Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Applications: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Cyber-Physical, Digital Twin Systems and Engineering Applications [1st ed.] 9783030539696, 9783030539702

This book gathers selected papers from Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Applications (A2IA’2020), the first instal

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English Pages XVIII, 324 [341] Year 2021

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Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xviii
Efficient Pore Network Extraction Method Based on the Distance Transform (Adam Hammoumi, Maxime Moreaud, Elsa Jolimaitre, Thibaud Chevalier, Alexey Novikov, Michaela Klotz)....Pages 1-13
A Study of Energy Reduction Strategies in Renewable Hybrid Grid (Chahinaze Ameur, Sanaa Faquir, Ali Yahyaouy)....Pages 14-25
DFS Response Time Prediction Using the Techniques of “Deep Learning” (Akram Elomari, Larbi Hassouni, Abderrahim Maizate)....Pages 26-35
Spam Filtering System Based on Nearest Neighbor Algorithms (Ghizlane Hnini, Jamal Riffi, Mohamed Adnane Mahraz, Ali Yahyaouy, Hamid Tairi)....Pages 36-46
A Robust Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System via Online-Tuned Artificial Neural Network Compensators (Mohsin Beniysa, Aziz El Janati El Idrissi, Adel Bouajaj, Mohammed Réda Britel)....Pages 47-60
Classification and Watermarking of Brain Tumor Using Artificial and Convolutional Neural Networks (Youssef Douzi, Tarik Hajji, Mohammed Benabdellah, Abdelmalek Azizi, Tawfik Masrour)....Pages 61-77
Machine Learning Application for Blood Pressure Telemonitoring over Wireless Sensors Network (A. El Attaoui, S. Largo, A. Jilbab, A. Bourouhou)....Pages 78-90
TRNSYS Simulation of a Solar Cooling System Under Oujda Climate (Sara El Hassani, Hanane Ait Lahoussine, Hamid Amaoui, Mohammed Amine Moussaoui, Ahmed Mezrhab)....Pages 91-98
Fuzzy Logic Based Intelligent Vertical Handover Decision in Heterogeneous Networks (Saida Driouache, Najib Naja, Abdellah Jamali)....Pages 99-109
Toward Intelligent Solution to Identify Learner Attitude from Source Code (Zakaria Itahriouan, Nisserine El Bahri, Samir Brahim Belhaouari, Hajji Tarik, Mohamed Ouazzani Jamil)....Pages 110-118
A New Method to Analysis of Internet of Things Malware Using Image Texture Component and Machine Learning Techniques (Saloua Senhaji, Sanaa Faquir, Fidae Harchli, Hajji Tarik, Mohammed Ouazzani Jamil)....Pages 119-125
Optimization of the SLM Process by Printing a Test Tray in AlSi7Mg06 (Faraj Zainab, Aboussaleh Mohamed, Zaki Smail)....Pages 126-134
Mining Online Opinions and Reviews Using Bi-LSTM for Reputation Generation (Achraf Boumhidi, Abdessamad Benlahbib, El Habib Nfaoui)....Pages 135-144
Theme Identification for Linked Medical Data (Siham Eddamiri, Elmoukhtar Zemmouri, Asmaa Benghabrit)....Pages 145-157
A Proposal for a Deep Learning Model to Enhance Student Guidance and Reduce Dropout (Mouhcine Sabri, Jaber El Bouhdidi, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri)....Pages 158-165
EduBot: An Unsupervised Domain-Specific Chatbot for Educational Institutions (Md. Abdullah Al Muid, Md. Masum Reza, Ruhullah Bin Kalim, Nayeem Ahmed, Md. Tarek Habib, Md. Sadekur Rahman)....Pages 166-174
SQL Generation from Natural Language Using Supervised Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks (Youssef Mellah, El Hassane Ettifouri, Abdelkader Rhouati, Walid Dahhane, Toumi Bouchentouf, Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi)....Pages 175-183
An Intelligent Power Distribution Management with Dynamic Selection in Smart Building Based on Prosumers Classification and an Intelligent Controller (Yassin Bendriss, Youssef Hamdaoui, Fatima Guerouate)....Pages 184-199
Conceptual Architecture of AI-Enabled IoT System for Knee Rehabilitation Exercises Telemonitoring (Mohamed El Fezazi, Atman Jbari, Abdelilah Jilbab)....Pages 200-209
A WBAN Platform for Healthcare: Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Human Vital Parameters (Elhoussaine Baba, Abdelilah Jilbab, Ahmed Hammouch)....Pages 210-219
Energy Management Strategy of a Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle Based on Wavelet Transform (Nada Rifai, Jalal Sabor, Chakib Alaoui)....Pages 220-235
Natural Language Processing: Challenges and Future Directions (Zakaria Kaddari, Youssef Mellah, Jamal Berrich, Mohammed G. Belkasmi, Toumi Bouchentouf)....Pages 236-246
A Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Sizing Strategy for PV/Battery/Hydrogen Hybrid System (Nouhaila Lazaar, Eyman Fakhri, Mahmoud Barakat, Jalal Sabor, Hamid Gualous)....Pages 247-259
Data Mining Model for Student Internship Placement Using Modified Case Based Reasoning (Ferddie Quiroz Canlas)....Pages 260-269
PIL Implementation of Adaptive Gain Sliding Mode Observer and ANN for SOC Estimation (Yahia Mazzi, Hicham Ben Sassi, Fatima Errahimi, Najia Es-Sbai)....Pages 270-278
Enhancing the Energy Performance of Passive Building Through the Internet of Things (El Mehdi El Khattabi, Omar Diouri, Mohamed Mharzi, Mohammed Ouazzani Jamil)....Pages 279-286
Modelling and Optimization of Stirling Engine for Waste Heat Recovery from Cement Plant Based on Adiabatic Model and Genetics Algorithms (Kaoutar Laazaar, Noureddine Boutammachte)....Pages 287-296
Embedded Skin Cancer Detection and Classification on Raspberry Pi (Khihel Ibrahim, Youssef Filali, My Abdelouahed Sabri, Abdellah Aarab)....Pages 297-306
Design Approach for Assembly Lines Reconfiguration Process (Zakaria Moukkar, Aline Cauvin, Alain Ferrarini)....Pages 307-322
Back Matter ....Pages 323-324

Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Applications: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Cyber-Physical, Digital Twin Systems and Engineering Applications [1st ed.]
 9783030539696, 9783030539702

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