Geological Structures: A Practical Introduction

This manual is about structures that occur within the Earth’s crust. Structures are the features that allow geologists t

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Table of contents :
Geological Structures: a Practical Introduction
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Main Body
A. Geological Structures
B. Orientation of Structures
• Lab 1. Orientation of Lines and Planes
C. Primary Structures
• Lab 2. Cross-sections and Three-point Problems
D. Stereographic Projection
• Lab 3. Working with Stereographic Projections
E. Folds
• Lab 4. Introduction to Folds
• Lab 5. More about Folds
F. Boudinage
G. Kinematic Analysis and Strain
H. Fabrics
• Lab 6. Fabrics and Folds
I. Dynamic Analysis: Stress
J. Fractures
• Lab 7. Fractures
K. Faults
Lab 8. Measuring Fault Slip
L. Tectonic Environments of Faulting
• Lab 9. Field Mapping
• Lab 10. Fold and Thrust Belts
M. Shear Zones
N. Extraterrestrial Impact Structures
Glossary of terms

Geological Structures: A Practical Introduction

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