Communicating with Allah 0860377156, 9780860377153

Muslims are required to pray five times a day, but for too many of us these are little more than physical movements devo

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Table of contents :
1. An Appointment with God
2. ‘And this, indeed, is a hard act...’: But Why?
3. From Duty to Privilege
4. The Satisfaction of Waking up Early for Prayer
5. The Joy of Patient Perseverance
6. Why Do we Pray?
7. The Rhythm of Prayer and the Rhythm of Life
8. Variety: The First Lesson in Civilisation
9. The Call to Prayer and its Ten Wonders
10. The Two Ritual Ablutions
11. Communal Prayer: The Key to Advancement and Civilisation
12. The Friday Khutbah (Sermon): A Course in Development
13. The Five Lines of Prayer
14. Red Key No. 1: ‘God is Greater’
15. Reading, Reciting and Chanting
16. The New Language of the Qur’an
17. Open Language and ‘Fertile Spaces’
18. The Role of the Fatihah
19. Red Key No. 2: ‘You alone do we worship, and unto You alone do we turn for aid’
20. The Centrality of Bowing and Prostration
21. Red Key No. 3: ‘Blessed Greeting to God’
22. Red Key No. 4: ‘Peace be upon us…’
23. A Session for Supplication and Private Worship
24. Computing Profits and Losses
25. Let Your Whole Life be a Prayer

Communicating with Allah
 0860377156, 9780860377153

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