Baluchistan District Gazetteer Series: Index to Volumes I to VIII [IX]

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Baluchistan Oistrict Gazetteer Series




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PRE FACE. The Baluchistan District Gazetteer series comprise 8 volumes of Text or A Volumes:-

British and adminis·. tered territory.

Native States

·I. II. III. IV.

Zbob District. Loralai District. Sibi District. Bolan Pass and Nusbki Railway District. , IV-A. Cb!igai District. V. . Quetta-Pisbin District.


Sarawan Division of Kal!it: Kacbbi do. Jbalawl!.n -do. Makran do. ·vn-A. Kbaran .do. VIII. Las B~la State.

It has been found con l'enient to bind in one vo1ume, · volumes IV and IV-A; VI, VI-A and VI-B; and Vll ·and VII-A. In addition to these, there are six volumes of Statistical Tables (or B volumes) for six Districts in British and administered territory; the Bolan and Chligai Statistical Tables being bound in a single volume. ' Orders regarding the compilation of an Index volume had been passed by the Government of India from tim~ to time and it was finally decided in July• 1903 that ·the preparation of" an Index volume was considered to ··be an essential feature of the Distric_t Gazetteer series and it was laid down that "this volume should refer to all localities, etc., in the Province which will form the subject of Imperial Gazetteer articles ~nd will therefore also appear in the Provincial volume or volumes as well •-Government of India, Home Department, Jetter No. 2741, dated the l!Otb July 1903.

ii as to all places which are described in the A volumes of the District Gazetteers. The divisions, districts, subdistricts, units of administration such as tahsils and ihe more important towns should receive· mention on the lines indicated in Uircular No. 2948-60, dated the 24th September 1902; in the case of inountain ranges, rivers and canals it should be stated what districts they are situated in or pass through ; while in the case of minor entrie~ it will suffice to note the latitude and longitude, the district in which the place is situated and (for towns and villages) the population. · 1)1 every case reference should be made to the volume and page of. the District Gazetteer series in which the place, etc., is referred to, while those places which are also the subject of Imperial Gazetteer articles should be marked with an asterisk." The Local Government considered it desirable to add brief notes about the main tribes of the Province.. The present volume, which forms volume IX of the Baluchistan District Gazetteer series, has been prepared on the plan indicated above and copies of Tables of contents prefixed to the various District Gazetteers have also been embodied in an Appendix. The latter may be found useful in connection· \vith administrative ·and economic subjects which are not mentioned in the first portion of the volume. 'fhe work bas been compiled under my supervision by M. Gul Muhammad, Head Clerk of the Gazetteer office.


Feb,.,;.ar!J 1908.

JAMIAT RAI, . Personal Native Assistant to the Hon'ble the Agent to the Governor_General in Baluchistan.



cl~! Ja~

Abra., chief of Knchhi, VI-A, 48.

tribe in


Acha.kza.i, clan of Tarin Afghan tribe in Quetta-Pishfn District, V, 69..:_·73.

Angaria raj, a term applied to a number- of heterogeneons groups in Lns Bela, VIII, 51. Apoza.i, see Fort Sa.ndema.n. Asia.puri, see Mata-jo-ga.rb. Astalo, Astalu, see Ha.ptalar.

•AFGHAN, a race inhabiting B phiefly Zhoh, Loralai, Sibi,-, see Kohar. nnd Quetta-Pisbfn District~, Ba.bba.r, a tribe in Lns Min, I, 66-67; II, 73-74,; III, VIII, 62. 51-52; V, 63-64. Baba. Sheikh Fa.rid, shrine in Aghba.rg, village in 30° 15' the Quettn-Pishin District, N. and 66° 55' E., Quettav, 88. Pishln District; population Ba.ddo, river in Khli.riin, VIl-A, i\40; v, 328. Ahmaduna.i, clan of Saiyad tribe in Sibi District, III, 69. Ahma.dza.i, ruling . family of Kalat State, VI, 27-40, Ana.mbar, principal river of Loralai District, II, 18.


Badini Ra.khshani, n Bnloch tribe in Chag11i D i • t r i c t, . IV-A, 61. Badra., important stream in. Kachhi, VI-A, 7.

Andari, hill range in Loralai District, II, 13.

Baghwana., vnlley in Jbnlawan between 27° 56' N. and 66° 38' E., VI-B, 210. Bahlolza.i, Saiyad tribe in Lornlai District, II, 96.

Angaria, tribe in Las Bela, VIII, 55. da.mb, ancient mound in Makran, VII, 58.

. ----irrigation reservoir in Loralai District, II, 176.




Bahrigarr, •ee Makran Coast Range. Bahri Kaur, affluent of the Sbadi Kour in Makran, VII, 19-l!O..

Bajoi, cion of the Zahri Brahuis in Jhalnwan, VI-B, 81. - - - - , village, headquarters of the Bujoi headman in JLalawan, VI-B, 210. Bakhal-ta-shahr,,village in the Nal valley in Jhalnwao, VI-B, 221.

----,village in Wad, Jhalawan, Vl-B, 230. Baladhaka, tributary of the Narechi river, also a Restbouse in Loralai Di•trict, Ii, 20, 307. Balli. Nosh, shrine in Cb!igai District, IV-A, 86. •BALOCH,rnce inhabiting Loralai, Sibi and QuettaPisbfn District., and Kach hi and Makran divisions of Kalat State, II, 105; III, 51-54; V, 77; VI-A, 32 7 34; VII, 93. •BALUCHISTAN (or Balochistan), Province of the Indian Empire, situated between 24° 54',and 32° 4' N. nnd 60° 56' and 70° 15'-E area 1,31,855 squnr~·miles; popu Inti on 9,15,000 including estimated population of Makran, Kbaran

and Western S'injn1ni ; out of 8,10,746 persons enumerated in 1901; 7,65,368 were Musalmans, 38,158 Hindus, 4,026 Christians, 2,972 Sikhs, 222 others ; revenue of territory under British administration Rs. 8,53,000; , J,and Revenue contributing Rs. 5,40,000, Excise Rs. 1,27,000, Miscellaneous sources Rs. 1,02 ,000, stamps Rs. 65,000, . Forests Rs. 19,000. . Bambor, bills in Bugti tribal area, Sibi District, Ill, 9. Band, see Siaban Range. Band-i-Dawi, an old irrigation dam in Zbob District, _1, 50 and 143. Bandija, tribe in Las Bela, VIII, 60. Bangan, oee Mirjawa. Bangulzai, Brabui tribe in Sarawan, VI, 51>-57. Bangulzai and Kurd hills, a long range 'or hills in Sarawan, VI, 5-7: Banh, hills in Knchhi, VI-A, 4. Barech', Afghan tribe in Cb~gai Dist.rict, IY-A, 68-69 .. Barija, tribe ·in Las Bela; VIII, 59-60. Barkhan, head-quarters of Barkhan tahsil, Loralai District ; population,, 124 ; II, 335-3a.



, tahsil of Lor alai Dis- Bhaejao, interesting glen in the trict, lying between 29° 3i' and Mula bills in Jbnlawlin, VI-B, 6. 30° 21' N. and 69° 3' and 70° 4' E.; area 1,317 square mile•; Bhag, town in Kachbi in 29° 3' population 14,022; Musalmlins N. and 67° 49' E.; population 14,145; Hindus, 764 ; others 3,635 in 1903; VI-A, 187-189. 13; Land RevenueRs. 38,183 Bhala Dasht, see Dasht-i-Bein 1904-5; II, .329-338. daulat. , •BARKHAN-MUS A KHE L, Bhalarejav, head-quarters of Sub-division of J.ornlai Dis-· Sasoli Chief in Zfdi, Jhalatrict, compnsmg Blirkblin · wlin, VI-B, 231. · and Muslikb~l tabsils, II, 324. Bhathari, bill torrent in Kacbbi, Barr, Balocb ·tribe in Makran, VII, 103.

VI-A, 9.

Bibai, bill in Sibi District, III, 7. Bar Sabra, see Musakhel tahsil. B'b' • · t n'b ut ary or th e 1 1 L oh ar1, Basol, river in Makran, VII, 20. Mlishkel river in Kblirlin, VII-A, 17. Batsargi, mountain in Sibi District, III, 7. Bibi Sahib, shrine. in Sarawlin, VI, 74. Bedar, Saiyad tribe in Loralai Biluchistan, see Baluchistan. District, II, 95-96. Bizanjau, Brabui tribe in Jbalawlin and Makran, VI-B, 9093; VII, 91-93.

Begari, irrigation canal in Sibi District, III, I I 1. Beji, see Anambar river. Bekar Nika, shrine in Kila Saifulla tahsil, Zhob District, I, 100. •BELA, capital of Las Bela State in 26° 14' N: and 66° 19' E.; population 4,183 ; VIII, 208209 . • Beluchistan, see Baluchistan. Beseima valley and Zayak, niU.bat in K.hlirlin ; population 555; VII-A, 187-191.


Bolan river, rises in the Bollin Pass and is dissipated in the plains of Kachhi, IV, 5-7; VI-A, 5-6. •BOLAN PASS AND NUSHKI RAILWAYDISTRICT, DiHtrict of Baluchistan between 29° 24' and 30° 10' N. and 67° 4' and 67° · 44' E.; area (Bollin Pass) . 900 square miles ! population (Bollin



Pass) 1,936 ; Musalmll.ns 1,199; Hindus 582; Sikhs 124; others 31; · Revenue Rs. 8,618 in 1902-3; IV. •BORI, Sub-division and tahsil ofLoralaiDistrict between 30° 18' and 30° 48' N., and 67° 42' and 69" 45' E. ; population 18,174; Mu•almll.ns 16,450; Hindus 1,399 ; Christians 36 ; oth:rs 289; li, 349-354.


I, -77; II, 95; lii, 69-70; , IV-A, 67; V, 7 5. : Buleda., valley northwards of , Kecb in Makran; population I 5,695 in 1903 ; VII, 303-304 1

! Buledai, ruling family in Makran ln the seventeenth bentory, VII,.47-48.


Buledi, Balocb tribe in Sibi and Kachhi, III, 50; VI-A, 45.

Bost'B.n, railway station and vii- j Bulo, river in Cbagai District, )age in Quetta-Pisbin Disrict; ! IV -A, 21 . . population 577; V, 309-310. Bunap, Atream in. the •BRAHUI, race, inbabitin9 •liabat of Kbarll.n, VII-A, 158. parts ofSibi, Quetta-Pisbfn and Bunda.lo, tributary of the Bad do Cbllgai Districts, and Sarnwll.n, ! river in Kbanin, VII-A, ]4. Kacbhi and Jbalawiin Divisions \ Burdi, see Buledi. ' _ of Kalll.t State, III, 68; IV-A, I . . · . . • 62-65; v, 77-78; VJ, 49 _50 ; I Burfat, Last tnbe m Las Bela, VI-A, 46-47; VI-B, 71-73. · VIII, 56-57. , · Bur Nullah, see Lora river, Brinchinnau, important village Burra, Numri tribe in Las Bela, in M ungocbar, Sarawll.n, VI, VIII, 55-56. 224..225. Burra Raj, a number of hetero-' Bugti, Balocb tribe in Sibi Disgeneous tribal groups in Las trict; population 15,159; III, Bela, VIII, 51. 54, 21:15-293.


Bugticountry, see Marri-Bugti country. •CENTRAL BRAHUI RANGE; Buj, a ridge of the Sulaimll.n mountain range between 2i 0 . 57' anrl 30° 36' N. and 66° , Range in Loralai District, II, . 2-10~ 31' and 67° •52' E., in the Bukhii.ri, clan -of Saiyad tribe in Zhob, Loralai, Sibi, QuettaPishin Districts and in SaraZbob, Loralai, Sibi, CMgai and Quetta-Pi>bfn Distritt., wll.n and Jhalawan; I, 6; II,



. 4-5; III, 4-5; V, 10; VI, 4; • VI-B, 5.

.Chagai District; population 185; IV-A, 213.

Central Jhalawan Range, range of hills in Jhalawan, VI-B, 9-l L

Chak1tr river, see Talli river. Chamalang river, see Narechi.

*CHAMAN (NEW), t o w n , terminus of North-Western EN T R A L M A K R A N RANGE, mountain rnnge in Railway, bead-q ~art e r s Makran, VII, 10-14. station of Cbaman, Sub-division of Quetto-Pishln District, Chacha, clan of Khetn\n . tribe, in 30' 56' N., and 66° 26' E. ; in Loralai District, II, 97, population 2,253; V, 301. *CHAGAI, District of Baluchistitn between 28° 2' and 29° 54' --'--, (OLD), levy post in Quetta-Pish(n District, V, 303. N. and 6ll' 57' and 66° 2~' E.; area 18,892 square miles; • - - - - , Sub-division of J!opulation 15,689 (excluding Quetta-Pishin District between Western Sinjrani); revenue 30° :!8' and 31° 18' N., and Rs. 30,060 in 1904-5 ; chief fl6° 16' and 67° 19' E.; area sources of income being Land I ,236 square miles; popu.Revenue, Stamps and Excise, lation 16,437; Musalmlin• IV-A. 15,092; Hi n d us I ,260;


• - - - - , hills, mass of hills Christians 32 ; others 53 ; between 28° 46' and 29° 34' Land Revenue Rs .. 7,4!>7" in N., and 63° 18' and 64° 50'. E., 1903-4; v, 298-305. in Chagai District, IV -A, 10. ,Chandra. Gups or Kups, mud • - - - - , sub-tubs£1 of Chagui 'Jolcanoes along the Las Bela District between 28' 19' and coa•t, vnr, 11. 29° 34' N., and 63° 15' and Ohapar, hill range in Cbfigai 65' 35' E.; area 7,283 square District, IV-A, 13 . . miles; population 4,933; all l\lusalmans ; Land Revenue Chappar, mountain in Sibi District and Marri country, Rs. 6,073 in 1904-5; IV-A, III, 7, 9. 208-14. - - - - , village, head-quarters Cha.tta.r or Chhattar, river· in Sibi District and Kacbbi, III, of the Sinjrani tribe in 29' • 18' N., and 64° 42' E., in 13; VI-A, 9.



Chatta.r, village and Mtlngal ja!ltr in Kachhi, VI-A, 171173. Cha.uki, river in Sarawan, falls under the name ofSangan into the Nari river in Sibi District, VI, 16. Chega.zi, shrine in · Cbagai DisLrict, IV-A, 88. Cher Demi, a ridge of the Siaban Range on the Northern , borders of Makran and in the Washuk-'Palantli.k niabat of Kharan, VII, 15; VII-A, 178. Chetra.n, see Ba.sol. Ohha.lga.ri, site of a n c i e n t mounds in Kachhi, VI-A, 25-26. - - - - ; Baloch tribe i n Kachhi, VI-A, 46. Ohhutta., Jat tribe in Las· Bela, VHI, 59. Ohilta.n, mountain in QuettaPishfn District, V, 9. Chilta.nani Ka.ut:, see Ka.llag. Chiringi, stream in Sarawan falling into the Baddo river in Kharll.n. Is known by the name ·of U mrarahi at its source; VI, 15; YII-A, 14. Chitka.n, head-q u a r t e r s o f Assistant Political Agent and.

. Commandant, _Mak;an Levy Corps, Panjgur, Makran, VII, . 307, 310. Chuharkhel Da.hana, a pass and stream in the S u I a i m a n , Rang e, Zhob Distric_t, I, 10, 23. Chuharkot, village in Barkhan . tahsil, Loralai District ; population 791 ; II, 336. Chuk, Lasbari Baloch tribe of Gajan in Kachhi, VI-A, 41. Chukhan, river in Zhob District, I, 20. ' Churmaghar, hill range in Loralai District, II; 17.


Chuttok, hill range in Sarawan, VI, 10. ;______' gorge in the Kil river in Jhalawan, V{-B, 210.

D Dabar or Da.bba.r, hill range in Loralai District, II, 15. Dada, tributary of the Nari river in Sibi District, III, 12. Da.gari or Digari, coal mines in Sarawan, VI, 133-35. Dada.r or Dha.da.r, head-quarters of Dhadar · niabat i~ Kachhi situated in 29. 0 29' N. and 67° 39' E.; population 1,8iO in 1903; VI-A, 190.



Dalbandin, (28° 45' N. and 64° I Dasht·e·, locality in Panjgur valley, l\Iakriin; po33' E.), head-quarters of Cha- ', gai sub-tahsil in Ch:>gai Dispulation including Kohhun trict, IV-A, 214. 1,000; VII, 310. Daman, mountain. skirts in Chagai District. and Kharan, IV-A, 18; VII, 21.

Dehgwar, 11iabat of Khti.rti.n; population 2,000; VII-A, 169-177.

Damanghar, hill range in Loralni District, II, 16.

Dehwar, agriculturai tribe in Quetta-Pishfn District and Sarawti.n, V, 78 ; VI, 69.

Damani, pastoral Baloch tribe on the Persian border in Chligai Di•trict, IV-A, 70. Damodin,· small ra11ge of extinct volca11oes in Cbagai District, IV-A, 16. Dan, summer head-quarterR of some of the Sbahfzai Mengals in Surab valley, .Jhalawan, VI-B, 229. Danda,· hills in Marri country, Sibi District, III, 9. DS:rdan, see Sarawan river. Darzada, aborigines of Makran, 'VII, 106-107 (see Nakib).

•DASHT, river in Makrl>n, VII, 19. - - - - , valley, a large on irrigated tr~ct in Makran ; pop!llation about 12,985; VII, 289. Dasht,i-Bedaulat, a stony plain in the Bolan Pass and Nushki Railway District, IV, 3.

Dekha, hill range in the Khetran country in Loralai District, II, 12. Dera Bugti, head-quarters of the Bugti Chief. ib 29° 2' N. and 69° 9' E.; population 1,500 ; III, 293. Desert canal, irrigation canal in Sibi District, also called Sbahfwab, III, Ill. Dhoriri, hill torrent in Kachhi and Jhalawan, VI-A, !I; VI-B, 26. Dhrun, lofty sandstone mountain in Jbalawan, VI-B, 211. - - - , table-land at the north-eastern end of the Makrlin Coast RangP, VII, 7. Dig, hill range in Loralai District, II, 12. Dinari, Baloch tribe in Kachhi, VI-A, 40•.

INDEX. Dobandi, hamlet and levy post in Quetta-Pisbfn District; population 100 ; V, 303. Dombki, Balocl:t tribe in Sil;li District, and Kacbhi, III, 54; VI-A, 39. Drabbelo, fishing ground on the Makmn Coast, VII, 200. Drli.jbet, a l~vy post in the Bolan Pass wl:tere sulphur hns been found, IV, 61. Dram or Dramb, offshoot of the Makran Coast Range, , VII, 7' 281.

Drana. Koh, rnnss of !:tills (29° 15' N. and 61 • 47' E.) in ChlluoLi District, IV -A, 128. 0 Dra.njuk, •ubsidiary range of tl:te Central Makran Range, VII, 13. Drug, village ill Musakhel. tnh. sll of Loralai District in 30° 51' N. and 70" 12' E.; population 586; II, 328-29. •DUKI, Sub-•livision of Loralni District, comprising the Duki tab,PI and Sanjawi sub-tahsil, II, 338. - - - - , tal:tsil of Loralai District between 29° 53 1 and 30° 25' N. and 86° 12' and 69° 44' . E.; area 1,951 square miles; population 12,365; Musalmllns 11,777; 'Hindus

562 ; others 26 ; Land Reve-

nueRs. 44,814 irll904-5; II, 338-44. Duki, head-quarters of Duki tahs£1, Loralai District, in 30° 11' N. and 68° 34' E.; . · population 324 ; II, 343. - - - - , village in Duki tahsfl of Loralai District; population 993; II, 344. Duki Viala, i.rrigat.ion channel in Duki tahsfl, · Loralai Dis. Lrict, IT, 178. Dumar, clan of Snnzarkbel Ka 7 knr Afghiin tribe in the Zhob, Loralni and Sibi Districts, l, 71; II, 76; III,.61. Dungan, hill in Marri country, Sibi District, III, 8.

F •FORT SANDEMAN, Sub-division and tahsfl ·of Zl:tob Di•trict between 30° 39' and 32° 4' N.; and 68° 58' and 70° 3' E. ; area 3,583 square miles ; population 34,712 ; M usalmans ~2,868 ; Hindus, 1,445 ; · Christians, 88 ; others 311 ; Land Revenue, Rs; 42,842 in 1904-5; I,_ 293. • , town, military cantonment and head-quarters of Zhob District in 31° 21' N. and 69° 27' E.; populatiooi 3,552; I, 297.

INDEX. G Ga.brba.nd, relics of ancient irrigation dams, met with in Snrnwan, Jhalawan and Kharan, VI, 43; VI-B, 57; VII-A, 60., bill range in Loralai District, If, 11:

9, ••e Rod Jogeza.i. Ga.rr, bill range separnting Sarawan from Cbugai District, VI, 12. also known as Western Jhalawan Rang(', forms eastern boundary of Kharlin, VII-A, 10.

Ga.dani, fishing ground on the Las Bela Coast, VIII, 94. · Ga.rruk, see Sa.rap. Gadi, important irrigation dam in Kacbbi, VI-A, 103.

Gat, defile in Snlaiman Rang(', Zbob, District, I, 10.

Ga.dra., •ervil(' d('pendents in Lns Reln, VIII, 63.

Ga.t-i-Hamun, offshoot of Cbagai bills in Cbtigai District, IV-A, 17.

Gaj, •('e Kolachi river. Gajan, winter beail-qunrters of Znhri chi('£ in Kachbi, in 28~ 41'N. and 67° 26' E.; population 860; VI-A, 1!10. . Ga.ja.r, bead-quarters of the Khan's •>aib for 1\iash kRe in Jhalawan, VI-B, 212. Ga.luga.ida.mb, ancient mouncl in the Dehgwar niabctt of Kbaran, VII-A, 172. Ga.ndava., niabat and town in KRchbi in 28° 37' N. ann 67° 29' E.; populRtion 1,660; VI-A, 191-192., headquarters of the Zarrakzai Chief in Jbalawan, VI-B, 215. Ga.ukok, isolated hill in Cbligai District, IV-A, 9• Ga.zdan, fishing ground on the Makran coast, VII, 200. Ga.zgha.i, bill range in Loralai District, II, Ill. Ged(m, stream· in the Gwash -niabatofKbli.ran, VII-A, 157.

Ganreji, see Spinta.ngi,

Ghilza.i, Afghan tribe in Zbob, Loralai and Qnetta-Pishfn Districts, I, 78; II, 90; V, 78., village in Dasbt valley of Mnkran; population about 410 in 1903; VII, 295.

Ghund, high peak in the range north of Tanda Salam '\'alley, in Loralai Di~trict, II, 14. 0



Giandari, hills in llugti country, Sibi District, III, 10. Gichk, stream in Makran, VII, 22. - - - , , western counterpart of Raghai valley in Makran; population 200; VII, 312. Gichki, dominnnt tribe in Makran, VII, 49, 84-87. Gidar, valley in the S. S. E. of Stirab in Jhalawiin, VI-B, 212. - - - , village in Gidar valley in 28~ 18' N. and 66° 4' E., VI-B, 212. Gidar or Gidar Dhor, see Hingol ri rer in Jhalnwan and J,as Bela; YI-B, 20; VIII, '7. Gish Kaur, tributary of the Dasht rirer in Makran, VII, 17. Gokprosh, offshoot of Makran Coast Range, YI£, 9. defile near Turbat in Makrlin, known for the defeat of rebels in 1898, VII, 55. Gola, Baloch tribe in Sibi District, III, liS. . Gomal, river in Zhob District, I, 19-20. Gondrani, site of ancient caves in Las B~ln, VIII, 38-41.

Goran Gatti, a ridge in Makran forming an extension of the Makran Coast Range, VII, 8. Gor-i-Barat, tributary of t,he Baddo river in Kharan, VH-A, 14. Gresha, valley in Jhalawan, VI-B, 213. Gresha Kaur, stream in the Washuk-Palantak niabat of Kharan, VII-A, 179. Gujar, stream in the Washuk Palantak niabat of Khiiran VII-A, 179. Gulistan, village and railway station in Pishfn tnhsil of Quettn-Pisbfn District; population 687; V, 20:i, 10, '311. Gurong, hill torrent in Chagai District, IV-A, 21. Gurgina, stream in Sarawan falling into the Shorarud in Quetta-Pisnfn District, VI, 15. Gurgnari, Brahui tribe in Jhalawan, VI-B, 95-96. Gurgut, head-quarters of the Hart'mi headman in the Surab valley in Jhalawan, VI-B, 229. • GW ADAR, nn open roadstead and post on the Mnkran coast in 25° 8' N. and 62° 19' E ; population 4,350; VII, 25, 280-289.

INDEX. Gwanden Dasht, a plain in Holan Pass and Nusbki Railway District, IV, 3. Gwargo, aB:Iuent of RaksMn river in Makran, VII, 21. Gwarighan, tributary of the Haddo river in Kbl\rlin, VII-A, 14.


Haji, village in Bala Nllri Kachhi, in 29° 15' N. and 67° 15' E.; population 475; VI-A, 192. Hala or Hara Range, see Pab: Halazai, Brabui tribe in Kharlin, VII-A, 74.

Gwarjak, village in Jhalawan, VI-B, 213.

Hammalari, clan of the Bizanjau Brahuis in Jbalawan, VI-B, 91.

Gwash, niabat o£ Kharan; population 2,280; VII-A, 156165.

Hamun, shallow lakes in Chligai District and Kharan, IV-A, 23 ; VII-A, 22.

Gwashki, see Ziarat.


Gwati, Musalman sect in Makran, VII, 114. Gwetter, bay o~ the Makran coast, VII, 26. · - - - - , fishing ground on the Makran coast, VII, 200.'

H • HAB, river in Jbalawan and Las Htlla, VI-B, 22-24; VIII,

7. Hab Nadi, niabat of Las Bela; population 4,200 ; VIII, 172174. Haft Wall, shrine in Kachhi, VI-A, 56. Haikalzai, viilage in Pishfn tahsil of Quetta-Pishfn; population 577; V, 312-14.

see Lora.

Hamun. • HAMUN-1-MASHKEL, a lake situated partly in Chagai District and partly in Kbfiran between 28° and 29° N. and 62' 36' and 63° 27' E.; IV-A, 24; VII-A, 170. Han, river in Loralai District, II, 23. Hanki, a pass in the Loralai District, II, 228. Hanna, stream in Quetta-Pishin District, V, 15. - - - , a picturesque gl~n in Quetta tahsil, Quetta-Pishln District, in 30° 20' N. and 67° 15' E.; population 1,568; v, 329-330.



HaptH.Iar island situated between l!li 0 6' and 25° 7' N., and 63" 52' and 63' 54' E., 16 miles off l\1akran Coast; VII, 276-280.

miles; population 15,777; Musalmans, 15,701; Hindus, 65 ; others 11. Land RevenueRs. 27,459 in 1904-5; I, 303-309.

Harboi, hill range in Sarawii.n ' and Jhalawan, VI, 7 ; VI-B, 3.

Hindubagh, headquarter station of Hindubagb tahsil of Zhob District; population I ,185; I, 306 ..

• HARNAI, railway station and hazar in 30° 6' N. nnd 67° 56' E. in Shallrig tahsil, Sibi District, III, 255. Haro Ana, shrine in Loralai District, II, 123.

• HINGLAJ, best knowri . place of pilgrimage in Baluchistan, lying in 25° 30' N. and 65° 31' E., in Las Bela. State; vIll, 35-3 7.

Haruni, clan of the Muhammad Hasni Briihuis in Jhalawan, VI-H, 89.

• HINGOL, river in Jha.lawan and Las Bela, VI-B,. 20-22; VIII, 7.

Hasni, clan of Kbetran tribe in Loralai District, II, 103.

Hinidan, levy post in Las Bela, VI-B, 59; VIII, 41.

Hazarganji, southern continuation of the Niil valley in Jhalawiin, VI-B, 214.

Hisar, largest division of Zahri country in Jhalawan, VI-B, 214-215.

Hejibari, tribe VII-A, 75.


Hot, Baloch tribe in Makran, VII, 93.'

Hindu, Hindus in Baluchistan . ' I, 89 ; II, 105; III, 72; IV, 31; IV-A, 69; V, 80-81; VI, 72; VI-A, 51; VI-B, 106; VII, 109; VII-A, 80 · VIII

Hotakari, tribe in Khiiran, VII-A, 75.






• HINDUBAGH, tahsll ofZhob District, between 30° 36' and 31° 50' N. and:67° 27' and 68° 46' E.; area 3,275 square

Hurmagai, niabat in Kharan ; ),lOpulation 485; VII-A, 165. - - - , atream in· the Hur-. magai niabat of . Kbarl\n, VII-A, 166-69. Husaini, a Saiyad tribal group in Loralai District, II, 49.

INDEX. Husain Nika, important shrine in Fort Sanrleman tahsil of Zhob D1strict, T, I 00.

I Iltazai, Brabui tribe in Kachhi, VI-A, 47. Inayatullah Karez, village in Pisbfn tahsil, Quetta-Pisbin District, V, 311.


to Jnt tribes Districts.

i u

ot ber

Jafar, Afghan tribe in Lorulni District, II, 88. Jalal Khan, Mugheri village in Kacbhi; population 2,860; VI-A, 193. Jalwar, stream in Gwash niabat of Kbaran, VII-A, 157.

Isai, bead-quarters of the Nazim of Makran; population about . 2,660 (!903); VII, 307, 314.

J amaldini Rakhshani, Bnlocb tribe in Cbligai District, IV-A, 61.

Isazai, Jat tribe in Kbarlin, VII-A, 76.

Jamali, Balocb tribe District, III, 56.

lskalku, Shlibwlini village in Sarawan ; population about 790; VI, 225.

Jamot, dominant tribe in Lns Bela State, VIII, 53.

Isot, Afghan tribe in Loralai lJistrict, II, 87.

Jamot raj, com bin at i 0 n 0 f heterogeneous tribal groups in Las Bela, YIII, 50.

Ispani, clan of Kh~tran tribe in Loralai District, II, 98. lsplinji, valley in S a r a w a n , population about 1,000; VI, 225. - - - , village, bead-quarters ofBnngulzai Chief in Sarawan, .VI, 225.

J Jabal-e-Mahdi, hill~ in Gwadur territory, Makran, VII, 281. Jadgal, Jnt tribal group in Makran, VII, 94-95. The term Jadgii.l or Jagdal is applied

in Sibi

Janaksar, mountain in Sibi District, III, 7. Jandran, bill range in Loralai Districtr II, 14. - - - , bills in Marri country, Sibi District, III, 8. Jat, tribe in Sibi District and Kacbhi, III, 70; "VI-A, 47.



Jat, (t soft, ...,.~ ), camel breeders and graziers "mong the Balocb in Sibi District and Kachbi, Ill, 71 ; VI-A, 60.



Jattak, clan of the Z a h r i Brllhuis in Jhulawlln, VI-B, 77-78.

Jhikko, section of Muhammadshl\hi Brahuis in Sarawlln, VI, 59. Jiwnri, bay on the Makran coast, VII, 26.

Jau, valley in Jbalawl\o; population about 5,000; VI-B, 215-216.

- - - - , sea port of Dasht valley in Makr6.n ; population 460 (1903); VII, 294.

Jebri, valley in Jhalawao, Vl-B, 216.

Jogezai, Sardarkbel section of Sanzar Khel Kakar Afghan tribe in .Zhob District, I, 70, 251-256.

Jatoi, B..loch tribe in Kachbi, :VI-A, 41.

- - - , village, bead-quarters of Muhammad Hasni Chief in Jbalaw!l.n in 27' 18' N., nod 65° 45' E.; VI-B, 216. Jhal, important town in Kachhi, bead-quarters of Mag n s s i Chief, situated in 28° 17' N., and 67~ 27' E. ; population about 2,000; VI-A, 194., freehold of S a s o I i Chief in Knrkh Valley · in Jhnlawao, VI-B, 217.

Johan, valley and village in Sarawan, population about 350; VI, 227. J o-i-Nushki, see Khaisltr.

K Kach (Kacbh), railway station in Sh!l.hrigh tahsil, Sibi District 306 2,6' N;, and'. 67' 18' E., III, 255.

- - - , levy post in Sibi Dis- ·. • JHALAWAN, Division of trict, III, 256. Kaltit State between 25° 28' ---·, village in SM)uig ,and 29° 21' N., nod 26" 11' tahsil; population 155; III, and 67° 27' E.; area 21,128 256. sq\'nre miles; . population Kacha Koh, mountain range in 2,24,073; M u s a I m a n s Cbagai District, IV-A, 10. 381 ; 2,23,692 ; Hindus, • KACHHI, Division of Kalat VI-B. State in 27° 53' and 29° 35' Jhalawan, (tract in KMran), N., and 67° H' and 68° 28' see Shimsha.n and Salambek·I E. ; area 5,310 square miles; · Yll-A, 152. population 82,909, including Jhau, see Jan. 19,542 persons censussed in

INDEX. Dombld, Knberi nnns, 64,560 ; Hindus, 3 1261 ; Christians 42; others 1; revAnue in 1904-5 Rs. 1,97,874 of which land revenue c o n t .r i b u t e d Rs. 1,69,403 ; II. • , town and military cantonment and head-quarters of Lorah•i District in 30° 22' N. and 68° 37' E ; population 3,561; II, 353. - - - - , river, see Anambar river. Lori, Gypsy-folk in Cbagai District, Saraw1in, Jbalawli.n, . Makrlin, and Kbar1in; IV-A, 69; VI, 72; VI-B, 105; VII, 107-108; VII-A, 79. Lori Tang, see Luni river. Losha. Kar, """ Rod Fakirazai. Lotia, see Kboja. Lotiani, clan of the Zahri Br~­ huis in Jhalawan, VI-B, 81-82. . Lower Zhob, see Fort Sandeman Sub-division and tahsil.

- - - - , Afgbti.n tribe in Lora lai District, II, 85.

"LUS BYLA, see Las Bela ·M Mach, railway station and b'eadquarters of the Bolan Pnss · and Nusbki Railway District in 29° 52' N. and 67° :!0'. E.; population 509 ; IV, 109. - - - - , coal mines in the Bolan Pass~ IV, 60. Machka, stream in Quetta..Pishfn District, V, 15. Magassi, Baloch tribe Ka.chhi, Vl~A, 36.


•MAKRAN or Makkuran, maritime dlvision of Kalat State · between 25° 1' and 27° 21' N. and 61° ;19' and 65° 36' .E.; area 26 1600 square miles, estimated population 78,585 being almost entirely Musalmans; Khan's revenue .Rs. 60,000; Vll.

INDEX. •MAKRAN COAST RANGE, mountain ran~e along the coast of Makrlin, VII, 7-9. Malik Kambar, shrine ·in the Raskoh Range in KMran, VII-A, 10 .. Malik Naru, •ee Chagai hills, IV-A, 10. Maliks, one of the ancient ruling families of Makran, VII, 46.

Maltani Mir Alam, coal mines in Zhob District, I, 189: ' Mamasani, see Muhammad Hasni. Mamatava, tract at the southern end of the valley in Jhalawan of which Kapoto forms the upper portion, VI-B, 218219. - - - - , village in Jhalawan known for ita archreological remains, VI-B, 218. Mamojav, a tribe of Afghan extraction found in Kharan, VII-A, 72 .. Mand, tract to the west of Kech valley in Makran ; population 3,80Q; VII, 302. Mandai, Baloch tribe in Cbagai District, IV-A, 61. Mandehaji, collection .ofhamlets near Brinchinnau in Sarawan, VI, 221.


Mandi Kaur, affluent of Nihing river in Makran, VII, 19. Mando Khlll, clan of P a n r i Afghan tribe in Zhob District, I, 76. Manjuthi Rajbah3., branch o£ Desert canal in N asirablid tahsil, Sibi District, III, 111. Manzakai, see Dobandi. Marani, see Shirani. Marav, vnlley in Sarawan, north of Isplinji, VI, 2::12. Mareti, affluent of Thai river in Loralai District, II, 21. Marri, semi-independent Baloch tribe in Sibi District, Ill, 54, 270. •MARRI-BUGTI COUNTRY, a semi-independent tribal area occupied by Marri and Bugti tribes under the control o£ Political Agent, Sihi District; lying between 28° 26' and 30° 4' N. and 67° 55' and 69° 48' E.; area 7,129 square miles; population 38,919; Marris 20,391 ; Bugtis 18,528; ·III, 264. MashelakJ:t, mountain range in Quetta-Pishfn Dis.trict, V, 8. Mashkhel, see Dehgwar niabat. Mashkhel, :\lashk!!d or Mashkel, river in Makran, and Kharan, VII, 20; VII-A, 16.



Mastihanzai, tribe in Kbtiran, VII-A, 75. Mastung, bead-quarter station of Political Agent, Kalat, of Political Adviser to H. H. the Kbun of Kalat, and of the local naib, situated in 27°48' N. and 66' 4 7'E.; population of tcwn proper ahout 1,600; VI, 233. Mata.-jo-garb, .hrine in Jhalawan, VI-B, 11. Maududi Chishti, Saiyad tribe in Sibi and Quetta-Pisbin Districts, III, 68; V, 75. Maza.hi, affluent of Thai river in Loralai District, II, 21. Med, tisherfolk along the Makran and Las B~la coust, VII, 105~106; VIII, 57. Mekhtar, village in Bori tah•il, Loralai District ; population 1,107; II, 354.

Miani, fishing ground on the Las Bela coast, VIII, 94. - - - - , nidbat of Las Bela Stute, population 9,000; VIII,_ 184-187. - - - - , town in 25° 25' N. and 66° 34' E. on ·the ~ast shore of M iani hor in Las Bela; population 3,166 ; VIII; 187. · ----,bay on the Las Belo.coast, VIII, 189-90. Mian Sahib family, important family oi Pirs residing in Katpar in Ka.chhi, VI-A, 50. Mina Bazar, village in thtl Zhob_ District in 31° 4' N. and 69° 17' E.; population 788; I,298. Mir Dost Zard. hills in Bugti country, Sibi District, III, 9. J

•MEKRAN, see Makran.

Mir Haji Kot, v i 11 a g e i n Barkhan tahsil, L o r a 1 a i District; population 866 ; III, 336. .

Melbi, hill range in Sarawan, VI, 9.

Mirjawa, river in C h District, IV-A, 22. ·

ag a i

Mirwari, Brli.hui t r i b e i n Jhalawan ~>nd :Makran, VI-B, Menga.l Brahui tribe in Jhala93; VII, 90-91. wan, VI-B, 82-86. Mishk, division of the Zahri Menga.l Zagar, Brahui tribe tract in Jhalawan, VI-B, 219. in Cbagai District, IV-A, 62. Mishkbel, see Mula river. Miani hor, backwater on Las Mithri, ra way station and Bela coast, VIII, I 0, 12. headquarters of R a i san i

Meman, see Khoja.

INDEX. Brahui Chief in Kachhi, VI-A, 197. Mizri, see Zamarai.


Mullazai, Baloch t r i h e i n Makran, VII, 104. Mulla Zargar Nika, shrine in the Quetta-Pishin District, V, 88.

Monastry hills, ruins of ancient fortifications in L o r a I a i · District, I!, 45. Mumu. see Sukh\ji river, VI-B, 24. Mor hills, see Pab. Morjim. river in Cbagai District, Muni, headquarters of Khan's Ja-•>ashin in Karkh valley in IV-A, 21. Jhalawan, containing about Moro, see Sarawan river. 25 houses; VI-B, 217. Mor Range. . offshoot of Pab Murdar, mountain range in RangP lying in Las Bela . Quetta-Pisbfn District, V, 9. State, VIII, 5. Murdarghar. hill range in Mugberi, B a I o c h tribe in Loralai District, IT, 15. Kachbi, VI-A, 43. Murghi Kotal, pass over the Takatu Range in QuettaMuhammad Hasni, Brahui tribe Pishin District, V, 11. in Cbagai District, Jbalawan and Kbaran, IV -A, 63 ; Murree Brewery, branch of the VI-B, 87-90; VII-A, 77. Murree Brewery Compaov '

Muhammad Kbel or Muhammad Kbeli, village in Shorar6.d valley in Quetta-Pisbin District, situated in 30° 0' N., and 66' 40' E.; population 335 ; v, 3!l3.


near Kirani in Quetta-Pisbin . District, V, 2~6 ; outrage of 1899, V, 284.

•MULA, river in· Kacbbi and Jbalawan, VI-A, 7; VI-B, 18-19.

"MUSAKHEL, tahSI1 ofLoralai District, situated between 30' 17' and 31° 28' N., and 69° 28' and 70' 15' R ; area 2,213 square miles; population 15,537; Musalmans, 15,377; Hindus 158; others 2 ; J,aod RevenueRs. 24,2H in 1904-5; II, 324-29.

- - - - , hill range in Jbolawan, VI-B, 5. ·

- - - - , Bnz'lr, headquarter station of i.\hiEakhel tshsil in

Muhammad Shahi, B r a h u i tribe in Sarawao, VI, 57.




30° 52' N., and 69° 49' E.; population 140; II, 326. •1JI"USAKHEL BARKHAN, Sub-division, see Barkhan MusakhliJ. Mushka.f, hill torrent in the Bollin Pass and N ushki Railway District, IV, 7. - - - , railway station in the Bollin Pass in 29° 34' N., .and 67' 40' E.; population 50; IV, 11 I. Musiani, clan of the Zahri Brlihuis in Jhalawlin, VI-B, 80-81.

N Nafusk, hills in Bugti country, Sibi District, Ill, 9. ----,pass in .l\Jarri tribal area, battle of, III, 277. Nag. see R1khsban. ' Nagau, hill rang" in Snrawan, VI, 4-5. Nakib, tribal group in Jbalawan, 1\Jnkntn, omd Kharan ; YI-B, 104-105; VII, 106-107; VII-A, 78. ----',see Darzada. · N al, valley of the Bizanjau tribe in Jbalawan, VI-B, 219-21. - - - - , village in the Nal valley in Jhalawao, VI-B, 220. Nal Kaur, see Gidar Dhor.

N amazi, M u@alman sect Makran, VII, 112.


N ana. Sahib, or Pir Abdul Hakimf a famous shrine in, Loralai District, and in Pishin tahsll, QuettaPisbfn District, II, 123 ; V, 88. Narechi, river in Lor a Ia i District, II, 20. •NARI, see Anamb~r river. - - - - , river in Sibi District and Kachhi, III, 10; VI-A,

5. Nari Gorge scheme, an irrigation scheme for Sibi District, III, l13. N armuk. a valley and village in eastern Sarawli.n ; village contains about 10 huts; VI, 236. Nassr, a clan ofGhilzai nomads in Zhob and Quetta-Pishln Districts, I, 79; V, 78. Nawar, shallow marshes in Chligai District and Khliran; IV -A, 25; VII-A, 180. N a.sirabad, village and fort in Kech, Makran, VII, 301. •NASiRABAD, Sub-division. and tahsil of Sibi District, lying between 2~ 55' and 28° 40' N. and 67" 40' and

INDEX. o9° 20' E.·; area 8~2 square miles; population 35,713, Musalm§.ns, 33,525; Hindus, 2,17:i ; L a n d R e v e n u e

Rs. I ,55,695; III, 259. Nausterwani, tribe in Makrl!.n, VII, 87-90. - - - - , dominant family Kb§.rl!.n, VII-A, 64.


New Rindli, see Rindli.

Norgama. valley in Jhal .. wan, VI-B, 223. '

---,village (150 hou•e•) in Norgama valley, Jbalawan, VI-B, 223. Nudba CBudha), ancient name of Kacbhi, VI-A, 14. Nurwah, branch of Begari canal in Nasfmbad tahsil, Sibi District, Ill, 111.

Neza-i-Sultan, peak of Koh-i- •N USHKI, tabs£1 or Cbli.gai DisSultl!.n R_ange in Chl!.gai DiStrict, between 29° 2' and 29° trict, IV-A, 15. 54' N. and 65° 13' and 66° Nicbara. village in Jhalawan, 2/.i' E.; area 2,202 square miles ; population 1O, 756 ; VI-B, 221-22. MuRalmli.ns 10,425; Hindu• Nichari, Brahui tribe in Jha329; others 2; Land Revelawl!.n, Vl-B, 99-100. nue Rs. 13,713 in 1904-05; Nigwar, dry-crop area in Dasht IV-A. valll'y ~f Makr§.n ; population • - - - - , terminus of Quetta3, 725 ; VII, 293-94. Nusbki Railway and beadNihing, affluent of Dasbt river quarters of Cbl!.gai District, in in Makrl!.n, VII, 18. 29° 34' N. and 66° 0' E., containing about 50 shop• Nildik Koh, a solitary conical und 70 houses, IV-A, 207bill in Ch§.gai District, IV-A, 16.

Nishpa. mountain in Sibi Dis- trict, III, 7 • Nodiz, fort in Makran, was cap> tured in \901 ; VII, 56. Nondrav, valley in Jhalawl!.n; population 600 ; VI-B; 22223-


0 Ormara, creek on tbe Las Bela coast, VIII, 12. - - - - , fishing ground on tbe Las B4lla coast, VIII, 114. - - , niabat of Las Bela State, VIII, 190-94.


Ormara, bill on tbe Bela C088t,

VIII, 191.

- - - , village on the Las Rela coast; population 2,505; : VIII, 194.

Omach, valley in Jhalawtln, VI-H, 223-24.

p •PAB, ~ountnin range in Jbalaw1\n and Las Bela, VI-B, 13 ; VIII, 5.


Rliahai Gichk, Dasbt-e-Shah" btlnz, Kohbun, and Parom, &c.; population 16,780; VII, 304.

Panjgilr proper. l'!.cnlity - i n Panjgur valley, MakrAn ; po,pulation 12,87.5; VII, 309.

Panjuk, village in Magas~i tribal area in Kachhi, VI-A, 197.

Panni or Panri, Afghtln tribe in Zbob, Loralai and Sibi Districts, I, 75; II, 75; 'III, 61.

Pabb hills, see Banh· Padaha, •e.e Mfrjawa river.

Parom. valley south-west of

Pahrod. see Baddo. Palantak, see Washuk and Palantak niabat.

Pasni. bRy on Makran coaot,

- - , locality in the Wllsbnk-Pnlantak niabai of Kharlln, VII-A, 187.

Panjgur in Makrtln; population 500; VII, 313. VII, 25. • - - - - , s~eaport of Makrtln in 25° 16' N. and 63° 28' E.; population 1,489; VII, 273. ·

- - - , stream in the Wllsbuk-Palnntllk n i a h a_t of Kbartln, VII-A, 179.

Pat. clay plains of Sibi, Kachhi,

Pan, mountain range in Sibi

Path&n Kot. see Lora lsi town.

District, III, 7.

Pandr&n, village (150 houses) in Jbalnwtln, known for ·itS anci~nt cave tombs, VI-B, 224-25.

Pandr&ni. Brtlbui tribe. in Jbalawtln,- VI-B, I 00.

and Khtlran, HI, 3 ; VI-A, ' . 3; VII-A, 22.

Pechi, ,Saiyad tribe in Loralai and Sibi Districts, II, 93; III, 69.

Felar, northern part of the Mirwari country lying in Jhnlawan; population 1, 750; VI-B, 225-26.

Panjglir, one of the main divi-

Phalliat. a division of Khetr'n

sions of Mnkrtln comprising Rakhsblln, PaJijgur proper,

tribe iu Loralai District, II, 98.

J!VDEX. Phula}j, bill range in Loralai District, II, 13. Pihlina-lath, bill r a n g e i n Saraw~n. VI, 11. Pikal. bill range

in Loralai



known for the ahrinA of Pir VI-B, 223.


Pir Rahim Shah, sb r i 11 e i a . Shorarud, Quetta-P i s b I n District, V, 89.

District, II, 13.

Pir Shah Muhammad, obline Pil, mountain in Sibi District . in Lomlai DiRtrict, II, 124. ' I I Pir Snltan, shrine in Ch~gai III, 7. Filin, stream in W ~ 8 b u k _ [ District, IV-A, 86. Palantak 11iahtween · 30' 9'

INDJJ:X. and 30' 28' N. and 67° 49' Jhalawi!.n, containing about and 68' 35' E. ; population 30 houses, Vl-B, 219. 6,866; :\Iusalmans, 6,811; . - - - - , tributary of the Hindus, 52; others, 3 ; Land Baddo river in Khi!.ri!.n, Revenue Rs. 18,848 in 1904; VII-A, 15. II, 344-349. •SARAWAN, t h e northern Sanjawi, · village in Sanjawi highland Division of Kalat sub-tahsil of Loralai District; State between 28° 57' and population 170 ; H, 347. 30' 8' N., and 66' 57' and 67° 31' E.; area 4,339 square Sanjrani, Rind Baloch tribe in miles ; population 65,549 ; Chngai District, IV -A, 65. M usalmans, 9 9 per cent. . Sanni, head-quarters of t h e Khan's revenue in 1903-4 Jotois in Kachhi in 29° 9' amounted to Rs. 1,26, 728, N. and 67° 34' E. ; population being chiefly derived from 415; VI-A, 198. land and octroi, VI. Sanzarkhel, clan of K a k a r - - - , river in Sarawan Afghan tribe in Zhob, Loralai, Division of K a I at State; and Quetta-Pishin Districts ; · joins the Bolan river at Blbi I, 68; II, 74; V, 66. Nani; VI, 13. Sanzar Nika.. shrine in Fort Sandeman tahsil, Zhob District, I, 101.

- - - - , nid.bat of Khlirnn;

Sappar, offshoot of Torghar Ra)lge in Loralai District, II, 10.

- - - - , tract of country in Sbimshan and Sali!.mbt!k niabat of Khtiran; VII-A, 152.

Saranan. railway st11tion and village in Quetta-Pishio District, population of station 87, of adjoining Batezal village, 531; v, 320. Sarap, head-quarters. of the Jattak Chief in Mishk Division of the Zahri tract i o

population 146-51.



Sardarai-Kalat, bead-quarters of the Sajdi Chief in Jbalawi!.n, Vl-B, 213. Sargara.. clan of Ki!.kar AfgMo tribe in Zhob and Quetta/ Pishin Districts ; I, 71 ; V,

66. r



Sarlat or Sarlatb, bill range in Cbtigai and Quetta-Pisbfn Districts forming a continuation of the Kbwaja Amran Range, IV -A, 6; V, 6, 8. Sarmastari, Lori-folk of Jbnlawan, VI-B, 105. Sarparra, Brlihui tribe in Sarawan, VI, 64.

Shli.dozai, originally kibzai Kakars, now affiliated with the Tarfns in Loralai District, II, 77. Shah Abdulla, shrine in Sarawan, VI, 75. Shah Bilawal, shrine in LasBela in 25° 48' N., and 67·' 5' E.; VIII, 38.

Sariln, offshoot of the Harboi bill range in Sarawan, VI, 8.

Shah Husain Nika. shrine in Hindubagb tahsil of Zbob District, I, 99.

Sarlina, valley in Jbalawan, the scene of Mengal-Chhutta dispute, VI-B, 227-28.

Shahiwah, irrigation canal in Sibi District, III, 111.

Sasoli, clan of the Zabri Brti.hui~ in Jbalawan, VI-B, 78-80.

Sassi Waro Watto, a rock in the bed of .Mobbar river in Las Bela, VIII, 42-3. Satadip. see Haptalar. Sawar, stream in Kulancb, Makran, VII, 270. Sli.wara, river in Zbob District, I, 22.

Sehan, stream in Loralai District! II, 19. Seh Xota, ancient ruins in Snnjawi tahsil, Lornlai District, II, 49.

Shadi Xaur. stream in 1\Iakran, VII, 19.

- - - - , branch of the Desert canal in Sibi District, III, Ill.

Shah Mardan, shrine in Sarawan, VI, 75. •sHAHRIG, Sub-division and tahsil of Sibi District, between 29° 49' and 306 37' N., and 67°. 14' nod 68° 22' E.; area 1,595 square miles; population 16,573; Musalmans, 15,583; Hindus, 777; Christians, 39; Land Revenue Rs. 27,332 in 1904-5; III, :!51-59. Shal, see Quetta. Shli.l Tangi, see Hanna. Shli.hwani, Brahui t r i be in Quetta-Pishin District and in

INDEX. Snrawlin an d Kachhi, V, 77-78; VI, 53; VI-A, 47. Sharod, see Shoratild. Shatrak, hills in Marri country, Sibi District, III, 9. SMbo, irrigation canal in Pisbin tahsil, Quetta-Pisbfn District, v, 140. Sheh-Li!i.ri, niabat of Las Bela State; population 6,8501 VIII, 197-200. Sheh-parja. Musalmlin sect in Makran, VII, 114. Ehehzada. Baloch tribe in Makran, VII, I 02. Sheikh. a section of the Makbiani Tor Tarfn Afghans in S£bi District, III, 65. - - - - , tribe in Kachhi, VI-A, 49. - - - - , a mixed tribe found in J,as Bela, VIII, 55. Sheikh Husain, s h r in e in Cbagai District, IV -A, 9, 87; YII-A, 9. Sheikh Husaini, originally a branch of tbe Haruni section of Muhammad Hasni Brlihui tribe in Jbalawan, now affiliated with the Raislini Brli· huis of Sarawan, VI, 53. Sheikh Raj, a combination of heterogeneous groups in Las Bela, VIII, 51.


Sheikh Rajab, shrine in Sarawan, VI, 74. Sheikh Tarn Nika, shrine in Hindubligh tahsil of Zbob District, I, 99. Shilrghalai, ancient mound in Loralai District, II, 4 7. SUr Ghundi, spur of K a n d mountain in Pish£n tahs£1 of Quetta-Pishln District, V,



Shimshan and S a 1 a m b k, niabat of Khlirlin ; population I ,500; VII-A, 151-56. Shinghar, a continuation of Tabai Range in ZLob District, I, 15. - - - - , subsidiary range of the Sulaiman mountain in Zhob District, I, 10, - - - - , sanitarium in Zhob District, about 30 miJeg south-east of Fort Sandeman, situated in the Sulaimlin Range at an elevation of 8,700 feet, I, 298., Afghan tribe in Zbob District, I, 73. Bargha section of Shirani Afghlin tribe living in D~ra Ismail KMn District, I, 73.

- - - -1

- - - - , Largha section o£ Shfrlini Afgblin tribe living




in Dolra Ismail Khtin District, I, 73.

hills of Persian Makran, VII, 14-16; VII-A, 12.

Shirinab, river in Sarawan, joins the SborarUd in QuettaPishfn Dist~ict and eventually falls into the Pishin Lora, VI, 14.

Siah Gisi, village' YII, 12.

- - - , valley i~ Sarawan, VI, 238.

- - - , h i l l rnnge in Sara wan,

Shirinao, see Saranan.

Siahpli.d, clan of the Blzanjau Brahuis in Jhalawan, VI-B,

Shobro, see Mata-jo-garb. Shoran, headquarters of Rind Bnloch Chief in Kachbi in 28° 52' N. and 67° 27' E.; population 2,000; VI-A, 199. Sborarlid, tributary of Pishfn Lora in Quetta-Pisbin District, V, 14.

in Makran,

SiaJi· Koh, hills i n M a r r i country, Sibi District, III, 8. '

VI, 9.


Sialu, mountain r a n g e in Loralai District, II, 16. ---,hills in Marri country, Sibi District, Ill, 8. Sianah Koh, Range.



---,Sub-division of QuettaPishfn District, between 29° Sianr, Lasi tribe in Las Bela, Vllf, 66. 43' and 30° 29' N. and 66° X5' and 66° 44' E. ; popula:Pistrict of Baluchistan, tion 1,062, all Musalmans; lying between 2i 0 56' and average revenue Rs. 1,899 ; V, 30° 38' N. and 67° 17' and 321. 69° 50' E.; area 11,281 squarP Shlir, see Sarlat. miles; population 73,893; Musalmans, 66,807; Hindus, Siab, stream in Loralai Dis6,569; Christians, 122; Sikhs trict, II, 19. 377; Parsis, 14; · Jews, 4; "SIAHAN RANGE or Sianah Revenue Rs .. 2,98,623: T.nnd Koh. the hill range which Revenue con t rib u t i n g separates Kharan from the Rs. 2;37,957. E x c i s e Rs. valley of the Rakhshli.n and 25,288; Stamps Rs. 11,642. eventually disappears in the III. '


INDEX. • - - - - , Sub-division of Sibi District, comprising Sibi and Koblu tahsils, III, 240. • - - - , tahsil of Sibi Dis· trict, between 29° 21' and 30° 15' N. and 67° 11' and 68° 9' E.; area 1,343 square miles; population _20,526; Musalmli.ns, 16,643 ; Hindus, 3,598; ChriRtians, 83; others, 203 ;· revenue, Rs. 81,539 ; III, 240-47. • - - - , head-quarters o£ Sibi District, in 29° 33' N. and 67° 53' E.; population, 4,551; III, 245. Siliaza, stream in trict, I, 23. , ~SIRANDA,

Zbob Dis-

lake in Las Bela,

VIII, 9-10. Sirani, hills in 1\Iarri country, Sibi District, III, 9. Sirwab, branch o£ Begliri canal in Nasfr§.blid tahs£1, Sibi District, III, 111. Siwi, see Sibi. Skindar Sari, coal mines Zhob District, I, 189.


Sobr, Rind Baloch tribe · Kb!i.rli.o, VII-A, 72.



Sorae, portion of Snrghund mountain r a n g e east of Waltoi in Zhob District, I, 16. Sor Range, coal bearing hill range in Quetta-Pisbfn Dis,. trict, Y, 178. Speragbar, subsidiary range of Toba Kii.kar hills in Zhob District, I, 12. Spingbar, subsidiary range of Toba Kli.kar hills in Zbob District, I, 13. - - - , coal mines in Zhob District, I, 189. Spin Ghundi, ancient monnd in ' Pisbin tab sf! o£ Quetta-Pishfn District, V, 47. Spintangi, railway station in 29° 52' N. and 68° 8' E., in Sibi District, III, 258. Spin Tarin, see Tarin Spin. Sri Toi, see Cbukban. Sukba Daula, a continuation of the Dekha Range in Loralai District, II, 13. Suklllji, river. in Kachbi and , Jbalawli.n, VI-A, 6; VI-B, 24-6. • Snlaiman Kblll, clan o£ Gbilzai tribe in Zhob District, I, 80.

Soinda. see MUla river, VI-B, 18. •SULAIMAN BANGE, mountain range between 28° 31' Sonmiani. see



ghund mountain in Zbob District, II, 16.

nnd 32° 4' N., and 67° 52' and 70° I '1' E., in Zbob, Loralai and Sibi Districts, I, 6; II, 9; III, 8. ,

Surkhab, stream in QuettaPisbfn District, V, 15.

Sumalari or Sumalani. Brabui tribe in Shorarud valley, Quetta-Pish{n District, and in Jhnlawun, V, 322; VI-B, 96-7.

T Tabai. a continuation of the Kand mountain in Zhob District, I, 14. Taib, Musalman sect in Kacbhi, VI-A, 53,

Sunari, hills in Marri country, Sibi District, III, 9.

Takatu, mountain range in Quetta-Pisb!n District, V, 11.

- - - - , railway station and scene of Mnrri outrages of 1896 and 1899, III, 282-83~

Takht-i-Sulaiman, hi g best point of Su!aimlin Range in Zhob District, I, 8.

Slir, fishing ground on Makran coast, VII, l!OO. Slirab, valley in VI-B, 228-229.

- - - - , important shrine in Fort' Sandeman, tahs!l of Zbob District, I, 101.


- - , village lying in 28° 30' N., and 66° 16' E., in Jhalawan, VI-B, 229.

Talaran, see Bulo. T~tlar-e~Band, main offshoot of

1\Iakrlin Coast Range; VII, 7, 269.

Slirghar, see Torghar, I, 11. - - - , a continuation of the southern bills of the Sulaiman Range into Loralai District, II, 11.

Talhab, river in Cbligai District, IV-A, 21.

siirghund. mountain range in Zbob District, I, 16.

Talli, stream and also a village in Sibi District, Ill, 12. Taloi, ·a ridge forming an extension of the l\Iakran Coast Range, VH, 8.

- - - , a succession of parallel ridges in Loralai District consisting of ofFshoots of Sur-

Tambrari, clan of Bizanjau Brlibuis in Jhalawan, VI-B, 91.

- - - , mountain range in Sibi District, III, 7.




•THAL CHOTIALI, a former District of Baluchist!in. Tanishpa. village in Zhob District ; population 248 ; I, Thal Rod, river in Loralai District, II, 21. 302. Tang,, see Toi.

Tank, river in Makran, VII, 23. Tank-e-Zurrati, a gorge in the Siahan, Range of Makran, VII, 16. Taran, 15aiyad tribe in Loralai, Sibi and Quetta-Pisbfn Dis• tricts; II, 95; III, 68; V, 76. Targhara, clan of K :! k a r Afghan tribe in Quetta-Pishfn District, V, 64. Tarin, Afghan tribe in Loralai, Sibi and Quetta• Pishfn Districts, II, 81; III, 64; V, 67. Tarin Spin, clan . of '1' a r f n Afghan tribe in Loralai, Sibi and Quetta-Pisbfn Districts, II, 81 ; III, 64; V, 68. ·---, Tor, clan of Tarin Afghan tribe in I.oralai, Sibi and Quetta-Pishfn Districts, II, 83 ; III, 65; V, 68. Ta tagar, stream in the Gwash niabat of Kharan, VII-A, 157. Tauki, a tribe in Kbaran, VII-A, 75. Taunsa Sharif. shrine in Dera Gbazi Khan District of the Punjab, II, 127-28.

Tikel, or Tikhel, hills in Marri country, Sibi District, III, 8. Tilerae Jan M;nhammad, asbestos mines in Hindubagh tabsH of Zhob District, I, 186. Tirh, hill range in Loralai District, II, 10. Toba hills, or Toba Achakzai hills, a continuation of Toba K li k a r i Range in QuettaPisbfn District, V, 6. •TOBA KAKAR RANGE, mountain range between 30° 22' and 32° 4' N., and 66° 23' and 69° 52' E., in Zhob District; I, 12. Toi, see Rod Jogezai (I, 21). - - , river in Loralai District, II, 21. Toiwar, irrigation scheme in Zhob District, I, 141. Torghar, subsidiary range or ::iulaiman mountains in Zhob District, I, 11. - - - - , subsidiary range of Toba Kakari hills in Zhob District, I, 14. --.---, hill range in Loralai District, II, 9, 18.



Tsapar, a continnation of Tabai Range in Zbob District, I, 15. Tsappar, sPe Sappar, II, 10. Tumbel, a _range of mountains in the Luni country, J,oralai District, II, 17.

' Tump. valley in Kech, Makran; population 7, 700 ; VJI, 302. Turbat, village in Kej, Makran ; population 2,660 ; VII, 304. Turk-nli.-Hadiraghli.k, Turkish tombs near Saruna, in Jbalawan, VI-B, 60. Tlitak, valley in Jbnlawan, headquarters of Kalandrani Brahui Chief, VI-B, 229-30. '

u Uch, oasis in the zen bills south of the Bugti country in Sibi District, III, 293. U ch Rli.jbaha, branch of Desert canal in N nsirabad tahsil of Sibi District, III, 111. Umrani, section of the SMhwani Brabui tribe in Sara wan, VI, 55. - - - - , Baloch tribe il\ Sibi District, and Kacbhi, III, 57; VI-A, 42. - - - - , clan of the Bfzanjau Brabuis in Jbalawan, VI-B, 91.

- - - - , Umararahi, see Chiringi. Upper Zhob, Sob-division of Zbob District comprising Kila Saifulla anrl Hi n d:u bag h . t~bsils,

I, 299.

U, Afghan t r i b e in Loralai District, alleged to be of Saiyad origin; II, 89, Uthal, 'llici.bat of· Las Be I a State ; population 8,600 ; VIII, 200-3. - - - - , headquarter station of Utbal niabat of Las Bela State; population 1,475; VIII, 203.

w Wad, valley in Jbalawan belong· ing to Mengal Brabuis, VI-B, 230-1. ---, beadquarters of Mengal Brahui tribe (see Bakal-ta· Sbahr), W li.dili.n, lake and salt bed in Western Kbaran; VII-A, 114, 171. Wad-i-Sultan, lake anrl salt tract in weste~n Kbaran, VII-A, 114, 171. Wandlii, see Rakhni riverWani, valley and village in Sanj'!iwi sub-tahsil of Loralai District; population 906; II, 347.

INDEX.. W ani Rod, hill torrent in Loralsi District, II, 21. Washuk, a locality in the W6.shuk-Palantak niabat of Kbaran, VII-A, 186. Washuk and Palantak, niabat of Kharan; population 990; VII-A, 17, 787. Washuki, tribe VII-A, 76.



Wazir (known sol!letimes as Waziri), Afghan tribe inhabiting the country north-east of Zhob, I, 84.


z Zagar Mengal, sea M e n g a I Ztate; population 15,600; VIII, 204-8.

Zamuran, hill tract in Central Makran Hauge, VII, 11.

Western Jhalawan Range, hill range in Jhalaw4n, VI-B, 7; (also see Gnrr hills, VII-A,

Zao Tangi, a defile i n t h e ::>ulaiman lhirinlib valley in Sarawlin, VI, 239. Zarghun, hill range in :Sibi and Quetta-Pisbin Districts, JII, 5;



Zarkuo, Afghan tribe in Loralai and Sibi Districts; II, 88; Ill, 66, Zarrakzai, dominant clan of the Zabri Bnlhuis of JLAiawao, Vi-B, 74-6. G



Zayak, see Bessima valley and I Zayak. Zen, hills in Bugti country, Sibi District, III, 9. Zhal, see Xorakan. Zharghat, mountain in Sibi District, III, 7. "ZHOB, District of Baluchistan between 30° 32' and .32° 4' N., and 67° 27' and 70° 3' E.; an;a 9,626 square miles; population 69,718; .Musalmans, 67,772; Hindus, 1,529; Sikhs, 320; Christians, 96; Jew, 1; Revenue R~. 1,25,984 in 1904-5; chief sources being Land Revenue and ExciH•, I.

•zrARAT, sanitarium and summer headqua.rters of Baluchistan, lying in 30° 23' N. and 67° 51' E. in Sibi DIS" trict, III, 258. Zibra, hill range in Sarawan, vr. 9. Zidi, valley in Jbalawan· 15 miles south-west of Khuzdar,' VI-B, 231. - - , villag~, h~ad-quarters of Khan's Jana•hin in Zfdi, Jbalawan, VI-B, 231; Zikri, a curious sect of Musalmans in Jhalawan, Makran, and Las Bela; VI-B, 107_:8; VII, 112, 116-121; VIII, 63.

• - - , river in Zbob Di•trict, I, 17, 142.

Zinda. Pir, shrine in C h Di•trict, IV-A, 88.

Zhob, Upper, see Upper Zhob.

Zinda. Rod, •ee Na.rechi.

Zhweghar, subsidiary range of l'oba Kakar hills in Zhob District, I, 12.

ag a i











CHAPTER I.-DESCRIPTIVE. Page. Physical aspects :-Situation and dimensions-Origin of name-Boundaries-Eastern boundary-."'ou• . thern boundary-Western boundary-Configuration:._Hill ranges--Snlaiman range-Takht-iSulaiman-The Zao defile-The Gat defile~ Chuhar KMI DaMna Pass-S':lbsidiary ranges, Shfu.ghar-Torghar-Toba Kakar Range-Subsidiary_ ranges, Speraghar-Spingbar-TorgharKand mountain-Tabai-Tsapar and ShfngbarSakfr-Rurghund and Sorae. Rivers--The Zhob river-Kundar-Chukhan or Sri toi-Rod Fakfrzai -Rod Jogezai {Kandfl)-Sawara-Siliaza-Khaisara-Chubar Kbel DaMna stream. Geology. Botany. Fauna ...


Climate, temperature and rainfall :-Climate, Seasons, Rainfall, Winds, Floods, Earthquakes


History :-Modern history-7.hob expedition, 1884-Murder of Sbahmar Khan, 1885-Dost Muhammad, 1887-Sir Robert Sandeman's march to Apozai, 1888-Submission of the Mando KhelsSubmission of the Zhob Kakars--Occnpation of Zhob, . 1_889-Reiations with the Jogezai family after the occupation of Zhob-Mnrder of Sardar Shfngnl, son of RMh Jaban (Nawab KahollSnbmission of Bangal Khan-Administrative arrangements--Important events, 1892 ...




Page. Arch19ology :-Mounds-Old forts-Old Band·i-Dawi-:-Oid coins


Population :-Ethnographical history-Density_ and growth-Towns and villages-Migration-Emigration-Periodic immigration-Immigration from India-Age statistics-Vital statisticsInfant mortality and infirmities-Comparative number of the sexes and Civil condition-;\Iarriage customs-Marriage ceremonies-Brid~-price­ System of exchange-.II r system of marriageMarriage expenses and gifts-Divorce-Penalties for adultery-The status of women and rights to property-Inheritance-Language-Races, tribes and castes-Tribal constitution- Kakars-The Sanzar Khel clan-Dumars-Sanatia clan-The Sargara clan-Physical characteristics-Shfrani . tribe-Character and appearance-The Panri tribe-The Lawana clan-The Mando Khel clanThe Safi triba-The Saiyads-Ghilzais-Kharot -Nasars-The Sulaimiln Khel-The Wazfrs Rehgion-Islam-Hindus ,and Hinduism-Arya Samaj-Occupation-Sociallife-Custom of hospitality-Co-operation among the tribesmenFood-Fruit and vegetables-Utensils-DnissHair;-Ornaments-Dwellings-Disposal of the dead-Amusements and festivals-ShrinesNames and titles--Rules of honour-System of reprisals-Blood compensation-Afghan refugees

• CHAPTER II.-ECONOMIC. Agriculture :-General conditions-Soils-Rainfah and system of cultivation in relation theretoIrrigated and unirrigated areas in the district and sources of irrigation-Population dependent on





Page. agriculture-Sowing and harvest times-Stnple food grnins, wheat, dry crop cultivRtion-Bnrley -MRize-Juar.i, dry crop cultivation-Millet, .llzhdan and ghosht-Rice-Manure, fallows and rotation-Outturn-Fruit and vegetable production-Melons-Kitchen vegetables-Extension of cultivation-Agricultural implements-Agricultural advances-Agricultural indebtedness-Sales and mortgages of land-Domestic animals-Camels .-Cattle-Donkeys-Sheep and goats-WoolAverage value of each kind of animal-Cattle diseases-Government irrigation works-Toiwar irrigation scheme-Sources of irrigation-Streams -The ZbolJ river-Flood irrigation-Band-iDawi-Springs-Karezes-Maintenance of ],W,.. ezes and water cba~nels-Division of waterWater-mills-Hand-mills · 109-156 Rents, Wages and Prices :-Produce rents, method of distribution of the grain heap in Hindubagh tabsfi-Kila Saifulla-Fort Sand11man-Wnges -Wages of herdsmen and shepherds-Cow-herds -Camel-herds-Mullas and Saiyads' wagesCarpenter's and blacksmith's wnges-Wages of amba.rchi-Mirab's and Ohalera's wages-Wages o£ orop watchers-Karez diggers-LabourersPrices 156-168 Weights and Measures:-Measures of weightMeaoures of grain-Miscellaneous measuresLinear measures-Superficial measures-Measures of time-Currency · ... 168-174 Material condition ofthe people ·Forests :-Brie£ history and possibilities of increasing forest reserves-Present (1905) arrangementsPistachio-Juniper-Oiive-.-Ohi/ghoza--P in us




Page. t:~:ctlaa

(na•T.tar)-A cacia modesta-Ash-Minor produce-Cumin seed-Hyssop-Rhubarb-Rewand chimi (sakhryai)-Malkhozai-Asafretida -Arborjculture •••

l 75-184

Mines and Minerals :-Salt.-Asbestos-ChromiteSaltpetre-Coal...!.Miscellan eons products : petroleum ... 185-191 Arts and Manufactures :-Embroidery-Carpets and other woollen fabrics-Felts and kosae-Copper work-Silver and 'goldsmiths-Leather workPo&tins-Dyeing-Crude carbonate of sodaPottery


Commerce and Trade :-Powindah trade-Local trade -Imports-Fort Sandeman-Exports-Classes engaged in trade,Octroi, etc.-Dali!ls


Means of Communica.tion :-Railways: RoadsHamai-Loralai-Kbajuri-Kach road-The Fort Sandeman-Cbubar Kbel-Dabl!.na road-Fort Sandeman-Musa Kbel road-Khl!.nai-Fort Sandeman road-Other roads-Trade routes-Transport -C11mel contracts-T e I e g rap h offices-,-Post offices 207-216 Famine :-Scarcity and its causes-History of periods of scarcity and protective measures-Visitations of locusts-~'loods-Rust 216-220

CaA:rEa III.-ADMINISTRATIVE. Administration and Stall' Judicial :-Special laws-Administration of civil and criminal justice-Additional powers of Extra Assistant Commissioner• and Tah•ildAr•-Civil justice-Criminal justice-Ji•·ga. cases-Local,


APPENDiX. Page.. joint, Shahi and inter-provincial jirpa8-Syatem of selection of members-Prevalentcrim·e-Acceptance of findings by parties-Fanatical ·outrages -Registration 222-231 Finance =-:Brief history-Zhob Levy 'Corps contract -Levies and Police contract-New contractFirst quasi provincial settlement ... 231-233 Land Revenue :-Early revenue history-Modern revenue history-Cash rates on miscellaneous crops -Sale of revenue grain-Survey and settlement -Record of rights and its maintenance-Statistics of land revenue-'-Land tenures, Jdgirs-The ,origin and character of tenancies-Custom of periodical distribution-Tenants and tenanciesSize of holdings-Headmen or ma!iks and their remuneration-Incidence-System of remissions and suspensions-Exemption of improvements from revenue-Waste lands-Restrictions against transfer ~f land to non-agriculturists-Government land .and water-Water mills-Grazing ta.i: -Powinrlahs in Zhob-Revenue-free grants, grain and ca~h allowances-The Harip!ll muMi.Husain Nika shrine mtHifi,-Grants to the Jog~zaiR of Kila Saifulla-Hill Jogezais 233-256 Miscellaneous Revenues :-Salt-Opium-Intoxicating drugs-Country spirits and rum-llistill~tion of country liquor-Foreign liquors-Methylated spirits-Consumers, consumption and aggregate revenue-Stamps-Income-tax 1!56-260 Local Funds


Public Works: -Important works-Pipe water supply at Fort Sandeman-Levy, posts




264 II



, Page. Zhob Levy Corps :-Good conduct allowance-Uniform 11nd arms-Asami fund-Corps f~ndsServices rendered by the Corps · ·••


Levies :...:...Zhob Kakar service-Trans-border posts ...

271-277 '

Police:-Total strength-System of recruitment and training-Measures taken to improve the status of the police, etc.-Arms-Cognisable crimeCrime in towns-Trackers-Remarkable crimes277-283 DaMna road outrages-Cattle pounds 283-284 Jails Education :-Early methods-Growth of schoolsMiscellaneous-Libraries ·~


Medical :-Fort Sandeman dispensary-The Dufferin Fund Zanllna Dispensary, Fort Sandeman-HinduMgh and Kila' Saifulla dispensaries-Principal diseases and their causes -,-Cholera- Typhus-In11 uenza-Small-pox-Vaccination and inoculation -Indigenous remedies-Working of the picepacket system of s!lle of quinine-Village sanita285-292 _tion and water-supply .•• ...



CHAPTER IV.-MINIATURE GAZETTEERS. Fort Sandeman tahsil· imd Sub-division :-General description-Boundaries-Hill ranges-Drainage and rivers-Forests-Oiimate, temperature and . rain fa 11-History-Popnlation-AgricultureCommnnications-Administrative-Land revenue -Special products-Fort Sandeman-Mina Bazar 293-299 Upper Zhob Sub-division Xila Saifulla tahsil :-General description-Boundaries-Hillnmges-Drainage and rivers-Forests -Climl\te, temperature and rainfall-History-



51 Page.

Population-Agriculture- CommunicationsAdministrative staff-Land 'Revenue-Special products


Hindubagh tahsil :-General description-Boundaries-Hill ranges-Drainage and rivers-Forests -Climate, temperature and rainfall-HistoryPopulation-Agriculture-- Communications-Administrative staff-Land revenue-Special pro~ ducts-Kamr-ud-dfn Klirez-Kamchughai 303-309 Bibliography




APPENDICES. Appendix I.-Joint agreement executed by the Afgblin and British Commissioners of the Indian-Afghlin Boundary Commission. Appendix II.-Alphabeticallist of common trees and plants of the Zhoh District. Appendix III.-Geneological tree of the Klikar tribe. Appendix IV.-Alphabetical list of agricultural implements . . Appendix v.-~lphabeticallist of principal agricultural, revenue and shepherd's terms used in the Zhob District 311-351



CBAl'TER I.-DESCRIPTIVE. Physical Aspects :-Situation and dimensions-Origin. of name-Boundaries-Southern boundary -Western boundary-Northern boundary-Confignratiun-HiU rang~s-Sulaiman range-Subsidiary rllnges, Torghar-Sappar or Tsapar-Tirh -Buj....:surghar Range-Kakal Range-Karwada

APPEN,DIX. Page. -Dekh11..-Sukha. Daula -,And1iri-lthulali -Pikal-Jandran.....,.Kasa or. K!\sasar,--Ghund, Gazghai and,_oth~r penks-Murdarghar-Sialu-Dabar or Dabbar-Th~ Surghund hills-Damanghar-.,Churmaghar-:Kru-:-Gndabar-Tum,bel-Torghar -Rivers....:....The -. . . Auambar-Kohar or Babai-. Sillb-Sehan-Uki-Narechi-Baladhi!.ka.,-Thal -Toi-Lang-Luni-Han. or Karin-RakhniS~en,~ry-Geology:-:- Botany-Fa una


Climate, Temperature and Rainfall :-SeasonsRainfall-Winds-Floods-Storms-Earthquakes


History and Archreology :-The Timurids-The Mughals-Enrly English travellers-The. Safa- · vids, 1622 .A,D~ Expedition under Prince Dare. Shikoh-NIIdir Shllb-Ahm"d SMh Durrani, 1826 A. I),.-.The, Buzd~r. col.t;imn.. Rela_tions with KllkarA-ARCHJEOLOGY-Mound~, in ThaiAncient. sites of Loralai and Thai,--Forts. of "Monastery Hill," Loralai-Shergbalai mound- . Tbai-Rn.ins. of Seh Kota in Wani, i'n the Sinjllwi tahsil-Old coins


Population •-Ethnographical. history.,-DensityTowns and villages-Growth of population-Mig-. ration-Immigration from India-Age statistics, vital statistics, infant mortality and infirmitiesCompar!ftive ,number of sexes a'!d civil condition, -:\iarriage customs-Marriage ceremoniesMarriage ceremonies of Khetrllns-Bride-price -System of exchange-Peculiar systems-The. marriage expenses and gifts-Divorce.,-Penalties for adultery-The status of women an.d .right~. to property-Inheritanc!h-Langnnge'- Khlitrani:Rnluchi-Races, Tribes and, Ce.stes.,.,-Tribal consti·tution-Kakar.;-Sanzar Kbl\.ls=DnmarrZa)l,h-



Page. of K!i.karsPnnnis-'-Tar£ns-Spfn Tar£ns-Tarln Shlidozai drinking-water case-Tor Tar£ns-Ciiaracteristics -Lunis-Isots-Zarkuns-JMars- UstrlinasZamarais-Ghilzais-Soiyads-Pechi SaiyadsHusllinis-Kharshins-Tlirans-Bukhari Saiyads, - Bed!i.r-Bahlolzai-Khetrlins-Their originThe Chacha-The Isp! Phulli!i.t--Brief History and Chiefs Family-Hasnis-BaluchHindus-Social and domestic ceremonies-Dress -Disabilities in pre-British days-Arya SamlijReligion-Islam-Occupation-Social life-The· custom of hat-Custom of Hospitality-Co"oper~ ation among the tribesmen-Food-UtensilsDress-Women's dress-Hair- Dwellings-Disposal of the dead-Amusements and festivalsShrines, Pfr Abdul Hakim alias Nlina SahibHare Ana-Pfr Shah Mahmud-Minor shrinesShrines in Dera GMzi KMn District--Sakhi Sarwar-The Taunsa shrine-Names and titlesRules of honour-System of reprisals-Blood compensation-AfgMn refugees ••• ••. 52-132 pels-SMdozais~Characteristics

CHAPTER H.-ECONOMIC. Agriculture :-General conditions...:.Soils-Rainfall and system of cultivation in relation theretoIrrigated and unirrigated areas in the District and sources of irrigation-Population dependent on agriculture-Sowing and harvest times....,...Staple · food grains_:.Wheat-Irrigated land-Dry crop cultivation-Barley-Maize-Dry crop cnltivation-Jwd?-i-Dry crop cultivation-Bajri-Rice -Millets-Mung-Mot h-Tohacco--LucerneManure, fallows and rotation-Fruit and vegetable production-Melons-Kitchen vegetables-


APPENDIX. Page. Carrots-Onions-Extension of cultivation-Agrioultnral implements-Agricultural advancesSpecial loans-Agricultural indebtedness-Mortgages and sales-D.:>mestic animals-HorsesCamels-Cattle-Donkeys-Sheep and goatsAverage value of each kind of animal-Pasture grounds and grazing-Fairs-Cattle diseases, Irrigation-Government irrigation works-The Anamb!tr flood channel-Sources of irrigationStreams-lISTRICT. CHAPTER I.-DESCRIPTIVE. Physical Aspects :-Situation and dimensions-Origin of name of District-Boundaries-ConfigurationMoving sandhills-Hill ranges-Sarlat-The Ras Koh Range-Principal passes-Gaukok hillKacba Koh Range....:Cbagai bills-Situation and general description-The Chapar Range-Kob-iSultan-Damodfn-Koh-i-Dalil-Nildilc KohRiver system-The Khaisar river-The Lora river -The Kurang and Kulao torrents-The Bulo river -The Morjen river-Hill torrents-Mfrjawa river -Hamuris-Lora Hamun-Hamun-i-MashkelGaudi-Zirr~h-Nawars-Geolog y- Botany Fauna-Birds Climate, Temperature and Rainfall :-Rain snow fnll-Winds -Eathquakes ·



History and Archeology:- Mongols-Immigration of the Baloch-The ~afavid dynasty-The Ghilzai dynasty of Kandahar-.Nad;r Shah-Tribes of the District-Nasfr Khan I-Pottinger-Amfr Abdur Rahman Khan-CM,gai....:Sir Uharles McGregor-


73 Perso-Baloch and Afgbli.n-Baloch Boundary Commissions-Formation of the District-List of Assistant Politicar Agents-Modern incidentsArchreology-,-Ancient remains at NushkiFind of ancient jars-Gumbaz near NushkiSearch for Pottinger's ruins on Kbarlin route-Old coins Population :-Ethnographical history-DensityTowns and villages-Character of villagesGrowth of population-Migration, immigration and immigrants-Age statistics, vital statistics, infant mortality and infirmities-Comparative number of sexes and social condition-Marriage customs-Marriage ceremonies-Bride-priceSystem of exchange-Marriage expenses and gift. -Divorce-Penalties-The status of women and . ·their rights to property-Inheritance-Language -Races and tribes-Tribal constitution-Rakhsblinis-The Badfni Rakhsbanis-The Jamaldfni R11khshanfs- The Mandais- Characteristics of the Rakhshanis--Zagar Mengals-The Muhammad Hasnis-The Sanjaranis-Saiyads-Nushki Saiyads-Cbligai Saiyads-Barech-Langav-Loris ~Hindus- Rekis-Damanis-Religion-IslamHinduism-Occupation-Social life and social precedence-Hospitality-Co-operation among the individuals and groups-Hashar-Gatau-Manner of spending day by a headman, cultivator and shepherd-Food-Milk and its preparations-Fruit and vegetables-Tobacco-Utensils-Dress-Hair -Dwellings-Di~posal of thedead-Amusemente, festivals and shrines-Festivals-Shrines-Pfr Sultan-Sheikh Husain-Minor shrines-Names and title~-Rules of honour-System of reprisals. -Blood compeosation-Afgbao refugees



46-91 L




Agriculture:-General conditions-Soil-Rainfall and system of cultivation in relation thereto-Population engaged in and dependent on agricultureSowing and harvest times-Principal crops, wheat -Sowing in irrigated land-Threshing-Cultivation in unirrigated Iand-Barley-Juxtri-Subsidiary food crops-Fruit and vegetable production -PaUzat-Rotation and outturn_.:_Extension of cultivation-Agricultural implements-Agricul. tnral advances-Agricultural indebtedness-Domestic animals-Horses-Camels-DonkeysCattle-Sheep· and goats-Pas'ture grounds and feeding cattle-Cattle diseases-Irrigation-Karez irrigation-The Nushki stream-Maintenance of channels and ka•·ezes-Division of perennial water-Water-miJJs-Hand-mills-· Persian Windmills-Artesian wells


Rents, Wages and Prices :-Rents-Produce rents, method of d istrihution of the grain heap-Duties of tenants-Wage~-Harvest labourers-Shepherds-Camel-herds-Village servants-Cropwatchers-Labourers-Skilled labour-Karez ' diggers-Prices


Weights anll. Measures :-Measures of grain-Linear measures-Superficial measures-Measures of time-Coins U9-123 Material condition of the .people


Forests :-Protective measures taken-Minor forest prodn~e-Asafcetida-Important trees, pistach,io -Date-palm · ·124-126

APPENDIX. Mines and Minerals :-Silicate of . copper-Ores occurring in veins-Drana Koh-Saindak-Kohi-Malik Siah-Produce of recent volcanoes ..... ··Gypsum-Salt

75 Page.


Arts and Manufactures :-Embroidery-Carpets and · rugs-Dyeing-Felts and eor-Silver anrl goldsmiths-Ornaments-Potters 131-134 Commerce and Trade :-Development of tradePersian trade-Afghan· trade-BaluchiRtan trade . -Trade with Kharan-Registration of trade - -Duties on .expprts and imports and smugglingAfghap customs-Trade agencies-Ghuudha1·is 134-144 and datals--Brokers-Development of ~rade Means of Communications :_:_Railway s-R o a d aPassports-Meshed to the Caspian-TransportTelegraphs- Post offices ·


Famine :-Scarcity and its causes-Protection-Visitation of locusts




153 Administration a.nd Staff:Judicial :-Early methods-Present methods-Laws applicable-,lirga cases-Local and 8Mhi jirgas -System of election of members-Classes resorting to jirgas and the most prevalent kinds of cases -Acceptance of findings by parties and appeals163-160 Statistics-Registration 160-.,..161 Finance .... · ... Land Revenue :-Early revenue bistory-NushkiCesses-Water-mills-8 u n g-Cbagai-8 u n gRevenue on Asafootida-Modern developmentNushki-Patezat-Bhusa-CMgai-Grnzing tax -Special grazing concessions to caravansResults of revenue collection during 1899-1900




to 1904-5-Collection of revenue-Batai-Grazing tax-Asafcetida-Lnnd tenures-The origin of proprietary tenures-Zngar Men gals-The S~hibzlidas-Other tribes-Chligai-Custom of periodical distribution-Tenants and tenancies -Size of holdings-Lamba:dars and their remuneration-System of remissions and suspensions-Exemption from revenue on improvements -Waste lands-Restrictions against transfer of land to non-agriculturists-Government land and water-Revenue-free grants-Mud.fis in. CMgai-Religious grants-Sanjrl!.ni muafis-, Muafis in Nushki-Religious grants-Tribal muajis-Kambr~nis-Mengals-H~r6.nis


Miscellaneous Revenue :-Excise revenue-OpiumIntoxicating drugs-Country spirits and rumForeign liquors-Methylated spirits- Consump-· tion,: consumers, and revenue-Stamps-Incometax 180-183 Local Funds



Public Works :-System of working-Works


Army Levies :-'-Duties of levies-Important levy servicesCaravan serai-Appointment of Assistant District Superintendent of Police, Chligai-Levies on railway-Trans-border posts



Police :-Railway police-Cognisable crime....:.l8091900, 1900-1, 1901-2, 1902-3, 1903-4, 1904-5, 1905·6-Cattle pounds-Jails


Education:-Early methods-Primary school


Medical :-Nushki dispensary-Medical relief to railway patients-Principal diseases and their causes -Epidemics-Small-pox-Cholera-Typhus-



Page. Vaccination and inoculation-Indigenous remedies-Working of the pice-packet system of sale of qninine-'Village sanitation and water-supply- 195-200 200


The Nushki Tahsil :-Drainage and rivers-ForestsClimate, tempemture and rainfaii-HistoryPopulation-Agriculture-Communications- Administration and Staff~Land Revenue-Nushki town 201-208 The Chagai Sub-tahsil :-General features-Population-Agriculture-Forests-Climate, temperature and rainfall-Communications-HistoryAdministration and Staff-Land Revenue-jroducts-Chagai- Dalbandin 208-214 The Western Sanjrani tract :-General description -Climate, temperature and · rainfali-FaunaHistory-Communicatrons-Administr at ionLand Revenue-Rabat or Robat-kila 214-219 Bibliography ...


Appendix I.-Northern boundary of the Chagai Dis222-225 trict 226-230 . Appendix II.-The botany of the District Appendix III.-List of common trees and plants in the Chagai District 231-239 Ap}?endix IV.-An alphabetical Jist of agricultural 240-241 implements used in the Chagai District Appendix V.-An alphabetionl list of principal agricultural revenue anrl shepherds' terms used in b~~D~~




VoLUME V.-QUETTA-PISHIN DISTRICT. CHAPTER I.-DESCRIPTIVE. Page. Physical Aspects :-Situation and dimensions-Origin of n am e-Boundaries-Configuration-H i II ranges -Toba. hills-Khwaja Am ran rangeKhwaja Amran shrine-Sarlath hills-Mashelakh hills-Chiltan rauge-Murdar hills-ZarghunTakatu-SMr Ghundi-Rivers--'-Kadanai riverPishfn Lora-Tributaries of Pishfn Lora-The Shorarud-Kakar Lora-The Quett,a LoraHanna stream-Surkhli.b stream-MachkaScenery-Geoiogy-Botany-Flora of the Quetta valley--,-Botany of the Kakar Lora valiey -Flora of the Pishfn valley-Botany of the Khwaj~ Amran-Vegetation of the juniper tractsFauna


Climate, Temperature and Rainfall :-C I i mateSeasons-Rain and snowfall-Recording stations and data-Winds-Fioods-Rarthquakes


History and Archmoiogy :-Pishin in the Avesta~ Grmco-Bactarian period-The early Christian era-The Timurids-The District under Heratllumayun-Early English t rave II e r s-The Safavids-The Ghilzai power-The Durrani and Barakzai period-Mnsson's visits-Occupation of Quetta during the First Afghan War-Second o~cupation of the District-Lease of Quetta-The Second Afghan War-Cession of Pishi}l-Final retention of Pishin-Formation of Quetta and Pishfn into a single administrative charge-List ofPoliticai Agents-Modern incidPnts-Administrative developments-Archreology-l\1 u n d s -Splnghundi-Other mounds-Mound of Riasaghundi-Forts--Ancient k