Diagrammatic Representation and Inference: 11th International Conference, Diagrams 2020, Tallinn, Estonia, August 24–28, 2020, Proceedings [1st ed.] 9783030542481, 9783030542498

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Dia

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English Pages XIII, 554 [557] Year 2020

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Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
On “Overspecification” in Medieval Mathematical Diagrams (Gregg De Young)....Pages 3-9
Transductive Reconstruction of Hippocrates’ Dynamical Geometrical Diagrams (Sandra Visokolskis, Evelyn Vargas, Gonzalo Carrión)....Pages 10-25
Counting Mathematical Diagrams with Machine Learning (Henrik Kragh Sørensen, Mikkel Willum Johansen)....Pages 26-33
Modes of Continuity in Diagram for Intermediate Value Theorem (Piotr Błaszczyk, Marlena Fila)....Pages 34-49
Modes of Diagrammatic Reasoning in Euclid’s Elements (Piotr Błaszczyk, Anna Petiurenko)....Pages 50-65
A Mentalist Look at Gaussian Clock Arithmetic (Dany Jaspers)....Pages 66-73
A Diagram of Choice: The Curious Case of Wallis’s Attempted Proof of the Parallel Postulate and the Axiom of Choice (Valérie Lynn Therrien)....Pages 74-90
Front Matter ....Pages 91-91
A Sketch of a Theory and Modelling Notation for Elucidating the Structure of Representations (Peter C.-H. Cheng)....Pages 93-109
Modality and Uncertainty in Data Visualizations: A Corpus Approach to the Use of Connecting Lines (Verena Elisabeth Lechner)....Pages 110-127
Channel-Theoretic Account of the Semantic Potentials of False Diagrams (Atsushi Shimojima, Dave Barker-Plummer)....Pages 128-143
Dissecting Representations (Daniel Raggi, Aaron Stockdill, Mateja Jamnik, Grecia Garcia Garcia, Holly E. A. Sutherland, Peter C.-H. Cheng)....Pages 144-152
Towards Data-Driven Multilinear Metro Maps (Soeren Nickel, Martin Nöllenburg)....Pages 153-161
Visualizing Sound, Hearing Diagrams: On the Creative Process of Syrmos by Iannis Xenakis (José L. Besada)....Pages 162-166
String Diagrams for Assembly Planning (Jade Master, Evan Patterson, Shahin Yousfi, Arquimedes Canedo)....Pages 167-183
Front Matter ....Pages 185-185
An Alternative Reformulation of the Transformation Rules in the Beta Part of Peirce’s Existential Graphs (Shigeyuki Atarashi)....Pages 187-201
Observational Advantages and Occurrence Referentiality (Francesco Bellucci, Jim Burton)....Pages 202-215
The Diagram Problem (Piotr Kozak)....Pages 216-224
The Blot (Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Francesco Bellucci, Angelina Bobrova, Nathan Haydon, Mohammad Shafiei)....Pages 225-238
Two Implications and Dual-Process Theories of Reasoning (Angelina Bobrova, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen)....Pages 239-243
Front Matter ....Pages 245-245
Well-Matchedness in Euler and Linear Diagrams (Gem Stapleton, Peter Rodgers, Anestis Touloumis, Andrew Blake)....Pages 247-263
Intuitionistic Euler-Venn Diagrams (Sven Linker)....Pages 264-280
Schopenhauer Diagrams for Conceptual Analysis (Michał Dobrzański, Jens Lemanski)....Pages 281-288
Euler Diagrams for Defeasible Reasoning (Ryo Takemura)....Pages 289-304
Front Matter ....Pages 305-305
Event Unit Analysis: A Methodology for Anticipating Processing Demands of Complex Animated Diagrams (Richard Lowe, Jean-Michel Boucheix)....Pages 307-322
Evaluating Visualizations of Sets and Networks that Use Euler Diagrams and Graphs (Almas Baimagambetov, Gem Stapleton, Andrew Blake, John Howse)....Pages 323-331
Visual Causality: Investigating Graph Layouts for Understanding Causal Processes (Dong-Bach Vo, Kristina Lazarova, Helen C. Purchase, Mark McCann)....Pages 332-347
Influence of Shape, Density, and Edge Crossings on the Perception of Graph Differences (Günter Wallner, Margit Pohl, Cynthia Graniczkowska, Kathrin Ballweg, Tatiana von Landesberger)....Pages 348-356
Map or Gantt? Which Diagram Helps Viewers Best in Spatio-Temporal Data Exploration Tasks? (Leonie Bosveld-de Smet, Daniël Houben)....Pages 357-364
On Effects of Changing Multi-attribute Table Design on Decision Making: An Eye-Tracking Study (Takashi Ideno, Masahiro Morii, Kazuhisa Takemura, Mitsuhiro Okada)....Pages 365-381
Front Matter ....Pages 383-383
Using Multigraphs to Study the Interaction Between Opposition, Implication and Duality Relations in Logical Squares (Lorenz Demey, Hans Smessaert)....Pages 385-393
Opposition Relations Between Prophecies (José David García Cruz, Yessica Espinoza Ramos)....Pages 394-401
Compositional Diagrammatic First-Order Logic (Nathan Haydon, Paweł Sobociński)....Pages 402-418
Free Rides in Logical Space Diagrams Versus Aristotelian Diagrams (Hans Smessaert, Atsushi Shimojima, Lorenz Demey)....Pages 419-435
Fregean Logical Graphs (Francesco Bellucci)....Pages 436-444
Calculus CL as a Formal System (Jens Lemanski, Ludger Jansen)....Pages 445-460
Truth Graph: A Novel Method for Minimizing Boolean Algebra Expressions by Using Graphs (Eisa Alharbi)....Pages 461-469
Front Matter ....Pages 471-471
Syllogisms with Intermediate Quantifiers Solved in Marlo Logic Diagrams (Marcos Bautista López Aznar)....Pages 473-476
The Indemonstrables of Chrysippus of Soli in Marlo Logical Diagrams. Could Propositional Calculus Be Nothing but Syllogisms? (Marcos Bautista López Aznar)....Pages 477-480
‘Tokenized’ Dynamic Diagrams: An Approach for Improving Mental Model Construction? (Jean-Michel Boucheix, Richard Lowe)....Pages 481-484
Depicting Negative Information in Photographs, Videos, and Comics: A Preliminary Analysis (Yuri Sato, Koji Mineshima)....Pages 485-489
The Marlo Diagram in the Classroom (Marcos Bautista López Aznar)....Pages 490-493
Typical Cases Showing the Efficiency of Existential Graphs (Takashi Sasaki)....Pages 494-497
The Sung Diagram: Revitalizing the Eisenhower Matrix (Hannah Bratterud, Mac Burgess, Brittany Terese Fasy, David L. Millman, Troy Oster, Eunyoung (Christine) Sung)....Pages 498-502
Marlo’s Networks of Expectations in the Classroom: A Tool for Heterogeneous Reasoning (Marcos Bautista López Aznar)....Pages 503-506
Experimenting with Diagrams in Mathematics (Michał Sochański)....Pages 507-510
Historio-Graphy (Amirouche Moktefi)....Pages 511-514
A Semiotic-Conceptual Analysis of Euler and Hasse Diagrams (Uta Priss)....Pages 515-519
On the Shoulders of Giants: Colourful Argument Trees for Academic Writing (Maarja Kruusmaa, Amirouche Moktefi, Jeffrey Tuhtan)....Pages 520-524
Beta Assertive Graphs (Francesco Bellucci, Daniele Chiffi, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen)....Pages 525-529
Peirce’s Inclusion Diagrams, with Application to Syllogisms (Reetu Bhattacharjee, Amirouche Moktefi)....Pages 530-533
The DNA Framework of Visualization (Yuri Engelhardt, Clive Richards)....Pages 534-538
Imagine a Round Square (Amirouche Moktefi, Jelena Družinina)....Pages 539-543
Visualizing Curricula (Jacklynn Niemiec)....Pages 544-547
Elucidating the Effects of Diagram Use Training for Math Word Problem Solving (Hiroaki Ayabe, Emmanuel Manalo, Noriko Hanaki)....Pages 548-552
Back Matter ....Pages 553-554

Diagrammatic Representation and Inference: 11th International Conference, Diagrams 2020, Tallinn, Estonia, August 24–28, 2020, Proceedings [1st ed.]
 9783030542481, 9783030542498

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