A Taste of India: The Complete Indian Cookbook: Master Indian Cooking with more than 1000 Recipes! (Asian Cookbook)

Master the Recipes that Nourish and Sustain a Nation of 1.3 Billion People! A Taste of India: The Complete Indian Cookbo

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English Pages 698 Year 2020

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Table of contents :
Mini Table of Contents (Comprehensive Table with Recipe Names After This)
About the Author
Indian Meals
Using this Book
Know Your Measurements
Indian Spices and Seasonings
Indian cooking 101
Basic Techniques
Basic Ingredients
Basic Spice Blends
Green Chutneys
Coconut Chutneys
Garlic and Chile Pepper Chutneys
Bean and Legume Chutneys
Yogurt Chutneys
Puréed Fruit Chutneys
Preserved Chutneys
Sonth Chutneys
Indian Pickles
Mango Pickles
Lime and Lemon Pickles
Green Chile Pepper Pickles
Other Vegetable Pickles
Snacks, Appetizers, and Street Food
Spicy Relish Mixes
Fillings for Samosas
Fritters (Pakorae)
Cheese and Meat Fritters
Potato Snacks
Potato Patties
Croquettes and Dumplings (Vadae)
Steamed Rice Cakes (Idli)
Bean and Rice Cakes (Dhokla)
Indian Street Foods
Tikka Kebabs and Marinades
Basic Tikka Recipes
Basic Broths
Tomato Soups
South Indian Soups (Rasam)
Bean and Lentil Soups
Vegetable Soups
Yogurt Soups
Fish and Chicken Soups
Fresh Chopped Salads (Kachumbar)
Tomato Salads
Cabbage Salads
Marinated Salads
Bean and Legume Salads
Potato and Root Vegetable Salads
Green Salads
Fruit Salads
Non-Vegetarian Salads
Yogurt Raitas and Pachadis
Basic Raitas
Vegetable Raitas
Raitas with Herbs and Greens
Grilled or Roasted Vegetable Raitas
Fresh and Dried Fruit Raitas
Dumpling Raitas
Meat Raitas
South Indian Pachadis
Paneer Cheese
Paneer Cheese Appetizers
Paneer Cheese Snacks and Side Dishes
Paneer Cheese Main Courses and Curries
Breads and Crepes
Simple Griddle Breads
Griddle-Fried Breads (Paranthas)
Basic Parantha Breads
Stuffed Griddle-Fried Flatbreads
Stuffings for Parantha Breads
Puffed Deep-Fried Breads (Pooriyan)
Flavored Deep-Fried Puffed Breads
Oven-Grilled Naan and Other Breads
Oven-Grilled Breads with Different Flavors
Special Breads
Crepes and Pancakes
Vegetable Sides for Indian Breads
Potatoes and Other Roots Ⓥ
Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Other Crucifers
Spinach and Other Greens
Plain and Steamed Rice Dishes
Simple Herbs and Spices Pilafs (Pullaos)
South and West Indian Vegetarian Rice Dishes
Vegetable Pilafs (Sabzi kae Pullao)
Non-Vegetarian Pilafs (Pullao)
Layered Rice Dishes (Biryanis)
Khichadis (Rice and Grain Recipes)
Other Grain Pilafs
Vegetarian Curries
Curry Sauces
Classic Vegetable Curries
Potato Curries
Green Leafy Curries
Savory Fruit Curries
Mixed Vegetable Curries
Vegetable Ball (Kofta) Curries
Nugget and Chickpea Flour Curries
Special Yogurt Curries
Dried Beans, Lentils, and Peas (Dal)
Know Your Dal
Basics of Cooking Dal
Mung Beans (Mung Dal) Recipes
Lentil (Masoor Dal) Recipes
Split Pigeon Peas (Toor Dal) Recipes
Urad Beans (Urad Dal)
Split Chickpeas and Split Peas (Channa Dal and Muttar Dal) Recipes
Mixed Beans and Lentils
Whole Dried Bean Dishes
Whole Chickpea Dishes
Egg Curries and More
Scrambled Eggs
French Toast
Egg Curries
Chicken Curries and More
Dry Chicken Recipes
Chicken Dishes with Greens
Chicken Curries
Lamb Curries and More
Lamb Curries
Regional Meat Specialties
Shrimp Recipes
Shrimp Curries
Fish Snacks
Fish Curries
Milk-Based Puddings (Kheer, Payasam, and Payesh)
Custards and Mousses
Indian Ice Creams (Kulfi)
Indian Ice Cream Desserts
Hot and Cold Beverages
Yogurt Drinks (Lussi)
Milk Drinks
Fruity Delights
Teas (Chai)

A Taste of India: The Complete Indian Cookbook: Master Indian Cooking with more than 1000 Recipes! (Asian Cookbook)

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