucifer’s power) Hey, look man, you don’t have to do this. Lucifer looks at him. Lucifer extends his hand again, the dagger which is stuck in the 2nd thickhead’s heart, finds it way back to Lucifer’s hand. 3 THICK HEAD (lookin’ scared shitless) What the fuck ?! The girl runs, so do the other two. Lucifer rolls his eye. Lucifer then throws the dagger at 1st thick head’s leg. 1st thickhead falls on the floor whilst screamin’. 3rd thick head starts headin’ for the 1st floor via the staircase. The girl follows him. Lucifer looks at them, but focuses his attention on the cripple lyin’ on the floor. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards him. Lucifer sees him crawlin’ forward.

83. Lucifer then stomps the back of his head with his boot, the blood spirts outta the thickhead’s nose. Lucifer has this sick grin on his face, as if he is enjoyin’ it. LUCIFER (little intense) Funny. Lucifer stomps the back of his head again. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (little more intense) Very funny. Lucifer then stomps again. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (pure fuckin’ rage in his voice) Very Very funny. Lucifer then stomps his head with his boot for one last time. The 1st thickhead dies as the blood spirts outta his skull. Lucifer then grabs the dagger stuck in the leg of the dead thickhead. Lucifer starts headin’ towards the staircase. Lucifer starts climbin’ the staircase. Lucifer moves his head a little whilst lookin’ at the picture of a beautiful naked girl near the staircase ( 16th century ). LUCIFER (CONT’D) Impressive. Lucifer then resumes his mission-e-kill em all. Luicfer reaches the 1st floor. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - 1ST FLOOR - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer closes his eyes. Lucifer turns his head a little. Lucifer takes a deep breathe, almost as if he is tryin’ to smell his prey. Lucifer then starts walkin’ towards the room on the left. Lucifer snaps his fingers. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - 1ST FLOOR - BEDROOM - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer walks in. The last remainin’ thickhead is standin’ behind the door, with a baseball bat in his hand. The thickhead tries to bash Lucifer’s head as Lucifer walks in and takes couple of steps forward. Lucifer catches the baseball hat incomin’ from the back with his one hand. Lucifer simply holds it and turns around. Lucifer flares his nostrils. Lucifer then bashes his head over the thickhead’s head.

84. Lucifer grabs the baseball bat as the thickhead falls down. Lucifer then grabs the handle of the baseball bat and looks at the thickhead lyin’ on the floor. I’m sorry.


Lucifer starts bashin’ the fucker’s legs with the baseball bat. The girl hidin’ under the bed starts yellin’. THE GIRL No!!!!!!! Please !!!! The thickhead keeps usin’ his hands whilst beggin’ for mercy. Lucifer keeps bashin’ the thickhead’s legs with his baseball bat. Lucifer then smacks the side of the thickhead’s head with the baseball bat, in an intense manner. The blood spirts outta the thickhead’s head. The girl comes out from the under of the bedroom and starts runnin’ towards Lucifer, tryin’ to stop him. THE GIRL (CONT’D) No!!! Please !!!! Don’t.. Lucifer slaps the girl as he is tries to grab the baseball bat. Lucifer looks at her as she falls on the floor. Lucifer then puts his boot on the thickhead’s neck. Lucifer then looks at the thickhead’s face. LUCIFER Don’t ever cross me, ever, you thick lump. Lucifer bashes his skull with the baseball bat. Blood spirts all over Lucifer’s face. THE GIRL (cryin’) No!!! Oh God!!! LUCIFER He is not comin’, sweetheart, not today. Lucifer then throws away the baseball bat. Lucifer then grabs the dagger that he tucked in between his belt previously whilst walkin’ upstairs. Lucifer clenches his jaw. Lucifer starts stabbin’ the fucker with his dagger. Lucifer keeps strikin’ untill the thickhead’s white shirt is filled with blood. Lucifer then takes a breathe. Lucifer throws the baseball bat. Lucifer then starts walkin’ towards the girl whislt blood spots all over his face.

85. THE GIRL (cryin’) Don’t come near me, please !!! The girl says this whilst movin’ backwards with her hands planted on the floor. LUCIFER (smirkin’) Why ? I thought you liked me ? THE GIRL (lookin’ scared whilst cryin’) Please. Lucifer then stops walkin’. LUCIFER (puckers his eyebrows) You should be happy, they no longer own you. I just liberated you from their grasp, and instead of showin’ me gratitude you want to run away. The girl cries. The girl then looks at the open door whilst lyin’ on the floor. Lucifer snaps his fingers. The door closes. LUCIFER (CONT’D) No distractions. THE GIRL (in tears whilst lookin’ scared) Who are you ? LUCIFER (slowly walkin’ towards her) The prince of hell. Lucifer. Lucifer comes closer. Lucifer tears her clothes apart. Lucifer gets her naked whilst she cries and screams. Lucifer then grabs her by her hair. Lucifer starts draggin’ her by her hair. Lucifer walks outta the room whilst draggin’ the girl by her hair. The girl starts screamin’ and cryin’. THE GIRL Please, don’t do this. Let me go. LUCIFER (smirks) I will.

86. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - 1ST FLOOR - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer starts draggin’ her towards the staircase as she claws and fights to get outta Lucifer’s grip. Lucifer then makes her stand upright. Lucifer stands behind her. Lucifer kisses her neck. Lucifer then cuts open her stomach open, the blood comes outta her stomach and starts drippin’ down towards the stairs. Lucifer turns her head a little. Lucifer looks into her eyes. LUCIFER Renaissance. Lucifer kisses her lips whilst the blood drips down from her stomach. Lucifer keeps kissin’ her. Lucifer then stares into her eyes. Lucifer sees her eyes turnin’ a little red. Lucifer then starts kissin’ back of her neck whilst cuppin’ her breasts with his arm. Lucifer then bites her neck. The girl’s eyes starts to grow dim. Lucifer smells her and rubs her chin on her shoulder. Lucifer’s eyes turn red. Lucifer cuts his wrists a little with his dagger and feeds it to the girl. The girl’s eyes turn red as her wounds heals. The girl then goes unconscious again. Lucifer throws the dagger away. Lucifer grabs her by her feet and swoops her up. The girl is in Lucifer’s arms. Lucifer starts walkin’ down the stairs whilst lookin’ expressionless. Lucifer climbs down the stairs with her in his arms. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - LIVING ROOM - NYC - NIGHT Lucifer reaches the ground floor ( hall ). Lucifer starts walkin’ towards the open gate whilst lookin’ intense. Lucifer then walks out the door whilst carryin’ the naked girl in his arms. INT. BOZOS BUNGLOW - COMPOUND - NYC - SUBURBS - NIGHT Lucifer then starts walkin’ towards his car. Lucifer looks at his car. The car’s door open. Lucifer tucks the girl inside. Lucifer sees the bullet hole on his shirt. Lucifer simply rubs it with his three fingers, the hole disappears. Lucifer then takes his shirt off. Lucifer throws it on her. Lucifer then takes off his black pants. Lucifer throws his black pants on her as well. Lucifer then heads for the back of his car. Lucifer opens the trunk. Lucifer sees his unifrom, black shirt and black pant. Lucifer smirks. Lucifer snaps his fingers.

87. INT. LUCIFER'S CAR ( MOVIN') - NYC - SUBURBS - NIGHT Lucifer is fully clothed and so is the unconscious beauty lyin’ in the backseat. Lucifer is drivin’. Lucifer sees a police check point as he is about to leave suburbs area. Lucifer rolls his eyes. FADE TO: EXT. POLICE CHECKPOINT - NYC - SUBURBS - NIGHT Police men are lyin’ dead with their throats slit whilst Lucifer’s car leaves. INT. LUCIFER'S CAR ( MOVIN') - NYC - MORNING Radio is on. Lucifer lights up a cigarette. Lucifer looks at the sun. Lucifer puts on his shades. LUCIFER Mr. Hot head. Lucifer then looks at the beauty lyin’ in her backseat. Lucifer smirks. Lucifer then stops his car near a cafe. EXT. CAFE - NYC - MORNING Lucifer gets outta his car. Lucifer opens the backdoor and grabs the girl who is sorta wakin’ up. Lucifer starts walkin’ towards the cafe whilst carryin’ her in his arms. LUCIFER She’s gettin’ fat already. Lucifer sees the cafe owner lookin’ puzzled as he opens the door. CAFE OWNER Is she alright ? LUCIFER Yeah, just had too much too drink last night. Cafe owner nods as Lucifer walks in. Lucifer sits on a table near the corner. Lucifer puts her down. The cafe is empty, since it’s early mornin’. Lucifer then sits down besides her.

88. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (lookin’ at the cafe owner) Coffee, lotsa coffee. Cafe owner nods. Cafe owner starts makin’ hot coffee for both of them. Meanwhile, Lucifer looks at the girl regainin’ little bit of consciousness. Lucifer smiles. THE GIRL (openin’ her eyes) Where am I ? The girl puts her one hand on her forehead. LUCIFER (whilst lightin’ up a cigarette.) You’re at a cafe, havin’ a cup of coffee with the fallen angel himself. Talk about bein’ lucky. Lucifer then looks at the cafe owner bringin’ two coffees for them. Cafe owner puts it on the table and leaves. Lucifer looks at the girl. The girl looks at him whilst lookin’ confused. THE GIRL You killed me, right ? How am I alive ? Lucifer rolls his eyes. LUCIFER Magic. I’m a magician. The girl is still tryin’ to make sense outta of everything that has happened so far. THE GIRL (puckers her eyebrows) What about those guys ? LUCIFER (sippin’ coffee) They are dead. The girl’s head is stil foggy. THE GIRL ( still processin’) They are... (MORE)

89. (beat) dead.


Lucifer nods whilst lookin’ at her. LUCIFER (pullin’ her leg) You’re a genius, you figured it out at last. Lucifer then offers her coffee. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Drink up, kid. Lucifer puts the coffee near her lips. The girl sips bit of coffee. LUCIFER (CONT’D) There you go. Lucifer puts the coffee cup down. Lucifer then looks in front. THE GIRL Why didn’t you killed me ? LUCIFER (smiles as he turns her head towards her) Because you fancied me. The girl pucker her eyes (confused a little but warmin’ up) whilst smilin’ a little. THE GIRL So you’re like Lucifer ? Lucifer chuckles. Lucifer shakes his head. LUCIFER Yeah, I’m like Lucifer. Lucifer nods. THE GIRL (grabs coffee cup and sips a little bit of coffee) So I’m immortal or what ?


LUCIFER (smirks)

90. The girl smiles a little. THE GIRL (little happy) So I won’t die again, ever. Lucifer shakes his head whilst smilin’.


LUCIFER (enchanted by her quirkiness)

The girl smiles at Lucifer. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smilin’) Pretty cool, right ? The girl bites her lower lip a little whilst lookin’ in front. The girl thinks for a moment. The girl then looks at Lucifer. THE GIRL (giddy) What are my super powers ? Can I fly ? Lucifer takes a deep breathe in. LUCIFER





Lucifer tries to cheer her up. LUCIFER But you can read people’s mind whenever you want. The girl smiles. Really ?


Lucifer nods. The girl looks at the cafe owner. The girl hears his thoughts “Goddamn taxes”. LUCIFER (looks at the girl) Goddamn taxes.

91. The girl goes gaga. THE GIRL (hysterical as she looks at Lucifer) No. This is so cool. Fuck. Lucifer smirks. LUCIFER I know. (takes a sip outta his coffee and puts it down) You can mind control them as well. The girl is like “No way”. Luicfer nods. Yes.


The girl smiles. The girl then looks at the cafe owner again. THE GIRL (looks at the bartender) Leave this place for half an hour. THe cafe owner looks little stiff all of a sudden. The cafe owner starts walkin’ out of the cafe whilst holdin’ a coffee cup. The girl just looks at this unfoldin’ with her mouth open a bit. The girl sees the cafe owner walkin’ outta the parkin’ throught the traparent glass wall. Wow.


The girl looks at Lucifer. Lucifer smirks. THE GIRL (CONT’D) (holdin’ Lucifer’s arm) Tell me, what else can I do ? LUCIFER (looks at her lips) Whatever you want to. The girl looks at Lucifer’s lips as well. Lucifer then looks at the girl. LUCIFER (CONT’D) You wanna have some fun ? The girl smirks. CUT TO:



Lucifer is standin’ on the cafe’s long ass counter. Lucifer has his shirt unbottened, exposin’ his bare abs. Lucifer is dancin’ to music whilst the girl is sittin’ on the chair. The girl is laughin’ whislt watchin’ him dance. Lucifer’s simply movin’ his hands and feet whilst havin’ blast, smooth as hell with his sleeky moves. Lucifer then kicks the steel glasses, along with the salt and pepper containers from the counter. Lucifer then moon walks whilst lookin’ at the girl watchin’ him whilst sittin’ on the white round chair near the counter. Lucifer looks at her. Lucifer offers his hand. The girl shakes her head wordin’ “No” whilst smilin’. Lucifer flares his nostrils. The girl bites her lips. The girl gives Lucifer her hand. Lucifer grabs it. The girl gets on the top of the counter. Lucifer then starts dancin’ with her. Lucifer sees that she moves her feet in a smooth manner whilst shakin’ her head, showin’ some cool moves she’s got in her. Lucifer then one ups her by showin’ his lockin’ and poppin’ skills. The girl raises her one eyebrow. Lucifer and the girl start to twist and turn whilst smilin’ and havin’ a good time. Both of them then look at each other whilst dancin’. The girl gives Lucifer a mellow look. Lucifer walks closer and grabs her by her waist whilst startin’ into her eyes. Lucifer tries to kiss her. But she puts her hand in between. Lucifer widens his eyes whilst lookin’ shocked. LUCIFER (little shocked) Bait and switch ? The girl laughs and gets off the counter as Lucifer stands frozen stiff. Lucifer sees her runnin’ away whilst laughin’. Lucifer gets off the counter and grabs the whipcream bottle. Lucifer snaps his fingers whilst smilin’ in a smuggish manner. The girl looks back as she reaches the end of the cafe. The girl pucker her eyebrows as she sees no sign of Lucifer. Lucifer arrives from the back. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smilin’) Hello. The girl turns around to see Lucifer. Lucifer spray the whip cream over her lips. The girl gets mad. The girl tries to slap Lucifer whilst smilin’(pissed off but still smilin’).

93. Lucifer grabs her arm. Lucifer then looks into her eyes. The girl looks at Lucifer’s lips. Lucifer leans in and kisses her lips. The girl kisses Lucifer back. Both of them kiss for a while and then looks at each other. The girl notices Lucifer’s nose and lips have whip cream on it as well. The girl loses it and chuckles. Lucifer puckers his eyebrows whilst wordin’ “What?”. The girl shakes her head whilst wordin’ “Nothin’”. Lucifer then looks at the mirror in the back. The girl laughs as Lucifer rolls his eyes. CUT TO: INT. CAFE - NYC Music - Twist - Chubby Checker ( little low now ) Lucifer and the girl are sittin’ on the counter whilst leanin’ on each other. Lucifer grabs the water bottle and wipes his face with the water. Lucifer then takes little bit of water and wipes the girl’s face with it. The girl shakes her head as Lucifer’s tries to wipe her face. THE GIRL I’m not a toddler. LUCIFER (whilst wipin’ the remainin’ whip cream off) Oh really ? THE GIRL I’m seventeen. LUCIFER Still a kid. Lucifer then breathes out. The girl licks her lips clean. It’s gone.


THE GIRL Can’t we use our powers to clean our face ? LUCIFER We could, but where’s fun in that. It’s better to do some things in an old fashioned manner. Ever wondered why your generation is so miserable?

94. The girl smiles at Lucifer. Thank you.


Lucifer smiles. LUCIFER Your welcome Lucifer then looks around. Lucifer notices the havoc he wreaked. LUCIFER (CONT’D) What a mess. Eww it’s startin’ to smell. The girl looks at Lucifer. Lucifer looks at the girl. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Ok, where do you want to go ? To school.


Lucifer puckers his eyebrows. What ?


The girl nods. THE GIRL I want to take revenge on all the mean girls who bullied me. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER That’s silly. THE Really ? Says three retards someone bein’

GIRL a man who killed cause he can’t stand rude to him.

Lucifer is like “Did she just knocked me out?”. LUCIFER Wait, Ms. I’m older than you, I’m allowed to whatever I want.

95. THE GIRL (confused) That does not makes sense. LUCIFER (chuckles) It doesn’t have to. Plus, I’m the prince of hell. THE GIRL (miffed) Well then I’m princess. Lucifer pucker his eyebrows. LUCIFER Does not work like that, kiddo. THE GIRL (like a toddler beggin’ for sweets) Come on, let me have some fun. Lucifer looks at the girl and takes a deep breathe. LUCIFER (rolls his eyes) Alrite. But remember no physical violence. THE GIRL (teasin’ Lucifer) Rich comin’ from you. Lucifer grabs her mouth and makes her face look like fish with her lips protrudin’. LUCIFER (looks at the girl’s lips) Don’t you ever direspect me. THE GIRL (speakin’ like a little kid with her mouth full of food) Or what ? Lucifer leans in whilst lettin’ her face go. The girl looks at Lucifer’s lips. LUCIFER I will kill you.

96. Lucifer then kisses the girl. The girl kisses Lucifer back. Lucifer looks at the watch in the cafe. LUCIFER (CONT’D) Fuck. I have to meet Daniel. THE GIRL (puckers her eyebrows) Who is he ? LUCIFER None of your business. The girl sulks. THE GIRL Luke the rude. Lucifer chuckles. LUCIFER Has a sound to it. Lucifer then looks down. Lucifer just stares down whilst lookin’ lost. THE GIRL (concerned as Lucifer’s mood swings) What happened ? Lucifer shakes his head. LUCIFER (sad smile on his face) Nothin’. Lucifer lifts his chin up. Lucifer eyes are little mellow all of a sudden. LUCIFER (CONT’D) (smiles whilst lookin’ at her) Nothin’. INT. DANIEL'S APARTMENT - TERRACE GARDEN - NYC - MORNING Lucifer and Daniel are sittin’ on the chairs, facin’ each other with a small round table in between them. Lucifer looks at the Sun. Lucifer breaks a sad chuckles. Daniel has towel wrapped around his waist. Daniel’s upper body is bare naked. Lucifer is wearin’ black pants whilst wearin’ no shirt. Lucifer takes a deep breathe in.