Asian Culture and Psychotherapy: Implications for East and West 9780824873868

This volume brings to light the impact of Asian culture on psychotherapy. Scholars and clinicians from East Asia and Ind

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English Pages 326 [328] Year 2005

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Table of contents :
Chapter 1. Asian Culture and Psychotherapy: An Overview
I Personality and Psychopathology
Chapter 2. Personality and Psychopathology: Insights from Chinese Studies
Chapter 3. Culture, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy: Changes Observed in Japan
II Asian Psychology: Theoretical Exploration of Parent-Child Relations
Chapter 4. The Ajase Complex and Its Implications
Chapter 5. Hindu Myth and Psychoanalytic Concepts: The Ganesha Complex
Chapter 6. Prohibition against Looking: Analysis of Japanese Mythology and Folktales
Chapter 7. The Oedipus Complex as Reflected in Asian Cultural Products
III Traditional Thought, Philosophy, and Psychotherapy
Chapter 8. Confucian Thought: Implications for Psychotherapy
Chapter 9. Daoist Philosophy: Application in Psychotherapy
Chapter 10. Buddhist Teaching: Relation to Healing
IV Unique Psychotherapeutic Approach from Asian Culture
Chapter 11. The Philosophical Background of Morita Therapy: Its Application to Therapy
Chapter 12. Japanese Buddhist Thought and Naikan Therapy
Chapter 13. Application of Proverbs in Psychotherapy: Asian Experience
Chapter 14. An Asianway of Healing: The Psychology of Meditation
V Psychotherapeutic Experiences from Asia
Chapter 15. Culture-Relevant Psychotherapy in Korea: Clinical Insight
Chapter 16. Culture and Psychotherapy in Korea: Past and Present
Chapter 17. The Historical Trends of Psychotherapy in China: Cultural Review
Chapter 18. Integration and Application for Therapy
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Asian Culture and Psychotherapy: Implications for East and West

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