Advances in Communication and Computational Technology: Select Proceedings of ICACCT 2019 [1st ed.] 9789811553400, 9789811553417

This book presents high-quality peer-reviewed papers from the International Conference on Advanced Communication and Com

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English Pages XVII, 1537 [1498] Year 2021

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Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
A Drug Recommendation System for Multi-disease in Health Care Using Machine Learning (N. Komal Kumar, D. Vigneswari)....Pages 1-12
Smart Mobility: Understanding Handheld Device Adoption (Latika Kharb, Deepak Chahal, Vagisha)....Pages 13-29
An Efficient Numerical Technique for Solving the Time-Fractional Cahn–Allen Equation (Amit Prakash, Hardish Kaur)....Pages 31-43
Image Colorization with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (Sudesh Pahal, Preeti Sehrawat)....Pages 45-56
Electroencephalogram Based Biometric System: A Review (Kaliraman Bhawna, Priyanka, Manoj Duhan)....Pages 57-77
Improved Neural Network-Based Plant Diseases Identification (Ginni Garg, Mantosh Biswas)....Pages 79-89
Maximum Power Extraction Using Random Binary Searching Algorithm Under Non-uniform Insolation (Kusum Lata Agarwal, Avdhesh Sharma)....Pages 91-107
Prevention Against Internal Attack via Trust-Based Detection for Wireless Mesh Networks (Amit Kumar Roy, Ajoy Kumar Khan)....Pages 109-117
Sensor-Based Alarm System for Preventing Crop Vandalization by Birds in Agricultural Regions (Siddhanta Borah, Ankush Kumar Gaur, J. Arul Valan)....Pages 119-132
Pricing Mechanisms for Fair Bills and Profitable Revenue Share in Cloud Federation (Sameera Dhuria, Anu Gupta, R. K. Singla)....Pages 133-148
Higher Order Squeezing in Pump Mode in Multi-wave Mixing Process ( Priyanka, Savita Gill)....Pages 149-162
Active Power Loss Diminution by Chaotic-Based Adaptive Butterfly Mating Optimization Algorithm (Kanagasabai Lenin)....Pages 163-169
Mobile-Based Signature Database (MOBSIGN DB): A New Signature Database (Sudhir Rohilla, Anuj Sharma, R. K. Singla)....Pages 171-180
Mining of Association Rules in R Using Apriori Algorithm (Anjali Mehta, Deepa Bura)....Pages 181-188
Comprehensive and Comparative Analysis of Different Files Using CP-ABE (Sahil Jalwa, Vardaan Sharma, Abdur Rehman Siddiqi, Ishu Gupta, Ashutosh Kumar Singh)....Pages 189-198
Efficient Data Cube Materialization (Raghu Prashant, Mann Suman, Raghu Eashwaran)....Pages 199-210
Ontology-Based Full-Text Searching Using Named Entity Recognition (Krishna Kumar, Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider, Shamsh Sameed Ahsan)....Pages 211-222
Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Characters Through Neural Networks (Sukhdeep Singh, Anuj Sharma)....Pages 223-234
Optimizing Stream Data Classification Using Improved Hoeffding Bound (Arvind Pillania, Pardeep Singh, Vrinda Gupta)....Pages 235-243
Outline of Lattice Structures: Morphology, Manufacturing, and Material Aspect (Sakshi Kokil Shah, Mohanish Shah, Anirban Sur, Sanjay Darvekar)....Pages 245-255
Image-Based Recommendation Engine Using VGG Model (Smrithi Vasudevan, Nishtha Chauhan, Vergin Sarobin, S. Geetha)....Pages 257-265
Stable Optimized Link Heuristic Using Cross-Layering for QoS of Secured HANETs (Anita Sethi, Sandip Vijay, Vishal Gupta)....Pages 267-275
Use of EEG as a Unique Human Biometric Trait for Authentication of an Individual (Bhawna Kaliraman, Priyanka Singh, Manoj Duhan)....Pages 277-286
Performance of Feature Extracted on Leaf Images by Discriminant Analysis on Various Classifiers (Anjali Pathak, Bhawna Vohra, Kapil Gupta)....Pages 287-304
Graph Isomorphism Using Locality Sensitive Hashing (R. Vinit Kaushik, Kadiresan Nalinadevi)....Pages 305-315
Comparative Analysis of Image Segmentation Techniques (Snehil Saxena, Sidharth Jain, Saurabh Tripathi, Kapil Gupta)....Pages 317-331
Levels and Classification Techniques for Sentiment Analysis: A Review (Devendra Sharma, Anoj Kumar)....Pages 333-345
Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction in Biopsy Using Machine Learning Framework (Akriti Sharma, Nishtha Hooda, Nidhi Rani Gupta)....Pages 347-357
Realization of Grounded Inductance Circuit Using Bulk-Driven Current Conveyors (Anu Tonk, Neelofer Afzal)....Pages 359-373
Neural Network Ensemble-Based Prediction System for Chemotherapy Pathological Response: A Case Study (Raghvi Bhardwaj, Nishtha Hooda)....Pages 375-385
Outage and ABER Analysis for L-MRC on OWDP Fading Channels (Suparna Goswami, Laishram Mona Devi, Aheibam Dinamani Singh)....Pages 387-396
Performance Evaluation of Incremental PCA and Its Variants in Face Recognition (Nitin Kumar, Suresh Madhavan)....Pages 397-407
3-Axis Robot Arm Using Micro-Stepping with Closed-Loop Control (G. A. Rathy, P. Sivasankar, Aravind Balaji, K. Gunasekaran)....Pages 409-421
False-Positive-Free and Geometric Robust Digital Image Watermarking Method Based on IWT-DCT-SVD (Priyanka Singh, Ashok Kumar Pradhan, Subhash Chandra)....Pages 423-435
Fair Fit—A Load Balance Aware VM Placement Algorithm in Cloud Data Centers (Bhavesh N. Gohil, Sachin Gamit, Dhiren R. Patel)....Pages 437-451
Computationally Efficient and Secure Session Key Agreement Techniques for Vehicular Cloud Computing (Saurabh Rana, Dheerendra Mishra, Saurabh Gupta)....Pages 453-467
Recent Trends in Image Processing Using Granular Computing (Shankar Shambhu, Deepika Koundal)....Pages 469-479
Enveloped Inverted Tree Recursive Hashing: An Efficient Transformation for Parallel Hashing (Neha Kishore, Priya Raina)....Pages 481-499
The Techniques of Vedic Mathematics for ECC Over Weierstrass Elliptic Curve Y2 = X3 + Ax + B (Ankur Kumar, Pratik Gupta, Manoj Kumar)....Pages 501-515
EEHCR: Energy-Efficient Hierarchical Cluster-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks ( Sakshiwala, M. P. Singh)....Pages 517-533
Current-Controlled Chaotic Chua’s Circuit Using CCCII (Manoj Joshi, Ashish Ranjan)....Pages 535-545
Phishing URL Detection Using Machine Learning ( Preeti, Rainu Nandal, Kamaldeep Joshi)....Pages 547-560
Sybil-Free Hybrid Localization Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks (Narendra Dodwaria, Naveen Chauhan)....Pages 561-581
Hybrid-RPL: A Step Toward Ensuring Scalable Routing in Internet of Things (K. V. Amal, J. Jaisooraj, Priya Chandran, S. D. Madhu Kumar)....Pages 583-595
Linear Interpolation-Based Fuzzy Clustering Approach for Missing Data Handling (Sonia Goel, Meena Tushir)....Pages 597-604
Dynamic Web View Materialization (Akshay Kumar, T. V. Vijay Kumar)....Pages 605-616
A Multi-Hop Bit-Map-Assisted Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (Kumar Debasis, M. P. Singh, Rajat Gupta)....Pages 617-631
PID Control of a Quadrotor (Ritika Thusoo, Sheilza Jain, Sakshi Bangia)....Pages 633-645
Levy Flight-Based White Wolf Algorithm for Solving Optimal Reactive Power Problem (Kanagasabai Lenin)....Pages 647-654
Performance of MIMO System—A Review (Sweta Sanwal, Aman Kumar, Md. Arib Faisal, Mohammad Irfanul Hassan)....Pages 655-676
Incremental Weighted Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition (Nitin Kumar, Suresh Madhavan)....Pages 677-687
Capacity Using L-Branch Channel MRC System Over Weibull Fading Channels—A Review (Adarsh Joshi, Aditya Narayan, Mohammad Irfanul Hasan, Shalini Singh)....Pages 689-706
Classification of Static Signature Based on Distance Measure Using Feature Selection (Subhash Chandra, Priyanka)....Pages 707-717
Computational Technique for Fractional Model of Electrical Circuits (Amit Prakash, Vijay Verma)....Pages 719-730
Steganographic Method Based on Interpolation and Cyclic LSB Substitution of Digital Images (Jyoti Pandey, Kamaldeep Joshi, Mangal Sain, Gurdiyal Singh, Mohit Jangra)....Pages 731-744
Ensuring Food Safety Through Blockchain (Ashish Singh, Vineet Kumar, Alok Kumar Ravi, Kakali Chatterjee)....Pages 745-755
Design of Observer-Controller Digital Phase-Locked Loop Using Kalman Filter (Rachana Arya, B. K. Singh, Lalit Garia)....Pages 757-766
Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Fake News Detection (Ankit Kesarwani, Sudakar Singh Chauhan, Anil Ramachandra Nair, Gaurav Verma)....Pages 767-778
Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM (Shreya Verma, Abhay Singh Jamwal, Surabhi Chauhan, Sribidhya Mohanty)....Pages 779-786
Multi-factor Authentication Scheme Using Mobile App and Camera (Sajal Jindal, Manoj Misra)....Pages 787-813
Speech Emotion Recognition: A Review (Anuja Thakur, Sanjeev Dhull)....Pages 815-827
CDMA-Based Security Against Wormhole Attack in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (Nitin Goyal, Jasminder Kaur Sandhu, Luxmi Verma)....Pages 829-835
Sensing Performance of Ionic Polymer Metal Nanocomposite Sensors with Pressure and Metal Electrolytes for Energy Harvesting Applications (Priya Khanduri, Alankrita Joshi, Lokesh Singh Panwar, Anant Goyal, Varij Panwar)....Pages 837-845
Privacy Preserving on Searchable Encrypted Data in Cloud (Deepak Sharma, Avtar Singh)....Pages 847-863
Adaptive Approximate Community Detection Algorithm for Bubble Rap Routing Protocol (Sweta Jain, Neerali Chauhan, Pruthviraj Choudhari)....Pages 865-878
Automatic Control of Electrical Loads Based on the Atmospheric Conditions (T. Ramachandran, Sanjiv Kumar, Savita)....Pages 879-889
A Comprehensive Study on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: Architecture, Security and Privacy Challenges, and Future Trends (Upendra Singh)....Pages 891-903
Performance Analysis of Hybrid Diversity Combiner Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels—A Review (Prabhat Kumar, Karan Arora, Mohammad Irfanul Hasan, Shalini Singh)....Pages 905-918
Epileptic Seizure Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques (Akshay Sreekumar, A. N. Sasidhar Reddy, D. Udaya Ravikanth, M. Chaitanya Chowdary, G. Nithin, P. S. Sathidevi)....Pages 919-926
Comparative Analysis Among Various Soft Computing Classifiers for Nutrient Removal from Wastewater (Suresh Kumar, Surinder Deswal)....Pages 927-943
Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Using SVM (Ankit Guleria, Radhika Sood, Pardeep Singh)....Pages 945-956
Linearity Analysis of Line Tunneling Based TFET for High-Performance RF Applications (Neha Paras, Sudakar Singh Chauhan)....Pages 957-966
Selection of Optimal Renewable Energy Resources Using TOPSIS-Z Methodology (Nisha Rathore, Kumar Debasis, M. P. Singh)....Pages 967-977
Routing Algorithms for Hybrid Nodes in WSNs (Isha Pant, Shashi Kant Verma)....Pages 979-989
Extended Security in Heterogeneous Distributed SDN Architecture (Sugandhi Midha, Khushboo Tripathi)....Pages 991-1002
Evaluation of SC-FDMA Physical Link Using USRP (Shweta Y. Kukade, M. S. Sutaone, R. A. Patil)....Pages 1003-1017
Real-Time Simulation and Analysis of Energy Storage System in Standalone PV-Based DC Microgrid (Prashant Singh, J. S. Lather)....Pages 1019-1032
Intelligent Method for Detection of Coronary Artery Disease with Ensemble Approach (Luxmi Sapra, Jasminder Kaur Sandhu, Nitin Goyal)....Pages 1033-1042
Competitive Study of Various Task-Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing (Nishant Vaishla, Avtar Singh)....Pages 1043-1053
Internet of Things for Healthcare: Research Challenges and Future Prospects (Garima Verma, Shiva Prakash)....Pages 1055-1067
An Animal Detection and Collision Avoidance System Using Deep Learning (Atri Saxena, Deepak Kumar Gupta, Samayveer Singh)....Pages 1069-1084
Outcome Prediction of Patients for Different Stages of Sepsis Using Machine Learning Models (Pankaj Chaudhary, Deepak Kumar Gupta, Samayveer Singh)....Pages 1085-1098
Existence Result of HIV Model by Employing Mahgoub Adomian Decomposition Procedure (Yogesh Khandelwal, Pawan Chanchal, Rachana Khandelwal)....Pages 1099-1108
Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Based on IoT, Cloud Computing, and Big Data: Manufacturing Purpose Scenario (Arun Kumar Rana, Sharad Sharma)....Pages 1109-1119
Preprocessing Techniques for Colon Histopathology Images (Manju Dabass, Jyoti Dabass)....Pages 1121-1138
Analysis of Energy Deposition in Hadrontherapy Using Monte Carlo Simulation Toolkit GEANT4 (Nitika Sangwan, Summit Jalota, Ashavani Kumar)....Pages 1139-1144
Impact of Optimized Value for Relative Humidity at Cathode in PEMFC for Improved Stack Performance (S. Dhanya, Varghese Paul, Rani Thottungal)....Pages 1145-1151
Denoising, Edge Correction, and Enhancement of Breast Cancer Ultrasound Images (Jyoti Dabass, Manju Dabass)....Pages 1153-1172
U-FIN: Unsupervised Feature Integration Approach for Salient Object Detection (Vivek Kumar Singh, Nitin Kumar)....Pages 1173-1188
Input Image-Based Dictionary Formation in Super-Resolution for Online Image Streaming (Garima Pandey, Umesh Ghanekar)....Pages 1189-1196
Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithm for Cancer Prediction System ( Rupali, Rupali Verma, Rohit Handa, Veena Puri)....Pages 1197-1212
A Hybrid Approach for Diabetes Prediction and Risk Analysis Using Data Mining ( Bhavna, Rupali Verma, Rohit Handa, Veena Puri)....Pages 1213-1230
Performance Analysis of Classification Methods for Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) (N. Komal Kumar, R. Lakshmi Tulasi, D. Vigneswari)....Pages 1231-1238
Secure Data Deduplication (\(SD^2eDup\)) in Cloud Computing: Threats, Techniques and Challenges (Basappa B. Kodada, Demian Antony D’Mello)....Pages 1239-1251
Analyzing Ensemble Methods for Software Fault Prediction ( Nitin, Kuldeep Kumar, Santosh Singh Rathore)....Pages 1253-1267
Porting of eChronos RTOS on RISC-V Architecture (Shubhendra Pal Singhal, M. Sridevi, N. Sathya Narayanan, M. J. Shankar Raman)....Pages 1269-1279
Development of Multi-band MIMO Antenna with Defected Ground Structure (Shrenik S. Sarade, Sachin D. Ruikar)....Pages 1281-1295
Reliability Evaluation of Environmentally Affected Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (N. Padmavathy)....Pages 1297-1310
Design of Tunable Miniaturized Frequency Selective Surface Based on Miura-Ori Pattern (Sailabala Soren, Ashwin Kothari)....Pages 1311-1322
Vulnerability Assessment, Risk, and Challenges Associated with Automated Vehicles Based on Artificial Intelligence (Aditya Raj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Abhineet Anand)....Pages 1323-1337
A Review to Forest Fires and Its Detection Techniques Using Wireless Sensor Network (Roopali Dogra, Shalli Rani, Bhisham Sharma)....Pages 1339-1350
The Need for Virtualization: When and Why Virtualization Took Over Physical Servers (Abhineet Anand, Amit Chaudhary, M. Arvindhan)....Pages 1351-1359
A Comparative Analysis on Online Handwritten Strokes Classification Using Online Learning ( Charanjeet, Sukhdeep Singh, Anuj Sharma)....Pages 1361-1370
Segmentation of Noisy Mammograms Using Hybrid Techniques (Jyoti Dabass, Manju Dabass)....Pages 1371-1382
An Empirical Comparison of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Measures (Pradnyawant Kokate, Amit D. Joshi, P. S. Tamizharasan)....Pages 1383-1396
The Fusion of Local and Global Descriptors in Face Recognition Application (Ali Mohammed Sahan, Ali Sami Al-Itbi)....Pages 1397-1408
ANFIS-Based Reactive Strategy for uRLLC and eMBB Traffic Multiplexing in 5G New Radio (Naveen Kumar, Anwar Ahmad)....Pages 1409-1419
Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis (Kavleen Kour, Jaspreet Kour, Parminder Singh)....Pages 1421-1430
Early Prediction of Childhood Obesity Using Machine Learning Techniques (Kakali Chatterjee, Upendra Jha, Priya Kumari, Dhatri Chatterjee)....Pages 1431-1440
A Review on Automatic Epilepsy Detection from EEG Signals ( Satyender, Sanjeev Kumar Dhull, Krishna Kant Singh)....Pages 1441-1454
Energy Aware Resource Efficient-(EARE) Server Consolidation Framework for Cloud Datacenter (Deepika Saxena, Ashutosh Kumar Singh)....Pages 1455-1464
Ambient Environment Monitoring and Air–Sound Pollution Analyzer on Wi-Fi Network ( Rahul, O. P. Sahu, Gaurav Verma)....Pages 1465-1478
Modified Decision Tree Learning for Cost-Sensitive Credit Card Fraud Detection Model (Sudhansu R. Lenka, Rabindra K. Barik, Sudhashu S. Patra, Vinay P. Singh)....Pages 1479-1493
Doha Water Treatment Plant: Interval Modeling and Its Reduced-Order Modeling (V. P. Singh)....Pages 1495-1502
Extreme Event Forecasting Using Machine Learning Models (Manish Kumar, Deepak Kumar Gupta, Samayveer Singh)....Pages 1503-1514
Enhancing Mist Assisted Cloud Computing Toward Secure and Scalable Architecture for Smart Healthcare (Arijit Dutta, Chinmaya Misra, Rabindra K. Barik, Sushruta Mishra)....Pages 1515-1526
Analysis of YouTube Channel Analytics and Affiliate Marketing with Operating System (Kanika Singhal, Abhineet Anand)....Pages 1527-1537

Advances in Communication and Computational Technology: Select Proceedings of ICACCT 2019 [1st ed.]
 9789811553400, 9789811553417

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