Dash Diet Cookbook: 500 Quick, Easy, Low Sodium Recipes to Lower your Blood Pressure and Lose Weight [2021 ed.]

How do you improve on the doctor-approved, heart-healthy D.A.S.H. (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet? By add

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English Year 2021

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Table of contents :
CHAPTER 1 What is the Dash Diet?
CHAPTER 2. The Amazing Benefit of the Dash Diet
CHAPTER 3 Recommended Food
Fruits and vegetables
Meat and Fish
Eggs and Diary Products
CHAPTER 4 Foods to Avoid
White Flour
Red Meat
CHAPTER 5 21-Days Meal Plan
Day 1
Day 2
Day 4
Day 6
Day 10
Day 12
Day 14
Day 16
Day 18
Day 20
CHAPTER 6. Cookbook
Breakfast Recipes
Blueberries Bavarian
Oats Biscuits with Chia Seed
Vanilla Mousse
Fruit Bavarian for Children
Vanilla Bavarian with Hazelnuts
Almond Scones
Coconut and almond biscuits
Cinnamon Porridge
Banana muffin
Vanilla and Hazelnut Bavarian
Strawberries Dessert
Almond Pancakes
Berries Pancakes
Almond Waffle
Coconut Toast
Coconut and cocoa Porridge
Mango Porridge
Cherry Porridge
Pecan Porridge
Baked Peaches
Apple Porridge
Pomegrenade Porridge
Chia Seed Mix
Fresh Spring Omelette
Cheese Platter served with dried Fruits
Rusk with Hazelnut Cream
Almond Mousse
Chocolate Crepes
Strawberries Dessert
Long Coffee with Mascarpone Cheese Cream
Cheese Omelette
Vanilla Mousse
French Toast, salad version
Eggs and Artichokes
Nordic Breakfast
Eggs and Mozzarella Mix
Coconut Quinoa
Peaches and Almond Mix
Rice with Dates
Fruit Yogurt
Berries Rice
Coconut Rice
Vanilla rice and cherries
Spicy rice
Eggs, vegetables and tomatoes
Cous Cous coconut and cocoa
Chia Seed and Lemon mix
Omelet with shallots
Tapioca and cinnamon pudding
Coconut with berries
Coconut with cherries
Recipes for lunch
Homogenized rabbit with courgettes (for children)
Brussels sprouts in salad
Sandwich with ham and tomato
Shrimp cocktail
Pumpkin cream
Salad with tomatoes and gorgonzola
Cream of pumpkin soup with cheese croutons
Corn and bean tortilla
Quinoa and peas
Pepper salad
Bean mix
Egg salad
Garnish of carrots and peas
Goat cheese sandwich with tomato and salad
Triumph of chicken and spinach
Scrambled eggs with mushroom garnish
Salmon omelette
Turkey and cauliflower
Side dish of sauteed peas
Cauliflower in a pan
Salmon salad
Chicken and tomato mix
Salmon and olive salad
Shrimp salad
Turkey tortillas
Bean soup
Avocado Salad
Fillet of Beef
Beef stew with thyme, potatoes and tomatoes
Risotto with chives
Pork soup
Shrimp and spinach salad
Shrimp salad with raspberries and tomatoes
Cod tacos
Fried zucchini
Pea soup
Lemon Chicken Salad
Asparagus salad
Beef stew with tomato
Pork chops
Shrimp salad with balsamic vinegar
Tomato and eggplant soup
Turkey stew with lime
Beans salad
Zucchini and peppers stew
Cabbage and pepper stew
Zucchini soup
Almond and shrimp salad
Carrot soup
Baked chicken with potatoes
Stew Chicken
Carrot and turkey soup
Chicken and lentil soup
Baked pork ribs with potatoes
Trout soup
Pea and mint salad
Turkey stew
Potato soup
Spicy Chicken Soup
Salmon fillet in a pan
Potato and spinach salad
Velvety Broccoli
Shrimp and rocket salad
Pasta salad
Cauliflower soup
Pork soup
Shrimp salad with olives and mint
Mixed fish soup
Spinach and tomato soup
Pork flavored with oregano
Salmon and mushroom salad
Sautéed peas
Spiced chicken mix
Lentils with vegetables
Mussel and clam soup
Grilled cod
Hake salad
Baked hake with zucchini salad
Scrambled eggs with green salad
Chicken with peppers
Legume soup
Turkey salad
Stuffed eggs
Vegetables and eggs
Turkey bites with raisins and pine nuts
Chicken with balsamic vinegar and cauliflower
Tomato soup
Carrot soup
Avocado humus
Shrimp with cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes and apples
Pao de Valencia
Sicilian cod with marinated courgettes
Hake and soy soup with vegetables
Spelled with broccoli and peas
Spelled burger
Turkey salad, bean cream and vinegared shallots
Chicken in coconut milk and lime juice
Salmon mousse
Salmon with butter sauce and capers
Fresh Robiola with courgette side dish
Recipes for dinner
Eggs and zucchini
Raw ham with pumpkin puree for children
Tuna salad
Grated Broccoli
Summer tomato salad
Tyrolean side dish in avocado sauce
Curried chicken wings with carrot cream and yogurt
Pork skewer with grilled peppers
Hash brown
Risotto with mushrooms
Lemon marinated chicken
Roasted turkey in tuna sauce
Chicken with walnut pesto and salad
Eggs and zucchini
Raw ham with pumpkin puree for children
Tuna salad
Cream cheese with zucchini
Mountain dish
Side dish in avocado sauce
Curried Chicken Wings with Cream of Potatoes and Yogurt
Pork skewer with grilled peppers
Summer dish
Hash brown potato casserole
Rice and mushrooms
Chicken with walnut pesto and red salad
Pasta with cabbage and black olives
Rice with cabbage and red wine
Spicy cabbage cream
Pork ribs with mushroom sauce
Buckwheat with rocket pesto and tomatoes
Sirloin steak in a bed of rocket
Chicken in Green Sauce
Pasta with walnut pesto
Sea bream with red wine and onion
Chicken salad with sesame
Chunks of salmon and bacon
Eggplant parmigiana
Salmon escalope with pink pepper
Tagliatelle with cream and ham
Buckwheat spaghetti with prawns
Chicken breast with red onion and cabbage
Salmon with turmeric
Rosbeef cooked at a low temperature
Beef with red onions
Chicken in red wine
Chilli with beef
Smoked salmon roll
Pasta Alla Carrettiera
Penne pasta with arrabbiata sauce
Baked chillies with herbs and capers
Salmon skewers in sweet and sour sauce
Grilled salmon fillet with chili and avocado puree
Falafel with yogurt sauce
Sweet and sour onions
Risotto with broccoli and chilli
Marinated cod with green beans and sesame
Cod with cherry tomatoes, olives and capers
Baked sea bream
Roasted veal curry with spring onions
Fusilli with cherry tomatoes, capers and crispy crumbs
Onion pie
Neapolitan cod
Steamed sea bass
Salmon and bacon rolls
Sliced beef with artichokes
Baked squid and potatoes
Salmon and leek quiche
Hake fillets with quinoa salad
Turkey bites with apple sauce
Baked sea bass
Fish balls
Baked chicken thighs
Cacciatora Chicken
Mini quiche with mozzarella, sausages and broccoli
Fried chicken with spiced beans
Shrimp and chicken skewers with lemon and avocado sauce
Beef burger with lettuce and carrot salad
Stuffed eggs
Potatos pizza
Chicken burger with lime marinade
Grilled squid stuffed with beans and pecorino
Fried eggplant in a pan with olives and capers
Chicken escalope in white wine
Roast pork with beer and onions
Pepperoni pizza
Pork sausage with fennel salad garnish
Tomato cream with crispy capers
Calamarata with squid, capers and lemon
Mackerel fillets with roasted peppers
Smoked salmon croutons with green beans
Fresh salmon escalope with pink pepper
Salmon with red wine and broccoli
Pork sausage with fennel
Ham and melon
Chicken with curry
Turkey skewer and beer sausages
Oats kichdi
Tortilla with poblano and black beans
Toasted vegetables
Spicy asparagus
Sausage and turkey skewers in beer
Vegetarian recipes
Vegetable and humus sandwich
Slow Cooking Time Vegetable Soup
Tacos with cauliflower, chiplote and lime
Roasted vegetable and lentil salad with green dressing
Blueberry and pecan pancakes
Roast eggplant and pepper
Roast eggplant and pepper
Rice pudding
Greek salad
Tortilla with zucchini and black beans
Asparagus soup
Red Lentil Soup
Lentil, barley and cabbage soup
Spinach and mushroom soup
Broccoli and potato soup
Moroccan lentil soup
Italian minestrone
French vegetable soup
White bean soup from the "monastery"
Spinach soup
Tomatoes stuffed with cheese
Roasted peppers with garlic and parsley
Beetroot and carrot soup
Celery, apple and carrot soup
Side dish recipes
Turmeric envy
Lemon asparagus
Carrots with lime
Pan-fried garlic potatoes
Cabbage with balsamic vinegar
Spicy pan-fried broccoli
Brussel sprouts in a pan
Cauliflower Puree
Avocado, tomato and olive salad
Roasted celery au gratin
Braised celery and broccoli
Radish and olive salad
Spinach and tomato salad
Mixed vegetable salad
Rocket salad
Spinach with lemon
Green bean salad
Spinach, grape and cucumber salad
Tomato salad
Mushrooms with parsley
Spinach sauté
Almond and mango salad
Green salad and salmon
Paprika carrots
Green beans with paprika
Spinach salad
Cucumber salad
Zucchini in a pan
Russian salad
Fried zucchini with yogurt sauce
Potato salad
White bean salad
Chicken salad with green apple
Fresh salad with rocket and walnuts
Rocket salad
Cabbage soup
Mix of tomatoes and cabbage
Field salad with cheeses and pears
Black bean and barley salad
Zucchini salad with pesto
Soy salad with vegetables
Baked onion and balsamic vinegar
Onion focaccia with raw ham and cheese
Sweet potatoes and quinoa
Mixed bean salad
Beetroot salad
Radish and chive salad
Onion soup
Peas with carrots and spring onions
Baked vegetables
Arugula and strawberry salad
Cabbage chips
Strawberry and buckwheat salad
Cabbage chips
Shopshka salad
White salad
Dessert recipes
Mediterranean scones
Mint gremolata with watermelon
Strawberry and chocolate brownies
Chocolate and coffee cake
Chocolate biscuits with buckwheat flour
Macaroon and chocolate cheesecake
Robuchon cake
Chocolate plumcake
Crumbled pears and chocolate
Sweet balls
Strawberry crepes with chocolate cream
Buckwheat tart with apples and walnuts
Green apple mousse
Apple and date smoothie
Golden milk

Dash Diet Cookbook: 500 Quick, Easy, Low Sodium Recipes to Lower your Blood Pressure and Lose Weight [2021 ed.]

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