Deep Learning for Cancer Diagnosis [1st ed.] 9789811563201, 9789811563218

This book explores various applications of deep learning to the diagnosis of cancer,while also outlining the future face

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English Pages XIX, 300 [311] Year 2021

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Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xix
Fusion of Deep Learning and Image Processing Techniques for Breast Cancer Diagnosis (V. Ajantha Devi, Anand Nayyar)....Pages 1-25
Performance Evaluation of Classification Algorithms on Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and Skin Disease (M. Sinan Basarslan, F. Kayaalp)....Pages 27-35
Deep Learning Algorithms in Medical Image Processing for Cancer Diagnosis: Overview, Challenges and Future (S. N. Kumar, A. Lenin Fred, Parasuraman Padmanabhan, Balazs Gulyas, H. Ajay Kumar, L. R. Jonisha Miriam)....Pages 37-66
Classification of Canine Fibroma and Fibrosarcoma Histopathological Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks (İsmail Kırbaş, Özlem Özmen)....Pages 67-77
Evaluation of Big Data Based CNN Models in Classification of Skin Lesions with Melanoma (Prasitthichai Naronglerdrit, Iosif Mporas)....Pages 79-98
Combined Radiology and Pathology Based Classification of Tumor Types (N. Ravitha Rajalakshmi, B. Sangeetha, R. Vidhyapriya, Nikhil Ramesh)....Pages 99-109
Improved Deep Learning Techniques for Better Cancer Diagnosis (K. R. Sekar, R. Parameshwaran, Rizwan Patan, R. Manikandan, Ambeshwar Kumar)....Pages 111-133
Using Deep Learning Techniques in Detecting Lung Cancer (Osamah Khaled Musleh Salman, Bekir Aksoy, Koray Özsoy)....Pages 135-146
Effective Use of Deep Learning and Image Processing for Cancer Diagnosis (J. Prassanna, Robbi Rahim, K. Bagyalakshmi, R. Manikandan, Rizwan Patan)....Pages 147-168
A Deep Learning Architecture for Identification of Breast Cancer on Mammography by Learning Various Representations of Cancerous Mass (Gokhan Altan)....Pages 169-187
Deep Learning for Brain Tumor Segmentation (Khushboo Munir, Fabrizio Frezza, Antonello Rizzi)....Pages 189-201
Convolutional Neural Network Approach for the Detection of Lung Cancers in Chest X-Ray Images (D. A. A. Deepal, T. G. I. Fernando)....Pages 203-226
Future of Deep Learning for Cancer Diagnosis (Pinar Koc, Cihan Yalcin)....Pages 227-238
Brain Tumor Segmentation Using 2D-UNET Convolutional Neural Network (Khushboo Munir, Fabrizio Frezza, Antonello Rizzi)....Pages 239-248
Use of Deep Learning Approaches in Cancer Diagnosis (M. Hanefi Calp)....Pages 249-267
Deep Learning for Magnetic Resonance Images of Gliomas (John J. Healy, Kathleen M. Curran, Amira Serifovic Trbalic)....Pages 269-300

Deep Learning for Cancer Diagnosis [1st ed.]
 9789811563201, 9789811563218

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