Borders and Border Politics in a Globalizing World 0842051031, 9780842051033

Borders represent an intriguing paradox as globalization continues to leap barriers at a vigorous pace, merging economie

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Table of contents :
About the Editors
Borders as Barriers
1 Hadrian’s Wall • John J. Wilkes
2 The Great Wall of China • Cheng Dalin
3 The Berlin Wall • Frederick Baker
Borders, Migrants, and Refugees
4 Sahuayo, Mexico, and Its U.S.Colonies • David Fitzgerald
5 Migration from Lesotho, Mozambique, and Zimbabweto South Africa • David A. McDonald, Lovemore Zinyama, John Gay, Fion de Vletter, and Robert Mattes
Borders and Partitioned Groups
6 West African Boundary Making • J. D. Hargreaves
7 The Jivaro People between Peruand Ecuador • Catherine Elton
8 Boundaries as Social Practice and Discourse: The Finnish-Russian Border • Anssi Paasi
Borders, Perceptions, and Culture
9 The Attitudes of Youth toward the Other Side: The Finnish-Swedish and Finnish-Russian Borders • Pirjo Jukarainen
10 Meaning and Significance of the Canadian-American Border • Roger Gibbins
11 Northern Ireland • Michael Ignatieff
12 The Fault Line between Israelis and Palestinians • Thomas L. Friedman
Borders and the Environment
13 Environment, Development, and Security in Border Regions: Perspectives from Europe and North America • Norris Clement, Paul Ganster, and Alan Sweedler
14 Disaster on the Danube • Brian Erskine
15 Border Regions and Transborder Conservation in Central America • Pascal O. Girot
Borders, Goods, and Services
16 The U.S.-Mexican Border as Locator of Innovation and Vice • Kirk S. Bowman
17Cross-Border Shopping: Canada and the United States • Dallen J. Timothy and Richard W. Butler
Maritime and Space Borders
18 Maritime Agreements and Oil Exploration in the Gulf of Thailand • Daniel J. Dzurek
19 New Borders: The Sea and Outer Space • Malcolm Anderson
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Borders and Border Politics in a Globalizing World
 0842051031, 9780842051033

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