A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices ~ Chapter 3 : Motionless Pulsed Systems

What is that you say - perpetual motion is impossible? My, you're a difficult one to please. The electrons in the m

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Table of contents :
Chapter 3 : Motionless Pulsed Systems
Charles Flynn's magnetic power enhancement system,
Lawrence Tseung's magnetic frame,
The transformers of Thane Heins,
Professor Markov's transformers,
A Lenz-Law-Free transformer,
David Klingelhofer's screened transformer,
Clemente Figuera's Motionless Generator,
the Alexkor zero back EMF coils,
the self-powered generators of Barbosa and Leal,
the first Barbosa and Leal replication,
free energy from Lorrie Machett,
the Annis/Eberly Motionless Generator,
the motionless generators of Heinrich Kunel,
Valeri Ivanov's motionless generator,
the motionless generators of Kelichiro Asaoka,
Stephan Leben's self-powered electrical generator,
Floyd Sweet's VTA,
the Pavel Imris optical amplifier,
the Meyer-Mace Isotopic Generator,
the Colman/Seddon-Gilliespie generator,
Don Smith's "Resonance Energy Methods",
the Chinese developer Ming Cao,
A Russian developer's self-powered system,
'Salty Citrus' Chinese developer,
another Russian developer,
Nikanor Giannopoulos' dual Tesla Coil arrangement,
making a solid state Tesla Coil,
the screened transformer of Joseph Boyd,
the 'Gegene' magnetic plate power amplification,
Tariel Kapanadze's self-powered generators,
the cold electricity coil of 'UFOpolitics',
Stan Meyer's electrical Particle Generator,
and the E-stress power generation system.

A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices ~ Chapter 3 : Motionless Pulsed Systems

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