Game Theory and Business Applications [1 ed.] 0792373324, 9780792373322

In the last twenty-five years, game theory has been applied to a growing number of practical problems: from antitrust an

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English Pages 199 Year 2002

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Table of contents :
Front Matter....Pages i-x
Introduction....Pages 1-16
Game Theory Models in Finance....Pages 17-48
Game Theory Models in Accounting....Pages 49-94
Game Theory Models in Operations Management and Information Systems....Pages 95-131
Incentive Contracting and the Franchise Decision....Pages 133-188
Cooperative Games and Business Strategy....Pages 189-211
Renegotiation in the Repeated Amnesty Dilemma, with Economic Applications....Pages 213-246
Reputation and Signalling Quality through Price Choice....Pages 247-272
Game Theory and the Practice of Bargaining....Pages 273-294
Auctions in Theory and Practice....Pages 295-338
The Economics of Auctions and Bidder Collusion....Pages 339-370
Activity Rules for an Iterated Double Auction....Pages 371-386
Back Matter....Pages 387-387

Game Theory and Business Applications [1 ed.]
 0792373324, 9780792373322

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