Foundations of International Macroeconomics

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Foundations of International Macroeconomics

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Tim e Ser ies Analysis by Jam es D. Ham ilt on ( Hardcover) Recursive Macroeconom ic Theory by Lars Lj ungqvist ( Aut hor) , Thom as J. Sargent ( Aut hor) ( Hardcover) Econom et ric Analysis by William H. Greene ( Hardcover) Lect ures on Macroeconom ics by St anley Fischer ( Aut hor) , Olivier J. Blanchard ( Aut hor) ( Hardcover) Econom ic Growt h ( McGraw - Hill Advanced Series in Econom ics) by Robert J. Barro, Xavier Sala- I - Mart in ( Cont ribut or) ( Hardcover) 10/19/2003