Faith in a Hard Ground

Elizabeth Anscombes forthright philosophy speaks directly to many religious and ethical issues of current concern.This c

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English Year 2012

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Table of contents :
What is it to believe someone? --
Faith --
Prophecy and miracles --
Hume on miracles --
Paganism, superstition and philosophy --
On the hatred of God --
On attachment to things and obedience to God --
Twenty opinions common among modern Anglo-American philosophers --
The immortality of the soul --
On transubstantiation --
Authority in morals --
On being in good faith --
Morality --
Sin --
Two moral theologians --
Contraception and chastity --
On Humanae vitae --
Address to the clergy : on contraception and natural family planning --
Contraception, chastity and the vocation of marriage --
The early embryo: theoretical doubts and practical certainties --
The moral environment of the child --
Christians and nuclear weapons designed for the destruction of cities --
Simony in Africa --
Philosophers and economists : two philosophers' objections to usury --
On wisdom.

Faith in a Hard Ground

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