Find My Favorite Things

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Find My Favorite Things

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Notes for parents and carers The single most important thing that helps children succeed as learners is an ability to communicate. This book supports the development of a rich vocabulary as children talk about the pictures, and the adventures and everyday lives of the different characters. Children will also develop their ability to concentrate as they search the scenes, spotting entertaining happenings, familiar situations, and tiny details. Every page is perfect for sharing or for children to look at on their own. They will enjoy finding more things the closer they look!

To get the most out of this book:

Search the scenes for the items at the top of each page and read the prompts at the bottom to encourage observation and conversation.

• Follow the characters through the day. Describe what they do and tell their stories. • Play I-spy: find things to count, an item that’s a certain colour or shape, something with a pattern, or an object beginning with a particular letter sound.

• Encourage the use of positional language: behind, next to, on, under, etc. • Look for fun events happening on the page. Discuss what the characters might be saying or feeling, and what might happen next.

• Make links to children’s own experiences. For instance, you could ask, “What did we do at the park today?” Penny Coltman Educational Consultant

Let’s meet the characters! These characters appear in each scene in this book. Let’s follow them through the pages and discover what they get up to.

Daddy Danny and his twins, Dottie and Dexter

Mummy Martha and her daughter, Melody Nina’s cat, Coco

Best friends, Niki and Nina



Daddy Bob and his daughter, Betsy

Piper Patch Mr Mutley and his four dogs

Grandma Greha, Grandpa Gatu, and their grandson, Gagan

Let’s look in the book to find out... Who goes for a bike ride?

Who likes listening to music?

Who loses a red kite and what happens to it?

Which dog helps herself to sausages?

Who celebrates a birthday?

In the town 3 pigeons

a clock

Let’s find...

a teddy bear

a book with a rabbit picture

a space mobile

a boy on roller skates

Wise Owl Book s

It’s morning. Mummy Martha is waving goodbye to Melody. Where is Melody? What’s on the roof of Daddy Danny’s car?

a blue scooter


a man holding some books

a stripy cat

2 women carrying drinks

a bus stop sign

a girl running


For Purrr fect Pets !


Can you spot Coco the Cat? And guess where Mr Mutley’s going. Now think of a place you go to in a town. How do you travel there?

At the park a strawberry ice cream sign

a dog with a ball

Let’s find...

4 scampering squirrels

a sandpit

a boy being pushed on a swing

At midday, the park is full of people. Whose kite is stuck in a tree? What are the twins Dottie and Dexter riding?

a boy with a football

a pond

Nina on her skateboard

a purple bicycle

5 flying birds


What’s Patch the Dog doing? Don’t forget to spot Coco the Cat! Now choose some things you’d like to do at the park.

At the toyshop a roll of starry wrapping paper

a blue clockwork cat

Let’s find...

a fire engine

4 cuddly unicorns

an orange bucket with a white handle



At the busy toyshop, Mummy Martha is buying a birthday present for Melody. What might it be? What would you like to buy?

a girl holding a cuddly lion

3 grey narwhals

3 red spacecrafts

2 cuddly mice

a boy holding a princess doll



Gagan is choosing a new kite. But someone has rescued his red kite from the park tree. Spot it in Daddy Bob’s rucksack!

At the market 8 red tins

2 orange ice lollies

Let’s find...

a chocolate cake with purple icing

3 pink rabbit balloons

a man playing a cello

Now everyone’s at the market. What’s in Daddy Danny’s shopping bag? And what does Grandma Greha have in her bag?

Dexter carrying a packet of crisps

a clock

Niki drinking a milkshake

Patch carrying some sausages

a couple buying some cheese


How many balloons does Melody have? What has her mum bought? Can you see something at the market you’d like to eat?

At the beach 2 yellow butterflies

a starfish

Let’s find...

a rubbish bin

a crab

a baby in a pushchair

3 sandcastles

It’s late afternoon. Melody has opened her present from the toyshop. What is it? Betsy’s found Gagan. What is she giving back to him?

Betsy with the lost red kite

Melody’s birthday cake

2 children playing bat and ball

a pink present with a blue bow

a girl on a unicorn float

Patch is being good. But which dog is splashing Mr Mutley? Now choose some things you’d like to do at the seaside.

Let’s look back in the book and find...

a boy wearing red boots and running

a baguette in a bag

a green car (clue: this is really small and near some green hills)

a vet with a dog

If we can’t find them all, we can try again another day!

Mummy Martha patting a dog

a man carrying a baby

a red bucket with 4 spades

Dottie sitting on a beach ball

19 birds! (clue: 3 are in the town, 11 are in the park, and 5 are in the market)

Niki with a basketball

Daddy Bob waving

a slice of cake

2 children on a boat

Grandpa Gatu paddling

4 llamas

a grey-and-white dog lying down

3 space posters

a green spotty present with a blue bow

a wedge of orange cheese

a cat in a cat carrier

Betsy doing a cartwheel

2 children with a rabbit balloon

a sunshine sign

a fountain

5 blue butterflies (clue: they are all in the park)

Nina eating an ice cream

And before we go, let’s choose our favourite things on each page!