Extending OpenStack: Leverage extended OpenStack projects to implement containerization, deployment, and architecting robust cloud solutions 1786465531, 9781786465535

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Inflating the OpenStack Setup
Revisiting the OpenStack ecosystem
Grasping a first layout
Postulating the OpenStack setup
Treating OpenStack as code
Growing the OpenStack infrastructure
Deploying OpenStack
Ansible in a nutshell
Testing the OpenStack environment
Prerequisites for the test environment
Setting up the Ansible environment
Running the OSA installation
Production OpenStack environment
Chapter 2: Massively Scaling Computing Power
Decomposing the compute power
Empowering the compute service
Varying the compute flavor
Meeting Docker
Joining Docker
Meeting Xen
Joining Xen
Segregating the compute resources
Reasoning for infrastructure segregation
Defining regions
Defining AZ
Defining host aggregate
Defining cells
Reasoning for workload segregation
Filtering the compute workload
Weighting the compute power
Stacking or spreading
Weighing in action
Chapter 3: Enlarging the OpenStack Storage Capabilities
Varying the block storage backends
Managing block storage – Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
Managing block storage – Network File System (NFS)
Managing block storage – Ceph RADOS Block Device (RBD)
Scheduling and filtering
Hybrid storage scheduling
Navigating the storage backup alternatives
Ceph as backup
Swift as backup
Exploring Manila – shared file service
Configuring the shared file service
Configuring block storage for the Manila backend
Configuring CephFS for the Manila backend
Chapter 4: Harnessing the Power of the OpenStack Network Service
Neutron plugins reference
Driving the sole plugin – ML2 under the hood
Extending ML2 – customizing your own plugin
Maximizing network availability
Neutron HA – DVR
Configuring DVR
Neutron HA – VRRP
The era of network programming
Orchestrating the network function virtualization (NFV)
Chapter 5: Containerizing in OpenStack
Why containers?
The natural evolution of containers
Game changing – microservices
Building the ship
Containers in OpenStack
Docker Swarm in OpenStack
Example – NGINX web server
Kubernetes in OpenStack
Example – application server
Mesos in OpenStack
Example – a Python-based web server
Chapter 6: Managing Big Data in OpenStack
Big data in OpenStack
Rolling OpenStack Sahara service
Deploying the Hadoop cluster
Executing jobs
Chapter 7: Evolving Self-Cloud Ready Applications in OpenStack
The evolvement of Murano
The Murano ecosystem
Integrating Murano in OpenStack
Deploying a self-contained application
Chapter 8: Extending the Applications Catalog Service
Murano application under the hood
Developing application publisher perspective
Deploying application consumer perspective
Chapter 9: Consolidating the OpenStack Authentication
Recapping the Keystone blocks
The multitude faces of the token
Multiple identity actors
All in one authentication hub
Keystone as SP – SAML
Keystone as SP – OpenID Connect
Chapter 10: Boosting the Extended Cloud Universe
Benchmarking as a Service (BaaS)
Automating OpenStack profiling with Rally
Installing Rally
Benchmarking with Rally
Extending benchmarking with plugins
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Extending OpenStack: Leverage extended OpenStack projects to implement containerization, deployment, and architecting robust cloud solutions
 1786465531, 9781786465535

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