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Three friends go to the library one day and check out a book titled Good vs. Evil. They start reading the book, but soon

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Good vs. Evil

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GOGood OD vs. VS. EVIL Evil

By Tabetha G. Kiraz

GOGood OD vs. EVIL VS. Evil

By Tabetha G. Kiraz Tabetha Kiraz


34 2011

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For my mom

Table of Contents The Library --------------------- 7 Good vs. Evil ------------------12 The Lost Queen ---------------15 Two White Wings-------------18 The Trolls ----------------------21 Watch Out Sirens! ------------26 The Trader of the Merchants’ Temple--------------------------31 The Final Battle ---------------38 Epilogue ------------------------52

Chapter One The Library



nce there were three girls having a slumber party. Their names were Jessica, Phoebe, and Sarah. Jessica was new in the neighborhood but Phoebe and Sarah had been best friends ever since Kindergarten. They both thought it was time to have another best-friend so

they could start their own group and call themselves “The Sparkles.” They all loved sparkly things. Sarah said “I think we Sparkles should go to JFK Library”. But Jessica was mad at Sarah because Jessica did not like libraries. She was scared of them until Phoebe told Jessica about a special section her dad had created in the library. This section had really old and difficult to find books from around the world. Jessica thought that maybe she could finally find her favorite book


Good vs. Evil. Perhaps, she could force Sarah to go to Phoebe’s dad’s section but she knew it was going to be hard. Phoebe said “Come on let’s go.” When Phoebe, Jessica, and Sarah got to the library, Jessica said “Hey let’s go in there!” pointing to Phoebe’s father’s section of the library. Sarah didn’t like the idea. “What is in there? It is just a bunch of books”. Jessica and Phoebe went in first. Sarah didn’t want to be left behind alone so she went in too.


Once they were inside the section, Sarah realized it was not as boring as she first thought. There were strange and scary looking books. One book almost jumped out of the shelf and into her hands. Sarah liked that book called Good vs. Evil. Jessica also liked that book so she took another copy. Phoebe didn’t like any of the books. Phoebe took a book from a different section. Sarah, Jessica, and Phoebe checked out their books. When they got home, Sarah wanted to read the book together with Jessica. Jessica


said “let’s share one of the books” so they did. Sarah couldn’t stop thinking about her book. She did not know all the things that were going to happen.


Chapter Two Good vs. Evil


he next day, Sarah realized everything in the book had come to life. “Where are Phoebe and Jessica?” thought Sarah. Jessica knew that this would happen. Phoebe was still sleeping somewhere and Jessica had become the evil Queen from the book. Sarah decided to stick with the book.


There were two sides: an evil side and a good side. Sarah decided to go to the good side. Meanwhile, Jessica was on the evil side. It turns out that long time ago, Jessica was in the book but when someone read it she came out and he got in. No one knew how this happened. Finally, Jessica had returned to the book. Well for the good side there was no queen or king. Their queen has been born out of the book. But people of the good side don’t know who it is. Sarah met a girl named Gloria. Gloria was an angel of


goodness. Gloria asked “what are you doing here?” “I don’t know I found myself here this morning.” said Sarah. “Well, be careful. There are bad angels watching us.” said Gloria. “Where are the bad angels?” asked Sarah. “They are invisible” said Gloria. Sarah was confused because she thought bad angels only stayed on the evil region. Gloria knew that Sarah was confused. “The story got mixed up a little. The evil queen Jessica stole the book which makes this story in order. Now everything is mixed up” said Gloria.


Chapter Three The Lost Queen


arah wondered who Jessica really was. Then she realized that Jessica her friend was really the queen. “The evil queen is my friend and I am


with the good side.” said Sarah. “If you are with the good side then you can’t let her distract you” said Gloria. “We have to get the book back but how” said Sarah. “You can’t. Only the lost queen can” said Gloria. “How do we know who the lost queen is?” asked Sarah. “We have to test you” said Gloria. “But why?” whispered Sarah. “You might be the queen. You have to get five items: A pair of white wings, a magic doll, a magic wand, a magic scale, and wizard power.


They are all located in the evil region.” said Gloria. “How will we know where is the evil region?” asked Sarah. “Both angels on each side have a map on the bad or good and I have a map for the bad side. This map just tells you where to go” said Gloria. “So where do we start?” inquired Sarah. “The Witch’s lair” said Gloria. “Let’s go” mumbled Sarah nervously.


Chapter Four Two White Wings


hen Sarah and Gloria got to the witch’s lair they were shocked because they saw people that had been turned into stone. Gloria couldn’t go any further so Sarah had to continue on her own. When Sarah saw the


witch she looked creepy. Her face was green and gooey. Sarah wondered how she could get passed the witch. “Maybe I have to find the wings” Sarah thought to herself. While Sarah was looking for the wings the witch was turning any people she saw into stone. Sarah kept on searching for the wings. Just then, the witch saw Sarah and started to come her way. When the witch was about to turn Sarah into stone, Sarah found the wings. She did not know what to do with them. Gloria had not told her anything about


what to do after she found the wings. She held the wings over her head. The witch started to melt. The wings had destroyed the witch. All the people that had been turned into stone melted. Sarah went to find Gloria. Gloria was at the entrance. “Put the wings together” said Gloria. When Sarah put the wings together, she got wings and suddenly she could fly. Sarah wanted to get everything on the list. She could not wait.


Chapter Five The Trolls


here do we go next and what do I need to get?” inquired Sarah. “We’re going to the Cave of the Brothers Troll to get the


Magic Doll” said Gloria. Sarah hates Trolls and she was scared to go into a cave. Sarah wondered what she had to do to get the Magic Doll. “Legend says that you have to solve a riddle to get the magic doll” Gloria told her. Gloria and Sarah started walking towards the scary cave. To make matters worse, they had to go through the Spooky Forest to get to the cave. Once in the Spooky Forest, nothing really happened. It just looked scary. Finally, they were at the cave. Gloria turned and faced Sarah


and said: “I know you are scared. If you can’t figure out the answer to the riddle, try to trick the Brothers Troll into revealing the answer to you. I know you can do it.” Sarah started to go towards the cave. She saw the Trolls. They were humongous, scary and ugly. One of the Trolls said “You need to answer a riddle before you can pass and get what you are seeking.” His brother said “What breaks when you say it?” Sarah couldn’t figure out the answer. She told herself to calm down and think.


She was so scared that she started to laugh really loudly. The Brothers Troll thought they were not scary enough so they tried to scare Sarah even more by yelling at her. She kept on laughing. “You are not as scary as you think you are Brothers Troll. You are not even that smart. I bet you don’t even know the answer.” The Trolls got very mad and said “We do too, we know the answer”. So Sarah yelled as loud as she could “So prove it!” Then the Trolls yelled together “Silence!” Now, Sarah was really scared; her trick did not work after all. She hoped the 24

trolls would not eat her. Just then, something strange started to happen. There were sparkles raining from the sky. When Sarah looked she saw the cutest doll ever come down from the heavens and into her lap. The Brothers Troll got mad at each other because without meaning to they had told Sarah the answer to the riddle. All they wanted was for Sarah to be silent. Sarah grabbed the doll and started to fly toward Gloria so the Trolls would not catch her.


Chapter Six Watch Out Sirens!


hen Sarah finally reached Gloria in the Spooky Forest, she was thankful. She wondered what trouble she will face next. Gloria told her that they needed to find the Sirens of the Netherworld to get the Magic Wand. “How do


we get there?” said Sarah. “Maybe the doll will show you the way.” said Gloria. Sarah asked the Magic Doll where she needed to go. The doll started to fly away. Sarah yelled “Wait up!” but the doll kept on flying. Sarah tried to follow her using her wings. She could not control her wings. The doll kept moving. Sarah tired to fly faster. She did not see the strange vine hanging down a cloud. Suddenly she felt something like a snake crawling on her hand. When she looked down


on her hand, she saw the strange vine tangling her up. She got really rough to untangle herself. The more she tired, the more tangled up she became. She got tired and just stood still. The vine magically untangled and Sarah started to fall down since she was not doing anything. She started to flap her wings as hard as she could to go up. Just when she was going to hit the ground, she flew up. Sarah was petrified that she couldn’t see the doll anymore. She started to scream “Help me; I’m having trouble finding


my way.” Then magically the doll came to Sarah and helped her find her way to the Sirens of the Netherworld. Sirens were evil mermaids that make you listen to their songs and make you fall asleep forever. Sarah was very anxious. She did not feel confident because Gloria was not with her. At that moment, the doll gave Sarah ear plugs and flew away. Sarah wondered what she needed to do with them. She realized that she needed to put on the ear plugs so she would not hear the beautiful music of the Sirens.


She quickly put the ear plugs on and started to look for the Magic Wand. She kept flying around the Netherworld. As she was flying around she saw a bright light materialize out of a Siren’s hair. That must be the magic wand she thought. She pretended to be tired from the Sirens’ songs and rest on the shoulder of the Siren with the sparkle hair. Before, the Siren could do anything; she quickly grabbed the wand and fluttered away very fast. She hurried back to the Spooky Forest. She was glad to see Gloria again.


Chapter Seven The Trader of the Merchants’ Temple


arah wondered where to go next. She had to find the Magic Scale. The map told her to go to the Trader of the Merchant’s Temple. “Legend says that you need to trade him something


and you can only get one thing from him.” Gloria informed her. “Who is the trader?” asked Sarah. “Nobody knows but you need to find who he is and you need to trade a possession of your own to get the magic scale.” said Gloria. Sarah wondered if she could use her magic wand to find the Merchants’ Temple. She tried and the wand took her to the merchant’s temple. The temple was white and its towers stretched into the clouds. The temple was small and the inside was frightening.


Sarah wondered what she should trade. She thought of trading a locket that had pictures of her friends Phoebe and Jessica. Now Sarah had to find out who the trader was. Sarah went up to the only person in the temple. When she was about to talk to him, he said “take anything you want but trade me something valuable in return.” Sarah knew she had found the Trader. “You look familiar” said Sarah. Sarah thought about it for a moment. “Are you Tray?” she asked. “Yes” answered Tray. Tray was actually Sarah’s


classmate. No wonder he always missed a lot of classes. “How long have you been the Trader Tray?” asked Sarah nervously. Tray was a bully in her school and she was afraid he would beat her up. He told her he’d always been the trader. He would trade days in the real world with anything people wanted. He liked that in the real world he could be a mean bully. “Someone please help me!” shouted a girl. It sounded like the voice was coming from the tower. Sarah was concerned. “Who is that?” she asked. No


one answered her back. Tray said “Don’t you recognize that voice? I thought you were best friends”. Sarah was shocked, the voice was Phoebe’s. “Phoebe where are you?” “I am up in the tower. Hurry there are lots of weird looking spiders here.” “I am coming Phoebe” said Sarah. Tray held up his hand and said ‘Wait up! I thought you were here to trade. So do you want Phoebe or something else?’


Sarah thought for a moment and answered ‘Something else. I want the magic scale.” Tray told her she can get anything but that. Sarah was upset and said “Tray, if you don’t let me have the scale I will not trade you and no one will dare to come down here anymore because I will shut the doors of the temple forever.” Tray started to laugh. “You can’t shut those doors forever, no one can!” “No one can but I can with this!” and she pulled out the magic wand. Tray got worried and decided it would be wise to


trade her the scale. “So what are you going to give me for the scale?” asked Tray. Sarah took out the locket from her neck and said “This precious locket!” When Tray saw that queen Jessica’s picture was in there he thought that Sarah must be evil too so he gave her the scale and let Phoebe go. “You must have missed Jessica, let me take you to her. I should have known that you were best of friends” said Tray.


Chapter Eight The Final Battle


arah asked “Where are we going?” Tray smiled. “We’re going to the Queen’s Lair, of course! Everything is there, including the wizard power. The Queen needs your help to


prevent the Good Queen from stealing the wizard power.” “What would happen if the Good Queen would get the wizard power?” asked Phoebe. ‘Then she will complete her mission and we will lose the battle. This chaotic story will be in order again and people like you who don’t belong here will go back to their world” muttered Tray angrily. Phoebe was happy to hear this. She was sick of Tray and this place. She wanted to go back to her real life. Normally carefree and fun, this place was too dark


and gloomy and worse there were no sparkles. Phoebe grabbed Sarah’s arm and pulled her back. “What is going on here? I don’t get this. What is he saying about Jessica being the Evil Queen?” “I’ll explain everything later, Phoebe I need you to pretend to be Evil and not good and pretend that you love having Jessica as your friend.” said Sarah. “But I do like that she is part of Sparkles and she is a lot of fun. She is not afraid of anything.” “We are here” Tray said. Tray


took them to the queen. “We have found your friends your majesty” said Tray. “Wonderful! We must get ready for battle. I need all the help I can get.” said Jessica. “Phoebe you will protect me and Sarah you will fight the queen when she arrives.” Everyone had practiced but Sarah and Phoebe. They were too busy trying to find the wizard power. “Maybe the good side needs to win the battle.” said Sarah. So Sarah and Phoebe practiced secretly for the good side.


While they were practicing Sarah brought Gloria from the Spooky Forest with her magic wand. Gloria said “This is the hardest one. We will have to fight in the battle to get the wizard power and then we’ll know who the good queen is.” “How can we get the wizard power if we need to win the war when we pretended to be on the bad side” said Sarah. “You pretended to be on the bad side? Good people don’t lie” yelled Gloria. “I didn’t lie. I gave a locket that had a picture of Jessica to the


trader and he thought that I was evil so he brought me and Phoebe here. The trader was Tray a bully in my class. Tray told us all about Queen Jessica’s lair and the palace.” said Sarah. “Letting people think you are evil when you are good is not being honest. We need to declare war now!” muttered Gloria very seriously. “Great” said Phoebe “where are the soldiers for the Good side? What kind of secret weapons do we have?”


“Sarah, the only people who are here to fight are you, me and now your friend Phoebe. We also have the objects that you collected: your wings, the magic doll, the magic wand and the magic scale and if we get the wizard power we’ll find out who the queen is and beat the evil queen.” Sarah, Gloria, and Phoebe went to find Jessica to declare war. Sarah took the magic wand, Phoebe took the wings, and Gloria took the scale. The magic doll told them that she could fight in the battle with them.


Sarah used her magic wand to find Jessica. “I can’t believe you are the evil queen!” yelled Sarah. “Better believe it and you are my servant now” commanded the evil queen. Sarah was very mad; she was tired of Jessica bossing her around. “I am not your servant! I am not evil. So I declare War!” Just then, Gloria came across evil angels with black wings. Some of them used to be her friends. She used the magic scale to see if there was any good left in them.


Phoebe flew to give Gloria more help. As she kept on flying she discovered that the wings made her stronger and faster. So she started going so fast that the bad angels could not even see her. Before they knew it, Phoebe made them fall on the floor and Gloria with her magic scale brought them back to the good side. In the mean time, the Magic Doll came across Tray. “How could a doll like you defeat me in a fight” The Magic Doll gave a sweet smile and punched him in the face. Tray could not believe that his nose


was bleeding because of a doll. He was really mad. Tray was chasing after the Magic Doll and since she was so small he tripped over her foot. “I can’t believe it, I am losing to a doll!” In response, the Magic Doll gave her most beautiful smile and gave a final punch and knocked Tray out. The battle was raging on. Sarah and Jessica were fighting with wands. Sarah yelled “just give me the wizard power and I’ll let you go.” Jessica replied “you have to find where it is first.” At that point, Gloria, the


good angels, the magic doll and Phoebe all came to help Sarah. Sarah stopped fighting and Jessica knocked her down with her wand. Sarah saw a ring glittering in the distance. She pointed to Phoebe to fly and get it. Phoebe quickly flew to where the sparkles were and grabbed the ring. It had a strange writing on it. She could not read it. She took it to Gloria. Gloria could not read it either. It said “r-e-w-o-p” Jessica saw that they had taken the ring and quickly used her


wand and knocked it off of Gloria’s hand. The ring landed next to a mirror. When Sarah went to grab it, she saw the reflection in the mirror it said “power”. She slipped the ring on her finger. So “r-e-w-o-p” was power written backwards. Gloria found out that the ring had the wizard power in it. She yelled to Sarah “Quick put all the objects together!” Phoebe flew and gave her the wings, the magic doll ran to Sarah, and Gloria gave her the magic scale. When Sarah put everything, together, nothing happened.


Gloria was sad because she had always believed that Sarah would be the queen. Just then, something started to happen to Jessica. People could suddenly see through her and eventually Jessica disappeared altogether. Sparkles came out of where Jessica was standing and suddenly a giant and very old looking book appeared. Gloria ran to the book and told Sarah she must be the one to open it. Sarah opened the book and started to read. “Once upon a time there was a good queen named Sarah…” As she was


reading Sarah was transformed into a queen. She had a beautiful hair style, a gorgeous sparkly gown, golden slippers, and a jeweled crown. Sarah unaware of the change kept on reading the fascinating story of Queen Sarah. As she kept on reading Good vs. Evil came in order again.




o Sarah was the queen after all. Gloria gave Sarah and Phoebe magic books so they can go visit Good vs. Evil any time they want. Mean while, Tray was never heard of again in the real world and lived in a swamp like a toad in the land of Good vs. Evil. Sarah made Gloria a duchess so she can rule when Sarah was away.

And they all lived happily ever after! 52

About the author Tabetha G. Kiraz, lives in Piscat-

away, NJ, with her parents and two brothers. She is the author of My Baby Brother Lucian (Gorgias, 2010). This is her first chapter book. She loves to read fiction, play with her brother Lucian, and dance. She is pursuing her elementary degree at St. Matthias School, Somerset, N.J. Tabetha hopes to become a famous author when she grows up.