Creative Rice Cookbook: Creative Rice Recipes that Will Redefine the Way You View Rice

Do you love rice?Did you know that rice can be used for so much more than just a side dish?That’s the truth, rice is suc

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Table of contents :
About the author --
About this book --
A word about curriculum and state standards --
Africa : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : Uncles Remus tales
Tortoise and the hare
A wealth of proverbs
Dilemma tales
String stories
The role of the audience
Crocodile tales
The voice of the drum
The kind lion
The sacred vulture. Suggested activities for the classroom : String someone along with a string story
A study of Anansi the spider
The dilemma tale
Story drums
Africa map shape
Creative writing
A bre'r rabbit festival
Animal study
Invite a storyteller to class
Realia. Celebrations : Egyptian national day
Ethiopian national day
Celebrations in Kenya
Christmas in Kenya
Masaii walking stick
Marriage ceremonies
The outdooring
Medicine cutting day
Shaking the baby with the grain
Hair care
Celebration in the United States - Kwanzaa
Celebration in the United States - Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Suggested activities for the classroom : In the spirit of "Harambe"
Taking a good look at hair styles
Kwanzaa celebration
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other African American contributors
Celebrate the animals
Celebrate the diversity
Celebrate the rainforest. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : A splendor of masks
Square- and round-headed dolls
Rock painting
Gourds as art
Blue indigo cloth
Basket weaving
Learning how to sketch
Sketching the human figure/focus on the process
Making nature's jewelry
Animal pictures
Make animal shape books
Making colorful, fanciful elephants
Examining African-American artwork in picture books. Games : Goose feather throwing game
The jumping game
Bojuboju (hide oh!)
Kini O Ni Iye? (who wears feathers?)
Mawira maitu ni ogwo (this is the way our work is done)
Hand clapping game
Resource. Songs, Dances, and Rhythms : The voice of the drum
Horn-type instruments
We can make a thumb piano
Playin' the bones, playin' the spoons
Ceremonial dances
Featuring the dance specialists
Imitation of animals in nature
Resource. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Peanut sauce dish
Sweet doughnut balls
Fufu (dough for soups and stews)
Fufu (New World version)
Fried plantains
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : African storytelling mask (storytelling)
Join the folk tale celebration (record keeping)
"Anansi the spider" trickster award (reading selection)
Anansi and the frog beauty (creative writing)
The role of the snake in folk tales (research/writing)
The lion's dilemma - an original tale (story starter)
Shaking the baby with the grain (celebration of birth)
Endangered species department. May I help you? (issues)
In the spirit of Harambe (emphasis on cooperation)
To market, to market in Africa
Baskets that can hold water (art design)
Cronedag is hungry for information (geography: oceans and seas)
Do an author study - Africa (Verna Aardema
Robert SanSouci
Brian Pinkney) --
Asia : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : Meet the four animals in Asian legends
Dragons of the east
Introducing Tanuki and Kappa of Japan
Introducing the Asian unicorn
The phoenix rises in many cultures
Meet the fox
The hippogriff
The role of the hare
Ancient Chinese records
The zodiac tale
Lucky and unlucky days
Resource. Suggested activities for the classroom : Magical creatures in picture book illustrations
A giant storytelling dragon robe
Create a magic beast dictionary (beastionary)
Your behavior is beastly!
Make your own version of a hippogriff. Silhouette puppets
Enriching social studies
The magic pearl
A taste of honey
Dragon east meets dragon west
The unicorns to the rescue
Japan's national flower
The Asian Zodiac. Celebrations : The Bonten festival
Boys festival - time to fly the carp
Genjitsu - New Year's Day
Girls festival - Hina Maturi or doll festival
Gung Hay Fat Choy (Chinese New Year)
Chinese festival characters and colors
Indonesian celebration
Bali rites-of-passage ceremonies
The festival of tools (Visvakarma Puja)
Spring festivals
The double ninth holiday
Dragon boat festivals in Taiwan. Suggested activities for the classroom : Happy New Year in any language
The little red envelope
The armchair videotape travelers
Elephant designs
The giant dragon
The double ninth day
Speaking of doubles, how about sevens?
The poet's spring. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : The art of paper making
The puzzling fine art of making porcelain
Asian pottery designs
Face painting the Kathakali way
Face masks
Kitsune mask
Southeast Asian textile art
Puppetry and folklore
The Asian dragon
The royal elephant
Counting. Tangrams and games : Tangram puzzles
The tangram cover-up
Tangram finger puzzles
The magic seven tangram story
The stick hop
Crab race game
Let's go fly a kite!
Fukuwari. Songs, dances, rhythms : Creative movement - Kung Fu
Bali: the gamelan
The movement of the hands
Resources. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Gohan (rice)
Sushi rice
Kappa Maki (cucumber rolls)
Falafil in a wok
Almond milk jelly
Fruit kabobs
Rice from the east
Morning rice
Dim Sum (a "dot to the heart")
Won ton soup
Sweet and sour sauce
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : The role of the dragon in folk tales (storytelling mask)
The hare in the moon (folk tale research)
The wayang kulit puppets (making a moving puppet)
The folk tale fox (research/book report cover)
The role of food in folk tales (research/record keeping)
The animal winds blow through four seasons (drawing/creative writing)
What a refreshing book cover! (visual design)
Gung hay fat choy (Chinese New Year celebration)
Design a China set fit for the emperor's dragon (art design)
A Japanese carp festival (visual design)
Yin Yang - keep your balance (language development: opposites)
Dim Sum (a dot to the heart) (food recipe)
Hariette the hot air balloonist (geography)
I'm thinking of a country
Do an author study - Asia (Ed Young: Mitsumasa Anno) --
Australia and New Zealand : Recommended Children's books
Folk tales : The lizard tale
The string stories
The flying fox men
The leading roles in mythology
The role of ants and insects in stories
The wise and foolish brothers
The "dreamtime"
The role of fasting
Eggs in folklore
The swan maiden. Suggested activities for the classroom : Do an author/illustrator study - Australia
Do an author/illustrator study - New Zealand
Finding the land down under
A pocketful of good animal studies
Remember the folk tale formula
Going to school by radio
Animal language codes
G'day mate. Celebrations : Celebrating origins in New Zealand
Celebrating origins in Australia
Australia day
New Zealand day (Waitnagi day)
The Hui in Aotearoa
The Maori greeting
Melbourne cup
New Zealand's Anzac day. Suggested activities for the classroom : Taking a look down under
Taking a closer look down under
The kiwi
The color of coral
Working with national flags
What is your national anthem?
Let's examine flags
Let's celebrate the animals
An animal party
The birds found paradise and called it "New Zealand". Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : Creating a dreamtime atmosphere
A New Zealand invention think-tank
Making a "heitiki"
Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Weaving the Maori way. Games : Force ball (all hands no feet team sport)
Tag relay race with bouncing ball
Kangaroo jump
Kangaroo running jump
String games
Folding arms (a ball game from New Zealand)
Resource. Songs, dances, rhythms : Aborigine dances of the animals
What other animals can we imitate?
How would animals of Australia move?
Cartwheels and backbends
Playground maps and games
Resource. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Lamingtons (cakes)
Tomato and mint sandwiches
Kiwi fruit
Wheat bread and wheat crackers
An abundance of fruits
A macadamia nut treat
Pikelets (Australian pancakes)
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : Pocket, pocket, what's in the pocket? (pourquois tales)
The role of the horse in folk tales (comparisons)
Pardon me, are you a hippogriff? (following directions)
The octopus story mapper (highlighting eight story components)
G'day mates! Am I on time? (mammal study)
I'm a kiwi. Who are you? (nicknames)
Maoritanga (family relationships)
Tomato and mint sandwiches (food recipe)
Camelopard meant to say Africa but it came out "Australia" (geography)
Ulak is hungry for information (geography: icebergs and glaciers)
Baa baa black sheep's big bag o' wool award (feelings)
Do an author study - Australia or New Zealand (Mem Fox, Margaret Mahy) Caribbean and other islands : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : Day names
Tortoise the trickster
Praise names
The zest of proverbs
The sharpening of the mind
The Spanish proverbs
Talking heads, walking heads
Anansi the spider tales
The red gem. Suggested activities for children : Day names
Koni-Koni says
What's in a name
More about names
Island hopping
Poetry and folk tales. Celebrations : Whai oh! Jamaican independence day
Haiti independence day
Puerto Rico
Trinidad carnival. Suggested activities for the classroom : Map and globe skills
Calypso music
Tourism, a major source of revenue
Plan a cruise
A celebration of water sports
A celebration of the sea of life
Changing seasons
A celebration of poetry. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : The sun god
Starfish tessellations
Multicolored Molas
Caribbean sea mural
Master painters of still life
Did you ever see such a parrot?. Games : A la rueda rueda (ring around the rosy)
The jumping clock
Follow the leader
Catch the bag of sand
Tossing the ball
Sticks and stones
Resource. Songs, dances, rhythms : Limber up with the limbo
Jamaican rhythms
Calypso rhythms
Steel drums
Making a musical rattle
Trinidad carnival
Create a rhythm band. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Figures bananas fourrees
Pineapple drink
Pineapple coconut balls
Shrimp boats
Banana split
Morning bananas
Fried bananas
Cuban black bean soup
Frozen fruit sticks
An abundance of fresh fruit
Date and nut bars
Caribbean chocolate sponge
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity page : Sail along with a good book (encouraging reading)
I'm a poetry animal, and proud of it! (reading poetry)
The trading game (learning through play)
Victor Manuel paints by color (Spanish/English color words)
You can't afford not to! (research/advertising)
Weather tracker (keeping track of weather around the world)
Celebrate sea creatures (identification: practice through play)
Put some color back into my life! (visual design)
Caribbean tasty treat recipe (food recipe)
Biklak is hungry for information (geography: islands)
Gertrude M. Mouse got washed ashore (geography)
Do an author study - Caribbean (Anansi the spider and others) --
Europe, East : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : Romany folklore
The laurel
The magic of the moon
Noodlehead stories
Throwing shoes at a wedding
Different languages
Going "berserker" over bears
"Beauty and the beast"
"Pourquois" (why) tales
Hidden in the trees - the element of fire
Church bells
Where is the rugio baba?
Knock on wood. Suggested Activities for the classroom : Going berserk over bears and beasties
Create a beastly classroom mural
Letter writing
Piskies, spriggins, snackers, and small people
And that is why the bee goes b-z-z-z!
On a king's hunt
Time for bookmarks
The unseen helper. Celebrations : The first of march
Greek independence day
Harvest festivals
Father frost comes to Russia
Celebrate the birds and animals in December
Celebrations for guests
Finland independence day
Hanukkah celebrations. Suggested activities for the classroom : Have a harvest of puppets
Make a "szopka"
Octoberfest or Springfest
Decorate for the birds
Greeting guests
What is the weather like in eastern Europe and Russia?
More weather lore
Hanukkah celebrations - making a connection
Playing the "jongleur" for our days of celebration. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : Creating with mosaics
We can press flowers
Coloring eggs for Easter
Nesting dolls
Bring on the circus clowns
The noodlehead character in folk tales
Dog-headed people
Bear tales. Games : Flapping birds
Nut relay
Build a "szopka"
The bear is "it"
The wild goat chase. Songs, dances, rhythms : Whistling to music
Circle dancing
The Bulgarian wedding dance
Russian doll dance
Street musicians
Fancy leg work
Work songs
Play the classical music of great composers. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Salata
Polish-style cauliflower
Chai (Russian tea)
Pappilan hatavara (bread pudding)
Zupa a dynia (pumpkin soup)
Zupa jablkowa (apple soup)
Potato latkes
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : Cinderella's fairy godmother compares versions (story comparisons)
The Christmas angel (creative storytelling)
Folk rale cottage shoppe (identifying folk tale elements)
Piskies, knackers, and spriggins (finger puppets)
Matroshka dolls (bookmarks)
You've got the beauty
let's make the beast (four beast versions)
Beauty and the beast (art design)
The ugly ogre cover-up mask for storytelling (language development)
The giant Venn diagram comparison (analyzing two giants)
The dragon storyteller (puppet making
language development)
Kasha the dancing bear (researching information about dance)
Greeting from the nutcracker (two pages) (paper figure
Hanukkah - focus on lights (modern day lights)
Do an author study - Europe, East (Jewish folk tales) --
Europe, West : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : Thanks to the brothers Grimm!
"Jack and the beanstalk"
Meet the droll teller of Cornwall
Cats, cats, and more cats : The strength of iron
Irish "helpers"
Bones, bone fire, bonfire
"Beauty and the beast" in reverse - loathly lady
Babies born with teeth
Speaking of trees
The messenger of spring
The cauldron, or magic pot
Protection of the young
"Cinderella", the most popular and widespread tale. Suggested activities for the classroom : A "Cinderella" story
A multitude of multicultural Cinderellas...before and after
Thanks to the brothers Grimm!
Retold tales
An Aesop fable message board
"The ugly duckling" puppet theater
Journal writing. Celebrations : Happy new year!
Boxing day
Scandinavian Christmas
New year's eve trickery
Shrove Monday and shrove Tuesday
St. Patrick's day
Happy Easter
Spring capping in Sweden
May day
Bastille day. Suggested activities for the classroom : Map identification/library research
Folk tales that show celebrations
The first footers
Spring capping
Easter celebrations
Pride badges
May day celebrations
It's a day for the wearin' of green
It's a day for castles
Building castles in the air
Christmas around the world
Christmas symbols. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : Meet the masters
Celebrate the artists is their style
The cubists
In the style of Mondrian
Examine picture book illustrations
Castles! Castles! Castles!
Sunflowers and irises. Games : Monday, Tuesday
Sherlock and Watson
Proverb rumor
Irish hot potato game
Three-legged race
Les boules. Songs, dances, rhythms : An introduction to orchestra through children's books and listening
An introduction to the instruments of the orchestra
An introduction to composers
Painting to classical music
Let's hear it for the tuba
Chimes ring out
The royal trumpet
A system for keys and levers
Bows and strings. Food : Suggested activities for the classroom : Irish buttermilk oat bread
Spaghetti al aglio e olio
Himmel und erde
Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes)
French toast
Tomatensoep met balletjes (tomato soup with meatballs)
Svaskon cram (Swedish prune pudding)
Ice cream sandwiches
Murbe keks (German soft cookies)
Pain au chocolate
Lorenzo's foot-long Italian submarine sandwich
Pease porridge soup
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : Flying high with mother goose (two pages) (nursery rhymes)
The "humpty dumpty had a great fall" puzzle (reassembling a puzzle)
The role of the egg in folk tales (research
visual design)
Cloudy with a chance of pierogi (children's book in different cultures)
The tale of two Cinderellas (before/after from different versions)
A folk tale fit for a king (book selection
critical thinking)
Oh, no! not another prince in search of a bride! (creative writing)
Mother goosebumps award (scary characterization)
Spring capping in Sweden (celebration)
The very busy Santa gameboard (identification
Aristotle alligator appreciates a symphony (research)
Matching artists and styles (identifying like styles)
Sounds like beastly good soup, old chap! (food recipe)
Even a unicorn can't charm this ogre! (geography: country and continent)
The case of the missing macaw (missing person study sheet)
Get out of town (research/study sheet)
Do an author study - Europe, West (the brothers Grimm
retold tales) Latin America : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : Folklore in many forms
A well-known read-aloud tale
Popular superstitions
The tar man story. Suggested activities for the classroom : The very elegant rooster story
R-r-r-r-roll it!
What superstitions do we know?
El nubera
Getting started with el trasgu
Making Spanish comparisons
The romance of "dad" and "ty"
Spanish names in your community
A special book
Another special book
Writing enrichment
If I lived in Costa Rica.... Celebrations : Carnival
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
Happy new year in Ecuador
Pan American day
National day in Spain
Days of independence - September 15
El Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May)
A village posada
El Dia de los Muertos (the day of the dead)
Orchid festival in Costa Rica. Suggested activities for the classroom : Holiday booklets
Map and globe skills
Celebrate with a pinata
Folk tale maps
People like to celebrate
Share your celebration
Celebrate orchids. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : It's a bright, bright world of nature
Let's explore blue with Pablo Picasso
Set up a blue table
"Found art"
Time for textiles
Line embroidery
Slab clay tiles
Make clay jewelry
Make a metal Mexican lantern
Copper relief design or mask. Games : Ring on a string
Pahlito verde
Musical chairs
A pinata
Lobo, ya estas?. Songs, dances, rhythms : Song of the cockroach
A chocolate chanting rhyme
Little frog tail
Cha-cha!. Food : Suggested menu activities for the classroom : Learn to order from a menu
Calculating costs
Menu varieties
Make a menu
Eating out
Make a multicultural menu
Multi-ethnic menu. Suggested recipes for the classroom : Guacamole and tortilla chip dip
Fresh fruit salad
Spanish "old clothes" (ropa vieja)
Kabach (frijoles negroes)
Frijoles refritos (refried beans)
Chocolate caliente
Chili con carne
Taco chip dip
Heavenly hash (picadillo del cielo)
Resources. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : The very elegant rooster (three pages) (storytelling kit)
The talking toucan puppet (storytelling)
Old turtle's folk tale recipe (preparing for writing)
Quick! Mix up the paper-Mache for posada (making a pinata)
San Antonio Abad (Mexican celebration)
It's carnival time! (celebration)
Days of independence (research
visual reporting)
Create a Picasso-style face (visual art)
Oh, what a beautiful country cart (visual design)
A polar bear in Mexico? (geography)
Chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) (food recipe)
International road sign language (visual information)
Do an author study - Latin America (Spanish/English versions: Ruth Heller
Lois Ehlert) --
North America, Canada : Recommended children's books : Folk tales : The native peoples
The potlatch get-together
The British influence
The French influence
"Catch tales"
The impossible task. Suggested activities for the classroom : Multicultural extravaganza
The universal appeal of folk tales
How do we solve problems?
The fairy tales
Mother goose
A tale timeline
Match the tales
In a nutshell
Let's investigate bridges
Where is London bridge
And then there are other bridges in fairy tales and folk tales
Building bridges. Celebrations : Christmas celebrations
Dominion day
The visit from Naluyuk
Victoria day
The Chinese new year
Happy new year!
A year-round wonder!. Suggested activities for the classroom : Our neighbors to the North
The land of Northern lights
The colder, the safer
Winter sports
Winterlude poetry
The maple leaf
Harnessing Niagara falls
Color-coded money. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : Eskimo arts and crafts
Landscape as art
Sawdust art
Modeling with sawdust
B-r-r! let's build an ice castle
Hibernation mural painting
A snowy day mural
Canada, a horizontal and vertical experience. Games : Ptarmigans vs. ducks (Eskimo tug of war)
Eskimo skin toss
Fox and geese
Following the animal tracks
Snow sculpture
An afternoon of snowy day sports. Song, dances, rhythms : Cumulative songs sharpen your memory
The Inuit way of communicating
Did you ever see a lassie?
Railroads in Canada and in the U.S.
"Puffing Billy" down by the station
Songs that reflect women's life - the laundry and household work songs
The red river valley
My bonnie lies over the ocean. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Sourdough starter
Sourdough biscuits
Hot chocolate for a b-r-r! day
Grilled cheese and Canadian bacon sandwiches
Poires Helen (Pears Helen, French)
Nanook's home-made ice cream (from long ago)
Resource. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : Tales from the North (dependence on animals)
M.M. McMoose takes up winter sports (information books)
The role of the goose in folk tales (storytelling)
The role of the tree on folk tales (comparisons)
Unicorn pollution control center (gathering information)
Make a pride badge (awareness of heritage)
Why the north sky sends snow in winter (pourquois tales)
Catch me if you can - gingerbread man recipe (food recipe)
Sea tales and the cheese rat (bookmarks)
Cypress is hungry for information (geography)
I went backpacking and wound up in Canada (geography)
Jack Horner's purple plum award (motivation for reading)
Do a nonfiction book study - North America, Canada (research) --
North America, Native American cultures : Recommended children's books
Folk tales : General storytelling
Trickster figures
The purpose of the tales
Variant of the beanstalk tale. Suggested activities for the classroom : Storytelling
Create a sound story
Make an ABC book of native dwelling
Set up a trading station
Learn native American vocabulary
Write message using pictures/symbols
Grinding corn and making cakes
Good medicine/bad medicine
A study of clothing
Animal study
Where in the U.S.A are we?
Variants of the Cinderella tale
Looking for the moon
Looking for colorful language examples. Celebrations : The green corn ceremony
Harvest ceremonies
Storytelling at celebrations. Suggested activities for the classroom : Let's practice storytelling with Paul Goble
Let's practice celebrations with Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall
General storytelling tips for celebrations
Potlach celebrations
A harvest festival
Celebrate the leaders - create a newspaper
Celebrate your elders, and become one
Send for information. Arts and crafts : Types of art
Artifacts. Suggested activities for the classroom : Let's study the artifacts
A weaving experience
Weaving with natural items
Make a class totem pole
Hide paintings with plant stalk brushes
Make a pottery vessel
Design a native American mask
Create a doll
Getting to know a basket. Games : Hit the tree
Animal tracks
Knots on a rope
The ancient Indian bean game
Pine cone toss
Little stone game
Resources. Songs, dances, rhythms : Zuni lullaby, New Mexico
Dream song of a Sioux, South Dakota
Corn planting songs, dances, and rhythms
A Sioux song for the return of the Buffalo
Resources. Suggested activities for the classroom : Language development
Music and chants
Let's make instruments
Folk music
The importance of the horse. Food : Suggested recipes for the classroom : Sweet potatoes
Snow cones
Smoked salmon and other fish
Cranberries and blueberries. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/Language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : The Indian way of knowing (observations)
Catch a good story (story map on dream catcher)
Skunnywundy story wheel (creative writing)
The sky messenger (condor research)
Native American study web (outlining)
Design your tepee home (attention to detail)
Build a Paiute wikiup (following directions)
The mighty buffalo (two pages) (uses of buffalo
Native American story hide (book review)
A letter from long ago (research information)
Sticks, stones, bones (creating a game)
Do an author study - Native American cultures (Paul Goble
Byrd Baylor
Peter Parnall) North America, United States : Recommended children's books : Did you ever carry a rabbit's foot for good luck?
A housewarming gift
The cakewalk
Bumper stickers
Tall tales
Spinning yarns
The swashbuckling hero vs. the hardworking Yankee
Mickey mouse. Suggested activities for the classroom : Tall tales
Have a tall tale contest
A tall report
Bumper stickers
Where are the heroines?
Dioramas deluxe
Newspapers and headlines
Modern-day folk heroes
The mobile goes 'round and 'round
Hold a book fair
Invite an author to your school
Alaska and Hawaii
Be on the alert for foreign stamps. Celebrations : Citizenship day
Mother's day
Father's day
Lei day
Memorial day
Independence day
Labor day
American education week
Children's book week
Thanksgiving day
New year's day parades
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
President's day
Iditarod (Alaskan sled dog race)
Celebrate Earth day
Celebrate the flag of freedom. Suggested activities for the classroom : Student global connections
Citizenship day
Make a monthly class calendar
Celebrate the visual arts
Celebrate music
There are monuments right in our own city or town
Favorite celebrations
Symbols of the United States play a part in celebrations
What is your "old glory" I.Q.?
Flags of nations
Celebrate Earth day, give throwaways a second chance. Arts and crafts : Suggested activities for the classroom : Illustration and advertising design
The art of animation
Cartoons are a form of art
The art of the computer
The art of photography
Children's picture book illustrations
A different painting experience at the easel
A batik-like painting
Recipes for artifacts
Design a postage stamp
The construction of hats
Designing clothing
Dioramas of fairy tale scenes
Construct a patriotic voting booth
It's time for a puppet theatre. Games : Riddles and jokes
"Yours till" jokes
Sing-song rhymes (stated and capitals)
Mother, may I?
Jumping rope
Duck, duck, goose
Seven up
Where's the eraser?
Popular sports
School sports programs
Special Olympics
Resource. Songs, dances, rhythms : "She'll be coming 'round the mountain"
Mother goose songs
Featuring "London bridge"
"London bridge" has many verses
Black spiritual, "nobody knows the trouble I've seen"
A favorite hymn, "Amazing grace"
"Skip to my Lou"
"The star-spangled banner"
"God bless America"
Resources. Food : Potato history. Suggested recipes for the classroom : Potato boats
Tasty potato chips
Hamburger on a bun
Ice cream cones
Ice cream sodas
Hot dogs in white gloves
As American as apple pie or Waldorf salad!
Waldorf salad
Baked apple
Coush-coush (Cajun cornmeal fritter)
Martha Washington's cake recipe
Three cheers for the red, white, and blue cake!
Pennsylvania Dutch fresh corn soup
Tasty tom turkey sandwich
Yankee doodle snickerdoodles
Hush puppies
Eggs in a nest
Saving the best for last - pizza!
Resource. Activities to help meet state standards : Reading/language arts
Social studies. Reproducible activity pages : Passport ("traveling" with books)
Howdy partner tall tale figure (two pages) (storytelling)
An outline for spinning a yarn (story outline)
I have the same name as a train station (history of names)
Keep an eye on your money (observing/studying currency)
U.S.A holiday matching game (learning through play)
Kwanzaa celebration (African-American holiday)
Symbols of the United States (research)
Fifty stars and thirteen stripes (studying the flag)
Hot dogs! White gloves! (the franks that were too hot to handle) (survey)
Johnny Appleseed's applesauce recipe for apple lovers (cookbook research/comparison)
"Spuds" wants to get from Idaho to Ireland (geography)
How many patriotic songs do you know? (my country 'tis of thee)
The pledge of allegiance (patriotism)
Do an author study - North America, United States (Patricia Polacco).

Creative Rice Cookbook: Creative Rice Recipes that Will Redefine the Way You View Rice

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